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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Wednesday, April 1, 1818
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3. - V - - a - !.IJ - l!JCfjl ' nouzx cf REi ft.; . , Tb Iwcm ia CWMWttM - r lb vlwU, M tlM pMil roropriatioa' bill the daw kppropri fti!a( 3?,Cv9 dotlan far eooiiwtMtiaa to th cmb WMKiiir - seat toSoath Asaarie by the iw rive, in Decbr UsL maAcr cotuiAer tioo. . Mr - Clay wished to kaw if thisaprwprwJioa u to derrsv the hmmm of th coaaaisssoo lately Mm to Boats) Asaericas if to, b would skef tb chain of tb coamiUM of vayf and means and the ceeamiltee o tjreiga relations, whether those oaaWoaM were furnished with credentials, and if their sppMntment bad bee cenflrakod by the sens 1st alio, to what ports of Boalh America tbay win seat, and the probaU daiatioa of om coosMatoa i ana aw, U k would aot bo looking Uo aach into It objects, be Would be 1ad to know what those object wer. ' . , Mr. iwsviu said that, aJlboogh h bad aot all tbt kaibraaatioa required by tbo spkr, rt ho waa f iinirl of southing aa tho ubject , asotvfhaa aewspeper btolligenca. it anst bo recollected that tha objocto of tho coamllte of war aod awaiM wan cocfloed merely to tbo a asocial iapartaaant tby bodhowoaromo ln - . srwaiieaeathi rebject, received is rply to ", aoa oaquMao that tho eoniaittao had, in tho - ooHbraMusca f their dnUee, addroHod to tho - dspartessut of State, which would aajwer tha i opoakarHooqairy m to tha credentials and tho yrafrablo duration of tho commission. Thaothar pints did aot com withia tbo object belonging .temcoaaltteof wapaadauan. . ;,.I"r. Ls7ss tbaa haadtd th document containing la aiiermatioa asked for, which werf ynolished as thioi pa pat last 8atorday. r. Aftor '.they had boaa road Mr. Clay rota, not, ha said, to aak any objoctioo to tbo threo ro - . , apectabla - ciliten far whoaa thia appropriation waa Intended that waa not fail object i but to oter hk pYotest to thie kaod of appropriation by ' eongrep. As to th object of tbo commission, ho tbeoght ft of Tory little ate far tho espeodi - tare of public asoosy ha referred to the views avowed, aad tha direction to touch at Buenos 'Arras, to. and aid, if tho object of tha coca iojina was to acquire toformstion of ths actual otato of aSkirt hi tho sonthara provinces, it was the most unfortunate mode that could have beao adopted far that purpose.'' 'What, atked Mr. C was this aod t .Thro distinguished citizens are setecteu, their appoiataiant aod iatonttoos are annovaood by the aawtpapert, nxmlhi bsibre weir aspanur, um aaciarad Dy we pretiaaot hJauell aad mads known to the whole world, .aad they depart with all tlx paraphernalia of! fuoue amuteni tofcratatioo or their ooject ' precedes thou waeroror theyro. As soon a . they arrive at a floalh AaMricao port thy are aanooaoaa dt au the sactwas ia ma countrr .loyalist, if there war aor. a well as republi - caas. waastrir to prajudic them la nrorof thair raspactira iaUrtsts, to miilead their Juds; taeBt and praraot lb rotting correct informs - lioa of th real coadiUoa of things. Mr. C. described (Jbs eatant of th faitarior proriocs of Baao Ayr, to shew that the tin allowad to th poMasiosMfi (if tby were acquainUd wilb th laafaaya, soaaotri aod habits of th country) ' was iaadequat to enable thorn to auk any materia additioa to our stock of iuibraulioa but, erea if they could, war they to ran; th wool osatiaaat. and risit eraa the araues, whether tacceasfal or aot, of the different parties, still, their object beinf known, thy would every wber be liable to the sa deceptioa aod impo - sitioa, ' Correct kdbraatkm thy would not ob - tsta. Th proper caarte to hare adopted, Mr C. said, was to dispatch an individual unknown to all parties ( soa intelligent, keen, silent and arriaf man, of pluuinr addroH and taitnu - atiaraaBnan. who, concealinsr th oWect of bu rait, would so and hear arary thinr, and report uauuuuuy. , . " . , Bat it wm not to th obicct of the aPDroDrla - tieo, badly u the aitsioa ba bo dartsad, that Mr. C. fo to object it was lb constitutional Mint It involved that auul it obnoxious and M rud Ut claus of th coaitUutioa which quires th coawut andooacarrenc of the senate toaUappointiaaaUnot p ideally provided for br law. to shew that the comiszioners tbaa Id bar bean noainatod to that body i tnklns; it for rranUd, that they hiu) not beensubaitUd to th senate. Th president had hot only mad th appointment without th authority of th coo stitntioa, or f any law recorotcinc thm. bat ia darojition from a positive act of eou - r. There was an act of Conrms fixlnr th trrud of the only Minister w sent abroad, and it provided lor two casrs only, mat or V muter Pknipo. tentiary and that of Charge drs Aflaire. To the first it usirned a salary of 9000 dollar, to the last a salary of 4500 dollars. Her were commissioners, then, sent' with a salary fixed by the sole authority of th President, and not conformable to that prescribed by law in cither of the two grades. He might assign 6000 dollars, what waa there to prevent hi allowance of 50,000 