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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Friday, April 3, 1818
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xvf.TukK evsjoxq post. - FRIDAY, MARCH S. We publish. Use following letter at the request . f ropoctsble correspondent, wboM mum i at lb servic of tb implicated ; bat we hop, ' for (he Vaof of manhood, Um beta nay not 1m tree. x . - " - ' - Rwtyton, Ulster c) Marthtf, 1818. .Vf. ColaauukEM. 8ir Itrastyoa will iicdm Um liberty 1 . H't taken to direct this letter with iU inciMort 'to yog. My motive k to communicate to you, for publication, if you tball think proper, tb . crowd of tbo suiL Mrs, fiadclUT, Um plaintisT, bap the stage - hoot ia this village; Hager - man. torether with rm. BtedAford. pi. Vu ! Burec, ooL Varian, and others, (Um coort mar - tsal,) put p at her bouse Uireewuyes - ruiT, - ea UMir way to Delhi, (Delaware county ;) Ha germaa and gen. Steddiford slept to eeperate bad ia (be suae roomi Um bade ware ae gooa M any rentlemaa would deriro - ao objactioa was mad to meat. nw uiey - "lUdclilPi, the went up into the room, and fcond the ft of a framed picture, repreeontiBf Bo aaparte chaineJ to a rock, Ic broke in pieces i e - wpoatakiorofftfae bed - cloth, be found " that Um ooateatf of Um chamber - pot had been , carefaUy emptied Um bed. Bo ot the mem - ' ban of Um court - martial arrlrad m town from - Delhi oa Saturday airhtlatt; Mr. Harerman - aad sota others, did not arrive till Sunday, and he. after takmr breakfast, went on hie way. ' Ihroozh a Terr bad rain - etona. Mrt. RadcluT was suspicious he was the person that waa ruilty, 'bat being determined to know the truth and hare it known, ibe obtained two warrant! from a iut - tice oa Monday evening, one against gen. van ' tinren and the other against col. Varian. Upon the trial of the suit aniost Van Buren, gen. oted diibrd was called ae a witneoj by the plaintiff, , . aad ha teitified that ho knew not who had broke . too picture, but that ha taw Mr. Hagerman . . empty Um pot into Um bed that ho taw it too - late to prevent H, or be would have prevented it these two men were aloae ia the room at the time. After the genrraPi testimony, the lulls war both withdrawn! and I vu directed to proceed at 1 have against Hagerman." ' The signature is, for the present, ktpt in re - ' urn. ' The following article from the National Adve - . cat, on Um project for reducing salaries, con tains opinion! and observations that do honor to " the liberal aad jam views of the editor. There appears to be an annual disposition for the red ad ion of salaries of the public offi cers in this state i and toward the close of each eeesion a schedule of sslaritt thu redu - " cod U presented to the legislature for concurrence. Whether the recommendation will meet with attention this session we are unable to aay. - The talary of the governor Is recommended to be reduced to $5000 chanceilor$3,500 - judge fVOO - secretsry of state $ 1,500, fcc .There ia a vast distinction in principle and. effect between profusion and ninrard economy and the medium, which it a rational spirit of . liberality, will be found in the end to benefit the public service. No public officer should 1 be permitted to devote hia time and talents to the service of the state without an adequate compensation. The salary of the governor it, bv no mean, exorbitant if he discliaee his duty faithfully to the state be Is deserving of it i and even at the extent it it lie will find it difficult to Iky up a portion for future timet. The ia!rie ofthe chancellor and judges of aueme uourt, it any ititng tnouid be increased We have an admirable tench of judges which, fur talents and integrity, are not sur passed at a body By sny on the continent. Every effort which the people can make to ren. der them independent, contribute to their comfort, and promote an active application of their judicial duties, they are bound, and it h theirdutytodo. The secretary oft tat e.instetd of$1500 should receive $2500. Tbetreasunr, comptroller and attornt y general, if any thing, abouh! receive an addition to their salary. If every officer it appointed in con ideation ofj nit talents ai d usefulness, and not for hu political services if he devotes his time to the in - creasing interests of this great state if politics, management, and electioneering, forms no pan oi nit auues, aosoi ds no portMii ol his attention, men he menu a liberal piovision be fully and unequivocally deserve an ample remuneration i and to every faithful officer the tate faithfully will bold forth a reward com' mensural with hi services. It would be well if the state would provide salaries for tv ary important officer, and let the fees go to create a fund. A flairs should be simplified arte uugauon uitcouragea. Intertrting Law Inltlligenee.Oa Wednes day 15th March last, a cause was tried in the mayor'i coort of this city, before his honor Uie recorder, which excited considerable interest. The plain tuT had purchased two watch seals from tne defendant, a watch - maker and jewel ler in tnitcuy, lor j is m) each. I be defendant, at the time of sale, warranted both seals to be gold, one of them 18 carrats fine, and further warranted that they were gold throughout and not casta on any tpunmu wutal. Upon applying the file, however, to the seals, they appeared to be made of copper with a very thin covering of I gold, so uun, mat it was slated bv the plaintiff'. counsel, in opening tne cause to the jury, that an experiment made upon a