The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 2, 1936 · Page 13
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 13

Mason City, Iowa
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Thursday, April 2, 1936
Page 13
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MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, APRIL 2 1936 THIRTEEN CARDS FAVORED IN NATIONAL LOOP RACE Out of the Pressbox --By Al Mitchell- STEFFING STONE. THERE' A LOT of satisfaction for me . . . and for Coach Clayton "Chick" Sutherland of Mason City high school . . . in the fact that Cliff Hathaway has been given a chance to play organized baseball. He loves the game . . . he wants to play baseball m^re than do anything else. And I know that no one is more anxious to see him making the grade in the professional game than his former coach. * * * MY OWN satisfaction comes through the fact that the Mason City boy started playing baseball with, an American Legion Junior team . . . even thotngh the primary aim of the American Legion program is not the building of professional players. * # * NEITHER IS the teaching of baseball a primary objective in the junior program . . . the goal sought is the training of boys' minds .. . the directing of their leisure into healthy interests. But . . . the American Legion game can't be beaten as a stepping 'l stone into the organized leagues. For instance, Phil Cavaretta, young star with the Chicago Cubs last season, said this before he left for / 1 ( \ spring training camp this year: "I think American Legion baseball is one of the greatest things |y.« \ for a young kid coming up in the i/V \ game, because I really know it gave l-^VVme my start, and can do the same 'tor someone else. My advice is for a kid to play American Legion base- · - " -'· ·-- ------- *- ball if he expects where . to get any- THEY STILL, TALK THE SDDELINERS are still talking about Howard Stoecker's last- second shot in the Mason City- Logan game at the state high school basketball finals Coach Dukes Duford of St. Ambrose, who insists that basketball is a "screwy" game . . . one that you can't figure out scientifically . . . says: "That shot is one you can't stop. It drops or it doesn't. . . ." * * * COACH PAUL MOON of Davenport made one terse remark: "Next year they should rule the officials must wear their whistles on their wrists--they're blowing them every time they breathe." Pops Harrison of the University of Iowa, by the way, w r as rated termined ' the four officials at the state meet-'tins year'.'';; Verle Davis of Corning; who passed up a chance to referee the national women's A. A. U. tournament to come to Des Moines . , . and should have accepted it ... replaced Harrison as No. 1 man. * * * PROBABLY THE best story produced at Des Moines has been pinned on John O'Donnell, the happy-go-lucky Davenport Irishman who handles a nice sports page for does some officiating in his spare momenta. John was calling them close at Muscatine high school one night last winter . . . did I say LAST win. POLL SHOWS CUB NINE SECOND FOR SEASON'S TUSSLE Close Battle of Ballots Has Cards Holding Edge Over Champs' Same Club. By HERBERT \V. BARKER Associated I'rcss Sports Writer NEW YORK, (fl)--A two club race for the National league pennant, with the St. Louis Cardinals dethroning the Chicago Cubs by a narrow margin, was forecast Thursday by the nation's baseball experts casting ballots in the Associated Press' tenth annual poll. In as close a battle of ballots as the poll ever has seen, 43 of the 98 sports editors and baseball writers who participated, cast their first place ballots for the "gas house gang" led by the inimitable Deans and bolstered by the off-season acquisition of LeRoy (Bud) Parmelee, fast ball right bander. Cubs Rated Second. The Cubs, who won the 1935 flag with a spectacular 21 game winning streak in the closing month of the campaign, were placed second despite the fact they will get away from the barrier two weeks hence with virtually the same array that performed so sensationally a year ago. The Cubs received 39 first place ballots but Charley Grimm's champions can take heart from the fact that the 1935 poll established the Cardinals a s favorites and ranked the Cubs no better than third. As far as the experts are concerned, only two other clubs--the New York Giants and Pittsburgh Pirates --can be considered to have even a remote chance of figuring in the championship this summer. 