The Evening Post from New York, New York on March 31, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 31, 1818
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P I; v .:, NOTICE. K ' 'irV P U&ULL3 CO. Salt of 80 Packa - jJhL,!,' imported French Good, emnprUing Ttr cboii md valuable assortment will JJ7uc o. Thursday morninsr, at 13 put Oo'cEck precUely term will be liberal and " ie known at time of the sale. mh 3 1 Offitiallrtzo Lilt, .' rrT The prize tot of lit Medical Science lot - ' t and aay be examined' gratu tt S. k M. AL - LJENS'trnlj - Incky office, no. 122 Broadway. ' P.MU Loldior prize' of any denotation. '". can receive the cath, or undrawn tickets, at Al - - jW office. ... w: 10.323 the 430.000 prize in He last Me - ,icl Science Lottery, wai old and paid there, I u H It JU1 41 M R3. FRENCH, (formerly a pupii of Mr. B. Carr, aod lately of Mr Gilles, .en.) has ', . the pleasure to announce to her fri;ods, ami the . public generally, fhnt her CONCERT will take ! - l place on TUESDAY, the 3Ut inat. at the City - , Hotel, where will be perforated tbe fallowing pie - Leader of the orchestra, Mr. Gentil : ' Piano - forte, Mr. Ettieuoe. ... . fABT 1. . Overture Haydn . . , Sour, Love among tbe roses, Mn. Freucn a i :.kt ihitf la - dewn mot'UlS. Mr. FKncn :..XrXS? Haydn , Bon. Sweet Bird, (HawJel) Mr;, rrencp. .. ,flute accompaniment by Mr. Taylor. , Allegro Hayds T . PAT t. . , Btofonie Gyrovetx ' , Song, O never doubt my kve, Mn. Trench , Cooccrto on the Flute, by M r. Meline Song, Something o pleasing, Mn. Frencb Song, Detse Conserri, Mrs. Frencb, accompini - l.lll WIWUUIV Tilt Jivn . Fioale Oterket ' v Ticket to be had at Mr. Dubois' malic . .( i.n1 Mr. Goodrich'! book - store, Broad way ; Mr. Geib', Maiden - lane ; and at the bar of . the Cily - HoteL - Performance to commence at i , 7oclock. ' nih31 If FOR OA Lit, Tt.. ..;i;n ftafTHRM. I nit Tlilarrived from Antwerp, burthen S65 tons, aod - will carry about 2000 bbl. 4 years old, copprd with heavy copper, to deep ballast mark. She is well found in every retpect, and has nearly a whole new suit of sails. Lies at pier no. 9, wait side Counties - slip. . DAVID G. GILLIES, mh SI tOt 78 Broad - street. ForLlVF.RPOOL, The substantial ship BRILLIANT, ;J. W. Baksr, master s is now ready to recaive a ennro, and will be dispatchea immedi ately. For freight or passage apply to . , HUR.D il Is E WALL, mchSI 65South - st. for Sale or Charter. The ship CLATO, Holmes, master. Iburthen t40 tons, will carry about 3000 barreis, in complete order for a voyage. FOR SALE, Landing from tbe above ship, Matanzai mo lasses, White and brown Havana sugar. Abo, from brig Bliss, from Mew - Orleans, 16 hbds prime Kentucky tobacco Apply to STEVE3S &MACTIER, men 31 d7t 15T South - st. tor JVEiV - OHLSAAH, The ship LAGUIRA, now loading .west side Burling - slip and will sail in 4 lays for freight or passage, having large ac commodations, apply on board, or to . N. L. & G. GRISWOLD, mch31 - 86 Snnth - rt. ' ' , Fori.lVk.Kt'OvL, . Jt). The brig RECOVER, capt. Owen, T , A wilt Mil on Thursday, and can comfort - aXir accommodate two passengers For passage eoly. apply on board, at pier No. 10, or to JOSEPH OsbORN, , sncli.31 ' 88 South - st. ' for LIV t - fU'OOL, vf'K The brig ROBERT, capt. Gooch, ' Iwill tail on Thursday For passage on - h, apply ew board, at pier No. 9. or to JOSEPH OSBORM, rochSl - 8?outh - rt. For CHARLESTON, The staunch schr LOUI3A, W. Na - .pier, maiter will sail on Sunday neat, weaUMir permitting. For freight or passage, apply ea board, wast side Old - slip, or to SAUL ALLEr, mhSl 98 Pine street. 2500 Bushels coarse bright TnrkVbl - aotl sttt, hr sale by - TUCKER & LAURIES, - mh 31 v ' 29 South - st. ST. CROIX HUM and SUGAR. 10 hbds. ant quality Sugar 10 pwn heons Rem t received per slip Chase, from St Croii, landing tit pier No. 5, North Ri - er, for sale by READE k DE PETSTER, Bh31 3t - 31 Old blip. CAMBKEI.EG St PEARSON, 67 South - street, offer for sate. LAVDIBJS, '. 