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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Wednesday, April 8, 1818
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' XeoisunvRE of xew.york. Hoc u or Assemaiv, '. April t. ' AN ACT, jhrhrlieiitothehoue.crpenieTt, .fce. upon building erected by them in the V.t tt the citv of New - York. L Be it enacted by the People of the 8tate f N. York, represented in Sete and Assembly, That all and every dwelling house or other buildinr.hereafterto be eonttructed and erect ed in the city of N. York, ahall be subject to the payment of the debta contracted by the nnrr or nvnrn thereof, or Dersona benefi cially interested therein, for or by reaon of any work done, or materials touna ana pru m - ed, by anv brick layer, stonecutter, mason, lime merchant, carpenter, painter, glazier, . ironmonger, blackamith, lumber merchant, or any other peraon or peraona employed in fur - nisiruig materials for, or in the erecting or con - atructtng such house or oilier duiio - ok, ny other lien, which originated subsequent to the commencen.ent of audi house or building : Provided always, That no such debt for work or labor done, and materials furnwhed M aforesaid, ahall remain a lien on the said ' houses or other buildings, longer than one year from the commencement of the budding thereof, unless a claim in writing, after named, by such creditor, orliis legal representatives, , - or attorney, specifying the nature of such ' claim, and the amount thereof, shall be filed in tbe office of Register in and for the city and county of New York. II. And be it further enacted, That it shall be Iheduty of tbe said Register to record the sub - stance of all such claims to be tiled in his edict, in alphabetical order, in a book to be by him nrnviricd for that ournose : And, thitt ttie said Register shall be entitled to receive the sum of BUT cents IOC Dims; ana icojiunn titij iniu luunj and the like fees for searching such .records as are now allowed br law in other caws. III. And be it further enacted, That any iurh . panen or parsons having such lieu as aforesaid, and whose demands lor work and labor done, or ' ' materials furnished towards the building of such dwelling house or other building, amount to fifty dollars, mas present a petition to any one of th . judges of the supreme court of this state, or to the Mayor or recorder or At city 01 .ew - vorx, . retting' forth briefly, the nature aud amount ol his ' or their demands, with the number and street or " other general description of the situatiou of such dwelling hoose or other building, and upon oath br affirmation being made by the petitioner or petitioners, er some other credible person, of the truth or the matters set lortn in me said petition, - it shall and may be lawful for the said judge, mayor or recorder, to issue a summoos directed to the owner or owners ol such house or other building, to shew cause, if any be or they ' have, whv surh bouie or building should not be liable to be sold for the payment of such debts, at such time and place as the said magistrate granting such summons, may dsem expedient, not less than eight dsys, nor more than fourteen days, from the lime of granting such summon - , and which summons shall be directed to, aud served by the sheriff of the city and county ol New - York, personally, on the owner or own - era of such house or other building, or perron or persons beneficially interested therein, if to be found in the said city, and if not to be found, then by aiding a copy of uch summons upon the outer door of the buildieg agninit whic h such claim shall have been filed ; and upon the return of such summons, the tame being served us aforesaid, and no sufficient cause bung shewn to the contrary, the said judge, mayor recorder who issued such summons, shall nominate and appoint ' nudiir his hand and seal, three or more reput title freeholders to be trustees for all the laid creditors which trustees shall, before they proceed to the elocution of their truit, take an oath or affirma tion, to be adniiniuli rrd by the judge appointing them, won and Inrtliluliy to ex - i ute uieirusi ny that appointment r posed in them, according In the t'i't ot their skill and understanding. IV. And bo it further enacted, Thai the sai trustees, or any two of them, shall as soon as may be thei eaftcr, give notice or their appoint - ment in two of the public newspapers priuted in the said city, and require all persons having claims against such buiiding, to deliver to thrui, or one of them, their re.'iiectivo accounts and demand,; which notice hall be punluheJ once a week for nx weeks successively, V. And be it further enacted, That tho said ' trustees, from their appointment, shall be deemed vestud with a full title to such building, together with all the right, title and interest which such late ou - r had iu the lot of ground on which SU' h building hall be erected, at the rommt - uce ment Uicrcol. VI. Am he it further enacted, That it shall be the duty of the said trtjtees, wi'hin three mo.illu after their aptoiutmrnt, to make sale ot such home and lot of ground, at public auction, ghirig at least days notice of the time and place of such sale, in one or more ol the public newspapers printed in the said city, aud as sooo as m iv be after such