The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 26, 1913 · Page 2
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Friday, December 26, 1913
Page 2
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THE GETTYSBURG TIMES m ~* -B ^~ Pobttafcad Dailf Except S«Btay Time* utA News Publitthiuf Company W. LAVERB HAPER. Secretary and Treasurer. PHILIP R. BIKLE, President. PHILIP R. BIKLE, Editor. SUBSCRIPTION Served by carrier in" Gettysburg for 25 cents per month Mailed outside of Gettysburg for 25 cents per month. RATES Single copies to non-subscribers, 2 cents. IP you receive THE TIMES by mail you ca-.i find the date up to which you arc paid on \h* pink addreaaaabel on your paper. The date will be changed within *·"· . r\__ _ ^ _ ± --u r mom j y i s received at The Times Office. , , second-class matter, under Entered August 15, 1904, at Gettysburg, Pa , as s · V 1 ' - ' Congress March 3, 1879. BELli'p'ttdKE ' ' " UNITED PHONE . Office in Northwest corner of Centre Souare, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. CALUMET DROPS XMAS FESTIVITIES Smfy-ho Were Killed in Fire Panic at Celebration. STAMPEDED BY FALSE CRY The'Exit Stairways Were Choked With $$ad. ,Over whom Others Trampled Way to Safety. Calumet. Mich.. DPC. 2G.--Because of PRESIDENT AT PASSjWTIAN Crowd Cheers Wilson in Little 'HIS PAPER REPR-SLratD FOS ADVERTISING"** THE. OENERAL. OFFICES NEW YORK AND CHICAGO ads One cent per word each insertion. Two cents a word if guaranteed first page position. Resolutions of respect, poetry and memonams one cent oer word, ' - - -»· li s - *^ TO OUR READERS ·* oettyiborg Time* takes absolutely no part in polrdcn, bein? neutral om afi .-h matter*. Anything that appears m our general news columns, concerning *t* or national politiac,iB furnished us by The American Press Associatioa, B which give* the same news to Republican, Democratic, Prohibition, OT Socialist papers and which ia strictly non-partisan. Odr. advertising columns are ope» to all candidates of all parties. Domestic Gas Engines, Spraying Outfits May Tag Electric or Power Washing Machines Reading Standard Motorcycles are some of the mechanical devices for which 1 hold the agency. I shall bejglad to demonstrate any one ot them to prospective' purchasers. I am prepared to do any manner of Repair Work at my Cabinet and Machine Shop, or all kinds of New Work made to order. W. M. United Telephmig C O N O V E R " Cor. Middle and Stratton Streets Uie appalling loss of life in the panic following a lalse cry of "Fire!" at a Christmas celebration here on Wed- aesday night, nearly all the Christmas .reerf in the city have been dismantled out or respect to the childless :.ouies. The citizens are responding generously to the appeals for financial aid ior the families of the stricken. It .Itveloped that only a few of the families which have suffered bereavement are able to bury their dead. Mr. Moy- ?r, president of the Western Federation of Miners, asserted that the organization will defray the expenses Lf the funerals. Twenty-one girls, twenty-ftve women, twentv-one boys and five men--a total ot seventy-two persons--is the corrected list of the dead. The celebration was held for th c hildren of the striking copper miners. Parties bent on lynching are searching the city Irom end to end for the man who raised the fire cry. A Mrs. Caesar, \\lio seized him as- he shouted the fatal word, has given an excellent description of jthe man. ( : The city is in a state bordering OB anarchy over the acpalling disaster. The miners, embittered by their long struggle and penniless condition as a result, are desperate, especially those who lost relatives in the panic. The authorities are mystified over the action of the stranger in raising tbe cry of fire. There was not a suggestion of fire in or near the building. The police believe him to be a madman, or else to have been too drunk to realize what he was doing. The exercises of the happiest evening the mining town has known for months were in full swing, and hundreds of miners and their wives -were looking on as the children pressed eagerly toward the stage to receive C-hriotmag presents. At that instant MMfr mseucn to. te An Olds Engine New Year S TART the new year right--make your work easy--get a Rumely-Olds Engine