The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 10, 1939 · Page 10
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 10

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, March 10, 1939
Page 10
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10 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE HogsAround Steady in Trade on Chicago Mart FRIDAY, MARCH 10, 1939 BUTCHERS END 5 T015 LOWER Cattle Generally Steady; Lambs Are Steady to 15 Off C H I C A G O, (/P)--Hog prices were mixed Friday, weights from 220 pounds down selling steady to strong. Heavier butchers, however were unevenly 5 to 15 cents lower. The market was aided by small receipts. Cattle were generally steady and fat lambs were steady to 15 cents off in moderately active trade. t-', S. department ot agriculture)--Salable hofis. 4.WQ; weights 220 Ibs. down, active; steady to strong with Thursdays average: heavier butchers closed unevenly cents lower; top $8.10: good and choice ieo-220 ibs., $7.90^8.10: 230260 los., 57.5SS7.90: 270-320 Ibs. butchers S7.20@7.53,- good medium weight and heavy packing sows S6.6536.90; few light ·weights to $7.10. Salable cattle 1,000: aalable calves 300. generally steady on cleanup trade; quality of steers offered mostly medium to low good; selling downward'from J10.25 to 58.50; good 800 Ib. mixed yearlings f 10.50; good 856 Ib. heifers $10; low cutter and cutter cows $4,75@5.15; few strong weights $5; bulk slaughter cows medium to good grade $6.2587.25: weighty sausage bulls $7.40: veaters slow; weak, quality considered; mosUy downward from $11. Salable sheep 12,000: lite Thursday fat Jambs steady to 15 cents lower: bulk S9@ 9.10: top to shippers $9.25; 100-101 Ibs. average ?8.60g9.10; Friday's trade 'moderately active; around 1025 cents lower; Eood to choice Jambs $S,WS?8.90; choice offerings $9; best held higher; sheep steady; choice ewes $5. Local Livestock MASON dry--For Friday, noes Steady. Good Ught lights 110-150 JS.15-625 Good Ill-nt lights 150-160 $6.65-5.75 Good light lights 160-170 ST.15-7.25 Good light lights 170-180 S7.5fl-7.60 Good Jjght butchers .. 150-200 S7 50-7.60 Good light butchers .. 200-220 S7!st)-7 60 Good me. wt. butcliers 220-250 $7 40-7'so Good me. wt. butchers 250-270 S7 25-7 35 Good me. «t. butchers 270-2SO 17.10-7 20 Good me. wt. butchers 230-325 J6.S5-7 05 Good me. ivt. butchers 325-330 $6.80-590 Good heavy butchers .. 350-400 $6.65-6.75 Good packing SOWS ... 275-350 ?S55-S65 Good sows 350-423 S6.45-s!55 Good sows 425-500 JS.35-645 Good sows 500-550 56.35-645 (The above Is a 10:30 truck hoe market lor good ana choice hogs.) , CATIXE Choice to crime steers, heavy S10.00-U.OO Oood to choice steers, heavy s 8.50- 9 50 Iledjum to good steers 5 7.50. 3.50 Fair to medium steers s 6.50- 750 Plain to tair steers J 4.00- 6.00 t-hoice to prime yearlings .... s 9.00- 930 Good to choice yearlings ... $ 8.00- 900 Medii-m to good yearlings ... S G.50- 750 Good to choice heifers s 8.00- 900 Medium to good hellers s 7 00- 8 00 Fair to medium heifers s BOO- 7'oo Plain to fair heifers J 4.00- GOO Good to choice cows, heavy .. s S75- 623 Medium to good cows s 5.25- 575 Fair to medium cows $ 4.75- 5J5 Cu'tcrs J 4.00-4.75 manners 5 3 QQ- 4 QQ Good to choice heavy bulls .. S 5.75- 650 -ueht bulls 54.75-5.25 Calves, good to choice 130-190 s 7 00- BOO Calves, med. to mod 130-190 S 0 50- 7 00 Calves, infer, to med. 130-1M S 2.50 d'wn Genuine spring Iambs, good to choice 70-SO S 7.50- 8.00 Baring lambs, Eood to choice _ · · · · · . · · · · · 70-30 S 6.00- 6.50 bpnng lambs, medium to good 70-30 S 5.00- 5.50 fapnng lambs, common 5 4 0 0 - 5 0 0 Native eives, good to ciolca s 1.50- 2.25 S"" ewes SOctosuoo old b"cto 50oto$ SOUTH ST. PAKE LIVESTOCK (Friday Market) SOUTH ST. PAUL. W7--(rederal-Stale Market Service)-CATTLE: 3.000; generally steads-, medium to good steers $8.50 S10: «ew heifers SI89: be« cows S5.50 Ci6.oO; loiv cutters and cutters S4.25 5.2a: practical top bulls 57: stockers and feeders scares. Calves 2.500; early too vealers $10.50; some higher. · p HOGS: 3,500 salable, (r.300 '.otal: active to all Interests; fully steady; lop SI 70 on good and choice 140-ieo lbs.; sows largely $6.70; stags S6S6.75; pigs S7.75@ SHEEP: 1.500; run largely fed lambs: rio early action: buyers talking sharpli' lower on fat lambs: indications steady on other classes: good and choice Iambs 0i load lo O.