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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Saturday, December 27, 1913
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FHE GETTYSBURG TIMES P»biUfa«l D«il» E»e*ot Sunday and N«w« Publishing Company W. LAVERE HAFER. Secretary and Treasure^. PHILIP R. BIKLE, President. PHILIP R. BIKLE, Editor. SATES Single copies to non-subscribers, 2 cents. ou rive THE TIMES by mail you can find the date up to which you are * A*l«w label on your paper. The date will* changed within days after your money is received at The Times Office. Entered guat 45, 1904, at Gettysburg,' Pa-, as_ second-class matter, under - " ~ Congress March 3, 1879. STORM SWEEPS BSEYJOAST Three Die and Properly Loss GALE USHED SEA COUCH; IHS OFFICE. Lawyer and Building Where He Concealed Woman. BELL PHONE UNITED PHONE Northwest corner of Centre Square, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. 'HIS PAPER REPRnSLNTED FOR ADVERTISING BY THE GENERAL. OFFICES JMEW YORK AND CHICAGO 3RANC«Ef N Ai . ·-!·· '«·"·· ·»' A .' "' One cent per word each insertion. Two cents a word if guaranteed esolutions of respect, poetry and memonams one cent ptf word. TO OUR READERS take* absolutely no part in poUtica, betas neutral OB afi appeara in our general news cornmns, concerning , a r K e d us by Tlie American Press Aisociatoo., a the same news to Republican, Democratic, Prohibition or Socialist paper, and which ia strictly non-partiaan. Oar fcdvertiping column! are ope* to all candidate! of all partita. Medical Advertising At Once! Clogged Nostrils Open Heaci Colds And Catarrh Vanish Scores of Houses Were Blown Down and People Forced to Flee--Many j Others Damaged. Sea Bright, N. J.. »oc. 27.- Throe .11011 were sw-'pt to ds-^lh an i d^i.itioC estimated at $r,00,OOU win, ca^c,! by a ·rale that swept along the Me-.. .Terse} . oast at a rate of ninety mllss a.i hour, hurling the sea upon the land li'-te a .idal wave. Sea Bright felt the full effect of ttc Uorm. Houses were blown down or cashed away. The lighting plant was :mt out of commission. Three bun- ired persons were forced to flee from heir homes. \Vbile t!ie storm was battcrins Sea Prig'nt an ocean tragedy was being r-nacted on the coast ott Sea Sile, N. ). There two boats wera driven ashore. To the mast ot one of the vessels three men were clinging. The Korked River lifesaving crev tried desperately to reach the men, but tlie lorce of the gale and the vast waves drove them back. The men were seen to drop, one by one, into the bo'ling sea and disappear. The tusr Edgar F. Lukenbacb, whu-li lelt the Ineleware Breakwater dast Wednesday with two barges in tow. arrived off Sandy Hook minus the two barges. Her ov.-ners fear that the two Freely! Clears Stuffed-up, In-; dissolves by the heat of the nostrils; Nose and Head and Stops penetrates and heals the inflamed. Try "Ely's Cream Balm." Get a small bottle anyway, just to try it--Apply a little in the nostrils und instantly your clogged nose and stopped-iip air passages of the head will open; you will breathe freely; dallness and headache disappear. By morning! the catarrh, cold-m-head of tatarrhal sore throat will be gone. End such misery *icw! Get the small bottle of '"Ely's Crea'm Balm" at any r - ag store. This sweet, fragrant balm passages; stops nasty discharges and a feeling of cleansing, soothing relief comes immediately. Don't lay awake to-night struggling for breath, with stuffed; nostrils closed, hawking and blowing. Catarrh or a cold, with its running nose, foul mucous dropping into the throat, and raw dryness is distressing but truly needless. Put your once^-in""Ely'i Cream Balm" and. yqur cold-or catarrh will surely disappear. : BANK HEARINGS iABEJM-OTTED Currency Organization Committee to Hear Pleas, SHERIFF FOILS LYNCHERS Secret* Alleged Wife Slayer In Mine and Dodge Infuriated Neighbor* " Charleston, \V. Va., Doc. 27.