The Evening Post from New York, New York on April 3, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, April 3, 1818
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to Frrirkt ar Cliorier. fM..k paI.aTINE. Borates. will rb. ft am or charter Jbr u tutin flMtheia port, II application man. unmcw " 66 South - itreeL Jer LOJVDuJf. ttlX. fTo sail positively on the 12th.) V i MTh. MINERVA.SMYTH.capt. Allen, will coaieaeoce loading oo Monday 1500 bbli nr 900 bale of cotton can b taken on f - ; - fcLand a few more passengers can be accom. xodated, if application i made to capt. Allen on .RCH: GRACIE ft EONS. Who have for ale, 1 27 cases sheathing copper, 14, 28, 28 and 30 ounce 100 caiks Hibbert' porter p 9 ZZ For WASHINGTON. N.C. I l TkavluuxM Ffif.F - RnSSelL j "inr at Peck - slip I will ail on Tueday Mlb ,1 or ireicni or pwaid IVJ " or to R.ftC.W.DAVENFOR p3 . For CHARLESTON, ifa Thertaunch ecboooer LOUISA, TS"ie ..II in a fat I W. lay Uvm7Ui BiOftofbcr frright ready and joing Doaru. r or uw retiuatss "i - r'j board at HM wharf, oM For the t. AST I D'LS, a nviA SHIP bound to the East 'r.e. will take 2580 barrels flour. an equal bulk of grain, to Madeira o Ten Tine, it application u uiuc uuiuEuwuiji South - street, to ap 3 CA.MBRELEXG 8c PEARSON 1ALAP. 10 bale Jalap, juit received, and r I . I ior laic oj . GOODHUE & CO. D 3 St 44 South itreet s r. croix rljvi. s - ugar. he. THE cargo of the hry Hazard, Litllefield matter, from St. Croix, conciitinc of Hum Surfar, ana niu ae ia riaicn iMcaragua vroua now I Hiding Hodi'nri lein front of the subscri ber's (tore, at reck slip. ap3 lw BENJ DE FOREST & CO Sl'GA I ft AL.vlO.NUS. JOl hhdt first ql Muscwvado sugar in store 146 bale. I ffe5h uft thclIoJ aimond, 21 bogs I Landing from brie; Reuben ft Eliza Tor sale by .N. L. U. GIUSWUIjU, up 3 4 86 South - st. T OHN ABRM. WILI.IXK Ai CO oiler (or J sale, at their store, No. 11 Washington street : 314 tierces ) Rice, now landing from ship 61 half do V Corsair. If to 14000 buihels fine Liverpool salt A few bales CashDiirs and shalloon shawls Several casks snialts, lately received from Holland 4 casks hardware ap 3 1 N EW CROP M01.A"bSES. 250 htids. 13 tierces new crop Molasses, landing oo Dier no. i norm mver, and nr sale riv G. G. ft S HOWL AND. ap3 77 Washington Mreet H IhDIUM PRIMING PAPER ifl 107 reams Medium Pnuting Paper, of a good viuauty, lor sale by G. G. AS. HOWLAND, ap 3 77 Washington - street IVORY, BEESWAX, Uc 12,600 lb. Bees J. wax 1000 do Ivory, and a few dried hides, just received and Tor sale by SMITH, BLANCHARD & CO. ap 3 lw ' No. 35 Burling - alip. 11 ICE. 0 tierces prime new Rice, landing A - iv ana ior aaie dt Saul alley, 88 Pine street IN STORE, 24 bhds Georgia Tobacco 14 crates rrecn and blue edged plates and 12 do assorted Liverpool crockery, lor ale as aoove. ap a SUPERIOR BOLTING CLOTHS. A GENERAL assortment of Holland, war XjL ranted Boltioz Cloths, for safe tt low - stterms,by J. M'CRCKAN, )3 3t 82 12 P'hrl street l U .M 40 bbdt. first proof New Kum, for j. a aaie vj ap3 JACKSON & WOOLLEV, tr, Wal - str. . t, piHOCOLATE, oic - 150 bxes Hills boslon V cnocoiate SO boies Wait's do do 120 do first quality brown soap 60 do mould and dipt Candles, for sole by JACKSON ti WOOLLEY, apS 75 Wall - stre t. ' ,llKi'.TS. 49 case Frem b Iukti, of XVI t i)ri.r quality, with brass pans, selected with particular care, just ree'd ptr Sachem irm juiwerp, and ior sale oy HURD&SF.WALL, p 3 65 South street 0 H LFPIELD and BIRMiNt.H AM GOOUS. 10 6 casks neatly asrorted table kaives and 1 do do do small cutlery (forks 4 do do do table knives k forks, wnn small cuiiery 1 do do do saws 1 do do .' do files 1 do do do edge tools i 1 do do Britannia Tea Pots i A few casks candle sticks, butt hinges, wood crews, commoae toons, arm 1 case buttons. For sale very low by JNO. M'CRACKAN. p33t 82 1 - 2 Pearl - street. BOOK - KKKPLNfl HOSE gentlemen who wish to acauire i complete and critical koowledeeof Book epinr, as applied to the various branches or mmerctal business, are retuectrallv mrormid at Bennett's seventh course of Lectures on that will commence on Monday evening next, at residence, 48 Fulton - street. To those who e seen the resolutions passed, in favour of his hires, by more than lOOrentlemen. who have a innruciea oy mm in tnis city, further tes - iuioii are aeemea unnecessary. I emu lor pletioo, theoretically and practically, $ 15 ; aw rct.urei zu. jo Dour's attendance, i aay, ior lour weeks, will be required. se to apply a above, prior to Monday eve - 3 It A COmlortahkt twa atorw krirV huii. Hble for a small family rent moderate DIC A I. SC1EATLE PRtTK T.fST it managers correct Prize hit of the Med - ai science Lrfvttery No. 4, which comple - 'wing on the 20th of last montn has been a and may be examined gratis, at GRA i 148 BrnarfwAv. ."fcre all prizes will be received at par in ex - 79 for Tickets in tha Mil FORIl it OWC. )AD LOTTERY, the next to be drawn, commences oo the 5th of May next, and Vsat inm BUB'ber "M entitled to a Prize ihi!U M1 Siiue for ,ale a a variety of s u I r'in Tirbst. ? 