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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Thursday, April 2, 1818
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NtW - IORK EVENING POST. THURSDAY? APRIL t. V LETTER IV. ; T Ricv4 RJur, It. Recorder tf Ui tUfffi : - fm - Tf: r - ; .? ' I new come to that part of your practice at voar chambers, which relate to thoM debtors, who design, b y means of yoor abstraction of the insolvent act, to defraud their creditor!. Out fa hundred mm before aa, I select oa to uo - fold mch a striking seet of turpittsde, as will make a stranger to the practices (hat hart boo going on in our court or Justice, for mi yean pest, start with a Wr of horror at ths pentsal: Lot me solicit tha patiMt attention of the yubUc, whOa I proceed in Um devslope - Ontheltth day of August, 1818, tain rwcbssatef this city, whom, fcr tbe present, I .ban designate by tbe letters A. B. intending to defraud a part of bit htm fit croditon, BiadoaaaMipaaaiitoran hb prepay of sverj description, amounting to 1 19,230, or therea bouts, tohisfrieod CD. "for tba benefit of certain creditors, according to the fntrtneei thereto ataUd, being about f 69,000. On tha Hikes' Jaaoary following, tha creditors of this said A. B. vara cited to appear before you at your cnaaiberMM the application of on 8. M. a creditor lor $435, ia which he ttated and iwore to it, that tb taid A. B. wai then confined in prison oa aa execution aad had been so upwards of sixty days, (all which, by tba way, waionly Action.) and that be wai apprehensive that the aetata of the eaid A. B. would be waited; (aho actios,) oa whkh yoa issued aa order to hii creditor!, to appear and show came why an as - siroment should wk be made of bit estate for the . J. IL.I 1 psneni oi ail uw creuiien, ou n um iukiuuevu. Xki the da SrmraBtM! the Mtithmlnr creditor SD - pearad, bat at tba tana tine appeared to op pose tha dibarge,ons J. O. a creditor to tba a mount of J 5000 aad upwards, so which yoa permitted the aJbretaid C. D. the Terr man who had eo the aibreeaid 12th of August receired the alignment ef all the said A. Bi estate, and in consideration thereof, bad executed to him a re Isate of all demands, to coma in and Join ths foresaid 8. M. as a petitioning creditor, and to take the oath prescribed bv tho statute, in which ha stated, that tha son of 31,000 or therea - boutf, was Justly du lo bias, and that ha had not receired frosa each insolvent payment in no - nsy of any part of his demand against sach Insolvent, or by assignment or delivery of any lands or goods or chattels, npoo any si press or secret rreemeot, that ha should consent to such assignment. Oa which oocasion appeared E. F. and G. H. on behalf of sundry creditors, as well a ia their own right, to tha amount ef about the sum of 38,600, aad opposed the discharge on ths ground of fraud. Tba said E. F. at the same . time, objected to the said C. D's being received as a rationing creditor, and supported bis ob jection by affidavit, and stated to yoa the facts above enumerated. The causa was than adjourned to a future dsy for the purpose of af fording tha said C. D. aa opportunity to contra diet tbesa facta, if ontrue. f lo appeared, and said be was advised by his counsel ha might take tba necessary oath of a petitioning creditoi But the objection being still urged, you affect ed to doubt whether, under all the circumstan ces, - tha affidavit of C. D. should not still be rs - WVavw) swsaa ejs sjwaiBf .' ev suwivmmvss It was agreed by the counsel on both skies, that a statement of tha case should be drawn up by yea and submitted to the supreme court at the ensuing tern, whose decision should be final and conclusive. You accordingly drew up ths paper, and it was 'read by E. F. and his counsel At the term tha counsel for the creditors attend ed daring the whole of it, but bearing nothing of the cause, concluded, that as the counsel oa the other side, whose duty it was to bring it on, bad not thought proper so to do, they bad a baaoVMd it They ware not a little a ' larssed to hear, some weeks afterwards, that A. B. bad, ' oa the seventeenth day ol Mar, obtained from you a full discbarge from all his debts, amounting to 1 13,522 t They went to your office, accompanied by their counsel, to ascertain the truth, aad to their utter astonishment they heard it from your own lips. You then opened your book of records and skewed them an entry purporting that the cause was adjourned to the 17th May,at which time the insolvent, you said, appeared, aod no opposition be log made, was, of course, discharged. Mr. E. F. then, having first closely inspected the wri ting aad pointed oat its suspicious appearance to his counsel and to bis associate agent, in a bud ft distinct toaa of voice, and in tha presence of about fifty persons, declared that the .fact stated apoa th sac o the record was false; that there never was aa adjournment of lbs cause when he Was pre seat, aad