-~Uo.5ely [ guarded by deputy sheriffs, Thomas lillis was brought to jaili»ere, charged I with the niarder of his wife on Christmas night. They had quarreled, according to the authorities, and while the woman was asleep Kills is alleged to have placed a quantity of blasting powder in the .middle of the floor of their mountain cabin near Winifred, W. Va., and exploded it with a 1'use. The explosion, which tore the c-abiu to pieces, aroused tlie settlement wul lOHis was raptured. OflU-ers secretpd , · i- *. - i, u- him in a coal mine .during die niglit Application of 'Bankc For Membership to prevent his i n f u r i a tea neighbors THE They buried ilelvin H. Couch, former 'district attorney of Sullivan county, N. Y., respected to the day ot his death, Ironi his home ii Monticello, N. Y. As th° three carriages followed the hearse ihrough the ^treats on the way to Wooclridge cemetery, on the outskirts of the town, a paie, hag- sard woman, with unkempt hair an 1 eyes, looked through the win ..£._ ';,.;· ,,.l,.vi s Jt s on a Ml! uf-io^- *·«*-· « . . -- suuKeu e,ye: barcces winch sank near torked Kivsr dow of trie jaiii ,, illv ,. k , i u j ,, . ,, ,,l those ml.*.*. They had a «re» I 3TM, toj, rf «,= TMurt»o« ""J^ of ten men. illt.J-1 » t»o _ . l « - J - ^ .iv*^.^" . /*, T, * who for fifteen years had besn couctir rlv halt that wi «·«-A* ---.- , | \ v t l u 1U* lliH-,v;ii v cuij, o it^vi ~ Whether others were on board tne i prac ti c al slnve and lor nen barees the life savers could not de-1 time his willing prisoner. termine, but if their crews were not | taken off before the vessels sank they ' must have drowned. The fishermen of Sea Bright were the worst sufferers. Many who lived in huts near the beach were rendered homeless and found shelter in the town hall and in vacant buildings. Ganscs of men were at work phoring up buildings which threatened to collapse upon their weakened foundations. The tracks were blocked by said. FRISCO RECEIVERS MAY SUE DIRECTORS j P U B L I C SALE | 1 at the Creamery at Guernsey | I on Wednesday, December 31st | I Consisting of a lot of shoats ranging in -weight from = I 25 to 50 Ibs. 1 Chester White Sow with ten pigs by her | I side. Oae O I. C- sow will have pigs by day of sale, Berk- 5 I shire Boar,200 lbs,so\v will have pigcJ latter part of March ;2 § £ Fat hags, wMl weight about oOO pounds, also one Bay = I Mare, 10 year's old, fearless of all road objects, and other E = articles too numerous to mention. £ 1 Sile cjiTinuiue at 1:'J'), wajn. ts-ms will be made = 5 known by = I A - wa ; lcstla » E. M. Wolf I Two. hotels were undermined and all ·but'·washed away. The Vean going tug Tee King, which was wahed ashore at Sandy Hook on Christmas morning, was battered to pieces by the high waves during the storm. Court Orders !n\ ! estigation o -- Ttfelr liability In the New System Are Now Pouring In, Washington, Deo. 27.--The \ lion committee which is to launch the esv federal reserve banking system or the nation announced its plan of ction for marking out boundaries of eservc districts and the selection oi ecleral reserve cities. Public hearings will be held in four- een large cities of the country--Nev- York, Boston, Chicago, St. Louis, Danger, Seattle, Portland, Ore.; San Franisco, Los Angeles, Houston, Tex.; Nev/ Orleans, Atlanta, Cincinnati and Ciave- and. Although these cities are the only ones to be visited, it was announced that the advantages of many others would be considered and that banker?, and others interested in cities., not named in the list would be heard. The two cabinet officers composing the committee will spend practically all of the next two months in this