Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 25, 1937 · Page 13
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 13

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 25, 1937
Page 13
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MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, FEBRUARY 25 · 1937 THIRTEEN TROJANS, MOHAWKS FACE STATE EVENTS t.i THREE AT HEAD OF GAGE GAMES AFTER KICKOVER Corn Country Upset to Put Leaders in Knot as Race Neavs End. COMMERCIAL LEAGUE DASKF.TBAI.I. STANDINGS ( S e c o n d Hound) W. i C o u n t r y :t nl Bread ........ Marshall and Sn-IJt ...... H llrckcr'j Hamilton'* J,. I 1 I I llyan I WEDNESDAY' RESULTS MAIl.-SWIFT--3? (HAMILTON'S--Jit Is " p l j tc 0 1 lIHinman f : 1 0 ojaicDowcIl f c 0 II [|I)aniorth f 2 n l',Shulcr c s i njivo'u r Hawks f Siller t Connelly Cnrdlc f M a r l i n i n 2 0 n o 1 a n n n n i ii i 0 I) 3 0 5. TOTALS IS i 4|TOTALS Score at liall: marshal! and S w i f t IU| Hamilton's 4. · Frr.c throws missed: Marshall and S v . i l l G; Hamilton's I- IMA. B R E A D -- 35 IDECKKIl'S-- 1!) It ft I'll If " P' IU,n1|.lircy f 3 (I :i|Klioll hums f I l c r b c n c r 0 I) Ojllainia f I I HCarroll I o t 1 2 j L i n c i c u m I I UlSnell e II 1 3|Nelson JT [Wolle f j I I I UjTOTALS II (I II II II 1 n :l 2 '^ l) s n I n n 11 I I .1 Trojans Ready LANE USHER SNELL HERT SHECKLER Jaysee Court Squad Set to Bid for Title KGLO to Broadcast Games at Marshalltown When Trojans Tussle. . SCORI.VG y Shols FG FT FTBI IT Via. ^2G ; 17 :m ;!l li'J IBS m 3,» 21 ·*% 1!) 87 I H 27 J!t 12 W fi7 i i - j iij j i ^-i :(* fi:t Lane t Usher e-I- Snelt t'C' J i e r t f Shccklcr Dunn p And'sou c Widcer c- Dictz f First Semester I' layers. Herbencr ( . tit !f 1 ; Hubbard f . - (I ll I) LYNX TO SCRAP AT FINAL GAME Vebster City Opposes Prep Team; Indie Tourney to Reach Windup. PROBABLE LINEUPS TASON C1TV WEBSTER CIT1' (RI.IISLKY Coach. LAMSON ! ookman !·' Ostlund r. Wood C Doollltle lorman C Shelton V . - W o o d O . Fleischer "lelcher G Burton T I M E - 7::iO, 1-'K1UAY NIGHT PLACE: JIason City !H 5 h S c h o o l O F F I C I A L S : Clyde K i i i f ( G r i m i e l l ) , 1. C. "Kippy" Gilbcrtson (St. O l a f ) . TOTALS . . - . . _ Score at hall: U T n m o u d Bread Io; Decker's y. J'rce throws missed: Diamond Bread -,s Decker's C. PABST--:.'o 1C. COUNTRY--I!) If ft pll Ig Ii P' Tracy I I I f t OJJohuon t 2 0 1 Koflccfcy t ii 1 OJThurllc f .1 D I) Brunsvold f I II 1 Krutscl c 1 1 0 Chrisfsen c 0 0 - Lee B~ : - " " Barr e ' " UPaul I II 0 0 Slalhiasou E I I O x UBlllnun i l o t Coall t "- 0 0| TOTALS 12 I .-itl'OTALS 'J I x Technical f o u l . i Score at hall: Tabst 12; Corn Country t. Frcr llirow* missed: Pabsl 1; Corn Country 4. Pabst Blue Ribbon provided the only upset o£ Wednesday's program in the Y. M. C. A. Commercial · league, tumbling Corn Country into a three-way deadlock for first place by outpointing the Buttermakers 25 to 19. Corn Country had held sole possession of the pacemaking spot, but Wednesday's defeat, coupled with victories by Diamond Bread and Marshall and Swift resulted in a triple tie. Cy Kopecky was the chief reason for the Brewers' victory, '.the Pabst forward' sinking five field- goals arid adding a free throw. Close behind was Ole Brunsyold, who dropped in a quartet of shots from the field. "Pop" Turn-tie scored three fieldgoals for the losing cause. The winners led 12 to 9 at the half. Decker's cagers sank closer to the bottom 'of the rankings as the Diamond Bread quintet scored a 32 to 19 conquest to hand the packing plant men another defeat. Merrill "Red" Herbener, Mickey MacDonald and Earl Lane each bucketed four fieldgoals and a free throw to account for 27 of the 32 Diamond Bread points. Clyde Lincicum and Elwin Snell each made six points for the losing Decker team. Hamilton's ill fated basketball club was the victim of Marshall and Swift's attack 32 to 10 Wednesday night, to practically clinch JH. C. Totals SIX :!M O|ils. Totals 77T IRi KM ·Jl i:a log SEASON'S R E C O R D D i a m o n d Bread Olason City) 31; Tro ins 28. Trojans i i l i A l u m n i SI. Trojans 1C; Diamond Dread l.i. Marshall and S w i l l 39; Trojans to. Carlcton freshmen 28; Trojans 21. Trojans 117; Tort Dodge -'u. Trojiins :lfi; Luther Reserves 27. Trojans 