The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 24, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
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Wednesday, December 24, 1913
Page 4
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1 HE GETTYSBURG TIMES Published JDmflv Except Sunday Times and Xews Publishing Company _4.YERE HAFER, Secretary and Treasurer. PHILIP R.B1KLE. President. PHILIP R- BIKLE; Editor. SUBSCRIPTION Served by carrier in Gettysburg for 25 cents per mouth. ^"= t|*£* ;i * f -:! Malted outside of Gettysbi RATl?!^ ^.V*- * -«?·- ***· ---W-. ----U- -- -- f :tvsburg for 25 cents per month, onies to non-subscribers, 2 cents. von ea^rfindihe date a to~"Hrhieh\-ou arej; vour nape"-. The date will be changed within ~~he Times 4.unisr 15, 1904. at Gettysburg. Pa., as second-class matter, under Congress March 3, 1879. ia Presence BELL PHOXE UNITED PHOXE fSceln'Xonhwest corner of Centre Square, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Xew System of Ba"ks Must First Be Organized and Board Appointed. Provisions of Measure. .sacy bill, Bee. 24. over which -The new cur- congress has -KSS PAPEH REPKnSEME:) FOR ADVERTISING 3Y THL GENERA!- OFFICES NEW YORK AND CH1CA3C ads. r p S l t c-r word. me cent per wo^d each insertion. Two cents a word if guaranteed ~- · " Resolutions of respect, poetry and memonams one cent TO OUR READERS ^ rf*Tv*bursr Times takes absolutely no part in poHricu, beins neutral oa_afl ..^-iers.Anvtbingthat aooears in our genera! news columns, ccncermnK ^r-rt^uarDolmse, is furnished us by The American Press As^eifcnoa. * , !-;!: ^S Jives the same news to Republican. Democrafec. PronTaiaoa. or - "* · ' ·SoV^aK^t-papers and which "is strictly aon-pajtiMa.-_J -^ ior advertising columns are open to all candidates of all partle*. \ haggled and quarreled since April 7, ' xi extra session, became a law when ,c was formally signed by President Wilson. The bill does not become effective, i.owever, uctil the ne\v system of ^anks has been organized. The bill wr.s passed fay the senate Aster vitriolic debate, rushed over to ,ae house, where Speaker Clark affixed his signed approval, and was :Iiea harried to the \Yhue House. Urpeinis Her Postmistress at Fort Pa 1! 1! il 1 WILLIAM Secretsry of t New Money G.-M ? ADOO. * Treasury Heads Reserve Board. - - « il - U .1 - ! She Studied Art Under Woman's HtssX EARTS PART SC ii! Fort Washington, There, however, it was held up in cr- r that t ! »e president's signature i alight be wirnessed by the Democratic .eaders. The majority of the members 0 # the cabinet, members 01 the senate % and house committees on banking and | cpurt room, and as a re: and band In Philadelphia--Other Postal I AppoirjtjTjents. j PL-aa--lc-lpliia, Dee. 24. -- Presides! 1 Wilson played 3ar.ia Claas, aasl as a personal Cisris^r-s gift to Mrs. Effie j R. Assia;z. widow of Thomas P. Anil shu;z, o^e of the greatest of Ameri- TP| i 1 j can artists, gave her It 1 ML j as postEiistress at i near here. iliss Eleanor V.'sisoa, the president's youngest daughter, studied art at the Academy or Fine Arts in Philaael- j phia. Mr. Ansh'utz was a member of l the faculty there for thirty years. I Mrs. Anshutz, at her home at Fort ', \Yashingcoa, received Use news of her j appointment with delight. By a coinci- c'aanees visitor just at igut an i lbe jjjQjjje^j w hen she was informed to the door or the .. For Mfendlii y- J-^=: W. JH.TIPT ON, Photographer, 20-22 Chambersbiirg, Street. FOR CHRISTMAS IF IT'S A PHOTOGRAPH you want, go to TIPTON'S STUDIO and get something Exclusive and Artistic - ·'That L the most delightful Christmas never missed a minute of t-ie | ^^ gi£t x ^^^ -^z roceivea," she trial since it starve 1 :, was absent frcni | 3a ;,-, * - !