Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 4, 1944 · Page 12
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 12

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, February 4, 1944
Page 12
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12 fnua, Feb. *, 1M4 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE KELLY BUSS FARM Hutchins -- Frank Kelly pur- . chased a quarter section in Orthel township, and will take possession in March. The land is known as the old Weiland farm but recently has been owned by Clarence Umdgren who resides on the [arm. Mr. Lundgren retained an 80 acres which lies across the road east of his present home and plans to move an extra house to the 80 and improve it for a home. Burt--Mrs. Axel Anderson and daughter, Kathleen, Dike, are visiting ' Mrs. Anderson's aunt Mrs. Alvina Powers. PUBLIC AUCTION TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 8, 1944 40 HEAD OF PURE BRED POLAND CHINA BRED SOWS Tope selected from two leading herds of the breed, and bred to the cream of the crop of boars. Here is the place for farmer, breeder or 4-B boy to ret a feature Utter for 1944. Also selling a few extra good fall boar* WRITE FOR FREE CATALOGUE O. W. FRIEDOW, Britt, Iowa FLOYD FRIEDOW AND SONS, Kanawha. Iowa Sale to be held at O. W. Friedow farm 4'/j ml S. and 2 mi. E. of Britt. Hog Prices Little Changed ·y GENI AHERN PUBLIC SALE On the place known as the eld Ab Towne farm. 5 miles west and ~ milts northwest · r Norihwo«d; a i mile northeast of Silver Lake Store; ft miles east and =!i mile a»vlh «t Eminem; 13 mile* loath mt Albert Ixra, =i mile aoyth of the state lint, on WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 9 'COMMENCING AT ONE O'CLOCK SHABP Lunch Served fcy West Hartland Hisslva Circle «f Silver Lake Lutheran Church SI BEAD OF CATTLE--34 head of Hilittlu. One ·( the hit heal pridieliit: herds the Hartland Creareerr. 1 heavy sprinrlni eewi; 3 iprlnclnr cows; 12 hclleri ID I fr«ah M«n; It comlur yearling hellers; S small heUer calves. 3 Bed cattle--S Bed helfen, 1 Ked Foiled cow, all heavy sprinters. G HEAD OF HOBSES--1 matched team o( roan mares, comint 4 and 3 years, w«l MODERATELY ACTIVE TRADE Reduction of Receipts Helps Clear Pens ^ Chicago, W--Hog prices were little changed Friday, with moderate action, on all weights. Butcher classes predominated the cattle receipts and trade was generally steady. Good and choice fed western lambs and natives brought the top of $16.25. The cutting of hog receipts to 9,000 salables helped to clear pens of most of the stock holdover from earlier in the week with in- ications that about 9,000 swine vould remain unsold at the close £ trade. Only the best grade 200 o 300 pound butchers brought he top oE $13.75 and with weights nder 170 pounds relatively scarce demand for 170 to 190 pounders cept prices steady at 512.75 to 513.65. (WF A)--Salable hogs 9,000; to- al 15,500; moderately active on all weights; generally steady; good and choice 200 to 330 Ibs. at 513.75 the top; few load 340 to 375 Ibs., 512.60 to $12.85; good and choice Midwest Livestock (FRIDAY'S PRICESf Trend Good B'jtchers- AlbertLu Minn. Steady brake,' weight 155O each, and really a matched team; 1 bay old, ' commc 4 years , l 1600, gentle and Broke: 1 hlack reldlnz comioc 4 years old, broke, weigh i 155»j 1 black muaVycan oid,~ weight ItOltp jreen 'broke: I'bay, mare 9 year* eld 74 HEAD OF HOGS--LOBE time veterinarian vaccinated. 70 bead of (all plti, welfh about 6tt Ibs. each; I pure bred Black Poland China boar; 3 Black Poland China brood sows to farrow about April J. , · 45 SHROPSHIRE EWES DUE TO LAMB FORE PART OF MAY -- 1 BUCK 100 bales second cullint alfIfa bay; 10 tons loose alfalfa bar *» barn, 12 feet goo corn sllajc In 16-foot silo; 100 bales straw; 150 bushels Marion oats; 50 bushels of ry FABM MACHINERY, ETC.