The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 25, 1937 · Page 4
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 4

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 25, 1937
Page 4
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tfv l FOUR I, J ' l 3 I 1 l! li f - CIVIL SERVICE TESTSOFFERED Examinations for Nine Jobs Announced at Office in Mason City. The United States civil service commission announced Monday open competitive exarnina r tions as follows:..'.', . ·· Park' ranger, $1,860', national park service. : · Senior educationist (senior specialist - i n . elementary education), 4,600, office of education, depart- ment'of ·interior, i ·"."; Principal, Indian community and boarding schools, §2,000, 52,600, and 53,200, Indian field service (including Alaska),-Department of Interior, · ' ' . . ' . . Junibr warder (female), $1,320, "Federal Industrial Institution for Women, Department of Juslice Aldefsph, W. Va. : , Medical'technician (tissue culture),' $1,620, National Institute of Health, public health 'service. Chief accountant, $5,600; assistant chief accountant; $4,600, principal accountant, $3,800, accountant and .auditor, $3,200, Comm'od-' ity Exchange [administration, Department of Agriculture. Full information may be obtained from Charles E. Price, local secretary of the board of examiners, it the poslpffice in this city. ' Stewart arid .Larson :Give Music Numbers The Madison community center enjoyed program numbers by Richard Stewart and George Larson. The two presented a program of musical numbers on their mandolins and guitars, which were PAINFUL CORNS GO Remover/ fjy j\ew Iodine Discovery Relief in ,1 S!coruls or Monev Rack IOD-ISE. the neir iodine discovery ~mil» all »nreae«s «cri pam in a secohdn. Just wet vour corn or cMlou. with lOD-lst. They dry up..' Shortly you ntnove (ha painful growth, tors and all. A'o outline. N o filinr No dim-om- tort. I O D - I S E is safe, antieplic and aimnle ta OK. Get.«3Jo bottte»t your drucgi.l today and riffer no longer. Satisfaction or money buck. Always at Mlcliael Dm* Co. MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, FEBRUARY 25 · 1937 City Manager Issues Invitation City Manager Herbert T. Barclay issued an' invitation to all citizens of Mason City arid territory to attend the,open house of the city hall and .other, municipal buildings of the city, inclurtinff the notice ana fire stations and the waterworks plant, Friday afternoon and evening Mr Barclay is shown here at desk in the new city hall, where the invitation was issued. (Lock I'holo, Kayenay luigraving:) ' ; J . )layecl on their 'program' during he amateur hour sponsored by ·CGLO. Mr. Arnold Tilton was in charge o£ the program; '· Ahepa Order Raises Funds for Tuberculosis Sanitorium in West The local chapter of the Ahepa announced Thursday that proceeds from a 1 benefit dance held iy the" organization at the hall of he Greek Orthodox church have een sent to the supreme lodge in response to a request issued to the 325 chapters -for funds to maintain i tuberculosis sanitorium at Albuquerque, N. Mex. The benefit program included ong and dance numbers by Marv ·"armakis. Costa Rumeliote and C. B. Roberts entertained with EARL MAY SAYS I California Fruit -- at Carloi Prices PflfflAC Sweet Santa Clara Large IIO« JTrUllCS 50-60 Size 4 Ibs. ONLY ZJJC Large golden halves. I n 25 degree syrup. . . . . . . . ONLY No. IV* can (near Quart) Colifornio fancy pack. « *·_ 25 degree syrup, i . , . .ONLY IjC No. Z'/i can (near Quart) Apricots FRESH OCEAN FISH Often called Ocean Cot, 1 ·)!'/· M half or whole Ib. ONLY 1* /2C Red, half or whole per Ib. Halibut Steak Sable Salmon irrictly f*?^ No; I..-, ..per Ib. 1/C Oysters Extra quality Standard. . . .per pint ONLY several numbers on the violin and the guitar. This institution, officially known as the Ahepa Silver District Tuberculosis sanatorium, was recently, completed by the order as a refuge for those of Hellenic descent in America who are suffering from tuberculosis, local members stated. As Albuquerque is 5,000 feet above the sea level and the atmospheric conditions are nearly like those of Greece, it was decided this place was best suited to the Aliepans and to the Hellenic people in general. Robert Katson, a public spirited businessman in Albuquerque,, originated the" idea of establishing a Ahepa owned and operated sana torium. He presented the matte to the thirteenth national conven tion of.the order which met at 5 Paul, Minn., during the third wee of August, 1936, and the conven tioners favored the plan. On March 25 flags and banner will be unfurled and the doors o the institution will be opened, an waiting patients received, 'loca members state.