11. jji J Quarters Eighths 5 rs IrJ Sixteenths Two Uollars, urii. :; . iajiT " aisiance promptly executed ; ill. jT j " tirPTf f tliis Lottery produces a canilal rnze, ai d an avenge of from 8 to rO wUng Prizes. There certainly has ia vZl - ft1?'8' inducement to adventure in '.Oft w l0Ue7 lor number of years Only det.l!5 i" 0(fnny valuable prizes, all to - rw.e rnzea. ap 3 41 NTED areipertabienii,Me ared co " nurse m small family, the best WJ.:. nui oa rewnred. ApdIv at - WOODWORTH'3 POEMS. rpH13 DAY is published, isd for sak by C. A N. BALDWIN, Chatham - street, corner of Chamber, the Poems, Odea, Songs, and other Metrical Enusions or 8. WUUUWOKTH, au thor of 1 M inampions or t reedom.1 witn sketch of the Author's Life, embelliibed with Portrait. Price $1 to cents ia boards. ap33t Southern Zhitnct oAcw - York, u. TJZ IT REMEMBERED, that on the sell vjnth dav of Februarv. in the Snrfv - umnd year eflha independence of the United States of America. John tfrutea, oi tne said district, bath deposited in this office the till of a book, the right wbereol na claims as author and proprie tor, in me worm luuowmj, to wn : M The Resources of the United States of A me rica; or, s view oi tne agricultural, commer ciaL manufacturing, financial, political, literary, moral and religious ca pa - it t and character of the American people. By John Bnsted. counsellor at law; author of the Resources of the British Empire." In conformity to the act of the congress of the United States, entitled An act lor the encour agement of learning, by securing the copies of maps, charts, ana Dooks to the authors and proprietors of such copies, during the limes therein mentioned.' And also to an act, entitled M An act supplementary to an act, entitled an act for the encouragement ol learning, by securing the copies of maps, charts, and books, to the authors and proprietors of such copies, during the times therein meutiuued, and extending the benefits thereof to the arts of designing, eugraviug, and etching historical and other prints." JAMES DILL, Clerk of the southern district of New - York. ap3 3t rprllNGSAS THEY ARE, or the Adventures X of Caleb Williams, by William Godwin two vols price SI 50 Thorton Abbey, a series of letters, on Rtli gious suoiecu, price $1 iz i - z Hob lloy, t vols. 1 75 Manners 2 vols. 2 00 Tales of Wonder 2 vols. 2 00 Mandeville. bv Godwin 2 vols. 1 75 Also, a variety of French. Spanish. Italian, Portuguese, and German Elementary Works, iorsaie by v. & tu. apa a wan - street. 25 SUGAR. Boxes white Havanna sugar, suitable for retailing t or sale by N. S D. TALCOTT, ap 1 64 South - st MTARBLE TILES 1700 marble tiles, 13 LIE. inches square, calculated for the West India market, tor sale by apl U U. R S. HOWLANO, I OBACCO. 7 hbds. old Tobacco, will be lauded this day from schr. Bell Isle, from t'etersuurg, Tor sale by ItOBT GILLESPIE, ap 1 118 f ront - street. DHU.ADfXrHIA WHISKEY. 33.hbds A landing from sUir. True American, lor salt at too root - street, by ap I 6t TROKES, DAVIDSON fe CO NKW - ORLEANS SUCiAR, COi ION, Sic, T AME5 D'WOLF, jr. 57 Front - street, has J for sale, landing from thip Evergreen 105 hbds New - Orleaus sugar 43 baits do cotton, prime quality AUOOXHAJfl), Clean St. Pctersburgh hemp, in lots to suit purchasers 400 qr. canks Orange works' gun powder 120 boxes roll brimstone 100 boxes of German steel ) entitled to draw - 10 capes tumblers ) back One case Leghorn straws fXCr" Cash advanced on goods iosigned for Me. 1 april 1 r.iN I II Hi I OBACCO. nlids. very IV prime Kentu'.ky Tobacco, larxline frm orig .iar) lanq. iinru .ew - irienn, ibrsHie ny . i - , . i . L.AUUW, til HAUL, I : IA' an 1 101 87 dff. ' - Houses j MLOl Il, i M Uhls. .UiiKited Hour, luod r inrirf m fihr Manser, from Norfolk, for s tir r v. & a. LHA1U, bWii nols. Kicl.mond r lour 70 hhds. do. Tobacco 2 boie 4 - 4 Linens 1 do L.,wiis 5 qr. casks Malmsey Madeira, ap 1 KNOLISH, CALCUTTA GOODS, he T"INKTY packages English goods, consisting i.1 ol Hen iu bones, Wellington fancies. Huckaback and (Iambic towels and table cloths Buff, rhecked and striped gingham Holland tapes, White incles, Shirt moulds alico and gingham umbrellas Furniture, reed and plain dimity shirtings Blue anu red pocket nandkerchiels Plain cotton toilanets, Sarsnct cambric Cotton tick, .Madras! and Balasore hkfs Cambrics, 4 - 4 gingham, Super chintz furnitures Black and white lambored lace veils and shawls Dark fancy prints, Plate furniture prints Black and white cambrics Brown linens and sheetings, Superfine cloths CALCU I TA AND MADRASS GOODS. 