The Evening Post from New York, New York on April 4, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 4, 1818
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In r - r. :, . - - - . ) : it . V NUMBER 11)32 SATURDAY, APIUL 4, IKIC. ' " "S J . 4.4LA; .4" 7i SHil' - YAIW Ot . THE iUIHCRIHK!l, .A 1.001'. now UiiMinz of the best rJCf materials, a'.wut 100 ton; timbers ol live tK - ftadf, local finJ cedar ; bottom flank Jy'hile oak, built on purpose for the Albany trade. 1 A SLOOP of 50 tons, calculated for anj trailo wherdispaRh, burthen, a wlleafv draft of water u required. ? will draw but little water, with a lec - board throuih the centre of her keel, " l .i - inert. 1 Intuil vcrv fust. Also, a L 1 1 1 i' of 3G0 tons, calculated Mrfora Liverpool or Loudon trader, (dint &2fci,can be finished to suit the purchaser.) iLj - Spars, timber and plank. Also, timber sawed to bills for house building. nov6 tl CHARLES BROWNNE. FOH HALE, Th fast saiiin" snip oswn, juj tJ'nrriveil from Antwerp, burthen 26 i tons, aud will carry about 2000 bbla.4yenrsnld, ' . , Lll..i copper fastened aua copp?reu, 10 uetp nana, mark. Mie is well found in every risK ct, and has nearly a witole new suit of sails. Lies at Lleriio. 9, cast tide Ceenties - slip. V - DAVID O. GILLIES, 'mh31 tOt ' '8 Broad - t - treet. For Ltr - LIU' OUL, The i - ubstantial ship bRILLIANT, .J.W. Baker, master ? is low ready to receive a cureo, nuct will be .uspaicireu unuicui slely. for freiL'h! or passage apply to , IlURDiiSEWALL, ,Dr;,GI f.'l .VlUlh - st. t'ur Hale or Cliurlir, A , The ship I'LA'IO, Holmes, master, burlucn W Ions, wilt carry awulJUW barrel!", iu complete order lor a voynge. Landing from tho above ship, Matauias mo - h'srp, W'.iit and brown Havana sujar. Also, from b;i bliss, from New - Orleans, 1C bids prima Kentucky tobacco Apply to . STEVENS &MACT1ER, mrh ? d7t 167 - nnlh - st. rnr UH.1 ULt.alu., llie staunch schr LOUISA, V. N - ,pir,'er, will sail on Sunuiy next, w.;'.'i' r permitting. ' r or Ircight or passage, :i i . 1 v on J, it ride Ol l - shp, orto '. ' BALL ALLEY, ml) 31 93 Pine - street. FOR SALE, . riip - 'mi mi vrr.v pm v rii hunt in l ii:l:ilrlphia ol the litt ai it - ri;!f , c.ihixt fiL - fcn rd and coppticd live mon'.li - i cv, her i - aili au.l npji - i? in exrc!!i;iit order; ber arrora modal ions Vt - ii;ivc and elriraiU If not sold wtihin th fctiovc line, will be dUpakhed w i'Jlout delay to bonuuii. apply to nuh 30 .v ttCil r. u cif. k soy 9. tot .EH - i)hLK.i.S, The ship LAClTItA, now loading Vtr . I . iy...i . 1: ..'II jrui uie cm sine hi niiruug' - iiiip ; win suit in 5 d.ivK. For fioiht or passage, huvinjf i excellent accommodations, apply o.i bourd, or to N. L. i G. CRISWOLU, mil 28 o6 - "iiilh - street. LM Ol It, COrh EL, ie. - 4U0 i;bls. Virgiu - V - in Flour 4i hhds. prime old and new Richmond To ' bucco, 18 do Petersburg do : 21 bales Upland Cotton 35 ts. and 20 hf. Is. Ri.;e 150 bajs St. Domingo and ' 64 do green Hawma Collee 5 l,if;nunivila. Fort Claret aud Madeira Wine, in bhds. and qu.irter caks Itoria rrd 1'orl Wine, in cases of 3 dozen each . FREIGHT FOR OPORTO. A rood vessel bound to Oporto may Jiavc about 1000 bushels corn on freight. Aopiy to K. GILLESPIE, mi. Hi Front - L V..1. . , 1. 1 . I I . I. - VJM The substantial double - decked and ll'fast saiiins brie h EN 1 UCK V - BELLE, bebiiou, mailer, burthen 231 tons, will be ready - to receive a caro in a lew days lies at pier No. t, N. River. For term?, applv on board, or to G. G. & S. HOWLJND, mh 25 77 Vahiiiston - st. for Sale, freight or Charter r i Tho bn RLCOV LR, Owen, m; - .ler, 'ivz tons ; win carry annul u.ou S4H - ; u well lound, and a sound eood vessel ; lies at pier N'o. 10, E. R. Apply to' JOA. OiliORN, mil 17 ' 28 South - st. IHo.v, STKKL, .i.Vu ILiHt n.ilit:. Tons Knlish iron, ass - Tt'jd, in flat tm3j and piarc bars, a part of whic h is entitled to debenture. 100 tons round iron, assorted, frem 1 - 2 to 1 1 - 2 inch 100 do Swedes' flat iron, from 1 to 5 iuches 50 do do square, aborted, - from 1 - 2 to 3 inches 50 do each flat and square Ruia iron 60 do country iron asortd 20 do plough share UiruMs 10 do axletrre an I crowbar moulds 10 do hor - e - ihoe mnuld . SO do braziei's rod", assorted, from 3 - lG to AW inrh 30 d spike and nail rvl. assorted 10 do jhert and boi'cr plate iron 50 do English and A raerican Hoops , 10 do Entrl'idi (,) blistered stctl 10 do Swedes 3lr 1 10 do Cr.iwley do 5 do Gennau do 5 do shear and cast steel ' 20 do Briitol and Xova Scotia j.Tiid ttoues a)rted SP0 an. hors. a s.rtrd, from 50 to SOOOlbs. I t'.n alxiit !'C0i)!l. Ci r - ll th, - . t kad. as'd 3 lo C lh per foot 111 ca,!.s s; ike, a'd. rmm 4 to 9 iocbes 30 iln ( ut nils, iViitn d to 2ld r0 dawronsht ii ui, a'K'rted U 'la'e and hore ni"!! 