seal similar to those in controversy, shewed the whole Value of the real gold to be from 80 to 100 cent. The plaintiff navmg proved xna sai and lb warraoty, ex ammed various witnesses to prove the fraud ; among tlvose caned by i be plaintiff, the testimony of doctor Mitt. hill was very satisfactory. The doctor having pronounced the seals a gross fraud, observed, that ia all indenture of apprenticeship which had fallen under hi inspection, the matr was pound to leach the apprentice three things The art, the trade, the myitery. The art, ha considered to be Um manufacturing the arucie ; me iraae, me requisite skill to briar it advantageously into market the mattery, the cheating part of the business, and he was deci dedly or opuuoo toe teals in controversy belonged to the mystery of the trade. A verysetrenuoos attempt was the mad by the defendant to brinr the seals within th war. ranty, and in the attempt (the scab being of wmuiujiuiH wanuiaciurej um deleodant was supported by all the ingenuity of various agentj of Birmingham manufacturing bouses, and of the its porters aad venders of the article, who labored to convince the court and Jury that the seats were not what the plaintiff called them, a xrei fraud. One of the most intelligent of time ;tn when pressed by the plaintiff's counsel to ac - count for a peculiar mark made on the gold by Um application of aquafortis, relieved himieli from the difficulty by tertifW thai he bUai there was ae pure aquaftrtit in this country, to Um great amusement of Dr. Mitchill, who in - tormea tne court tn a subsequent case that if uviw was sw pure eewysru in the country there were those ia it who could make it pure. Various evasiaas and ingenious distinctions were alto saade bv the Titnimi li ! stab, actual gold sds, and solid gold teals, and fjtw i khio, arc. After a very pelieot bearing of the cause from 1 1 o'clock A. M. until P. M. His honor the recorder charged the Jury that the fraud wa completely made out. and the fury without h:. tattoo, pToeoooced the seab fraudulent, and rare bis Oo the ewuiog ity, - oOm turn the tame aatan wa tried a tbatataecewn taia other jeweUen of this city, tathts caseooe of the eatUi parcteeed by Um pWV w,w'" ranted " sold gold," of Uw aad Tomes' - porUtkm, aad upon Um applkatioB of Um file, the copper displayed itself ia like manner a the other seals. Tbie caase was ato strongly aad ably coatostad from II A. when tiejary retired, a - d the ji' Joaraed. tbey returned sealed verdict oa Tn - Jay mornioi for the plaiatiff. U the progress oftbes cases, It wa stated by the plaintif's coaasel, that the mremo" P"01 of the fraud was a Bermiognam Journeyman ..nMr. h era some Tears aro tried and ami asnt to Botany - Bay for Um offence. la these causes, Mr. Anthoo was counsel for the plaintiff aad Messrs. Price It Sedgwick for the defendant. Several other causes are suH depending, a - gainstetben of Um trade. We oodantand that the defendants were expressly acquitted of all trand ia tact by Um plaintiff't counsel ; bat it was ccatended they ware liable oa the warranty. . Far At Aete - Ferit Evening Pott. Be lust, before you are cenerous, said Um sag Cohfntxe to the council of Mandarine, who were about to delegate oa tne claims or in ini - neta, .who erected Um great wall No, said the Mandarines, it will take too much time to look into Um merits of Um workmen's petition, too much time to adjust their pretentnos and to look up the musty record ol their services, and U yon begin by doing justice to tbe labourers, you can't stop there i yoa mutt go on to those who furnished material, provisions, aad the jnoniaog - pa know what all U mother ol the empereur, what a door will be opened by that foolish at tempt to do justice ! No, it will take mora lime to look into this business, with a view to doing justice, than th council spent in the bribery and corruption affair of the man of tbe mountain oi Thibet, and more money than would suthc lor the payment of all our wares, and ore and no - fteneve for a whole session. No none of your jutuce, Mr Confutxe, but let us be generous - let ne give a pension to every one wlio worked and did not work at th wall to every on who in fact looked at it for 9 months, while it was building it wu a great work, secured th empire from the ia roads of the Tartars. 1 here are men, laid a Mandarine with a blue button, there are men who carried the hod for seven years and lived on scarcely any thing but a gill of 6am - cbu a day will you place them on no better fooling than the 9 months men? what justice is that? Justice! lull you, replied Hononton - qua, the litUe general of the short legged division, I tell yon, we are not here to do justice, but to be generous let tbcm all fare alike, master and servant tar, rag and bobtail We will be generous generosity will not be pleaded as a precedent but if we attempt to do justice, and by rule, O dragon of China, what a door will be opened ! what a crowd of calamity ! So tbey gave the workman and lookers - on each the same weight of silver. A V OLD SOLDIER. Kxtract from a letter, addressed by John D. Lewis, Esq. of Bt. Petersburg, Nov. 24, 1817, to a renUeman in this city. " I ha v but a few minutes to write this John Levelt Harris, the American consul here, has at last succeeded in getting my brother thrown into a loathsome dungeon, for having pulled bis nose." If Mr. . should be in New - York, tell him that my brother is bow in prison.11 Without any particular reference to th per sons or circumstances above mentioned, the occa sion