The Evening Post from New York, New York on April 4, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 4, 1818
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. - M ,( v 1 . - . i ' VoLMB!A5 P1CTCRI! GALLERY, ofe F tee' Art. To cooow - eun i an d ama w New - York. opri To or.n;Un.ive collection of rTH.P!fhe works of - the most einweot '".ne fwUrri'ed from Europe,' where rr.Xid them frou, the cil inets of L oa. purchasea ineu. Amsterdam and PX'n atTvery "cZmvM ex nee, propc - exhibH tb7nto the larfie.and gentlemen ind Tts vir ioitr. The exhibition will f " " ieS of April. It will be tar ,;,lo any as yet offered in the U. States, Sfo ctorei being undoubtedly original! consisl - 5ff3w.rdi.ft00 the best ma. - Admitsion 60 ctnU each, or one dollar per Jcth. Hour from 10 in the mornin : to seven STh efeniog. Catalogue, may be bad at the 10J.3 1?H9 19515 SOrill H7I0 20517 1TI91 S97H7 14279 9138 10691 4390 2100 15671 The .tore 61 Fulton - street. Enquire on the premises. 81474 S747 40004 4 - 281 6616 ?3in'8 30!i7O S.i?9 2 976 70 prizes of 1 qohI to ap t i - 35? TO LET, very low, . f ?!! A renteel 2 - storv brick house, with - garden, having a stable in the rear, situat - S in the most pleasant part of Broadway, about n minute, walk from the City - Hall ; rentf O mt annum, for particulars, apply i fui l ii I L A D E L f H I A . Twenty - five miles land carriage, via New Brnawick ami Trenton. Id new pott coaches $5 l)o. good stages, 4 6 n forecastle or deck nassenzers 3 60 vrti.d bv the steam boats OLIVE BRANCH nd PHILADELPHIA. The steam - boat Olive Branch will leave New - York every day, Suu - .Wi executed, from the north side of the Batte - rr. at 11 o'clock A. M. Passengers will lodge i Trenton, and take the steam - boat Philadel hi. o as to arrive in Philadelphia at 10 o'clock theocxt morning, in time to lake the Union l ! Baltimore steam - lioats. This line, has a connection with the best bouts oo the Delaware ana incayeaKe to ;iorinii , at aL'o those of the North River and Sound j and thfir arrivals uro calculated to cause Utile, if any delay. This is a sueedv and certainly the most con enient rout, as the passenjers will leave New - York after the banks open, and arrive in Phila delphia before the hours of business, without fatigue in travelling or want of sleep, the laud carriage beinz much less than by any other route tietwemihe two cities. For seats in the above liue ai.ply to WILLMM b JAQUES, At the Union Line Steam Boat Oificc, in Mar ketfield - street, north side of the Battery, be tweeo Greenwich ft Washington - streets, or to The CAP I AIN on board, fj - All goods and bnggage at the risk of the owner. ap 4 sTl.ENDID LOTTERY. rpHE Milford and Owego Road Lottery will J. commence drawing the 5th of next month, when I lie first drawn number will he entitled to 5,0o0 Dollars. Thiiiath best Lottery in America, it contains only 10,000 I'i kets, and tt.e Brilliant pri - 70.009 Dollars 35,000 Dollars 10.000 Dollars 10,000 Dollars 5.0'K) Dollars 5,04(0 Dollars And an imin nse number or smaller I nze. Tickets and sh for sn hy. Who sold' more prices in (he last Lottery, than ny oJher Office in Broad - nr. np 4 ft TRULY lucky office, no. Br.dw.v, or - posite the City - Hotel) where bu bee., tcli I, within a short peiiod, the following lucky, being more prizes th in have l"ii toll hy any office iu the Uuited States in the saui'. time ; for most of which, messrs. Aliens paid the GOLD. No. 3,320, $ 1 00,000, being the highest prize ever solil in America. tfKooo 2S493 3i,ooo 2 j.000 S5,ooo 1 0,000 15,ooo 1 0,000 1 0,000 lo,ooo 1 0,000 10,000 5,000 $1,000 5,imio 5,oi 5,ooo 2,ooo 2,o .0 t,ooo 2.000 t,o00 S,ono l.OtIO 7o,ono 5,ooo A treat numherof 7oo, &,ooo 000, tec. etc. 5,ooo Adventurers who wish chances for the grand prizes which are to be drawn in a Tew days, are advised to apply at Allen's truly lucky office, where the cash will be paid for prize sold at that nine. Prizes to be drawn very shortly are $70,000, 1)0,000, U5,UUU. '20,000, 3 ol 10,000, 2 ol 5,000, several of 2,000, 80 of 1,000, and a number ol 500, J200, .c Foreign bank notes received at par for tickets. Uncurrent bank notes exchanged at a small discount. Orders from distant adventurers promptly attended to, Correct check books kept for the examination 01 tickets gratis. , ap4 pVTEXT MONTH, will commence liawio; JLv the most splendid Lotter 10 the U. S. viz an and Owigo Rosd Lot rear. ' Authorized by the state of N. York and N Jersey. MAMM'TH PRIZES, 1 Prize of 70 000 Dollars 1 2 2 10 lo do do do 35,000 10,000 5.000 1.000 IfLOOO tickets onlv in this do do do do Grand which are all to be drawn in 20 days. Lottery. Not two blanks to a prize, and the lowest nnze i. 30 dol lars. Five Thousand dollar is to be awarded to the first number that come, out of the wheel, which is to be on the 5th of next month ; and the :il L. , . - 1 . jt wiuue eoiiiiru 10 prises irooi jaou loiu,uviU Tickets mid shares for sale at, lottery and Exchange Otfice. No. 54 Maiden - lane. Whole Tickets 32 dollars. Halve. $16 EighOis 4dls Quarters 8 Sixteenth. 