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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Saturday, April 4, 1818
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i r i LAW Of THE STATE OK NEW - IORK. A Act coding the retailing of Snintuou. i . t Wa ;t af New York. Be ItlwcTed by the People of the .tate ofl Xew - York, represented in uie Hut it shall not be lawful for any ...Minx in the city of New - York, nor rivwH a ... . for say two or more persona residing' in me aLl eitv. and beine partner in business, or :nv,.hitinir or the same house, shop, ten mnt vsrden. or dIbcc of business to keep a tavern, or carry on the business or calling' of tarem keeper, and, at tne tame umc, f retailer of strong or spirituous liquors in the said city, under Eve gallons to be drank or rsed out of the house, shop, tenement, garden. pUce where the same it tola or acp w knA he It further enacted, That if any person residing In the city of 1 S "J ny two or more persons rw""8 - - . j i in kiiftinecs. or inns - cuy, ana ocmg p . . - v ih ume house, shop, tene mem, garden or place or businwa, anall ftrit obtain a license or permission to keep a tavern in the said ciiy. or to follow the bi.smesf ofa tarern keener, nr. tne or uier u.w., . disqualified and diaenabled during thi contin - uance of such license or permission to obtain license or permiasion from the commission - Mr the ci.e. or anr other person or pe . ,. Ixvlv nolitic or corporate, to reuil a rong or spiritous liquors under five gallons, to be drank or used out of hi, her or their house. hnrv s - arden. or Place of business, and in ease anv such person or persons, shall first obtain a license, commonly called the excise, or any license or permission to retail strong or piriuxis liquors under five gallons to be drank or usl out of his, her or their house, shop, garden or place of business, he, she or they 'shall be thereby disqualified and disenabled duiW the continuance of such license or per - - mission to obtain a license or permission to keep a tavern in tht tail city, or to follow the . tiuaincu of a tavern keeper. . - 3 And be it farther enacted. That if any person or persons, as aforesaid, shall obtain a license to keep a Uvern, In the said city, or to fol low the business of a tavern keeper, therein no other pertou or pcrsoni being at the time, or thereafter, and durinr the continuance of taid Ucenie, becoming a partner in business with him, her or them, or becoming an inhabitant of, or using the Mine boose, shop, tenement, gardeu, or place of business, shall be entitled to obtain a license, commooly calksd the exebe, or a license or permission to retail strong or ipirituoui liquors, under five rations, to be drank or used eut of his, her or their house, shop, gardon or place of busine.s ; and if any person ihall obtain the said tat mentioned license or permission, no other person or parsons, being at the time, or thereafter, and during tne continuance pi sucn license, becoming a partner in business with him, her or them, or becoming an inhabitant of, or using the suns house, shop, tenement, garden or C of business, shall be entitled to oouun a e or permission to keep a tavern, or to follow the buiiness of a tavern keeper. 4. And be in further enacted, That if any lingle person, or any two or more persons as a foresaid, shall obtain, or nave, at tne same time, the two licenses, hereby intended to be prohibited, both of them shall be void, and the person or persons so obtaining, vnd having thi m shall be subject to all the pains, penalties ami for fcitures. to which he, she or they would become entitled by means of his business and transacted without and license for that purpose. 5. And be it further enacted, That the com - niissioner of ex we in the city of New - York, hull not Brant a license to any person or per - ion for the purpose of retailing strong or spirituon s liquors to be drank in his or her house, shop, varcl or garden, unless such per. son or perrons so applying, sliall hist obtain a cei'ificute from, and signed by the assessors of laid Ward in winch such applicant reside, certifying that such person or person are of good moral character ana mat, in tneir opinion, it is proper and necessary that such iici nee should be granted. 6. And be it further enacted, That the person who now is, or hereafter may be appointed commiesionei of excise in the city of New York, shall, bef re he proce - ds to execute the duties of his office, take and subscribe the following oath before the mayo, or recorder of the said city, to wit : "I commissioner of excise for the city of New - York, do solemnly swear, that I will in allthintrs whi'e act ng as commissioner of excise, do my duty according to the best of my judgment without rear, favor rr partiality, according to law, which oath shall be filed in the office of the clerk of the said city." 7. And be it further enacted. That this act hall not take efl'ecl until the first day of May, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight tmndrcv and nineteen. jvf.i .K evening post. SATURDAY, APRIL 4. Charter tleetion in Hudson, A general meeting of the citizens of Hudson, without distinction of party, has been held on Wednesday, the 55th ultimo, for the purpose of amicably agreeing upon candidates at the ensuing charter election. The first resolution which pasted unanimously, was ' thai a committee of sis in each ward be appointed by the