10 tins'; iron p.ts ad hnhe pans, ass'd from 1 to Id illoti,eniti.d to debenture. 5 tin Li, - ;,n'i t(eltfr , - - t) do American leiilow ware, consisting of Pots, keel, bake ms, Skiint,pidtis, tea kittlis, Ai.vt - fons, ic. 1U Ciiis 1 1. icr, ox n'ld boat chains A - Mi, wf, and bal ircns r !!, aledf. nnd hand l.amincrs Mill, :'!?! . Ut a'lri pit .! Carl, vva - .oii at si 1 h - Jr tinnet Y i.idnir til ! o! ('tlr - rtnt sites Slnvtls, Spades. 11 . c. o;edi - r v.ith a , t ral n'ro ment of Ifard - , is jojJ Culli - ry, i - 'snlern rr - :ia hie terms, ' n A..K1.I, " I)US.IJ!I(, ," CC3 'utei st c orner of J Jines - !ip. - fc J, 'bli ilumim! im nr - t ijuaiitv No.a.Vo - j 1'Imt Utr sale in lots to suit purchas - 'f ; m WALTER NT.XSON, !7lFronUst. ani"r f lurli.i - ?lip. or to . ,,:m,N EVF.RS. fit of larri - o - - st. Norh luvrr. Cj Uj KAi Lb - l) Ciuiton bia - ' - .justraind cimd :.. - d lorslo by . i p. ,v co. 20 Scuth iUeit. STRKL, PIPES, HATS. Kr. t y W. ROGERS tt CO. No. Ui Fearl - st. 13 efft - r f:ir sale, 50 bundles Halback t - el ' H tons bi O. L. do 1000 boxes Tobacco 1'ipei Copper Boat Mailt 20 cuns English iiuts; 5 crates Scda Jugs 20 casUs tilass Ware 100 crates Brofley WRre ' 50 caiks liest Eiif;liri Porter Malt Kiln Tilts hi b'elter ; bbick Slates Tiu l latcs ol difltrent description, Toeether with a central assnrtnitnt f Hard ware and Cutlery, by the pack ii' or from the slielvr - , on llie most liDeral teruis. mh 2.5 2r 21 LU'JU.S, iVli.iK.OJ, e bales prime Alabama cotton, biudinz from schr ia?;au 20 bidet New - Orleans cotton ) per brijj Ei - . 5 hhds Kcntui'ky tob'irco ) naucicr IN STORE, 0 tons clean St. I'etcHnirrh hemp Russia duc k, German steel) roll briimtone 15 cases tumbb - rs ' 30 boxes C'Hitilo soap Writing an!i wrapping paper 1 case Leghorn hat, .No iili0 AIo, just received, 16000 lb Havana colfee. in hhils. and A lew bhds of rwtifitd pure spirit,: made from molassc? rum. ForHo by JAMES D'WOI.K. jr. Feb 23 57 - ct. HB.II', EE AM, 'TAIN IS, it. Kuia hemp, in lots to unit purchasers Ul) rolls .hcet lead, 3 I '.' to 6 tl caki brlead, 7 tous pig lead 50 bales India twir.e English tail aid seine twine 3 casks 1 rii'.'ian blue, 5 casks Vermillion 3 blids 50 caskt French yellov? ochre Dry white aud u d lead 20 boxes tiu For sale by I'ETElt SCHEUMEUIIORN & SONS, 243 Watrr - stn ct Also, 200 anchors, of Hunt's make, from 10 to 2500 wt. ' . Cables and cordage, of all s'lcs, be.;t cjuulity, with the usual astortiuent of ship chaudlny. Feb 11 tf T. BROWN, ioim seal ensraver andjewid - Icr, No. 166 Broadway. Coatv of arms, crests, cyphers, ic. engraved on stone. A handsome assortment of fine golJ seal?, chains, and other jewellery. Ladies' seals ensraicd with (oats of arm, uil'.oi, and (jury devices. Diamonds, amethysts, crystals, kc. bought in the ioiijIi or i ut f. any form. Books of heraldry itcpt with upwards of CO.IHiO nains. Jnn 7 S. - n v l.l L. P. J euc rilTe wme, (Partly brand,) inpipe, bll Is. arnlqr. i; l, no ported July and arptunlier J.'tIG od July'lC.7. Car 1 eniriuo wine, in piio, tnallrutoOe - bentur Cape Madeira wine, in assorted casks, shipped althe Capo oftio'id Hope iu 1313. Ol 1 Lisbon wine, fii for family me. For1 sale by A. P. lUFF, nih 20 lm .. 69 Washiiii;lon sti eet. 'I'Oli'VCCO 20 iucls prime new Ui buiund I. Tobacco, lai diiif; Ir iu the schooner l.ady Tompkiut, and l'irs!ile by WALSH ,c GALLAGHEM, Wba have io store, 150 hhds. old Richmond Tohacro, principally of prime quality and e.nire parcels im dourwdo. very siiieri. r 150 kit;s iiihnufuctured do of various hrmds and qualities. nib 3 1 37 nmujvu 'ion.itco a puvvit. It!i l?old Virginia tobacco 55 do new crop do do ' 6G bbls fine flour 15 do middling do. For sale by VASQEfci, MF.UP.ON & CLEEMAN, Feb 7 , tf No. 7i Wa - hinsten st. C lOTTUN K RICK - C bales priiua Upland Cotton 4 do. New - Orleans do IU tierces Rice Instor' nnd forsalo by GKISWOLD ti COATKS, mh12 CD Snulh - slrert. E W(.l.i. - ll IH" andtPIKEd. 40 tons fiat Iron, assorted sixes 100 casiis - inki , from 4 to 6 inrhes The former entitled to drawback, lor sale by dltN PERSON : CAIRNS, mil 13 l Pine - streef. LOl"ltN YARN. lutltt lbs Cotion Yoni, No 15 and IC, Twist anil Filling, lor sale ut No. 8 Fletcher - street, mh 14 Ii .VNUANNAS. 4 cases lira: quality Bandannas, for tale bv I. REM - EN' k CO. nWi 20 26 S uilh - street. NICARAGUA WM'l). - rior quality, for nle hv Tl'l.'KER mh 11 - IU tons, of a supe .V: HURIES. 2! - niitli - tr, ct. C ICILY M A l hl rl A V IN E - K pipe Id - i J cily Madeira Wine, imported in l!'1 , lot do by TUCKER k LAL'lvlES, nih 13 29 Snullestii et. ILUUR - 2IHI I. bis of Flo'.r, h.ndins from I? brii; Mount Hope, from Ricliinnnd, lor saie oy W.