1 ' East India Cotton 90 bales called Jalloon, entitled todebenture. ... isr STORK, ' East India 8uar 340 bags double boiled, entitled to debenture Canton Bilks - if. case twilled sarsncts, pongees and coloured satins Sonchjng Tea 140 lacquered cannlsters, entitled to debenture I mo, lie 300 tons Rnssian old sable and Swedish lat and square j 200 tons plate stoves, pig iron and iron vWre ' , Hemp 0 tons EL Petersburg clean meetings is nates namsia Drown ' Madeira Wiue30 pipes ' r Earthenware 60 crates blue printed dining setts, assorted lustre ware and Napoleon ' plates vu oi ivoses iuu nances S bales Turkey Hiam Goats Wool or Camel's Hair 10 bales 1 bales bops ; 40 boxes chocolate 600 boies berrinn ' A mall assortment of senna, scamony, gum v ""SBi etc etc. Box wood. Dutch slates and clan beads A general assortmentof apothecaries furniture, Window Glass, from tbe Boston and Chelms - JN blais Manufactory, of a very superior qnali - 1 ... wn 31 KUbSiA. bfclKtTKNGi. li bhks hrowa Sheetings, of excellent quality just rcceiv - rarsaie or CAMBRELENG k PEARSON, 31 67 South - street. It lAORAS CllECKd. - bales Madras Uiecki, for sale by r.KuiiiLflctu. Jd3l 26 Sooth - sreeL OQ NEW - ORLEANS COT1 - ON. s J Bales prime NewOrleani cotton, land - l 'mm schooner Baodasky, east side of Old - "PifcrsaUby POTT k M'KINNE, - . ckSl 68 Sonlh - rt. OBACCO tO hhds prime new Richmond ,y Tobaccq, landing ime) toe echooeer Ledy 4oPs,a7d forsalehy 4 , WALSH GALLAGHER, . . wkw nave in store, 'wnbds. old Richmond Tobacco, principally Quality and ertwpnrc" ' jJ 9o aw do. rery sepenor i aevs snaaufac tared do of virions brmds S!1 . - . - simSl EM PEN OSNABK.UGS A few Ulee c nipsn esnabnigs Just received and e ee reasonable terms, by acts! , ' " - . METER, . 3l W . , , iiWashiogua - st Q A A " SOFT. TOrPSXTIXK h m JJJ Bbls soft turpentine,' 1C quaUty . . 300 do tar ': f . 60CO feet yellow pitca pine .lank . . 'Just received, and afloat, for sale by v A. IL.VAN, ' mh 31 Brooklyn, or 157 South st. ilOi a FLOUR. " iO" Bbls superfine Fredericksburg Aonr 100 do ruenmona country do 100 do fine do, branded Richmond mills ' Landing from the sebr Palestine, tic. and for sale by , WALSH k GALLAGHER, mh 31 66 South - st. D XVIDG. GILLIES, 7ti broad - street, has Inst received, and oucn for sale, 12 cases FRENCH UWUS; consutuig or Donble florence, greens and changeables Super chip flats ; black and white crapes Assorted taffeta ribbons , Fans and sdk hdkfs. mh 31 6t CJUGAR LOAF I'APEH 64 reams Sugar VJ txm raper, sup. quai. torsaie Dy ROGERS : POST, 61 South street IB ITOHK, 271 boxes Tin Plate 1 - 3X - 40 dot. Scythes, approved brands 44 reams farce blue Wrannine Paner 300 do writing, ledger, medium and letter do. will be sold low. mb3i3t 1 PL 1 JAMAICA RUM. JL oj M. Puncheons of fine flavored Rum will commence landing to morrow at pier no. 9, Eat rliver. I or sale by mh31 ROBERT LENOX. jEAD 30 rolls mh3l Sheet Lt - ud, for sale by 11U11U N SCWALiLq 65 South - street. 13 AVEN3 DUCK, 4ic - B0 pieces heavy Ra JLl veosliuck. 100 do Russia Sheetings, for sale by UUrU Si SEWALL, mh31 65 South - street. GEORGIA J'OBACCO. - lU hlids. landing from the Eliza, and hhds. i a store, for sale "7 mliSl CAMBRELENG U PEARSON, 67 South - street. 27, LOXUOIfsHEA 'itiLYG COPPhR Cases sheathing copper, 24, 26, 28 and 30 ounce 100 casks Hibbert's Porter, now landing from the ship Minerva Smyth, from Loo - don, and for sale by men si Aiiuti. tcKAiir: si buns. ilTOLAabKS. 30 hbds. Moiassts, landing, UX ooutn sue um - sup, tor snie iy JACKS6N & WOOLI.EY, 75 Wall - sfreef. mb 31 3t 66 RICK k CROCKER):. Tierces prime Rice, and 32 crates Crockery Landing from schr Lonita, and will be sold low from the wharf, by SAUL ALLEY, 83 Pine - it. In store, ; 24 hhds prime Georgia Tobacco, aud 23 bales eea - Island cotton, lor sale as above mh 31 WHISKEY 30 hhds Philadelphia rye w key, landing from schooner Euterpriz whts - nzeat Coffee House slip, for sale by JACKSON 6WOOI.I.KI, men 31 3t 75 Wall - rt To lite Offitert, Soldier and bailor of the litto - luHonaru War, rpHE Officers and soldiers of the Rcvolutiona - it Army, aaa ine unicert ana caiinri oi uie Navy of the United - States, who served in the Revolution, can have their Barnes placed oo tiie Pension list of tbe United - States, according to the ad of Congress, passed March 18, 1818, to provide for persons enzared in the land and Naval service of the United States during the Revolu tionary War, by applying to the subscriber. SAM&9 BULMVIABILK, mh 31 tw 91 Waesau - slreet Vi TO LET. ! tirusl Tbe bouse in Hudson - square, lately occupied ny jonn K. Murray, Esq. it is sp rious and elegant, and ponseised of every re. quisite convenience. Possession may be had immediately ros terms, apply to MAJOR Si GILLESPIE, 79 (up stairs) Pine - street. X. fl. The above propi rty v ill be sold to ary one desirous to purchase, and the pay ment mscie convenient mh 31 V TO Lt'f, Un.fl The spacious 4 - storv fire proof store. at tiie foot of Libei - ty - ntreet, lately occupied by Messrs. j. Murray Ic Sunt. Possession to be given on the first May next. For terms, ipply