44; Marshalltou-it 28. Trojans 41: Luther Reserves as. Trojans :U; Estherville 25. Carleton Freshmen 41; Trojans 1-. Trojans 43; Esthcrville St. Trojans X't; Marshalltou-n 'M. Trojans ;iH; Grinnell Freshmen :I7. Trojans II; Fort U o d f c 31. If those small sized fireaters from Mason City junior college maintain their season's record from now until Saturday night, they'll come home with the Iowa Jaysee basketball title. The Trojans go into action Marshalltown Friday morning a' 11:10, facing either Boone or Maquoketa junior college, in the second day and tiie second rounc of the state tournament for the two-year schools. They haven't been defeated b;, a North Iowa junior college this season, and the only teams to bea them are Marshall and Swift.Dia- honors in the league. Cordle scored five field- cellar Harry goals and a charity shot for the Cleaners, Ced Connelly made good on five from the floor. KGLO HAS GAME · Mason City junior college will be followed to Marshalltown by the Globe-Gazette radio station, KGLO, provided that the Trojans win their opening game Friday morning. The Jaysee team plays either Maquokela or Boone in its opening game Friday' morning at 11:10. Friday evening, the Mason City squad may enter the quarterfinal round, which starts at 8:15, provided the Trojans defeat their first opponents. The exact starting time of their possible Friday night game is not known as yet, however. KGLO will also broadcast, direct from Marshalltown, any Saturday games that the Trojans may play. The Mohawks come home for me last time Friday night, before hey go oft to the sectional tournament wars. Mason City high chool lakes on the powerful Lynx rom Webster City in a contest Four to Try Luck at Iowa Mat Contest Mason City Quartet to Be in Finals Sessions at Fort Dodge High. A quarlet of Mason City high school wrestlers, too small a contingent to bring home a team title, will be in the thick of the fight at Fort Dodge Friday and Saturday for Iowa individual wrestling hon- Leewright, ' Mohawk 105 for Mason City. billed for 7:30, closing its schedule. The program will also see the ;now-postponed windup of the Vorth Iowa Independent basketball tournament, with Marshall ind Swift opposing Pabst Blue Gibbon in a game that follows the ugh school contest. The Lynx, still smarting from heir defeat by Mason City in the state tournament last season, 25 .o 10, will ue out to erase some scason and ti )f that memory Friday night. pounds ire tl Ready to help themselves to a ' ' 3all game will be All-Stater Don Shelton, who was bettered only by Howard Sto'ecker in Iowa prep circles last season; Bill Ostlund, star forward, and Ralph Burton, defensive ace. All are veteran oerformers from previous Webster City outfits. The Lynx have been beaten three times this year, once by Ames, once by Fairfield, one of the strongest teams of southern Iowa, and once by Iowa Falls. The Cadet victory gave Iowa Falls the lead in the North Central conference. Mason City will have a patched lineup ready for Friday night. Jack Wallace, who slashed his hand in an underbasket pileup at Fort Dodge, will not be ready to play until next week. Seven stitches were removed from the cut Wednesday. Bob Cookman will take his job, while George Wood will probably start in the other forward post, with Howard Gorman at center and Capt. Everett Fletcher on regular guard duty · with Wayne Wood. ors. Bill pounder, Orin Thompson, who will wrestle at 115 pounds, Orlando Calicchia, Mason City's 135 pound entrant, and Tom Rumeliote, who is making good a promise of last DIZZY DEAN? It ought to be Tom "Dizzy Dean" Rumeliote. Last season, when the Mason Cityan won the 145 pound state title, he said to F. J. Moore, Iowa athletic board member, "Thanks-I'll see you next year!" Welcher of East Des Moincs will oppose Lcewright in his first match among tough competitors that include Kirstein of Clarion, Reutlinger of Cresco and Kressley of Waterloo East. Sleezer of Cherokee opposes Thompson in the next heavier division, while Funk of Waterloo West meets Calicchia. Lindholm of Waterloo East will also wrestle in the 135 pound division. Easter o£ Cresco meets Rume- liote first in the 155 pound class. Sharp of Clarion and Tepfer of Fort Dodge will also be strong