The Evening Post from New York, New York on April 8, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 8, 1818
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,rrv Tinr.TJMB REWARD. STOLE on or bout Thursday last, from o., board the brig Arethusa, lymff in tin nrt three post notes of one hundred dollars Kb thTBMk of tlie tJnited States, the number, not recollected ; the me time, ... . fin. French blue cloth coat and pan tidoons, the panUloons worked with French I Brokers, tailor landlords, and others, will be eocxlenouffh to stop such as may appear suspicious, as the thief may perhaps be found, by the nature of his purchases or in wishing to dispose of the sloths i should the whole or any ' . I f i a . - ! .. 1 ....II 1. a Prt thereol De munii, mc unucr win i I - 1 1 VI L. . n r mm Ir flulf. Warueu DV caning uit '" lev. corner of Wall Si William - streets. V8 1W J As. UcGOWAV. YOUNG LADIES' ACADEMY. iivuri ft.. l. nHC Ac .cli - niv. in the village ofJa J. maica, after the 1st day of May ensuing. !! li removed In the tinner Dart of the Village to the spac i"Uiand commodious hmse belonging to Maj. M'Niel. This seminary, iu which all lbs. hni l,i nt a rw.lilo unit u. II finished ft Uiale edU - cation are taught, hy Mrs. BARTLET1 L and her sifter Mis. BARNUM, as - isted l.y other competent female teachers, is under the care and patronage ol the trustees ni uiw "v - n.". nfih HpviI. Clertrv of the town at tends ihe school twice in every week, to assist the ladies in teaching the more souu oram - iic.., afi.1 ih nnnili are at stated times examined by .k - (.... I .rn.i nf hoard and tuition are .rrtr,.i anri i.nrpriia and guardians are aim redthr.t ire strictest intention will be paid to the improvement of the pupils. For further particulars, reference may be made to Doctor D M tlitcncoclC, air. joim tspiu wall. Messrs. Beers and Woodhull, New - York orlolhe Hi vd. Jacob Srhoonm.iker, president of 11 Hoard of trustees, Jamaica, ap 8 I w POSITIVKLT THE LAST NIGHT ON THURSDAY, 9th APRIL, 1818. Tt R. STANISLAS, impressed with a sense IV I ofgrntilud, lor the libera' encouragement and unbounded applause bestowed on him during bis resident e in this city, has selected for this night a compendium ot all thai experience lias tuu;lit him to le the most pleasing in the hidden . ft I''L'linU ilu A .......... It... .. secrets oi i.rAJr.iwr.m.ii.s. .iuiwiik iuguuiii - Ler calculated to surprize and astonish the most ncnetratiiur. will he - the ENCHANTED LADY, being the first attempt of the kind in this city. Mr. b. will, hy his magic powers, convey any la dy present iniii a nox place a on one oi in lauien, and tianslorin her dress at command. For the particulars uf nhichht refers to the bills of the day ; mid tevertl other deceptions His engagements to the south will not permit him to lengthen his stay in thin city, and in con sequence this night will positively be the last apt! 1 ,r A. I h a silu iti n in n mttel laiiiili , a woman that wishes to take the i hnrge of children and do the phin sewing Can give goud rccoumendation. for particulars enquire at WIS MB. f np n i w 4 PRIVATE LIBRA RY.ol Ancient Authors, XI in the UVrh and r rench languages, consisting of about I00 volumes, many of which are very valuable, ivith plates, will he sold this eve nijig at Robert M'M' - nnniny'.s miction riom They ' fin be examined ti'l 6, with catalogues, ap 8 It TL'Trrcciieil ' - 'id for in. - hr Y.iAKP V - tf LUNTINE, I0 Broadway, 3 - 1 dm - r below rine - tiect : WHkiii'onV Memoirs, 3 vol - 3 vn ; ll'.h Rov, secom! I lvladell ia edition, with aglvar o( the - 'ottirh woi'i ai'd j.hra - es ; A ere at v.' - .ne'.y of new and interesting tol fur rhildrrn, IBmot. Alio, just r - ceiveil hy (l.e .Man - Klisa, frnn. Loud' n. and for as u'.ove, a valvial.'lc ftsort - ment ol theoli'irirtkl and miscellaneous woi! , ve ry sciirce. l.ugr.'VibK copjior plate printing ezei uted with ueauiess ana uespvicn. npU IV Mr, From the first of Muv nrit, tlie lions'' A'o 152f5r' - en itreet, near Broadway, r.nqnirr at Ihr printers. ap 8 "w va u.iiiLK Li vs ojvfiuo.ivn.Yr Two Lots lvin? between Hom'on am; Blee'ker strei. tinnn the westerly snip et Bn... Iway, heiniteath thirty h'rn feet in 'rent bv two liunilnd feel deep, ruiioin? tli - njh M Mercer str - There is a small Tencr cM with a wiwiden - nble in tlip rear of the Let', wl.j. h ar" rented for the en'iiing yesr The wl"l U completely enclosed wi"i a new fenre, and will be sold on aeconm'HJi'ins; terms, only n part "I the money being reqtiired. A r pl v . OARU IT STORM. ap8tf HWnll street. BI.OOMHI LD Si Fi:SEK'S wh.WJt and retail copper, pewter, tin, aud s.icet - irou k.tcheufumifjre WARE - HOUSE, No. 38 Mai Jfn - lane, New - York: where may be bad Plaiu and plaiiuish' d block tin coffee pots no. do. bi?2eus nd filterers Do. Do. Do Do. Do. do. do. do. do. do. tea and coffee urns newest pattern dish covers cheese plates and toasters sauce and stew pans tea and chocolate nots : with t verv other article in the copper, pewter, blork - tio and sheet - iron U0p, as manufa - lured aud sold, o i the most reasonable tri ms at their factory, no 71 Fulton - itreet, between Fiiemcu's - hail am Gold - street. N. B. Wholesale orders executed in the bett manner, and at the lowest prices, ap 8 3taw2w rOST CMAiSE. A I'Odl' CHAISE will leave New Vork ere jtl. ry day (Sunday exrepted) at hall past 5 in "tuiurninKuy wayoi ri wane, only six pa - n - t"t admitted, and arrive iu Philadelphia tin evening. Fare throueh, S3 Die new Steam Boat Line Experiment, will eNew - tork every day (Sunday excepted) "Mfpast 2o'clock, intlic Steam Boat Atalan - and arrive at Philadelphia the next day at 4 tlork, by the Steam Boat ETNA from Bristol. reihroush 5 dollars 50 rents. 'or tmu m the above lines apply at the Post "e Stage and Steam Boat Office, 1 13 Broad a7, nnnoiiti' th Cilw Untf I CO All goods and baggage at the risque ol uwner. JOHN N. CUMMING, Newark. JOHN r;iii if k - . - sns ph - i.,. STOCKTON U HOWELL, Philade'onia. t.Tjirtittt $rnt to any ;ir of iht Vim TO iHlLFOKb it OWEGO IXri EKY, which A is to commence drawing Jlh May. c.sriTiL rsiiKs. 70,000 Dollars 2 of S.000 Do'lars S.003 I.IUrs 1 10 of 1,000 Dollars f lO.ouO Iw.lU, in r.f am, A"d a number of 100 DfilUrs. Ac. ttnl.!.W. . , . 4 n. pr.ic iu.uuu nereis, " T5 orawuig nl. err.n. f"11 shr. ' aTariety of eand nunbers.for.e.t 3 JdS1 - " LUCKY OFFICE. ljr. opposite the City - Hotel. "SpsM IRON i - STEIL. - SOO torn Russia Old Sable Iron, Pal. 50 do do do mixed PS1GAD. andCCND. 26 bundles Swedish Steel, for sale hy HURDfi SKYVALL, ap6 65 South - ,lret. HAHDWAKt U CUILKKY A lew casks neatly osiorted Birmingham and Sheffield ;ood!, ( r sttlu AM til lf.Urf forma K Ji'SV. srLHALi.AN, t2 1 4 Pear I - street. ap7 3t U KOADCLOl IIS Ai KERSEYMERES. 4 1J bales us sorted Broadclollis 1 do do Kerseymeres, for sale very low by J. M'CRACKAN, ap7 3t 821 - y IVarl - sireet. I A.VDLNU (roui on board of the sloop New LJ x vrane wnan, anil lor sale hy GEO. VV. TALBOT, 65 Pine - stieet. 21 bales Hone Hides 9 pipes tiin, from the Cranston Dietillen' remarkably fine ihvor. - Di alers are requested to examine the quality, which will bv fouud equal 10 any manuiaiiureu 10 mis country. ALSO. IK STORK. 143 chests tJs o Skin tea, of the London 1 rauers carso 50 do Sow bong do Nancy's cargo 10 whole, 15 half and to qr. thesis Bohea tea of the lrumhulrs cargo 23 5 catty boxes Gunpowder 12 5 do do Imperial, Huntress1 cargo CO boxes old Castile Soap 150 do Sweet Oil 2 rases Sistersoys 2 hales Mirzapore Carpets 1 case blue, 1 do company yellow Nankins 5 4 tine Seal skins 70 doz. iNutra skins 20 hhds l opperas ap 7 NEW GOODS, and CHEAP. I AMES SUYDAM Jinn. V. A7 William t street, oilers tor sale bv the piece or at re tail, a general assortment ol fresh imported dry goods, all of which he will disDose ol cheap for catn : iney consist oi Ileal .ankin Lrnpe. black and elegant colors. Canton Craies, do dt " ii yds inaniiin anu v. anion crape - 4 snawis H - 4 Merino Sliawls, black, white, lemon, tear Merino.4 - 4 llilkis. white and colors I let. &c Mens and women's best Canton andtiilk Hose Do do beaver and kid Gloves Irish Linens, Sheetings, Bird Eye Diapers Long Lawns, Diaper and Damask Table Cloths and Nap kins, oi all sizes, superior fabric and war ranted bleach SarMiet Cambric, Jacdnet, Mull, and Cambric Musiius Fine large Cravats ; do with colored borders Figured Mulls, Whipnels, and tine Book Mus tins Patent aud steam loom Cotton Shirtings Maraeillts (juilts and tine fringed Cradle Co vers Counterpanes, plain and fringed, of all sizes New aud rich Furniture Chintzes Fine Furniture and Balloon Dun, ties G 4 super Cambric Dimity and Corded Cam hrics Pest Italian black, and Double Florence Silks 1 . Ufa and plain colors oi do. tvitins, Levantines, Florentines Elegant Ribbons, Pins, Tapes, Threads At.. With almost every article oi the trade. np7 lw D' EARBORNS PROPORTIONAL B A L A.VCE& for wciuhinc Irom J4NMo2000 lb u im npparaius complete, jusi receiveo irom en Patentee and for sale on bis terms, by CEBRA M CUMING, ap 7 70 Pearl street. ( 1 UVI L.f.UI, litK.. iic i cases J Biaioin, 5 do Borax I do Gum ('opal 6 bales Senna Leaf, Inst receiver!, and for sale by HURD A - SEWALL, ap7 . 