--V. F. IETY Among the things no man can live up to are his mother's opinion of him and a silk hat.--Dubuqu Telcffraph-Hcrald. LEGAL NOTICE ·' OIUGINAL NOTICE Jn, The D U f r l c l dourt of lij, .Going Up! Buy Now , Use My Part Payment Plan--1^3 - Down Payment .Balance Due March 15th. Price Guaranteed Against \ Decline. Farm Belt Alfalfa, often called Home * i /» n r Grown Dak. No.-12. Extra Fancy. Per Bu. «) 10.75 ..:$9.65 $24.25 .$8.15 Giant. White Blossom Swce£ Clover Fancy. Per Bushel Medium Red Clover, home grown, extra fancy. Per bushel ' . , ' . : . ' : . , '·iWayworth Hay and Paslurc Mixture, 3U%:;Clovers. Per Bushel . . . . : ' Complete line of all Farm Seeds BABY CHICKS $1 per hundred down payment Will reserve as many baby chicks as you want when you want them. Sl.OO per hundred discount on all early orders for Triple A grade Baby Cliicks. ' . Listen fo my special ./arm and ff arc!eninff proirrams each week, Monday to Friday inclusive over station WHO 12:30-12-45 P nt and over Station WMT and KSO 1:45-2:00 P. M.--AH. from KMA Earl E. May Seed Co. Phone 7S6 EAUL, E.'MAY,.-President.' 2S Second St. N. E. Mason City A r t h u r O'H.irroU', Plalntifr. vs. Jennie Foster, a widow: and Corro Gordo County. Iowa, Defendants. To Jennie Faster, a widow; a n d Cc Oordu C o u n t y , Iowa, t h e »bovo n a m e d d e f e n d a n t s : You are hereby n n l i t i c d that t h e r e will be on (ile in the o f f i c e of Ihc Clerk of the District Court of the above named County and stale on or before Ihc 2«!i day of March. 1337, a petition o[ P l a i n t i f f claiminc a personal judgment against Jennie Foster, defendant tor 5100.00 with Interest thereon at 8rc lcr annum from the 51st day of August. 1033. as justly due p l a i n t i f f on one certain promissory note dated AuBUst 31, 1933, and executed and delivered lo Arthur O'Harrow; n nd f u r t h e r askine 4Udcmcnt aKJ'.inst Jennie Foster tor costs, including attorney's foes as provided in said note. And claiminc against all of you the foreclosure of a certain real estate mortgaEe of even date with said note, and securing the same on the following described Tea estate, lo-wft: . Lot One (1) in A u d l t o r ' j Subdivision of Lot Three (3) In Lot T w o ·') In S u b d i v i s i o n of t K e N o r t h w e s t Qu.r- ·ter (NW/t) of t h e N o r t h i v e t t Quarter f N W l l ) , Section Eighteen (IS), Township Ninety-six (B(i) Itanee Twenty-one .21), In Cerro Gordo C o u n t y , Iowa; \ And that a Receiver be appointed to collect the rents and profits; and also a writ of possession Issue to put the purchaser under Mils foreclosure In possession of said premises. [For further particulars see petition o be on file as above staled ) Now, unless you appear thereto and defend on or before n o o n ' o t the second day of the April 1037 Term of said Court to he held n t t h n Court House In 'Mason Clly. Iowa, In said' County, com- mencini; on A p r i l 5, 1037, d e f a u l t will ic entered a o a i n s t yd, am) ju ( |,r mon j rendered I n e r n o n in accordance with the prayer of said p e t i t i o n . , HINF.S MOUNT, Attorney for Plaintiff. In I b e D i s t r i c t Court of Towa In anil for Cerro G o r d o County. State of Iowa, Plaintiff vs. C, H. Cords and One Cerlaln 1036 Master Town Sedan Chevrolet Automobile Defendants. To C. 11. Cords and lo all othen lo w h o m I t may c o n c e r n : You and eileli of you are hereby notified that there Is now on file in the office of the Clerk of the District Court of fow.-i. In and for Cerro Gordo County an Information charcing that a certain irafi. Master Town Sedan. Chevrolet auto- mobJIe, bearitifr motor No. 5530737 'factory No. 21FAlo-20i3., was employed in the t r a n s p o r t a t i o n of Intoxicating liquors in violation of law, and asking t h a t Ihc said conveyance be dealt with ns pro- v i d e d , by law, -. .: , You are f u r t h e r notified t h a t satrt matter, will come on for hearing on the 23th day of March, 1037,, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, at the :.court house in Mason Clly, Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, ano that unless you appear and show good cause lo the contrary the said automobile will be forfeited and sold by the sheriff of Cerro Gordo County tmva; as provided by law. and that all claims in and to or against the said automobile which are nol filed according (o ·V. *?f' or ' : lhe d^to set for said hearing, will be forfeited and extinguished. Dated this 17th day of February. 