The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 24, 1913 · Page 7
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 24, 1913
Page 7
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[«! L G. W. WEAVER SON G. W. WEAVER SON OUR STOCK PRESENTS ~ _ A Thousand Gift Suggestions and Then Some Father j Brother, SJste||v£etf?eafi bfc Wile and F0i: M^rHER OR \\TFE TABLE EIXEX AND NAPKINS j--?«- Y.'e rre showing a beautiful line of Table Daniask. with Xapkins to match. Yon cr.nrot 50 wrong to decide on a table *er" h DJt up in a Christmas box-- iv^h Tj-ires to s^it all--75c, §1.00, §1.25 a and $i -"0 per yard. Xapkins to match ?2 50. ?3 00, §4.00, §5.00 per doz. XI 0 -ce"i7ei Damask with Xapkins to match C5c to 50c per yd. Liren Damask Table Sets, 2 to 3 yds., of fine Damask with 1 doz. Xapkins to match- §i 00 and $6 00. Linen Lunch Cloths 4-4, 5-4 3 6-4 at §1 50, §2 CO to §3.00. L'nen Damask Sets, Hem Stitched a-sc Scallop edges in 36 x 36 and 45 x £?, i dci. Napkins-to match at §3.00, $400. 53.00 per set. Linen Scarfs, Squares, and Centers, =Ves f-i-n D"O\ lies to 36 x 36 Cloths. So*"' i""e ii beaatifnl eyelet' s embroid- orv. some round and scalloped edges, by the piece or se'. Mexican Drawn Work, Clnr.y, Plauen and Rennaissance trimmed pieces- Great \anety from special low prices to fir»e- Spec-ai Towels for Gift giving. ;OTTON FLEECE COMFORTS ^L4RSAILLES, SATIN FIGURED OR CROCHET COUNTERPAINES TOWELS Special Linens for Gift Giving. . _BL ANKERS BEDDING To^npEbusefceeper,' nextio-linens. we s jjgpsfSrTiair of tvro"~br our beautiful V.'poL Blankets.. , s . -FttU Size,, Ail W/qJ R ,at. §5 00. Grey and Scarlet. White, Grey and Plaid, full size, at $3-50 to §9.00."= - - - i ''""Sewing Thread Warp, every between price.' * ~ -"- "" f t ^~ Single Bed~ size, Wool, at 52-50, $3.00 to^-Oft. _; Wool Nap. Blankets, every thread cottca £ut,'S$ processed, as to appear as ·svopl, and oulte as warm, $2 00 to S3.5C _ Xrmy "Blankets, -§ '.25 and Sl'50-t: - ' Fleece filled Comforts from $2.50 to §5.00. DOWN COMFORTS LAMBS FLEECE COMFORTS iVith cut Corners or Square. All Splendid Suggestions. Read this List From THE, CARPET DEPARTMENT Offers a great many items suitable for giving, for instance, how about re- olacing that old carpet with a handsome ) x 12 Axminster Rug. §20.00 to S29.50; x 12 Tapestry Rug, §11.50 to §18.00. Small Rugs in every size and price. A greater choice here than the com- oined stocks cf any three or four stores n Adams county. To make housekeeping easy and life onger: A s"terlm Vacuum Cleaner $9-00. JDuntley Vacuum Cleaner S6.00. SS.OO nd S10 00. 'fe ITa'-ional Sweepers, §2.CO to "^Ohio Electric^CleaiiefJ b'est in the mar- ! cet, 525 00. ^ ~ ' '' : " ~ . -~ jRed" Star'pustless ilops,' §1.39. Wizzsrd Dastless Mops with 1 qt. can · * - j~ 5f jpolish,^ $1.50. WopI Fibre JKugs, in carpet sizes, S9.00 ;o $1100. ' Noveltj- Rugs in assorted sizes'., , Portieres--beautiful Portieres--single and double' door, Rope and Tapestry, :-25^tp |800. Lace^Curtains. Over'80 styles' to select from,' and at any price you wish to Dav from 40c to $6~5(f per pair. .GLOVES . . . * ~ Everybody wants especially Wlater Gloves, - . , , Men's Lined, Silk Lined and Plush Lined Tan and Grey Reindeer, §1.00. Men's Dress lioche and Cape Gloves ?1.00, ?1.25 and $1.50. Men's Wool Knit Gloves 25c and 50c. Men's Wool Gauntlets 50c- ~* Boy's Leather Cowboy and Scout Gauntlets 50c. Boy's Wool Lined Cape Gloves, 1 clasp, 51.00. Boy's Cape, unlined, §1.00. '^·"." -\. SHIRTS -'Correct ^Patterns, full jr«ade -- and thev ' ' »,20 styles and patterns, Avondale * Monarch and ~"ob7siv!e3 Coat and Negl.gsa-R. £ M. ·^Fashion" a $1.00 value at 30c. Bine and Grey Flannel Shirts "$1.00 and §1.25. 