The Evening Post from New York, New York on April 6, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, April 6, 1818
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Th. MteM are iovted ? attend an x Tt - i , Jthi Iscbolars btrtengins? to tbe Afn It. New - Yk Fr oo School Bil can r rcv . . .L ., tomorrow moraine, m ciibiu" . ... ap6 It - riTi; rratleman who on Saturday evening . W UM 6RELLAS at the book ttore r W B. ClLLEY. 92 Broadway, will corner a favor by aUingfjr take hy ro""r' T. ,..! rl.CAKK TO TAKE BOTIC rvr Ait hat happened erv ofte." "" '"S' !Vt - ih.t Rlmwlt and Laces have beei Klll'bt a few doors from my lodging, where the udv'ofthe said place assumes, tonietiinei, my name in order to get the work destined for rue hraiT cuttomert this it to advise theui, and the ldieio general, that my name ha been hied Z the bouse where I live, No. 60 Warren - street, and that I shall be very happy to be favoured With Uie COUUUUOUUU VI uirii F w,ln JUSITNE ROZES, . Mantua Maker and Shawl and Lace Scourer, !8 31t No. 60 Warren - street. J. HEWITT, respectfully acquaints his friends - a .1 I II , p. n I . .nd the DUhhC. that his Beneni v,oncri Thursdav. April 17th. al the City Hotel, V. j "..or...,! ,,. nf which will be aa .AiinrcH IB future ndvertistDients. J icaeis, at L ... I. - I...A I Inhnis music tloft.' ! (jOOd eacu, tu uc uju v . . , ricu uuuk iiui. " - ' j . . .l.1. .. ...i. .Inru. miflni - lHD 1 UIW) J. HCW' - - i.l. l..l llrntriwav : IIIIU'I UC1U iuiim . . Rt's musical Repository, 156 1 - 2 WtihuaU ij - At H very ii'inu rout and reap :ctati!e meclitig convened at Tammany Hall, agrteahly to Dublic notice, on Saturday evening, the 4th HniofAoril. 1818. JACOB II Al.rir. I w?tap p.mted Chairman, and CHARLES N. BALD SjCI.V H.. - rtnrV - The following preamble and resolutions being read wi - ro unanimously adopted. Whereas, a bill has passed the Senate, and i now pending belore the t1o..seot Asseininy ni mi - Male, prohibiting and exempt ing the Exchange B ink of tins city frui its .m - visions for only thrceyeart : Ana wncn as, tncme said hill lcouie a law, it would operate vt r m inri. inly to a uttfn prop 'ilion of ifm citizens . hi.,li.lti t.inauiiM'h. a it would destroy al competili - n Willi ike itnurp .rated banks, benefit (lit rich, opiress and bttitfit the poor, et'end the power ol eiisling arirtocrac.ies already toe - crt - at, and ultimately terminate the ban bin;; trmiMtCtinns of an individual, whose loan hate been highly advantageous to many laborious and industrious mecnanics ana neigiiuorinp; innurra; and who commenced in this business with lawful niithohtv.'emiiakin? bis lorlunc in its purstui and three year of tis lif - having leen devoted to iu f ilMirs. in r Ihlion to wiiich, this in. - 'eting cun - niit hutttr eiiress tin ir teniiiiientn than in (lie lannue ol Hie honor, me coiuniiiiee oi i tie senate - ' that if any bill restraining private banking should pass, the proprietor of thie institution should l exempt therefrom, without limitation or ttitrirtioti. as an del of justice to which he entitied upon rvery principle of private right and j'Uiilic p.iiuy." 1'iiHielore Kesolved, That every act of incor J,J.nil('ll im a BinK in ui'uupuiji, mm wu,m, ii" to be granted, except in tlwse cases wlieru competent individuals cannot be found to carry on the biii( M upon their own retponsibility equal to trie h ants of the community. Resolved, That ia the opinion nf this meeting, judging as well from our ownexjierience, aslrom tneiepiort to the honorable As?emt)ly, ol tneir committee on currency, the condui I of the iuenr - poraleil Banks has not been such as to eolitle thim to any particular bemficeuce or reward from the Legislature. - Resnlved also, As the opinion of this meeting, that die hom ruble Walter B .wne, senator Iroiu this city, in advocating the pi.issae ol the aforesaid bill, aud oppoiint; the exemption of the Kx change Bank from id provi - i n, bus not promoted the ii.terrst, or represented the leeliiis and wi'hts of a great majority of his coiattitiients. - Whether the course f policy pursm d oy that honorable member, results froni the want nfu more intimate a quaintancewitb those he. rcpro - aents, or from erroneous opinion lornied by l.uv ing been I .ng associated with other Bank Uirei tors, aud hitgely interested in the stotk of incor - ' porafed Bai.ks, Ibis meeting does n it possess the necessary means to determine with precision oi accuracy. Revived, As the opinion - of this meetini;. that banking cu be conducted by individiidls, as much more beneficially fur themselves and ad vantageously for the public, as any other busi - riein may be managed by an individual better than by an incorporated company. . Resolved, That previous in the establishment of the Exchange fiaok, a great prortion nj the Mechanics and small traders oi this city did not participate in bank invort, although neceisit.ue.l