1037 T. A. BEAHDMOrtE. Judge of the 12th Judicial District of Iowa. N'OTICK OF THE APPOINTMENT OF EXECUIIIIX STATE OF IOWA, Cerro Gordo County, ss. No. 4357 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, t h a t the undersigned has been duly appointed and qualified as Executrix of the csUte of Joseph J. Clark, Eeceascri. lale of Cerro Gordo County. All persons Indebted lo said e s t a t e . are requested to make Immediate payment? and those n a v i n c claims against . the '· same wilt present (hem. d u l y a u t h e n t i c a t e d , lo the unrtcrstjrned for allowance, and file In the office of the clerk of the District Court. , ,. ; ,'IDA HELI.E CLARK. Executrix. ···· yrank.AY.i Chamber*, Attorney. Dated February 24lh, 1037. S, H. MacPEAK. Clerk District Court. By--Margaret Ulley, Deputy. North. Iowa Forum Talk Is by Woman Feminine V i e w p o i n t o Supreme Court Heard Over KGLO. Selling a high value on American liberty which allows her to say of Mr. Roosevelt or any of his successors that "she doesn't love :iim in February as she did in November," Mrs'. J. Curtis Amen presented a woman's view of the president's court reform proposa' Wednesday evening oh the KGLO North Iowa Forum. "I am wondering just how a woman's opinion would differ from a man's," she said. "Perhaps the average woman is more sympathetic toward the supreme court justice 1 ; Decause she likes antiques. The average man doesn't because he can't sit down, on them comfortably or out his feet on them. Now no woman would ever speak of nine dark mahogany Chippendale chairs, made in 1755, as 'Nine Old Chaivs.' Please don't mistake me a woman doesn't like an antique chair just because it is,old, but if: it once had quality, Ihen age enhances ils value for her and adds luster. Mind was Resilient. \ The luster on Oliver Wendel Holmes was something very grea and very rare. His mind was as resilient at 90 as it was at 50. "According- to his · biographer Justice Brandeis today is a mellow octogenarian with unshaken faith in humanity and in the ability b. the American man to master his problems without resorting to dictatorship and without destroying personal. liberty. In my opinion the oldest man now on the bencr is the greatest in stature." A man at 70 years of age is likely to be more detached and abie to -give more impartial opinions t h a n ' a man of 50 years, she stated. G Yoiniff Justices. "If six young men are added to the court can these young justices possibly have had enough expedience?" she asked. "Can we depend upon Mr. Roosevelt's choice of so many young men? Always before the choice of one new justice has involved very long and careful debate on part of both president and senate. After these young men were appointed, the country would have a court of Roosevelt men for at least 30 years. "It is ah'encouraging thing to us all that so many of our repre-, senlatives in congress are determined to judge fairly on the merits o£ the-plan. The proposal has not been jammed through as, of course it would be in a totalitar- an state. Dangerous Precedent. "The discouraging thing is that o many liberals should feel as they do that the end justifies the means. How they would have lowled if Mr. Hoover had tried to do this very thing. Can't the liberals see that if this dangerous precedent is once set, it can be used as effectively by a reactionary president as a progressive one --that ultimately it might even produce a bench full of younger reactionaries as blind and stubborn in their fifties as in their seven- tics? "But to state the case simply, this one woman who is speaking objects to tlie president's plan to change the personnel of the supreme court to suit himself because she believes in the American ilan of checks and balances, because she doesn't like a one man show, however good the showman, and because she has a profoundly deep feeling that an independent supreme court is the guardian of individual liberty--let us say of her liberty, of her free- lorn to disagree, of her freedom o say, if she chooses, about Mr. Roosevelt nr any of his successors: That she doesn't love him in Fcb- ·uary as she did in November." BARLOWFINED FOR LARCENY Charged With Stealing Coal From Yards of Milwaukee Railroad. Lawrence Barlow, 322 Twenty- ccond street southwest, was fined "10 ,ind costs Thursday by Police udge Morris Laird on a charge f larceny of coal. Barlow was ar- esled by police Wednesday after- ioon as he was gathering coal at he Chicago, Milwaukee. St. Paul nri Pacific railroad yards. Sohafer Abraham, Joice. tor- cited a Sit) bond posted when ar- ^esled in the 200 block on South "'oder.i! -avenue Wednesday eve- ing on a charge of disorderly onduct. Emil Coss, city, was fined $10 nd costs on a charge of intoxica- lon. He was arrested in the 300 lock on South Federal avenue Vertnesday night. A T L A S T A COUGH RELIEF-THAT ALSO SPEEDS RECOVERY l fBt'«j; th A'"'nvl "'" POr.BVS nONEY A n i Donblo-nptinjf. Onr, »et of iugrcdienfi k[yaonlh e ,.r5!icvc«lic!lin e .liacking, M ireh- ne . . . »*!» irritaldl t h r n n t litiinca ID keep °" f !'9'V,''?"l' hin l!