65 South - street. CIHOPPAS BANDANNAS. - jcasesCoiu - J iihiiv's chnpuas ami tiandannas. iuit receiv ed and lor sale by np 7 PETER RF.M.EN k. CO. OLD LONDON PAUTILULAR TEXE HIFFE WINE. 5 quarter casks nearl,' equal to Madeira 2 ilo dr Lisbon, with a general assortment I tii il qiuluy I eas and Groceries Very nl,; Jamaica Sp.rits, Irish Whiskey Old' I'cacli, Cognac Brandy, and llollaml G n Fi - .h Sauce?, Dutch Ileirina - , English Bacon nd Split Peas Divihlc i - lotirestcr and Cheshire Cheese Ye.y superior American and Pino Apple do Browr Stout "d American Porter Ham. - . Shnii tiers anil Smoked Beef Cordi il, .S'tougtitoii H.ttcrs, Demijohns Large It'it'lts a.i.l Bristol Ware. Al u, siiiull ami' trnent of earthen and class w&re. For sale cheap for cash, bv EDW. BLACKFORD, l.i 7 Greenwi, h - strcet. A few quarter boxes of good Spanish Segarg. ap 7 6 '.i.'f H - . r. ILOYDfc EY, oflVr for sale at their . Minv, No 18 - 1 Front - street, A tiur.kai'es of I'm. con. 4 i'7 sistimr of rimriowili r. I .. hxson, young hyson, hvson skin, ) and sotirbonir, in chests, half I - i t . i . , ii inures s cargo. chests, cutty boxes and canistera.J 4 puncheons Jamai a spirits 10 do. West India, 4 do. new rum 3 pipe of French brandy M.ideria, Cisilv Maderia TcncrifTc Shcry and Malaga Wines, in pipes and qr casks. Together with a general assortment ol Groceries, wholesale and retail ap7 bt'KiO. 0 esses Bem;.il tuuio, of suieiior 1 quality, entitled to deiK - nture, lor sale ly PETER RE MSK A CO. np 7 !6 South - street INDlGU 5 cases Bengal lniiiso, lor s. le at u redu. ed price, to close a consignment hy JACKSON A WOOLLEV, ap 7 75 W'all stnet. OCV I IIES 33doi. lor sali by O JAMES D'WOLF, Junr, np 7 57 Front street. BOSTON RUM 10 puueheons landing and lor sale hy ap7 CAMBRELENG k PEARSON. I'UHo. 'pilE subscriber offers for tale, in lots to suit l punhiisers, 1,5(M lbs North West Beaver. 5tm Itis Grand River do lOO.lKMi Canada Musk - Rat Skins 0,isiM1 Prime Spring do do o.btN) Racoon Skins 1 20tl Neutra do 5,01X1 Russia Grey llnre Skins 3.1KIO lbs Camels Wool Prime carrotted and raw Hares Fnr Do do do Coney do GEO. A: TOR, apflw 144 Water street. Ci IG For sale cheap lor rasii, a very supe 1 rior nndon built Gif. of the latest lashiwii, v ry neat, built oi the best n.terials and on the lightest cont'uctir.n to be seeu on applicalioo at No. I Murray - street. s; 6 lw 27Ib0 Joxes tin ulaic, I J X IH75 crore erlvet bottle cork, lt quality 84 reams tUjpr - loaf paper. For snip by ROtlER? k POST, ape 51 Son0i - st. VTEUI HALIZED SPIRIlo FROM MO - LA - ES. - 6 hhd, just received ol" superior qirility and high proof. AM, 4 pipes imitation of Rouleaux Brandy, for s le hy JAMES D'WOLF, Jnnr. p7 57 Front street. ASStr&i ll).t. - 3heicry supentr As - alrrtid. landing and lor hy ap 7 JOSEPH OSBORN, 23 Soulh - st - DUCK 100 bolts firt quality Rus - is Duck, jott received, an.l tor sale by PETEK REM SEN k CO. ap 7 28 South - street. For CHARLESTON. The regular packet ship CORSAIR, Sutton, wuT sail on Thursday, wiud and weather permitting. For freight or passage, apply on board, at Govrrneur's wharf, or to CLARK, MOORE k CO. ap 7 2t 41 South - st. For bale, Frt.tghl or charter, The brig 1UZVRD, Liltlefield, master, ISUtons burthen, smtrle deck. and well calculated for carrying - stock or lumber. For terms, apply on board, at Peck - slip, oeto JOSEPH OcBORN, P 7 28 South - street. For HVKUPOUI., IherastsailinpbngHOPE, Arnold, master, beinjr under an emrairemt'iil to sail on .Sunday next, can accommodate several passengers, having handsome accommodations. Apply on hoard at Pine - st. wharf, or to GRIS WOLDS Sc COATES, ap 7 ,63 .South street. ling f.HMHKU. On Wednesday, 15th inst. will be sold, without reserve, the brig PANTHER, as she arrived from Cauton. Said brig was built in Medford, in 1815, by the first rate workmen, in the best manner, and of the best seasoned materials; is copper fastened, and was coppered in Liverpool with 30, 23 and 2(3 oz. copper, and rigged and fitted with a large armament in the most complete and ample style Said vctselhas delivered in good order near 600 tons of China ood?, and it is presumed sails as' fast as ny vessel in tlie United .States. Her length on deck is 120 feet; breadth, 29 feet 9 inches; 11 feet 9 inches hold, and 5 feet C inches between decks ; and measures 430 tons. For further particulars. apply to ROPES fc WARD, 44 Central - wharf. Boston, April 5, 1C18. ap7 1w For AMsTh.HD.1M, viM The fine fast sailing brigKENTUC Tfi V KV.iiK.i.i.y Deshnn, master i now loading, and hav ing 2 - 3ds r.f her cargo ready to ffo on board, 'will be dispatched without de lay. For fi eight or passage, apply o.'l board, in tiontot the .subscribers store, or to G. G. A: S. IIOVVLAND, np 6 77 Wahingtnii - street. , tor Fmglil