competitors in the same division. BAER HAS HUFF OVER LICENSES, PASTOR GO OFF Former Champ, Brown Go at Each Other Again in Commission Talk. NEW YORK, (UP)--Temperamental Max Baer, former heavyweight champion aiming at a second comeback, has talked himself out of a chance to.light Bob Pas- lor in New York next month. Maxie asked the New York state athletic commission for a license to box here but walked out in a hull--without the license--.after a heated argument. Baer's hands fivst were examined by live doctors. The commissioners wanted to make sure he could have no alibi, as after the Joe Louis and Jimmy Braddock fights, that his mitts were in bad shape. Fit for Action. The doctors reported that lliay were fit for action and Max sat in front of the 'three commissioners --D. Walker Wear, Chairman Gen John J. Phelan and Bill Brown-to hear the verdict. Phelan said: "Let's give him a license." Wear, before assenting, questioned Max about the condition o his hands . and his ling activities during the'past year. Bi-own started the fireworks with: "I want to go on record as opposed to licensing Baer. Each time he boxed in New York he left a bad aroma by which we (the commission) were open to criticism by the press." Maxie Gets Huffy. Phelan, seeing the commissioi was two 4o one in favor ot Baei said: "Let's go on with it"--mean ing, grant a license. . But Maxie, thoroughly aroused GLOBE-GAZETTE SPORTS SE ' ROLLIE CAN BREAK TRAINING , VFTER SATURDAY NIGHT GAME Rollie Williams . . . the "silver fox" who coaches Iowa's basketball team . . . will break training Saturday night after the Hawkeycs play Illinois. It's the final game of the Iowa season. Few Big Ten coaches carry out such stringent training rules Williams. And Rollie doesn't do it !o impress the boys . . . he does t because he has to! ~ « - f * 5* High-strung and nervous . . . the Hnwkeyc coach is literally on 'pins and ncedlc-s" before game-time. "1 sleep for two hours and n half every afternoon before a game,' 1 says Rollie. "For my evening meal I have poached eggs on toast. I (Continued o i i . X e x t OUT of the PRESSBOX -By Al Mitchell- get so nervous during a game ihings.just don't go so well." Williams is known throughout that if I eat a heavy meal well, the conference as one of the most "jittery" of. instructors . . . but there isn't any other coach more thorough. The wiry, gray-haired mentor seldom sleeps the night before a game. "I lie awake most of the night going over plays and trying to pick out flaws in the enemy attack. Often I strike some new play which 1 think will work and immediately jot it down on paper . . . many's the morning I've gotten up at 2 o'clock to record notes for fear of forgetting the play later in the morning," says Rollie.. Sincere and industrious, he has the complete respect of. his squad. When Iowa loses the boys dor.'t care nearly as much lor themselves . it's Hollie they think they've let down. C O * g i 6 SHORT TURNS--Have you noticed that J. A. "Judge" Grimsley is reading a new book? The title is "Secrets of Winning Basketball" . . . I don't believe it's been brought out before that Athletic Director W. Don Harrison of Pittsburgh, with whom Coach Jock Sutherland is feuding, is a graduate of Iowa . . . in fact, he's a native of Iowa City, 'tis said. SWIMMING RECORDS TREMBLE IOWA CITY--National intercollegiate records will tremble in the University of Iowa field house pool Friday evening under the assault of swimmers from Michigan, national collegiate team champion of 1936, and Iowa, the Big Ten champion of last year. The dual meet, which probably will be one of the fastest held in the country in several years, will be a clash of two undefeated teams, although Iowa was tied by Northwestern. Michigan's finely-balanced team bowed to Iowa in the Big Ten title meet. BOB FELLER WILL START TOUR TO SUNNY CLIMATE Iowa Schoolboy Hurler Set to Travel South for Training Season. By L. E. SKELLEY. VAN METEH, ()--Bob Feller, baseball's prize rookie, leaves now for !!e Sunny South--a schoolboy to the last. Inwardly fidgety, Bob attended high school .Thursday with the same composure shown since lie became one of the country's most publicized youngsters. Friday, however, he can really relax. He'll be on his way to the Cleveland