The Evening Post from New York, New York on April 2, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 2, 1818
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. NUMBER' 4930 - THURSDA V, APRIL 2, 1818. NO. 42 PINE - STKFET. m e mm JUL SALF. AT THE SHiP - YARD Of THF. srifiSCRlHKR. i A SLOOP, now building of the bett Immaterial, kbout 100 ton; timber of live locust and cedar ; bottom plank jtSeT"'18 oak, built oa purpose for th Albany trade. SLOOp tonit Calcalted for iCfl ary trado where dispatch, burthen, and Vliiesjy draft of water m required. ,ri9HCHOOKR. of 40 tow, wiU draw but Utile water, with a lee - hoard throush the centra of her keel, ua i causal - , . , Also, a SHIP of 360 tons, calculated lhk for a Liverpool or London trader, (uuu XUcan be finished to wit the purchaser.) Qjretwrf, timber and plank. AUo, timber iwed to bill! for house building. nov6 tf .. CHK.L.fc isitww.ic QUPERFliNK LEGHOKAS 3 av era - gini?tONA C. PARSONS, It CO. uvi 243 Pearl - strcct. . . - in.. - .. i i : ... r brig Mount Hope, from Wrhmwl, for. Hum Dhl8 114 Front .tree! S" 11EETLNG3 8 h;tlf Flemish Sheetings, lor fir by JAMES G. KING & CO. BhS4 7 . N - 61 Pine lreet. C"" BAGS.3000, lor ih by j . 1 CEBRA U CUMING, luhlS 76 Pearl - street. TT W I It LI tuna fiit ouahtv Nuva - iwo - tia Plaster for fale in lots to suit purchas ers Apply to VAf.TF.R NEXSON. 174 Fmnt - st. corner of Burlin? - slip. or to JOHN' BYER3, foot of Harrison - st. mr 17 North River BOMBA.b 1 I' A, awrted colours Jo all black do twilled, assorteJ colours, just re - ceived - Fortaleby OTIS SWAN, mrh 3 137 Pcarl - st. .) 0 COTJOjV, lUBACCO, tic. iidjL bales prime Alabama cotton, landm; from nrhr N jnaU 20 bale New - Orleans cotton ) per brig Fi - 5 hhds Kentucky tobacco j ntwuer IN STORE, of. lom clean St. retertburgh hew? Russia duck, German steel, roll brimstone ;, 15 cases tumblers 30 boxes Castile soap Writing and wrapping paper 1 case Leghorn huts, No. SO a 40 AUo, just received, 16000 lb Havana coffee, in hhds. and A few hints of rectified pure spirit, made from molasses runt, r or sale by JAMES D'WOLF.jr. Feb 23 57 Fmnt - st. M' ILl" MADEIRA WINE. tt pipes eld ii' k .. . ar . J - 11)1 : r.. sale tiiy .viaueira ine, nnporiea in iu, iui by TUCKER LAlUv . - imn 12 .1. tun 13 LI Kb, 29 SouHi - ttrvrt. fit UKOWN, stone seal engraver and jewel - A . lor. No. 1C6 Broadway. . Coats of arms, crests, cyphers, itc. engraved n stone. '",, " A handfomc asiorlr.ient of fine gold seals, chains, and oth - r jewi'.tTT. ' LiiJirV.teal eugiaved witli coats of arm. - , mottos, and fancy devices. 1m Ih. Mti.h ai rnt li. anv fiirtn. " Books of heraldry kept with upwards of. 60.0110 nam's. jn f MK.1I', LKAU, PAINTS, ttc. Russia hrtnp, in lots to suit purchasers - 80 roll" sheet lead, 3 1 - X to S . " ft c - - ks bar If ad, 7 tons pig lead '' 50 bales India twine English tail and seine twine 3 caiks Prussian blue, 5 cask vcnniHioa 3 hhds verdigris SO ctuks French yellow ochre - Dry white and red lead 20 boxes tin For sale by TETER SCHERMERHORN & SON3, : 243 Water - street. ALo, 200 anchors, of Hunt's make, from 40 to 2500 L Cables and cordage, of all siaer, best - siuality, with the oual assortment ol ship chanaivry. . Feb 11 tf Mll.ll'ARV I, AND I'ATrlNlo. T?OR SALE, an uiielectd lot of 70 land pa - V tents, located in 'he Illinois Territory, and bought directly rroin Hie tohiirrs. ippiT io ISAAC R. ST. JOa.V, DihlOtr No. 39 Wull - strprt T ANUANNA5 4 case first quality Ban - JkJ carina, tor sale by , ... P. REM - EN k CO. mn 20 .26 South - street." flO'i'TO.N fc 1UCK 64 baWs pnme Upland y uoitoo 4 do. New - Orleans do Hi tkrec Rire In store and for sale by . - .. . GRI8WOLD te COA't Ed, tnh 12 - 68 - South - street. VtINES L. P. l enenfffl mc, (Pately v f brand,) in pipes, bhJs. and qr. c:tks, imported July and September 1810 and July IB17 Cargo TenertUe wine, in pipes, entitled to de benture. Cape Madeira vi'.of, in assorteJ casks, shipped at trie cape ol Oood Hope In I13. OU Lisbon Wine, fii for familr u. Forsalo by A. D. DUFF, tnh 26 lm 69 Washington - street. COTTON YARN. Hn ll.s. Cottou Varn, 0j5atid 16, Twist and Filling, lor sale l i"i n, . Xio. o t Icttlier - street mh 14 Ol.l LONDON PARTICULAR TEN E - RIFFE, WINE. 5 Quarter casks nearly eoual to Madeira 2 do dry Lisbon, wi - h agrneral assortment of nru quality eas nndli roevnes Very old Jamaica Sjiints, Irish Whiskey Old Peach and Cognac Prnmly Fish Sauces, Krgliih Bams nnd Split Peae Douhlt? ftloucrner and Cheshire Cheese V'erj superior AniericMi and 1k Apple do Ijondon Brown Stout, Hams, ShnuMers Smoked Beef. Cordial. Etnu'htnn Bitten IVmjjolin, Lnre BMtle and Britol Ware. Also, a small