The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 2, 1936 · Page 2
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 2

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 2, 1936
Page 2
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TWO MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, APRIL 2 · 1936 and confident that he would not die at 8 o'clock Friday night. Arrest Is Expected. A high state official said an arrest was expected shortly of a member of the abduction gang which rung a "confession" from . Wende!. The arrest, probably of the "brains" of the gang, the official said, was expected to follow quickly from information and description furnished New York and New Jersey officials by Wendel, who was questioned in his cell Wednesday · night by Assistant District Attorney William McGuinr-ess of Brooklyn. The increasing belief that ' something" would happen to prevent the execution, already thrice delayed, was based on these developments: 'Indictment Is Possible. 1. The possibility that the grand jury would indict Wendel for the murder, thus casting such doubt upon Hauptmann's conviction for the crime as to bring about a delay in his execution. 2. The fact that Governor Hoffman, who already has once reprieved Hauptmann, is showing increas- had said will not be solved by the had said will riot be soved by the . putting to death of the Bronx carpenter. 3. The statement of Colonel Kimberling, prison warden, that hs will delay the execution to the limit of Ills authority as long as any legal action affecting the Lindbergh case Is pending. Under the death warrant he may execute Hauptmann any time during "the week of March 30," which may possibly mean as late as Sunday night. Will Ask Judge. The warden, if necessary, will ask the sentencing judge, Thomas W. Trenchard, to define the exact limits of "the week of March 30." . 4. The fact that other so-called '·new evidence," such as the story of Stephen Spitz that he possesses Lindbergh ransom notes which he bought from other persons than Hauptmann, remained to be inquired into. Reports from Chicago Thursday said the money to pay the fine necessary to obtain Spitz's release from jail (where he was serving a sentence on a bad check charge) was furnished by Governor Hoffman himself. The amount was 5S92, the balance of a $1,000 fine. Wants It Solved. 5. The further fact that Governor Hoffman is so-definitely committed to obtaining a "complete solution" of the entire case, that many believe he will find some way to delay the execution, even though Attorney General Wilentz, his official legal adviser, has held that his reprieve powers are now exhausted. Other authorities, however, are reported to have offered a contrary opinion which the governor, in the case of extreme necessity, might elect to follow. The political angles of the case were receiving more and more at. .tentipri,;.. although... Governor . Hoff- marii has -insisted, there .never has b'een-any political'purpose'in his activities in seeking a "complete solution" of it. The grand jury, appointed by Justice Thomas W. Trenchard, the Hauptmann case trial judge, Is composed of 12 republicans, 9 democrats and two members with. no party affiliations. The foreman, Allyne Freeman, is a republican and a friend of the governor, who is a republican. roliticiil Affiliations. Prosecutor Marshall, whose leadership the jurors have elected to disregard, is a democrat, as is Attorney General Wilentz. Richard Stockton, an assistant attorney general whom the grand jury called upon for legal help, is a republican. Detective Parker, who obtained the Wendel "confessions," is a republic- and and close friend of the governor's. Chief of Detectives James S. Kirkham, who signed the murder complaint on which Wendel was arraigned early last Sunday morning, is a republican. An investigation into Wendel's allegation that he was "kidnaped and tortured" to force a "confession" from him--a confession which he has repudiated--was begun Wednesday night by District Attorney F. X. Geoghan of Brooklyn where Wendel charges he was kidnaped. Questioned in Jail. Geoghan sent a deputy to Trenton Wednesday night to question Wendel in the county jail. There also were reports in some official quarters that the department of justice was investigating the kidnap charges, but these reports lacked confirmation. The grand jury wanted to look at the ransom notes and to compare the handwriting with that of Wendel. In one of his three "confessions" Wendell mentions writing one ransom note--the one found in the Lindbergh nursery--but disavowing any effort to collect a ransom. Some handwriting experts have expressed their belief that the original ransom note and the subsequent notes were written by different persons. Telegrams From Darrow. Governor Hoffman and members of the court of pardons which twice has refused Hauptmann's plea for clemency, received telegrams Wednesday from clarence Darrow, noted Chicago attorney and opponent of capital punishment, expressing the belief that Hauptmann should be given a new trial. Darrow holds that Hauptmann received an "unfair and extreme" sentence based on "doubtful evidence." The governor's home at South FRENCH TO SEEK EARLY MEETING To Enter Parley of Nations With Demand to Reject Hitler Proposals. By JOHN EVANS (CopyrlRht. 