The Evening Post from New York, New York on April 2, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 2, 1818
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.rVk. ftt. Itfcheirfi Hytosj Skill Teioftiii I Loodoo Trailer'! cargo . - 4 - V, - .lx.xc.fG.upowder.J of the , 10 do do superior 8oiichong ) j cargo ; " M.'.lrilM ' f c r"Dnnv's Yellow do. ust received Jtolto, ... GEO."W. TALBOT. ml' - ' ' ' ;: : srFTwrTWINK COD LINES. 20 bales S London Seine Twins . . bales London Cod Line, just received by ex. .hiD Minerva Smyth, and for sale by BOORMAN & JOHNSTON, 7 Soth - tret. sp . ITi . in iji v I l. . . U CH 3. L. OGDEN, and A BR. OGDEN, ap ( Washington - street CARGO Of THE BENJAMIN RUSH. yon SALS AT raiuuwm - . i . : i ,i II o'clock, atth Fire pwof stores, corner of . - vw HniuMHV ruominr. ine tw mini Fine and Water - streets, will De toia me cargo . Gunpowder Imperial ' 1 TEA 3, freah and ef superior Young Hyaon HTton quality in qr. cnesi, nan qr. chests SO, 10, and 4 catty . Hraon Ekin i boxes. Souchong J n.. t - .. ;ti k. rmAw fat examination, with r.kiAuaM Feidav and the morning of sale. Term at sale which will b liberat CANTON SILKS, FLOOR MATTING ftc n - On Saturday morning al 10 o'clock, at thea - tion store, No. 68, Soutfi Front treet. Will be told tha cargo oi ine imp DBniuuuu uu, consisting oi an elegant assoriniei oi Canton Crape Silk Good, and Sewing Silks - Canton - Flannel Lot Company Nankeen - Blue do 6 - 4 Floor Matting, Sc. And at 3 o'clock. SO crate and hhds. well aaaorted Liverpool van. Catalogues at aaie. CANTONGOOD8. ft"r On Saturday, 4th April, at 4 o'clock, at I lib auction itore, No. 58, oouth Mont - street Received per imp Benjamin nuin, iromi.aorn. i 4 00 bosei Canton China, comprising a com - nlete assortment The mutters with the Catalogues will be ready lor examination on Tuetday at the auction store' JOHN HUMES', and J. It W. LIPP1NCOTT, auc'i ap It - r,urcu MAI iriA uiiaivA f:iu I. ..... 1? laadinc from on board the brig Reuben and Eliza, at Pine - street whnrf.tfor tale by oibmb.isiiLirn.iwi i, apS It 5S Front - street NEEDLE. AOGSBURY, Junr. No 77 William - street baa just received by the Pacific an assort' sent of Needles, of superior quality 2 FRENCH GOODS, ftc. Cases cambric and cambric hdkfs 1 case dropt de toia 1 do silk hdkfs, assorted , 10 dozen Burgundy wine For tale by ISAAC G. OG DEN k CO. 48 Wall - it. Abo. 50.000 Ant Quality 22 iuch evnross fhi pet, imported. pJ 1 (JJ IBBANUs. I caw n. h lUbbamin, all lrav. Ill colors, suitable for 1 thorn batt. in garni - lure of 5 and 12 ; for tale by A U. UUKA.UKHUL'llUt.Li, '4 3t 30 fine - street. tTM WILSON, 6 John - stret - i. (3 rloort IV V from Nassau - ) ret) he s leave to inform m public that he does husine ffor casbl at tb Ulowing reduced price, vis Duperuue oiuh or oinrs oui, f Other col ours. x3 Blue Frock or Surtout, Sit SO Othnrcolourt, V - - Kersey mere or cloth trowters, II 50 Toilanctte Veit, . 4 Meneills dn 3 75 m to those who prefer finding (heir own mate - i rials. ikinc a Surtout or Frock Coat. 17 1 , kio - Clote Bodied do 7 ..0 Ho Trowsers 2 75 Eo Vest t Krmy and Navy Uniforms, Children's Clrthes every otner article proportionally cheap. . B. All article cut in the moit lushiunable Le, and the workmanship equal to any in 'be tp W. W. takes this opportunity to return ucere tnanas to tnote gentlemen wno nave Pred him with their commands. Md to asaura ka and toe public at large that nothing shall be puna on nis Dan 10 cive sansiacuon. J fwt TO LET, ' Tbe store and cellar room of those e story house No. 10 and IS Broad - street. S a good house at Greenwich, and one at 'oi, with two and a half acres of ground, r MaobarUnville. Apply at 55 Broadway, M l.M A IAS. OAKLEY. ztr 141 Front - ttreet. TO LET, The dwelling part of the house No. 1 14 way. It would maka two twl office uire on the premite. apS 1 w TO LET, f For one or mora vaarri f Urge 3 - ttory brick house, No. 78 Pearl - let, ha everr convenience for a lanr ramilv the lower part is ihelved be. for a dry good re, Dutcaneaidy be convert ed into two rooms I dwelling the store will be let aeriarat - 1 with tbe upper part Potteaiioo of the stars M given immediately Apply to ISAAC G. OGDF.fl tt CO. M ,w 48Wall - st. MOUNT VERNON HOTPT.. THE subscriber take thU method to in - m tn pubhc that he ha taken for tha emu season that well known stand flinnirl rn, II 1 m - J - 7 juyue, aooui nr miles from thef City mwioa roau. bii intends to onm it t public boos for the reception of company. am ot may oexr, wneo relleman and