--Ill-ISO McCormlck-Deerine; tractor with new pistons an «le*v*s put In last atfrinj; McCorraick-Deermi 14-inch g»tff plow; I McCormlck-Dee Inr H fc h p. engine on track; 1 May tax motor; Dempster 2-row cultivator, like new S-fC. P. i O. tandem disc; McCormick 5-ft. mower; Kovar H-f*. spring tootb harrow 9 slat mold boards with lays to fit John Deere 14 or 16 inch tractor plow; 1 bob lie 1 bay ruck; 1 barrow cart; 1 A-type individual hoj house; 1 set of good brceehln bat ness; 1 set «* fly nets; horse collars, tools, etc. HOUSEHOLD GOODS--1 60-Inch all steel cabinet sink with double drain board, white--complete with (a a eels and sprayer, like new; 1 sood davenport, opens Into comfertable bed, rood sprints, c ood covering; ;t rockers; 1 cabinet; table; ruj dishes; 1 Iron bed; 1 Coleman *as iron: 'A kerosene lamps: 1 Aladdin lamp; J Coleman 2-maatle fasoliue lamp; 1 2-manlle Coleman lantern. TERMS: Cash, or make arrangements with home banker before the sale; no property to be removed from premises until settled for. OTTO SCHEER 1. N. Browfl ana N. V. Haber.'Auctioneers -- First National Bant, Emmona. Clerk 140-150 Ibs. » K.W 1M-160 Ibs. 110.70 160-110 Uv. 111.10 170-1M b». 180-200 IbE. 11M» 200-220 Ux. 220-MO Ibs. 240-MO Ibf. . MO-JTO 11*. · »»·«» 270-300 11*. »"·* 330-360 11*. »1»-W 300-330 Ibe *13.40 Good Packing Sow*- aio-soo it». »".» 300-330 Ib*. ....;...... "11.70 330-3(0 ID*. 111.70 360-400 Ib.. I11.M 400-450 lb 111.50 450-500 Ibs. (11.40 500-530 Ibs. JH.30 Auslln, Minn. Steady * U.60 111.10 $11.60 512.20 113.40 513.40 $13.40 $13.40 513.40 S13.40 J12.90 111.70 S11.70 $11.70 (11.70 $11.60 (11.50 (11.50 S12.00 514.70 $13.45 S13.45 (13.45 (13.45 (13.45 (13.45 J12.90 ·U.ft (11.75 (11.75 $11.69 S1I.45 PRICES OF OATS SHOW STRENGTH RyelsEasyWitK Wheat Holding Steady Chicago, (If)--Divergent trends developed in the grain market 170 to 190 Ibs., 512.75 to $13.65; Friday with rye displaying easi- weights under 170 Ibs. relatively ' · --«-=-"= ' *·- «"·* -AUCTION- As I have rented my farm, I will sell at Public Auction on the farm 8 miles north and 1 '/4 miles west of yentura; 4 miles west and 2 miles south of Fertile; 7 miles east and 2 miles south of Forest City on TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 8 Sale Starrs at 1 O'Clock 52 - Head of Livestock - 52 3 HORSES scarce; good and choice 350 to 550 Ib. sows 512.00 to 512.25; approximately 9,000 unsold. Salable cattle 2,000; salable calves 500; generally steady trade, butcher cattle predominated in receipts; clearance good, no strictly choice steers here; low-choice 1,140 Ib. average 516.15; several loads S13.50 to 515.40, with medium killers down to 512.50 and below; all interests in market; bulk heifers 512.00 to $14.00; mixed, offerings 515.15; no choice heifers here; cutter cows $7.75 down and strictly good cows in demand around 512.50; most sausage bulls $8.50 to 510.75; with 511.00 quotable on weighty sausage offerings; vealers scarce^ fully steady at 513.00 to 515.00; stock cattle closed week active 25 to 40 cents higher than week earlier. Salable sheep 2,000; total 2,000; asking, fully steady; 3 decks good and choice fed western lambs and one deck natives $16.25 to packers and shippers; deck native Iambs to city butchers $16.15; odd lots just-good native lambs $15.75 and 515.85; load medium to good, largely medium grade, Colorado fed lambs $15.25; load good and choice fall shorn native lambs $15.35 to $15.50; deck fat but burry ness, oats exhibiting strength ant wheat holding steady. Rye was down about a cent at one time on commission house and local selling but recovered some of its loss. Local firms received reports of large sales of Canadian whea to the commodity credit corpora tion. Firmness in oats was based o the belief present ceilings on th grain will