The Evening Post from New York, New York on April 7, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 7, 1818
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. mitr til PPtQ Im T30UluwZ'f." , ,ihn - l r box Jbw - ug p,cw r" , . tOrt - ; - . - a4awrw . - tor'; - . ti ..41 rlasswar e. reroeas llotant Indigo, end , 72 Washington - street. rmiN!)l and Dure SPIRITS pips good imitation brandy, highprooi" ehbds pare spirits - just received, or ' "J TTHiTaR 172 bhds New Orleans Sugar, 3 landing this day at Pine - itreet wharf, from brig Hope, 0,es0L;,s C0ATESf or RIPI.EY. CENTER CO. 68 South - it. ui.iniTffni' ir ii. - r.. iyi JTRA VV A.RriXbl6 iabMtU0O J yards Cadiz Straw Carpeting, very hand - tome patterns, landing from ling ReuKen t - u forialeby GRISWOLU tOA TLB, "l - 7 . 68 South - etreet moBACCO 5 hhds, Richmond Tobacco, X superior quality, for sale by sP7 HURI) Si 8F.WALL. D UCK 4c SEAL skims. iw doiui n - uwia Duck, 500 Seal Skins, landing and for sale ap 7 , To pouin - sircei. N HITHA1 SPIRITS FROM JMU - LASSES. - 6hhds.justreceivea oi supe - rior nualitv and high proof. 1 Aim. 4 Pipes imitation of Bordeaux Brandy, JAMES D'WOl.F. Junr. for saie cy bp' . 57 Front srret. SbArf - ETlDA. 3caieivery superior As - t safoet.da, landing ana lor aie oy sp7 JOSEPH OSBORN, 28 South - it, TAUCK 100 bolts first quality KuisiaDuck, i i U juit received, and lor sale ny 1 PE I ER REMSF.Nk CO, .07 26 South - street. TO BE l.KT. A double Counting Room fronting the East River. Enquire at 69 South - street. ap7 lw i TOLLT. ' L:S For one or more years, a two story k...T feint House. No. 8 Canal street, four doors from Broadway, to the front House is attached one in the rear wMcn serves as s imnpn m tacn slury. It will be put in teuantable repair ont; e trst day of Ma, neit, rent rea onan require of JOHNU HEDLEY, ap7 Jw 90 Nassau street. TO Lk T. In Burrows - strcel, in the village of Greenwich, lately occupied by Mr. Amaia nodworth, a convenieiit iwo siory nouse, wn two stnrv hack building adjoining. In the houe are four couvmient rooms with fire - places, twohed - roGmi, Hiid also two cellar kitchens un der Uic house. There are also on the premises a cenvwiiMit and spacious worn shop, twenty itet in frooland it'y feet deep, with a convenient vard adiomine. suitablefbr any kind of mecban, ic. The house and ihop will be let together or separate, ai may best 1'iit (he leases. Apply to Jl'tlsN JLJ iJ&) n ? Iur Artiniriinur h nrpmiao I r t I FIVE DOLLARS REWARD. T OST, ou the evening of the 6th inst. iwrn the Ll y ara in i ue rear oi uie nouse no. ixa r u - ton - street, a ladies dark blue cassimere coat, with a row of fro buttons in front, bound witli ribbon of a lighter colour, for the return of which tie above reward will be given. ap m THE vacation in Mrs. SHEDDEN'S Board ine Schoil. at Newark. N.J. will termi - site on the last of April, and the exercises of the rhnnl will ha ruinrt Oil the firnt of MaT next. nn . iu warunri! nnd thnre narents or nilrdi ins who may have it in contemplation In r,l.r. (hair Hniiirhtpr or wnrits um"iT her I charge are requested to make early application. I In tins school are taught the English and French languages, (and latin, if required) writing ana anry neecie - wor, music, sbochik, ott. m 1.7. h.. ,iZ tystem by whicb Mrs. Bhrdden I isncb langaage is quite new in this country, and I arils Botaee, it fa. oilitales in nrpnsine oV - 1 iw the acquirement of the accent. Terras may I wtscenainea oy npiiiicauon to Mrs. MltU I DEN, Newark, (N. J J Her references are, vines smugnton, r.sq. New - iork ; Revd. L. r n, Esq. Ne Boyard aod Col. James Hedden, Newark. sp7 jwX PRosr acres of tri hemphteao acauemt. Tbe Rev. tixoth clowex, a. m. Principal. - eoo Oo oo - HAVING purchased that large and coramo - Jdious building in the village of Hempstead, Queens County, lately occupied by Mr. George Howtl, the subKriher proposes to open an Aca - deny therein, on Monday, the 27th instant, for u. !.? 5!""el.m.e" ,'"d - w'n?bem t..r. ..n ,mn - .K.n j .,.j;il course. I Tbat every scholar ma be under the constant and immediate superintendence of the Principal, I inc win ne aamitted into ihis academy as stu - 1 ut.iii - .uui uiuk wno nrr alio ooarners. A very few students from the village, or its immediate TKirniy, wiu he the only exception to this rule 11, however, the number of students should ex. cccd th means of accommodation in the academy, board may be procured in private families m (be neighbourhood. Should the public patronage be extended to unuiuuoosunicieniiy to warrant tne mea - wt, additional teachers will be procured. The year will be divided into two terms of isuoa. I be summer term will commence the Monday in April, and will continue twenty e weem. i he winter term will commence e last