dollars f It mietit be said in that case this ilous wuld afford a remedy i bat rentleroen would pero iv how difficult it would be, to withhold from an agent an appropriation, whioh had been promised by the exe cutive;. Thar was a contingent fund of 60,000 dollar allowed to the President by law, wbick be wu authorized to expend with out rendering to Congress sny account of it - it was connnad to his discretion, and, if the compensation of the commissioners had been made from that fund, Mr.C. said, it would not bar been a proper subject for enquiry but, uader present circumstances, in opposition to th constitution, be could not be going to far, ia rivinr at least hi protest to this appropria tion. It waa Dot ais intention to make any mo - . . . a a non on in auoiect, ana n maa none. Mr. Tony lb said, th caostitutioa vests tha axecativ with the power to aak ppolntarat ia th rca of th aaoata. Whether the vara aaoh a reqsired the een&rsaatioa of ths esaata, had ba or woold be submitted for that Karpos, to that body, ha did aot know, aor was accessary to eooalre. fie presumed what aoght to be done would be don, aad h wu disposed to leave th subject to th executive and to the senate, to whoa it snors properly belonged. If th idea of th iakr was correct, and these ware oflkert requiring s nomination to, and th approbation of, th sedate, yet, as they were appoinlsd ia th recess, sto coo tit atioasl wrong naa oea oooe m taair appoints eat. Bat tbo speaker had bjectd to this coaeusaio becaose h was useless, if it wu inrmalun thv want to. Wsa Itaot proper aad aaosasary, Mr. F. asked, for th govanaaieat to have informatioa of tb Stat of th Boath - Amertcaa provinces of tbir actual political coaditioo, thair prospecU of sue cess, fcc. If as, this toihraMtiea coald beob - toMdaaly la twe ways - by theaawapara, or by areata seat tt forth purpose. Th. varfle HH r1ftt ta wipap,. oald aotb rahWoa, and the pradwt had !hLP?P",U! - .cvat, ,oob. if. .k"! - ir4. It was probable aanvatesaaa ssight have obtaiosd forasaUa better, bat thr wu another pat to be croMdarwl : the iportace of this raforma - boa to the govsressant wu such, that it would b aeeawary that this iodiridual should be an Aaencaa, aad thekiad of infontLna t qairad might have subjected him to the (ate of V, "s a um Bpaaub provinces! he Bight hav beea thrown lata a dnamn. TV. eppoaite party aiijht adopt this oaorso to prevent his ooaaanicatier th inbraatWrn be should have aconirsd. ThiiKirth. A - . , : .... , - . nwmmm oeseas had beea thrown into daiigeens - u Whatever aspect this subject wu viewed, Mr. T. iproprity in TDtiag this ipproprV . t . a ft. tek't it eat of th secret srvice ?. - i Jry r ould hav bee made a TLaL. . .n rK. .v uticcsof the auooa, aight ur. o s.?r'z: . 4 . thm to eoooiry Iicm tw. out, for what it wu wanted. Borabw aad sasr. n vw " T'.rX - 2 i - ik. i&mun eaatiageai load, aoditwoaldaa baMacoadosir ana a waaia ! - ' t 0s. ripri.ti - H fhaic - gruj the obiect taWSttCB nwmwwm .yr - tb boiM bar ba wUUog to veto a aauoa w ZZZt urvie. Itad. what - ight har. beea eaklerd th apoaeai umvu - at tb world t This ebjectioa ito saca aa p - proDrtetiea. be baUevea, wobm aave oumm :. .nt , iwt Mwr much batter for th ex - .n toansceadlA tb present pee and frank Mr. F. took occasion, w repiy w sUtuion of Mr. Clay, to say, that It was tru a AA nod fault with the eieculirs suits uoft - eau the honorable speaker bad Utterly doaa, bat still he wu not th defender of all executive uuhnl Tha ooamilte would do bia the jostle to recollect that b aoaetiaes diffsrad from tb executive, ana never laiieu locewure what ha believed eaaiurable. ' Mr. Clay said, in reply, that Mr. Forsyth had not controverted tha objection, aad these P - poiotmeats had aot beta submitted to th at I bt these agent were to bej provided for, either ia the quality or minuter or cnarges w affaire , and eoosidered to cither capacity, the Hmim rtlUri nn In mka a larcer anoropn - ation, than wu authorised by law, for officers of that character. As to a private sreoi oewi; noble to tha fata mentioned bv Mr. r orsyth, what, he uked, were th immuoilie of the present thos of s private man. It had even beea decided, in the affair of the Russian cooiol at Pbila - delphia, that consul generals were ant entitled to in immaiues oi niaiswr.. wmu President have elven Hie same commission to one man, sent privately to obtain information, oa in thnta tliroa rnnimitsiotverS. and With UM same effect and validity A to the object of the eommiasinn. Mr. C. 