at STsry adjournment be was present, of which he was ready to make an affi davit t aad immediately appealing, ia the same audible voice, first to bis counsel and then to his associate, asked tbesa whether they were not ready to swear to the same thing to which tbey both said aloud they were. Mr. E. F. them declared he was willing to appeal to tba opposite counsel, not then present, and if they would swsar that there was aa adjournal eat, be would abide by their oath aod say no more. The counsel at this moment entering the door, the Question was publicly put to them and the offer made, bat they evaded every direct answer, saying they bad gut the discbarge, and that was - enough for them. Mr. E. F. then, anable Ions - er to rest rain his indignation, expressed hi, astoo - iehseeiit at your unaccountable conduct uironrh - ewt this whole affair j aad be certainly did, in the face ef tba audience, throw out insinuations, of! a aatara that no innocent man, if port sued of be least spirit, couhl have submitted to, for a What, let me ask yov, would hare been jhe contact of an upright judge, presiding oo Whenever it shall become necessary, real Barnes at full leogth wiQ be sabtUtatcd throagh - evisor tetters. a tba btacfa, aa being thai tanned ..P - dainbg to reply to aa imputation so smworthy aid anaia - rited,ha womld metaaUy have ordered the man mte clM custody wba had thus dared to insult him tn the execution of the duties of bis offlce. What, courteous and gentle sir, was jour's. Yoo cowered beneath his reproach I yo submitted to his" angry expressions of dissatisfaction without the slightest appearance of reseoi - saent yoa bowed, aod smiled, and declared yea were astonished toorself that no creditors appeared to oppose tba application, bat that he ought not tabs angry, for it was now too late, as Mr. A. B. bad already obtained bis discarga. . A few cercvmstaacos of a very extraordinary asters shall close this case With a view to some ulterior steps, it was thought proper to search the records in order to find oat sVcta. The first paper looked for was tho 30,000 dol lar affidavit of C. D. tha principal petitioning creditor. That was not to be found. Next the Bet sf the petitioning creditors was sought for ; but K was discovered that the list which was o - riginally filed of record, had bean withdrawn, k the name of C. D. had been taken off, and soo ther list, without his name ia it, bad been sub stituted in Ma stead. Pursuing the search still further, the before - mentioned statement of the case, as drawn op yourself, now by circumstan ces, become very important, was missing from among the papers filed of record in the clerk's office. All that appears in the case, is that yoa gave ooa A. B. an insolvent, a discharge from all his debts, amounting to 1 13,000 dolls, or thereabouts, and permitted him to file a certifi cate, that he had no real estate, nor personal, excepting wearing apparel for himself and fami ly, nor any books, vouchers, or securities: thus forever, exonerating him from the debts due to txmafidt creditor! to the amount of 45,000 dol lars and upwards, to whom not a single cent ever wai nor ever will be paid. This single instance, out of the many hundreds that might be adduced, will sufficiently shew how the insolvent laws have been administered, daring your recordership, and in what manner the most respectable part of this community has been plundered under the forms ef law, to All the pockets of another part i the worthless and fraudulent. The amount, I have heard, from tba lips of calculating men, estimated at several millions. I say nothing of tha frightful and da - deplorable ha roc m tba morals of the people with which such a state of things must nscassarily be attend ed. All Ideas of uprightness and honesty so essential to any people, .susd particularly to a commercial ciy, like this, have become stifled eV mothered, aod in their stead is introduced a system of fraud and chicanery, which mark the dealings of the multitude, while honorable mea of business stand aloof, and resign their employment to the new order of men. Bach, sir, is true picture of tha condition to which this once honorable, tt prosperous city has, at a period not long past, been reduced, and to which year offi cial conduct, mora than any other cause, has conduced. I shall not meddle with your mo lives, nor endeavor to penetrate into the myste rious means which have been found to influ - enoe your conduct j I leave this, therefore, to conjecture, and every man, acquainted with fects, is at liberty to form his own conclusions. I have now gone, patiently, through the tvk i hire, for the present, assigned myself, but whether this letter shall be the last, will depend upon circumstances, sufficiently obvious. In bringing it to a conclusion, I shall not, as is cus tomary, express a reluctance which I do not feel at dragguig before an injured public, one, whose official conduct is so iniquitous and