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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 1, 1818
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la - Books of heraldry kept with upwanU of ttU.lHMi tiamm. . - . aa i lis H EMI',. LEAD, FAINTS, tie Russia hemp, in lots lo suit purchasers 80 rolls sheet lead, 3 Ut to 6 . . ; - 8 casks bar lead, 1 too pig lead . 50 bales India twine i F.ngluh sail and seine twine ' - - r. cftoks Pruniaa bluer 6 casks vermillion - J hhds vordigri , 60 casks French yellow ochre . ; - Dry white and red lead 80 boxes tnv For sal by - PETER SCHERMERHORN&SON3, . . 243 Water - Street Abo, 200 anchors, of Hunt's make, from 40 CotSOO wt. . ; ' Cable and cordage, of all sites, best quality, with the nsaal assortment of ship chandlery. Feb 11 tf ' ' . MILITARY LAND PATENTS. , FOR SALE,' an ansebr - ttd lot nf 70 land patents, located in the Illinois Territory,' aod bought directly from the SoMiers. Apply to mh 10 tf No. 39 Walbitreet. BANDANNAS 4 case first quality Dan - U'armas, for sale by . , - ' - , lREMsEX li CO. mh SO . ' 26 South - street. 10 TTON h RICE C4 bait prim Upland 4 do. New - Or)ans do i 114 tiercel Rice In store and for sale' by GR13WOLD & COATES, mh 12 '' ' 60 South - street. WIX$ L. 1. l.ntnfl wine, (l'aily broad.) m pipes, bhus. and or. casks, im ported July - and September 1816 and July 1017. ; Cargo Teneciffs wine, in pipes, entitled to d - bantur.' ' Cap Madeira wine, hi assorted casks, shipped alth Capo of uood slop hi lulX. . 01 1 Lit boa wine, fii for family us. Forsalo by , , . - , . A. D. DUFr, . m!iC ImV"' ' 69 Washington - street. CIO HON YARNtlOOO 4tt.Cotioa Yam, J Ha 16 and 16, Twist and Filling, for sale at' 10. v r ieiccer - aeu - sihH - BOMbAZt: t 'ii, aeiiBrted colours !' - A do? r - U black, - do twilled, assorted colours, just re - cewea for sale try OTIS SWAN,"; - ch3 . ' , f57 Pari - t.l '. L1.VIE BURNERS. , W urea or soar experienced lime - v T burners, who can be weU recommended. T such oeostaut employ and liberal wage will be riveo Applv to ' ' EZRA LUDUOW, 34 Btarar - tt. TOLLT. The boos Ifa. 34 BeavrstreeL for one or two wars Apply as abor. mcht5 DCf ki'.S TV Lm. - - ; . uj 1 T hiuated hoas of the subscriber, with Uxt oai uauuingsaga gToarws, ojrile to new btrme Vhurcli on (b Blooouiigdal road, 4 1 1 fades JOUN II. TALMAN. hS3 1m 214 Peari - ttreet. Mll.lTAUV UTL. IHTV I.1VIM TnE Subscriber will pay the highest price la , ,cathto the late soldiers for their bounty w ' . JAJ4E3 D. WADSWOHTH, M "' - - - - tk. ii?' - W PvrV0it to ev the city for "won i emrory, n.qnts an tbote who em - fwyedhini to Mia their p tents, to cU and the same, or recerre Cash for them. 1 .J. ,'rtt agency tnsaiaes to to IIUV PIasiiTove 10 daian ; mchjo DSC3wt o LO LONDON PARTICULAR TEME - RIFFE WLNE 5 quarter casks nearly equal to Madeira t do dry Lisbon, with ajruueral auortuMntof first quality Tea and Groceric - ' very okl Jamnim spinis, intn vvnisaey Old Peach and Cognac Brandy '. ' Fish Sauces, Li)gli.ih Bacon and Split Pea Douhli Gloucester and Cheshire Cheese Ver fuperior American and Pine Apple do London Brown Stout, tlhais, Shoulders ' Smoked Beef, Cordial, btuughton Bitter Demijohns, Large Bottles and Bristol Ware. Also, a sum I assortment of earthen and glas - ware. For sale cbenn fi - rcaib, by ' . tUW. DlALKrUHU, 157 Greenwicb - street. A few quarter boxes ol good Spanish Stgars mh 19 2w STKl - .L, I'lfFb, HA YS, He. BW. KUUERS & CO. No. 235 Fearl - st. offur for sain, 60 hundlts lialback Steel 5 tons bout O. L. d j , 1000 boxc Tobacco Pipe ' ,' Copjr Boat Nail ' ' 1 ' ' - 20 cases Lnglish Uatt( S crate 8oda Jogs , 80 cask Glass War r" ..J. .' .100 crates Brosley Ware; : i . . j . 50 casks best E.igliUi Porter ,...,, Mart Kiln! lies ...,vi - glMh Stelter ; black Slate ' ' ' Tin flutes of diiTerent description, ' Toeefber with a ecoeral assort rot ut of Hard ware and Cuilerv, by the packnee or from the shelves, on tb Sbost liberal terms. mh 25 S icakagiJa Wood. 18 tons, of a supe rior quality, for ale hy .. TUCKER It LAURIES, nihil 29 South - street. TO LET, ifjii A very convenient house,' with about ball an cr of ground, about a mil from the city, adjoining the hous occupied by Mr. More - wood, betwixt Greenwich and th Broadway road. 