The Evening Post from New York, New York on April 6, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
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Monday, April 6, 1818
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( .'IN CHANCER ituU offftit - Htrk, r ordcf of this hortourabl . YlSf Mnauc of - .a. in fix above cants, will be oW It 1,1; - . at Haat't Hotel. U the vfllag C.K.r.h aa tha sixteenth day of April tkt. a( tweiv o'clock at aoon. tjnder the direction of tbeoabscrioer ! All mat certain iract 01 lano gate, lyme M,l - UMl BriUio, in th town of New - WirxUor, comity of Grans, wii eo the eatt br the landi of tbe beirt of John Wel - lino. dn - HirJ. no tha north bf the landt of Ro bert K. Burnet, on the wett by the lands of ceo - erai Jamet vunion, ana an iim soum iit f h heirs or Samuel J. L. Norton, deeea - mr f - nntainine thrae hundred and ten acre of land, be the lane mre or lets with the here fi4 intairtuiurn to thesame belonf in? or in anvwise annertuininc. Dated Febru ary 17, IB 18. TUOMA4 BOLTON, fob 28 lawtApldtt Matter io Chancery, ivnuvCrkT. a i,m.M m mrtusDCt of a 'r et. f I decretal order of Abraham Springsteen, jr. libit honorable court . Isaac Powell ami Daa - f wade in h above iej Riker. 1 cause, willbetvW at I public auction, at the Tontine Coffee Houie, in the eir of fw - 't undertiie direction nfiiiejolnber, one of the . nutter of thit court, 00 Monty, the "f8. " ( 4pril next, at eleven o'clock ia the forenoon o (hat day, foarteen year, nine month vA five dart unexpired term of a cftaia leate of all the tilth pert on the north tide of thote three certain, lot of round situated ia the jevenlh ward of the city of New - York, on the eatt tide 01 Jefferton - tlreet, distinguished in a nap made of the lands or Henry Ratgert, by nambert nine hundred and thirteen, nine hondred and fourteen and nine hundred and 6Cteen hounded westerly in tront by J.flnon.itreet t easterly in the leaf by lot num - ' - ber nine hundred and sixteen northerly on one tide by Dirition street and southerly on the other tide by tbe remaining five mini of the afore - taid lotf. namher oiae bandrrd ar.d thirteen, rune hundred and foorleen, and nine hundred tad ad fifteen t - ronlaiainc in breadth, in front and rear, nineteen feet, and in length aeventy eight fct h tha unr more or left, on each tidaj al - Waj t exceptirif from offihe rear, or eatt eud of ' the taid lot, a passage, or gangway, of nine feet, ir the une of taid lot tnd thote adjoining To gether" with the dwelling noote ana uuiiuuks ' mctei and huilt noon the slid premises, and tbe appurtenances thereunto belonging. Dated March J6U, 1818. ,.,. CHAS. G. FERRIS, Mailer in Chancery. mh tS tf.YS ApS It ApSO lw IJf CiJjHYUhHY. v - - - . ... Mat tffew - Ttrk, it. IX piirmanc of a decretal crd - r of Uiii honora - b court, ill be told ut public auction, at . - the i oniineCoffie Houik, i th ciyoft - w - Yoik, under the direction of t!;e uh nbrr, at one ol the inat'eiioniiit court, oa Thurt - lar. the twenty third day of Apnl nest, at t - IveoVlock at uonn, ail thote certaiu tracti, pieret or parcel 01 land, tituatrd, lying and biiu( in the town (Of I oogi kpiie, ia urn county 01 wintnf", which jo an indenture of moraagc, exiriih dhy Vnkn B. - Uay to Robert Kearuer, rw ,.riii date oa the twviitttth duy of January, in the vrrone Ibouiand eight hundred and lercnie - n, uie do - tcribed, to the word Uow inir, lo wit : " all that 1 certain p'ce or pairel of lajici, with the kppur - . On uk el therennto belongiru;, litun'e, lying and '.' , htini ia the town and touiity aforeiat'l. Be - giuning at the northeait corner 01 tbe lund of Si at thii.1 Cooke, fo'iiing (be eact tick of the rood - . leading from llnckimack to the court house, tUwx - e al"n trifi land ol Mid Matthint Cooke, riuth eenty five degree rut, twelve chain ' tiity eisht uuiu, to tlte nortlieatt corner of tbe taid land of Cooke, where n itnne it placid in ' the earth, on which it engrirrn the figure four " tliiittone joini the land of the taid Luther and ' John H Ga t thtnee al'iiir thi ir land north Hi - teen desreut eitt, eiaM chaina ailteeik links ; thence along their land north lorty tn tr greet weit, five chains thirty six links, to a small heap "of at 'mrs ; and thence along lltvir land north tu . degree wett, onecliain sixty two unat, 10 me anuihcatt 1 orner of the land of Danii - I llevaua ; theotie alone tite land ot mid Kefaal north eieh - ' ty eiht degrees west, twelve chains sixty sis ' links, to the east side of (he road aforesaid 1 and ' thence along the east tide of the aforesaid road, south eleven decrees filleen minutrs east, leu Chains thirty four links, to the place of br ginning; containing sis'een acre and three perche of - Unit. - alio, all that certain tract, niece cr car - Cl of land, situate, lying and being ia the town of f Mighkeeptle, ana is a pan 01 uie mm ronnrri j ' beloiicring to Jobaonit Swnrt wout,doceased,begin Bins at a large stoot on the old Ftllrintnwn rond, - anifruns from thence along the lund ot trie afore - v - laid John B. Gay, norUi twelve degree fifteen ' rnmutet east, ten chains seventy iwoliliks, ton J ' white - oak stump thence uortb six degreetleasl, . ttvothains sixty one link, to a swamp white. - oak iiling ; thence north twenty five degrees V - east, six chain seventy tix links ; tLence north twenty three degrees and tea minutes east, 111 chain ; thence north