detestable in itself; so pregnant with mischief to the commu nity and so disgraceful to the jurisprudence of this city and state. Permit me to remind you, that U you feel yourself aggrieved, a double remedy is c pen to you, either by action or indictment, or both t or, if you choose to make your defence m the columns of a newspaper, those of the Evening Post are much at your service. I hardly need observe to you, that you owe it not only to yourself, but to the high office which yon bold, to institute measures without delay to bring the charges which these letters contain, to a trial in open court, where i pledge myself to meet you, and to make the truth the sole question between as. ' P. 8. Since the above was in type, the following is received : "If Mr. Coleman will examine the 3d vol. of Laws of New - York, p. IS, he will CnJ that the lees wnicn the Recorder is authorised to charge for 14 an order to examine a witness, and tor nery ether eroVr, when necessarily made, is 37 cents' And there is not a lawyer in this city. who cannot testify, that his universal practice is to charge (1 for e very order which is made by him in the supreme court, and 35 cents for or ders in the mayor's court." SAiBwrerki We have received a letter from our correspondent at Norfolk, dated March 30th, informing as of the shipwreck of the brig Alfred, Rolf, of Portland, (Maine.) . She was bound to Alexandria, with a cargo of rum, molasses and lumber, and oo the morning of the 17th March, in a snow storm, run on shore a little to the north of Hog - Island, in the Chesapeake Bay. Two men took the boat, which was stove, and they ware both drowsed. Capt. Rolf, his mate, aod two men, remained oa the wreck till thetOth, subsisting entirely upon a b w biscuits and water, and exposed to the severity of the cold an til they were badly frost bitten. On the 20th, the vessel went to pieces, and they having construct ed a kind of raft, drifted eo it to Hog - Island. They were Unable to save any thing but the clothes they hsd oa. The brig Clotilda, Brotherton, belonging to Baltimore, sprung aleak on the 8th March, on oa her passage from New - Orleans to Fbiladel phia, and unable to keep her free any lon ger she was run. ashore on the 34th March, a ooui s miles S. of Cape - Henry. The mate with 11 others of the crew and passengers immediately took to the long boat and endeavored te reach the shore, but the boat instantly filled and sunk, and every one on board per - ished. . Capt B. and 7 others of the passengers and crew remained oa board until the vessel went to tneces and thea drifted ashore on ths deck. ' w The sasses of tha persons lost were Jona L - danaeof France,. "Wuliaat Anderson, of Lime - alisae f Ken.) and Joseph C. Rutherford of Alex sjulria. cabia nessetizert I and Icbabod Buel e N. York, aod Doctor , (name not recollect ed.) of Ken tacky, steerage ditto ; Robert Joho son, mate, of Philadelphia ; Thomas Britt, James Usher, of Baltimore! Wo. Smith, of Newbu ryporl oamuel Rkbardsoa, steward, and John Franklin, cook, the two latter blacks both of Philadelphia. ; The survivora on reaching tha shore made for tha Light House on the Cape, where they were very kindly received and assisted by Mr Burroughs' family, and reached this place yesterday afternoon, having lost nearly every thing they had. Their names are Wm. Bro. thertoru eaDtain i Mr. Foucher. and Dr. H. Smith, cabin passengers i Messrs. Insman r . . . Welch andSomers, steerage passengers; and Henry P. Osborne, and Thomas Urotherton, seamen. , Mr. Smpton,$ benefit To - morrow evening is the time allotted for the benefit of this deserved favorite of the audience, previous to his depar ture for Europe; and wa trait every friend to the theatre, the manager, tha actor, and the man, will be present on this occasion, to bid him an affectionate farewell, and wish bin a pros - porous voyage, in the success of which so many are interested. Congress have agreed to adjoam on Monday the tOth instant. rest the National Intelligencer, The vice - president has retired from the chair of the senate : and will, after a day or two, take bis departure for his residence, a president pro tempore will, of course, be elected on the meeting of the senate Ibis day. The Seminolt tear We find in the documents oo this subject, recently transmitted by the pre sident to congress, an official annunciation of those circumstances which nave preceded ana attended the recent movements of our troops in the south. These official papers vary so Utile in snbstance from the unofficial accounts, that we do not think it material to publish them, with the exception of the following documents, which reduce to form and certainty the rumors we have heard concerning the instructions to our military authorities respecting the prosecution of tne war. Department of War, 16th December, 1817, Sir On the recoiot of this letter, should the Seminole Indians still refnse to make reparation br their outrages