-VIAII.A. LIVESTOCK (Friday M a r k e t ) OMAHA. la-,--!ll. s. department of ag- ricuIUrrol-Ealablc hogs 1,300; rather slow: weights under 220 lbs., 10320 cents lo\ver; heavier kinds steady to 10 cents lower; least decline on 325 Ibs. up; top S..50 for choice 200 lbs.: 170-240 lbs S..25g7.50; 250-270 Jbs., S7S7.25: 230-300 lbs., 55.8067; 300-400 lbs.. S6.60B553. rows weak to 15 cents lower, mostly for choiee 200 Ibs.; 170-240 Ibs., S7.2537.50: 255-270 lbs., S7S7.25; 260-300 lbs., SG.EO 67; 300-400 Ibs., S6.60S6.B3; sows weak to la cents lower, mostly lo-g 15 cents off- good S6.25S6.50; stags 23 cents lower at §5.13 down. Salable cattle 600; fed steers, yearlings strong to 2a cents higher: other killlne classes 'Strong; stockers, feeders nominal- TM»/ y; bcst slccTS - yearlings S9« 10.M: heifers 5859.50: beef «wj SG-7; cutter grades $4.755,5.75: bulls »e.507: practical top vealers S10 Salable sheep 4.000: fat lambs slow early bids around 25 cents lower, asking steady: other classes scarce, steady; early Wds fed wootcd Iambs S8.25Si8.50 held 53.6J and above: choice light fed western ewes to 54.75; feeding lambs S8.50. sioi-x cur LIVESTOCK (Friday Market) SIOUX CITY. w,-Cattle: Salable re cclp^ 6jO; calves, salable receipts 125 beef steers ana yearlings fairly active lirm; small quota good tip to SI065- Prime quoted above S12.75; odd lots short feds down to 53: limited sales medium to good heifers S7.505j.9: strictly choice quoted around SI0.50: bulk common to medium cows S3.73'iS.75; most culler trades 54.50S5.50: slockcrs and fccdcis scarce, steady. ' ' TOGS: Salable receipts 2.000. mostly S a i n cents higher; top S7.53 lo shippers; !S°*, ? n ? cnolcc 170-230 Ib. butchers S,.2oa,.50; packers stopping at S7.50 on Weights up to 220 lbs.. 250-150 lbs STSi 1.23; 2SO-330 Ib. heavies S6.75'i7; CT od "SSv'SS. 8 "? ? S S" rCCt:cr P|BS S7.30-51.W. ShEEP: Salable receipt"; 2,700: total receipts 2.SOO; early fat Iamb sales I3Sas cents lower: good and choice $8.255,8.50' two lots 100-103 Ib. averages $3.50: some held above SE.60; small lots fat ewes steady at $4.50 down; feeder lambs scarce. sales native Iambs 10813 cents lower a few 58.50: most sales $8.40 down; bes fed lambs held above $8.60. Livestock Markets MID-WEST HOGS MIDWEST LIVESTOCK Livestock at midwest markets Thurs day. .- AU , srriN ' Minn.--Hofs steady; 340 t loO Ibs. «666,30: 150 to ISO lbs., 16.45 ee.lS; 160 to 170 !bs. S6.8087.10: 170 t 160 lbs. 57.10g7.40: ISO to 220 lbs. S7 3 S7.GO; 220 to 250 lbs. J7.20fi7.50- 250 to 170 lbs. S7.05 37.35; 270 to 290 lbs. SS 8s «J7.15; 290 to 325 lbs. SG.75S7; 323 tt 3aO lbs. J6.558G.B5: packing sows. 275 to 3jO lbs. S6.USe.65; 350 to 425 lbs. J6.2 36.55; 425 to 550 lbs. J8.15fiO.45; J50 lbs ind up J6.15S6.4S. ALBERT 1EA, Minn.--Hogs steady: HO to 150 Ibs. S6.25eG.40; 150 to ICO ]hs S6.00?FC.75; 160 to 1JO lbs. S7fi7.15: 17( to 180 Ibs Sl.Mli 7.45; 180 to 220 lbs. 57 V trj.t.53: 221J to 250 Ibs. 57.25^7.40- 250 to 270 lbs. $7.1057.2j; 270 to 290 lbs. $6 S 7.05: 230 to 325 Ibs. SS.75'a 0.90; 325 'to 3sO lbs. 56.60fi6.75: 330 to 400 lbs. S6,15e ".CO; sows 275 to 350 Ifas. 5G.45«6GO' 351 o 425 lbs. I6.30S6.45; 425 to 500 lbs. S0.1L ,,·,,,. TM .- ,,, .. ,. 5M Jo . CEDAR KAPIDS, «V-Good hogs, 1401 Ibs., steady; 250-270 Ibs.. S7.15S7.30 2JO-290 Ibs.. S7S7.15; 290-325 Ibs., .. . - s., . 325-350 Ibs.. S6.10®6.85: good packers 275-550 Ibs,, steady. Cattle steady. OirUMIVA, WJ-Hogs unchanged. WATEBLOO, wj_ Hogs steady Cattle: Tone steady to strong. Prices unchanged. COMBINED HOG RECEIPTS DES MOIKES. UV--(U. s. department if agrlculturet-Combined hog receipts it 20 concentration yards and 10 packing lants located in interior Iowa andowa an southern Minnesota for the 24 hour period ended at a a. m. Friday were la aoo compared with 28.600 a week ago and 8,'00 a year ago. Moderately active to slow, mostly steady, spots Sfiio cents lower; loading ittle changed from 18,100 a week ago. Barrows and gilts, good and choice: 40-ICO Ibs., unquoted; 160-180 Ibs. S7 10 S7.65; 180-220 Ibs., S7.3oB7.75; 220-250 bs.. S7.20ffiZ.S5; 250-290 Ibs., 53.9037.45290-350 Ibs.. $6.7067.15. "-~J'.M, Packing sows, good. 275-350 Ibs.. 36.40 LIVESTOCK FOBECAST CHICAGO, (P--OUielal estimates live- lock receipts Saturday: Cattle 100: hoes M; sheep 3.000. Representative Sales CHICAGO, ·riday: / -- Representative sales Wft. 251 292 Tedium -'4 209 a 222 12 234 teers -26 II4S IS 1060 20 930 39 1015 'at -20 35 00 00 mbs -- . 90 94 100 106 HOGS Avjr.l Light- Price' 58 194 7.75! 72 182 7.451 46 164 7.20;Li e ht Lights-- 2S 155 8.10 33 14S 8,001 7.50; CATTLE I Heifers-- S10.23| 28 296 S.ISt 24 838 9.50 15 820 9.33] SHEEP iFat Ewes-- S9.00|200 118 8.9011* 10S 8.85' 8.301 3.10 8,00 7.85 7.75 7.50 18.00 9.75 9.50 5.00 4.75 Miscellaneous NEW YOEK SUGAR (Friday Mirkct) NEW YOHK. (j?)