2dls G. tt R. Waite particularly recommend to "venturers their .hares of tickets, as, sor the Pnca of one ticket they may increase theii chances to sour, eight or sixteen ; a single share "a ticket may be purchased at the same propor - hoaate price as a whole 00, and will be paid bJ them with equal promp i'nde Distant adventurers by iiic"osing the cash will . their orders faithfully executed. P4 3t pLOUNCLS spl COLE iET I S - for sale oy lRt:H & LOW, - 210 Rnadway. l sale"!)40 k' fir' l'n0 S' n tihm' fof JACKSON & WOOLLEY, 7a Wail - Ucet, T1USSIA ftETlNG3. T5 bates browa XV Sheetings, of excellent quahty just rtceiv ec, lor sale by - ' , ' BlhSl GO 67 SouU). street. "DETER BCHER.MEnHORJJ & SONS, have X imported in the ship MineTV - 6'nnth,'trom London, and now lumimir, lor saie 240 ketrs white lead in oil 7 bbls fine litharge case Prussian blue.' ap 1 6t JVfEW CHOP :KLAStb. 2a0 hl.ds S1 tierces new crop molasses, landing on pier No. 7 ilortn nivir, ana mr saie ny si. G. & S HOWLAND, ap 3 . 77 Washington street 1VJ 107 reams Medium Printing Paper, of a cood Uuaiity, lor saie oy ap3 77 Washington - street. 2HtFFlELD and BIRMINGHAM GOODS 3 6 casks neatly assorted table Waives and I do do do small cutlery I forks uu uu lauic kuivcs ot lurns, wnn small cutlery 1 do do do saws 1 do do do files 1 do do do ede tools 1 do do Britannia Tea Pots A few casks candle sticks, butt hinges, wood screws, comrnoue xnous, and 1 case' buttons. For sale very low by JiNO. M'CRACKAN, ap33t 82 1 - f Pearl - Btreet. FURS. 'THE subscriber offers for sale, in lots to suit X purchasers, 1,500 lbs North West Beaver 500 Ins Grand River do 100,000 Canada Musk - Rat Suins 10,000 Prime Spring do do 3.1 hW Racoon rkins 1 200 N'euira do , 5,000 lluB - ia Grey Hare Skins 3.0HO lbs Camels Wool Prime carrotted and raw Hares Fur Do do do Coney do GEO. AsTOR, p2 1w 14 1 Water - street HOLLA.NDJJUCK, for sale by CH AS. L. OU DEN, and ap t A BR. OGDEN, Washington - street. JSEEDL.E&. OtJSBURY, Junr. No 77 William - street, i l has just received by the 1 iicitic on assort lututol Needles, of superior quality. ap "i m Nt.W - ORLEANS SUGAR, COT I ON, &c, "I A .vIEAi D'WOLF, jr. 57 Front - street, bat tf for ile, landing from ship Evergreen 105 hhds Ncw - 'Mcaus sugar 48 baits do cotton, prime quality ALSO O.YU.i.VP, Clean St. I'etersburzh hemp, iu lot. to suit purchasers 400 qr. casks Orange works' gun powder 120 l.oxei roll brimstone 100 boxes of German steel ) entitled to draw - 10 cases tumblers ) back One case Leghorn straws Ly Cash advanced on goods consigned for In. april 1 IAN I O GODliB, tllJN'l REbo' CARGO' B Mi I LI 1. K' I.:.. . ... . Loi'iinuu uiuin ldiiikiii tV. "It I'll PS tCK k LHOChLhl. Tierces prime Rice, and 32 crates Crockery UISI liUUIl Col'if and blk. tit'urcd do. 19 y'd pieces Do. rlo 1 1 .in l:i. 19 do iln I Jo. changeable tar - nets, high col'd 30 do Black do ' do Do hinrhews do Col'iund Satins 13 do Col'd Sewing biiks Also, a haudsoine assortment inserting trim - mines. For sale hy mil ao iwf a i'.; akkibmk tN lUCKV TOK.W CO. 3J hdds. very prime Kentucky loliarco, lamlii.t; from b'ig Maryland, from New - Orleaiii, forswle by L..lUL. - iVV, TlrlAUl,l lcsJ. ap 1 10 K7 I fftVe H nsesltP ytUPLRFLNEst ONGEb A lew bales . - in n - ges, of sup. quai. and laresne, fnrsale low, ap 3t j. irt,i(uiiAn, 82 1 - 2 Heurl - street HKNi)EHY.D T.1I.LUIV tl UWKS. r LV (uoii.i!il pounds New - York fallow, and 2000 Slauglitrred Hides, for snle. Apply to T. GIBBONS, Fly - Market, mil II If I "tlsli LiNKNi. A lew boxes 4 4 IrUi linens, purchased for cash for a!u by mh30lw 131 Water - street. HEMPEN OSNABRUGS A few bales Mout hempen osnabrugs just received and for sale 011 reasonable terms, by G. & T., MEYER, mch31 1w 116 W a - hiiigton - st. Landing from schr Lonisa, and will be sold low from the wharf, by SAUL ALLEY, 98 Pine - st, In store, 24 hhds prime Georgia Tobacco, and 22 bales Sea - Island cotton, lor sale as above mh 31 IRIkH LIKKN8. DIAPKHb. LAWSM, Ait. HENRY M'VICKARfc CO. have received by the late arrivals from Dublin, and by the Pacific, from Liveriieol, a general assortment ol 4 - 4 and 7 - U Linens 5 - 4 Sheetings ; 7 - 8 Lawns 3 - 4 Diaper and Blond Diabcr, assorted Damask Table Cloths 3 - 4 