to help you. = It does the big jobs as well as ' the little ones--it runs your separator and hay-baler ' as well as it does your cream separator or churn. You ba»e lots of jobs that the Rumelr-Olcls Engine will do easily for yon. You'll find it ready whenever you want it. in and hear »ome of the good points of the Rumely-Olds. If you can't call on us let us know and we'll call on you or send you a catalog that tells all about thorn. We're here to serve you; give us a chance. Come an unidentified man ran up the stairs and cried "Fire!" in at the open door\v ay. ' Immediately there was a rush for the stairways, men, ·women and children swarming down the steps and piling up half way down and at tbe bottom. Little children who could not go fast enough to get out of the way of those coming behind were crushed and smothered beneath the weight piling down upon them. Tlie majority were smothered to death. The outside door was opened by passcrsby, but the children and women were so holiuly packed at th,e bottom of the stairs and halfway to the top of"the single flight that they could not be pulled out. In the meantime others within the building poured over the bodies of the crushed and lifeless at the bottom ol the stairs, using them as .1 roadway to escape from the building. So sol- idl\ were the bodies at the bottom of the stairs parked that it was necessary for the hremen and deputy sher- i f f s to go in the second-story windows v.nil ladders and come down the ' t u i r s and pull tho children back oft the pile at the bottom. The stairway and other avenues ol egress were blocked so elfectually that those still inside could not get out and tliohO -without could not get in to aid lie panic stricken crowd in the hall- t was some time before the panic lubsided. The alarm was spread outside thp hall by a few persons who had been near the door and had escaped unhurt. A crowd soon assembled ·uul the work ol clearing the hall wa? MISS.MARGARET LOSES WATCH · t * S t Timepiece' Used by the Eldest Daughters of:Mr. Wilson's Family Disappeared on Trip to Mississippi. Pass Chribtian, Miss., Dee. 2J. President into Pass ute of ing. All the way from Montgomery, Ala., the route had led under clouded sides and for the greater portion ol the time in a driving rainstorm, iiut along by Gulfport the Wilson luck caught ui with the AVilson special and a bright band of golden morning light flooded the little coast town. Despite the early hour, however, quite a crowd had gathered to greet the coming chief executive. This is the first time in history that a president of the United States has visited Pass Christian, and the town was awake to do him honor. For nearly an hour there was not a stir in the residential portion oi. the private car. It was nearly eight o'clock before President Wilson, Mrs. Wilson. Miss Eleanor Wilson and Miss Helen Woodrow Bones emerged from the c-ar. As they did so they found the big White House automobile awaiting them. There was a little cheer Irom the station crowd, and then the presi lent, standing in his car, saluted th' ?atherir.£ and smiling sind bov,ing his Christmas morning greetings, chugged v*ay for the pretty bungalow on fie julf front, that is to be, tor the next _hree weeks, the winter capital of the United States. The Herndon cottage -- Beauliei which it will be known in gulf coar. history--is just 100 yards from th: station, according to the count of the White House motor car's cyclometer The president at once asked about t'n r 5olf links of the Mississippi Coas- 'Jonntry club, and was'lnt'ormeJ tha t was just thirteen miles away. H' smiled at the reiteration of his iuc«cj number. ·At Beaulieu there was a flood oi Christmas telegrams awaiting the at ention ot the White House family, me president break!asted at Beaulieu md after glancing over his mail bUrt 3d for a rioter run about the sur rounding country. The sky had practically cleared b "his time, but a strong westerly v/ind ,vith a touch of th'j north in its teeth -nade motoring a..bit too chilly, an stter a spin aloii:? tbe gull shore roa is far as Gulfport the excursion wa abruptly terminated and r'.ie party P"' back to the cottage. Only one untoward incident marke the trip of Hie pr sideiitial pcrty frort Washington to Christian. Mis Marlarot Wilson lost her watch--: ;oM one of considerable value. rA search of the pn ate car Ideal and th' White House motor car which COD vej ert. the party failed to disclose t'n -nissin gtlmopioc e. It was explamo hat the v v a t i b was not of £?rcat in rinsir- value, but had been interesting jy reason ol it- Kivine lnnr Ivon use y the ol'Jor dang.Ucrs of Mrs. \Vi. on's family. 