and depredations oa the citi sens of the United A'tates, it is the wish of the president that you consider yourself at liberty to march across the Florida line, and to attack them within its limits, should it be found neces sary, nuiess they should shelter themselves under a Spanish post. In the last event, you will immediately notify this department. , I nave tne nonor to be, ue. J. C. CALHOUN. General Edmund P. Gaines, f ort Scott, Ueorgia. Extract of a letter from the secretary of war to major - general .inure w Jacuson, at Nashville, Tennessee, dated Dec. 26th, 1817. You will repair, with as little delay as practi cable, to Fort Scott, and assume the immediate command of the forces in that quarter of the southern division. The increasing display of hostile intentions by the Seminole Indians, may render it necessary to concentrate all the contiguous disposable force of your division upon that quarter. The reru lar force now there, ss about 800 strong, and 1000 militia of the state of Georgia is tolled into service, lien, trainee estimates the strength of tne Indians at T7UU. eneuldyou be of opinion that our numbers are too small to beat ths enemy, you will call on the executives of the adia - 1 cent states for such an additional militia force as you may deem requisite. We bare expressed ourselves very carelessly in our remarks respecting the recent debate on the motion of Mr. Clay, if we are understood to impute blame to the gentlemen of the federal party lor the course they pursued ; or even to intimate that it was their purpose, by remaining uent, to lavor tne division ol the republican party. It was far from our intention to do either : we meant to state a fact, and not to impeach mo tives which we believe were entitled to respect. It has irequentiy happened, in the same body, that a debate has been led entirely to one party : one instance, we recollect, somewhat analogous to the present the debate on the dual passage of tne national uank bill The republicans favorable to it sat by, and witnessed a sharp conflict between one moiety of the federal party, on whose votes the passage of the law depended, and the other half, wbe labored to defeat the bill, which, through that division, only became a law. Our object, in regard to the late debate, was to shew that it had no connection with the established divMonsof party, but arose out of a difference of opinion between members of the same political family. The late rains hae caused as almost unpre cedented rise in the Potomac and Shenandoah ri vers. Great damage has been done to mills, fen ces and other property situated oa the marein of the rivers. At Harper's Kerrv. the damage aoue io puonc ana private property is consider aDie - CONGRES3. IX SENATE March 30. The bill for amending the acts for enforcing ths neutral relations of the United States, was referred to the committee oo foreign relations. The president laid before the senate certain documents from the president of the U. States. being connected with other documents relating to our aflairs with spam Heretofore transmitted, nut oi a prior date. The resolution from the house of retire w - nta tives, fixing the day of adjournment of congress for the 13th of April, was taken up, amended so as to 61 it lor the zuth, passed to a third reading, and finally passed. UOUiE Of REPRESENTATIVES. Monday, March 30. The bouse took up and proceeded to consider the amendments reported by the committee of the wlHile to the bill making appropriations for ths support of government tor the rear 181 which amendments were severally concurred ia without debate, with the exception of that male ing an appropriation ol 130,000 dollars to pay me judgment ol damages recovered against Da. vid Gflstoa aod Peter A. ocbencb, ia the su preme court of New - York, by Gould Hoyt, for tne se n ure ol the vessel the American Kagle. Mr. Hopkinson, Mr. Baldwin, Mr. Llveraiore and Mr. Mercer, opposed, aod Mr. Lowndes, Mr. Smith, of Md. and Mr. Spencer, supported the appropriation. Tha opponents contended, that the claimants were not entitled to relief, because they seised the vessel on their ewa responsibility ; because they did not take the pre - per steps to appeal from the decision of the dis - trict court refusing a certificate that the seUure was made on probable cause ; aod because, as they would derive a Denem from the forfeit are. if one bad been decreed, they ought to submit to the consequence of aa improper seixare. The appropriation was finally granted M to S9. The amendments baring been gooe through. Mr. Forsyth moved to strike out the specific appropnauoa or su,wu oouan to psy lb suss M : - .. . f - Jill. tVV AjJ - oa to Bouui a me no, w uu u faritothaeontjiigeatiuDxi. .. t - . ' Mr. r. remarked, in explanation w b u, that the specific appropriation supposed that the nersows sent by the president Were official characters; as socb, it was aeceswy that their ap - poiotmeots should be submit ted to tba