- AnoHcr net rrachra t h u ronchial tnbra, lonjen* pbTr^m, tielps b r f a k ur coiiRh dtm tr A coM anil ahfttjs itcfirny. For Hick rellff and .ifiirdrj-ut, rtrnriry, tub your 'SlW D * t ,I or ,1 " lM '-« 1 ' li » FOLBVS HONEY iTAE.IdeatrorolilIdj«ii,lbo.Oot»botUelod»y; LEGION AUXILIARY PLANS BAKE SALE American Legion Auxiliary will sponsor a bake sale Saturday morning starting at 9 o'clock at the Merkel store. On the committee in charge will be Mrs J C. Piith, Mrs. A. E. Nelson, Mrs Claude A. Thomas, Mrs. F. E Maillard and Mrs. Emma Duncan. --o-DOUBLE WEDDING' HELD FOR COUPLES Two couples were married at the Presbyterian manse by the pastor, the Rev. Roy Peyfon, Feb. 20, when Ruby Pearl Lyman became the bride of James Christianson and Nancy Mae Howard, the bride ol Mansel Straw. Both brides were attired in gray ensembles. Mrs. A. E. Eberhart and Mrs. Peyton attended the couples. GARNER COTJPLE MARRIED WEDNESDAY Miss Marie Greiman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ben F. Greiman, and Dale Anderson,- son of. Mr. and Mrs., Irvin Anderson, all residing near Garner, were married Wednesday afternoon at the Olivet-Zion Methodist parsonage by the Rev. William Galbreth. They were attended by Miss Dorothy Greiman, sister of the bride, and Wayne Schlawin, a cousin of both bdde and bridegroom. They will be. at home in Garner where Mr. Anderson has employment in a filling station. BIRTHDAY PARTY FOR EDWIN PLATH Edwin Plath was honored at a party given on the occasion o£ his fifteenth birthday at his home ·near Portland. Guests included Rose Eleanor Terpenny, Alta Bergman, Dorothy Davidson, Dorothy Plath, Richard Dunn, Robert 1-arson, Allen Billings, Lyle Billings, Donald Bergman, Philip Darland, Louise Rice, Merrill Plath and Mr. and Mrs. Dale Dunlop. Forum Speaker Philip R. .Tacbbson, secretary of the Iowa Retail Hardware association, wil! be the speaker on the KGLO North Iowa Forum at 8:05 o'clock Friday evcninff. In this broadcast Mr. Jacohson will answer questions concerning the social security act, presenting a non-par!ison viewpoint. H a v i n g decreed compulsory courtesy in Berlin streetcars, the authorities -will next enforce compulsory enjoyment in the theaters.- Toronlo Star. *** « A12.- minute' LARSON RESIGNS DISTRICT POST Dr. Walsh of Hawkeye Is Named Demo Chairman for Fourth. CHARLES CITY, {/P)--Attorney Erwin Larson at a meeting ol county chairmen of the fourth district democratic party here announced that he would fender his resignation as fourth district chairman to the slate central committee. The county chairmen nominated Dr. W. E. Walsh of Hawkeye to fake Mr. Larson's place and his nomination will probably be confirmed by the state committee. Mr. Larson is also chairman of the state democratic executive committee. Mr. .Larson could not be reached to -learn i£ he intended to resign his state office also. ANDERSON-GREIMAN Dale Anderson, 21, and Marie Greiman, 20, both of Garner, have been issued a marriage license. The American way of faring on the Red Cross is to bombard It with cash and old clothes--Cedar Ranids Gazette. This may lead to relief t h a t you would can- "« mdreds of dollar. But iff.". vM' ," c " "- »°TM": »p«- itst a prescription. For stomach pain CAR ; r Jura, stomach ulcers and oth.r dlstf, *» H o p k i n s a n d IValjrreen r u f Stores M i c h a e l , Ford GOITRE NOT A DISEASE Milwaukee, Yfis.-It has been brought to light by scientific research that goitre is not a disease and la not to be treated as such. Dr. A. A. Roolr a prominent goitre specialist for over 30 years perfected a different method of treatment which has proven highly successful. He opposed needless operations. Dr.'A. A. Rock Products"have 'published a copyrighted book at their own expense which tells about goitre and this treatment and -Bill send this book free to anyone interested. Write today to Dr. A. A. 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