The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 26, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, December 26, 1913
Page 4
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mvmvMmBemvBx: FMTHE · t KM* Jumping Game. This » a rery actfre game, which all wme awake cMMren Mem t* enjor KreB MSM of. "larger growth migot Auilt Jolly as a means of ··breaking th* tee- tt Ue party began too «a»y- All the players stand In a ring about twe feet apart from each other «cept aoe. who takes the place in the middle, a long, strong string, to the of which ls { flnnly .tied a ·*· L ;bi*«*'o«wood wrapped the-center wMrte the book around 4ttBide «* circl« on the ·ear ··"***··· by the string. ** ch time com** ·nearer the feet of tbe player* forming tb« rinjt. who as tt oears them must Jamp or*r it. A the book to whirled quit* rapidly, the jumping i» T*ry U»ely. for if H tout-lies tbe foot of any one that p«*r*«u iuu-t take hl or ber tarn ID the tnlddi* and try to bit the feet of »«nn* «ne else whose owner !· act wuflk-leotly alert. Sometime* one thrown tbe line «« deftly tbat it wind* arouod th** tinkles of the person off guard, fairly tntj.piiiB him. J*p«iMM N«w Year. On. Mew Year'i. d:iy lu Japan every OB* is well' dr«-»«d The children in gay colored puwn* throng the streets. and If they play K»on« their toya are decorated nlsu. £be Spirit of irtviu» is encouraged on New Year's d«y. and bejarars are never »nifd away empty handed from tbe doer* of tho-* who have plenty. There la a itreat deal of csiltiufs done on thla day. and many invitations are extended for dinner parties. IB some way*, you see. their mode of fdebrating 1« like ours, only^ theirs Issts orer thiw day* Toe Xew Year'* ··ongratnlations *uad souwhinn like this (beinp ac"During the |»»ist .vwir 1 hn^e been of nnapeaknhlf muil»l«- to you In many wsys. Bui wiui't »«n» i'Ieti«f houorably rondeweiid to contim'f your gracious favor* to me during another year?" Training m Dog. JnupiDK Is th* easiest thing to teach yew dos. Plrst put him In a corner ·ad hold a t-aiie twfore him so that he cannot s*t «mt without leaping over It. Ton most u«»t hold it very liijih or he will crawl under it Make him hold us heart up. no\v»-\er. and yon will prevent that Keep «t It until h«- understands wh.-it you want "sid be will jamp without hesitation After the trick,h** ».»f«'U if»ir»vd to tu' Corner It may iwuit'd wl -"" Jl'.f r "" ni -. (later pn-yii({ uiuy »«it him to Jump tb^acfc « 1«*"»P « nd "t? 11 later through s fcftoft"co.»fiv(1, with, U'wuje paper, mrtk- tnff him break jbrougb the paper as he jBOipsT ThJ» ^111 require fl good deal of patience, but It may be done and Is so odd. that you ought to try It. Conundrum*. a wall like a flab? Wben It . * c - -. % _ Why dow a puss pur? For ap obvious pur-pone. vttwt p«rt of a Bsh Is like the end of* .boo*?.. Tlit? an-l». , , Wb3M*'*u act "k* » colt? Becnus* IttfM)'* fit for umj until It Is broken t , ., ,Wb*t contains 'jno"re feet ID 'winter ffeqi IB cummer? A akattnk rink. -What In It w,« often, tell others to dtc «OuV o»tu»tt do ourselves? To stop a ·tttiut*. '/Why 15 the HRure nloc like a peacock? Because It is nothing without Nil tail Wh«n S»« BluntUrad. T«*cber «'as explaining all about Idols. t«Klnn!nf «ioh sentence and al lotrtufc the children to finish. ·Tu» Idol had eyes." she said, "but couldn't"-- ··S**," answered John "It had ears, but couldn't"-"Hear." answered Rose. '·It had Hps. but couldn't"-' "Speak." said 5lm, "It bad a nose, but couldn't"-" snouted Sue. GETTYSBURG, t*A.^-_ GETrYSBURG^A. G W, Weaver Son G. W. Weaver Son ' The Leaders. Special Price Concession Between Chri.toiis and New Year. Additional 10 20 Per Ct. SPECIAL PRICE CUT On Ladies' Coats, Suits, Dresses, Furs Also on all CHILDRENS COATS This special additional PRICE CUT is on the lowered prices -which we have given on much of this stock * for the past several weeks. · 20 Per Cent. Price Cut on Chrutoiav Novelties or "~~~ Fancy Goods. · : · Still a splendid choice of useful fancy avtu-!? p s to invest youi- Christmas Present money in J5TOCKTCLEAN.UPS OF OlbDS AND ENDS AT BARGAIN PRICES These Special Price Cut* arc given to eniblc u.s t stiii more increase the greatest sales we have owr had. G. W. WEAVER SON ;r 'if*. *i ILJI Gettysburg, Pa. ^5**""%. 