Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 2, 1936 · Page 4
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 4

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 2, 1936
Page 4
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FOUK MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, APRIL 2 0 1936 VETS OF FUTURE WARS IN CLASH "Two Partisans at Iowa State Teachers Come to Blows, Are Separated. CEDAR FALLS, OB--Veterans of Future Wars almost had an immediate conflict ag result of the differences which developed at a meeting at Iowa State Teachers college campus Wednesday evening. Two partisans who came to blows were separated by their friends and the evening ended without any casualties. One hundred students cheered or jeered their reactions as the latest manifestation of campus mass psychology reached teachers college to its march from eastern schools, where its inception is credited with 'being in part due to antagonism to student military drills. Pair Trade Punches. Henry Petersen, Cedar Falls, one of the originators of the movement at teachers college, and Peter McCabe, gridder from NapervUle, 111., traded punches before being separated by friends and when Petersen ' was leaving the hall with a VFW sign be was relieved of it by McCabe, who beat a strategic retreat down the north stairs witli the trophy. The final, score was: V. F. W.--30 signatures to its platform. Anti-V. F. W.--One banner. Tn Dramatic Appeal. A dramatic appeal to the "sane element of the student body not to go on record in support of tiiis Proved right here in T MORE MILES of real non-skid safety than from previous All- Weathers.Ourcustomers' records show it. The new "G-3" is your best buy-prove-d also .fay the fact it's America's biggest seller.Get set now for safe driving this spring and summer--get a set now! TIRES STORES BueiM Vista A Capella Choir Will Sing Sunday JOHN BLOOM Phone 364 121 No. Delaware Mason Cilv movement" was made 'by Raymond Sorenson, Plymouth, just as Norris Pritchard, Sumner, was calling for signatures to the platform. Sorensen leaped on a chair and won attention of the audience as several others were rising from their seats in response to the call for indorse- ments. Upshot of the appeal was that about 30 names were signed, a few by the evening's hecklers. Leon Strain, Dunkerton, "post commander" at Teachers college anfl, with Pritchard and Petersen, sponsor of the campaign here, presented the following proposals: Want $1,000 Bonus. 1. A ,$1,000 bonus to be paid at once to all V. F. W's. (Veterans of Future Wars were defined as anyone of military age not a participant in former wars.) 2. Put through the bonus before the supreme court declares it unconstitutional. 3. A V. F. W. hour over NBC at 3 p. m. .Sundays. 4. A V. F. W. newspaper--The Gas-etteer. 5. A march on Washington this summer, to demand bonus. 6. A trip to Europe to view V. F. W. graves. Strain said that the V. F. W. would solicit, the advice of the American Legion in its operations. To Give Concert at Presbyterian Church. The A Capella choir of Buena Vista college of Storm Lake will be heard in a concert Sunday afternoon in the First Presbyterian church at 4 o'clock. The choir consists of 55 voices and is under the direction of John Bloom. Mr. Bloom is a graduate of the University of Iowa, studied under Proschowski in Chicago and sang for a tune in the Chicago A Capella choir under Noble Cain. A. Clair, the violinist on the concert, is a member of the conservatory of music of the college. Mr. Clair is a graduate of the JuilHard Institute of Musical Art, New York, and holds a Master of Arts degree from Iowa university. . The choir has broadcast over WHO and received the compliment of being the "very finest we have ever put on the air." Iowa Musical Notes for April 1935 said, "this choir developed a delicacy of phrasing and tone color rather unusual in school i. choral groups which are apt to stress technical proficiency rather than details of interpretation and emotional appeal." CASHED CHECKS WITHOUT FUNDS Leland Bookkeeper Received '' No Personal Gain Says Bank Cashier. LELAND--That Miss Wava Ozmun, bookkeeper of the Leland Cooperative bank, now closed for auditing, received no personal gain from the "manipulating" of funds of the bank involving shortages of several thousand dollars was included in a statement to the Globe- Gazette Thursday by Robert