The Evening Post from New York, New York on April 1, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 1, 1818
Page 4
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,iit cunceiiy:. '." ' - xtS ovrioancenf en "" urebel - ti pTe c tba, at Hurt't Ho te tbe illa " at twelve oW M . eader thediractioa.of . - i - - .lute of New York, Vl'dl - ."a the east ty the land of the he ire of Jobs tel - i lietu caid,ittBOrtbl.yOUidofIU. bcT? iteurm oatbe we bribe foods ofgeo. errt James Cbaton, red the south by. toe '' - T .r.L. - iT...,. l i.. Ration. oectft ". .A. AaJlT.ninS' U.ra httSi'wd BOd teO ACrei , ' laud - - be the exore le, the here. diUror.ueod prmrtesei toltetw Wong - ; ' - t . Mr viae MiDertaiotof . Irelad More. aTf 17. 1818. . ' TUO MAS BOLT ON, ; J 7 ; Xo W iiirUHat. Mosrio CtrjV - :' - ' . MINERALOGY fc CEOLOGT. . 5 ttt Imtrertire epecimeos or . ah'ing eorb, or one hundred vanities, erraaged C aod Je.crit.ed, five H I KKSiSt focttOOtaO VWiSKTOl ki ! ' nitofpfrcfctooov fro t - nl BftginK W mm OWWU m j . ... . - i'' fdogTof JJl)lHit',odiMiiroWriiiU CM - . - of MwerJs win ud pl&t,hUoB of v tlie Wiylfultcblowpip, .lafJidMie'i bcoch . ' - at w)i.itut. . '' . - MtMAWE, proprietor of the Amtthyitine andTopilrfperlaer Mhm tod Manufactory ' - Tterbr. M renated for eleopt f kiee nd onik - . ma. iavliM pKtlem) U mid tT new or Mil '. 'knew producUD ol titeir t oiisc to bi deposit ' .' ; v 10 lamGt IH CHANCEAY mrt or w - tok, u. " T w nMm.m aTs rtMrtal order of this boaora . I biiMiut haannc date tuo liiteenth day of : ' Oorier lailwrll be'eold at pontic auction, at the . , Tontine Codee H ause, in the city of New - ork, . onder the directlnn of the subscriber, as one of too matters ol this coort, pn trunann lite mtnw ' day of Jaoaary pest, at twelee o'ekwk, at noon, U hl r.Hia lot. tract or oarcal of land, sitno - fed in ibtoMHtr of Delaware, io the state of , v fie w - York, and 1 KfaaV Patent, and kaowa by . grerUlut thirty four, and looadeJa follosrsjite - - rlnnipratasiaaeananeapTOsigiioswHwa im.i trw, in arlmd No. 31 and 37 1 being the aorlheast , ' eomeroflot thirty eevwutbence along the north i hoauwt thereof .scxitb eifhtr nine decrees, west on r.tiriJrwt and twenty eight chains and ninety , di links toe beech tree worked No. ftlaod 34 , bein the sootuoftst comer of lot (No. w,i aeaa - ber Uirty three i thence along tlie east boaods thereof, horth three, dejtrees, east eighty one . i hr..i. aiui I tvm w link, to a lieech tree marked JSo. J I wid W thiic along the south boonds of t " lot CRo. 31J Oiimrier Winy one, norm cumr nmv (lfirw,eait ti dutaris ofon hundred end four " ' chains, too stake aid heap uf stirnes i thence south thirty llr rhains and twenty lour links tn a boech tree nierked No. 8 1 ttiencoaorth eighty , aloe degrres, vat tirtnty chains to the west hooTKl ft? Jot thirty Ave I thence along the tame south sorry foorchuius and ninety lixlinkstotbo J - ilax - e of befiani..t coaUiiiiirig nine hundred and orlf nine acres a.t J three fourths ol '.nacre of isad, with the apiHirtenarKCS, . And aUu, all that Certain other lot, iract, or parcel of land, lilun ted io the county of Delaware, in the state uf ; New - York, in Erans' Patent, and known by treat kit thirty rereo, and is boutuM as M - few t BeginninK at a hemlock tree mark adKo. 37 and 40, bring the northeast corner of lot. No. (40) nuroher forty thrnce aknt; thf north bounds thereof, - south, eigh - t nine rkirei. writ one hundred find thirty fvor chains and ten links to beech sapling marked No. M It 37 i tlience north three de crees, oast aevonfveitht chain to a fiVeih tree 1 with atooM round it t tiience on the south bonnds ot lot thirty fhur north eighty nine degrr - e, eal ' ana hand red and lliirtv ihainsto a Dirch tree marked tMrty eeeo and thirty - right tltcnce on the went bounds ol kit thirtv - merit, tuuth sevontv eight chains to the pirr" of I x'iuiing cmtaiolns one thousand and Iwonly - fimr acres and one fourth of oa acre of Itnd ?tk the appurlenoncet. Dated, uecenntr x. idt.. ' jiAMKS A. HAMILTON, , Dc 3 lawit lts , Muter in Chancery - ' . II r.'l lie sule of tlie eb'w proierty is nostpo vc4fy t eighteen tb daTufferiruaryneitattbe , sanio coax and ptire inieuan. i, iciu. .. ' JAKES A. HAMILTON. ' . ..' Jan T fawt" ' - Mntrr m Chancery. 'J. The sale cf the above property is potponed to the IStb day of Mrj nest, at the same bour and Place. Dated Pen; 18, . .. - .,... iAME9 A. HAMILTON, fkb Itlawtds ' " Mister io Chncnry. . ' ' To the honorable the jndgre and asiistant ' . ' justices of toe f mrt oi cooiinon plena ia and for the coaoty of Ornnec THE petition oi Ucoi go V. Wickbain ol the townoCUqshen, ia the county of Oraoge, respectfully shewotb That your petitioner is "setif d in Ire simple at tenant in common of one . equal uodivldttdmoMj or half part of all that - certain trait, piece tr parcel of land, situate, ly - ' ing and bring in the Iowa of Warwick, io the county of Orange, kaowa and distinguished as lot huibber two, in the subdivision of great moun - tain lot nunber ibarteen, inthepateutnfCheese - . corks, conlainfng two bum red and slstoea acres ', of land, ortherrabouls. Ai d y our petitioner further