The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 24, 1913 · Page 5
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 24, 1913
Page 5
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».X ^Cj - J* «T-- Royal Baking Baking Powder p O wder Makes the lightest: most delicious and tasty hot biscuit is indispensable to ; the ^ preparation of the finest cake, hot-breads, rolls d muffins. ROYAL Has No Substete No other baking-powder equals It in effectiveness? purity and wholesomeness. i H A R R t l lilnnfiEL Enraged W!m Woawi Wasted to 152*3 For Hollas. '* MAY SUSPEND^REE TOLLS Resolution For Temporary Solution of Panama Canal Snarl. .' A'asbington, Dee. 24.--A joint resolution to suspend conditionally the__pp- eraiiGJi of the'proTision of the Pana- jna canal act granting free passage to "American coastwise vessels was introduced by Represen«LUve Adaaison, 'chairman of the house coraoierce committee. ' The buspensioa subject to the ScUowing conditions: \ ""·At any time after the Panama ca- jial shall have feeec -opened and suc- operated for two yars. if, resident, tlie revenues derived iroin tolls of vessels ' other than these engaged in the coast- Adelaide Branch Says She Vi:1ded to wise trade cf the Waited States shall H|a ^^^ 2 _ d He^Died In Her "be surf-elect to defray the cost of maintaining and operating the canal and the expense of go-.eminent and Monrke! i o x . Y .. IX-.-. 21.--.Msboash sanitation of the canal zone and all terr : f ,^ ; b .. , h? Tr .,~;,. ca ,...,- c f i-r tUpJomatlc questions toacaiag we Jnak" to wio^ ste^e mw!a year* treatment of --ssels as to condition* of .^ a ¥tta or charges of traffic at the canal saall , ^^ ^ cnuaoea roos ia the nave b«»ea adjusted, then tae president, * ../ i » ~ in the Judgment of the t»»»r^ OJ- K'rH tJ I.-.. SAVE, FOR CHRISTMAS 4-sk us to tell you about A t t r a c t i v e S a v i n g s F l a ,,..~. ^ey £rst come^ the best time to break them up. One standard recsedy-- Ayer's Chemt PecforaL SoJd for- 7-0 years. Ask Year Doctor. £^ inaKiog saving easy T«ekvt 3 Leaei E Depositor^Vithoat Cost. A sinali deposit weekly and vou'Il have a nire amouat f j- Christmas Shopping. START NOW - PUBLIC SALE LUMBER. SLAB AND CORD WOOD FrIJar December rXJrh. On the G. Roiuazhrs tract, two nsiles southeast o! Ben.:ers\i!Ie and on? nil- northeast of Centre Mills on what i- nowji as th» Coprai farm, 4s.' Cords Of --^.ib YToo-1 sawed in \~i -nek. lengths. Oak and Eick- orv. 5.0-JO Feet of Off-FilL ~ . Lumber. Boards and Si? 20 - acres anenc Tree ^ '..-x-^f^y' 4^ i 'V1.=- i i XI- 1 'i - ,%f-5Ui^--xi?'-^^r'i'.-^-^ jfij-. sale BO connivence at I o'cliti, J?. M- sKirp. £A credit of three inpatiis will I* \ given ta all jMurcua~ : -3 fcdvSSg their notes i with approved security. All suras untie i $5 CO cash. ^Positively 210 lumber to be I removed rrntil sale is o\ er. » i H. A. jiYERS ? \ J. 31. Caldwe'l. Ant.:, i P. A. Sillier, Clerk. H»s Wishes and Arms. pea his law oSr-ce, AdeUiCe M. Melilu H. Co-Kis. fcr- attoraey of Suilivai; county, died ia her arms after a quar- is authorized to issue an executive or- pj^.^ lo j^ - r . 