la. sill be accommodated arith - ncmt vr '"evice to oo expected at sack a house, on i - awsjai t nHMwiinisi rsirm . The best of liouors of everr tort will H .1. - j reauy. m EZRA CALDWELL. B. Wanted a mcu mnlr PS lm U?.LECT BOARDING SCHOOL. i are at present five varsnrie in the or s", uaer, r i - i.rM:sier uoont y. .system of education is such as to enable w qualify young geotlenen for College IWk 0u1n,t,n8 ose within a reasonable time. 11 ik. . "neouniuer oi rupiis liouted, iV'realment of the most liberal kind. luiiowing branches of useful and polite li - i - V ar taurht. v! are tauebt. via : niitory, Composition, each, VuaGramm. Writin - Arilhmetic rvny, HIS nr... Mathematics, &c "preiumed that few Institutions of the kind " treats r kfrL,...i I - general literature, in moral and rPia sn - IT 1 "e rvoage in which the id lfcT:1cco,Bmodated, cosnni odious, reti - t Pleaunilr. I f.. j - . r n Jq - l r "j iu uiiiaune irons rnl ,BtM!f mile j to which ! Frii direct and easy ommunica - I nudiL artnr Particular! arplicaUoa may TO0 f JT'ltoa.r, T. S. darkson, Esq. - fit ibia Co.r iv.0"" C M'Erers Esq. , W'm. Bayard, jun. Esq. A. ScermerUora, Esq. DSm3ftT : 'MORRtS'AClAbfiMt. THE director having engaged Mr. JAMES 1. JOH N SON, a graduate of Yale College, to preiid over this institution for the term of fifteen years, inform thepublic, that it will open omit r his care, on the first Monday ia May next. 4 Air. Jorxi&on uanexiJerraiccu icocuer. ui cor - :ct moral, ell qualified to instruct and govern those coiumittc J to his cnarge. . . .. The youth scut to tli is institution will be fitted lor anv collecr. for the counting room, or, if de - tired, will be instructed in tbe branches generally taught in (iir colWges, as far as they can be at tended to, without expensive apparatus. Tha known healtbiuess of the villase. and it facility of Iflteccume with New - York, present strone ioduccrotMs to parents to educate their clitldien rer uouu uuaru, iu rciiieciaiiie ituni - rf ii j ... . i i r liet, can be obtained or $2 oU ctt. and f 3 per week, including watbitig, mending, kc. Ac. And narinti at a distance, who mav bod it inconve nient to occoinpanv their children, may benssa red that every uteful attention will be shewu them in providing board, clothing, books, &c. by addressing a line to cnuer oi ine inuowiag ceo - tlemen. viz. Revd. William A. M'Doweli, Gen John Doughty, Major Daniel Ptionix, Doctor Andrew Hunt, Doctor S. J. Lewis, or Doctor lewis Condi t. By order, and in hfhairor the directors, WILLIAM A. M'DOWELL. President Mornitowo, N. J. March 14, 1818. apSlvvJ GREAT CHANCE FOR READERS. THE Mibecriber having determined to give op the retaiiins Book - selline Business on tbe first of May, offers for sale, at reduced pricet, his took of Books and Stationary on band. This stock comprises a very valuable assortment of utandard worm in most nrancnes or science and literature, btnongst which are. Bibles, Testa' meets, Prayer Books, Pialms and Hymns, in very elegant bindings ; also, a few copies of Scott's r amiiy Bible, in boards and bindiug ; and is worthy the attention of dealers or consumers. Also, an elegant auortment of Stationary, iuch a paper, quills, wafer, wax, seals, sand boxes and folder. A great variety of pen and pocket Knives, pocxet dooks ana waiieis, port ioiios. rulers, lead pencils, cravons. brushes. Reeves' and other colours, in every variety of form, draw ing paper, ink - stands, visiting and other cards, India uiK, do. runner, portanie desxs, steel pen, klutei. Gunters scales, mathematical instru ments, pocket ledgers and memorandum books, blank account books, kc. tc. JOHN L. TIFFANY, 114 Broadway, opposite City Hotel, np I d Sfcc 2aw3w 1 Poitpnntd till Saturday tht 4(A itat. poiilivelp meiau ntgiu. VI R STANISLAS, will on Saturday, only i.V I at the request of many persons, repeat the ML Dl FIr?l'l'llA u.l.;.h mn ml.h an - . . i ti j i i , mi.v.iuivn oji - pluure on the first night, that he had (he honor of presenting it to the enlightened citizens oi rv i ork. tie r.a selected a variety oi new and imcouipre hensible Deceptions in the Arcana of Letleerde nmin, for those nights. The particulars of which he refer to the bills oi ine day ; as ne is ackoow leriged by the world to be the first in his profen iion, and as yet unexcelled. His intention being to return to Europe, those who have not witnessed such unheard of wonders, should avail themselves of the present opportunity, a the like may not offer agrttn for centuries. ap S 3t WANTED. , MAN and his wile, without