'mn uked, bOW thuegrntieroen were to acquire this informa tion respecting the inaepenuence oi uir American provinces 1 The fact of (heir jnde - nendenee wu rot to be established by a dedi - mus notestatem sent out to take depositions. That the Independence of some of these state wu matter of hietorv. wss too notorious to re - quir the evidencenf" those eommiuionersi and Mr.C referred to the condition of some of the Sou th American states, on which the knowledge wu complete, and contended, that they had been sent to parts, with regsrd to which fVeneiuela and Buenos A Tree for example) our information wu most perfect, and were not to visit all those psrts (Mexico and New Grenada) from which we most want it. Mr. C again adverted to the manner in which the eommiMiorere bad been appointed, which be - ins - done not accordinor to law. wu the more improper, u they had not sailed till after the meeting of Congress, when it would have been scarcely any detention to have wailed thecon - currence of tli Senate, which wu in session when they departed. Mr. Hopkmson rose, not to make anr cn - uiry or objection, but merely to express his dissent to this appropriation, because these commissioners had not been submitted to the Senate according to law. We had better, he uid, take care of our own constitution, than be sending agent to look after the constitutions of other government and it wu certainly not proper to send off minuter of this kind, on the eve of the meeting of the Senate, with out laying their appointment before that body, whose concurrence the constitution required On the sutrs - estioon of Mr. Lowndes, this an propriation was pused by, for the present, uiui an uic wciui uiuc, ui nuuiiiunai iDiorranuun which bad beea asked for by the Speaker, might oe ooiainea iron in aepartaieni or state JfEW - rOhK EVEffiyo POST. WEDNESDAY, APRIL I. LETTER HI. 7b Richard Riktr, Eiq. Rettricr oAe riy of SIR loth diichargs of th duty which low to this community, as sditor of a public print, I son time tines addressed two letter to you ra - apeoting your judicial conduct in admitting a thief to bail, who wu taken and brought before you under circomttances U)at rendered him not bailable by law. In that case the felon fled the Uni ted States, and, according to report, destroyed himself ; his recognizance wu escheated, but the sureties yon took were so utterly IniulEcient that no attempt wu mad to compel payment by a legal process, or wu abandoned u hope - lass and thus Jwtire was arretted in its course by the assistance of the very man whose special duty it wu to take care that the laws shoold be faithfully sxscuted. This abut of your judicial power wu so clearly mad to appear, and the pernicious consequences to the community, pointed out, that you found it prudent to submit in silence to the exposure, nor had you a friend in (he city who ventured to alter a syllable in your defence. Being given to understand that you saw and acknowledged your error, aod ex pressed a determinstinn to b mora circumspect ia future, it was not thought oecesrary to follow up that letter by any thing further at that tins But, sir, your conduct, u recorder of this city, hat long been such ai to convince every man of reflection tbat you are utterly unfit aod incom petent to exercise the duties of that office, and I cannot, without (he deepest self - reproach, ab stain from arraigning you one mora at th bar of an injured and insulted public. Let those who till aflbrd jeu their countenance and support, continue to do so, if they dare J but I shall take car tbat they shall have no room to pretend that tbry were not acquainted with your mal practices in ofc. f nch a series of misconduct, in the perform - aaceof your official duties, both atyourchaa ben and u presiding jndg on the Wnch, hai com to my knowledge, that I am somewhat perplexed, I confess, where to begin, or what to select : Th task I have iidertakea is difficult, bat I bop not imprarlicabl. , . . I shall aot deal ia vagu and general charges, but if yoo will d a the honor to accompany a, I will particularix in plain language, a lew cases, oat of the numerous one, that hare oc - carred, upon which I rely to aak good my charge. First thsa u a judge presiding in oped coart. n action for slander, EdsaO vs. Dsvin, wu tried befor you aot long sia, a th aay - or's court, la which yoa, very, early a tb cats, manifested a strong bias, as ia usaal with yoo, in favor of one of the parties, aad perhaps It waa sa honest bias, although I do not vary well comprehend how a judge, in Use trial of a causa, caa 1 be permitted to shew any bias whatever : Ta aUon. Itwutnuth rxaaideat p Mm pt i - 'r'y rSld ec, was that ( words, ad; luiug iiiem l havhea spoke, a: alleged, wer f tbemisl es, aot V liooable ln law j and te shew .tLa'it lud been o adjudged, both k Epglaadaad by o asm saprssa coart, Johnson's Report wer adduced, aad cases in point wer cited. Tb law was so dearly laid down, ia behalf ef tb tV&odant exception,' that no room wu left for construction or evasion, yoa, therefore, determined aot to b foiled, boldly declared that the decisioa wu aot sound law, and told th Jury they wer not bound by it 'And m vmir eliarre. von labored to the utmost of 4 www . your abilities to induce them to believe that your opinion ought to b taken as their guide, rather than that of the supreme court. Nay, with th saa view, you stated to them sevsral cases in th r ports of th court of errors, to shew that tbat court had reversed some of the decision of the supreme court ; or, ia your own words, to shew tbat th " saprem court were not inalii - bis." Nor wu this without effect the jury thus misled, returned a verdict for the