shewrthi that he is seised at aforesaid of one equal undivided moiety or half part of all tlmt . ceruia other lot, tract, piece or parcel of land, . situates lying and hetnjf in the tsid town of Warwick, ami known and distinguished as iotnemwr ' three, iaths said suhdivisioa of great mountfin ' lot number fnjrten, in the said patent of Cheese - ' cocks, coiitainingtwo hundred and thirty acres ' ' of laatl or thereabouts. And your petitMmer fur - thr theweth, that sosau persoa or prion, v to your fietitioaer nnkaown, is or are selted aforo - saidVofthe - rcmainiogegual undivided, moiety ot ' half part of ea hoi ttio abuve - aseatiuoed aadde acrirwd lota, pieces or parcds of laad. And your i, petitioner further sheweth, that he it iksirout to , have partition made of tlie aforesaid lands tene - - aneaU and hrreditaments, between your petitioner and the laid person or persons uoknown as a - foreeaid. according: to the several and respective , rights of thesevetal parties aforesaid, of, in, and ' to the eame. Wherefore yoor petitioner prays, ' that all and singular, the said lands, tenements ' and hereditaments, together with the rights, raernberaf privilegat aao appurtenaaces thervun - ' to telonsmz or ia ear wise appertaiainc, aaay he divided by commieiooers, to be ainiointed hj Ifiii honorable court, inpununnce of the pro - - vtainnsof the net ec titled aa act for the partition of lands - .' And yosr petitioner shall ever pray, oxc. uaien tins aiitn aav oi rronnry, one mou ' sand ekht bundreit and eighteen - ' - . . . i GKORGK D. WICCHAaf. John and Alea'r Uucr. Atthes.. . - j Be pwamd to take notice that a petition, of ' which the above is a coo, will be on - sent ed to tlie judges and assistant justices of the court of common pleas ia and lor the county of Orange, at the court house ia Cosher on - the tart Moodav of M. .. t.n nviork. ia the rbrraooa of that day, or as soon tlwre - " oun.rl caa be beard A ad an ap - nlii - alinik - j 1 1 1... .. . r r iw iw maoc to ihe said court t!T - HP?1.?tn!",tJof wo.iM;ooers, to make . w .iw wnna, aad heredita. ' . rifil - taliM if I - . - . J. r. a . nr Wraw tc. February, 1818 ' J SO. ft ALEX. DUKR, ' - 'Att'ieefor the above named PBtiUoner' it nom.o - ) ..c,. wn ien.w tiM in My AtP!Pll?FJAR,S M MUFACTOKY, ' UuvSr Harri,nn "r. North - Ri,er. 4,1 rr.riEmauu'actufsd tiaiter, frrcorai - ' tnd other ywt, may be had. war - nnlM f ihe first quair, at one ('Uarene' fsreia - M : o - atf ftr kutheL Xbe aW,J.,rfory is roodected by Mr. Joba leraer, wlnihis servda rcnlar apprentice - toototUaxasoa besioess. "A J0HJI8YEJJS. he of :OURTv ; , hisMopartilio ; ; ;) ... .v JohnCoroeH and Sarah, wife.' - , : - - ' - - .ni.tadniBakePtnitioa M ti u!rrUe7 true e. - y, bj r to u - court of cobiiw PUa CltodU iJ0Wrt, tt.. et piblic euctiom to dm Job Uc the .k - .iitiof the Mte Y fbt pnmitf htcmn - iter meatwoed, by p - ywjt t P - s ct, of tM oarcoMt Money oo the ty of lal. or ftt mt ELZLnn. tbe uid eoart. bT rule Bde toe lt day ol March iaataoL ordered tto preBiteabereiaaftet dcecrilied, to bo re - told. " . r 4. a&4 MjHmiiitnuH. I periaaiice of the (aid last aieotiooed rale, loteod tolltpet)lic veedoc, in front of Tontine vflv. 1 1,. om. oa Ihe thirteenth day of April aeiL at twcle o'clock; at boob, to Ihe bifft bidder or bidder, all thut certain dwellieg bootr. lying and being in the fourth ward of too city of w - Y'xa known od diUuKiiiald ia a nap thereof by lot notnber eichteea ; wbictiaid pre miaei and lot of land is boanded a follows, soatnerly by Baaker - st. easterly by Rosevlt - st aortnerly by lot nemlier aeTeoteen, and weeferly in the rear by land belouginc to SarnhMliowpaon. Containing in tengra oa eacn sae nny nt, man m breadth io front aod rear t cnty - fl i e feet each, with all and singolar the wyt, . water - can n, beraditameoU and aDuurtanaacee thereto be - londnrorinanT wise appertaanos. ' uauuu March, 1818. . , .. JAMF.PON COX. ; J09HUA PP.kli.Jr. J. P. DltTElUtrJ. 1 W. W. RTCr BLAii, Att'jr. sahS4 ooilttw , ,. NOTICE. trm Tha erarfitnra of John Bleakler. Of the ciiy oi new - iorn, insoivrui, i - iiu coaxTenoaiineonice oi me sun - , rum, of the said insolvent, under, the act entitled m aa art far rivine relief in cases of innrfven - cy," at toe iw cuiiaings, no. i, "w. situate ia Nassau - street, ia the city of New - York, to ascertain and eiamine the or counts due to them respectively, on the wwiy win o7 " April neat, bet wreathe hoars of 10 A. M. and 3 P. M. And the said creditors are further notified, that a dividend of the estate of said iusolvent will ha maiia hr th aahscriber. at the place afore said, and between the hours above mentioned, on the twenty fifth day of May next, new - 1 ora, P.O. 4th, 1818. ' fchtlawSra ' ' " Assirnre,kc COLUMBlA PICiUKE (aALLLKY, , 61 ruiiTOH - STaaKT. fe connoisseurs and amateurs of the Fine Arts, aad to tlie enlislitened public of New - York. 