assortment oiearthen and glass - ware. For salecboap frca?h, by EDW. BLACKFORD. , 157 Greenwich - street. A few quarter boxes ol good Spanish Seg ars iuh 19 Jiv i7 .ri, ril'KS, II. tor. BW. ROGERS fiLO. - No. tii Pearl - st fT - r for tale, , 50 bundles Hiibnck Ftecl c j 5 toiin (v?t O. L. do L 1000 Itoxf Tohacrn Pipes " Crnpitr Boat Nails 20 casf s Fxgliih Hats; 5 crate Soda Jugs u - akf VtUs nre 100 cratf Bml - y Ware 50 casks hr st Fnli.h Porter Malt Kiln Tilt" Ergli'h Hpell - r . Mark flat. - Tim Plates of liffi'rtr.t dest'rptionf. Together with a ceoeral assortin'nt - rfllard - watr mdCurlerv. hy1!ie ;ackage or from the 'itv w trw; most liberal term. fhi2w riorunalitr. for hir I a suie ... ' TUCKER & I.AURIES, m U S9 bouth - itreet. DRY GOODS. FANCY plate Cali - - nt . Superfine calicoes and chinties) - .: 4 4, 9 - 8, 6 4 cambnc muslina Cambric jaconet Plain taoibor'd ft tew ed mull ' ' Plain and tarabord book muslins 3 - 4, 4 - 4 and 6 - 4 cam bric gingbamt Black and col'd cambric . Velvet and cords, beaver gloves Fancy cravats, twilled and plain Madras hdkft, piBs Hair cord cambric, cotton, ball White tc col'd threads Silk, kid, and cottou glove Silk bote, silk floren - tine Black bomhazeent Horeoce tilk, ribbons, - galloons Floreocci, plain and fi gured Virginia satins, plaid lustrins Kring'd Black silk hkls Velvet bindings, tuptt, boh bin Furniture calicoes, and chintzt 4 - 4, 9 , 6 - 4, 7 - 4 and 8 - 4 prinlea cambric shawl 7 4 & B - 4 imitation do. U - 4 cassimere do. Bandnuno, longee and (itero hdkls. Pocket hdkls. white and printed Hair cord aud cambric dimities Jeans, cotton cossiruerc tripd Florentines . Black , - ' io . Madupollinn and lie am loom Miirtmgj Marseille Quilting, royal ribbt White and printed tat - . eeni Cotton brawn bolland Swantdown, toilanetta, . silk stripe Cotton and wonted hosiery Irish linens V sheeting Buttons, bed tick Fine and superb car timeres Yorkshire fine and su - perfiue cloth London do do Superfine ladies cloth Bomtiazetts, ratinetts Imperial cords, vigo - nta cassimeret Stockinetta, plain and ribb'd Flannel, baiie Ferretts, worsted binding Shirt buttons, cotton luce Pari, netts and couffle gauie Black and white tbulle lace Leno tnawls, Eetopil - los Sewing silk,' assorted color Linen cambric Table cloths, 6 - 4, 7 - 4 Si U - 4 Diaper Furniture Dunitie Fancy Leno, fc figured Muslin Cambnc Trimming, 1 Flounce Seersucker Ginghams Romall Hdkfs. Silk Clieck (Ginghams 2K 3 col'd Cambric Sartncnt Cloth Brown Linen Merino Shawls ' - Cotton bandannon 9 - B col'd strip'd iacc nett India muslins, Ic. Received by the late arrivals and for tale by IIAUUE.I14 nuclei., mh 24 dir.2m 1G7 Pearl - stivet. tti K, HThEL, Atfo HARDWARE. OCA Ton English iron, assorted, in flat dJJ and square bars, a part of which it entitled to debenture. 100 torn round iron, assorted, frem 1 - 2 to 1 1 - 2 inch 100 do Swedes' flat iron, from 1 to 5 inches 50 do do , square, astorteJ, from 1 - 2 to 3 inches SO do t - ach flat and square Russia iron 60 do country iron a.wortd 20 do plough share moulds 10 do axlctree and crowbar moulds 10 do horse - iboe moulds 20 do brazier's rods, assorted, from 3 - 10 to 3 - 8 inch 30 do spike and nail rod?, assorted 10 do ihett and boilrr plate iron 50 do Ki'jlifh and American Hoop 10 do English (L) blistered steel 10 do Swtdet steel 10 do Crawley do . 5 do German do - 5 do shear and cust steel 20 do Brtolan4 Nova Scotia grind stoste assorted .. .. . . . . 500 aui hors, a - sorted, from 0 to 20001b. I do about 90001bs. . 60 rolls sheet lead, nst'd 3 to 6 lbs per foot 100 casks spikes, ass'd. from 4 to 9 incbe VUO do cut uails, from 2d to 20d 50 do wiought nail, assorted 20 do slate and horse nail 10 tons iron pots anil bake pans, ass'd from 1 to 10 gallons, entitled to debenture. 5 tons English spelter 20 do American hollow - ware, consisting of I'ott, ketlles, hake - pant, "' Skillet, spider, tea kettle. Ar.diron, tc. 10 casks trace, ox and boat chain Anvil, vices, and lieak iron Forge, sltdge nod hand baiuiner Mill, crossc ut and fnt taw CarL Waggon and Chair Boxe Window Glas of different sixes Shovels, Spade. Hoes, Ac. Together with agential astoitment of Hardware and Cutlery, lor sale on rratouable terms, by ABEEL & DUNHCOMB, No. 3C3 VVatcr - tL corner of James - slip, mh 23 lm it - I t IR; I.VIA IX) B A C'CO U FLOUR. O hhds old Virginia tobacco 55 do new crop do do CO bbls fin flour 15 do middling do. For tale by VASQUEi, ilEURON & CLEEMAN, Feb 7 tf No. "it WasbiiifftoD - tU I ENGLISH 1RUA nnd SPIKES 40 tont flit JCA Iron, assorted tiiet 100 casks Spikes, from 4 to 6 inche The former entitled to drawback, for sale by HENDERSON & CAIRNS, tnh 13 fit Pine - street; l.Jv Qr. catkt colmenar wine 1J0 qr caoks and 200 half do dry Malaga do 6 do and 14 half do sweet Malaga 150 boxes Florence oil, 12 bottles each 40 bain Italian writing paper, Foolscap and 60 do printing do letter 14 hhds English glatt ware, consisting ol win aud tumbler assorted 1 00 boxes anchovies and 50 do olive I box French kid glove I do ostrich feathers, very rich 1 do engraving ' 9 rae felt halt, 1 do rhip do 40 bale Italian ran. 500 marble mortar 23 caes marble slabs, veined and statuary, aborted size 5 boxes Naples shaving soap 1 do watch glane: 3 eact manna in flake 100 balet Calcutta goods, consisting of BafU. Dutkah and callipatty rossaht Chadpore, cbomocolly Johanna, luckipor and toogapor Sancalit, jddapore and mow Checks, white, red and bine gillah Madras pattern do Soote and froctoy romal", for tala y CHAS. L. OGDEN, and ABRM. OGDEN, mrh Wadiinttno - tt. Shijuld and liirmtngliam Goods. A FEW cfck Kni es and Fork A few cask Small Cutlery 2 caV Chistela. plane Iron, Gouge, Drawing Knive 2 do 5as assorted. 2 d File do . few caok Birmingliam tlood - ., for ile on very low term, 1st JXO. M "CRACK A V, mil 30 3t 82 1 - 2 PearUtreet. I. Tobacco, tandint; ire the (cfaoooer Lady i osnpxins and lortale ny WALSH at GALLAGHER, 150 hhdt. oM Kictimoii. Tohttero, priocipJ li M I i4m sAe, Aa aM tairuMA 150 krz auftturd do of yarioa brand and qiaulif. FRESH DRY GOODS. . - J ft C. NICHOLS, No. 132 Peart - street, bav . received and ar now ojeaing 2 cases bctl French Crape - 1 do black Canton do 2 , do black and c'oth colored Sewing Siik 1 do black Sinchew 1 do black Sartnett 2 do black Canton Fringed Hdkf 3 do 4 - 4 Irish Lineo, Tt - iv low 2 do brown l.ioen, I do Irish Sheeting ' 2 do cotton Platillat 2 do Stenm Loom Shirting 2 do white and printed Jeant - 2 do Mar(.illrQuiilir.g, assorted 2 ' do furniture and romuion Dimitiel '' 2 do Madras HandUercbitfi ' 2 do fine Book and Cambric Muslins 2 do Millinettt, 2 do Carlisle Gingham 2 do Cotton Cassimeret ' 1 do Pint in loxei 2 d Ladit - t Kid and Silk Glove 4 trunk fine Plate Calk - oct 3 do superfine Chintz 2 bales superfine Broad Cloth 2 do Cassimeret 2 do Rhodes' Boabaxtt. All purrhased at aucti - ui, r equally as low of the importer, which they offer lor lale at a small advance. nth 30 Ult iRItR I.IENb blAPEUi, 5 - 4 bHBETI5(i9, 6LC. 'I'llOMAS SUFFKUN, No. 6 Dtpeyster - tt. L hat received a complete assortment of the following goods, per Britnnnia, from Newry, and lat arrivals frum Dublin. 4 4 and 7 8 Linen; 7 - 8 half bleached ditto 4 - 1 Linen, of Thompson's bleach 7 - 8 Lawns ; 3 - 4 Or. wn Linens 7 - 3 Linen, in half pieces 5 - 4 Sheeting! : 7 b Dowlat 3 - 4 Birds - Eye Diaper 7 - 8 Grey Lawns. Which, wiihhitforuieraikortmentoflow pii - ced and tine goods, are offered for tale on rt - a - oiih Die terms. miuu iw - KILvNDY A tew pipes Jinpiooi Bordeaux Ftianitv. verv auneriar. entitled to deben - j , i i trre For tale at No. 73 South - street, by men JO at J i viisn rvia I i n, jr. BRANDY. POT ASHI.S, BUTTER, Aiv 6 pipes 'initation 4tli proof biandr, said to be equal to any in tint city 21 bantu roi Asiiet, (j;oo.i nins; l bbl""' t00 rela,liD8 ButUr 3 bales Ai at quality Upland Cotton 25 hhdi. Pan White 20 roll fliert Lend, assorted size 270 Ojs Ju. ijK. - r Berries, god(uality 100 k - gs best Q'iolity ground Kinucr. For tale y COKNLLiU: DUBOIS, rrh3ll iw 30 'Froiit - Hreet. i.J Doien Scy'hi, W nicrs' stamp, for sale by JAMES D'WOLF.jr. mch 30 57 r roni - iret. r j l ROK KS, DA Vl DaON ii CO. oiler lor ule J. at 106 Fioni - treeL 3 cases Irish Linen 2 do shairl 0 do coarv Book Muslin and ladies hdkls 10 casks Glusware, assorted 50 crufcf Eartlienware, do 4 cases low priced Fowling Piece 5 pipes old Madeira Wine. mh 30 Sr. ckuia kuivi and suuAti. tu unas. lirit qnalif y Sugar . - ' 10 i uiii lieons Ruin : received per Mp Chase, frnm St Croix, landing at pier No. 5, North River, for tale by KLflut ut. rr.ui r.iv, mh31 3t 31 Old blip. LIME BUHNERS. - VTANTED three or four experienced I lima v T burnei - , who can be wr ll rerotnuienucu. To surh corutaut employ aud liberal wage will be given Apply to . tz.UA LiUDLUiv, J4 uraver - tt. mch 25 DCtf TO LET, The fullowins HoutesI viz: The house No. 85 John - street The house No. 97 do The bcute and (tore No 395 Pearl - street The bouse and tore No 111 Cherry - tret JAMES W SHAW, febtl No. 5 Bowery. VR S.I LIC. flfi Seven acre of land in VVet - Cheter, 12 1 - 2 miles from tbi city. . On the premises are a good dwelling - hou, barn and fowl - boose, a thrilty yrung nrotianl of grafted fruit, a garden with aparagub beds, ahruMiery of gooselierry, currant and strawberries, with a well of never - failing