moderator, (bis honor the may or,) to select suitable persons to be supported for charter officers at the approaching election ; to be taken from the tea political partiei, at totally tl may be practicable." They then proceeded in perfect harmony, to make up what they cal lad a " union ticket," containing, in conformity with the resolu'ion, an equal number of names of ear h party, and the meeting dissolved. ' The city of Hudson has, far a length of years, been annu.dt thrown into a ferment and uproar by the two contending parties, which were so nearly balanced, that sometimes one was upper most, and sometimes the other. The wise step now taken, will, we have no doubt, be followed by the happiest effects ia every point of view, anil, if it would not look like assuming too much liberty, we would beg leave to submit the example ef Hudson, to the citizens of New - York, at the approaching election. The recorder has appeared by editor of the National Advocate ia his paper this morning, and put forth defence of his official conduct, iu the nature of a demurrer, as the lawyers term it. And is it postirile that Mr. Rikercan have m. eUucted Mr. Noah to rest his defence upon such ground.' r.o man, perhaps, could be better coo uui, wuicdm means of obUinius the con tents of another person's letter, or as to the most approved method of turning and Iwutui - a ua ragraph, and upon a pinch, garbling it of a cm inter of a sentence, essential to its meaning, but this is as nu - ai I can allow his talente to extend ; ne snul eiruje me if I decline the unprofitable of entering into a law controvert w.ik coDMdef the inbject, before he 4Umiae to rest hie cause where it ia, I have certainly ansae stronc assertions : I am aware they require strong proofs : I repeat, I stand ready to prod oca thess whenever Mr. Riker mty Uunk proper and sxpedieat lo call for the". Mr. Coleman, ' ' . .. Sir - In your paper of yesterday, nnder the i...a - r u LimdiM Imtm satellizencera a report is given of certain trials, in which the only questions thtn ato Tit. whether certain warren - ties were complied with, appear to have been Ana - fterfieMm af ftlfi. Yon, sir, are weH aware, and have more than once expressed your tease of the injustice and '.ruLmnia of aDoealinc to the public (particular ly with ex parte statements) in regard to causes wkilathar are Dcndinr ia court i and you could not have deviated from the coarse of obvious propriety which yon have always observed, had you known the sitaation of the causes in - Mr dotv to ear clients requires me to state that their defence was rested upon the truth of their warranties ; upon the knowledge of the plaintiffs of the real quality of the seals purcnas ed : and apoo a fraudulent conspiracy on the part of the plaintiffs to injure the reputation of the defendants that evidence material in tne opinion of the defendant's counsel, to support this defence, was over - ruled Dy the recorder and that the cases which have been already tri ed, are to be carried to the supreme court, on account of the exclusion of tul evidence. Y'r.obH.serv't. R. SEDGWICK, Of Counwl for dcPU. Law Buildings, April 4tb, 1118. Extract of a letter to the editor of the New - York L veuing Post, dated " ALBANY, March 27. " The senate yesterday decided the fate of the medical bill, by the triumphant majority oi one There bas been no subject before our leguiature this session that has awakened a larger portion of public attention, with perhaps the exception of the duelling bill, and the act for the relief of mrs. Eunice Chapman. The prominent section in the proposed law concernine medical science. rendered it necessary for every student, previ ously to bis entering upon the practical duties of hu profession, to have attended one course ol me dical lectures in some college or university of WIS or Of some oiner iuiiv or i - ouuiry. i iitv would have been imitating the example set by Massachusetts, Connecticut and many other states of the union ; and because of the non - existence of this law are we to account for the depredations of medical imposters which the state of New - York so pre - eminently suffers. This salutary restriction for the better regulation of the proleninn of medicine, was strongly recommended in the inaugural speech of bis excellency the governor, and notwithstanding the boisterous opposition of gen. Root and doctor Sargeant, (a man of vulgar views,) passed tne lower bouse by a respectable maionty. Its importance in rescuing the lives of the community from a horde of ignoble pretenders, and in elcvatiug the character of our state was ably maintained by gentlemen of opposite political sentiments, particu larly by Messrs. Duer, Oakley, Meigs and Bar - fttow. At its third reading in the senate, it received support from the eloquence of the attor ney general, Van Buren, and Messrs. Van Veen - ten, Ross, Hammond, Lantine, I enuergasi and Livingston. It was opposed by .Mestrs. Young, Ogden, and Skinner. 