training camp. And after all, as his father says, baseball, not the books, is Bob's first love. Ready for Campaign. The 18-year-old farm boy, who startled the majors with a single game strikeout record for the American league last summer, is ready for the campaign. There'll be little need for conditioning him at New Orleans. Always a faithful trainer, Bob is physically fit to show his sensational work for the Indians was no streak of luck. He's all set to prove he has the stuff to warrant the fndians paying him at least $10,000 for his 1937 contract. Five months of rigid training put Bob in perfect condition. He is five pounds heavier, a bit taller and stronger. ·"" New Curve Is Set. Bob may have something more than -a blinding fast ball for the sluggers to look at this year. He has been working on a new curve. "Why, the darn thing breaks KO wide, the boys down at the high (Turn to Next rage) Davis Signs Up With Reds for New Trials CINCINNATI, (UP) -- Virgil Davis, veteran catcher whom the Cincinnati Reds obtained from the St. Louis Cardinals by purchase in December, accepted terms Thursday, reducing the list of dissatisfied Reds to four. Those who have not signed nor accepted terms are outfielders Hub Walker and Babe Herman ami pitchers Don Brennan and Ray Davis. The Reds will start training at Tampa, Fla., March 4. J oe Louis to Tussle at Des Moines Ring DES MOINES, (UP)--Joe Louis, Detroit Bomber who has signed for a championship bout with .lames Braddock, hcavyweiglit titleholdcr, will fill his previously postponed exhibition boxing match in the coliseum here March 3, it WHS learned Thursday. Pinky George, local promoter, said he was advised by the Bomber's agents in Chicago that Louis would bo able to meet the schedule. An opponent for Louis had not been obtained. mond Bread and the Carleton col lege freshmen, who won two high scoring contests, one in an over time period, and both by a handful of points. There isn't any doubt that the Trojans have a smooth little outfit. 1C they are stopped, it will be because they fail just where they did last season--in continually matching height with speed through the brackets of a tough tournament. There will be 22 other teams at Marshalltown, and most of them will be bigger and huskier than Mason City's boys. But the Trojans figure to outrun the larger squads, and the fact that the tournament games will be played in 20 minute halves may help them to do it. The fact that the late season has brought on a bit more reserve strength in the Trojan squad will also help Mason City, for the tall second team can help out a lot in the pinches. And there'll be plenty of call for reserves, for the Trojans, although they drew a bye in the opening round of the tournament, may have to pack four contests into two days--i£ they, get up into the semifinal pairings. Albia, which defeated Mason City in the final game of the 1936 tournament, played on a snowbound basketball court here, 37 to 22, is the team to beat again this season. The Albia squad is undefeated in southern Iowa. Two Stars Drop Out of Southern Tussles ORMOND BEACH, Fla., (UP) --Two favorites--Helen Detweiller ot Washington and Jane Bauer of Providence, R. I.--fell by the wayside Wednesday in the first round of the South Atlantic Women's championships. Miss DetweiHer was defeated 2 up by Betty Botterill of Salt Lake City. Miss Bauer was eliminated 3 and 1 by Mrs. William Hockenjos of Lake Hopatcong, N. J. They ere the only favorites to go out. Pat Eerg, Minneapolis, the tourney favorite, smothered Gladys Blaisdell of Walerville, Me,, 8 and Plymouth High Wins in Non-League Game PLYMOUTH -- Plymouth high school defeated Fertile 33 to 16 in a non-conference basketball game Wednesday night, as Chehock led the local attack with .10 points. B O X I N G ARMORY Tonight, .8:30 Greg Mangm Gets Top Seeding in Net Match NEW YORK, (UP) -- The defending champion, Gregory S. Mangin of New York, Thursday was seeded No. 1 in the draw for the men's singles of the national indoor tennis here Saturday. tourney starting Frank Parker, Spring Lake, N. .T., was seeded No. 2; Charles R. Harris, No. 3, Francisco, No. 4. West Palm and Walter Beach, Fla., Senior, San Whittemore Cagers Play Ringsted Team WHITTEMORE -- The Whittemore