thirty on drarees forty five minutes east, four chain 1 thence north forty one degrees forty five minute east, one chain nnd ninety tiakt J thence east one chain and eighty one uuk I inence norm uiinj ue uicicr. mm fifteen Piinutes east, six chaint eight links ; thenca nottii oiglity two degrees west, niur., chain, to tbe road cnmm'uily called Meary Bo er"'i road thence along said road toulu thirty I " thirty toor degree thirty minutes, wett three chaint thirty eight links t them e sontb ten ite . greet Hit, tea chain se.enty link; thence - south tixiy eight degreet west, two chains ' jfienty foor UuUt thence tooth thirty six do - . crte west, two ckaiot ( thence south forty two , decreet wett, (oar chain : thence south eighteen , degree west, live - chains ; thence south tix degrees and thirty minutes weit, three chaint twen - - ty seven liukt ; thence south twenty degrees thirty minutet east, four chains thirty lour linkt i thence south twenty degrees west, two chains ; then oa a direct line to the place of beginning ; - containing twenty tiiree acret and thirteen perches Also, all that certain tract, piece or Cereal of land, sitaa - e, lying and being lu Pough - oeptie tun aiuret'iid, and bounded nnd described aa foltowt : beginning at a ttone set in the ' grmuid mMked I. b. at the eatt sid of the ruad pleading from the court house to liackinsack, '' and at the northeat comer oi the farm of Aaron Law. nd is the southwest comer of tlw premi ses hereby emoted then along tbe oast side of tne aforesaid roaq norm niaeien oerees anu ui - ' teen minatet entt i.'iur - chaint and fiily link ; tlien the land oi iiamauas Swartwout north twent x vet) degree east, two chain i tlven h - ,loaf the iaart of Jwoli Vamlerburgh toatb sixty nine desreet and fifteen minutet east, s ven chains i then alone the land of the said Jacob Vanderburgh. Matthias Cooke, and the heirs of IV t. Samuel Cooke, north tlxuen decreet and forty five ni nutes oast, tea chaint and ninety tiiree links then along the land of the aforesaid heir of bamuej Cooke, dxnted. north twelve degrees esi', tnree chains and eighty eight links , then afinn along the land last aforesaid north f - r - ty five decrees and fifteen minute west, five chiiiis and tbirty links, to a heap of ttfjoet, five lue.s north M aa elm tree. - maraed on two tides, at tht north side of a small soo;b thouce north twt decreet ai.d Uiiny minutes east, aJorg the lend last meutinued aKresaid and laad in posses - ioaoi Jane bimon uitecn chauis and twenty eight link, o a fiat rock at the onrih aide of the t ilkibtowa ror.d, and it Um southeast comer ol . luuJ in powettKin of J uhanni s S w an wout j tuence north twelve decrees and forty fi, - minutet cast, BI.W chain, and fifty five li,Ji t a lar;? white oak tree inaried; thenrf n - .rth acveo degi eet and fort - five imnul - j east, tnree chains ; UieiTenoi'h tw - r.ty fivedcs'ee etst,,tx chaint and forty fite linkt, lo !nte - mk t.n liuc, loiw ed and marked ; t'.ienc e north twenivhm trees east, ti X rBniii, to a waiout Itvr, marked ; thence ncrth th'ry - ooe detr.t and orty - Bve - mmuTet e..ii, i e cnaios ; UVwce north foity me ur,;..T mi ury - ue miauies eett, o - ,e biio aa I Cfry - fonr links ; thence enrt rnr chain anocirniy - eigiiiinus loaaliekoak tree mirk - cd : ,'hrnc ao. th thirty - fi djn - es and frftera , tnirmics east, sex en chains end forty srten lir.ks; t thiMeaorth lorty - ave degrees eit, two ch um - . ( and forty liuks i theuce m.rth sixty wo degree i urmr ootid uiirry - eignr d'Crt - et aiu ininy tjMQtlee eatt, two ch.upt and fbrty - hree links to a stcmi sit in rhh pmim - l n.b I d it the aorth - eaU corner of the had 4a poI Mfc. a .mi k)9 of tbt aforttaU Joh aunts. Iwarteo.U - N. B. The eleven last tnenttoncw tn were all npon the east side of lands po"1 D . 0 basnet SwaTtwoataforesaid - tneace along other tartMrt ia mtaeseioa of Jobo Barter, otquira. and landt ofUu - nuaa newcomo, "'J - rAMw am x.t HiirivJmn chain ana mimnj link 1 thence south fifbeen degreet east, aixteeo chain and eighty Unlw, 10 a neap 1 theme tooth iortr oearet west, on .chain a fittv - wo linkl to a heap ofttw, whlr.n It Ibe nortfa - eatt comer of the lands of Cbarlea Borers j thence along the north side of the lands I Bnrh acwentv five decrett and - .. - - e. thirtv - ona cbaiaa and lily links to the north - west corner of the land of Said tvogers ; ineuce aiui - land of said Rogers, south nineteen degree and thirty minute weit, Ci ty - fonr chain and forty - three links, to the toutb - wett comer of the land of the aforesaid Charles Rogers ; thence along the south tide of the laud of the - taid Rogers, aonih tixrv - one degrrei eatt, fifteen chaint ahd .niv - one links, to the laad of Aaron Law thence along the land of the taid law, south thirty - two degreet and fifteen ninotet wevt, seven cbaiot and terenteen linkt to a walnut tree marked an two sides, ttandinc to a wet place ; thenccrarain along land of the said Aaron Law, oath twenty - nine decreet and forty - five mi - nutes eatt. six chains : thence alto alone taid Law's laad. south thirtv - one decree weal, two chain and injriy - one iinut 10 a nora neam tap - IMC marked, nanaing on tne east Dana 01 ras pers creek ; thence aionc tne tana 01 tne aiore - said Aaron Law, north tweoty - eieht decrees and thirty minutes west, eight chains to stone set in the g round on a slate stoat hill, and then acain