Monday in October, and will likewise continue twenty three weeks. Thi. rm,. sent will leave a vacation of about thre weeks swr eacn term. i ne price of boarding, tuition, candles and Urs each term. Books washing, mending, and vei, ooin in scnool and rooms, will be 100 dol r."c,B"' cioming, will be luniiah - ra Dy uie in dsc n Der at the most reduced prices a cot, mattrass or bed, aod bedding, to be fur a.iieii di eacn stuorm. I he patrons of this institution may he assured t its system of discipline will be mild, yet ex - i iw rawi uw icmtniv nun bs atnri Wsjplled with, by every scholar. V7" runtlU.NfcKS,deiirnusff acquiring a panatical knowledge of the English language, JJM - ittfd as boarders into the Hempstead - - ujj. s nvaie aparunenu and separate ta - Jw will be furnished oo the most reasonable nis, and every facility will be afforded to a Yttj and thorough acquaintance with the Ian - F'Vthr infnnnntinM r - .iuu iicnBDi vuiHge ana posii 7, remarkahle for its healthiness, only twen - ?W Diilescait of the city of New - York: that "Vast Hempstead is a pleasant village and post !7)yithe advantaee of ouhlic urnrikm in lh "Tlerian, Episcopal, aod Methodiit forms ; "ageruns irom the city lliree times a - - una oi uie best roads in America . v. vre ur,i imu, U niDtfriCB. I rtisjita - .r : - i , , . t j. ." i ynmiiig uieir ciiuuren ail . - y wc'gncra wisning 10 oe instructed in I uhJage, are reipectfuily requested I fc - .V "l firipiraa, wnerei - 7 wui receive fuller information wtpectiug the I 'ed lorhtution. I nui r .k - .... - 1 1 . . - . TIMOTHY CLOWES. Mrmpstead, April 3. 1818. be subscriber hercny declares his un - T?l RPbatioo of the establishment prorxi - J v." - M' - Clowes Convinced ai be r. Clo. ..LZ. V " A ard Ik. I . r.l j: !.. - . 7 . U III " to ilki BOt hesitate to recommend Pitli ""'dwe, and his academy to BeJf0' 'St. Geo. Church, Hempstead. . wApiu, 10IO. laJ P"Pectn meets with my - - i cuvr. prf.i . CHARLES WEB3TER, a l "feshyteriaa Church, Hempstead. left ufir " Hempstead Academy" will be "fe... MnS'Lig - Is.and SUam - Boatj I I - f - , i.T aad STOLEN. Muore - sireel, ffiAiivuA.i i iru i BLt. a reward will oe pud lor too returiing it as above. - i same, by ap i ii" ONE CENT REWARD. r ANA WAY. on Saturday 1 - rt. a co oared II. Girl about 14 years of see, answerioc to the of Anne, had on blue aod white strirjrd gown sod coloured cottw shawl. W hoever will return or give iuiuri - auuo ww may oe found will receive the above reward, and any person harbouring or employing laid girl, will be prosecuted as uie uw oiin.. TLIAe If IVHFa j jvyo. Kin t ii r., Pin Manufactory, 157 Spring - street ap 7 3t TWENTY FIVE CENTS RhWARD. DANAWAY from the subscriber on the 27th XL ult an apprentice named I HUM AS r OX - ALL : he is about nve feet high, slender built. bght eyes, light hair, and lair compl xion ; had Jj Mjha taken with him, a fur hat, a black nec handkerchief, white and colored cotton ditto : a ereen loos coat, a yellow striped under jacket, a darx ana wmte do. a blue jacket, and grey ao. a pair ni uiuc aiucainei pantaloons, anil a rtrn arao casiiusere oo. who oilier ciomesnoi recollected. 1 be above reward will be given to any person who wili deliver him to the auhscri - wr. nil? no cnarees nam mil aurh an tha ui urn. ber may think proper. SAMPSON REED. Basket - Maker. Staten - lsland Richmond County, uaic w .sew - 1 urn. l N. B. All persons are forbid barbourinr or employing uwsaie runaway, as aiso, owners ana 1 sptaws oi vessels are warned neither tn employ or take hini on board their vessels, as they will be proceeded againit according to law. ap i atj: A I Hi NEUAI or Spirit of English .viaga.n'e, No. 5 U received by A. T. GOODRICH k CO. 124 Broadway, and by them, with plea. . v J : r - sura commended to the notice of their frieudj One year of this highly interesting work has bten completed, and we are happy to state, that no periodical work has given such uuivenal satis - taction to subscrilirn. The subscription ta it has nearly doubled dunu: me last tare monlrn. . . . . ... . - For the witcots of this first No. of the 2d year, our readers are referred to the colmuns ul the Daily Advertiser. It need not be thought strange when it u known thai the above workisielrctedfrotn not lets than ,6 of the bcst gish MaCazines, that for vari. et aud iotere,, it a iUPljaiiad by no nublica. - f . - present day TEKMS 0 SUBSCRIPTIOy. 24 numbers every year, printed on fine paper, lor the moderate sum ol $5. ap 7 PROSPECTUS FOR FtrBMSHINS BY SUBSCRIPT! Iff A NMP OF MEXICO AND LOUISIANA. 