to receive the notes of their employers ; and although they ueie necessarily comelled tu sn ' fer a due proportion of the evils insepcrobh from a p aper system. Resolved, That at all times since the estab lishmunt of tills institution they h ire received u lileral support, the fund.; of the Bunk, and bic time of the proprietor being almost exclusively devoted t that class of the community, while the capital of the incorporated Banks has been etieritiiy employed in accomodating directors or the iriends f directors, and o. her large deal ers wkose extensive speculations would ahs r! the !nds of eery institution where they could obtain an ascvud.ic v or even an influence. . Resolved, that we do not mean to include in this ensure, other members who may have voted witti mm, in m llif mo.t iinnorabie and disinter - esltd motivts, but, who hems dei'itute oftlie necessary inlr rn.ation to form a correct opinion, may have relied on his opinions. Drtsumiiur thai he would better understand the intr rests nflbi city, than those that resided at a dutan e ; but we are contraind to add. that we ronoot con - t'virr Bank Duulort lo be impartial judgs, and therefore they oujht not to have mote than a - . (ii. irauuo oi inuuence in aeciaing mis question riAni MirtrtMul A nrii'il. 'iing, have, within Wimbj. ives, an effectual remedy against any ot its iu,ngiiinry inconien - jenciu or dangers, by each, for himself, wiffint w !... oouang todo with the Banker or his p., per ; Coa'ecptuitlr. iht v nre not in n, ,d oil .. . falative aid lhevse ol'ils friends is very diff - i - u. , wi iir, naipnvwi oi tins source ol ar - commodalinu, tliey cannot, wiltitb. slightest ile ol hope, resort to Die intorDoruttd Bnnki as their wants, individuallt, are so small, al - iK'gu Bnmeros s to render their apphc alio,, beneath the attention of ihn insiitnimna Resolved, that the honorable Messrs. Van Beu - ren, i.r mgston, Uantino nnd Dayton, of the Sen ate, are entitled to the thanks of this meeting. ... .... , .. .. . .. " uic W!i una aniliiv mpr dir.lrel in muirt of individual rigtits, and the fcst inb rests of tin - inhahitanU of this dutrict, srhen the aid bi l was anaer consideration n that hnuorahlt: bo Resolved, that George Buckmasler, John B fnorp, Isaac Burr, ir. Thomas W,ltni. Conrai Brookes, Jacob C. Mott, John Fink. J .hn Bm in ner, Jasses Palmer. David lwis and Samuel I Borrow, be a cemiuilleu, wh are requested in otliaip of this meeting, to request the Mi mb. rs of ... umij irom litis city, in use every eierti - m M their power to prevent the passage of the a fcresdid bill. Resolved, thatthe proceedings of this meeting be signed bjr - the Chairman and Secretary, and rwsjaucil JACOB HALSET, Chairman. . CHARLES N. BALDWIN, SecVy. ap6 It ' For jtMSTf.Hh.1M, The fine fist sailin? brig KENTUC KV.MF.I.I.H ' rw.m, . loidimf, and having 2 - 3ds of her cargo go tm board, will bedispatcheJ .thou' de - .y - For fi eight or passage, apply on board. - ui - uioi uie suhsenhers store, or to G. G. fe S. HOWLAVD, 77 VVahingtnn - street. Ut - M, Sllr.LTlNGs and CANDLES. 50 boxes Rnssia Mould Caadh 60 P's Russia Sheetings K l0Jnhll, N. Rtim, landmg at Coenties - ""ftandforsjleby . . 6 OaHOR V, 58 S mth - st. PORN MEAL. C4 hhds. and 89 K - irrels best iJf' .0W K,la dried cor" M" - al of Totulinson's rand, landing, and for sale by TUCKER &LAURIF.S, po ' 23South - ftreeL LANDING fiom sloop Ntw - Tork, at Crane wharf, and lor sale by - GEO. W. TALBOT, 63 Pine - street. SI hales Horse Hides H piper (in, front the Cranston Distillery, remarkably line flavor, ueaier are reqiested to examiiie the quality, which will be found eqnal to any ni&iiularturea in una country . ap o s Sl.t OK RA CE 6LCAR. 2 4 bass land I ing from the Francis Henrietta, for sale at 67 Sonth - street. a'p 6 CAMBRLLEJiO fc PEARSO.V. r j rior London built Oi? , of the latest fathian, very neat, built or the best materials and on the lightest consirucucu iu u u uii application at No. 1 Murray - street. ap 6 1 w , Of J TLV PLATE &l CUHKS. JdiL Boxes tin plate, 13 X 1875 eroce velvet bottle corks, 1st quality 84 reams sugar - loaf paper. For sale by RxGERS ii POVr, ap 6 51 South - st. ; I OLAeSES 1 he cargo ol the Ketch Ma - iVI ria, from Havana, consisting of 260 hhds. and 13 tierces new cr .p Molasses, now on I lie wharf, pier No. 7 North River, and for sale by G.G. Aid. HOWLt0, ap 6 " Washington - street. IIAl'LR MILL RAlia. 34 bales linen Rage, L for sale low , by JNO.M'CRACKAN, 82 1 - ? Pearl - street. ap6 3t VAK AN i KU'LICL Il.sti t l.OI Hn. ALARGL asortuietit .f every description of Dutch Bohing Cloths, warrented t be of Lebest quality, and a' very reduced prices, for sale ny J x o. ii 'tv it. in, p 6 3t 821 - 2Pearl - stre t. SY OLAS - Ks. SUGAR, COKr'KE, Aic - N5 blub. 13 tierces and 6 bbls. good ru tailing nlasi!S 75 bbd. and 34 bbls. MiiicovadoSu - ar 21 boxes white and 21 do. brown do 12 bbls and 35 baas prime Green Coffee, Landing at pii r No. 13, E. R. from brig Factor, rom .Matanzts lor sale ny ap 6 GOODHUE & CO. 44 South - st. fXUC'K, &c 410 pieces 1st quality Russia J.J Duck, part U A mark. ' 13II9 sides sole Leather 6 enses Flags and Bandannas 1 do real Madras Hdkfs 3 hales Baftas 14 bottles Oil of Roses, landing and for sale by . GOODHUK V CO. ap o 4 - s noiiiii - sireci. i OA I" SKINS. 