side, shall pay and satisf, th Keveral claimants, first deducting out of the pro eeds, all legal charge, and such commissi. us as the judge appniuiing tho said trusted hall certify to be reasonable ; aud if such bouse or 'other building should not sell for a sum ol money eufiVient to pay all the demands for wo'k aud matenals, then and in such care, the same eh di be averaged, and each of the creditors of tlie description above mentioned, paiJ a sum proportionable to their respective demands ; aud If any overplus shali remain in the hand of the ai l tfbstecs, the one shall be paid by them to til l persons against whom such proceed ngi shall have taken place, or other person legally entitled to the same. VII. And be it further enacted, That if th - owner of auv such dwelling - house, or other building, shall before the apiointmont of trustees, kpply in person, or by attorney, to the judge who i - ued the summon, and give tuch security as the judge shall approve, to the creditor or cre ditor, at whose iuttaoce the summons was issu ed, to appear and plead to any action to he hro'l ' ia any court of law or equity in this state, with in six months thereafter, against him, by such creditor or creditor", and to pay tuch sum sh ill be recovered against him in surh action or actions, iu that case do further proceeding shall be had upon such summons. V 1 1 1 . And be it further eanctrd, that the itidiie, mayor, or recorder who shall issue any summons in pursuance of this art, shall immediately after the appointment or trustees make report to Uie court whereof he it judge, of all the proceedings bad before, or done by liiin out of court, under inn act, ana cause that report to De entered in tlie minutes of tbe said rnuit; and such report, or the entry thereof, shall be lull and conclusive evidence of the farts so reported: Aid further, That h shall cause the petition and affidavit of the clxiniaut, together with tht luiiim m aud sheriff's return, within ten days after tin apiHiint - Hit ut ol trustees to be lilidin the office oi the C.eikof the court whereof he is judge, v.hicl - clerk thill mark thereon the day s'ud year ol filing the same. IV. And he it further enacted, that. ,ry per on who shall hereafter Die such claim at afore - said, uoo receiving satisfaction thereof, shall withia days sjfter r. quest made by tlic owner or an such house, or build n iip a(Ia Pe. "'""ed therein, sndon hriug tendered with the expanses, acknowledge satisfaction ol urn cmiin, iieiore some iwnmi ti,r,.i. I!.1" cj,''";1nients of deeds, under tbr pen a I, s. X doll"0 he recovered hy wtioo cf1 i.A.k.Z ... " ' Av. r""' 'T?" "TOcor """""li'V' wr penrm iniererteit therein. NEir.VORK EVEXim POST. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 8, It is nw the second day since the editor of the AJvocate ventured, in tbe fce of (he public, to tall sm that Mr. Riker denied the charges I pre - - . ... . ,Ti...,rJj',us.,dtLeIile. Sofao malum isealenlat - ferred m - U Ppw tzimu mm, - i - . me to come out with the names of the partie alluded to in lb case I stated by way of supporting Ihex charges j and in'.iaaal'ng that if I would do this, an explanation should be given 00 the part of the accused, to which, 00 the came day I replied, that if Mr. Noah would only say, that be was authorised by Mr. Riker hiaelf te make that pledge, I was ready, and would give both names and dates. Two days have elapte.l, and the editor is as silent as the grave. The infe rence irresistible. But I am charged, in cer tain papers, with acting from party consider tioni, and with particular views towards the individual. I regard this as a mere trick to torn attention aside from the principal question. Surely it is of very little moment to the public, by what motives 1 am supposed to be actuated, compared with the facts which I stated in the most explicit maimer, concerning an officer to whom is committed the guardianship of our most precious concerns. It is not enough that our conrU of law are not known to be guilty of iniquity, but in order that the community should repose that boundless coafidenre in their integri ly which aloue can command respect, there onght not to exist ground for the most remote suspicion. More than suspicion has here been openly intimated, and that in no equivocal terms; yet is not the least attempt made, in any shape, to bnug the truth of the facts to issue. Will the public rest satisfied that Mr. Riker should remain the principal law oliicer of the city of N. York, while no step is taken to clear np tho im putatioos that hang over him .' Silence alone shall not protect him : it is by resignation or re moval only he can escape still further eximsure Let him then consult his future peace by listening to the voice of that prudence, which no man 'a more apt to tonsult,aad seek safety in a timely retirement. I would certainly be the last man to load tlie unfortunate, or even to press ujion the guilty, beyond what tho necenity of the tasc may require for the good of the puldic, but I am too far advanced to retreat, till I have complete - ly fulfilled my duty to this community, From Albany We learn from passengers in the team - boat from Albany, arrived this morning, that the Senate passed last Monday the bill to incorporate the Franklin in this city, with a capital of 500,000 