'Apply to - - JOJIN R. MURRAY, ' mh 25 tf H udsonquare. TO LEI , At a low rent, a three story brick dwelling in Korfolk - tt. Enquire of El: N. COX, mh25 9S WalUtreet. r Hmut, 6uie, Garden, tic. at UrctnwuJt, . ..TV I.KT , . . y The subscriber will let or lease, for a term of years, his house at Greenwich. It is pleasantly sitoatal on the banks pi' the Hudson, and calculated to accommodate a large family.' For terms, apply to D1V1E BETHUNE, jan JU vx wan street. FOR SALE, A hous of two stories,' with plana in I'n.ut, in goad repair s containing about thirty four acres, situate on Tnrogs Neck, and near to th farm of. Amjab Hammond - U land being hkhlv improved, and containing a treat variety oi the best cherries, apples. Pears and peacbei. in great ahnndance and in lull bearing the ad - J joining water affording ample supplies of fish,1 iieuanci scale, wnicn aiasmau exprnce iuny be led from a creek to the nplann, and detained .... , J - , ' - .V, 0 ' - .: ; .... . .. J ..Si. - ' P' " j . Uy - ' a i , J 1 T wawawmmwja S(mw emwawei a i i i a,,,, . . j. r DixY GOODS FANCY plat Catt COM Sopcraoe calicoes and corntte 4 4, 9 - 8, G 4 cambric muilins Cambric jaconet fbua taabof d k sew - - ed saults , Plain - and tambor'd book ruusliir 3 - 4, 4 - 4 and 6 - 4 cambric giigbanis Black and tol'd cambric Velvets and cords, beaver gloves Fancy cravats, twilled and plain Madras udkft, pin Hair cord cambric, cotton ball White k col'd thread Silk, kid, and cotton gloves Silk bose, (ilk floren - tine Black bonibazeen Florence silk, ribbons, galloons Florence, plain and figured . Virginia satins, plaid lustriugs Fring'd black tilk hkfs Veivet bindings, tape, bobbin Fnrnitur calicoes, and chin tse 4 - 4, 9 8, 6 - 4. 7 - 4 and . b - 4 printed cambric bawl 7 - 4 c 8 - 4 imitation do. 8 - 4 cassimere do. Bandanno, longe and sutersoy hdkt. , Pocket bdkt. white and printed - Hair cord and cambric dimities Jeans, cotton cassimere Striied Florentine Black . , Madapollum and steam i loom srurungi Marseille Quilting, royal ribb White and printed sut - eas Cotton brow boflaeds Swaasdowo, toiiaaetU, silk stripes Cotton andwotstod hosiery Irish linens k sheetings Buttons, bed tick - Fine and superBn cassimere Yorkshire fin and superfine doth London do do Suj:rtio ladies cloth uoinnasetu, raunetu Imperial cord, vigo - uia cassimere Stockinetu, piaia and ribb'd Flannels, baixe . Ferretu, wonted bind ing Shirt button, cotton lace Paris oetti and socfil cause Black aod white thulle lace' Leno tnawls, Estopil - . M Sewing silk, assorted color Linen cambric - Table cloths, 6 - 4, 7 - 4 li 8 - 4 Diaper Furniture Dimities Fancy Leno, tc figured .Muslins Cambric Trimmings, It Flounces Seersucker Ginghams Rmnall Hdkls. Silk Check Gingham 2ft 3 col'd Cambric 5arment Cloth . Bown Linsna Merino Siiawl Cotton bandannoet 9 - 8 col'd stnp'd jaco - nelt j India muslins, Vc be. Keceivcd by the latearrivrU and for sale by HAGGERTY 4 - AU&TEN, mh S4 dicZm 167 1'carl - strref. rrRHALK AT TUB SHIP - YARD OF " A SLOOP, now builOiiitf of tb best " rtaUfiils, lut J00 tons; tmibeqofUv y onk, kicoU and codarj bottom plank ' nSywUit bnitt 00 purpose for the Alba. - . cyUaJ ASLooVof50 too, caJculatedfor lfv" "rlM!rc dil!aU'D fcurt0 an,i ' T itieasy draft of witter is required. ' . rTT , A r - aringua SCHOONER, of 40 ton, . 4vwiU draw bat litCe water, with a lee - liboard through the centre of her keel, ijlperted to ail very fast. - AU,aSHIP X3C0toM, calculated CvSfcr Lirpoo5 W London trader, (that f l cm be finiAed to toit the purchaser.! - - "or 'Spars, Umber and plank. Also, timber bUPLRFLSELEGiiORNS - 3 case evera - i itih13 " " 448 Pff - - ' . 1 1 1 hum smi bbti o Flour. I&diaff j - Y bris Moupt Hope, from Richmond, tor lule VJ ..o.i . - Hi riul.itnwl. S - "ntfttlNa - 8 hnltilkimib Sheeting, for latebr JAMES G. KING & CO. mbI5: TO Pear "rt. 1. IOUa Huiuired tone hrt (juality iovaao - ! tia Flatter for salo in lots to ui purcbas - VALTER NEXSON, 174 Front - rt. . ; . . t corner of Burfinf - ilip, or to . .. JOHN BVtitS, foot of Harrion.t.'.i ch 17 North aiver. O f Midi old Vtrgiuia tobacco ' . , ' - - 65 do new crop do - U' '' ' ' i ' 6tf bbl 6e flour . " . , . J 15 'do iriWdUn? 'lo. For tale br ' ' ' VASQUEtf, MEURO.V & CLF.EM AN, Feb 7. tf No. 72 Wa!hlnston - C i COTlOXs ItiHACCU, tie. balee prime Alabama cotton, lauding - rromtcbr assau .. - , " 20 balei New - Orleatw eotlon ) per bsig Fir . 6 hbdi kebtuckf tooaero ) oaauier.. - - . IN STORE, ' 20 torn clean St. Petcrsburgh hemp ' Rmsia dock, German stocl, roll brimstone caeei tumbler , ' " t. i: ; 30 boxei CaetUe loan . .Writing asd irrepSng; paper - 1 cam Leghorn bats. No. SO a 40 - f . Abo,' Jut received, . 16000 lb Havana coffee, m hhds. and - A few hhtta of rtctifledpure unfit, made 1 from nvolaiiM rum.' Forialohv - . JAMES D'WOLr. jr. ' Teb Si'. " : - 57 Frunt - rt. SIClLV MAUtIRA VV1.NE. 8 pipes old Si - cit Madeira Wine iiuuorhid in 1C15, for ale by TUCKEIli LAURIES, - . Ban 13 ' - V'! ' ST owHinutn. i .' i i i "r f 1 1 - , "' ' - fry BROWrf, ttoueswd engraver andjewel - "X:. ler, Nt. 16 Broadway,. - : , J Coats of arms; crestj, cypher, EC, ergraved M stooe.' '"' " ' ' " - " ' A handsome assortment of fine gold seals, chain, ud other jewellery: - , Ladies' 'seals 'engraved, with CoaU of arms, SMrftos, BtiJ fancy device. , Diamonds, amethysts, crystals, fcc bought in the raoi'b or cut In sot foeas. ... . - . ' ftOX STEU 4ro HARDWARE SyC Toot English iron, aunrted. In Bat injJ aod tquare bar, a part of which U ' entitled to debeatora. " ' 100 torn round iron, UMrted, irem 1 - t to 1 1 - 5 inch 100 do Swedes' flat Iron, from 1 to 9 inches 69 do do square, assorted, from 1 - 2, to 3 inches ' , 60 ilo - each flat and squire RusMairoo. . 