^r se^t. _ _ . . . . . i_ ijrs. Anshcts's ; apnoinusent was '-Shortly after the. trial was resumed, \_ t!TSKfi by ^^5,5 all'over the couatry emotional tragedy to the door o: tSe | ,- aal her n^-ug i, a ,j a e'en sent to the and '-ouse committees on ana i cpurt room, and as a result one :ash-, , eaaie .or con f !rma uoa. currenc-v, Mrs. Wilson, the Misses El-' ifnably dressed youas woiaan, who, * -,r~-~ -t T~--,i · ·**· »-»£ai-^v ·?*·*·:*!/1 Tb rj"Tr»i»TP- OT" ri5r ! *aacr and 31argaret Y.iison and 3lr. Oisrea -were present at the ceremony. Less than five minutes after the bill had been passed both houses of congress - had adjourned unu! Jan. 12. Later President \VHson left for Pass Christian, ilrss., for a: three weeks' .aeatioa. " Following are tlie important features 3f the new banking and currency bill: Authorizes at least eight regional reserve associations, each with a regional bank. "Will probably be twelve. Constitutes secretary of ihe treas- ^rv, secretary of agriculture and the @ 1?23. by A'-iencan Press Association. Under the terms cf the currency bill 'he setrrctarv oi the truasviry will bs '·bairujzin. of'the reJsral reserve beard, u bcdv o- men who have S-eat power ·a "a-faiinisiering ncaneia! affairs of sl;e Eatioii. Tfiiis Secretary Mc-Adoo neeonjes Jhe Sirst ch?trni«i»±. He will rave score power t::r.£i ajjy ether man , hi the Ssancia! ivor-d. TABS TO . mm GITY relative, gi N A T U R E SERIES of the PICTURES. QJJE about.Gettysburg. It's old Lanes and Pathways, Streams, Bridges and Woods. ,tfe JtKiiA-.' i'^? * fiJF--^j^"n^ ~.Z* -ZZ- -JZ* -_ * ^V ^- "^- V,' ^-J-^, 11 ^- t , f « : -" '- ·' Takelnto considecation also_'Ajettv5Durg: ver the P^ictures and-the Stqry'^New edition, 500'Views,; 50c.~by mail'60c:-jan.d : .the.' - F O LD ER of 24 Colored Vie -vs, 1-5cT Fine line of Water Colors, Engravings very ^f ·m s W. H.TIPTON, Photographer, .o'riD^roller of the currency an organi- -lean, cut young man. .ation commission to fix boundaries "You lied to me, rfeien, he sai.t. j ' t became known that she desired the ;oir.e consent, that s. young rran ds-l ; ppC 5 n . iaeJ . t rae prc-si sired to sneak to her in tie corridor., ^^.^ General Burleson The girl turned pale and le:t the court ej . ed _^ Ui }euers and aorsiag her application, n staking the appointment, however, the pr rccm. At the door she was met by of districts an* reserve cities- Entire system under control of fed- ·al reserve board of seven members, secretary of the treasury and comptroller of the currency, ex-offieio, and .^pointed by the presi- £ve others, app leitV^t! 1'" must signify i 1 association within ^ '.ays or they cannot act as reserve agents thereafter. g| ilust t cqme- »wlthin a year or foijeit charters- " v - "'·" = '- "4* State banks may join, by meeting requirements for federal inspeetion-i "I've caught you at it. You said yon ·fere not attending this trial, and no"-' I've founil you here. Give me bac« the engagement ring. Oar engagemen' .s broken."' «n r ? -^rt^*"- ^ J **^I"5' ; 1«1O ^2*^e* "- *""- - OSt -ilflllHuS 'd-iil ivere sno'v- t telegrams en- '. Cn:/ n »» 31 capital_ana oanks." regarded it as a personal Christmas Heair Walter, whcse nomisaticn as oostniaster as Riverside. N. J-, was sent to the senate by President V.'il- . 