1*- ^1 ",. ii Jt-,-' *A j rHEJ] For a Theatre Party -TO SKE- PAUL GILMORE AND ASSOCIATE PLAYERS IN THEIR GREAT ROMANTIC COMEDY DRAMA Stre«tl«»« Town. There Is one town in the United States thut has no streets, only steep trails owr the rocks ndd mountains. This Is Morenci. Ariz No automobiles or vehicle* of any kind are in the town. Sturdy ponies, mules and burros pack Ull th* nupplle* tt is said to be tha only town H this country without a conveyance of HDV Wind. 8l»«ping Lik* a Top. The word top was corrupted from the French word tnupe. meaning a mole, which is in the habit of sleeping for lonj periods This shows how the meaning of « sentence can be lost In tbe changing of « word I ·CAPTAIN ^**^GS Magnificent Production--Electrical Effects. The Times has bought ten $1.50 seats at Walter's Theatre for the performance of "Captain Alvarez", on Wednesday night, December 31st. and will give one seat absolutely free with each of the first ten new yearly subscriptions between this and the 31st of December. Cut out the coupon below and either bring or send it to this office. Your ticket will be returned to you together with a receipt for the subscription. Do not delay in sending for ten seats will not be enough to fill the demand. A Riddle. What walks ou its liend. :ind OP foot «nd with, bootn on. yet barefoot all at the tarn* time? Answer.--A hobnail In your boot We have had sent to us the criticism of "Captain Alvarez", from different cities in which it has appeared all speaking in the highest terms of Company and Play, and this convinces us that we are going to give our readers a treat. Coupon tuiniiiK Char*d*. My Bnt i« a couveyance. My second 1» not yours. The whole i* a br'.ght color. Aaswer.-- Cnr-tiiine-- carmine. t T . - . M 3 Name \ Street or Route 8 Town to tufrt » n«w Itmt." llttl* Tom. th* sinner, w»U till after X b«4 m£ ,Kew Tear'* (Mnn«r 'monc ih« thinr* !· t« «*,·«* mjr apprllta AnA «**·· from rating everything; Tfeat I cin find In *lsht ·*»«t }wt thi" or"-* I I' "*t my «": Then U* ny tomach pain FJl «um th» leaf and m*k« r«*olr« Mather Otve Himself Away. ^ '1 hafe met this man," said a lawyer, wltk eatreme seyerlty, "lo a treat Mr~ltr ,VlMti where I would be MMwpi te be eecn w?*elf." and then be ffsAssed aad looked with astonlah- memV at Ue aeaiHag court and jury. ^ ? SPAPFRflRCHlVE® _ _ ,, · a ati«sjiii3iiTiTiiin:iimi!Tiiniin:i«riiriiTiii«i tnmrrtnitin: miitiiiriini miti -. a ^ . over etore fronts is aa Industry which has fooed so many par trons In New York that e aumber of firms have found it profitable to set aalde all other forms of balldmc and devote themselves wholly to helping New York merchants improve the appearance of their establishments by putting a new face on the matter. All classes of merchants, from the small dealer In the suburb to the great dry goods firms. Indulge in the luxury of a new kind of front to their business home* .·very p»oe la ao often. - i Ml** telephone Haunted Him. t}f. ~fjeH'hjftd a vtrong aversion to the ringtarof fhe telephone bell--the great Invention for which ne Is responsible. I occasionally went into his room and found the bell stuffed with paper, or wound around with towels. "Little did I think when I'invented the thing." "aid Dr. Bell one day, when he had been awakened by the j igling of the bell, "that It would rise up to mock aad annoy me."--From Aviation Book." by Glenn Curtlss. · Why "Bucket Shop." The phrase "bucket shop" originated in Chicago. The board of trade had forbidden dealings in grain options in less amounts than 5.00C bushels. An open board was established for email gamblers under tbe rooms of tbe regular board. When business was slack in the regular board the elevator would be sent down for another "bucketful" of speculators from the unauthorized exchange, which thus came to be known as tbe "buck- etsnopV' Cemetery Advertisement. Advertising a cemetery Is something not generally encountered, but this recently has occurred at Sydney, N. 8. Wales. Australia. A newspaper advertised a local cemetery as 'commanding so beautiful a view of the bay- that people who have tried it cannot be persuaded to go elsewhere." Had His Number. Tne newly accepted young man was "making up" to his sweetheart's impish small brother. Willie, evincing a desire to inspect his watch charm, the visitor lifted Willie to his lap. In a pause of general conversation Willie piped, shrilly: "Am I as heavy as sister Mabel?" I Medical Advertising A DANGEROUS MISTAKE Gettysburg Mothers--Should not Ne.