The Evening Post from New York, New York on April 2, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
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Thursday, April 2, 1818
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. .. J blatt of A' tit - York. M. TH wrtoaaca of aa orde of UJ honourable I - - - - . . la the above udm. iviU be told at pnUic euttioa, at Uatrt't Hotel, It tbe village of Newtnirgh, oa sixteenth day of April next, at twelve o'clock at oooo. under theihrectioo ol the subscriber : All that certain tract cf land tit - nate, lying and heinf at Little Br it ails n towa of New - Wiador, county of Orbtte, and state of New - York, eodl bounded a follow m the east bv the lands of tlie btir of John Wel ling, defeated, on tbe north by the lands of Robert K. Burnet, oa tbe weat by tbe land of gen - end Jamet Clinton, and on tbe aoath by Ibe Undi of the hcira of Samuel J . L. Norton. deceas ed, containing three hundred and ten acre of land, be mo tame more or leu, wim ine nerv - ditamenti and appurtenancej to tbe same lielong - f . . - 1 . " ' II.1.J - sne or in any who apprrrnininp;. arylT, 18f8. THOMAS BOLTON, fab 28 lawtApldts Matter in Chancery. I n it, honorable the iudze and aa - r - ' aiitant iuttices of the court of common pita in end for tbe coon 1 ' tv af OfiuiEa The petition of John Duer, of the town of Go - Ik n, in the county of Orange retpeclfully theweth ' THAT your petitioner is Kited in fee simple, a tenant in common, together with the several parties herein after named, of eight equal undivided forty eighth prt, the whole into lorty eifilit equal part to be divided,, of in and to all . that certain lot, tract, piece or parcel of laud, situate, lying and being in the village ol fit w - kurvh. in Ilia laid f - of Orance hounded on the north bv the etretit called tiie eieht rod . ttreet, on the east by the Hudsou riter, on the outh by landi formerly belonging' to Hiram Weller and George Monell, and on tte west by landi formerly belonging to 1 nomai voiden containina - . ai i suDDoied. two acrei of land. And v our petitioner further ibeweth. that Join . Rutberiurd. of the stato cj New - Jersey, i alto netted as aforesaid, of roar otherequal undivided forty eighth part of the same. 14 u..Mnli tLnhinam. at orwaenC at vAtir ' tietitioner is informed and believe, a resident in tlt&tpartof tlie kingdom of Great Britain called England, it alto seu'd at aforesaid, of four other qoat undivided mrty eignin pant oi roe tame. That John Stereos, of the itate of New - Jersey ft also seired at aforesaid, of i wo otlier equal un - di tided fort eighth oarts of the same. That Robert L. Livingston, of the county of - - I 1. 1 - I u.. . 1.:. ":r wuiuuiuiu, in um state, anq aiurgaiei, uis wuc. in Um right of the said M argaret, are also seized as atorrsaid. of one otber equal undivided forty eignin pan tnereoi. . And that Edward P. Livingston, of (he taid frkiiMI V Ar I nlnmlH. .ml h. ihalh In. Hiju tlie right of lb taid lEIiisbetri, are alinseiied . aforesaid, of one other equal undivided forty ejilith part thereof. And that Cornelia Livingston, of the city of new i om, reier van ururn uvingsion, ai pre' tent, nt your petitioner l informed and believes, a tviident in some part of the kingdom of Great Britain, and reler Kane, of the state or .lew - Jer - tey, by virtue of an net of the Ireiila'ure of the state, vent in in Uiein, a truiteei, tlie estate of 1'eter Van Uracil Livintttoo, deceased, are also jfeu as aiurvvaiu, vi luur oiiwr oiiuw uuuifiucu "And lliut Aleitnder Koliertion, of the city of ixew - irora, ana rancei, mi wire, la tne ntiil oi tbe taid Frnnrei, are also wised as aforesaid, of the remaininc twenty four equal uodivided lorty eightlipartt thereof. Ana your Petitioner further theweth, that litis desirous to have Partition made of all and aingular the ttitl above described premises, among tbe taid teveral owners or proprietors of the tame, according to tbeir teveral and respective rights of, In and to the tame. ' Wherefore your petitioner prayt that the taid premises may he divided among tlie said several owaert or wourietori. ac - ordinr to their said eerrral and respective rights, by rommisiionen to be appointed by this honorable court, in pursuance of (h directions of the act. entitled " An act for the partition of lands." And yonr peti - tioour. as in duty bound, shall ever pray, tic. JOHN UirfcR. To John Rutherford, Susannah Kobinsoo, John Mavfm. Rnhart I.. I.ivineitnn and Marrfirpt his wife, Edward P. Livinztton end tliiabetli his wife,Cvmelia Livingston, Peter Van Buri;h Livingston, Peter Kane, Aleiander Robertson and t rancet nil wile. You will be pleased to take notice that a Peti tion of which tlie preceding it a copy, will be presented to the honorable th Jutget and Atiisiant Jtt'tice of the Court nf Coiuuioo picas, in and for the county of Orange, oa the last Monday ol May next, to be held at the court house iu Go - then, in and for the taid