plaintiff, directly in the face of stablished law. To say nothing of th senseless conceit and arroganc ibis discovered, or of the Indecency of an attempt in a judge of a lower court to disparage the solemn decisions of bis superior!, ia order to establish a belief in Disown infallibility at their ax pence, what, let me uk, must b tb consequences of such an outrageous attack aponthe principles of social order and subordination, so vitally essential to the well being of the community? . I now come to the practice yon have adopted at your chambers ; indeed, both at yonr chambers and on the bench, of granting orders of court, ahaost without restriction or limitation, and with - oat troubling yourself to consider any thing but the foes of office. ta conformity with this prac tice, among other things, equally absurd and improper, you have granted an order commanding plaintiffs to stay proceedings in the supreme court itself,:forbidding them to proceed to trial - orders, which you knew were nugato ry, and coald not be obeyed, and had you not lost all sense of propriety, must have known were highly indecorous as well as highly irregu lar. Another instance in ' which yoa issued an order, at which common sense revolts, wu for the clerk of the supreme court to alter a record filed in his office, so u make it tally with the plaiutiff'a declaration, in a cans in th mayor's court befor yourself. But th clerk had tb good sense to refuse a compliance, aad to treat the order with contempt. Ia both cases, you took car of the one thing essential, and pocket ed the fees. Popului me sibilat, at mihi plaudo, Ipse domi, simul ac nummo contemplor in area, This granting orders of course to all ppli cants in all cases, without any discrimination, has becom so habitual, that it is exercised by yoa in all situation and on vry occasion, not only at your chambers, to which the practice ought, generally speaking, to be confined, but on the bench during the trial of causes ; which, however important, ara suffered to proceed, and evidence to be taken, or counsel deliver an argn meat, while the whole attention of th judge, who is to decide upon the testimony, aod afterward to sum up the facts to the jury, b engaged busily ia taking tee and making change, th gingling of which is heard u a sort of accompa niment to the trial. In this letter, you stand charged with having rendered our courts of justice odious, suspected and contemptible in the eyes of tha people ; it will be the business of another letter to make appear that your administration of th law bu been neither pare nor impartial. Creensrsca netnortaf. Ons of the Albany pa pers having asserted that the legislature had re jected the memorial of A. Hammond and others, inhabitants of Greenwich, we this evening, at the request of the committee, publish the report en tire : by which it appears that the legislature approve the plan submitted by Mr. Hammond, and recommend to th corporation to abandon (he present plan. Mr. Sharps, from the committee, consisting of uie mcniDcr aiiauuiog mis nouse irons ins city and county of New - York, to whom wu relerred the petition of Ueorge B. Rogers, B si uey, du otners, REPORTED, That the committee have heard the alien tions and proofs of the petitioners, and have given the same their serious consideration. - The matter complained of, (which is the regulation of the streets in me village oi ureenwich, and its vicin ity,) is of such a nature that it is difficult to un derstand it correctly without a careful exatni nation of the ground, and the assistance ofsxpe - nsnceu surveyors, r rom - ine iniormation, however, In the posseation of tha committee, they rest under an impression, tbat the regulation complained of will subject the owners of the property ia that vicinity to great and nnnecewary expenc. . Justice, however, to the commoo council of the city, requires, that tha committee should state that the regulation of those street was determined upon at tb importunity of the owners of the property in their neighborhood, that th subject has been long under consideration, that they employed experienced surveyors to devise a plan, and that the one finally deter - rained oa wu the result of mature deliberation ; that upon th application of tb petitioners, it wu reconsidered, but u they proposed no other pian, no auerattoa was made in it : as, however, the petitioners have now, by the aid of an experienced surveyor, projected a plan which, ia (he opinion of the committee, is preferable to the an adopted by the common council, they eatertaia no doubt but that upon suitable representation being made to th common council, they will readily reconsider the eubject, and make such alterations in the plan which they hav adopted, u a doe regard to the interest of the petitioners, the particular situation of the proocrtv to be re gulated, and tb permanent welfare of the city may require, aad the committee are confidert if the common council shall think proper to alter or abandon their present plaa, that they will take into cooasdaratioa the situation of soma of the ia - babitaats of