1936, by The Associated PARIS-- French officials said Amboy, where his wife and three daughters are, is under police guard. Another "Last Visit." Mrs. Anna Hauptmann upon whom the uncertainties of the case have weighed almost as heavily as they have upon her husband, planned to see Hauptmann in the death house Thursday. Jt was another "last visit," for she will not be permitted to go there on the execution day; but she was confident that Friday would not be her husband's last day of life. The Rev. John Matthiesen, who has. had more than 50 visits: with- Haujitnianh since -he became , a death'; house inmate;- wrote to Justice Trenchard Wednesday, pleading lor a new trial for the condemned man. The Lutheran minister expressed a firm' conviction that Hauptmann did not commit the crime for which he has been sentenced to die. Thursday that the. French government probably will ask for a speedy conference with Great Britain, Italy and . Belgium and will enter the conference with the demand that Reichsfuehrer Hitler's proposals be rejected. They stated that France would insist upon this rejection on the grounds that Hitler was "attempting to dictate to Europe in the same manner that he employes in ! his own country." The French cabinet will meet | Monday, and it was stated that j the call for a Locarno signatories' ' conference would probably follow mmediateiy. France massed her diplomatic resources Thursday for a counter attack against Germany's Locarno plan. Foreign Minister Pierre-Etienne Flandin summoned the French ambassadors in London, Berlin, Brussels and Rome to come to Paris for twofold campaign. First, -informed sources said, the government resolved to present a strong attitude against Germany's violation of the Locarno pact by remilitarization of the Rhineland un- after France's parliamentary elections April 26 and May 3. Second, these sources said, the government would employ tactics of delay while searching for a peace pian more favorable to France. ·Wait for Envoys. While waiting for the ambassadors to arrive. Flandin and Premier Albert Sarraut analyzed the German proposals in preparation for a cabinet meetinsr Friday. The British government, authoritative sources at London said, was forwarding letters to France and Belgium, assuring them that if conciliation failed in the Rhineland crisis, Britain. would come to their aid under the Locarno pact. The British also arranged to proceed immediately for conversations between the army general staffs of Great Britain, France and Belgium, probably to be held in London. -Proposes New System. These two developments followed receipt of Adolf Hitler's proposals for establishment of a new security system in western Europe, to re- effects appeared practically inextricable. Guarantors of Pact. Great Britain and Italy are the guarantors of the Locarno treaty under which Germany, France and Belgium promised not to attack each other. When Reicnsfuehrer Hitler moved troops into the demilitarized Rhineland, France alleged that he had broken the Locarno pact and the league of nations council agreed with this interpretation. France called upon Great Britain and Italy to force Germany to withdraw those troops. But now Italian forces have conquered Ethiopian ' territory near Lake Tana, the source of the Nile and, consequently of major importance to Greai Britain. Will Not Interfere. Although Premier Mussolini of Italy has informed the British from time to time that he had no intention of interfering with the water supply of the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan and Egypt, the British are nervous. Fascist sources in' Rome said a noticeable turn for the worse in the relations between Italy and Great Britain had occurred in recent days. One informed source said the tenseness was almost as severe as last September when the British home fleet steamed into the Mediterranean. The same source indicated that France was tending to become more severe against Italy. France in Dilemma. It was obvious that France was in a dilemma as to foreign policy for, \vith Great Britain and Italy un- svmpathetic to each other, there was little liklihood of co-operation between these two . guarantors of the Locarno pact. . At the same time, the British government appeared to be lending a sympathetic ear to Reichsfuehrer Hitler's proposals for a new European security system--although the French government indicated that these proposals were in no way acceptable to France. Authorities in the league of nations expressed the belief that whether Hitler's suggestions would be adopted depended on how much con- fidnce other powers had in his prom- FORMER SCHOOL HEAD HERE DIES F. T. Vasey Succumbs After Week's Illness and Operation. F. T. Vasey, 59, superintendent of the Mason City public schools for 12 years and head of the Springfield. 