'THR proprietor of antxtentive collectioaof I . i i . r . : i a. Diciurea. imc nui in wc . ,nuv, riniiicai osinters. havuiaiust arrived from Europe, where has purcbaied them from the cut wets of Ki .ne, Naples, Florence, Paris, Amsterdam and Loudon, at a verv considerable expvnce, propo ses to exhibit theai to the ladies and tenth own thii city and its vicinity. The exhibition will begin on JVIimday, the 6th of April. It will be far superior to any as yet offered io the U. blab's, the pictures being undoubtedly priginals, by the following arasis : Cluude Pit Vinrl , - Rubens Correrto ' Pnrmeziano Hemhrant r ' . .7 . . t: . .. verunia - - runnrnivri cauta urucs Alhono Netecher - Caracci Oominichioo Knphnel Milani ' v Houssta Vniuteraeer ' rlAmborcIo Oitade Tenicrt Zuccarelli Vandervelde Jan btren Hans Holbein Neefo ' VanTuldea Gollzius Wonwermaao Metzn . Ctieaviitllle ' liOiitherburg Titian - DuJardya Wilsou. GtiinstKirough Barker Hilton ' Hichardion Cuyp , Braeghe ' Murilw .... .. Pound c. etc. . kc Admisiioa 60 cents each, or one dollar per month.. Hours from 10 ia tlie moruiai to seven i'i the evening. Catalogues may be b 'd at the uaitery. mux it A LADY well qualified to give lessons on T XI the Piano ronev informs the public, that she will five lessons three times a week, at the moderate price of Ten Dollars per quarter. Application to be made tnx John Head, No. .36 uxirtlanut - etreet, or Alrxander 1 Muir, No. 521 I'earUtrett. mh 24 2w ' TEN DOLLARS REWARD. I i AN A WAV from Lis anorenticeshiD. ED LI WARO YATES, a son of Edward Yates. Livery Stable Keeper, Maidea - Lana. The a - liove boy is a little rising of eighteen years of are. aliout five feet 4 inches hiab. lone visaxe. sharp chin, brown h8ir, and Is a very intelligent dot. I ne arjove re war a win ne paid to any per' son brinzing him to the subscriber, or giving in rorrnaiinn wnvre ne mnj Derating. baihiUI r, uiass cutter, Corner of G road street and Bowerv. Or to WM JACKSON, 76 Chatham - it. N. 0. Stronar iunicioos are entertained that he is lurking aliout his father's premises in Maid - ea - Liane, Any enon iiaroourin' the above a prentice, or any master ot vessel takinz bim oi will be prosecuted with the utmost rigour of the law.' nihutt A'rt7 SjII.Ii - AdOLOURED BOY - llie time Kmitcd hy law a smart, sober and industrious led iimlerst.indi all kinds house - work, and taking car of horses; also working, on a farm or in a garden He is nineteen years of age and of a good disposition. Any iersoo that wants a lad potseMiiie; thine qitallncutions, will get Inloruik - lion at no. uoweiy. MlltDU - fcLIJ Alt. WAKII. U ftYAo1 Jf&Hr.lORk'aiEFObllVKY. rptV . WalkeMt. near Broadway, M V ' ; for the sale of homes, crnna - V gj 1 1 1 haraf'd, both new and e - rtr l cond hand, on comm'tiin.' I Jr fij The proprietor, fiavin; rrm ifmiMaaaaw"1'1 "reral hundred carria - to', ui UihV eul uoacriDlions. store oorninir th above eHahlithnicnt, and the seainn now comin on .wnen iiumners wi l be io waut uf urh art clei, be;s leave to inform manufacturers, and o - tiwtt, thnt a liht ral advance in cash, will be made on suco as are seni to tne nepoutory for sale. iiorsaa lursa e. itmii i.r..rv. Orders for horses and carrin?es of averv da scriptiou, received, and the 'strictest attention paid to all who will favor the proprietor w ith uieir commanus. FOR SALE. A beautiful small hop, l naa'fint rata fi.m',1. horse ( a few handsome light jvaggoas, &c he - e - ASO l a aaO.Ok ww ' (Iffft HlMMt 1H Hi) LEE'S ITCH VlJrrMJVT. WARRA.N TED aa loaUible remedv ai one appiicatioo, may be used with' perfect asfetyoo infants a week old, not rjontaavag a particle of mercury ,er any dangerous ingredient wnatover, and not axcomuaiuad with th.4 oBen ire smell which attend! the application of other remauits. The above medicioes are prepared and sold at Medicine Store, No. 46 .Mauleo - Lane, a sold by 8. CARLE, corner of Faltoo aod VVater - rtroets. - lruBrists and coontrv storo.keenan annaKaA . 1:1 , . r - wrou. Jaa V9 - . - COXCKRT. tJt.wirT, respotftdly acquaints hie M . fiiewU and the public, that I is Benefit Concert, wdl be on .Thursday, April 10th, at the Assembly Room City Hotel, Broadway.. future adfertiscBienu. trJiSr 14t a aw vovuiairBft. m wnu:n w ill tAt aooMi uoal in v; mayor's couar . ivt o itewae'aca anJ cijlyDAJCVAMAll aTAX'i . , . ... tanil Tint f a A w - . i 3 ILi rf Buoday, Tutsday, - - - - : - JiKr o'clock, fM throufth nikL nr. Etoomuif rmrtLlw Aloaucelia, cy While Lake. Colctoat Mouat neasant, ureai BeorltCrteuaiisorwinttUwefa, lUoca, and be bmb tnCaaaadarena. Ketumuig - scares caoatwuifia every Monday, Wednesday spd Friday moramp at three ciocc, ana arrives at Kewuurjj", tnc uiim day in time to tike the Steam - boau which arrive in New - YorK Uie tbuowme; vooming. (XT' ' may be txftclid tiul t all fuotrwiM Ihe item snfi tuer uutr uoyt y rimmng, um vw Htu wili tiler re t to mrrl Hum. The whole route will be DerTometl m three days, from .the first of May, until the first of November aim irom uie ut fn n"i until the AfUenth of December, and from the fifteenth of March until the first of May, io (bar days end from the 15th Ore ember, until tlie fifteenth of March the same line will be continued to the city 'of New - York arulrun from thence to Caoandaiirua bi our days. - Passenger travelling from New - York to Canandaigua, Niagara or Buffalo, can leave N. York in the evenine eiearo - Doau, ana arrive in Canandaigua in three daye a distance of three