--Domestic sugar fu- iirei steered an even course Friday lay came up to 1.83 aiter early trades t 1.82, with sll deliveries unchanged at oon, WorJiJ contracts were '.i point higher !u lower. July was off a fraction net t J . I a and a point below the day's best. Duty free raws were offered at 278 111 2 £ cnU ' de O«"!uig upon position. hlle Cubas available at 2.80 for dulv aid sugar. Refined kept -within a 4.25 64.40 cent range. TOTATO MARKET (Friday Mirket) , liei--(U. s. department of ,,- . Potatoes 69, on track 259 otal U. S. shipments 904; old stock daho Russets steady; demand light- Northern White slock firmer undertone: emand moderate: other varieties steady cmand light; supplies moderate. Sacked cwt.: Idaho Russet Burbanks, V. s No . very few sales. S1.47«iai.52^; occa- onal large higher; Wisconsin Round /nltes, u. s. commercials. Do- North Dakota Bliss Triumphs, 85 to 90 per cent J. S. No. 1. fen- sales J1.25S1.42; new lock, steady; supplies moderate: demand snt; track sales carlots and less til an carlots. Florida Bliss Triumphs U s No. 1, bushel crates, $1.5552.05. -Ve-Contest Concert at New Hampton to ~»e Held on Tuesday NEW HAMPTON--Members of he New Hampton high school oand will present a pre-contest oncert in the public school build- ng on Tuesday evening. The fol- owing will appear as soloists- Tames Woodruff, cornet; Lynn jenung, cornet; Paul Munson larinet; Jean Srland, clarinet: turiel Heinmiller, alto clarinet; Edwin Maurer, tuba; Jean Willaden, tuba; Walter Pose, Jr., drum; -aVbn B a r n h a r t , euphonium! melda Hoths, saxophone; Robert Genung, trombone; Bethel Page marimba and Jeanette P o s e ' Drench horn. ' WHEAT PRICES ARE UNCHANGED Importers Unwilling to Increase Holdings or Exporters to Sell CHICAGO, W--With the international wheat trade still deadlocked by unwillingness of importers to increase purchases and of exporters to dump surpluses on the world market, prices remained stationary Friday. Business was ·lo\v. Wheat closed unchanged to Vs higher compared with Thursday's finish, May 6B, July 68y«-%, corn % higher, May 48%-%, July *4--58, and oats unchanged to up. . KANSAS cm LIVESTOCK Frld»y Market) KANSAS cm'. «i--(U. S. department ol agriculture)--HOGS: 600; uneven. 220 Ibs. do-ra 10 rents lower than Thursday's average: hea.Ier weI R hts slcady to 10 cents higher: no shippers In; top S7 55- good «o choice 160-240 lbs.. $7.40ft7.55; IoC-3,10 lbs, »7.10fi7.40; S0 ws JS.25S6.50. CATTLE: 500; calves, 100; killing classes ol cattle steady; vcalcrs steady; ttockcrs and feeders unchanged, xvitli n fairlj broad weekend clearance; good Jiahi \vcight steer? of New Mexico and Oklahoma origin S10: small lots medium .-.nd eood Fhorlfcd heifers sa'rjS: tew fat cows 5637.25; low cutlers and cullers M.23e?5,73: good to choice vcalcrs S3fc rj 10: Jew choice S10.50«ll. ,' SHEEP; _1,000; little, done; oucninz Sunday School Has ·'re-Easter Session in Swaledale Home S W A L E D A L E -- T h e Victors Sunday school class of the Con- sregational church of Rockwell held the first of its pre-Easter meetings at the Cato Lundt home Wednesday evening. The Rev Herbert D. Marsh, D. D the pastor, gave the opening of his talks on Bible study. After games refreshments were served. Mrs Lundt is teacher of the class! Elaine Eilers, president, Delores Perdue, secretary. OMAHA T.BA1S FrIday Marlcet) OMAHA, if,--wheat: Dark hard. No · ij^: h»rJ, No. 2. 68: No. 3. 6' i; No i e2 ''^=;^'°' 3 ' Wi'iH: northern ijrin e . No. 2, 70S71: mixed, No. I. Soli; No. 3) Corn: Yellow, No. A. 41 Oats: White, No. 4. 26'i. Barlcv: No. 3, 39. Hj-c: None. Minerals nov.' being exploited in Tanganyika include gold, diamonds, tin, tungsten, salt, red ochre, mica and nhosnhate. CHICAGO CASH GRAIN ' irrliir M«Heet) CHICAGO, VPt--Cash wheat. ssmBle grade hard, 67; com, No. 2 yellow, 4S- f? mpl », ·""" W f t i oals - No - l mixed! S1H; No. 2 while, 31»1«3JV1: Illinois bar- ey, mailing. «@60 nom.; feed, 33342 nom. Timothy teed, $2,8533.15 nom.: red clover $13316 asm.; red top 19,2530.75 Tierces, $S.80 nom.; loose J6.25- Mason City Grain MASON CITY--For Friday To. 3 white oats 2ly, ·Jo. 2 yellow corn 3-Jc lew ear corn zos 'Jo. 2 soybeans 67c D --'~ . - - .^.25-35g FBIDAV GBAI.V CLOSE CHICAGO, in- Close VHEAT-- High · S --' SB u 'y 68!'« jep 63 CORN-Jar. lay 48»i Uly 5Q?i Eep 5ii- OATS-- fay - w, Tuly Jep. soy BEANS- uly Oct RYE-lay uly . LOW .44= i LARD-- lar. Say Uly ... "ep 7.00 7.15 .68 .68Vi .69 .47'i .48 ?1 .50 1/4 .511', .25? i J7V4 ·26?, -BS'.l 6.15 6.85 7.00 7.12 MINNEAPOLIS GRAIX (Friday Mirktt) dark northern, 76g77: dark northern No. , 74^76; fancy No. t hard Montana 14 per cent protein. 78375; No. I dark hard or No. I hard Montana winter. 72®74; lard amber durum, No. I, 6*la^80T»; No 1 red durum, G17i. Com: No. 3 yellow, 41!ig43; quota- ions fi cent higher. Oats: No. 3 u-hite, 26 3 i^28=i · BarJey, 30ft 65. KANSAS cmr GRAIN (Friday Market) KANSAS CITY, W)--Wheat: 95 cars; unchanged to '/« cent lower: No. 2 dark ard 75SJ7H4: No. 3. 69S75r: No. 2 hard 8!iS69; No. 3, 66«69; No. 2 red nom (KiS68H; No. 3 nom.. BSKSGT. Corn: 11 cars; unchanged to V cent ligher; No. 1 white nom., 46'/«S47/ ; o. 3 nom.. 45!i$t46\a: No. 2 yellow om., 46$'i847'/.i: No. 3 nom.. 45 T .