county of Orange, at ten o'clock in the forenoon of tliat day, or at toon tbert - aiter as counsel can be heard, and an application will thereupon be made lor the appointment of commissioners to mnkc Partition of tlie Premises with the Appurtenances in the laid Peti tiou mentioned and described, acrurdiug to the prayer of the said Petition, and the dnuctinnsol u act ol the LiCitluture of the felatu of New - York, entitled " an act for the partition of lands." Duted January 10, 11113. . JQI1SDUEU. ' Alexander Duer, nttorncy for petitioner. Feb 1 liiwtlmMay ACADEMY AT BELLEVILLE. N. . millb iuititutioo will be opened on the first X day of April next,' under the direction of JAMES STRIKER, A.M. at principal there of. ' The course of instruction will embrace nil the branches preparatory to n collcriato education, as well as those which are necessary for the merchant", the farmer, and the mechanic, vi : A grammatical knowledge of the English, Latin ami Greek lanemneea. arithmetic mathematics. antient and modern Geography, iucluding the use of globes and niaia, ancient and modern hittorj, natural and moral philosophy, composition, book keening, reading, writing, Sc. Tbe terms ol tuition lor day scholars in the loweit branches, will be two dollars per auar tcr, and will not exceed five dollars per quarter, . r.i I :i . ID any oi in uigm r. To those at distance, who are desirous Of sendiot tbeir children to tins healthy and beau tiful tillage for instruction, the principal offers to receive into his own lamdy, a select number. Who will be educated anil boarded, (including washing and mending) at the rate of $ltl0 per annum. It is reauested that those who intend to send their children to the day - school altaclied to the institution, will give early notice. In offering this seminary to public notice, tbe trustees entertain n hope, that ihebenclicial pur pose contemplated in its establishment, will not b defeated irom the want of public ratronagi For the ability of their principal to fulfil tlie in portant task he ha undertaken, tin y refer to tbe subioined remmnicodaiion ; and he will employ no nshrrt or assistants, butiuthaiihnll be most i&titfactorily recommended and duly itialibfd To the Inhabitants oithe village and itt viciui ty, they offer n well regulated school, for the io' struction of their youth, a thing much wanted and long desired ; and to itraiiii r, the advnnts Kes of education iu a nl.w.c aduiirablv ad.u.ti i lr Uie purMe, by its nearness to, and daily communicaUnn Willi ew - Ynlk. and Ita. an. knowleilged suK - riority in point of health and ucauii a Rev. Staatt Van Sintvoord.1 nuiailS, John Vno Rtnsseltr, Jaoirs Huruhlower, Exektel Wade, Jonathan Tuuipkint, Bcllcvile, December, 181. Truilee. SKVUMMllikvin Of Mr. Ptryker, the Principal, hy P. Wilson, L 1. L. fiuletor of Lenguajies in Columbia . Colleee, " i mi e. enueiuan an Atlnmn... r f - ..i...t. College, and received a comnlernbM prt of ilu lUttru. boo irom me. tin thereiore wi ll ac - tjuamted with hu talents and have no h. siUUon in il. - clann; uim fully mnnhL. rf rn.'i;n - ,i . t9 be has unJertukn, with credit to himself wn vrnrui 19 tut; cumdiUOliy." jan 9 Ita - tfJSr. I t J.' SALT. iiOO buihell jl. Deigns ions i nana salt lor sale Vj , .. .. TUChLR it LAURJE3, 3 South - itreet. by - IS DIGESTION, 80UB. STOMACH, , IS ackiaav (edged by medicaj writers to be a tomnlaint oi stubborn kind, and at all tinei Very diilktttef care. Tlas is ssScientty illus - iraiad in thsdisaDnoiDtsaent of those who anfor - tuaately seder onder it, at they, for the moat part, Sad that after having tried many thing to bttk r no purpose, they are at last obliged to use (for pernape um remaioaer we mm.u v - ,v" can at best but pailiaU lb disease. Undersucb rirrumalani'M. aa medicina caoabl of remo ving the complaint, most tureiy nc an higoly deserving the attention of all Unee "bo are ainicted wnn it I tocn a comomauon n iu ic me within DR.. MfcAW'S ANll - UIOCr - 1IC or STOMACH PILLS the luccest of which bat never yet been eq Bailed, for tbe cure nf rivsnaosia ia its most coonlicated form, inch ulostorappeute, naeiea, inanuurn, uaiuieu - cy, knawtng pun ia the ttomach, pain in the side, great costiveness, paleness in tbe countenance, lancuor. iownets of spirits, pain in the bead, virtigo or giddiness, and disturbed sleep. Whoever applies these put in ineanove disease, accordinc to the direction, will never be disap pointed, a they have never been once known to fad ia prodacinc n radical and permanent cure. The use oft tingle bos will convince tbe most unbelieving of their efficacy. They will most effectually remove all tourneu of the stomach. not merely by neutralising the acid, but by cor rectinr that morbid state of the lecretioot whit I givei rise to it, and at the lame time will restore to the debilitated organs of digestion, that tone and vigour which ii absolutely necessary to the well being of the animal economy. Price one dollar per