work and expects to conclude its labors about the time all national banks are given in which to announce their intention of becoming members ot tae system. It will not begin hearings until next, week. Secretary McAcloo left his of fice, si'fe'ering from a slight fever, and the other commiUeeman, Secretary Houston, decided to abandon the task until Mr. TcAdoo's recovery. His ill- aess is not believed to be serious, but he is int expected to return to his desk lor several days. The committee decided to forward immediately to every national, state from lynching him. 30 RN FACEJO FACE "Siamese" Girl Twins In Paris to Be Separated by Deration. Paris, Dec. 27--"Siamese" twin girls, a month old, who are joined face to face by a strip of flesh more than an inch thick between .their stomachs, have been brought to Paris to be separated by a surgical operation. A radiograph examination suggests that the twins have no vital organs in common. They are so vigorous that they have been clothed In woolen vests inside which their arms are impris oned to prevent possible injury to one or the other by their movements. WILSON PUTS OUT FIRE; SAVES HOME "Your House is on fire," He Tells Woman. Gulfport, Miss., Dec. 27.--President Wilson discovered the home of Mrs J. H. Neville on #re here, and whil he directed two cbaufiears and two se cret scrvitc men how to cxtinguisi the blase, he allayed the fears of -Mrs Neville. T - fle I)res ij cn t was returning to Pas; bank and trust company a copy of the i ci)r j st } an f r o m £ , so )f course and wa federal reserve act, together with the, ri;lm g j n the front seat of an automo frrn of sipplication for membership in j · · the federal reserve system. I Application for membership In the t new s} stem poured in witb the regu- j larity of clock ticks, and the desk of , Qoorgc II. Cooksej, Mr. Mc.Vdoo's pri-. xate secretary,' XCSF piled a foot hid | with letters and telegrams from banks.' b le w!ien saw smoke coining fron; tlle roo f o f the Neville home. }le (lu j c .i ]y alighted from the cai an1 went ,n t o the house, where he ellcmm tered Mrs. Neville. -YOUF- house is 011 fc% but do no" be a i drmet ]. These gentlemen here (po j nl i rlg to the chauffeurs an'l secre Damage at Atlantic City. Atlantic City, N. J., Dec. 27. -- The highest tide record here since the federal geodetic survey official was established nearly three years ago was registered when the sea rose 2 and 7-10 let above normal. Atlantic City suffered considerable damage along the beach front, as did j other resorts oil the lower end of the St. Louis, Dec. 27.--Receivers of th St. Louis San Francisco railroa were directed by'Circuit Judge San born, in the United States distric court, to bring restitution suit against present and former directors of the railroad". The order of tlie court is qualified only by the proviso that suits shall be brought if the spe'Jal counsel appointed believe they tail be successfully maintained. That the special counsel will be convinced that faiicli suiU would be sue- as the at- Island. At New York avenue almost the torneys are the men who represented William W. Nil- 'Frisco stockhol'lp' of New York, a. in his petition lor center of the ocean front the ; -^ - . ^ r e g t l t u t i o n 8ult . of p e 3 b l ° The t-stiniatc was that close to 1000 | s c r ^i t e m cn) will put il out if yoi banks and trust companies have ay- J wlU s i low them how to get to the at plied for membership, and there are t j c ,, saitl p res icient V.'ilson to Mrs tew sections and fewer large ritieu N ev nie. that have not at least one representa- j while the two secret service men ti\e in the long list. If the estimate is j Jamcs si oan atu l Jack Wheeler, anc AND BRIEF ITEMS Paragraphs ·! News left* al the HappefliAis M aid ahaiit Tana. People Visiti* Here «* These Sojwrnini Elsewhere. 