1'he debate on the merits and tendency of the bill were unusually interesting, and the senate chamber was cronded during the different times of its discussion. I shall not now attempt to give you the slightest sketch of the numerous reaons gentlemen ad vaored in behalf of the proposed law. It was abundantly conclusive from all that wasadvanc - !, that the low condition of medical science loudly called for the adoption of improved laws, if we - ver wished to elevate the profession to its wonted dignity, and deemed (he lives of our fI low - creatures objects sufficiently importance for legislative protection. Numerous were the in stances gentlemen related of the outrages committed on the community by unlicensed imposters the meanest of the mechanical arts were more guarded by law than the noblest of the science. On the other hand, tho principal arguments against the bill were that it was tyrannical to impose any restrictions on the practice of physic and surgery j that by the proposed law the sons ol the rich would enjoy advantages de nied the poor, and that geuius, independently of education, was amply sufficient for the exercise of the hen ling art, Mr. Young, a man of pure motives, who labored assiduously to defent the bill, is unquestionably gifted with native talents : he is self taught himself, and puts little confidence in tchqlastic discipline. Books too, he maintained, contained all the student required. According to his views, genius alone will remove the most pestilenthil fever and perform the most complicate! operations of surgery. Mr. Skin nor seemed to contend mnro lor the value ol classical learning to ti,e practitioner of medicine than for an attendance on hospitals. Upon the sense of tho senate being called, for the purpose of striking out the first clause of the bill, enjoin ing an attendance on one course of lectures, it was carried in the affirmative, and of this major number was your senator Mr. frailer Botene. Mr. bowne is, I believe, an enlightened re pre scntative, and also a self - taught man. By his rote on this occasion, he has virtually given us to understand, that your colleges and your hospitals, large and well endowed as they are stated tone, are of no use as seminaries of medical edu ration. He nevertheless can now lay claim to the merit of consistency, as he gave his suf frage in behalf of the bill the last year. Report at .'flhiy says your hospital has received a large of legislative bounty from the represent ations that have been made of its utility as a me' dical school. " I fear that but few of the important suggestions contained in his excellency's speech will be acted upon this session. . A spirit of reform, which aims at the levelling of many wholesome regulations now existing, too much occupies the attention of both houses, and I have heard some of the wise men of the .New - York district, as well as some of the profound politicians from other section's of the state, give it as their opinion, that the only enact of the agricultural association will bo to create a few additional holidays throughout the country. Cut we do not wholly despair; you have sent us a state representative in Mr. Colden." .1 WUKER OA. From the Albany Daily Adterluer ofAfril 2. The application for a Batik at Cherry Valley, yesterday received its quietus in the Senate, by a majority oi one.. The bill giving banking powers to the Utira Insurance Company, was rejected by a large majority ; and the bill confirming similar powers to the latskill Aqueduct Company, passed by a considerable majority. Imprisonment for debt Wo hare frequently exrT - s. - ed our feelings and wishes upon this sub ject, and we nre happy to find that the joint committee to whom was referred that part ol nu excellency the governor's speech relating thereto, of which Mr. Van Beuren was chairman, have reported a bill te the senate, which n that branch of the legislature is made the order oftheday fi.r Fridiy next. Our limits will not permit ns to publish the bill entire, but the following is a br ef summary of its provisions. 1 he Ull is entitled an act to abolish imprisonment lor debt, and to prevent frauds against creditors." The 1st section declares "That no person or persons whatever, shall he taken him. !. tl.. aa. ,!.. I - ;n i:. .XL '1 ''J1 ued against him "" um iii"' ".u j uny coon m jusitc wilhin this state, otheres the recorder well lo reflect, asJ to re - 1 UJ can"e aclion wising aUer the passing of (his 'act, aad that in all cases, when a party shall be arressed for each cause of action on mesne process, and upon which the snenu or oiner officer wouldbefore the passing of this act, have been required to take a bad bond for the ap - nnnsct of the oarty at the return of the said process, it shall' only be lawful for such sheriff or, other othcer, to require uie parry w to ebdorse nis, ner, or ineir p"'"'"'" " uv Drocess.H but excepts from this exemption,' all actions which are in their nature criminal or ma licious, and which the lawyers denomuiata actions for torts euch as slander, assault ami battery, seduction, false imprisonment, tc. &c. Section 2d. provides, mat in we uui mention ed actions where an execution is issued against the body of the defendant, and he is taken thereon, he shall be imprisoned in dose custody, with out the liberties of the gaol au'Jionseu Dy me existing law. The effect of Ihete twoeectioos is to abolish impnsoument lor Utitl, and to maxe it in actions for wrongs real aud effectual. Section 3d, provides for an attachment against debtors who "designer intend to remove their persona property out of this state, or to conceal the same in some county different from that in which they reside to be obtained on proof of such intention to one of the judges ol the supreme court or court of common pleas, nd from the 3d to the 11th sections inclusive, the bill points eut the course to be pursued upon such