The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 2, 1936 · Page 20
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 20

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 2, 1936
Page 20
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TWENTY MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, APRIL 2 · 1930 HOGS STEADY TO 10 CENTS HIGHER DEMAND LIGHT [ FOR 9,000 RDN Prospects of Bigger Summer , Supplies May Be Cause ; -' of Slow Market. · CHICAGO W-- Trade authoriUes 'indicated Thursday the sluggishness of the hog market the past few weeks may bl attributable in part at least to prospects of expanding iq.mnlies in the summer accom- £8S .possibly b'y a Price structure which will be lower than last jear · V a r i o u s private estimates have ;r,riiraled hoe prices this fall may be owe? in relation to other farm cts. The most recent depart- of agriculture report predict. ughter will increase 30 to x cent between now and Septem- r mostly after May 1. The bu of agricultural economics indi- therefore, that the seasonal clme in hog values in May and ·June is likely to be S reate r * Hog Markets MIDWEST HOGS Hog prices al mldwst markets ·rhursday; CEUAlt B»l'IUS-Good hogs 150-1M) Ibs. S9.409.65: 160-170 Ibs. S9.60Sf9.65; 170180 It* .J9.S56P10.10; 1SO-23CI Ibs. Slp.lOJJ 1035: 230-250 Ibs. S10.05310.30: 250-2iO 16S. 59.90010.15; 270-390 Ibs. 270-290 Ibs. ·cq 75(f)'10* ^SO-325 Ibs $9.60@9-85; 32o-ojU m; $9.4509.70: S°od packers 275-350 Ibs. {8.90(8)9.15; 350-425 ibs. SS.70ffiS.95; «5- 500 Ibs. $8.500)8.75: 500-550 Ibs. 58.30® 8.50. WATERLOO--Hogs unchanged. OTTUMIVA-- 5c higher; 140 to 150 Ibs. SO JI930- 150 to 160 Ibs. 59.30S19.60; 160 to 180 Ib' S970O10: ISO through 220 Ibs. 510 S10.30- 220 to 250 Ibs. $9.905810.20; 250 to 270 Ibs S9.70«S10; 270 to 290 Ibs. $9.GO@ 9 9 0 - 290 to 325 Ibs. S9.50SJ9.SO; 325 to 350 Ibs 'S9.-10B9.70; 350 to 400 Ibs. S9.209.50; packers 275 to 350 IW. J8.90fB9.25; 330 to 425 Ibs. S8.755J9.05; -120 to 450 Ibs. S8.55® ''AUSTIN--Steady: good to choice. 180_to 220 IbJ S9.90trlO.20: ~° lo -·'" ""· S 9 - 8 '' 6 " 1015; 250 to 290 Ins. 59.55*9.85; 290 to 350 Ibs. J9.20«i'9.55: packing sows. good. 2,., to 550 Ibs. I8.30((i.9. COMKIXEO BKCKIl'TS hose months last year and during late summer may not ad- Wice Fto the highest levels reached ^Hogs have been fluctuating within a farrow range. Thursday's mar- Let was fairly active and pnces irere steady to 10 cents higher but fhere was no great demand even for a meager nm of 9,000. Top was WHEAT MARKET CLOSES NERVOUS North American Markets at New Lows Because of May Selling. , CHICAGO, loP)--Many 'new record low prices for the season came about in North American wheat markets late Thursday because of augmented selling pressure on May contracts. Winnipeg May wheat fell to 7 cents under the price the Canadian government pays to producers. A tumble of 2 cents a bushel was witnessed in Chicago May delivery DBS MOINES, Wl--U. S. department of agriculture-Combined hog receipts at 20 concentration yards and 9 packing plants located in interior Iowa and southern Minnesota for the -t hour period ended at 8 a. m- Thursday were 14,300 compared with 24,100 a week aso and 13.900 a year ago. Prices steady to lOc higher in uneven trading; general undertone strong; loading litllc changed. Quotations follow: Light tichls 140 to 160 Ibs., good and choice, 59.25SJ9.SS; light weights 160 lo 180 Ibs 59.75S110.25; ISO lo 200 Ibs. 510,CS« 10 55- medium welghls 200 to 220 Ibs. SlO.Oo 8110.55: 220 10 250 Ibs. J106S10.50; heavy weights 250 to 290 Ibs. S9.70S410.30; 290 to 350 Ibs. 59.3511110; packing sows 275 to 3.»0 Ib;., good. 5S.85«9.35; 350 to 125 Ibs. S8.70 f£*9.15; 425 to 550 Ibs. SS.10Sl9. which went to the lowest level since the middle of December. Chicago July and September broke to under the season's previous lows. Wheat closed nervous, 1%®1% cents under Wednesday's finish, May 94%®Ti. July 83%@ys, corn 1/2 @% down, May 60® 60%, oats % off, and provisions unchanged to 12 cents decline. Stock List SEW YORK STOCKS. (Thunuliy Final (luotntluiiio Air Reduction 188'^ LOCVVK Al Chcm Bye 206V4 Maytag Anin Can 125 McKcs: Amn Sm Kef 88% Amn SuKar 53 5 ,i 165 li 47 « ID IIS were about steady with ^ s o c No strictly choice Kinds were available and the best TffiVo earlv was $10.3a. B lambs were steady to weak. CHICAGO CASH GRAIN. (Thursday Market) CHICAGO, UPl--Cash wheat, no sales re- '"cOTn, No. 3 mixed 60c: No. -I- railed 5Sic; No. 5 mixed 55Si.06',ic; No. 3 yellow Mfeg City Livestock MASON cm"-- F°r Thursday HOGS ·Steady to S centj hlehcr Good light llshU ....... "0-160 CTODd liBhts ............. "0-180 Good Hcht butchers _ 180-200 Good light butchers 200-220 59.00- 8.30 $9.70-10.00 S9.95-10.2, r 59.95-10.25 . . 350-400 Good heavy Good heavy butchers Good heavy butchers Good packing sows Good heavy sows . . . . . ,, ,, Good big hy. sows .. 