0 ,. v Uer ^daring such suspended exersp- ~;^_" ^ isl! !; c 7 " at " t uon of full force aad effect." j ^"^ It would lurther provide that from . f ^ the date of such an executive order i c ~ the exemption would be allowed, but j BKnch auarre5ed eSthcr on Saturday onul that time vessels °_^ e J^ 11 ^ J B ; s ht or earlv on Sunday atom as- For others. Tbe "free toll" provision now is under diplomatic protest. seems that Cou-:i a^d iliss IS, Y9UN6 RESTORED ; AS SCHOOL HEAD Education Board Votes man had sasses'ed that s^e wished to go av.-ay for a wee!:, over t!ie Christmas holidays, to visit an old-time friend, Mrs. Susan M. Ostrani. with vhoai she had iive.1 niauy -ears ago v. hen engaged in. selihig bool.s for a n Inte 1 The Best Christmas I Gifts Are Useful Gifts ' GETTYSBURG I Prices at the Getty=bnrg -irarehonse coi- ! reeled daily by G- Milton \Volf, Jr., Sue i' cessor to J. Geo. Wolfs Sons Co. ^ -. " -i... The Hardware Store t i I o I Boys Wagons IStekel Tea Kettles Nickel Coffee Pots Oil Heating Stoves Pocket'KInives Gloves for Z\Iea and Boys Enamel "Warp. Knives and Forks Driving- Lamps' Boys Coasters and Skates Food Choppers Enamel Roasters Keen Kutter'Safty Razor Carving Sets fvemingtsn Rifles BrylVThea: ...... e w Ear Corn^. ...---«,«·.·»·· Rye -_--^j,- j. - - - ^~ - LL 1-UiOES Pee'3-T ct Hatchets aad Saws Call to see us and exmaine our ^Jine. Oar prices are liiy the best. Both f I O^«Ji-Jlo*« Fairfield phones. J- J- tveinaoiiar Pa . { - Per [ Sadce" Da-ry Feet Coarse t!nn=: Bran ... Hand Packo'Bran COTU and Oats C:t-"p Shoemaker Stock Fooo 15-" VThite il-rtdlinss 1 I Red 3P'iolinss l.St | Timothy Hsy I.'" SRveChnp i-'' Baled Chicago^ Dec. 24.--Mrs. Ella Flags Young -nras voted back into tlie super- ·ntendency of r|ie Chicago public schools after a storai% session of the board of education- Seven members refused to vote en the ground that the board bad no povrer to reconsider -be election of John D. Shoo?, assistant superintepd- eni under jlrs. Young, -So bad been elec:ed lier successor. Contention also teas maue tiiat ihz four nev.- members of the board named by Mayor Harrisca x j:o replace tlie fo-:r -.wisose fe^jgnadoiis %ie had enforced, weiCjiot eitltlea-toJEheir seats. The a. tios of tke boirl iu removing Snoop aad replacing Mrs. Young -yvjll at once-;bejcliaSei?gea.ia cpurt^lt v;as anaounced?Qy. th.e3pBCsItion- i A *. -- ilrs "Yoimg's failure to be re-elected r^ro \veeks ago by 4Iie school board roused, a storm of pqgular indigEation. :,Iass meetings ^rere held and the school board aad the mayor's oSce *-er» besieged by delegations v.-hicb demanded that Saoop resign acd make ~ay for Blrst^-Young to corae bacn:. The vroraen's organizations, political and civic., -trere solidly behind "the'dep'osed sapermtendent * MayoY -Harrfsosr'asserted that members of tne school board appointed by -biin. had- vcte«l agains^jSirs. YoiiBS "m an, underhand. vay-.-'-Sei-Suminarily accepted from four numbers their resignations, witich caa Been placed in nis hands vrheu ne too 1 ! office. Pias:er Cement ____ _ --S« .-5fi j-er ion S1.40 p--r br- ____ ............ . Cotton See-1 ?»IeaI per Tori ..... I4 u i " "per Hundred ......... 