Greenwich, whose all is represented to be involved by the regulation complained of. The ooeamittee. therefor, racamaend tha adan. tioa of the following resolution, vis : Resolved, Tbat th petitioners have leave to withdraw their petition. . Oa amotion of Mr. Oakley, the papers' were laid oa the table for further anikleralioa. It gives a pleasure t me,. that rranchS coaeart, last ereetieg, wu bath aaa. rously aad fashion Wy attended, aaor aa tbaa aay coacart ia thia city for amy year. Tb freVdstinaaiaMptt t' her, 2r(Wd wotquivocal iv'Jenc it th de - li;Ut her parfor sows aflorOed, alttuugh Conv uig so spoa After thos of Mr FhiUppt, and while bi delightful cndnxa. wer jet. vibrating . on oar ears, Weodentand she Intends one mora, befor she leaves towa,to appeal to tha liberality f tb peblic, which do notice will be given. We wiih her all the success her efforts merit i .,...,'1 - ' l''. ' Mr. Simpson's btntJU, we ar glad to bear, promisM tobeabcmperfulltolhe brim and overflowing. Be it ever so' rich, he deserves it alL There ar at present aa their way to England, or in tb course of shipping for English ports, ,ixty thoutand sWreif 'Jlwir from Prt Philadelphia. It is mentioned in a Kentucky paper, that the Bank of St. Louis au stopped payment. Frm Ms JfatiAial Inldligtnttr M arch 30. it rfkt MthiiJi has occuDied the bouse of representatives for the greater part of last week, was brought to a close on Saturday, and resulted in a vote of oa hundred and til teen to forty - nv against the proposition oi oir. viay so mane an appropriation tor sending a Minister to the United provinces of La Plata. , The discussion was able and quite as interest ing as any we have beard in that house. It covered a wide field, which was very fully, freely aod boldk traversed. The decisioa which has taken place, is, that it is not thought proper now to make an appropriation for an outfit and a year's salary for a minister to Buenos Ayres. The reason of that decisioa, in all their modifications, we will not rob nur renders of tha satisfaction of learainr from the debate which will be placed before them. We will only say, generally, that the resolution was advocated u a measure which would enlarge the power of the executive, and relieve tb mind of the president from all doubt of the disposition of Congress to sustain him in recognising the independence of La Plata, whenever he should deem ll expeuieoi so uo so, wnicn ne wouiu wiuiu j uo as was inferred from his having sent commissioners to that country, whose favorable report might be daily expected. The proposition was opposed, as premature and unnecessary, unless intended to be obligatory ; and, if intended to be obligatory, ft incompatible with the spirit of ine constitution, wnicn no reposcu wnu uie executive the duty of conducting our intercourse with foreign powers. This is a brief statement of the argument on the proposition, which however occupied but a small portion of the debate ; in the course i.f which the conduct oi uie government oi ine united States in relation to that contest, and our relations with all the uatlons of Europe, with Spain particularly, as bearing on tha question, were re viewed, ll wu anirmea on ine ene nunii, inai tlie proposed meuure, without benefiting either the Republic of La Plata of this nation, might involve the peace of the United States, which is . . i . i . i - 1 1 l. a i. , 1 eswniiai pone v. un uw uuicr umuu, u u denied that the recognition formed a grouad of otlehce to any nation : but, it wu at the same time contended, tbat if the mtasnre would afford countenance to the Patriots, and benefit our com mercial interests tn any degree, it ought not to oe avoiuea irons uie appreueuiion, oi exciting the hostility of any foreign nation. On this branch of the discussion, the Law of Nations was investigated, and the examples of History were adduced an illustration of the arguments on both sides of the question. Interestinr as the reader will conceive these views of the question to have been, we will frankly confess tbat there wu another feature of this debate, to as not leu so. It may not hav es caped the attention or the reader, that no gentle maa of the Federal Party participated in the Ue bate they stood alool irom the controversy not we presume, because as citizens and legislators they did not feel a deep interest in what so near - lv concerned the nuhlic welfare, bat because they resranled the Question u on on wnicn in no - publican party was seriously divided, sad on which they wer willing to leave the floor tree for tbem to comnat eacn otner. it cannot, ii it ought to be, concealed, thai the Republican party in tb House, besides distracting th public councils, might hav diffused itself among the people, who have little expected, and are aot prepared for it. It may be inferred, therefore, that there wu occasionally rather too much point in the debate, rt tmi te.miaatea, nowever without an open rapture s and the sentiment with which Mr. orsyth concluded his remarks on Saturday, we hope, will prevail in every b re ait " Where the difference between us," said