hundred mih - t. The line is well furnubed Willi good, new carriage t good horses, and careful' and experienced drivers Every atten - tion will be paid to render the passage of the traveller safe, easv and expeditious i and it it believed that the accommodations on Uiialine are equal to any line in tlie state. - ' XT PARE from Newburgh to Canandaigua FOUBTEEN DOLLARS. N. B. A branch of the tame line runs three times a week fioin Ithaca to Auburn. Also, a line runs from Owego Tioga I'ointi thence through Newtown ana Fainted rout, to Bam, fcc. " BAGGAGE, as usual, at the risk of the owners.' David Godfrey, Blooming - burgh, V.. f :. fc! John. Mount FieasouL I L. & K. Manning, Cheuaogo, LProprie - Luther Cere, Ittiica, tors. Samuel Gretnliff, Oeoeva, Oliver l'belpa, Laniing, tb 14 d8m - EDUCATION. MRS. DAWSON lately from the Eastern Continent rerpectfullv informs the public, that she baa opened a School in Cherry - street. no. vo. wnere founc L.naiee win oe careiuur m - stracted br herself and daughters,, in writing. arithmetic, drawinK, history, geography, use of I the alohes, and needle work ia all varieties. Mrs. D. bees leave to observe that her svstem of teaching (lormed from her own expenenre) creatlv facilitates the improvement ofvouth with ease and pleasure to tbesnselves, and saves an in - rredibie portion oi their time, wnen employed in the usual way. 'Great attention will be paid to a!nglish Grammar, Reading and Pronunciation. S.B. Writing and Drawing in a superior man - art hy Miss Daw ton. . mh 1 1 3w atir, raaics and iTAUaai labooauki. MR. CAriAll, formerly president of the AlheoeusofTreviso. and DArnetual secre tary of the Academy of Belles Lettres, at Ve nice, ic. orrers his services as teactier ol tne in. Italian and F reach languages, in academies. hoarding schools, or private lessons. He would have ao objection to tnke, board ia a respectable private family with - pupil, in order to perfect tbum in tlie languages. SaiDcient references will be given. Any commands addressed to him the care oi Messrs. tserard mondon, no. Maideu - Lane) will meet with immediate at tention, mil 3D Hit INDIGESTION, or BOUR STOMACH, S acknowledged by medical writers to be a . couipluintot stubborn kind, and at au times verv difficult of cure. This is suthciently illus - iraieu in tit uisappoinuneni 01 mnse wno umor - tunatelv aufltr uhder it. astlier. for the most nart. find that after having tried many things to little or no purpose, they are at last obliged to ate (for peruana ttie remainner o nit - J euco arucies as can at nest but palliate tne disease. - uadertoco circumstances, anv medicine capable of remo ving ine complaint, muss sureiy oe aa arutn - hik'hiv deservins the attention 01 ail tmse wno are afflicted with it ! such a combination Isto bo met with in OR. MEAD'S ANTI - OYcEl TIC or STOMACH PILLS the success of hich has never vet beca equalled, for the core of dyspepsia in its most complicated form, such as loss ol appetite, oauiea, Deart ourn, naiurrn - cy. knawuig pain in tee tiomacn, pain in 10 e side, great costirentss, paleness in Uie countenance, languor, lowues of spirits, pain ia the head, virtigo or giddiness, ana disturbed ileep. Whoever applies these puis in ineanove unease, according t the directions, will never be disap pointed, as they have never been once known to fail in producing a radical and permanent care. The uis of a single box will convince the roost iinle lievinx of Uieir efiicerr. ' They will most effectually remove all sournets of the stomach, not merely ot neutraiieuirute acid, out oy cor recting that morbid state 01 tne lecreuont wnico gives rise to it, and at the same time will restore to the debilitated oreans of digestion, that tone and vigour which is absolutely necessary to the well twins of the animul economy. Price ooe dollar per box. For sale by v - v iiu a aemsi a . ena - anr w - . A j vim niuiiniuii, ruggiu, - No. 188 Greenwich - street. Where may lie hd, wholesale aad retail. large and central assortment of genuine Drugs 1 . 1 . C f .. . . I and medicines 1 curgeuua iniirumeaia, niuiiw car i'i fiKas Ware Englinh and American Pa. tent Medicines. Also, Dyer's and t'ulk - r's arti cles, niedicius Cheiu, a.c. on liberal terms. mhzS $tn 7a Me L'tieetn of Aesr - 1 ert. F7F.RAH HAVVLEY Pbvsicinn mid Dentist A would iiilorm the inhabitants of New - York, Unit he lias taken an oltire at No. Gil Pearl street, where be will extract, tletm, Is, fit ami I'.t I trth in the most approved manner. He will nisi prevent any irrrgumrity of tlie trenndarj teeth, it appliralion is made to him in season. Ik fiat tors himself, Irom the experience he ha l.aJ in his prott tiion, that be shall be able to give Keneriii saimaction. For character the public are referred to Mr Geo P. shipiniit, merchant. No. 63 Soath - street. and uoctor A. Ives, 10. ztsz rrari - street. - Wkowt it mv fwvrm. . Or This certiiiet, tlmt Dr. Zerah Hawleyit r. regular bred physician, aad in good standing wit:i his brethren in this place t that he has paid particular attrutioo to the art of Dentistry, has siunit - d ine ntit European woras oa tne surject, and has eivea very good sutislactioa ia thia brant h to his ruitnmera, who are peraoos of Uie first respectability in this city. We therefore, with entire confidence, recommend Dr. Hawley to tnt - cuisrnsoi itew - iota, asadenutt. . iaeas .VJunsoa I Eli Ives Natiian Smith I Jonathan Knizht Professors of the Mediral Institution of Yale Col' New - Haven, Jaa. 2,118. lege. ma 9 aw VALUABLE REAL ESTATE FOR SALE, - IN THA lltt OF BBW - TORK. "ITWVE louolgrouod r - othe west side of Greeo - t a. wich - strvet, oetweea vestry and Lieaoroe - srs - streela, 25 by SO. Four do in the rear of the above, fronting oo theeast sideof Wasbingtoa - etreet, 25 by 80. ' Eight do in tbe block below, betweea Washington and West - streets. la Montg emery Cootity. . . 