60 do country iron assorted ' 20 do plough share rnoakls . 10 do axletree and crowbaf moulds - 10 do horseshoe moulds ' 0 do brazier's rods, aitorted, from 3 - 10 to ' 3 - 8 inch '30 do spike and nail rods, assorttJ ' 10 do trbeetand boiler plate iron 60 do English aod American Hoepe 10 do Eogliib(L) blistered iteel 10 do SweJes steel . .10 do Craley do. - s ., 5 do German do . ' ,. 5 do shear and caititeel SO do Bristol and Nora Scotia grindstone anorted 500 anchors, a - sorted, from 60 to SOOOlbs. I . do.' about fOOOlbt. - 60 rolls sht - et lead, ass'd S to 6 lb per foot 100 casks tjrrkes, ass'd. from 4 to 9 inches i)0 do cut noils, from 2d to 20d 60 do .wrought nails, assorted ' 20 do slate and horse uails . 10 tuns iron pots abd bake puis, au'd from 1 to 10 gailous, entitled to debenture. , 9 loas cngiun ein.T 80 doAmeircao holloa - ware, consisting of .. Pols, kettlts, hake - pans, bkillcU, spiders, tea kettlts, Andirons, tc. 10 casks trace, ox and boat cliains Anvil, vices, and beak irons . i Forge, sledge and hand lia turners . . . , ( Mill, cross - cut and pit saws ,r T ' Cnrt. Waptou and Chair Boies Window Glass of different lists Shovels. Spades, Hues, tic Toeetlier with a central assortment of Hard wire and Cutlery, for snle on reasonaMe terms, by ' ABEEL & UUNdCOMB, rto. 303, iv aier - si. corner oi jomes - iiip. nmxj irn in a pond lor daily use a mackerel and bass fishery being also attached thereto, and where at one tlraugb( of a small seine bav been takeu mackerel which sold the next day forooe hundred and twenty dollars in point, of prospect, health and profit this rite is no where exceeded oistancc irom .ew - xorK about lourieen nines. Also, lour lots of land near th; above two ly ing - oa the Sound, containing forty five acres, and bounded oa two tides with waters land ot an excellent quality, with an orchard of four bun - iivu eppie trees, inciuaing ine m win, mi w blue ; and for cyder, the Virginian crab, English b.igloe crab, while styre, cocraf e, fox whelp and white our, with eighty cherry tree ttie black tartarian recommended by Forsyth being U front of lbev lots are taken bass, black ash,peirh, mollett, kineh, plaicr, soles, roick - ri, porey, piae, smelt, whitinr, eels, and occa sionally sneepshead and shad, with weak - nsa and mannaddea) la vast abundance ; Dens oi oyster, superior in quality to any marketed in the city, ie very near their shores, with crabs andclam, whilst the adjoining bay and creeks in the w inter season abound in black dncks aod broad bills, and som time are seen t je canvas back and wild gees, the land affording woodcock, quail and snipe. The situation cannot fail to please in every respect t and the land may always he kept in high order, at a trilling expeos byedgaad satt meadows attached thereto, and sea weeddri - tren oa its shore. Also, two other lots, one containing tea nd the other fii'teea acre. These lot command an ex tensive view of land and water t ar altogether Mttkbt for small raral retreats t oil of the best quality ; and contain about one hundred and fifty cherry tree, best sorts, and four hundred apple trees, booh ap,tTed mr laole ana cyoer, ui in fall bearing , and to each f tt lot will b attached fit acre of salt meadow if wanted. Also a lot, containing fifty tbre acre about sight in wood. This lot U about fourteen mile I rum tn city, and on .iron toe cnurcn of toe tow er Westchester. If to ahove pmpeny si aot disposed of be for wednesdsr. tb first of A prtl next, the oa that day will he (old at pabKc aactioa, sit th Tontine Coffee Ho, at twelve octock, wi accommodating terms, a to payments, in both ease. For further inform tiflo,arplvto FHEDbRICK DE PEYSTER, Lsq.No. ii Broad - etrett, or near the prrmi, to toe sftMcnocr. . fcbtuAfi raiuruurnGSTOS. VALUABLE, PROPF.RTY. For sale, the Dover Iron Manufacturing Ei lablisbment. in the county of Morris, and state oi new - jersey ; consisung oi a roiiiwa; nun tin - ting mill, in good repair, wnicn work two pair of roller and cutters, theai. lie. all at the lame tiio ; a valuable forge with two fire and one hammer in rood repair a stock of coal aud ore co hand, suifioient to make fifty toes of iron t a good saw aiill ; a cut nail factory in good epair, ufticieat tu employ thirty men, and may be extended to employ one hundred more j a brad cut - tins inuchireaod a steel furnace in rood repair: convenient to the works is a store aud a number oi house for the accommodation of families, and excellent (tabling for team tout may he neces - ' ary io aeep lor ine use oi