dollars. They at the same time rejected the applica tion for an Interest Hank, and a Coal Companv in - mis city, witu banking privilege. The Cherry Valley Hunk bill which was supposed to have received its death blow in the Aenute has been reconsiderad in that body, and pas' sed by a majority of five. TA Grand Jury now silling, have, we under stand, found bills of indictment against several of the lottery - nlfice keepers, for the many ille gal practices which every body knows some of them are iu the habit of committing ; but which, omthow, have hitherto, escaped . punishment : and Ihrnby hanp a lule. One of them has been tried by the petit jury and convicted of the abominable and scandalous practice of insurauc ' uncrs are likely to follow in bis track. The graud jury merit the thauks of every honest man in tlie community for their vigilance and hide prudence. Mrt. Frenrk'i tecond toncert is to be given tomorrow evening at the City - Hotel, and wo trut it will be quite sufficient t ensurn this lady a large and respectable audience merely to men - ui.u uie simpie laci. i no Baltimore papers have rcpubli. - hed the several paragraphs in the different papers here respecting hertant concert, accompanied with expressions of their great re spec! and esteem for " this amiable aud accom plished lady ." J he letter respecting her which appeared in this paper, is republished there wilh the observation that " it does honor to Hie head ind heart of the writer." His lion CD. CoUlcii, mayor of thU city, arrived 111 the steam - uoat tins morning. Usury laws - .vo. h. ino interest 01 mor.;v 11 that compcuialion hich the borrower of money nays to Iho ItnJer tor the use ol (he loan ; it is the rent ol cao.tal let to hire. The laws which fix a rata (or this compensation are termed utury laics, because mat compensation which exceeds this tale is dc nominated usury. These laws declare the loan. Inch a greater compensation, than the one fixed by the in, is reserved, to be out of the tiro tectum of the ordinary means of coimicllinsr nav meut, aud punish with penalties tho actual re ceipt ol such compensation. 1 110 iiiii - rtrM 01 uiuury ueiieniifl niton Uuee ' k : . . 1 . . 1 , , . . thingi: the intrinsic worth of the lo:in, lu - rok of its not being paid, and the cotuparutivo plenty 01 capital 10 lie loaned, compared with the a - mount wanted to be borrowed. To illu.trale ihis, iipioe a mrrrhnnt by the common xer uon 01 nia luiiiiMry, from a capital ol f 1000, to lay up 100 a year; his industry he values at KjO, which leaves as the value ol his rani lal. he wc to withdiaw this iiotio iroui ousineKi, ami loan 11, ne would estimate its 1 . .. . . . valuaat j0orS percent; but, Irom the ordi nary acriJcuts to wl.ich traders are ri;oed, there aro probably two chances in a hundred that the borrower will Dot be able (o 1 av him he therefore adds th! value of this ri - ic. t ner cent, to the worth of his capital, 5 per cent, and supposing uo competition to exist, either among those who wished to borrow or those who wished to lend, he would loan his money at 7 per cent mierert but 11 mere were a number desiring lo hire this 1000, they would bid up on each other, which would raise the rate of interest ; so i tbe oilier baud, if there were but fc who wished to borrow and many who wished to lead. the leaders would lessen their terms, in order to obtain the preference, which would lower the rate of interest. Uu the above statement it is to be observed : 1. That the capital to be loaned is in the hands of tlic rich : it is in fact the surplus capital of a country, oeyoud that wkscn u used tat trade by uie owners tnemse res. It ss trne that soma proportion of the capital, which is to be had on loau, n in the hands or those who are not rkJi, hut are incapable of using it io trade, as legacies w - , uie tironertv ol unmarn.I crnnn and tbe like; but the chief account i in the nand! of those who have .pore property thaa they wish to ue in their own business, or who r!.reJ frDm in U 10 Uvt 0I the'"" w'h. i t. That the acrid - uti of trade, against the effect of w! ou tbe borrower, the leuder in - ures hinvelf, by tbe premium of? per eent, are hose unavoidable ones to which common iW.ej - ty 11 liable, and against which ordinary prudence aad industry cannot secure ; such as fire, unfoe - tunate purchases, the bankruptcy of other tra - - 7 . the borrower. No mercbint should deal, and very few will, with men. woe be thinks will not pay him. lie con fides either in his knowledge of tlie industry and integrity of tlie borrower, or in the value at which the latter'estimates his credit, or in the compulsory power ol the law, as security for bis being paid. Againtt tbe dishonesty 01 me Dor - rower, 00 calculation can be mnde ; no data ran be tikeo out of the recesses of his heart by which this risk can be calculated; every individual would require a different rule, and the loaning of money on interest would become impractica ble. Besides, taking a premium against the risk of dirhonexty, is too base a contract for men who are not rogues lo engage in : it is like a has band's demanding a dowry with his wife as a premium of insurance against her infidelity. No honorable man would ever borrow money when he knew that the item of dishonesty in him entered into tbe interest. No prudent