6000 ecres ol Land ia Lawrence's purchase, near East Canada Grtek, oa tbe north side ol trw Mohawk. In Franklin County. 1&.162 acres of Land, ia the towat of Mount Morris aad Dsyton. In Ersex Cooaty. 7932 acres of Land la tlie towanf Barrymore. - , . Ia tlie County of Lewis. 1 JjO acres ul laad io Castoriaad, Chasten it Parchase. - . la Saralcca County. ' 8600 acres in Palur's purchase. Enqtire at the office of the su ascribe r, 34 Co - fjif stroot. BEV. ROE15SON. ihl7tf tha to his of hi J051AH , - Airaui bis fricadiand the Dubncihat bo hat r amoved bis bat wvehooie to 160 Broadway, between Maiden laoo aad Liberty - street, for better oeoatavdaUoo of his reU'd custom - 1 erst' whore bo bos constantly on band, ao extensive seppry, - rom Ms eaaaulactory, of Lad' Beaver Hate, eompritine; evsry fcahuo and description of color, quality, and variety of pat - tern - ths workmawhipexcelletiL kod adapted Oils or any other market. He keeps oa band (which be receives regularly, once a week, Irom factory) a constant supply of the first quality Gentlemen's American Beaver Hats, - tuead nndar kts own inspection, of durable aad excellent materials, fcwhed ia the neatest and most fashionable stylo.' - ' J. W, also has for sale at bw warehouse, a urg and rejularly repleaisbed aswrtment of gentU - aien's huhiormble UXKloo ueavor nais, sei.ia with great core, as to wortmaosnip anu quauiy. Likewise. Aaaericaamaoulacturedhats, of ore - rr deKriptioo and kind, suitable to tins or any t har market. - mch 30 awtl A YOUNG Ll)V. experienced in teaenmp, w.Jie. for l situation as private teacher. or Rovcrneas, in a respectable family. For aa - UsLctory references, apply at No. 124 Broadway, v - i - ' mh 86 3teod "fCT BOSWfcl.lii LKViUiNE (iucceiors to and recommended by William IE Henry Hax all; transact vennue eaa cwnuuMwu "' - i Petersburg, (Virginia. - to .n - rm ajniiMi unon coo - signments committed to their charge. Reference U new - roraw o nssrs. !r ' aad Wa. and Saml. Craig. mh30eod6w . " TO fUE PUBLIC. "77 THE subscribers are ready to contract to fur - Biih almost any quantity of Marble, from w:. LT:..k;.l Tha tnnrhle is st - Viicii .nail, ."ft - "1 - , - milar in colour and lupenor in quality to that of whicii tne iront 01 tne siiy nan mh". - I, ... k. a In ilmMl 111, aiza IIM dimeB - r.. - ... w ri.rl rf hnilnin?. and lllMt iiuvauis iui .' J a r would b delirered in 1hc rough, or prepared for .i. - .joak. oa:ao. All atrHpr ma htt lodgeT at I. tt C. BOLTON'S office. No. 60 Broadway, or at Mr. GIUEON TUCKER'S, no. 4 White - street, or ai uis quarry, wim nil GEORGE W. HALL. mh 12 3lawlai UISSULUTIOH Of CUPHiWHRSUJF (r '1 he co - partnership heretofore existing oetweea cnieo 8. orower ami unnp . "f mas, under the firm of Brower Ic Thomas, is this dav dissolved bv mutual consent. The concerns of the firm will be settled by Caleb. 8. Brower. C. Bi BROWER, , G. F. THOMAS. New - York, March 13th, 1818. N. B. Tha nlumhinar butiness will still be car ried on by the subscriber, at the old established stand No. 342 Wuter - street, where all orders in his line will be attended to with punctuality and dispatch. v . Aa apprentice wanted to the above holiness. mh 16 eod3w PIANO FOItTES. RMEETZ, 10 MaidaVi - lane, haajust ree d per ship Washington, from London, an assortment of piano - rortei, troni tne manufactory of Astor 1 amonir which are verv elceant cabinet pianos, with barn pedals, of superior workmanship, well worthy tlie attention of those who wish to supply themselves witn a good instrument. . Also for sale, iiano - fortes, of Tompkinson's and Broad wood'i make London, and Evrard's Paris, togetlier withtiarps, and an assortment of the newest music. mh 13 dlwjteodSw . run Mitt.. A verv profitable FARM, of 110 acres. tuo thirds under cultivation, the residue wood land, situate oa tlie sea shore, a quarter ol a mile below uie narrows, 00 uie oiuicn uianu sioe aou at hort ride Irom the steam boat ferry landing It eives a very extensive view of the bay and ea v irons of New - York, within the Narrows, and of Saodv Hook and' ine ocsnn r or prospect is equalled by none. The title is unquestionable. Two thirds of the purchais money may remain eecurtt upon the land. Apply to A. V. D. Fountain on the premises, or to v. A. bbtiLY, 143 ureenwicn - street, TO LET. a convenient new 2 story bouse. adjoinine - the above, with a (Tardea and about aa acre of land. For terms apply as above. . mh 3 eodtf bEI.KCT BOARDING SCHOOL. rpHERE are at present