& S.CRAIG, mh 46 114 Front sirs et. 0 HCEIINGs tt Ink! Klemisli Sliertlllirs, lor O Sale by JAMES G. KING k CO. No. fil Pine stre - t mh 24 GUNNY BAGS. - 3(:00, lor sale t,T CEURA : Cb'.Ml AG, mh 13 76 Pearl street. I X B .VC, Ql I l. lJJ Qr. casKs rolmrnar V '.IPt.H, e. vine 130 qr cak and SliOhilf do dry Malaga do 5 do and 14 h ilt do tweet Vi.ha 150 - boxes Florence oil, 12 bottlc - stach . 40 bales Italian v. - i iliyj paper, Foolscap and 50 do printing do Irtlir 14 bhds Enh - h glassware, consisting ol sfiucs and t u in I rs assorted 100 bosrs anchovies and 50 doolives I box French kid gloves 1 do iti ith Ic Uhcri, rj rich 1 do cnn, - i'.s 9 ca.M ftli hais, 1 do chip do 40 balei I'llrm riffs, 600 marble mortars 23 cases ma. I1 slabs, veined and statuary, a - ortxt sizes s 5 I ' Naples shaving soap I do watch gUuM - s 3 hs matin iu flakes 100 bales C.lcu.u oods, coni - lin of IWfi ss, putkah audrallipaily io - Jis Cba - 'pore, rhomocolly, johanna, luebipore and soOp'.ipnre Saunabs, juil spore and mow Ch - cks white, reil aud bine pill all s Ma.'.ias pattern do Soutee aud frt sot roiral, for sale by CII S. L. OGIM.V, aud ABB.VI.OGI1A, mch 6 Wvhifi;tn - it. M1LH A'lY LV1) PVTi. - . lii. OR ?Al.F - an or.Klcci.d ! - .t'.'7l' land pn - tec.ts. I s ated in the 1 I. nois lYrriiTV. :td bouht direttiy troni bn l.i,. n. Appr o I ISAAC K. ST. J.i;i, Bh 10 tf 33 Wall - sUteL CI O i l ON - 21 balci prime Upland Cotton, lundinj frvm br: Eliza, at .foi!e wharf. for tale by PUIT & .M'KIM.NK, mh 30 56 Souli ittreet BUMBaZE 1 I ib, asorU'd colours do all blar k do twilled, assorteJ colours, just receivedFor sale by O I IS S AN, mch3 157 Pearl - st. KliEell DRY GuuUa. AfC NICHOLS, N'o. I3i Pearl - street, Lare ' . receded and are now nptuiii 2 casts best French Crape 1 do black Canton do 2 do black and c'oth colored Sewing Silk 1 do blai k Sinchewt 1 do black Sarsnet 2 do hlai k Canton Fringtd Hdkfl 3 do 4 - 4 Irish Linen, verv Inw 2 do brown Linen, I do frih Sheeting 2 do" cotton I'hiiuhi 2 do Steam Loom Shirtirg 2 do white and prmttd Jeans 2 di Marsiillis Quiiti 'k'. aisortrd 2 do I hi i, Mure end couiinon Dimities 2 do Madiars Mandkc - rchiels 1 do line Book and Candiiii: Muslins 2 do MillincUr, 2 tlo Carlisle Giuhanis 2 do Cotii nCiitsiiiitrts 1 do Pina in I'oXi s .2 d I.;.dn s Kid oid rilli Gloves 4 tjiuks fine I ilite Culi ties 3 A - sii t - ilinc ( liir.iz t I aie sn;x nine brood Cloths 2 do CHttimen s 2 do Kbodes' llornbnzets. Ah pure!, fued at nui tii n, - r - uual!y as low of t':i iii.pni'tis, ui.ii n inty uu,.r lor sale nl a small advai.i :. ml: :in Hit llll - H l,IMSM. DIAPKKh, 5 - 4 SH HI. 1 1 SOS, .Vc. I iillA! e 111 El'.ilN, No. ti lli peysitr'St. le.s i it a complete Hnrtmeiit of the ol!uwin i - oods, 1 1 r lUitauuia, Horn Newry, and ihtv aiiivids .mill l.iuiiiin. 4 4 ml 7 1. 1. men; 7 II half blenched ditto 4 - 4 l.ineii, ol I IioiiiP' - oii, i.h ach 7 - 11 Lawns ; 3 4 Br 'wn Linens 7 - K Linen, in ball pij - ecs 5 4 SneeliiifS : 7 U Uotvlus 3 - 4 Biida l. e I aper 7 - K t.icj l.awn. W l.ii h. lib h: I'orini r nssortment of low pii - cid and li u d, tin? ll'. rid lor sale on ien i : ):' ti nns. ndi ::o l Ih.MJI, liu Axil.s - . hi 1 I'r.H, An 6 pipes 'niii.tiioii 4'b r..i I I.J.iiidy, said to tie i in nn in this ity 1 ' arriji i' i ,i,iie - , uo'J niu; 'l bl'b"" j S0"1' 3 bales li"t si - ialitv I'l'l mil C'.tton ' 2'. Mi l. P.n Wln"'e 20 !oil . - . - . I I I' I, i SSi.'i .liZ I "ii !ie' Jni i - it - r iVrii., ' ; ditv lC'l ke."l best qu.oily fcn u'n' ::ii t i. Fn t.v v Ul!M.L4' h: ii OfS,. ji.b.l ' 0' i m t .'.reet. - 10 :,, .1 fccy'hf", W'rtii rs'. - fanifi, fir sab JAMEs U'1' '!.!'. J". 57 r..'i - - . i t. by nn h 30 'pitOK .S. 1M .l - i'N . L at ")fi r'roni - Hiu t. V i tier i )i sal. 3 tusedrnh Ljnen 2 li H,.i:vlii 8 do i ou'e Hook Iol:l.s :n I ladi' - i h!l ill resks t il.isswnri , nt irunl 50 ir.ites fcartheliwrire., nn 4 ci'cslow priced Fowling Pimccs 5 pii e i,. MUilei.a W ine. . mil JO I 'UKKS ISI. M S VlV bush' is . briylit 1 urk l'.oid Hrtil Inr M - l - viy I LCUEll ,V I.Ai blr.' mh i 7 o l.tntr ; ii ttim vf - inu$. t JT1VO lois of'jrroimil, in toe - n ini'v of toe .st Centre in.iikel, ne fi cm1 1;1;; (Ol lrai;e street, (ncai ly opiiosite the 1ri - i bitechl lu. - "theron Uyiuleis - sii eet. Apply io J mh 21 2w 44 I'liie - sivce', or T J NK. , 10 NV - iii sli cot ,AV:i) ... GILLIE , 7t BruaJ mi ., : Ifei', 12 ia:c .EN': HGOtil). - : coiiri - liii f Double Hon i:ce, rens ai.d c haii'tibles Supeichip fl.i'.; black uud while crapes AMrted taireta ibbon Funs and si, l h i 1:1'. mh 31 fit F REMl I'LL' I I'. 50 boxes Uianpr - and. do Lenn.U", just leceived, lor sair by JO - . JOIINSt), mh 13 9 '"oinerneurs bine. MA, i let, tlri The stores and cellar mora ol t!nv: three story houses No. 10 and 12 Bi nail - street. Also, i good h'nise at Greenwich, anl one al tlarlserii. 