1ITCHELL SLATED FOR FEDERAL JOB Labor Leader May In Use* In Pacifying Workers. ,;: HAS THREE CHOICES -no.' Administration Proposes to -Enact More Stringent Immigration. Laws and President Desires Mitchell's Assistance. ' '' ' Washington, Dec. 26.--It has been here to MISS MAUDE MINAHAN. New York Girl Who Wont ftalfev* She I* Coilfflo Beauty. positions, and it is likely that he will in the employ of tue government before many months. Mr. Mitchell will be offered the position of commissioner of immigration at New York, or commissioner of the bureau of safety, or he will be made a member of the new mediation board. It is generally admitted that he is the sort ol a man desired by the president for any one ot the three positions. Some of his opponents pointed out that he should not be given any government position, and these were told that his friendship for former President Roosevelt would not count against liini. It was also said that John Mitchell would have received some position long ago, onlv for the indiscreetness of some of his friends, who frequently quoted him without authority. Others have stepped in and explained to the satisfaction ot the interested authorities. There is now only one'obstacle, and that is the injunction case pending against Mitchell in the federal courts. It will be remembered that together with Samuel M. Gompers and Frank Morrison, he was found guilty of vio- latoing an injunction. The court alter months ot consideration simply requested the accused to apologize, ·which would be a technical admission of guilt, and they refused. The case was then appealed to the supreme court, and it is intimated in certain circles that a decision will be handed down shortly exonerating Mr, Mitchell. His friends in Washington declara that tven; with-the ^ ease-pending l»e To think of a young lady refusing the designation that she is a prize beauty! But that is what Miss Maude Olive" Minahau, of Wellesley college, whose home is in Xew York, most emphatically does, notwithstanding the enthusiasm that certain Boston newspaper correspondents displayed in sending dispatches to tha effect, accompanied by photographs of the pretty st-Jdent, to New York. And her mother even said to a reporter who had veen the photograph that she did not think her daughter "really verj prettv." "Stories from Boston, con tinued Mrs. Minahan, "to the effect that mv daughter was voted the prize beauty" of Weilesley college ar« Tin true, "and I deeply regret that she hag received all this notoriety. She is worried over it, and it is likely to spoil her Christmas hodilays." DIES PLAYING SANTA GLAUS could b«? appointed tfnS 'tttet "not many votes would be cast against'him. Tne administration proposes to enact more stringent immigration laws The labor unions in thcmseUes are demanding them. Hardly a day passes without some Pennsylvania representative, Republican or Democrat, receives a petition demanding a revision of the present regulations. While Mitchell has not rna'le any public statement on the proposed changes, his iriends ia Washington say that he is in lavor of them. And this being true, it is said, the administration realizes that it needs Mitche'.l bo( ause of bis popularity and standing among tne laboring elapses, to combat any opposition that might be engendered against the immigration hill and to explain to the people the need loi suoh legislation. Succumbs in Snow MteT Making Boy and Mother Happy. Denver, Colo., Dec. 26.-- Moved bj the pathetic story of. little Wilbur Har ris, eight years old, who lives with hi: widov.-e-l mother in a tiny cottagt here, W.' 11. Heap, of Paterson, N. J. who has bsen suffering with tubercu - n n automo j»ii^ agains of nil* f hysicfef ' to pla}v - poveft y Plenty of Eggs When Eggs Are Up full The print ipal exit was a narrow itairvvay at tbe back of the hall, and A l i e n tbi^ bad been cleared of the bodios. t h a t filled it nearly to the top and a iui k accountim? had been made it was f o u n d that seventy-two corpse? bad been piled up beside the building EXPLOSi01^_KILLS TWO Six Others Are Injured When Locomo ·tlve Blows Up. rSnffalo, N. ^ . Hoc. 20. -- Two rae vere Killed ;".' ] 'v \.