brown and bluet Lawns, in half pie ces ; which they offer for sale on liberal terms, at mnno aw .i. ai rine - sireei, IlLUE NANKINS. I20O pieces, all 1st chop. I r 111 boxes, 01 a sup'r quality, eniuieu 10 uc benture, for sale by HURD St SEWALL, mh 31 65 South - street . I ADllAo CHECKS L v L Checks, for sale by mh31 1 bales Madras r. REM SEN ft CO. 26 South - street F7LOUR. &c 34 bhls. damaged V inzfrom. shr Raneer. from Norfolk, for sale by W. i S. CRAIG, 500 bbls. Richmond Flour 70 hhds. d . Tobacco 2 boxes 4 - 4 Linens 1 do Lawns 5 qr. casks Malmsey Madeira, apt GKNTF.t.l. BitARUiyQ. FRANKLIN HOOK. This new, spacious and splendid Building, situated in Hrosd - way, the great and fashionable street dividing the centre of the city, at the corner of Dry si. will be opened by the subscriber on the 1st of May next, lor the reception ol Hoarders. It i. fitted, and will be furnUhed in a man' ner not surpassed, for convenience and ele gance, by any private dwelling 111 the citv. It occupies the most eligible situation, being central, in view of the Park and City - Hall ; the ipprr apartment, overlooking the whole town, commanding a view f the adjacent country for a circumfererre of 50 mile, including the Hook, the Na rows, and the Harbour ; and it 1. believed that no House in the country ex - cells it, either for elegance of structure or sit uation i and no expanse having been spar ed bv the owner to make it complete for the, in every respect, it will offer to I idies and gentlemen, and families visiting the cny, the most rented, measxnt and retired a - pai - tment The choicest of Wine and Liquors will be furnished, and no trouble or expense will be spared, to make the entertainment pleasant, rare and excellent. This establishment is intended exclusively for Genteel Boarding JOHN sale, street : For Liverpool. v( - ii Tbe fine ship ALBION, Cot, muter, jJtaSl having all her cargo oa board, will sail ou Sunday next, the 5th inst. wind aitw weather permitting. A law passengers can be handscsne. Mr accommodated on reasonable terms, u uxunt date application is made to JOHN ABM. W1LLINK & CO. , ap3 2t 73 Wajhington - st. tor Frtiehl or Charier, The schr PALATINE, Boyenton, will take a freight or charter lor an eastern or southern port, if application is made immedi atclyto W.fLMIfc GALLAGHER, ap 3 66 South - street. for LU.XUuJV, (To sail positively on the 13th.') The MINERVA - SMYTH, capt. Alien, will commence loading on Monday 1500 bhls Hour or 200 bales of cotton can be taken on freight, and a few more passengers can be accommodated, if application is made to capt. Allen on ooaru, at nne - street wnan, or to A RCH : GRACIE & SONS, Who have for sale. 27 cases sheathing copper, 24, 26, 28 and 30 ounce 100 casks Hibbert's porter ap 3 next, or to ap3 or WASHINGTON. N.C. The schooner EAGLE. Russell. Iv irnr at Peck - sliD : will sail on Tuesdav For freight or passase, apply on hoara, K. at J. W. UA V KAI'UK T tt tU For QHA HLKyiXhV, The staunch schooner LOUISA, W. Napier master, will sail in a lew days tutting the most nf her treight rrariy and going on board. For the residue or passage, apply ou board at rine - streei wnan, or 10 ap3 SAUL. ALI.KT. . for the KAST IADJK8. MVv A pood SHIP bound to the In vXdies, will take 2500 barrels Hour, or an equal bulk of grain, to Madeira or Tene - ritle, if application is made immediately, at bj south - street, to ap 3 CAMBRF.LENG 81 PKARSON tor LlYEHHOUl., The superior coppered .'hip IMPOR1 - Lft, Mason umgiey, master. It is ex pected she will get away ou Suuday the 51 h inst as slio is nearly loaded. For freight ol 50 bales of cotton, or passage, apply to the captain on board, at pier io. 12, east side Old - slip. ap 2 C HALL. Akxandrm, Georgetown Ic Wuthinglon ' i'.V - The sloop VUri'ORY, J. Somers, master, now ready to receive f eight and will be dispatched immediately r or winch or paHtage, apply to the roaster on board, east side Ptck - slip, or to DIVIE KKTlllNr. & Co. ap 2 92 Coflee - hoii'e - slip. for H.1, HE. I he packet ship KUt;H,u.M, tlol Urease, matter, is now loading at Jonet' wharl, and will sailabout tbe I3lh mstant. for freight or passage, apply on boanl, or to POTT tl M'KINNK, ap - 2 56 South - st. tor JVtAV - OHht.AjYS, The good ship LAGUIRA, to sail on Sunday next. Four more passengers, nd a lew tons freight, will be taken, ifimmedi tc application is made to . Ii. & G. GRISWOLD, ap 2 06 A'oulh - tt. t or MuulLE and UL.iKKtA, The last ailing regular packet schr. SANDUSKY. Cant. Weeks. 