reminds us of a subject which hat frequently occurred to our thouehts, vis. the expediency of calling the attention of our government to the past conduct of oar public agents abroad, in those instances where there is reason to suspect that they bav abused the power or trust com milted to them. We are far from intimating mat toch abuses nave been general, or even common, and we are ready to believe that many of the reports which we have heard cannot be lofficienUy substantiated by the evidence of fact ; but, if rumour hat not very much muled as, there are instances in which it will be found that tome long arrears of misconduct remain to be accounted for and if tbe half that has been told at it true, it certainly mutt become an im penout duty with the government, not only to indict an exemplary puuithuent for past olfen cet, but to resort to tuch measures at have not been hitherto adopted, to prevent a recurrence, for the future, of similar dUrraceful evils. If, on investigation, it should appear, that, during the period of the late restrictive system in Europe, the national character of our seab of office was prostituted by any of our consular a - gents abroad, for the corrupt purpose of giving laciiuy 10 uie iraue oi subjects ol lo reign pow ers, from viewt of private emolument ; if it should appear, that any public Brents of this de jcriptioo did, during the period alluded to, receive certain sums of money, for verifying the papers oi vessels ana cargoes, ostensibly American, or arriving from American ports, but well Known lobe the property or subjects of the theo belligerent powers, or arriving from belligerent pons i ii a mourn appear that any or these a - gents have atnamed fortunes, by thus setting op for tale tbe integrity of their otfirial documents, the reponiihility of their stations, and the dignity and honour of the nation they have representedif these thinrs do appear, who will deny that the character of the individual or indivi.lii. als, on whom these atrocious facts shall ha nmr. ed, ought to b held op to public reprobation ? Who will say that such persons are lnnrr wnr. thy of the confidence which hat been reposed in them ? If these things have once taken place, haw can we be assured that the occasion, and th disposition to improve it. will not arain occur: and if this is possible, does it not become a duly in the government to provide arainst a luncture so much to be deprecated By a lata regulation, a measure which we hiihly approve, no person can be invested with the powers of an American consul, who b not a citiieo of the United Slates : but there are some other requisites for this important station besides that of even naltte citizenship. A consul ouebt lobe a person of sufficient maturity of are : of uuicienisoiiuiiy oi character: ol correct moral deportment ; of tome respectability of taleut : of some responsibility of property, either of bis own or of his connexions ; and above all he should enjoy the reputation of an inflexible integrity - He appear anionrst hit countrymen abroad at almost tbe only magistrate to whom they are a meaable ; and ha should be entitled to that re spect which neither youth, nor levity of conduct can inspire lie appears amidst the circle of his fellow citizens, not only as the representative of government, but also as the only superior to whom they can look for an example ; and his conduct ought to be such as not at least to deteri orate the morals or the manners ot those around him He k not only occasionally charred with the diplomatic interests ol bit country, but be it also, Jrom tbe nature or nu station, frequently calUJ upon lo discharge the functions of an ar - uitrator and or a judge s and be ought to possess that portion of discernment, that degree of ex perience, aod that compass or acquirement. which will afford to bis decisions the stamp ofj huj an asm correctness tie is not only vested with powers, by which, if inclined, be may com - prount Um pecuniary or political interests of his vvuuur, out ne has also, from bis situation, frequent opportunities of becoming posaemed of the property of hit countrymen t and he ought to be P8! of that responsibility of fortune which . "rce to the injured in case ef I r .? u rPtnhtv aitherofhbown or of others, because if he b not poeseased of it U his ewn means, his friends should enter into thai recognizance, for him wo th roTtrumrot, which would a&rd ft riffideal Htw fee ftcatka wheaaeed might require. M.m sirh mm Kaen aDOMBted to Uu OfBce I Have such precaatibc bean taken? On toe contrary, hare we not reason to believe that rtutr hire been iostaoces ia which the unliauua confidence of the government bat beea given to aten abroad, who would never have been trotted ia the smallest degree by their countrymen at homer Aad this too without the least security rr - tha rrwvl eandoct of the individual, either mm hi own enneetnent. or from Uiosa of others in his behalf. H Care of the American Eagle. Hoyt e. Gtltton and Schenck. It appear from Uie report of the committee of Way and Mean of March a I si, mat css. Gelston and Schenck, Uie collector and late surveyor of thit portjiave petitioned congress to dsv Uie condemnation money awarded a - gainst them for seizing the above vessel ; we have noi seen me peuiion iw uni fore examine it, but the report of the committee states, " That information wa received by Uie executive that Uie American Eagle was fUtinr out at New - York for fetion, that Uie circumstance wat communicated by the tec - retary of the treasury