children, to take . cnaree of a aarden and d:iry, about twelve aultf the city. Application to be made at GRANT THOKBUUKS, p2 Iw St N&stau - street. SvlFT SrjrlE MAIL COACHESj FOR rUlLADLFHIA, Lcbte New - York mug (Huriday'sex - : Bo'tluck. and ar - day t. dim erT I he pii'ilii k hoone i are good, and reasonable in their charges. The driver, hories and coach es are not inferior to any others now running be - neen timne 'wo cities. Tbe beautiful country. end the excellence of the roads on tni rout, con - net.'ted with the afety, comfort, and reatooable expences, ire beleited to be atron inducementi to travellers in givln this line a cleuded prefer ence. I he sincten attention will be observed ov the piuprietnrs in riving general satisfaction. ill biurKsee and Darkage will go at the risk of uie owner unlets insured anu receipieu mr oy me clerk of taid office Stiw e Tare only $j, with a generoos allowance jf baggnge. Partiet wishing to travel at their i imre. mav ensnte the Coach on reasonable terms exclusivity to themselves, by applying one day previous to start'i.s. For e its apply at No. 5 Cnurtlttndt - street, New - York. LVON, SONS, t CO. ap S Proprietors. CI ANTOA t'UAPEt 10 taset Cauton blk Crer.os, just rtceived and for sale by - P. REMSEN to CO. mh 12 S6 South - street. VI OLA3SES. 30 hhds. Moiaises, landing, kVJ South side Old - slip, lor ale by. . JACKSON S WOOLLEY, ii'h 11 3f 75 Wall - street. 1 LOVE It sLLD t LINSEED OIL, now landing, for sale by mch 20 - CORNELIUS DUBOIS. DAVID U. GILLIES, 76 Uroad - itreet, bat just received, and offers for rale, 12 cases FRENCH GOODS; consisting of uouote norence. greens ana changeable Super chip flats ; black and whit crape Assorted taffeta ribbous Fans and silk hdkfs. mh SI fit EjlRESH FRUIT. 50 boxes Oranges and 50 XL do Lemons, just received, lor sale by JOS. JOHNSON, mh 13 9 Gouverneurs lane. 2500 TURKU - 1 SLA AD HA I. T. Bushels coarse bright Turk's - Isl and salt, for sale by TUCKER & LAURIES, mh31. 29 South - st. Rl USS1A SHEETINGS. 13 bales brown Slieetinz. of excellent Quality lust receiv ed, for sale by CAMBRELENG k PEARSON, mh 31 67 South - street. I ADRAS CHKCKS. - bales Madras Check, for sale by P. REM SEN A CO. mh 31 26 South - street R1SU LINENS. A few boxes 4 4 Irish lia - M. ens, purchased for cash for sal by D. SULLIVAN, mh30lw 131 Water - street. HEMPEN OSN A B RUGS A few bales stout hempen osnabrup just received and lor sai oa reasonable terms, by G. Si T. MEYER, mch 31 1w na VVashinetoo - st. 66 RL E k CROCKERY. Tierces prime Rice, and 32 crate Crockery Landing from schr Looisa. and will be fold low from tb wharf, by SAUL ALLEY, 98 Pio - tL In store, 24 hhds prim Georgia Tobacco, aod 22 bale bea - Itland cotton, lor sale as above mh31 WHISKEY 30 hhds Philadelphia rye whiskey, landine from schooner Entercru at Coffee Hons tlip, for tale by J ACKSON it WOOLLEY, mch 31 3t 75 Wall - it. imism Linttsis, Diarxas. la was. acc HENRY M'VTCKAR tl CO. have received by tbe late arrivals from Dublin, aad bv the Pacific, from Liverpool, a general assortment of i - e ana - a Lanen 5 - 4 Sheetings; 7 - 8 Lawn 3 - 4 Diap and Bjnad Diaber, assorted Damask Table Cloth 3 - 4 brown ind hlacii Lawn, ia half pie ces; which they offer foraale'oe lib - ral terms, at mhT' Tw Wo. 57 cine street. UN POWDER A catant pply oi Gn T I'awder. from (he "Orsm - e Wvst " for sale hy JAME3 I ' WOLF, Jr. ... , . ah t4 57 rront - ftreel " FOR BALE AT AUCTION. fit i dc iin uiiiDxr mna iitrMiJuiiiai avciir. lfL . . . a - t i. - . iu on ui m uni. at me r. t;. n. ny iiur r - MAN h GLASS, at 1 o'clock. She is about 160 tons burthen, two and an half vears old. well found in rigging and tails, and can be fitted for a ai him" expence. one net toutn side nur lioe - s'ip. For inventory. Sic. apply to RANDOLPH to SAVAGE, ap 1 3t 175Frout - treet t or MUUILE mid BLAKKUt. 'The fat ailing regular packet schr, SANDUSKY. Cant. Week. 120 ton. bavmx considerable freie'it already eneaced. win meet witnaeipaicti. r or tne remainder or passage, having handsome accommodation!, ap ply on board west tide Old - slip, or to ap 1 59 Coentie - ilip. tw URlSTOL, Tfce fast sailing ship ELLEN, Lynd Rowland, mtuter, to sail positively on Suuday next, (weather permitting) Can ac commodate several passengers handsomely, if application is made on board at pier No. S, or to UK13WULD3 U COATES, . ap 1 68 South - street. For HAVRV., The fine coppered ship MARIA - THERESA, Skiddy, master; having the principal part of her cargo engaged, will meet immediate dispatch. For freight