8aU) vludras Goat bkins, J landing from ship Frances Henrietta, for salehy GOOOssUr. fi CO. Bp 6 44 Soulh - Strt - e'. I KON 4 - bTLLL. iiOO tons Russia Old sable ' lro,l PSI - 50 do do do mixed PSIGAD. andCCND. 25 bundles Swedish Steel, for sale by HURD& SEW ALL, 8p6 65 South street. O ALEXANDRIA r LOU K. NE hundred bbls Alexandria Flour, of ex cellent quality lor sale by JJIVIt, DMIHMr, ix ap 6 92 Wall - street. noi.ilfiin.iii n and lady in adain private family. . M at this ofln e, with terms and pine e 1 1 tlcma Address L f residence tt'titLK OF TUK HKiO UEAt.RAL.V - i - A70 - ". ON Thursday next, the 9th instant, at one o'clock, w.ll be sol 1 at auction at the house of general Bedell, comniisioner of wreck" Chi ietian Hook, S mth Hi mptead,thabrijg n - ral Marion, a she lies stranded on houtn Hemp - It ad Peach, together with sundry articles, of ails, rigging, cargo, kc. saved from the wreck. I he vessel is copper fastened and was thealhed Ailh heavy copper about six months since. an 6 4t TEN oOLLAKa lU.rtAKH. O JOLEN last evening, from the entry of the O houie No. 12 Jf hn street, a new bluesuner. fine Surtout Coat, and a Hat nearly new The ib ive reward will be paid on the apprehension f the thief. . np N. M I lH D A V 1 E S, Wholesale and retail Chrmical Perfumer, No. HI nnoADWAT, REGS leave tnjnloriu his iriends and customers, that he has on hand an extensive assort men 0' perluincry and fancy articles, vn : sha ms soap nun ii'inni , wasning soap in cakes anil .Is: m.tique oil; cold cream: charcoal anil htinicai dentil'ric ; rouge and rearl powder: plain and scented hair powder ; almond powder an - l paste ; mna rr r - i - es ; hard and solt poma - . . . i. ..I .ii. : . i - i i . ni , iipuiii, iioui, Tinins, nuir, nan ana ennm rushes, of superior quality; razors; si issors ; i. n and pocket knives I shaving and tires. sing cases; pocket books and many other arii L ies, too numerous to mention, tor sale w holesale Hid retail. an 6 HUNTING ION'S Wril'lNi. ACADEMY. MO. I46 FTLTOlf - 8TRKXT R. HUNTING! ON will receive anew clnss of writers this week, which is the last he will teach, his encaeement at eneravinz being such as to require bis whole attention, from, die 1st of May. Those therefore, who maybe delimus of his instructions (n the art of writing, will please to commence in the coarse of this week, it being the last opportunity they will have. np 6 !H SPLENDID LOTTERY. ' IIIE Mihord and Owego Road Lottery wTl rosninence drawioe the 5'h of next inonto when the hrst drawn numlicr will be entitied to 9,lksD Duiiars. 'fi,.. i. 1 1.. Iv.t T jiii.ra s : ami only 10,000 Ti kets, and the Brilfiaot pri zes or 7i),00O Dollan 3...IHX1 Dollan 10.000 Dollnrs 51JIU1 UHla.s 5,000 Dollars 10,000 Dollar And an immense oiimher of smaller I'nies. . Tickets and h rr - - , ( r - le by, ISGJSroad - iray. h - told tnnre prizes in 'he nv other OtTice in Broad ny. bst L"tt ' i . than ap 6 2t "J.'IT, FOREST I REES, Ac. OCT BENJ AMIN TRINCEA iW,e,T' 1 - ar.dh.g. (I.. I.) ?.' - V'Cr - M'ar New York, their usual aud il , k - " i n . . iv, tuir n iikii extensive variety oi European and Amencan I ruit and Ornamental 'I rees. Also, a large col lM.,...n r.( tilling ftnH i .. v v. p,ni,l, ...h... " II Plant ; Ihey have seseral thou - 0t0MslZh. 'and inoculated Peach trees, won i. are in in. mt tineanny stare nna iree iroui any dnteinier, great attention bat been paid l lreserve thi m from the yellows, which has destroyed to many trees of that bind throughout be United stMts. Catalogues of which may t had of.Mtssrs HULL &. BOWNE, No. 146 fearUstreet, New York, or at their Nursen. Orders forwarded to either place will be immediately attended to. and Use trees. Kc. rarelully and securely pa, ked, so at to he sent to any part ol the Uoitcl Mate, with the greatest saie - ty, and dclivtrrn at Crane wharf, New - York, hy water tree ul in - ight. Also, lor salr as above, !0"0 beautiful B'dm f or Silver Fir Tree. iV - r are a. most sure to lire when transplanted tr - At the great l oss . f Peach Tree by dis - eat - , have deleted many from p sn'ing tnem, directions will he given io those wh pun base them, wlit b tf attended I, will raab'e tneoi to preserve their trees in a health ttite, ami to have Peaches in as great plenty as in former year. N. B Peach tree inoculated on Almond nr Pluna Tks, is no tirevent - tive - igninst ihe dis - ftise which the Pennsylvania A'rii U 'M'.d Hncie - ty, rail th yellows. ati 6 DVCIw LLOUNCES Ic COLE' FT TS f MARCH I 1.1, - - w for tale bv i for sm, ny lAJ. ' s i ap 1 210 BrjwIiTay. CONCERT. 