111., schools for the past 6 years, died Wednesday afternoon in a hospital at Springfield, following a week's illness and an operation for appendicitis. Miss Edna Gibbs, teachers in the high school here, and Miss Emily Gibbs, sisters of Mrs. Vasey, left early Wednesday afternoon for Springfield, learning then that Mr. Vasey was in a serious condition. Left in 1930. Mr. Vasey left Mason City to assume charge of the Springfield schools July 1, 1930. Since then he bad made several visits back in the city and on one occasion was a spe- cia'l guest of the Grade Teachers association at a dinner. Mr. Vasey was born in Taylor- vine, 111., Oct. 26, 1S76. He attended high school at Livergood, Nebr., and received his B. A. degree at the University qf Nebraska in 1904. He received an M. A. degree at the University of Iowa in 1918. One of his early school positions was at Tarkio, Mo. He held school superintendent positions at Albia and Charles City before coming to Mason City in 1918. Was Student of Psychology. Mr. Vasey was an ardent student of psychology and enjoyed nothing more than to make practical application of psychological rules in talks before teachers, clubs and trade or- place that broken by Germany's remilitarization of the Rhineland. British sources made it clear, however, that their; new- communi ca- ponswith : France- and Belgium should iiot be taken to mean that their movement for conciliation already had been blocked. The Italo-Ethiopian war and the Locarno treaty, 'although originating far apart in time and geography, have reached a point of entanglement today in which causes and 1 AT TYLER-RYANS EAUTIFUL FURNITURE COSTS LESS Situation in Europe German and French Ambitions Likely to Clash. Miss Earhart Thinks Tucker Should Have Livestock Examined IOWA CITY, (JP--Frew Tucker, the farmer who placed poles in line with the Iowa City airport runways, should have his farm animals psy- cho-analyzide, in the opinion of Amelia Earhart Putnam. "If the livestock became jittery when planes flew low over the airport,-they must not be normal," she said. "On regular air routes farm animals become so used to the planes that they soon fail to take notice of them," according to Miss Earhart. She added that "many veteran pilots say they can tell when they get off their course immediately when barnyard animals become excited when their planes fly low over them." ganizations. He served as president of the By CHARLES P. STEWART A . S H I N G T O N , (CPA)--Not a commentat- _.,, jpon European affairs take the view · that Germany has no particular designs France; nazis of alone the French the present if the French will let them alone. They express doubts, however, that the French will do this once Hitler begins to be conspicuously ambitious in the eastwardly direction. The theory is: If Germany rebuilds its eastern strength, it again will be a menace to the westward, and France believes it once more will be a dangerous neighbor as soon as it is' able to be. Therefore, French policy is to prevent the reich from regaining any of its old potency whatever. What it desires is a weak Germany, easterly as well as westerly. War Either Way. Thus if the Germans cannot recover their former prestige without eastern expansion .and if their eastern expansion is vetoed by France, they have not much choice but to override the French veto--by force Northeast Iowa Teachers' association in 1916, and was president of the Iowa State Teachers' association in 1927. He was an active member or the Rotary club and participated in other civic and community activities while a resident of Mason City. He was a member of the Congregational church. Mr. Vasey is survived by two children, Hobert Hamilton and Virginia Walker. Mrs. Vasey died three years ago. Fpllowing are .tributes to Mr. Vasey by Mason City residents: Lester Milllgan, secretary, Chamber of Commerce--"I remember his active interest in civic affairs of a wide character. He was one of the founders and an early president of the Mason City Social Welfare ieague. He was a member of the community chest executive council and one o£ the committee on reorganization which preceded, the successful chest campaign of 1929. He was one of the most faithful members of the Chamber of Commerce Glee club and always participatec in their concerts and trips. He hac a great love for music. In the early days of the Mason City municipa baud when the concerts were played in Central park Mr. Vasey was nearly always in the audience." Willis G. C. Bagley, president of the school board--"Mr. Vasey played an important part in building up the Mason City schools. He was a good man for any school system and the cause of education has lost a valuable man in his passing. He was widely recognized in his profession in this and other states. When he lived in Mason City Mr. Vasey was a leader in community and civic affairs." Mrs. R. F. Clough, president, high school P. T. A.