13 Like Giants. The Giants were given 13 votes for first place and Pittsburgh, prospective "dark horse" of the campaign, received three. Although Cincinnati's rejuvenated Reds drew strong support, they fell behind the Brooklyn Dodgers, who were picked to head the second division. Philadelphia, although drawing votes for as high as third place, winds up as seventh place nominee in the final tally. Boston, operating under a new name as well as new management, was an over-whelming choice for the cellar. E-GAZETTE Baseball Men Start Fight to Bring Back Game MICKEY MOUSE WINS MATCHES D. K. Lundberg Takes Trio by Default m Women's Bowling Contests. Mickey Mouse Won two games from Diamond Butter Bread and D. the Davenport Democrat . . . he also K. Lundberg won three by default ter? . anyway, Bobby Kinnan, Muscatine coach, is an even tempered sort, .except when his team is in action. Then Bobby gets right into the thick of things, just as he ,!ai \ used to at Iowa . . . he plays every position from the bench. * * * LATE IN the game, John blew his whistle just as he passed the Muscatine bench. Kinnan hopped up and howled: "Toot, toot, toot, O'Donnell! Keep it up and you'll have every dog in town following you before the night's over! * * * GIVE IT TO THE BOYS! THERE'S STILL another Iowa sports editor who favors giving the state basketball tournament back to the boys who play in it ... read this from Ed Moore, Jr., of the Waterloo Courier: "One of the unfair things about the state tournament is the arrangement for taking care of the teams beaten in the first round . . the youngsters either must go home or stay at the. tournament at the expense of their school . . . the state association gives them a certain sum, in the neighborhood of .$55 for coming to the tournament and playing in the first round if a team survives its first game the sum i s hiked to approximately .$80 . it takes another jump, small to be sure, if the team reaches the round of four. ' The point is that the boys should be allowed to remain at the tour- (Continiird on Market Pacr) Tune in On the AIRSHOW 7 P. M. TONIGHT Thursday, April 2 STATION WCCO J.H.MARSTON CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH I ) Block Kasl of Hanfnrd Hotel Wednesday night as the schedule of the Women's bowling league was rolled. Mickey Mouse had the high total with 2,645. Elsie Glanville had a 514 for three games and 190 for the best single. n. K. WSDKERK AND CO. Pla.vers- Wolsnak IlonKherty Arfnal i'ins Handicap . . TOTAL PIXS 1st 2nd 3rd To. 1-lli 125 147 4IS 121 Ml ]fUS 417 123 12.1 US 394 128 167 M 3)1 Ifi, 1 ) 107 132 -H4 tif;:t 67K 21124 CS 195 7JS 778 74:1 '.'219 D I A M O N D BUTTER B R E A D Player,-- 1st 2nd 3rd Rirrntrni^ii 13s 1311 In.t Cookman 170 jfi^ j. (7 Itall-Zwrmcman 132 Kill lr,7 Shaitcr 11R 133 135 E. Glllnvilie 135 !ao Kifl Artiml 1'ln, Handicap . . 713 775 7 7 1 1 21!)!) ·4 22S TOTAT. I'lJfS 730 8 I'J 7 8 5 2 1 2 1 MICKEV MOUSE 1st 2nd !)» us 133 ](!! 130 Mick ISC Glanvlllc 131 Knl 184 A c t u a l Pins 774 Handicap , , , , 32 B7!) n2 3rd To. 1.-,.-! 11(1 1HB 41)11 133 .197 141 494 121 MS 7,16 -;I8!I !2 27G TOTAL PIXS SfiG 771 8 2 8 2 4 0 5 May 23 Set as 1936 Date for Prep Links Contests DES MOINES, CSV-Iowa high school golfers will hold their annual state tournament at the Woodside course, Des Moines, May 23. Thirty- six holes will be played to determine the individual and team championships. IN THE RING By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS xriXXATI -- Baby Arizmcndl. 131 Mexico ctty, mitpnlntcd Ticcr Walker. 