-erc injuro'I vvnei · \V:ibasb r a / . - . i l en = inc, r u n n i n , igbt, blew i!]) mi tbe Krie rnilion.' racl s a, uunrh i oi a mile cast o' :ain street, r · -.1 tbe northern cit me. Tbn engine i ,ni o to Buffalo with : nil train t row ir un Niagara Kails t i k k up a wc.-,tbouml ininiinrant train ·it tho ?Jain .Mivet crohsinR \ s w i t c h teiu'. STEALS BACON AMID GEMS For OU Christmas Secure perfect health and power the year 'round. earning Poultry Regulator will do this. It will multiply your poultry profits. Try it now! By increasing appetite, aiding dUge^tion and preventing disease, it greatly l-j .'peases the egg supply. 0e, $1.0(l; l\~, Hi vn ' ' praJJ** Animal Regulator and all-Fra.tts stock ant! jxniltry remedies are sold wjilh Satisfaction Guaranteed or Money Back. Refuse siibrfititlfs; insist on Fruit s New Record For Aviator's Christmas S.ut 1'raiK isi o, Dec. 1!C. -- Lincolu Headioy i flobratrrt Christmas b breaUum a world's record, looping the loop five toii-wiilne times from a hoi--Iii of 7.10 fpot and landing in a ii.irrou s t r i c t . l'.ea hoy turned a clou- 1K loop at .i l . s i n h t of 300 feet which 1'f - a s i^ :i record in itself as Pegoud the ormmjtor ol tliis ]iarticular froah ol i\M,ition, aHvays has performed it I roin a great height. 'o slop, so that ii« home in !".. The Cii-;i:o \ lio explosion ·?jaii!? vm-- : i l ·r. !lo v n ; . i n x;.l curried I m Scliult/. , -i^nalled the ensmt lie c o u l d get a ti t Uuifalo. i I i a r d l j movinu: who: n urred. \Vtit( bm:u 'l Lo step on tlu^ lo'id .i by tbe rovvn^biel in-n'c tlian loO feet. Thief Prized It Fashioned Cure. l', Pa., nee. 2fi.-- A nios 1 dihcriminatiiif? burglar \iaited tbe home of N. B. Zimmerman, a woallhj resident ol Beet nvi ·%'--, a suburb, and alter carefully Roins; over a pile oi Christmas presents selected fron- anions; them a i i !e of bacon prepare'! in the old-fa;,. iK,, "d way and sent t. Zimmerman by 1..; father as a Christ mas present. Among the pacl ages l e f t by t'ao ma rainier were several v.-hkh tontine \aluable pieces of jewelry valued at some hundreds of dollars. Zimmerman, hearing the Lhief at hi. work, threw on the electric h ' h t ;ui descended to the lower iloor. T u burglar, howe\^r, had fl"d \siUi hi bacon. went the vi isi^ss Santa Clau widow and child. . . , ,. , · Heap brought to the' cottage man} tovs. and-presents and a few moments later be collapsed, dving. in the snow His body is 'now on its way east foi burial. Hovvev er, the, jbjjd, Ijappy, ^W^th his many gitts irom Santa Claus, is un aware of the tragedy which followed While in Denver Mr. Heap joined ar, or sanitation known as the Good Fel lows. One of the members told hta the story of little Wilbur, explaining that the ·widow was destitute and ha( toM lit|le Wilb.ur'hot Glaus this year, that he" was busy ·wealth} boys and could not botlie. m itli poor ones. The child'h keen disappointmen moved 'Mr. Heap and he decided t play Santa Claus for him. Just' as h lei't tbe bo.iso after delivering the presents .Mr. Heap fell in the snov and died a little while later. He hai gore to the bouse in opposition to thi advice ol bis physician and the straii and ever*ion proved fatal. PERSONAL NOTES AND BRIEF ITEMS (Continued from ftrst page) Bernard Partridge, of East Middle street, has gone to Stroudaburg for a short visit with friends. Samuel Knox, has returned from Lancaster to spend the holidays with his parents on Centre Square. Mr. and Mrs. John Bailey and Mis? Daisy Stiles; of. York;.CaijJ Bailev^pf Ardmore;' and Miss ta$iip$),nfj(jf,,at i r i Harrisburg, were guests ttM-ptai^fMt:' days * at the 'home of MifB 1 .- 'wMlir*-'!*. , Bailey'on -North Washing^ ^$j#w,'. 