1-71 Per bbl. ·? - 0«00««««««O«OOO««««XO*I*X aoo-J ] Wbeat. ]Sw-EarGom, 70 There is plenty of time to have those PHOTOGRAPHS For Christmas. Call at The Mumper Studio JOHN A. MUMPER, Prop. i uiniuninn sin fi»!iJi!5:;iiiniinmi;Ti!iii5]i:nii;!:Hau!ii!!ifH!iiininiiin;nH;r:s:Ei2 I EfFecdve November 16, 1913. jfHEWSSTEBSmiLftSB RAILWAY | S.--56 A. if. Dally Except Sunday for j Baltimore, Hanover, York anc { Intermediate Points. 110:28 A. il. Dally for HagerstOTvu. j Waynesboro, Chambersburg. I Hancock, Cumberland, Pitts- j burgii and Chicago also Efidns. ! vf. Va, ! 12:25 P. M. for Highneld and interme- | diate stations. | 2:55 P. 31- for York, Baltimore and : Intermediate Points. : 5:36 P. M. Daily except Sunday ioi B. and H- Drsision Points tc j HlghSeld, also HagerstoTna. j Waynesboro, Chambersbnrg and Shippensbiirg- M3 New Oxford, Hanover, York. and intermediate stations. FOR SALE DEAD IS S81NE BREACH 3odv of Missing Man Found at Bottom "of Colliery Near Ashland. Pa. AsbJand, Pa., Dec. 24. -- Missing since last San day. -svaen lie -nrent to nuat -s-ork in Ceiitralia. Michael OJBrien. thirty-eight years old, -eras found dead at the bottom of a fifty- !oot mine breach between Ashland and Centraii a. The man's head ^vas crushed and his :iip was brol:en. It was thought he aad been murdered, but investigation -howed that he had fallen into t^e .sine breach. Tne authorities are in- restigatins further, ho~ever. .Tames iloaaghan lost his life in the same mine breach about a year ago. Cccch protester. He bad been ill for a «-eek and aaJ complained o* fceatlac-bes aad pains abour tbe heart. He had got behind in nis tvork and v. ante J the \vonaE. to remain \viih him ' over the hclitlays. not only because he wanted ber ccmpaay, but because he vishe.l. her to help him with his correspondence, which she usually did in the evsnia;. iMss Branch, however, was eager to go away. Slie had apparently wearied of spenJing her days reading novels and cocking ia tlie small room partitioned off Couch's inner omce. Coach, usually seaisl aad contented, became so excited in his protestations that Miss Branch feared for him, and she finally yielded aad promised to remain trith Mm over the holidays. ! Her promise* filled the aged n;aa with happiness and he kissed Uer. Slie was seated beside him on the coucS and he had his arm around her. S;id; eenl'- he gave what Sliss Branch describe* as "a gurgling sound" and fell ever on the couch. "I had seen people die before," sid the -ororaan, "and I knew that Mel was eying. - I ran for Dr. Curiette. who I 7 -nicw was a brother-in-law of Mel's. When I got back- lie was dead. The doctor said right away that the death ·was due "to the barstins o| tbe aorta near the heart as^lhe result of excite nsTit. I knew that it was caused by oar ouarrel and iny se.lSsJa desire to so awayTfronr him when he really needed me to care for him."' In her grief tbe woman hid herself in the cubbyhole OS Couch's ofSce aad wcs there when Mrs Couch and Ixer daughter Louise arrived. - 5Irs. Couch, taoagh outwarC'y calsi, was suspicious, feeling by instinct that' sone oae had been in tlie rocra aer husband. \Then. finally Miss Branch ODer.'d the door and appeared she herself was almost :a a frenzy of grief, "it was my fault." ^he EaH. "I Killed