10 bales callipatty, putka, fine cbittabully and luckipore baltas 7 bales blue guineas 2 do do gurrahs 2 do do custers 2 do sooty romals 6 trunks madras hkfs 4 bales do checks 5 do blue cloths 3 do checked and striped seersuckers 9 do Madras goat skins entitled to de benture ALbO, 20 cases mu;kets and fowling pieces 150 tons Swedes iron, 30 do English bolt iron 60 tons iron kentledge 5 da nail rods, 3 hhds ivory black 400 casks nails, 50 hhds dry white lead 500 kegs paints, assorted colors, dry ft ground in oil 40 do mineral black paint 400 hampers and 100 crates Bristol wine and rter bottles 200 boxes fresh Turkey fig, 5 cases asafactida 5 bap cloves, 5 barrels nutmegs 3 bbU mace For sale by PETER REMSEN ft CO. april t 26 South - sh (Jt,O.R4. - 20 boxes St Jaeo Segars, oi god kj qnauiy, win oe sold low to close a consign - men i, oy o. u. rt a., ap I 77 Washington street W I.N L i pipes very superior old Lisbon Wine. 1 1 - 2 pipes Fayal do. for sale by G. G. ft S. HOWLAND. Pi 77 Wahington - street. PA I V IS. "DETER bCHRKMERHORN ft 50X4', have M. imported in the ship Minerva - A'uiiui, from London, and now Lndine, for sale Z4U kevs whit lead in oJ 7 bbls fine litharge 1 case Prussian blue. ap 1 6t KtVIJKKKD TALLOW U HlOtS. A FEW thoosand pounds New - York Tallow, and xOOO Slaughtered Hides, for sale. Apply to T. GIBBONS, Fly - Market mh II tr pi ANTON GOODS, HUNTRESS' CARGO i LfOi'a and black Nankin Crapes, first quali ty, uro ps. Col'd and b!k. figured do. IB y'd pieces Do. do Plain do. 19 do do Do. changeable Sarsneta, high coPd 30 do Black do do Do biorhewi d Colowred Satin 18 do Coi'd Sewing Silk Also, a handsMM aasortmeat insertinc trim - mings. F or sale by JAMAICA HUM. lul Puncheons of fin flavored Ram will commence lauding to - morrow at pier no. 9, East ruver. rorsajeDy mh3l ROBERT LENOX. 29 NEW - ORLEANS COTTON. Bales prima New - Orleans cotton, mad. ing from schooner Sandusky, east side of Old - slip, Jbr sale by , POTT M'KINNE, mch 31 56 South - st. TABLE MATS. - 3 cases, for sale by CEBRA ft CUMING, mb 18 76 Pearl - street. FURS. rpiIE subscriber offers for aaie, in lots to suit jjl purcnasers, 1,500 lbs North West Beaver 500 lbs Grand River do 100,000 Canada Musk - Rat Skins 10,000 Prime Spring do do 3,000 Racoon Skint 1.200 Neutra do 5,000 Russia Grey Hare Skins - 3,000 lbs Camels Wool Prime carrotted and raw Hares Fur Do do do Coney do GEO. ASTOR, ap21w 144 Water - street SILKS, CRAPES, ice 2 cases Sincnew 3 cases Sarsnets 15 do Cantoo Crap? 12 do 4 - 4 Hdkls. black 3 do do cross - barred 3 do Sewings, cloth color 2 do Crape Shawls 1 do 6 - 4 Levantine do 2 do black and colored Satin 3 ps. extra super. Mull Mulls 7 trunks Cotton Hosiery 2 bales fin Baltas 3 do Comp'y Runepore Cossa 6 boxes Luneee Romalli. And a general assortment of India and European dry eoods, by the piece or package, for tale by ISAAC S. HONE, ap 2 2t 47 Fulton - street nLOURfcSHIP STUFF. 100 barrels Rich r mond Flonr and ship stuff, landing and lor i. I r!.uiiiuirf i'f. ap 44 Ssoulh - street, w HEAT, PEAS, BEANS, fcc 9 casks wheat. b do reai I do Beans, 2 do Tallow 17 kegs and 2 barrels Lard 200 bbls Turpentine, landing and for sale by n. SC. W. LIAVCiNlUKI Jc CO. ap 2 35 Peck - slip CJUPERFINE SPONGES. A few hales Spon - kj ges, of sup. qual. and large size, for sale low, uy j. vi'UKAi'iv.An, ap T 3t Hz 1 - 2 reari - street UGAR. 45 bbls. Muscovado Sugar, landing C from ship Plato, at Dover - slrett wharl. for aaie uy it . v. n i.v.u I 1 , ap2 64 south - street. liLUE NA.NKLNr. 900 pieces Blue iNaukins, J all 1st chop, entitled to debenture, lor sale by UUttU SLWALL, ap 2 65 S uth - ntreet. 