to MAJOR ii GIU - EiHE, mh M 79 (up stairs) Pine - sti cet. Tl l.kT ilia The small 3 story brick house No. V Pian - street, suitable for a person carrying on a trade in the house, bavine a tieht earret and a middlinz sized store. .Possession given imme diately, toiqoire nt - UAVIU B lUliWAUUU.I, mh 31 tf Stone - street, near Broad street. QbTOUE 10 LE I, ' The fire proof store in Governenrs lane, between Water and Front - atreet, from 1st May next. Apply to TUUKtU it l.A.UKIL,, mb 31 29 South - street. At a court of Chancery held lor tbe state nf Naw.Vnrfc. at the cirv of Albaov. on the twenty - third day of March, in the year of oar lard one tnousana eigne onnarea ana eighteen, nziKiT. 1 be honorable James Kent, esquire, tvbaa - e el lor. Martha Tabele, complainant, to George Tayler, George B. Tayler, Es - Uter U. Mngirt, John Tabele, l aui a. Brown and Elizabeth B. Brown, bis wife, Ptutbe A. Tabele, Martha W. Tabele. Mary II Tabele. James Ta bele. and JrJin AthfipM. HetenHants. OV reading and tiling the petition of tbe com - Diainant in this cause, and an affidavit an nexed thereto, whereby it appears That tbe bill of complaiot in this cause is filed for tbe partition of certain lots of land It premises In tbe city oi new York x and it atmearimr by the said bill of com plaint that the said lots of land and premises are as follows that is to say All that certain lot, piece or parcel of land with the appurtenances, situate in the sixth ward of the city of New - York, and known and disUneuisbed as number one hood red and thirty two Chatham - street ; ana also those two certain lots of land with tbe appurtenances, lying together, situate in tbe fourth ward of the said city of New - York, and am now numbered and known and distinguished by lots number four and aemher six, in H ague street s which said several lots of land formerly belonged to the estate of Joseph Outen Bncart. late the city of New York, deceased. And it further appearing by tbe said petition nf the com - Dlainant ia this tune, and the said affidavit an nexed thereto, that process of subpoma has beea Iwuert against the defendants Ueorge jayier, Paul 8. Brown aad Elizabeth B. Brown, his wife, Phmbe A. Tabele and John Tabele. tuti that Die shove - named defendants Geurge Tayler, Paul S. Brown and Elisabeth B. Brown, bis wife, and Phosh A.Tahele - mide ia the rit oi Pmladelobsa and 'late ef Pcnnsytvaoia, aad that J oris Tabele, another of the said defendants, resides ia Hav as, in the island of Caba ; and that the said defendants cannot, nor can either of thetns, be fbead withia the itt nf Xrm York, to he eerved with the said sahcoiaa It ia ordered, on asotioa of Samuel Jones, junior, Eeq. of counsel for tbe toapiainaat, that tiie said defendawts George Tarler. Pan! S. Bmwe. eJ Elizabeth B. Brown his wife, rbmhcA. Tabele, aad Jot Tabele, ep eiir in Hue nnanrable cntirl aad answer me sera ill rJ enmnUiiit in tt.U mm h the Until daY ef July text or that in defaalt thereof the said bill of complaint be taken pro - erwteseo against thesm. Aad it is farther ordered that a cepv of inrs et der be pa blishod, atleaet once a week, for three calendar saoiitha. in ene of the aewspapers priat - sd ia each of 1U cities of New York aad Albany. A copy. ISAAC l. lirr ' mh 31 fawlSm Assistsmt Begistar. ; FOR SALE. A, hahilaome Bay Uone, - for the Saddle or Gig. ., Apply at the Club Stable, in Stone - street. anh 31 3t ... FOR SALE. A PAIR ol very fine iron - rrey HORSES, five XX years old, near aixttwa hands bieh, wel broke to the harness. One pair ol bay HORSES, six years old. well Also aver v fine Saddle or GicUORSE. and A very handsome PONY, fit lor a Toener lady or gentleman to ride ; with a lishtCOACllEE. as ra oe seen aiai jonn streei, at . WM SLOWLEY'i Stable. mhSl lw MAAAGKHS LlsTQf PRlZtiS. IH the Medical Science Lottery, lately finished drawing is this day received, and may ue exam in ea gram at the olhce of B. WAITE, Jun No. 136 Broadway. Where those who have prizes may receive cash or have them renewed in tbe Millord and Owege noaa ionery, Which will commence drawins in the ihort be riod of one month, and be completed ia tweuty urn wings. MIUHEST PRIZES. 