along the north tide of tM land 01 the a loreiaid Aaron Law. north aeventy - tbree de greet and thirty minutet weit, twanty - iive chain and twenty links to the Place of begin nine: cootainmc. inciuainc tne riiKiniown roaL one hundrecLand seventy nine acre, three roods and twenty - tix perches, but excluiive of the road one hundred and srveniy - eignt arret, two roods ond twenty perches, bounded weit by the road leading to Haekiniark, and the Inndiin poireiMon of Jacob Vanrirrboegh, Mst - Uiiai Looke, the heir ot the late Uoctor Samuel Isonke, James Bimon, and the aloreiaid johan netbwartwout; northerly by otlier lands of the aforesaid Jntin Bailey, esouire, tnd laud of Christian Newcomh before mentioned : east hr the laud o: Uie taid Christian Newctml), Charles llotcers and Aaron Law afon - saul t and loutb ny land of (he aloreiaid Aaron Law, tbe particular figure and description of which may be teen lv a map annexed to the aforesaid l.aac. tJuldirc deed of tbe above detrrihed premises And also one other lot, piece or pa rot I of land, situate, 1.. 1 1 1 1 1 . 5 1 . . ivinx tnu ociiik in me town ami county aiorr t);tl'l7 heginning at a heap of stones on Salraou'i and Sahin's line, which it Urn north - eait corner of a M of wood land, 'ormerly sold by Jamei l.ivinciton unto William Terry 1 thence akinx the line of saiil lot, north sixty - six nVgreet west, Kemy runiui ana eicuiy hubs 10 a none on MKiei cooper? tine t thence alcnir said t;ooo f' line, north four degrees, eait seven chiuni and lortv liukt to a monument 1 thence south sr yenty - evtn deirree at.d tliirty minutet. crut to saimiin't Mm r - .antu'f nne to a stone ; thence ruuniiur all their line, south nineteen decreet. west, to the place of bi'eiuu'Dc;rontuioinc twen ty acres, two roods and tnirty five pertUs ol land And alio all that certaiu tract piece or parcel 01 iaa, iiiuate, lying nnd tx ine In rough, keentie town afureiuid, und bounded and () - tcrined as iollnwi, to wit: becinning nt a stake and stones standinc in the anide where Ihe'norlh line of the Dutchess turnpike road intersects tlie wcii une 01 uie larra now in pi ?enoo of Join, H. Gay aforrtaid; and frni thenct rani on a course northerly in tlx. w tt line ot said GajV farm sixty - seven links to the south side of ll.e 1 iikintuv. n road : then north seventy - eight de grees wett, four chains ami thirty - two links ; then north eighty - seven ftpttiee wel. four chains, or so far as to intersect thf aforesaid north hue 01 the Dutc.beis turnpike rond i then in uie norm une ri iimi lurnpike to the plai e nf oeKinnin i coniaintng Usui an acre ot land, he uie i.ime more or It s ; liipether with tha hre ditanienti and appurtenances thereunto helnne ics or m any wue appcriaiiunir,. Liatcd Alarcti 3d, 1U1U. JOHN TOWT, mh 4 lawtdi Matter in Chancery FKKMCH L.GUA(r A VOUIVG Mnn, a native i f Switaerland, wli v.ii i". ttcii ,m iriu,,icijli - , WUUHI iiirr - take the teaching of he French language, in an academy, or would take chargeof a gentleman's f n n K. .... i I r..r I . .1 . 1 .1 1 .. iiniir. ano 10 me r rerco larucuace would aao that of writing, arithmetic, geography, Rr.. Ir. Mis terms would be moderate, and would do all in his power to render himself ureful l'lease ad - driers k fine for A. at No. 163 Broadway, which win ne rctiiecTiuiiy auenO' d 10. I H. B. The tdvertiter hat no objection toco to any part of the United - States. mn 2ft 2ww INIJ1GI - ;SIIU., oH - bUUR Bl'O.VlACH, 19 acknowledged by medical writer lo bet compjhtntol stubborn kind, and at all timei very difficult of cure. This is tullitiently illut trated iutheditapnointment of tliore who unlur - tunately suffer under it, as the , for the most part, find thai after having tried many things to little or no purpose, they are at last obliged to ue (ioi perhaps tlie renmin.ler ol life) su b articles as n an ai neii nui palliate tnr aiene. lin'!eruch circumstances, any medicine capable of remo ving the complaint, mutt surely b an article highly deserving the attention of all Hi - we who are afflicted with it ; tin h a eonihiiintom is to he met with in IMl. MEAO'S AM'l - UYsEP - IIC or STOMACH PILLS the ucccs ol which h.n never vet been eoiiallrd. for the cure of dyipepsin in id most complicated form, such at lost of apiHitite, nnuta, lieart hunt, fiatulen - ry. knawmg pain in tlie stcmach, paiu in the side, great loitivetien, paleness in I ho counte - nru' e, languor, lowntt of spirit, pain in the head, virtigo or giddinets, rtnddisturhed sleep. whoever applies these pills in then hove ditt - ase, according to tbe directions will never l iliiap - poiuted. as they nave never been once known to rail io producing a radical nod iiermanent cure. Tne ntc ol a single box will convince the ruosi unMievinc of their eflicaxy. They will most efievt'ially n move all ronmeis of the stomach, not rot nil by neufralixmz the arid, hut hvcor reeling that morbid sltte ol thetecretioni which gives rise to it, and at the same time will restore to .