man, (whose interests oolv are to be protected by laws,) would ever lend his money when he must insure himself against such a risk. The advo cates of utury do indeed say, that this item should be charged in the price of iutercst ; but it is well known, that those who practice usury are of all men the most cautious ; and that although they may pretend that the insecurity of their debt re quires an exorbitant interest, yet they do not e ver lend unless they confide in the honor, the credit, or the pledged or personal security of the borrower for the certainty of a return of their money. The law too must always consider it .elf (what it is its duty to be) competent to com pel payment from the dishonest. Wnd tlie soon er those men, whose dishonesty must be insured against, arc driven from trade, tho better will it be for society. 3d. That the value of capital or the price of loan has not the same tendency to fluctuato, which other articjes have. The cau. - e of fluctuation in the price of other commodities is, the scanty or abundant production or importation of them, while the courumptiou or demand remains the same, or is increased or diminished by some other cause than that which occasions the plenty or s arcity of the article : thus 111 the case of tlour, (he r rop being scanty, the price must rise, be cause the demand must remain the same, or may he enci eased by some cause ; such as a war in a foreign country, which cannot eucrease the quau tity of (lour raised. But the demand for capital, as well as its value, increases with its abundance aud diminishes with its scarcity ; and thus the prop or lion between the quantity required and that lo be procured remains the same. For as a merchant, by the flourishing Hate of trade, finds his capital rncrcased beyond his disposition or power to employ it, and as credit, for the same cause, becomes so vigorous as in some mea sure to supply the place of capital,' and in this manner the stock of the loan market is augmented by the same flourishing condition of trade, new adventurers are induced to engage in it, and those nil taily engaged, to extend their opera lions: so that the plenty of capital, and the de mand for it, are encreased by the tame cause On the other hand, when the declining slate of trade lcteng tbe demand for capital by diminish ing the inducements to engage in it, it abo, by making the accumulation of wealth slower aud by making capitalists withdraw their loans in or dcr to makte them more secure, makes the capi tal to be had on loan scarce, aud thus counter acts the effect of a lessening demand. Any person may observe that as business becomes brisk loans are easy and yet much sought ; and as it becomes dull, they are more difficult but are sought lew. In this particular loan differ from other ccmmodities, by having tlie increase and demand alwayi increased by the same cause. 4th Loans also diner from every other arti cle of traffic in another particular: they know no variety ol quality. All other articles vary in quality ; lands, merchandise, ships and houses are of every variety of g.mduess. Out the quality of a loan knows no variation. it is believed (hat on these remarks we nipy rest the position, that regulating the price of loan is not liable to (hose objections which lie against filing tho price of every other commodity, as corn, house rent, Ireight, tc. Loan diH - rs so much from every other subject of mercantile dealing, that all objections to fixing its price, derived from the analogy of other articles, are fal lacious. It will now be akcd, why, since it is so much the tendency of loans to keep a certain level, whv does the law interfere in fixing any rate as the highest which shall be taken. This question, involving the obe' t and operation of tho usury laws, will be considered ui our next number. OLDSCHOOL. To this position, the Ediiib. Reviewers as sent, although they oppose the usury laws, vide ISO. SI. " COMMUN.VATION. Rrgulalion of tlmpt. Tho late ordinance of the corporation, relative to the building of slows, may give rise to a question as to the inteution of the law, by reason of the doubtful meaning of the term. The term slwn, is derived from the Dutch word stoiptn, to ait, and according to Hexham's low Dutch dictionary, tentto'p banekr minus " a seat or bench to sit on before a home." Formerly, altuo.'t every house iii our city, had those seats or benches, called in Fngliah sloops ; but of late yean, they have generally disappeared, and the platform, or porch, or whatever else it may be called, is no longer firnished with the tloep or bench. I he term sloop, therefore, Iocs not seem precisely to designate the object intended. The term - pnrrh, and the steps ot the porch would perhaps be tbe most correct expression. CI VIS. From the .Illany HrgisHr, April 7. Horulrr. A fiesli Cod, broucht from New - York, a few days since, in the btottni - Uoat. anil purchased by .Mr. C. Dunn, was found to con tain a livini Turtle of brlu een 3 and 4 inche in diameter ! Thi heretofore invisible char acter, it we understand, placed amonir the caninei or cuurioaities, at irowunclge s Ma scum. from the Georgia Journal, March 24. 