'villi two nnd a hall nr. s ..r ground, mtir Mauhaltaiiviile. Apply at 55 BroadwHy, oi to CI1AS: OAKLEY, up 2tf 141 Frnnt - street. W K) LET iS(J The dwelling part of tho house N . 1 14 Broadway. It would make two o - h! olfic e Enipii'c on the i i pi es ( ? Iw .ul i S Kk.N. .. Iio ; ci.. itlOiiJ f"E - ubMiibci' takes litis method to in - lorui the piiolic thai he bai t:'ken lor the rnsu inir season that well kuown s - tand formerly octu - pie'I liy Hide, about five unlc from the ( ity Hall, on tie' Bos'on road, ai.d iutnidslo open it as a uuobc lioiiso lor tho rrc ei tion ol cotui'inv. en tbe Crst of May next, when rtlrmni and la dies will be acconioiodateii with every comfort aim! i leg - tut e to be expected al sue Ii a bou.e, on the ino'l reaonable terms. I'he bet oi liquors of every sort will be al ways kept ready. I . it. (,ALIIWt,LU N. B. Wanted a good woman cook, an 2 lm t or 'title, ur Iu Let, ' VsJ I'he hou'e and eronnds ni tl e subscriber at hi ...niiiiir I .i I. - , i.e .r ll.e mile sione, itu:itid on Hie I. xnkf of the .North Riv r. I'he House i - Ol :d.fn buil', .0 I, . - t fr.ii.I witli terrMi c d is and C " teioeai cut h.iiiscs, h: rtreidly paoiieil, S:.d in i ifiioiii lo or ler. The eroiue s : b cl'lv cultivaied, l!..; .irdeu ext nsiir and j;ood - - aiid ti rr ate on Hie place a ri.l varitly oi thrums, and lortst trec - i, and n I uii.p ol ' rxcelleiit water. For terms wl iil, will I." r ns.r.naoe, aiplyto S. A. L A WHF. .:, ap I lm ti7 l'i!i' - tri t. r;,"' tnremidi 'r'hi in I.H. lie Ft.'rc end cILr No 67 Pine - street t i.ct low, app'y on the preiuitcs. ap I 3w - r From lt Mas - ne. "he store, with or witleuit ap - ir'ments, No. 5 Willivn - tre - t. For terms a; p:j to C1IAX. rtEAPF., a;s I bt On the pt - jiniiest Tf, I IT evsr.; al t e The spacious 4 story fire proof store, out of l.ibcity - kli cet, lately occupied !v .'es - .rs. J Mm ray i - Sons. Pusness on to be i;ivc n on the fit it May next. For terms, applv lo mil 51 MAJOR ii GII.LK - 1'IE, 9(ii tt..irs) - slreet. 1 V stre No. 20 Wnll'street. Posses - s.. ti i.:av f.e bad tmmedritely Aly at No. 111. I V f t IO J.RT, .f5? A 1.1 'iA t wo M. rv bo ise. nl. asant'T tt U,i il in VOUtUUia'. - tutei. rtpv - 'J at .aa viisi. ap 1 tf 7U LKT, The stores and cellar room of those 3 scury nouses Au. io noil Uui Uroait - street ; aud a new two ti,ry bouse Nr.. tl on New street, immediately in tin - rear of No. 10 Bfoud - street, lit lor a suited l,iioli, bring new. Also, a rckiiI liouse at Greenwich, and one at llarlsmu. with twoiinda halt acres ol Ground, near Maiil.attniiviiic. Apply to CI1AS OAKLET, 141 Front - st. mh12if r y. i - r - t i l'lilXn:Luh.iLt:, VXlJ Tlie bouse and (rounds be Innuins to ti.e tsiale (l Jolui Shaw, siluateil on llict lentil ave - i, ue. Oiid.e preniires are an rxiillrnt doiilite house, litbii, c - oaeh and we bouse, with eveiT tiling else n o,oiite lor suc h nn estuldistimeiit. ft is presiiroed uny other ilt.seription is unnecessary, as those inclined to rent will view Ihu pl.ue. Alo, the fire proof store in the rear of hcuies II nd 13 IVail - stiee't ; w lirre there is lot sale some $;d Madera ine, by tho Demijohn. For furlhct particulars, applv io ANN M. SIUW, Jn 23 1 1 Pearl - streel. iflj5 - Lots in the 5, 3, (!, ni - d 10 Wards; many oi which are ort refill..!, d undpsved streets. No money will be inquired under ten jears, ilsold, lute I tst excepted. HOUSES. Seieral tiro and ll.rt e stoiy booses, on which n great part i l t.,e nn : y lemiiin n inor'jjHe. EAi)l.N(, AT BEL) HOOU. An exi'i llmlri.oid lor biisun , Wldi (en ten t of bind, pleas mtly situated, with a wharf, store - i.ouse mid harn. ' (JOTro1. i.. WOOLEN .MANUFACTORY, Ni w - l livr n, with - io acres ol land, mid a never lailms si ream, upoii'wbu'h 20 li.illnnay be erected, ivilh a euiliiieniy oi 'water lor em b. Apjv ut No. 2 Greeimich street. )HII I.I II' VALUABLK PBOPt.K'l X. fl'l. . ....l. . . u . ....I t.l.. j I ut: eitoM i ioci ouerr ioi taiv a ,.iiua.oe t kiui, .3 nules liom i. R' - loik, lij mile - south of Pouhkeepue, oil I no post - road, wilhiw 1 I of a mile ol the iniil - on the lalb ol Wappiu - fjei'. - Cni'A. and in the ut ighborhood of sevenl landing froiu which sloops sail weekly. II contains 1 10 acre - of le.t cltluilile land, with a) 01104 01 c Ir.rjof grafted fruit, wotat millii teut ful fuel, aud :dl in Md feme. 'I he houte coui.iius rtve - tal rooms has a hh) barn, nnd all in excelh nt repair. Its titoatiou bi m;ciiaii elevated plain, render, th' place mil only healthy, but presi n! from the dwelling a dul.i;htlul inland prospect. Abe, another lot el - lO.u lef, c iiiilijruoUf to the bo ve, and boomlcd i - oiiliieily by the falls ol WarpiiiEcr's - Cretk. I l.e bo d is lerliie. in ex cadlrut fence, and of ay cultiialion. Whai reii.leis t.'ii" pi pn ly valuable, i, thaiilni.iy be. intide a place of c. lebntv. Thet e L aln ady - ret ted on tin bills a taw - indl of jriiat capacity, a car.l.ii - indl, wliu li enjoys the ciUtlnm ol the iii4"h!.oihiKi I, be - idtM seicial other M itel tor faennt I:, lliiJi ciiiiied. 