of 100 bales cotton, or passage, having good accommodations, apply to U. U. S . HUWLAm), ap 1 77 Washiagtoo - st. For LOXDOJV, Fifty barrels ashes and 50 bales cotton will be taken on beard ship WASHING - ON, to complete her cargo ; the will sail in a few days. Wyplyto J. G1VAN, or , W. CHArVHA.N, ap 1 2t 66 Pme - st. FOH HALE, The fast sailing ship SACHEM, just arrived from Antwerp, burthen 265 tons, and will carry about 2000 Mils. 4 years old, copper fastened and coppered, to deep ballast mark. She is well found in every respect, and has nearly a whole new suit of sail. Lies at pier no. 9, east side LienUes slip. DAVID U. U1LL1KS, mh 31 lOt 76 Broad - street. ForLiyEHPOOl The substantial ship BRILLIANT, J. W Baker, master ; is now ready to rective a cargo, aud will he dispatched immediately. For freight or passage apply to HURL S Of. WALL, mch 31 65 South - it. For Hale or Charter, The ship PLATO, Holmes, master, burthen 2i0 tons, will carry about 3000 barrels, in complete order for a voyage. f UK SALE, Landing from the above iliip. Matanxas mo lasses, White aud brown Havana sugar. Also, from brig Bliss, from New - Orleans, 16 hhds prune Kentucky tobacco Apply to & I LVJSSS ii AJAUTlr.rl, mch 31 d7t 157 Soutb - st. Ht T1" "unco cbr LOUISA, W. Na - JjQJaapier, master, will sail on Sunday next, weather permitting. For freight or passage. apply on board, west side Old - slip, or to SAUL ALLEY, . tnb 31 08 Pine - street. FOR SALE, (If applied for in ten days) The ship MINERVA SMYTH, built in 1'lmadelphia of the best materials, copper fasten ed and coppered five month since, her sails and rigging in excellent order t - her accommodations extensive and elegaut If not sold within the above time, will be dispatched without delay to Londuo. Apply to mrh30 .4RCII GRACIE c SONS. , . For Jf Ell - ORLEANS, viM The ship LAGTJIRA, now loading JiiiJit the west side ot Btirling - sltp ; will sail in 5 day. For freight or painage, having excellent accommodations, apply on board, or to N. L. & G. GR1SWOLD, .. mh 28 26 Soutlcatreet. I.H - OUK, COFFEE, 4iC - 400 bbls. Virgio - X' ia t lour 45 hhds. prime old and new Richmond To bacco, 18 do Petersburg do 21 bales Upland Cotton 35 ts. and 20 hf. ts. Rice . 150 bags St. Domingo and . 64 do green Havana CbUfc 5 tons LignuiPTitae . Tort Claret and Madeira Wine, in hhds. and Quarter casks - ' Roriz red Port Wine, in case of 3 dozen eacn FREIGHT FOR OPORTO. A good vessel bound to Oports may ,bave about 1U00 bushels com on freight. Apply to K. GlliLEertE, ii.Ii IH Hi Kront - street . . tor bait, Freight or Charter, wiV!H The subiiantial double - decked and jfast sailing brig KENTUCKY - BELLE, Drshon, master, burthen 232 tons, will be ready to receive a cargo in a lew day lies at pier Wo, 6, N. River. For terms, apply on board, or to O. Ci. II S. HOWMND, mh S5 77 Washingtou - st. For Sale, Freight or Charter, The brig RECOVER, Owen, mas ter. 242 tons i will cam aboot 2750 bbu ; is well found, and a anuria good vessel ; lie at pier no. 10, L. R. Apply to ' JOi. OSBORN, mh 17 28 South - it. For ixile, Freight or . Charter, The brig ROBERT, Pope, master, 289 tons ; will carry 3200 bbls ; S years old ; well found, and a good vessel lies at pier no. v. Apply to JOSEPH OSBORN, mh 17 28 South - sL ffonrrf to Charier, A good VESSEL that will curry 600 bbls. for a voyage to Bermuda. Imme diate uupatch will be given. Apply to TUCKER Ii LS.URIE5, mh 13 29 South - street. IJilOWN SHIRTINGS. 8 packages brown MJ shirtings, containing 1U,UW yards, juiwe veived and (or sale by THE COMMISSION CO. - . 148 Pearl - street They have on hand fine and coarse Ginghau., Stripes, 3 4. vn, 4 - 4 unecks, (nne ana coarse; Bed - lie kmc, batttnettt and Cassinetts aud ten era! assortment of Cotton yarn. mb M cue FOR SALE, A PAIR of bay HORSES, well broke and found. For particulars call at Shaw's Li very - stable, in laberty - ttreet, atar Broadway. mb tj zw FOR A'ALE. A handsome Hay Horse, for tlie Saddle or Gig. Apply at the Club Stable, in Sione - elreet mh 31 3t 2 LO.VUOJf!tHEA t MMi . OfFLR. & 4 Case shea thing copper, ti, 26, 28 and 30 ounce 100 casks HibberT Porter, now landiug from tb ship Minerva Smyth, from Lon Ln, and for sal by mrhSl A ltd! GRAC1F. k RONS. BLUE NANKINS. I2UU piece, all 1st chop, in boxes, ol a supV quality, entitled to debenture, for sale by HURD k SEWALL, mh 31 65 South - street rilAULfc MATS.j - 3 cse, for sale by 1 CEBiiA k CUMING, tab 18 ?6 Pearl - street - ' scbar. Boxes while liaraima sunr. fuitabllbr ntaiung lorsawbv N. t D. TALCOTT, v p I - - 64 Soutb - st. w AKbLE TILE6 1700 marble ties, 13 inches square, calculated for tha West ludia market, for sal by ap 1 G G. ft S. HOWLAND. 