him. It was my fault,"' s'.ie sobbed "i caa never forgive myself" Because o!T her hjsterical conii^t;or. it was found nec^Eary to rail a train ed iiarse to attend ner. Meantime delicacies were hc'ing sant :n to Miss Branch by Sheriff Kindle. The anthoriues have much sympat'i?' for the woman and are doing their at- to console her aad to beip hei irakea rraagemenls to go away from Sionticelio qtnietly. | : PUBLIC SALE fjj " a£ tbe Crearaerj at Guernsey I OR Wednesday,, December 31st § Consisting of a lot of shoats ranging in weight from S 25 to 5") Ibs 1 Chester White So'w vritb ten pigs by her 1 side. OJL^ O I. G. sow -wriil have pigs by da7 of sale, 1 O. 5 I* C.Boir,:IviO ibs,sow will have pigs latter pavtoi Marc'i:'2 S Pathos, will weight aoou otW pounds, also one Biy 1 Mare, 1-3 vcirs o'.d, fearless of all road objects, and other * articles too numerous to mention. i S tie to]cotnniinc2 at 1:30, when tfirms "will be ma It W known by 1 A.W. Slaybaugh ? axict- §iiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiraiMiiiinnmiiiiim iiuuuu!U!y/ 'mniiminniiui iiuiiiun = 'C/Tfduse aadl store property = · on Chambarsbiarg street op; 'I losite'the PlVzer House For ^. i Rent one house :n the row on I | West M:dd!e street ·sion April i, 19:4 Tawney. i DOX'T forgat the sale at H. L Bream's farm In Cashtown, March 7th, 1014- Clarence Eream; Arbin i Cai'oaugh, James Andrew.--advertisement Wilson Rsiains Clements. TTasbiagtoa, Dec. 24. -- President Wilson res'-iioisted Tudpoa C. Clemants, of Georgia, to succeed himself as -3. member of ibe interstate commerce coniniission- Woman Fatally Burned. Witaiaston. Del., Dec. 24. -- Mrs. rlonert X- Pippin was burned to death at her home at Clayton, Del., as a result of failing do'vmstairs with a lamp !n her hand. GEi^ERAL MARKETS PHILADKLPHIA -- FLOUR qsset; srtnter clear, §3.75@4; city mills, fan- ev, S4 30® 5-10. *RYE M.OTJR firm, at S3 50 @ 3.60 oer barrel. UHEAT steady; No. 2 red, new. asgss^c. CORX quiet: Xo. 2 vellow. 75@tc. OATS firm; No. 2 wnite, 46%@47c-; '-«er graces. 45%c_ POTATOES steady, at 70@S5c- per oashel. POULTRY: Live steady: hens, 14@ I6c.: old roosters. ll@12c.: turkeys. 0@22c. Dressed firm; choice fowls, iSc.y old roosters, ISc.; turkeys, 24 GIVES MILLION TO CHILDREN Texan Wi«! Distribute Wealth to Heirs at Family Reunion. San Antonio, Tes:-, Dec. 25.--CniT- drea of TVilliaia Maverick will have a reunion here on Clirist-nas day, -wrhei: ilaverick will give to tbsm mere thai 51,^00.000 in income-bearing propsriy. H e -p-ii! keep for himself just e-'o Jg-" 1 to raaintair. him in comfortable CT cumstances for the remainder of M-= life. Tbe children are TTilliam Mnicrick. Jr_ of Bersir,, Germany; Robert Ms.-'- erick. y,TS. Carl Hahn, a siEgcr. cl Xew York: Mrs. Augustus Ma-eri-k and Lewis Maverick, of San Antonio. Huae Wave inundates Town. Portland. Ore- Dec. 24. -- A h,:ge sweit more than a mi!e cf ?'ic beacL at Eliaire Park. Ti'.lainook co-.jaty. and washed out several Lan dred feet of tss Southern P^"'n~ railroad trac-k, uaclenaiaiag dw=-3:in5s an,-! doing other damage. The wall of water s'aept nearly a mile inland froiE the beach. There was no loss o: lire. a . . BUTTER firm: fancy creamery, 39c. ^ 3 8 @ nearby, Leaps to DeatX Ycrk. Dec. C4.