132 Cincinnati, (10). Armory, Thurs., April 2 8 Big Bouts--32 Rounds General admission 40c plus rax; women and children 25c plus tax; ringside 15c plus tax. AMERICAN LEGION SPONSORED Sarazen Says He Can't Win, So Watch Out! Seven-Jointed Names Adorn Puncher and Promoter. By EDDIE BKIKTZ Associated Press Sports Editor. NEW YORK, UP)--Good luck to Lawson Little, who finally has gone and done it ... Ed Wade, who plays basketball for Utah State, will show the east a nifty pair of dogs in the Olympic finals this- week-end . . . He wears a size 14 Y^ shoe and they have to be made to order . . . Next to Ray Impcllittierc, perhaps the hardest name to spell in sports is Al Neiderrciter, who will promote boxing at Ebbets Field this summer . . . Mickey Walker's name adorns a suds spot on West 49th street, just across the street from the Garden and only a block from Jack Dempsey's. * * * Gene Sarazen saying he can't possibly win at Augusta this week recalls the time Wallace Wade went around saying his Duke gridders didn't have a chance against North Carolina . . . Then went out and knocked the Tar Heels plumb out of the Rose Bowl . . . Pat Malone is showing signs of a comeback and the Yanks are all steamed up . . . The Garden's announcement that it has Tony Canzoneri signed for his next title defense has Mike Jacobs wondering how he's going to bag the Ambers bout . . . But all along West 49th street--called Jacobs' Beach by Frankie Graham in the Sun--they're betting even money Michael does it. * * * That story about the kid who grot a tryout with the Tigers, then had has career cut short by a leg ailment and wanted an AP picture to prove he really went to camp, was a honey . . . When asked if he was going to Birmingham to try to sign Ben Chapman, Col. Jake Ruppert gruffly replied: "I'm not interested in-Chapman" . . . and he wasn't April fooling . . . Since going to work as Mike Jacobs' press agent, Francis Albertanti, than whom there is none whomer, has put on 20 pounds . . . Gossips say Jack Dempsey may quit his $25,000 job fronting for a restaurant. * * * · Prexy Gerry Nugent of the Phillies struck a new note for Quakertown when he said Curt Davis wasn't for sale at any price . . . Joe Moore of the Giants can play ball in any league for our dough . . . Joe McCarthy can't make up his mind whether Myril Hoag is a pitcher or an outfielder . . . Some of the roving war correspondents think the Deans may flop this year--but oeglect to tell why . . The Garden wants somebody to fight John Henry Lewis . . . Maxey Rosenbloom would get the spot, but he's headed for Australia. Legion Course to Be Full Length 0 "'-\ yt' KM*! ·©" *\ The American Legion Community golf course, revised temporarily until a complete new layout allows a permanent extension to the east of its present location, will have a full 18 holes ready for play this spring. The only changes in the course will be the inclusion of three temporary holes in the first nine. A jie\v No. 1 will extend north, using the old No. 5 green. A short No. a, laid down midway in the old No. 6 fairway, will be used, while a temporary No. 6, making use of the old sixth sreen, but starting from a new tec on the former No. 5 fairway, completes the arrangement. (Kaycnay engraving) Lawson Little Turns Pro as Rain Cuts Prize Meet Amateur Champ Gets 1 ' -- Leading Golfers Idle as Ram Stops Georgia Meet AUGUSTA, Ga., i;P--America's leading professionals and amateurs, assembled here for the 55,000 72 hole - medal play Augusta national invitation golf tournament, remained idle as rain delayed the start until Friday. Officials said IS holes probably will be played Friday. Terry Expects Giants to Start Pushing Into Form GREENWOOD. Miss., (/PI--Bill Terry now expects his- New York Giants really to start rolling'. Hank Lieber snapped out of a batting slump Wednesday by driving out two doubles. Hank's fielding is nothing to shout about, however. Cleveland Pitcher Ready to Take Mound for Tribe GREENWOOD, Miss., UT)--Oral Hildebrand and Johnny Allen were named to take the mound for Cleveland against the Giants here in the ninth game