'SiOBACCO. 7 hbds. uld Tobacco, will be X landed this day from schr. bell Isle, from t'etersourg, lor sale by tOBT GILLESPIE, apl 112 Front - street. PHILADELPHIA WHlsKfcV. buds, landing from schr. True American, tor sale at 106 Front - street, by ep I Ot TKUKKS, IJAVllJSUrc K tU. JV A N Kl N S. 5,000 pieces blue Nankins, just LN received, aud for sale by P. REMSEN S CO. ap 1 ' 26 South - street. IIOTTOM 63 bales prime Upland Cotton, J landing at Stevens - wharf, end for sale b It. ti C. W. DA.NENPORT k C ap 1 NEW - ORLEANS SUGAR, CO I I ON, fcc. JAMES D'WOLF, jr. 57 Front - ttreet, ha for ale, landing from ship Evergreen 105 hhd New - fMean sugar 48 bait do cotton, prime quality. A LHO OJf ll.iffD, Clean St. Petersburg!) hemp, in lots to suit purchasers ' 400 qr. casks Orange works' gun powder 120 boxes roll brinutou 100 boxes of German steel ) entitled to draw 10 cases tumblers back One case Leghorn straws fJ5 Cash advanced for good troosigned for sale. april l 1EiVl UCKY iObACCO. Si nlirtt. very IV prime Kentuckv Tobacco, landine from brig Maryluud, irnm ifew - urienni, lor aie uy 9 - .t.t .... iin i til Ii , UAiULiAtv, umauiii c apl 101 H7 Coffee - Mouse slip LOU It, oic. 34 bbls, daiuugud Hour, laiwl i? ine from, ichr llauser, from Norfolk, for tale by W. & S. CRAIG, . 5Uti nun. uiciiinond r tour 70 hhds. do. Tobacco 2 boxes 4 - 4 Linens 1 do Lawns 5 qr. casks Malmsey Madeira, apl ENGLISH, CALCUTTA GOODS, &c. TVTINETY package English goods, consisting X - i ol Herring bones, Wellington fancies, Huckaback and damask towels and table cloth Buff, checked and striped ginghams Holland tapes, White incles, blurt moulds Calico aud gingham umbrella - .v r urnituro, reed and plaia amity skirling Blue and red pocket handkerchiefs Plain cotton toilanets, Sarsnet cambric Cotton tick, Madras and Balasor hkfs Cambrics, 4 4 ginghams, Super chintz furnitures Black and white tambored lac veils and shawls Dark fancy prints, Plate furniture prints Black and white cambrics Brown linens and sheetings, Superfine cloths CALCUTTA AND MADRASS GOODS. 10 bates callipatty, putka, fine chittabully and luckipore ballas 7 bales blue guineas 2 do do gurrahs 2 do do custurs 2 do sooty romals , 6 trunks madras hkfs 1 4 bales do checks 5 do, blue cloths 3 do checked and striped seersuckers entitled to debenture 9 do Madras goat skins - J ALSO, , SO cases muskets and fowling piece ' 150 tons Swede iron, 30 do English bolt Iron 60 tons iron krntled ' ' S d nail rods, 3 hbdt ivory black 400 casks nails, 50 hhds dry whit lead 500 kegs paints, assorted color, dry b ground in oil 40 do mineral black paint 400 hamper and 100 crate Bristol wine and porter bottles 200 boxes fresh Turkey fig', 5 cases asafectida 5 bags cloves, S barrels nutmeg 3 bbls mace For sale by PETER REM SEN & CO. april 1 26 South - st. SEUARS - 20 boxes St. Jogo Segars, ol good quality, will be sold low to close a consign ment, by G. U. h S. HOWLAND, ap i i i Washington street. ATINE. 2 pipes very superior old Lisbon f y i Wine, 1 1 - 2 pipes Fayal do. for sal by u. u. oi d. nurv LiAnv, 77 Washington - street. apl PA l.V IS. "DETER 6CHERMERH0RN k SONS, have imported va the ship Minerva - Smith, from London, and now landing, tor ale 140 keg white lead in oil 7 bbls fine litharge . 1 case Prussian blue ap 1 6t 1L0UNCES COLEKETTS for sale by a.' mAKLn tt ,uw, ap 1 SI0 Broadway. 45 SUGAR k HAMS. Barrels Muscovado Sugar, landing from hip I'lato, at Dorer - st wharf 18 bhds New - Orleans pickled bams, landing Iron snip .vergreen, irom New - Urleans, at Burling - slip. 1 - or sale hy N. k D. TALCOTT, ap 1 64 South - st. T, LINEN GOODS. WO bales fin Flanders sheetings 2 do do do shirtings 1 case Dutch shirtings 1 do double thread shirtings, very stout For sal by G. G. k S. HOWLAND, april 1 '77 Washington - it. I EGHORN HAT'S, iic.t case huperfiue Legnornnat 4 do. Italian Crapes, black. For sale by A. D. DURANO k BOURDEL, mh30 4t 30 I'ine - slreet. RENDERED TALLOW tt UlUEH. FEW thousand pounds New - York Tallow, X and WW Slaughtered Hides, Tor sale. Apply (o T. GIBBONS, Fly - Market mh 11 tf 930 FLOUR. Bbls superfine Fredericksburg flour 100 do Kichmonu country do 100 do fine do, branded Richmond mill Landing from the schr Palenliae, &c. and for sale by WALSH tiALLAvillr.K, mh 31 ' CO Soutb - st, L EAD . 