be maintained, rather than, reduced, under the permanent maximum regulation' scheduled to be announced Saturday. Modern Miller, a trade publication, said winter wheat unquestionably was in a much better situation as a result of recent moisture, but good rains were needed in the spring. At the close wheat was unchanged to fe lower, May $1.70%% oats were up" %-'%, May 80%, rye.was down %-l cent, May $1 ZS'/s-V', and barley was -Vt lower, May $1.22%. STOCK ISSUES INDIFFERENT Generally Continue to Back Water in N. Y. New York, (#")--Stocks general ly continued to back water in Fri day's market after an early at BOARD AND ROOM NEAREST! EVER. CAME TO MAKING -WAT MUCH MOOLA V4MTUNT1LYOU HEARTHIS," HEXT SPRING THE CHIEF VANTS WE TO GO OUT TO HIS PLACE AS GpOtt AND SAID HED PAY ME S TOO A. WEEK./ REGARD HIS OFFER SERIOUSLY HE HAS NO SENSE OF VALUE OF MONEY/ UNDER GAS ONCE ·11.00 (11.40 (12.60 S 13.45 J 13.45 $13.45 (13.45 $13.43 $13.49 (11.70 $11.70 $11.70 $11.60 (11.50 (11.30 ; : -:±m · ; V^6 m m "·-:'L?'S : :;l^ ·":;·% -^m m ··JMrA 32 CATTLE 21 milch cews, some with calves at side, others to freshen soon; 4 heifers coming 2 years old, fresh in spring; 7 spring calves. 17 HOGS--2 sows with late pigs; 15 about 100 Ibs. Black gelding, 6 yrs. old, wt. 1500; team bay geldings. 12 yrs. old, wt. 1250 each. feeding pigs, wt. ewes $8.25; load medium fed western ewes $7.75. grade Judge Thornell, Whose Father Had Also Been Judge, Dies at 62 Sidney, (£)--District Judge A V. Thornell, 62, whose father had been a judge for 30 years in the same district served by hU son, died Thursday. He was stricken by a cerebral hemorrhage at.his home Wednesday, and had opened court in Fremont county last Tuesday. He was the second Iowa di»- trict judge to die in recent.weeks P. J. Klinker, Denison, judge in the. 16th judicial district, died short time ago. Thornell had been engaged !r Jaw practice up until July, 1941 when he was appointed judge ii the 15th judicial district to sue ceed Whitney Gilliland, Glenwood, who resigned to ente private practice in Waterloo. , Surviving are his widow ani 2 sons, Andrew Y. Thornell, \\ the signal corps in the Aleutian; and Capt. John Thornell, sts tioned at Topeka, Kans.; a dauglv ter, Barbara, Washington. CEYFTOQUOTE--A cryptofrwn qiMtatiom P N V V D N N S L U N J G R J N I A V D R I K , I A L B N P R N T N S I U'V D R I K B A L V D C R V D '--- G D S N TJ L, F J. T«*tei4»y*» Cryptofluot*DRIVERS ARE ROADS WHICH MARCH, AND CARRY YOU WHERE YOU WISH TO GO- PASCAL. CHICAGO CASH GEA1N (Fridr Market) ft, (,1V-Wheat none. Com sample grade yellow 3«c. Barley, maltlns S1.25-1.44 nominal; feed S1.18-I.22 nominal. Field seed per 100 Ibs.. timothy Ss.75-6 nominal; red top $14-15 nominal: red top SI4-15 nominal; red clover $31.30 nominal; sweet clover S10.50 nominal. tempt to stem the downwar swing met with little or no re sponse. Liquors were among the weak est performers, falling 3 to arounc 10 points. Closing losses, however ranged from fractions to a poin or so and extreme setbacks wer reduced in a number of cases the final hour. Volume approxi mated 650,000 shares compare with nearly 1,000,000 Thursday Conspicuous on the slide we American Distilling "Plain," Par Tilford, Schenley, Santa Fe, S. Steel, Texas Co., Sears Roebuc International Harvester, Westinghouse, Dow Chemical, Philip Morris, Johns-Manville and Eastman Kodak. Resistance was shown by Rustless Iron, J. C. Penney, Market Street Railways, Braniff Airways and Allied Chemical. Bonds were irregularly lower. The liquor groups seemingly was disturbed by the O. P. A. ruling setting maximum prices on whisky which would be sold to shareowners in the form of dividends. American Distilling "Plain" opened on a block of 2,500 shares, off 5 at 108 and eventually about doubled the drop. Produce Farm Machinery, Etc. Grain