^£ 6Vi; No. 2 mixed nom., 4By«e47!i: No. nom., 45'.i«J46'.4. Oats: 7 cars: nominally unchanged- ·fo. Z wihle. 29V4?30; No. 3, 3 Kilo maize, nom.. 74980. Karif. nom., 73CL79. Rye. nom., 4414S«li. Barley, nom., 34S4I. D ub1ic Utility and ndustrial Stocks Quoted by A. 51. SCHANKE CO. Telephone 130ft Mason City Bid snd Asfced Frldar Cent St El C pet pf (S23 par) 7 9 Cent St El 7 pet pf (ss; par) 8 id Cent St P i L 7 pet pf 5i 31; Continental Gas : Elec pf... B7 89 rcamcry Package com 19 20 .enrst Cons A g ev- corge A Hormcl A pf 104 107 -»eorge A Hormcl com 24i 13K ntcrstate Power 6 pet pt . . 5 ' 7' .ntcrstate Power 7 pet pf ... s 7 owa Electric Co B!i pet p' 30 32 owa EJeclrlc Co 7 pet pf 31 33 a Elec Lt Power s pet pf 64 63 a Elec Lt Power 6!i pet pf 66 67 a Elec Lt Power 7 pet pf 70 72 a Power «.- Light 6 pet pf 102 304 a Power Llsht 7 pet pf 104 106 ja Public Sen-Ice 6 pet pf SS 100 la Public Service 65? pet pf 99 101 la Public Sen-ice 7 pet pf 101 103 la South Uttl 6 pet pf 27 29 la South Ulll 6\3 pet pf 18 30 la South Ulil 7 pet pi 30 32 Minnesota P 4 t, 6 pet pf ... 82 84 Minnesota P I. 7 pet pf ... 83 91 Northern St Power « pet pf 64 66 Northern St Power 7 pet pf 69 71 N W Portland Cement com .. 23 25 Rath Packing 3 pet pf 102 104 Sioux Clly i El 7 pet pi 54 96 united Lt Power Class A 2V* 3 United Lt Power Class B 2!i 2?; United Lt J; Power pf . .. 35 37 United Lt if, Jtyj fi pet pf E2 B4 United Lt Ry s 6.3G pc t pt 83 K United Lt t Hys " pet pf M 32 Western Grocer pf , 76 53 Western Grocer com 4 s Lamson Brothers Market Letter CHICAGO -- Whe»t --Prices Friday moved within an extremely narrow range There was a little selling by traders but commission hoviscs were moderate buyers on resting orders and these activities Sept the lone firm, July u-as again more m demand lhan the May and the difference between May and July held around He. There was not a great deal o( news from Liverpool ivhlch continued its casy trenrt. Shanghai was in the market for Australian wheat but the demand In the United Kingdom continues slow. Modem ·Miller said that the advent of growing weather in the southwest reveals a spotted condition of winter wheat. Even with, more springlike weather In the southwest It will be several weeks before It win »e possible to obtain much accurate information regarding the crowing wheat crop. Corn--There was a little firmer tendency Friday. Commission houses bought and traders who were short covered some of their contracts. There was an absence of export business: new crop Argentine parcels were offered in Liverpool a little lower. Commission houses have been fair buyers of oals the past xvceJ: during weak periods. Bendlx Aviat 27 Beth Steel f3'i Boeing Airp! 29 li 3orden 21*i lorg-Wamer 30Va Bridept Br 24 a * 3udd MJg " 6',i Tan D O Ale 19 :an Pacific 4;i 'use · S3H ter Tract i Building poi-mits in Paducah, Ky., in January, 1939, totaled S20,- 350 compared with $750 for the .sxmf rnonth.ftf 193R ^ : Factory Employment in January of Each Year THOUSAND S»vrc»: U. S. Bur«u of VA6EEAiiN£As Labor noo 8000 7000 6000 5000 4000 2000 · rt n_ · : · · 1928 'X '32 '34 '34 '3S'39 January Stock List NEW VOBK STOCKS (By The AuocJalrd Presl) Friday iFual Quotations Air Reduct £0 Al Ch i Dye 18in Allied Stores JOVi Am .Can 95i Am 4: For Po 3Ji Am Loco fc 27 Am Bad i S 17 A mRoll Mill isji Am Sin Her 48 7 i Am Stl Fdrs W, Am Sue Bef 2(H'« Am Tel T 167 Am Tob B 55 50ft Am Wat wks Anaconda Armour 111 At T A; S F Atl Refin Auburn Auto Bait Ohio 3arnsdal] 23 Vi 5V. 39 22Ji 7 ' 17!i Ches 54' Ohio 39 w c w =; Jzr. ^hrj'sler :oca-Co!a :ol G is E ?oml Solv 'mwlth Sou 13k -iin Edison 34'.i Con Oil «n Con Can 42'i Con Oil Del JS'.i Com Frod - 3eere Sc Co Deere pf Douglas Air duPont Eastman L GVi ziia 23 6954 155V. 17S. El Pow 4c Lt llli Fairbanks-Mo 40H( 25'.i Firestone en EJec en Foods Sen Motors -tl-i 30 joodrich 2.t»a Joodyear 35^« Gt Nor Hy pj 23V» lomestake 65fa ludson 7?a Hupp Motors H 111 Cent 17^ 4 nt Harvest 65 nt Kick Can a4 3 .\ Int Tel T 9?i ohns-Manvlll 93 ^i Cennecott 38!6 Kresge ' Lambert- Lib OF Cl Loews llarsh Field .,.,, Staytag 6^i ^lidcont Pet 26!i Mont Ward 53'.4 Nash-Kelv 8»i Kail Bisc 28 Nat Cash R 24?i Nat Balry Pr \SY, Nat Distill 27-i Nat Lead 25=!i Nat Paw i Lt 9V« N Y Cent 20 r. No Araec Avi 25 North Amer 2S Nor Pacific 12=1 Oliver Farm 27'A Otis Elevator 23*1 Otis Steel 12Tk Otvens IU GI 6T Packard 4V. Faram Pict . 31? Penick For 53';* Penney 67 :i Perm By · 23V'2 PhlUlps Pet W.a Proct Gam 56*8 Pullman 361. Pure Oil 10 r. Kadio B Rem Band 15'. Repub steel 2Hi Hey Tob B 38V. Sears Roeb "^^ Shell Union Simmons Socony Vac Sou Pacific Std Brands Std Oil Std Oil Ind SO'A Std lil N J 50^ Stew-Warner 11}'. Studebaker 8V 4 Swilt *: Co 13ft Texas Corp 44?