77le ,J nni Our advices from the army are to the tills of this month. At that time the (eorgia militia were within twenty miles of rorlhcott. Their march had been much impeded by bad roads, some parts of the route be ing almost impassable. We understand the troops generally enjoy good health; and, not withstanding their privations and suffering, are in line spirits. No additional particulars have reached us re specting the disaster which befel general Gaines aud tiis little party, 111 descending t hut river. An oilicial report ot all the circum - tances con nected therewith, will no doubt be made. An affray, of a verv serious nature, nrrnrred lat week at I larttord, between some citizens of that place and wagoners in the public service on the one side, aud a portion of Uie Tennessee trooii! stationed near there, on the other. Capt. Chisolm of the latter, was killed; and several of the combatants severely wounded. With the merits of this quarrel, which led to the shed iiu; of blood, we are uniformed perhaps both par lies were 10 biame. we regret to state, how ever, that tbe conduct of many of the Tennessee troops, since they came among us, has not been such as it should have been. Instead of culti vating our good will, tbey have teoght. it it be lieved, every opportunity lo wound and inflame the feelings of fair inhabitants, by bestowing 00 them various opprobrious epithets. F rota tlit Albany Argus, April 7. C.rrvW Judges. A bill was reoorted ia Senate on Friday, for the better and more speedy ad - mi ui urn i ion 01 miuce." it directs Ore terms of the laureate court to be held in each year, two ia New York, two io Albany, and one m Utica i each of which may continue tlty wtiks I. provides lor twocucuit t - . urts torn counioi " r . - . - . . ,1. d.f ll.M Ion and tern.iner in every jw'.m - . aad central counties, and lot the apoiutment ol judges oi tin: supreme court, to ' denominated circut judges, abd w hose duty it shall be to ami courts of over and ter l," t .... w . - - I l . ,i miner and gaol delivery, ami who simn the powers and perlorm ad the duties ol judges of the supreme 1 ourt, except presiding at the terms of said court. The numoer ol jmfges con templated to be inserted we uudeistaoo is seveu. Frtm Uu National Inltlligntcer, April 6. We have soniecouluwd accounts, by nite arrivals Irom Algiers, of outrageous conduct on the part of the Dry, to tbe families of 1 uiopean consuls resident there. Tliere is so niucli evident table in these accounts, that all that we can rel on, is, that tlie present Dey ol Algien is, asiuos. o the D ys h r.,re the last have been, ol a f ro - ciou and vindictive temper, regarding no l.iw hut his own will, and the disposition ol the Jan issanes . The following titract of a letter appeared in a Philadelphia p.if r nearly a month t.go ; aud v.e find it. after this interval, now transplanted into the columns of the Baltimore Federal Gaiette. What is the object of it, we are not at a lo - s t conceive, but it is proper that iditors who have hern thus imposed upon should know that, tr. iu information which is to he relied on, the wln le statement is untrue ; and that Woodbine t, whtre ttiis article wishes to make us believe be is not. Extract of a letter, dated Kingston, (Jam.) January 24. to a merchant io Philadelphia. I am highly amused in perusing your files of late Philadelphia paper wherein Mr. or Capt. or Col. Woodbine is said to be at Pensarola and Rampa Bay, and also among the Indians, exciting them to hostilities sgainit the Americans. He has been in this town for some months, to my certain knowledge, transacting mercantile affairs, and has not been near the Creek or Seminole Indians since the latter end of 1 8 16, when he went there for the purpose of b' ingiog up some white men to Nassau, N. P. to give evidence in a law suit he was engaged in, and with no political object whatever. If you knew, as many do here, how he has been neglected by his owu government, since the peace, the United Slates need never expect an enemy in him. I have been Intimately acquainted with' him for 20 years and his family for many more, and I never knew an individual so unjustly villified as he is by the A - mciican newspapers." CO.W.RESS. IN SEN ATK Saturday, April 4. Much business was done, of which a detail shall be giwn in our next. 'i be general appropriation bill was read a third time and passed, wilh some amendments On its passage, objection was nm by Mr Crittenden to that part of it which nuikrs an ad ditmn to the contingent fund ' f tlie President, for the purpose of detrnying the expences 01 the three commissioners lo South America. O n or two gentlemen replied to Mr. C. und no nicition was jiredi' atd on the objection. The bill concerning u.ivig .lion (lor countervailing the British colonial policy) was rend a third time, parsed with only two dissenting vc ices (Mr. Lppesand Mr. Wilson) and sent to the other bouse fur concurrence. HOUSK OF KEPRKSKVTATIVES. Saturday, April 4. On motion of Mr. Taylor, a resolution was a - dopted, instructing Hip Secretary ol the Navy to report to the House during the first wtek ol (he next session, a particular statement ol the expenditure of the appropriations made by - the act tc reward the clfi ers and crew of the frigate Constitution, am: of the Wasp; (lie act tore ward the offi. ers and crew of the sleop Hornet, and lie ut. Elliott and his officers and crew ; tbe acts authorizing the purchase of the vessels cap lured on lake