C. Pluromer, cashier. "Miss Ozmun has cashed checks for several years which were not backed up by deposits," Mr. Plummer declared. "I think most of the checks can be collected." Asked about one report that the shortage might total $45,000, Mr. Plummer said he didn't believe they would be more than half that amount. When the bank might resume regular business wag not indicated. A state inspector is now going over the books. Mr. Plummer said that Miss Ozmun could not tell him exactly how large the shortage. is. Mr. Plummer was doubtful tf charges would be filed. Two Bandits Force Des Moines Man to Open Safe, Get $400 DKS MOINES, (.T)--Two bandits held up Louis Rand, 30, manager of Gordon's Inc., beer distributors, early Thursday, forced him to open tie safe and escaped with approximately 5400 in cash and checks. August A. Gordon, proprietor, reported the bandits missed several valuable diamonds in the safe and that two-thirds of the loot was in checks upon which payment has been stonped." Rand said the bandits forced him to accompany them to the outskirts of the city where they released him. Medical authorities agree that your kidneys contain 15 Miles of tiny tubes or filters -which help to purify the blood and keep you healthy. If you have trouble with too frequent bladder passages with scanty amount causing burning and discomfort, the 15 Jliles o£ kidney tubes may need flushing out. This danger signal may be the beginning of nagging backache, leg pains, loss of pen end enez-gy, getting up nights, swelling, pufflness under the eyes, headaches and dizziness. If kidneys don't empty 3 pints a ] day and so get rid ot more than 3 pounds of waste, poisonous matter may develop, causing serious trouble. Don't wait. Ask your druggist for Doan's Pills, which have been used successfully by millions of people for over 40 years. They give happy relief and will help to flush out the IS Miles ot kidney tubes. Get Doan's Pills at your druggist. DEATH STRUGGLE OF WAR AT HAND Italy's Northern Army and Haile Selassie's Troops Maneuver. By EDWARD J. NEIL CopyrigHt, li)30, by The Associated Press) ASMARA, Eritrea, (By Wireless to Rome)--Italy's northern army and the personal troops of Emperor Haiie Selassie maneuvered carefully Thursday toward what was considered the impending death struggle of the war in Ethiopia. ' The little rainy season, which had already begun locally in various sectors of the northern front, finally set in with characteristic African viciousness, but military authorities asserted the heavy downpour would fail to retard the operations. The Ethiopian emperor withdrew his forces to the heights overlooking Lake Ashangi, 30 miles south of Araba Alaji, to await the second phase of the decisive encounter--expected to be an attack by the army of Marshal Pietro Badoglio. Emperor Halle Selassie himself launched what was believed to be the opening move of the climactic struggle on the northern front Wednesday, throwing 20,000 of the finest troops of his bodyguard at the left Italian flank, just north of Lake Ashangi." The emperor's attempt to split the two invading auny corps failed, the Italian headquarters said, but only after an all-day battle, marked by a terrific attack and counter-attack in the verdant hills and rolling plains bordering the Macan river, eight miles north of the lake. ITALIAN CASUALTIES WEBE HEAVIER, CLAIM ADDIS ABABA, (JP--The Ethiopian government asserted Thursday Italian casualties were morg than three times heavier than those suffered by the Ethiopians in the battle of Mai'Ceu, near Lake Ashangi, between the northern Italian and imperial Ethiopian armies. ROMANCE DEAD 13 Girls of Movies Vow Not to Wed Until They Are Stars or Fail. HOLLYWOOD, Cal,, UP -- Romance is dead--well, technically anyway---in the hearts of 13 beauteous young movie actresses Thursday. Members of Hollywood's firsi ''spinster club," they have vowec not to be married, nor engaged (except for publicity purposes) unti they have achieved stardom, or definitely failed. "It's merely a matter of putting career before, marriage," said Sergeant-at-arms Patricia Ellis "They don't mix, and we have all been in and around the studios long enough to know it. So, to preven that mischance, we have organized The collective will power of the group will bolster the individual determination of each of us. "And this will help--" She picked up a . broad, oaken paddle, modeled after the "persuad