box. For sale by JOHN C. MORRISON, Drogifiit, No. 188 Greenwich - street. Where mar be had. whoksule and retail. large and general assortment of genuine l)rx and Medicines t Eurteont Instruments: A pot tie can's Glass Ware ; English and American Pa tent Medicines. ' Also, Dyer's and Keller's aiti cies, medicine Cbetis, sc. un iiborai term, mb 95 2m TEN DOLLARS REWARD. R' ANAWAY from bis apprenticeship, F.D WARD YATES.ason ol Kdward Yates, Livery Stable Keeper, Maiden - Lane. The a - bove boy is a little risintr of eislitetn vears ol are, about five feet 4 inci rs huh, lone visajre harp chin, brown hair, au - 1 is a very intelligent dot. '1 he above reward will be paid to any per - 1 L: i . ..i il ' 1..T. ' : ton Dnnxms; mm 10 uie sunscnuer, vr giving iu formation where he mxy be found. JOSEPH BAGUOTT, Glast Cutter, - Corner of Grand street and Bowory. Or to WM. JACKSON, 70 t.'ljiitbam - st. N. B. Strong 'jpicions are entertained that be is lurkine about his father' premises in Maid en - Lane. Any person bar boo ring the above prentice, or an muster of vessel Ukinc him ol will be prosecuted with the ntmoit rigour of the taw. un .hi ir PLAsTErl OF PARIS MANUFACTORY. At the foor of Harrison - street, North - River. l , Hr.fl.fc manu:aciured riailcr, lorcorni - V V tei and other purpose, mar be bad. war - ranted of the first quality, at tne dollar and Iwtn - y Jfiw et nit per buihel. tne i manulactorv 1 conducted bv Mr. John Tucker, who ha served a reeular annrentice - ship to the mason btuineat. mh 21 JOH!t BYERS. NEW MUJS1C. UST published by WM. Dl'tiOlfl, at his piano forte and munc store, Mo, 16 Brortd - tray 7, raham't celebratad Polacca. arranged at a Rondo, by Steinell Favorite Venetian Air. arranged at a rondo. ltour Paddy O'Carrolt, with variations for the piano forte, by P. K. Moran. BONGS. O eoftly tleep my Bnhy Boy Tbe Last Token, or remember me. Alto, all Mr. 1'hiliiuV boues to be had at a. bove. feb 17 V 'JXJ Lt.T. sifilll From the first of May next, the three story brick house, No. Stl Dey - street. Apply to LtU.NAKU ULr.liL.Kr.ti, mh 27 2w 37 Wall - street. UO LIT. The well known country seat, formerly occupied hy John S. Rouiet, Ein,. opirniti - that 01 mi, Lieptyiier, on uie uiootiunsiiuie Koad, Apply to LARUE, PALMER tl CO. mn w iw 71 Washington - street. rt TO LET, USiil Those spacious HOUSES, Nos. 41 and 4 J v all - street, lately known ai the Merchants' Hotel. 1 bey will be let eithsr together or se parately. The house No. 41 hat n building in be rear of it, containing twenty bed rooms with firo - placei, which makes it one of Uie most desirable situations in the city lor a boarding house, especially as the lower rooms may be let with advantage either lor insurance or brokers offi ces, t or terms, apply to GEORGE BUCHANAN, mh27 14t 4 Mo d - lane, jj Lkr. From the 1st of May next, the House. No. ii'Ji Broadway, occupied by John Weill, esq wnn me oiaoie, kc. in me tear. Appiy n 11 L.A1UM i , mh263tt Wall - tt. corner of Nassau - st. A room suitable for nn Oilier, in or neai iluiUon - ttreet. Apply ut this iluce. mhtttr TO hKf. The house in Hudson - square, lately occupied by John K. Murray, r.q. It is spa ciout ami eleirant, and poxsessed of every re quisite convenience. Possession niay be hail immediately tor terms, apply to MAJUIt il GILLESPIE, 79 (up stairs) Pine - street. N. U. The above property w ill be told to any one desirous to purchase, and the pay ment made convenient. nili ill TO LICT, lt! US The tmall 3 story brick house No.' IT reuri - strrct, suitable lor a person carrying on a trade in the bouse, huvine a lisht earret and a middling sited itore. Possession given imme diately. Loquirc nf ii v iu a i iijL,w a'ji.u.i, mh 31 tf Stone - street, near Broad street. tTt bTOKE TO LET. The fire proof store in Governeurt lane, between Water and Front - street, from 1st May next Apply to TUCKER it LAUR1E V, mh 31 29 South - ttreet. rOU bAIE. on reawmable terms, the Ulenuli r complete lor a SOAP and CANDLE Man uinctorv. Likewise, nmr&ie .Tiouia ana uiptandiri bnrnjirft at no. I'J auau - street mhSdlw tV II EATON'S llcli U1MMENI rTlHE lonii and successful use of thit ointment JL is a niuVrcnt recommendation, at it has reen found to be a pit a in nt, sale and certain re - me - cy ir mat nuacreeaoie msease in an its na get. ll is lr taiem uie envoi ntw - iors, i , by ti I - J. A. A: W. R. Post, No. 41 William - streot U T. t:Iark. No. Ha Maiden - Lane ; II H SchitflVlin ti Co. Nn. iy3 frarl - street t Law rence tl KeeeNo. VJi Pearl - street; Hall Kuwne. US Prnrl - street ; R, k L. Murray, 3U l'earl - strect ; J. M. Pradhurst, 314 Pearl - street John reofonl. No 4 l letclier - strcet 1 Duryee Poe, in Pi arl - itreet; J ( bo C . Mormon, IHU Grmowub street: Jntm f. risher. 