pure solt water, well calculated for distilling. The stages pas every day to New - York; a vesiel twice a werk ; being only a quarter of a mile iroui the landing. ' Enquire of HUNllY UlltAVr.mS, 158 Broadway. Also for sale, aeood nbstantial lietit waxeon, calculated for one or two horse t to be teen at Sundiord't Livery Stables, Broadway, near He - ter - slreet. Enquiie a above. mhlltf O ro RUMT, The Asscinblv Room, with the adjoin ing apartments, in Rut's Buildings, No. 146 r ullon - to tne corner ol Broadway. The premiset are well calculated for a lurge school, for public meetings orsocieties ; the largc room being op wards ol ov itet in length, and a - hout 29 feet in breadtli, with a 14 feet ceiling. The whole, a to situation and size, it well cal culated for an auction establishment fur furniture and other sales. Th above will be rented for any term not ex ceeding seven year from the 1st of May next. Koqmre ol Uie subscriber o. 1U7 rullon street. nihlSdtf B. K. BLISS. TO LtT. The House No. 78 Broad - itreet, with the omce, (tore - bouse, and stable contiguous, and appertaining thereto. IU J - bASfc, For a term of years, in lot or parcel, that part of Rote Hilftituafe on the 2d, 3d, and 4th avenues, on we zm, z - llh, X5fn,zeth,Z7tri, ZHth, ana z'jin ttreeit, winch belong to airt. Ann ivo gcr. For particular apply to JAMEs A. HAMILTON, mh 13 ti No 3 Law Builriruii. CI TO LET, A two story bonte, with a barn and fire acres of land, sitnate about two and a half mile from the city, opposite the arsenal. To a person who is in the habit of attending market and woaM cultivate the land at an early vegetable garden, it it an object. Kent 200 dollar. Ap ply ai 3 uroaaway mh e ti """V TO LEA HE. form term of vtaru VI... fl Thebouteand IntNo. 20 Cedar street, containing fix rooms with fire place, beit the kitrhen, pantrie, vault. Ire. and a well of good water. Fortale, the unexpired term, eleven year, of ineioi .o. oa Tiurray - itreet, in uie occupaiioa of William Pattersoo, on lease from the Episco pal unurencu cr. upni. inquire oi J. W. 4c W. C. MULLIGAN, frbtS dtf No. 44 Pine - strect TO LET. iiiU A very convenient house, with about hail an acre of ground, about a mil from the city, adjoining the bouse occupied by Mr. More - woI, betwixt Greeowich and the Broadway road. Apply to . . - JOHN R, MURRAY, mh 25 tf Hudsoo - equnre. Htute, Stable, G'ersVn, kc. U tVrerntruA, TO LET. The ubcnher will let or lease, for a tena ol year, bs boo't at OreeewKh. II it rne. taatty situation the hanks cf the llodon, and rnlrelatrd to accotaiaodMte a large f"PBitr - F or terra, appfjl D1VIE PETHUNE, Jn3j 92 Wall ctreeL tT - Xi TO.LKT. Hijj I The stores and cellar room of Ihose 3 ttory No. 10 and 12 on Bmad - ttreet ; and rhbus l0 hbutet fwo new ttory house Nk U on New street, in - mediately in the rear of No. 10 Broad - itreet, fit lor a genteel loniliy, being new. ' Also, a good house at Greenwich, and one at Harlsrei. with two and a hall' acre of Ground, near Manhatlanville. Apply to CHAS OAKLEY, 141 Front - st. mhlltf dFX JO . u loom iau i jii,t.. 4j) j The bouse and erounds belonciiiK to tl.e estate of John Shaw, tituati d on the eiuhth ave nue. Un the premises are an excellent double noute, ttnbit, coach and ice house, with etrry thing elte requisite lor tticli an establishment, ft ia pretiMuvd any other description it unnecessary, atlbose inclined to rent will view the blace. 'Also, tin? large fire proof ttore in the rear of nooses 1 1 nou I J reari - sireei ; wnrre intra it lor rale some old Madera Wine, by the Demijohn. - r or luruierpariicuiari, appiv io , aix.k m. BI1AVV, Jan 29 II Peail - streeL tOli HALE OllO LEAltE, t ' I'ftt inine o, o, a. una iu vr anis : many il which are oil regulated and paved streets No mcney will he required under ten years, if told, merest cscepieo. HUUSfcS. Several two and three story house, on which a great part cl the money remain nn mortgage. An excelhntstand for business, with ten acrr.s oi laiwi, pleasantly situated, with a wharl, (tore home alio Wn. COTTON end WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, iear rscw - ltuvi n, with 40acreoi land, and a never liiiling stream, upn which 20 millsmay be e tenon, wnn a tuuiciehcy oi wuu - rnireacn. Apply at no. U oreenwicn stn - t - t. jau 13 tf ittY 70 UK HOLD AT.AUUTIOA, USSii Py HOFFMAN k GLA. - S, on Satur day, the 41b day of April next, at 12 o'clock, in front ol the Tontine Coffee House, The House and Lot No. 1 William - street, at present in the occupation of tliesnbscrioer.tituate at the comer of VV illiam street and Stone - ttreet. The lot it 91 feet deep nn William street, feet 11 inches nn Stone - street, und - 4U let t four inehrt deep from William street, at the northwardly end of the lot. , The tubsrriber icim time ago had an intention oi coli( rtiim the house into stores , andoli tainrd plant and estimate for that purpose., llu hml lief from lespt clahle luerliaiiii s to make live storet on the lot by tome additional building, aud al'erationt ol the present buildin, tor ten thi uiriiid dollars or to pull all the present build ings dow n, and to erect, with the nii - taiiie of the prei Mt materials, live stores lot lutei n inou - tanddoll.trs. Plans and elevation ol (hue stores, us they were, prepared to be built, mar be seen at the auctioneers. .ii'vcnlren thomund dollars of the purchase money may remain on mortgage. Five thousand dollars will be required on exe cution ol the deeda, and the residue in two, lour and li x months. Ii;h 14 tds C. D. COLDEN Ax VAI.UAbl.E PROPER ft. JJJJj Tlie nub - iilerofteri' lor sale a valuable la.ui. J i" iroiu Rtw - lofK, lying nule soudi Oi' Pntighkcepsic, on til" pot - road, within I 4 of a mile ol the mills on the lalle of Wapput 'DfVC'ri - tk, aud in the neighborhood of sevend lauding! - from which loop sail weekly. It con Uius 1 tOtcresal level, Jertile land, withayouu; orchard of. grafted fruit, wood sufficient Hir fuel, and all ia stood fence. I he house contains leve raj nwsi, bas a good barn, aud all in excellent repair. .It situatiou beioironao elevalca pluui, k the place not only healthy, but presents from the dwelhug a ueligtitlui uiland prospect. ' AlK). another lot of 40 acre, contiguous to the a'hove, and bounded toutlierly by the fulls of Wappmsert - Ureck. 1 lit land is lertilo, iu ex client fence, and of eay cultivation. What render this property valuable, i, lhatit maybe made a place of celobnty. I here is already e reeled on the falls a saw - null of great capacity, carding - mtll, which enjoys the custom ol the neiirhliorhood, beside other icitc for factories, uuoccupied. The whole force of the creek can be diverted with a little expenceso as to drive a rag of mill on a level plot of ground just below tb falls, and accesrible by au easy navigation ; where factories of every dcecripliou, with every facility of power and tranrorlution can be const ructetl. Also, a Hour - milL of the first class. The mill - hou? is lanrc, with 4 run of Burr stone:, and calculated for 6, with now machinery for mauufacturins wheat, sc. with an elevator for raising grain from veesels into the upper loft ol die mill. Connected with the mill ia' a large tore bouse for storing wheat and flour With the mill wdl be told 53 acres of excellent land, oa which it situated five dwelling houses, a large barn, hay house, carriage house, corn cnb. hovels, Ic. a cooper shop calculated lot 20 hands. Two of the houses are new and well calculated for genteel families : They command a view of the river, wiln a beautuni intervale landscape formed by the meandering of the creek immediately iu front. There are few placet which associate to many accommodating qualifications for the merchant, mwhnir nr farmer. If not sold at private tale before Tuesday the 2ltt April, it will on that day be offered at aac lion. For terms, &c. apply to PETER MESIER No. 25 Beaver - street. Fb20 ABRAHAM MESIER. txm s.iLk, The property at Brooklyn, belonging fo the estate of Caiv Ludlow, deceased, consist ing of a new three story brick house nnd lot of ground, a store house, lormeny occupiea as a distiller, a small frame buihlins and lot ol erouiiH. and two vacant lot adioming the above premises. I hit property it inuaicn wiinin a lew rods of the tlcam - boat ferry, oa the road to Pierpont't Distillery, aud extendi from the bill to the river. Also to let, from the firtt of May next, the house and lands on Die hill, in the rear oi tne a hosre derri!ed premise. The house it well a - dapted lor a private family or for a public bouse. The Situation, from it elevated position, com - mandt a very exteotive and beautiful view ol the city, the East River and Bay or New - York. Tlie groundt terroimding the house (about five acres ol land; are in a high liai oi cultivation, tot trrms, apply to GEO. W. MORTON, mhfttr No. 59 William - tt "H To l.r.l far mt mt more vain. u - jII Tbe following houses - house No. t4 UmuIhit. two doors above Washington Hall, with a coach house in the rear if requited Also, a three story brick bout No. 415, mtaid street, Also, a new and genteel two ttory brick bouse, corner of Litpeoarri) and Cburch - ttreeU, tbe (eras moderate. For furUier particulars, apply at 4 15 Broadway. " ni FOR SALEORTOLEASF - irjM 00 accommodating terms a number of water and budding lot, near aud adjoining uie aavy - yard. at Brooklyn, f or particular, u qUir" rf SAMUEL EVANS, j - n 2? tf Brooklva un.ll - NV ml GREKfWICU. hfl r l k h ttid rroanst fronting 11 hthi Mtaleof oo uretnwicn iJtne. uciwcti i' - m. 0 late Samuel Milligao, and at present occe - .Jl1: - ::.; rfJOHX M'KEE,' i u..vL - h...f IW of S. Moore - street, or of T. I'RlNCLr ia tfcp Bnk ofN'ew - York. ft - bS8tf For sale, the Dover Iron Manufacturing EniHbr.shmeiit. in the couoty ol Morris, and stale of New - Jersey lonsittiug of rolling and slit - urg .vi in, in good repair, which worn two pair ol r. licit and ouiier, shear, etc. all at the tame time i a valuable forge with two Dret ana one hammer in pood repair ; a ttot k of coal and ore ou hand, sufficient to make fifty ton of iron ; a gooa saw mill ; acul nail laciory in good irpair, sufficient to employ thirty men, abd may be extended to employ one handled more ; a brad cut ting tnachuit and a steel lurnace incoou rrftxir; convenient to the wotk it a store aiid a number ol houses for the accommodation of families, aud excellent stabling lor tram that may he nece - ...... ... I ... . I e .i . maij v a.ic ir uw use oi mn eiiRoiisniDeni i also, orchards, pasture and meadow lot, immediately attoiniug the works, with timber Und in any quantity, not exct eding two thousand live hundred acres, will. in three mile of saio work. The great vtin of iron ore, commencing at the nnteii Suckatunny mine, runt more than 2 milrt ti i rough thu tract, and three mines are now open, Irom which thr loiget are supplied wiOiore, anil more may ue opened and ore raised to sitt pl Works to an aalKut ; the mini - a r iihin iu,, miles 01' said works, and eood roads, tu thalilie ore can be rsijed aud delivered at the forge at two anu a nan uoiiart per ton. i ne auove aetcnoed worlra am allunteil ni. Rocicaway River, about eirht mile from Mor - ristowu, twenty five miles from Elisabeth town. ana bdou' me saineautance irom newarK. with good turnpike roads leading from (aid work tu each place, in a pleasant healthy situation, and in a goon uctgiiiiuriiood, there being two rresby teriau murcne within tour miles, and a fritndu meeting house will. in two mile of said place. I his stand lor collecting bar iron lor the mill is very ccmuiandiiii:, there beinx nearly one hundred loige liies in the county ; uiotl of uieiu are on ine aircains anove liover, ana the iron, in going to .xew - Hoik market, can ceuve oieotly pass these workt. At this mill frequently four tons ol bar inni have been tlit and bundled into null and spike rods in a day. and upwards of one nunureu lout oi nans nave ueen uutue in year. A large amount of good inuy be old at lint place in exchange for bur curiim tun - plies, &;c.iic. T here are valuable tcitet holhn - liove h below on this tract,on which more workt may ue erected. ALSO. That valuable will known farm, lying in the township d Kaoilolphi about two miles Irom Do vtr, and six miles irom Morristown. and within one quarter of a mile ol iUc Union turnpike road, near Pleasant valley, railed the Distillery Farm, routaiiiing nhuul three hundred acres, about one fourth part of winch is excellent meadow, out. lourih part piouch and pasture land, aud ibe re uiaindcr timber. A considerable part of the tiin ber it ol the ormmal erowth. and it suitable lui sawing, Ibe other part i tlinrty younc timber. irom hiti en to twenty yearaxrowth. I here aie on said larin upward oi six hundn - d apple tree', in hue order, uight to Sixteen yeartold, the ruotl oi them ol graded fruit, and more Ihao hall oi tbioi liariroii niipli t, so faniout lor Cider. The meadows are fla nnd free from (tone, through wiiit h run iwo nveii streams ol water, ana near ly the wliolii may lie watered. One of time stieann it sufficient lor a erist - mill or other works ; (here am taw mills, u irrist - niill, a ful ling mill .aid oil mill, on the tame tlroum. On snid lariu are two valuable Kite fur water works, a convenient cheap place to erect a short daiu, and raise a considerable poud, with twelve or filteeii feet head Below Ibis the water can 1 - 4 - taken mto a race, and in lest than twenty chains, on (rood firm ground, it more than twenty tc - et tan. in tint way me water can he worked twice over with the exn of only one dam i nerii is on taiu larm an exiemive ciuer mm with four presse and cisterns, housed and well hooped with iron, sufficient to hold twelve hun dred barrel of cider. Connected to Uie cider work u Hie liU - hiuie, to conveniently situated that the whole op ration it corupleti d without pumping, I he water fur condensing the spirits auppiieu noiu n never tailing spring, wiinui six riMlt of the tli.'i house, and ha sulhcieiit headti