ers" used in college fraternity bouses. In case any member shows romantic tendencies, the unwritten by laws of the spinsters provide for a fair hearing. Then, if necessary the sergeant-at-arms will be ordera to administer oaken discourage nient. The spinsters have no president jet. Jean Muir is vice president Other members are Anita Louis Margaret Lindsay, Rosalind Mar quis, Jean Bennett, Linda Perry Jeanne Madden, Carol Hughes, Marie Wilson, Beverly Roberts. Jum Travis and Olivia de Haviland. They have not decided how to dis pose of romances developed before the club was formed. Policeman Convicted of Stealing Appeal: DES MOINES, f. ; P--William J Gregory, former DCS Moines police man sentenced to 10 years in prison for theft of merchandise from stores on his beat, appealed to the Iowa supreme court Thursday. Gregorj was sentenced Jan. 1-1 after plead ing guilty PILLOW RAG RUG SEARS VALUE TIPS A full sized pillow, with heavy striked ticking cover . . Killed with curled chicken feathers; Paragon processed for purity; blue and white striped ticking. Size 21x27 inches. STAIR TREADS 7c Heavy rubber. Choice of black or red. long wearing! END TABLE v e r y substantially built with glued joinU and other points of e t u r d y construction features. Walnut fin- CLEAR SAYING OF $20.00 ON THIS 3 PIECE HONOR-BUILT BEDROOM SUITE 64 95 Size 18x36. assorted patterns. D u r a b l e UNPA1NTED CHAIR 79c \vindsor type unpaint- cd chair, with shaped top rail, extra heavy lee* a n d stretcher braces. 15xi;5 inch .s?at; 17% Inch back. · mazing!" low priced. KITCHEN STOOL BED SPRING $5.95 A spring that will satisfy the most critical. 99 Premier wire coils, double decked; angle top border; steel bands on top for perfect innerspring support. Beautiful enamel finish exceptional value! Inner Spring Mat t r ess Regularly $12.95 The many-coil innerspring unit and soft cotton ftlt- ed batt assure you ;«st- ful comfort. Roll non-sag edge securely tufted for extra strength. Ventilated. Sears sale price-tag on this handsome suite! Massively styled and richly ornamented it will add a distinctive note to your home. Honor-Built--with oak interiors and dustproof tops. Walnut veneer fronts. Large triple mirrors. Poster bed, chest with convenient lid top, and vanity. A Star Jubilee Feature Cambay Seamless Axminster '25.90 If ever there was value, this is it! So outstanding, in fact, that we've made it our leader in the furniture sale and Golden Jubilee. A heavy seamless Axminster , . . with ace-high quality in every thread. Rich Chinese or Oriental patterns. Lustrous sheen effects permanently "woven in." Fine all-wool pile w i t h s o f t under-foot "feel." Size 9x12 ft. VELMERE RUGS $13.95 9x12 Seamless! Beautiful selection of Oriental and ultra modern patterns. Enjoy the coralortale back «-liHe you're working--fold it down and slide under the table w h e n you're through. Sturdy steel In green, white or Ivory. AU joints spot- welded t o r extra strenKth, WATER SUPPLY SYSTEM 47.50 ' Easy to have running water in your home! Our famous "Ever Ready" . . . built like pumps at twice the price! Constructed to use little power . . . seldom needs repairs. Double action reciprocating pump. Powerful Yt H. P. condenser-type motor with brass lined cylinder. 18 gallon tank galvanized inside and out for rust resistance. Dial gauge shows tank pressure. Automatic two-pole switch starts and stops pump. Complete outfit, including tank, air volume control gauge and foot and relief valves, M H. P. motor for 110 volt 60 cycle A. C. Buy on Easy Payments If Desired 55.00 Down So Month. PROSPERITY GAS RANGE '46.95 Repeated by request! Our popular "Prosperity" gas range . . . at a clear saving of $20! As fine a range as ever graced a kitchen . . . smart to look at. Every quality feature including pull out broiler; oven heat control; heavy rock wool insulation; flash top lighter; piano hinged lift covers; aluminum head round burners; tri feature; funnel top; and chrome bar handle. Full porcelain in gray mother-of-pearl, buff pearl or white. Big cooking oven 16x13x18 inches. Buy on easy payments--5.00 down--$5.00 per month. PEERLESS Battery Exchange Trice " Here's a battery that can take it. 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Can't be beat for instant stopping on wet roads. So, buy a set today --throw away your chains--and forget road conditions.

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