ineesiaoiisnrneni ) also, orchard', pasture and meadow lot, immediately adioiauig the work, with timber land in any quantity, not exceeding two thousand live hundred ucies, within thre mile of said works. I he treat vein of iron ore, commencing al tn noted Suckasanny mine, run mors than 4 mile tbroogn Uu iracl, and three mine ar row open. H orn which the force are suiiulind with or. nd moreMsay tw opence) aad ore raised toaupply work to an v extent t th nnnr am within la c mile of aid work, and good'Md. so that the or can be raised and delivered t the forge at twoaad a halt dollars per ton. . I be above described work are situated on RbCkaway Hirer, about eight mile from Mor - rislown, twenty fiv miles from Uisahctb town, and about th samediitance Irom Iearr, with good turnpike road leadirg fruw said works t. each place, in a pleasant health titnatiou, ant! in a good neiEhhurhood, there being two t'reiliy - ttirian Churches witbin lour miles, atiit r inendv' meeting house within two inilcs of said lace. This stand for collecting tmr iron lor the slitting mill i very commanding, there being nearly ope hundred forge hres in the county mint oi them ar oa the stream above Dover, aud the iron, in going to New - York idm ket, can conveniently pas those work. At this mill freourntly four tons ol bar iroa have been slit and bundled into nail and spike rods in adny, and upwards of one Hundred tons oi nan Duve beea made lu a year. A large amount of good may be Mid at this place in xchMige for bar iron, procuring sup plies, etc. Ace There are valuable scites both a bove k below on this tract,oo wlikhmore works nay be erected, ALSO, That valuable well known farm, lying in the township of Randolph, about two mile from Do v.r, and six miles Iroin Morrintowti, und within one quarter ol a milt oi the Uuio turnpike road, near fleas aut valley, called toe DisulUry Farm, containing about three hundred acres, about one ourth part of which is excellent meadow, one fourth part plough and pasture land, and the re mainder timber. A ronuderable part of the timber is of the original growth, and is suitable for awinc, the other part is tlinity young timber, from uiteen to twenty year growu. I here are on said farm upward of six hundred apple tree, in fine order, eight to sixteen years old. th roost ol them of grafted fruit, and mor than half of them tiarifon appits, so lamous tor cider, i lie meadows are flat and frcb - from stone, throuich which runs two livelj streams of water, and near ly the whole may be watered. One of Uiee streams is sufficient for a grist - mill or other works : there are siw mills, a criit - mill. a fill ling mill and oil miU, on the some stream. On said farm are two valuable scites for water works, a convenient cheap place to erect a short dam, and ranea cotisinerame poud, with twelve ot filteeo ftet head. Below this lb 'water can he taken into a race, and in less than twenty chains, on good firm grouud, is more than twenty feet fall. In this way the water can b worked twice over with the expanse of only one dam I ncre ud ilia ;irin an ciemive iiupr mill with four presses and cisterns, housed aud well hooped with iron, suncient tn bold twelve hun dred barrels ol ctuer. Connected to the cider works is the itiil - housn, so conveniently situated that the whole' operation is completed without pumpingj The water for condensing tU. spirits is mpi'iied from a never failing scritig, within six rods ol the still house, and ha S'irticient hradlo ran into the cistern. The building c.oit of fwosraa'1 Irame dwellings, one good framt burn, 54 fret long by 26 feet wide, under a part of which is a good cellar : there are also bav bouse. cow nea, ;c. ALSO, Valuable rroperty at Lonrwood, to the town ship of Jeffrron, six mile irom Dover, on tht maia branch o( tiocsiaway Ktver, of a very valuable forge, with two fire and one hammer ; abundanc oi waier the whole year, a Inrje pood, and a vi ry warm rituation, aad for fifteen years past has made as much iron as any two fire in the cr.nnty. Tte ore is within lour miles, aod a part of the road turnpiked. ' The several tract conBccted with this establishment amount ait - ceiher to ahoat foarteenhandrrtfacres. th great er part timber, to make a durable supply of coal lortMlorge.' immediately adjoiniug tb inrg is very val - iU plow aad meadow land aaflicieat fo - thre farm f one hundred acre each, with bowses, orchard and barns, beside several good dwelbngs for the families that nay be employed M wvniua; urn surge The whole or any part of this very valuable properly will beo4d at arh prices and credit a wiH male it worth r th atteetio f nay persoa trishiag to purchase. For further ioformatioa esqaireof . JACOB LOSEY, t Dover.' . . - ' coin i'i,i n I BLACK WKLL at M7A&LAN at. York. KB Vu I I v : TO LET. v .J From th 1st Mav. th hot No. 133 Greeowich - streeU corner of Liberty - street, at present occupied by Doctor Neilson. The premises may be viewed any day, btweo tlie hour of 12 and 2 o'clock. ' mh lOtf f ' TO AA'i, k . D Tmm 4 It a A f Un rtv ex 1sasw ujry brick house in Green wicbAureet, between . k - n .1 i. - . I3f Greenwich - street. rnn 3 tf TO LCT. Tb stores and cellar room of those 3 try hoese No. 10 and 12 on Broad - treet ; and dew twd ttorv house No. 8 on New street, im - mUiatly in the rear of No. 10 B road - lire t, fit rot a genteel lamliy, being new. Also, a good boa at Greenwich, and on at Uftrlaem, with two and a half acre of Ground, near AlanhatUnville. Apply tn , CHAS OAKLEY, 141 Ftont - tL irm ix u , A countioc house on the lower floor. No. outh ttreet. A larce aew fire proof (tore in Goveroenr - lane, next door to Water - street. mh 11 Apnly to . A TUCKER It LAUklES, 29 Hftwth - strret. i jut ittiii.niKns Two offices in Law Buildins. No. 3. to o renren. Aiiiiy on use premises, io jaiuz.0 A. HATiiLa i on, trq.or at no. bv ssoauway fcb25dtf From tlie first of Mav next, a front count ing room on the second floor, together with the upper lolls, r - oqure Ho. 107 rea.l - siretu II 24 it f TO LET, ktiu The whole or part of a gonteel two - story bri;.K house, with a stable iu the rear, in the pldjssantest part of Broadway, within three quar tern ol a mue ol the Cit j - tlaU The terms rea - sonkble to a good tenant. For further particu lars, enquire at 189 Broadway, opposite John - treU mji35 iw X TOl.KTATBLOOMLVGUALE, l,rI Th hous and ground belonging to the estate ol John cbaw, situated on tneetgntn ave - nuul On the premites are an excelleu!. double house, staDie, coacn and ice nous, witn every thing else requisiu for such au eitablishmeat - fi is prcsumetl any other description if unnecessary, as rhoce inclined to rent will view the place Also. the. laree fir proof (tore in the rear of be jscj 1 1 and I J reari - tret j where ther it lor sale' some old Madera Wine, by the DeiuijJin. r or lurtnerparticaiar, appiy o . ... ANN M. SHAW, . , Jn'29 11 Pearl - strc. tOR SALK Ok 'iOLkAit., Lots in the 6. 6. 8, and 10 Wards ; many ol uhicb are on rrguloted and paved streets. - - No money will be required under Uu years, if told, interest excepted. . ' ., . .. HOUSES Several two and three storv house, on which a grktpart r.f the money remain on mortgage. , An excellculstrmd for bunnes. with ton teres of land, pleasantly situated, with a wharf, store home and barn. , : COTTON nnd WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, flcar New - Haven, with 40 acres of laud, bad a never failing stream, upon which 40 mills may be etected, with, a surucieitcy ol water tor eaco, Appiy ai - no. ureeuwicu - sireri. 1an 13 If : 1 1 ' ' ' ' A two storv house iUiated in Prl street, BiDokWn. fonseonion may ho had on the fii it of Uy next For particulars, apply to the subscriber, on the premises, mh 25 tf JAMES GILL. JE , VALDAbLE - PUOFkrl'l I.. I"si. Th iul) - ci oll'rn for sal a valuable farai, 73 miles from ..New - York, lying 7 miles south of Pnughkerpsic, on tno pott - road, wuhiu 1.4 of a mile ol Ihn mill) on the falls of Wappin - g r's - Creck, and lu i.ic neighborhood of Mitral landings irom which - looj sail weekly. Itcou - rain 1 10 acres oi' level, Icrtile land, with a young oi chard of gniWd fruit, wood sufficient for fuel, and all in 0 - ! fcuce, 'I'ho house centaios seve ral rooiof, i. u a t,iw)l barn, und all in excellent repair, iu tit tatuw being on, an eievatea piain, renders the phtcc hot ouly heallby, but preieats fioiu the dwelling a delightful inland prospect. Abo. another lotol 4Uacres,cotitiguoostouie above, aiid bouudod southerly by th falls of Vfcpi)inrers - Lrk. J lis land 1 lertu, m x - ccllrut fence, and of eay cultivation. What rtu Jer Ibis property valuable, is, that it may b mads a lilac of celebrity. Ther is already o - reeled on th falls a saw - mill of great capacity, a carding - null, which enjoys the custom ol tu iieigliborhood, btiides several other sciles for lactorits, unoccupied. Tb whole force of the creek can be divertad with a little expoocaso as to drive a rango of mills on a level plot of ground ut below the falls, and accessible by an easy navigation ; where factories of every description, with svery facility ol power ana trausportatioo can be cooitructud. Also, a flour - mil', of the first class, i Tb mill hjuse it large, with 4 run of Burr ston, aud calculated for 6, with new machiuery for iiiufacturiog wheat. Ice. with an elevator for raiiiug grain from vessel into the upper loft of the mill. Connected with the mill is a large store bouse for sloruig wheat aud tour. With the mill will be. sold 53 acres of excellent land, oa which is situated fiv dwelling bouses, a lag barn, hay hous, carriag hous, corn crib;, hovels, Ac. a cooper's shop calculated for 20 hands. Two