Erie, and those captured 011 lake Ckamplain ; the act to reward iLe lie era and crew 01 i he Hornet lor tlie destruction 01 the Penguin: and the act authorizing the distrilm tionof I0U.000 dollars mount; the captors of the Algtrine vessels raptured and restored to the I lev of Algiers, designating the names of the priZH agents appointed and the payments by tin in resm clively made, specifying the time when and persons by whom the same was mule, and Hit halnures, if any, remaining in their bunds unex pended. Mr. Livcrmore submitted the following rcso lution : Resolved, by the senate and house of repre sentatives ol the Uu.led Mates ol America, 111 congress assembled, two thirds of both liotise concurring therein, that the following amend ment to the constitution of the United slides, br proposed to the legislatures of the several states, which, wheu ratified by three fourths of the said states, shall he valid to all intents and purposes, as a part of the said constitution : " No person shall he held to service or labor as a slave, nor shall slavery be tolerated 111 any state hereafter admitted into (he union, or made one of the (J. otates of America." 1 lie resolution was read, and, on the ques tion of proceeding to its consideration, it was dc tided in the negative. ' MY. Smith, of Md. laid on the table two arts of the British parliament, one an act of IHOj, t consolidate and extend the several acts relating to the West India trade, and the other an act of 03, permitting the imjiortation of rice, grain, and flour Irom the British iNortli American colo nies into certain ports of the Wet Indies, and lo allow certain articles to no imported from th United Slates into the urithh possessions in North America, lor tbe purpose of being exported to iiritish inlands in the West Indies; which acts were ordered to be printed for the use of mem bers of the house. I he engrave J bill for the relief of major - ge neral Jacob Brown, to establish a port of entry at Cape Vincrnt, at the fork of Lake Ontario i the River St. Lawrence, was read a third time and passed. I he amendments of the senate to the general appropriation bill were considered in a committee oi the whole bouse, agreed to by the committee, and concurrr d in by the house. And the house adjourned. From t,',e Albany Daily Advertiser of April 6. The bill for incorporating (he Hu.lsou River steam - Boat Company, passed Uie Senate on Sa lurd.iy, unanimously. On Friday the senate agreed to re - considcr the vote rejecting the application for a bank at Cherry Valley ; and on Saturday the bill passed in committee of the it - bole by a majority ot seveu. In tho lioue of Sicrul ly ou Saturday, .Mr. Col len presented the petition ofAamurl Whi ting, an insolvent debtor of the city of New - York, setting forlh the unju. - t and oppressive ope ration of tlie insolvent law passed at the present sessiou. Mr. Colden moved that the petition should be rrlerred to the committee of the whole, when on the bill introduced by Mr. Thompson for amend ing the insolvent law. Mr. Colden said he desired to make tnis reference with a view to introduce an additional section to the bill to which he referred, which he pre? timed would remedy the causes of complaint which existed to the present law. Mr. Colden said he thought it would be cruel for this legislature lo adjourn without giving the complaints which were so loudly - heard on this subject, a due consideration. The provisions of existing laws in relation t insolvency were such as prevented a very great portion ol the insolvent debtors from availing themselves - of the benefit of them. He thought the subject leserving the immediate attention of the legisla ture ; and therefore should more that the bill which be had mentioned should be the order of tbe day for Tuesday. - Mr. Root opposed the bill being the order of Uie day, 00 the ground that there were always too many orders of the day. Mr. Sharpe also opposed the bill boiog made the order of the day. He urged many reasons why the bouse shenld not be further occupied with the complaints of insnl vents. The bill was referred to the committee of the whole fgrejabry to the motion of Mr. Colden, but his proposition to maka n order of the day - ,.t,..i 11 uiohaUe ;nai inn - uecniuu ww. 01 event any thing further boiug done 00 this sub jeet at the present set - ion. - snru 1. j;iV,iimmen.Seteral attempts have been made in the house of assembly, to fix the time kr the adjournment of the legislature. Mr. Sharpe yesterday made another attempt, ry introducing a remdution naming the 20l(l instant ; but afierward namrd me ima. ueuui" opposed it. He said the people Irom inu west ern country had been caning iouuij iui and that we have a number of bills upon our U - this subject, which have not ytt been acted upon. 7'ne toiry - rs, said he, hare behar'd le ratals, and the people have become maig 1 . .... 