--Fearfal thai sbe was going b:3Ka, ^l«s. Annie Scheefer. compar.ion cf Kiss Rssa S^oaley, a wealtr s y vromas resi'isas ia £ccr herself- Queen of Vontencgro HI. Geneva. Pec. 24.--The queen of Montenegro is da-igerously ill at Cettinge. Dr. Genhart, of Zurich, who wa«= talieil for, is on his way to Cettinge. The queen has been ill for several -weeks. Tne dangerous t.-mptonis developed suddenly. TTesiosissIa.g' All persons are warned not to trespass on the premises of the ·vith dog, gun or trap for the purpose of taking; game in any mannefl for £shlcg,or in any way injuring or destroying property. All persons wfr tne laws of the corruaonwealth. with regard ttf trespassing on lands of _ ^ andersigner \idll be dasit with under the provisions of tbj£ Act of April 1^ -.William Allison, Sam'L Walters farm, Hamiltonban township.' John D. Ryey, iL 12, Gettysburg, Pa. Cumberland Township. Mrs- J. EL Hughes, Cumberland Township. D. B. Waeib^hrCumfj^rland Tovi-ship. - _ 4. Frank Mumper, "R. 1, Gettysburg, Pa. ^ . CrJ. Deardorff, Orrtanpa^ Pa. . , r ; - »* r J . ·* f^* r * Charies Wagaman (Dr. WTH. O'Neal Farm) TRghlariaTownship. tfs« F. L. E-cie, Butler Township, Biglerville, Pa. ^ f ^. C. B. Shasik, Straban Township, E. 1, Gettysburg:, Pa. " '··*- '- ^ } J,EL Ku!in (J. F. Kufen Farm) R. 2. Gettysburg, Pa. Mt, Joy 'nrp- ·- s*: ^g Jacob Fro^imeyer, Strabao, ToTaiiship. ,_ ,, ,,, ._^_~--. . "··* George E. Haraian^ E- C, Gettysburg, Ps_ Butler Township. *"* George C. Shealer, Straban To'^riship. Mrs. Mry J. \Ve!kert, R. 2, Gettysburg, Cumberland Township. J. H. Rts, Box 30, E- 2, Blglerviiie- Mrs. Matiida L. Cocori, Cumberland Township. Saniael Roason, E. 1, Gettysburg, Pa., Cumberland Township. J. L. Taot, Straban Township. D. L. JhcoVs, R. 1, Biglervilie, Pa. Butler Township- Joseph B. Fwtaingr, R- 12, Gettysburg, Pa. Ed\\-ard A. Se-Xt, R. 4. Gettysburg, Freedom Township. J. D. Brown, Highland Township. R, F. Biddle, lit. Pleasant Township, R. S, Gettysberg. D. J Reile, R. 12, Gettysburg, Pa., Cumberland Township. Leo Frouirneyer, 7-It. Pleasant Township. Martin. Winter, Cumberland Township and Gettysbarg. W. T. liehring, Springs Dam Farm, Cumberland Township- Robert K. Major, Straban Township. Joha V.\ Mcllhenny Farm R- 7, Gettysburg, Straban Township. Charles F. Rebert, Seven Stars, Pa. G. V.'. EMon, Bendersviile, Pa. George 0. Thomas, Chambersburg Pike. Robert Harner, Greenraount, Pa. » I "f.rrr E Sh river. Butler Township. IL 6. Gettysburg- Joseph A. Albert. Butler Township, R. 6, Gettysburg. William Coshun, Straban Township- Jeremiah Weaver, R. S, Gettysburg, Pa. j D. C. March, Butler Township, R. o, Gettysburg. Elias Wolforu. Me. Pleasant Township. * * E. L. Smith. Butler Township, Biglerville- - - j J. Edward Lawver, Butler Townsis;.', R- R- No. 2, Biglervffie. S J. Ha vet stick, M. M. Spoiiseller farm, Straban Twp., R. S, Gbg. - - '-··* M. E. Freed, Mrs. G. W. Eiesecker farm. Franklin Twp.. Cashtown. J. K.err Lott. Cumberland Township. John H SponseHer, (jicPherson Farm), Cumberland Township. * Robert ^ Shu' 1 (J- A. Shul! Farm) Franklin Township. H. C. Hartzeli (J. A. Shall Farm) Franklin