five vacancies in tbe 1 Revd. WILLIAM POW ELL'S School, in Philipsburgh, Yonkera, Weit - Cbtster County. Mu iviu m M educauon is sucn as to enaoie bim to qualify young gentlemen pir College or the Counting Ilouse within a reasonable time. iiu school is select, uie nnmurr ot ronm limited, nnd tbe treatment of the most liberal kind. The following branches of useful and polite li terature are lauzbt, vu : Greek. Hiitory, Composition, Writing, Aritltuielic. Liattn. French, ' Kngliih Grammar, orography, Matiietnutiii, &c. It is presumed that lew Instil oliooi of the kind caa offer greater advantages, wheUier they regard instruction in general literature, in moral and rtligious priorities, or in rorn.ct and genUrraan - ly deportment. The l'nonnpe in which tlx Parils are acrommotlatcd, it commodious, retired and pleaiautly situated. Its dittatfte from Now York is about seventeen minis - , tn which there ii alarays a rtircct and easy communica - tioa. Forfurtla - r particulura application ma; ne maue to Biihop Hobart Dr. vYilioo, Columbia Collets C. D. ColdeD,Esq. ' T. A. Emnset, Esq. mn IS T. S. Clarkson, Esq. U M'Evera. Esq. Wm. Bayara, juo. Esq. A. Sehermeriiorn, Esq. DSmSw To Lout for a term of van. fTlWO lots of ground, in Uie vicinity of the JL centre n.u - ket, one fronting on Orange. street, (nearlv opposite the Irish Church) the omeron Hynaers - sureei. Apply to I). S. JOfcES, Esq. 44 Pine - street, or J. T. JON ES, mh 21 2w 16 Nassau - street. TO FARMERS. f 1 1UE subscriber caa furoih the farmers ol X the adjacent couulry with ground Plaster of fans ia any quaauty, on tbe shortest notice, m carrels or otherwise. JOHN BYER3, Feb 23 tf Foot of H irrivw - st. N. R OBa - lUlt i aaaowai WILlIAM HOOKLR, .No. Mt ..ute. - .!. corner of Fultoo streot, New - York, hav - mr roreired a larre sunplv of the real JAPAN BLACKING, of tay it Martia, 97 High Hoi - bom, London, offers ths same, in wholesale or retail, for exportation, or home cansumptioa, on terms the most liberal and advantageous to par - chxrrrs. I - ''... This inestimable cemporilioo, with half the a - oal laNr, produrea a meet bruliant jet Mack, fully equal to the h'ghert japan vanarh 1 afloruV peruliar aourUhmeu to tbe leather i it will hot soil the Guest linea ; . is perfectly free from anv onpieaamn! ssacll and will retain iu virtues ia aay climate. , As on incoateoyertiHe proof cT the enperirr eirellenc of this Mucking, it ha ttood the test and cooirrariirtJ the meet extemlv ante in all quarters of - Je globe, hr upward! of half a'rva - tnry. Feb 18 o POST COACH USE PKII - ApELPilLA . ai wit or riw - ouia t . w - . IMPORTABT TO ASMCBM. Kn nianM - lina arith the Oust chaise line. PARTNERSHIP DISSOLVED, ANU OPPO - ' A NEW I Joe of Post Coaches with every con - rX. ventence lor paesengers and oageage, esse, on E,irina THHOIIfiH IV ONE DAY. The Post Coach will start from the Coach office, old No. I Coorthwd - street, N. York, every morning, (Sundays excepted) at six o'clock, by way of Newark, New - Brunswick, Prince ton, 1 reuton aao Bristol, ana arrive ai imiuun - pliin the same cveoiir'. - Uurud States Mail Coach, with a guard, with every convenience for passengers and baggage, oa spriwrs. Tbolf. 8. mail coach will start from ii. - 1 L - a: u. 1 '4..J .,...4 N. UIQ KUKUWJKV) UJU M WHI ltiuu t - ' " yorsi, eery day at x o'cloct, r. ai. ana amve at Philadelphia next morning at 6 o'clock. Only 6 passengers admitted. For seitts in the above named Lines, apply to TH03. WHITFIELD, at the old established Coach, Stage and Steam Boat office, at the old No. 1 Uouruandi - stteet, tne second ocice imm Broadway, Nevr - York t or to A. T. GOODRICH b CO. No. 124 Broadway, corner of Ce dar - street, New - York. (Ky - AII goods and baggage at the ru ot tee owner. JOSEfH LYOrt, u w. N. B - Expresses sent to any part of the continent, by THOMAS WHITFIELD, mh 28 ' rOaT CilAloE LINE. FOR PHILADELPHIA.: A POS l' CHAISE will leave New - York eve - rv dar (Sunday excepted) at 6 o'clock in themoruin by way of Newark, only six passen gers admitted, and arrive iir Pbiludelphia the tame etcoinz. r are uirousn. ao ' . The new titeam Bout Line Experiment, will leave New - York every day fbonday excepted; atLitll' oast 3 o'clock, in the Steam Boat Atalun - ta. and arrive at Philadelphia the nxt day at 4 o'clock, by the steam coat a. th A Iron uristoi rare inrouan n dollars ou cents. For Seats in tlie above lines, apply at the Post Chaise Stage and Steam Boat Office, 1 18 Broad way, opposite me citv tioiei. (7 - All goods and baggnge at the tuque of uie owaer. JOHN N.CUMMING, Newark. . JOH N GUL1CK & SONS, Princeton. STOCKTON St HOW ELL, Philadelphia. JV. B. Kxprmt $aU Io mnyfrl of th Union, mh2t Vmott LINE. s team - boat Olive - branch, for Phila - 1 dclphia, via Treutoo, 25 Brunswick Si miles by land. are tnrougk t In new pot coaches Do. good stages, 4 60 Do. forecastle or deck paweogers 3 60 The OLIVE - BRANCH will leave New - York every day at 1 1 o'clock, "(Sundays excepted,) from the north tide of tlie Battery, aud to return from Brunswick so as to arrive at 10 the next morning, in this city. . This lino nas a connection with the best bouts oa the Delaware aad Chempeake