1U6 Broad way : alter & Seaman, cornel of Chambtr - st untl uroadway, and also in Chatham - street ; and in srtirt it may be procured at most ol tne uruf Stotes in this ci'v AUo in Philadelphia, of b WilUiell k Sous ; Georpe Hanell , North tl Ro - Ken, ana almost ai ine druggist in tiie principal wnu ui u wmiea o Lairs. i.ta - K.u.ta. WHEATOX'S JAUNDICE BITTERS may umi uie anove places. jan 22 6m pOTTON. - 2l bales Upland & tton vy landing from br jr EUza, at Jonet wharf, lor sue oy POTT h. M KJM.NR, ' mh 30 J6 South - street. NxwicKna and cast aft AiceAMAtt - it - er , .t ; TVKKB TIt A WBIC. - ? : v f EAVLSNewburgheve - . JT 1 Li ry Bonday, Tuetdty, yr. land 1 burtday morniag l r - . mwithw., o'clock, rent through .Montcomtrv. BloomtntTbureh. Mooticello, by While Lake, Cosbecton, Mount Pleasant, Grssl Beud.Jhenaiirr'roint,Owera, ithica, aoaue Returnirg leaves uruuuuigua every won - day, Wednesday and Friday morning at three o'clock, and arrive at Ncwbnrgh, the third day hi lime to take the Steam - boetf which arrive in New - York the following morning. (TT Ittnaubt irvecled that of ail Itmti mhtn iht tlttm - hoatt alter their iayt tf running, thattltu hne trill Miter to at to mf el them. " The whole route will be perfomed in three day, from tbe first of May, until tlie first of November and trom tne nrsi or wovemoer until the fifteenth of December, and from tlie fifteenth of March umil the first of May, in R.ur davt and from the 15tli December, un til the fiAeenth ofMarcli the tame line will be continued to tbe city of New - York and run from thence to Cauandaigiia in four riayt. Psaseneers travellirtflr from New - York to Cananokizua. Nianra or Buffalo, Can leave N York in the even ins: steam - boats, and arrive in Canandaigua in three dtys a distance of three hundred mill t. The line it well furnished with good, new carriages j good horses, and careful and tXDerienced dr.vert fcvery anen tion will be paid to render the passage of the traveller safe, easy and expeditiou j and it i' believed that the accommodations on this line are eciual toanv line in the ttate. (TJ - PARE from Newburgh to Canandaigua FOURTEEN DOLLARS. N. B. A branch of the tame line runs thri c times a week from Ithaca to Auburn. AUo, a tine runt from 0ego Tiog Point, tiicice through Newtown and Painted Pott, to Until, He. .BAGGAGE, at usual, at the risk of the owm - rs. David Godfrey. Bloominghurgh, V: i'.. rit. John. Mount Pirasant. L. tl R. Manning, Chenango, I Proprie Luther Gere, Khica, I ton. Smnuel Greenliff, Geneva, Oliver Phelps, Laniiug, mb 14 dGin fcDUCATlOX. RS. DAWSON latelv from the Eailnrn Continent reipectiuliv informs the iniblir, that she has ooened a School in Cbeirv street. Ho. Vii, where voune Ladie will be cartljllrin structed by hersell and daughters, iu writing, arithmetic, drawing, biitors, geography, me i the globes, and needle work in all varieties. Mrs. D. bees leave to observe that her iv'tem of teaching (formed from her owo experience) greatly fui ihtatct the improvement of youth with eair and tleisiire to themselves, and saves ;.n ii - rredible portion of their time, when empkijed in tiie usual vay. Gr;at atti:ntinn will be paid to Lnjilish Grammar, Reading nnd Prnunciation. A. ti. Wriluurandllrawiceinasi'periormftn - aer by Mitt lan mh 1 1 3 ATI ST, VHr.Xin AfB 1TAI.I1V LaHOCAOrt. MRAt, CAi'AII, 1'irmerlv preiidfnt ol the Allien, us of Treviso, and perp. ti.Hl serre - Inrvofthe Aoademv of Belles Lvtires. at Ve nice, tic. ofiVn his services n teacher of tiie La tin, Italian and Innirr , in ncxdraiies. boardinc ichonls, or prii at. lenoos. ile would have no objection to take ioiird in b retpetta - rln private luinilv with punili, in order to per fect them art the Inr.guages. Siilhcirnt references cm re riven. Any coinronnns auuressoa in mm to the rare nf Messrs. Berard k Moi'don, Nri Maiden - Lane) will meet with irauirdiat ut teiilion. n.1,211 18i COLUMBIAN I'lCTU RE GALLERY, 61 tLTOsT - BTHBr. e cnnnoi'icurs and umuteurs of the Fine Art', and to the enlightened publico! New - York M1IE pronritlorof an extensive collertmn of L pictures, Uie work of the most eminent painter, having just arrived from Europe, where he has purchased tliem from the cultnets ct Rome, Naples, Florence. Pnrii, Amsterdam fii - i . London, at a very connderabie expenre, proposes to exhibit them to the Indies and gentlcme. - of thit city and iu vicinity. Tbe exhibition will begin on Monday, the oib or April, it wmnei. - ir superior to any at yet offered in tbe U. Stab t, tlie picturet being undoubtedly originals, by the following ai lists : Cl.mde Du Vinci Rubens Cnrreeio Parmeginno Rem; rant vernnia vanuerweri ciuim yiw.o A I bono Neticher Caracci Dominicbino Raphael Milani Poussin Vandernecr Rnmboccio Ostade Trbier Znccarellt odervelde JanStren Ham liolbcui Xeeio Van Tuldea Goltnu' Wonwermano Metzu Cheavitille LouUierburg Titian Ou Jardyu Wilton Gainsborough Barter Hilton Richardson Cuyp BruMrhcl - Munllo Panini arc. ic. sc Admiiiim 50 o nt each, or one dollar per month. Hour from 10 iu the ntorrun : to seven in the evening. Catalogue mar be liad at the Gtillerv. rohx7 lw VALUAbLh REAL ESTATE FOR SALE, in the city or mtw - yoRti. IIVE loll ol ground nn the weit side of Green 1 vtirh - itreel, between Veitry and Deibrot ses - ttreets. 