Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 25, 1937 · Page 19
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 19

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 25, 1937
Page 19
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MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, FEBRUARY 25 · 1937 SEEKS NORMAL LIFE FOR QUINTS Provincial Welfare Minister Outlines Program for Their Future. , . T O R O N T O , W--The Ontario . government--like a father who sees his children growing up-planned a future "normal life" Thursday for the Dionne quin: tuplets with their reunited family. - David A. Croll, welfare minister ol the province, who has made the .lamous babes wealthy in the two years he has been their special guardian, outlined the plans for ; their future in speaking of a bill to relieve him of his stewardship. At present, Croll said, the five sisters are worth $543,046.39 in '. government bonds or government guaranteed securities, and in two 'will be , Contracts already signed will bring in $200,000 a year for the next two years, he said in explaining the Ontario government's de- .sire to see Oliva and Elzira Dionne nave more and more of a share in · the life of their children. They Have'Wealth. ·· "They have wealth, they have .money, he said, "what they need ..most of all is a normal domestic -life, association, with their brothers ;and sisters, the love and discipline which their parents alone can completely provide. "There is no substitute for a mother. "Let them in these formative years have a little normality in their lives." He said he hoped the parents would assume a larger responsibility 'for the education and religious training o£ the children who will be 3 years old May 28. "We hope they will take their part in actively directing matters in and about the nursery, and, in short, as the physical progress of the babies has been such as to permit it, the Dionne family will be reunited." Affairs Are Complex. When he assumed the guardianship which, he now seeks through legislation to turn over to the official provincial guardian; Percy D. Wilson, he said the children were worth $32,472.02 and some "debts." "The quints have become big business. They have property and assets. Their business affairs are complex and extensive. "Throughout the term of guardianship, regardless of financial considerations; we have tried to avoid anything that might cheapen them. "But with that thought constantly in mind, we did feel it our duty to make what money we could for them, if we could make it ethically and decently and without exposing the children to physical or other danger." Sufficient for Family. Now, Croll said, there is sufficient income "{or the needs of the SALAM Delicious, Satisfying 403 · JACK SPRAT^/ST PRICES FOR FRIDAY SATURDAY Cornmeal Jack Sprat--Yellow full 5 Ib. bag- 23c Mustard Jack Sprat--Salad or Horseradish Style 16 oz. jar lOc Flour Jack Sprat Every bag guaranteed 24Vi.-lb. Sack $1.09 49-Ib. S a c k . . $2.09 CHEESE CODFISH HERRING Jack Sprat WHEAT CEREAL . . . TM£V5c G ELATIN D ESS E RT. ,4 19c Jack Sprat American or Brick Jack Sprat Boneless · Spked Cut-Up Variety 2 Ib. box 1 Ib. box 5 Ib. pail 57 29 99. Jack Sprat--Shvcd COCOANUT Mayflower--Seedless RAISINS .. . V. 1 : 9c *,£ 19c BHie Rnfc--Extra Fancy RICE n '.. 21c Jack Sprat CORN FLAKES .. lOc Jack Sprat--Japan TEA ··K-' Braivtl COFFEE * ."' 25c rkf. AiiJW 1 n ' JtZ~ Pkf. +*JG Ice Cream Mix Jack Sprat--These popular flavors--Lemon. Strawberry, Vanilla. Unfavored. Jack Sprat Ctf* Package SC Zofo Nut Bars The new 1937 Sensation with the mystery chocolalo chlllon Unit center. Bar 5c Jelly Bird Eggs Sugar Panned, extra'so Tl and tender jelly center Pound IOC BIG 4 LAUNDRY SOAP, 5 s l . I9c Diamond WAXED P A P E R . . . . 