The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 10, 1939 · Page 12
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 12

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, March 10, 1939
Page 12
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12 486 KILLED IN HAWKEYE AUTO MISHAPS IN '38 6,156 Were Injured in Traffic Accidents During Past Year A statistical report on highway accidents in which deaths occurred as a result of a 1938 accident until March I, gives the following information: In 12,712 accidents there were 486 deaths resulting, 6,156 injured with the male ot the species suffering heaviest in both injuries and deaths. The only bright spot against totals of 1937 is that there is a difference in totals of accidents on the profit side of the ledger in 1938 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE Your Diamond a New, Mod- Have Reset in ern 14K Yellow Gold Mounting Without Diamonds in Mounting WITH DIAMONDS . $12.50 MURRAY JEWELRY CO. Foresters Bldg. DENTIST PRACTICE LIMITED TCT J»IATE WORK IB FIRST ST. CEDAR RAPIDS SOUTH EAST DESMOINES MASON CITY 51DUX CITY of 1,155 fewer accidents, and 85 fewer deaths. On Wrong- Side of Road The tremendous toil of highway accidents took the greatest toll of persons from. 35 to 44 years of age. By far the most accidents happened within 25 mites from residence. Most of the accidents happened to persons who have been driving more than 10 years. The law violation which caused most accidents was driving on the wrong side of the road! Drunken drivers totaled 542 accidents against sober drivers totaling 11,192 and drivers tested and proved perfectly normal were responsible for almost 100 times more than any other cause. Even higher speeds caused less than wrong side of road or no right of way accidents. Drunkenness Reason Yet, in pedestrian accidents the far largest reason was drunkenness. Vehicular defects were responsible for only 560 accidents against 20,594 for vehicles apparently in good working order. Saturday was the day on which most accidents occurred with Sunday closely following and from 7 p. m. to 8 p. m., being the zero hours. Yet the greatest number of accidents of fatal nature were from 4 to 5 p. m. More accidents occurred on the straightaway than curves, concrete taking precedence over all others, with dry roads making more than wet ones. 'Clear weatljer had more accidents than fog, or dusk. Approximate speed, preceding accidents proves to be between 21 and 30 miles an hour, with far less exceeding speed limits than others. "Arkansas Traveler" (s Avery Attraction GARNER--A two day showing of "The Arkansas Traveler," followed Tuesday by "I'll Give a Million," comedy drama, comes to the Avery starting Sunday. The Bob Burns saga co-starring Fay- Bainter and Jean Parker runs Sunday and Monday. Warner Baxter, Peter Lorre and Jean Hersholt are billed Tuesday in a gay adventure of a debonaire millionaire who had 'too much money and too little fun JOINT BANQUET IS CONDUCTED Allen Kline From Vinton Addresses 125 at Gathering KANAWHA--A joint banque was held at the Methodist church Tuesday evening for the member: of the Kanaivha evening schod and their wives and the Commercial club members and their wives. There were 125 persons who attended from the two organizations The address was by Alien Kline of Vinton, vice president of the Farm Bureau Federation of Iowa. Shorl talks were given by T. C. Peterson of Garner, county agent of Hancock county; C. S. Whitney, superintendent of the Kanawha public schools, and John Hoveland, president of the Commercial club; devotions by the Hev. H. J. Bane, pastor of the local Methodist church and music by the boys' trio of the Kanawha school under the direction of Miss Sylvia Fritz. The dinner was served by the girls of the advanced home economics class of the school assisted by Miss Charlotte McCarty and Miss Joyce Winters, Chain oHO Feted at Belmond Home BELMOND--Trie Chain of Ten was entertained at the home of Mrs. George Baxter Thursday afternoon. Assistant hostesses were Mrs. Frank Jacobmeyer, Mrs. H. L. Kinseth, Mrs. Hay Klemme and Mrs. Earl Huntington. HOaiE FROM CHINA EAGLE GROVE--Donald Peterson o_f the United States navy is enjoying a furlough of several months,' having recently returned from a cruise with the [leet from China. He expects to leave for the east coast at an early date. He and his parents and his brother, Bob, visited for a few days at the R. H. Eneix lome. Mrs. Peterson and Mrs. are sisters __.. "'^"^j Q.H.U. tuu .iime lun. .aneix are sisters. WE ARE LEADING WITH PRICES, QUALITY AND SERVICE! Corn Country, Brookfield, Decker's lowana, First Grade Creamery BUTTER Pound 24C Sugar Cured, Sliced Breakfast 2-!b. Pkg. 