(he debilitated organs of iligtioo, that tone and vigour which i antolulely necessary to the welt he inn of the animal economy. Price one dollar p?' box, Forialeby lriu akanaa.aAa ar. . jun.i v. .Tiuniuu.K, uruggin, No, IPIGrecMiwicli - strei t. Where mtv he had. wholesale and retail. large and centnl assortment of cenuine Dnict aim neoiciuet ; curcons iituunif oti : A pone art's tJlast - Ware i Entlith and American Pi tent Merl - cines. Also. Over's and Fuller's aiti cles, Medicine Cheits, c. On liberal terms. mh zm MAM F.C I'UH V OFtiif.VEK WARE. T V. FORBEJf, No. 90 Bnwdway, one door tj . above Wall - street, respectfully informi hn Inends and the public that he continue! to maim fact ure silver tea aod table setts, church plate, spoons forks, ladles, waiters urns, siphons fi'h knives t'c. Re. of the latest and mo;t elegant patterns, of the first quality of silver and sups - rier wnrkmambip, at tht lowest prices tor ram AU ordeit execute in a rnaiterly manner, and wareuiteU m all cases at least rqual to ant ar. tirles of silver manufactured or told in UiU ritv. ... In audition to his own msnulacturevne hason ' ...... . haad an assortmenl of rich plated and fancy hard rt, which he will dispose of very low, ton. sUl'Oc of candlesticks Cikt baskets, cartons buttle cajton, tnuUers and trtys plat"d on Heel, a very suiKnor article ; elegit pen. pivkel's knives, with a variety of articles not enumerated. m'h 30 lm FOR SALE, PIR of very fine iron - grey HORSES, fi L k. e.,rt old. near sitteen bauds high, w broke totrieharoett. Ooe pairoi hay MORSES, tix years old, well ... .,u,ic ur ii'moie nHlnetS Also av - r i;oe iadHlc or Gig HORSF - aod n. very i,tm - oil..! I O N ,fit ior a yoooir lady A.I to be sstJt) at il J..!.i. utreet, at !... AVM fct - OWLET'3 Etable. mb 31lir Li TU bona and r rounds of tbe subscriber at titoomingdaie, near loe o mi:e rone, siiibku on the banki of the North River. The Hon is modern built, 60 reet front with terraced pianat aod convenient oat houses, all receotly painted, and in complete order. 'J he croundt am highly cultivated, the garden extensive and good - aod there are no the place a great variety ol tnruiis, fruit and forest tree, and pump of excellent water. For term, which will bo reasonable, apply to . & A. LAWRKWCK, ap I lit or nne - sireei. TO HhJVT. ixflh Tbe Assembly Room, with tlie adjoining apartments, in Rost't Buildings, tto. 14C t uiton - street. next to tbe corner of Broadway. Tin premises are well calculated for a large school, for public meetings or societies ; the large. room being upwards oi ov leei in lengui, ana a - bout 39 feet in breadth, with a 14 feet ceiling. The whole, at to situation and rite, it well ca ciliated for an auction establishment for furniture aod other sales. The above will be rented for any term not exceeding seven years from the 1st of May next taquire of the subscriber No. 107 Fulton street mhlSdtf B. K. BLISs. TO Ltr. Tbota spacious HOUSES, Nos. 41 and 43 Vv all - street, lately known as tha Merchants' Motel. They will be lei either Together or e pamtely. Tbe bout no. 41 bat a building in the rear of it, containing twenty bed room with fire - placet, which makes il one ol tne mo;t desirable sitaatious in the city for a boardiue, especially ai the lower rooms may be let with advantage either for insurance or broker's offices. For terms, apply to GEORGE BUCHANAN, mb 27 14t 4 A'loat - ran. TO LET. IHie House No. 76 Broad - street, with the otiice, store - house, and ttablei contiguous, snfl appertaining thereto. TO LEASE, For a term of year, in lots or parcels, U".t part of Rose Hill uute on the 2d, 3d, and 4tf - avenues, on tl.eSOd. 2 1' I., 23th, tWth. rth, ili h, and 29th streets, winch helugs to Mrs. Ann Rogers. For particular - apply to JAMB A. HAMILTON, mh 13 tf No. 3 Law Builr.ines. TO LKT, '1 - 1 f..... :H U.i.luniiii.M In, 1 1 nili I HC UUUBv III occupied by John It. Mun ay, Esq. It is tpa - iotit and elegant, ami posaesseu oi eveiy re quisite convenience. I'ottetaion nity be nan immeuiately - or term, appiy io MAJOR tt till.LKSPin, 79 (up atairs) Hi ie - rreet. N. I). The above prop, ny v ill be told to any one detimim to purchase, and tie pay ment made convenient, mn a i tOKSALK, A COLOURED BOY the time limited by law a smart, sober and industrious lad understands all kinds house work, nnd taMuc care of horses t also working on a inrni or in a earden lie ia nineteen years of aee and of a good disposition. Any person that wunls a lad potsetiuig wine qnanocauous, win gei unuroin lion at No 35 Bowery. mn II H.lAJMX WAM.U. o tli ' 'Jfictrt, Holiiert uvd SaUort of the Hew - lutumaru War. IIIE Ofhcers and soldier of the Revolnticna - X ry Army, and the Officers and Sailors of the Navy of the United - States, who served n the Revolution, can have their names il.cednn the Pension list of (he I'niled - tatt s, according to th act of Cohere, passed March 18. I81U. to pro vide for persons engaced in the laud and Naval service ol the United States riurii.e the Revolu tlouary VV ar, by applyinc to tlie iibscril)er. mh31 Sw 91 Nastau - street i'l.A I r.KOF PARIS MAKUFAC iOKY, At the loot of llarriion - street, North - hiver, A fllKUF. ruanuiactured Plaster, forcorni - VV - es nnd other pu poes, mat be had, w nr. ranted of the fiitt (ju dity, at one dollar und tu eif In live rents ver buthel. I he maiiui.ii lory is conducted by Mr. John Tucker, who bus served a regular apprentice snip io the mason ouiintss. mh XI JOHN BYERS WEUItlAL.MJCIKrV. ftT A quarterly mee;inc of the New Yolk County Medical Society will "e h - 'd on .M .niUy, Ihe eth Inst, at 4 o'clock, at Waihiogtch Mull C. W. tUUI, 1. U. Sec'ry aplSt bouthrrn Dutnrl of jYev - York, $$. BE IT REMEMBERED, that ou ibu se venlh day of Ftbruary, io the forty - second J tar l the. iadependenca of the Unit, d Males of America, John