to Norfolk t as also those of the North River and Sound; and their several arrivals are calculated to cause little, if any delay. This is a speedy' and certainly the most convenient rout, as the passengers sleep at Trenton going and at Brunswick returning, and arrive at a much Use expense sad ia the hours of business at New - York or Philadelphia, without fatigue in travelling; or the want of sleep, as the distance ty land is so small whereas via the Point and Powles Hook it is 5rJ and 86 miles. Fore - car tie panengers, (who diet with Uie peo pie,) to Brunswick, or Amboy, at $ I each. - Light freight aod marketing, free. For seats in tbe above line apply at the Union Lioe Steam Boat Office, ia Marketfield - street, uorth side of the Battery, between Greenwich A! Washington - streets. , New - York. March 27, 1818. mh 27 : fOHTH tilrLR STEAM BOATS. The Chancellor Living ston will leave New - York Fon Saturday, the 28th inst. Sat 5 P. M. There will be a boat leave New York every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at 6 P. M. and Albany on saruc days at 0 A. M. until further notice, mh 85 TUt. oOf A'U STEAM BOAT - LUTE. Tbe proprietors, with a view of accommodating the public, oy extending tne line to Norwich, intend makios tiit: experiment with the Fulton. CapL Law, and this route (if found practicable) will be continued during tbe season. i... 1 11 m . j - . l . . int line win in luiure oe irom new - sora 10 Norwich, as follows : Tbe Connecticut, Capt Banker, will leave New - York every Monday, Wtdnudan and rndey, at 8 o'clock, in the morning, lor ftew - Haven. the t niton, capt. Law. will leave AorvicA at 6 o'clock in Uie morning of the same days, touch at New - London and depart from thence for fftw - Haven at 8 o'clock. The boats will meet at JYnr - fieren, and denart from thence every Monday, n'tdnes - daw and Friday, at 7 o'clock in tlie evening the Connecticut for .Yew - Fork, and tbe Fulton for JVeur - Loiuon and .VeiieKA. " mh 17 STEAM BOAT FOR SALE. . ftJ" For tale, a well finish bed Steam Boat, of small site, with 2 cabins, and cal culated to carry convenient ly auout sixty passengers Her bull is of Uie net timber, aod she is copper bottomed ue to the bends, prepared to be put into a line of running immediately. She draws but thirty - two inches of water, and from tbe adtantarerms con - stroction ot tier machinery, can be worked at ooe half the duily expense of steam - boats ia retjeral. ooe win oe soia a great nargain, u applied lor snorny. taquire at no. wall - street, or mn xutr Isaac u. dgden s. CO. SELECT BOARDING SCHOOL FOR YOYNG LAD1KS. . .wno ttriu;i. - uiiun - m d . v.. W.l.i.,4.V. UUW ill IV. U I U T, II, IHU removed her well koowa EstebUabioatit irons ft ew - 1 ork to Llutabeth Town, New - Jei ey, not a quarter of a mile from Uie public turnpike road - Tbe situation of Uie place poosesets every auvanutc lor a seminary ; and wm eaa. ole her to reduce tbe price of hoard much low er than can he afforded in New - York. The branches taught, are, Orthography, English Urammar, Kraduig, Writing, Arithmetic, Geography, with Uie use of maps and globes, Astro nooiy, History, Blair's Lectures, Composition, Music French. Botanw. Chemiatrv. Drawanc in crayons. Painting in oil, ct. velvet, and ia water - colours, nam sewing, needlework oa musha, Embroidery oa silk aad : worsted, FUlegree, Quadrille, Grotto aod Wax - Work, Gilding and Japanning, with a variety of other fancy works. aan i ira FRENCH LANGUAGE. A YOUNG Mao, a native of Switierland. TX raa be well racooi mended, would under take the learbinc of the French k ncaaee. iaas academy, or would take charge of a gen tinman' family, nod to the K reach raogaage would add that of writing, arithmetic, geacraplry. Arc Irc Hts terms would bo avnderate, ajul would do a 10 bra power to reader blmaeif elai Pleate ad Crevs a hoe for A. at No. 163 Broadway, which wiB be reapeeboUv attended to. . . ti. B. Theadtertiserba 00 objcUoa to go v k " uis vaiieo - iaics, Oh2o2w aW k ft Ina - J ..a 1 r . . - ,1 - . ": .rat A dlKerai pe'fchc kaott bow tois - 'ursL.' i, - i - la - ecu thiwn lud liitler " DOCTOR HOKSF.:, , oftlte cily of LoDdor..aV2 ,. LWCIUialf UT - Ilsf l:kl'liltu r - I 'sod surrerv tlajre. . . y to repeat om onsrntiofc. L ' the - aburo of MfUtCl'RY rash, indiscriminate, and unie!; M urn Ihareof, fca, bvru pr'" ' m the of tafimte y.T tnce. The disease we Lave ia vie - ui rerulu chiefly tothistource owes it. ft. that a young omn, the hope of his coaX Uie datlii;8 of rue parents, should bo saTd way irow all the prospects aad .nio.l lr1"?. - "iiaiawt. by the const: aud by a disease not in iu ammi which only proves so from neglect orinmW," treatment." A geollemar. (late vfuF timf.) ijow Perfectly hearty and wtllbad bL u.ider physicians of genetal practice, siTt? and repeatedly saiaaud; wliaa rcoimend Dr. II. (by a gentleman of thi, city) tX ' were carious, aad his nesb dronplce from iiJ? bis frieadt d:lared be could sS ptwibiTou!? ' two months longer. Thousands experi!Bt,'i!I know with what ease aad safety Dr. II .VT, Cites the severest cases, aad confirms the'corlrtt! tutidi. The Doctor's flan (advertiri) ccssary to guard the