of tb houses ar new and well calculated for gentoel families : They command a view of tb river, with beautiful . interval landscape formed by th meandering of th creak immediately in front. Ther ar few places which nssoctat so many accommodating .qualifications for tb merchant. mechanic or farmer. If Dotsold al private sal bfor Tuesday the 2lit April, it will oa that day be offered at aac - lion. For terms &c. apply to PETER MESIER, No. 25 Beaver - street. Feb 20 . ABRAHAM MF.SIER. FOR AvsLfi, The property ni Brooklyn, belching to tlie estate of Cary Lad low, deceased, consist ing of a sew thre story brick bouse and tot of rroond, a (tor bouse, lorntariy occupied a a distillery, a small frame building and lot of grouud, and two vacant lots adjoining, tlx above premises. This property i situated within a fen rod of the s'eam - bcat ferry, on the road to 1'ierpont's Distillery, and extends from the hill to the river. Also lo let, front the first of May nest, the bouse and lands oa the bill, in the rear or the a - bove described premises. The hous is well a - da pled for a private family or for a pabhc hoese. The situation, from it elevated position, command a very extensive and beautilul view of tb city, the Eait River and Bay of New - York. The grounds sarroundiug the boose (about fiv acres of laud) are in a high state of cultivation. Foe teres, apply to ' GEO. W. MORTON. ' mb 21 tf No. 6 Wiltinm - st Q2 - Leturptutr w , . The foBowIiig houses - bou No. 294 Br'vidwty, two doors above Washington Hall, with a eofcch bowse in the rear if required - Also, a tbrte story brick born No. 416, in said street. Also, a new and genteel two story brick house, corner of Lispeuard and Church street, the term modetate. For farlber particulaxs, s at 415 Broadway, ' fthtf TO LKT, The foMowina Houses.ix: The hous No. 6John - tmt Tb bouse No, 7 do . - - The hous Dd (tor No. 396 Peart - street The house aad store No. 131 Cuernr - strret . JAMES W, SHAW, fob 21 No. 5 Bowery. tUH SALE. Sevan imh nt imA m W.aS.Cv - f ..vv. mi ... v.t. Ul. f.WM.W KM m n. A 1 1 . l. i 1 r I i p wiiH5 - ooaii, Drnaaa lowi - uosrw, thnfty young orchard of grafted Iruit, a garden wiUi asparagus bed, shrubbery of gooseberry, currasjtf and strawberric, with a will of never - n...A u, w. u . r v. " "iwi wen caicuiaiea lor ois - tilling. rhetUges pern every day to New - Yorki . w ui 5 Deing oniy a quarter oi a (sule Iron tte landing. Kncuireof tltiARY C HEAVENS, . , ' 158 Broadway. c jr fo' 009 0r ,W BOr,e lo sMHiwu shivery cvaDie, urcadway, near Hester - street. Enquire as above. nh lltf Q IO HhJiTt . The Assembly Room, with tbsUdfoia - ing apartmento, in Ross's Buildings, No. 146 Fulton - street, next to the comer of Broadway. - The premises am well nlruUttut fnr lim school, for public meetings orocietiei i th large room be ins enwanltof &0fect in Unih. t,J . bout 29 feet in breadth, with a 14 feet ceiling. The Whole, as to situation and size, is wll ral. calated for an aactiots stablishiuent fog fomi - iere aua oiner saie. ,. The abox will be rented tb anv term not es ceeding sevsn year from the 1st of May next. Enquire ol the subsenher No. 107 Full. street. mnizdti . ' is. r.. liLISS 20 LUT. From th first of May next, an excel. li - . uuvK, uui M UHKr. miu Kruuuus SHSJtMlllng, posseninu every com I or t and convenience for a genteel family situated on the first avenue, near Nortfk - street, aad about one mile from the City - Hall The rant wiH be low to a good tenant For further particular apply at the (tore of the Niimiun - r, nv, so? r iuui airees. - nth 212r CORNS. DUBOI3. TO Lt.T. Those two fit. proof dwelliiur Houses. No774 and 76 Mott strrt, about ten minutes walk from the Coffee House. They will be put :.. . I ' . r iu LinuM.:iD rtHinir, aua en caicuiaieu lor gen tcel familif. Apply at No. 137 Water ttretL mh II tf RtMUEXCi. at VHLKXH'IVH To be let. tb house and (.rounds f roe tins oil tireenwich Lane, belonging to the. estate of ...... a ..ill. . ' . ineiuie nnmuei pmiigan, anu at present occu pied hy Mt. ouvid Kly. ' - V..m .l..l,... .......i I1IIU Mit - ri' lumber inerrhant, foot of N. Moore - street, or of T. PPJNGLE, in the Bank of New - Yerk. seh XbU T" FOH HALE, : ' " t he two - tlory brick iron' lloose and Lot N. rl CUnrn.slrcct Foe 1rm - ire. nnnlvai . . i . ; rrJ 7i reejri - sireci. ' ' mar 3 '. I L'V The How No. 78 Broad - street, with the other:, (tirehuese, aud (tables coatijjou, and a piieriatosag thereto. - ' ' . iu jf.Asr For a term of v ear, in Iota by parcel, that pail of lias HilTntaate on the 2tt dd, aad 4th avenuaa, oa th 23d, 24th, 26th, 26tK X7Ui, 28th, n4Ztii streeu, which belong to un, Au tu gers. i or perucuir apply to - . JAMES A. HAMILTON. mb 19 af " '" " Nw 9 Lew Built iaee. " - . 