30 roll Sheet Lead, lor sale by HURD k SEWALL. run 31 65 South - street. s1 UGAR LOAF I'APr.R. 64 reams Sugar Loaf Paiit - r, sap. ROGERS 4 citiai. lor sate oy 4c POST, 51 South street 1ST ToaK, 271 boxes Tin Plate I 3X 40 dot. Scythes, approved brand 44 reams (arse blue Wrapping Paper 300 do writing, ledger, medium and letter do. will be told low. mh3l3t CANTON GOODS, HUNTRESS' CARGO Col'd and black Naokio Crapes, first quali ty, tzy'd p. Cord and blk. rujured do. 19 y'd piece Im. do Plain do. 19 do do 25, Do, changeable barsnets, high col'd 30 do Black do do Do Wnohew Coloured Satio 18 do Cot'd Sewing Silk ' , . ' . Alto, a handsosM aor1aeirt inserting tnov - using. For sale by . ., uu 30 2wt A. C. ZABRISKIE. - ; crAno BALL JT WASHIJVOTOJf.HALT . MR. BERAULT has the honor to Inform th ladies and gentlemen of New - York, that hi aanual grand ball will taka place - on inursday evening tb d April, us um atuog ton - II all saloon, la lb court of th evening, ballet dance, and several other fancy dance, will be performed by Mr. BerauU! pupils, at follow : , 1 Entrance of a grand march, by SO young la - aie. S Cori de ballet, by SO young ladies 3 Pa de deux, by S young ladies 4 Pa seul, by I young lady - 5 The diawl dance, by a young mis 6 Gavotte do Vestris, by 6 young ladies 7 The ihaotrute, by Syoungladie - 8 Corp de ballet, by 20 young ladies 9 - The allemand, by 2 young ladie 10 De deux, by two louns ladie 1 1 Pas suL with tbe tambourine, by a vounr isiiy i - - - v 1st 1 he Uiree graces, by 3 young ladie . 13 Pas seul, by a young lady 14 The lesson, by t young ladie 15 Corps de ballet, by 20 young ladies 16 A graud march, to conclude with, by SO young ladies. The ball to begin precisely at 7 o'clock, and th ballet at 9. Hj" Tickets, on dollar each, to bo had at Mr. ntrault's, No. 31 Courllandt - ilrcet, and at Washington - Hall. mh 12 3w 151 JAMAICA RUM. Puncheons of line flavored Rum will comtneui landing to - morrow at pier no. 9, East River. For sale by mh3l ROBERT LENOX. 29 NEW - OHLEANS COTTON. Bale prime New - Orlcan cotton, land' ing from whoouer Sandusky, east sido of Old - slip, for sale by POTT Ic M'KINNE, mch 31 56 i'oiith - et. FOR SALI A PAIR ol very line iron - grey HORSES, fit . year old, near sixteen hands high, w broke (o thehurness. One pair of hay HORSES, six years old, well uroue 10 tingle or aounie Harness Also a very fine Saddle nr (tie HORSE, and A very hand - ome PONY, fit lor a young lady ...ntU... t.iA . ...Ilk K..l.i t rfc A i '11 L'L All lube seen at 31 JohiihVeet. :ft WM SLOW LEV '3 Stable, mhSllw ttjt tor tiale or to Lei, MttiU The house and grounds of the suhscriber at Floomingdule, near the 5 mile clone, situated on the bunks of the North River. The House it modern built, 50 feet front with tenuced pinizni and convenient out nnuset, ail recently painted, aud in complete order. The grounds lire bichlv cultivated, the garden extensive and good nnd there are on tbe place a great variety of shrubs. fruit and forest trees, and a pump of excellent water, tor terms, which will lie reasonable. appiy to o. a. la w klnli;, ap l im til line - ttryet. i Stivre titid t.rllnr tm i.t aVl S2l The Btnre and Cellar No. 67 Pin. street to Let low, apply on the premise. UUIAf . - . . - api 9 f TO LET, Ui.i r rotn 1st may next, the itore. with or without apartment. No. 5 William - street. For terms apply to ' CHAS. READK, ap 1 ot tin ine premise! TO LET, The spsciou 4 story fire proof store, at tne loot of Liberty - street, lately occupied by Messrs. J. Murray It Son. Possession to be given on the iirat May next For terms, apply to MAJOR k GILLESPIE, mil si 79 (up stairs) Pine - street. Q TO LET, The store No. 20 Wall - street. Posses sion may lie had immediately Aply at No. IB, ap 1 u TO LET, A neat two story house, pleasantly sit' uated in isouriiaoat - sueei. Apply at this orate apl tf AG EN J EEL small litiuily may he accommodated with a handsome drawinc room, bark room and pantries in a eeuteel house in Dey - street with board. The house will be put in the best ordr and the rooms unfurnished ; (hey may be had together or separately. Where (liree or four gentlemen, steady boarders, may be handsomely ac commodated on moderate terms. At present enquire at No. 60 Courtlaud - street ap l 3t RECEN'I LY published and for sale by W. B. GILLEY, No. 92 Broadway, Pitkin' Statistic of th United States, new edition, improved and much enlarged, fi 50. The Emigrant's Guide to th western and south western states, with maps, by Was. Dar - py, price 3 dollars. A geographical description of the state of Louisiana, the southern part of the state of Missis sippi and