'I 'HE publication of this Map has beeu under L taken with the impression, that it will ex hibit information, highly interesting at this event ful crisis , and the valuable Maps winch the au thor has procured, during his several tours through Jiexuo, in tne years lKUb, IHU, ibiz, IKia, 1815, 1816. and 1817. induce him to beleivethat the Map, with even all its imperfections, will be me iuusi pciicvt Tf iiii.u lias a''caicu - c fOfC the PUtjIlC. 'k; VI. ...ill .. - 4K. !.... K..t r' W"a C Z. " " '. of ,he Anicri. an, Spaniih, Russian, British and FlenrU travellers aod navigators and represen ting the claims of Uieir respective srovernments on the Northwestern coast of America. The Map will include that portion of North America, which lies between the Isthmus of Da - rien, and the4t!th degree of North Latitude, aod from the Mississippi River westwardly to the P.u ific Ocean. In size the Map will be about six by five feet, and will be protected on a scale of 40 miles t inch, to be delivered to the subscribers at fit: teen dollars acb. Natches, March 7, 1818. ap7tAul MILFOhD & OWEQO LOTfJCRY, sj1LLcommence dwwinnext month tnd will complete drawinp in twenty days. Only 10,000 tickeU. Present price of tickeU na snares, vrnoie 1 lean jja Qiuiters S Halves Eighths $16 . 4 CAPITAL PRIZES. 1 of 35,000 2 5.000 1 of g70,000 2 10,000 10 1,000 30 500 140 of 100 dollars. TickeU and Shares in a variety of numbers for sale at the Book - store and Lottery Office of I No. 19 Peck - slip, corner of Water - st, Prwes in former lotteries, and eastern, sou, them and northern bank notes, taken in pay - ment tor tickets A correct check book will be kept fur the examination ot all tickets gratis. ap 7 1 PRIZE oi 70,000 DOLLARS. 1 do 35,000 do CHANCES for the above hiehest and the o ther Capital Pnies. named at foot, of the uwego noad Lottery, are to be obtained at , GRAC1ES', 146 Broadway. "Whole Tickets, pi I Quarters, 8 Hikes, 16 I Eighths, 4 Two Dollars for a Sixteenth Share. 2 prizes of 10,000 DOLLARS. 2 do 6,000 do 10 do 1,000 do 30 do .500 do For the fortunate numbers, make immediate application at GRACIES', where No. 6747 wiiicn drew JjWU in the Zd Medical science Lottery, was sold ia shares, to a lady and two gentlemen of New Brunswick, being the highest Ao,inf P""8 lold h7 them in America. a7 NEW - ORLEANS SUGAR. COP TON. fcc. TAMES DWOLF, jr. 67 Front - street, has - r for sale, landing from ship Evergreen lua nnos new - Orleans sugar 43 baits do cotton, prime quality, ALSOOJfflAfl). Clean St. Petersburg hemp, in lots to salt parcnascrs 400 qr. casks Orange works1 gun powder 120 boxes roll brimstone 100 boxes of German steel I entitled to draw - 10 cases tumblers back One case Leghorn straws rr Cash advanced on roods consigned for sale. anrd 1 u ns. 'l'HEsebtcriber offers for sale, in lots to l purchasers. suit 1,500 lbs .Vorth yVeit Beaver 500 lbs Grand River do 100,000 Canada Mask - Rat Skins 10,000 Prime Spring do do 3,000 Racoon Skins 1 200 Netitra do 5,000 Kessia Grey Hare Skins 3,000 lbs Camels Wool Prime carrot ted aad raw Hares Far Do do do Coney do GEO. AriTOR. ap2lw " 144 Water - street. GIG. For sale cheap for casii, a very superior London built Gig, of the latest laihian, ,rrT nnt tne best materials and oa tne .O. 271 TLY PLATE ti CORKS. Botes tin plate. 13 X 1875 groce velvet bot'Ja a.rks, lit qaality 84 reams sugar - loaf paper. For sale br ROGERS St POST. ap 6 si South - sL T OLASf ES - The cargo of the Ketch Me I ria. frcos Havana, rori!ing of 250 hhds 13 tierces new err p MfNaes, now oa the wharf, pier No. 7 North Kir, and for safe by U. U. A. i HnWLtND, ap 6 77 Washington - street. For AMSTERDAM. - t c - . KT.iti - .i j.r - uesJion, in ter i now loiuiuir. and bavins; 2 - 3ds of her canro ready to go on board, will be dispatched without de lay. For fi eight or passage,, apply at board in front f Uie subscribers store, or to ' G. G. & 8. HOW LAND, ' ap6 77 Washington - street. . . - f er BRISTOL, vKI The fast sailing packet ship ELLEN, JLyode Rowland, will positively sail tomorrow, (weather permitting) can yet accom - modote several more paisenters, if application : k 1 . T , 0. uiau, lujinciuaiciT uu uuuru casi siau x ij1 Market Wharf, or to ORIS WOLDS fc COATES, ap 4 68 South - street. far Freight t tliarlcr. Theichr PALATINE, Boyeaton, will take a freight or charter for an eastern or Mjuihcrn port, it application is made immeui atelyto WLiH k GALLAGHER, ap3 1 66 South - street. 