attach ment, which is similar to that prescribed in tne act of the S 1st of March, 1801, entitled "an act for relief against absent or absconding debtors." Sections 12, 13 and 14, authorize an attach ment to secure chotet in act ion, where an exe cution bas been returned nulla bona ; and is in tended to remedy the common mischief of debt ors converting their effects into money or selling them for bonds and notes which are not liable to be taken on execution. Section 15th declares, " That all and every grant, gift, alienation, bill of sale, or other as - signmeut, In whatever manner made, suffered, or givenof reel or personal property, with in tent to delay, hinder or defraud creditors of their just debts, shall be void in law : And fur ther, That the parties to such frandulent grant, gift, alienation, bill of sale, or assignment asa foresaid, sliall be deemed guilty of a misde meanor, and upon a convinclion ihcieof before any court having cognizance thereof, shall be subject to a fine not exceeding dollars, and to imprisonment for a term not leas than months, nor more than years, at the discretion of the said court. The bouse of assembly again went into com miltee of the whole on the bill for improving the finances of this state, Mr. Havens in the chair - Mr. Colden, in concluding his remarks upon this bill yesterday, said that he could not retrain from submitting to the committee a view of the stale of our fitcal concerns, which he was coufl - deut must be satisfactory to the committee, and show bow much reason the executive had to re present that the situation of our finances were very encouraging. The whole stock debt of the state, if the proposed plan were adopted, would be no more than one million of dollars. But even this debt would be merely nominal, inasmuch as the balance of the debt of the bank of New - York and other debts due to the state would far exceed the whole debt duq by the state. 1 he whole expenses of the government of the state for the ensuing year, would be less than half a million of dollars ; of course if the whole of the necessary funds for defraying the expenses of the government were to be raised b a capita tion tax on eacn inhabitant ol the state, the tax would be less than fifty cents on each inhabitant. And if such a tax were lo be confined to the taxable inhabitants, the tax need not be more than two dollars and fitly cents And when it is recollected (hat there will be no United Elates' tax, it will follow that not only the government of the state, but the United States would be sup ported by a poll - tax, if there was a necessity of resorting 10 sucn a measure, oi one hundred and fifty cents. But inaimuch as the slate has consi derable funds which furnish a Urge part of the uecessary re7cnue, it wouid net be necessary to impose even the tax of one hundred and hfly cents f and probably a tax of about one dollar on each taxable inhabitant or the stale, would be sutfitieiit to supply all the money necessary to meet the expenses of the state government, and indeed of both the s'ate and national governaieut. It was worth while, Mr. Colden raid, to con trast our happy situation with the condition of the inhabitants or Great Britain in this respect. In that country a poll tax of two pounds eight shillings and eleven peace sterling, equal to a - bout ten dollars eighty - five cents, would be necessary to pay the annual interest on their debt, over and above the taxes necessary to support the enormous expenses of their government. 1'he house yesterday progressed in the bill to the seventh lection, which provides for laying an annual tax of one mill on the dollar of the real and personal estate within this state, until the whole of the stock created by the bill should be purchased, redeemed or paid ; and pledging the tax, or so much ol it as shall be necessary, for the payment of the interest on the said stock. Mr. Duer proposed that the committee should postpone the consideration of this section for the present, as be wished to move a reconsideration of the vote upon the sixth section, f which pro vides that within five years after the first day of January, one thousand eight hundred and twenty - eight, this state will, upon the request of the bolder of any stock created pursuant to this act. redeem the same,) as he wishes to amend this section by adding "and that the whole of the said stock shall at all events be redeemed at the end of the said five years." This proposition was not adopted ; and a de bate arose upon the seventh section, which con tinued until half past three. Mr. Root made l speech of considerable length, in which he de clared that this bill had an immediate bearing upon the grand canal that the object of the miuister of finance, (Mr. Colden,) in introducing this bill, was to furnish funds for the construction of that undertaking and concluded by moving as an amendment, " that the powers of the commissioners of the canal fund to contract loans on the faith of the state, be suspended " This proposition called Mr. Colden up in reply. Mr. Root afterwards withdrew his a - mendment. Mr. Oakley then took the floor, and after a speech 6T about twenty minutes proposed striking out that part of the seventh section which imposed the tax of one mill on the dollar for any specific period, or until the stock created by the bill should be redeemed or paid. Mr. Colden made a few remarks in opposition to Mr. uakiey's