'lb Miss Esther Ring has 'returned to_ her home after a visit of several months in V.'ashington, D. C. Mr. and Mrs. John B. Zinn, of Anv- herst, Mass., announce the birth of a son Christmas Day. Grover Bream, of New York, and Floyd Bream, of Baltimore, are spending several days at the home of their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert D Bream, on Seminary Ridge. Rev. and Mrs. George N. Lauffer, of Nfewville, were Christmas *ay visitors at the^home of Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Myers. T. P. Turner was presented by his employees with a twenty eight pound turkey. The local electric companies gave all their employees $5 gold pieces as Christmas gifts. Donald Rupp, of Akron, O., spent Christmas Day at his home on West Middle street. C. E. Flaharty, of Philadelphia, 5s visiting Mr. and Mrs. John McDonnell, on West Middle street. Miss Eileen Power, of Baltimore Street, is visiting friends in York for several days. Dorsey Weikert, of Philadelphia, spent Christmas at his home on- Hanover street. Simon Redding, of Philadelphia, spent Christmas with relatives and friends in town. George Gotwald, of Philadelphia, spent Christmas with his parents on Hanover Street. Miss Helen Kendlehart, of West Middle street, has gone to New York 3ity for a week's visit with friends. Mrs. Mattie Bumbaugh, of East Middle street, is visiting at the home )f her daughter, Mrs. Redding, in Stroudsburg. Paul A. Martin and' family, o^ Broadway, visited relatives in Reading^ his week. k , , ., ,, f ,,-£ 'Mr. ari'd Mrs. William 'Tawney, of Steinwehr avenue, spent Christmas" .vith their spn, Millard M. Tawney in Harrisburg. L. E, Enterline Esq., of Ashland, i-* visiting friend* hi town ' for several. days. "~ KIRKENDALE APPOINTED . * *. ; Get Pratt* ICO page illustrated Poultry Book. 4075. FOR SALE BY C. M. Wolf, Gettysburg. People's Drug Store, Get'ysbtirg. To Pay 106 Per Cent Dividend. I ' l t i - b u r ^ h , Ha., Dec. 20.--A dividend ! 1 Hit, per cent for the year of 191.1 \\ill be tbe rorord ol the Union Trust ( mipany, of this city. Distribution of .i "MI.M ChrHtmak dividend of 6 per fnt, or $·! TI share, is »o bo madfe by t ' l s rorporatimi, which Is capitalized fit ! " ' 0 ( ) ( .1. New York's New Mayor. Sworn In. New York, 1'e . i!t;.--.iohn Pun\ MiU'h-11, olo'ti 1 m a v o r of New Yor! 'ast mouth on tbe l u s i o i . tiik«t, t-ol the oath of od'ui' on \Yediiesda. Tin oalh was a i i i i i . i i .torod by S u p i e i n i ·;ourt .lu-t.c" I . i I in tbe preseru e a few personal 11 lends. M a v o r M i t he'i will not take odu e ntil the lir t of UK \ ear. KEPT FRO;.:^jrMNG MOTHER Rush of Christmas Mail Holds Post master to Job. rotKville, Pa., Doc. 20. -- .la-ic K i n ^ h u r y , the n c - / postnu t.-r o I'oitsviile, made I n - lucntt rips t j t ' 1 l cdhide of his atced viotbcr, Mrs " tibia Heed, at Broo! returned to his duti Uie assurance that On \Vednesdav b.- I- or death. OwiiifT to C'bri,liaas mail, v u i to remain on d n t v , be with her when i- 1 ' · du-.l. Ho ia runc-iuu to attend her i-i'ieral. .b 'i, N. Y., b i week ^ v o, w i t ! wa : in!;-r.ncl was riotiHe,! o' :be rush of th . coinpello.l b' i was unable t o\, v .ur i ! (be will i !i:. a:" 1 - 'lo-'p.d. it Strong Box Looted. i;.- -Tii' x invstorions eb i wa tf · .id to have con of tho late Cardinal laf'e sum of money e i : i i t \ . The will an:' nioi.ey pr«- ,umably stolen. AVhen pa.-Mn.E; book: linoMie ooxea with table oiloloth. You w i l l preserve the v o l u m e s .n this w a y trom clamaRf during long jounicjs or from mold and inihk-vv if loft in a damp storage house. Good Housekcping. Christmas Pardor For "Boy Broker.' Boston, Pec. :;«,.--Robert E. Davio, known- as the "boy broker," who was servjnR a prison term of five years for misappropriating Kinds intriiptcd tc him for investment, has been pardon Cd by tbe governor and council. He had served two and a half years of his sentence. Accidentally Kills Daughter. Southboro, Mass., Dec. 2G. -- Alice, the eleven-year-old daughter of C. \V, Whitney, "n publisher, of T?oston, was fcccidentally shot and killed by her mother. Mrs. Whitney was extracting H shell from the magazine of a rifle when the weapon was discharged, thu bullet ent«*ing the child's heart. Textile Workers in-rc In Profits. Fall River, Mass., Pee. 2t;. - T mills paid a v ,ni annual proii, dividend ot .\\' 2 per cent u {be employes. A ut s" per cent of tht i operative., " be benefited. Tin total amount p.i;d equals $ 1000. In or.ler lor an operative' to benet un ic: the profit -shhrins system ' lf% ..must have worked at least six months- be fare, a d l a r a t f o i v of the dividend: ' TRAIN KILLSJTHREE BOYS Their Wagon, Loaded With Chrittma Parcels, Is Demolished. Camden, N. J., Dec. 26.