Bribed, of the said district, hath deposited in this office tbe title of a bonk, the right whereof he claims at author and proprietor, in the words following, to wit : " The Resources of the United Mates of Ame rica t or. a View ol lite acncouurai, commer cial, manufacturing, financial, political, literary, niorul and religious capacity am character ol the American people. By John United, counsellor at law; author of tlie Resources oftht British Empire." In conformity to the act of the congress or the United States, entitled " An act forth encour agement of learning, by securing the copies ot' maps, charts, and books to the authors and pro priotort of such copies during tbe timet therein mentioned." And also to an act, entitled " An act supplementary to an act, entitled an act for the encouragement ol learning, by securing ine copies oi maps, charts, and books to the authors and proprietor ol soch copies, during the times therein mentioned, and extending; the benefits thereof to the arts of datujoio;, eugraviug, and etching historical and other prints." UIL.U, Clerk of the soulhtrn district of New - York. ap3 3lr MORRIS ACADEMY. I'llE directors having engaged Mr. JAMES I D. JOHNSON, a graduate of Yale College, to preside over this institution for the term of fifteen years inform the public, that it will open ui derhit care, on the oral Monday in May next Mr. Johnson is an experienced teacher, of cor rect morals, well qualified to instruct and govern thofe committed to his rhnrce. . Tbe youth sent to thit institution will be fitted lor any college, ior inc counting room, or, si ue sired, vt ill lie instructed in tlie branches general ly taoK'hlm our collcces as far at they can be at tended to, without expensive apparatus.. Tbe known healthiness of the villace, and its facility of intercourse with New - York, present tronc induceni' ots to parents to educate their children here uood board, in respectable families, can he obtained lor 2 50 cts. and $3 per week, including washing, mending, fkc. Ax. And parents at a distance, who may rJndit inconvenient to occompany their children, miy be assured that evert useful attention will be shewn them in providing board, clothing, bonks e - by addressing a line to either of the lollnwinc gen. tlcruen. vis. Revd. William A. M'Dowell, Gen John Doughty, .Major Daniel Phanix. Doctor Audrew Hunt, Doctor S. J. Lewis or Doctor 1 - ewis Coodit. By t.rder, and Id behalf ofthe directors WILLIAM A. M'DOWEl L.rresideat. Morrittown, N. J. March 14, 1 UI tt. ap X lt WANTED, A MAN and his vtihr, withutit children, to take charge of a garden and diiry, about twelve miles from tbe city Application to he made at GRANT THORBURNS, ap 2 1 w XI Nasan - slre - t. WOODWORTH'S POEMS. THIS DAY it pullihd. and for sale by C. I N. BALDW IN, Chdthaio - strect, corner of t. fiamher, the roeoit, I Met. f"m;t, n other Metrical Effutiont of S. W'OODWORTH au thirof" The Charnpioni or Fredom." with a ketch of the Author' Life, eiohelli'titd with a rortrait. irice "J 1 cent io l - oards. ap3 3t LEAD. M roil Sorel Lead, i - .r s..h; HURDfciSL VALU y s. nh 31 65 Soath - rtreet. ,1111 TIM It A WXII.' 1'ivi'H Nwhurrh ev - U ry Sunday, n uetaay iefand ttiursday tuorniogs, at thrca o'clock, runt tbrouch Month'i.ryr Bloominejburgb, J onttceiiOj oy White Lake, Cosheeton, Mount I'leatant, Great Bend, Chenango Point, Owega, lUiica, and Geneva, to Canandaigua. Retui nii.g lea', et Canandaigua every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at three o'clock, and arrivet at Nea burgli, the third day in lime to take the Steam - boatt which rr!ve in Kew - Yoik the followinc morning. rjj may it ex'uted Utal at all hmeiwhm the tleam - toali alter their iaijt of running, thai this line vill niter ioQt to mrttlhtm. . The wlmle route will be nerfomed in three .v. from tbe first of Mav. until the first of November and from the first of November nntil the fifteenth of December, and from the fifteenth of March until the firtt of May, in Cur days and from the 15th December, until the fifteenth of March the same line will be continued to the city of New - York and run from thence to Cauai daitnia in four d:ya. Passenger travelling from Kew - York to Canainiaigua, Niagara or Buffalo, Can leave N York in the eveninc steam - boats, and arrive in Canandaigua inth cedjjt a distance of three hundred mile. The line it well furnished w ith (rood new carriages s Rood horses, and careful and expe ienccd .Invert Every atten - t ion will be paid to render ti.e passage ot the traveller afe, eoy and expeditious ; and it it believed that the accommodation on this line are equnl to any line in the slate. U,) FARE from Newburgh to Canandaigua FOURTEEN DOLLARS ' N. B. A branch of the tame line ruua three times a week from Ithaca to Auburn. Also, a line runs from Owcgo Tioga Point, thence through Ntwtownand Painied Post, to Bath, inc. BAGGAGE, at uiu), at the risk of the own rs. Uavid Gyillrey. Bloominghurgli, E. C. Ut. John, Mount I'le tiaut, , L. fc H Manning, t'hiuango, Luther Gere, I0'ic, baioLiI GreenlilT, (ieneva, Olm" l'liclpo, Laiiiiug, u.h 14 fIGin I Proprie tors. LA IR. VKEAfrll AKI ITAUtB LAKO0A0ES V,l k. CAsA 1 1, foroierly pierulent ol Uie iVi Alhrneut of Treviso, and perpetual ecre - taiyurtTr - rademy ni tielles l.e tires, at venue, tic. offers hi services as teacher of tlie La tin. I'.ilinn nnd Fiench lanifuaiies. in academies, l)04U'ine M hoois, t.riiri ate lessons. He would Iwve ar. ciijer - ion to tuke 'ward in a npecta h e urivale lamilv wi'li duuiis. lu order io per - tect them il the la Kuaicei. Sutficieut references will he iven. Any commands addressed to him to the care oi Messrs. Beraro .tionnoo, io !U Maidea - Laoe) will meet with immi diate at tention. mh2018t VAL.OAI.IjK REAL ESTATE FOR aALE, IN THE CUT 0V BfcKW - yoRK t'lVE lot or gruimd n toe west side of Green wi:h - trFtt, hetweeu Veilry and Desbrot sct - streels. tS h 80. Four do in the of tbe above, fronting on the eatt cueol Wushington - ttreet, 15 ny su. Eight da in the block TkIow, belweeu Wash ingtou nud Wect - streelt. in .'Montgomery bounty. 