-. gleet Kidney Weakness in Children. Many children have weak kidneys. An early warning is bed-wetting. Often followed by backache, headache, languor. 'Tis a mistake to neglect these troubles, To blame the child for its own distress. Seek to check the cause, Save the child from dangerous kidney ills. Doan's Kidney Pills are especially for weak kidneys. Gettysburg parents know their worth. G. W. Bowers, carpenter, Gettysburg, Pa., 'says: "!· 'have used Doan's Kidney,Pills.and havafound that they do me more good than any other kidney remedy. One of the younger mem- bers^frm^^^^flttad weak kidneys and Doan's Kicftiey Fills cured her. I advise anyone who has kidney complaint to take this remedy." If your back aches--if your kidneys bother you, don't simply ask for a kidney remedy--ask distinctly for Doan's Kidney Pills, the same that Mr. Bowers had--the remedy backed by home testimony. 50c all stores. Foster-Milburn Co., Props., Buffalo, N. Y. For sale by all dealers. Price 50 cents. Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo, New York, sole agents for the United States. Remember the name--Doan's--and take no other. · NOTICE Notice i" hereby given that an application lor the transier of the Tavern License of George I I . Sipe of Gettysburg Borough tor jt-at ending April 1st 1914, to John F \V alter, lias been filed in my of- lice anil w i l l he pro-seated to the Court oi Quarter !*«« i n^ of Adams County, on Mondaj December 2'», li»13, wh«jn said tran-fer \ \ i l l !.· n.adt mile"" exceptions are liled j u i o r tliert-tu. AVM. E. Olinper C l f i k of ( S. Have Hair And Look Young TO OUR PATRONS We wish to thank you for your much app«-cciatc'U trade during the year 1913 and the holiday season just closed. We hope you TV-ill continue to lind what you want at our stx»re, and that we can lill your wants in thu future as in the past. 'O. He LESI£ J.'^'j^ .;;:;;·' Cor. Square and Carlisle St. Gcttytbuirg, Pn. » · » .· t ,, bsS3B®88a3SSeffia^:XKS28^^ i s .-.THE PLACE FOR.'. SHELL » OYSTERS | By the Peck or Measure £ 5Oc. and 6Oc. per quart | EVANS' ^"R^STA^URANT I U N I T E D T E L E P H O N E % Before Buying a range let us show you this one-and get our prices. He T. Maring Rear of old Reading freight station in building formerly occupied by Straw stacker Company. The Citizens Trust Company Of Gettysburg ON, FRIDAY DECEMBER 12th. the Citizens Trust Company mailed their handsome Christmas Checks amounting to over $15,000. to the 597 Patrons of their CHRISTMAS SAVING FUND. This vast sum of money was saved during the year by the people of our town depositing in the Trust Company from one to five cents on each share every" Saturday during the year. This enterprise of the CITIZENS TRUST (?-OMPA ! N¥ has provedVo beneficial to al reci£- tiens that the series for 1914 is now open and those who deposit their pennies will have the same courteous treatment as the well to do or the rich. We are determined to do our part to better the condition of the rising generation of our community and ask all good citizens to help us. HARRY L. SNYDER, Treasurer. Nobody can Tell when you Darken Gray, Faded Hair w i t h Sage Tea Grandmother kept her hair beautifully darkened, glossy and abundant with a brew of Sage Tea and Sulphur. Whenever her hair fell out or took on that dull, faded or streaked appearance, r this simple: mixture was applied with wond«rf ul effect.- By asking, at any drug, store for^Wyeth's Sage and Hair Beprtedy/* you will get a Gettysburg Druggist Deserves Praise H. C. Landai), druggist, deserves praise from Gettysburg people for introducing her* the simple buckthorn bark and glycerine mixture, 1 known as Adler-i-ka. This simple 1 German remedy first became famous j by curing appendicitis and it has now been discovered that JUST A SINGLE DOKK relieves sour stomach, ras Ion the stomach and constipation INSTANTLY. It's quicV; action is a big jsurpnae to people. Medical Advertising AVer's Sarsaparilla Toakaad attentive. Rotor** healthy fancttoM. Noakohol. Sold for 60 yean. Veev Dally Thought. Content thyieU to be obscurely food.--Additon. Strong Party ·entlment. "What are the duties of tU« office to which you desire appointment?" asked the official. "I haven't inquired Into the duties," replied the applicant. "But/- he added rather reproachfully, "it was held by a Republican for yearn. And you oughtn't to have any doubt that what one of those Republicans can get by with a first class Democrat will b« able to do with ease."