binder, 8 foot; McCormick Deering mower; gong plow, 14-inch; sulky plow, 16-inch; w a l k i n g plow, 14-inch; 4-section harrow; 16-wheel disc; iron wheel wagon and box; wooden wheel wagon; hay rack; hay rake; 2-row corn plow; single row corn .plow; endgate seeder; John Deere corn planter, 80 rods wire; corn binder; Z--10-gallon cream cans; McCormick Deering cream separator; other articles too numerous to mention. FEED -- About 300 bushels oats; some corn; severe tons hoy. TERMS--Cash or arrange with your banker before sale No property to be removed until settled for. VAL KEIFER Fhil Sheimo, Auet. Forest City Bank Trust Co., Clerk Local Livestock HOGS MASON CITY-- For rtiday Good" light llgms ......... 14M 5? * !H5 load light lifhu ......... 1SO-HOJ »-90 Good lllht ligbtj ......... 160-170 JIO^O Good Uzbt llahtj .......... 170-180 »U.SO Good Ught light* ........ 180-200 SI2.VO Good light lights ........ 200-220 S13.« Good mcd. wt. butchers .. 220-240 $13.40 Good med. wt butchers .. 240-270 .$13.40 . 270-300 »13.4a !o. 2 ear corn (15'/i%. Barley ?5c-$l PUBLIC SALE As I have bought an acreage, I will sell at public auction 4 miles west, \ { i mile south, V4 mile west of Dougherty; 1 mile north and 3Vi miles east of the Sheffield cemetery; 3 miles east and 4X miles south of Rockwell, on TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 8th Commencing at 12:30 p. m.. the following described property: 44 HEAD OF LIVESTOCK 4 HORSES--I bine roan gelding, II years old, weight 1630; 1 bay gelding, 10 years old, weight 160ft; 1 sorrel mare, 10 years old, weight 1500; 1 bay geldin?, smooth mouth, weight 1400. 17 CATTLE--S cows; 8 calves; 1 Hereford bull, coming 2 years old, good individual. 23 PIGS--6 winter pigs; 5 late fall pigs; 12 feeding pigs. 150 LEGHORN HENS MACHINERY AND MISCELLANEOUS--1 ' steel wheel truck wagon and rack; 1 narrow tired wagon, triple box; 1 JMolinr hay loader; I McCormick S-ft. binder; 1 McCormick corn binder; 1 8-ft. spring tooth Tiarrow; 1 hammer mill: 1 McCormick burr mill, 8-in., good as new; 1 Dain Overshot hay stacker, good shape; 1 hay buck; 1 single row Hayes corn cultivator; 1 sulky plow; 1 DeLaval milking machine, 2 single units, pipe line for 12 cows, large pump for 6 unit used less than one year; 1 McCormick Deering separator, No. 4; 1 John Dccrc bean planter; 1 hay fork; 1 feed cooker; 2 self feeders (one 60-bushcl size); 2 ensilage racks; 1 tongue truck for McCormick Kccring disc; 1 Porter hay carrier; I McCormick 5-ft. mower; 2 bob sleds; 1 2-wheel trailer; 3 feed bunk*; 1 cattle rack. 18-ft.: 1 cattle rack, 24-ft.; 1 swill cart; 1 oil brooder stove; 1 hard coal brooder stove; 1 brooder house, 8x16 ft.; 1 small brooder house; 2 sets b»ck pad harness; 3 sets of leather fly nets; several horse collars; 1 cooling; tank; 1 tank heater; 1 8-gallon cream can; 1 doz house; hoc troughs; 310 ft. /s-inch rope; 2 electric fences; 20 (rain sacks; 216 bales of second crop clover hay: 208 bales mixed timothy, clover and alfalfa hay; 300 bales other hay; 13 or 14 tons clover and timothy hay in stack. HOUSEHOLD GOODS--One circulating beater; one Round Oak heater; chain and other small articles. W. F. CONNERS, Owner . Good med. wt butchers .. Good med. wt. butchers .. 300-330 113.40 Good med. wt butchers .. 330-360 $12£Q Good packing tows ....... 2flft-300 tli.7Q Good sows .... ........ .,..300-330*11.70 Good sows ................ 330^60 *11.70 Good sows ................ 380-WO 111.10 Good tows ................ 400-450 »U.« Good sows ................ 450-500 tllJO Dae t» excessiT« ran at b«f, pins* call the plant twfote deliTirlnr «ny boss. JACOB E. DECKEB * SONS. CATTLE MASON CITY-- For Friday Choice steers ana bellers ...S14.00-1S.OI Good steers and betters ... J1Z.50-13.50 Med- steers and heifers ---- SIO.OO-HJO Com. steers and heifers .... S 8.00- 9.50 Cows, dry fed .............. S 8.50- 9.! Com. cows .................. S 7.50- 8,( Butcher bulls ............... 