'I'LA, He l43chestsil - soa Skin Tea of the X lioodoo 1 rauer's cargo IB, 5 catty boxrs of Gunpowder, 1 of the 12 5 do do Imperial, Huntress 6 10 do do superior Souchong ) cargo 2 cases Blue Nankins 1 do Company's Yellow do. iust received and for sale by GEO. W. TALBOT. HOLLAND DUCK, for sale by CHAS. L. OGDEN.aod A BR. OGDEN, ap 2 Washington - street. NEEDLEb. A OGSBURY, Junr. No. 77 William - street, t. ha Just received by the Pacific an assort ment of Needles, of superior quality. npzai fr) FRENCH GOODS, ftc. otk Cases cambric and cambric hdkls - 1 case drops de soie 1 do silk hdkfs, assorted 20 dozen Burgundy wine For sale by ISAAC G. OGDEN ft CO. 48 Wall - st. Also, 50,000 first quality 22 inch cypress shin gles, imported. ap z lw D IBB ANUS. I case rich Ribbands, all straw 11 colors, suitable Tor Leghorn hats, in garni ture of 5 and 12 ; for tale by A. D. DUKAND ft HOUKUEL, ap2 3t - 30 Pine - street. c LOVER SEED ft LINSEED OIL, now landing, for sale by mch 20 CORNELIUS DUBOIS. 1 1 AVID G. GILLIES, 76 Broad - street, has JLF just received, and offers for sale, 12 cases FRENCH UOODs; consisting of Double floreuce, greens and changeable! Super chip flats ; black and whit crape Assorted taffeta ribbons Fans and lilk hdkfs. mh 31 6t TJ1RESH FRUIT. 50 boxes Oranges and 50 M. do Lemons, just receive,!, lor sale by JOS. JOHNSON, mh 13 9 Gouveriif urs lane, 1 UN POWDER. A conrtant supuly ol Gun T Powder, from the "Orange Worki" for sale by JAMES D'WOLF, Jr. rah Z4 a i r roni - sirrei. IsUSSIA SHKETI.NGS. 15 hHlts brown It 81ieetirur. of excellent aualitv just rcceiv ed, for sale by at rr.Atvaur, mh 31 67 South - street. I I'ISIl LINENS. A few boxes 4 4 Irish Lin ens, purchased for cash for sale by L. Sl'LLlr A.N, mh 30 I w 131 Water - street. HEMPEN OSNABRUGS A few bale XI stout hempen osnabrugs just received and for sale on reasonable terms, by G. ft T. MEYER, inch 31 lw 116 Wa'liin? ton - it. OO Tierces prime Rice, and , 32 crates Crockery Landing' from schr Louisa, and will be sold low from the wharf, by SAUL ALLEY, 98 Pine - st. In store, 24 hhds prime Georgia Tobacco, and 22 bales Sea - Island cotton, lor sale as above mh 31 IRISH LIRKRb, DIArXRfc, LAWS. ftC FIE.NRY M'VllKARftCO. have received fl by the late arrivals from Dublin, and by the Pacific, from Liverpool, a general assortment of 4 - 4. and 7 - H Linens 5 - 4 Sheetings; 7 - 8 Lawn 3 - 4 Diaper and Bjoad Diaber, assorted Damask Table Cloths 3 - 4 brown and black Lawns, in half pie ces; which they offer for tale on liberal terms, at mhJOZw Wo. 5 rwe - sireei. WM WILbON, 26 John - street, (J doors from Nassau - street) bea leave to inform the public that he doe business (for cash) at the following reduced prices, viz : i - J K, 1 n, I. ' . tfrtB sujvruos oiucgr Diatt.uai, mner colours, w Blue Frock or Surtout, 2a 50 Other colours. V6 Kerseymere or cloth trowsers, II 50 Toilanette Vest 4 . Merseill do 3 75 And to those who prefer finding their own materials. Making a Surtout or Frock Coat, 7 7 do isiose Boaiea ao ' w do Trowsers 2 75 do Vest 2 Army and Nary Uniforms, Children's Clothes and every other article proportiooably cheap. .V b. All articles cut in the most lasniooame tyle, and the workmanship equal to any in the jCT" vv. w. taxes uus opponuoiiy vo return hb sincere thanks to those gentleiueo who have honored din with their commands, ad to assure them and the public at larg that nothing thall b ... ...... wanting oa bu part to gut sausiacuou. apXliTT ' .. rlirBAir j J Tn fupesior coppered ship IMPORT - I XF.RT Mason Dingiey, master. It is expected sb will get away oa Sunday the 6th toil she is nearly loaded. For freight ol 50 bale ol cotton, or passage, apply to tha captain an utwu, i nvr . 14, na nue uiu - wip. ap 2 C. HALL. Alexandria, Georgetown k rVathington dry. The sloop VICTORY: J. Somera, master, now ready to receive freight and will be dispatched immediately.. For which or passage, apply to the master on board, cut side Peck - clip, or to D1VIE BETIIUNE k Co. ap 2 92 Coffee - boose - slip. tor UaVHE. The packet ship RUBICON, Hl - dredge, master, is now loading at Jones' wharf, and will sail about the 15'h imtant. For freight or passage, apply oa board, or to POTT ft M'KINNE, ap 2 56 South - it. For WKtV - OKLKA A'S, The good ship LAGU1RA, to sail on Sunday next. I our more passengers. and a few tons freight, will be taken, if immedi ate application is made to N. L. ft G. GRISWOLD, ap 2 86 South - it. FOR SALE AT AUCTION. The fast sailing and substantial schr, VIGILANT, to close a concern, will he sold oo the M init. at the 1. C. II. by liur r - MAN Bt ULAS9. at 1 o'clock. Mie is about 160 tons burthen, two and an half years old, well found in rigging and sails, and can be fitted for sea at little expence. she lies south side our - ling - slip. For inventory, ftc. apply to RANDOLPH ft