--"As a patron of the schools I always regarded Mr. Vasey as a very fine leader in educational work. His death will be a distinct loss." James Rae, principal of high chool--"Mr. Vasey was an ardent tudent of the science of education. He threw his whole energy into his ;ork, always striving to bring the atest educational theories into his chool organization. He found his greatest pleasure and recreation in irofessional reading." Mrs. Mabel Blaisc, executive sec- ·etary of Social Welfare league-'Mr. Vasey as an early president AID IS OFFERED BY TREE EXPERT Woman Willing to Attempt to Identify Ladder in Lindbergh Case. ALBUQUERQUE, N. Mex., tJP-- The services of a woman tree ring expert were placed at the disposal of Gov. Harold Hoffman of New Jersey Thursday to aid his efforts :oward further solution of the Lindbergh kidnap-slaying. Dr. Howard D. Brand, head of the Jnivcrsity of New Mexico archaeology department, wired the governor that Dr. Florence Hawley was willing to attempt identification o: tlie ladder used in the crime, anc wood later taken from the home o; Bruno Richard Hauptmann. The young blond scientist's method, originally developed by Dr. A E. Douglass of the University of Arizona to establish the age of timbers taken from pre-historic ruins consists of microscopic: measure ments of the annual rings which form the grain pattern of wood. "There should be no difficult; whatever," said Dr. Hawley "in de termining in a very short timi whether wood from the kidnap lad dcr and boards taken from Haupt mann's attic came from the same piece of timber." DANCE BAND" IS NEXT ECIL AND PALACE HIT Songs, stars, comedy, beauty and lenty of pep--that's "Dance Band," chedulcd for the Cecil and Palace heaters Friday only. Two of the song hits are "Valpar- liso," the tune for the latest movic- reatcd dance sensation, and "Turtle ovey," a zippy novelty tune. Buddy Rogers and the beauteous une Clyde have leading roles, and Umax the action by leading their espective dance bands in an orches- ra contest. * * * Edwurd G. Robinson has finally ned up with the law and will por- ray the part of a tough New York opper in his new picture, "Bullets r Ballots," which will' be released oon. Katharine Hepburn heads the state's bill, starring in the title role f "Sylvia Scarlett." The second fca- ure on this program is "Stormy," eaturing Noah Beery, Jr., who bids air to become a success in films. He s as natural as you please, putting ne a bit in mind of the late Will Rogers. * * * 'Men in White," a fine film, is co- eaturcd at the Strand with "Cattle Thief" which stars Ken Maynard. Reputed Vice King of New York Held HOT SPRINGS, Ark., (.T)--Charle "Lucky" Luciano, reputed vice kin; of New York, was arrested on on of the principal business streets o Hot Springs Wednesday afternoo by two officers. He made no re sistance and was removed to th Garland county jail. is a Genuine Roekford Made Suite! ithout Question If- is Truly a Great Value! Easy Terms! FOUR PIECES Specially Priced VETERNS'BONUS PAYMENT PLAN BED, STOOL, CHEST, VANITY Fully dust-proof . . . center drawer guides . . . finest construction throughout . . . beautifully designed. Your choice of three different patterns. These suites represent our greatest values. . . . See them in our windows. 29 Second Street S. E. Phone 3910 of arms, of course, and if possible. It does not greatly matter: The Germans may attack France, in order to squelch the latter, to ·marantee themselves a free band in Austria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Poland and possibly part of the Balkans. Or they, may take the initiabye to the eastward and be atatacked by the French, in an effort to stop them. It would mean war on the Rhine, among many other places, either way. France has the advantage of Russia, which is afraid of Germany, as an assured ally to fight the Teutons on their eastern front, giving the latter two frontiers to attend to. That is all right from France's standpoint. But Russia has Japan to consider. If engaged with Germany, the soviet government is sure to have the mikado, pounding on its back door in Siberia, to reckon with. Two fronts for Germany! Two for Russia! Britain With Weaker. But Germany's two fronts will be only 300 or 400 miles apart. Russia's will be 3,000 or 4,000. A major war in Pacific territory would considerably handicap the Russians' military activities to the westward; the Soviets may not be as helpful to the French as the lat- j ter hope for. I Heaven alone knows how Grca' 1 Britain will be aligned in