1 sea, is tlie Srst Democrat to fill that oface in Kivcrsjde for eig_ht years. . John Louger"wose~nomiaatjon as j postiiiastsr-. atj ; PaT4lsboro^K.|'J-. was j _ f ^. ... sent'to "the" senate by PresiSeat TOI- ^ : -? 1 '?^:?J Mexico City, Dec. 24.--It is statec here that tie siarines an I bluc:aclrett from tlie Jaiaajc cruiser Idzumo ·snicl 1 arrived at iliazanillo, are cem -ncrely o- j to the Federa.1 capit a vlsiL.'" The visit-is to be o£ severa. CEVS* duraiios. .: * · i'resMeat.iKuepa, revived the olc .-.·=:*nrn-rf: ,^iiiTs H rig at the nationa. PERSONAL NOTES AND BRIEF ITEMS Paragraphs ci Kews Tetltoi of (he Happenings in asd about To#n. People Visiting Here and Those Ssjcuraing Elsewhere. - - - - - Sir. and Mrs. J~ W. Miller of Hanaver, are visiting relatives and friends In towa o\ er Christmas. "" - ^.-«' Mrs. E. S. Faber and Edgar Faber;-., of Chambersburg street, are spending: the day in. York. Miss Anna Miller, of York, is spem*- ing the holidays with reiati\-es and friends in town. "~" * 4 -" 1 Mr. and Mrs. Frank * Sloriaker and family, of Baltimore streeCare spending the holidays in Pottstown- Mrs. H. J. Hartman, of Hanover street, is spending some time in Harrisburg. Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Basehoar, of York street, are spending Christmas with relatives in Carlisle. Miss Blanche V/eaner, who is attending normal school at Millersville is^t her home'for the Christmas vacation. Rogers and Amos Musselman hav«- returned from Baltimore to spend the Christmas holidays at their home hefe- Prof. and Mrs. P. S. Miller, of South Amboy, New Jersey, and Mr. and Mrs. Z. Mantz Doll, of Frederick, are spending the holidays at the home of Mr- and Mrs. Charles H. Wilson. "' Miss KaVie Briel has gone to Wil- ·iamsport to visit at the home of her parents over Christmas. : ' Mr. and Mrs. James Doll, of Fred- jrick, are visiting friends ''and rela- jives in town. Mrs. True and Miss Frances Fritch;v have gone to Lancaster to spend .he holiday s. Harry Gottlesb and sister,' Miss Esther Gottleib. are spending the holidays in York. John Blocher has returned from Bal- nmorfe to spend the holidays with his .irents on West Middle street- WUiiair- IVEcSherry Esq. ,is,^vis l : 3 jr : £Z2 ~ C« -^T^l t t*x£ :KC1- f - r . J *^ -- »·*.'-* ' John Sachs/of Baltimojrel:--..-^....- jag the holiday's "with-Sis "parebtspMr. ,ind Mrs. E-'-P. SabJissda; Ea'st'MSdle , Srst jsid.ttiea to ,, . _ , 'DiviSencls 'on regional-Danlr*s'tock per cent2 " Advantages of new system will give expansive o relastic currency, facili- ^tted by the^ready mobilisation of r - ^^ ; ,er day and 311 "her miad with tiie Slth j cf suca testimony as is offered here is aot fit to be any mac's wife.'* The girl pleadea_;a iain Cor a re ccSciijftion and be?»e"i that there 02 no_ scene there, b_-it the_ : ouag jsaa, "iStt therbulldiiis, th%sifl tbilowrik.