1 prize of $70,000 I 1 prize of $35,000 2 do 10,000 1 2 do 6,000 Tickets and shares for sale by - R. WAITE, Jun. mh 31 St 136 Broadway. For HAtRE, Tbe superior packet ship RUBICON, Holdredge, master ; will tail about the loth Apnl. lor freight or passage, apply on board, at Jones' wharf; or to POTT Si YTKINNE, mh 30 66 South - st. FOR SALE, (If applied for in ten days) The ship MINERVA SMYTH, built in t'hiladeluhia of the best materials, copper fasten ed and coppered Ave months sines, her sails and rigging in excellent order ; ber accommodations extensive aud elegant If not sold within the above time, will be dispatched without delay to London. Apply to mrh.10 AVLCll uHAUIr. SZ otMb. For AEW - ORLEAAS, The ship LAGUIRA, now loading at the west side of Burling - slip i will sail in 5 days. For freight or passage, having excellent accommodations, apply on board, or to N. L. & G. GRISWOLD, mh 29 86 South - street. For BRISTOL, The fast sailing ship ELLEN, Lynde Rowland, master, to sail in 5 days. For passage only, havinir handsome accomuio - dationa, apply on board at Pine - street - whatf, or to GRIWOLDS II COATES, mh ?8 68 South - street. (.HOUR, COFFEE, Aic. - 400 bbls. Virgin - jl ia r lour 45 bhds. prime old and new Richmond To oacco, 18 do Petersburg do 21 bales Upland Cotton 35 ts. and iO hf. Is. Rice 1 5U bags St. Domingo and 64 do green Havana Coffee (i tons Ligoumvitse Port Claret and Mudeira Wine, in bbds. and quarter casks Roriz red Port Wine, in cues of 3 dozen each , . FREIGHT FOR OPORTO. liaiihave about 1000 bushels corn on freight Apply to R. GILLESrIK, mn xn iz r roni - siree. For LIVERPOOL, The ship IMPORTER, Rogers, now taklnar in cargo, and nothing shall pre vent her from going to sen on the 6th of April, should the weather prove favorable. Four more passengers can be accommodated, Apply to tbe captain, on board, at rier no. lz, er to LH.ffK.LES 11 ALL, l tieaver - sL mch 26 For Sale, Freight or Charter, The fast sailing packst ship ELLEN, Rowland, master, just returned from bourdeaux and can be put in readiness to take cargo in a few days 1 his sbip is Z years out, burthen 301 ton?, very profusely found and in the best condition. For particulars apply on board at Pine - street wharf, or to GRISWOLDS & COATES, mch 25 - 6 - .I Sooth - sL . - For NKW - ORLEAS, AtF.Xv O.I tUH 1 IIU D!MHII . 1 i'rTi i "!" mil' on Wednesday nexL For ireisht or passase apply on board at Dover - st. wharf, oral No. I6 l'tarl street. mh25. 8. MARSH tt U ROOKS. For Sale, FreigH or Charter, The lubstantial doubleJecked and fast sailing brig k EN TUCK Y - BELLE, Drehou, matter, burthen 232 tons, will be ready to receive a cargo in a few. days lies at pier No. N. Hirer, tor terms, apply on board, or to G.G &S. HOWlwiND, mh 25 77 Washington - st. For HAVRE, The well known coppered amp MA - i MA - THERESA, Skiddy, master The principal part of ber cargo being engaged, will meet with quick dispatch. For freight of I5U bales cotton, or passage, having good accom modations, apply to f . ULTAU, CT G. G. & 8. HOWLAND, mh 25 77 Washingtoo - st. For Sale, Freight or Charter, The brie; RECOVER, Owen, mas tr. 9A9 tniia t will carev ahnnt fj7.V) bbls : ts well found, and n sou ml eood vessel lies at pier No. 10, E. R. Apply to JUS. USBUKPI, mh 17 28 South - st. For Sale, Freight or Charter, ftl The brig ROBERT, Pope, master, "8 tons will carry 3200 bbls j 2years eld ; well found, and a good vessel lies at pier No. 9. Apply to JOSEPH 03BORN, mh 17 28 South - sL Wanted to Charter, JTlv a - a vrcerf ik.i :n V - - lbbli. for a voyase to Bermuda. Imme - duu uupatcn will be riven. Apply to iULXEKS LAUKILO, mh 13 .29 South - street. inisn Liaans. m Arena, lawji. Sic HE.RYM'VICKAKiCO. bave reeeived by the late arrivals from Dahlia aad by the Pacific, from Liverpool, n general assortment of 4 - 4 ana 7m iiseue 5 - 4 Sheetings; 7 - Lawns " 3 - 4 Diaper aad Bioad Diaber, assorted Damask Table CMbs 3 - 4 brows and black Lawns, in half pie ces : which they offer for sale ua liberal terms, at mb 3U X w no. ai nne - nreei. 11ROKES, DAVIDSON ft CO. eft for safe at 108 Front - street. 3 cases Iran Ltnea 2 tfe shawls do coarse Book Muilins aod ladies bdkis M casks Glassware, assorted ' 60 crates Earth', warn, do 4 eases tew priced Fowling Pieces ; 6 pipes o4 aiadeira Wine. am 30 CANTON CRAPES 10 cases Canton blk. Crapes, jest received and for sale by . P. REMSES ft CO. Db 12 26 South - street. rnn n r a PAIR ef bey HORSES, well broke and A. foemli For particulars call at Shaw's Lt - rery - uMetk iberty - etreet, near Broadway mtOSw i 1UN POWDEIL AcomUiitsumJyof Gun VJ Powder, Txoca the 44 Orange Works' for laleby w ,, JAMES D1 WOLF, Jr. mh24 ' 67 Froot - etreet. tjUGAR. 