19.00-10.00 Bologna bulls ................ $8.00- 9.00 Bologna buns, light ........ $ 7.00- 8.00 Cutters ...................... 3 S.OO- 7.1 Carmers; heavy .... ...... .... S 5.00- 6.00 Canners, light .............. S 4.00- 5.00 Fancy select calves ..... . ---- S12.00-I3.00 Calves, gd. to choice. 130-190 511.00-12.00 Calves, fair to good . . J30-UO S 9.00-10.00 Calves, common to fair .. ___ S 7.50- 56 Calves, culj .................. I COOd'wn SHEEP 5IASON CITY-- For Friday Genuine sp. lamos. go to ch S14.00-14.75 Gen. sp. lambs, mcd. to good 512^0-13.50 Fed ewes, good to choice ____ S 5.00- 6.00 Common ewes ............... S 1.00-2,00 Bucks ........................ S .75-1.10 FKIDAV GRAIN CLOSE Chicago, {/Pi-WHEAT-- High May (Merchant Quotations) (Cash Quotations by E. G. Morse) MASON CITY--For Friday Eggs, current receipts 29c Springs, heavy breeds 24c ^ois^,-.-,,,^.: S1.0 2 |^-^iBgs.2_lbs : _ over21= under4lbs. -18c Mason City Grain MASON CITY--For Friday o. 2 white oats o. 2 shelled corn .70c I.1U. uly l.SS'A sept i.erii Dec 1.671* OATS-May SV« July ""'·'* Sept o.* RYE-May 1.3(fi« July ........1.29'.= Sept ,.I.28=,i Dec 1.28% BAHLEY-May 1.22'.i . 1.66V* 1.671. 1.29V 1.23V. 1.17 V« 1. 27V. 1.21'i Cocks, Leghorns lac All No. 2 Poultry 4 cents less Eggs, at retail 3Bc c ,_. i Butter, Iowa State Brand 49c 170% Butter, Corn Country 48c «g | Butter, - 1.66H To the People of this Community ^S YOUR SHIELD UP? "Our Allies march forward with us. The God of justice fights on our side. Let us then strengthen ourselves for. the tasks yet lying ahetd. "With high courage let us redouble our efforts and multiply our blows so thai we may moiequiddjre- uoss the seas to our homeland with the glorious word that the last of the enemy strongholds has fallen and with (he proud knowledge of having done ia our time our duty to out beloved country." This fs General Dwight D. Eisenhower addressing men from this community and countless other com muni- ties as they continued the attack against dae Nazis. However, the General's message applies equally to you at home. Extra War Bondbuyingismote urgent dian ever. Mountains of supplies, a home front which is as aggressive and as invasion-minded as die troops who are actually in battle--these things arc reflected in the showing ve make as citizens and as a community during the 4th War loan. Are you displaying the Fourth War Lotn shield? THE ED1TOR- China Students Plan Tabloid in English New York, (U.PJ-- Chinese journalism students will publish an 8-page tabloid newspaper in Eng' lish ' in Chungking soon, with equipment installed in^ a bamboo and mud building. Dr. Hollington K. Tong, director of the Chinese Post Graduate School of Journalism, said in a radio message from Chungking that Dean Harold L. Cross and the staff of journalists sent to China by the Graduate School of Journalism of Columbia University will direct the staff o£ 34 students, including '7 girls. Rommel Says Final Touches Given Defens^ Wall Against Invasion London, tfP)--"The final touch have been given to German d fense works in the west and t west wall is now completely read lor the allied invasion force German Marshal Erwin Romm was quoted as saying Thursday the Paris radio. Gen. Alfred Jodl, Adolf Hitte personal military aide, inspect the fortifications Wednesday, t radio said, adding that "there considerable nervousness on bo sides o£ the channel." "The coastal defenses are formidable affair ol steel, iron andj stone," the broadcast continued- The whole coastline is studdedi ith an array o£ heavy batteries] of all calibers." i 1 3V, 'Beer Fines" Imposed by Wife Exchanged by Austrian for War Bonds| Birmingham, Ala., (U.R)-^Julius| Straubenmuller, native