120 tons. haviiit; considerable freight already enraged. will meet with despatch. For the lemitinder or passage, having handsome accommodations, apply on board west side lid - slip, or to rr.Tb.KS ti nr.KiiiUK, ap 1 '29 Counties - slip., 4&. tor BRISTOL, Tbe fast sailine ship ELLEN, Lynde Rowland, master, to sail positively on 1111. lay next, (weather permitting) Can ac commodate several passengers' Imwdtomely, il application is ovle on hoard at pier No. 2, or to (xltmVOM) Si CUAI KS, ap 1 fi8 South - street. For 11.1 VM, The fine coppered fhip MARI A - THE - RESA, Skiddy, matter; having the rincinal part ol her cargo engaged, will meet immediate dipatch. For freight of I00 bale cotton, or passage, having good accommodations, apply to G. G. (t S. HOWLAND, ap 1 V7 VVashington - st. TALAP. 10 bales Jalap, just received, and tl for sale by ap 3 5t GOODHUE ft CO. 4 1 South street. ST. CROIX RUM, SUGAR, Uc. 'TMIE cargo of the brig Hazard, Littlefield, JL master, from St. Croix, consisting of Rum, Sucar, and Rio de la Hatch Nicaragua Wood, 00 landing and for sale in front of the subscriber's store, at Perk slip. ap3Iw BKNJ DE FOREST & CO. Isil aUGA.t ALMONDS. hhds first ql Muscovado sugar in store 146 bales 1 f fc Mft fhe,M jjj, 21 bass Landiug lioin brig Reuben ft Eliza for sale by N. L. tc G. GRISWOLD, up 3 6 South - st ABRV1. WILLINKa t o ofler lor at their store, No. 73 Washir'ton 314 tierces Rice, now landing from ship 61 half do S Corsair. 12 to 14000 bushels fine Livcri ool salt A few bales Cashmirs and shalloon shawls Several casks smalts, lately received from Holland 4 casks hardware ap 3 Iw I J ICE. 20 tierces prime 11 and for sale by new Rice, landing baui. Ai.ur.1, 98 Pine - street. IN STORE, 24 hhds Georgia Tobacco 24 crate, arreen and blue edzed plates and 12 do assorted Liverpool crockery, fnrsale as above. ap 3 SUPERIOR BOLTING CLOTHS. A GENrRAL assortment of Holland, war XI ranted Bolting Cloths, lor sale on the low est terms, by J. M'CRACKAN, i,p3 3t 8i 1 - 2 Ptarl - street "CHOCOLATE, tic 150 boxes Hills Boston J i;hocnlate 50 boxes Wait's do do 120 do first quality brown soap 50 do mould an ' dipt Candles, for sale by JACKSON k W OOLI EY, ap3 75 Wall - rtreet. IVORY, BEESWAX, ic 12,600 lb. Bees wax 1000 do Ivory, and a few dried hides, iust received and for sale by SMITJI, BLANC1IARD tt CO. ap i w No. 35 Bnrling - slip. RIBBANDS. lease nth Kibltnuds, ail straw colon, suitable lor Leghorn hats, in garni ture of 5 and 12 ; for sale by A. V. DURANU BOURUbL, ap I 3t 30 Pine - street 2 FRENCH GOODS, &c. Case, cambric and cambric bdkfs 1 case drops de soio 1 do .ilk hdift, assorted 20 dozen Burgundy win. For sale by ni an g. a go. m w.ll - st tl CRY GOODS. T7ANCT plate CaU - a. - com Superfine calicoes and chintzes . 4 4, 9 - 8, C - 4 cambric muslins Cambric jaconet. Plain tambor'd ic sewed mulls Plain and tambor'd book muslins 3 - 4, 4 4 and 6 - 4 cambric ginghams Black and col'd cambrics Velvets and cords, beaver gloves Fancy cravats, twilled and plain , Madras. hdkTs, pins Hair cord cambrics, cotton balls White col'd threads Silk, kid, and cotton gloves Silk hose, silk floreo - tines Black bombazeens Florence silk, ribbons, galloons Florences, plain and figured Virginia satins, plaid lustrings r'ring'd black silk hkfs Velvet bindings, tapes, bobbins Furniture calicoes, and chintzes 4 - 4, 8 8, 6 - 4, 7 - 4 and 8 - 4 printed cambric shawls 14k 8 - 4 imitation do. II 4 cassiuiere do. Bamlanim, longee and sistersoy bdkfs. Pocket nil k Is. white and printed Hair cord and cambric dimities Jeans, cotton cascimcre Striped Florentines Black do Madapolluin and steam loom shirlinzs Marseille. Quilting; royal noM . ' While aad printed sat eeos Cotton brown bollands Swansdowo, toilanetts, .ilk stripes Cotton and woisted hosiery Irish linens sheetings Buttons, bed ticks Fine andsuuernue cas - simeres Yorkshire fine and superfine cloths Louuon do do Superfine ladies cloths Bomtiatetts, ratinetts Imperial cords, vigo - nia cnsfiint rei Stockinetts, plain and ribb'd Flannels, baizes Ferrelts, worsted Shirt buttons, cotton lace Purjs ntlts and souflle eauze Black and white thai I. lace Leuo snawls, Estopil las ' Sewing silk, assorted colors Linen cambrics Table cloll.s, C - 4, 7'4 It tl - 4 Diapers Furniture Dimities Famty Leuo, ic figured Muslins Cambric Trimmings, I r Iouik es Seersucker Ginghams Roruall Hdkfs Silk Check liinghams ill col'd Cambric garments Oil Cloths Brown Linens Merino Shawls Cotton hnndannoes 9 - 8 col'd strip'd jnco netts In'lit muslins, &c Sic Received by the late ai rivals and for sale by IIAGGERTY k AUSTEN, inh 24 dAc5m 167 Henri - street, j, USKETe. 