'n l.A 'j' . lJ And possesslo liveaoe the firrt of May etat, the tpacloe antf well known atand, the Union Hotel, No. 68 William - street. For par ticulars enquire of au, vamieroiii, rto. 67, opposite, mh 16 (L),. A fwAafarv hnns... rifh ihirn mnA itv, acies of land, situate about two aod a half mile iron ine city, opposite ine nrsenai. ioi person who i in the habit of attending market and HriMifH raillirnt tha IaiiI ni mn .fiurlv v.ftahlt garden, it Is an object. Rent 200 .dollar. Ap - 1 ply at 3 Broadway. mhfitf TO BK HOLD ATAUCTlOJf, By HOFFMAN 6z GLASS, oa ialur - day, the 4th day of April next, at 12 o'clock, ia UUIIl UI III, J VII1JS VWC, IJVHBi Tlie House and Lot No. I W illiam - street, at present in the occupation of the (ubscribr,sitatc at the corner of William - street and Stone - street. The lot U 91 feet 'deep on William streeL IK feet 1 1 ioctxw on Stoat - street, and 48 feet fear inches deep from William - street, at the north, wardly end of the lot. The subscriber tome time ago had aa intention of converting the bouse into (lore , andob taioed plan and estimates for that purpose. H had oner irom respectame mecnamc to mane five store ou the lot by tome additional building, and alterations of the present buildings, lor ten thousand dollars, er tc pull ail the present build ing down, and to erect, with the assistance of tlie present materials, ovr store ioi nuei a titou - and dollar. Plan and elevation of these stores, a they were prepared to be built, may be sees at ine aut tunn - ei . Seventeen thousand dollar bf lb purchase money may remain en mortgage. Five tliousaod dullars will lie required exe cution of the deed, aud the residue, in two, four and six months. nitiMtds , C. D. GOLDEN. From the 1st of May next, the lower counting room oi no 94 Dcutii - suecu . The upper counting room. No. 71 Sovth - tt. Appiy 10 jAaaba irrtui.1, it. ten 13 0 r rout - street - Q1 REAL ESTATE FOR BALE. Two 2 - story brick bees and lots, situa - tsd Nos. 37 k J vesey - street. Also, a boos and lot No. 11 Bowery, near Chatham - square, 44 feet fruit by 125 deep. AU on accommodating terms. For particular ap ply at No. SSi Ureenwicb - st. ja 15. tf d7 TO LET, sUJlS Th GLOBE TAVERN, No. 143 Wa ter - sir(L The situation of this bouse, and it accommodation, justly render it an object well worth the attention of any persoa dosinnir f keep ing a lucrative public bouse. It will Dr. Ut, tur - niiliador unfurnished, and immediat pcsssiea given, ttpply at No. 137 Wator - strerL mh 17 tf FOR SALE, kal raorsaTy i thb citi or efw - toac Q A BRICK HOUSE and Lot no, II Bowery STABLE ia tf rear togeth er with the LOT, 44 Juel front, wet rear, tsn 125 feet on each side. uoirsR mm.i iXiT No. 37 Vesrytrctt . and House and 1 N 39 Vejey - street. tSONLI and aioiviuAuz. i"r ivmi uonart. do and do for IM do do and do for 450 , do On valaable Droperty in the city of New - York. The io'erest ha always been ptnrtually paid. For particular tnqeir at trw ofiic of t ' iTL'tuis o i lumvr rle 10 tf No. 'n - f. ' OFIRE PRitOF HTVRK. Te let aad nossessioa first of Mae mt. thiour story tse roof (tore, No 34 Soarh - ft. between Coeaties aiid Old sli. Enqoire of the Mbrrihr, No. 1 M errs y, or 45 Chamber - it reel. fc - nvif - n. l. UitAlli. Q . - . , TO LET, A Tavern and Store in Flushing, atprt - senl occsrHcd by Mr. Wui. ifhaw. Arnlyte ontu i. uiunyi). A CARD. ,1 i lri - arrt r s - n a t t i - i i . furjiung. the lame aad geetlemta of this city, that in CMtequeac of tb Cotillioo Pair basitfen, 1 harsdat aext, his annual Ball will be eostpoacd. to th 1 hursday followius, 2d of April. TP Letters liir his Britannic t, ! S W1FTSURE. (for Falmouth, via HxTno - va - . - icoiia,; wui. p recssvea at us post - office, till Wdneday aAraooa. th Qth day of April. mhlStApl T W:MOORE,awot. ' . bTKELT MAMJKkl ttr The contract which are to be entered In to lor tb (treet manure, will commeBceae Us 1st of May next, for 1 or t year, to 14 mention ed in to sealed proposal ; and the streets ar to be swept and cleaned, from the 1st of March to. tb 1st of Jaary, in every year. Feb 21 MECJUN1CS BANKM . ...w, (TT Tb stockholder ar bareby nolifiti thai " sn lcliMi for tbirto Director will b haklaa the first Tuesday hi April aext, and thai the poll will be opened at th Banking House to Wall street, t 10 o'clock A. M. and Uosadat - o'clock P.M. ' By clrr th Fres'uVsU and Director. , x4 ichS ? - W. FlBU.Cnsh'r. . Stmt tJ Aew 1 er UtwAfreffar' lifie. (TT PnbUc aotic to henbv rivea to til hold. er of tlie sevaa per caat stock at thta Hat, last u iimaunaoi oi twenty per ctwluia ol Um oncl - w iwwi ui uias noes., equal to roar eva teeirth ot the iweeeat &ooM, will be paid offoa Um first day of April next, or at any tim toere - after whan demanded. ' ' Payment will be made at the Badk of New - ' York, is the city of New York, to the stockholders residing in the souther district el Una il4e and oot of the stile, and to all other at the