territory of Alabama, by the same, price a dollar. Th Western Gazetteer, or emigrant's Direc tory, containing a geographical description of ine western states and territories, Dy fiaml. tl. Brown, price S 25. Amherst's Embassy to China, price S 60. M'Leod's voyage and shipwreck of the frigate Aicesie, price i is. Forsyth's remarks on Italy. S 50. Da vies' Life of David Garnck, comprising a history of the stage during a period of 36 year. Cappe's Sermons on devotional subjects, S 60. ap 1 BOARD WANTED, for a gentleman and bis wife, after the first of May next, in a pleasant part of the city ; will furnish their own room and fire. A line addressed to B. and left at this office, will be attended to. ap 1 3f TO PRINTER. TWO or Uirse pressmen may find constant employ by applying to D. FANSHAW, 10 Cliff st. N. B. Two or three stout boys, between 17 and 18 years of age, ar also wanted, ap 1 3t MANUFACTORY OF SILVER WARE. JW. FORBES, No. 90 Broadway, one door . above Wall - street, reijiectfully informs his friends and th public that he continues to mana - factur silver le and tabl setts, church plate, spoons, fork, ladles, waiters, urn, Mpbons, flsb knives, kc. kc, of th latest and most elegant patterns, oi tne nrst quality ol silver and supe rior workmanship, at the lowest price for cash. All order executed ia a masterly manner, and warranted in all case at least equal to any article of silver manufactured or told in this city. . In addition to his own mxnufactnres, he has on baud an assortment of rich plated and fancy hard ware, wbich he will ditpote of very low, roo - ststing ol candlesticks, cake baskets, castors, bottle castors, snuffers and trays, plated oa teel. a varv lUDcrior article: let - sat pen, pocket and sportsman's knives, with a variety f articles not enumerated. urn jo im To th Officer, SoUien and Satlort of ih Revo - luhonarn tVar, THE Officers and soldiers of th Revolutionary Army, od tb Officer and Sailors of tbe x... Xstk. iJnited.States. who served ia the Revolution, caa here their names placed en the hit of the United - States, according to the c - l offJonereM. pnel March 18, 1818, to pro - viae for nrrsons enzaeed m th land and Naval service of the United Slate during the Revolu - tiooary War, by applying to tne tniwcnber. gajljhg uuA,Ti.ig I nth 31 2w 91 Ne - sae - street MEDICAL SOCIETY. ft - A quarterly meet ine of the New - York County Medical Society will b held on Monday, tn otnmsi.Bt4 0'ciocK,M rvasmngtoo rtall. V. w. tuui. M. U. Hec'ry. aplfit ' PUBLIC SAILED ' BY P. L. MILLS ft CO. ' . .' ' Friday, . y...; ,.1 , Atbairpstt 0 o'clock at their auction roontt an entire i voice of 00 pac kage (reh imported rencb good, comptinmg as choice and vaJua bl aa aMurtxueul as was ever offered for sale in this market, contitting of double chained lev an tines, double florenres of all colon, plain laieta, satin and rich figured ribbons, mens and women silk host, do gloves, rich merino shawls, Itvan - tioe da i embroidered bdlilt. ; thiiile lire aud lace bands, linen cambric and caoibric hdkfs. . faos, chenille cords, floreotine vestini, silk hat covers, and a number of other article. i he above good will be told on a liberal credit, which will be made known at the sale. Saturday, " At 12 o'clock, at their kuctton room, under the inspection of the warden of the port, for the account of the underwriter!, 11 case con taining linen, leng laws, 3 - 4 bi - ds eye diaper", 5 4 and 6 - 4 aheeting and linen bedticks, dim. aged in the ihip Otis, from Dublin. MARBLE FOR AULDlJfU, e. THE proprietor of the southern marble qua - rios. near King's - Bridge, give notice, that they have on hand, and ar receiving, at the Kmg't - Bridge Marble otd Lime - lard, lout of Beach - street, on th Hudson river, an extensive stock of marble lor building, of th following de - tcnptioos, vis : Ashlar Watertabl Step Platforms Sills, LioUls Arches Coping' Foundation Stons) Chimney - Piece Facing Columns Also Lime of the best quality. A constant supply of the above material may be calculated upon ; and those desirous of purchasiug, or making engagements, will apply to EZRA LUDLOW, Feb 11 - At the Yard. REMOVAL. IT - N. SMITH DAVIE3 ha removed hi chemical perfume manufactory and warehouse from No. 136 Broadway, on door north of Liberty - street, on the west side of Broadway. mch 27 NO'l ICE. Qr All persons having demands against the estate of Doctor Archibald Bruce, deceased, are requested to send their account to the office of the suhscriber, No. 5 Nassau - street. PETER JAY MUNRO. Mh S7 lm