425-550 rood bic hy sows 550 and up . S9.25- 9.5 59.00- 9.30 58.75- 9.05 58.55- 8.85 58.35- 8.65 $8.15- 8.45 sales steady to 5c higher than Wednesday's average- lop 510.50; desirable 170 lo 2(jO Ibs. S10.301S/10.45; few 570 to 300 Ibs. S10.15W 1030- betler grade 130 lo 160 Ibs. S10.105B 10 35- sows mostly 59(99.35: few up to S9.aO. CVTTLE 1,500; calves 300; killing classes f cattle generally steady; vealers steady lo asier- some bids lower; slockers and feeders slow weak: fairly liberal carry-over n dealers pens; two loads choice heavy steers -held at 59.75; best lightweight steers held around 59; four loads medium 741 Ib. Ne Meiicos 57.25; few good to choice hc.fcrs and mixed yearlings 572508.25; hulcher cows 51.7595.75; low cullers and cullers 5325(5450; selected vealers S9PP9.SO. SHEEP 2,500; slow, very lilllc done; scal- lered sales nalive spring lambs sleady a 510.50 flown; fed lambs dull, roost early bids lower. bic y sows . ? above is a 10:30 truck hog market lor c°°d *Jd choice hogs. The diHercnce Is Brie, is for short and lon E haul hogs.) * · TKL1S. if leers, cood to choice Bteers. medium to good Steers, fair to medium --·· Heifers, good to choice Beilers, medium to good ... Heifers, common to medium Cows, good to cD3'.ce .-Cows, fair w good ~ · Cows, cutters . Gows. canners Bulls, heavy · Olive's, gd and'choice'130-190 Calves! med. to good ISO-" 0 Calves, Infer, lo com. 130-190 LAiUCBS. 70-90 { 7.50- B.50 5 6.00- 7.50 J 4.50- 6.00 $ 5.50- 6.50 J 4,75- 5.50 5 4.00- 4.75 5 4.25- 5.00 5 3.75- 4.25 5 3.25- 3.75 J 3.00- 3.25 ' ' S 4.00- 5.25 S 4.00- 4.50 5 6.5U- 7.50 5 5.50- 6.50 S 5.50 down Lambs, good to choice .. 70-90 : f 8.75. Lambs, medium to good .... 5 6.75- 7.i5 iambs, fair to medium ...... * |-00-^0 leXsVgoM VSw 70-90 T7.00- 900 IltrlSss med. to good 70-90 S 5.00- 7.00 learUfflK latr to medium .... 5 4.00- 5.00 ........... - Kative ewes, good to choice Cull ewes ---- . BUCKS ........ ..........- VTethere. 2 years da -- -- WethfiH, poor to best » Buck lambs $1 les*, ·. QS.Stor.iaS't. market fluctuate. $ 4.00 down 5 2.75- 1.00 S 1.50- 2.60 J 1.00- 2.50 S 6.00- 7.00 gricul A T T Amn Toll B Amn Wat Wkj Anaconda Atchison Auburn Avlat Corp B 4 0 Barnsdall Bend Aviat Beth Steel Bordcns Bofg Warn Can Dry Can Pac Case c N W c r. w C M S P i P C R I * P Chrysler Col G K Com Solv Comwlth Sou Cons Oil Contl can Coutl Oil Del Corn Prod Curt WrlKht Deere ptd Du Pont Gen Elcc Gen Foods Gen Mot Uillette Goodyear 111 Cent Jot Har int Kick Can I T T Johns Manv Kennecott Krespc Lib O F 37 li 78 50 %. VA 21 S 18!4 28 «. 59 "A 27Ti Soybeans. So. 3 yellow 76Vi@79c; No. 4 yellow 76(if76«c (rack Chicago. Barley feed 30 r :M6c nominal, TnaltinK 505,' S5c nominal. Timothy seed S3 cwt. Clover seed SMS, 21 cwt. uird tierces $11.10; loose Bellies 515.22. 21-i 3 36% 73 ',1 /T% 29 'i J1914 39 ~A 36 -1J 69 ?i 17 2851 25 Vi S7 Rob jlld Cont Pet Wont Ward Morrcll Murray Corp Nash Uatl Els Noll Cash Reg Natl Dairy Natl Dlst Natl Pow Lt N y Cent Nor Pac Oliver Farm j c Penney Pcnn B K Phillips Pet R C A Ren Steel Key Ton B Sears Roe Shell Union Soc Vac So Pac Stan Brands S 0 Cal S O Ind S O N .1 Stew Warn Stone Web Studebaker Swift Co Tex Corp Tex Gulf Snl Tiro Roll Bear Un Carb Un Pac Unil A i r Unil Corp Unit Drug U S Gypsum U S Rubber U S Steel Warner Pix West El MIg 12014 Woolworlh -iSil Wrlglcy 45 50 20 U 20 34% 27 "i 23% 321= 37 =i 4 7 ' 75 a 3'" 48 =4 13 38 6C, '.i 23'i 1S-H 13 % 38 35 63% 84 ?i 133% 27 7';1 14!4 103 29 'f, 63'A 11'» RUBY MM ·A - DAM-BI=I-SS- 7B STOCKS AGAIN MOVE FORWARD Activity Is Somewhat More Pronounced Than During Previous Session. NEW YORK, VP)--The stock market swung into another advance Thursday with the activity somewhat more pronounced than in the previous session. Despite profit taking intervals, many issues recorded new highs with gains ranging from fractions to 2 or so points generally and 4 or more in a few instances. The pace was rattier slow around the start n the final hour, but most leaders were at their best. Outstanding performers on the upside included General Motors, U. S. Steel Chrysler, Bethlehem, U. S. Industrial Alcohol, Westinghouse, American Can, Allied Chemical, Johns-Manville, Santa Fe, Western Union, N. Y. Central, Union Pacific and Southern Pacific. Panhandle Producing Refining Preferred, a 10 share unit,'jumped 20 points on a few transfers. The late tone was firm. Transfers approximated 2,100,000 shares. Wheat, at Chicago, turned heavy following a break in the staple at Winnipeg. Final losses were from 1^ to 1% cents a bushel. Corn was Mason City Grain OMAHA IJVKSTOCK. (Thursday Market) OMAHA, im--U. S. department of '"HOGS 3.500; steady to lOc lower; 170 to ··30 Ibs S10.3US10.40; top 510.50: 230 to 270 Ibs 510.15(910.30: 270 to 300 Ibs. S9.S5S1. 10-5- 300 to 360 Ibs. S9.70fi,1.10; 140 to 1.0 Its. S9.75g.10.40; pigs 19.25; sows S9.256 2,500; calves 200: steady to strong; vealers 50c hlBber; steers and ycar- IlnKS $7.508)9.50; heifers 56.50*8.25; cows 556.50; cutters 53.7594.50; bulls S5.25 5.65; vealers S8.50, SHEEP 5,000; lambs 10-15c lower; woolcd lambs 59.65(5:10. LIVESTOCK FORECAST. CHICAGO, (.T 1 )-- Official estimated receipts Thursday: Cattle 2.000; bogs S.OOO; sheep 9,000. MASON CITY--For Thursday No. 3 yellow corn No. 4 yellow corn Ear corn White oats, No. 3 Feeding barley No. 2 yellow soybeans 39c 20c ...25-35C 60c CHICAGO STOCKS (Thursday Final Quotations) Cities Sen-ice 5 Northwest Bane Dexter 13 Quaker Oats Hcilmann Br Co 12'.i swift £ Co Katz Drue 37tt Swift Intl Libby McNeil 1'~ Zenith 11 U 130 22 31 19 Vi off »,i to %. While commodities were mixed, Representative Soles (Thursday Market) CHICAGO, l.l'j--U. S. department of culture--Representative sales: HOGS- Heavy-- Lights-- WHEAT-May July Sepl CORN-May July Sepl OATS-May July Sepl TtYE-- May July Sepl BARLEY/-May LARD-May July Sept BELLIES-May THURSDAY GRAIN (l.OSK. CHICAGO. (.TV- Hillh. .fiOVi .60'* .59 Ts . 