be, " is so small u on the question before us, however anxious we may feel for tb success of our particular views, I hope that anxiety will cease when the question is decided. Whether the motion be a dopted or rejected, let us recollect nothing but the ability aad the eacemess which bu beea displayed in the contest, and feel nothing either or uie oitieruess oi ocieat or oi to joy oi in umoh." W do aot know whether we have succeeded in convevina to our readers an impression that the debate wu an important aod interesting one ; but we certainly leit it be Dotn ue one and the otner. From titt Albm Daily Adverlittr, March 31. The senate yesterday rejected the application for a branch of the Orange county bank to be established at the village of Bingnampton, (the nanro Point,) 14 to IS. The bouse of assembly, after transacting some very important Dusmess, ol which we shall make due mention to - morrow, went into committee of I the whole on the bill introduced by Mr. Colden, near the commencement of the session, for the improvement of the finance of the etate. Mr. Colden, we understand, entered at lanfe into an explanation of his views upon the subject but we have no information which enables as to give particulars. LEG IS LA TV HE OF tfKW - YORK. HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY, March 87. Mr. Sharpe, from the committee to whoa wu relerred the petition of the mayor, fcc. of the city of New - York, concerning tha closing of certain streets and roads, brought in a bill granting ths prayer of the petition, which wu read twice and committed. On motion of Mr. Colden. the committee of ways and mean were discharged from the furvi iner conuoerauoo oi toe memorial ot the bank of New York, and the same wu committed to the committee of th whole when on tSe bill Dro - viding for the redemption of the funded debt of this state. Mr. Crolius, from th committee &c. brought in a om comma - an act in incorporate lb be nevolent Society of Mew - York ;" Read twice aad comaniteo. Mr. Piereoa gave notice that be would on some future day uk leave to bring in a bill entitled " an act concerning the retailing of spirituous liquors in the city of New - York." Mr. Root offered the following resolutions for ins considers two ol the boms, which were severally read and laid on the table. Resolved, Tbat the constitution of this state ought to b so amended u to abolish tb council of appointment aad to provide for th appoint - men t of officers ol government, by and with th adric of tb senate. Resolved, Tbat th council of revision ought to be abolished and th present aaalified veto rested wholly in tb governor. , Resolved, That th qualifications of electors of governor, lieut governor, Moat on and mem - bar of assembly ought to be extended to all free mal citisans above tha age of XI years, and who aay hav reaided bi aay on county for on year, and actually be aasised aad paid taxes. Resolved, That a committee be appointed to prepare ana onng a oui lor callag a coavea - tiea far tb foregoing objects, aad The boose adjourned. SAG - HARBOR, March S3. Dalmttng ssW. Oa Sunday last tha cii - saef tbieplae were visited bv . s. wiittas1 gal of w'md Croa tb ncrth eaX. Th new hoot Mongiuf to Kr.ltowe Crwwell, was blown from Us feoadalio ana enurwy oewuycu. Mr. Crowell I on of the principal offer by tha fir of tost summer. , ' . TK. rJ th. at stoT IjdoncittS to. C. Bl.hrht it Co. wu blown a number ol teat rem iUfoundatioo. . - Shipurtck.TU brig gen. Marlon, Jenkins, 33 days front Cap da Verd Islands wilb a car - roof bides, ivory, copper, and about $18,000 specie, owned by messrs. Themu Jenkins & co, of Hudson, and consigned to F. Jenkins A Son, of this city, svu driven ashore at a o - cioca on Sunday erenine. oo Iiemstead Beach, (L.l.) and it totally tost, with most of the cargo. Af. A dr. The City - Inspector reports the death of 60 per sons l.ora the zist to tneztnn aay oi marco, 1818. Abscess 1. burned 1. cunaltr 1. catarrh 1, colic 1, consumption 8, convulsions 6, dropsy 2, dropsy in the chest 1, dropsy in tha head I, fever typhus U, haemoptysis 1, hives or croup 4, inflammation of the chest 3. insanity 1. intem perance 1, menorrliagi 1, nervous disease 1, old age 1, palsey 1, penpneumony 2, pneumonia typbodes z, quinsy , small pox z, still born 5, suicide 2, tabes meseoteiica 3, teething 1, unknown 1, whoorHnfrcougb 2, worm 1. HlORtiE CUMINU, City - Inspector - MARRIED, Last eveninr, by the Rev. Dr. Knypers, Mr. James Quackenbudi, jun. to Mia Effey Form an, both of this city. In Canton, Mass. Col. Cetbeul Drake, to the amiable Miss Harriot Crane, daughter of major general Crane. not oiras oi one peculiar learner, In this new age shall wed together t The stately Caaac and beauteous DftaKC, Each its own tribe seem to forsake K mutual love incline the breast, They'll feather well the Nuptial West. died; On Monday evenins last. Mrs. Frances Bruce, widow of Doctor Archibald Bruce, deceased, aged 39 years. Her relations and friends, and those of her late husband, are respectfully requested to attend herfuueral, this aftemoou, at 4 o'clock, from