'or LOjVDuJf, To sail positively on the 12th.) The MINERVA - SMYTH, capt. Allen, will commence loading ou Monday 1500 bbls dour or 200 bales of cotton can be taken ou freight, and a few more passengers can be accommodated, if application is made to capt. Allen on Do aim, at rine - street wharf, or to .4RCH : GRACIE & SONS. Who have for sale. 27 cases sheathing copper, 24, 26, 28 and 30 ounce 100 caks Hibbert's porter ap 3 For CHA RLta 7 OA, The staunch schooner LOUISA, W. Napier master, will sail in a lew days. nuvuuc uie mosi ui tier ireiem reaay ana coin: on board. For the residue or passage, apply on noara ai riue - iireei wnari, or iu ap3 SAUL ALLEY For Utt EAST IAD1ES, A good SHIP bound to the Fast In dies, will take 2500 ban - els Hour, or an equal bulk of pram, te Madeira or Tene - rille, if application is made immediately, at 67 south - street, tit ap 3 CAMBRELENG 8c PEARSON. .ittxaiidria, Georgetown Ic IVathmglon Ctiy. The sloop VICTORY, J. Somers, master, now ready to receive fi - eiirlit and wilibeuispatcheu immediately. For which or passage, apply to the master on board, east biue rcck - slip, or to D1V1E BETHUNr. Ic Co. ap 2 93 Coffee - house - slip. For HaFRK. The packet ship RUBICON, Hol - dredgo, master, is now loading at Jones wharf, and will sail about the 15th instant. For freight or passage, apply on board, or to PUTT li MiJSSE, ap 2 66 Sonth - fL For t( EH - ORLEANS, The good ihip LAGU1RA, to sail ou 7 a . i - and a few tons freight, will be taken, if immedi ate application is made to ti. L. 61 G. GRISWOLU, ap 2 86 6outh - st. For MOtitLE and HLAKELV, The fait sailing regular packet schr. SANDUSKY, Capt. Weeks,' 120 tons, avins considerable Ireitht already ensaecd. will meet with despatch. For the remainder or passage, having handsome accommodations, apply on board west side Old - slip, or to 1't.l fcH.3 41 llt.KK.ILK, apl . 29 Coentjgs - slip. For HA VRE, The fins coppered ship MARIA - THERESA, Skiddy, master; having the principal part of her cargo engaged, will meet immediate dispatch. For freight of 100 bales cotton, or passage, having good accommodations, apply to G. Gf & S. IIOWLAND, ap 1 77 Washington - st. MOLASSES, SUGAR, COFFEE, fcc 145 hhds. 13 tierces and 0 bbls. good retailing Molasses 75 hhds. and 32 this. Mui'covado Sugar 21 brxes wliite and f I do. brown do 12 bbls and 35 bags prime Green Coffee, Landing at pier No. li. E. R. from brig Factor, from Matanzes for sale by ap 6 GOODHUE CO. 44 South - it. pUCK. He 410 pieces lit quality Russia jlfw, ate flu fiacicB Duck, part U X mark, sides sole Leather 6 cases Flags and Bandannas 1 do real Madras Hdkfs 3 bales Baftas 14 bottles Oil of Roses, landing and for sale by GOOUHUU&tCU. ap 6 44 South - street. O ALEXANDRIA FLOUR. NE hundred bbls Alexandria Flour, of ex celleot quality lor sale by DIVIE BETHUNE fe CO. ap6 92 Wal' - street. PAINTS. PETER BCHERMERHORN ti SONS, have imported in the ship Minerva - Smith, from London, and now landing, for sale 240 kegs wliite lead in oil 7 bbls fine litharge I case Prussian blue. ap 1 6t i RON Ic STEEL. 200 tons Russia Old Sable Iron. PSI. 50 do do do mixed PSIGAD. aodCCND. 25 bundles Swedish Steel, for sale by HURD ti SEWALL, ap6 65 South - street RUM, bHEETlNGS and CANDLES. 50 boxes Russia Mould Candles 60 p's Russia Sheetincs 10 hhds. N. E. Ram, landing at Coenties - siip, and (or sale by ap 6 JOSEPH OSBORN, 28 Soutli - st, riORN MEAL. 6 4. hhds. and 89 barrels best yellow Kiln dried corn Meal of Tomlinson's urona, lanaing, ana rorsaie oy TUCKER ti LAURIES, ap 6 29 South - street, IRISH LINERS. DIAfERS, LAWSli, flC I" 1 ENRY M'VICKAR i CO. have receiv JJL by the late arrivals from Dublin, and by the Pacific, from Liverpool, a general assortment ol 4 - 4 and 7 - 5 Liaeos 5 - 4 Sheetings; 7 - 8 Lawns . 3 - 4 Diaper and Bjnad Diaber, assorted Damask Table Cloths 3 - 4 brown and black Lawns, in half pie ces ; whicb tbty 6ffer for sale on liberal terms, at mb3UZw Wo. 57 fine - street. JOHN AbRM. WILLINKaiCO. offer tor sale, at their store, No. 73 Washington - street 314 tierces Rice, now landing from ship 61 bad do Corsair. 12 to 14000 bushels fine Liverpool salt. A few bales Cashmirs and shaUoon shawls Several casks smalts, lately received from Holland 4 casks hardware ap 3 lw CANTO GOODS, HUNTRESS' CARGO - Col'd and black Nankia Crapes, first quali ty, Ky'dps. Col'd and blk. ognred do. IB y'd pieces Do. do Plaio do. 19 do do Do. changeable Sennets, high coPdSO do Black do do Do Sine hews do Coloured Satins 18 do Col'd Sewing Silks AUo, a band so me assortment inserting trim - uainss. ror saie oy mh 30 twt A. C ZAbRlSKIE r ENTLCKY TOBACCO 33 hhds. very ton me Kentucky 1 ooacco, landing Iroa trim Maolrtnd, hot New - Orleans, for site by . . I . X . tlf .III I . A iiUViisnmsuiii c vv. apllOt 87 Coflee - HoftesUr IV0RT, BEESWAX, lie 12,600 Hi. Bet wax - , . . ' 1000 do Ivory, and A few dried bides, just received and for tale by SMITH, BLANCHARD ti CO. apS lw No. 35 Burling - slip. ., . FRENCH GOODS, tic. Cases cambric and cambric bdkfs 1 case drops da sote 1 do silk bdkfs, assorteil 20 doxen Burgundy wine For sale by ISAAC G. OGDF.N & CO. 48 Wall - st. Also, 50,000 first quality 23 inch cypress shingles, inspected, apt lw RESfVERZO TALLOW U UlOtS. A FEW thousand pounds New - York Tallow, and 2000 Slaughtered Hides, for sale. Apply to T. GIBBONS, Fly - Market, mh 1 1 tf riLOUNCES it COLEKET'I S for snle oy JT MARCH tl LOW, ap 1 210 Broadway. T ABLE MATS. - 3 casts, lor sale by CEBRA & CUMING, . mh 18 76 Pearl street. HOLLA AO DUCK, for tale by CI! AS. L. OGDEN, and ABR. OGDKN, ap 2 1 i Washington - street. ft OAT SKINS. 