4,00- 7.00 ", CHICAGO UVESTOCK » (Thursday SlarkcO .CHICAGO, LW-- U. S. department of agn- HOGs" 9.000; including 2.500 direct; (airly rflve steady to lOc higher than Wednesday's erage; «=isWs below ISO Ito sb owms ad- ^auce; top S10.SO; bulk 160 to 250 bs. 510.50 410.80- 250 to 300 Ibs. $10.40®10-6=; 300 t^MO Ibs. ?10.25®10.4^,140 to 160 510.25@10.60; SOWS kind" absent; best S10.35; . _ rinkling light oHtrtaB, bringing S9.25 and :i~7 215 232 216 204 1300 1129 1018 962 1142 1092 941 1028 10.25 ... 10.40 IS 10.50 42 10.65 31 1(H 1"5 1S9 Lights-114 152 159 10.60 21 10.65 8 10.75 12 10.80 CATTLE. · Heifers-10.35 54 983 9.30 12 1005 9.35 14 826 S.65 11 749 S.10 14 S10 7.75 COWS- 7 25 2 6.50 4 3 2 1241 H74 1091 10.60 10.65 10.70 10.80 20.40 10.50 10.60 7.75 7.25 6.75 6.25 5.85 5.25 4.75 3.75 ..11.12 ...11.12 ..11.15 Low .94 '-· .8.1-It .52 !·- .fiO .59 li ,r9 .51=4 .51* 11.05 10.97 10.97 Close .94= .fiO .59 S .59 .51 tli .si a .51 Oi 11.05 11.00 11,00 15.25 Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplied by LAMSON BROTHERS AND CO. Mason City Office in Bagley- Beck Eldg. Telephone No. 7 bonds improved. Foreign currencies were heavy in terms of the dollar greater part of the "Domestic trade and industrial developments continued, somewhat, to obscure happenings abroad as potent market factors. during the session. READ THIS FIRST; Dow Van Every, a collector or rare jewels, Invites an acquaintance, Gary Maughan, and the hitter's old friend, Margalo Younger, an actress, to his home to view the priceless Camden ruby. At Van Every's both Margalo, sitting before the fire, and Maughan are Impressed with tne size and brilliance of the rare stone. Van Every objects in vain when Margalo hangs the ruby from her neck, explaining it is called a "murder stone," and then proceeds to relate its gruesome history. Van Every pauses in the midst of his story to ask if he should continue. Margalo apparently is so engrossed she does not answer him but Maughan urges him to tell the rest. When the historic account of the ruby is finished, Van Every and Maughan are alarmed to Jind something wrong with Margalo. After calling a doctor suspicions of the two men are confirmed when they learn that the actress U dead. Van Every blames himself for permitting her to wear the ruby. (NOW GO ON WITH THE STORY) CHAPTER 7 "I TELL, YOU, Van Every," I said impatiently, "the stone could have nothing to do with Margalo's death. Didn't Narro say he thought she- died of cerebral hemorrhage? ··Still--I'm not sure--I don't want it around, don't want it near me. 1 tell you, Maughan, I couldn't rest until I had it, couldn't live, I thought Now, when I have it, some- thin"- happens, something frightful. Unbelievable." He seemed broken as he spoke. The erect shoulders I had admired so much, were stooping, his hands holding the ruby were shak- Curb Market ing. DOW .10XES AVERAGE* Inds Rails Utils. 2 p. m 160-Sl 48.55 32.76 Total sales, 1.920..000. CHICAGO STOCKS Butler Bros 9V, Marshall Fields IS 3 * Cord Corp 7-1 Walgreen Co 3214 Kalamazoo stov 66 M KEW VOBK CURB Am G El "SVj llumblc Oil Co 72-;s Am cyan E 36.i Lockheed 9 ··' Kiac Hud Pow 10'i Pennroad Cp -t-ji S 0 Ky CO IS Un Cas Co 8 Un Li T Co 7tt Util P Li Co 2 CO OMAHA. No. -t hard OMAHA GRAIN (Thursday Market) (W--Wheat. No. 1 hard 97c; itty 901ic; No. 5 hard 90c; sample hard 84c. , Corn. No. 5 nortllern spnn B MC; T-,0. -t white ^Sc- No. 3 yellow ei'.ijc; No. 4. yel- to. 52®5S?4c: No. 5 yellow 51®52*c-: sample yellow 31® Me; No. 3 raised 59c. Oats, No. 3 white 23c; No. 4 wlute 21c. MINNEAPOLIS GRAIN. (Thursday Market) MINNEAPOLIS, (.^l---Wheat 65 cars; ',~- 1'ic lower- No 1 heavy dark northern 60 Ibs". Sl.ll',.lS'1.25'i; No. 1 dark northern 59 Ibs. sl.09U@l- 2 *Vi; 58 Ibs. 51.07',4(ffll.23 1 .i: fancv No 1 hard Montana 14 protein $1.1114 lancy «u. ^^ sl _ 10 , 4@1 , 121/i . grade SHEEP. Fed Western Lambs-- Fed Wooled Ewes-- , about ^eighty kinds steady at $9.50@10. .SHEEP 10.000; slow, fat lambs steady to ·weak tending lower; early bulk choice led westerns 510010-35: under 96 !b. weights Telling to packers and shippers at outside price: top S10.40 paid hy city butcher; SOP-. IreW hi£her; other classes very scarce, steady; best wooled ewes $5.50. 1 SOUTH ST. PAUL LIVESTOCK, (Thursday Market) · SOUTH ST: PAUL. tsP--U. E. department "fcATTLE^VeoO- slow; most slaughter classes weak: medium grade steers and year- Tings around $6.50@7.50; few better lots «7 75»S 25- or more; medium to good heifers fi'-5@7.50 : bulk lower grade butcher cows sV.50@5.25 or more; bulk sausage hulls S9 5,5(1; few up to 55.65; stockers scarce, little chance quotable; good to choice steers ehR- inle 57(58; calves 2,600; very slow, bids mostly ode lower or S6.50@7.50 for desirable vealers; choice sorts held above SS. -.HOGS 5.500; fairly active, fully steady to 5c hifiher than Wednesday; weights under 200 Ibs showins strength: better 140 lo 200 Ibs. Sld.30810.40; top S10.40; 200 lo 250 Ibs. S10 «1035; 250 to 310 Ibs. S9.75S10; heavier ·mJghls down to 59.50 and below: sows $9.15 3925: piss scarce; few lots S10.35S 10.50; a-verage cost Wednesday 59.96; weight 214 '^HFEr 1 000- supply very small practically nothins Hone early; buyers talking lower on" slaughter Iambs but sellers askins fully steady; common to sood slaughter ewes steady at. S3.50@Ti; mod to choice 7S to 101 l6». fat lambs.Wednesday 59.75-810.10. 