'I he '."bole force of the creek can be diverted with a I. '.lie t x pence o ji. Io tlrite a rir. - e .J mill.. .111 level plot of ;;i..UI,il iuiltielow flu - (ill - , and no edible by ;uit;iy irsvy ition ;' when e bit ioi iee of "Vei y d. scriplioii, us - it !i cvii) ,raeility ol power and tiausjiqiuiioi: t.iiO lie cwlriit ti d. ' Abo, 4 II U' mill, of tho fir.t c ln;s. 1 h' iiill lseioo b r,;e, with 4 ruu of flurr stones, Mid talculaied lor 0, with new m;n hiueiy fur 'iiiuiUl'Mctnrms wbe tt, :c. with an elevator for a; inif rfia'.o from v sseN inio the uppe r loft ot tl.c mol. Contacted wuh the null is a laife u.r.: house for stonu" wheat and llot.r. Willi the niMl will bo sold 53 acres of cxeclienl l aid, on which is situated liu dwelling bouse a lar - e b' - iui, li:i hmite, i ;i triage boiuc, corn lib., hovel, ic, a cooper s shop ah.uhned lm .'.) i : t - .1 . Trn of the housi.a are new and well ' sh - idated for "einci l families : Tin v commaiid .1 s iu of llie river, wi'.h a Icau'ilol inlervalc l;.iul 'cipn fanned In 1 he meaudei io of the creek immcdiali Iv 111 Iront. There ie few pla' rs whic h issoc i tfe so many ictouimod I'iuj; inialilicatioiis lor the iiiiithaiit. riiecji.inic or farmer. II not Mild at private sale before Tue - ,1 iy l,i 2i"t April, it will e day be eifered nl ac - on. For trm, ke. apply to PETER MF.SIER, N'o. 25 beaver - sUeet. F I. .'0 APR VII AM VFFIFR. tf,V?t e if ,, , erstj The propetiy at Brooklyn, beloni' glo trie - ti - tate ol t .,ity Luillow, dei 1 ni d, cnuit - ii ol a new three s'ory brick boiiu mid into! ground, a store hou, foro.eily occupied as a listillery, a small Irnmi: binl.irit; unci lot ot 50111111, ard two vacant lots adiiunb z the ahoye pren.ises 1 ins iriyis situate 11 nuniii n w rods ortl.e steam - oortt lerry, on tlie. roacito I'ierp' .Li's I bstiilery, ;.nd extends from the hill to the - liver. Also to let, f".m tbe hrsf of Mv next, the h.iuse ntid binds on ttie hill. inh.. rear 01 the a - b"ve doscri.ieif 101 nines. The bnii - e is well a - bipt'd lor a firi. ate Liinily or for a public bouse. I llC MUfull' - li, IIS C'll4tr 1 t'. - l''.ll, SS'lll - inauds a very extensive . nri beanliliil vie.eoithe city, tbe Eat River and Bay of New Yrk. The grounds surroundint; ,iott. (aoriit tjv - icres ol,) are in a Iiisli state of c ultivution. For lernis, apply to GEO. W. MORTON, mh 21 f No. 6! N illi nil st. t.l I. I E, Jir 11 lam if yriin, M.! I'liC house aud lot No. 20 Cedar street, niiii'iii'injr'ix rooms wilb fire places, besides the kilcl.en, pantries, vaults. 4c. and a well ol Rood water. " Fora!p, tl.e tinexpiifd term, eleven yearn, of tin lot An. b'J ivluriay - slrecl, in tbe iMcupHiioii ol William Patters in, on lease from the Episcopal Church du St. Esprit. Inquire of J. W. Sc W. C. MLLI.IGAV, feb55 dtf No. 44 Pine - street. . FOR SALE OR TO LEArE, . . 1.. - Vs u.'iii en accommiHiai iii!l icrmi, a iiumoer to water and budding lots, near aud adjoining the navy - yard, at Brooklyn. For particulars, i n - quire of , r.v is.vj, jan 22 tf Brooklyn. IU LKT, ... .in . . i. I M tyn ! 1 ne small o scory uru - K hiuhj .in. o I , - ori - slrei t. tiHtahl tor a person c irryr; 011 a tiade in I'.e I on - e, havirza bi;bt pnrrel and a middlnu; sited store. Possession tjivin iimue - dialelv. Eeuuire ol Il VIP STILLW A(;GON, mh fl tf S:...n - - licet, m - sr Broiid'tn t. iilil; A twnstorv lioiie. witn a barn and five acres oi'land, situate alMiut two and a half miles trom the city, to, posite the nrseti.d. To a person who is in tl.e (. - ..(it ol attt uilioic luatke.t and wnu'dcu' ivHlR tbe land as an early vretahle aid i, it is an )' j:t. Bent 2U0 dollars. Ap ply nt 3 Bronelvt ay. ml. h 'i - (XfTl. J - 'IORE IO LKT, tTftl, The fire proof store in Govt rnrnr I...... t.rlwen Wuter and Front - slrci'. Ii'oni 1st May nexL Apply'" tllKer & i.Ariur.?. mh 31 9 Sou' h l reel. 5j2?2 A rvin suitable ior :.n tuTiee, in or near lludson - stteet. Apiy ut this clTice. mh 25 tf jr?i r t.t:r. . TjU Th! follnwii,. H"M:s, Az: I hen .u'e No. 05 John - ilrett Tbe hou'e No. if" Cn . Pbe b. - ure and ore No. 335 Pcarl - treet Toebouseead.tor.NM.Cb.rryr, f.:,i 'i. Bowery. TT REAL ES'J'A I E iKJK K. ln,t I" wo 2 - storr brick aud lots, situa ted New. 37 i - 3J Vey - strcet. Also, a house and lot No. 11 Powery, near Chatham souare. 44 Is et Iront br l - Jh d, en. A II on an omm. - l iiini lein.s. For tiarl.culan an - parte ply lit No. SGeernwich - M. tau 15 tf : TO I Ef, iu) The Gl f'BE TAVERN, N. 143 Wo - tei - sireet. The situation of this hou., and ite accommodations, jn - tly rrmkr it auolject well worth t atent mu of any prn di siroio tf krep - a lucrative p.i,. 