8500 Madras Goat Skins, VJ landing from ship Frances Henrietta, for sale by - GOODHUE ti CO. ap 0 44 Smith - street ST. CROIX RU. VI. SUGAR, etc. rpHE carjjo of the briar llaiard, Littlefield, .L master, from St. Croix, consisting ol Rum, Sugar, and Rio di; la Hatch Nicaragua Wood, now landing and lor title in frout of the subscri ber's store, at Peck slip. ap3 lw BENJ. DE FOREST & CO. OAPKR MILL RAGS, - 34 bales linen Rags, JL for sale low, by JNO. M'CRACKAN, 82 1 - 2 Pearl street. ap6 3t WRECK OF THE BRIO OEJVERA L MA RIO V. ON Thursday next, the 9th instant, at one o'clock, will be sold at auction at the house of general Bedell, commissioner of wrecks, Christian Hook, South Hempstead, the brisgen eral Marion, as she lies stranded on South Hemp stead Beach, together with sundry articles, of sails, rigging, cargo, ic. saved fioni the wreck, The vessel is copper fastened and was sheatliod with heavy copper about six months since. np6 4t TEN iJOLLARS REWARD. STOLEN last evening, from the entry of the houe No. 12 Jnhn street, a new blue superfine Surtout Coat, and a Hat nearly new The above reward will be paid on the apprehension orthe Ibiel. up o N. S M I Tjll DAVIDS, Wholesale and retail Chyniiral Perfumer, No. 151 BR0ADWAT. BEGS leave to inform his Irieiids and customers, that he has on hand an extensive assort ment o' periuraery ana lanry articles, vn : sua - ving soap and liquid ; washing soap in cakes aod balls ; antique oil ; cold cream ; charcoal and chjmical dentifric ; rouge and pearl powder; plain and scented hair powder ; almond powder and Daslc : milk of rons : hard and soft poma tum ; tooth, cloth, shaving, hair, nail and comb brushes, of superior quality ; razors ; seniors ; pen and pocket knives : shaving and dres sing cases : pocket books and many other arti cles, too numerous to mention, lor sale wholesale and retail. sp o UOARD WANTED freiu 1st May, tor a gen - MJ tlemanaud lady in a plain private lamily. Address L. M. at this office, with terms and place of residence. ap 6 31$ NEXT MONTH, will commence drawing the most splendid Lottery in the U. S. via. MiLroao Ann Owsoo Roan Lni - rKav, Authorised by the states of N. York and N. Jersey. MAMMOTH PRIZES, 1 Prize of 70,000 Dollars . 1 do 55,000 do do 10,000 do 2 do 5.000 do 10 do 1,000 do 10.000 tickets only in this Grand Lottery, which are all to be drawn in 20 days. Not two hlanka to a nrize. and the lowest orien is 30 dol lars. Five Thousand dollars is to be awarded to the first number that comes out of the wheel, which is to be on the 5th of next month ; nnd the first drawn number on every day of drawing, will be entitled to prises from 500 to $70,000 Tickets and shares for snle at, Lottery and Exchange Office, No. 54 Maiden - Lane. Whole Tickets 32 dollars, Halves $16 I Eighths 4dls Quarters 8 Sixteenths 2 dls G. ti R. Waite particularly recommend to adventurers tbeir shares of tickets, as, for the price of one ticket they may increase their chances to four, eight or sixteen t a single share of a ticket may be purchased at the same proportionate price as a whole one, and will be paid by them with equal promptitude. Distant adventurers by inclosing the cash will nave their orders faithfully executed. ap4 3t SPLENDID LOTTERY. THE Millord and Owego Road Lottery will commence drawing the 5th of next month, when the first drawn number will be entitled to 5,000 Dollars. This is the best Lottery in America, it contains only 10,000 Tickets, and the Brilliant prises of 70,000 Dollars 10,000 Dollars 35,000 Dollars 5.000 Dollars 10,000 Dollars 5.04H) Dollars And an immense number of smaller Prises. Tickets and hares, for sale by, 13 63roattivayi Who sold more prizes in the lastLotU n. than any other Office in Broadway. ap6 2t e RUIT, FOREST TREES, Ac. (Kr BENJAMIN PRINCE A jl Co have for sale at their Nur - ending, (L - I.) 1 v?Yrnear New - York, , their usual and CW extensive variety of European 4 and Anglican Fruit and Orua U nieotul 'I rett. Alto, a largf col lectiooof valuable Shrubs acd 1 lanti ; they have several thou, sand inoculated Peach trees. w ok i, are in the most healthy state and free from any distemier, great attention has hecn paid to preserve mem irom me yeiiows, which nas de stroyed so many trees of that kind throughout he Uoit"d stales. catalogue ol winch may he had oi Messrs. iici.u a. Duvrvr,, mo. Mb Pearl - street, New - York, or at their Nursery. Orders forwarded to ei'.her place will be m,me diately attended to, aod the trees, tii.. carefully and securely paraen. so as io ie sent to any part of the United States, with the greatest lately, and delivered at Crane wharf; New - York, by water tree oi muni. Ats". for sale as aJsove. 