6000 acres oi Land in Lawrence's purchase. ;:ear t.nst Canada Cr. tu, on tue norm tide ot the Mohawk. In Franklin County. . 15,162 acret of Land, in the town of Mount .Morns and Dayton. . w rjtcx iKinniy. 783 acres cf Laud in the tow.t of Barry more . In the Oountv of Lewis. 1250 acret of land in Caateriand, Cbaotnis rurihata. ' In Ssraloca County. 3600 acret in Palmer purchase. Enquire at thecBice of the subscriber, 34 Ce dar - street, BEV. ROBINSON mh'7tf IV HEA JON'S 11 CH CIM.tiEN'l. rlUIE lone and successful use of this ointment J. is a sufficient recommendation, a it has een rouiiil to be a pleasant, safe tnd certain re - intoy mr mat disagreeoni disease in ai lis tia 5 - . It Is for tale in tli city ol (New - lore, bv . A - Ai W. R. Post, No 41 William - street t I. M T Clark, No. b5 Maiden - Lane ; H. H fcfiicff. tin il Co. No. 193 Pearl - street; Law - eoct M Keese, No. 195 Pearl - street ; Hall a liowne. 140 i'eart street ; R. U L. Murray, 313 Pearl - stn - et ; i. M. Bradhurst, 314 Pearl - street ; John Peuford, No. 4 Fletcher - street ; Durye Poe, in Pearl - street; J - hn C. Morrison. 188 Greenwich - street ; J(n P. Fisher, 106 Broad way ; Walters Seaman, cornel ol C hamber - lt. ,uic Broadway, and also in Chatham - street ; and in short it may be procured at njot ef ihe Drug Mores in this cityAlso in Philadelphia, of S. Witherell I Sons ; Oeorse Hariell . flortii Si Ro te rs and almost ad the druggists in the principal lownt in tne united Main. LIKEWISE, WIIEATON'S JAUNDICE BITTERS may be had at the above' places. - jan 22 6ra A LADY well qualified to give leisoiii on XX the Piano Forte, informa ihe public, thai the will give, lessoni three timet a week, at the moderate price ot Ten Hollar per quit ter. Application to be made to John Read, iNo. 36 Courtlandt - ttreet, or Alexander M Muir, No. 521 Pearl - atreet. mh 24 2w cu.vct.7tr. J fir. will, retpecuuuy acquaints nit . friends end the public, that hit Benefit Concert, Will be on Thursday, April 10th, tt the Assembly Room City Hotel, Broadway. Particulars, ot which wilt be announced in future advertisement. mh 27 14t LEfS UCH QimMEXI, WARRANTED an infallible remedy atone application, may be used with perfect safety on infant a wrek old, net containing a particle oi mercury.or any dangerous ingredieo' whatever, and not accompanied witb that offen sive smell which attends the application of olhtr remedies. The above medicines are prepared and sold a LEE'3 Medicine Store, No. 4G Maidon - Lane, ami sold by S. CARLE, cornel of Fulloo and Water - streets. Druggists and country store keepers supplied on liberal termi. Jvi fi T17ILI.IAM HOOKER, No. "Oi .vuler - st y T of Fulton - street, New - 'ork,hav in; received a Urge supply of the real JAPAN BLACKING, of Day & Martin, 97 High Hoi horn, IHiilon, offers the same, in wholesale ot retail, tor exportation, or home consumption, on term tbe most liberal and advantageous to pur - chrs. Thi; inestimable competition, with half the o oil 1 Vr, piiJocttft most briirantjet black. fullv to 'he hihert jpan varnWh ; afford periilt - .viHiumbir.fnt lo th leather; it will not nil I'oe finet linen ; i perfertly free froc; any unpleaait unell t anl will retain it virtues in anv climste. Ai an incontrovertible p'oc.f of th tuperior excellence of this Mickine, it hat tlood: the tt nrd commanded the iwxl exter.'ire rale in all quarters, of th jkbe, for upward of rialf a cen Trt lurr. lenib POST COACn LINE oa PHILADELPHIA. m wat. o rowtEJ - moo . .. I It PORT AIT TO AbtEHOKIH. No coraection with the post chaise line. PARTNERSHIP DISSOLVED, ANDOPPO - SIT10N HEVIVLU. NEW Line of Pott Coachet with every ron r : r - - k.nw An I 8irings TH ROUGH LN 0E DAY. nhia the tame evenine. United States Mail Coach, witb a guard, with every convenience for pastenecra and baggage, on springs. The, U. s. mail coach will start itoiu the coach omce, Old ?io. 1 uourtianat - aireei, ie York, every day at Z o'clock, r. M. and arnve at Philadelphia next morcing at 6 o'clock Only ilj to paisengers aniniiieo. For seMisinthe ahovenamed Lines, apply T1IOS. WHITFIELD, at the old established Coach, Ktasre and Steam Boat office, at the old No. 1 Courthindt - ttieet, the second office from oroanwny, itew i ora 5 or 10 it. 1. vyw - RICH : tAJ. . 14 Uroadway, corner 01 ce - daf - stri et, New - York. f) - AII goorlt and baerace at the risk of the I vnr. JOSEPH LYON, SONS H CO. owner. U Expresses tent to any part or the Con - ,by v THOMAS WHITFIELD. Uuent, by mh '2fi I t it Alar. i.I.n r )ilt I li I L A D E L 1 H I A A PO iua i CHAISE will leave Wew - York eve - XI ry day (Sunduy excepted) at 0 o'clock in the morning r,y wayof.Vwark, only six patten - cert ndii.itte.l, and arrive i Philadelphiil the tame evening. Fare through. J he new s team lioal Line txperiroeoi, win leave New - York every day f Sunday excepted) at half past 2 ..'clock, in the Steam Boat Atalan - tn, and arrive at Philadelphia thenvxt day at 4 o'clock, tiy the steam uoai a i aa from unsioi t are through 5 collan .'jU cents. For Seatt in the above lines apply at the Pott ' Chaise Stage d Stem Boat way, opposite he Uity Hotel. 