of their exhibition series. Allen has recovered from an attack of influenza. .ittle Poison Waner Has Health Back, Opens Drill TYLER, Tex., C7»--Brother Lloyd, the little poison of the Waner fam- ly, began his limbering up exercises after recovering from a long siege of pneumonia. Although a little underweight, Lloyd declared he vas feeling fine. \*udy York Shipped Away to Milwaukee A. A. Club LAKELAND, Fla., (.T)--With Hank Grcenberg on hand to hold down first ba?c, the Detroit Tigers have no more use for Rudy York and have shipped the promising rookie to Milwaukee, subject to recall on 24 hours notice. Outfielder Chet Laabs went to the same club on the panic basin. The Tigers have rrlasnd Outfielder Chick Morgan to Milwaukee Into Business as He Drops Title. By ALAN GOULD. Associated 1'rcss Sports Editor AUGUSTA, Ga., (.11--While a deluge washed out the first round of the August national tournament, William Lawson Little Jr., king of the world's amateurs for the past two years, emerged Thursday as the latest notable recruit to the ranks of professional golf. In making- the big jump that took two famous championship predecessors, Robert T. Jones, Jr., and George Von Elm, from the ranks of the sirnon-pures six years ago, Little ended at the age of only 25 an amateur career that dazzled two continents in 1934 and 1935. Loses Team Captaincy. With world record streak of 31 consecutive victories in title match play, the San Francisco "siege gun" captured the American and British crowns twice in succession. His decision not only means the relinquishment of both championships, at the peak of his career, but removes his chance to captain this year's American Walker cup team. With his bride, the former Dorothy Hurd of Chicago, nodding her smiling agreement, Little declared today he was "happy in making the decision that offers the chance to get down to work." To Promote Golf. The details have yet to be worked out but he will shortly sign contracts, he said, for a long term golf promotion venture, sponsored by a national sporting goods concern. Little will be associated with Bob Jones in work which the Georgian described as "educational." Present plans call for Little to lead a touring party which will give exhibitions, show motion pictures and otherwise seek to create wider interest in golf playing. Jones will act only in an advisory capacity. The aim is to reach public courses, schools and colleges with the promotional program. Omaha League Club Asks Manager to Take Up Job OMAHA, Nebr.. (JP)--Larry Harlan, operator of the packers. Omaha's Western league baseball club, said Wednesday night he had instructed Hank Severeid, the new manager, to report Monday. Severeid is at San Antonio, Tex. He went there after the close of a baseball school at Hot Springs. Ark., where he served as instructor. Western league club owners are scheduled to meet here Friday to organize for the season. Harlan said the league is certain to go with six teams. SNELL TO START STATE Cyclones Wait for Break in Weather to Open Year With Simpson Nine. AMES--Weather conditions permitting, the Iowa Slate college baseball squad will open its 1936 season with Simpson here on State field Friday afternoon at 4 o'clock. Another contest between the Cyclone and Simpson nines is set for 2:30 Saturday. Last season the Iowa State nine, co-champions of the Big- Six conference, defeated the Methodists on State field. Five lettermen, three sophomores and one man with some experience were named by Coach Joe Truskowski to form the tentative Cyclone lineup. Capt. Torvald Holmes will start on the mound for the Cyclones with the possibility that Harlyn Hinz, a sophomore, will also sec some action at the position, The Iowa State tentative lineup is: Centerfield, Maurice London; third base, Maurice Johnson: shortstop, Elwin Snell; left field. Clarence Gustine: c a t c h e r , August Krause: second base. Raymond Gathmann or Richard McWiiliams: first base, Newman Olsgaard; right field. Don A t k i n s o n ; pitcher, Holmes, Franklin County 4-H