2ii8 hhds. prime New - Orleans Sa - O gar, wading at pier No. 13, E. River, from uiuiceacr, win i soki on me wnnri. Applj , and to CHA8. L. OG DEN, ah 14 ABR. OGDKN, 1KIMI LINENS, A few Uxcs 4 4 Iruh linens, purchased for cah inr sale by D. SULLIVAN, - mhSOIw 131 Water - street. CI LOVER SEED Si LlNbLED OIL, now landing, for sale by fmchSO CORNELIUS DUBOIS. DRY GOODS. F1ANCY plate Cali - Marseilles Quillings, sV coes Su pei ine calicoea and chintzes 4 4, 9 - U, 6 4 cainbnc muilios Cambric jaconets Plain tmiibor'd k sewed mulls Plain and tambor'd book muslins 3 - 4, 4 - 4 and 6 - 4 cam - . brie ginghams Black aud col'd cambrics Velvets and cords, beaver gloves Fancy cravats, twilled ana plain Madrass hdkft, pins Hair cord cambrics, cotton balls White k col'd threads royal ribbs Wliite and printed sateens Cotton brown hollands Swansdown, toilanetts, silk stripes Cotton and wonted hosiery Irish linens A sheetings Buttons, bed ticks Fine and superfine cas - ' simeres '. Yorkshire fine and sa lierfioe cloths London do do Superfine ladies cloths Bointiatelts, rati mitts Imperial cords, vigo - nia cassimeres Stockinette, plain and ribb'd Flannels, baizes Silk, kid, and cotton Ferretts, worsted bind - a love t wts Silk hose, silk floreo - Shirt buttons, cotton tines Black bonibazeens lare Paris nctts and souffle Florence silk, ribbons, cause gaiiooiis Florences, plain and figured Virginia satins, plaid lustrings Fring'd black silk hkfs Velvet bindings, tapes, bobbins Furnituie calicoes, and chintzes Black aud white thulle lace Leno snawls, Eitopil las Sewing silk, assorted colors Linen cambrics Table cloths, 6 - 4, 7 - 4 i 8 - 4 Diapers Furniture Dimities 4 4, 8, 6 4, 7 - 4 and Fancy Leno, k figured o 4 printed cambric shawls Muslins Cambric. Trimmings, k 7 4 k 0 - 4 imitation do. 8 4 caniiuere do. Baodanno, lon - ee and sistersoy hdkis. Pocket lidkfs. while I (ounces Seersucker Ginghams Koioall MdKis. ' Silk Check Ginghams 21! 3 col'd Cambric and pnuti'd Hair cord and cambric dimities garments Oil Cloths Brown Linens ' Merino Shawls Jeans, cotton cassimere btriped lorentincs Black do Cotton bandannnes 9 - 8 col'd strip'd jsco - Madapollumand steam netts India muslins, kc. be. loom shirtings Received by the late arrivals and for sale by MAUliE.tU.1 AU9JZ..V, mhlldirJra 167 Pearl - street, REMJERLD TALLOW U HIDES. A FEW thousand pounds New - York Tallow, and 20U0 Slaughtered Hides, for sale. Apply to T. GIBBONS, Fly - Market, mh 1 1 tf SPERM CANDLE. 60 boxes Sperm Can - dies, ofa superior qualify, for sale by JAMES P AN DOE, mh 11 208 Broadway. LOUR and TOBACCO. 180 bbls. Rich - mond city mill Flour 150 bbls. Richmond country do - . 9 hhds. do. old Tobacco . 20 do do. new do lb kefs new snannfactured do No. 2. 33 do. old do No. 1, Davidson, Saunders and Co. brands, for sale nt I0 r root - street, mh 30 TROKE8, DAUIuSON ft CO. KREH11 DRY GOODS I ft C. MCHOIJ), No. 132 Pearl - sUeet, have i . recewea and are sow opening 2 cases best French Crape 1 do black Canton do 2 do black and c'oth colored Sewing Silk l no muck sincnew 1 do black Sarsncts 2 do black Canton Fringed Hdkfs 3 do 4 - 4 Irish Linen, very low 2 do brown Linen. 1 do Irish Sheeting 2 do cotton l'latiliss 2 do Steam Loom Shirting 2 do white and printed Jeans 2 do Marseilles Quilting, assorted 2 do furniture and common Dimities 2 do Madrass Handkerchiefs 2 do fine Book and Cambric Muslins 2 do Mil!ioetts,2do Carlisle Ginghams 2 do Cotton Casiimerts ' ' 1 do Pins in boxes 2 do Ladies Kid and Silk Gloves 4 truuks floe Plate Calicoes 3 do superfine Chintz ' 2 bales superfine Broad Cloths 2 do Cassimeres 2 do Rhodes' Bombasets. All purchased at auction, or equally as low of the importers, wmcn iney ouer tor saie ai a sroau advance. mn an im Irmh mhbhs. niarxHS, 6 - 4 sacniines,uc. IHOMA8 KUI't l.KA. No. 6 LleDeVStert. 1 has received a complete assortment of the following goods, per Britannia, from Newry, and latt arrivals irom uuoun. . 4 - 4 and 7 8 Linen ; 7 - 8 hair bleached ditto 4 - 4 Linen, of Thompson's bleach 7 - 8 Lawm ; 3 - 4 Brawn Linens 7 - 8 Linen, in half pieces 6 - 4 Sheetings t 7 6 Dowlas 3 - 4 Birds - Eye Diaper - , 7 - 8 Grey Lawns. Which, with his former assortment of low pri ced and tine goods, are offered for sale on rea snnable terms. mojuii BRAND. POP ASHES, BUTTER, tic 6 pipes imitation 4th proof brandy, said to be equal to any in uns city 21 barrels Pot Ashes, (good bills) X mh 00d re,wUn BM,Ur 3 bales first quality Upland Cotton 25 bhds. Paris While ' 20 rolls Sheet Lead, assorted sizes 270 bags Juniper Berrias, good quality 100 kegs best quality ground ginger. For sale by CORNELIUS DUBOIS, mh 30 tw 36 Froot streeL LEGHORN FIORET1I HA1S. JUST received per Anos ia, one case of superior Fioretti Leghorn Hats, assorted from No.36a6U. ALSO. 1 do of fine White Chip, with a suitable pro portion oldounie nanns. r or sale oy VANDERVOORTft FLAND1N, snhti lw No. Ill Broadway, 1JKOWN blllRl'INGS. 8 packages browa I J hhirtmrs. conTamuK lu.uuu varus, mil re veived aod for sale by SUE. WJU1IIOCIU1, 148 Pearl - street Tbev have on hand fine and coarse UlnthariiS, ctnpe, 3 4, o, tnccaji, (one ana coarse; Bed - Ticking, Sattinetts and Caseinetts and sen - eral a'sortmeat of cotton yarn. mh30 esic ShiJUU and Rtrmtngkam Good. . A FEW casks Knives and Forks A few casks Small Cutlery 2 cask ChiaeeU, Plane Irons, Gouges, Drawing Knives . 