87 96 9S 94 83 100 80 10.35 10.25 10.20 10.10 10.00 9.75 135 15S or No 1 dark hard or No. 1 hard Montana winter 95%c@S1.01',l; to arrive 94Hc® S l O O V i r N o . 1 hard amber durum 95s;c® SLlOii; No. 1 red durum 71%«i'5%c; May 98lic; July 94Uc; September Slrsc. Corn, No. 3 yellow 60ft61c. Oats, No. 3 white 23£25 I /ie. Am SU Po- Ark Natl G A 6? Can Marconi 2! Kisler Elec :!' Kl Bd Share 23- Ford Mo of Can 2-1= Fbrd Mo of Kng S'/s NEW VORK STOCKS Maska Juneau 14"« Gt Nor j.fd Allegheny 3% Houston Oil Am For Pow 8% Hudson Motor Am Cry Sus Co 22','i Hupp Motors Am C Fy CO 3S'.i Intl Carriers A£ Pow Li 12% Indust Hayon m Roll'K Mills 30,« Kelvinator Co Am Metal Co 34% Am Ra S Co 24 Amer Tob Co !13 Armour Co 5 :, Arm Co pfd 75 As Dry Goods 17 Bel Hemingway 15'.« Baldwin Loco -I ?j Briggs Mfg Co 62 Bendix 285k Budd Mf£ Co 1-1 ! .i 61-crs A M Co 23'.i Calif FackinK 34 Caterpillar Trac 74^ Oerro de paseo 54!-; Ches Ohio 57 : ;k C G W pfd 6«. CKSP P pfd ·'.'* Coca Cola Co S'Jli Com Credit 521.4 Com Solvents 21Ts Cont Motor 3^ Curt-Wri Co A 17 H Dist Corp Seag 20!i Douglas Airc 71 NEW YORK, (.T)--Curb market stocks settled down in a narrow trading range Thursday after .1 brisk opening which sent active leaders small fractions to more than a point higher. Such specialties as New York ·. Honduras Rosario, Northern states Power "A," Pepperell, Red Bank Oil and Royal Typewriter were 1 to 2 higher, and fractional improvement was shown by American Cyanamld "B." Creole petroleum. Electric Bond and Share, road. International Petroleum and Penn- Issues slipping back to unchanged levels or a trifle below included Aluminum Co., Cities Service. American Gas, Gulf Oil and Niagara Hudson. Bond Market 30% 23 405k 23 33'i Miscellaneous KANSAS CITY GRAIN. (Thursday Market) KANSAS CITY, (.pi--Wheat 38 cars; unchanged to 1V.C lower; No. 2 dark hard nom- inallv 97c@$l; No. 3 nominally 9Mia$1.08; *No 2 hard 97=ic!i51.0lTi; No. 3, 99c; No. 2 red nominally 97c@ 51.01; No. 3, 97% c. Corn 30 cars; unchanged to «c lower; No. 2 white nominally 65i(S)68c; No. 3 nominally BlV-fiieSV-c; No. 2 yellow nominally 65% e6Sc;~No. 3. 64%=; No. 2 mixed d3c; No. 3 -nominally 62K«T-65c. Oats 3 cars- unchanged to Uc lower; No. 2 hite nominally 28%@28c; No. 3 nominally POTATO MARKET (Thursday Market) CHICAGO. (.TV-- U. S. department ol a,,n- "poSteB 87.' on trick 399. total U. S. shfpmentT 533 freight. 7 boat; Idaho Russets barely steady, sligfitly weaker undertone. other sloe* about steady lor best, ordinary stock duU; supplies rather liberal, demand and trading slow account weaJier; sacked per cwt.: Idaho Russet Burbanks U. S. NO. 1, S1.S5@1.90, mostly S1.90; U. S. No 2 51 67,i ; Wisconsin Round Whites U 's No 1, S1.25®1.20; commercial S1.15; Michigan Russet Rurals U. S. No. 1, S1.30; North Dakota Red River section Cobblers U S No. 1 S1.30; Early Chios U. S. No. i, f i 30B1 35; partly graded 51.15; KinnesOia Red River section Cobblers partly graded SI 15' Early Obios partly graded 51.25; Minnesota sand land section Cobblers unclassified S)ce$1.05; Bliss Triumphs unclassified S1.05; Colorado McClurcs U. S. No 1 $2.07%; Nebraska Bliss Triumphs U S No 1 and partly graded 51.70; less than'carlots; Texas 50 Ib. sacks Bliss Tri- Quotations Furnished by Wolf Bros., Inc., 308 Fifth Street Southwest. BOBSEHIDES HorseHdes * 3 00 ·GREEK BEEF HIDE3 fp to 25 Ins . 5 to 45 Ibs - More tlaa 60 Ibs. .... umphs U. S. No. S2 a sack. . 1, S2.25; U. S. NO. 2, SIOCX CITV LIVESTOCK. (Thursday Market) "SIOUX CITY, (.TI--U. S. department of sericulture-CATTLE 2,000: heel steers and yearlings fairly aclivc, steady lo strong; lat she stock firm; stockers and feeders little changed; most fed steers and yearllnEs 58.25 down; -nod medium weights held above S9; choice 85 to 850 Ib. heifers 57.85: few good lots 5. rf,723; most best cows $4.5035.75; cutter trades main);- S3.5DSJ4.25: common and medium f.tockers 57 down. HOGS 3,000; mostly steady to lOc higher; -weights above 270 Ibs. showing advance; top !tl035; bulk 170 to 270 In. butchers 510.1 10 25' 270 to 300 Ib. heavies 510910.15; 300 to'350 Ib. weights S9.75@10; 140 lo 170 Ib. averages S9.75®10.15; sows S9.25S9.35; Iceders scarce. 'SHEEP 1,500; no tarly action on slaugh ter iambs; generally askinc steady or up to MO for best led wooled offerings: packers timing easier; late Wednesday fed woolcd l»,mb« 10-15c lower: three loads S3 Ib, wooled sl;in» J10; bulk S9.60SI9.S5. K A N S A S CITY' l.lVKSTOtK (Thursday 1arkM K A N S A f l CITV, i.Tf--U. S. department HOGS 1.500, no very fllpw. carfy "E\V VORK SL'GAIt. (Thursday Market! NEW YORK. t.TV^Raw sugar unchanged. utures-l point lower. Refined uncharged. MINSEAI'OIJS I-I.Ot-B . (Thursday Market* MJNKEAPOLIS, (.Tl--Flour 10 rents WB--; carload lots family patents S6.50S6.70 a barrel in 98 pound cotton sacks. Shipments 19,988. Pure bran 515.75@16.2r. Standard middlings 515.50£16. Farm Income Gains. MINNEAPOLIS, OB--Northwest farm income during January this year, Charles F. Collison, Minneapolis