1000 beautiful Balm of Gilead or SUver Fir I rees. tliev are alm - t sere to live wnea iranipiaoT,fi. Qy As the great loss oi reach Trei by da ease, have ottered many Irom planting tneta, directions will be given to those who purchase them, which if attended tn, will enable them to K (serve tlietr trees io a healthy state, aud to ve Peaches in as great plenty as ia former years. N. 8. Peach trees inoculated on Alraoed or Plea stocks, is no preventative against the discs whsca the Peaasylyasia Agrsce - 'ieral Socie - j ty, call the yellows. - an 9 DfcClw CONCERT. MR. THIBAUL1 and Mr. 03TINELLTS GRAND CONCERT, will take place oa Taesday, the 7th instant, at Washington Hall, where will be pel formed tbe following pieces. iceaoer or ue urcnestra, r. ueaui.j PART I. Overture, Detli boraui cariaxii Cimarosi. 2 - Song, Pria die spoott, iierl'ormed by Mrs. fardi C'iinarosa. 3. Concerto, executed oo the piano by Mr. Thi - bault DusK - ck. 4. Concetto on Uie flute, by Mr. Tajler. 5. Noturni, performed by Mrs. and Mr. Pardi, accompanied by lite harp Blangini. 6. Solo, executed oo the violin, by Mr. Os t bel li Kreutier. Fieoch Tbeina, with variations, composed aod executed on the niano. bv Mr. Thi bault. 8. Finale. PART If. 1. Overture, dell' Agncise Pner. 2. Behold in his soil expressive fare, with varia tioiis, composed aod executed on the harp, bv Mr Thil auit. 3. Tyrultie, with variations, composed and ex ecuted on the clarionet, by Mr. oautier. Duo, Del liglio diletto, sung by Mrs. and Mr. I'ardi Farinelli. Variation! on the Violin, composed and executed hv Mr. Oilinelli. 6. Trio, to be sung by Mrs. Paidi arid Meuri. . wmr - - iiUUIIUIII. 7. Eveleeo's Bower, with variations, composed and executed ou ti e piano by Mr. Thibault. 8. Finale. Tickets to he had at Mr. Dubois music stose, Broadway; Mr. Goodrich's book - store, Broadway ; Mr. GeiMs, Maiden - lane ; aod at the bar of vValiiii)i,t"n Hall. ap3 4t J. CONCERT. HEWITT, respectfully aranaints his friends and the public, (hat his lluiiclit Concert will be on Thursday, April 17th, at Uie City Hotel, Broadway ; particulars of whicb will be announced in future advertisements. Tickets, f 1 each, to lie had nt Dubois' music store ; Good rich's book store Bioadway ; Wilson's ard Gc'b's oiuiic stores, ruaiden - lnne ; and I. Hewitt's inuiical Repository, 156 1 - 2 William st. ap 6 tf C'OLUiMbUN IK.ll.KE GALLERY, 146 rci.ion stbkkt, ( Ron's Bulletin", near Uroadwnv.) To cnnnuisicurs nnd amateurs of the Fine Ard, and to the rnliehtened public of New - York, riHE prrprii tor. of an extensive collection ol L pictures, the works of the most eminent painters, having just arrived Irtiin Europe, where he has purchust - d thnu Irom the t al inoti of Rome, Nai'k - s, Florence. Paris, Ainsteidain and London, at a tery coniideiuble expence, propo ses to exhibit them to Ihe ladies and itinieLh n of this city and its vicinity.' 'J lie exhibition will bezinon luursdar. 16th of April. It will he lar superior lo any as yet oll'ered in the U. Statu, the pictures lx ing iindounieiiiy originals consoling of upwards oi 00 pictures, by the best masters. Adinil'ion 50 cents each, or one dollar per month. Hounfrom III in the mtiriiint to seven in the evening. Catalogues may be hud at Pie Gallery. The store 61 Fulton - street. Enquire on the piemises. ap 4 Iw 1 0 LET, very low, A genteel 2 - story brick house, with a suug garden, having a liable in the rear, situated in the moit pleasant part of Broadway, about 20 minutes walk from the City - Hall; rent $450 per annum. For particulars, apply 17 t'ular - street. ap 4 2w WANTED a respectable middle uged woman as nurse in a small family, ihe best recommendations will be required. Apply at this olfire1 ' ap 3 tf VNION LINE. t i iv i iiibti'iirnii. Twnnty - flve miles land carriage, via New Brunswick and Trenton. In new post coaches $5 Do. good stages, 4 50 Do. Forecastle or deck paasengors 3 50 Connected by the steam boats OLIVE II RANCH and PHILADELPHIA. The steam - boat Olive Branch will leave New - York every day. Sun. dayi excepted, front the north side of the Batte ry, at 1 1 o'clock A. M. Passengers will lodge at Trenton, and take the steam - boat rhiladel - phia, so as to arrive in Philadelphia at 10 o'clock tho next morning, in time to take the Unioo Line Baltimore steam - boats. This line has a connection with the best bouts on the Delaware and Chesapeake to Norfolk ; as alio those of the North River and Sound ; and their several arrivals are calculated to cauie little, if any delay. 