SAVAGE, ap 1 3t 175Front - itreet t or MUU1LL and BLAKELV, The fast sailing regular packet sclir SANDUSKY. Capt. Weeks, 120 ions. having considerable freight already engaged, will meet with despatch. .For the remainder or passage, having handsome accommodations, ap ply on board west side Old - slip, or to PETERS ft II ERRICK, apl ' 29 Coentiei - slip. tor BlUyjVL, The fast sailing ship ELLEN, Lynde Rowland, master, to sail positively on buuday next, (weather permitting) Can ac commodate several passengers handsomely, if application is made on board at pier No. 2, or to uKISWOLDS ft COATES, ap 1 68 South - street. For HAVRE, The fine coppered chip MARIA - THE RESA, Skiddy, master: having the principal part of her cargo engaged, will meet immediate diepatch. For freight of 100 bale cotton, or passage, having good accommodation!, apply to U. G. ft S. HOWLAND, ap 1 77 Washington - st. For LOJWOJV, Fifty barrels ashes and 50 bales cotton will be taken on board ihip WASHING - f ON, to complete her cargo ; she will sail in a few days, fyplyto J. GIVAN. or W. CHAPJtfAN, ap 1 2t 66 I'ine - st. For Sale, Fretglit or Clutrter, The brig ROBERT, Pope, matter, 289 tons ; will carry 3200 bbls i 2 years old ; well found, and a good vessel lie at pier no. V. Apply to JOSEPH OSBORN, mh 17 28 South - st. iffv A good VESSEL that will carry 600 liauhbls. for a voyag to Bermuda. Imme - uiai dispatch will be given. Apply to TUCKER ft LAURIF.S, mh 13 ' 29 South - street BROWN SHIRTINGS. 8 packages brown Shirtings, containing 10,000 yards, just ie - veived and lor aaie uy THE COMMISSION CO. 148 Pearl - street. Thev he nn tmnrl fine and ronne GimthaiLS, Stripes, 3 4, 7 8, 4 - 4 Checks, (fine and coarse) Bed - Ticking, Sattmetts and Cassiuett and gen' eral assortment ol cotton yarn. mli M dace Ckfi LOJtDOJfSHEA THLYO VOFPKH, tmi t Cases sheathing copper, 24, 26, 28 and 30 ounce 100 casks Hibbert's Porter, now landing from the ship Minerva Smyth, from Lon don, and for sale by mch 31 - Alien. suns I sl.UE NAM KINS. 1200 pieces, all 1st chop, D in boxes, of a sup'r quality, entitled to de benture, lor saie oy HURD ft SEWALL, mh 31 65 South - street 1 I ADRAS CHECKS bale Madras il l Checks, for sale by P. REMSEN ft CO. 26 South - street. mh 31 QF.INE TWINE ft COD LINES 20 bales iJ London Seine Twine 30 bale London Cod Lines, just received by the ship Minerva emvin, and lor sale ny DVAiaiiiAu unoiuii ap2 67 SouUi - street FOR SALE. A PAIR ol very fine iron - grey HORSES, five r year old, near sixteen band nigh, wei broke to the harness. One pair o( bay HORSES, six year old, well broke to single oraounie names Also a verv one aaauie or uui nunsiv ana A verv Imndwime PONY. fit lor a vounr ladv or gentleman to ride ; with a light COACHEE. All to be seen at si jonn streei, at ' WM SLOW LEY'S Stable, rnhJllw BOARD WANTED, for a gentleman , and his wife, after the first of May next, in a pleasant part of the city ; will furnish their own room and fire. A line addressed to B. and left at this office, will be attended to. sp 1 3f TO PRINTERS. rr, WO or three pressmen may find constant JL employ by applying to D. FANSHAW, 10 Cliff st N. B. Two or three stout boys, between 17 and 18 year of age, are also wanted. ap I 3t WANTED. AM AN and his wife, without children, to take charge of a garden and dairy, about twelve mile from the city. Application to be made at GKAiN l J HUK.BUKWB, ap21w , 21 Nassau - street. SWIFT SURE MAIL COACHES, oa pmLADaxmi a. . - - I ma V L. iVevcy morning (Sunday'sex - . f rmtlvn trtt M trlnr If . anrl nr. I rive in rbiladeiptua next day t. dinner. The public k bouse are good, and reasonable 1 tku. "PklMMfa Ii ii riia nnrl f narli es are not interior to anv other now running be in xiirii Limicrii a irauuisifi uvi w whw tween these two cine. I ne neaiiuui country, and the excellence of the road on this rout, connected with :the safrtv. comfort, and reasonable expences, are beieived lo ne strong maucemrow to traveller in giving inisnnea mura t,. ence. the trictesl attention wiu no gmn by tlve propnetor in giving general satisiaciioo. an k..aa n5aricM will co at the risk or the owner unles insured and receipted lor oy toe clerk of said office ' - " '..."is v ' I r. ; - . . . ... Stage fare only 5, witl a generooi aiiowa ofbiggage. PaKic wisiiing to travel at toeir leisure, may engage tbe Coach on reasonable terms exclusively lo themselves, by applying one day previous to starting ..... . FoVseat apply at No. 5 Crtiadt - lreet, New - York. V . LYON, SONS, k CO. - a ap g jrropncwr. a - TO LET. Tm ttorat and cellar roe of three story bouses No. IQi and 12 Broad - street Also, a good bouse at Greenwich, and one at H arise m. with two tad a ball acre of ground, near MannattanviUe. Apply at 55 Broa - t - vsy, or to VISAS. UASLLI, ap2tf 141 Front - street. TO LET, The dwelling part of the boot No. 114 roadway. It would make two good otno Enquire on the premise it Iw TO LtT. ' (For on or mora vaars) l lie largo 3 - story brick housa, No. 78 Pearl street, has every convenience for a larg family the lower part is shelved ftc. for a dry good tore, but can easily be converted into two rooms tor a dwelling tha store will be let separately or with the upper part Possession of th store can be given immediately Apply to ISAAC U. OGDEN ft CO. P2 lw 48Wall - t. MOUNT VERNON HOTEL. THE subscriber taku this method to In. forui the public that he has taken for the ensuing season that well known stand formerly occu - Fi py wyuc, about nv miles rrom the City Hall, on the Boston road, acd intends to open it as a public house for th reception of company, on tb first of Ma V next, when retlemen and la. dies will be accommodated with every comfort uu eiegance to ue expected at such a house, on the most reasonable terms. The beit of liquors of every tort will be always kept ready. EZRA CALDWELL. N. D. Wanted a good woman cook, apt In tor Sale or to I jet. The house and grounds of the subscriber at llloomingddk:, near the 5 luile stone, situated on I he hanks of the North River. The House is modern built, 60 rent front with terraced pi.ixi is and convenient out houses, all recently painted, and in complete order. The gruumls are highly cultivated, the garden extensive end goodand there are on the place a great vari. ty of shrubs, fruit and forest trees, and a pump of excellent water. For terms, which will be reasonable, apply IO a. A. LA W ItrJ.NCK, ap I 1m 67 Pin - stret. - Store and Cellar to lt. The Store and Cellar No. 67 Pine street to Lei low, apply oo the premises, ap 1 3w Q JO Lt.T, From 1st May next, the store, with r without apartments, No. 5 Willium - itreet. For ut apnrti terms apply to III A3. K.EADE, On the premises ap 1 6t ii!. The spacious 4 story lire proof (tore. at tne foot of Liberty - street, lately occupied by Messrs. J. Murray if Sons. Possession to be given on the first May next. For terms, apply to MAJOR ft GILLESPIE, mh 31 79 (up stairs) Pine - street. Q lXi Lt.T, The store No. 20 Wall - street. Poisei - siuu may be had immediately Apply at No. 18. ap I tf TO LU T, A neat two story house, pleasantly sit - uttitd in iuuruandt - sueei. Apply at this office apl tf A GEN I ELL small luuiily may be accommo - . dated with a handsome drawing room, back room and pantries in a genteel house in Dty - itreet. with board. Tbe house will be put in the best order and tbe rooms unfurnished ; they may be bad together or separately. Where three or four gentlemen, steady boarder, may be handsomely ac commodated on moderate term. At present en quire at no. 60 courti ana street. ap 1 3f Fo$lponed Itll Saturday the lh iiut. ponhve ihelatt nt a fit. yf R. STANISLAS, will on Saturday, only IV L at the request of many persons, repeat Ihe NE PLUS ULTRA, which drew so mucnap - iilaure on the first nirlit, that he had the honor ol presenting it to the eulightened citizens of N York tie has selected a variety or new and imcompre hensible Deceptions in the Arcana of Ledgenlc' main, lor those nights. The particulars ol whu l he refer to tlie hills of the day as he is acknow le.lged by tbe world to be the fiiat in his proles sion, and a yet unexcelled. Hi intentions being to return to Europe, those who have not witnessed surb unheard of wonders, should avail themselves of tbe present opportunity, as the like may not offer again for centuries. ap2 3t MANUFACTORY OF SILVER WARE T W. FORBES, No. 90 Broadway, on door if . above Wall - street, respectfully informs bis friends and th public that be continues to manu facture silver tea and table setts, church plate, spoons, forks, ladles, waiters, urns, siphons, fih knives, ftc. ftc of th latest and moit elegant patterns, of the first quality of silver and supe. rir workmanship, at the lowest price for cash All order executed in a masterly manner, and warranted m all cases at least equal to any ar tide of silver manufactured or sold in this city. In addition to his own mannutctures, he has on band an assortment of rich plated and fancy hard ware, which be will dispose of very low, coo. siibng of candlesticks, cake