newspaper agricultural editor said today, showed a gain of 38.1 per cent with an increase in actua cash from farm product sales o£ 517,727,000. Will Vote on Bonds. WAVERLY--Plainfield will vote upon issuance ol 521,000 in bonds to be used for construction o! new building or unit of. a new building the board of education has an nounced. The election will be hel within the next two months. Hides Eastman Eaton Mfg Co Elec Auto ite 16S 36 'A 42 Elec Pow Lt 1414 Erie R P. Co 15S Fire'ne Ti St. Ru 31% Foster-Wheeler Freeport Tex Gen Am Trans Glidden Co Gobel Gold Dust Graham Paige 33.i 32 51-1 50% 20 354 Lambert Co Liq Carb Corp Lorillard Hack Truck Jtfathieson Alk McK Hob pfd -J.'i Minn, Moline I 11 "1 M- K T SVl Mo Pac 2U Motor Products 35% No Amer 27 No · Amer Avi 10 Otis Steel Co 19-;i Owen 111 Glass 154 Packard Motor llvs Park Utah Cop 4« Plymouth 16% Proc Gam -le-'i Pub Ser of N J 40=i Pullman .1:1 i,i Pure Oil Co 23=1 R. K 0 ~(':'t Reo Motors 7Ts Simmons Co 31vL So Calif Edison 27 J /8 Sperry Corp 21 St G E Sli Tide Wa As Oil 17-i tl S Ind Alch 57% Util P Li A 5S Vanadium 23% Un Gas a Imp 16 NEW YORK. (--Pi--Medium and low priced rail issues continued to push forward in the bond market Thursday, scoring gains of fractions to a point or more. Other sections of the market were-steady .and quiet-shortly before noon. , . Demand for carrier bonds was altrlbuleo in investment circles to the opinion that the rebound of Lrade and industry in the recently Hooded sections and the general force of recovery will benefit the railroads. Liens up fractions to a point or more included Baltimore Ohio 4 Ibs ot 1960, Missouri Pacific 5s. Nickel Plate IVjS, St. Paul 5s and Illinois Central 4";s. In the U S. government sector supply and demand remained In approximate balance with little activity. Slightly higher in Ihe corporate division -were Goodyear 5s, Union Pacific 4s and Western Union 5s. The foreign list was quiet and mixed. To have this happen--hen "We will soon have Narro's report. He's your physician, isn't he?' "Yes, I've had him for years. He loiows 'his business." · Although I was listening intently, I could hear nothing in the library. Soon had come into the bedroom from the hall and was standing waiting his master's orders. Van Every however, did not seem to notice- him. He was looking at the ruby blankly, seeming to see it, and yet not to see it. The silence began to get on my nerves so I arose, and started to pace the floor. The second floor ot Van Every's house, like most old New York houses, held only two big rooms, I decided, the library, which was large, and the bedroom, which was equally large. I paused m front of a great chest of drawers, and casually noticed a small miniature, framed beautifully, standing on the top The face was vaguely familiar. Of course, it was Joyce. As a child. Her »olden curls were held with a bis bow 'of blue ribbon, a bow as as her quaint, unsmiling face. to make a newspaper holiday. Van Every was still in his chair, Soon standing near him. Narro was taking a long lime. I glanced at my match. Two o'clock. As late as that? Margalo, Van Every, and I must have arrived about 11:30. At least tnat. No, I had forgotten; we had eaten before we came. We must have reached Van Every's house about midnight. My ears caught a murmur in the library. Then silence again. I was tense. Narro must be coming back. Van Every, too. looked up quickly. "Taking a long time," I mumbled, more to hear my voice, any sound at all then wait in this deadly 'silence. Soon's eyes were turned toward the library. Then Van Every and I sprang forward. Narro's head had appeared through the curtains, beckoning us. I entered the library first. Inadvertently my eyes sought the couch. I could see nothing, not even the gleam of Margalo's hair under the light. A blanket covered the form on the sofa. "I have called the police, Van Every. They will be here presently. It was all I could do." "Police!" I sang out. "Yes, Maughan. It is--murder!" I could not speak; I could only look at Narro's dark cast, unsmiling face. I heard Van Every's voice asking something, and Narro's 'answer, "I'll explain when the police 'me." Margalo murdered! I could not believe it, would not! How could she possibly have been murdered with me sitting near her, almost touching her? Van Every on the other side, not more than six feet away. How My brain was whirling with unanswered questions. I sought a re* ply in Narro's eyes, but he sat quite still, smoking, in the chair I had occupied during the story Van Every had told. He was looking at nothing in particular, but his eyes would not meet mine. Van Every was standing, dumbly, OUT OF THE P R E S S B O X (Continued from Sportj rage) nainent until Sunday morning with their expenses paid by the state association naturally t h o s e schools able to do it pay for the keep of the boys after they are eliminated but there are some, and not few in number either, that can't stand the strain on the athletic treasury. * * # "It's surely a fact that the boys make the tournament possible .and further the association is well equipped with funds to go the full route and show the boys a good time . . . no entertainment is provided other than the games." Phils Get Double Killing Habit, Snare Cub Batters KISSIMMEE, Fla., t.l'J--Double killings arc getting to be almost a habit with the Phillies. They pulled three double plays against the Cubs Wednesday and the same number the day before. Athletics Talking About Higgins' Three Big Ones KNOXVILLE, (.TJ--Pinky Higgins' three home runs Tuesday are still the talk of the Athletics. Although a holdout for several weeks after the training season opened. Higgins has convinced his teammates that his bat will be poison this year. GOVERNMENT BONDS (Thursday Market) NEW YORK. I.T!