57 MRS. FRENCH, grateful for Ilia libe ral patronage she has received fram ber frieudr and the public, has agnin the pleasure to an nounce, that her second concert of vocal and instrumental music will take place on Tbarstlar ik. r.iL .... - ii (Partitulari in our ntxl.) ap6 . CORN MEAL. THE subscribers will continue to have on hand a constant supply of kiln dried Indian Corn Meal, in hogsheads and barrels, from a mill of the very tirst reputation, near this city. - I hey hold themselves ready to contract lor thu delivery of such Quantities of Meal as may be required, which may be sent alongside oi vessels ai me wnari irean iroin me mm. Ap ply to ItCaLti & JjaUKICc, ape 29 south street, tor hretglit or Lliarter, I he tost sailing brig - HOPE, Arnold, master, burthen 2UUU bbls. lust arriv ed li - om Aew - orleans, and can be put in rea diness to receive a cargo in 3 day and dis patched immediately. For terms apply on noaru, ui rine - Hireei w n:ii1, or to G Ills WOLDS k COATE3, ap 4 68 ioulh - street. tor BKIHTOL, (r.ngland.) The fast sailing packet shin ELLEN. Lvniie uou'lai.d, will positively sail to morrow, (weather p runtime) cau vet accom - urndute several more piasse - icers. if application i made immediately ,on board east side Fly - .uai iiei nart, or to URIaVVOLDS COaTES, ap 4 68 bouth - street. for Freight r Chatter. Theschr PALATINE, Boyenton, will take a freight or charter for aneastcra or ouihern port, if application is made immedi ately to W.JLiH : GAI.LAGHEK, Hi3 . 66 Sniilh - street. For LOjVD,.Y, (To sail positively on the 12th.) The MINERVA - SMYTH. cant. Alien, will commence loading on Monday 1500 bbls lluur or 200 hales of cotton can be taken on freight, aud a few mure passengers can be accom modated, if application is made to cupt. Allen on hoard, at t lue - slreet wharl, or to WRCH: GRAC1E Si SONS, Who have lor sale, ' . 27 cases sheathing copper, 24, 26, 23 and 30 ounce 100 caks Hibberl's porter np 3 For WASHINGTON. N.C. i The schooner EAGLE, Russell, ly ing at reck - slip ; will sail on iuesdav next. or Ireight or passage, apply on hoard, or to K. ii C. W. DA V EN PORT il CO. ap3 - For CHHLEyrujV, The staunch schooner LOUISA. W Napier master, will sail in a few days. having tue roost ol her Ireight reedy and going on board. For the residue or passage, apply on board at rine - street wnari, or tu ap3 SAUL ALLEY, v For the FAST I D't.S, A good SHIP bound to the Fast In dies, will take 2jUU nairels Hour, or an equal bulk of grain, to Madeira o. Tene. rifle, if application is made immediately, at 67 Nnith - street, to . ap3 CAVBItKLEXG 8c PEARSON. rftcxandrnif (Scorgtlvton Ic Washington t 7y. The sloop VICTORY, J. Somers, master, now ready to receive fi eight and will be dispatched immediately. For which or passage, apply to the master on board, cast side Pick - slip, or to DIVIE HETHUNE ic Co. ap 2 92 Coffee - house - slip. For Ha RE. X The packet ship RUBICON, Hnl - i - dredge, master, is now loading at Jonet' whart, and will sail about the 15th instant. For freight or passage, a(ply on Iniard, or to , I'OI T ii M'KJNNr, ap 2 56 outh - t. nr ..V'Ji'li .n.'i.A .9 V.V. The good ship LAGUIRA, to sail on iajSuuday next. Four more passengers mil a lew tons freight, will be taken, if immedi ate application is made to Pi. L. 61 (J. liKIS vVUI.l;, np 2 86 .South - st. For .MOnlLF and BI.AKFL.Y, The last sailing regular packtt schr. SANDUSKY, Capt. Week, 120 ..ins, ill having considerable freight alreatly engaged, will meet with despatch. For the remainder or passage, having handsome accommodations, apply on bourd west side Old - slip, or to fhiblO & lltrl llllK., ap I 19 Cnenties - slip. For H.i YRE, , The fine coppered ship MA III A - IHE i,.RESA, Skiddy, master ; having the principal part of her cargo engaged, will meet immediate dispatch. For freight of 100 bale - cotton, or passage, having good accommodations, apply to G. G. & S. HOWLANP, ' ap 1 77 Warhington - st. ollEETlNG A: SHIRTING LINEN. . ; 2 bales line Plunder slieeting Linen 2 do do shirtings do 1 case Dutch . do do 1 do do very stout do do For tale at 77 Washington street, by ap4 G. G.&S HOWLANP. CALCUTTA COODS. 8 Dales ttaitas, just ree'd and for tale by JOS. OSBORN, 28 South street. ap 4 IVT i. i tiert ts new crop Molasses, landing on pier ivo. 7 ionn tvnrrr, and ror tale oy G. G. & S HOWLAND, ap 3 77 Washington street 1 .1 EDIU.M PnlNTING PAPER. 