baskets, caitors, bottle castors, snuffers and. trays, plated oo iteel, a very superior article; elegaat pen. pocket and sportsman's knives, with a variety of article! not enumerated. mch 30 lm MORRIS ACADEMY. rHE director having engaged Mr. JAMFS D. JOHNSON, graduate of Yale College, o preside over this institution ior ue term m hi - teen years, inform the public, that it will open under bis care, oo tbe arst Monday u may nexi - Mr. Johnson is an experienced teacher, of cor rect morals, well qualified to instruct and govern those committed to hi charge. The youth sent to this institution will be fitted lor any college, ior the counting room, or, ti at sired, will be instructed in the branches general ly taught in our colleges, as far a they can be at tended to, without expensive apparatus. The known healthiness of the village, and its facility of intercourse with New - York, present strong inducements to parent to educate their children here Good board, in respectable lami lies, can be obtained lor fx 60 eta. and f J per week, including washing, meoaing, etc. c. aou parent at a distance, who may find it incoove nientto occompany their children, may beasiu red that every useful attention will be (bewii litem in providing board, clothing, books, ftc. by tddressuig a line to eitber of tbe following geo tlemen. viz. - Revd. William A. M'Dowell,Gen John Doughty. Major Daniel Photnix. Doctor Andrew Hunt, Doctor S. J. Lewis, or Doctor Lewis Condit. By order, and in behalfof lite directors, WILLIAM A. M'DOWELL, President Morristown, N. J. March 14, 1818. ap21wt .. GREAT CHANCE FOR READERS. rrHE subscriber having determined lo give up I k. Ronk - uilline; Business on tlie first of May, offers for sale, at rtdwed prtta, his stook of Books and Stationary oo hand. This stock comprises a very valuable assortment of standard works ia most brand of acieac and literature, amongst wnico are, Fraver Books. Pialms and Hymns, in ve ry elegant bindings ; also, a few copse of Scott' i'.m.i. Rihle. in board and binding ; and I wor - thy the attentioa of dealer or consumer. Also, an elegant asortment ol stationary, such a a, ner. cuills. wafers, wax, seals, sand boxe and LiAr A treat variety of pea aad Docket knives, pocket nook ana wanei, port snbe. ruler, lead pencils, crayon, brwebe. Reeve1 and other colours, ia every variety of form, draw ing paper, Ink - stnnda) visiting and other card, India ma, ao. ruuoer, ponaoie oeaf ateei neas, slate, Ganter'i scales, mathematical instrument, pocket ledger aad taegeoraadem book, blank, ac count books, arc. c. JOHN L. TiTFANY, 114 Broadway, oppoaiui City UewJ, aptdftctw3w PUBLIC SALES.' BY P. L MILLS ft CO. Saturday, At 13 o'clock, at their auction room, under the inspection of the warden' of the por , for the account of the underwriter, 11 case con Lining linen, long law, 3 - 4 bi ds eye diaper, 54 and 6 - 4 sheetings and linen bedticks, damaged in the ship Otis, from Dublin. - MAhBLKtUU BLILULW, ke. TH E proprietors of th southern marble qui. ries, near King's - Bridge, give notice, that they have on hand, and are receiving, at the KingU Bridge Morblt - nd lme - 1 erd, foot of Beach - straet, oo the Hudson river, an extensive stock of marble for building, of th following de criptiens, viz : Ashlar Coping Foundation Stone - Chimney - Piece Facing Columns Watertablo Step Platform Sills, Lintel Arch Also Lime of the best quality. rrf' A constant supply of the above materials may be calculated upoa; and those dniroui of purchasing, or making engagements, will appbr to EZRA LUDLOW, Feb It At the Yard. REMOVAL. L7 N. SMITH DA VIES has removed his chemical perfume manufactory and warehouse from No. 130 Broadway, one door north of Li. berty - street, on the west side of Broadway, men 'a NOTICE. All persons having demands against the estate of Doctor Archibald Bruce, deceased, are requested t send their accounts to tlie office of the subscriber, No. 6 Nassau - street. PETER JAY MUNRO, Mh 27 lm Adminis'ratnr. . Ly Two shares in th New - York Library so ciity, FOR HALE, price $25 each. . Enquire at no. 124 Broadway. . mh 28 NOTICE. 07 Consignees of goods pr drip Miuorra Smyth, from London, are requested to send their permits on boan without delay, as all goud not permitted within five day will b sent to the public store th ship lies at Murray' wharf. men 30 NOTICE. 