1 bit it a speedy and certainly the most con venient rout, as the passengers will leave New - York after tbe banks open, and arrive in I'hilai delpbia before the hours of business, without fatigue in travelling or want of sleep, tbe land carriage being much less than by any other route between the two cities. For seats in the above line apply to . WILLIAM B J AGUES. At the Unioo Line Steam Boat OUice, in Mar, ketfield - itreet. north ude of the Buttery, be twern Greenwich & Washlngtop - strceti, or to The CAPTAIN on board. (ty All goods and baggage at the risk of the owner. ap LIME BURNERS. VM7ANTED three or four experienced lime v v burners, who can be well recommended To such constant employ aud liberal wages will be given Apply to ESIIA luolow, J4 Kearer - si. men 25 DA - Clf SELECT BOARDING SCHOOL 'INHERE are at present five vacancies in the Revd. WILLIAM POWELL'S School, in Philirsburdu Youkers, West - Chester County His system of education is such as to enable him to qualify young gentlemen for College or the Counting House within a reasonable time. His school is select, the number of Pupil limited, and the treatment of the most liberal kind. The following branches of useful aod polite li terature are taught, vis : reek, History, Latio, French, English Grammar, Composition, Writing, Arithmetic, Ueography, MaOiematics, tic. It i premmed that few Instil ulions of the kind can offer greater advantages, wheUiet they regard instruction in general literature, in moral and tltsious nriociules. or in correct and gentleman r deportment. The Parsonage in which the ur ils are accommodated, is commodious, rvii red and pleasantly situated. Its distance from New York is about seventeen miles ; to whicl there ii always a direct and e - sy coioruunica tioa. For further purticulars application may lie made tn Oish' P Hobart Dr. YYilion, Columbia College C. D. Colden, Esq. T. A. Em wet, Esq. ap 2 T. s. Clarkion, Esq. C M'Kvets, J - sq. Wm.Esysrd,jun. Esq, A. Schernierborn, Esq. D2a3w HUNTLG10.N'S WKIILVG ACAS - MI, KO 140 FCLTO - iTK.i. R. HUNTINGTON will receive a ncw M1 class of writers thu wee, wnico is uie that he will teach. Ins engagement ai engmvina; being sucn as to require his whole atu - iiion. from .. i.i .fki. Tibiae iherel"re. who maybe detirooi ol his instructions In tbe art of writing, win nleav to commence in the couric: of tiu week, it being the lait opportunity tl.y eiU have. " M CORN MEAL. rpHE subscribers will contmueonnve onnand J. a cotistant supply nfki'n diied Indian Corn' Meal, in hoesheads and barrels, from n mill of Ihe very lint reputation, near this city. rttey bold themselves ready to cortract fur tne oslivery c sucn quantities ol Meat as may he required, whkh may be sent alcnrside of vessels at the wharf, fresh from Ihe mill. Ap ply lo - TUCKER U LAURIE3, apt) ZJ South itreeL .' PUBLIC SALES; BY HOFFMAN ti GLASS. ( Tbars.1ay, : . ' X o'clock, at 150 Greenwich - street, near Courtland - street, a large aod g' nerai assort SDeat of Household Furniture, the property of gentlemen leaving tbe city. Consisting of tables, chairs, mlngel, glass ware, carpets, side beard, piano forte. Ac. . Also, a small quantity choice port uu.e, claret, old buck, and Dutch gin. . ap 6 3t MA Rill J1. FUR BLILDI.SU, Ac. THE proprietors of tbe southern martin qua - ries, near King's - Bridge, give notice, that they have on hand, and are receiving, at tbe KtngU - Bridgt Marble and Lime - 1 ard, fool of Beach - street, on the Hudson river, an extensive stock of marble lor building, of the following de scriptions, vis : Ashlar Coping Foundation Stone Ct:oiney - Piecet Facings Columns Watertable Steps Platforms Sills, Lintels Arches Also Lime of the best quality; fXT' A constant supply of the above materials may be calculated upon ; aod those dssiroue of purchasing, or making eogagrtnetiti, will apply to EZRA LUDLOW, Feb 11 At the Yard. (ty The Federal Republican Electors of the SECOND WARD, will convene on Tucsday evening next, at seven o'clock, at Hodgkinson's 1 avem, corner oi rsassau - sireet, to uiae arrangements to select suitable candidates fur the ensuing election. ap 3 A CARD. ' (tT MADAM DEL AGE," milliner from Pa ris, bU Reed - street, has the honor ol informing the ladies of this city, aod particularly her customers, that she has received and just opened an ele - Bjami MVUIiUICUi VI C'MUti llftia, v.uiJ f mis, honis, Flowers, he. ap 3 lw; REMOVAL. rrf N. SMITH DAV1ES has removed hit chemical perfume manufactory and warehouse from No. 136 Broadway, one door north of Liberty - street, on the west side of Broadway. men 27 iNOilCE. All persons having demands against the cstnlu of Doctor Archibald Bruce, deceased, are lequestt'd to send their accounts to the office of the subscriber, No. 5 Nassau - street. JElttWAl NUNKO, , Mh 27 1m Administrator. j - 'i wo shares in the New - York Library society, FOR SA LE, price $25 each. Enquire, at no. 124 Broadway. mh 28 iNOTICE. 