20 styles Boys' R. . M. Shirks, full cut, 50c. 10 styles Boy's Blouse Waists. 50c. SHIRTS Men's Outing and Muslin Night Shirts 50c, 75c and Sl.OO. Men's Madras and Outing Pajamas 51.00. Com Wad'Bill 25c up. Couch Covers. Tapestry \ eaves 1 Sue to S5-00. and Rep iS/varioss shapes~and j stzes.- ~ KJ~ tf *r st- -V-^-.-fi fi * O - - , .-,SUSPENDERS ,~ - Er fancy''Christmas'boxes, President", Common Sense", "Easy" and "Shirly" 25c, 50c. and SI 00- Busp"ende£-'Sets-,- 'Arm' - BanSs'^'and Hose Supporters.jin-1 Chpstmas boxes, 75c and §1.00. NECKWEAR 7 OveV l6o J p"atterns' J and^ tj: styIe3~ nesrllt shapes. New FlowSfg -End's aiid 'St^aigiit Four-in-Ifands,~b"oxe£ '25c arid' 50c.- 1} The Citizens Trust Company Of Gettysburg OX FRIDAY DECEMBER 12th. the Citizens Trust Company mailed their handsome Christinas Checks amounting to over S15,000- to the 5-97 Patrons of their CHRISTMAS SAVING FUND. This vast sum of money was saved during the year by the people of our txywn depositing in the Trust Company from one to five cents on each share every Saturday during the year. This enterprise of the CITIZENS TRUST COMPANY has pro\ed so beneficial to al recip- tiens that the series for 1914 is now open and those-who deposit their pennies will ha\e the same courteous treatment as the well to do or the rich. We are determined to do our part to better the condition of the rising generation of our community and ask all good citizens to help us. HARRY L. SNYDER, Treasurer. \ t Rifir.g a Barrel. I The grooves ij^ a nSe barrel are | ! made with s2^cfeJ"i2sclii3eQ-,"asid «n^, t.less oae faas^this he could not do the * work properly, no matter how skilled he was. When the* grooves of *t nSe barrel are filled with lead it is usually necessary to have aa expert gunsmita. clean them out. ^ I Before Buying a range let us show you this cne-and get our prices. H. T. Maring "Rear of ol i Reading freight in lu.'idlng formerly oc- by Strawstacker Company. Easy To Darken Medical Advertising Your Gray Hair , You can Bring Back Color and Lustre with Sage Tea and Sulphur fc When you darken your hajr with "Sage Tea and Sulphur, no one'ean'tell, ^because it's done so jiatgjfaJUy, so, eyen,- ly. Preparing' tnis mixture, though^ at »home is mussy and tro$fc|esorae;£cl:£orj ,50 cents you can buy at" any drag ""store the readv-to-nse*- idaic^ called ..T/yeth's Sage' and Sulphur ,Hair Remedy." Yon just dampen a sponge or soft brush with it and dra\v this through your hair, taking one small _, scran* 3 at a time. BY morning all gray hai- disappears, and, after another ap- ph«._ -on or two, your hair becomes J beautifully darkened, glossy and luxuriant. You will also discover dandruff is gone and hair has stopped falling. Gray, faded hair, though no disgrace, is a sign of old ige, and as yre all desire a yoiAhf"! and attractive appearance, get busy at once with Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur and look years younger. For Sale A S i x R o o m FRAME HOUSE uich bath, hoc naier hect and other cqnveijiences. Located on 4th street, Bsg-J ervilte. Apply to S. G. H I G H AM, Riglerville, Pa. Special Christmas Sale For Early Holiday Shoppers STUDY THIS LIST IN SELECTING Y O U R CHRISTMAS GIFTS · i t Suits For Men, Boys. andUCEfldren Overcoats -Rubbers * Hats .Raincoats Shirts Caps Shoes (for everybody) Xeckwear (in fancy boxes) Suspenders · Penc3 r Vests Sweaters Gloves Pelts Boots Gum Boots Arctics Handkerchiefs Umbrellas? Underwear Do your shopping early and get the best selection O LJ I |7Q I T"7 Corner Square ; Car- .11. J-ilLOIZj, lisle St., Gettysburg, Pa. We give "S H" Green Trading Stamps Now is the time to fill your books and get youself a gift. NOTICE Letter* of Admsniscraaoa on the Estate of Marvin Rebel E lats of Gettysburg Bor- ouh. Adams county, Pa.., deceased, having been granted to the undersigned residing in Newport. Pa. all persons in- deoted to said Estate are requested to make immediate payment, and those having claim= iiiii present them for stKlernent, to C. II. REBEIiT Adirsln : strau»r- N /.THE PLACE FOR.