the residence of her mother, Mrs. White, No. II Broadway. On Monday veiug, CbarTes Vanderpool, 19 years oi age. tVEM.VQ POST MARINE LIST. CLEARED, Brig Britannia, Watson, Bristol u ueinune ei uo Liverpool J Jones A Sons Financier, Davis Nancy, Packard, Recover, Owen, Robert, Gooch, Falmouth and a market Jno. W Russell Liverpool J Osbom. Liverpool JOsborn. Schr Leonidu. Turner, Baltimore New - Orleans, Smith, Charleston Vandewater, Wheeler ft Co. Leonidu, Seybert, Philadelphia A Mil y ED THIS FOREMVO, 81oop Alligator, De Hart, 2 days from Norfolk, with shingles, to J It C Seguine. Sloop Constitution, Laforge, 2 days from Norfolk, with shingles, to J k C Seguine. . Sloop Cashier, Hallet, 7 day from Baltimore, with gin, flour, be. to sundries. ARRIVED LAST EFEJfLUG. Brig Ann - Maria, Blanchard, (late Smith) 38 davs from the Coast of Africa, and 84 from Cape de Vcrd Islands, with wax, ivory, hide, &c. to Smith, iiiancnara el M). oaiiea iron Bissau, Feb 1, in co. with brier Pallu, Ro - signal, of Boston, bound to Rao Noonex, all well. URPortPiy,StJago,Febaj,mco. with brie Gen. Marion, for N York. Captain J Smith died at Bissau, 21st Dee. and Mr. Fa - ren, 1st mate, Wm. M'Guire, 2d mate, and Samuel Smith, seaman. British brig Erato, Robinson, 50 days from raontego nay, jam. wiiu rum, to rainc, Ay - mar ft Co. J Troup, and Cberiot, Wilkes ft Co. 8ch Mary - Ann, Hopkins 15 day from Snow - bill, with corn and stave. Sch Ann h Rebecca, Armstrong, 23 day from Fredericksburg, 2 day from the Capes, with wheat and flour, to Clapp ft hicks, and Merritt ft Son. ' Sch Tekeli, Doane, from Plymouth, NC 4 day from the bar, with wheat, naval stores, &c. to Blount ft Jackson, and Tredwell and Thome. . Sloop Susin, Beardsley, from Alexandria, with flour, to Strong ft Havens, and Beer & Woodhull. I Sloop Herald, Booth, 6 days from Norfolk, with corn, to the muter. Sloop Tryall, Billingham, 14 days from Pe tersburg, with flour, to Strong ft Havens, Oritwolds ft Coates, Walsh ft Gallagher, W Burgess, D Bethune Si Co. and Goodhue ft Co. Sloop Victory, Somen, 10 days from Richmond, with flour. Sloop Thomas ft Elira, Mayo, 18 days from Fredericksburg, with wheat and flour, to Page ft Triplets Sloop Sister. Weeks. 15 daya from Peters burg, and 3 from the Capes, with flour, to Ro bertson it Kelso. FROM OUR CORRESPOXDEJfT. Bos to. March 30. Arrived, brig James Monroe, Sawyer, 26 days from Fort Royal, Mart Brig Panther, Lewis, of Salem, 125 days from Canton. - ' Brig Adxe, Rich, 36 day from Mobile and Blakely. Has been uhore several day at the Vineyard. Brig Golden Grove, Simmons, from N Orleans. Sloop Cornel, Bradley, 2 days from N York. Ship Augustus, Ray, from the Mediterranean, arrived at Salem this morning. Ship Ophelia, Proctor, wu at Chumpee 20th Nov. when the Panther sailed, to sail in a few day for Manilla. Ship Cadmus, Davis, from Calcutta for Boa - ton, arrived at Newport on Friday test. FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT, . Office of the Freeman's Journal, Tuesday, Marob 31. f Arrived, Ship Athens, Bromley 130 days from Calcutta, via Madrass. Brig Hannah, Clement, 23 days from St Croix. Left 7th instant, brir Mary. M'Pber - i.of and for Philad. ia 7 day s j brig Elisabeth, It, and brig Com. Barry, Kay, do in 14 day. Bell Bris Sally. Slow. 25 davs from Savannah. Scbr Dover, Cashing, 25 days irosa Port aa Prince. Scbr.Catharine, Yates, 6 day from Boston. Schr. Hebe. Hulkinson. 15 dave froe Charles ton. ' Schr William, Casdrop. 25 days froaa Mobile. Sloop Hannah Ann, M'Haus, 24 days from Baltimore. Ship Clothier. Philips, 104 Canton. THEATRE. Oa Wedaesday evening, April 1, for th 1st tisa wis seaana, fREDERICK THFCRFaT Frederick, king of Prassia, Mr. Pritchard Chartes, Baron of Felsbeins, Simpson Brent, an ow qoaiter - muter Robertsoa Matilda, aovernor's niece. Mrs. HirM To which will be added, (for the 5th time ia N. i oral tns ceienrated pantomime of MOTH KR GOOSE. n . Coli. (afterward Harlequin. Mr. Parker Coliaette, (afterward Columbine) Mrs: Parker (uiunuiica w commence at uvea o'clock. 6a Friday will be nrrvnlt rtn, IK. ;m. ia Amenenj the aew melo drama of - - . . THfi FALLS OF THE CLYDE. - For th Farewell Benefit of Mr. Sire peon, prior .. w ueparrer ror x.arope. - . . , G$r All piwm bavin? claim oe ft est, of Ei late JOHN WtLkES, Lsq. deceie. requested to present the eanse atUeofficaofS subscribers, 45 YWlliaa - treet " P'w ' II. as E. WILKFS Wr M ,0 mlonnaliou that the (:i,7. opened for Divine Worttiip next Sabbath. AnS 6th, 1818, under the patroSag - of the bc. ei.t Socitly, New - York. Divine tcrvice wi Ik. eoadarted a follow t On Sabbath mornior 2 1 - 2 PutlO o'clock, by the lUv. Mr. Frev fmt past 2 io the afternoon, by Uie Rv. Mr. Low., and at 7 in tha evening, by the Revd. Mr. clll mint; . Collection will be made after each wT vice to defrav the eimnsa ni" . i pun in. cieamng. nu7s NOTICE. " QCj - Mr. BERAULT'S Annual Grand Ball winch takes place tomorrow evening w...' Hngton Hall, will certainly be one of the sbm I nlfflilirl lliinM fKo It ir.A .... L. "T . 