49 casrs French Muskels, ol Si l superii'r Quality, with brass pans, selected with purticuUr care, just ree'd ptrSachem from Antwerp, and lor sale by HURD & SEW ALL, up 3 C.r South - street FOR SAL h. 4 PAIR ol verv fine iron - ercy HORSES, five JA years old, near sixteen hands high, wel broke to the harness. One pair ol bay HORSES, six.years old, well broke to single or double hurueps A m a verv tine tai 11 e or If i!T llUltsr.. and A verv hand - ome PONY. fit lor a yr.iins lady orgenoemau toriae , wnn a ngiiivywiiirt.. All lobe seen at :n jnun sireei, ai WM SLOWLEY'd Stable. mh3l lw LIME BURNERS. WANTED three or four experienced lime burners, who ran be well recommended. To such constant employ and liberal wages will be givon Apply to KZ.IIA hUPLOW, ai ueaver - si. mch 25 DiCtf WM WILSON, 26 John street, (J doors from Naomi - street) be - . a leave to inform the public that he does business (for cash) at the following reduced prices, viz '. Buperbne Blue or lilac coat, $t; Other colours, 23 Blue Frock or Surtout, 2H GO Other colours, '26 Kerseymere or cloth trowsers, 11 50 Tnilanette Vest, 4 Merseills do 3 75 And to those who prefer finding their own mate rials. M skint a Surtont or Frock Coat, $7 7 do 1, lose Bouieu 00 1 ou do Trowsers 2 75 do 'Vest 2 Army and Navy Uniforms, Children's Clothes and every other article proiHirliotiably cheap. a. All articles cut in me mosi lusniooanie style, and the workmanship equal to aoy in 'he city. W. W. takes this opportunity to return Ins sincere thank to those gentlemen who have honored him with their commands, and to nsstire them and the public at large that nothing shall be wanting on his part to give satnlaction. ap 2 I wt WANTED, AM AN and his wile, without children, to take charge of ngarden and dairy, about twelve miles from the city. Application 10 ne maae ai UK A VI I HURBUIliVS, ap21w 21 Nassau - street T . o ELECT BOARDING SCHOOL. HERE are at present five vacancies in the Revd. WILLIAM POWELL'S School, in Philipsbureh, Yonkers, West - Chester County. His svstem of education is such as to enable him to qualify young gentlemen for College or the Counting House within a reasonahle tune, His school is select, the number of Pupils limited and the treatment ol the most liberal kind. The following branches of useful and polite Ii terature are taught, viz Greek, Latin, French, English Grammar, oeograpny, History, Composition, Writing, Arithmetic. Mathematics, ftc. It is presumed that few Institutions of the kind can offer greater advantages, whether they regard instruction in general literature, in moral and religious principles, or in correct and Kentleraan Iv deportment. The Parsonage in which Uie Punils are accommodated, is commodious, reti red and pleasantly situated. Its distance from New York is about seventeen miles ; to which there ii always a direct and easy coinmunica tion. For further particulars application may lie maae to Bishop Hobart Dr, Wilson, Columbia College C. D. Colden, Esq. T. A. Emmet, Esq, ap 2 T. S.CIarkson, Esq C M'Evers. Esq. Wm. Bayard, jun. Esq A. schermerboro, Lsq. MORRIS ACADEMY. Also, 50,000 4rst qqaUty 22 iach cypress shin - Portrait. Price $1 25 cents in boaide. fcbt4DkCtf gtcs, inrpecUJ - , ipl 1 ,','3t a P3 D2m3w 'PUD directors having engaged Mr. JAMES 1 U.JOHNSON, a graduate of Yale College to preside over this institution for the term of fif teen years, inform thepublic, that it will open utdertis care, on the Drst Monday in may next Mr. Johnson is an experienced teacher, of cor rect morals, well qualified toiustruct and govern those committed to his charge. The youth sent to this institution will be fitted r . 1 1 . , 1 . : r J lor any course, lor uie coaming room, or, 11 uc sired, will be instructed in the branches general ly tautht in our colleges, as far as they can he at - Uodtsi to, without expensive apparatus. Tin known healthiness of the village, and its facility of intercourse with New - York, present strong inducements to parents to educate their cl.ildrrn here wood hoard, in resiiectanie lami - lics, ctn be obtained for $2 50 cts. and $3 per weeicinciuiung warning, menoing, etc. tc. nou narent. at a distant e. who ratty find it inconve - i.irni to o con,Dnv their children. mT be.ssu red tJat evert useful attention will be shewn Hit mm iirovid'ing board, clotliiag, liooks, tit. by t line to either of the lollowinf iteo tleinen. viz. Revd. William A. M'Doweli, Ceo. Johu Doughty, Major Daniel Phoenix. Doctor Andrev HunL Doctor S. J. Lewis, or Doctor lewisCondit. By srder, and in behalf ofth directors, W ILLIAM A. M'DOWELL, President. Moraatowu, N. J. March 14, 1818. ap21t WOODWOR TIPS POEMS. . .risa liiv iin.l.Mil,i nH for .ale by C I N rai.iivvi . Chsiiiain - strect. corner of Chamher, the foems, Odes, a wga, "" Metncni rniinmn o. wm.i - .v. ... - - ,k.n. - rirhnfiinM of Freedom.' with a Isketcnof the Author's Life, rm.xl.i - hed With a ; fjr AsfaUd eeb'ocorUui TrmhM of Co - laiuoia College will be held 00 Monday next, the qui instant, ai iu oxiocx, a. m. at in college ap3t CLEMENT C. MOORE, Clerk. CONCERT. THIBAULT and Mr. OSTINELLI'S GRAND CONCERT, will taxe Dlaceoa Tuesdav. the 7th mstant,. at Washington HalL wnere will be pel formed me loiiowiug pieces. 