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FOURTH DAY The Board al Supervisors of Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, met pursuant to ad. Journment In regular session. The meet- in E was called to order by the Chairman, and the roJl being called, there were present W. D. Gibson. Chairman, in the Chair, and Supervisors c. R. Fatten and R. D. Bobbins. Absent: None. Minutes at last meeting were lead ana ipproved. Board approved the appointment oi Charles P. Clark, Deputy Sheriff without compensation, and approved the bond written by the Aetna Casualty Company. No. 20-8-2397 Incident to the said appointment. Board approved the official bond of . E. Drury, Assessor. The foUowlng official reports were approved by the Board: ^ C. L. Loomer, Constable, Annual, County Superintendent oi Schools. January, 1939. P. E. Cromer, Tax Accountant, Report dated January 31, 1929. Motion was made by Supervisor Pat- Ion, seconded by Supervisor Robbing lhat, pursuant to the provisions of Sec- lion 3315, Code of Iowa, that Lola 3VL Brown. Overseer of the Poor, serve notice or cause notice to be served, pursuant to ihe provisions o£ Section 5315, Code o£ :owa. upon the following named persons 0 depart from Cerro Gordo County Iowa: ' John Carmody and family; Mrs. Gertrude Carpenter and family; Alexander J. King and family; Menno Eicher; Mrs. Edith. Flora; Byron. Crouch- Geo, W. Terry; Artiur II. Davis. The foregoing moUoa carritd, all menx- )ers voting aye. BesolQllon Whereas, Cerro Gordo County, Iowa. Is the owner and holder of Tax Sale Certificate No. 1-1210 which evidences the sa!e of Lot 14, Block 4, S S Youngs Subdivision o£ Lots 3-6-g-lo and all that part of Lots I and 2 lying west and south. o£ the center of Lime Creek in the subdivision of the NWVt o£ Section 11-96-20, and Whereas. S. C. King, has made verbal application for the assignment of the said tax saJe certificate and has offered the sum of S6.07 whidi sum represents the full amount of the county's bid at the sale plus penalty and interest to February 6. 1933, and Whereas, the Board Jeels that it Is to the best Interest of the County to assign the said tax sale certificate for the sum offered. Now Therefore, be it resolved by the Board of Supervisors, of Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, that the Mid tax sale certificate be assigned to S. C. King, and the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors, W. D. Gibson, be and he is hereby authorised to execute an assignment for and on behalf of Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, and its Board oE Supervisors. -Motion was made by Supervisor Bobbins, seconded by Supervisor Patton. hat the foregoing resolution be adopted. Jotion carried, all members voting aye. Resolution declare-! -.Jopted this 6th day of February, 1333. Motion was made by Supervisor Paton, seconded by Supervisor Robbing hat pursuant to Section 695(1 C 1 Code o! owa. that the 1337 personal faxes of larry Ehlers. Plymouth. Iowa, and the 937 regular taxes assessed against the ollowing described property of which larry J. Ehlers is a part owner be. and the same are hereby suspended: Lots 1, 2, 3 and the £ast 4 rods of Lot 4 and all of Lot B in the subdivision of that part, of the N£S« S\VV'« which, lies south of the Shell Rock Biver and east of Chicago, Milwaukee St. Paul Railroad all in Section 5-97-19. lot 1 in Lot I Block 5 North Plymouth, Iowa. The foreeolne'motion carrier!, ail members voting aye. Motion was made by Supervisor Rob- lifts, seconded by Supervisor Patton, that the application for the Issuance of a :iass "B" Beer permit to the Clear Lake iOlf Club be approved, and that the Hand furnished incident to the issuance of said permit be likewise be approx-co* nd that the County Auditor be directed o issue the permit, No. St. notion carried, all members \-othig aye. Resolution WHEREAS, Cerro Gordo County Iowa, is the owner of the following described parcel of land: "Beginning at the south quarter comer of Section 5 In Township 94 North. Range 21 West of the 5th P. M.. and running North on the quarter section Jlne 750 feet, then to the left SO degrees for 320 feet, then to the left 90 degrees for 168.22 feet, thence to the left =4 degrees 5 minutes for 334.38 feet, then to the right 54.5 degrees 5 minutes for 353.90 feet, then to the left SO degrees for 33 feet to the point of beginning." Which land is a part of the SE54 SWV of Section. 