or Charttr, Ill Tlle,c,lr PALATINE,, will TpjwLtakn a freight or charter for an eastern oi southern ort, if applicatiou is made immedi ately to WWL&li k GALLAGHER, np 3 66 South - street. tor LUSH v4Ki (To sail pm - itive'v en tin: 12th.) A&lLThe MINER VA - tMV I H.capt. Alien, will rummentc loading on Monday 1500 Mils tlour or 200 bales of cotton can be taken on freight, an' I a lew more paseiijers can be accom modated, il'aj jilicatioii is made to capt. Allen on hoard, at Pmc - ftreet whan, or to. ARCH : GIUCIE k SONS. Who have lor sale, 27 ca - es sheathing co; per, 24, 26, 28 and CO ounce 100 i a k llibl - ert'n portrr ap 3 tor thr t.AttT I I), FN, A good SHIP bound to the East In - aa; jj - r.: dies, will lake 2500 baircls flour, or Vf'W ap equal bulk of grain, to Madeira o - Tene - itie, if application is made immediately, at 67 - oui - streeT, to ap 3 CA V1IIUELF.NG U FEAR.SON. .llrxtinrtrint Georgetown A It'aihiiiglun i '.. The sloop YIC1 - ORY, J. Somers, J&jIatnasi er, now ready to receive freight and will be dispatched immediately For which i' passage, apply to the master on board, cast side rVck - slip, or to D1V1E HETHUNr. A Co. ap 2 92 Coffee - house - slip. For lUHlE. The packet ship RUBICON, Hol - dredgc, master, is now loading at Jones' wharl, and will sail about the 15th instant. For : right or passage, apply on board, or to ' POTT k M'KINNE, an 2 56 South - st. tor jF.H - UtiLKAMi. 1 he good ship LAGUIKA, to sail on Sunday next. Four more passengers, aud a lew tons freight, will be taken, ifunmedi - iti application is made to IN. L. k ti. GIlloWOLD, ap 2 ' 86 .Soulh - st. For Mu .ILK and HI.Ah ELi , The fast uilmg regular packet si hr. SANDUSKY Cupt. Weeks, 120 tons, liaviiiis consi'teratde frcigU already ingaged. will meet with despatch. Fur the remainder or passage, having bnndsomn acriiminodations, ap - ply en board west side i ild slip, or to Ibl tHSS lir.KKILK, np 1 29 Coenti:s - shp For UAVHH,' ti r... . i i.:.. HiKii Tiir I lie lllir '.til ii it i vu :illi .imuifi - i in. iRESA, Skiildy, master: having the I'incipal part of her cargo cug:tged, will meet iimrdiale di - patch. For freight of 100 bales cotton, or passage, having ;;ood accnmmouitions, apply tu G. G. k S. IIOWLAND, ap 1 77 Wa.'hiiigton - st. DOMESTIC k OTHER WARES I MIK subscribers keep cniiktanlly on hand an I extensive assortment of the lollowiog goods, vtt : Dutch and English Gunny Bags, Pope Heads Crumb Brushes Brooms Duster, or Counter Brushes Belious, fancy and Hearth Brushes, fan - y and rommuu I lend do do do Cloth do do do W eavers do White Wash do Shoe A. Scrubbing do Paint Brushes and common Do for Blacksmiths Hall and Entry Mats rails and J uus Wheel - Barrows Tine Wire Sieves Do Hair do Whips of every de Sash l oots scription Seine, sewing, wrapping, baleing and ball 'Twine Fish Lines Llamps, 4, 7, 3 row Furmtute Brushes Horse do Bed Cords, Clothes Lints lio. A Sadlers Thread Dearborn's Ballan - Sash Cords, Trace Relies cti, Ac. Wrought and Cut Nails and Brads W hirh they will sell wholesale or retail on li beral terms. CEBRA A CUMING, ap4 76 Pearl - street. MUSKETS, FOALING PIECES, kc. I lUurl - 1 liULOA. It :USh,r. is, and two L boxes fowling pieces, entitled to deben - ire. 4 boxes wi 11 assorted glassware 3 cerooos flotant Indigo, and A few nieces lupertine ( loth, for sale by J.C. ZIMMERMAN, rip 7 1m 7i Washington - street. 1 YOllY, BEESWAX, &.C. 12,600 lb. Beeswax 1000 do Ivory, and a few dried hides, just rcceiv ed and fur sale by SMITH, IJLANCHARD k CO. . ap 3 lw No. 35 Uurling - slip. 2 FRENCH GOODS, kc. Cases cambric and tambric hdkls t case drops de sote 1 do silk bdkf, assorted 20 dcien Barjundy wine For sale by ISAAC G. OGDEN & CO. 4 VVan - sl. Abo, 50,000 first quality 22 inch cypress shin gles, inspected. P ' KE.VUKHU) TALLOW K HIDES. Af fcW thousand pounds .new - s oca s siiuw, and 2000 Slaughtered lliiles, for sale. Apply to T. GIBBON 3, ij - naries. manti DRY GOODS. FANCY plate .Calicoes Suprrhne calicoes and chintzes 4 4, H - li, 6 4 cambric muslins Cambric jaconets Plain tamhor'U & sewed mulls Plain and tambor'd book muslins 3 - 4, 4 4 and 6 - 4 cambric ginghams Black ami col'd cam - liru s Velvets and cords, Leaver gloves Fancy cravats, twilled and i.l.un Mndrass hdkfs, pins . Hair cord cambrics, cotton balls White A col'd threads Silk, kid, aud cotton gloves Silk hose, silk flureu - tines Black bnmhazeens Florence silk, ribbons, galloons Florences, plain and figured Virginia satins, plaid lustrings Kriug'd black sillt hkfs Velvet hindiugs, tapes, bobbins Furniture calicoes, nd chintzes 4 - 4, 9 8, 6 - 4, 7 - 4 and 8 - 4 printtd tambric shawls 7 4 A - 8 - 4 imitation do. lt - 