--U. S. bonds closed: Treasury 4'As 47-52 117.23. Treasury 4s 44-54 112.24. Treasury 3%a 43-47 108.6. Treasury 3s 51-55 10-1.4. , It must have been done when she was about five or six. A pretty child she had been. Well, she had been pretty too, when I had seen her in Florence. At an awkward age, though. Fourteen or so, all legs, flying around. That was four years ago. Produce Warren Bros Western Union Worth'n Pump yellow Truck Youngs S T 9'A 34'" 19% 51 Lamson Brothers Market Letter MASON CITY-- For Thursday Cash Quotations by E. G. Morse Eggs, current receipts ........ l* c Heavy bens, 4 Ibs. and over ... .16c Under 4 Ibs. .................. }3 C Cocks .......... · ............. " c Merchant!) Quotations Eggs, intrade ............. W-l6c» - " Eggs, fresh 13-15C* ......GHc 50 60 ull hides ....--...........·--.'···- *Cured hides half cent more a pound. (On above- pnces a cent higher to wDolo- aia dealers In wholesale lots.) WOOL 31ABKET. (Thursday Market) BOSTON. l-D--U. S. department of agri- Buyers showed very little interest in the imall quantities of domestic wools beiog of- 'ered -'n the Boston market. Prices were mostly nominal in the absence of actual trail- ng. Occasional sales of small lols ol scoured voolen wools were reported including a lair d lot of scoured six to eight months Texas 5ool at around S2-S3 cents. GRAIN IETTER. CHICAGO--Thursday \Vhcat-As the Liverpool market was lower Thursday morning, selling was preaent and continued at intervals during the rest of the session, closing prices being about the low of the day. July and September both sold at new low figures on the crop but as there was a little more pressure on the May lhan on tho deferred futures the July and May difference held around 10;ic during most o[ the session. Winnipeg was extremely weak. Liquidation was present in that market as well as some selling from this side of Ihe line The wheat market aPPears to be under the'influence of liquidation and the weakness in Winnipeg is a litlle disconcerting as well as the relatively small amount of export business. However after such a sharp b-eak in the wheat market we would use care in selling the market during declining periods. Corn--Prices held very well Thursday considering the decline in wheat. Industries were not bidding much Thursday and the demand lor cash was generally slow. ..36c .,35c ..35c .,36c JNVKSTMKST THIRSTS. (Hy Th« Associated I'rcs 1 *) BV1 and askerl Thursday: Corporate Tr Sh 2.79 Corporate Tr Sh AA .Mod .. 3-3' 1 Corporale Tr Sh Ac Ser .. 2.61 corporale Tr Sh Ac Ser Mod 3.3.T Dividend Sh Maryland Fund Nationwide Sec ........ Nalionwide Sec Vic ... Nor Amer Tr Sh Nor Amer Tr Sh 1955 . Quarterly Inc Sh .... Selected Am Sh Inc Super Corp Am Tr A U S E 1 1 . P A ..... U S El L P B U S El L fc P Vic 1.69 ..19.55 . . -1.36 . . LSI . . 2.61 .. 3.10 ,, l.fiO .. 1.59 ,. 3.77 .18.875 . 2.90 .. 1.14 l.St 21.11 4.-16 1.95 1.76 1.73 19.375 3.00 1.22 HELD AFTER ACCIDENT. A car driven by W. J. Brown, Ames, collided with a car driven by R. O. Storvick, 1027 Second street southwest, n t Second street and South Federal avenue Wednesday evening. Mr. Brown was hold by police fnr investigation of the accident Hackbarth Fined for Intoxication Following Accident on Lake Road Floyd Hackbarth, Charles City, was fined $10 and costs by Police Judge Morris Laird Thursday on a charo-e of intoxication. Hackbarth was arrested following an automobile accident on the south Clear Lake highway about 2:35 o'clock Thursday morning. A car driven by Herb Wood, Hampton, collided with a car said to have been driven slowly by Geraldine Shuielt, Charles City, in which Hackbarth was riding. Both cars were traveling east. Miss Ivy Fluhrer, who was riding with Mr. Wood received a cut on her chin and was taken to the Park hospital for treatment. Butter, Iowa State Brand Butter, Corn Country Butter, Kenyon's Butter, Very Best Butter, Brookfield ·%·- Potatoes, peck 33c and 45c ·EDITOR'S NOTE--These representative quotations were obtained by calling several grocery stores. CHICAGO PRODUCE {Thursday Market) CHICAGO. (,T--Butter 10,268. firmer; creamery specials 93 score) 30Vi(I30-; ; c; extras (92) 29=ic; extra firsts (90-91) 29U [ft'29%c; firsts (SS-S9) 28%@29c; standards (90 centralized carlots) 29-lic. Sggs 25,904, firm: extra firsts cars and local l"c- fresh graded tlrsts cars anl local 185'c; current receipts 17=lc: storage packed extras 20c- storage packed firsts lO'Uc. Poultry--live. 1 car 15 trucks, easy; hens 5 Ibs and less 22c, more than 5 Jbs. 22c: Leghorn hens 20c; springs 25SS27C; frvers ·'5CT27C- Plymouth and While Rock broilers "6c colored 25c. barebacks 20SS22C. Leghorns 22c: rooslers 16!ic; turkeys 20S26c: heavy old ducks 19',ic. heavy young ducks 32?ic, small 171ic: cecse 17c; capons 7 Ibs. up 