to Mr. Gelston, with instruction, that if tueh should be the fact, to top her departure under the act of 5ta June, 1794, that a correspondence ensued between Uie secretary snd Mr. Gelston, and on the 6th July, 1810, the ecretary tted to Mr. G. the opinion of Uie President, that Uie veseel ought to be immediately seized and libelled, as fitting out for illegal purposes, unless the owner should girt iniJoeery proof t the contrary, that the etener did not gir such proof, and that in consequence the vessel wu seized and libelled in July, 1810, and acquitted and restored to the claimant, Mr. Hoyt, on Uie 24th August, 1813 ; the district judge deciding tint it the vessel had been destined for or even sent to Petion. it would not be a violation of the laws of Uie United State, they then existed ; that in consequence of this decision, Mr. Hoyt sued Gelston and Schenck, and recovered a ver dict for g 107,000 1 and that all Uie appeals of the defendants to the supreme court, court ot chancery, and court of errors of the state of New - York, and the supreme court of the Uni - 1 ted Etate, had been unavailing, and the verdict now affirmed with costs that Uie information given previous to the seizure, has since the decision been proved to be correct, and that the illegality of the seizure resulted from construction being put upon an act ot con gress, ditirrint from what tne executive ex pected, that Uie large amount of damages is attributable to the delay of the trial, owing to the lickntst of the judge, and that the circumstances tehith increased or produced the verdict were not tn any degree imvutablr to Mr. Gelston a Co. The committee therefore recommend to congress to add a clause to the appropriation bill for rliscliai eini: the above ludfrment." The report was laid on the table for further information, which a correspondent thus ena bles us to give, and as will be seen is a com. plete negation to Uie principal facts stated in the report. 1st. Tbe first information in relation to the American Eagle was given by the custom - house or its agents to the at Washington, and not at stated by Uie government to them r or this our correspondent eelers to the correspondence on file at Washington, and to Uie as sertions which Mr. Osgood (the tbea naval olh cer) uniformly made at tbe Urn and since. 2d. Mr. Ueliton was only authorised to make Uie seizure, when be should ascertain Uie fact that tbe vessel wat fitting lor relwo let Mr. G. took no trouble to ascertain Uui fact before the seizure, and after the seizure refused all proof upon the point, although Mr. Hoyt ten dered tuch proof and offered to make the tame satisfactory this can be fully established by Mr. tloyt and bit counsel and others. Tbe set of 6th June, 1794, did not authorize the seizure, because St. Domingo, not being an independent stale, wat not within Uie provisions of the act, aod to this causa is to be attributed lite solicitude of the treasury, which find itself compromitted ia the construction given to thit act. 3d. No stronger evidence can be afforded of tuejuttice of Mr. Hoyft claim, than the uniform decirioo of five court (three of th state and two of the United States) m his favor And Mr. Gelston and the committee cannot now be permitted to allege that they have new and conclu sive proof, when they knew of tuch proof and failed to produce it for more than seven yean, while the suit was depending. 4lh. " The large amount of damage 'is attri butable to the delay of a trial, owing to Uie sickness of the judge," &.c. This allegation b unfortunate both for Mr. Gelston and the committee, because it is not true : it is true that judge Talmadge wat sick during a part of the lime, but it is also true that Mr. Hoyt was ready and willing, and offered verbally and in writing, and several timet formally petitioned to have his cause tried before jude Livingston, the circuit judare of the United Mates ; all which overture and petition were opposed by Mr. Gelston : the delay, therefore, was solely or prin cipally imputable to himseif. Witb the same view, to diminish damages, inr. noyi irequeouy applied, both verbally and in writing, to have tbe vessel aroraised and bonded, and this mea sure was also opposed by Mr. Gelston ; and once in particular, after the vessel had been appraised by men of bttown choice and politics, be refused to have her bonded, though he admitted the trooducss of the security : the increase of dama get was therefore solely or principally aiinouia - ble to Mr. Gelston also, and therefore both the delay and increase aro imputable to him. The records of the district court, Mr. Iloyt't counsel, ana Uie appraisers, can au suosiauuaia these fact. There are other considerations, which are important to determine the quantum of relief which lr. Gelston is entitled to in this busmen. II Uie vessel had been condemned, Mr. Gel ston wat entitled to, and would hav demanded, one half of th forfeiture ; having been acquitted, he ought in justice to bear half the lost ; and if to this is to be added the delays, increase ol damage and costs, including counsel fees, to which ha has exposed tbe parties, his share of the loss oueht to be much more than a half: beside too this business of seizing and libelling vessels is s profit and lost account, in which th profit which Af r. Gelston hat already received, will enable him to pay this lou without serious inconveni eaee. At all events, it merit serious consideration. how for congress can justify themselves to their constituents, to take $1 10,000 out of the