1 I lo7 reams Medium Printing Paper, of a goou uuaiity,ior sale ny G. G. Si S. HOWLAND, ap 3 77 Washington - street. RKf. A 13 O Tierces prime Bice, and 32 crates Crockery Landing from schr' Lonisa, and will be (old low from the wharl, by SAUL ALLEY, 98 Pine - tt. I i store, 24 hhds prime Georgia Tobacco, and 22 hales bea - Island cotton, tor tale as above mh3t ltln I.IAfctfS, DIArS.R0, LAWMS, A: l'. HENRY MV It. KAR . CO hatre recrived by the late arrivals from Dublin, and by the Pacific, l rom Liverpool, a general assortment of 4 - 4 and 78 Linens 5 - 4 Sheetings; 7 - 8 Lawn 3 - 4 Disper ami Rjoad Diaber, assorted Damask Table Cloths 3 - 4 brown and blar.l: Lawns, in half pie ces ; which they offer for sale on lilieral terms, at mh W gw la. 67 rin - street. jfOIlN A BUM. WILLINK&CO ofWlor f sale, at their store, No. 73 Washington - street : 314 tierces Rice, now landing from ship 61 hMfdo Corsair. 12 to 14000 bushels fine Liverpool salt A few bales Casbmirs and shalloon shafts Several caiks smalts, lately received from Holland 4 casks hardware ap 3 lw ij r I . 1 ' r. fib VyCl Ll.lW. v vnm:m O ly.'doa Seine Twine Ji) bs let Lki Cod Lines, jest received by the ship Minerva ?mTth, and f anle by r BOOKMAN fc Jt.'HN - TON, a t aihtt. SUPERIOR BOLTING CLOTHS. A GENERAL asMirtmeut of Holland, warranted Bolting Cloths, for tale on the lowest terns, by J. M'CKACKAN, ap3 3t ' 8i 1 - 5 Pearl - street. ORY, BEESWAX, ic li,600 lb. Uees - WaX 1000 do Ivory, and a few dried hides, just received and for sale by SiMlTH, BLANCHAflli k CO. ap 3 lw No. 35 nui'liiig - ttlip. 2 FRENCH GOODS, kc. Cases cambric aud cambric hdkfs i case drops de soie I do silk hdlifs, assorted 20 doien Burgundy wine For sale by ISA KC G. OGDEN & CO. 48 Wall - st. Alo, 50,000 first quality 22 inch cy pros shiu - les uitpe ted. ap 2 lw NhW - OKI.KANS SUGAR, CO 1 TON, ic. JAMES D'WOLF, jr. 57 Front - street, h; for sab, landing from ship Evergreeu 105 hhds New - Orleans sugar 48 bales do cotton, prime quality. WLiOOAWWjVJ, Clean St. Petersburgti hemp, iu lots to suit purchasers 400 qr. cask." Orange works' gun powder bnxci roll brimstone 100 boxes of German steel ) entitled to draw - 10 cases ttiihlcr ) back One case Leghorn straws Xj - " Cash ad,vauccd on goods consigned for sale. ai rd 1 FURS. 1 1IK subscriber ofleis for tale, in lot to suit purchasers, 1,500 lbs North West Beaver 5MI Ids Grand liner do 100,000 Canada Musk - Rat Skins 10,01)0 Prime Spring do do 3.0011 Racoon Skint 1 200 Neuira do 5.000 Russia Grey Hare Skint 3.01 Kl lbs Camels Wool Prime carrotted and raw Hares Fur Do do do Coney do GEO. ASTOR, ap2 1w 144 Water - street. HOLLAND Die K, Ii rsale liy CH S. L. OGDEN, and ABR. OGDEN. ap 2 Washiugtiin - street. I'AlXiS. DETER bCIIERMEKHORN & St)NS, have M. imported in the ship Miiierva - .Yinitli, from London, and now landing', tor sale 240 kes white lead in oil 7 bids tine litharge 1 case Prussian blue. ap I Ct ST. CROIX RUM. SUGAR, ate. TMIE cargo of the brig Hazard, Litili field, X matter, from St. Croix, consisting oi Rum, auiiar. and Rio de la Hatch Nicarnguu Wood now landing and for tale in front of the subscriber's store, at Peck slip. apa lv ur.J iir; koiiks i n t;o. DRY GOODS. FANCY plate Calicoes Marseille Quiltingt, royal rihtit Inle and printed tut - eens Cotton brown hollnnds Swautdown, toilanetts, silk ttriMs Col ton and woisted hosiery Irish linens Ic sheetings Buttons, bed ticks Fine and superfine cas - simeres YoTkshin fine and tu licrfiue cloths London do do Supierfiue ladiet cloths Boiuhazettt, ratiuetts lmHrial cords, vigo - uiu rassimt res Stockineltt, plain and ribb'd Flannel, baizet Superfine calicoes and riiintzit 4 4, 9 - 8, 6 4 cambric musims Cambric jaconet rlain tnmhord & sew ed mulls Plain and t a rubor 'd book niuilins 4, 4 4 and 6 - 4 cambric uinghams Black and tol'd cam - hrii s 'civets and cords, bea ver cloves Fancy cravats, twilled and chiin Madras lidkft, pint Hair cord cambnet, cotton balls , White col'd threads silk, kid, and cotton Ferrettt, worsted bind gloves ing !Mik hose, tilk fioren - Shirt buttons, cotton linei lace I! Tack homhazrem Paris ncttt and souffle Florence silk, ribbons, gauze Black and white (hulls lace Leno liiawle, Estnpil - las galliums Florences, plain and fi gured Virginia satins, plaid lustrings Friug'd black silk hkfs Velvet bindings, tapes, holifcins Furniture calicoes, and chintzes 4 - 4, 9 8, 6 - 4, 7 - 4 and 8 4 printed cambric shawls 7 4 & 8 - 4 imitation do. 8 4 casimere do. Bandanno, longee and sistersoy hdkfs. Pocket hdkfs. white and printed Hair cord and cambric dimiliet Jeans, cotton castimere Striied Florentine Black in Madaiiolluni and steam Sewing silk, assorted colors Linen cambric Tuble cloths, 6 - 4, 7 - 4 ii 8 - 4 Diapers Furniture Duuities Fancy Leno, Ic figured Muslins Cambric Trimmings, It Flounces Seersucker Ginghams Komall Hdkfs. Silk Check Gi.igham ill 3 rol'd Cambric garments Oil Cloths Brown Linens Merino Shawls Cotton hahdannoei 9 - 8 col'd ttrip'd jaco - r.etts loom shirtings Iudii muslins, ir &c Received by the late arrivals and for sale hy iiauu&ki i, mh24dictm 167 I'earl - stnet. NEEDhiE: A OGSBURY, Junr. No 77 William ttrcet, LX - hat jutt received by the Pat iflc an assort ment of Needles, of Superior quality. ap2 3t ' CANTON GOODS, HUNTRESS' CARGO Col'd and black Nankin Crapes, first quality, 22 y'dps Col'd and blk. figured do. 19 y'd pieces Do. do Plain do. 19 do do Do. changeable fcarsnets, high col'd 30 do iBIack do do Do 61m hews do Coloured Satins 18 do Col'd Sewing Silks Also, a handsome assortment inserting trimmings. For sale by mh 30 wt A. C. ZABR1SKIE 1 IV prime Kentucky Tobacco, landing from , O. 1 1 r .1 1 . 