^._ Slled, the post for several years- Joseph F- ICeDonalti, whcse nornina- iloE as pcstrsaster c? Jenkiatown. Fa.. was sent to the senate, is c. dragg^st- He is now sDr=isg his second terra in the Jenkiniown coancil. -LOSS-TAILED PU3S~ si*rin.g , jina or General Pcrfirio Bi£z. ! ^EeCcro da "Ks-t military bands fror. ! "the residues ·' their bead '·, charters in tr.s Federal cap:; and serenaded the _ pro visional presi j eelved "i'-ie cortsratsiaiiaas^ of "coEKalt i tees rO'/resMitIn£C all .departments o ^'Aj^pr^essgoverinneni^^iirdu^i fpd-i -sral reserve %anks. So issue collateral approved" by federal reserve' board. -eceemaWe at treasury in gold and at regional banks in gold or lawful money, at election of han^n. Rentiires gold reserves of 40 per cent in treasury department against outstanding reserve notes; provides lax against depletion. Resioaa: reserve banks each managed hy nine directors, three chosen -y federal reserve board, six elected -iy member banks, but three of whom shall not he bankers. Xmas CONFESSES They Are Used by Scientists Choler fins! event in the cay's celeb" nounceil ll-at. t'.e procec:ls ars_to immunity from toward buyLns clctl-ing for the poor. street. ' / / - ' - f U - ^ j ? Miss Anna 3IcCail, of ; Baltfirioro -street, is spending tlie-]ia!13avs at'her aome in Littlestown. ' ^ LI:ss Alma Little, of Chambersburg street, is spending- se"eralr -weeksr at be home of Rev. and Mrs. John G rxoser in Pittsbargh. IIr. £r.d~ 3Irs. Lester Deininger, of are visiting relatives in over the Chrisiinas holi- This is the season of good-\vilL' We extend ours to everybody-: to those vrho buy our goods, and to those who don't; even to those--if there are any--who say they never will buy them. There is always room in this world for good wishes, and we want you to accept ours. Here's to you and your fainil», may you live long and prosper I XMAS GIFT EXPLODES In Woman Hurls Bomb From Her Time to Save Her Life. Xew Orleans. Dec. 24.--A peculiar rattle from the inside of what ap- aeared to be an innocent Christinas :dft alarmed Mrt. John Taranto liere, and she filing the package a^ay from and rar~ A moment later it exploded. Somebody had sent her a bomb through the mails, and she released the -per- cnss'on mechanism vrnen she removed ;he outer cover. She rea'hed another room in safety, hut tre explosion did much damage to the house- Mrs. Taranto told the police her satpicions as to the handwriting on the wrapper, and they are loosing 101 ,..e husband, from whom she has been separated t^o years. A similar package, sent by messenger last year, Mrs. Taranto refused tc receive. madnan- "Yes: I ?hot t* 1 ?.! boy," said Fasan 'aod I ha'-e been sorely grieved ever since. I ov-*n \a!:a.o!e property in tl.a ipighborhoo-'i an'! liive sufffreJ heavy oss b^csitse OL t'.-; pranKs of boys." The jury rer rned with a verdict o' ^?ault and battery. -Tu-lge Tenaaat ncu~3t FOve ni taVte bai been ma-c i2J asScI tl-c -'-r^mar to repeat the ar;'"s SiidinTM--. "I never heart" of s".ch a ridiculous .-rr'i-'ct." sn'.'a t.:c ;^3?c. "now tweK-" 1 ritslli~ent men ' ouM ;:ave · orne tc iiei an a~r"err ,e;' i t is beyond me. Ic s a travesty ^-. ^ This jury i- ZiscTisrge-i v. iilioat t'ie ihante of ihr ;o"rt nai± o\f. t- f i rrom farther ser -·ice ct tais terr.!." GIBL AMD ff. WINS SMTO^OOO^iN LOTTERY Resident of Madrid Captures Grand Prize In Spanish Drawing. Madrid. Dec. -4.--In the Christrsas lottery ihe largest prize, consisting ot ;,i-r r rt.« .O pesetas (§I.1T !( ,U 1 ''0, -svas won bv a resident of Madrid. ~TSte secor.d prize of S.QOO,OOft pesetas j$"5...«i» was "-on b:«- a resident 'yi London. Thejtliird prize of 2,uOO,000 5e$ct2S S3S v C'0 was won by a resi- Icat of Barcelona, while the fourth jprivs of l.'^""'.