pulihc against thelouaSl mercury, and other fatal delusions, held fatS ' Persons, therefore, having contracted a? rate elworder, or suspecting latent pouoi. L adioowstedaot to temper with their coaifit? Uoo, or conceal the disorder, till pastrecm ry t olhershaving the remain of an old leJ or oUier impurities of the Wood, m well as oh er complaints of a delicate aature, utthi sex. should remember posterity, and do hit!? to Uieir ctmsciences, by making appitsw to Dr. H. at his old and resectable eshii lisbment, No. 64 Water - etreet, four housai of Old - elip, to ohlaia that prompt asMstinr, . lone calculated to prevent diecloistre. And ZZ. let me claim your serious - attenUorRerrrah, a tuperficial cure U 00 cure at all ; mUes, tne bZ siness is 'radically done, you will certainty have the disorder break out again with redoubled ma lirnity. at eprne iuture period I perhaps tbea win be too late for remedy. Don't job often meet i. the slreeU miserable, mutilated beings, witLmi even a bit of low on their face .' Take warme I beseech you. Dr. H's. character for skill and stabbora integrity being universally known in this city, since 1U04, guarantee to patienU that delicacy aad secrecy hitherto unknown, aad havine; confined bis practice fcryears past, exclaiively to tlie cure of diseases - of the blood syttem, they luay safely calculate on the tuot decided advantaert iacoa. suiting Dr. H. 8 Gleets eradicated in two or three weeks. Strictures removed without boucimi er instrument 5 and all debilities i likewise all old ulcerations, fistula's &r. , . A plurality of oflicei are pronded, and so site - atcd that patients era not exposed toeach othsr's observation. Open till half past 9 in the eveaiae. - AH persons concerned are invited to be free ia calling, and speaking wiUi Dr.H. which is tree of cost. ' And here the Doctor cannot avoid the expression of gratitude for innumerable recommendations, and foi - the decided preference (it is presumed with just cause) long given hiu by a judicious puhlic. - N. U. All letters urust be post paid, Dr. Buchanan. " - . v - Aug 27 lv - . . r ' JVAi TJlhi WALK HUH A OH l.HtOSl - T7ttY. DR. EVANS snperior method of curing ace. tauvDisease, isaow univer. sally acknowledged in that city ; his mode oftreatmeat u periecuy uulU, sale, e ipeditious. aod bis chargia icuuuaina, iu every u. - stance be warrants a curs, and wilt return themvifka !doea cot perform agreeable to contract. . a. n.e ainctest secrecy always ohserveiL - ' 1 liere are many persons ia this city and its ri runty, laboring under various chroaic diaeaaaa, such aa cancers, old inveterate alcers, scnuls or kings evil, fistulas, diseases of tha urethra, bladder and kidsies, old coapUcotad COBipitiai, of a certain aature, bilious aad other obetrac. Uons, rheumatism, Ac which tney consider iaca. rable they can eertainly be cured fin general) by applying at Dr. EVANS'S Medical Store, No, 0. Peck - ihp, having practised .in extabsiis hospitals in Europe 12 years, under some of ths first Surgeons aod Physicians in the world, aos made those Obstinate diseases his constant stud; . for 30 yeay. . Oct 12 i fTT The subscriber having recently returned from England with an important improvement oa the artificial spring LEG, he takes this method of informing lai friends and the public, that all' those who are so" unfortunate as to be in want of leg, or arm, they can be accommodated by ap plying at No. 77 Barclay - street, New - York. - Jan 22 WM. FURVIS. 0y - WHEATQN k PA Vt5; Fancy Chair Masufac turers, No. 153 Fultod - street, opposite SL Pauls Church offer for sale, Vboletale aad retail, a large and elegant assortment of - Ctrrid Msple, plaia painted and oraaaveDt - ed in gold fchrosrsa, bars boo, Plain and Gilt Balls, Rocking, Sewing, and Conversation Chairs. Sofas, belt ee, Luungees, Music Stools, Ate. , urders irons any nart ot tbe conuneni eievaiw with neatness and dispatch. ' ' ; . Old Chairs repaired, painted and oroaonrra. mh r s NEW DhESSINO room. ; t - AFRUMENTO, No, I Wall - street, juw - . turned from Italy, has tbe honour to plora tha gontlemen, that be cute and dresses the latest style, aad ia a munor ao as to aeoP it to the plilMoeooaiy. He baa for aaje aaaaou ty ot KAUU 01 the urst quamjv si not phrase 00 trial, Uie purchasers aie at hbtrr to return there; and receive tbe mosey ue likewise procured every one none, aiw , to restore raxors to a very keen edge dom" thty not eat be will receive no reconpeoce Those real (eaten who may please to i witn their patronage, way uepenu particalnr aad respectful atteodance. - . v. ueotitrnte wnosuoscnov cj ht ter will bare their raxors, Ac. kept exduoverj for themselves. J t" - - nTv P. S: A good jonrotymaa waated. apij as above. - J tOH SAI.E, L. - 'mJvj. THE CIRCULATING UBRARY, 13f too - street, near broad way, cooaivtirt ea tensive aad choice, collection of b40" vete, yoyages, biograpby. romances, tales, prays, reviews, niu?arias, c. Catafogoesroay beexanuood at tte BpcarJ' which is opea foe aabseribora, as aruai. ( ruiieti , - 4 i - - - r 1 t BUTTED AND fVBLISUtD '' MICHAEL BURNHJIM A Ni. 42 Pia - eTPrv. al BaVr - -

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