15 lv 80. r our do iu the rear or the above, fronting on the east side of Washington - meet, 25 by 80. Eight do in the block below, between Wash ington and west - streets. in Montgomery county. G000 acres of Land in Lawrence't purchase near Eait Canada Creek, on the north tide ol the Mohawk. In Franklin County. 15.161 acres of Land, in the townt of Mount Morris and Dayton. in Lisex county. 7833 acres of Land in tbe town of Barry more In the County of Lewis. 1350 acrei of land in Cute Hand, Cbatsanis Purchaie. In Saratoga County. IfiOO acres in Palmer's purchase. Enquire at tbe office of the lubscribcr, 34 Ce dar street. BEV. ROBISSOS. mh 17 tf GKATUhL JtO.1HOI.Sti. FRANKLIN IIOUE. Thit new, tpacious and splendid lluildin?. situated in Broad way, the great ami fashionable street dividing the centre of the city, at tlie corner of Dey t. will be npencxl by the subscriber on the 1st ol May next, for the reception ot Hoarders. ll is fitted, and will be furnished in a manner not surpassed, for convenience and elegance, by any private dwelling in the city. It occupies the most eligible situation, being central, in view of the Park and City - Hall i the upper tpaitmentt overlooking the whole town, commanding1 a view uf tlie adjacent country for a circumference of 30 miles, including the Hook, the Narrows, and Uie Harbour i and it it believed that no House in the country ex - cells it, either fur elegance of structure or situation ; and no expt nte having been spar ed by the owner to make it complete for the purpose, in every respect, it will offer to ladies and gentlemen, and families visiimg the city, the moat ccnteel, plcasjn' and retired a - partments. The choicest of Wineand Liquors will be furnished, and no trouble or will be make the entertainment plea sant, rare and excellent Tint rsiablishmcnt it intended exclusively for Genteel Boarding MRS. HU.NDERbON. M?4 PJtCK r Oi S.iLh. A COLOURED liOY - the time limitol by lawa smart, sober and industrious lad tindentaads all kinds home - work, tad taking car of hores ; also working on a lam or in a earden He it nineteen vert of ace and of a rood (iipoition. Any person U.j wants a fid IxMsrppin those qusUilicationi, will get in forma tion at So. S5 Bowery, nihtatf ELUAil V.ARD.. j i. MEDICAL - ECIENCF. LOTTXRT No. p. HCUEH F - 1 priui 'Of $100,000 5100,000 - .60,000 20.000 f ' of of of of of of of 1 20,000 10,000 6,000 3)00 1,000 100 30 1 1 45 62 ' 10,000 6,000 ' 4,000 45,000 5,900 5,3iO ieo,coo 5464 Prize. ' " 10,3'JG Blank 18.000 Ticket at J?5 each, 400,000 I .am than two hlnnks to a uriae. Will draw five hundred number each day un til completed. . Part of the above prizes to be determined a nnmm The first draws numbers from the first to the fifteenth day inclusive (ball be entitled to $1,000 eacn. Tbe first drawn three thousand blanks to c en titled to $30 each. ,av nil, niiii irxmi OB THS Ifilh dav iiOOO 17th day . .... l.0 18th dy . . . . . . . VKW lilidav .... 1,001 20th d - iy . . . . . . . 0.000 day J. 2Jd day . . . . .. . 1.000 1th day . .... . 4,000 25th day . . . . . . 100,000 I'lie drawins to commence on the first 1 lies Hw in Aurut next. Tickets for sale hv the ui.ii,bi:ers until tlie 18th April. All tlie tickets remaining in their bunds will be sold at auction, arcordini' to law. at the Union Hotel, in the city of ew York, on the t7th April next, at ten o'clock to the torenooo. SAML. L. MITCHILL,2 l. - AAC DENMIoION, MOSS KENT JEREMIAH JOHNSON i 5 JOHN M'LEAN, J? mh!9eodtin jiyautftortty of Vtr l t of.evJerui and' A'etc - l't'ik. riHE MILFORD tl OWEGO ROAD LOT J 1 ERY, fr lucilitating the intercourse between the wectern partt cf r - Ulu ol .New - Yorktndtht City of New - Ynk, through the Slatet ol rvnruylvrtnia an - i iew - jersey. SCHEME. 1 prize ol 70,000 DOLLARS 1 35,000 DOLLARS' 10,000 DOLLARS 2 5,0t.0 DOLLARS 10 1,000 DOLLARS IU) 500 DO .LARS 140 100 DOLLARS 3200 30 DOLLARS SM',6 Prises not two Blanks to a Prize 10,0iO rickets Part oi the Prizes vill lie determined as follows Pint I00O Blanks, Thirty Dollars en. h. Pint drawn .No. 1st day, will be entitled to do 2d do 600 do ' 3d do 1000 do 41b do 600 do filh do 5000 do bth do 500 do 7th do 10000 do ' 8th do 500 do . 