1. U uric fiariiaini, inim nrw - cneiin, lorsaie iit L.sIDLa W, GIR tULT It CO. apl 101 87 Cnfi". e - H use slip HFMhf.Ri.U Tii.hKjW K iilut.a. A' r EW thnus.uid pounds New Y - .tk I allow, and ZUUU Slaughtered Hide, lor sale. Apply to T. GIBBONS, Fly - Market, mh 1 1 ft I I E VI rEN OSNAUKU'..' A lewb;Us WAX stout hempen osnahrusts just received ami for sale on reasonable terms by G. Si T. MEYER, mrh31 lw ' 1 1fl A':,hir,gton - st. r.OUR packnees Brown Sheeting i? 3 do hiearh do (hoe and coarst; 15 no On.Kham (tome very superior; . SO do Stripes ; 4 do Ticking 10 do Satlinets and Castiuct, bndsomi 4 d o Cosimeres, I I'sor'meni 10 do fine and superfine Broad - Cloths 2 do Cotton balls 60 retms Letter Paper, and, a usnal. a gen eral assortment Cot loo Yarn, .or sale oe accoay modatine terms, b THE COMMISSION COMPANY, ap 4 d.V - 148 t'etrl - sttret. F'LOL R - (W bbls Richmond (cutMlry mills) Floar. landing irom tl s"p Tryal. for ale br GR1SWOLD3 k COATES, ,p 4 68 fcoiith - slreeT. TOnACCO. - 5 hhds. Richmond Tobacco, superior quuli for sale by ap 4 HURO ic 6EWALL. IRON - t tons ' 19 do for sale by P4 - t 3 4 to f 5 - 8 English Iroo do do Swedes da O.G - fcS HOWLAND. T7 WaxAiostou - stmrt! ' CONCERT. fI R. TIIIBAULf and Mr. OSTINELLI'S 1TX GRAND CONCERT, will tone place on Tuesday, the "tb instant, at Washin;ton Hall, wnere will be peuormea me poitowirur piece. (Leader of the Orchestra, Mr. Genlil.) PART I. . 1. Overture, Deli boraiii ruriaxzi Cimarosi, 2. Song, Fria the sponti, performed by Sirs, hardi Cimarota. X Cnucertn, executed on the piano by Mr. Thi - bault Dusseck. 4. Concetto on the flute, by Mr. Tarler. 5. Nqtnrni. penbrmrd by Mrs. and Mr. Pardi. accompanied by the barn Blangim. 6. Snlo, executed on the violin, by Mr. Ottioe) Ii Kreuter. 7. Fli nch Theuia, with variations, composed and executed on the piano, by Mr. ituDauiu 8. Finale. PART II. 1. Overture, dell' Agncsse Paer. 2. Behold in his soft expressive face, with varia tions, composed and executed on the harp, y Mr.TLibault. 3. y roh sc, with variations, composed and ex ecuted on the clarionet, by Mr Gamier. 4. Dun, Del figlio dilt - Uo, sung by Mrs. and Mr. I'aidi Farinelli. 5. Variations on the Violin, coniiKised and exe cuted by Mr. Oitim lli. ti. Trio, to lie uug hy Mrs. Pardi and Messrs. I'ardis Ziunotti. 7. Fvelcru's Bower, with variations, comimsed nnd executed on the piano iy Mr. Thihault . Finale. Tickets to be had at Mr. Dubois' music store, Broadway; Mr. Goodrich's hook - store, Broadway ; Mr. Gtil.'s, Vlaiden - lane ; aud at the bar fit Washington Hall. ap3 41 I x I II I I UK (At.L.i - .HI, 14lf - SCl.roN STRVF.T, (Rot's Hiiilihntj'. near Broadway.) To connoisseurs and amati urs ol the Fine Arts, and lo the en.iuhtt tied public of New - Yoik 'IM1E uropri - lor ol an extensive collection ol I iicturet, the works of the most eminent painters, having just arrived Irem Europe, where he hat purchased Iheru from the rt mils ol Rome, Naples, Florence, Paris, Amsterdam and Loudon, at a very considerable tx pence, propo ses to exhibit them to Hie Indie and gentlemen of this city and its vicinity. Ihe exhibition will liegin on Thursday, Ifilh ol April. It will be far superior to any ns vet offend in the U. Stabs, lhr pic tures hi ing undoubtedly originals contil ing of upwards ol 200 pictures, hy the , best mas lers. Admission 60 rents each, nr one dollar per month. Hours from II) 111 the iiioniin; to sever ir - the evening. Catalogues may be hod al the liallery. fhe store 61 Fulton - tiret. Enquire on the premises np 4 lw I O LET. veiv low. A genteel 2 - slnry brick house, with a snug garden, having a stable 111 the roar, situated iu the most ploatant part of Broadway, about 20 miuutes walk from Ihe City - Hail; rent $4f,0 per annum. For particulars, apply 17 Cedar street. p ! 2w 11 A.Vl'K 1 1 a respectable middle i,k V man as nurse in a small luiuily, Ihe besl recommendations will be required. Aiily al this office - np 3 If AMES CI, M VIIMiS, 76 William - slrcel, bus received I rom auction, wet, 6 4 line sheetings 6 4,7 4, 8 - 4, 9 - 4, 10 4 Diapers It DamHS 3 - 4 Diatiers and Linens which will be told cheap in the p'esi tit stale. Q 4 21 I v v 1 1! 1 Ii A I) ri Ii f II I A . 