* Tex Gulf Sul 31 Tim Hall B 49 3 .i Transamerica 6^i Un Carbide 85(i Union Paclf 102!i Unit Air LI 12?l Unit Air Cor 37',b Unit Corp 3V, Unit Drug 7 TJ S Gypsum 108 3 i U S Ind Alco 25',; U S Rubber 50?i U S Steel 64^ Walgreen 13ii Warner Pict STJ West Un Tel- 23)i West El M 117 Wilson A: Co 4'.i Woolworth 50 Wrigley r 80 Yel Tr t C 19»i Yngst Sh T 5m n; 32 25!i Supplementary List of Stock Quotations S applied by LAMSON BROTHERS CO. Mason City Office in Bagley- Beck Boilding. Telephone No. 7 DOW JONES AVERAGES Indj. Ball! UIH«. Close 132.28 33.37 26.52 olal Sales 1,210000 CHICAGO STOCKS hitler Bros 9 Marsh Fields 14?i Cord Corp 3'i Walgreen Co 18!j Cit Scr l!, XF.1T V O R K CURB Am G .fc Elec 40?} Ford Mo EnK -I'.i .m Cyan* B 26Va Lockheed 31 ~ Nias Hud Po;v 9 Pennroad Cp I 7 i Un Gas Co Un L t Po Co Z'.', im S Po Co 13-15 irk N Gas A 2". \soc G El A I U El Bd i: Shar 12"'. ^ord Mo Can 22?i , NEW 1'ORK STOCKS Am C Sag Co 9!i Mack Trucfc Am C tc r Co 29-i -tm Po it Lt 6?i Baldxvin Loco 15 3 i :,,,,. Mf Co 28-i Byers A M Co ll^i Cerro de Pas 43?i Ches i: Ohio 39!. Chi Gt West !i CongoTeum 28 C-W CO A 24=i Dist Cp Seas IS'i El Aulo Ltle 3a»i Erie R R Co 2 'reeport Tex 23*3 3en Am Tran 59 Glidden Co 15'i -iobel 31; louston Oil 7** aspiration 15'i nd Rayon 2fi*« "Zroger 24 «hiKh Pt Ct 24'. .Iq Carb Cp 18*; , Lorillard Ma'.hie Alk 29 McLellan Stor 9 Minn. Mol Im 5 Motor Prod 17 Ohio Oil 9 Packard Mol 4 Park Ut Cop 2 Plymouth P S of N J Pullman Purity Bak RKO Reo Motors St Jos Lead Simmons Co .._ So Cal Edison 27'.i S perry Corp St G t E T W As Oil U S Smelter Vanadium 27 ?i Union Oil CaJ 19U Un G f i Imp 13 White Motors 12 Worth Pump 21 1 ,i 22',4 38 32 4 14 !i 53'« V. . . BONDS NEW YORK. i.P,-U. S. government bonds closed Friday: Trcasurj- 3!is. 46-49. ill. 8, Treasury' 4',i5. 47-32. I20.Z2. Trcasur- 3s. 31-55. 109.12. Federal Farm Mlg. 3 S . 41-47 lotj 24 rcdcral Farm Hitg. 31,!. 64. 10826 Federal Farm Mtu. 3s. 49,, Home Owners Loan 2»«s. 49. 102.8. Home Owners Loan 3s. 52. 10S.B, Hides linoutloni PornUh.a bj Won Bro»_ loc, 808 Fiflb Street Soathwest HORSEH1DES Qorsenide* si 75 , 'GREEN BEEF BIDES m IS lbs» up fc ?rom 15 Ibs^ dowrj .......... . Br Bull tddej "'""""""!£ BOSTON WOOL BOSTON. «)--|U. s. department of Jgrlc-Jlturo-Only scattered sales were closed Friday on Ihe Boston wool market and the volume was small In most cases. Trie f i n e r grades of western grown wool* comprised the bulk of sales. Good French combing length fine territory wools. spot Boston, brought 68ci70 cents scoured basis, while average to short rrcncn eomblng lengths brought 65«C3 cents, scoured ba.«!s. Ne-.v Arizona wools were moved occasionally at 6o'.i«S cents scouicd basis. Very good original bag 12 months' Texas wools brought around .2 cents, scoured basis, while avcrasc lines were quoted doivn lo 63 cents UTILITIES SHOW MORE STRENGTH Stock Market Offers Brighter Picture With Some in Higher Levels NEW YORK, £·} _ Renewed strength in utilities and specialties gave the stock market picture a brighter look Friday although many issues in other departments failed to make, much of a showing The list tilled slightly upward at the start, then backed away on light selling. There was a comeback later and many shares went into new high ground for the year or longer. While minus signs were well distributed at the close, gains of fractions to around 2 points were plentiful: After an active forenoon, volume dwindled. Transfers approximated: 1,200,000 shares. Bond Market NEW YORK, (Ji)-7The bond !^ rkft continued its broad advance Friday, with u. S. governments, rails. Industrials and utilities all tiltine higher. Government bonds moved up sharply some treasuries recording the highest prices ever seen In the federal list. Gains generally ranged to around 7-32nds o[ a point, while one ot the less-frequently traded treasury issues at one time was up more than a full point. Near noon favorites in the corporate division showed gains of fractions to around 2. Higher were American and Foreign Power 5s. International Hydro Electric Ss. New York Central 5s. Nickel Plate 4!'-s and 5',is, Missouri-Xansas- Te.tas 5s ol 'S2. Armour 4s ot '55, and Texas corporation 3;-,s. Among foreign dollar Issues. Brazilian Loans continued to sprint, with grains to around B points. The spurt began Friday with announcement of details of an aureement to facilitate trade between the United States and Brazil, and of resumption of payments on Brazilian bonds held in this country. Produce MASON CITY--For Friday Cash Quotations by E. G. Morse Eggs, current receipts 23c Heavy bens, 5 lbs. and over ..12c Heavy hens, 4 to 5 lbs 10e Light hens, under 4 Ibs. .... He Springs, heavy breeds .... He Spring Ijeghorns g^ Cocks, heavy \\\ gc Cocks, Leghorns * 7c Capons 18-24c All No. 2 Poultry 4 cents less. Merchants Quotations Eggs, in trade 12-14c* Eggs, cash 12-14c Butter, Iowa State Brand ....3lc Butter, Corn Country 29c Butter, Plymouth 31 C Butter, Very Best ig c Butter, Clear Lake ...'