8 do Aaws aasorted. 2 do Files do ' A few casks Birmingham Goods, for sale on very low terms, nj .. . mh 30 St , 82 1 - 2 pearl - etreet COrTON 81 bales prime Lplaixl Lotion, J landing from brig Eliza, at Jonee wharf, for sale by. POTT k M'KINA'F., mb - 30 - wj' '"1 - 11K.fMJYA sew pipe 4n prom oorueea - 1 Brandy, very. upiir, otiUed te dwbtn - l - reraleBtNo,73.Vtrrrry mcb30 3t ' ikMJLH I wilk, it. . 1 Kj, LEGHORN nATS, tc - 3 caast tgbork Hats, with extra crowas . ; 2 oo Chip Flats, with bands - ' - 3 do Flowers..' . v :.vALSO, '. ; 1 cans willows - , ' 1 do black, green and changeable florence I do changeable sarsncts . z no garniture noixws 1 do chow chow hdkfs - 1 di French points o Linoa caaibric hdkfs Merino sbawls - Flag and bandanno hdkfs .. ' Canton cranes 4 - 4 and 6 4 cambric and jaconet mnslina. mh 30 - 210 Broadway A t O.OSHJOA MUSTARD. M:J Boxes first Quality fresh Loudon mus tard, in boxes contaiuuig 6 dozea eachFor sals by TUCKER Si LAURIES, mh 30 29 South - st. FREcH FRUIT 50 boxes Oranges and 60 do Lentous, just received, for sale by JOS. JOHNSON. mh13 9 Gouverneura lane. OT. DOMINGO COFFEE. 150 bags, for sale ai iuu r ront - nrrei mh 30 TROKEDAVIPSON ft Ca CANTON GOODS, HUNTRESS CARGO - Col'd aad black Nuhkin Crapes, first quality, 22 y 'dps. Col'd and blk. figured do. 19 y'd pieces Do. do Plain do. 19 do do Do. changeable barmels, high col'd 30 do Black do do Do Sinchews do Coloured Satins 18 do Col'd Sewing Silks Also, a handsome assortment inserting trimmings. For sale by mh 30 2yvt A. C. ZABRI3KIE. I EG HORN HA lb, Sic. - t cass buperfwe aj iegnorn nais 4 do. Italian Craies, black. For sale by A. D. DURAND ft BOURDEL, mh 30 4t 30 Pine - si reet. 40 SCV'JHKS. Dozen Scythes, Waters' stamp, for sale by J AM La U'vviL,r, jr. mch 30 - 57 Front - slreL B ROADCLOTHS Si KERSEVJVIEUE. A lew bales, lor sale very low by J. M'CIIACKAN. mh 30 83 1 - 2 I'earl - sireet. I. 'Oil SALE, un ri - axxiiible teni., tbe Utensils r complete for a SOAP and CANDL H Mau - uiaciory. Likewise, first rate Mould and Dii4 Candles. Enquire at No. 19 Nuiiau - slrcet. mn 30 iw MANUFACTORY OF bILVER WARE T W. FQRBE6, No. 90 Broadway, one door IF . above Wall - street, respeclluliy Informs his hnends and the public Hint he continues to manufacture silver tea and table setts, church plate, spoons, forks, ladles, waiters, urns, siphons, fish kuives, Sic. kc. of the latest and most elegant pattern!, of tlio first quality of silver and supe rier workmanchip, at the lowest prices for cash. All orders executed in a masterly mannrr, and warranted in all cases at lea't equal to any articles of silver manufactured and sold in this city. In addition to bis own manufactures, lie has on hand an assortmentof rich plated and fancy hard re, which he will dispose ol very low, coo - sitting of candlesticks, cake baskets, castors, bottle castors, snuffers and trays, plated on steel, n very superior article t elegant pen. pocket and sportsman's knives, with a variety of article not enumerated. men ao im COLUMBIAN PICTURE GALLERY, 61 rVLTOn - tTUKBT. Te connoisseurs and amateurs of the Fine Arts, and to the enlichteoed public of New - York. rpUE proprietor of an extensive collection of e. iiiciures, uie worai oi uie most eminent painters, havine Just arrived from Europe, where he has purchased them from the Cm ssh oi Romn, Naples, Florence, Pans, Amsterdam and f London, at a very considerable ex pence, proposes to exhibit Uiem to the ladies and gentlemen of this city and its vicinity. The exhibition will betia on Monday, the 6th of April. It will be far u oerior loan r as vet offered ia the U. States. the pictures being undoubtedly original, by the loiiownur artists : Claude Da Vinci Ruben Corregio Parmegiano Rembrent Verouia vanderweri eania iroce A I bono Nelsclier Caracci Domlnichino Raphael Milani Ponssin Vanderneer - Kamhoccio Ostade Tmiier Zuccarelli Vandervelde Jan Steen Hans Holbein Neefo Van