--Three hoy were Killed by a train at Hammonton near here. They were Milton Dilger, seventeei years old; Emile Dunkle, thirteen, am Clillord OH, nine years old. They were driving over the Atlantii railroad crossing at Eleventh stree in an express wagon when their ve hide was struck by a passenger train Tbe horse was Killed and the wagon w h i c h was tilled with Christmas par tels, was demolished. The boys wer dead w b e n picked up. They all live in Haiiiliiontou. ' ' Xew Revenue Collector of this District in Appointed. \ * s - . , · g ;-. President "Wilson has nominated Fig C. Kirkendale, of Wilkes-Barre, fo% collector of internal revenue Nintb^ listrict of Pennsylvania which includes Adams County. A long list of nomimations, including 265 appoint- nents to postmasterships throughout he coun'try, was sent to the senate by .he president. CHURCH NOTICES Ask your grocer for te Lily F LOUR f , ^J J D » I t 3 the BeSt Httrlson. N.,Y., Dec. 26-The garasto on. tbe country place ol Andrew Carnegie, near the St. An drcvv's Golf club ltnls, was destroyed by flic. The firemen found no hydiant near the fire and had to fight Ilanies with buckets. the LOST IN SEWEJ^AVED INSANE Man Wanders For Thirty-six Hours Ir Large Mains Under Ohio City. S t c u b c n v i l l e , O., Dec. 2G. -- Afte- w a n d e r i n g lor thirty-six hours in bi' rewer iiuiins under the streets of th- city, uj.aliK- to make his cries for hel] beard, Steve Hobolo, twenly-thre years old, an emplove of the Carnegii steel plant, was rescued insane. It is believed that liobolo crawlei into a sewer entrance at the rive bank and was unable to find his wa' out. Passcrsbv finally heard fain noises under a manhole and pulled Ho bolo out, nearly starved and raving. SALEM U. B. Divine worship, 10:00 a. m., sermon 'yy the pastor, subject, "A Forward VIovement". J. Chas. Gardner. METHODIST Sunday School at 9:30 a. m.; preach- ng at 10:30; sermon by Prof. W. A. 3urg-oon. Epworth League at 6:15 p. n. A cordial invitation to all services. L. Dow Ott, pastor. FUNERAL NOTICE The funeral of Mrs. Mollie Hesa .vill be held Saturday afternoon a; wo o'clock wi'th interment »t Riverview Cemetery, Wilmington, Dela \vare. Convict'* Pet MOUM. On completion of a three years* sentence, a convict has left Peterhead penitentiary, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, Cox Pardons Ten For Christmas. Columbus, O., Dec. 26.--Christma 1 gifts in the form of pardons wer made by Governor Cox to ten prison ers in the Ohio-penitentiary. Headinj the list oi! tbise given immediate, free dom was Paul Zelher, serving a llf sentence for murder.·£ ,. j fex0losi«n Kills Nineteen. Rome, Dec. 2G.--Nineteen persons were killed and eighteen seriously in jured by an explosion in the firework; factory at Terre AnnUnzlata, near Na pies. Medical Advertising POOR BLOOD Cause of Disease. Druggist Tells «f Best Remedy fot It. Pure healthy blood *s a most es · sential factor to good health. Poor, thin, devitalized blood may be caused by a weakness of the digestive organs, an accumulation of waste matter in the system, an inactive liver or lack of exercise. Whatever the cause the best remedy we know is our delicious cod liver and iron tonic, Vinol. It will purify and enrich the blood, tone up the digestive organs, give you a ItearAy appetite and create strength. To Stop · Leak. To atop a leak, mix whiting fend yellow aoap into a thick paste witto little water. Apply this to tha , _ -----accompanied by the companion of hi. I place where th* leakage I. and It *M imprisonment, a brown mouse, .jfc H, i.atantly .topped. ^ "i 1W JJ was very poor. I had .itak*n, several medicines prescribed by physicians but they seemed to do me no good. Vinol was recommended an_d from the first bottle I noticed an improvement [ continued its use and now feel as strong and well as ever." If you have the slightest indication of poor blood take Vinol. If it'fails to help you we will give back your mon- jy. People's Drug Store, Gettysburg, Pa. ,, P. S. Eczema Sufferers! We (f« tntee our new skin remedy, Saxo. rent. 117 Carlisle street. KWSPAPLRl ·IWSPAPERI

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