.'.".' 2Sc Butter, Brook/ield 29c Russet Potatoes, peck 34 C Early Ohio Potatoes, peck . 32c ·EDITOR'S NOTt%-These representative quotations were obtained by calling several grocery stores. NEW YORK PRODUCE (Friday M a r k e t ) NEW YORK. ( J5_Eggs. 12.681. weak- mixed colors: Extra fancy selections 19'.'.' S21Vi: standards 13',igiBi; firsts mi- seconds 17Vi; mediums 17H; dirties. No. 1. 17; average checks 16'/»((jl6'.i. Butter. 415.989, weak and unsettled Creamery: Higher than extra. 23%G24'i : extra (92 score). 23ii: firsts (88-91) 21H, 23; seconds (B4-87), 20l2(g21 Cheese, £9,783, steady, prices unchanged. CHICAGO (Friday BTarket) CHICAGO. (fl-Poultry. live. 23 trucks, small hens easy: balance steady: bens 5 Ibs. and under 18; leghorn hens 16; other prices unchanged. CHICAGO PRODUCE IFriday Market) CHICAGO. «*,_Butter. 939.049. unset- . , econds . . 21; standards tso centralized carlots). 22U. sleady; prices unchangcrj. PKODUCE FUTUltES CHICAGO. W_Buttcr futures, storage standards: Close: Nov., 22V«: March 22. Egg futures, rclriseralor standards' -V" "''· Storage packed iirsts, Past Matrons Club of Eagle Grove OES Conducts Program ~ EAGLE GROVE--A luncheon was served'at the Grove hotel on Tuesday, by the Past Matrons club of the order of Eastern Star. A number of O. E. S. officers were among the guests, who were here to attend the school of instruction conducted by Mrs. Lucille Johnson, district deputy. Out of town guests included Mrs. Bessie McMurray of Newton, worthy grand matron of Iowa . Mrs. Fannie M. HammiH of Britt, Laura Lcnr of Mason City, Mrs. Anna Hovland of Humboldt, and Mrs. Pearl Flugel of Charles City. Following the luncheon a social hour was enjoyed, and short remarks made by each guest. Fourth Annual Three Day Cooking School Planned at Garner GARNER--Fourth annual three- day cooking school staged by the Garner Leader and Signal in cooperation with Iowa Newspapers, Inc., and Garner merchants, will be held at the high school auditorium Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, March 29, 30 and 31. Miss Christine Sanders will give the demonstrations at the three afternoon programs. Daring new frocks cover ladies only from the waist down and from the ribs up, thus teaching us that the rarest thing in the middle clajs is a classy middle.--Daven- Regular Meeting of Titonka P. T. A. to Be Held on Monday TITONKA--The Parent Teachers association will hold its regular meeting on Monday evening at 7:45 in the high school auditorium. Miss Phyllis Dugan, music teacher, will direct several musical numbers by various high school groups, and W. R. Hamilton of Mason City, will give an address. Men's volleyball will follow the program, with L. G. Gartner in charge and Junch will be served by the following committee: Mrs. Bleich, Mrs. Young, Mrs. Heifner, Mrs. W. H. Stott, Mrs. L. Callies, Mrs. J. Hansen, Mrs. Dreesman and the Misses Holcroft, Brooks and Voigt. "UNLOADED" GUN FATAL TO GIRL Brother Fires Shot Accidentally in Albert Lea Mishap ALBERT LEA, Minn., (U.R-- Leona Freeman, 15, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Freeman of Albert Lea, was shot and killed here Friday when a shotgun in the hands of her brother, Robert, 13, was accidentally discharged. Authorities said that Robert picked up the shotgun during a friendly scuffle with his sister, and laughingly pointed it at her, not knowing it was loaded. The charge struck the girl in the neck and she died within a few minutes. An inquest was to be held. BEEKEEPERS MEET IN JUNE Re-Elect Officers of Fayette County Group at Session WEST TJNION--Fayette County Bee Keepers association will hold a joint meeting with Bremer county at Sumner June 15-20 for the study of better bee keeping methods and in advertising campaign for the sale of honey. Committee on program is the Rev. F. Schezler, Sumner; E. C. Robinson, Oelwein, and George P Schatz, West Union. The annual meeting was held Thursday at Fayette with the following officers re-elected: George P. Schatz, West Union, president- the Rev. F. Schezler, Sumner, vice president; Robert Rogers, West Union, secretary and treasurer. Directors are H. J. Grimes, West Union: Lorenz Vagts, Edorado, and E. C. Robinson, Oelwein. Legion Auxiliary Convenes at Rudd RUDD--The American Legion Auxiliary meeting was held at the home of Mrs. E. E. Stalker Wednesday afternoon. During the business meeting it was decided to sponsor the poppy poster contest if. the local teachers are willing to take the project as a part of the school work. The lesson for the afternoon was on community service. Refreshments were served by the hostess, assisted by Mrs. Harry Schrader. Twentieth Century Club From Forest City Has Meeting FOREST CITY -- The Forest City Twentieth Century club held two meetings this week, as the last meeting.had to be postponed due to inclement weather. At the meeting held Tuesday evening, March 7, there were 42 members present. The committee for this meeting consisted of Mrs. C. S.