Tuldea GolUius i.; - 14 .... r L... .1 Ml. TTonwenunuv jticibh . uwhihuhb Loutbsrburg Titian DuJardyn Wilson Gainsborough Barker Hilton Richardson Cuyp Brueghel Murillo Panini a - c. uc. sic. Admission 50 cents each, er one dollar per month. Hours from 10 in the morning to seven ia the evening. Catalogue may be bad at the uaiiery. mnx iw - MILITARY BOUNTY LANDS. THE Subscriber will pay the highest price in cash to the late soldier for their bounty land. wai'swuiwii, No. 26 Water - treet, N. B. J. D. W. purposing to leave tbe city for ine ininoi I emiory, requests an loose wno employed him to obtain their patents, to call and take un the tame, or receive Cash lor them. will tale any agency business to ine mi nois Territory, reKtise to Soldier claim, Sic. Apply a above. , mcb)0 D&CSwt "" To Let at Bloommtdatt. Tbe larce. convenient aad pleasantlv situated house of the subscriber, with the out bmldinx and arround. opposite the new stone Church on ths Bloommgdale road, 4 1 1 mile from town. Apply to JOHN II. TALMAS, mh 25 Im 214 Peart - street I TO LKT. LJ From tbe fust of May next, the three itory brick bouse, fto. 88 Dey - street. Apply to leumaiu) ztiz.Kun.r.n, . mh27 2w 37 Wall street Q . TO LET, The upper part of a' neteel two story front bouse. No 33 Chapel, next to the comer of Murray - street, very convenient, having room and a separate Kticnen, on ine same floor. Apply on the premise. mh 28 tf rt IO LET, Lf.i3 . The well known country seat, formerly occuriied bv John S. Roelet. Esq. rposile that of Mr. Depeyiter, on tv Bloomingdate Koad. APPly 10 JUAAUr TALiBicn. as run za iw 11 .niii;ivM - A LADY well qualified to give leaeone on the V.mnn Fnrte. inform Uie puuiiu, uw the w;il rive lessors three time a ween, ai the moderate price of Ten Dollar per quae - ter. Application to be mad to John Read, No. 36 Courtlandttreet, er Alexander M. Muir, No. 521 PearUtreet. mb 84 2w c - w rmi f lU REWARD. RANAWAY from his artkshlD, EDWARD YATE8, a son of Edward Tat, Mmble Keener. Maidea - Lane. l be s - irfe bov is a httlr rising of eighteen year of in, (boat five feet 4 iacbe high, Jong visage, (harp chin, browa hair, and i a very mtelligeat haw! 'I be above reward will be paid to any per - sowbriexinghimtetheiabtcribef, or giving in - formation where he may be .'oend. . jOSt.rH saowji 1, uisj cutter, - . Corner of Grand trreet and Bvrr. Or to WM. JACKSON, " "76 Chatham - , N.B. Blrorur supicirm are entertained that m litre ia aniMif lue latriera imaiiui M.irf. n - Lane. Any person berbounnt tbe a hose ap - pfentice, eny matter of vessel taking him off, will (eenid with the stmost riaour otbe mnwu 1 or 43 so PUBLIC SALES; " BY f. L. MILLS ft CO. ( I ' '... Thursday. ' . " ;" v At half past 9 o'clock at thehf nnctica room n entire invoice of 80 packages fresh imported t rench goons, eompriiing a choice and valua - We an assort meat M as ever erTered for sale in this market, consisting of doable chainod seven tinea, double face ores of nil colors, plain tafUt ' satin and rich figured ribbons, reeaiand women silk hose, do gloves, rich merino shawU, lev an me do 1 1 embrosdersd bdkfb i thulle lac aad - lace bands, hoea cambric aad cambric iidkr. fans, chenille cord, ftorentiae vestings, silk hat covers, and a number of other article. The above good will be cold oa a liberal cred - it, which will be made known at the sale. MA RULE 'FOR BUILDLS Q, . " TH E proprietors ef the souUMra marble qtu. rise, near King's - Bridge, give notice, that they bave on hand, and are receiving, at the KuigU - Bridgt Marble and - Limt - imrd, foot of Beach - street, on the Hudson river, an extensive stock of merMe ler building, of the following de scriptions, viz : Ashlar Coping Foundation Stone Cbimuey - Pieces Facinp , Columns WaterUble Step Platform Sills, Lintels Arches Also Lime of tbe best qnality. (L7' A constant supply of the above material may be calculated upon ; and thee tfenrous of purchasing, or making engagement, will apply m tU.tiA LUDLOW. Feb H . At the Yard. REMOVAL. KT N. 8MITH DAV1E8 ha removed bJe . chemical perfume manufactory and wnrebousn from No. 130 Broadway, on door north pf Li berty - street, on the westtid of Broadway. ' . mch 27 . NOTICE. '' (& All persons having demands against the estate of Doctor Archibald Bruce, deceased, are requested to send their account to the office of the subscriber, No. 6 Nsssau - stieet. - PETER MY MUNRO, Mh27 Im Admitrisirator. CITY ASSEMBLY. ' 07" Those eentlemen who bave not bad an opportunity of paying thtir subscription, will b?e tbe goodness to