proposition i but the committee lose without taking the question. LEU is I 1 TVUEOf XEW - YORK HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY. March 28. Mr. Pierson brought in a bill entitled "an act concerning the retailing of spirituous liquors in tho city of New - York read twice and com mitted. Ordered that the usual number of co pies be printed. Mr. ruiiorBer, from the committee on state prisons, &c. brought in a bill entitled an act to amend an act entitled " an act concerning the slate prison and for other purposes ;n read twice and committed, and ordered to be printed. Air. UlsiiocDer, irom the same committee to whom was referred the petition of assistant keep ers of the New - York state prison, praying an increase of their salariee, brought in a bill granting the prayer of the peGtion, which was read twice and committed. Mr. Sharpe from the committee to whom was referred the petition of Lawn Moore, relative to the art authorizing the mayor Ac. of the city of N. York to take possession of certain lands, re ported unfavorably thereon, and leave was given to withdraw the petition. Mr. Colden brought in a bill entitled - an act concerning tho school fond;" read twice and comm'Ued, and ordered to be printed. it. rwr. from the eoamiUeft to whom w referred the message of his excellency the gov - ...iv... ith tha accomDanving docu - ments, relative to tne arsenal io iu - - v; - New - York, brought in a uui enmieu t an i authorize the pa ;ment of certain assessments therein mentioned read twice and committed. Petition of Benjamin Ferris, concerning the seal of the Mayor's Court In the city ol New - York. Referred to oiessrs. oiucu, dih.i I w.l. HII. buiusu, .vu y a bill entitled an act concerning the seal of e court if common pleas, called the Mayors court of the city ol New - York ; read twice and committed. ... , . .. Mr. Colden. from tne committee, asc orou6iu in a bill entitled " an act for the relief of the cor nnration of the united general Lutheran 'church es in the city of New York;" read twice aud committed. ' . Mr. Colden, from the committee ic. orousm in a bill entitled ' an act to revive the act entitim an irl entitled an act to incorporate the society of teachers in the city ofNew - York for beoevo - lent and literary purposes j" reau twice auu committed. . , Mr. Sharpe from the committee, .c nrougni in a bill en unto an nci so mtorpuraiB Hamiltown free school, and for other purposes," read twice and committed. A bill was received from the Hon. the Senate, entitled " an act to amend an act entitled an act concerning the inspection of pot and pearl asnes," which bill was read twice ana reierrea io mcstn Mulliner, Monroe, and llarpur. From the National Intelligencer. The subject of the better organization of the militia of the United States, is again passed by, the house of representatives having refused to take it up. when moved for by gen. Harrison, on Tuesday last. This decision - is understood to operate as a postponement ef the subject to the ..... r next session ; when, according to tne rule oi nroceedioe recently adopted, it will stand lor decision in its present shape, alter the first week in the session, without being originated at novo, as required by former practice. The President of (he Navv Board, at Wash ington, has advertised to receive proposals ti II the 1st June next, forthe supply ol'2 to 3000 bbls Fork, and from 2600 to 3500 bbls Bet I, to be delivered at Boston, New - fork, or other Naval Ue pots at the southward. I'roposaleare also offered from the same Board for a supply of 200 to 250 tons of the best cordage, of different dimensions, to be delivered at Boston, and paid for on delivery. Elephant. The elephant, which has been some lime exhibited in this city, started from Brooklyn on Thuradav evenin? to en to Flat - bush ; but by some means became irritated and unmanagable, and broke from her keeper, and at midnight was roaming along the gardens destroying fences, and exhibiting astonishing proofs of agility and power. We are gratified in be ing able to add, that she shewed no disposition to injure persons, and submitted to command yesterday morning without having received in jury. Col. It is with much pleasure we learn that the Honourable S. W. Dana, has so far recovered, as to be able to proceed on his journey to the mi ui puTcriiiuciii, ami iook ills passage yrs icruay m uie aieam lion une, ny way ot Wilmington and Elkton. U. S. Gatette. Congrest. The engrossed bill, filing tbe meeting of the next congress on the 2d Nov. was passed in the house of representatives last Wednesday, and sent to the senate for concurrence. Mr. Williams, from the committee of claims, to whom was referred the bill from the senate, lor tne rebel ol John U. bogcrt, made a report thereon, recommending the rejection of the bill. which report was, with the bill, committed to a committee or the whole. Mr. Seybert, from the committee of com mere and manufactures, made unfavorable re ports on the petitions of the piano - forte and or gan builders of Philadelphia, New - York, Boston and Baltimore, of the New - York late Company. of Thomas Tennant aud George .Stiles, which reports were severally concurred in by the house. Mr. Sevbert. from the mamn rnmmitfM. re ported a bill to increase the duty on certain manufactured articles imported into the United States ; which was twice read and committed. A correspondent wishes to know whether the