(»'y pesetas (?105,000) · aiso :"ei Ito Mafirld. Tv/o Lose i ^c ; r Lives Wriie Skst'nc or. T~:TI ice. Fort . T er-\is, X, V.. Dec. "4. -- Tuisi 5ara!i Crandal!. ninetsen years old :e year.' co'iiity. rre sum have develcpc'l Jisease. The selected pigs are bled, at the il, and can be bled as often as there ·s any tail ie=t to bleed. esi;-lair.5ng why the porker with a long tail is ac advantage- Perots cf the highest class are renuirc.l. ·Miss "Verna Sch-svartz. ~B is teaeh- jffg school at MifSinburg, is at her aome- dining- the ChristinasCvacation. Rev. "L-. J)bw Ott left this^ morning:o spend some time -with friends in Altoona and other Central Pennsylvania towjis- Miss 3Iarr Martin, of Port Clinton. Dhio, is visiting at the hom'e" of her zrandfather, Jerome J. 3Iartin. on Baltimore street. YOHK KAH DEAD IN CRASH WEDS MAN SHE "?JEVER SAW __ «jiir*7^j3 rscc\5 Ky.. K!!Hr:o TT.YO. T-ouisvil-a. K~.. Dec- 2-?.--Tiic boJifc of Robert I-- ucllati^, cf York. Po=?ales^.an far a i!o;!r iei:l. and Los: Eacton Gir, ^arHes .an Who Adver- j ^f g^^f g^f ^^^ tised or Vt'sfe. ] '. Xa'-areth. Pa-, Dec. 24. --- V.'ithont ea -' having seen the man sh iliss Kmma L,. "Wagner, daughter o iirs=. Sarah "Wanner, cf Saston. was . ^-^ to Jackson :.Sariey, ot ' " . of McConnellsburg. are visiting relatives in town for the holidays. T.VOS to wed, . _ f ! bHe acci^er.-- a snia;! creek ia tee cub.irb. i^o'iisville. victisis t an aatomo rbe automobile "struck the ra::''ng o crossed the carried to Tbon:a 3 -lacKson -"r«^« ; ^ ^ d£S , Sr} to - ie ce s t-c.ty ft Uie state or v.r.- ^gton. at tne - , P ^ n j B - i_-ie two occup=ts i sonage of St. Jo^ » Reformed cnnrch ^elo.-.^?.- o ancl VTiiiiam ol 3, sir can :ce- be ^ Reformed chares ; ·"··---"· .* --^ ' 3-^3-1.0 xL- by Jtev, Dr. "SV. H. "VTotrsag- , ~ ,, Mr. Mariey, whose Srst wife is dead. · has three sons. He advertised in tho j Save Forty F:-;hermen- lewspapers tor a v.-ife, ?.iiss v. a=me- \ y- Q ^. York. Dee. 24.--Forty fishermsT -epJied. tney excbar.ged photosr^phs | sc l a tj,-,;, ed o: -j f n e schooner Seneca i: ^nd t3ie weddLig followed. · ^ xor^-i Tiver to the tug Daniel "Vv'il FUNKHOUSER SACHS "THE HOME OF FINE CLOTHES" Yo.ith Invents Aeroplane. Wayneshoro. Pa.. Dec. 24.--George Ciine, a TVaneshoro youth, who has been experimenting with a "glider" aeroplane, has produced a machine lhat is pro-ing effective. lie has flown about COu yards at a height of thirty feel. j "As a train went out of Paddington station the other day," we are told, "there \\ere in a third-class compartment tv.o women smoking cigarettes and a man knitting."--Loudou Punch. :r, twemy-c: both of "\:. in. Sullivan Tier hotels, v. cr dro-vr.e'l in Basil Owen and Miss Crar. 2a:i had broken ti.rough The ice, and "We'oer. In attempting to rescue tlie girl, san'-;. Harold Beauicc ^ot O"es aa'l Chariss \Vest sa-eiy to s"xre. Tlie bodies wcrr recovered. _ . . «, _ . . i Malays Kill U. 3 Botanist. ,ryn s to Save rnend. ; v *^% j Dec - --C. 3. KoVla- «SZ?5:Z^. ?. ^\^£^ McLavqhlia. o: ; vnchb-.'-r^, \z., vrere| Oi IP ~- ,.epit^"~ arowned : " '"^ " ^"-^««^^- r;«i-!the Philippine : lar j 'zst isefcre the srhooner, with. Father Bradley Mow Preiste. : j,;_ ^-p ^ 3r -i^e sank in twe3ty-fiv Emiaittsourg, ;la. Dec. -'-. -- Very ; fe g t=c f -^ater. Bacldr.g out of her pie Rev. Bernard -T- Braul-.y, LL- !-. pres-- I 3 ], e j ;a ^ been rammed amidships b: 3ent of St. Mar"s college, at ta;s ] tie -,- g O Tnei by the ~ place, has been appoi.ited a donesti= | prelate, with the title vt monsigno., , ov Pdpe Pins. Tlie ;«· al brief was re- | ceived by Dr. BraSl^y tro^i Cardinal i Sjbbons. '' Ccal . p.any. Xo one was.nurt. Drov/ns Apromat'c^ r in t here and. K. *V. BeMen. of Plains, X. Y.. ' r.d a r.arrow escape, fe'l irsto the water. IP Is'; ~ds. has 'been put trying to re -o*:e V Rim 3eU:er. fell I".TO fr.fe vrater. Kennedy and Examine Traw to Decide an Bail. Concord, X. K , Dee. 24.