'Q7 The snbarriber having received gene - ral assignment of all the estate of John Murray 4c bous, for the benefit of creditor as expressed in the assignment, have authorised Peter Lad. low to liquidate the unsettled account and lo receive payment of all debt due to the said firm, or to the individual partners who will attend to tke same at hi office, No. 1 1 1 Pearl - street. WILLIAM BAYARD. feb 24. tf HENRY BARCLAY. NOTICE. VET Tb copartnership heretofore existing under the firm of John G. ft Geo. Betts, is thai day disiolved by mutual consent The affair af said concern will be settled by John G. Belts, who win continue tne business on hi own ac count, at tho corner of Mott and Pell streets. JNO. G. BETTS, mch 31 lw GEO. BETTS. NOTICE. (T P. U MILLS k CO. Bale of 80 Packa ge iresh imported French Goods, comprising; very ctioise and valuable assortment will take place on Thursday morning, at 12 past V o'clock precisely term will be liberal and made known at time of the tale. mh 3 1 CAUTION. FX3 Having understood (rom a rospectabla source, that certain woollen clothe and casav meres manufactured ia Yorkshire, (Eoglaad,) have been, and are now offering ia this market, both at auction and at private sale, with the word Woottoiiunderdg thereon, and an exact imitatioa oa the envslojie of the piece, - of tha arm of Mr urs. Geo. Austin ft Co. of that place, (their names only omitted.) I feel It incumbent on me, as th representative of Messrs. Austin's, to give thii public notice that such woollens are not of their manufacturing, and the .imitating of their laboli, and adapting the name Woottooon - deredg (tha place of Messrs. Austin's rsii - deuce,) is intended, no doubt, to deceive the public, by passing them off as good from their manufactory. All cloths and caasimere front th house ol Messrs. Georg Austin ft Co. a well as the labels on the envelope, have tbe name Austin, (which is omitted in the imitation,) in full, thereon, aud all that are not so marked, may be considered as a spurious article. CI1A3. ULXMOIU.N. New - York. 30th March. lw All persona having claims on tlie estate of Hie late JOHN ILKEs, Esq deceased, era reaueited to present the same at the ollice of the tubsenhers, No. 45 William - street. ap I lw li. at r. wiLKf.s. NOTICE. fty - The subscriber have formed a ronnec - tion for the purpose of transacting t 'omuissioa Business, under the firm ol S. aad T Will 1 TE - MORE, and will fjrth present do business at No. 60 South and 129 Pearl - street ; aad will constantly keep for sale a general assortment of Cotton and Woolen Caids.of the manufacture of the late New - York Manufacturing Company. Just received, per senr. eauciuiky, irom oio bile, and for sale. 13 naies vr cams 22 sacks Snake Root of prime qual. S do Beeswsx, SAML. WIIITTEMORE, ap 2 1m T1MO. Will TTEMORE. JVOC. 2X THE iJtOlKX. . At it ha happened very often, through mis tail e, that their Shawl and Lace have been brought a few door below my lodgings, where the Lady of thefsaid place assumes, some time, my name, in order to get the work destined tor me bv my customers tha) is to advise them and the ladie in general, that my name ha been fixed on the house where I live. No. 56 Wairen - etreet, and that I shall be very happy to be favored with the continuation of their patronage. KOi - ETl E. ap 2 ! v a .i.iw meniuiir ol Uw I ru.t - rs ol Co lumbia College will be held iMoudav eil. the 6th instant, i . i r MOAHDING fcCHOOL. f INHERE are at preseoi nn vacancsev um I Jl.A WILLIAM POWELL'S School ia OEiliuvs , . Philipsbergh, Yonkers, West - Chester Coaaty. i Hissystemof educatioa issach a to eaabla bim to qualify youag geotiemea tor college or the Cowling House witlua a reasonable time. Him imoi iimIccU the number of Pupil limited. tad tlie trestaieat of the moat liberal kind. Tbe following branches of as lul aad polite li terature ar taught, vu : Creek, History, Compoailioa. Writing, Antbmetic French, English Grammar.' Geography, Mathemalica, ftc. It is Dresumed that lew Institution of the kind caa offer greater advantage, whether they regard isftructma m general literature, in sztorai aoq religion principle, or in correct and gentleman ly deportment, l ne r arson age ia wuico rupus are accommooaiea, is conaKmraw, rwu - red and plcasaaUy situated. 1U distance from New York is about aeveob - en mile ; to which there i I always a direct aad ey commeaica - tana. For further particalar applicatsoa ay be made to B shop llobart T. 8. Clarkton. Eeq. C MT - verS Wm.Bayfd,jua. ej. A. bchermr rbons, Eq. D2a3w Dr. WUsoa, Colombia Cotlere C. D. Coldea, Esq. T. A. Emmet, uq. apt FLOUNCE5 k COLERETT.. b, I,;,! 210 imtjwajs.

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