1 if ii.i. ipsnlni.on for an ad num. o" 1 - jo imoieiit at the lime meutiontd, we shall re '.,mi,ellid to nas over tbe many important bills lor a lefnrui. now before us. c;;irf the lawyers Kill he left 10 roam at large, still to pick the pockets of tlie prvple. The bill incorporating the Frankliu Bank, in .he city ol New - York; passed the senate yesterday, after cousideraWe debate, 14 lo H. The Cherry Valley Bank Bill, was also passed )y a majoi ity of five. Th j bouse of assembly were occupied tbe whole 01 yesterday, upon the Finance Bill the house not having agreed with the committee of (ho whole in their report ol Wednesday, and me substitute proposed by Mr. Meigs on I liuriday, bcinz undoi consideration. The debate yester day, was animated ami able. Messrs. Meigs and Root supported tlie substitute, and were op nosed fcv Mensr. Colder, and Oakley. The substitute was rejected, "i to 27. Mr. Root then moved that the report of the committee of the whole of Wednesday last, be amended by altering the second section, so a to limit the tax of o:.c mill on the dollar to two years. Mr. R. spekeiu favor oi' his proiiositiou ; and was supported by Mr. Coldcn. 'I he ques tion was carried iu the alfiruialive 49 to 47. LEG ISLA TURE OF A UV - YORK. HoisB or Assimolt, April 3. Mr. CoWen from the committee to whom was referred the petition of the directors of the Westchester manufacturing company, brought in a bill grantinp; the prayer of the petit loners, which uai read twice and committed Vr. Colden from tbeconimi tee &c. brought in a bill entitled " 1111 act lo incorporate the N York Insurance Company ." read twice aud committed. r.BSF.vs, (is v.) April 1 Fire! Onthe26'li nit. the flourishing " 1 ill and store bouse adjoining, near Truiiiatisourgli, Tompkins co belonging to Edward E Ely si d Varney. accidentally took fire and awe totally consumed, together with bUU buslieis of wheat, &c. I lie value of property cesu - oy eel is about 7000 dollars. MARRIED, Last evening, by the Rev. Mr. Lyell, Wi. liam L. Hudson, of the CJ. a. navy, to Miss Eli za Wells, of this city. Iilt'li. This morning, at 2 o'clock, Miss. .Mary Ann Augusta Lock wood, aged loytais, oniyaaun ter of Mrs. Sarah S. Lock wood. The friends of the laniily are reipectfully in vited to attend hrr luiu ral from No. l'21i Broad way, to morrow afternoon at 4 o'clock. EFESflAV POST MARIA'E LIST. CLEARED. Shin George - Long, Snow India W .U'lntyre Washington, Forman, I - omion Wm. Chapman Corsair. Sutton, Charleston Clark, Moore V Co Brisr Aba - lino, Harris, frovidenre Galliot Margret, Pitts, Petersburg Schr Polly tv svlvia, Weeks Kuhmoud Louisa, Napier, Charleston Tell Tnle, Churchward, Norfolk Maxamilla, Smith, Portland Undaunted, Blackman, Savannah Sloop Anu, Countock Providence Eliza. I'cnch rrovideuce Eagle, W right, Alexandria The ship Fanny, Foreman, from Greenock, was towed ui) to town last evening, by the steam - boat Nautilus, from the Western Spit, in about 3 hours. BELOW, Brig Orleans, from N Orleans, and one ship, unknown Sailed this forenoon, ship Thomas Wilson, for Liverpool ; slnp Llien. for Bristol ; schooner John, lor Havana. .1IIJUI t.I) LAirT EmAlsra. Schr Irtcy, from Plymouth, N C. with naval stores, to Waring & Kimberly. I'niLioiiruiA, April 7. Arrived, sell Re turn, Atkins, Bos'.on 6 days. .Sell Pocahontas, Howland, Boston, 6 days. Sr.h Friendship, Knox, from N York. . Sell Industry, Carson, Baltimore 6 days. 6 loop Express, Pointer, St. Thomas 19 days. Sloop Experiment, Bradley, Norfolk 5 days. No inward bound vessels at or in sight of Keedv Island on Sunday noon, or on Newcas tle on Monday morning. NosroLK, pril 3. Arrived, schr fame, Rates. 14 days from Camden, (Me.) On the evening of the 2M ult. in lat. about 34. oil the edge ol the gulph stream, after scudding a bout 4 hours, lost'thevnate, John Farrow, of Isle - borough, Me. overboard, and half of the deck load Sch Juliet, Iitourette, 4 davs from N York, (2 of which she lay in Little Egg harbor, into x Inch she was con. pellet! to put in conse quence of head winds.) In Hampton Roads I wo schrs trom Maine, one the Olive, from Bath, the other tbe Stoik from Portland, each 111 7 days. THE A THE, W - dnesdav cvenin, April 0, will be presented. &Mr. nuiLU aud silt: WOULD .NOT. Don.Manutl, Mr. Barnes Ion Philip, Robcitson Don Oi tavio. Pritchard Trappanti, Hilson (1. 11 hit appearance since las return Ircm Chai lesion. Hyppolita Mrs. Parley Flora. Williams Rosara. Groshoa To which will he added, the Musical Farce of J lit vTHLurl.N IN THE WOOO. Walter. Mr. Hilson Gabriel, Robertson Josephine, Miss Johnson Performance to commence at seveu o'clock. ffr JOS. S. HARRISON 1 CO. removed lo i0 Pine - street. ap 8 3t LUerary and Phthsuphxtal Society. ffc"7 A s - tated monthly lueetine ol the'Litera - ry ami Philosophical Society of New - York, will lie held in tbe Society room at the New - York Institution, on Thursday evening the 9th inst. at 7 o'clock. JAMES STOUGHTO.N. ap 8 2t Recording Ser'ry. IFaslungton Insurance Company of tlie cjty of - m vryc. At a meetine held yesterday, the follow ng Gentlemen were chosen. James Swords, Garrit B. Abeel Eira Weeks, Henry Rankin John Clark, jun. Leonard Kip Gerrit H. Van, VVaeenen Beniamin r erris Anthonv L. Underbill Gideon Tucker Matthias Bruen John Graham Joel Post John Mr - nley. Jobs Mo watt, jonr. attiiuiiel Kicbards aroes Andrroa Augustus Wynkoop apt. L trj The followinir rcntlemen were eWt..i directors of the .Mechanics Bank yesterday for the ensuing year. Jacob Mierred, Gabriel Furmsn Stephen Allen, George. Warner Anthony Steenback, Francis Cooper, Andrew Morris, Divie Pethune, Samuel Hicks, Jacob Lorillard, Nathan Sanfnrd, II. C. De Rlmni, John Ai'c'omb. In the place of John Slidcll, Esq. resigned apt NO I ICE. 