- Kruchek, Mrs. J. O. Jerdc, Mrs. Floyd Valley, Mrs. Archie Hagen and Myrth Jerde. A play, "The Kings' Englinsh," under the direction of Miss Amy Steffen, teacher in the public school, was given by students in the junior high. The high school boys' quartet, Roger Peterson, Ordene Otis, Warren Brooker and Richard Rasmussen sang three spirituals: "It's Me O Lord," "Sit Down" and "Listen to the Lambs" and one lullaby, "Mammy's Little Baby." A solo was sung by Dorothy Thursten and Dolorus Brown sang a provincial song in French. Geraldine Bomen, musical director at the public school, was the pianist. At the meeting Wednesday evening, a pottery exhibit was held. This exhibit was under the direction of Miss Myrtle Babbit. Sixty members attended the meeting. School Election at Buffalo Center to Be Held on Monday BUFFALO CENTER--The annual school board election will be held in the city hall next Monday. Only one board member will be elected at this election. Dr. G. F. Dolmage, whose term expires, is a candidate to succeed himself for a three year term, BUYS BARBER SHOP OSAGE--Loren Goode of Winterset has purchased the barber shop formerly owned by Burnell Flack. Harry Hedrfck will help in the shop on Saturdays. Mrs. Goode and their two year old son will move here as soon as suitable CHARLES ATKINS GIVEN SO DAYS Sentenced on Guilty Plea to Drunk Driving Charge Before Judge Charles Atkins, Mason City, was in the county jail Friday serving a 90 day sentence for drunken driving after pleading guilty to a county attorney's information before Judge Henry N. Graven. He was arrested March' 8 at 11:40 o'clock in the evening when the car he was driving swung around the corner of Fourth street and Jackson avenue northwest and nearly collided with a police car. Roy Dobbs' Rites to Be at Congregational Church Sunday, 2:30 CLEAR LAKE--Funeral services for Roy Dobbs, 43, who died at a Mason City hospital early Thursday morning of pneumonia, will be held at the Congregational church Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock. The Rev. J. B. Calhoun, pastor, will conduct the rites and burial will be in Clear Lake cemetery. Ward's funeral home is making the arrangements. A military funeral service will be conducted at the grave by Stafford Post No. 222 of the American Legion. PORTER SENNEFF SUCCUMBS HERE Funeral Rites to Be Held at 10 O'clock Sunday Afternoon Porter R. Senneff, 59, Nora Springs farmer, died at a local hospital at 10 o'clock Thursday evening, following a short illness. He had resided near Nora Springs for the past 5 years. Mr. Senneff was born Feb. 4, 1880. in Carroll county, 111. He is survived by his wife and two daughters, and one son, Mildred E. Sennef E, Hampton, and Blanche and Clifford P. Senneff: at home. Four brothers, John Senneff, Sr., and Orville Senneff, Mason City, Hay Senneff, Waukon, and Frank Senneff, Britt, and two sisters, Mrs. Charles McGinty, Thompson, I1L, and Mrs. Alice Fitch, Clinton, Iowa, also survive. Mr. Senneff was preceded in death by one brother. Funeral services will be held at 2:30 o'clock Sunday afternoon at the Meyer funeral home. Burial will be at Memorial Park cemetery. The body will lie in state at the Meyer funeral home, Auxiliary Meeting Held at Forest City FOREST CITY--Mrs. Antone Bartelson and-Mrs. Truman Lackore were hostesses to the American Legion Auxiliary at the Legion clubhouse "Wednesday afternoon. There were 25 present.. The afternoon \vas spent socially and in sewing carpet rags for the soldiers hospital at Knoxville, to be used on the looms there. Lunch was served by the hostesses. Max Smith Elected Music Instructor CLARKSVILLE--Max Smith o{ Clarinda has been elected as music instructor in the Clarksville schools to take the place of Clyde Parlova, resigned. Mr. and Mrs. Smith have moved to Clarksville and he began his work Monday. The first meeting; of the Red Cross lay instructors course will be held Monday night at 7:30 in the Y. M. C. A., under the supervision of Dr. W. rV Castles, mid- western branch of the National Red Cross at St. Louis, Mo. Persons having previous first aid training are eligible for the course. Persons desiring to take the course are urged to register at the local Red Cross office before Monday