5, Township 34 Range 21, West of the 5th, P. M., and which described parcel of land was: acquired by Warranty Deed under date OJ July 11, 1921, which Deed Is Recorded In Land Deed Record No. 76 at page 191. and which parcel -o£ land was purchased for a gravel pit, and WHESEAS, all of the gravel suitable for road purposes has been removed from the said described land, and the said described land is of no further use to Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, and WHEREAS. The Hudson City Hospital and The Home Tor the Aged, Corporations, incorporated under the laws of the State of New York, and who are the owners, of the remaining portion of the SEVi SWii of Section 5. Township 94, Range 21, West of the 5th., P. M., have offered Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, the sum of One Dollar fjl.00) for a Quit Claim Deed to the foregoing described parcel of land NOW THEREFORE, Be It Resolved by the Board oi Supervisors of Cerro Gordo County. Iowa, that the said offer be accepted, and'that W". D. Gibson, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors of said Cerro Gordo County, joiva. be and he Is hereby authorized and directed to execute a Quit Claim Deed conveying all of the Counly.'s interest In and to the said described parcel of land to The Hudson city Hospital and The Home for the Aged. Corporations, incorporated under the Jaws of the State of New York. Motion was made by Supervisor R. D. lobbins. seconded by Supervisor C. R. "atton, that the foregoing resolution be idoptea. Motion carried, all members ·ottos Aye. Resolution declared adopted thU 6th day ol February, 1939. Resolution WHEREAS, under dale of May 27 1914. Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, entered Into an agreement with Etta E. Stater for the. express purpose of removing gravel from the following described parcel of land: "Beginning at a point Seven Hundred Fifty (V50 feet north and Three Hundred Twenty (320) feet West of the South quarter of Section Five (a). Township Ninet3--four (94) Range Twenty-one (21) West of the 5th P. M.. and running North Forty-five 45 degrees. West Three Hundred Four and five-tenth. 1 ! (304.3) *eet. thence South One Hundred Eighty-eight and two-tenths (183.5) feet, thence South Forty-five /5) degrees. East Three Hundred Four and live-tenths 1304.5) feel, thence North One Hundred Eighty-eight and two-tenths (188.2) feet to the point oi beginning." Bud, WHEREAS, the said agreement further provided that when the available supply o« gravel had been removed from the Mid parcel of land, that all right, title, and interest of Cerro Gordo County should cea=c anu be terminated, and that the risht title and interest of the said Etta E. Storcr. her executors or asslens. should be as full and complete as If the contract has not been matlc and entered into, WHEREAS, all gf the available sup- Ply of gravel has been removed from the said parcel of land NOW THEREFORE, Be It Resolved by the Board of Supervisors of Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, that all the right, title, and Interest of Cerro Gordo County, Iowa. In and to the said described parcel of land is hereby declared to bo terminated and at an end as of the date of this Resoluliori. Motion was made by Supervisor C. R. Patton, seconded by Supervisor R. D. Robblns, that the foregoing resolution be adopted. Motion carried, all members voting Aye. Resolution declared adopted this 6th., day c£ February, 1939. Resolution Whereas, Harry G. Cahalan. Carters- viue, Iowa, has made application for a Class "B" Beer Permit to be issued effective February 14, 1939, Now Therefore be it Resolved tliat the said permit be granted subject to the furnishing a bond as required by Jaiv. and upon the filing the said bond that County Auditor is hereby instructed to issue the said permit. Motion was made by Supervisor Robbins, seconded by Supervisor Patton, that the foregoing resolution be adopted. Motion carried, all members voting Aye. Resolution declared adopted this 6th day ot February, 1839. Board approved the official bond of Frank Kirk, assessor. On motion of Supervisor Patton, seconded by Supervisor Bobbins, the following bills against the county were approved and allowed, and the county auditor was instructed to draw warrants in payment thereof. Station carried. Ayes, Supervisor Patton, Bobbins and Gibson. Nays, none. Coyle Grocery, provisions ...... f 25.CO Adams Drug Co., medicine .... 23.01 Allison Coal Co.. fuel ... ....... 46.41 American Optical Co., glasses .. 57.18 Anderson Grocery, provisions .. 10.95 Anderson Lumber Co., fuel ____ £5.77 Atlas Meat Market, provisions .. 4G.69 Florence Bailey Grocery, provisions .......................... 15.10 T. S. Baken Coal Co.. fuel ...... 7.S6 Barrett Bros., provisions ____ .... 41.22 Becimer's I. G. A., provisions 204.09 Beemer. Dr. G. W., dentist .... 1.00 Beemer. Dr. Horace, dentist .. 16.50 Beloit Children's Home, care . * 293.00 Black White Food Market, provisions ................... » 9.15 Block Coal Co., fuel ............ 148.14 Blunt, Mrs. Virgil, care ........ 