'XT The grocers aud others of the city of N. York, who disapprove of the resolution proposed to be offcied to the legislature of this slate to regulate the retailing ol spirituous liquors, are requested to meet at Robert Mallay's porter house - No. 163 Baac ker - strect, on Thursday evening 9lh inft. at 7 o'clock, to take the said proposed bill into consider ion. ap 8 It For LHA RLt.STOJf, Tbe staunch fast failing schr LOUK ?1 tW. Napier, mauler, will sail 00 Friday m - xt. t or passage only, naving rood accommo dations, apply on board at Pine - st. wharf, or to SAUL, ALLEY, np 8 98 Pine - st. For FREIGHT or CHJhfTi The Iiritish ship HALIFAX PACK - CRT, Capt. J' Clark ;Jexpccted ofl'gulJ Hook in 10 or 15 days, about 3500 bbls. wii'l take a Charter from New - York or Boston, to a port in the Irish Channel, if agreed for before the 10th inst. Apply to A. C. BUCHANAN, ap 3 2t 21 Broad - street iiOOHUE i - CO. 44 South - street, offerfor sale, loo bales Calcutta Pierc Goods, consisting 0 Aliahad and luckipor baftas Forzalmd and kyrabnd chondagarirs Aliiibad, kyrabad and Iovi titrpore emerlies Beeruoom purralis Aliubad, nndjiirivgpore munoodics Cliaunlly, lorzahad, inowdaber and niugga Mow sannas, seersuckers sawtu Mull mnll muslin roinmuze Madrass pattern i nn lolcneehdkfs. 400 piece" flag I.UIs ;.0O do baudaunas do j ID) d 1 lungees do 1'0dorealinadra;do 42j bales Euit India i J - entitled to drawback. cotton 1000;s finger 10.11 do ut;iir aim do sall - petre 10 do do .clincd 3000 pntnng'iai skins; 8500 Madras do do 700 kco Russia duck, part V X 60 Iui!' 1 - ncdi'ti window &lass 10 hah s jalap : 6 casks senua 125 boxes sweet nil 1 1 cases Ita'ian letter paper 10 pipes Catalonia wine, entitled to draw - London particular Madeira hack 10 casks Turkey red O ine 7 cases French Rtau r Hats Kuisia Featlit - rs, Speiter Block Tin, Copper iw - lts - 14 bolth s real Tuiiiey oil of Rows each bottle entitled tu drawback, separately 145 (.lids Molasses aVbl'ili' Muscovado Sugar 21 boxes white ) 21 do brown i Sugar H bags j P''tn Green Coffee ap 8 fit lREt - H TEAS, SVV EE f OIL tit: 6 chests t1 each 'JO 21b canisttn Gunpowder Tea 3 do - - 'l! 31b do do do 3 do 20 31b do Imperial do 3 do 20 21b do Hyson do All of very superior quality. Young H)son Tea of superior quality in 20 catty boxes II y son, Hysnn Skiu and Young Hyson incheitl 50 half chests Souc hong Tec 100 baskets fiesh Sweet Oil, large hottles ' 25 b xes French White Wax candles, tine quality nodOO supeifine Velvet Corks, in bagi of 10C0 Forsaleby A BININGER X SON, 12 Maiden Lane. ALSO, 30 superior Double Gloster Cheeses. . ap H lw sUPEKlUK TEAS AT AUCTION FliA.VRLI.s & M IN TURN will sell tomorrow, at half past 1 1 o'clock, Uie following teas of superior quality. Ill tincattv hoxesliunnowdcr Jea 10 five do ' 10 ten do 10 five do 10 ten do do d do do Imperial do do do do do do do 4 boxes cont'g 5 two pound caonisters Gen - powder Tea 4 do 5 do do Imperial do 20 ten catty boxes Hyson Tea 18 five do Gunpowder do 12 five do Imperial do ap H It R ICE 4J TOBACCO. 20 tierces prime new Rice and 24 hints prime Georgia Tobacco, for sale by SAUL ALLEY, ap R - 98 Pine - street. BAUK. - - I7 hi.ds. (Quercitron Bark, of prim quality, for sale hy GKISWOLDS & COATES, ap S ' 68 South - street. LUNGEE ROMALLS - 00 pieces, just received, and for sale hy ap 8 KURD SEW ALL. C5 South - sf. 40 Tous Keutledge, lauding Irom ship Mt - uerva - Smyth, at Pir. - street, for sale by ap 8 ARC HI). GRACIE (i SON'S. lij CALCUTTA UOuDS. Bales consisting of Baftas. Sawns, Ma - moodicsMid Gurrahs, just ree'd. aud for sale by G. G. & S. HOWLAND, ap 8 77 Washington - st. VT ARbLE TILES. 1700 13 - inch square IT JL marble tiles, will be sold low from the wharf, by , G. ii S. HOWLAND. 77 Washington - street. ap 8 QUKRCI I RON BARK. 30 hhdj. of very superior quality, for sale by G. G. i S. HOWLAND, ap 8 77 Washington street U - JMHivv (X,ASS. 4W0 boxes Wwoow Glass. 6 by o to 10 by 14, of np. quality, for sale by iTUHLI K Mi. WALL, 65 South street. ap 8 EMP and YARNS. St. Pttersbnrgh Clean LA. New Hemp, and Kentucky arns, in lots to suit purchasers. For sale on accommodating terms, by TUCKER & CARTER, m an 8 lw 69 South - streei. QUt'EKrTNE SPONGES O ges, of superior quality, - Alewbalesspon - and large sise, for , sale very low, ly JNO. M'CRACKAN, ap 8 3t 82 1 - 2 Pearl - stree - I AalilON ABLE BUT I 'ONS. - SJcaies r w r lonable. plain Buttons, for sale low, DV JNO. M'CRACKAN, 8t 1 - 2 Pearl - streets m n saa - II ST" I , ap 8 3t 'luulliL - L. II 1 II V L'H4 Villi. - lALE. V.T KUI L. W. 11.1..' l.W" - - - - ALIGHT travelling carriage nearly new, lor sale, with or without Harness. Enqmre this cilice. aPOJ - 'imEownerol tlie French Boarding Houhs J. No. rJ6 Courtland - street, havingconcluclea to decline on Uie 25lh of this monlh.otlers ior " on accommodating terms, the househoio iuii" ture ol his establishment, wtiitti do win ""r" ot, either in whole or in part. For fartberinior - niation. inouire as above. ap 8 , MISS HAY'S Boarding bchool for young ladies, New - Brunswick, New - JerseT, wai be re - opened, after the spring T" , . ' Monday the 4th of May, when there will b va cancies for several joong ladies. , Music, Drawing acci L'annug vj rr v instructors. P 8 5aw3,r

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