07 Tho subscribers having received a general uiiignuiwft of oil the eitalo of John Murray ic Sons, lor tlie hent'Ot of creditors as expressed in the aswgnmcnt, have authorised Peter Ludlow to liquidate the unn ttlcd accounts and to receive payment of all debts due to the said Aim. or to Ihe individual partners w ho will attend to the same at his olfict, No. lit Pearl - street. WILLIAM BAYARD. feb24 tf HENRY BARCLAY. t7 - All persons having claims on the estate of Hie late JOHN W I EKES, Esq. deceased, are requcitcd to present the same nt the office ol Ihe subscribers, No. 45 VVilliflin - ltrect. ap i iw ii. i - ;. vvii.kem. ItT At u. lueelin. ol the Direcluis of the Union Iiisuraiire Company, Samuel A Lawrence was rlecied president, Charles Rlnnd, assistant, James Renwick, artuoty,Capt. J no. R. Skiddy, inanectnr. anil William 1. Vftu VY&aenen. B?i:rM - ry. uiiiiA, i um. Samuel A. Lawrence B. P. Mr lick P. Schermerhorn, Junr. JolmOotliout Charles King James Doorman James ti. Pearson John Richaud Henry Major Charles Rlnnd Henry '1 nomas. ap 4 3t John Janes Robert Benson, Junr. Joseph Smith J nmes Renwick James Boyd Jeremiah TI hompson PARK HALL AI'CTIOA ROOM, BHOADWAf, Next to the corre.r of Murray - street. (7' The subicri tiers inform the public that tin jr will hold regular sales of Furniture and ele - ..ti, I - ..M 'P.i.l.1. .. n ,t ',,.M.U. in each week, commencing on Thursday, the Vth inat. at 1 1 o'clock, when a handsome and valuable collection of Furniture and fancy articles will he sold. The room will be oix - n lor the reception of grinds, from Monday the 6lh inst. Those persons who have articles of Ihe above deicri ion, whk h they wish to diiosc of to the best advantage at public auction, are invited to call. Persons who are breaking up house keep ing, are informed that sales will be atltnded to at their houses, If prefered. ap e at ni. mi ex cw. NOTICE. ffT The suhscriheri have formed a connec tion for the purpose of transacting Commission Buiincss, under the firm ol S. aod 1 Will 1 TE - .TlUKt, and will lur the present do business at No. 60 SouUi and 120 Pearl - streets t and wili conitantly keep tor sale a general assort ment of Cotton and Woolen Cards, of the manufacture of the late New - York Manufacturing Company. Just received, per schr. Sandusky, irom MJ - bile, and for sale, 13 bales Deer Skins ) 22 sacks Snake Root of prime qua). 2 do Beeswax. SAML. WHITTEMORE, ap 2 1m TIMO. WHITTEMORE. NOTICE TO THE LADIES. As it bas happened very often, through mistake, that their Shawls and Laces have been brought a few doors below my lodging, where the Lady of lliejsaid place assumes,' some times, my name, in order to get the work destined for me by my customers i this is to advise them and the ladies In general, that my name bas been fixed on the house where I live, No. 56 Warrcn - etrccl, and thai I shall he very happy to be favored with the continuation of their patronage. ROjETTE. ap 2 lw Catalogues for D. DUNHAM A7 CO's. package sale oi 343 packages are now ready for uriivrrj. lie kouu mnj "c riaiiiMim im uh store, 144 Pearl - street, till Wednesday morning, the hour of sale. Among them are many ariicles ' in great demood, not enumerated in the advertisement. P 0 CoPARI ERslJii (Cy - Beni. Mcrritt, and VVm. C Merrill, have forced a coin. li,.n in Uie Jrj.p" - ' "'.tT'? - n.i..,,m.ofl,EiJ.I WM C. .MERRI1T. aud have om d store at No JOl Pearl - street, N. JJ Tiny Will Sli!e ,l.e ,. ,aw . ,4 White, r its, A i ap6 3t 6 mi ,f - y ' Bionio.g iVi'Mis ALLE.s uuu the iJe isure cf Inliroiinr; an auvemurer as tncir lu. kv "dice tha'MstH icel had drawn a rhi of lM0 thousand dollars i they gave him the gold (or tl e same immediately. ap C . r - I'lie cenlleuiHii who ni hatuiday evetarur Inst exchanged L1 1 RF.LLAS at the book store of W. B.Gil. LEY, 2Brnr,dwy. will contra favnr by talui a for Us own and leaving I)m one takeo by mistake. ap 6 2t LAblKS M.XASA TO TA HuTICK. ny As it has happen very ol't'iw," - ttin - ugh mU'ake, thai Shawls aad Luces bave keelt brought a few dour from my lodging', vrfieftethe lady of the srid place assemes, acn.etiiiers, my' nanw, in order to get the work eu - atined for ane hy mv customers uus is u aoviseineiii, aan ine ladies io general, that my name has been fixed on tlie hruse whre I live, Ne. GO Warnn - street, HWllhetl shall be very happy Us be Jasosired with tlie coutiuu&lloo ol their palronaee. . rfUbTINK U02C9, 1 a a M aker tod 8hawl and I . ace Severer, .p6 3t No. 60 Warrea - sfrrfct. WaRRANI ED BOLTING CLOlllS. . ALA RGK assortircot of every "f Dutch HoPing Cktl - . J.UH quality, "C

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