--Harry K.. Thaw spent some time before the commission appointed by the federal co.irt to r.etermir.e whether his mental condition is such as to make his ,-eiease on hai! a menace to public jafety. The proceedings were secret. Ask your grocer for White Lily FLOUR It's the Best -o death by the^natues Island, ia the Malay A Robinson was engaged res of in hotanir0] Cloudy. P- Cloudy. researches on thej island. * ; Charity Gifis For 1913 $80,135,^75. ' Xew York, Dec. 24.--Charitable gifis in the United States in the last twerre months amount to $S0.13?,476, or at the rate of $2.01 for every fcck of Ue rlock The bequest of Benjamin AU- man, valued at $15,430,000. to the Metropolitan Museum, of New Tor:;, neajs ?iie list. . j What She Meant. Ignorant India. " j "My second husband is no more like India has 315,000,000 people, less my first one was than day is like than half of whom can 67cn read the ; night." -'But remember ^that you native vernaculars. Nevertheless should novef spaak ill of, the dead." there are 65S newspapers and 1,963 .. O j lf i had no intention of doing that, peiiodicals published there. ' Ou the contrary."--Houson Post. Observations o£ United States ·weather bureaus taken at S p. m. vesterday follow: Temp. Weatbsr. Albany Atlantic City Boston Buffalo Chicago New Orleans KewYork _ 45 Philadelphia 54 St_Ixuis 35 \Tashiaston . 4* S Rain. 42 40 38 52 Rain. ' Cloudy. Cloudy. Clear. Rain- The Weather. Cloudy today and tomorrow, followed by raia or snow; west winds. TO BIG CONTENTION Two Gettysburg College Students Attend Big Gathering- Fred "W. Hofmar.n. of Altoona. and Vfr. Irving R- jdayers, of near Littles- own. Sophomores at Gettysburg Col- ege, have been elected to represent .he college at the International Stu- lent Volunteer Convention to be held n Kansas City, Missouri; from Decein- KT 31 to January 4. This convention ·jromises to be the largest of the kind iver held in America, and about "i.OOO delegates are expected to be in ittendance. representing about 800 colleges, universities, and theological seminaries from all over Nortii America- Medical Advertising - 3LD PEOPLE GAIN Strength bv Taking TinoL Here Is Proof. So many cases like this are cpa- ^tently coming to oar attention that ve publish it for the benefit of others:--Mr. John Widmayer^of Jackson, \iich., says: "I am nearly^70.--ears of ige, and Vis in a feeble condition bur Vinol has done wonders -for- roe. It is the best medicine to create strength f nave ever seen and I have taken a ..jod many of them: Last spring: I was ran down and worn out bet I took Vinol and soon regained my strength, vino] is certainly an invigorating tonic for old people." It is the medicinal curative elements of the cod livers without 01. aided by the b!ood-makii«r anu strength-creating properties of tonic iron which are contained in Vinol that makes "it so efficient in suca 'SFAFLRI If you nave an aged father, mother or anvone in your family who needs a strength-creating tonic, try Vinol sn our offer to give back your money f it fails to benefit^, People's Drug Store, Gettysburg Pa- P. 8. For itching, burning skin try our Saxo Salve. We guarantee it. :WSPAPLRI

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