to Bid for Iowa Cage Title HAMPTON--The Franklin county -H boys will enter the state championship 4-H basketball tournament at Waterloo Friday and Saturday. They will meet Grundy county Friday evening in the first game of the tournament. Players are Allan MEETING CALLED FOR TUESDAY AT Y TO TALK PLANS Two Sponsors Ready to Enter Teams in Race; Six Are Sought for League. Despite the fact that cold,, wet snow lay on the ground Thursday, a group of Mason City baseball men were starting a determined fight to bring the national game back into town. Headed by Bill Tyler, a veteran of the baseball wars himself, a committee was visiting local fans Thursday, seeking sponsors for a six or four-team city league. The new circuit, patterned after the old twilight leagues, will be in action by June, and will continue through the summer, with four games a week on schedule. Indications are that two teams and sponsors are standing ready to enter the league. Pabst Blue Ribbon will be one entrant, while Decker Brothers Sporting Goods will also back a club in the local circuit. The committeemen were also visiting Clear Lake Thursday, seeking an entrant from the neighbor city. Just how far the plans have progressed will be known next Tuesday night, when a meeting of sponsors, managers and players will be held at the Y. M. C. A. The session will be at 8 o'clock. Questions of financing the season's schedule, and a constitution for the league will be the subjects of the organization meeting. Des Moines Girls to Play Canadians in Cage Series DES MOINES, LTi--The American Institute of Business girls basketball team of Des Moines, which finished third in the recent national A. A. U. meet, will leave Tuesday for a series of games with the Edmonton Grads at Edmonton, Can ada. The Des Moines team will play the world's champions a best two out of three series with the first contest scheduled for April 11. Peacocks Put Good Team in State Circuit Doc Dorman Thinks He Has Fine Set of Recruits. FAYETTE, (JT)--Coach Doc Dorman, after taking several good looks at his Upper Iowa baseball squad in outdoor drills, has decided the Peacocks will have another strong club this spring. There are only three lettermen available, but the recruits are better than average. Twenty-five candidates are out for the team. Captain Findreng, a catcher, and Banning and Murray, infielders, are the veterans returning from the 1935 team. The pitching, most important factor on any ball team, will be well taken care of by two southpaws, Gchrkc of Rcadlyn, and Thomas of Fayette: and Stein of North high, DCS Moines, and Thompson of Colwell. Only five games have been scheduled definitely, but contests are pending with several state schools. The incomplete schedule: April 10--Imvn State lit Vppfr I o u-:i. M:iy 12--Simpson nl I'pliiT lou-n. Mny Ifl or 20--Upper !MVU ai Simpson. Mny 30--Luther nt Upper lown. ·lime 2--Cpprr Imva :it Luther. FIRESTONE HOSKY DES MOINES "Y" SETS FOURTH OF IOWA MAT TESTS Contest to Open Friday for 12 Weight Divisions at Capital City Gym. DES MOINES, (.D--The fourth annual state wrestling tournament sponsored by the DCS Moines Y. M. C. A. will start here Friday with approximately 200 of Iowa's best mat- men in the field. The tournament has developed into the largest amateur affair of its kind in the country under the direction of Earl Conrad of the DCS Moines "Y." The entrants will compete in 12 weight divisions with trophies going to the first and second place winners. The "Earl Conrad" trophy will be given to the outstanding wrestler in the tournament. Dale Brand of Cornell won the trophy last year and again has entered the meet. Other entries have been received from Iowa State Teachers college. Cherokee high school, Ottumwa, DCH Moines, Bancroft, Cresco, Burt, Fort Dodge, Valley Junction, Clinton and Eagle Grove. Drawings for the matches, all to be conducted under intercollegiate rules, will be made Friday morning at 10 o'clock. The preliminary bouts will be six minutes- in length, but the finals will have a 10 