7r,lS0WU "8BSaBe "" the owner. JOHNN. CUMM1NG, Newtrk. JOHN GULICK 4: SONS. Princeton. STOCKTON & HOWELL, Philadelphia. A. B. ExpreitcM tent to any part of i)u Union. mn zo JtOKTH Hit EH itTKstAl OAT8. 0msv Ihe inaucellor L.ivui2 IOU will H'tTB i'r? - ,'ia on Saturday, tbexbth inst. Jal 5 P. M. There will be a hot leave e Jfoik every Tbesday, 1 hursdny and Safnrday. at a P.M. and Albany on isuie days at 9 A. ftl. until luriner nonce. mn Ttk . - . tOVJM A'J Ji.HM bU.i T LJJVll. I re proprietors, with a view of accommodating the i.. riliiiMir. bv extending, the line JHn Noiwich. intend makina. he.i xu:ruiut with tbe t ulton, Capt. Low, and liiit route (if found practicable) will be continued durinctheteainD. I ue lino win in luture be irom .ew yorxto Norynrh, at follows: The Contecticut. - 1 .?pt Hunker, witt leave New - York every Monday, Wnmttaay and Friday, at ti o' locC, in in.' mtimiuu. ior New - Haven. Tbe Fulton, Cant Law. will leave JVonrirA at 6 o'clock iu the morning of the fame day s, touch at .Yew London and depart from (hence for jY tu Haeen at n o'clock. . and depart rfuvand ft rltSs t - at The boaU will meet at tftw Hax tn, trt froia thenct i every Monday, Wtdne - t nday, at 7 o'clock m the evening - the ,;, rheumatism, ic. which they consider inea - rabe, they can certainly be cured fin general) h .Jvm at Dr. EVANS'S Medical Store, Ite. Connecticut tor vVete York, and the Fulton lor Nt xr - London und JYattrteA. mh 17 STEAM BOAT FOR .ALE. fc7" For s.ilc. a well fini'ht bed Steam Boat, of small s '"e, with t cabin, and cai - '"T'r i - iiIuIaH tn rnrrv roni - f - niriil. anutat sixty passengers - Her hull is of the belt limtier. and the it copper bottomed up to the beni is prepared to be put into a line ol runninc irnroediatelv. She draws but thirty - two inches of water, and from the advantnseout con - struction of her machinery, can be worked at one hftll ln nr.iltr" til tlAm.nnfkra m irnvpftl treer'of JGDr.N i. CO. - f i . . n.; "r I Nit will be told a great barca shortly. Euooire at No. 48 Wal n.i. anir i(iii (. rir: 1 1 . SVV1F1 - 6URE MAIL COACtiES, . VOB. rBrLADELFHIl. frr Leave ew - y.ork ievei y uiorninc (Sunday's ex - ceptedl at B o'clock, aod ar - srive in Philadelphia next publick house t ore cood, and reasonable in their tbarires. The driven, horses and coach es are not inferior to any others now running between these two cities ' The beautiful country, tnd the excellence of tbe roads on this rout, con nected with ;tlie safety, comfort, and reasonable expejrtet. are beleived to bo strong inducements to travellers hi giving thit line a decided preter tore. The strictest atteotion will no opserveo bv the proprietors in eivinS eeneral satisfaction. All oagcage and pacaagei win go ai in rita oi lhe Owner unless insured and receipted for py ine clerk of taid office. Since fare only f5, with a generous allowance of baggage. Parties wishing to travel at their leisure, may engage the Coach on reasonable terms exclusively to themselves by applying one day previous to starting. For tents apply at No. 5 Courtlandt - ttreet, New - York. LYON, SONS, k CO. ap2 Propriutori. SELECT BOARDING SCHOOL FOR VOYNG LADtS. VT RS. BOWERINO, now Mr. Brown, has I V I removed her well known Establishment I from New - York to Elizabeth - Town, New - Jei - tey, not a quarter of a mile from the public turn pike road. The situation of the place possesses every advantage tor a seminary ; ano wru ena - ole her to reduce the price of board much low er than can he afforded in New - York. The branhet taught, are, Orthography, English Grammar. Readme. Writ inc. Arithmetic. Geo graphy, with tbe use of maps and elobes Astro Domv, ninory, nuir i Lirciuree, vom iwiuw . I ' . di.;.i. . . .". Music, French, Botany, Chemistry, Drawing ia crayons, fainting in on, on vcitci, apu in waicr - enlourt, Plain Sewing, Needlework on muslin, i.mnrffldery on silk Quadrille, Grotto and ?.nd w.0.ted. .f '.!'6reet vvax - woTX uumng ana ety of other fancy works. J a panning, with a variety of other fancy mb iy lm NEW IMUSIC. IUST puhi.shed by WM. DCBOIS, at his I piano forte and musi)atore. No. K6 Broad - tray, tin raham's celebrated Polacca. arranred as uoauo, ny sienn - ii Favorite Venetian Air, arranged aa a - rondo, I py Latour Paddy O'Carroll, with yariationt for the piano forte, by P. K. Moran. SONGS. - . . O toflly sleep my Baby Boy . - i The Last Totien, or remember mevv Alto, all Mr. Philippt' Soort tobeyad a i.v, c. - ICV II TO FARMERS . 'Iinf. subscriber can lurnnn ttie - nrsacrt ol JL - the adjacent country wiU grovqd Plaster I of ran io - u,y qoinlity, oa the tbortett kottc, tn barrels or otbernist. - i JOHN tJYERS,' dav to The o. for I.. of a I a I i : Feb 23 tf Foot of UtrnVri - it. N. R. I A ttttMnUi Mbfie ktW ko lotirierajaiV T tweet) - things that diflr. 