'Mrs/ William-toirrelmey^r,' *n and daughter, of Ellicott City, are guests at the home of Dr. and Mrs. Karl J. Grimm, on Carlisle tftr-eet.- · ·, '· Miss Annie Small, of near town, is vrsitinj* relatives and friends near Baltimore. H. Edwin Plank, of Steinwehr avenue, was presented by his employees witn a roll top desk. Mr. Plank presented each of them with' a tool for their 'erade of carpentering. Misses Daisy and Anna Taylor, of York, are visiting Mr. and Mrs, J. O. G. Weaner, on Stevens street. Miss Elizabeth Pummel, of Stevens street, is visiting her brother in Baltimore. Earle Deardorff is visiting for some time with friends and relatives in West Virginia. __ Dr. and Mrs. Rufus B. Weaver, of Philadelphia, are visiting at the home of his brother, George J. Weaver on Baltimore street. Rufus M. Weaver Esq., recently ad · mitted to 'die bars of the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals, of th? District of Columbia, is spending the holidays with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. George J. Weaver. The Christmas tree exercises of the Episcopal church will be held this evening at 6:30. Mrs. S. J. Sachs returned to her home on East Middle street Friday evening after spending several weeks in Richmond. Mrs. E. II. True and Ivlis: Frances Fritchey have returned from a week's visit with friends in Lancaster. Mr. and Mrs. J. Clifford Settle, of Seven Stars, entertained at Christmas dinner for their sisters, Mrs. John E. Shirey, of Reading, and Miss Edna Settle of Carlisle. Amrmg the guests were Mrs. Sara Mickley, Mr. and Mrs. J. Jere Plank, Mr. and, Mrs. William Settle, Miss Nevada Settle, Misses Gladys, Rutha and Ida Mae Plank, Messrs. Guy Plank, Paul and Edward Settle. correct nearly one-seventh of the national banks have askeJ to become members of the system. New applicants included Mahoning, Pa.; Morri:-to\vn, N. J., and Philadelphia. TO ELECTRIFY PENNSY The Company Lets Contract For Suburban Lines. rhilaflPlphia Dec. 27.--The complc- the two chauffeurs,-diaries Fre lerick and George Robinson, rushed upstairs Mr. Wilson quieted Mrs. Neville am assured her she was in no danger ant the house would not be destroyed. FINDS DOLLARJVORTH S350C Laborer Unearths Jar Containing Sil vsr Coin Dated 1304. Xcv: Haven, Conn., Der. 27.--A si! ver dollar bearing the date of 1804 CHURCH NOTICES The Citizens Trust Company Of Gettysburg ON. FRIDAY DECEMBER 12th. the Citizens Trust Company mailed their handsome Christmas Checks a m o u n t i n g to over §15000. to the 5 ( )7 Patrons of their CHRISTMAS SAVING FUND. This vast sum of money was saved d u r i n g the year by the people of our town depositing in the Trust Company from one to five cents on each share every Saturday d u r i n g the year. This enterprize of the CITIZENS TRUST COMPANY has proved so beneficial to al recip- tiens that the series for 1011 is now open and those who deposit their pennies w i l l have the same courteous treatment »- the well to do or the rich. We are determined to do our part to better the condition of the rising generation cf our community and a*k all good citizens to help us. HARRY L. SNYDER, Treasurer. swept three feet of water into one the $50,000 concrete comfort stations, j ripped down wooden bulkheads and J sections ol the lawn of two beach front hotels, cut away the sand that had buried jetties along the entire bach. ' exposing them for from two to f o u r ] iC About a hundred tons of lumber· ot j ^^^^ t the action all descriptions was strewn irom end tuci. rouu- . to end ol'the strand, tons of sea foam be maintained, pilod high like snow banks against the esplanade, and stieet ends were filled These suits ar" to be based on to the T r i - c c i of feeder lines that loicd by P indicates of which were members. The order t ihe court was two- c application of Mr. .