26c. less than 7 Ibs. 25c. It was four years since I had seen Van Every. It didn't seem that long. Joyce must be quite a. young lady, now. All of 18 or 19. Four years ago we nad looked at tie Khonivar diamond. Tonight we had seen the Camden ruby. And this had happened. I wondered whom I could call to tell about Margalo. She had lost her parents in early girlhood, and i knew of no living relatives. I remember I had thought it strange that she should be so alone m the world. Making her own way,, always. Fifteen years ago girls didn t to that. They Had families who took oare of them and sheltered them from the world. Now, it was different. Girls are doin ? all sorts of things and it is accepted as a matter of course. Her manager must be told, fane would not appear for the evening performance-1-for any performance, ever again. There would be newspa- pl? reporters to see-they would want all the details. I couldn t tell them about the ruby and its story I would consult Van Every. The newspapers didn't need to know about the jewel. I knew how they would seize upon it, weave it into ffidr atoiiea uSSl they had built up the ruby in his hands, unable to realize yet the tragedy that had happened in his library. I fumbled for a cigaret, lighted it, and threw it away immediately. It tasted bitter to me. horrible. The room was the same, except that Margalo was lying under the blanket on the couch. There was the table in the same place, three glasses on it, two of them empty, one full. Margalo's. She had not drunk it. Had she been dead throughout the tale Van Every had spun? Impossible! Her ash tray, with the cigaret now all cinders, someone had placed on the table near the glasses. Narro, probably. Margalo murdered! Again I fought with the facts. All I had to go on was what Narro had said. Murdered! If it were true, Vho had done it? I could think-of no one. I, who thought I knew so much about Margalo, knew so very, very little. Almost nothing. She hadn't been shot, God, no! If she had, I would have heard the report of the gun. Even with a silencer I would have heard it. But Narro would explain presently when the police came. Police! Margalo! It was all too terrible. I sank on a chair, away from the couch, away from the burden it held, away from the fire. Presently there were footsteps on the stairs, and Boon's head appeared in the open doorway. Back of him, towering above him, were three men. They brushed him aside and entered the room. "Dr. Narro?" cne of them asked. Narro rose and half bowed. "I am Dr. Narro." "Keyes is my name, captain of detectives. This is Dr. Frank, and Bucky Harris Smiles Over Hurling Job by Two Stars MACON, Ga., UP)--Bucky Han-is was smiling Thursday. He had reason to he happy for Earl Whitehill and Jack Russell turned in the best job the Washington mound staff has displayed this season when the Senators blanked the Reds 8 to 0 Wednesday. Only one Cincy hitter got as far as second. Bill Werber Worries Over Sore Toe, Takes Day Rest SARASOTA, Fla., (-T) -- Bill Werber says he is worried about his sore toe. He spent Wednesday having his foot treated while Eric McNair played his position in the exhibition game with, the Newark Bears. Detective McManus." There were introductions all around after that, and after they were over Keyes tore the blanket off the still -figure on the couch. A low whistle escaped his lips. "Margalo Younger!" he exclaimed. "This is serious business." "I think so," Narro agreed. "I will explain hurriedly my part in this and then," he pulled his wa.tch from his pocket, "I'll have to go." "Go on," Keyes ordered. "Maughan called me from here Red Hope for Fair Skies After Rain-Soaked Defeat MACON, Ga., LT)--The Cincinnati Reds were hoping for fair skies after Wednesday's rain-drenched defeat as they faced the Senators in the third of their four game series. Tony Freitag was Manager Chuck Dressen's mound selection. Dykes Sends Sox Against Bucs, Iowa Hurler Named TYLER, Tex., UP)--Jimmy Dykes sent his White Sox against the Pirates again with Monty Stratton who showed promise at the end of the 1935 season, and Les Tietje slated to share the mound duties. Cy Blanton and Guy Bush were listed as the Pirates' probable pitchers. BEElTcASE CONTINUED- The hearing for Andrew Hatges of the Federal Fruit Market, 223 North Federal avenue, who was arrested Sunday on a. charge of violation of a city ordinance regarding the sale of beer on Sunday, was continued until Tuesday morning by Police Judge Morris Laird. The case was to have been heard last Tuesday. a gigantic myth about Margalo s death Just what they would want It would be sensational, would sell papers. Her death couldn't be used Public Utility and Industrial Stocks Quoted by A. M. Schanke anO Company, Telephone 1300. Mason City. NKW VORK i'Rorn;cE. (Tliursdnj- .Markcl) NEW YORK. -.I'--Butter 11.224. firmer: creamery higher than «!ra 30=«i3lHc: «x- tra |M storel 30'.;c: firsts (50-91 scotejl 30U£i301i:c; centralised (90 score) 30VJ.S 30 lie. Cheese 26.1.952. quiet; prices unchanged. Kpss 2S.293. firm; mixed colors, special packs or selections from fresh receipts SlC't 22V-C- standards and commercial standards 20i rl S20!ic; firsts 19ffll9i',c; seconds 17Vi ilS',:c: mediums 40 Ion. 17«J17'ic; dirties No. 1. 