Township. Jacob E. Hoke. Straban Township, Gettysburg, R- 7. H. M- Sneeringer, R. 9, Gettysburg, near Bonneauville, Pa. J . D . Moose, Biglerville, Pa. ,, » , ! . G. F. Basehoar, Gettysburg, Cumberland and Germany Townships. Louis Mizell, Straban Township, Getfr sburg, R- 7. N. J. Shank. Bigler\-ille Route 1. T. F. Roth, Butler Township. Gettysburg Route 6. C. S. Griest's Sons (C. Arthur Griest, Mgr.) Guernsey. C. A. Heiges and Mrs. H. F. Heiges, Franklin Township H. C. Warren. Menallen Township. C. H. RnmaieU on C. L. Osborne farm. Menallen Township. Wm. M. Bigrham's Sons, Freedom Township, Wm. If. Bigham's Sons, Liherty Township. ' · · " - , Jacob F. Peters, Tyrone Townsnip. li- -, iiigla'-.nHe. r-». Charles Essick and sisters. Sutler Townshs?, II. 5, oeUysourjr. . J. C.' Goulson, BtftJer Township. 5' " --*A. S.'TnThisIer. MtlcPleasantTc'.vr'shi^it 10. Mrs."Clestia A. Black. S. I. BigleryJtre. -Pa. George Herring. Highland Township. W. F. Herbst, Orrtanna R- 1- Live Stock Prices. i CHICAGO--HOGS unsettled; one fancy load sold at S7.90; bulk of sales, $7.55~®7.SO: light, §7,35@7.70; mixed. S7.45@7.SO: heavy. $7.45^7,85; rough, S7.45(S7.55; pigs, ?6.50@7.65. CATTL-E steady; beeves, §6.70@ 9.70, Texas steers, ?6,70@7.75; stock- ars and feeders. $5@7.50; cows ana heifers, S3.35@S^O; calves,-$6@ 10.50. SHEEP higher; native sheep, ?4-4G @5.75; yearlings, $5.50 @ 6.80; lambs, native. ?6.40@8. .- , WANTED girl or middle aged worn-, an for general housework at a small "OUSE for renf rn Hanover street, farm. Apply to Luther.Rice, Arendts- Applj- TIow:ml Ridinger, Hanover i ville,--advertisement street.--advertisement » -. -' . Gilbert J. E. J. Clavto Chads" -"H. S.' James Levi Crum, Menallen Township- Mrs. Andrew Brough, R. 1. Aspers, Menallen Tovrr.ship. L. H. Meals. Cumberland JCoTraship, E^5, Getrys.barg. ~ C. W- Black,' tJ- Carna Smih Farm R-.2, Gettysdurg, iib-j oyj ?T^p. -Wra:-H. Johnsr Cumberlar'I Township and" r;a **"= Jl « T e ' ""' ~ ·Edmund IValter C. Snyder. R. 12. Gercvsourg-. Pa., Cnmberland Twp., Cayly Vincent RelliF.aff. R- S, Gettysburg, Straoan Townshtpr , Edward R^dmc. R- 9- Gettysburg, Straban Township, A- J. Smith i-ann H. E. Bovd, Guldens, Pa., Straban and Mt. Pleasant Townships. Harrv- S. Trostle. Straban Toi.vnship- Edirard A . Trestle. Straban Township- ^ - ^ , - 0 * 0 ^ John Leese, on Nathan Brown farm. Straban Township, Gbg. Koute 8. Mervin I- Weikert. Highland Township, R. 1, Fairfield- D. F. Batterman, Butler Township. -_ -riz. 4^-^rr-:^ Shultz Bros. D- B. Snyder Farm. Strahan Townsnip, Gpttysburg, P. U. McDannel Bros.. Arer.dtsville and Franklin Township, BiglerviUe, R. 1. S. B. Bream ^F. M. Bream's farm) Butler Xoivnship. ,, ., ^..^ _ ,,,,_ -" Calvin R. Snvder. Bonneauville, Pa. Otis Walter,"(Conrad Walter Farm) R- 1. Tilhe, Franklin Township. F. B. Twisden. Gettysburg Poultry Farm, Cumberland Township. S. F. Strausfaaugh. Orrtanna. R-1- \lbert Hollinger, Cumberland Township, Gettyshurg, K. 6. Deardorff Brothers. Tillie. Pa. Franklin Township. E. P- Garrettson, Butier Township- John and Frank Garrettson, Menallen Township. R H. Black. R. 2. Gettysburg. Cumberland Township- Mrs. Daniel Miller, Cumberland