Austrian f who is a machinist in a Binning-f ham steel mill, Thursday had ex-fc changed his "beer fines" for wariy bonds. } Straubenmuller, who came to a bond headquarters at his plant _ = o lugging a sack containing $487.50 j veToped 4 of the half-dozen build- I in 50-cent pieces, explained that ings in the Iron Fireman Manu- for the past several years his wile facturing company plant along had asked him the same question Portland's downtown waterfront, every evening: "Julius, how much Two .of 40Q workers suffered mi- beer have you drunk today? !, If I tell her one bottle," he related, "she says '50 cents, please,' " and if I say 2 bottles she takes a dollar." · .' Straubenmuller has purchased over 511,000 in war bonds--but, he explained hastily, "all that Fire Destroys Liberty Ship Engine Plant Portland, Ore., (S*)--Fire wiped out one of the nation's $2,000,000 key liberty ship engine manufacturing plants Wednesday night. Eleven firemen were injured slightly fighting flames that en- New Guinea is second to Green- land amon * . world ' s ulands .BO'.i .77% .75 Vi 1.29= ·1.233.1 1.Z3V. 1.27Vj CHICAGO POULTKV (Friday Mirk Ft) Chi caff*. fP)--Poultry, live, firm; cars 20 trucks; market unchanged. size, since Australia is classified a a continent. nor injuries. Firemen were able to save only I a machine shop and a welding-1 plpefitting shop. Fire Marshal Fred Roberts said there was "no apparent cause" for the fire. ICE HARVEST ENDS Garner--Fred Becker, local ice dealer, has practically completed his ice harvest and has stored approximately 300 tons. Becker plans didn't come from beer fines." MOVE TO IiAKE PAKK Burt--Mr. and Mrs. J. G. Sewick moved Tuesday to Park, where Mr. Sewick is to cut and store a little more ice ing at the Jensen hardware store, if and when weather conditions The Sewicks sold their home here, permit. to the G. H. McMullen family. ·* CHICAGO PRODUCE (Friday Market) Chicago, (·?)--Butter, firm; receipts 467,955; market unchanged. g5, receipts 19,917; steady; current receipts 33 Vi; other market unchanged. Hides Q»UUn firramitd by W«tl Bres_ Inc. 301 Filth 6tr«et S»utlw«st Horxehldes 16-00 ·GREEN BEEF HIDES Bull 'bides *« From 15 Ibi. up "c Prom IS Ibs. down «= ·Cured hides lo a Ib. higher. Also 1C a Ib. higher «or green hides to wholeult dealers in wholesale quantities. ESTIMATED LIVESTOCK RECEIPTS Frid»y Market) Chicago (A'j--(WFA)--Official estimated salable livestock receipts Saturday: Hogs 1,000; cattle 500; sheep 500. OVERSCRIBES GOAL Marshalltown, (^P) -- Marshall county has oversubscribed its 1944 war chest goal by more than $2,500, Emil Seleinc, chairman of the committee, reported Friday. The tabulation to date shows cash and pledges of ?59,Oa6.3I against a quota o£ $56,430. Miscellaneous CHICAGO POTATOES (Fridiy M»rket) als 63: on track 156; total U. S. ship- ais 63: on tarck 13G; total U. £. shipments 965; supplies moderate: demand for best quality Idaho Russet and Colo, rado McClures moderate, market about steady; for northern stock demand very slow market weak; Idaho Russet Burbanks U. S. No. 1. $3.23-33; Colorado Red NEW YORK PRODUCE (Friday Market) New York, (fl--Eggs 24.616: steady. Current general wholesale selling prices follow: Mixed colors, special No. 1 to No. 4, 47 Ibs. and over 37-37tt; special No. 1 to No. 4, 46 Ibs. average 3oVi-36: extra No. 1 lo No. 2. 47 Ibs. and over 35V4-36; extra No. 1 to No. 2, 45 Ibs. average 3o-y«: extra medium 40 Ibs. average 28!^-23; extra pullets 35-37 Ibs current receipts 43 Ibs. average dirties 43 Ibs. 33-33H: checks 32-32%. White special No. 1 to No. 4. 4' Ibs. and over 38-3aVa: special No. 1 to No. 4, 46 Ibs. average 3flVi-37: special me dium 42-43 Ibs. 31^-33; extra No. 1 and No. 2. 