9th do , 1000 do 10th do 60 do 11th do ' 35000 do 12th do 500 do Uth , do ' 1000 do 14th do 500 do 15th do 70000 do 16th do 500 do 17th do 1000 do Ullii do 500 do 19:h do lOUl dn 20th do 500 This Lottery will commence drawing at Uie city of Jetsev, on tbe first Tuesday in May next, and will Se completed in twenty drawing. Tlie pri7is will be paid at the Union Bank, in the ci - tv of New - York, sixty dayt after the drawing will be finished, subject to a deduction ollSp:r CvUt. CHAS. KINfEY, D. STUART, JNO. LINN. Tickets 30 dollars each. j Commissioners Adventurers and Dealers ran be mpplied application to ISAAC i - uuLr.., Ctrl - .. Jir 48 Wall - street ItLeatt for a term of years. TWO lots of ground, in the vicinity of the centre market, ene fronting nn Orange - ttreet, (nearly oppoajte the Irish Church) the other on Kyndert - ttreet. Apply to 44 Pine itreet, or J. T. JONE5, mil 21 2w 16 Nassau - street. TO FARMERS. T HE subscriber can furnish the farmers of tha adjacent country with ground Plaster nf f am in any quantity, on the shortest notice, in barrols or otherwise. JOHN BYERS, Feb 23 tf Foot of Harrison - it. N. R. A LADY well qualified lo give lessons on the Piano Forte, informs the public, that the will give lessons three times a week, at tlie moderate price of Ten Hollars per quar ter. Application to be made to John Head, No. 36 Courtlandt - etrect, or Alexander M Muir, No. 521 Pearl - street. mh 24 2w coxcniT. J HEWITT, retpectfully acquaint hit . friendt and the public, that hit Benefit Concert, will be on Thursday, April lOth, ai the Assembly Room City Hotel, Broadway. Particulars, ot winch will be announced in future advertiieinenU. mh 37 14t LEE'S I JVU Ol.VTMESrT, WARRANTED an infallible remedy atone application, may be used with perfect safety on iuf.mtt a week old, not containing a particle ol mercury ,or any dangerous ingredient whatever, and not accompanied with that oflen - tire imcll which attend Uie application of otner remetliet. The above medicines are prepared and sold at LEE'a Metlicioe Store, No. 40 Maiden - Lane, and told by S. CARLE, cornel of Fnlloo and Water - streets. Drug - iiti nnd country ttore - kteper supplied on liberal tcrmi. jan :y tILl.1.M HOOKER, No. 204 Wat er - st 1 1 corner of Fultoa - street, New - York, hav ing rrreivfd a lar,re supply of the real JAPAN BLACKING, of Day K Martin, S7 mm llol born, Indoo, ctT. rs the tame, in whnlctale or retail, for exportation, or honieeooiumption, on term tbe most liberal and advantageous to pur chasers. Thi inestimable comivitinn, with hlf the u nal labor, prodncesa mot brilliant jet black, lully roual to the h ehrrt vareith; afford - pc - vlitr nonrhw.nt to the leather ; it Will not soil the f nest linen: is perfectly fre from any onpleatanltmell; and will retain its virtues any climate. As n incMitrovert'nle proof of the superior exr!en'e r - f this I'laikin;, it list . - tood the tr:l a nd ccnioiar iic.1 the mot ,xten?tve r?c io ail c uarlen of the s'.wle, foronwardi cf half a century. Feb 16 POST COACH LINE m PHILADELPHIA f , . t WAX tf rowXM - HOO - v;., 'V IttfOslTABT TO fAtUSOERI. ; Mn .Mwiin. ..ilh tha rmat rhaitf line. PARTNERSHIP DISSOLVED, AND OPPO SITION KEVIVfcD. ANEW Line of Post Coacbet with every convenience far Datsenrert and battcaze. on Springs TH ROUGH IN ONE DAY. The Post Coach will start from the Coach of fice, okl No. 1 Courtland - street, N. York, every morning, (Sundays excepted) at six o'clock, by way oi InewarK. iew - l)nintwic, rnute - ton.Tnnton and Bristol, and arrive at Puiladel nhia the snma et - eninir. ' United States Mail Coach, with a guard,' with every convenience for Dasseneert and baesage, on spring!. The U S. mail coach will start from tbe coach once, old No. I Lourtiandi - tireet, new ion, every dty at z o'cioctr, r. wi. ana imvc at Philadelphia next morning at 6 o'clock. Only 6 naiseneers admitted. . , tot teats in the anovenamrd Lines, anpry to THOS. WHITFIELD, at the old established Couch, Stage and Steam Boat oifice, at tbe old No. 1 Courtl.'indUstieet, the second ornce irom Broadway. New - York i or to A. T. GOOD RICH ti CO. Mo. 124 Broadway, corner of Ce dar street. New - York. ffT - All eooli mid bareare at the risk or the owner. JUbEfH Ll VH. fcU.3 U W, A. B Espretset sent to any part of the Con tinent, by THOMAS WHITFIELD. mh 8(1 I'' cilAiaE i iftt.. Full PHILADELPHIA. POST CHAISE will lave New - York eve - .TV ry day Sunday excepted) at 6 o'clock in tlie morning by way of .Newark, only six passengers admitted, and arrive in Philadelphia the san l evening. Fare through, 28 The uew Steam Bout Line Experiment, will leave Nt v - lorb cveiv dav fSundav excepted) at hill' imt lo'clorkln the Steam Boat Alulan - ta, and arrive at HnladclHid i the next ilnyat 4 o'clock, hy tlie strum Boat xTa A Irom uriitoi. Cnre ihrnuL'h 5 dollars 50 cents. For Seats in the above lines, apply nt the Post Chaise tli - - e and Steam Boat Office, I IU Broad wnv. opposite tbe City Hotel. fjcj - Allgoodt and baggoje ntthe riiqift of the owner. JOHN N. CUMMING, Newark. JOHN GULICK Ai SONS. Princeton. STOCKTON 61 HOWELL. Philadelphia Tf. 8. t '.rpresut tent lo any part of the Union. mhse I'JVOA - L7.VA tcdaV 01i - - - U - - del team - boat ive - brnncb, for Phila delphia, via Brunswick tl irenton, 25 miles bv land. Fare ihiouzb Iu new post conches $5 Do. good i tapes, , 4 50 Do. loi - ecattlo or deck patenters 3 50 The OLIVE - BRANCH will lehve New - York every day nt 1 1 o'clock, (Suudays excepted,) fwm the uorlb tide of Uie Battery, and to return irom Brumwick to as to arrive at 10 the next morning, in this city. This