9.60 Boot, Mrs. J. E.. care .......... 26.00 Brewster, Dr. C. O_ doctor and medicine ..... , .......... ...... 8.25 3ritven Grocery, provisions .... 154.75 Brown, Lola, operation car .... 48.00 3rcnvne.ll Grocery, provisions .· 36.05 Bush Grocery provisions ........ 2.65 3utz. E. E., provisions ____ .... 16.32 By Rite Food Market, provisions 34.17 "ahalan Grocery, provisions .... 23.55 Salvert, Mrs. Chester, care ..... 16.00 Cartersville Supply Co., fuel .. 14.28 Carver. Belle, care ............ . 16.00 Gary Grocery, provisions ...... 37.42 Casey Drug Co.. medicine ...... 17.58 Cavanaugh, Catherine, allowance 20.00 Central Food Market, provisions S.C7 Champlin Refining Co., fuel . . 4.59 Chapin O'Neil Coal Co., fuel .. 71.40 Chicago Meat Grocery, provisions ... ...... . .......... . ..... 2n,52 Christian Home Orphanage, care 132.00 City of Clear Lake, burial ____ 12.00 Clear Lake Grain Co., fuel ---- 24.99 Cleveland Grocery, provisions 21.02 "lover Leaf Grocery, provisions 10,60 Comer Drug Store, medicine .. 2.01 "oyle Grocery, provisions ...... 25,60 Crlsman, Alice, clothing ..... - 6.53 Crystal Lake Ice : Fuel, fuel 69.36 Curtis Grocery, provisions ...... 6,12 Cut Rate Grocery, provisions .. 25.71 Daly Really Co., sewing expense, .25.00 Dimiu-olf, Gus, rent .: ........ 14.00 Dixie Block Coal Co.. luel .. 32.13 rickson. Mrs. Iver, care ...... 12.00 Earl's Fruit Market, provisions 51.16 Svia aieat Grocery, provisions 170.34 ?arm Products, provisions ____ 16.76 Farmers Elevator Co., Hampton, fuel .......................... S7,so Farmers Elevator Co., Mason City, fuel .................. . 89.17 Farmers Inc. Co-Op Society, Dougherty, fuel ____ . ......... 10.17 Farmers CO-OP Co.. Manly, fuel 3.57 rarmers Elevator Co., fuel ____ 17,85 Farmers Inc. Co-Op. Society, Sheffield, fuel .............. 7.13 Farmers Elevator Co., Ventura, fuel .......................... 17.85 Farmers Lumber Co., Clear Lake, fuel .......................... 60.69 Tedcral Fruit Market, provisions 4.48 federal Fruit Store, provisions 4.49 rekkers, Nellie, allowance ..... . 5.00 "Ireside Fuel Co., luel ....... . 30.34 Tord Hopkins, medicine ........ 13.71 ?"ox, W. W.. rent ......... ..... 5.00 "ranchere. C. M., doctor ....... . 25.00 M. Frudden Son, fuel ...... .. 14.23 Crystal Lake Ice Fuel Co., fuel ................. : ........ 151.89 Funk. Edna, care ............. . 31.00 Garfln Grocery, provisions .. ... 38.57 Gashel. Lloyd, provisions ....... 5.69 etting, Mrs. L. A., transportation .......................... B.OO : ilman, Mrs. H. H., rent ...... 18.00 : ilpin. E. C.. mileage .......... 79.05 joldthorpe. Bertha, ct al, rent 7.00 "raham. E. F., rent ..... ...... . 18.00 Ireen Coal Co.. fuel .......... 10S.B8 3rippcn, D. W. Co., supplies ____ 15.14 Urupp Market, provisions ______ 3.16 Hamilton. Dr. C. V., doctor and medicine ..................... 11.50 ·lansen. O. T. Co.. provisions . . 43.97 iauver, Hattie, rent ............ 7.00 Heimendinger Transfer Line, dray .......................... 4.55 lelgen, Ida O., rent ............ 5.00 lermanson Brothers, provisions 12.87 iickox, Mrs. Lulu, care ........ 31.00 Higley. E. B. Co., provisions 20.24 iill, Mrs. Jas.. care . ........... 14,00 lood, Dr. J. M.. dentist . ....... 13.00 ·togan, R. J., burial ............ 25.00 lorse Shoe Grocery, provisions 4.49 House of the Good Shepherd, care .......................... 1766 Humphrey, Mrs. C. N., rent ... 9.00 Humphrey Grocery, provisions 30.48 Iowa Soldiers Orphans Home, clothing ...................... 1797 fackson. Wm.. rent ............ 7.00 James Grocery, provisions ..... 6.32 rarvis. Dr. H. D., doc I or .. ____ 1900 Jindrich. J. D., fuel .......... r?.B5 Tohannessen, Carl, rent ........ 7.00 Johnson-Geer, provisions ..... 7956 Jones, Dr. H. K., dentist ........ 7^50 Kay, Mrs. Delbert, care ........ 23.00 *elroy, John, rent and luel .... 28-19 rCime, J. W.. doctor ......... ... 21.40 xlrk Service Garage, car expense ....... : ................ 22.83 tlemenson, l^Irs. C. A., care .. 14.00 Xlipto Loose' Leaf Co., supplies 20.40 Shiver, C. E., provisions ....... 26.51 Knapp, Calls, rent ............ , 1400 .night. Dr. R. A., doctor ....... 18.00 Sropman Grocers-, provisions ., 21.61 ^amberti Ice Fuel Co., fuel.. - 4.65 Larson. Mrs. Tillie, rent ...... ... 9.00 Leader Grocery, provisions ..... 22.22 Lomen Grocery, provisions ____ 5,30 cas County, provisions medicine ........................... VTcCauley. L. J., rent ........... SIcAuley. Paul D.. burial ....... Mason City Cemetery Assn., burial ........................ 12.CO . C. Loan Investment Co., rent .......................... 35 go "Mathers Grocery, provisions .... 2310 Meany, Dr. J. F.. medicine ____ 3.00 The Merkel Co., sewing expense 225 23 Mid Continent Petroleum Corp., fuel ........................... 