1 , r il 1 . rf - .'i V 1 ueaoer 01 uie vrvnrir, mr. unui.i PART I. 1. Overture, Drsli borr.tzi curiazzi Cimarosl 2. Sung, Pria die spooti. iierformed hy Mr. Pardi Cimarosa. 3. Concerto, executed on the piano by Mr. Thi - nauit L'uisetk. Com ei to on the flute, by Mr. Taylcr Noturni, ieriormed by Mrs. ' and Mr. Pardi, ai coinpuiiicd by the harp Blaneini. Solo, executed on the violin, by Mr. Ostioel Ii Kreutier. Fiem.h 1'hema, with variations, composed and executed on the piuno, by Mr. 1 bibault. Finale. PART II. Oierture, dell' Agnesse Paer, 2. Behold in ,ia .oil ezprtssive fare, with varia tions, composed and executed on the harp, by Mr. TiiihBult. 3. Tyrolcse, with variations, composed and ex - ecuuioon me clarionet, oy vir. oautier. 4. Duo, Del figlio dildto, sung by Mrs. and M,r. Pudi Farinelli. 5. Variations on the Violin, composed and exe cuted by Mr. Ostin. Hi. 6. Trio, to he sung by Mrs. Pardi and Messrs. Pardis Ziunotti. 7. Lveleeu's Bower, with variations, roujiosed and executed on the piano oy Mr. Thibault. 8. Finale. Tickets to he had at Mr. Dubois' music store, Broadway; Mr. Goodrich's book - store, Broadway ; Mr. Geih's, Maiden - laue ; and at the har of Waahinton Hall. ap 3 4f A Ltf, A comlortalilc two story brirk house. suitable lor a small lauuly rent uiodi iale 25 Rector street. ap :i 3t IO LLP, (For one or more vears) I he large 3 - story brick home, No. 78 Pearl - treet, has every ronvciiiciu Tor a large lannly the lower part is shelved ftc. lor a dry good store, but can easily be convened into two rooms for a dwellinj the store will bo let separately or with the upper part Possession of the store can be giveu immediately Applv to ISAAC G. OGDEN ft CO. ap2 Iv 48 Wall - , I, ANTED a rcspcclnlilc middle aged wo V man as nurse In a small family, the best recommendations will be required. Apply at this office - ap 3 tf Houtirm Dtnlrii I nf Vcw I or, is. E IT REMEMBERED, that on the se - MJ venth day of Fshruary, iu the forty - second year ef the independent 0 of the Uuited Mates of Amerita, John Bristed, oftheaid district, hath deposited iu this office the title of a hook, the right whereof he claims as author nnd propria tor, in the words following, to wit : " The Resources of the United States of Ame rica ; or, a View of the agricultural, commer cial, manufacturing, financial, political, literary, moral and religious capacity and character of the American people By John Bristed, counsellor at law ; author of the Resources of the British Empire." In conformity to the act of the emigre's nf the United Statet, entitled " An art for the encouragement of learning, by securing the copies ol maps, charts, and books to the Authors ami proprietors of such copies, during (he times Ihereiu mentioned." And also to nn act, entitled " An act supplementary to an act, entitled an act lor the encouragement of learning, by securing the copies of mups, charts, and books, to the authors and proprietors ol such copies, during the times therein mentioned, and extendiug the benefits thereof to the arts or designing, engravuig, and etching historical and other prints." JAMES DILL, Clerk of the southern district of New - York. ap3 3t Poitpontd IM Saturday Uie 4th itul. foiitively mtian sugar. VI R. STANISLAS, will on Saturday, only tV l at the request of many persons, repeat the nr. rLUauLiHA, which drew so muchap pluuM on the first night, that he had the honor ol presenting 11 to the enlightened citizens ol a inrb lie lias selected a variety ol new and inirnmpre hensible Deceptions in the Arcana of Led'cnle main, for those nights. The particulars of which tie reiers 10 uie mils 01 me da v 1 as lie is acunow le.lged by the world to be the first in bis profes sion, and as yet unexcelled. His intentions being to return to Europe, those who have not witnessed such unheard of wonders, should uvuil themselves ol the present opportunity, as the like may not oner again lor centuries. np at MANUFACTORY OF SILVER WARE f W. FORBE&, No. 90 Broadway, one door ' , above Wall - street, respectfully informs his friends aud the public that be continues to manu laclura silver tea and table setts, church plate, spoons, forks, ladles, waiters, nrns, siphons, fish knives, inc. tic. of Uie