line has a connection with the best boats on the Delaware and Chesapeake lo Norfolk ; as also those of the North River and bound ; and their several arrivals are calculated, to cau?e little, if any dtlay. v . This It a icedy and certainly tbe most convenient rout, aa the pnsaengers sleep at Trenton going and at Brunswick returning, and arrive at a mnch less expense and in the hours of business at New - York or Philadelphia, without fa tigue in travelling or the want of sleep, at the diiltnc by lard it to unaU whereat via the Point and Powlet Hook it is 56 and 86 miles. Fore - caitle passengers, (who diet with the pro pie,) to Brnmwick, or Amboy, at $ each. - - iglit rreight and markeung, tree. For seats in the above line apply at the Union Line Steam Boat Office, in Marketfield street. north side of the Battery, between Greenwich oi Washington - streets, New - York. March 37. 1818. mh Z7 NORTH Kit EH &TE.1M BOA iX. HUM Will IVBT13 i.TTW - . V, m. 3 Ton baturday, tbeSSth init. OSLlat 5 P. M. There will be ft boat leave New Y orfc eveTT Totsday, Thursday nnd Saturday, ut 5 P. M. and Albany on tame diyi nt y A. ui. unut lunner nonce. nnu TH E iOCA"l STEAM HOA 2VLA&. Tha proprietor, with a view of accommodating the iDulilic. by extendins the line to Norwich, intend making exuerimenl with the Fulton. Cant. Law. and thu route lound practicable win be continued durinir the teaion. I he line win in future re irom rvew iotx to Norwich, as follows : Tbe Connecticut, Capt. Bunker, will leave New - Vork every .Monday, Wtinetian and Friday, at 8 o'clock, in the morning, lor wew - Haven. ine ruuon. can Law. will leave A'tncieh at 6 o'clock in the morning of the same dayt, touch at JYetc - Londtn and depart from thence for JVeie - Haven at H o'clock. The boatt will meet nt AVu Harm, and depart from thence every Monday, H'tdnet - dav and Friday, at 7 o'clock in the evenine the Connecticut tor JVetr - 1 or, and the Fulton for Neu - London and jVoiuicA. ' mh 17 blEAM BOAT FOR ir ALE. aM. IC?7"Foriale.awrllfiniih A'W I bed Steam Boat, of tmall ti iiu. gttjyggf ite, with 1 cabins, and cal ;culated to carry convenient Strl - ail ma iy tixty paiaengert - Her bull is of the bent timber, and the is copper bottomed up to the bends, prepared to be put into a line of runmntr immediate v. anc draws but imriv - two inches of water, and from the advantageous con - ttrnction of ber machinery, can be worked at one hall tlie daily expenie ol itetun - soatt in ceneral sne will be told a great tinrcain, il applied lor shortly. Inquire at INo. 4 Wall - street, ol mnvnttr isaai; ti. ouiir.; k iu. SELECT BOARDING SCHOOL FOR YOYNU LADIES. . f RS. BOWERING. row Mrs. Brown, bat Lv'X removed her well known Eitablihmeat from New - York to Eliiabeth Torn, New - Jersey, not a quarter of a mile from the public turn pike road. Tbe situation of the place possesses every advantage tor a seminary ; and wiu eca hie iter to reduce the price of board much low er than can be afforded in New - York. The branches taught, nre, Orthography, English Grammar, Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Geo graphy, with the ue of maps and globes, Atrn nouiv. History, Blair's Lectures, Composition, Munc, French, Botany, Chemistry, Drawing in crayons. Painting in oil, on velvet, and in water - colours, Plain Sewing, Needlework on muslia, Embroidery on silk and wonted, rilleeree. Quadrille, Grotto and Wax - Work, Gilding and Japanning, with a variety of other fancy works. mh 19 Im FRENCH LANGUAGE. A YOUNG Mao, a native of Swi'terland, wh Y can be well recommended, would under take the teaching ct the t iatixcase. in an academy, or wo'ild fake charge of a et - iiticmar.' family, and to the French language would add that of writing, arithmetic, freceraphv, fcc. Ac His te - rmt would ht moderate, and would do all in Lis poer to render himielf n - eful Please ad - Irers a line for A. nt No. 1CJ Eroadttay, which will be respectfully attended to. N. B. The advertiser h n diectioa "go ts any nnrt ol the Unite - J - biattr. Uih Zi 2ir ? vay n nva s . ill isstti nisi m i mm i iimw rr UI the by an. t ry or er to to of a 1 f tllsttniig pibijc toe. di,.;.,.... twoea things ftat ditfer. ' . city of lAtaioBaV' twrem - y (Jre, ees U t to repeat so mno. the .wbweof MEacURT"' rasb, wdiiwimiuate, and aaosmi fied use thereof, Us been 7T - live of iiifir.ito' rCJ?r PKftto and ore annually merwrialired cut f . t ence. The disease we have SiTu J . - 0f - e"f - resulU chirll, to tm,UI. Vbat.,ni?' Ital .a young man, tbe hope. of hi, cmtr.Pi'7' darhng of In, parents, Aould be nZZllI way from all tbe protpecU and MLrIibt? the cctnquencea of one ngaar,leT? by chteane not in it. own nSfotf8?! wLichonly provettofrom neelect Z i treatmenL' A ncntierni..: ""P.fopir underphyticianiof genei j practice, dil ana reFcateoiysajivai.u; when recomI Dr. H. (by a gfintlemnn of tbi city? hS1" ut. . vyj a gMiiieninn ot this cityl hi7kTw were canous, and hit flesh dmn.,vJr,.ft0B" bit