-m to file suit; it di tt to file the suit, if , w i t h sand. There was no bcrious dam- to the boardwalk. The court a j M ) ) ited as special COUP sel for the n - i ' i . i r s John D. and Uoonr.r, Join on, who were at f or- ncya for Nilo . 'i .f^e attorney:-, 'wru given cxclu: u o hargc of t;.- suits, TWO PERISKJ3F EXPOSURE Farmhands Die on Trenton Roads After Celebrating Christmas. Trenton, X. J., Hoc. 27--Two men lound dead on different roads \\ ere which tit or jurisdiction counsel lor Henry S. t elvers. b \ \ ol V t'.o r r i c - t re taken from thv is o railroad, and rour.sfl tor the re- tion of the Pennsylvania railroad com-j hi , ;h!y pr | ZC |i ], y numismatists, an pan'b plans lor the electrification ot ' un( ier?too.l to be quoted at $0500, its suburban lines hereabouts was in- 1 d u a t e d in the formal annoimr emont i by the railroad company that it ha 1 closed a contract witn the Philadelphia Electric- company for electric current to operate the trains on the main hno hcMwcen Broad street station and I'noii and on. tae Chestnut Hill dnibijn. th ! ' H connccti'm t h a t -i these stretches will It v.-a« f-ai I all local t n i r n , probably be u::-'or cleetri;- power be- ( M H i j , i j l L U i i n . i c * . t » * * - ' » * * * * j - . . . .- n * · of Trenton. Both had visit- T R I E D TO SELL " M O N A LiSA 0,1 iho city to olobnvte Christmas. It is as^rtcrt that the men had been d r u i K i i i K lioth died trom exposure in t h e h f i . \ y storm which raged over t h a t s( ii.xi dl the ( o u n t r y . i Tlio \ ; c l i ' i i s arc- fVU'r Francis M a - j Florc-nci- ( i-y, a la.-miiand on the estate of uaiL^Ji-. Thief Says He C r f e r c d P.-nnting to a Morjp.-i Represent »tive. i Rome, I / ! in whose 1'erugia, d'o police o! d t'io famou . wa . cxainino I Koolcr "it Brookville, and John b a i» a formor workman cm the ferni I'c-rugia sax of P.. 1. V. SKillman at Trenton Junction. had triod to s-rll th" Mona l.isa" to .1 roprc'-cntative ol Frozen to Death Near Reading. UrndiM'--, I'.-i , Occ. 27.--Enveloped t-» ii l i l a n k i t ol snow, t h e bod\ of Kdwin Vcrsry, s i v ! - ( l i r o o years old, was dis- «.%·!,"(! aioim the road leading from M o u n t I'on.i to Carsonia by Augustus! W o n t / i ' l , Jr., whoso father bad cm-1 ployed Yor.;ey at various times. Conn- j ty i u - t o c t i \ o ('.corse C. Straub invest!-1 n'atcd the denlh. There wore no e \ i - | donees of loul play, and it is thought | t h a t his death was caused by expo- j i-ure. t i e late .1. I ' u r p m t .Morgan, and also j bud oUcr^d tl.i portrait to variou-. dealers in l.o.nU.' . Paris and Naples. Pcru^i.v's f t i t i ' i n o n t s amazed thr magistrate-, v. i"i i i u c l a r o l it was ru inarkiiblo 1 h s t n . ,c of the- di-.ilers ha 1 notiiied the poll . "Y6u will want to visit the big B A Z A A R January 10th to 17th To be held by the Arendtsville Band, Refreshments of every kind will be served. Music by visiting bands each night. ,, Afled pauper Snow Victim. rottsvllli^'Pa., T)ec. 27.--Found dead from e\posnr^ in the snow in front of ( l i e L i t t l e \Vhito i-huroli, in the farm- Miss PaQe In Motor Accident. London, D M . j?.- MKs Katharim A. PP'-^o, d a i n h t i i of Ambn'-sador Wai- tor H. I'atce, -M iperl without injur% when an a u t o r i o n i l c in which she was d r i v i n g Minshe . - n t o a wall and was w r e k e d at I'.n os, a southwestern suburb of l.oml. ·». Her companion. Harold Pooler, t o ambassador's scc- rotarv, was 'ili-r.i'lj bruised. xt year r trains out ol r,r;:"l . 1 be rrirnn--- about Tne.contr:i"t brtsv^on tlie- I'hiladelpbiu Klectru- and th" Pennsylvania will be lor live year.