minute time limit. The weight divisions are 75 85 95 305, 115, 125, 135, 145, 155, 165, 175 and heavyweight Iowa Champion Girls Earn More Than Thousand Points CENTERVILLE, (.T 1 )--The Centerville girls basketball team, winner of the Iowa championship for the second straight time this season, scored 1,060 points in 27 games. Opponents made only 533 points fainst the Redettcs. The highest scoring mark was made against Lynnville when Centerville piled in 63 points. Joe Hanson to Battle Local Heavyweight Puncher m American Legion Go. Joe Hanson, 198 pound scrapper from Pipestone, Minn,, has been signed by Matchmaker Slim Craychee to fight Elmer Fritz in one of the four round bouts a part of the American Legion boxing show scheduled Thursday night at the armory, Fritz, a Mason City boy who weighs in at 190, has made only one start in the ring--at the last Legion show--but knocked out Leo O'Gorman in two rounds in a sensational fist-flying melee. Whether the Mason City heavyweight can continue his "undefeated" string of one victory in the ring will be determined in the squared circle Thursday night. Casey Cuts Squad to New Low, Near to Loop Rules SEBRING, Fla., (.T?)--Although the deadline for reducing clubs to 23 players is still six weeks away Casey Stengel has cut his Brooklyn Dodgers within two of that number. He'll probably drop a pitcher and an infielder but he'll also have to decide whether to keep Johnny Cooney and Oscar Eckhardt or turn them back to the minors. Cooney will know his answer by April 15. the deadline set iy Indianapolis, while Eckhardt's trial runs to June 30. ay-tor Miller, Hampton; Richard A t k i n s o n . Sheffield: Frederick Rohn. Sheffield, and Bob Van Houten, Hansell. Vfassachusetts Girl Gets Below Par to Lead Match SOUTHERN PINE, N. Car.. OP)-Deborah Verry of Worcester, Mass., icld a 3 stroke lead as she sought her second Mid-south Women's Golf crown in the final IS holes of medal 3lay. She turned in an 81 Wednesday--three strokes under women's par. WRESTLING AT.LEVroWN. l' n - -- Krt Xortli .Invn. N. V.. t h r e w 21S, Ilnnnll. one (nil. " n Scorer. 220, Rudy Westrollc. Likely to Enter at Drake DES MOINES, (IP)--Pitch Johnson, who directs the Drake relays, hopes to have at least a few University of Southern California track stars here for the 1936 games. U. C. L. A., winner of the mile relay the last two years and holder of the record, will be back with several entries this spring. Ben Chapman Has Another Chance to Okay New Pact BIRMINGHAM. Ala.. (.P)--Ben Chapman, last of the Yankee holdouts, had another chance Thursday to put his name on the dotted line before Joe McCarthy leads the major leaguers out of Alabama. Ben failed to get anywhere in a talk with McCarthy Wednesday. Iowa Grapolers to Make Olympic Place Next Job in Schedules for Season IOWA CITY--Final tryouts for the American Olympic team now constitute the next objective of Earle Kielhorn and Byron Guernsey, University of Iowa wrestlers. By nlacing- third in the National Collegiate meet. Kielhqrn in the 138 pound class and Guernsey in the 145 pound division, became eligible for thf final trials at Lehigh university, Bethlehem. Pa.. April 16-18. No Hawkeyes will be sent by the university to the National A. A. U. championships this week-end in Chicago, Coach Mike Howard has announced. Branch Rickey Suffers Severe Lacerations in Crash of Autos, Truck COLUMBUS. Ga.. (.Pi-Painful injuries kept Branch Rickey, vice president and general manager of the St. Louis Cardinals, in a hospital Thursday after an automobile- truck collision near here yesterday. Rickey suffered severe head lacerations and a badly wrenched back. George Dunlap Favorite in North-South Golf Contests PINEHURST. N. Car.. /B--With the quarterfinals at hand. George T. Dunlap, Jr., was heavily favored Thursday to win his fifth title in the North and South Amateur Golf championship. Dunlap was paired today with Richard Tufts of Pinehurst. Wednesday he defeated Tom Pierce, Vermont titleholder, 6 and 5. Tutor Wrestlers to Take Part in Des