'I'weiitv - five miles land carriage, via New Bruniwick and Trenton. In new post coache $5 Do. good tiagas, 4 50 Do. forecastle or deck passenger 3 50 Connected bv the steam boats OLIVE BRANCH and PHILADELPHIA. The tteam - boat ouve Branch will leave New - York every day, Sun davt excepted, from Ihe north side of the Batte ry, at II o'clock A. M. Passenger will lo i, at Trentou. aud take the steam boat Philadel phia, so as to arrive in Philadelphia nt 10 o'clock the next morning, in time to lake the Uuinn Lino Baltimore stcm - hoat. This line has a connection with the best br:.' on the Delaware and Chesapeake to Norfolk ; - as a ho those nf the North River and Sound; aud their several arrivals are calculated to cauii - little, if any dulay. . f his is a speedy and certainly the niost con venient rout, as the passengers will leave Nw - York after the banks open, and arrive in Phila delphia before the hours of business, without fatigue in travelling or want of sleep, Ihe land carriage being much less than by any other mute between the two cities. For teat in the above line appily to WILLI M B JtQUES, At the Union Line Steam Boat OhVe, in Mar ketCeld - ttreet, north side of the Battery, I tween Greenwich K Washington - streets, or to The CAPTAIN on board 0 All goods and baggage at the risk of Ihe owner.' ap 1 LIME BURNERS. WANTED three or four exerii!nred lime burners, who ran bs well recouituendi d. To such constant employ and liberal wages will be given Appdy to EZRA LUDLOW, 34 Beavsr - tt. mch 25 DiCif 3 Li. LCI biMlllil G M.HOOL. 'INHERE arealpretint five vacancies in the 1 Kevd. WILLIAM POW ELL'S School, iu Philipthurgh, Yonkert, West - Chtster County Hit system of education is such as to enable him lo qualify young gentlemen lor College nr the Counting House w'i'hin a reasonable time His school isscrct,llienuiiilirif Pupils limited, and the treatment of the most liberal kind The following branches ol useful and pulite li terature are taught, vis : (.reek, History. Latin, r'reui h, Knglish Grammar, CoMiioition, Writing, Arilhmiiic. Geisgrapihy, Matin ma tics, tf. It i presumed that few institutions of the kind can offer greater advantages, whether Ihey regard instruction in general literature, .in moral and religious principles, or in corrs.ct and genth manly tlepiortment. The Parsotiage in which the Pupils ore accommodated, is commodious, reii red and pleasantly situated. Its distance from New York is about seventeen miles ;to which there ii alwavs a direct and esy c.immuiuca - Uo.i. Por further particulars application may In - made to Pishrn Hobart Dr. Wjl.on, Columbia College C. D. Colden, Fsq. T. A Kmmet, Esq, ap2 T. S. Clntkson, Ijq. t: M'Eve's. Esq. Win. Bayard, juu. Esij. A. Bcliermernorn, r.'4 - I)2m3w I '.vl. W 1 1. SON, 26 John re (J door. V V from Nasu - siriel) 1 leave f ine .he public that he does husmess (for cash) at the follow ing reduced pm es. viz : Suptrboe blue or Bla k Coat, Otlrf - rcoloiirs, f . V'l.i. I rurk or Surtout. .ti Ol her colours, Kerey mere ort loth trowsers, II ' - ...I Vest. 4 50 Merteil's do 3 75 And to those who prefer finding their own materials. M. !;,. Sdrtonl or frock Coat, 17 7 '1 do Clo Bodied do - 7 Hn Trowsers t 75 J. Vrst 2 Am, and Navy Uniforms, ChiMren'i Clothes and every f''her artii le proportion. ihly cheap. V. K. All articles cm 111 the ni - l fashionable style, and the workmanship equal to any in 'be city. w. taae uu opportonity to return his tiocere thanks to those Kenllemeo who hay hnoorrd him with their commands, and to assure them and the public st large thit nothing shall be waaung 00 hu pan to jtve sautiacuoa. W(fcSStJSJxlJ. PUBLIC SALES; By HiiririMAt n firtss. . 'i - Thursday,'' ; X o'clock, al 150 Green wich - ttreel, near CnuitlnH.atrMt. a turr and eeneral assortment of Household Fumitnre, the property pf a gentlemen leaving the city. Consisting nf tablet, chairs, mangel, glass wate, carptiit, sideboard, piano forte, ic. Also, a small quantity choice port wiue. chrel, old hock, and Dutch gin. apb3t , M.iRBi,t. run tiULhhW, Ac. FFI H E proprietors of Ihe southern marhloqua - JL ties, near King's - Bridge, give notice, that they have on hand, and are receiving, at the h'mgU - Bridge Marble and Lime - 1 ard, h.l of Beach - stret'l, on the Hudson river, an extensive stork of marble lor building, of the follow u.g dt scriptions, yix : Ashlar Coping Foundation Stooe Chimney - Pieces Fauiiigt Columut Watertable Slept Platform Sills, Lintels Arthet Alto Lime of the best quality. nrf" A constant supply of Ihe above materials may be calculated Uon; and those desirous of piurchasiug, or making engagements, w ill apply to EZRA LUOl.OW, Feb 1 1 " At Ihe Yard. ( A Dumber of Stockholders iniend toup on the billowing gentlemen lor din itiet nf Iho lechaoict Bank. I hit ticket 11 the tame at last year, excepilmg Mr. Jonas M apes, who it tut ttituted lor Ir. trancit cuoiMtr. John Slidell, Samuel Hicks, Anthony Mtinback, H. C. De Rharo, Andrew Morris, Dine Belhune, Nathan Suinllbrd, Jonas Maiet. ap3 3t (nliriel furiunn, (ieorge Warner, nieplirn Allen, Jacob Shirtid, Jacob 1. 