latest and most elegant patterns, of the first quality pf silver and supe ri.r workmanship, at the lowest prices (or cash All orders executed in a masterly manner, and warranted in all casts at least equal to any ar tides of silver manufactured or sold in this city. In addition to his own manufactures, he has on hand an assortment of rich plated and fancy hard ware, which he will dispose of very low, con sisting of candlesticks, cake, castors, bottle castors, snuffers and trays, plated on steel, a very superior article; elrgaat pen, pocket and sportsman's knives, with a variety of articles not enumerated. mch 30 Im d SWIFT - SURE M AIL COACHES, FOR PHILADELPHIA. ay to dinner .1 . f M V 1. . " il 1 uravr nrir - igra 'PVj eveiy morning (Sunday's ex - ceptcd) at Ii o'clock, and ar - true in Philadelphia next The puhlick house . are rood, and reasonable in their charge. The drivers, burses and coach es are not inferior to any others now running be tween these 'wo cities, i be De.utuui country, snd the excellence of the roads on this rout, con nected wlib the safety, comfort, and reasonable expences, are beleived to be strong inducements !o travellers in giving this line a decided preler eoce. I he strictest attention will be observed by the proprietors in riving general satisfaction. All baggage and packages will go at the risk of the owner unless insured and receipted lor oy uie clerk or said ofhee Stage fare only 15, with a generous allowance of baggage. Parties wishing to travel at their leisure, may engage the Coach 00 reasonable terms exclusively to themselves, by apply 102 oor day previous to starting. L . , . r f .1 I. .. - . r or lniM uvutj ai iu. 9 ouroaiiiji - v.icc., New - York. LYON, 80N3, k C). ap 9 Proprietor.. Tickets and snares, rr saw iu lanc.jr . . 1 r 1 tut I Whole 1 sckeu Ji 1 ? 1 Halves I8l t" - Sixteenth.! wo Dollar. OMcra from a distA.ce promptly executed ; and all Lottery information given gratis.. Every dar'a drawing ol U Lotlef y prodnces a capital hitioorv Prize, sxd an average or from 8 to IO Capital Floating fnzue. There certainly lias not been a greater inducement to adventure ro an Drevioes Loltsrv for a number of rear, 10.000 Tickets, and many valuable prises, afl to be determined wiUao a few weeks. Cash paid for Men seal fccvenct rnse. ap 9 41 MARBLE FOR BUILDIXQ, le. ' ' TH E proprietors of the southern marble qua - - ries, near King's - Bridge, give notice, that ' they have oa baud, and are receiving, at the Kmg't - Bridge Marble and Lirte - lard, loot of Beach - steel, on the If mlson river, an extensive , stork oi marble lor building, of the following ds - enpuous, vw : Addar Wate ruble Steps Platforms Bills, Lintels Arches Also Lime of the Jacob Lnrillard, ' Coping Foundation Stone Chimney - Pieces Facings , Column. best quality. A constant supply of the above materials may be calculated upon ; and tliose desirous i4 ' purchasing, or making engagements, will apply to - EZRA LUDLOW, Feb 11 At the Yard. V 0 A number ol Stockholders intend to sup port the following gentlemen lor director, of the Mechanic. Bank. This ticket is the same as last ear, eicepting Mr. Jonas M apes, who is sub stiluted lor Mr. rrancis cooper. John Slidell. Anthony Steinbaok, Gabriel Furnian, George Warner, Stephen Allen, Jacob Sherred, Samuel Hicks. . II. C. De Rhtun, Andrew Morrii, Divie Bcthune, Nathan Sandford, Jonas Mapes. ap3 3t irT" The Federal Republican Electors . lha SECOND WARD, will convene on Tuesday evening oext, at seven o'clock, at Hodgkinson'. I .vera, corner ol Nassau street, to multe arrangements to select suilaMe candidates lor the ensuing election. ap 3 COPARINERM1IP 07 Benj. Merritt, and Wm. Merrilt, having formed a connection in the Dry Good businrse under Uie firm of BENJ. It WM. MERRITT, have opened store at No. Uii Pearl - street, where Uie business of Uie late firm of White, Merrit, ic Co. will he settled. ap 3 3t JVO'iC'fc iOOfiOt r ..p. 37 The grocer, are requested to meet at Harmony - Hall on Saturday evening next, at 7 o'clock, for the purpose of petitioning the state legislature, to adopt such regulations respecting the government of retail grocers, as may in their wisdom be deemed most congenial to tbe practice aud customs of the citizens of the city and county of N.w - York ; it having been understood that a resolution has b.n proposed to be offered to rogulate them in such a manuer as is deemed a great grievance, and much to the Injury of those immediately concerned in that business. JAMES R.STUART,! ofth, JOSEPH KERR, J First Ward. np 3 21 A CARD. (tt - MADAM DELAGE, milliner from Paris, tjl) Reod - ltrer t, has the honor of informing tbo ladies of Ihis city, and particularly her customers, thai she Ims received and jut opened an elegant assortment of Spring Hats, Chip Flats, Leg - . horns, Flowers, he. ap3lw$ REMOVAL. rjjr N. SMITH DA VIES lias removed his chemical tierfumo manufactory and warehouse from No. I'M Bntadway, one door north of Ll - bcrty - strect, on the went side of Broadway. mch 27 NOTICE. nr7 All persons having demands against the estate of Doctor Archibald Bruce, deceased, are requested to lend tlicir accounts to the olfice of the subscriber, No. 5 Nassau - aticet jai viwwku, Mh 27 Im Administrator. ly ' 'I wo shares ill Uie New - 01 k Library so ciety, FOR SALE, price $25 each. Enquire at 110. 