4 casimere do. Bandanno, longee aud sistersny hdkls. Pocket bdkfs. white and printed Hair cord and cambric dimities Jeans, cotton cascimere Striped Florentines Blaik do Mndapollum aud steam Marseilles Quiltings, royal nnns White and priated sat' eens Cotton brown holiands Swansdown, toilunetts, silk stripes Cotton and woisted ho siery Irish linens A sheetings Buttons, bed ticks Fine and superfine cas - imeri.s Yorkshire fine and su pet line rloths London do do .Superfine ladies loths Boiutiiizetts, ratiuelts Imperial cords, vigo - nia rassimere.4 Stni'kim Its, plain and ribh'd Flannels, baizes Ft netls, worsted hind - inss Shut buttons, cotton lace Paris netts and souffle eauze Black and white thulle lace Leno snawls, F.stnpil las Sewing silk, assorted ci.lors Linen cambrics Table cloths, C - 4, 7 - 4 k 8 - 4 Diafiera Furniture Dimities Fancy Li - uo, A figured Muslins Cniubric Trimmings, A r lounces Seernui ker Ginhnmi Rmuall Hilkls. Silk Check (iinghams 2 Ac 3 col'd Cambric torments Oil Cloths Brown Linens Merino Shawls Cotton hntidannoes 9 - 3 col'd strip'd jaco. netts loom thirling I India muslins, Ac. kc Received by the late arrivals and for sale by II AGGERTY AUSTEN, nih 24dAc2m 167 t'earl - slreet. HOLLAND DUCK, f.rsalehy CH VS. L.OGDEN.and A BR. OGDEN, np 2 Washington - street. ST. CKliLX RUM. &UGAR. ho. T 'HE ChiiM of the Utia Hazard, Littlefielil, master, irons St. Croix, consisting ol Ku:n, Sugar, and Rio di - lallalib Nicaragua Wood, now binding and lof s ile iu trout ol thu subscri ber's store, at Peek flip. apSlw BEN J DE FOREST & CO. PROSPECTUS for rtrni.isRiNO by scnscntrTiosr A M.vPUr MEXICO AM) LOUISIANA. ' I MtE publication ol this Map has hem under - J taken with the iuifiresGion, that it will ex hiliitinlormatrm, highly interesting at lhi eventful crisis, aud the valuable Maps tvhu h tho nil - tbor has procured, during his several tnuis through Mexico, in tie years 1806, 1807, 1UI2, 1313, 1815, 1816, mill 1817. indm e him to helrive (hut the Map, with even nil its imperfections, will be much the most n ricct which has appeared before the put'lic. I his Map will contain the latest and best in formation from the di'Coieries and posse'sions of the American, Spanish, Russian, British and f rench travellers nnd navigators and represen - (ine the claims of their respective eoveriimtuti on the Northwestern coast of America. The Map will include that portion Of North America, which lies between the Uthmus of Da - hen. nnd thc4l!th degree of North Latitude, unil irom the Mississippi Kiver westwaruiy to uie rarinc urean. In size the Mnn will be about six by five feet. nnd will be protected on Hcale of 40 miles to the inch, to he delivered to the subscribers al hl - teen dollars i nch. Natrhes, March 7,1813. np 7 t A u I MILFOhD & OIIFOO l.OTTF.HX, T ILL commence drawing next month, and T f will complete drawing in twenty days. Only 10 000 tickets. Present price of tickets and shares, Whole Ticket t:,2 Halves Eighths $16 4 Quarters 8 C A 1 I T A I 1 of S'0,00'1 2 10,000 10 1,000 PRIZES. 1 of fJJ.OOO 2 5.00J 30 600 140 nf 100 dollars Tickets and - hurcs in a variety of numbers for sale at the Book - store and Lottery Office of - v No. 19 Peck - slip, corner of Watcr - st. Prizes in former lotteries, and eastern, sou thern and northern bank notes, taken in pay mc - nt for tickets. A correct check hook will be kept for the examination of all tickets gratis. ap 7 1 PRIZE of 7il,0tl0 DOLLARS. 1 do 05,000 do ""IHANCES lor the above highest aod the o J ther Capital Prizes, named at foot, of the Owego noad Lottery, are lobe obtained at GRACIES', 146 Broadway. Whole Tickets. $32 I Quarters. $3 Ha.ves, 16 Eighths, 4 Two Dollars for a Sixteenth Share. 2 prizes of 10,000 DOLLARS. 2 do 5,0110 do 10 do 1,000 do 30 do 500 do For the fortunate numbers, make immediate application at GRACIES'. where No. 5747 which drew jpOtHI in the 2d Medical Science Lottery, was sold in shares, to a lady and two g - iiilt mi - n of Nc w Brunswick, being the highest floating prize sold hy them in America. a7 'pVTEXT MONTH, will commence diawing the most splcudid Lottery in the u. S. viz MlI.roKD AND OWEUO Roill LlTllHT, Authorized by the states of N. York and N. Jersey. MAMMt iTH FRIZES, 1 Prize of 70,000 Dollars 1 do 55,000 do 2 do 10,000 do 2 d 5 (JO do 10 do 1.000 do 10,000 tickets only in this Grand whic h are all to be drawn in 20 days. Lottery, Not two blanks to a prize, and tlie lowest prize is 30 dol lars. Five Thousand dollars is to lie awarded to the first number that comes out of the wheel, w hich is to be on the 5th of next month ; and the Crt drawn number on every day of drawing, will be entitled to priz from $50U to $70,000 Tickets and shares lor sale at, liottcrvand Exo - aiic otlice, No. 54 Maiden - Lane. , Whole Tickets 32 dollars, Halves f!6 I F.igbths 4dls (jaarters 8 Sixteenths Sdls G. k It. Waite particularly recommend to adventurers their shares of tickets, as, lor the nrina e.f one ticket It Ti may increae their chances to four, eight or sixteen j a single share I " i of a ticket may be purchased at tne same projior - tionate price as a whole one, and will be paid by Ultra with equal promptitude. I Hstnut adventurers by inclosing the O'h will bare their orders faithfully executed. ap4 St MPs - . B . 