1U)U!1(.. , .p; no flll . ui.'hedor uufurui'hc.l, and immediate possession ?ieu. Apply at No 137 Water street, mh 17 tf fOU SsALr., BK.AL raol'EHTV IJi TMK I I TY c KKWIOMK. S&.. A tjiis. Bom UUICK lUit'K H,Hi .t . , , werv S I ABLK in II... r..r C......1I. ' i - r with !(. LOT, 44 leet front, 42 feet teat, and . s. t in 11 it:r, IHUISK and t.O I' No. 37 Vesry - .tr, et i and House and litNo 31 Vrs. v - street A liONU unci MORTGAGE lor 110 dollars do and do lor 750 do do nnd do lor 4.'0 do On valuable property in the cily ol ftcw - Vor't. 1 he 111 e - rest has always b. ,11 pimctuully paid. For particulars iniiuiie at tin cilice i,( STEPHEN P. LAMOINE, dee 10 If Vo. 07 Wall sir,, t. Btrl Fr' tu Ihe lit Mav next. 011 nrasnnablt! lei in, n biri i - Piivtnieut dwelling iotis, opposite Love Lane, near the two snile stone, Bowery, lit present occnuicd by I f fessnr Adiaini well ruis'libileil for two 'ihiiiIiib, biiMin livo k b lieiif , wiui li moms, pantiles mat v.iull. a st.iUe unci roach bouse, a well of gooif w ater and two cisterns. It has a very lare garden, well 'toe k - d wi'h sin ubs and Irmt trei s ; pc.ssi ssmn of whit b can be liaei on trie 1st Apnl li'Jt Also to rent, n pi nti el 3 story httclc house No, 492 Grccnwit h - slre. - t, with or without n stiibh: in the rear. Apply at .No .;9ij (rceiiwii h - st. prto ilAL&EY .'v GObMAN, ndi 21 tf 31 Ol.bshp. J11 nt liluiiuujtl.tlex kj Tbe larjre, convetiieiit ai.d nieasanllv nu.'teel lniiie ol Ihe subscriber, with the out building aud ptniiud, opposite tl.entw SI oie Lbiirch on lie - Bio - jnindalf road, 4 1 Smile I ruin town. Apply to JOHN II. TALM.AN. mh ?." lm "I I IV.arl slr. et. ' 'l'L'i!l.i: I'iiOt'l - .tU It Jiijvl For sale, tbe I lot i - r Iron ianuiai lurins Esiai l;'l nn 11I, in the o.,.itj oi iMorus. and stall ol'New - Jeitey ; lon - itliny tfa iuIIi.ik mid slitting .Mnl, in t"d repnii, bit Ii works Iw. pair ol ! ill is i.ed cult is, she .i. - s, ,Vi; - Jl ;i ir one nine ; n 1 a liable fire with two lius and ons - b .ii.ii. cr ii. t il rr piiir ; n stm k of coal ..nil on OH bund, sutticiel.t lx luake lift) Inns of io.ll ; a (.'dull saw mnl ; a cut null l.n t oy in p hicI .i p.ttr, si:lU.ienl tnimploy Hull) men, i nil n.uv be ex - d to employ one bundled inn ; a brad cut - tii.K macbii eiind a steel luinace iiiKonil re ti..i r ; cunt ei.ient to tbe winks is a stiue and it r I bouses for the ai 1 niuinottulioii ul luinil is, m il . kt client slnhliii b.r loins may be necessary to keep (or the. u'i' ol tl.i estobliibim nt ; nl r", orebnrds, paslurr nnd meeilow lots, imine - Iv tolminirft fie works, wi.n timber land in any cpini.tily, not 1 set ciliu Itvo tboiiai.d bye bun lire d licit s, within three miles ol t .ilu w. - rhs. I he at vein ol iron ore, common mc ul Hie noted nut.kasiini.y untie, runs more than 2 milt i l!ir(ii;h this trail, ami three mines ate now open, from wbiili ihe lories are supplied witbore, an. I inoie may be openril ore. r.uaed to supply works lo any extrut ; the 'mini s are wiiliu tw. miles ot said works, ainlcooil romls, so Hint tin - ore can be raised and al the forge et I wo anil d li.'iii iM;l:ir per Ion. 1 tie above il. si no,, ii .vorks nrn silunteil '.r Rsciciiwuy liner, about t - ii.l miles liom M01 - risiown, tv 1 lily five miles limn f liabell. I otvi., ami abcii' the s.iiiicil.,1 no 1 lioni Newark, Willi jou tori. pike roods lemlii Imin s.nd works I" 1 jl II place , ill a plciisnl.l lli - nltnt - lilillli'in, l.ti.l in a 140111I1H 1,'lilnirliooi', thi n I ii two I n sby - ten. 01 O.iikms tv 1 1 lii ti lour mil. s, ui.da fri. inh' lure lin - bou - e will, in two n I'm ol said This Finn. I lor tcillcctr.i: b:,r 1u.11 lot Hie siii titi mill is very ciiililiilil:ilin;r, Ho le he 11 nenrl) one buunred;i' utes in t. e ; - t 1.1 lln oi are - on tbe Bin - . tins nbote I'. t.r, am? tl.e iron, 1:1 umiij; lo New York maiket, 1 un cniif iiu iilly pun those tv.nks. At IhiHinilJ :r ju ntl y lour tons ul hoi noli huve been silt and bundled into nail am! spike mi's in a nay, and upwards ol one. bandied tons ol nails hate been iu a ye ar. A lnr;;e i.inoui t ol (roods may be sold at this pfoct in exch inc. lor b.n imn,pr . iirin sup plies, .( .iVc '1 be re are valunbie scites IhiIIiU bot e 1 below on this IracLou wliichini.rtf wotks may be erected. ALSO, That T'lluable well km wn form, Ivirg in the towirhip of Ii niidclili, about two lino noin l.. - ve r, luid six miles itMii Morrislown, mid will. in one quarter o a milt ol the t'nion turnpike rood, 1'leitMi, l valley, c alh d tbe Oistillert Fario, c oiitniiniij; a'. out bundled acres, annul one cjurih 1 art ol wbiibis exit Hint meadow, one (011 Oi pri'l ploiiirh unit past in hind, and the rc - iii'.iind.r limber. A considerable port ottlielim Iiit is ol ll.e nnuicai K'ewlb, Mini is sintul Ic lot siiwiii, the oilier pan is tbriity youi.c iimbi r trom liltec:n to Iwei ty yeaisurowth lien ate un sb id form upw ards ol six bund" d apple: tries. 