Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 12, 1931 · Page 20
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 20

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 12, 1931
Page 20
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--,,.-., and another," continued Sir Edric, without giving Dick time to r*co\rer ; hlsamaz6mene "Pollard la a tenacious devil, and it will take a kt'to dissuade him from his opinion, Look here, Dick, is this * · had, seen covered with gum or var nisa or something. If that were stil wet when you put your hand on »t it would account for the perfectioi off the imprint rii send round tt Wapping. If we can't 'find your fin germarks on the door of the room i sn'a TM ?«» . w my ' , even T a 3 r e y o u ' you must admit And lqok how - 1 TM s reoallfld from Som - erset *ire, so as to be in London . v . - t . , ' when the I 16 * 11 wa3 carried out! Our of honor, that I ddn't, friend, or -one of his agents, sent belteva » e .»st' telegram, you .mayvl?et." And it's that that rather botheriTme. As it happens, I told,nobody but Alison my address. I didn't even let Jerry - A'done so, I fail to ,all· this jstorm arises.*' '"WeU,-th^e fact is'tha$ the,place i my aaaress. i didn't even let Jerry . was entered last night, and the Ma- Gould know where I was going- AH, harajahs rubies were taken," said son isn't likely to'have told anybody Sir Edric quietly. - ' except perhaps her aunt or 'her Dick whistled softly. "Oh, so that's father; there's no particular reason the way the wind blows, is it!" he why she should. That means that exclaimed. "And the worthy Pollard our friend has got a man following thinks that I'm the bold burglar. I me about. I wish to heaven 3 could had a suspicion the other day that) catch him at it!" he fancied I had murdered the "Perhaps we'ii cafth him for you." wretched Herridge. But, I say, Con- remarked Sir Edric. "I suppose your way, are you perfectly certain that lock-up in the mews was broken the fingerprints on that door-knob "^o, after you had left the car are mine?" v there. If you're right about 'the 'I'm afraid that there's very little a°or-knob, it is easy to understand doubt about It," replied Sir Edric. 1 how tfl « " 1 thief would prefer to ,"And it's that which makes the use y° ur = ar - I-tliink he deliberate- whole business so awkward. It ^ waited for the policeman to pass seems to'me that it'll want a lot of Before entering v the house, and there ' explaining away."' waa always the chance' of the man "Well, unless I've taken to walk- notl ' 2 ingr the number of the car and Ing in my Asleep, I can't explain it" remembering it. Another useful saJd~Biek candidly. "The ridiculous p c e of "evidence agatnst-you, my thing is that I can't establish an boy! ^ u send a man t° nave a look alibi. Aa jt happens nobody that I at tnat l«"*-up " Tmnw nt'aa-ar mo r n !,,*« -,,, ---- "i don't suppose that will tell you much," replied Dick. "Our friend has too keen an eye for, detail to have broken in He'll have provided himself with a key 'which would open it." / \ ' "I expect he will," agreed Sir Edric "Taking it-all round, DlcJr. it s going to be a devil of'a job to. know of'saw me go into njy rooms, and the inews was'deserted when I put my car away. And then there' that curious business about the tele gram." ' ' "I don't, at the moment, see wha that has to do with it," remarked Sir Edric dryly. i "But i think I do." replied Dick . slowly. "Wait a minute, let me try to disentangle this/mess help feeling- that this is I /can't another di- rnove of our humorous friend, rected mainly, of-'course, aga mol , the rubies, but incidentally against me.