1 rillard, Ihe KihtHl Kepuhlicau Electors M tit SECOND WAR I , will convene 00 Tuetilsr evening next, at se.en o'clock, at llodgkinton't Tavern, corner 01 Nasst.u street, to umke ar - raiigements tu telet t suiltible candidates fur the ensuing election. ' "I1 3 A CARD. (tr MADAM DELAGE, milliner Irom l'a - ris, (il) Keed - tireet, has the honor ol uiioriuing Hie ladies of this city , and purlu ulnrly her cusimu - tit, that she hni received nnd just opened an ile gniil u - si.rtitient ol Spting Hats, Chip Flats Leg - horns, flowers, kc. ap 3 lw j KEVIOVAL. Xr N. SMITH DAV1F.A has n moved his rln mil al petfume manulattoiy aud warehouse from No. h!6 Broadway, oue cfi - or north of Li - brrty - slreel, 011 the west side ol Bioadway. inch 27 NO I ICE. Or" All pers ins having demands agaiotl the estate of Doctor Art hilmld Bruce, deteatrd, are requested to send their accounts to (lie otfke of the suiiti liber, No. 5 Nassau stmt. PETER JAY MUNRO, Mh 27 Im Administrator. 'Xj I wn tliaiet in the Nrw - iork Library so ciety, t OR SAl.r, pine JJeach. Ei.quir al no. 124 liricnlwav. mh 28 NO I II E. . FX - Consignees nf goods per hip Minerva Smylb, frum, London, lire r (pirated to feud their pt units 011 boaid wiihotil delay, at all good not permitted within five days will be sti4 to the iubhc store Ihe thip lies at Murray's wharf. ' mth'JO NOTICE. . (Cr The tuhti rihers having rei lived gent - . rai assigniuciit ol all Ihetsthle til John Murray it sons, lot the In nelit ol ctctlitors as eaprtssed 111 the mnnujeiit, have sutln tiiil Peter Lud - hiw to liquulatu thu uiisetlli d t 'counis and to receive payment 01 all deb's due to the tuid In iu, . r to the individual paitm t who w ill attend to the tame at hit office, No. 11 1 Pearl - stteet. WILLIAM BAYARD, fe.b24 tf IIKNR i IIAHI LA Y. Nuiltr.. K The f'ciitirliitrship hrretnfore txijing utidi r (he fit m nf John (J.K. Gen. Betts, is this day dis - nlvi - d by mutual consent Tho affaut of said concern will lie settled, by John G. Uoitf, who will continue tho business on hi owu ai couut, at the comer of Mott aud Pell streets. . JNO G. BET'Id, mil. 31 1w GEO. BETTS. - OCr" " pe'sons having claims on esUle ol ihe Inle JOHN WILKES, Eq t.'er, attd, are requeued in present ihe same ai ine i nireo, wo tttii'iritiri - , .o. id.'. VVilli:.ii..fltri.t. np I lw II. H E. WILKES. tlCf " At a ineeiing of the Duecloit ul Ihe Union Insurance Company, fcaniuel A Lawrence was elected piresidcnt, Lburlet lll.ind, asnslant, James Renwick, i iuuiy,Cu)l. J110. R. Skiddy, lnsiector, aud Wiilum I. Van Wagenen, becrc - tary. - DIRECTORS. Samuel A. Lawrente U P. Melirk P, Si hernn thorn, Jlinr. JhiiO - lhout Charles King James BiHitiuaa J. m"t(j. Pearson John Km baud Henry Major Charle Khun! ' Henry 'J liomas. ui.4 3t John Jams Itrihtri Hi nt.n, J nor. Josrpih Smith J nines Renwick James Boyd Jeremiah Thnmpisnn fAKK HAi I A' t; I lo.s hoOM, BHUADW A. Next to the correr ul Wurray - elrect. ' Tl siibcriliers inform the puhlic 'hat they will hold regular sales of Poriii(uw Mid elegant laucy articles, 011 Tuesday and Th'irsday, 111 each wee', C'luii'i ni log on I hursilay, IheVtU Inst, at II o'clock, when a handsome and valuable t ollictioo nf fMrntture end fancy arthles wdl he so'd The room will lie' oisrn lor the reception f'f g'HMls, from Monday lh 6th intt. Unite peroo who have article of Ibe hhovc first. 'ri4 ion, whi b Ihry wish to dispose of loth best advantage at public auction, are imi'id Id (Jill. I'ertons wh nre breaking up house e p - iug, are i .lormed that tales will be attended to at Uicir Ihmiscs, if preiered. aP43i M MYF.RSA - 4'O. NOTICE. ' - ! ft7 - Tb Wriler have formed a cennrc - U. uu sji.uiii nww f - w - - nnstandy keep lor tale a nncrl as - nriimjl of otton and W.lea Catds.ol ihe manaf - i at of rti .. . v.i. If.niio.rleril r CompoliV 'njrecei:ed;P - hr:Sai,.u.k, .rom Mo - bile, and h - r in e, 13 hales Deer Skins J . ti tacks Snake Root of prime (jual. gd0 B - M... WHITTEMOflE, .. . timo. VVIIHTLMORE. t IHr l1ltlFi. As it ha happened very often, through mirtake, that their SliawU ard LsiCe I v been bion!it a few door below my Indin,, omere the ldy of asl plaC asjuit.Ct, some lime niy name, in muei u get tne ra ilolmod f.r me by my eutomrrs this is to aiivise them ai d the ldie in gefieral, that my name ha been fixe I on the house where t live, No. 56 Warrenttre. 1, and that I hall bt very happy :o be fvon.d w ith tin ttrm'iinulioo of Ibeir patroimge. KO E I 1 tv ap 2 lw OllACc - O. - J bids cid loti ic", will t landed tbh da Isowi Schr. Bell Itle, ItcBt l eteitourg, for tale t j UJBT GILLESPIE, apt 112 I root street. r ICE JO tierft pmtKs mw iHtce, ItadinC it aud lor tan uy sil l. A1.LEY. S8 Ptis - ttiet. iy STOKE, 24 hhds Georgia Tobacco 14 crate gre. aad bl Jl 12 do aborted ierjWcwkery, kw at above. - . tlntl lor the purisr 01 irniw in .""s u...: .. - .1. . .I, Ann .11 H. iut T W lllf lL - DUS1I1C., HIIII. ... - M - . - - - MUKV; and will f .rthe present do buiwsst j . .,nu i. ... J I'jo sirred 1 and w ill

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