--Washington Star. Sulphur large bottle of this old-time recipe, ready to uSsf? for about 90 centfe. This simple mixture can be depended upor. to restore, natural color and beauty to the hair and is splendid for dandruff, dry, itchy scalp and falling hair. A well-known downtown druggist says everybody uses Wyeth'a Sage and Sulphur, because it darkens so naturally and evenly that nobody can tell it , has been applied-- it's BO «»sy to use, 'too. You simply dampen a sponge or 'soft brush and draw it through your hair, taking on« strand at a time. By , morning the gray hair disappears; af- ,ter another application or two, it is restored to its natural color and looks I glossy, soft and abundant. Medical Advertising NERVESTREATEDFREE DR. FRANKLIN MILES, The Great Nerve Specialist, Gives New Book and $2.50 Worth of Neuropathic Treatment Free. Many Cured After Doctors Failed. Sick people whose nerves are weak or deranged--who have weak heart. liver, stomach or bladder; blues, headache, dizziness or dullness; nervous dyspepsia, irritability, cold hands and feet, shortness of breath, palpitation or irregular heart-beat, dropsy, drowsiness, nervousness, nervous exhaustion, sleeplessness, trembling, wandering pains, backache, irritable spine, rheumatism, hysteria--would do well to accept Dr. Miles' liberal offer. You may never have another opportunity. The Doctor's Special Neuropathic Treatment for this class of diseases is the resuk of 30 years' study and immense experience and is scientific and remarkably successful. It is so sue cessful that he does not hesitate to offer a trial free to any sick one. Every treatmen is specially prepared for each patie:.i and consists of a curative elixir, ton:c tablets, eliminating pills, and a plaster. Years of trial have demonstrated that his Treatment is ten times as successful as that usually prescribed by phys*Send for Remarkable Cures (in Yojrr State. ; .. J Mrs. Ella M. Hetfcel, 215 Walker St., Evansville, Ind., cured after 15 physicians failed. Mr. E. M. Riggs, Sullivan, O., cured in 7 weeks. Mrs. Win. H. Crabtree, Jasper, Mo., after 8 failed. Mrs. Minnie Collins, Jefferson. Iowa, after 3 failed. Write at once, describe your disease, stating age, weight, how long sick, etc. He will send you a free $2.50 Special Treatment which has been prepared especially for you, valuable advice and his new book on "Neuro- p.thy--Curing Tiuoufn the Nerves" Xddress T*. FranKlin Miles, D*pt. NF., 665 to 575 Main St., Elkhart, Ind. PUBLIC SALE On TUESDAY, DECEMBER 30,1913. The undersigned, administrators of the estate of J. Edward Shriver, late of the Borough, of Gettysburg, deceased, will sell at public sale at his late residence on York street, the following personal property, to wit:-Bay driving horse, buggy and harness, sleigh, 2 bedroom suits, 1 doz. cane seated chairs, 3 carpets, 1 couch, 2 buffets, 2 stands, 1 extension table, double heater, stair carpet, rocking chairs 2 old fashioned bedsteads, iron kettle, organ, 1 set dishes, 20 yards matting, range, 1 table, and many other articles too numerous to men- tlon A credit of six months will be given on all purchases of $5.00 and over. Sale to begin at 1 o'clock P. M. shaip. W. F. SCHRIVER, J. H. ECKERT, Administrators. Medical Advertising Your Hair Needs Parisian Sage It is a delightful and invigorating tes- the hair tonic which quickly pene into the scalp, gets to the roots hair, remofe* OataHprtB.?* ftaftersu the hair with just the kind Of no ment it needs to make it grow. I TalrislartfSage is not injurious ,, hai£,,oe ckU--it removes dandfru with o'ne'appfication and stops falling hair and itching of the scalp. Parisian Sage quickly cleanses, coohs and invigorates the scalp and makes hair that is thin, dull, matted or stringy soft, abundant and radiant with life. It not only saves the hair, but gives it that Incomparable gloss and beauty you desire. Get a 6 cent bottle from People s Drug Store now-*t once. Rub a little into the scalp--you will be surprised with the result. Delighted users pronounce Parisian Sage the best, most pleasant and invigorating hair tome maoe. ."SPA.T'FTU

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