friendt declared be could noVnos. hi? L" wo montht longer. ThousajuhiWrSn i?" know with what ease and tSSTSf catet tbe teverett catet. and corilirmt tv!?' tntion. TbeDoctor't plan ( Jvertu00"' - cctsnry to guard the public asraimt tha , M mercury, and other fatal Hl.,.;. LTJWH if PertKus, tlierefore, having contracted a7 vate disorder, or u?pecti,ig atent Jt Pn. admonished not to tamper with theC7nnL;', tion, or conceal the disorder. Gil put other having the remain of sThTT" other impuriUe of the blood, uwall..? complaint, oft delicate nature, sex. should remember pmterjty, and do ni their consciences, by makinr rv,l?? Dr. H. nt hi. old ind iSScbffi li.hmenttNo.64WRter - .treet, loiw bourn Old - shp, to obtain that prompt Mii,t7sT lone calculated lb prevent disclosure. Audi let me claim your terioui attention RenaVu superficial cure is no cure ai ill ; unleu tLh!I sinew is radically done, you will certamirkwa tbe disorder breuk outaeain with fMm.kiIjT lunity. at some future period I ; perhaps the, Wul be too Ute for remtdy. Don't you often meet hi n meetia withon uie sirern misernoie, mutilated heii .... . w.t r,.n.. il n.:T - " - "wa wincr. . beseech you. ' Dr. HV diameter for sk ill and stubborn W grily being universally known ia Ihii chy, sines 1804, guarantee (o iwliest that deucsxv atria ciecy hitherto uuktown.ajid having confined Ut practice for yean past, exclusively tothectrenf diseases of the blood system, thry may safer calculate on the most decided advantam iua. lultintjlir.H. Gleet eradicated In twe or three weeks. - Sliicturet removed - without bougies or uy other instrument ; and all debslitieas likwue at) old ulcerations, Otulu'i ti. T A pluraNtyofotfices are prorided, and to litt - ated that patients are not exposed to each otiier'i observation.' Open till liaif past 9 in (he eveainc All pertont concerned are invited to be free i calling, and speaking with Dr. H. which it tret of cost. And here the Doctor cannot avoid tbt txprestion of gratitude for innumerable rectum mrndations, and for tbe decided preference (ita proiurord with just cause) long given hia bvt ludicinut puhlic. 1 . N. B. All letters mutt be pott paid. '. Dr.R.ichanan. Aug tl 1v V II .... V, HWOT vu ucn tuw I . A SKI Kt ITU Eli tHJ.1VKt.HX AOA IMFOSI tiujY. - EVANS Puputitt metliod of curing a cei - taiu Disease, iinow u.uver - tally acknowledged in Inii city : his mode of trc atnrcst it periectly mild, tare, ei - peuiuuus, and his charj - i asonable. In every n - tance he warranls a ctrt. and will return th nav.rl. A Sdces not perform aureeiLb:, rlto contract. j, m u v, i. mnBj, vmnraii There are many persons in thit citv and its vi cinity, laboring under various chronic distasts, such at cancers, old inveterate ulcers, scrntiili tions, rheumatism, tec. which they consider ine ne hospitals in Europe 11 years, under torn of U first Surgeon and Physician in the world, ui made tnoee ootunau oiseai i teasel biscooiUnt stwJ for 30 years. Oct if rr? The tnb&criber bavins recently rttujnti from England with an important improvetteat at the artificial tpring LEU, lie take this metaa of informing bit friendt nnd the public, that ll loota wno are pa nmortunata as to on in wanii leg, or arm, they can be accommodated by ap plying at No. 77 Barclay - itreet, New - York. . Jn T2 WM. PURVIS. Cr WHXATON A DA VIS, Fancy Chair Muaftc turera, No. 153 1'stoo - itrwl opposite St. PjsIi Churdi oner for tale, wholesale aw retail, a Urge aae elegant s tortroent of Curkt Mapli plain painted and oraametl ed in gold It hronie, Sambos Plain arid Gilt Bail, Rsck ing, Sewing, and Ctawrsa tinn Sofal. StttetS Loungeet, Music Stools, tic. vraers irom any pan oi me couiuicui with neatness and dispatch. , . Uid main repaired, painted ana ornavw - nin w vtn nrccrvii annM. AFRUMENTO.No. 1 wau - wi,jvj . turned from Italy, has fte honour ttn the gentlemen, tbat he cntt and drestei the latest ttyle, and in a manner to ""Jl it to the phiiiognomy. He bat for tyof UAZUK.3 ol the tint quaiuy, "j - hViti not please oa trial, the purchaser ait likewise procured avery hoe hoiieaaojV to restore raion to a very keen Se"Lf e. - thty not cut be will receive no n?" - , Those gentlemen who may P.10 JftTsjci with their patronage, may oepmu - paHicular and respectful attendance. N. B. Gentlemen who eubKnb 0 ln ter will have their raxcrs, itc. kept xci for tliexselvet. P. S. A good journeyman, at above. ' tVH M' - ;,'nV ,al THE CIRCULATING LIBRAJIX1 ton - street, near Broadway, w"" , exteniive and choice coUectsoo vets, yoyaees, biography, . ,. talei, plays, review magarinet,c. Catalogues may be examined at tn which is opea for suntcssbers, at utoai. roh4tf . . - - . NEW - YORK PRI.YTED AND PUBLISBW MICHAEL BL&JTIUM C0 No. fuva - tTn1 14 s laaJU. 1 . a rable, tney can cenaiair rc vurea im gtneral hy arplyinc at Dr. EVANS'S Medical Store, Nt, 0. I'eck - tTiD. banne practised ia extchat. yiaii msmmssmm 1

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