Henry B. Hagerman, whose disgraceful conduct towards a woman is related in last eveuinz's Post, is tha same Henry B. Hagerman who offi ciates as judge advocate to tbe militia court - martial now in operation for the third military dis trict, and if so, whether measures ought not to be instantly taken for his removal ? Answer - It is the same. FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT. City Gazette Office, ) Charleston, March 26. Counterfeit MonryTh public are cautioned against a gang of villains who are now probably iofestiug our city, circulating spurious bank pa per. On Wednesday night last, a parcel of counterleit bill swere found secreted in an out' house of the Planter's Hotel. They consisted of twenty - four : one of 456 on the Hagerslown (Md.) bank, pretty well executed ; and 23 of 1, allot the Philadelphia bank, very clumsily executed, the signatures engraved, and all of one impression, on coarse paper of various shades, from white to pink. Tbey are dated 1st Sept. in the years 1813, 1814, 1815, and 1816; the two last figures of the year written. Arrived this morning, brig William, Wilson, New - York6days. Yesterday, off Stono, fellio with the wreck of a large schooner, her masts a little out of water appeared not to have been suuk more than 3 or 4 days. Capt. W. lowered bis boat and went to the wreck, in bopes to save some of her rigging, but could not succeed. Chebacco boat Willing Maid, Rich, Washington, N. C. 3 days. On the 23d inst. off Ocra - cock Bar, saw the chebacco boat Hare, (of Boston,) Barnes, a complete wreck, and adrift ; she was 4 d - ys from Washington, N. C. bound to New - York, with a cargo of tar. Same day, spoke sloop Packet, Knowles, from Washington, N. C. bound to Savannah, and received information that they had boarded tha Hare, and stripped off a part of her rigging, but was unable to save any part of her cargo. FROM OUR CORRFSPOXDEJrr. Office of the Freeman's Journal, ( Philadelphia, April 3. f Arrived, ship Hope, Moore. 115 davs from Canton. Sailed 30th Nov. Dec. IS, at niiht, spoke F - nglish E. I. company's ship Waterloo, ashore on the Straits of (Sanca, Liscapara Island bearing S E by S. 9 miles distant ; the captain informed the ship bad very little forward. 25th. Java Head E, half S. 12 leagues dist. spoke ship North America, Erwin, of Philad. 109 days irora lis son lor tiatavia ; all well. I eb. 28. lat 2, Ion 25, 50, W. spoke ship Fawn, of arid for Boston, Irom tsombay, 7Z days oat, all well re ported having called off the island ef St. Helena, wnere mere wis a greai want oi provisions. A 1st, brie Charles Stewart. Chase. 30 dan from St. J ago. Advertised in a New - Orleans paper of the 17th niarcn. French ship Atalaoa, for Nunti ; brig Hypo - lite, fordo.; brigs Argo, for Philadelphia ; Oswego, for Baltiroora ; Hero, for Boston ; ship I eaoessee. for Philadelphia: schr loduttrv. for Bostoo ; ship Maria Caroline, for N York : brigs. Hope, fordo.! Clio, for Baltimore: White Oak. for N York ; Feliciana, for Philadelphia ; Olive, r. r . . v. - i t - . tsn swsiua , djic, rvi iicw i ura , r m American, for do. ; Actress, for do ; Orieaa, for Bos - ton t Anisqoatn, for N fork ; Harriet, for do Hunter, for Baltin - ore ; Missouri, for do - MARRIED, ... n ! Revd. Btniaitiia Mortimer, Mr. An tbony W. Bleecker, to Mtss Catharine Amelia Smith, daughter of Abraham L. Snulh, tsq. ; all of this city LlltD, Ve.ff.rdav afternoon, of a short illness, Eliza hth. widow of James Oridley. deceased. The friends of the family, and of her brothers, Fran cis Clossand Jameson Cox, are respectfully invited to attend her funeral tc - morrow afternoon, at 4 o'clock, from her late residence, no. 9 Jike street. , EVENING POST ZARWE LIST. CLEARED. Ship Albion, Cox, ' Liverpool urn :M. f - JI10. A. w mum . ui Virginia. Ridrwav. St. (J.oiX Melick, Rogers & Son rtrii - Regulator. Fitz Htieli. Demarara 00 r - . 1 1 ' 1 n (V. J suiter AftMW.n TIMS rOHEAOU., Briff Hone. Arnold, 17 day Irom New - Or leans. 13 from the Balitv, with sugar, cotton tobacco, to Griswoids &. Cnates, Ripley t Cen ter, F & A Urtinell, Poll i: M'Kmnc, w a Craig, J Caulker, and Hides, Lawrence ei co Sailed in co. with ship Highlander, for France i the bi it? Harriet. Smith, tor N lork, sailed 4 davs before 1 shin William, sailed same day for Liverpool ; line joscpn hail jusi arruru from N York. The sch Enterprize, Wayne, from Turks Island for N Orleans, stranded miles south of the balize about the 8th, vessel and cargo totally lost. The sell Hiram, Peck, sailed 2 days betore lor iticnmonu. sen, snip Amsauam. tor n York, in a nays. s - ascn - gers, Messrs. Dunning, Tucker, Smith, Bliss and Whittlesy. BELOW, Shio America, Church, 106 days from Bata - via, with sugar, coffee, &c. to F. Jenkins Ic Son. Brig Orleans, Irom Pi. Orleans. ARRIVED LAST EVENING. Brig Factor, Noyes, 15 days from Matantes, with susar and molasses, lo uoodtiue et co. Left, shins Gen. Jackson, Taylor, lor turope ; Fox, Bassett, just arrived ; brigs Pomona, Hedge, loading; Washington, Knapp, do; Cleopatra, Barker, do; Venus, iVlorao, do; Charily, Al kins, just arrived ; Mentor, Carr, do ; schooners Superior, Knowles, and Milo, Tillman. The brigs Radius, Granger, and Matilda, Burr, sailed the day before. March 25. in lat 29 30, Ion 77. parted from brig Clitus, from Havana for Rhode Island; and schr Caroline, from Matanzes for Portsmouth. Markets bad. Molasses 10 to and coffee 18. British brig Gen. Brock, Dwyer, 21 days from Barbadoes, with sugar and molasses, to D S Kennedy, G Gibbs, Tucker it Lauries, and the. master. March 16, in the Mona Passage, was boarded by the Carthagenian privateer Bru tus, on a cruise, having captured a Spanish brig from Laguira the same day. 24th, lat 29, 24, long 69, spoke sch Little Sarah, from St. Domin go for lioston. 