the even i of another world conflict. · The British historically are on the side of the country or alliance op pnsed to the globe's strongest powc: or group of powers. They xver against Spain when Spain seeme of the Social Welfare league board has left a strong impression not only in the league but upon .the community, especially from the angle of organized charity. His sincere convictions that little good could be done in a haphazard fashion was made manifest in the thoroughness with which he administered his office. It has always been a pleasure to recall the advice he jave and the decisions that he made. His passing leaves only deep regret and sincere sorrow." predominant; against France when Trance seemed predominant; against Russia when Russia seemed predom- nant; against Germany when the raiser seemed to threaten. May Aid Germany. This policy is not from any sympathy with the "under dog;" what the British want is to prevent any country or setup from becoming perilously powerful in comparison with Britain. If, in the coming clash, France and Russia promised to lick Ger many, Britain can be gambled on to be pro-German. If the decision ap pears likely to be pro-German, the odds are that Britain will be pro- Franco-Russian. Britain's aim, in short, is to help the weaker powers against the stronger powers; then, having transformed the weaker into the stronger powers, to flop over aiding the newly-weaker against the newly-stronger: and so on indefinitely--always remaining the king-pin in every combination. Italy enters into the puzzle, too. So docs the United States. So also, do numerous smaller countries--too small and numerous, as hiph school essayists expxrcss it, to mention Let's Go To ... SHADY BEACH NIGHT CLUB CLEAR LAKE, IOWA Special music--Kenny and Al --THURSDAY NIGHT, April 2. Try our FREE FISH FRY with a Bottle of Beer, FRIDAY NIGHT, April 3. Special Music by Mack's 4 Piece Band, SATURDAY NIGHT, April 4, 3 Piece Orchestra SUNDAY NIGHT, April 5. NO COVER CHARGE At Mason City THEATERS 'WOMAN TRAP" --and-"THREE LIVE GHOSTS" Starting Saturday 1936 Wonder Show! and "BOULDER DAM" WMT GERMAN BAND OLD TIME DANCE Friday, 26c Per Person COMING SATURDAY CARL NEBBE AND HIS FINE BAND The Last Saturday DnnrC at Winter Prices, UP. and 4flc- CIGARETTES Bargain Prices at t h r Surf davenport Legion Post Wins Honors v INDIANAPOLIS, /P)--Davenport, Iowa, Post No. 26 of the American Legion won honorable mention in a nationwide contest conducted dur- ng February for the most success- !ul new membership stunt. Bonus March Urged by Future Veterans CEDAR FALLS, L ! B--Holding its organization meeting here, the Iowa State Teachers college chapter on "Veterans of Future Wars" advocated a "bonus march" on Washington. ROCKFORDVOTE IS CONTESTED Check Sought on Difference of One Vote in Which Wilson Won. ROCKFORD, (.T) -- Decision to contest the outcome of the town election in which the candidates for mayor were separated by a single vote was announced here. Mayor J. J. Wilson was credited with 157 votes and his rival, Ed Felix, with 156. RADIO PROGRAM STATION WOI, AMES FRIDAY, APRIL 3 ;00 a. m.-~Katins 10:00 a. m.--Hornemakers--Mrs. Henry MSB 1:00 p.-m.-- Moeller's Old Timers 2:43 p. m.--You and Your Government 3:nO p, m.--Wsislerwork 3:30 p. m.--March of Science x 6:,Qp. m.--The All-State basketball teams Iowa Dally Press Association OLD-TIME DANCE AVALON BALLROOM' Manly, Iowa THURSDAY. APRIL 2nd Music by THE CEDAR VALLEY HILL BILLIES Ladies 25c Gents 40c Coming TUESDAY, APRIL 7th HARVEY KING AND HIS ORCHESTRA -ism t?:W« FRIDAY IS THE GALA DAY PARK THEATRE TONIGHT and FRIDAY CLIVE OF INDIA" with RONALD COLMAN and LORETTA YOUNG Admission lOc and ]6c ATTEND THE MATINEE TO AVOID THE EVENING RUSH! FOUR BIG DNITS \r- ken Shi Out RHYTNM/ (VkUS/C/ ou ask -for CLARK GABLE MYRNA LOY MEN IN WHITE" TAILSPIN TOMMY in the "GREAT AIR MYSTERY" and WORLD NEWS FLASHES GIFTS TO KIDDIES Fri. and Sat. Matinee ENDS THURSDAY "MAN WHO BROKE THE BANK AT MONTE CARLO" "SONG OF THE SADDLE i,2 fat/of MWICAl COMCBY Of ttUMB ·' ra-vt · GIFTS TO LADIES Every Wed. and Thurs. LAST TIMES THURSDAY -- ON THE STAGE -"CHATTERBOX REVUE" 25 PEOPLE--7 BIG ACTS PLUS SWELL STAGE BAND -- On the Screen -CAROLE LOMBARD "Love Before Breakfast" with PRESTON FOSTER STARTS SATURDAY A Big Musical Show! 12 STARS! 3 SONGS! HUNDREDS OF GIRLS and laughs come so fast you can't count them!' "PftTIFFN" V/\/LLEt£ui --with-DICK POWELL Ruby Kccler, Jack Oakie Jonn'Blondell, Hugh Herbert Louise Fazcnda - · · anl l PAUL DRAPER Sensational Broadway Dancer (Hos an! to -Fred Aslnire) LILY PONS HENRY FONDA . I DREAM TOO MUCH" PLUS COMEDY - CARTOON Starts FRI.-- 2 Ace Features and Serial. See her ii Ae most dynamic character «!ie ever brought to life' Feature 2 NOAH BEERY Jr, JEAN- ROGERS with REX Kins ol Wild Horses CHAPTER « . . . T0.1I MIX "MIRACLE K1DER"

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