Township, Gettysburg, Route 6. D. S- Reynolds. Straban Township, Gettysburg Route 9. W. A. Bsgham. Cumberland Township, Gettysburg- R. 3. John Groscost, R. 7, Gettvsburg, Straban Township. - - . - - GarSeld Jacnfas. K- 13, Gettvsburg near Barlow. _ Dor^ev Deardori?. Highland Townshic. (Mrs- H. o. Moyer Farm). Emanuel Plank, Highland Township, Gettysburg Route 4. E. D. Heiges, Biglerville Borough. - D O ' *~ John H. Eckerr. Straban Township, Gettysburg, R. S. W. W. Miller farm (Oscar Bream tenant) Straban .township, t.Dg. K S. Mervin Black. Bisrlerville, Menallen To-amship. 3Irs. Martha Reed, near Arer.dtsville. Waybrignt Rice. Biglervflle, Pa. E. S. Cromer. Mt. Jov Township. R. 2, Gettysburg, Pa- Jobn S. Wolf. Straban Township. ~3~j, Gettysburg, ra. Clarence Hoffman, R. R- 2. Biglerville, Pa- J. C. Walter. Butler Township, R- 2, Biglervilie, Pa. , Robert Witherow, Cumberland Township, R- 13. Gettysonrg, Pa. Frank Rerr. Cumberland Township, R- 13, Gettysoorg, Pa. Fra^k Eichoitz, Freed Farm, Straban Township, R. 12. Gettyscurg, I a. D. W. Stoops. Hichland Township, R. 4. Gettysburg, Pa. J. Martin B'reanCTTrcne Township. R. 3, Biglervilie,-Pa. . H H. Hart, R- 6, Getxvsbiirg-, Pa.. Butier Township- Samuel Schwartz, Mt- Joy Township, Gettysburg, Route 1. J. A. Wetzel. (Mary A. Sayder farm) Franklin lOtvnsmp J. M. Bushman. (Mary A. Snyder i-arm) Franklin Towns*"?. J W. Tare, Tvrone Township. R. 4, New Oxford. J. W. Cook. Mena!*en Township, Flora Dale, Pa. ^ A. I. Osbome, R- 2, Eiglerville. ~ n^^.-i«^ A.ilen ·'Cromer Farm) dnnberlano iownsnrp, K- irf, ViecryiO«r Chas. E. ScLuitz, (Gilbert Bacher Farm) Franklin Township, K. o, Go? , R. A. Diohl. (Minter Farm) Butler Township, Star Konte, Biglerville, I a. John B. Elker, Cumberland Township, R- 12, Gettysburg, Fa. W. J. Beamer. Straban and Mt. Pleasant Townships Gecrysbnrg, R. S. J. Elaine Basfcev, Franklm^Towpship,-R. 1, Biglemile, ra; ± -^~- .^^-^^ Jacob Groscost-'Tyrone Towaship, K-'T, GettysbsrgJ-Pa- . -f--^ , ^'^^ \f. T. Howard. Sfaraban_TowasMp. - S: " -*- r^^r C. E. Tawner. Mt. Pleasant Township, Gettysburg, R. b. _ _ ^4 G W Toner" (E. A. Crcuse Farm) Mecallen Totrashro, S.K.jGavia^ ±X^ Cartin McGUasrhlin (John P. Bntt Farm) Franklin Xqwnsiiip.-^ . ^' -James SandersT (N. K- Musselman Farm) HanuitqnbaiBjapwasnt?. ---.-« Ho-^ard Bream. Strafcan TownshJp/R- 9, Getlysborj^P^-.^ Den ton Roif (Rufus Lawver Farm) Butier Township. Harvev Scott, Cumberland Township. Jacob Boyd. Mt. Joy Township. R- 13, Gbg. (William Cromer Farm). S. F.TJushrnan. Franklin Township. R- 5, Gettysourg. D. M. Hoffman, BsglerviHe, Route 2. E. X. Hoffman. Bislerrille, Route 2. J. I. Hereter. Highland Township, R- 4, Gettysburg, Pa. Ernest ManahanTOIrs. P. L. Houck Farm) R. 9, Gettysburg, Pa David G. Lott, Straban Township, Gettysburg, goate i.... .. W. C. Storrick, Straban Township, R. 9, Gettysburg. _ M Sfiindledecker, Cumberland Township, Gettysburg, K. o. , H. M. Trostle, Highland Township, Tillie Post Office. D A Hankey (Mrs. Jeremiah Bender's farm) Cumberland Twp., K. 5 D". C. March "Butler Township, R. 6, Gettjsbnrg Robert M. Eldon. Aspera i- Mary Baldwin, Bendersviile, Pa.

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