4 ^ 9c Green Diamond MATCHES *.',,, 21 c Palmrose TOILET SOAP, Bar . . 5c MAGIC WASHER. . . #; 19c Ambassador TOILET T I S S U E . . . . ,.1,, I9c HORSE SHOE GROCERY 219 North Federal Phone 203 THOMPSON-DEAN CO. IZl North Federal Phone 313 CARL GRUPP 1339 Norlli Federal Phone -Utt SNYDER'S RITE-WAY 616 South Federal Phone 1800 WILLSON GROCERY £01 Fifteenth St. N. .IV.. ' Phone 211 A. W. KITTO 402 Seventh St. S. E. Phone 751 BARRETT BROS. CO. 20 Second St. N. E. Thone 43 W. S. LAWRENCE iBZ Twelfth St. N. \V. Phone 2137 S. P. SHAPIRO 523 N. Pennsylvania Phone 2187 Chicago Meat Grocery 626 S.-jEfacksou Phone 996 NINETEEN entire family for all time to come." Croll's bill would only replace himself witii Wilson. The other members ot the board oE guardians, the children's father, Judge J. A. Valin of North Bay, and Dr. Allan Roy DaFoe, their doctor, would not be affected. At Callender, the children's nome, Father Dionne, who had at first accused the government of stealing his babies, expressed gratitude for the guardianship. "We couldn't get along without it," he said. All Rooms Taken. MANLV -- Mikesh hotel here was filled to overflowing the past week-end. Many travelers were forced by road blockades to stay in Manly. AH rooms were taken and sitting room only was to be had. The Osage to Manly highway No. 9, even on Tuesday was nearly impassable. Train schedules got back to normal with a number of snow plows going out at iu- termals to clear out cuts which the high winds had caused to drift in right behind plows. Announcement'"' I wish to clear up the impression some people have that I am going out of the milk business. Through this sale I am only disposing of my herd and milk equipment. I will still continue to deliver milk . . . and good milk . . . the best that can be obtained. RYAN DAIRY PHONE 348 "The raisin? of eggs and poultry is of. personal interest to Iowa farm women, for a large part of the work in this important Industry is done by the women and children. For a grca.1 many years A P has offered a nation-wide market for these home products. In 1935 we bought over 53,800,000 worth of eggs and 51,200,000 worth of poultry raised on Iowa farms, and sola them through our stores throughout the United Slates." "Founder's Week" Sale In honor of the founders of A A P n-c offer you these outstanding Food Values. MILD AND MELLOW COFFEE Eight O'clock Rich and Full Bodied Coffee Red Circle, 2--1-lb. Bags.-.-. . . 39c White House Evap. Milk, 3 Tall Cans. . 20c Halves or Sliced Peaches, No. 10 can 39c Van Camp's Tomato Sauce Beans, 4--16-ox. Cans ,. 25c College tnn Tomato Juice, No. 5 C a n . . , 19c The -New Vegetable Shortening-^-Spry, 1-lb. can lie 3-!b. Can ., 59c Sultana Red Alaska Salmon, 2 No. 1 cons 39c Blue Rose Rice, 6 Ibs 25c 1-lb. ·% Ib. · Bag I8c J Bag Kraft's Miracle Whip, Pt. Jar 23c; Qt. Jar 37c Del Monte "Ortho Cut" Coffee, 1-lb. con. . . 25c 2-lb. can ,. ; . , 49c Cake Flour, Swansdown, pkg...... 23c Baking Powder, Calumet, 1-lb. can 19c Superior Crackers, 2-lb. Box ,,, 17c Sunnyfield Pancake Flour, 5-lb. Bag 25e Fresh Plums, No. 2Vi Can, 2 for. ....... 25c Pacific Tissue, 6 f o r . . 19c Lifebuoy Health Soap, 4 cakes.,,,... 22c Washing Powder, Rinso, 12-ox. pkg.. . 19e Waldorf Toilet £ Tissue D Rolls 2Sc SEEDLESS Fresh Fruits and Vegetables · 3LESS Grapefruit . . . 6 for 25c Potatoes, peck... 55c Oranges, 176 size, dox. 39c Radishes, 3 f o r . . , . , . . . lOc Carrots, bunch 6c Cabbage, Ib.. . ., 4c Celery, bunch ] Oc Tune In ';A P Banilwaffon" 7 to 8 P. HI. Thursday A P Food PORK HOCKS, Ib. HEARTS or BRAINS, Ib PORK LIVER, Ib. ' WHITING FISH, Ib NECK BONES, 2 Ibs BEEF BOIL, Ib BEEF POT ROASTS, II) SPARE RIBS, lean ends, Ib COTTAGE CHEESE, Hi KRAUT, Ib. LAIHB STEW, Ib VEAL LOAF, fancy Cold Meat, Jl Ib., . DILL PICKLES, t for " VEAL PATTIES, 5 for YOUR DIMES GO FARTHER AT Clifton's Markets At North and South A. and P. Stores FRESH DRESSED HENS. ib. 19 CARTON CHOICE CUT ROAST BEEF.ft.15e LEAN ROAST PORK. *. 