public purse, to pay me uebt oi an individual, particularly so, when five of the most respectable courts in the Union have decided that Jsfr. Gelslon's act ware neither authorized by law nor Uie fact in the case. A CIT1ZEX. From the Jfalionml Intelligencer, April 1. More lhan 1300 Creek Warriors have bee mattered into the service of the United States, and are actually employed in tbe expedition a - gainst the hostile Seminole Indians. They are commanded by tbe distinguished chief Colonel Mclittoshjand are organised into nineteen companies. The compaoiet are commanded by Captains Ockfuske Yobaloegh, Nehsolocko Ha - poie, Hopoe Hsuio. Tamyahtee, William Mi1 - ler. Mad Wolf, TuskeegieHaugo, Hooaye, Wil - ham Lesley, Samuel Hawkins, Tattunnaggee, Rory Mcintosh. Harry. Otbkmatlce Tastnn - naggee.Ootoocbe Tusi mnggee, Olahlaa, Wan - eigee, Cofanteee Eaatblao, aod Lieutenant La - tigee. . CONGRESS. 1st sksats, tsaaca 31, 1818. The Senate proceeded to Uie choice ot a nmi. dent pro - tempore, ia tbe absence of the Vice President. The following wu the result : TofMr.beiltoti " Mr. Macoa If Mr. Tait . ;: .v So Mr - Gaillard was duly elected, and .being conducted to tbe chair, made his acaaowieoge nents lor the distinguished nooor !;. ''UOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. Tuesday, March 81. Mr. Seybert, from the committee of commerce and manufactures, made unfavorable reports on the several petitions of the manufacturers of looking glasses in frames, and carvers and gilders on wood ; on Uie petitions of the merchant, traJer and tailor of Boston and Philadelphia, and ou the petition of Wheeler & Cock, which report were read and e - verally concurred in. Mr. Johnaon, of Kentucky, from the same committee, reported Uie bill from tbe Senate, to reduce the staff of the army, without amendment, and the bill wa laid on the table. On motion of Mr. Pitkin, a committee was appointed to join such gentlemen as may be appointed on the part of the Senate, to take into consideration and report what business it necessary to be acted upon before the close of Uie present session The bill fixing in uroe t,uie iu oi uuremDeri for the next meeting of Congress, was ordered to be engrossed for a third reading. Tbe engrossed bill making appropriation for the support of government for the year 1 8 1 8, was read the third time, passed, and sent to the Sen ate. The orders of the day being announced, oo the bill making appropriations, (the first of5r.984 to pay claims now due at the Treasury, and the secood of 960,000, to meet the demands that will be made under existing cootractt, toward completing the Cumberland road. Mr. Spencer, of New - York, rote, and for rea sons that will appear hereafter, moved that the committee of the whole House be discharged from the contid - ration of Uie bill, and that it be postponed indefinitely. This motion brought on a short debate on the merit of tbe bill, in which the postponement was advocated by tbe mover, by Mr. ifaiselt, aod Mr. Livarmore. and opposed by Messrs. Tucker. of Va. Harrison, Tarr, PindalL Beecher, Trimble, Mercer, and Smith, of Md. J he question oo postponing the bill was unnllv negatived, by the following vote : YEAS 56 - NYS8t: Variout amendments were pro nosed, all of wmcn were negatived. i he committee then rote and reported the bill without amendment ; and the bill wa ordered to be engrossed for a third reading - ayet 67, noet 62. And the House adjourned. BOSTON. March 30. Latest tkom Ibdia. Thit day arrived, the hne latt tailing brig Panther, (or 444 tons; Isaiah Lewis, Esq commander, from Cantou, 121 dayt to the Vineyard. Captain Lewu left Nov. 51, ship Paragon. Wildes, of tbit port, ar rived uct 31, in 3 dayt trout tne sanawicn islands : brig Vancouver, Bacon, from Boston, arrived Oct. 2, (sailed May 13) , ship Wm. aod John, of N. York : Ophelia, of thit port, for Holland, in about 30 dayt ; and others already reported. Spoke, Nov. Ti, in Canton river, ships Phrenix, of Philed. 188 dayt from Liverpool, and Ontario, from N.York, which bad tailed July 13. Sailed from Macoa oo the evening ol the 23d, in co. witb thipi China, Shreve, lor Salem , Geo. and Albert. Donaldson, for Philadelphia ; Sydney. Meiick. for Baltimore : shin Suffolk. Urian. for Boston, tailed lath. Two Company's ships were to tail in a few davt after tbe Panther, for England ; and about ten othert were loading. Capt. Wildes, Ufl at Sandwich Islands, ship A - lert. Porter, of Boston, from N W Coast, which vessel left o the coatt. Aug. 15. shipt Mentor. Suter. of Boston ; Hamilton, Martain, of do ; brig Alexander. Bancroft, from do. Brig Bra - tut, Meek, of do had tailed from Norfolk sound for UUodska, coatt orKamikatlua. bhip A rata, Winship, of do bad arrjved at tbe Gallipagot Is, lands from N W coast. Ship Sultan, Reynolds. of dobad tailed from tbe Sandwich Island for No - aheevah. Ship Avon, .Wbittemore, of do. Capt Wilde alio left at the Island, th Eagle, Davit, of Boston t Bordeaux Packet, Blanchard. of do vessel told; Cossack, Brown, of do from Canton; Enterprise, Ebbet. N YorfeJ; Zephyr, Brintoall, Providence the latter had beea there a long Ume. The Panther in co. with the Sid ney, met the Suffolk, near Uie Straight of Banca, and patted through in co. After landing some freight at Point Nicholas, in Java, Dec. 14, the rantber crotted over to north wand, to water, on the 16th Dec. where the found the Sidney. China, and Geo. U Albert. Next day ttocd down the Streiilits of Sunda together, and met ship Canton, Hinckley, for Botton, which