Administrator. CITY ASSEMBLY. (r Those gentlemen who have not had n opportunity of paying their suNcription, will have the goodness to send it to one of the managers. mh 27 i w Ly - Two share iu tbe New - York Library society, FOR SALE, price J 25 each. Enquire at no. 124 Broadway. mh 23 NOTICE. (7 Consignees of goods per ship Minerva Smyth, from London, nr requested lo send their permits on board without delay, as all goods not permitted within five days will be ent lo the public store the ship lies at Murray' wharf. mch 30 NOTICE. (fT" The subsi riber bavins received a rene , rar assignment of all the ttatu of John Murray 4t Sons, lor the benefit of creditor a expressed i in Uie assignment, have authorised Peter Ludlow tn liquidate the uosettled accouut and to receive payment ot uu debts aue to Uie laidbtro, or tu the individual partner who will attend to tae same atms oiuce, io. ill reari - strecu . WILLIAM BAYARD, fehS4 tf HENRY BARCLAY. , NOTICE. The copartnership heretofore existing under th firm of John G. It Geo. Betts, Is this day dissolved by mutual consent The affair of aid concern will be settled by John G. Betts, wlio will continue tb business on his own account, at the corner of Mott and Pell streets. JNO. O. BETTS, mch 31 lw . OEO. BETTS. NOTICE. tl P. L, MILLS & CO's. Sale of 80 Parka - gesfieih imported French Roods, comprising a very clioiie and valuable assortment will take place on Thuroilay morning, at 1 2 past 9 o'clock precisely terms will be liberal and made known at time of the sale. mh 31 (tjficial fmt Lilt. - trj Th prize list of the Medical Science lot tery no. 4, corrected by th managers, I received, aud may be examined gratis at S. 4c M. AL LENa' truly lucky orhce, on. 122 Broadway. Person holding price of any denomination, can receiv th cash, or undrawn tickets, at Aliens' ofiV. No. 10,323 th 4:30.000 price in th last Me dical Science Lolls ry, was sold and paid there. mch 31 at CAU HON. iy Having understood from a respectable source, that certain woollen clotbs and cassl - meres manufactured in Yorkshire, (England,) have been, and are now offering b this mark!, both at auction and at private sale, with th word Woottonundiredg thereon, and an exact imitation on the envelop of th piece, of the arms f Mesar. Geo. Austin ft Co. of that place, (their name only omitted,) I feel itkicambent on me, as the representative of Mewrs. Austin's, to giv this public notice that suck woollens are not of their manufacturing, and tbe Imitating of their labels, and adapting th nam WooUouun - deredg (the place of Messrs. A ustia'i residence,) is intended, ne doubt, to deceive the public, by passing them off goods from their manufactory. All cloths and caul ai ere front the bouse of Messrs. George Austin ft Co. as wall as the labels on th envelope, have the nam Austin, (which is omitted in th imitation,) ' in full, thereon, and all that are not so marked, may be oeafderd a a spurious article. CIIAS. DENST05. New - York, 30th March. lw" - Cry' All person having claim on the elet of the late JOHN WILKES, Esq deceased, are requested to present the sens at th office of the subscribers, No. 45 William - street apllw H. h K. Wtl.KES. (7 - Thisistogiveinlorniation uiatuie yim - fielin Roeclre!, near Pearl street, will be opened for Divine Worship next Sabb" April 6th, 1818, uoder tlie patronage of the Iudep. ori ent Society, New - York. I nvine rmi wmw conductedas follows : - Oii Sahbntb morning, t I - 2 past 10 o' lock, by the Rev. M r. I rey ; at t - g, past 2 in the afternoon, by the Rev. Mr. Lowe J and at 7 in the evening, by RL Mr. Cum - mior - Collections will be made after each ser vice to defray tbe expense ol repairing and cleaning. P "T . NOTICE. Ir - r - Mr. BERAULT'S Annual Grand Ball, which takes place tomorrow evening, at Wash irurton Hall, will certainly be one of the most spteodid thing of tlie kibd ever know lathi coontry. The room m to he brilliantly lighted, and um oumDcr ana variety oi u lancy cancel will, it it expected, be very great. ap i xi - Mll.fORD ft OWEGO ROAD LOTTERY. WILL commence drawing oo the Sth day of May next Only 10,000 Ticket. Drawing to be completed in 20 day i. Prevent price of Tickets and Shares, Whole, 32 I Quarters, 13 UaJtea, 1 IJehthe, 4 UAiTt au rnie.3. 1 of 70,000 Dillar 1 of 35.000 Italian 10 of 1.000 Dollars 30 of 600 Dollar 140 Of . 100 Dollar S of 10,000 Dollar X oi ,uw M"na i . TickeU and Shares, in the greatest - retyoi No. 19 Peck - Kp, Ceraerol Water t. apl

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