1 T. DOMINGO COFFEIL - 150 baft, for salt root strert nih 30 I ROKE - , DAVIDSON b CO. I SUA! KI.a &UU .Vlailrus Uoat Ml ins. U landing I rum ship Frances Henrietta, for sale I y GOODHUE Al CO. 44 South - street. I ULA;tLs I In. c iig i ol the Ki Mi Ma L v I na, from Havana, coosisting ol 250 hhds and I.) lit ret s new cr p, uo on the wharf, pier No. 7 North River, nnd for sale by l. I, u r. lllwi..U, ap 6 77 WHshingtun - street. 1 untaliim BRtNDV au.l pure Sl'lRU S. 9 iNiM - s good imitation brandy, high proof 3 hhil pure spirits - ju t received, nrst!e hy np.7 lw CORN'S. DUt.OIS. sttiAU. 172 hnJs New lliliaus ."uiti, tO landin; this at Pine - street wharf, from brig Hope, lor sale by GHISWOLi5 A COATES, or KIIT.EY, CENTER A CO. np 7 CH Sonth - st. m'THAW CAKI'E ILG. - I j mlisabout I2UO O yards t;:uln Straw Carpeting, very handsome patterns, landing from lirnr Keulien k Eli - a, forsjle by ti Ills WOLD COATES, P ' - Cli South - street. I 1ULK A fsl - .AL SKlNs ItrO bolts Russia MJ Duck, 5U0 Seal Skins, landing and for sale Y, JObEPH OSBORN, np 28 S nith - street. IRISH MMH, IllAI'KKS, I.AWHS, kc. HENRY M'VICK.tK A. Ct). have received by the late arrivals from Dublin, and by the I'acitic, from Livrrjiool, a general aisurtiueut ol 4 - 4 and 7 - U Liuons 5 - 4 sheetings; 7 - U Lawns 3 - 4 Diaper and Binml Diaber, asmrted Damask Table Cloths 3 - 4 blown nnd blact Lawns, in half pieces; which they offer for sale on liberal terms, at mh.iO 2w No. .',7 rii.e street. JOHN AURM. WILLINk k CO oHer lor sale, at their store, No. 7.) Washiu 'ton - street 314 tierces ) Rice, now landing from ship hi hall do j Corsair. 12 to 14000 bushels fine Liven, nol salt A few bales Cashmirs ami shalloon shawls Several casks amalts, lately received from Holland 4 cask hardwnre np 3 1 LU.VHM Got 'Dm, IH'N I UhMi?' CARGO Col'd aud black Nankin Crapes, hist qii.ili , ty, 22y'dps. Col'd and lilk. tii.ured do. Ml y'd pieces Do. do Plain i i. Ill do do Do. changeable Sarnet, high col'd JO do Black do do Do Sinchews do Coloured Salins 13 do Col'd Sewing Siiks Aim, n handsome assortment inserting trimmings. For sale by mil 30 2wt A. C. XtBRHKIF. 1 EN I Ul Kl I OhACCO. Ji nlids. very IV prune Kentucky Tobacco, lauding from brig Maryland, from New - Orb ans, lor sale by LA1DLAW, GIRAULTA CO. np t Kit H7 Coffi e - House slip NhW - OKLEtNS SUGAR, CO F I'ON, Ac. J" A VIES D'WOLF, jr. 57 Front - street, has for sale, lan.l.rr; from ?hi; Evergreen 101 hhds New - Orlcaus sug - ir 43 halts do otton, prime quality, ALSO OS II A Alt. Clean St. Petersburg!! In nip, in lots to suit purchasers 400 qr. ca - ks Orange works' gun powder 120 boxes roll brimstone 100 boxes of German steel ) entitled to draw - 10 cases tumblers back One case Leghorn straws Cash advanced on goods consigned for sale. npril I 'I'll Hit l..T ml A doul In Counting Room fronting the Mist mver. Lnqnire utts south - street, np 7 tw 1 It I I. A '' iini r or one or more years, a two story bru k front House, No, (i Canal street, lour doors Irom Broadway, to the I root House is ullnrbed 'no in the rear which serves as a kit) hen to each story. It will be put in tenanl.ihle repair on tl.e Inst day ol ,luy next, rem reasonndl . f.nuuire of JOHN R IIEDLEV, ap 7 2w 90 N'nssnii stret t. F TO LFT, ViSI In Hurrnws - stri et, in thp villate fil Greenwich, lately occupied by Mr. Amasa Wood worth, a convenient two stury house, with a two story back building adimning. In the houe nre four ( ouvi inent rooms with lire plac es, two lien - rooms, nnci also two cellar Kitt:heis un der the house. There are also on the premises a I cenvenient and spacious work shop, twenty feet in Iront and sixty leet deep, with a convenient yard aiboining, suitable for any kind nf inn hun ic Tne bouse end shop will he let together or srpnrate. as may best suit the leases. Apply to JOHN HOLDRON, np 7 lw' Aooining the premises FIVE DOLLARS REWARD. I OST, on the evening ol the Clh lest, from the LJ yard in the rear ol the House IV o. i25 r ul ton - street, a ladies dark blue cassiraere coat with a row of frog