had lelt Whampoa a wee later. Jan 31,lat34 34, S.long 19 30, E. spoke and boarded snp Elizabeth, Bessom, which had sailed from Canton 21 days before, for Boston she was leaky, and it was 40 days btfore she got clear or Java Head. Had parted co. with ship Integrity, Elderkin, of Providence, at Keeling Island, about 45 days after sailing. Match XI, latw, long 71, spoke sen Eliza, of Portsmouth, from Martmiaue. for New - York. Iiavingreceived considerable damage in her rigging, in several gales, rtb 25, lat 0 20, N. long 20, W spoke the Suffolk, and received on board Mr. HJJieginson, at passenger. A Mr. M'Gregor wa a patsenger in the Panther as far as Uantam, in Java, where he wat landed, with some goods he had on board, middle of Dec. Capt Hinckley informed, that he saw an Am. ship going into Canton river, supposed to be the Alert, from N. W. Coast Captain Lewis brought a list of every American vessel at ianton, and in the river. The Panther left Sitka, N. W. Coast Nov 9, 1816, Port Ansa Maria, or Massachusetts Bsy, (Noaheevab) March 30. and Sandwich Isl and July 9, next year. She sailed from this port in June, 1815. snd from Liverpool in Au gust of the same year. Has lost none of tbe crew she carried out, by death. CaAnatasBvao, (Penn.) March 24. Phenomenon! On the evening - of Thursday last, between tun down and dark, a fiery ball. apparently a vision as large as a mant head, dis charged itseit from or contiguous to the moon and rapidly descended towards the earth, when it bursted into a number of pieces, and soon disappeared. This Phenomenon was seen by several persons in Chambersburg. OXFORD, March 18. Law Cast. Tlx People re. Sherman Paee. The defendant was tried at the last general ses sions for the county of Chenango, oo an indictment under the statute prohibiting attorniet from " purchasing or receiving, bv wav of cladire or security for money lent, any bond, note or other writing, with intent to commence a suit thereon. and who shall commence such suit accordingly." 1 he evidence was full and satisfactory, and the jury returned a verdict of guilty. The defend ant wat fined fztXi, and impended from prac tice ior 3 years. P03T - OFFICE, New - York, ) April2, 1818. The following schedule of property, saved from the mail robbed on tbe night of the 1 1 th of Afarch near Havre - de - Grace, and now remaining in tbe General Post - Office, (the letter cov ering Uie same being destroyed,) has been trans mitted to this office by the Post - Master General, for the informatiao of those intercted therein. TQEODORUS BAILEY, Peat - Master. Schedule of Note, Drafts, Checks, L. ic - ta ken from tbe Mail Letter of the 1 1th instant, near Havre - de - Grace, and now in Uie General Pot - Oflice. to be delivered to Uie proper persons. The letter covering these have been destroyed. No 1 U. S. Post Note No. 5973, for 100 doll, drawn by Wm. Jones, in favor of Richard Wayne, dated Philadelphia, August, 117, letter A. endorsed Richard Wayne, last pay able to Churchman Thoujai, or order. Ko. 3 U. 8. Port Note No. 9500, for 100 doll, drawn iy Wm. Jonet, in favor or Matthias Cooper,' dated Philadelphia, Slt October. 1817. letter C. endorsed Matthias Coop er, last payable to Churchman k Thomas, or order. No. 12 No. 1611. a draft on Thomas T. Tucker, in favor of A. B. Fannin, for 518 3 - 100 dolbs.daied Washington, Feb. 16th, 1318, en dorsed A B. Fannin, attorney. No. 15 Exchange, drawn by Caleb Curtis, in favor of Kusscll Glover, for 1000 dolls, dat ed Charleston, March 4Ui, 1818. No. IS Exchange, drawn by Barna M'Kinne & Co. in favor of Charles Meisey b Co. for 500 dolls, dated Savannah, 2d March, 1818, endorsed Charles stetsey li Co. No. 19 Exchance, drawn by Charles M. Storey, in favor of Messrs. Bellow, Ellecb, Rainard & "Co. lor 30 15s Id sterling, dated Eltioeur, Sept. 1, 1817, endorsed by Beliour, Ellecb, Rainard bt Co. No. 20 Exchange, drawn by Jacob ft Williams, in favor of J no. & Wright Southgate, for 500itrlir.g, dated Kicbmoud, .'larch 7th lolo in favor oi Jno. it W. Soatbgate, last payable to jauiet ttrown o. No. 21 Exchance. drawn by Alex. Brown k Sons, in favor of Wm. & Jet. Brown el Co, for 11100 sterling, dated Baltimore, Man h 9, 1818. No. Ht Exchange, drawn by Peter B. Beverly, in farorofBouie& Kirts, forj5!5 sterling, dated Alexandria, Feb. 28, 1818, endorsed by Lugh, Sherlock & Co. No. S3 Exchange, drawn by Gideon Johr.sco in favour ol Wm. and Jas.Cummings, for 600 sterling, dated Petersburg, March 6th, 18 IB, endorsed by Wm. bi Jas - Cumuiings, last payable to Wm. S Jas. Brown. No. 24 Exchange, drawn by lethbridge Duell, in favor of Ainoo Blake, lir 3"MX1 dollars, dated Savannah, 3d March, 1818, endorsed by Anton Blake. No. 26 - Exi hatiee. drawn by Jno. N. Dun bar, in lavoi - r ol N. Uavless, l r 100 dollars, da ted Corrydeu, J an 30tn, ,8 '8, endorsed by N. Bayless. , U. JU r - .XCUailX.Cf lliunu i.vm. ifi - 'iu,',, in favor of Wm. and J is. Cummines, for o0) sterling, dated Marrh 6th. 1818. endorsed iv Wm. aod Jas. Cummings, 'at paj aMd to Win and Jas. Brown No 36 Bank of New - York Post Note, No. 1214, tor 100 doll, drawn by i - iark - mm, in favor of Jame Carruther, cUted New - York, Dec. 19lb, 1817, endorsed by James Carruthers, last payable to S S. Beebee, or order. No. 36 Merchants' Bank of New - Yoik, So 12925. for 20 dolls, drawn by Richard Varick in favor of R. Wayn, dated New - York, April 3d, 1817, letter A. endorsed by R. Wayn, laat payable to 3. S. Beebee, or order. No. 36 - Bank of America, No. 701, for 20 dolls, dated New - York, Oct. 1st 1814, letter A. No. 36 Bank of the United States, No 3244, for 20 dolls, dated Philadelphia, Jan. 1st 1817. letter D. No. 36 Bank ofthe United Slates, No. 3199, for 20 dolls, dated Philadelphia, Jan. 1st. 1817. No. 37 Exchange, drawn by MaUuas B. Tal - madge, in favor of M'Kinne, Ludlow Si Co. for 300 dolls, dated Charleston, Feb. 27th, endor sed by M'Kinne, Ludlow Si Co. last payable to a. s. Beebee ac uo. No. 38 Bank ofthe United States, No. 5339. for 100 dolls, drawn by W. Jones, in favor of Hanhart, Ganah & Co. dated Philadelphia, Jan. 6th, letter C. endorsed by Wm. Young, last payable to Churchman & 1 homas.or order No. 47 Uankot rreuencKiDurg, no. IW3, for 20 dolls. No. 51 Exchange, in favor of Isaac C. Moset &Co. for 48928 100, dated Charleston, March 4th, 1818, endorsed by J. C, Motet Si Co. latt payable to David Gillespie. No. 52 - Note of hand, drawn by Saml. Gilbert, in favor of Samuel Hughes, for 500 dollars, dated Havre de - Grace, Sept. 9, 1817, endorsed by Samuel Hugbet and Wm. B. Stoket. No. 63 Note of hand, drawn iy Saml. Gilbert, in favor of Samuel Hughes, for 500 dollars, dated Havre - de - Grace, Sept. 9, 1817, endorsed by Wm. B. Stokes aod Saul. Stoke. No. 55 Note of Hand, drawn by Jno. P. Spies ia favor of Jno. Sham, Esq. for $143 8tt - 100, da ted Baltimore, march Bin, ioio. No. 61 fcxehanee, drawn by Joseph Tallin, in favor of Jas. Tatin. and H. Smith, for K0, dated Turkt Island, Jan. 7th, endorsed by Gea - ton & Saulb.last payable to E. Cbaoey, Esq. or order. No. 58 Exchance. drawn by t rancit Dyer, in favor of Messrs. Ueifour, Ellach, Rainald Sr. Co. for 53 Ids. dated Elsineur, Sept. 4th, 1817, endorsed by Belfour, Ellach, Rainald & Co last payable to Messrs. uciiour Daiis. Lottery Ticiteis tsos. taioa, 10000, lotwo, 16698, 18703, I76i2, 17653, 17658. Receipts Drawn by Jno. vv. Hunt ando - thers, in favor of Robt. Brackenridge, for $300; drawn by Jno. W. Hunt and others, in favor of Dennis Fitthugb, for $350 ; drawn by E.Oiboro in favor of George M'Kinne, for $45 ; drawn by E. Osborn, in favor of W. Richards, for $51 37 - 100; drawn by Jno. W. Hunt and others, in favor of Dennis Fitzbugh, for $300 ; drawn by Jno. Hunt and others, in favor of Richard M - Maupin, for $150; drawn by Jno. Hunt and others, in favor of Robert Brackenridge, for $J5U. One certificate given by the president, direc tort and company of Uie United States' hank at I'hiladclphia, to Wm. Husell Gibbs, of Charles ton, South Carolina, for three shares in tbe ca pital stock of the bank ofthe United State. One certificate riven bv the president direc. ton and company of Uie United States' bank at fbiladclpbia, to Ibomat Ogier, of Charleston, South - Carolina, for two shares in the capital slock ol tbe bank of tbe United Slates. The Farewell. Tb.ii evening Uie audience at the theatre will take their last farewell of one whom they have long been accustomed to view with esteem and regard : to whose indefatigable exertions as manager and at actor too, they have been indebted for a large fund of innocent a - musemcnt ; at times, elegant and useful instruc tion. Those who think as we do, will rejoice in Uie opportunity this evening afforded them, to testify to Mr. Simpson bow much and how sincerely, they esteem both Uie actor and Uie man. ar EJflJfO POST MARINE LIST. CLEARED, Ship Euphrates, De Cost, Liverpool fish s Grinnell Rolls, Morrison, Savannah, Phelps, Brig Planter, Hurd, Oporto Barker tl Hopkins Bordeaux Josiah iturge Oporto NLfiG GrUwold Schr Native, Cole, Richmond JRhirEf) THIS FOREXVOJ, Brig Maria, Rainey, 13 day from Havana, with molasses and sugar, to u u ic S How. land, and G F Oyer. Sailed in co. with a brig for Providence, and ach Two Broth ei s, for Sa vannah. March 22d, 5 miles to Uie northward of Memory rock, on the Bahama bank, saw a ship and brig ashore Uie night after, coming on a aevere gale of wind, supposed they must have gone to pieces. Left, brig Sampson, Enfield, of N London, unc. ; ship Commerce, loading for N York, and a number of other vessels not recollected. Spoke nothing. Tbe ship Suffolk, L'rann, hat arrived at. Boston, in 135 dayt from Canton. The Canton hat not arrived at reported yesterday. ARRIVED LAST EVENING. Brig Hazard, LitUefield, 29 days from St Croix, West End, with ugar and rum, to Jot. O,born, B. Ue Forest & Co. and Meiick, Roger fx Son. Left brig Com. Perry, Kav, for N York in a few day brig Dolphin, Kean, of Bain, tor do. in IU ; en$ Byron, Bunuiam, ben oebauk 31st Merest cch. Leo, Hancock. , Boton, unc brig for do. and a or a k - ! vessel. English brig Mary - Ann, Williams, 7 U froai St. John, N. B. with grindstones W.,toSfcJHUlyer.8paeSge. oTg day last, on Uie edge of Georges' Bink.snok. brig Minerva, from Havana, bound to BaUi Sch.Fir American, George, 18 days from Tappahannock, with corn and wheat to lines, Trimble & Co. PHILADELPHIA, April t - Arrived. h. Olyntbu. Sharp, 4 days from Savannah. Schr Olite Branch, Barnum, 7 days from. Wk ton, NC. BOSTON, March 31 Arrived, brie Mar. , Jane. Davis, 86 dayt from Fort RoyaL (Mi Oo Friday last, ofTLoos Island wa in 'Co wlX fl ship, 4 brig and 4 schr' all ttandinc for tV? Vineyard Sound. Patted Holmes' Hofe. rJT day night at 12 o'clock, and taw two of tbe ihinl astern. Sloop NaUve. Ripley. 