111 line order, eij:'.' to sixteen tears old, tne mist oiLlI.etu 01 pralle il irmt, and more tbaii ball 4 the in llaris. n npplts, to hiiiimis lor i ider. 'I be meadows are ll .1 and freu liom stot.p, l.roui;b which runs tWo live l strinnis 01 water, and near ly tbe whole m y be wutired. One of tin 'e stre ..ins is siilln unt lor h enst - mill or c.ibe r works ; there am s..w mills, a eiist - mill, a lid lint; mill nnd oil null, cm Dm' miiiu slie un. On said I arm aie two ti.iuable stiles Kr water works, a convenient 1 Leap pl.u e toeret I a short ibun, and rais. - a e o..siUei..ble pemd, with tweKe or fillet II feet licud Bt low this the Water can be lake u into a race, and in less Hum twenty chain, ciuOod firm ground, is more tl.itit twenty If it fall. In Ibis way tbe w.tter can be worked In ice over w - ilh the expense of only one dain. I here is on said l.irm un exliutive ruler null with four presses and c isterns,, housed and well hooied with iron, sulliciei.t to hold twelve hun dred baritls of cider. Connected to the c nl. r works if Ihe Hill - house, to lotive iin ntly n(o..ti ii that the whole ope ration IS cniii lelid witli ml nuiui'iiiir. The water lorcoinlensins the spirits is supplied from a never l.uhiiz smiu, willon six .... . .ii li ' ... I.. I.. rons 01 tne still iiousp, .100 imi s.iiiii iem oi - ..o 1" run into Ihe cisterns. The buildings con,ist oi two small frame dwelliiiK, one pi.od lisit.e burn. 54 leet long h 16 feet wide, under a pi't ' which is a inol cellar J there are also hay house. r - iiiB al. Hs .VI". Vluible pro;Tty nt l.oiipwood. In the l"n sl ip olje th noi., six miles trom O. ver, en t e main branch of Ro. k iway River, ron - idin! : rd 41 very valuble lor;c. wUh lvo lues aim 1..00 - ; abundanc ol water tl.e whole y, i.r, a i .e pond, nndayery warmtitiiati - n, and lr lif eti, veers past has made as iun h iron as el.) two lite. In 11 - s ru .tv. I be nr. - is Mitlnn lour mill ai.d a n - irl c.t me nn - .iiiii - nvi - .i. . . - ... j. ! - ...! I l. s.r - 0 lr'.s - 1a ciAn. cfed with tins eenilihiiiTl hiii"L - ;t alio, gs - lher to abnut ..uile'ii ho - clreifurri s,tties;reat - 1 r part limber, to make a ehuahli; tupply ol i - oal lor tne l icue. Iriiifceiliately a.ljolnii.K the lurt: rrrv valuable plow and .ncudow lan'l aurlw lent 10 - ton c (amis ..1 one bundled 111 res eai It, with 1 l.ouss s orrhr I i.nd barii', lieside s leral da. ll.n4s hi the families that may be eu' in 'vm km? the forge. 'I be whole or any part of this very t.hithlr property wt'l besol l at such piiciis and credit as will m ike it worthy tlie nHctiln - .n of any - rsoie wishing to purchase. For lurtlu r iuioruiatioti et.ciiore of JACOB I.OSEY. al Uoxer. liiiAFL GANFiELO, 1st Morri tewn. UL.ACKWKLL tt :r. A ULAN, at N. Vert. fvbirtn.iCi , 1 I S'lHhi r t'Kl. . . ' - . (t - Tbe contra, ts w .Lh are to be entrted lor !. slice t nmnMe, ttili ei ii imie r tlie. ism iiaj i t , ., j or io 1 M.ti.liun - ' ' "' " ' a.e il 1 lopl '111; uidtl.e t:,rK'nir ti. I . 'rvl 1 1 !';'" ll l"". H 1st . 1 Van I, to the Isi ! Jniirn - ).. me.. 1. er 1el.2t AitCli Ai.. - t..t.N, j;V i'ho ktocLhui.U raie btr. I j milifo d Ibat ' an lire ti - ie lor ibo ltrn I Or, e ton. w 1I1 be. old oa the (ii - sl I i:e - .I..y in April l.e xl, and ihat llie p.l wiik be oj encj at ihe Harking llnuei, iu Wall sO cet, ul lOo'tloek A. AL aud 1U11I l 3 oVlc k P. M. By order of the I re idnit and Diretteirs. liu h 3 ' W . FI - II, I a - hr. .Mns. - ii.4l.lAiF buviiii; tut. en the bouse No ?1 lirtiailway, iinw in the' ccrpabcv if Mr. John I. l.iovcr, olleis from the 1 I of Mm dext a resnletre In .jjentlemcfi hi el ladueV. - 'I he. plrasjiiinessof U.t s.tualioii needs no comment mli 24 if . . "vrLTiTl.N t'A.Ai.COVPAi. ' fJXy - A tbvidi.'n.i nl i.. find b bull rrtrt, on Itie t apilal StraKol said Compiiii. wild paidt to the t - ioe kholilers on tbe 1st et Apri.. Apply - to iiuenl Bleeekwr, Esq. Albany, or 220 W iH bum street By 1,1 u, r ol il,e line. I. rs. IHOMAs.LUY - .'Ite.nurer. .' ndi IB )m VO" Mus, AS cl'ENOLll eoiil. 