run into the citterns. The huih.'ingt consist of two small frame dwelling, one good fraftie barn. o - t loet loug ny xu leot wide, uruler a part ol wi n n is a good cellar : there are a.'to hav house. cow incus, etc. AI.SU, Valuable proiwrtv at Lonewood. in Uie town - lliip oi Jrfleron, six mile irom Dover, on the maia branch of Rockaway River, coimisling of a very valuable forge, with two tiret ad one hammer abundance of water the whole yar, a large pond, and a very warm situatiou, and for fifteen yeart past ha uiadeaimixh iron at any two firt in uie coumy. ne ore i wiuun lour oinci, ann a part ol the road turnpiked. i be aeveral tract connected with this establishment amount alto gether to Rbot't fourteen hundn cf acres, the great er purt timber, to make a durable supply of coal lor t be loige. immediately adjoining the forge is very valuable plow and meadow land sufficient fo' three farm l one hundred acre each, will' houses, orchard and barn, beside several good dwelling! for the fhinilie that may be employed iu wiiraing me luqte. I he whole or any part or this very valuable property will be sold at such price and credit will make it worthy the alteution of any person within to purchase. For further inibruatioa enquire of JACOB LOSEY, at Dover. ISRAEL CANFIELD, at Morristown. BLACK WELL at M'rAKLAN, atN. York, feb 20 DA:t;tf Kfc.Al. ho i A t K J - OR SALE. I'wo 2 - tory brick house and lot, situa ted N ot. 37 4r 39 Vesey - strect. Alo, a house and lot No. 1 1 Bowery, near Chatham - square, 44 feet front by 125 deep. AU on accommodating terms. For particular ap ply at No. 332 Green wich - st. jan 15 tf TO LET, AiTiil - The GLOBE TAVERN, No. 143 Wa ter - trtet. The situation of thi bnuu, and it accommodations, justly render it an object well worth th attention of any person desirous of keep ing a lucrative public housa. It will be let, fur - iilietl or unfurnished, and immediate posseasioo guen. Apply at No 137 Water - ttreet. mh 17 tf OR SALE, a . i. rRorxRTt in thk citt or kw - tork. OA BRICK HOUSE and Lot No. II Bower v STABLE in the rear toceth er with the LOT, 44 feet front, 42 feet rear, and 175 leet on earn tine. HOUSE and LOT No. 37 Vetey - ttreet j and House and Lot No. 39 Vetey - ttreet. A BOND and MORTGAGE for 1200 dollar. do and do for 70 sfo do and do for 450 do On valuahla nrrmertv in the rite of New - York The ineret has always been punctuiilj paid. I or particular inomre at w omre of BltlilEN P. LAMOINE, deelOtf o. 27 Wall - street. 7U LET OR LEASE, 7fotti (tie 1st Mar neit, on reaeonable iTXl a Urn, convenietit dwelling hoo.e, oppo - tite live Lane, near the two milettne, Bowery, at present occepird by Profesyor Adrain; well rafc.lated fortwo familiet. having two k.tcbea, with8roouw, pantries and vault, a ttabje and coach awell of good water artwo citterns. It ba a very large garden, well ocke4 with shrub and fruit tree t poioa Of wbicb caa be had On the 1st April next. n in rent, a treotrel 3 stonr brick house No. 492 Greeowtch - street, wilb or without a stable ia th rear. Apply at No. 490 Greenwicb - et r to HALSEY t COSMAN, mh f 1 tf 34 Old - slip rt J Ltl at BloimrngdaU, The larze. roaveaieat and pleasantly nutated hmnus of the tubsrriber, win the out iwildiDgi aad x roe ads. opposite the aew Stone Church oa tb Bloomingdale road, 4 12 (Bile from towa. - Apply to JOIW H. TALMAN. Kh!S In. 214 rearl - ctrect. A LAUD (Kr MR - BERAfJLT ha.tbe (Kmor of la? formiotr the ladies and KeLtleuu n oi thiicit. tbal in cor.Mrqueuce of tlie l.otillioo Paity being ot Thundai next, bis annual Ball wih be iwaluuftedl tf the Thursday following. 2d ol nih 21 10t$ . - .,. ". ! S J kEE'l MAM KJC. 03" Tbe contracts which are to be entered Into lor the ttreet mauuft, will roaiaenr oa thai 1st of May next, lor 1 or 2 years, ta be mentioned in Itie sealed proposa J ; and tiie street are to be twept and cleaned, from the - 1st of karik toi tbe 1st id January, in eirry year. Febtl MKCH.iNiCti LANa. (Cr Tbe stockholders are hereby nntifjed thai an elect!. u for thirteen Director will be held oa th first Tuesday in April Dext, aud that the poll wiU be opeoed at the Banking Iloua kt Wall ttreet, at 10 o'clock A. M. and closed at 3 o'clock T. M. By order of th President and I lirertor. mch 3 W.FISH.fWr.; rjjf Mr. GALLOP having taken the hotiaej No. 21 Droadway, now In the cccupancy of Mr. John I. Glover, olici from the ltd of May next, a residence to gentlemen and ladies 1 be pleasantness of the i tuatiort need no comment. mli 24 if W Ee I LRN CANAL COMPANY. 