senate. They wonld be considered in the light of mini - stsws of some grade, sent to a foreign govern ment, and not agents appointed onuer ine uuc - tioa of the executive, acquire information. The practice of all former times required too payment to be made oat of the contingent fund, WD0M expenditure was trusted wholly to ex Motive discretion. The rseocnition of such un official agents, and a specific appropriation to pay them, would be to establish a precedent for k wt attentive abuses : abuses which could not well be committed by expenditures out of the contingent funa. - Mr. Lowndes signified his approbation ef Mr. frthi nrotiosition i and The motion was agreed to without opposition. From the Ballimore American, Xareh 31. A gentlemen of respectability who was at Bue no Ayres wbea the schr. Patiiot lay there, re n .. im tn contradict a statement made by l letter writer from that place, in yesterday's paper, relative to the arrest of Mr Halsey he says ibat Mr. Halsey never was imprisoned and that on a representation by Mr. Worthiagton to the proper authorities, be waa tmmeuiateiy uoera ted from arrest. NATCHEZ. March 5. Passed this place on Sunday last, 120 soldit rs of Col. Lindsay's regiment of U.S. Artillery.' they are destined lor Appaiacnicoia, to act wuu Gen. Jackson, in thr Seminolian war, thty were accompanied by several Lieutenants, among when were Lts. Tarum and Satnam, the former from Kentucky, (he latter from Pennsylvania, both distinguished for their gooe) conduct in the late war. Another company under the command of Cant. Peter, of the same regiment passed here 12 or 15 days ago for the same destination. PaiLAnsuari, March 31. A catfith, three feet five inches long, and weighing thirty - five pounds, wss brought to this city from Pittsburg, on Friday last, in a fine state of preserv ation, and sold for one dollar and fifty cents. Although the size of this Fish is nothing uncommon, compared with those which inhabit the western waters, yet we believe it is the first of the kind that was ever seen in an Atlantic port. Mr. Peale has obtained the bead and skin, for exhibition in his Museum. CHARLESTON, March 26. It will be seen, bv a reference to our Savannah marine head, that a Spanish frigate, said to have on board three and an hair millions oi ooi lars. has been lost near Cam peachy. A letter from Marion Court - House, dated 23d inst. says" The rivers, swamps and low lands in this quarter are almost unpassaDie." DIED, At Charleston, on the 15th March, in the 37th year of her are, Mrs. Ann Maria Bounetheau. Suddenly, of aa apoplectick lit, at St. Marys, (Geo.) Mr. Nathan Bixby, in the 44th year of nts age. At Washineton eitv. March 31. in the 31st year of her age, Mrs. Eleanor Pearson, wife of josepn i carson. r.sq. oi worm Carolina, anu only daughter of Robert Brent, Ksq. Pay Master General of the Army of the United - Slates. ai fjrmg - viue, on tne zotn, alter a severe illness of eitrht days, Sarah, wife ot Hector Craig, Esq. in the 42d year of berage. EVENING POST MARINE LIST. CLEARED. Ship Pacific, Williams, Liverpool I. Wneht & Son Mary Augusta, Bicker. Greenock Dunham & Auchincloss ARRIVED THM tOHEAOOA. Brig Connecticut, Blinn, 22 dsys from Point Pel re, Gusd. with molasses, to L Larue, G L Lewis, and to order. Left, brig Merchant, New all, of Wealbersheld, to sad in 10 days : Caroline, Shipley, to sail next day tor St. Thomas ; Elizabeth, Morrison, of Portsmouth, N. If. to sail in 5 days, and 4 or J others, names not recollected. Spoke nothing markets dull for American produce Molasses 38 cts. sell bidney, uaum, 14 dsys from Edenton, NC with naval stores,staves,&c. to 8 Jackson. Sch Concord, Dow, 20 days from Currituck. with naval stores, to Waring k Kimberly. schooner ooutb - larohna, Allen, 7 days from Charleston, with iron, dry goods, cotton, rice, & Barker Ic Hopkins, Pott & M'Kiooe, Tricon ii Mcsselier, W Turpin, P II Schenck, J Carman, Miller & Bates, S 3 Goodyear, S Al ley, V L. Dodge, A U Uurand Ic Uourdel, Law Ic Butler. F & A BrunelL J B Lafoota. W Hen - thorn and J J Ketchum. Left, schr Tontine, for N York in 10 days ; and Alargaret, for do. in 2. Just arrived, brig William, Wilsou,rom NYork. sailed in co. brig Atlantic, for Providence. Passengers, mrs. Mirkle, miss Mai tin, messrs. F M'Gowan, A S Peters, R Mickle, S Russell, R A King, J Warren, J Patterson, S A Harrison, E Jesup, A K Fish, A Loss, T Kellam, J M' - Reary, J Bragg, W Franklin and G Dowse - who return their grateful thanks to capt. Allen lor his polite attention and gentlemanly treat ment to them. Sch Sarah - Ann, Baldwin, CI days from Mar tinique, with molasses, to Rankin & Hyrr, and the master. March 23. lat 28 46, long 74 53, spoke brig Louisiana, Waterman, 8 days from Boston, fir N Orleans. Left, brig Struggle, Kowe, tor forumouth, H. H. lUdays, ship Ju liet, bwanton, for Bo. ton, 8 days ; briir Rebec ca, Stephenson, for Boston, 8 days i sch Julia, 8no', for Tui ks Island next day ; bng Marga ret, Maxwell, tor Boston, iu oars sch Ann, Clark, for N Haven, 12 days t sch Daniel, Col by, for Newburyport, 10 i sch Olive, Grove, for Portsmouth, .V tv 15 days. Sloop Olive Branch, Lord, 14 days from Petersburg, with flour, to F Thompson. British schr Duke of Wellington, Corey, 1 days from St. Johns, N. B. with fish, horns, grindstones 4c. to Smith ft Nevis, Hav it Wood. Ward it Bishop, and M. Disbrow oa board. She has 8 passengers. Sailed ia co with brig M ary Aon, lor New York. Spoke nothing. Sloop Roxiana, 3 days from Philadelphia, with sundries, to P. Care, Jun. The ships Canton, and Suffolk, from India, nave arrived ai oostoo. Sch Genett, from this port bound to Philadelphia, was spoken of Egg Harbour, 31st ult ARRIVED LAST EVENING. Ship Merchsnt.Odiome, 61 dsys from Liverpool, with iron, to iona Ogden. Brig Reuben ft Elisa, Hunter, 48 days from Cadiz, with salt, wine, fruit and copper, to J W Rusell, M'Crea & r - bdell, NLltG Gris - wold, P Harmony, and H Hendricks. Passen. trers. Messrs. Henrv Larned. A Ducos. anrl II Phelps. Sailed Feb. 15, in co. with brig James Monroe, for Alexandria. Left ships Fair American, Brown, for Philadelphia, uncertain ; Mohawk, Whittier, of N York, uncer. where bound ; Ruth ft Mary, Brown, for Philadelphia, in 3 days Sterling, Morton, for Havana, in 3 ; Scipio, Pitt, fur Baltimore, uncer ; brigs Au gusta, 1 ruant, tor Havana in 5 ; Amsterdam Packet, Soule, uncer ; Brutus, Gorton, fiir Newport in 2 ; Emetine, Gibson, for Brazils, unc ; echrs Iris, of Boston, une ; , Hunt, of Duxbury, do j Dolphin, of Plymouth, just ar. from Bilboa. Spoke, March SL lat 34 8. Ion 69, ship Martha,of Boston dsys from Charles ton for Liverpool. Sloop Maria, Page, 10 days from Plymouth, N. C with naval stores, to Blount & Jackson, and Warine; ft Kimherly. The sloop Herald, Thorp, from N York, bad just arrived at the bar. March 22, off Cape Henry, tpoM sen a. ii. 4 A. t. nm Providence. R. L for north Caroline, .f 26th, spoke a sch from N York for North Carolina. ' - ' " Sch Eagle, 8 days from Washington, H. C. .;, n..l ..ore., to U ft C W Davenport & Co. Pbiubklnia, April 1. - Arriveo, .mp Athens, Bromley, Calcutta via Madrasa.JSO dsys. Cspt Brumley, left at canton, lsinov. brig Findorf, CathelL for Baltimore, in a few days ; ships Cadmus, Davis, for Boston, 15th ; Crittenden, of Boston, tor n iors, i w lumbus, of do. unc ; Holofemes, sweet, oo irora tale of France, do. Passed In the river, ship Agswsra, Wills,' of Boston, from Batavia, bound up. Left the Sand Heads 5ih, and Ma rines. Iftth no vewels there. The sbip Fawn. Austin, of Boston, arrived at Bombay, 27th of Oct. The Athens bad very severe weather off Cape of Good Hope, and baa been on tne coast since 7th March. Cant. Cushinsr. left at Port au - Prince, 6th ult. brig Staughton, of N York, loading for Bordeaux and to sail in a few days brig, Gillman, for Charleston, in 3 days i sloop Illinois, Bates, of N York, loading and to sail for Naples in 10 days, and a number of other American vessels, names, tic. not recollected. poke, lith ult - a sch from New Providence bound to Bermuda she being full ot men supposed her to be a Patriot privateer it blowing fresh, could not learn her name. NORFOLK, March 27. Shimtreck. The crew of the schr. Leopard, from Baltimore, bound to St. Jagode Cuba, arrived here yester day and report that the schooner ran ashore on Tuesday 17th inst. about 3 o'clock in the after noon, 60 miles to the southward of Currituck Inlet ; the wind being E. N. E. and in tne course of the night she bilged. The captain was left at the Inlet to superintend the sale of the cargo which was saved. We are happy to add, that no lives were lost Cleared, schr. Tell - Tale, Churchward, New - York. CHARLESTON, March 24 Arrived yes - terday, sch Henry De unison, Wood, N York 8 days, and 1 from Tybee, where she put in, being driven to leeward in a gale on Thursday last. Sch Ann - Maria, Green, savannah 1 day - Saw a ship, 7 schooners and a sloop off Tybee Light, all bound to Savannah., Tbe Mexican brig Mexican Congress, was to sail from Tybee Light on Sunday last Cleared, ship Kepeater, Allen, Ilavre - de - Grace. Aa inward bound schooner was in the offing last evening. CaAaLisTosT, March 25. Arrived, schooner Swifsure, Thomas, Boston 9 days. Cleared, ship Cyrus, Curtis, Havre; brig Brutus, Bragdon, Liverpool. - Went to sea yesterday, ahip Repeater, Allen, for Havre. The brigs Elisabeth, from N York Rolla, from Providence i and a sch. supposed to be a coaster, anchored in the Boads last evening. The Mexican trig American Libre, anchored off our bar last evening1. CHAKLKSTON, March 26, - Arrived, brig Columbia, Wilkinson, 20 days from Jacquemel, (?t. Domingo). Yesterday morning, about 14 miles to the northward of our bar, fell ia with the wreck of a sloop sunk aod ber mast about 8 feut out of water. ' Brig Elizabetg, Sears, 7 days from NYork. Brix Rolla. Nickerson. 