42 Ibs.. 17^171^; small 16i£®17c; average checks 16'.ic: storage packed firsts 19"ic. Live poultry weak. By freight: All prices unchanged. The people who seem In stare at you when you have on n nr.w suit arc piokably tax collectors.--In- l)!if|He TrlBfjraph-Hcralrt, PRODUCE FI;TI:BES. (Thursday Market) C H I C A G O , t.^i--Butter futures closed: Storage standards November 25'ic; fresh standards June 24 1 2C. Kgg futures: Storage packed firsls April 19; s c: refrigerator standard? October 21-%c. Scientists experimenting with fruit flics have developed some they call bar flir.s. Probably won't touch fruit, till it foi merit.".-- Davr.nporl Bid and apked Thursday: Cent St El fi pet pW (525 ni) r Cent St Kl 7 pet pfd (S25 par) Cent St P L 7 pet ptd champlin Kef la 7 pet pfd .... Ctcamci-y Package com ...... Hearst Con* A · · · (;eo A Ilormcl A pfd Gee A Hornicl B pfd · (;eo A Hormc! com Interstate power fi pc. nf .Interstate Power 7 pet pfd .... Iowa Elec Co fi'.-i pet Pfd .... Iowa Elec Co 7 pet pfd la Elec Lt Pow 6 pet pfd .. la Elcc Lt Pow 614 pel pW la Elec Lt Pow 7 pet pfd .. la Power Lisht 6 pet pfd ···· la Power Light 7 pet pfd .. la Public Serv 6 pet pfd la Public Serv 6i PCt pfd .. la Public Serr 7 pet pfd la South Util 6 pet pfd la South Util 6'.i pet pfd la South Util 7 pet pfd Minnesota P L 6 pet pfd .. Minnesota P L 7 pet pld .. Northern St Po-vcr 6 pel pfd .9 Northern El Power 7 pel P-o. So S W Bell Tel 6S pel pfd ii" N w SI Portland Cement 71.1th Packing 6 pet pfd ...... Rath packing 7 pet ptd .. Sioux City f. *= F.I 7 pet pM · · rnile'l I.' * l^'* fi P cL p ' United l.t RVK 6-3 r prl I'M I-nili"! Lt * Tty« 7 prl pM .. \VPSlrrn CrrK-rr [»(f] ice cs 19!- 70 \~ 71 7t 9? 102 89 Vi 90 94 V- 61 si 111 !S 100 S7 7!)' i so '·; 101) w. TWO~FIBES REPORTED Two fire calls wer* answered Wednesday evening by the fire department-one to 122 Washington avenue southwest, where the car ot 4. W Alitz caught fire when a canvas was thrown over a warm hooa. he other call was to 126 West State street where a chimney of the arm. ory burned out. t 1:25, called me at my home inhere I had just retired. Said, if I emember rightly, that I was need- d right away. A woman was ill. I ressed and came--I live only two locks away, so I did not call my ar. Van Every is a regular patient f mine, but he has never called me t this time of night. I imagined he call had something to do with is niece. I knew it was serious, so _ came as soon as I could. It could not have taken me more than 15 minutes to get iiere. That would make the time of my arrival 1:40 or ,o, I found that--Miss Younger was dead when I came. I thought at first it was a hemorrhage, but was not sure, so I examined the body hurriedly. I found --" Narro hesitated. The room was very quiet, deathly itill. I leaned forward to hear better what lie was to say. 'I found buried in Miss You user's hair, a sharp needle-like instrument fixed in the base of the brain. I left it, of course. At first I thought it was a hairpin. Undoubedly it caused almost instant death, although I have no idea how it got there, nor why. If you'll excuse me, now, gentlemen, I'll go." (TO BE CONTINUED) A meeting of the National Union for Social Justice was called for Thursday evening at 8 o'clock ac Labor hall. Joe McKinney, transient, forfeited S10 and costs Thursday before Police J^dge Morris Lai/d. McKinney posted the bond when arrested at First street southwest on a cnarge of intoxication. LEGAL NOTICE VOTICE OF THE APPOINTMENT OF ADMINISTRATOR STATE OF 1Q-.VA. Cerro Gordo County, ss. No. -1733 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN., that undersigned has neen duly a«""^ qualified as Administrator of the estate d late o Ce :ln ' diate paym acainst tne sam Caroline E. Lindon. Deceased, late o Cer- ,,, Gordo County. All persons imleb cd lo «nld cMate ire requested to make Imment: and those havlr, K claim. will present then, duly · M i t r t r n n c o thr undersigned (or ="- iTM-»ncc. ami file in the otflce ol Ihe Clerk of thr rtistrirt Court. T G LIN'DON. JU.. Administrator. B, H. MaHory, Attorney. Hampton, Iowa, Dnied April 1st. 1936- S H MacPeak. Clerk District Court. By-- Margaret Riley, Deputy. Return From Webster City. HANSELL--Mrs. C. I. Oswood, who has been visiting relatives m Webster City the past week, accompanied Mr. Osgood home Sunday, when he motored down to get her. Return From Omaha. HANLONTOWN--M. L. Rye Slid Spinier Gcsrac returned Monday eve-1 niii£ from Omaha, where they transacted business, leaving here Sunday. I NOTICE OF ArPOINTStEM EXECUTOR OF STATE OF IOWA. Cerro Gordo County. PS. No. -IS03 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the undersigned has been duly appointed snd qualified as Executor of the Foreign Last Will and Testament of Lena Gracbel, De- Will and -*..... - - - -ceased, late of Wausau, S^rathon Wisconsin. All persons indebted 'estate are requested to Co., said make immediate payment; and those having claims against the same will present them, duly authenll- undersigned lor allowance f f i c e of the Clerk of (he calcd. to th and file in th District Court, F. E. BACHHCBEB. t.*rai(nr. K. W. SCHILLING. Attorney. Dat^rl March -l' h . 1^36. ? H. M a r P E A K . Clerk tltctnct C"U r t. By Mnrsaret Kilcy, Deputy.

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