47 Ibs. and over 36^-37: extra No 1 and No. 2,45 Ibs. average extra medium 40 Ibs. average 30: extra Ora Baylcss, AvjcS. USUAL TERMS ' Sheffield Savings Bank, Clerk AUCTION SALE MONDAY, FEB. 7 at the LUND SALES BARN -- If IN NEED OF A TRUCK CALL US -Barn will be open all day Sunday to receive stock We Start Selling Horses at 12:30 AH classes of horses sold good last week. We ivill have buyers this week for good southern marcs weighing from 1109 to 1400 Ibs., as well as eastern buyers for b'ip horses. Our regular killer buyers will be here. You brinsr the horses and we will get them sold. A GOOD RUN OF CATTLE We had a (rood run of cattle last week and all classes sold at Rood prices. Good springer and milk cows sold good. We will have buyers this week for good springers as well as for feeding steers, batcher cattle and stockers. Veal calves are bringing top prices. CATTLE For this sale we have listed a good lot of springer cows. SHEEP AND HOGS We had a good run of feeder pigs, boars and brood sows last week but not enough to fill the demand. We can use a lot more this week. Ewes, bucks, fat lambs and veal calves are bringing top prices. Bring Anything You Have to Sell · Lunch on the Grounds Get Your Livestock in Early Sale mil Start at 12:30 Sharp Mason City Auction Co. Stables, 3*58 -- PHONE -- Residence, 1752W W. II. CARTWR1GHT, Manager .1. R. DORSEY, Aucl, Ibs. average 34~35t4; extra medium 40 Ibl. 2BVS; extra pullets J5-37 Ibs. 24',i-25. Butter 746.211; firm. Prices unchanged at ceiling. Cheese "94.777; nominal, no quotations. BACK FROM AFRICA Garner--T. Sgt. Herbert Hin-- richs, son of Mr. and Mrs. Guy Hinrichs, visited briefly with friends in Garner Tuesday. He was cnroute home to spend a 6 lay furlough with his parents and its brother, George, who likewise is enjoying a short furlough from his duties in the army. Herbert returned recently from North Africa where he had spent 22 months and has seen service on several fronts. He is a former Britt high school and Britt junior college graduate and was prominent in athletics while in school. DIES IN PRISON CAMP Washington, (jf)--The war department disclosed Thursday it had been notified that Pfc. Earl A. Hurd, son of Mrs. Iva Kurd, route I, Perry, Iowa, had died of disease in a Japanese prison camp since the fall of Bataan and Corregidor. Notification was received through the International Red Cross from Japan. PREPARES FOR MINSTREL Garner--The minstrel committee of the Garner Lions club met Monday evening and began writing the script for the annual show to be staged at the Garner high school auditorium Feb. 22. · Everyone wants hogs that are more efficient producers!... Sows that can farrow and raise larger litters! . . . Pigs that will get to market quicker on less feed! That's the kind we feature in our Hampshire Bred Sow Sale SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 12 75 Head of Tops! FOR THE FARMER FOR THE BREEDER We will sell 50 registered gilts, as good as will sell in the breed this winter. They are daughters of ROLLER SUPREME, sire of the All American senior boar of 1943, and of GRAND HIGH ROLLER, 1942 All American junior boar. They are bred to GRAND HIGH ROLLER and to a great pair of young boars, MR. MODEL and HAWKEYE DELUXE. SPECIAL OFFER FOR FARMERS In addition we are selling 25 gilts without registration papers. Litter mates to the 50 above, just as good but with incomplete belts. These commercial gilts are bred to c boar every packer, farmer or breeder will like. He is from a litter of 17 pigs, which also included the Grand Champion Barrow at the Ak-Sar-Ben in Omaha and the Grand Champion Barrow at the Nebraska State Fair. GRAND HIGH ROLLER 1942 All American Junior Boar Sale We will be glad to send you o salt catalog. le to b« held in Nora Springs, Starting at 1 P. M. * · Field Christiansen NORA SPRINGS, IOWA

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