Mew York State Bank, in tb city of Albany.' . It is required that th certificates issued for Us sleek should be exhibited tq Us beak where such, payment are mad. .";','. The interest oa the said instalment will cease after the (aid first day, of April atxL . Dated at Albany, march 9ih. 1818. - . .. . ARCU'D. M'INTYRE, Copt'rs, mchis dtAi ' Qj - Mr. t.AUXF having btkeo Uiehoute No. 21 Broadway, now in th occupancy of Mr. John L Glover, offer from the 1st of Mtyntrat, A residence to gentlemen aad ladies. Tho pleatantneof th i luation n ed no comment . mh 24 tf . . , .'t . .i.e t - 1 WESTERN CANAL COMPAN if. " A dividend of Iv d ahalf petcefit, (tn. tii Capital Wot k of said Caiunaov. will ba rudd to the blwkhokk - ra oa the lite April, Apply to Bareut Bieecker, Esq.. Albany, or 210 V li - liam - strset. .By order of the director. THOMA9EDDY,Treasurr., mh 10 Im . ,vr;i . PUBLIC AOTlcii (tv - The public are berobv notified, not tn give credit to any persoo or crsoii on my ae - ' coaot, ot rMnlr Vrtoiet due me. without spy w ( imuviiijt ' ' - oui wooy. . Hew - York, March 25th, 1816. " ' mhfiS tw - . " CONCERT. - f Ma, FRENCH, ts(iecttinv inform herlriisds aad th pobtie ceneralry. that she in - tends giving a Concert of Vocal ait! lustrumea - t u.. - :.. . T .1 i - . . . ; . . tti Music, oa Tday evening, the 31st instant i vH.uin w wima wiu Buinwr in a lew aays. ' ' l. KZ Jilt . . r uu um .. . . ' ' .. . , OCT MKtJ - AiN bfENCEH coirttmpiau - s opening a (cbooi for yeeng ladies to enmmeaca oa the first of May eusuing, on the foUowieg term : reading, writing, geography, grammar, arithmetic, tambouring, embroidery, incltsdiatr the radimenta of French and drawing, for ten avC - ' Ian per anarter t lessons on piano furl or ruitar fifteen dollars, fiv to be paid io advance.. Mn. SPENCER feel that six has some little claim to the pktroeare of the lediet of her native citv. by ao man foundtsd oa a sense of her awe me nu, but oa behalf of four fatberles luanU. To tht smsd. proud. Incoltd or imrwrious. she doaa not address herself. oat le the Icmale who boa - sen true feeling or real piety whose delight it is to cause " the widow's heart to sing for Joy" it is the patronage of such, and such only, she solicit, batufactory nfertince will be given it; required. vrnttt - iiroet, ao. 3. . mn tb itn ' Aete - yrl taut Mannfacturm Cwimi. . 0" Ao election for tva Trattca for th ea um year, will be bold e Monday, th ib of A pnl next, at the eomtini rooea oi George Rjkr ards, No. 90 Pine - stveeL Poll to be ppe " to 2 o'clock, F. M. By order of the board. - '. mh taiOt T. C. BUTLER. Hecry. FaHfonttKtnt of Uu 'rM. '. ' By There will be ne Forum ihittretv tnr. Tb next and tost Forum will be on Fri day evening, the 3d of April, al the Astsmrdy Room, Cily - Uotel, whan tbe follow irtg qurstloa will be discosted I It it totlally oaoesrary for th efficient admiiilstralioa and for the IU male preservaiioa of the governmewt of th Untied State thatftsbeuld be to the bands of ft, party?" . - i ; : ' ' After lnuuC0MKa of the quest km, uapere priat valedictory adlvresj wui u delivered by Thomas Itssendea, asuoire. mhZO 8t n'i'VVO HOUrT.S F(R SALE, No. 94 and fit) Jobn - etreetV f.iiqulre at 40 Fenrlreet. " mh 25 lot a TO LET OH Lt.AU:, I Prom Ui 1st May nextoo rsssonablo leims, a Urge convenKiit dwelling boete, nppo - atts Love Laoe,ararth two luilettner, Bnriry. t prtwMit occupied by Profersor Adrain; well calculated for two fomilies. Having two kitcbeM, with broom, paatrie aad vaultr a stubl and, coach hoaee, well of good wuter aad two citterns, tt has a very large garden, wall stocked with thru! and iruft toecs i posivutssoa of wkstk can he had on the 1st April nxt. Also to rent, a genteel 3 story brick boos No, 492 Oreenwfc b strett, wi'h er without a stable. luUterear. Apply at No 496 Grenwlcb - t. orto llALSEY At COSMAN. sub 21 tf , S4 0ldrl., Q UO LEAiF, for ttrmjtf tat The boa aniT lot No. 20 CfartseeV kitcbeo. paalrict. vaulu. Ac. and a well of rood. lUliW, . - m cram JM, tin lot No. 09 Mnay street, in too sxcepatioai pal Charch du St. Esiirit. Inquire of 1 . LU . . k. lint I In itt' tf. w. it v, ,. aiuLi.iuafl, b25 dtf . ' No. 44 Ptn - treL Q . TO LEX. T - TTT Ttif pew brick 8l. no. 62 Ston - t ...... . T.kJ. 6WOKPS.. - Feb 16 . . , - Q. y.SuV,iVartrr,or2b .. A coavenient ho and oet - bi)dings wiut aa exccilcnt cittern, and ft lew tent oi grLoad, rosaUMliBg a fine view of tho Hedtots snoin 9 - 4oi(s(osri no vent town. xtrm. VerybNyal. Apply at 3o Front oU set. , j mn . J i w On aicunimotlaline liims. a suisubas mt water and baUding Wi, Bear and svljoathig th aavj - yard, at lyraokly. , for pellicular, ear - (jtl'Mli - . ,Ml.Uit.VA8, ,,i .toil fit tf Br4lya. ItitlvS - ISLAND fcAL'l' 16t ovthei . toigul 1risUund tofry . : ' ICCriER LAUsULS, J ,1

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