-. SHELL % OYSTERS By the Peck or Measure 5Oc. and 6Oc. per quart EVANS' 0 RESTAURANT U N I T E D T E L E P H O N E §= x 55 =B O ^*C|»'T1 semi IOR .CHILDREN a3J : © Fesreo to Lows Sawdust One day small Oscar was playing with a doll and eome of the sawdust leaked onto the floor. Soon after Oscar's mother called hin? to her to trim his Snger nails and Oscar said: "Don't trim so short, for all the sawdcsl will come out" - - "T." " " DODGE ZUUJL'S, Vacja-n Wasier Hand or AH Steel, and Copper Easr to opperate Easy w handle. Saves the Clothes, TM the Circulars Tree Wnte our azeat David Knousi, l'.e. Pi USEFUL CHRISTMAS GIFTS £f HATS. CAPS, RUBBER BOOTS, [AND SHOES. : Oar - Bargain - Table - Contains - Some - Genuine - Bargains KITZMIE k LER NECKWEAR Ai immense line at 25 and 50 cents. Every 50 cent Tie in a beaatifnl box. MUFFLERS Cf Wool and Cotton -vrtth a snap buttoa in front, ac 25 and 50 cents. SILK MUFFLERS Folded or open, from 50 cents to §5 00 COLLAR BAGS Of Leather, from 50 cents to S3 00. SUSPENDERS , At 50 cents in single boxes- GLOVES Of every kind from the cheapest heayy TsrorK gio~v to the fine dress kid glo've, or the most expensive genuine fur gloves- HANDKBRCHIEF WALLETS Of Leather, with three handkerchiefs for Sl.OO. COAT SWEATERS From 50 cents to §.00- FUR COLLARS For the man v/ho does tvinter driving. SUIT CASES AND BAGS An extensive line of imitation or gen- cine leather. FOR LADIES SHOES The e\er practical gift -- subject to exchange for anything- else in the store. HOUSE,SLIPPERS AND SHOES _Cf Kid'or Felt awFlRdiaf Moccasins. FOR MEN Everything to Wear bat Suits of Clothes PAJAMAS AND NIGHT ROBES A good assortment of light and heavy weights. RALN COATS At $5.00 -co $15.00. HANDKERCHIEFS Gorton, Linen or Silk. COMBINATION SETS Attractive combination sets in Christmas Boxes--suspenders and garters-initial belts and garters--garters in fancy cartons, etc., ete. COMPLETE LINES OF Pocket Books Umbrellas Shirts Underwear Hats Stick Pins Cuif Links Shoes Overgaiters Arties Belts Collars Cuffs Indian Moccasins Boots Rubbers Hosiery Daily Thought. Content thyself to be good.--Addlson, obscurely What Was Wrong. "Grandma." cried am impulsive · youngster, hurrying back with his new - little jacket, "this is a lovely coat and I love it, but you've made an awful mistake You've put one button too many at the top and one buttonhole too many at the bottom!" Removing a Cork. To take a cork out of a bottle when there Is neither a corkscrew nor a ^ knife at hand, stick two safety pins together diagonally through the cork, opposite to each other. By pullingr on the upper part of the two pins you can remove the cork easily. . ,_ «» $hoes, Boots- araffOvergaiters. "^ 'SWEATERS 50 cents to §6.00. MUFFLERS Silk and Wool. FOR BOYS GIRLS CAPS Hockey Caps, 2-5 and 50 cents. Aero- plane Caps, 50 cents. Caps ·with ear protectors. GLOVES Leather and Wool. SHOES High Top Shoes. House Suppers of Felt or Leather, Indian Moccasins. , - - SJftTEATERS ^ i J f T . ^ Various Colors, from 50 cents to S3..50- ~ MISCELLANEOUS Canvas Leggings, Xeckties, Rubber Boots, Mittens, High School Pennants, Etc., Etc. Eckeifs Store SPAPJLRl

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