19. STERLING GROCERIES and MEAT MARKETS NO. 1 -- NO. 2 -- NO. 3 -- NO. 4 FRIDAY - SATURDAY - MONDAY Right to Limit We Deliver $1.00 Orders MEAT DEPARTMENT Where the Good Meat Comes From Are You a Pig? You hove heard people soy, don't make a pig of yourself. If you try some of this Canadian style bacon you can easily make a pig .of yourself. 16c Veal Roast, Pound ...... Pork Liver, Pound .......-., Pork Hearts, Pound ,-!-.... Decker's Braun- · schweiger, Ib.. Veal Stew, Pound lOc lOe 20c 1 AM 1UV Canadian Style BACON Pound Beef Boil, Pound ,.;........... . . Sterling Hamburger, (All Meat) Pound. . Bonelesi Sirloin Roasts, Pound Fresh Pork Hocks, Pound Bacon Squares, Pound Beef Chuck Roast, P o u n d . . Lamb, Chickens, Fish, Oysters--Solid Pack 12c 23c ISc FRUIT DEPARTMENT Celery,. g g Large S t a l k s . , IjC Sweet Potatoes, %£* -4 Pounds 4jC Carrots, Bunch 5c 15c 15c Grapefruit Texas Seedless 12 for 29c Turnips, 2 Bunches.-., Beets, 2 Bunches... Libby's Sweet Pickles, Ige. j Rosedale Sweet Mixed Pickles, Quarts, ....... Monarch Stuffed Olives, giant \ar Monarch- ·* |\ -Noodles, Pkg. IUC Choc. Cookies, ** ·« _ Fancy, Ib......,., JblC Monarch Cake Flour, Ige. pkg. Radishes, 3 Bunches . ..., New York Gano IOC Apples, bushel. .. ^*i*JJ New Cabbage, Pound 4c Del Monre PUMPKIN 2 Yi Size Con, 3 Cans 25c Monarch Tomato *?C#* Juice, 3 Cans ^JV Monarch GELATINE 6 Packages 25C Standby Tomatoes, 3 No. 2 Cans for. . . Oranges, Large Navels, Dozen Russet Potatoes, 15-lb. Bag.,... Green Onions, Cfl Bunch jC Parsnips, 1 ft*» 3 Pounds. .,.,.;. iyC Grapefruit, *)£«« Giant, 6 for. . £,JV Libby's Dill -t rj^ Pickles, Ige. jar A / C Libby's Olives, 5 J« Large J a r . .... J^% Monarch Tomato Juice, Giant, *%£?,«· No. 5Con. t .,..,OC Iowa Pancake Flour, 5-lb. pkg. Monarch Syrup, Large Bottle. . Ketchup, Large *%ff\ Bottles, 2 for *JV THE SUPREME COURT We have come a long ways in this country, under our present form of government. If we want to change this form of government, then let the people vote on it. The important question of liquor was decided by the people voting an amendment to the constitution. I consider changing the supreme court a more important question than the liquor question. LUKE B. MILLER, U. S. A. Monarch Golden Bantam Can"'... M 15C Monarch Yacht Cut Green Beans, Can . . . Club 15c Lake State PEAS Good Grade, Cans, 3 f o r . 25c Van Camp's Tomato Soup, Can Van Camp's Pork and Beans, Giant Can. . Monarch Pears, C a n . . . . 25c Monarch Royal Anne Cherries, 2V2 C a n . . . . Green Gage Plums, 27z Can Libby's Corned Beef, C a n . . . . Rice, Fancy, 4 Pounds. ...,., P. 8 G. SOAP Giant Bars for Plums, No. 2 Can, Each Monarch Ketchup, Large Bottle Heinx Ketchup, Large Bottle. . Van Camp's Vegetable Soup, Giant Can . . . Monarch Fruit Cocktail, Can Monarch Peaches, 2'A Can..,.,.,. 23c 25c Kraft's Miracle Whip Quarts Monarch Yacht 4 fkf, Club Tuna, Can A"C Monarch Breakfast Coffee, .Ib 2ic De G raw's 5-Pound Bag Buckwheat, 29c Nut Mears, jitbtt Fresh, Pound. . t|7C Monarch Telephone Peas, can CRISCO 3c°an nd 59C Sterling Hard Candy, 3 Pounds. . Van Camp's Tomato Sou P Giant Can.,.;. Hormel's Vegetable 29C Kirk's Hardwater SOAP Vinegar, Large Bottle.., Libby's Apple | Q Butter, Ige. jar A X V MR. FARMER: BRING US YOUR EGGS--CASH OR TRADE--ANY OF THE 4 STORES Bar 5c Monarch Spaghetti, tall can Macaroni or Spaghetti, Pkg.. . Bulk Macaroni, 3 Pounds.... Monarch Stuffed Olives, Jar. . . . Monarch Pudding, Pkg... Brooms, Extra ' Good, Each. . . Monarch Whole Kernel Corn, Can ,,.. . . . . . .

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