-,. Th; ra..' r oad company at t n c outset w i ' l use .."· n * 4-"00 horse io--cr. iore t'.'.p OJH! ol 'i' T 'o first strci.-. Kiu So-in.c3i.ber, I'M found here. \\'illinm Sullivan, a laborer, excavat in^ on the site of the new ice rin 1 lor tbe Valo hockey team, turned ove ·\\i'Ji his hovel an old jar which rest cvl on o. boi-1 ler eleven Icet below t'.u faur'pro of the street nearby. Under tb f J" r was a silver snufi box ina :e in Nuron-.burp, green wit! o v i d a L ' o n . an 1 in it a United State; ^ i l \ e ^ .lollur dated 1S04, in S"od condi Con. t o-i'uH ticut coppf-r coin«, a Con t u u n t a l note lor $.), several stati not-.; a id so".ie rin^s were also found T^e metal articles wers slightl: (orrode-1. but the rubbed up well am (·;;e-, \\erc pl.-'in. T'.io note had to b' c-arefiillv handled to prevent disinte Killed by Runaway Freight Cars. Cumber .and, Md., Dec. 27.--Hreak- jin» away from t' o engine aft or c l i m b - ing to the top f whut is l.:io\\n as Seventeen Ivl.'- 'rado, thirty miles i we it ol here, -.:: '-..«-' H?Jtimoro O r.o \ r:-ilroa;l, a train of s i x t y si\ l - a c i e l t a r s tore hack down the hill. Hrf'jre il reached the first dcnti'linr; s u i f i h . v h r r c thirty-one c-;,rs w^ro -,. r c i - K e i , it was traveling at high s;icol, i'ii 1 H T. Kirkpatriclc, a br;:keinan, s ' Kry-rr, VV. Va., had been 11:; v.-n off an ! '.ci'c 1. Horses Prey to V range M a l a d y , liolniar, PH., Pi . 27. -A di. r-'i ,· w h i c h is baffling t ' · -.kill of v^tcr.n- ariaiiK in this sec t n n with the horses ;·: i c-inity. A fine hors" b longing to .Tohn Locates a prominent i.a-mcr, has died, making a total of n i n - which have died during the past two w eks. A d m i r a l Dcwey In 76. V.'j'.l iapton, i)cc. 1:7.--Hale, heartj ;in · in - x , " l U i . i physical and meuta c o n d i t i o n . Admiral r.eon;e Ucwey eel c-ltrateil bis seventy-sixt'; birthday a !:;.; ho.,1" bore yestcrilay. U n c l e of Prcnt.ent Wilson Dead. Chiilicotbe, ;). Doc. 27. Henry W. ing district!; »par the- Schuylkill countj ( W oodrow. :ul ,,,,, [ 0 O f president Wil son, died Midd n l y at his home hero. almsliouse, Ttlirhael Clark, an inmate, was a victim of the first snowfall of t h e season. He wandered away Christmas night. He was sixty-seven years of age. New England Coast Storm Swept. Boston, Dec. 27. -- A heavy northeast storm swept across the New England coast, bringing with it exceptionally tides, rain and snow. Mr. Yi'oodro'.v \\. prominent ii: li: -i a lawjcr and was ie^s and financial affairs ot C h ' l l K -;'PO. Horse Eats $150; Leaves $75. I own, l':i., Hoe. 27. -- John Stahl, a farni'-r. lost his wallet, con t lining $22". .n t u- barn. Alter searching, ho (! $7.., th* rest h a \ i n g formed a 'iiMl for one of his horses. 7r;~ ~r«s are siarcec, ir tnero is any danger of children getting so near as to ignite .cotton dresses or aprons, add alum to the water In which the clothes are rinsed. This renders the fabric fireproof. iAsk your grocer for White Lily FLOUR Ill's the Best plajinf, havoc town and vi ol Cr. Carrel 1c Married In Paris. P;.ri:.. IXn-. 27.--Pr. Alc-\i ? C'arrel ItocKefellcr I n s t i t u t e for Medi REFORMED Sunday School, 9:15 a. m.; church service 10:30 a. m., subject, "Abba Father". At 7 p. m. by request a song service will be given consisting of selections from the service rendered | Christmas evening. i COLLEGE LUTHERAN A. E. Wagner D. D. pastor. 9:45 a. i., Bible School, Irvin L. Taylor, su- erintendent; 10:45 a. m., morning vorship with sermon by the pastor, heme: "Tre Pre-eminence of Christ'*, :00 p. m., Chris'tian Endeavor meet- ng, Miss Carrie Musselman, leader. Theme: "Our Church at Work for the World". 