5 33 Miller Grocery, provisions ...... I4'69 MHo's Cash Grocery, provisions. 27.52 Mitchell Grocery, provisions .. 530 Moore, A. T., rent .............. 7.00. Morris Food Store, provisions: . . . 131 32 Molt. A. J.. rent ............... 7.00 Stulgrew Sons, fuel .......... -357 Mulky. Dr. Carl, doctor ........ 3000 fJeibergall Brothers, provisions 2.1.43 Kelson. Grocery, provisions .... 15.90 S'ielscn. Anna, car expense .... 1.25 Northern Lumber Co.. fuel ... 10.71 O'Heam. Frank C., transportation flc mileage ............. . 96.35 D'AIeara, J. E., provisions ..... 15.90 Ovcrton. Mrs. Lulu, care ...... 1400 L- A. Page Lbr. Co., fuel ...... 32.13 L. A. Page Lbr. Co., Plymouth, fuel ....................... 35 70 Pace «: Crane Lhr. Co., Clear John Pcllis Grocery, provision! Park Hospital, hospital Patterson, Ethel, sewing expense Patterson. L. W.. transportation J. C. Penney Co., clothing... J. C. Penney Co.. clothing... Peterson. Dr. R. W.. medicine... Picket. Margery, care Please U. Groccrv. provisions" Poo!. Frank, provisions Porter. Mabel L.. care Prescription Shop, medicine ... Putnam, Mrs. E. A., provisions Putnam, W. S.. allowance . Quality Fruit Market, provisions Sam Ratics Dcpt. store, provisions rent Rcardon, P. J.. rent Reliable Imkmcnt Co fuel Reuber, Dr. R. N., medicine .... School. Sirs. Hilda, care Riehm. Laura, rent Rockwell Hospital, hospital 4 medicine Rodemeycr, Dr. J. H., hospital.. Roe's I. G. A. Slorc, provisions.. Rose. Irene, care Rush, Ted, rent R3-an, Mrs. Dan. rent ..." St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, hospital Schankc, A. M., P. M, postage /r - - -- - 51 fil 42863 250 300 23.07 404 4573 rejected 3172 e~3 300 31.67 3o.0f) 2300 ' 61437 s'oo 2356 ie'75 2000 800 31390 750 1225 19400 Lbr. Co., 'Lbr.""co.", Lbr. ' Co., "Co.", Schermcrhorn Dairy, provisions Schnable, Mrs. WU1, rent Schwab Grocery, provisions ... Schwelzer, Dr. R. K., doctor .... Senne/f Grocery, provisions .... S. Smith Grocery, provisions ... Smith, James F., allowance .... Smith, Rita, allowance Solberg Son, provisions ... Sondrol Co., provisions Standard Oil Co., fuel ., Sterling Coal Co., fuel Stunkard, L. G., provisions .... Subdivision of Aid to the Blind. blind Sunny Crest Sanatorium," care poor , . Sunnyslope Sanatorium, care poor Sweetser Food Market, provisions Tatman, Ida, sewing expense .'.'. Tenny Grocery, provisions Thayer Coal Co., fuel Thompson O'Neil Co.. provisions Tlce, Dr. C. B.. medicine . . Thrift Way Grocery, provisions United Fruit Co., provisions ... Van Every, George, rent Wagner Coal Co., fuel Ward, W. H.. burial Wass, Mrs. J. E., care ... . While Coal Co., fuel White. Margaret, sewing expense Wilhite, F. N.. provisions ..... Williams, A. J., provisions .... Winkle. Dr. R. A., dentist . .. Winters, Mrs. Ted, rent Wolf Brothers, Inc.. fuel MIer Wolf Sons Co., commodity i sewing ....... Wolfram. Theo.. Jr., provisions Woodford Wheeler Lbr Co Clear Lake, fuel Woodford Wheeler Garner, fuel Woodford Wheeler Meservey, fuel ..... Woodford Wheeler Thornton, fuel Woodford Wheeler Lbr. Ventura, fuel Yankovich, Peter, rent Yellow Cab Co., transportation.. Younublood, j. B., rent Engler Drug Co.. medicine 3aggerty, Elizabeth, care .... Haggerty. Elizabeth, medicine .'. Cerro Gordo Medical Society, contract (doctors) Western Union, telegrams Yelland Hanes. supplies .... P. G. 5: E. Co., sewing Cerro Gorrio Medical' Society- contract Iowa Mutual Liability Ins. Co., insurance McGuire. R. A., assessor .""!". AbegB, Mrs. ,H. H., board of education American Law Book Co., book " I American Surety Co. of N. Y., bond for treasurer Bonner, James, trustee " Boyd, Max. equipment Cadwel! Transfer Storage Co., ' dray Callaghan Co., Inc., book .".','. Carrott, Frank trustee Carstens, Al K., clerk Chapman : Cutler, courthouse expense , Clear Lake JSeporlef. board proceedings -o Mo Photo Co., supplies ...'.'.'. Crescent Printing Co.. supplies., "rumb, Chas. R., supplies Curley. Mike, clerk ".[. Daly, W. J. Co., equipment Joe Daniels Service, repair sheriff car Darrow Chemical Co., supplies Donnelly Service Co., gas fi; oil sheriff car F. W. Eggers Co., blanks k: stationery ........ rieming. E. E.. assessor* '.. Torest Park Grocery, provisions "olsoro. Auto Co., repair sheriff car Scott Foresman Co., echool books J. F. Garvey Co., jail equipment D. W. Grippen Co., court house. supplies Sail, lAiella, help auditor Hammon : Stevens, supplies ., Harrer Muehe, insurance .... aarroun, A. W., assessor .... Hitzhusen, Henry, trustee Houghton Mifflln, books Ingebretson, Mrs. Alfred, board of education Jenkins. John, clerk Jewel Motors Co., repair sheriff cars Johnson, Mrs. Joy, help treasurer auto Ralph Lloyd Jones Co., Insurance Kirk Service Garage, gas sheriff car Klipto Loose Leaf Co., supplies xreider, J. W., trustee -.. -xjoraer, C. L,. serve notices .. Loomis. Paul N., delinquent tax collector Martin. E. W-, repair jail Moorehead, George, board of education Horan, Thos., trustee Mortenson Service, repair sheriff cars , . A. Page Lbr. Co., repairs .. Battle Insurance Agency, insurance f»arawax Co.. supplies Payne Wallpaper Paint Store, repair Pedersen A. M., trustee Phalen. Tim R.. sheriff mileage, board prisoners, care prisoners H. A. Phillips, School Service, supplies Prescription Shop, medicine .. Prusia Dillon Co., clothing jail J. C. Puth. Plumbing Co., equipment Railway Express Agency, express i. R. Chevrolet, repair sherifj .car icholl. Nick, trustee The Frank Shepard Co., book ihcpberd. Balph S., supplies Shipley Printing Co., blanks .. ",. C. Smith Corona Typc- tvriters, equipment Standard Oil Co., gas oil sheriff car supplies ...... Storck, H. C., court house, supplies Stoyles Press Inc., stationery .. Tecney, H. L.. board of education Thomas. Hazel V., visit schools.. Timm. Fred, trustee Turuhulls Radio Service, repair sheriff car Wilkinson, R. V., board of education IVittc, F. W., trustee Iowa Shoe Brokerage Co., cloth- Ing jail Tdeal Sand Gravel Co., court house supplies '. G. E. Co.. lights S; gas Pritchard Motor Co., engine era cars IVestern Union, telegrams . . Yeliand and Hanes, office supplies iJarlow, James, assessor ' \llpto Loose Leaf Co.. supplies 3remley, Carl, fox bounty prey, Bert, Jr., fox bounty T owa Mutual Liability Ins. Co., insurance Hancock County, road expense * . A. Page Lbr. Co., Mason City, road expense Woodford Wheeler Lbr. Co., JVIeserv-cT. road expense Amondt"5 Hardware, road expense Arnold Motor Supply, road expense 3ogardus. Ray, road expense .. Herman M. Brown Co., road expense 3ruchner's Garage, road expense Central Auto Electric Co., road expense rhristcnscn. Al. road expense .. IHarfc, c. F., road expense Clear Lake Independent Tele. phone Co., road expense .... Clear Lake Water Department, road expense Eoc Cook Oil Co.. road expense ~ranc Co., road expense Currie Van Ness Co.. road expense Joe Daniels Service, road expense Dclcpard Tool Co., road expense . C. Dcterman Electric Co., road expense . Donnelly Service Co., road expense Farmers Lbr. Co., Clear Lake, road expense H. B. Farrcr System, road expense ibbs Cook Tractor Equipment Co.. road expense . W. Grippen Co., road expense Hathom Motor Parts Co., road expense Hugh DaVDy Son, road ex- tcnsc International Harvester Co, road expense .., ,. 2.58 6.00 16.73 8.50 13.5S 27.14 25.00 10.00 10.20 64.86 3.03 66.70 15.11 158.34 325.00 24.26 7.50 28.86 7.14 343,44 33.75 26.01 27.13 15,00 48.20 60.00 204.43 14.28 2.50 18.15 30.59 6.00 7.00 O.98 105.00 22.45 ' 17.85 7.14 14.28 14J8 7.14 7.00 .25 6.00 41.55 S53.75 3.17 1,517.00 6.16 9.50 10.79 26.50 23.15 60.00 2.75 10.00 380.00 4.00 20,00 7.90 10.00 4.00 4.00 50.00 32.13 2.28 2.25 36.00 4.00 11.82 34.67 58.11 13.78 84.00 1.97 16.04 8.28 4.27 20.20 £2.50 3.66 35.50 84.00 4.00 15.24 2.75 4.00 18.55 63.25 35.50 1.79 561.07 4.00 1.40 197.97 5.50 1.50 4.00 l.BO 1.08 35.50 20.40 4.04 4.00 ·199.65 5.10 4.03 3.0S 1.36 0.44 T.19 4.00 10.00 5.46 33.13 95.43 61.76 2.00 10.97 1.00 12.25 4.00 15.10 .90 4.00 1.28 422.60 1.52 2.60 109.51 100.00 5.92 1.50 1.50 E.61 S.74 16.22 12,43 £4.14 28.02 2S.02 32.50 1.70 1.94 394.66 10.64 13.32 3.4S 8.97 177.05 62.03 1.00 66.77 S.03 11.18 * 3.19 4.75 2.65 8,05 5.46 26.40 12.60 .68 100.00 16.41 5.37 23.18 31.32 164.7* 31.41 68.82 8.92 3.40 .75 13.46 12,30 S3.25 3.32 2.00 .53 1.00 41.59 £.60 S.60 11.85 j.w expense , 1373 Yount. Stificnc, Iowa Public Service Co., road expense Jacoby Battery ft Electric Co., road expense Jansen, W. L., road expense ... Jindrich, J. C., road expense .. Keuf/el i- Esser Co., road expense Kropman, Frank, road expense Kruggel, Max W., road expense Lorenzen, Martin, road expense John Lucas A: Co., road expense McGovero, Irving J., road expense Marston Motor Paris, road ex. perise Mason City IVIillH'orlc Co., road expense Kueffel Esser, road expense Mason City Tent St Awning Co., road expense Mid-Continent Petroleum Corp., road expense Miner, Arthur J., road expense Moffett Thompson, road expense L. A. Moore Lbr. Co., road expense Murphy, C. E., road expense .. National Pure Water Co., road expense National Refining Co., road expense Nichols Wire Sheet Hdwe. Co., road expense .......... Page Crane Lbr. Co., road ex. Dense Pauley, Ray E,, road expense .. Phillips One Stop Service, road expense Pritchard Motor Co., road expense Quinby, John, road expense .. Sieg Mason City Co., road expense , J. B. Snyder Co., road expense., Ulen Auto Body Works, road ex pense Wheeler Lbr. Bridge Ac Supply Co., road expense Wilson Road Machinery Co., road expense Woodford wheeler Lbr. Co., road expense Woodford Wheeler Lbr. Co., road expense Zack Brothers Electric Co., road expense , . Wood Garage, road expense Ideal Sand Ss Gravel Co., road, expense Pritchard Motor Co., road expense Thomas Machine Co., road expense .