17 davs from Prove - dence, R. I. On tbe 16th inst. off the Frying fan - Shoals, in a violent gale from NNE the Hoi la carried away her fore - top - mast stay sale, fore top. gallant - mast, and stove tbe lollv - boat and house. The fine new schooner George Washington, I Shannon, from this port for Wilmington (N. C. j got ashore at Oak - Island, near Cape Fear Bar, on the night of the 14th ult. Capt 5. had an chored to wait tor a pilot, but tbe wind came on o blow fresh, when she broke tbe fluke of ber anchor, and drifted on shore, where she bilged, and win re totally lost Cleared, brig Atlantic, ilaily. Providence. Baltimosk, March 31. Arrived sch. Hunter, Perly, 33 days from Jacquemel. Left brig Uoiumoia, new fjastie, Alans ; sloop Chaun - cey, of N York t eight sail of European ships ; the English briirs Wallace, Edkin. and Hol land, with two thirds cargo not being able to procure cargoes for cash the brig Kingston to sail in a few days for Europe, in ballast, after waiting three months for a cargo. On the 14th of Feb. there were 15 sail of European vessels in the harbor of Jacquemel, and six out of that number would carry the whole crop tor tne season. 1 lie markets completely overstocked with American and European produce. Sailed on the 32d Feb. the sch Emily, Hill, of H ! , - rreuericasuurg, lor v.iiiracu. rnces isnr - rent - Coffee, &24, and scarce Logwood $32 per ton Cotton f 43. The Hunter aailed on the 26th Feb. and on the 37th, Cape Tiberoon bearing N W 13 leagues, was brought to by a small black sch of about 70 tons burthen, with her deck full of men of all colors, and after some enquiries made sail, and gav e us liberty to do the same. On the 11th March made Cape Hatteras, bearing N N W distant 2 lea gues, in the course of which time were three times within 10 leagues of Cspe Henry, and each time was drove off to the eastern edge of the Gulf by h eavy gales ot wind from the north and east Having been drove off on the 17th to the lat of 33 40, we took the wind to the eastward, and on the 21st. running in under close reef foresail made Cape Hatteraa bearing E. 3 leagues distant, when to our surprise found ourselves on a lee shore, in co with eight sail, ships, brigs and schrs. and bad the gale continued 4 hours longer all of us must inevi tably went on shore ; one large brig, supposed to be bound to Europe, lost her main yard and maintopsai! in the gale. Off Hatteras 22d, spoke a small Pilot Boat sch from Porto Rico for Baltimore could not learn her name. In long 75, lat 37, spoke schr Angler, Bartler, from N.C. for Plymouth, Mass. had lost her lower rudder, was informed that 5 sail drove ashore during the gale. , j British ship t ame, Livingston, i days from Kingston, Jam. Spsnish scb. Bella, Dolores, 19 days from Havana. bhip Sidney, Meiick, from Lima and Can ton, 127 days from the latter, and 95 from Java Head. Left Nor. 22, ship Stag, Adams, of) Baltimore, unc i spoke below the Bocca Ti gris, bound, up, ship Phoenix, of Philad. from Liverpool, and Ontario, from New. York. Left Java Head, in co. with ships Suffolk, Durant, and Canton, Henkley, tor Boston ; George and AIDett, tor rnilal ; unina. Slineves, end brig Panther, Lewis, for Salem. Spoke March 25. in latitude S3 SO, long. 72, brig Favorite, ofl Boston 2 days from savannah for Liverpool. On the 25th at 7 a. m. saw two small islands bearing W. by S. to S. W. by W. in the latitude cf 3, 44, N. and Ion. 160, 13, W. bearinc - N. 43, distant 145 miles from Christmas Island. apparently low land, covered with trees csp - tain W. has therefore called tliem the Sidney Islands. The Sidney came into the bay yes terday at 1 o'clock and anchored at 11 o'clock this morning. Sch Diana, Bird, from N York. Sch Charles ft Man - , from St. Lucie. Salbm, March 30 Arrived, ship Augustus, Res, 65 days from Smyrna. Brig Eliza, of rniladelphia, sailed the same day with the Augustus Left brig Eclipse, Philadelphia, to sail in iu days, ohip Two Brothers, Gilchrist, 48 days from Antwerp. Sch Aretus, Prince, from N York. Ship China, Shreve, 130 days from Canton. NORFOLK, March 23 Arrived, scb Belvi - dere, Johnson, N York, 60 hours from tbe book ; I sloop Harmony, Smith, New - Bedford & days ; ( sloop Northera Liberty, Gifford, West port, Ms. via n 1 orb, 7 days ; elodp Wiluam, Fuikhim. Nantucket 4 days. Savaaaia, March 23. Arrired chEmilv White.. N Yorkdaye. . J' Sloop William - Henry Harper, Havana 0 days. Reports, that a Spanish frigate, from Vera Cruz, bound to Havana, was lost off Campeacby, with three and a half million doL lars. v - x - - Krh T&t1rr. Itsrrltnrr final fat Cleared, ships Thomas, Hutchinson, LiTer. pool , Mary - Ann, A'tebbins, London'; sch Ross - - te - Bloom, Wbeaton, NYork. Below, sbip Ceres, Mix, from St Thomas. The Ceres reports the loss of the bri An - Ma na, Ilobertson, from this port, off the island of St. James. Sailed on Saturday, U. S. brig Enterprise Kearney, for Fernandina, Amelia - Island. ' THEATRE. For the Benefit of Mr. Simpson ; his last