07" A dividend of live and a hall mtnL on thr Capital fluclt - of mid Comhanv. will be hhM to the btorklmluVr oath 1st of April. Appr to Barent Bleecker. Eta. Albans, or 220 W if. liam - stlcet By order of the director. TUOM AS EDDY, Trarer. mh 16 1m OCT MRS. ANN rl'ENtLH conUmpiatt opening a school for young ladies, to eotnmence nn the firtt of May ensuing, on tlie (oHowiag term : leading, writing, gtugrapby, gran.uiar, aritnnielic, lansbourine, tmt roiileiy, inrludi - .nr the rudiments of French and drawing, lor ten dollar per quarter ; lettoot on piano forte or guitar til (ecu dollars, five to be paid in advance. Mr. SPENCER feel that the hat some little claim to the patronage ul the ladie of her Halite city, by do means founded on a tense of her own merits, but on behiiil of lour latherles iblunt. To) thi mean, proud, bigoted oi iuiperiou, the doe' not address herself , lint to tbe who iiot - esset true feeling or rent piety whose dehght II it to raute " tbe widow't heart to ting for joy it it tlie putronnite of tu h. aiid tuch uily, (he unlirit. tatlil'actory referent es will be mveo if required. White - street, No. 3. mhfilfH . Arw - York EugieVanuJucturmn C'uwpanti. (t7 An election lor seven Truiteet lor the ea . 'uiuk year, will b held on Monday, IU - Ith of April next, at the counting room ef Genige Rich, aids, No. 90 Pine - street. Poll Io be open Iron r io z oMnck, r. By order ibe board. , ' tnh gfl IQt TC. CUTLER, Sec'ry. Piuifionrmrnl uf Mr Eontm. I 'I here will be no Forum ti' ernJ inr. 1 be nsxt and last I oru will t oil I n - tlay evnuiuf, ih 3d of April, at the AwetiMy ltotm, t itr - tlotel, when th following Qdnstiort will he di - cuwed : " It it essentially necessary lur the efficient administration and for tbu ultimate preservation of the governaisht of the Uni ted btaic that U should be ia the baadtof a party?" Alter the discussion of th question, ah eppro priate VALEDICTORY ADDREfS wiU be delivered by Thomas F encoder, esquire. mn smi ut O TWO ilOUtrJj UR fcALl No. 94 and 96 John - treet. EnQtiire at 460 Pearl - areet. mh 25 lut at 460 Apply to Feb 14 TO i.E'l, . - . " The new brkk Store ho. 63 BUne - tt. T. k J. S WORDS. "ksflTk - t i..:. i. r...... ii ...j r - 1 C.herry - street For terms, eVc; apply at 'earl - rtrret. mar A Tl I.KJ, ' A Tavern and More in Hushing, at Pre - uut occupied by Mr. Wis. thaw. Apply to mil O II I . l.lBttOlMM. e TO LEI, - From the firt of May next, a three lory brick house in Greeiiwicb - ctreet, between Liberty and l.ourtlundt - treet. Inquire at 137 breenwieh - atrret. rah A tr LAH UUILUIM.S. Twoofliresia Law Building Nn. 3, to) he rented. Apply nn the premises. 14 JAMES A. HAMILTON, ijq.or at No. 69 Broadway. reo KMlll Ct - JO Lki, ii From tbe firtt of May next, a froul count ing room oa the second floor, togeUx - .r with Ui upper loft. Enquire No. 167 Peall - ttrett. jan e w , - 1 o LE'i , At a low rent, a three ttory brick ling in Norfolk - it. Enquire of 1) : N. COX, mh 26 96 WalUtreet. a EIRE PROOF blVRk. To let and potteuioa first of May next tbe tuur story ' fire proof (tore, No. 34 oath - t. betw een Coentie and Old - dip, bqaiea of the subscriber, No. 1 Murray, or 45 Chamber - tret t. reo Vtr a. u vnaiu. Got TO LE T, And poelon given oa tbe firtt of May next, the irwiou and well knows tad, ina Union Hotel, no. till v ii 1 1 am street, r nr particular entpiire of Mr. Vaadcibilt, No. 67, otx potite. - salt l O'i O LET, From IU 1st Ma, the boat No. 133 Grcnwirh - treet, corner of Liberty - !"', t pre.eot or:cepied by Doctor Neilsoa. 1 ho pre - sjiiae may be viewed aoy day.betweeathe b - sira ofl2ando'cfork. ltHf. 1FX FOR HALE, KhS A two tory houe .itnaud In TeaH - atreet, Brooklyn. KoweMion may B ao on the fii t of May next, rot parucu4, ri totlieiil)scribeT,oouierireniisc. mh 25 tf jAair.a cn.i F - R . v kn.... M ,k lnvf Ami - . Ta. i, , wi'immj p - - - Ml Soeth street. - - ' A lajt - e new fir proof dor ia GoetrnearV - lane, oegt door to WBtT - trt. Apply to IvnLA m SjltUSkltO, nihil , 29 Boath - etreeL - l IO LtT, Tboee two fir proof dwelling House. No. 74 aad 76 Mot street, about tea j lira tea walk from tlie Co Cm Ho. Tbey will be put io complete repair, and well calculated for pea - teal families. Apply at No. 137 WU( ttreet. ah 11 U a TO LET, From the 1st of May aext. the lower coiiting room of No. 54 Soetb - ttreeL Tb apptr counting room. No. 11 SoutlnL Apply o JAMES D'WOLF, it. leO 13 Ol i rwiiireci tii rremrhefirttMaext, 'aa excel - Veaboe, ut boaeet, aad groeadt artjotntng, nnnrsninr ever comfort asxl roo - iee for av genteel family i situated ea lb first soe,arr North treet, aad aboot oee sail frees the City - Mall - Tbereotwlll be fo - l a - :,,r - Tor further partirelar apply t e tcroftbj i ' I t .' - e . . t 9 i I j t

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