0 phitea op. iui K a si bova lor ) 91.1, laeiies, lis 1 on... u,ce cn tl.e hrst ol .iaj eiisini,,., on tic bdi ;tmK terms : rendu f. w 11(11, p.r.rnby, R,,, arithmetic, tmiihourii r, eiiitMciocrt , iiieb.cinjf' the riidinii ids 01 Frttith and drawing, fi.f tf itcin lars per courier ; lessons on b rio or pmlar biteeii dol.hts, (in to lie paid 111 niivsni e. Mis. - M't.C LR i els that the nassomtr ntl.e chiitu totliepr.troiiiiH ol tbe ladies ol her nulite city, by no infc..iiH.,m..!id titia ci In r t wn merits, but on hrli.di of four latbtrltfS ileum. Td lb' tne. .11, proud, I igi.u - d 01 tmpetious, she iloca not nddifi. hi .self , I ut to I be bnnle vtho po,. sf - es true hi lim: or re.o piety wb. se tie hU it is to ' Uin. "the widow's heait Iosihk lor foj'' it i (he pntronutic of sm h, and such only, she olieil. fc.iliiiuetory itli rem e hi i be cive 11 jf rt'lir d. biie - sln - el, No. 3, mh - I Of .ew - uik l - i'te JUifhiifiu turitm ( ,.;. 10, y. A II ele I t ion lor sevi 11 'I lustres ( ir li e on iiiik yt:ar, will be helti on Aiondut. ihe (in, of A pin in xl, at Hilling room ol George hich - aids, No. Ko Pii.e - strtet, l oll to be vpin Iruiu I to 1 c'el.H k, P. M. r By e nh f oi ihu nurd. "' B t T. t '. MITI.rR. rW'ry. 1 Ho lied ;. - r. u , - Uj , J iv.S. mm vo Johii - nti rf.. Fiainire at inil IVai l b'l ll I. " mh Jyl , Mjnil I he new btiek Suet 1111. t i M .oevsU M l 'V to T.Ik .1. SW RDSt leb 14 '.''.; - V. L . 1 . ' i..J f L "' Ult! ' he two - stiov I ,,ck froi t Kmoe nnd Lot Ni'. 3.1 ( h' - H V - ttlee t h rl. nil. k. r ,.U - i.' I ( art - street , m:ir ;; iijjilj A ratern mid More hi I lutliii., ut pre nl .reui ied tis Mr. IV m. A1.1 tr In tub fi II T. GIBtA'NS. 4"l.kJ, From the fii st i f .May next, a three moiy biiekhoiiMC in tiitenw Ith - Kti 11 1, bit ween Lberty and t imrtlandt kti tt U. linpoi e at, 137 tiieeiiwich - stiftl. n.h 3 tf I wo' llicesiii ,;,iy Builihiiis Si, 'J. in ImitoCsr.l. npp1 nr. (be pre - miM s, 10 J A. 01.3 A. HAMILTON, Keeper ut No. 59 Brc.doi.y. feh2..Ui ,i I.I.I, i're.tii the first ol .Vluy 111 t, n Irc.nt 1 nunt - iiivio im on (lie: si 1 end 1. 1 .r, it izi tin r ti lib Ine upper lolls Enquire No. Ib7 i'c - u. I ttiec t. , junVl tl LL 1 , a three Moiy j; At a low rent, 11 tuiiig .11 Noifolk - .it. Liick Li iiii r ol El) : X. COX, bti WalbMieet mh 25 KJit r'"r - ST 'IIE. iirSii 1 o it t mnl i - iSM see 11 tost cf May next. Ihe l oir tt.ry lite piool stoic, No. 34 . - .'Ulli - ft. In I IV 1 en die lilies ni.d OUI till ", r U juire ol the ul si ribe r, No. 1 Mur;uy,or 45 Cbainbtt - stiect. I. bll If S. Il ( K Alt;. lu i.r 1, rsi And possession iriteu on the first of Mny m xt. the si ue inns and well know n slat d. the I 'nii.ii Hotel, ,No. till Wi Irim - slriet. For par - ticuiais t nquire 01 Mr. V.inderl ul, No. 67, op' ic:sitc. , mh 16' JO t.t.t, .1 ... s. .. - fc - 1 r rum me Ml :l.ij,ine nnuse .10. ijj t .111 nwicli sin e', i orm r i t - itiee - l, at r.ri'ieiit 1 1 eupieil by I oe tor Nt ilson. 'I l et ire - ll.l'. s may be vie wed id.y tiay, bt Iwcfti the hours of I .'.nl i.'il.Hk. . . mh IUII iris. . vjR SALE, i'ijjfj A two story boose situated in I'esrU ;rn l, Prookl;. n. I'osse.1 ion may be hHd till the In st of M.iy next Fr partb ulsra, fcpply lei the subset iber, on the premises. mh 25 if JAMES GILL. ffiiti TuHT.T, ilJj A counting bouse em the lower floor, No. .'j ninth sin el. A lure new Gre prool stole in Goveri;euri' lane, next dooi to W itier stree t. A 1 ply lo TUCKER I LAI I II .s, mh 1 1 2'J t - .o,ili - stret. iu li t. Those lo fire proof eiwrllins Ilcu'cs, No. i4 nml 7fi Molt stru t, ubi.iit lm ii.n iib walk ireoi the Coffee House. 'I'tn - y will be - 1 ut 111 complete n pair, and well c i.le mated lor i. - eu - tec I l.nioii. s. Apply ul No. IJ7 Wat. r - stretl. mh 1 1 tl From the 1st cf M - jy next, the lower 1 10.10110: r.Miiu ol No 51 Soinli :itet. AJX'. The mir rnurTtir.! ' in. No. 71 Snuth - st - 1 11' 1 .J' JAMLo li'WOLF, Jr. . - !. i: 57 Fmi - .I street' so LM', . . . . ... . . .. . e ..... . 1 1. - n - 111 i l ve ry imi".ui'..i ,,.ir, - ., wi.ia bikhii 1 ail .01 aere of rrouud, kfoiul a Ulels irusn the ity, :,. j.iinii j the house occupied by Mr. Moec - wnevl, betwixt (scecnwitli aud the Broadway road. Apply to JOHN R. MURRAY, mh 25 tf lludieo - euar. it'.iui, Stitblt, (jaidtu, jwe. 01 (if'eeMM ite, Ll.T u. - .iii Tlse suhscrilier will let or lease, for a tt no of years, las b'.tisu at Greenwich. It is plen - s:.:,t'y situated on the - natiks of the Hudson, nnd alrulute cl lo accouitu' - 'diite l:i - ''..ciily. Fur terms, apply to id ME HE I it Li. iT., 92 Wj'l street. TU i.UT, From ihe fi' st of May ttxt, ht three ;o y brie W house, .No. JW I'e - v - s'iref. A in I.EONAliO HLELt KER, Apply mh:7 2w all strt - .t. ."i ol Oit.t.MUCll. To r 1. 1, the boo - r S'w eds fiwlir - onXre..nwtcJ.La. - e, lk - H! J 'be tt i, I .! tiniii I Mi luati. wed t presmt uvea - II ...11 1. pil - il ll) .nr. !.... 1 sj. innv I'lt lT lor i.artieulars eiiepore of JOHN .A. KLI - , bunlK r ui. reliant, f - i ... N Moort - stte. t, Of l t i - I i 3 I Sit V?. 11 i, t i 1 : la v. f V, f c "1 1 XV

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