3 day from NTork. Below, British ship Hannah, of LiverpooLfr Havana ; Federal George, Field, fronTBaltil more. THEATRE. For the Benefit of Mr. Simpton ; hit last appear ante prior to hi departure for Europe On Friday eveninr, April 3, will bepretVni.j ALL IN THE WRONG.ted' Sir John ReUett, Mr. Simwon EXe,, MraeT (Her first appearance in that character 1 Belinda, Mrt. Darlev Between the play snd farce Mr. Barnes will sfc Hard Time, or the year 167t To which will be added, (for the 1st tig ia America) the new melo drama of THE FALLS OF THE CLYDE. Kenmur, Mr. Pritchud farmer Enfield, Robertson Edward Euneld, Simpsoa Ellen Enfield, Mrt. Barnet. in act 1 a Scotch Dacce, by Mr, k Mrt. Parker. Peribrniance to commence at seven o'clock. jCr A nurobt r of Stockholders intend to supl port the following gentlemen for directors of lb Mechanics Bauk I'hit tit kt - t it the same stlatt rear, excepting Mr. Jonas Mapet, who it tab imusfu ror nr. rancit cooper. John Slidell. Samuel Hicks, Anthony Steinback, nhriii rurraan, (ierge Warner, Stephen Allen, Jaci.h Sherred, Jvoh Lorillard, II. C. De Rhsm, Andrew Morris, Divie BeUmoe, Nathan Saudford, Jonas Mat. spSSt THE FORUMS tyjr The last Forum for thit season, it ana voidahly postponed to'Monday evening next the 6th instant, when it will positively be held, and the following question will be discussed : " b it essentially necessary for lue . ftVlent administration and for the ultimate preservation of the government of the United States that it should be in the hands of a party ?" . After the discussion of the question, an tppro. priate VALEDICTORY ADDR1.SS will be delivered by Thomas Fetsendei, Esquire. The debate will commence at 7 o'clock n. citely ap 3 it Tavern, corner of Nassau - street, to make ar - rangement to select suitable candidates for tbe ensuing election. ap 3 COPARTNERSHIP. (ttr Beoi. Merritt and Wm. Merritt havine formed a connection in the Dry Go. d bosinete under tbe firm of BENJ Ic WM. MERRITT, have opened store at No. 304 Pearl - street, where the businett of the late firm of White, Merrit, bt Co. will be settled. ap 3 St V MORE GOOD LUCK from ALLEN'S Truly Lucky Office, No. 122 Broadway, onpo. site the City IloUl. Yesterday Messrs. ALLEN'S bad theoU - sure of informing one of their customers that bis ticket bad drawn tbe day before a Prise of $5000, and they at the tame time paid u him , the Gold. Three week thia day, they bad. the pleasure of informing one of their customers, that he had drawn three prize of $1000. and on Uie Monday of thi week, another cut - ' tomer drew two prize of $1000, miking prize to the amount of glO.OOU, which have been sold and paid within a lew days, at Uie Lucky Office, where in all probability the rrand - prize of $50,000. 20 000, g 10,000, and 70 of $1000. will be obtained. ap3 AUMCK JX) G HUCt.iS. ft" The grocer are requested to meet at Harmony - Hall on Saturday evening next at 7 o'clock, for the purpose of petitioning the state legislature, to adopt inch regulations respecting Uie government of retail grocers, as may in their wisdom be deemed most congenial to the practice and customs of Uie citizens of Uie city and county of New - York ; it having been understood that a resolution ha been proposed ta be offered to regulate them in such a manner a k deemed a great grievance, and much to tbe injury of those immediately concerned in that business. JAMES R. STUART, of tbe JOSEPH KERR, J First Ward, ap 3 2t Sr The .friends of private Banking are le - quested to meet at Tammany Hall, tomorrow evening, at 8 o'clock, to take iota consideretioa the propriety of remonstrating against tbe passage ofthe bill now pending before Uie honourable ihe Legislature of thi state. ap 3 lt A CARD. (tr MADAM DELAGE, milliner from Pa - risToO Reed - street, bat tbe honor of informing th ladies of thit city, and particularly her customer!, that the hat received and jutt opened an est - eant assortment of Sprier Hats, Chip Flats, Lee - horns, Flowers, ice. ap 3 lt CONCERT. MR. THIBAULT and Mr. OSTINELLI'3 GRAND CONCERT, will take piece oa Tuesday, the 7th instant, at Washington Hall, where will be performed the following piece. (Leader of the Orchestra, Mr. Gentil.) . PART I. 1. Overture, Deftli borazzi curiazzi Cunarot. . 2. Song, Pria che sponti, performed by Mr. . Pardi Cimarota. ' 3. CoDcerto, executed oa tbe piano by Mr. Tot - baolt Dusseck. . . 4. Concerto on the flute, by Mr. Tsyler. i 5. Noturni, performed by Mr, and Mr. Parol. . accompanied by tbe harp Blangini. . 6. Solo, executed on the violin, by Mr. Ottioel" li Kreutzer. 7. French Thema, with variation, composed aad executed on the piano, by Mr. Thibault 8. Finale. . FART II. 1. Overture, dell' Agnes se Per. . 2. Behold in hi toft expressive face, witb varia tion, composed and executed on toe brp by Mr. Thibault. . 3. Tvrolese. v. ith variation, compcaed and ecu ted on the clarionet, by Mr. Jaf;lf - 4. Tuo, Del figlio diletto, tuog by Mr, end Mr I'ardi tannetu. . S. Variation on the Violin, compcaed and 7 cuted by Mr Ottinelli. . 6. Trio, to be tung by Mrt. Pardi aad .net." - ramis .suQoiu. 7. Eveleen' Bower, with variation, ePer and executed on tbe piano by Mr. Thibault. I. Finale. - . . Ticket to be had at Mr. Dubois' ' "5 Broadway; Mr. Goodrich' book - More, wy ; Mr. uein', tuaidao - ian , mo ";,. of Wathineton Hall. P - - F. IITR POOL. will. Th 6 bP ALBION, Cox, master, XMhavuigall her cargo on board, will on Sunday next, the 5th iisst wind and permitting. A few passengers ceo b W.'?7T ly accommodated on reasonable terms, a imnr diate application it made to ' ' JOHN ABM. WILLI NK k CO. . p3 2t 73 WMhfw - . Qr The Federal Republican Electors f the SECOND WARD, will convene on Taesdtv evening next, at seven o'clock, at Hodakinson4

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