Independents will play Ringsled on the local court Friday evening. i BAKERS SHOOT HEAVY TOTALS Diamond Bread Gets Most Pins, Florimel Wins in Three Games. Diamond Bread, with 1,782 pins, was the high squad of the evening, while Florimel won three games from D. K. Lundberg to get a shure in the honors in the women's bowling league Wednesday night. Diamond Bread won two contests from Coca Cola, Eunice Cookman rolled a 484 high series and 188 high single for the best individual record. D I A M O N D » R E A D rlnyers-- I « l irnl Urd 'lotal Mick Co ok man Glanvillc i'onda I'M I ID Roads Stop Cage Tests Crystal Lake Forfeits as Single Game Is Run in Tourney. GIRLS' SECTIONAL At Thompson. W E D N E S D A Y G A M E S first H o u n d . Wesley a: Crystal Lake II ( f o r f e i t ) . Ledyard .tfi; Grant Tott-nship 11. THOMPSON -- Only one game was completed Wednesday night in the girls' sectional basketball tournament here, when Ledyai'd defeated Grant township 46 to 11. Wesley advanced when Crystal Lake was unable to appear here because of highway conditions and forfeited its game. The Manly-Thompson game was postponed a night. u; i I K K A c i l i . t l f i l l H a n d i c a p :jr, -M ::. TOTAL PISS nil I 033 Jlli 411; txl Players-- Sluljbs- . . . . Herrmann. Qnist A l b r c c h l . . COCA COLA Jst u'nd Ltnl Tutnl m J:K IDT, l:;« j i t Kit in TO BE OUT IN FRONT hu'f nrf/wf with th^p r/j^r / I/Ufa j/i t£M M/Hfl US4s cliel 0 Yoiulrive// bigbargain u:/ittij-aie pilot this itiinning Buick srtciM- i/ciu;/ the road'. It's a "vtiliic-iH- hciitt itraight-eight--frutd nnly llig/ttly higher tlittn the ti'Vcrit£c ji.v onliitle the Isv:cit firiffftM, Total Tins -117 li!l 4.~r, Jrtlit H a n d i c a p !'*·{ !.: !'· :HJ!I TOTAL TINS .T.a ,-,si :,-,! uaa u. K: L U N D U E R G I'laycrs-- ' 1st '*nd 3rd Total Hoc I U U 100 Woisnak I l l !.V 2Dli D o u g h e r t y ml UK 127 SI7I3 Doc 100 100 2D11 Frank UR DS Stepllan IIIK 1HU 1.TM -\\'J A c t u a l Pins H a m l i c a n TOTAL TINS ir.l r. FLORIMKI, IM Sue) 3rd TnCal Jersey Pro Five Up on Par at St. Pete ST. PETERSBURG, (UP)--Vic Ghezzi, Deal, N. J., blazed around P a s a d e n a course in 67--five strokes under par--Wednesday to outclass 80 professional and amateur golfers opening the sixth 33,000 St. Petersburg open tournament. Two strokes behind him with B9's were Ralph Guldahl, St. Louis; Ed Oliver, Philadelphia, and Orvillc White, St. Louis. Cage Scores men scuooi, riymoulh 33; Fertile l(i. Thompson TOTAL T I N S I'layers-- Doc nnsiijrcin . Leiuhaa* .. Doc 101 III) isn n:t iis Illl KM! 6n)1 t.VJl A c t u a l Pins ....... -138 Handicap 41) -'Md ::ril Tola] Ion i n n :inu :ii r)-; :iin Hit l~,K IrlT, 100 10(1 301) ·1111 IHfifi \'l 117 TOTAI, TINS 1KT .-07 DECKEIt'S CORONA "h«o CMVDIU fon.r OWLY COHON* MAX BOYD 111 E Stale Masnn City /"~"ARWISE you're out in front when you take your comfortable place behind this Buick SPECIAL'S wheel -- under its bonnet is not merely an eight, but an oil-cushioned vulvc-iii-hcad straight-eight, which means the ablest of them all! It will show fleet heels to any. highway challenger except another Buick --yet. the unbelievable thing is not this gorgeous car's performance, but its price. Big, handsome, smartly slylcd as it is, it costs close to the sixes that it so easily out-performs. This four-door sedan pictured here actually costs less delivered, than some cars with two fewer cylinders and less efficient engine design. Even when you average all the sixes outside of the lowest price field, you find little more than a dollar-a-week difference the first year and after that it's velvet. Count just the mechanical differences--torque-tube drive, valve-in- liead engine design, double-end stabilization, Acrobat carburetion, a whole earful of such features -- and that dollar-plus added each week to the easy payments begins to pale into no burden at all. Just get in a B u i c k -- g i v e yourself over to a real thrill for ten or fifteen minutes -- you'll forget about price entirely! You can afford it--because it's priced down with the sixes, so why be content with any lesser car?. YOUR MONEY GOES FARTHER IN A GENERAL MOTORS CAR Bimm-Qlscm Company 316 North Federal Mason City Phone 288

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