27th, lat 32, 30, long 70, spoxe sch Hugh M'Kay, 5 days from Norfolk lor.Bar - badoes. Left, brig Fame, Whitney, lor Norfolk, next day. schooner Kenneheck I rader, Carr, 4 days from Edenton, N. C. with staves, flaxseed and tobacco, to Patrick, Ayuar & Co. Tredwell & Thome, and Leavitt At Lee. B0S.T011, April 1. Arrived, brig federal George, Field, from Baltimore. ling Minerva, Owens, 20 days trom Havana. Sch Clio, Hancock, 19 days from West End, St. Croix. Left, March 12th, in addition to those reported by the Midas, sch , Savage, from N York, just arrived, with loss of deck load. Sch Union, Eldridge, Norfolk, 18 days. Brig Adeline, Atwood, 16 days from Below The ship Suffolk, capt. Urann, 130 days from Canton. NBW - Oai.KAKS, March 17. Arrived, brig Joseph, Morris, N. York. Cleared, ships Par agon, Hals t cad, Liverpool ; William, Brain er. do; Ann, Sutherland, Havre , Highlander, Davis, Bordeaux 1 Adolph Frederick, Chevalaux, do ; schrs William, White, Savannah ; Ann, Clark, Charleston. Letter bags at the ship letter office. Ships Ottawa, for Liverpool j Balloon, do ; Gen. Hand, do ; Le C'araibe, Nantz ; Asia, Havre; Highlander, Bordeaux! 1'Amerique, Havre; I'Atalante, Nantz ; (irotius, Hamburg 1 brigs Mary il Jane, Liverpool ; Le Conteleux, Rouen; Lncile, Havre Adcle, Nantz ; Adolphe Fre derick, Bordeaux ; Hope, Nantz j Marsouin, Havre ; Hypolite, IVantz 1 Feliciana, Philadelphia ; White Oak, N York. Norfolk, March SO. Arrived, sloop Harmony, Smith, 5 days from N Bedford. Sloop William, Pinkham, 4 days from Nantucket. Sloop Northern Liberty, GifTord, 7 days from N York. i'Sch Belvidcre, Johnson, 5 days from New - York, and 48 haurs from the hook. Sloop Experiment, Bradley, 20 days from Washington, N. C. and 14 from Ocracock oar, with naval stores and lumber, bound to Philadelphia ; put in here in distress. On Thursday night last, at 11 o'clock, Cape Henry bearing S. W distant 30 mile, the cabin acci dentally took fire, and such was the rapidity of uie names ana the difficulty ot combatting them, that it was not until 11 o'clock the next morning that they could be effectually subdued. The after part of the vessel is, of course, much injured, and every article in tbe cabin destroyed. There were 5 barrels of spirits of turpentine in a situation where they were much exposed to the fire, but they fortunately escaped conflagration, or otherwise not only the vessel but the lives of all on board must have been lost ; as the sea was so rough that the boat could not have lived a moment on it Scb James Monroe, Hipkins, from N York, 48 hours. The J. M. left N York on Wednes - day afternoon, and experienced some very rough weather; came in the Capes on Friday evening, and anchored on the Tail of the Horse shoe, where she was compelled, in conse quence of a thick and the severe gale which succeeded it, to remaim until Saturday afternoon. Sloop Abeona, Knapp, 48 hours from NYork Sch Fair American, George, from Tappahan - hock, bound to N. York put back on account of head winds. . Sch Coaster, Van - Name, 4 days from NYork. Sloop Fox, Haxsey, 14 days from Bristol and 4, from New - York. Sch Enterpue, Prebel, 13 days from Wis - cassett. Saw a sch ashore a few miles S. of Cape Heiiry, appeared to be above 50 or 60 tons burthen, with no topsails or yards. In Hampton Roads, brig William tt Ezra, Baldwin, from Liverpool, bound to City Point, The British brig Ardent, reported in our last, had a passage of 25 days from Grenada, and put into the Roads to procure a rudder. when she will proceed to her original port of destination in Newfoundland. THEATRE. On Saturday evening, April 4, will be presented, uie inay oi A B.t Ll1.NO. Flodoardo, Mr. Robertson Absrllmo, Robertson Rosamonda, Mrs. Darley. To which will be added, (C(h time io N. York) tbe pantomime of MOTHER, O.OOSB. OX TBE SOUtS ECO. Harlequin Mr. Parker C'olumbiue, Mrs. Parker 1 criorniaoce to commence at seven o'clock. ffT" At a meeting of tha Tlireeinr J ii - Unioo Insurance Ccjnpany, Samuel A Lawrence ncvicu iivaiucjii, vuaries n.nina, assistant. James Renwick, actuary, Capt. Jno. R. Skiddy Inspector, and William 1. Vui Wazcnen. Serri! tary Charles King John Jones DIRECTORS. Samuel A. Lawrence I'. Schernierhorn. Junr. Robert Benson, Junr. Joseph smith James Renwick James Boyd Jeremiah lliornpeon B. P. Melick jchnOothout James Boorman James (J. Pearson Jobs Richaud Huory Major Charles Rbiud Henry Thomas. P3t ffj - To - morrow niurnine iu be Gn,t. Church, a Sermon will be preached and a col lection made lor the oeoctitof the Ntfw - York Bible and Common Prayer Book Society. The immediate object of tlies collections is to m ; defraying theexpence lately incurred by that so cicty, by the purchase of Stereo Type plates of Uie dook 01 viuuiuun 1 raver 01 ice a vo. size b large type. The Prayer Book of this site and description will be thereby furnished to members of the society and to auxiliary and other societies, nt one half the usual price. The benefit of this will hu particularly experienced by those to whom the small book usually distributes), is res - dered useless by failure of sight from age or other causes. It is hoped tbe importance of tbe obiect will recommend it to the liberal furtherance nr .r - S - rga - tion. ap 4 11 . PARK HALL AUCTION KOOliT BROAPWAY, Next to the coirtr of Murray - street. - fjy The subscribers inform Uie public that thev will hold regular sales of Furniture and elk. gant fancy articles, on Tuesday and Thursday, in eacn ween, commencing on i nursoay,thaii inst. at II o'clocr, when a handsome and tali, able collection of Furniture and fancy articles will be sold. The room will be open for the reception of goods, from Monday the 6th init. Those persons who have articles of the above description, which they wish to dispose of to the best advantage at public auction, are inwted to call. Persons who are bre aking up house keeping, are informed that sales will be attended to at their houses, if prefered. ap 4 3t M. MYERS & CO. tar Freight or t'har;er, The fast sailing brig HOPE, Arnold, master, burthen 2000 bbh. just arriv ed from New - Orleans, and can be put in readiness to receive a cargo in 3 days and dispatched immediately For terms apply on hoard, at Pine - street wharf, or to GRISWOLDS & COATE9, ap4 68 South street. For IV A S HI A G 'SON, N. C. The schr. EAGLE, Russell j win ilsail this afternoon. For freight or passage, apply on board, at Peck - slip, or to ap4 K. & C. W . UA 1W r UK I s cu. tor BRISTOL, (England.) The fast sailing packet ship ELLEN, Lvnde Rowland, will positively sail to morrow, f weather permitting) can yet aceom - modote several more passe'igers, if application is made immediately on board east side Flj - Market Wharf, or to G R1S WOLDS ft COATES, ap 4 68 South - street. T OHACCO." 5 hhds. Richmond Tobacco. ap 4 superior quality, tor sale by IRON. 6 tons 19 do lor sale by ap4 HURD ft SP.WALL. 1 3 4 to 2 5 - 8 English Iron do do Swedes do G.G. &S HOWLAND, 77 Washington - street, OHEETINU Ac SHIRTING LINEN. O 2 b iles fine Flanders sheeting Linen 2 do do shirtings do 1 case Dutch do do 1 do do very stout do do For sale at 77 Washington street, by an 4 G. G, & S HOWL AID. ( CALCUTTA COO US. 8 bales Bait as, jait ree'd and for sale by ap 4 JOS. OSBORK, 28 South - street DOMESTIC OOOOS. FOUR packages Brown - Sheeting 3 do bleach do (fine and coarse) 15 do Gingham (some very superior) 30 do Stripes ; 4 do Ticking 10 do Satlinels aud Cassinets, a handsome 4 do Cassimeres, assortment 10 do fine and superfine Broad - Cloths 2 So Cotton Balls 50 reams Letter Paper, and, as osnal, a general assortment Cotton Yarn, for sale on accommodating terms, by THE COMMISSION COMPANY, ap4dSzc 148 Pearl - street JAMES CUMMINGS, 76 Williain - slreet, bas received from auction, wet, 6 - 4 fine sheetings 6 - 4, 7 - 4, 8 - 4, 9 - 4, 10 4 Diapers It Damask 3 - 4 Diapers and Linens which will be sold cheap in the present state. ap 4 It FLOUR 100 bbls. Richmond (country mills) Flour, landing from sloop Tryal. For sale by GRISWOLDS & COATES, ap 4 68 South - street DOMESTIC ft OTHER WARES. THE subscribers keep constantly on hand tt extensive assortment of tbe following goods, vis : Dutch and English Brooms i Duster, or Counter Brushes Hearth Brushes, fan cy and common Head do do do Cloth do do do Weavers do ' White Wash do Shoe ft Scrubbing do Paint Brushes and Sash Tools Clamps, 4,7, 8 row Furniture Brushes Horse do Bed Cords, Clothes Lines Sash Cords, Trace Ropes Wrought and cut Gunny Bags, ropes Heaas Crumb Brashes Bellows, fancy and common Do for Blacksmiths Hall aorl Entry Mats Pails and Tubs Wheel - Barrows Tine Wire HieteJ Do Hair do Whips of every description Seine, sewing, wrapping, baking and ball Twine Fish Lipes , Slioe & Sadlers Thread Dearbon't Balances, ftc. Which they will sell wholesale or retail OS liberal terms. CEBRA Ic CUMING, ap 4 76 Pearl - street BOOK - KEEPING. THOSE gentlemen who wish to acquire a complete and critical knowledge of Bookkeeping, as applied to tbe various branches commercial business, are respectfully uforcea that Bennett's seventh course of Lectures ob that art will commence on Monday evening ne,'jf his residence, 48 Fultoo - street. To those wM have seen the resolutions passed, in favoor of nit Lectures, by more thai 100 gentlemen, who have been instructed by him in this city, further testimonials are deemed unnecessary. Terms wr completion, theoretically and practically, private lectures f20. One hour's attendance, each day, for four weeks, will be reouired. Please to apply as above, prior to Monday eye - nine next. . . ap4 1t BENNETT. Accountant FOR SALE, A M r i .... hundred acres UrBi ueiwecn iuur miu bib . a oTfand. together with two dweUing boasei, . . . ..mll Ann IWw v and sundry oui - nouies, a " - ""i j.,F;n. three fine Dull - seats, suitable for any tion of factories; all compactly ',edi towa of Canaan, ia the county of Columbiajin this state, and about 22 miles distant, ('?sA Albany and Hudson. The 'andor he part, is of prime quality, and in good c'tJ"'lr and will be sold in divisions to suit r!fbi The water - privilr;es are soch as cw" met with, and worthy the attention turert. Tbe ereater part of the pwjKS may remain on - "ortgaRe sevenJ jeari, " red, or pro pen j louiciuj be accepted in exchange. As tbe ipK part at least, are to lie disposed of AT aw KVST,they will be soU on vimt KAM le tkms. Enqnire of " H. W. WARNER, New York, or JASON WARNER, on tbepreV ap 4 Uw3m

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