send it to one of the msaa gers. mh 27 iw try - 1 wo shares in the New - York Library ciety, FOR SALE, price $25 each. Enquire at no. 124 Broadway. mh 28 THEATRE, AMTHONk - b'l KEEl'. On Tuesday, March 31, 1818. roaTRK BKKBrir or un. MESTATnn. l - mr - cinnuwiciin contiosrllU 04 me services of MR. ME3TAYER. as inUroteter - riKUi .a 1 - .... .... has approbated the proceeds of (his night lor hi Benefit, and has selected a variety of new and interesting tleceptions, never aiteapfed by any ia the proTetiion. and a vet unsurnan'd. where. in will be displayed by a Masterly Hand, the as - toniihina talents of Mr. Stanislas. In the sir stie ' science of Legerdemain and to which Mr. M. baa added the unrivaM'd talent of Mr. Meetayer oa UieSLACK - WIRE. . The doors will nnea at 6 o'clock, and certain rise at 7. Box SI. upper box 75 cents, nit LO . cents, children half price. mh2R3i . A. CARD, ffr Mr. WHALE resnectfully makes known to Uie ladies and gentlemen of NewrYork, that ia consequence of Mr. French taking hereoncert on Tuesday, the 31st. Mr. W's public wiU boon the weancsnay evening following t u tbe coarse ol which several fancy dances will be danced by hi pupils Th Allemande Franc sis, ice. by 3 young lauie t a nance parucuiany adapted lor the elegance of carriage and grace of person. aanaui , rrr The Female Association respectfully In. vita their subscriber and tbe public In funeral. to attend an examination of the scholars under their care, lobe held at the New. York Free ixl In Chaihsm - ttreet. the 2d of fourlh month (April) at 10 o'clock, A. M. M An v M. PERKINS, (ary. . N. B. Tickets of admiium.. te be had af tfi . door, gratis. It ia requested children may not ' be brought. mh 30 2t ; NOTICE. fX7 Conaignee of good per falp Minerya ?inyth, ' from London, ere requested to send tbeir permit on board without delay, as nil goods not permitted within five day will be sent to the public store the sbip lie nt Murray's wl arf. - mch 30 " . CONCERT. J nr. will, respcciiuiiy acquamia um . friend and the public, that Iila Benefit Concert, will be on Thursday, April 10th, at the Assembly Room City Hotel, Broadway. .Particular, of which will be announced hi future advertisements, . mh 27 lAt " ' GRAND BALL . j" AT WASHIJWTOJY.UALL. . ,. , M' R. BERAULT has the hooor to infcrm the ladies and gentlemen of New - York, that bis annual grand ball will take place on Thursday evening the 2d A prU, in the Washing Ion - Hall saloon, la the course of the evening, a ballet dance, and several other fancy dance, ill be performed by Mr. Beraull's pupils, at fullowsr 1 FtJceof a grand inarcb, by W young la dles. - 2 Corps d ballet, by 20 yoaar Udiet ' i 3 Pa de dsux, by 2 young ladies - ' - 4 Pas seul, by 1 young lady 6 The shawl dance, bjua young mis ' ' 6 Gavotte de Vestris, by 6 yoang Indies ' " 7 The shautrose, by t young ladie 8 Corp de ballet, by 20 yonng ladies 9 The allemand, by 2 young ladie ... 10 D deax, by two young ladies 11 PhsseuL with toe tambourine, by a yonng lady 12 Tbe three gracss, by 3 yonng ladies . 13 Pa seul, by a yonng lady 14 The lesson, by t Toung ladiee 15 CorpdbaBet,by20youfigladise , 16 A grand march, te cxmclud wilh, by M , young ladies. . . . ' . - ..... . 1 - .1 I..Tlr .nl 1 be nail to net ia preasetj - - f ; (he ballet at 9. ... .' rrj Tickets, one dollar eacii, to oe nau ai Mr. Bernolt's, No. 31 Conrtlaiidt - slreet, and s4 W..hinnii.HalL mh12 3w LIME BUHNERS. . WANTED tbrt or four experlesKed lima . . banters, who can be well recommenWd. ; . To such ceostant employ and liberal wages Will be given Apply to i, EZRA LUDLOW, 34 Beavr - eL f Q TO LLT, . " Tbe house tfe, 34 Beaver - street, for one " tw years Apply a asera. - - , mchU ututl - Q TO LET, Tbdse spacioas HOUSES, No. 41 and WaU - street, Ulely known as lb Marcaaoti' Hotel. They will be let eith - toretha or se parately. The heene Re, 41 has n buildmg m ine rear of st, reatainmg twenty boa rooms witn trw - placee, which make it one of the asost de - - able siuntkms m the dty for a bosoUnc hooM, mpeciaHy as the lower room may be let with advantage either for iswuranxe er broker' & . For tersat, apply to GEORGE BUCHANAN, mh 27 141 4 3W - lnw. fT TO LET, liiJ From the 1st of May aext, the ffoese, Ne. 92 Broadway, occepied by John Esq with the Stable, fte. in the TYiVhT thhtf Sit Woll - ot. eoner otSotno - oL ' u'1Clt.D. A room n'ubU for an Odice, la or near - Hadton - tfreeL Apply at mi ca. . mhS5 tf . t - - y : i . - .rf V .. .( ' . I! ' (. j 'I li i r, i .

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