buttons in front, bound will ribbon nf a lighter colour, for the return of whic li the above rewnrd will be given. up 7 3t 'IMlEvacation in Mrs. SHEDDEN'S Board I ing School, nt Newark, N.J. will terminate on thr lust cf April, and tbeexerris.'S of tlie school will he resumed on the first of May next There are now a lew vacancies and those parents or guardians who may have it in contemplation to place their daughters or wards under her chorst are requested to make early application In tlu school Are taught the English and French languages, (and latin, if required) writing ar.d arithmetic, geography and nstn iiomy, plain and fanc y needle - work, inusir, dancing, kc.. The system hy which Mrs. SheddM teaches tin French language is quite new in this country, and merits notice, ns it facilitates in a, surprising degree the acquirement of the accent. Terms may lie ascertained by application to Mrs. SHED - nr..s. iiewars, c.. j ) iier reierence, are, James Stoughton, Esq. New - York; Revd. L. P, Baard and Col. James Hedden, Newark. ap7 ?wt N. S M I T II DAVIE S. Wholesale nnd retail Chymical Perfumer, No. 151 RROADWAy. EfiS leave to inform his friends and custom ers, that be has on band an extensive assort ment o1 perlumery and Isncy articles, vis i shaving soap and liquid ; washing soap in rakes and halls; antique oil; cold cream; charcoal and chtmiral clentifric ; rouge and pearl powder ; plain and scented hair powder ; almond powder and paste ; milk ol roses ; hard and sou porav tum ; tooth, cloth, shaving, hair, nail and comb brushes, of su. - nur quality: razors; scissors; pen and ijcket knives : shavinur and dres sing cases : Docket hock and many other arti cles, too numerous to mention, for sale wholesale aud retail. H HhLK OF 1 HE UKIG GE.VERAL M.I - KIO f. ON Thursdavncxt, the !lh instant, at one o'clock, will be sol I at auction at the house of general Bedell, commissioner w wtccu, Christian Hook, SouUl Hempstead, the brig general Marion, as she lies straudeifon South Hemp stead Beach, together with sundry articles, of sails, rigging, cargo, c. saveu iroru Ilia wrecv. 1h revel is copper l istened anci was inc&'.nea with heavy copr about six moutiis since. ap6 4t ONE CENT REWARD. UANAWAY, on Saturday last, a coloured Girl about 14 years of age, answering to the name of Aane, bd on a blue and white slripd gown and c doured cotton shawl. W lioevr will - tiis?r ttr it's inliirmiltfiA malr lm missi .Am return or give information wliere she may be found will receive toe above rewaid, and aoy rson harbounn' jt emptying said giti, will be prosccotcd as the law dim - Is. TH03. HAYNE?, Pia Maoofactory, Ii7 Spnng - itictL p 3t ST. DOM at 16 F PTTBLIC SALES: BY HOFFMAX & GLASS. i Tbotdiy, X o'clock, at 150 Greenwich - street, near Courtland - street, a large and general assortment oi Household r urnitnre, the property ol a gentlemen leaving the city. Consisting of tables, chairs, mangel, glass ware, larpcis, sideboard, piano forte, Ac. Also, a small quantity choice port wine, claret, old hock, and Dutch gin. ap 9 Jt BY P. L. MILLS k CO. Tomorrow, A large and general assortment of dryjoods At KoVlmk, IIMJ silver watches. M.ihtiLF, tUli HHI.Ut.SO, Ac. Til E proprietors of the southern marble qua - ries, near King's - Bridge, give notice, that they h.tve on band, and are receiving, at tba KftigU - liride Marble and l.tnie lard, foot of Beach - street, on the Hudson river. an extensive stock of marble lor building, of the following descriptions, vij : Ashlar coping Watertabla Steps Platforms Sills, Lintels Arches Foundation Stone Cliiraney - l'ieces Facings Columns Also Lime of the best quality. tfj - " A constant supply of the above materials may be calculated upon; ami those desirous of purchasing, or making engagements, will apply to EZRA LUDLOW, Feb 1 At the Yard. A CARD. frr MAIM. DELAGE, milliner trnm Pa ris, 01) Hi ed - street, has the honor nf informing the ladies oi tins ritv, and panic ulntty tier custom ers, that she has received and u - topi i eil an ele gant assortment nf t - pnng Hal a, Llnp r lats Leghorns, Flowers, kc. ap 3 m REMOVAL. N. SMITH DAVTF.3 has removed his chemical perfume matiulac tory nud warehouse from No. 136 Broadway, one door uoi ih of Liberty - street, ou the wet side of Broadway, mi h 27 AO I ICE. 07" All persons having demnnds against the estate nf Doctor Archibald Bruce, deceased, are requested to send their accounts to tin' office of the subscriber, No. 5 Nassau stieet. PETER JAY MUNRO, Mh 27 Im Adrninislihtor. Xj - I wo (hates in the New - York Library society, FOR SALE, price $Zj each. Enquire at no. 124 Broadway. nih 20 .NO'i'iCK. (tJ Tim nibsriibers having received a ns - ne ral asnignuitnl ol all Ihei state ol John Muiray A - Sons, lor the In nelit ul creditors as exprtiicu in the assignment, lne nutliurised Peter Ludlow to liquidate the inin tlltil accounts - and to rec eive pat mi nt ol nil debts clue to tlie said bun. or to the inilividu il partners who will altundto the same at his cilice, No. Ill Pearl - street. WILLIAM BYYtHU, feb 24 If HENRY BARCLAY. NOTICE. ffc" The subscribers hnve fi rmed a ennnee lion for the purpose of transit! ting Commission llcisiness, mule r the linn ol b. aad I . Willi 1 E - MORE, and will I .r the present do business nt o. fit) South nud VZ'J I'cail streets L and will rnn - ("i.;!y keep lor sale a general assortiuent of (ton mill woolen t tin niatiulacture ul the lute New - York Manufacturing Company. Just received, tx:r sctir. sanduikv. irom mo bile, nnd lor sale. I I bales lc r Skins 1 22 sacks hnake Root of prime qua). 2 do Beeswax. S KAML. WHITTEMORE, ap 2 1m 1 IMP. WHITTEMORE. JVUIICi. TO TUF. LADILS. As it has happened very often, through mistake, that their Shawls and I .aces have been brought a few doors below my lodgings, where the I July of t(iesaid place assumes, some times, my name, in order to get the work destined for me by my customers ; this is to uclvise them unci tlie ladies in general, that my name has be en fixed on the house where f live, No. 56 Wai reii - slrecl, nud that I - hall be tery happy tu be favored w ith the emit inuut sen t their patronaye. itu. - r. I I K. ap 2 ! t :tPA R I NEKHIIP. fj - Benj. Mecritt, mid Win. C Mc rritt, have foriiii'd a ronnri linn in the Dry Good business under the firmed BEN J k WM. C. MERRITT, and have ohmh d store at No. 304 Pearl - street, N. B Tney will settle the. business of tlie late firm of Whit' - , Merritt.X Co. np 0 3f I.AIIIKH l - I.KANK TO 1 AK K SoTICIC gT As tt has happened very ulten, through mistake, that Shawls and Lares huvii been brought a few etiors from my lodging, where tho lady of the mid pbice assumes, sometimes, my name, in order to e;et the work destined forme l.y my customers - this is to advise them, and the Indies in general, that my name has been fixed on the house where I live, No. CO Warren - street, and Hint I shall be very happy to be favoured' with the continuation of tin ir patronage. JUSTINE ROZES, Mantua Maker and Shawl and Lace Scourer, ap6 3lt No. GO Warren street. CONCERT. I r MRS. FRENCH, cro'ehd for the liberal patronage the lias received from her friends and the public, has again tba pleasure to announce, that her second CONCERT of vocal and instrumental mu - ic will take place on THURSDAY nexl.the 8th inst. at the City - Hotel, where will be prrlorincd the lollowiog pit ces ; Leader of the orchestra, Mr. Centil : Piano - forte, Mr. Llticnne. Past 1. Overture llavdn bong Sweet Passion of Love, Dr. Ame Minuctto - Plevcl Sung Roy's wife of Aldivallocb, (Sootch Air) Andante Haydn. Song Fragrant Chsplets, Cioiarosa. Allegro llavdn , Tat 2. Silifooia Haydn . Song, lve among the roses (by particular de - lire) Bishop Variations, flute nnd piano - forte, hy Mr. 1 ay - lor and Mr. V.ttnniic 8ong Rohm Adair Irish Air Minuetlo Gyrovits. ollg Tne celebrated Ixho Cong, Bishop Finale lliiydn. ftV Perlnrmnnce to commence at 7 o'clock. i'n ki ts lo be had at Mr. Gtih'a Maiden - lann : Mr. Dubois's .ilusic siore, liroadway ( Mf.srs. lioocliieh k CVs Bookstore. Broadway, and at the Bar ol the City Hotel. P 7 ul W ARRANTED BOLTING CLOTHS. ALAKUK assortment ol every detnription or . Dutch Bolting Clotlis, warrentid tu be of tlie best quality, and at very reduced pricea. for sale by JNO. M'CRACKAN, ap 6 3t Ht 1 - 1 Pearl - street. TWENTY FIVECK.VrS REWARD. AN A WAY from Uie subscriber on the t7h ult an apprentice named THOMAS FOX - ALL: be is shout Dve feet liiglu slender built. light eyes, light hair, and lair c Diplc xioo : bad cm, and has taken with bim, a fui bat, a blackr silk neck handkerchief, white and rclored cotton ditto : a ercen hiPF coat, a vellow st ri or d under jscket, a dark and white do. a blue jacket, end grey do. a pair of blue stockinet paiitaJuoa, anci a light drab csiniei do, with oilier clcthes not recollected. The above reward will be given to any person who will deliver him U the webecn - her, but bo charge paid but lucb as tne subscriber may think pi iper. tAMPSON REED, Bskt - Maker. Staten - lsland Richmond County, Uateof New - York. ...... S. B. All persons are forbid harbouring or cmploTinj the said runaway, as also, owners and . itLiaios of vessels sre wsrnfd nei'her to employ . r luke him on board t.ieir ssel as the y wiU h or." eeded gai:lSt accordtnto raw. p7 3tr

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