'I " - t - ' " .DUW lathi, country. The room, is to be brilliantly hVhteA and Uie oumlier and variety of his fancy dxacM will, it is expected, be very great. . apizi" MI'IHf1Ar.KrM 11's.u 1 - .VUBA. . . , t m A nnnrfArlw niAHn. nf t w ff ........ .. . vl un new - 1 OfV County Medical Society will be held oa Moarf. Uie etb iuit at 4 o'clock, at Washington Hall C. W. EDDY, M. D5. Kec'ry. aplSt dj Ticket No. 15559, which drew the tte tionury prize of S0O0 dollar in the Mediesl Science Lottery, lately 1'inisbed drawing. sjiH sold by ROBERT WaITE. Jun. wuti ..: presentedjto him and promptly paid. ' Ibern can be no better evidence of the good Uck of ticket purchased of R. Waste, J than the remarkable Cict, that out of thesauL lest number of ticket, he has sold th gmt est number of prue ; among which are Hi. highest floating prize 10.000 dollars, oa of 3000 dollars, and 7 of 1000 dollars an 1 AT .tUCJlOSf. BY HICKS, LAWRENCE ft CO. . Faiair, - ... ' AT 1 - 2 past 9 o'clock, at th Mor corner Fulton and Cliff - street, under the inspection of Uie Wardens of the Port, for account and benefit of the underwriters, 38 cues Irish Linens, damaged on the voyage of importation, i apllt . . - f. FOR SALE AT AUCTION. ,7 vT4 The fast sailing and substantial schr. iijVI(;iLANT,to close a concern, will be old oo the 3d inst. at the T. C. H. by HOIT - MAN k GLASS, at 1 o'clock. She is abort 160 tons burthen, two and an half years old, weU found in rigging and sail, and caa he fitted lot sea at little expence. She lies south aid Bur - ling - slip. For inventory, ttc. apply to . ,, RANDOLPH ft RAVAGE. aplSt 17a Front - street 'r MUBtLE and BLAkEh)l7 The fst sailing regular packet chr. SANDUSKY. Capt. Week. 120 tons. having considerable freight already engaged. win meet wiuiucspnicn. xor ma remain oaf or passage, having handsome accommodations, ap. ' ply on board west aide Old - slip, or to PETERS ft HERRICK, . : apl 29 Coeniies - slip. far BRISTOL, Tb fast sailing ship ELLEN, Lynda Rowland, master, to sail positively oa Sunday next, (weather permitting) Caa accommodate several pasaenger handsomely, if application is made oo board at pier No. 2, or to UKtWULU3 St UUA I ES, . ap 1 - 68 Soath - street Fr UAYRE, Th fin coppered ship MARIA - THE RESA, Skidd y, . master i havuig : ths principal part of her prrg engaged, will meat immediate dispatch. " For freight of .100 bale cotton, or passage, baling good accoaiao4atioai, apply to . G. G. ft S. HOWLAND, t f; apl ,77 Washtogtoa - otV . For LOffDOf, , ' wiifv rifty barrels ashes and 50 bate arffoej iJjliwiU U tekaa oa aaip WA8HINO. TON, to coas plate bar cargo I eh will ail a a tew day, vyplyto J. GIVAN, 6r . V W. CHAPJiAN, pi 2t tW Pine - L. ENGLISH, CALCUTTA GOODS, ttc . jlif ETY package English goods, consisting , Herring bones, Wellington fancies, Huckaback and damask towels and labia cloth ' Buff, checked and striped ginghams Holland tapes, White inclaa, Shirt mould Calico and gingham nmbrellu Furniture, reed and plain dimRy diirtsngs ' Blue and red pocket handkerchiefs - - Plain cotton toilanets, Sarsnet cambric Cotton tick, Madrass and Balasoroaku V Cambrics, 4 - 4 ginghams, Superchiotsfarnitorss Black and white lam bo red lac vils and shawls Dark fancy prints, Plate furnitar priats ' . j Black and white cambric , Brown linens and sheetings, Superfine cloth ' CALCUTTA AND MADRASS GOODS. 10 balu callipattr, pulka, fin cbittabslb; ' and luckipore bafla , .. . 1 oaiee oiue guinea i 2 do do gurrahs 2 do do casters 2 do sooty romals 6 trunks madras hkfs 4 bales ' do checks 5 do blu cloths m t . - titled ted bentar 3 do cheeked and striped eersaccers 9 do Madru goat skin . ALSO, 20 cases muskets and fowling piece 150 tons Swedes iron, 30 do English bolt iron 60 ton iron kentledge ' " ' f ' 5 do nail rods, 3 hhds ivory black 400 casks nails, 50 hhds dry whit leed ' ' 500 kegs paints, assorted colors, dry ft C19 40 do mineral black paint 400 hamper and 100 crate Bristol wm 1M porter bottle ' ( 200 boxes fresh Turkey flgs, 5 cum asaJortia 5 bags cloy, 5 barrels nutmegs . . ' 3 bble mace For sale b'y - ':' PETER REMSXN ftCO. ' ' aprill 26South - t'. tUARS. 20 boxes St. Jago Scgars, o poos' ' KJ qoahty, will o sow low to ctosa a consis - , Bent, by G. U. k S. HOWLAND, 1 W1NE2 pipe very eiipenor old Lib; Wine, 1 1 - 2 pipes Fayal do. for sal by,. G. G. ft S. HOWLAND, ' pi 77 Watw'ngtoa - atreetj. PA1MIS. - ' ' - PETER BCHERMF.RHORN ft SON imported in the ship Minerva - .Smith, ; London, and now landing, for ale , 140 ke; white lead in oil r kkl. Cn. I'.tk.w.. . . , 1 cue Prussian blue. ap t ot FLOUNCES A COLE RETT8 for by MARCH ft LOW, ; apl " 210 Broadway A f' SUGAR ft HA US. . yr fatsj Barreb Muscovado Sugar, bading roa ship Plato, at Dover - t wharf ' 18 hhds New - Orleans pickled has, laag from ship Evergreeo, from Naw - Oriai at Barling - alip. r or sale by N. ft D. TALCOTT, ,pt ' . a4Soata - t T - ' LLTE - f GOODS. - ;. WO b!e fin Flanders sheetings 2 . do . do , d . , . shirtings . , J 1 case Dutch shirtings 1 do donbl thread shirting, rert slower sale by j . G. G. ft S HOWLAi, aprdl. svasjuas

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