noon. HOSTESSES TO AID BUFFALO CENTER -- M r s . Claassen, Mrs. Grolhaus and Mrs. Carman were hostesses to the Methodist Ladies Aid at the church basement Thursday afternoon. Mrs. F. M. Humphrey, Mrs. Leslie Whipple Elected as Delegates Mrs. F. M. Humphrey and Mr$ Leslie Whipple were named aj delegates to the state convention by members of the Monroe-Wash* ingtoii Parent Teachers associa. tion at the meeting Thursday aft. ernoon at the Monroe school. · Mrs. Lyle Pickford spoke on th| hobby show and Mrs. Philip Jacobson sang "Dawn" and "Morn- Ing." She was accompanied by Mrs. Roy Paden. The report on the sale of tickets for "Trad« Winds" also was made. ' Dr. G. E. Harrison of the-Parl| hospital spoke on "How Grown* up Are We Emotionally as Par« ents?" Tea was served by the following committee, Mrs. Ross Kew, chairman; Mrs. Emil Martin, Mrs D. W. Millington, Mrs. A. T. Ambrosen, Mrs. William Malek, Mrs F. E. Skibbe, Mrs. Charles Casej and Mrs. Gene Kew. HAROlfrVU HONORSFATHERS Sheriff Tim Phalen Talks on Safety In Cerro Gordo County The. annual Fathers' Nighl meeting was held by the-Harding P. T. A. group at the school Thursday evening. Sheriff Tim Phalen pointed ou in his talk on safety that the thing needed to carry on safety work ia a rigid and consistent program from the educational arid law enforcement standpoint. He explained that so far this year tha highways in Cerro Gordo county have been free of deaths and 'this is due to the county's fine safety program. Urges Fingerprinting Sheriff Phalen told how organized crime was being wiped out by the bureau of investigation and ha also stressed the point that universal fingerprinting would make it possible to put a finger on all criminals. Attending members of tha group were reminded of the North Central district convention of teachers and P. T. A. organizations and also the boys -and girls hobby show March 21 to 24. It was announced that the Brownie clubs will meet at M o n r o e school Sunday afternoon at 2:30. Gives Scout Report G.roup singing was led by Mrs. Trene Fraser, accompanied hy Sidney Stott at the piano. Harold Payne gave a report on Boy School troop 9. · ...-.··! Tap dancing numbers were gix-- I ' en by Patty Maynard and Norman Schpber. Mrs. Leon Green accompanied the dancers on the piano. Leon Green was the program committee chairman and the refreshments committee consisted of Larry Caldwell. Hershel O'Brien, Lambert Menke and J. H. Brownell. -- WANTED -HIDES and WOOL HIGHEST PRICES PAID We Also Buy Wool at Any Time of Year CARL STEIN III Sl*!h St. S. W. JOHN DEERE STORE See Our Specials New 10 foot Tr. Disc, S84.50; 5 section Harrow with folding eveners; 1 F-12 Tr. and Cult,; 2 G. P. Tractors; 2 3-row Cultivators; 2 3-row Corn Planters; 2 15-fl. Tractor Discs; 1 10-ft. Tractor Disc; used G. P. and D. Tractor parts; 1 Model A Tr., rubber front. CERRO GORDO IMPLEMENT CO. 15 TENTH ST. S. \f. DEAD LIVESTOCK We Pay for Phone Colls Days Nighte Phone 3758 Phone 3836 Lund Sales Stable and Rendering Co. MASON CITY AUCTION!-AUCTION! As I am quitting farming, I -\vilt sell at Fublic Sale, on the old Hcnrj-- Otn-erson farm 2 miles southeast of Ferfile and 8K- miles northwest of .Clear Lake, Iowa, on MONDAY, MARCH 13, AT 1 P. M. 65 HEAD OF LIVESTOCK 3 HORSES--One Smooth ntouth Grey Marc; one Black Gcldinr 13 years old, weight 1600 lbs.; one Bay Gelding 13 rears old ZS CATTLE--10 Cows and Heifers close up Springers; 14 head ot Steers and Heifers on feed, weight average about 800 Its.- Yearline Heifer; Bull Calf 9 months old. 36 HOGS--S Brood Sows to farrow about April 1st; 30 head ot Fall Pigs, average weight 150 lbs. 200 WHITE LEGHORN PULLETS FARM MACnlNERi', Etc.--One 13-H. John n«re Dijc: one John Detr. 16-in 3 bottom Tractor Plow, one year old: one McCormkX BlnUer; on, join p ccr ,' Stamire Spreader; one John Deere Model D 1517 Tractor: one V-ln. AttUm.n ana Tijle-r Thr^er: one Deerint Corn Binder: one td-ft. BOM BMIOW-TMSe John Dtere Endrale Seedtr: one Two-wheel Trailer *lth Steel Bo"; one fae°r- Mlrh h* r | «- * »' °" W « « S » % ""»"««' °" Tmck win Fora Motor? o"e Sirt" Hoh S rf°V Tl ,f ° n: l n V Lo r Ste.I-wieel W. r «n: J w.ron Boi: one B»y Kick. Bob Sled: Ensllaje BacVi Perlccllon SInsle Row Cultivator- McCorrnielc Corn Ptinter with l:W rodj Wire: 3 Hay Sllnrs; 2 , c t Wori Rarn«i- on. Me Cormlck-Detrlnr Cream Separator. 2 yean olS: one Potato Dliie'f A SaeeessTol Hot Fe.Ser; Ho, Fountain; CSIcXer, w'terer- c t r c I ' m [ J " Xi c '""* T ""'-. Broorttr SlQTt; one lb BroMlcr Bo0 "- TM" '*"" with your banker. TERMS: Ca»h or niaVe arrangement* r e m o v e d until .«tlllrtl lor. -- LUXCH WAGON" OX THE GROUNDS -EMORY L. OUVERSON Car 1 . M. Sticirm). Auct. . Citiieus Savinir» Bartk.

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