7:00 p. m. evening worship vith sermon by the pastor. Theme: 'Suggestions of the Closing Year". METHODIST Sunday School at 9:30 a. m.; preach- ng at 10:30; sermon by Prof. W. A. 3urgoon. Epworth League at 6:15 p. m. A cordial invitation to all services. EPISCOPAL Sunday School, 0:45 a. m.; morning service, 10:30 a. m.; evening service, 7 p. m. GETTYSBURG U. B. Sunday School, 9:30 a. m.; Junior Christian Endeavor meeting 1:30 p. m.; Senior Christian Endeavor 6:00 p. m.; worship 7:00 p. m. The sermon wli! be preached by the pastor, subject, "Soul Progress". J. Chas. Gardner. BIGLERVILLE REFORMED Christmas service Saturday evening at 7 o'clock. Address by Mr. Lee O. Carbaugh. Missionary service on a l Resoraoh, Xe-.v York, was marric hero tr. Mmo. de la Mairie. They saile lor Xe.v York. GENERAL MARKETS P H I I , A ] i r . ! , P H l A -- P.'/MJR dull winter c-!c,,r, $'i.75©4; city r.iIU:,, fan ner barrel. firm, at $3.50@3.6 Mikado "oasts of Peace. Tokio, t)ec. 27.--Tin emperor personally opened fie Japanese diet. In bis speech fron ' -* throne he cmpna- siyed the f r i e n u l y relations existing between the powers, the strength ol the alliance between Japan and England and tbe cordiality of Japaneue relations w i t h China. To Test Leehan't Sanity. White Plains, N. Y., Dec. 27--William J. l.eehan, recently acauitted of the murder of Mrs. Caroline Turner, was arraigned here on a charge of intoxication. He was remanded and probably will be examined as to hia sanity. rt W.flWfl townsMps In France nay- ing more than 1,000 Inhabitants, about 6,000 are without any public lighting. Of the remainder, there are 1,248 lighted by gas, 2,763 lighted by electricity and 172 by acetylena. . WHEAT quiet; No. 2 red, new, 93 * ' C' CORN quiet; No. 2 yc"ow, 750 OATS quiet; No. 2 white, Hi 47c.- loyer urades, 45M;C. POTATOES steady, at 70@8oc. per POULTRY: Uve steady; hens, 15 17c.: old roosters, 12SH3o. : turkeys, 20(ff)22c. Pressed firm; choice fowls. isi^c.; old roosters, 13c.; turkeys, 24 C "' BUTTER firm ; fancy crearaerv 40r. BOOS steady; selected, 41 4.JC., nearly, 39c.; western, 39c. Sunday evening at 7. CHURCH OF THE BRETHREN Stratton Street: Sunday School, !):30; preaching at 10:30 and 7:00. Friends' Grove: Sunday School, 9:30; preaching, 10:30. ST. PAUL'S A. M. E. ZION Preaching a't 11 a. m.; Sunday School 2 p. m.; Christian Endeavor 7; preaching service 8. ST. JOHN BAPTIST Preaching at 11 a. m. and 8 p. m. Sunday School at 1 o'clock. Public cordially invited to attend. N. D. Shadney, pastor. Live Stock Price*. CHICAGO-HOGS unsettled: bulk of sales, $6.759.50; light, ?7.4p@7^0, mived, $7.55^7.85; heavy,_ $fi.80ffl)8, rotiKh, $7.fiO^.70; plKR, $B.oO@.50. CAfTLT3 steady and higher; beevPf, *G75f»9.7'J; Texas steers, ^6.8r@7.»C; Jr^ifn,, steerp f 6J5®7.8£: ^tocUers and Ifclars, A^'lv': 1 ''. ELECTION NOTICE Annual Meeting o£ the atockliohJera of the National Bank rjf Arendtsvillf, w i l l IKS held in their banning hou.*eibe- tween 10 a. m. and IT, on, TUES0,A\, JANUARY 13. 1014, for the purpose of electing seven directors to? the ensuing year. L. II. RICE Cashier. fct 11 ' . ELECTION NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the annual meeting of the policy holders of · i ',, -«7«ii i , the Gettysburg Mutual Fire Insurance ° a nativlf $4 60@6; Conmpany for the purpose of elerting naiives z _^_.m'j^_, i _,__^__r _^ _ ^ r t ^ en8U1 ng year -· other business as e it will b« fUARY 12, , at 10.30 o'clock a. m., at the of- " Do TOO know that equal parts of turpentine and ammonia will remove paint from clothing no matter how fi ' ce of Tfhf J §) Keith, Ksq., in the bor- hard It may b«? Saturate the paint I Ollf?h O f GeUy«burg, County of Adams, two or three times and vurti the spot: state of P«» ns 7 lv * l lj a ; 1t) trlth warm water and »oap. W. E. KAPP, SecreUry INEWSPAPERif NEWSPAPER!

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