134 Uroadway. mh U NOTICE. Consignees of goods per 'hip Minerva Smyth, from london, are requested to send their permits on board without delay, as all good not permitted within five days will be sent to the public store the ship lies at Murray'. wharf. ' mch 30 " NOTICE. ' The sulxi riber. hating received general assignment ol all the estate of John Murray i; bona, lor Uie benefit of creditors as expressed in the assignment, have authorised Peter Ludlow to liquidate the unsettled accounts and to receive payment of all debts due to the said firm, or to the individual partners who w ill attend to) the same at his office. No. 1 1 1 Pearl - street. WILLIAM BAVARU feh 24 tt HENRY BARCLAY. NOTICE. tV The copartnership heretofore cxistiuz under the firm of John G. ft Geo. Betts, is this day dissolved by mutual consent The affairs of said couccm will be settled by John G. Betts, who will coulinua the business on his own ac count, at the corner of Molt and Pell streets. JNO G. BETTS, mch 31 lw GEO. BE I TS. ' NOIli.E. ffj P. L. MILLS CO'.. Sale of 80 Packs - ges fresh imported French Goods, comprising a very cboise and valuable assortment will take place on Thursday morning, at 12 past 9 o'clock pieciaelv term, w ill be liberal and made known at time of the. ale. mh 31 CAUTION, rrjp Having understood from a respectable source, that certain woollen clolas and canss - meres manufactured in Yorkshire, (England,) have been, and are now offering in this market, both at auctioo nnd at private sale, with the word Wooltonunderedg. thcrton, and an exact imitation on the envelope of the piece, of Uie arms ef Messrs. Geo. Austin ft Co. of that place. (their names only omitted,) I Mel it incumbent on me, as tbe representative of Messrs. Austin's, to give this public noUce that such woollens are notof their manufacturing, and the imitating of (heir labels, and adapting the name Woottouun - deredge (the place of Messrs. Austin's resi dence,) is intended, no doubt, to deceive the public, by passuig them 00 as goods I rem their manufactory. All cloths and cassimeres from Uie 1 10 us. of Messrs. Georg. Austin ft Co. as well as the labels on the envelope, har. the name Austin, (which Is omitted in the imitatwu,) in full, thereon, aad all that ar not so marksd. may be considered as a spurious article. - ....... . . TA .T CIIA3. lL.IOIU" New - York, 30th March. Iw (7 - All persons claims 00 the estate Of Ibe fate JOHN W ILKt.3, tsq. neceasen, are requested to present the same at the cilice ol the sulMCnhers, No. 45 WfluM - rtrjet. , 7 ap I Iw " ' - """ NOTICE. ttr The subscriber have formed a connec lino for Uie porpose of transacting I ommisaint, Business, under tbe firm ol S. and T. WH1TTE - I MURK, aad win tor me presem oo ousioes. ai ...... C - . - C - A - , uivr iihT. I No. 60 Bourn aiMi rean - rtrtet. j and will ii . ih. Qlth of last mosifh has heea me wie new - a vr .T,r . xmymar " - 7" '. " . .iC.Ul. at GRA - received end may be examined gu, CIE'S, 146 Broadway. . ' . Where all pnzes will be received at pari m n - . change for Tickets in the MILrunu GO ROAD LOTl'ERY, the neil to be drawn. which commence, oa tire am - Uie first drawn number wall oe enuiiea so a rr iae of 5000 dollar. , . . received, pet schr. Sandusky, from Mo bile, and for sale, 13 bales Deer Skin.' ) 22 sacks Snake Root of prime qoaj. X do Beeswax, 8 A ML. WHITTEMORE - ap 1 1m TIMO. WH1TTEMORE. JtOTICt. TO THK IJIPIES. a A. it baa happened very often, througli mistake, that their Shawls and Lace, been brought a few door, below my lodging s, where the Lswly of the; said plaCt. assumes, some times, my nam in order to get Uie work destined fur me by my customers s this is to advice them and the ladie. ki general, that my name ha. been fixed on the hou.e where I V.vr i6 Warren - atreet. and that I ball he very happy io be favored rit!i ih;n"'0" r thoisy natavsanttfr - w. " ' " Ul ktl 1.11 siavHr - sp2 1V s

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