Moines Meet CEDAR FALLS--Five Iowa State Teachers college wrestlers will open campaigns for state championships in the fourth annual Y. M. C. A. tournament at Des Moines Friday. Davis Natvig, Ivan Moore, Ed Stewart, Ray Cheney and Keith Bueghly have been selected as Tutor representatives by Coach David McCuskey. Natvig is a 118 pounder, Moore and Stewart will compete in 126, Cheney in 135, and Bueghly in either 135 or 145. Drake Golf Star Fails to Make Grades, Dulls Hopes DES MOINES, iVP)--Because Jimmy Miller didn't get eligible. Drake university golf hopes aren't as bright as they might be. Jimmy, brother of Denmar Miller, former Iowa amateur champion, was expected to be the number one man on the Drake team this spring. 50 AND 30. G R I N N E L L. U'J--Guy Lookabaugh. Grinncll's new footba.ll coach who'll start spring practice April 6. has a record of SO victories and 30 defeats since he started his coaching career. Clinton and Davenport in Running for Track Honors IOWA CITY--Clinton and Davenport, sharers of second place last year. Tuesday headed a group of 15 new entrants in the state interscholastic track and field meet at the University of Iow a Saturday. The current total now is 32 schools and 280 athletes, with the. likelihood that the 50 mark will be approached or surpassed when late entries are tabulated. Davenport, state outdoor champion, has entered 26 contestants, while Clinton nominated 22. These are the largest teams named to date, topping the 19 athlete squad of North Des Moines, the defending champion, and East Des Moines' 20. Boy, Girl Star Go After Records in Chicago Pool CHICAGO. --T)--Adolph Kiefer, Chicago's high school boy back stroke artist, will go after another record while Katy Rawla of Miami Beach. Fla.. swims for her second insfi t i t l e , in the second night of competition for men's and women's senior national A. A. U. championships at the Lake Shore Athletic club. Says Bill McKechnie: ST. PETERSBURG, Fla.--"The Braves finished a bad last in 1935 and I realize most of the experts are handing us that rating for the coming season. However, right now we are not thinking about where we are going to finish but rather how much better we can do than last year. "At present we are most interested in giving tho Boston public a new deal in baseball. With that idea in mind, we have changed the name of the Braves to the Bees. I realise that it is going to take more than a change in names to better the ballcluband we have such plans in mind. "Getting Catcher Lopez from Brooklyn was a real start in the right direction. Lopez, one of the best catchers in the. National league, is going to help our pitching immensely. We plan to make over "the team with a lot of good looking young players and while we realize it takes time to develop a hall club, we hope to make definite progress this year." RESULTS By THE ASSOCIATED PRKSS Cleveland (A) 3: Xe\v York (X) 2. Boston ( X I I d : Jacksonville 9. Plillaih'lphia ( N ) 3: i'liiraso ( \ ) I. PlftslHireh (X) 9: Chlcaco (A) 7. \Va,snlnclon (A) R; rhiejmiall IX) n. Nlrniineham (S.-V) 5; New York f A ) 4. Roston ( A ) 5: Neivnrk !!. 3, Detroit (A) Ifi; St. Paul (A) II. HOCKEY lly TIIK A S S d C I A T K n I'RKSS J N T K K N A T I O X A I . I . K A O I K I'l.AVOFF t V l n i l v n r 2: t t i i t t i i l o 1. ( ' A X A I t I A \ - A M K K H AN I . K A ( . V K IM.AVdl-r r n . v l i l c i i r i - I : M i r l n e r i M d 2 . A M r . K I C A N A S S I H I.V110.V r i . A M H F si.« 2: s-i. rani l BOXING - WRESTLING MASON CITY ARMORY, MONDAY, APRIL 6, 8:30 P. M. Three Star Bouts Boxing--8 Rounds PAT ARNOLEL 11 " vs K"|'D MILLER Minneopolis, Minn. 195 Ibs. St. Cloud, Minn. WRESTLING FRANK BAUER vs. CYCLONE NELSON Swea City 165 Ibs. Milwaukee FINISH MATCH--NO TIME LIMIT MAE MEYERS, St. Paul, Champion Woman Wrestler of the World, vs BOB K E N N E D Y , DCS Moines. Admission --- Main Floor 35c, Plus Tax; Genera! Admission 25c, Plus Tax; Children lOc. Doors Open 7:00. ONE MORE FAST BOUT

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