^He seems to have had a grudge against me ever since our interview and now he's had the happy idea of enlisting the police on his side. By Jove, Cohway, he's a feJIow 'worth pittingi one's wits against!" "So I' have already discovered " remarked Sir Edric. "But I fail to understand how even his . ingenuity could'enable him to'tttke your hand against your wii! ajid pr,ess it firmly upon the door-knob of Ibbot-" son'd pantry." "No, but; what If'he'took Oobot^ son's door-knob, and 'pressed' it against my, hand?" replied, Dick, "ry joye, man, I believe I've got it! You remember my tellinglypu of infy , adventure ih"that empty house^in -Cteek Street ?, WeU, 1 one,p6int 'about it strikes me very .forcibly, now^'l come to think of it. The door of* the room In which, our friend had installed himself was shut, and I had _ t o open It. Whe.i I caught,hold'of the handle I noticed that it was unpleasantly sticky. See the ! dodge? He- had prepared it bn purpose, so that it would itake a good impression of my fingerprints. I expect that he,had had designs 6n Ibbot- sou' for some time and had fitted the door of the 1 room ih Creek Street with a knob similar "to that on Ibbotson's pantry.' Then, when I'd gone, he toolp'OK the knob and kept it by him until the Ibbotsbn coup came off. Mind you, I don't think he knew at the time who I was.'He_can't have discovered that until he circulated his flashlight photograph. It,was just a precau- uon, in case I proved an unsatis- facjiory agent H I had prdved satisfactory, and obeyed orders, the d6or-knob would not have been substituted In the alternative event the police would have saved him the bother of getting rid'of me." "I-shouldn't wonder it you were right, 1 ', remarked Sir Edric, pickihir up the door-knob. "Nowllooleat this .thing closely, it i looks - aa tho it o o. persuade Pollard of your innocence. I can t very well order him to ceasa all inquiries in your direction. He -would, quite rightly, consider it unwarrantable interference oa mi part. Besides, he'd think that ' . , a wa in league with you, 'and I wouldn't put it past him to evolve the theory that I was the Funny Toff and you were my trusted subordinate irou don't know these chaps like I 0 e k ' ' *='i-i«i"~it~7"i' value a practical act like that door-knob more than they do a dozen volumes of theory. Pollard will believe that you too* the rubies until , he seoq definite ocular proof that you didn't. The nost that I can do is to give hire instructions that he is not to arrest you without my permission. "Confound the;',man!" « %*·, ". L supposefhe'll sha - '«v BU PP°se' 4 further orders.. the exclaimed ... shadow mfc feH./lt ought; to looks as th6 I :' shadowed ,sby bple, since* they ^uw «vuerever\I go. But ·--T ---=-- of the astute Foilard hav- ^.^£.¥ s .' s . u Vclb-hs of. me^ ^Toffs of hls^ to draw a sketch of the necklace In his note-book! Of course, he gof a beautiful irapres-i sion of/my finger-prints. Aid i f thot he w^s merely rather a etupid man, golhE: over ground, which had already been covered, dajs before!" It seems a pity you ,dldn't leave the matter to us in the'first place " commented Sir Ednc. "I admit that you are the only man We know who has I succeeded'in interviewing the Funny Toff,- but, frankly, that doesn't seem to have carried us much further, while it has led to a ST , a lot of c °rapllcations. Well '"ere s nothing more to be said now -ju 'had better leave me to 1 taako what explanation I can to Pollard By the way, before you go Are vou' proposing to stay in London for the present I ought;'in fairness, to tell Pollard your plans " "As a matter ot fact, I didn't propose to stay in town," replied Dick When I rang Alison up last night she suggester that since I had come Up from.-Sorriersetshire,' 1 might Aa well go down and stay at testrldge · (Turn to Pa»'22, colilnh 7).' FRONT PAGE FOLK By McBRLDE MASON CTflT GLOBB-GA7ETTB MARCH 12 H 1931. 1 HUGOS McGINNIS 7?"oya* KJOTHIM'! ' HAMMEf? /W --Safety First!! PINE. WEATHER IS KlLLIW'lv\E -WHWTH1S COUNTRY NEEDS IS A. NICE. FRlEMCi.V FLOOD ME FEET ARE. KllXlNG' NAH.,- NW5GIE. LCST HER DOS - HE'S ' A SUM- SOUTH VES^F/VDROPOt^ SVER FALUS OM s. LAUGH Vou USC ' A CAN OP6NEI2.' On HCMEQOOK3KG- HEARD THEH BROAD- CAsrr'SWEu. VH GLPO SOMtlHWG HW . MADB r-~ Red Hot Rhythm Recipe \ Saying It With Hands BOOT TiNve ser-rtivje. UJEU- ·UJH.AT t LOOVCt Come and Gone! OUA.C3OKJ b c.nir.1 Pr^... M .:... By Leslie Forgrave AH KIK1 OUTFIT YOU UP WTTH TH 1 PROPUM'. CLOTHES, SUM. AH GC A HOUSEFUL OF O-fTPlTTEO OUR ^^ ARCTIC FURS. HE TWC^SWW^ _ TO THE MORTH ROLE INSTEAD OF TO.THE TROPICS SPLEMD1D,OLD CHAP] BUT HOW DOES IT HAPPEM ^ou HAVE ALL THESE. SHUCKS, US CAWWIBALS DOKi'T EAT EMUFF STUFF OUTFIT «20 REXPEOITIOMS/ EXPLORERS' CLOTHES/ Hojv About a Dinner Coat? Author of northwest drama who cided not to u*e a half-breed villain. 1931. by Cgntr»r Pzett Association!

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