'r1 of the city a i JlArl owrnber of tbe fitctfty of iJS aodaurgeryU.ere.deeLute J to repeat soma oosetionj tL. abuse of MERCURY. C2 rwh, inducnminate, and Monab, tanda am annually mercurialited out of exSl tnce. The disease we hv in .i IL?. .''r lal resulU chieHy to thit tource. VVhat mtu mai a young nan, the hope of bit cr,i Tl Uie darhne of hit uarent...u ilT?' .. r.M .it .i J. . . r - il .l. ""ICtaM by the consequencet of one Bncaardedml and repeatedly aalivat. d ; when reronWudtdS Dr. II. (by a gentleman of this cifyThj? were cariou, and hit fiesh dropping'tVo,,, bit friends declared be could hot potsibl - t b o months louKcr. Tboiiands experSnw T! know with what ease and safer I), u rr1 !t cite the severest cases and confirms tU Va?2!" tution. The Doctor'. Plan (adveW) ceisarv to smard the mjllia avuinat ti,Tz' mercury, and othw fatal delusion held foSf pcrtont, therefore, naving contracted a!T rale disorder, or tuspertinc htent nn,JI aamomsnea nox 10 tamper With their rmrf;7 uod. or conceal the disorder, till r.sT.: " or other impufltiet oftht blood. uweM.C!i?' er Ccplainti of a delicateC VViSt rr z ouinrHiiuviiitf id rmnina nr . t . . - aI I 2 l . fex. thould remember posterity, and Ho ' to their consciew, by aM. loDr. U. at hit oM and respectab ert.h: KthmentNo - oVlWater - slreet, fowhoui.. of Old - slip, to obtain that nronmt aiV. . . lone calculated to prevent niscjo - ure. And hW let me claim your serious hltelltionn.. a superficial cure i no cure at all; unle - j fJbeb sinetfi radically done, you will certainly btve Hie disorder break out again with redoubled ma lisnity. at tome future period ;,. theu wfll lc loo lute for remedy. D - jn't you otien meet ia the street misernhle, mutilated lieing. wiUiout even a hit of note on their face ? Take waraii.. 1 beseech you. ' . ur. H's. character for skill and stubborn inf.. S".? eingunni. - rs..n, k l04, guarantee to ntiei cecyhitherto unknown, en;y being urn versi.llj fenown in thisci'y, tine, 1H04, guarantee to pntienls that dclicacv . d, and havinc cor,fln,i 1.;. practice foryears paet, exclusively to the cureol l ulateonthe most decided advantages in cot - ' uning it. ii. lileett eradicated in tw or three weeki Strictures removed witliou' bouirieinr mtml . . . i . i .. . . " - J - w - " 'T n? . owiuiiet t like witt tfl , V " ;f:p . " .' !: rVaUon'Open till alfp9iD.7S All persons concerned are invited to h rrM .1 culling, and speaking with Dr. H. which is In oi con. nnu oere uie iocior cannot avoid tbt txoression of erotitude for innunierablc i,r, mendations nd for the decided preference (it it presumed with jutt cause) long given hut by a ludicious puhlic. , ( in. u. aii leiiertmusi ne pott paid, Dr. Buchanan. Angt7 lit Jft.H U EH Q UA ( A t H V JiOU IMVUM - DR. EVANS' tuperitt method of caring a certain Disease, it now univer sally acknowledged iu thit city ; hit mode of trealawal it perfectly mild, safe, ei - euiuout. ana on cnarg.i icavufiaiue. iu every 11 stance he warrant a curt, and will return the pay if be noet noi perform afrteabi to contract. , . l ne nnctett secrecy alway obterved. H here are many persons in this city and its vicinity, laboring ander various chronic disease, uch at cancer, old inveterate ulcer, wrofala or king evil, fistulas diseases of tbe arethnx Madder and kidnies old complicated cawipaiatl of a certain nature, whom and other lebtfaKV tWk - ilinw havinc practised in snbihaiva Peck - lii hotpitali in Europe It year, under ome of th first Surgeon and Physicians in tbe world, aad made Uiose obstinate diseases his constant tedy 30 veay. Oct H rr? Tkatnhm!lr ln,;n, m.ii. nhinJ froai England w'ith an important improvemttit on . . . ! . . . - . . .. . irom uigianu witnanunportanturtprovemtntos informing his frilnds and the public, that td) those who are e nuiortunate as to bon waotsf leg, or arm, iney can be accommodatea ny ap - plyinr at No. 77 Barclay - ttreet. - New - York. Jan 52 , WM. PURVIS. (KT WHEATON k DA j! turers No. 163 Falhn - ttreet, o)iotiie ou ianN 111.'." offer for tale, wholesale and retail, a large and elegant assortment of Corld Mspte, plaio painted and ornament ed iu gold fc frronre. Batitx0 Plain and GH Efl, Rowing, Sowing, and Cotverst - tion Chairs. Sofatattert, Loungces Music iMools be. ?' Orders from any Dart nf thront,'n mktitcklti with neatnent and disnatch. - v Old Chair repaired, painted aao omalBeoteo. mn v . - - , " T ,' A rRDMr.NTO. Na. I Wi .tMLWrr r . turned from Italr. hat tbe honour to infM the gentleme - n, that he cntt and dresses bair n .i. - w:r:; - u. k.. r. ..I. nuaju - 11 IV UJ Mll.lf.HVIuj . I.C ll.l ll'l T . ty of KAZOH.B or the firtt quality, h ""JZ - i . . t a . i hhrIT IV lyic - taa - B v - aaata miv saivuHvia - kail AW .tHa. ik.M, a,l aasoititl trMMktytT. Tit I'M Kkewie urocured a verr fine bone, aad wg - iC , ttttarM'ntm ,0 , very ke - nedge - aod thotit ,. . . J. ?ov,inDeacf. Those eeotlemen who mny please lo honor to with their paUonage, may depend oa particular and respectful attendance. N. IS. Gentlemen who tubrcrih bytheqr ter will have their rarors Ac. kept eicrusrrt'J Sir themselves. ' P. R. A v.mhI ionrnTmsn wanted. oPP'J rut - r ' mbtf at above. . .. . A . r rrtHE CIRCULATING Li B R ATtY, 1 38 I .. , b - n.Jnv. rnasistmC Jft. lun - Cficcu lie.. i uw ' "j i . ..I . ..J lv. onlUrlianof btst0n ' cl. uneooc. hinvranh. romance, IK"' tales, plays, reviews ruagarines sc Catalogue, may be examined nt the librar? which it open for subscribers as utual. mh4 U NEW - YORK nCUAEJ. fWRJVBAlMk CO, . . .. No. 45 Fisc - IT" - ( - j i - JaasS I I

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