· Farmers Telephone Co., road expense Fullerton Lbr. Co., road expense P. G. S: E. Co., road expense State of Iowa, road expense ;. Iowa Mutual Liability Ins. Co., road expense Dwan. Cal, investigation Jefferson Coliee Shop, jury meals Sloan, Chas,' grain ... .....i.. Boomhower Hardware Co., supplies, repairs, fixtures . . Chicago Herald i Examiner, supplies Comstock. C. A., ice Continental Baking Co., provisions .. Currie Van Ness Co., machinery Capital Tobacco Co., supplies Casey Drug Co.. medicine Joe Cook Oil Co., gas and oil Damon's Inc., clothing Farmers Lumber Co., supplies ., Gildner Brothers, clothing .... E. B. Higley Co., provisions .... Independent Order of foresters, grain .. Maroney, J. F., supplies "." Mason City He Clear Lake Hall- road, ice Mason City Foundry Sc Machine Co.. equipment , MoMler's Shoe Store, clothing.. Norris, 'Edward, veterinary . Sam Baizes Dept, Store, cloth- Ing Seaver, J. B., supplies Sondrol Co., clothing and provisions .. Western Grocer Co.. provisions Crystal Lake Ice Fuel Co fuel Ensler Drug Co., medicine Iowa Shoe Brokerage Co.. cloth- Ing ' Thomas Machine Co., machinery Continental Baking Co. provisions P. G. £c E. Co.. lights Iowa Mutual Liability Ins. "Co insurance Mason, M. L., per cent of lines Phalen, Tim B-, transportation Dankbar, Frank, refund .. Snyder, C. I., refund Home Owners Loan Corp.. refund Morse, E. G., refund;".'.'.'"I Home Owners Loan Corp, refund _ Furleigh, Isaac Elizabeth 'refund ' Helm, Amelia Ann, old age pension refund Theilen. Lillian E., old ' ace pension refund Motion was made by Supervisor So'b- nins, seconded by Supervisor Patton, that the payment of the claims of the persons as listed immediately following be ratified, approved, and confirmed. Motion carried, all members voting Aye. Barlow. J. D., mileage probation Benn, Henry, fox bounty ...^.. l'so Beu Sons, road expense 1,370.09 County Treasurer, bounties, witnesses and Jurors County Auditor, miscellaneous.. Clark, C. F. Bailiff district court Cromer. F. E.. tax accountant and extra help C. M. St. P. it p. By., transportation Chariesworth, Dr. J. T., T. B. eradication C. M. St. P. P. By., freight Chase. H. O., registrar vital statistics Davenport Besler Corp., road expense Diercks, David, fox bounty " . Dcdina, Bill, fox bountv Fintey, Vera B., clerk grand Jury Foci!. Bobert. fox bounty .... Grelk. Otto. Jr., fox bounty .. Grobaty, R. G., fox bounty .... Giaser, Cecelia, help recorder.. Haugen, Willis, fox bounty .... Gibson, W. D., supervisor Hanson, M- A., registrar vital statistics Hintzcn. Walter, fox bounty .. Holvik, C. A., road expense .... Holvik, C. A., road expense.... Holder. R. £,, court reporter .... la. Mutual Tornado Ins. Assn insurance Iowa Publla Service Co., road expense ,. ,, Iowa State Highway Commission, refund primary road ... Jindrichs. John J., registrar vital statistics Kiaassen, George, bailiff grand jury Kchm, F. A., assessor .......... Leonard, Wm,,. assessor John Lucas Co.. road expense Lincoln. A. E.. hauling MacPeak, S. H., registrar vital statistics Meurs, Alex, fox bounty . Mason City Water Department water Mcllang. Chas. K., fireman .... Monahan, Maurice, grain .. .. Murphy, Jlinnle E., registrar vital statistics JIason City Warehouse, freight.. Northwestern Bell Telephone Co.. phone and tolls North Central Iowa Rod. Sc Gun club, lax bounty , North Iowa Fair Association ... Otto. Ferdinand, refund tax ... O'Heam. Frank C.. transportation Patton, C. R., supervisor P. G. 5= E., sewing c-xpenses .. HailM-ay Express Agency, cxprca Rockwell Water Works, road expense Roderick, M. D., assessor Robbins, R. D., supervisor .... Byan. T. C., registrar vital statistics Straiten. S. W., hauling garbage State Board Assessment Review, use tax Schanke, A. M.. P. Jr., postage.. Sweeney, Barney, grain and stock Sherblno. Ray. sewing expense Segenakes, John, refund Scverson, Glenn, road expense. Standard Oil Co., transportation Tnomas, 3. R., assessor ........ Tail, Lloyd B.. reporter Treasurer of State, use tax ... . Town of Dougherty, rent election TrocKcr. Mrs. Minnie A., refund old age pension Wallace. C. N., registrar vital Statistics Wells Auto Co., purchase sheriff car ........,...,, jns a*j Wcl.ind. Andrew, assessor 28'oo *·-··-' ^uscnc, fox bounty 3.00 91.86 30.35 3.50 .50 12.14 2.32 '13.64 · 2.BO 59.17 24.09 41.19 1,372.82 2.15 G.S3 81.10 37.67 3.00 35.23 .54.22 34.00 15.60 2.94 169.0 S 29.39 .66 29.60 2.00 143.43 13.68 43.90 7.50 8.10 21.40 34.05 29.17 13.73 8.62 98.68 1.07 5.72 1.50 43.45 83.17 45.93 105.00 33.82 1.41 11.25 37.10 41.08 31.26 2.84 2.00 1.43 310.30 5.2S 64.0(1 79.60 122.60 173.01 2.00 101.00 1.50 1.50 20.00 1.50 1.50 3.00 13.75 3.00 163.30 .50 4.50 157.43 1,026.13 116.15 S3.95 8.01 185.14 1.25 30.00 84.00 20.00 37.67 1.00 24.00 4.50 23.96 40.00 12.30 4.50 3.53 164.38 1.50 168.04 7.64 18.60 133.00 27.54 3.82 1.53 104.00 173.65 1.25 17.00 14.18 290.01 133.00 .35 4.29 13.22 10.00 84.00 170.00 4.13 15.00 4,05 5.00 Yelland Ic Hanci, library books «8.3S Motion was made by Supervisor Robbins, seconded by Supervisor Patton, that the Board adjourn to meet in regular session on February 20, 1339. Motion carried, all members voting aye AHtst: ARTHUR HARRIS, County Auditor W. D. GIBSON. Chairman, Board of SuperviaorM FELLOWSHIP OF PRAYER Doily Lenten Devotional By DR. GAIUS G. ATKINS Tested Courage The Lord is my light and salvation; whom shall I fear? The lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid? Read Psalm 26: 27-1. These passages from the Psalms are the answer to Nehemiah's question. (See Thursday's reading.) "Is a man like me to run away?" (Moffatt) Well, a captain can't very well run away and expect his company to hold the line. Responsibility demands courage, always. But the question goes deeper than that. When does courage become mistaken, stubbornness and the man who will not give up become a danger to the common good? Only when his cause is right .The 26th Psalm is a good answer. When a person can repeat the Psalmist's "I have's" and "I have nots," then he can say, "Here I stand, I can do no other." But not till thenPrayer: Give us insight. Lord of All Self-Searching and Self-Understanding, to truly test the secret of our courage. Forbid that we should stand unchanged through any foolish pride. Give us instead the nobler courage to confess our foolish or stubborn ways. Help us to be brave enough to be kind and just and to find the secret of our steadfastness in our devotion to what thou dost ask. In His Name Who set His face to go to Jerusalem. Amen. Pilgrim Fellowship to Present Play at First Congregational Climaxing a two months' study of life in India, the play, "Outpost," will be presented Sunday evening at the First Congregational church in Mason City by the Pilgrim Fellowship group. Leading characters in the play include Gene Payne, Marvyl Beck, Gladys Kellogg, Stewart Bremner, Dorothy Ehlers, Ben- · nett Webster, Philip Armstrong, cl Norman Merkel and Bob Lorenz. S| Mrs. E. E. Homey will direct the performance. The play centers around the life of a missionary in India who nearly loses faith in his work and in God after his father is killed by natives. Preceding the play, the fellowship group will serve a dinner of Indian foods in the church basement at 6 o'clock in the evening. Airplane Mechanics Sought by Mason City Employment Office Frank Ball, manager of the Iowa state employment office in Mason City Friday stated a tremendously increased activity in the airplane manufacturing field has created inquiry concerning the availability of skilled mechanics and machinists not presently employed. The local employment office is interested in obtaining the names and addresses and a record of the experience of all skilled machinists and mechanics not now working at their trade, he said. The office is particularly interested in machinists and mechanics who have had aircraft experience but is also interested in trained workers who are interested in obtaining supplementary training in aircraft mechanics. All machinists and mechanics previously registered with the employment service whose applications are now inactive should renew their applications, the manager requested. Unregistered machinists and mechanics were asked to register at the local employment office. Amateur Contest Is Staged at Titonka TITONKA--An amateur contest was held at the Tyke theater on Tuesday evening and the following numbers were chosen by the judges: Little German band, of Burt; Ruby, Buddy and Leonard Stenzel, of Titonka; Iva Marie Brayton, of Burt; Menvin Diamond, of Wesley; Henry Meyer, o£ Woden; and the Koppen brothers, of Lakota. Other entertainers who appeared in the contest were, Bobby Thaves, of Burt, in a vocal solo, and Jaccjjeline Sunderland, o£ Buffalo Center, in a tap dance. SALE IS HELD DOUGHERTY--The closing out sale which was to be held Feb. 28 at the Ed Donnelly farm was held Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Donnelly have moved to Mason City after spending 41 years on the same farm. Carload Idaho Russets, £ TOO-lb. Sack... y No. Minnesota Cobbler ioo-ib. C Sacks 9 BUY NOWI F E D E R A L Fruit and Vegetable MarkeH{

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