sppelr. once prior to his departure for Europe Oa .IW, Sir John Restless, 4 Mr. Eimpsoa Beverly, m Pritchard , Lady Restless, Mrs. Barnes ' (Her first appearance in that character.) Belinda, Mrs. Darley. Between tbe play and farce Mr. Barnes will una Hard Tiroes, or the year 1671 To which will be added, (for the 1st time ia America) the new welo drama of THE FALLS OF THE CLYDE. Kenmure, Mr. Pritchard Farmer Knfield. , Robertson Edward Enfield, ' Simpsoa Ellen Enfield, Mrs. Barnes, lo act 1 a Scotch Dance, by Mr. Ic Mrs. Parker. Performance to commence at strep o'clock. NOTICE - 03" Tbe subscribe rs have formed a connection for the purpose of transacting Commission, Business, under the firm ol S. and T. YVH1TTE - MORE, and will for the present do business at No. 60 South and 129 Peail - streets ; end will constantly keep for sale a general assortment of Cotton and Woolen Cards, of lbs manufacture of the late New - York Manufacturing Company. Just received, per schr. Sandusky, Irom Mobile, and for sale, 13 bales Deer Skins ) 22 sacks Snake Root of prime qual. t do Beeswax, y SAML. WH1TTEMORE, ap 2 1m T1MO. WH1TTEMORE. NOtlCr. TO THE LADIES. As it has happened very often, through mistake, that their Shawls and Laces have been brought a few doors below my lodgings, where the Lady of thefaaid place assumes, some times, my name, in order to get the work destined for me by my customers ; this is to advise them and the ladies in general, that my name has been fixed on the house where I live. No. 56 Warren - street, and that I shall ba very bappy to be favored with the continuation of their patronage. ROL - ETTE. ap 3 lw (jjf - Ticket No. 15559, which dr w the sta tionary prize of 3000 dollars in the Medical Science Lottery, lately finished drawing, and sold by ROBERT WaITE, Jun. wis this day presented to him and promptly psid. There can be no better evidence of the good luck of tickets purchased of R. Waite, Jun. than the remarkable fact, that out of the small lest number of tickets, tie has sold the great, est number of prizes ; among which are the highest floating prize 10.000 dollars, one of 3000 dollars, and 7 of 1000 dollars. ap 2 0 - A stated meeting of the Trust es of Columbia College will be held on Monday next, the 6th instant at 10 o'clock, A. M. at the college. ap2 3t CLEMENT C. MOORE, Clerk. THE FORUM, (TJ" Tbe members of the Forum are particularly requested to meet at the City - Hotel, this evening, at half past 7 o'clock precisely. : ap It - v' - tor LIVERPOOL, Th suoerior coDDered shio IMPORT. r.R. Mason Diue - lev. matter. It is ex pected she will ret awav on Sunday the 5th last mm tha im mnrii loaded. For freight ol SO balsa of cotton, or passage, apply to the eaptam oa 1 , . ... ,n . 1 rti.i - 11 - . ooaru, at pier io. i wi uus uiu - ,ip. aP2 CHALL. Alexandria, Georgetown It Waihmgton Iv Tho sloop VICTORY, J. Somers, 1J master, now ready to receive freight and will be dispatched immediately. ' For which or passage, apply to the master on board, east side Peck - slip, or to DIVIE BETHUNE k Co. ap 2 92 Coffee - house - slip. S'n. U m VUV. Tha racket shin RUBICON. Hoi - - , r ' dred?c. master, is now loadinr at Jones' wharf: and will sail about the 15th instant. For freight or passage, apply oa board, or to 6 poTT ft M'KINNE, ce Bai.iI. - - or NEtT - OHtEANS, - The rood shio LAGU1RA, to sail en a 1 ... VnTID iiur, nftaaMlMfl. . and a few tons freight, will be taken, if immedi ate application is oiaue iu 11. Li. ol U. UIMOVVVL.1S, p2 , ' 86 South - st - . FURS. THE subscriber offers for sale, in lots to suit purchasers, i 1,500 lbs North West Beaver 500 lbs Grand River do 100,000 Canada Musk - Rat Skins 10,000 Prime Spring do do 3.000 Racoon Skins 1 200 Neutra do 6,000 Russia Grey Hare Skins '. 3,000 lbs Camels Wool Prime carrotted and raw Hares Far Do do do Cooey do GEO. A3TOR, Dlw 144 Water - street SILKS, CRArtS, ttc.z cases omcnews 3 cases Sarsnets 15 do canton . rapes - - 3 do do cross - barred 3 do Sewings, cloth colors 2 do Crape Shawls 1 do 6 - 4 Levantine do 2 do black and colored Satins 3 ps. extra super. Mull Mulls 7 trunks Cotton Hosiery 2 bales fine Baftas 3 do Comp'ys Hungpora losses 6 boxes Lungee Romalls. , r Aad a general assortment of India aod Ear ueaa dry goods, by tbe piece or package, for sale by - ISAAC S. HUat, an tt 47 Kultoo - strees. FLOUKAtSHlr - STUFF. - 100 barrels rucn - mood Flour and ship stuff, landing and tot tale by CJOODHUE k CO. . iol ee Hnin.Ki". WHEAT, PtAS, BEANS, fcc. - l ass wheat, 6 do Peas 1 do Beans, 2 do Tallow 17 kegs and 2 barrels Lard , l 200 bbls Turpentine, landing and lor sale T R. ft C. W. DAVENPORT CO. p3 35 Peck - ehg CUFERFINESPCMU LS. A b ges. of sup. qual. 'AN, ,p2 3t 82 1 - 2 Peari - street. SUGAR. - 45 bbls. Muscovado Sugar, hading .from ..up Plato, aTcTT? en MSouth - s'reet, P " BLUti N A i kii 9UU pieces wue ""'"1 all 1st Chop, fttlSffi ap , 65 Soath - strtet.

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