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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 31, 1818
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t ;' I ever, drawle sniewst, Bib ib f of awt, to which t)w bU ?.t7LUJ. U ai - ll ba lawful ta eo'Jact tad TMPMrCWipWUBUB. 3. AmI I I i tt Lirtls easxtet That ia U - fct,rat new allowed by raw. lathe : KteitJ eeartt efjneticJU the tte, by way of - cWa'ee, sntaraat hH hereafter b allowed, in saob case, at awl after the rtlt of seven per " (Ml pWfcWUbn fi'W jvxir.rour Krurixa post. TVESDAT, MARCH 3U ' . ' Jlfrt. FrtnA' Ctnmt, which to be given A - - fjitTtajtUiCity - UpUl,wm,wiiMr ) - " . 1 ' ly bop, be attended by a Mow - out eiidleac. - ' Wtltt4btrtlyrw)toBoUoiit,yUrdVi tt i ' . ' V V bag PW brif Ufor ur V Vmdaw. bdditloUtbrdiiiyytXcti J , " UdfcrtkbytlMbUk T tfcedav, , 1. - - !' bar itioa,rircatancot that fereiblyp - , '' l,:nl to th hearts f every muritd pair, Oat f . .. tbyata4obty b known, to predoc their full "V ' ' ' f 8ct .. Ttet drctuwUacM art aot camnsunl - . A4dirctly ft Mr. French, or berhtisbaod, t bet they hav coses to our knowledgs by meaoi f cXAe? following UUr from oof th mat re - laMtabUkoaM ia Baltfavw, which it wrilUo with to taacb feeling mad friendship, that do a polofy it necessary fcr laying k before our rn4 ert, though not lutsnUsd for pwbncaUoa. - V .; is JJaUimtrt, ilth MmrtK, 1813. I Wt htra to request your aartiralar alien . Ua to tail kttor, which it iateaded to introduce mat to recommend io tbo strongest " year hotic, our traly worthy and respectable, . v . though wpr(uMlt fneads, Mr. tad Mn French, rafthUdty. " "' i L, ,v,,Mr..Frochbibn(bf M?ara yean e - i - , ' . T i llMh4 hero as a atwetuurt tnd t oar know t ' . ' - ' ledfo of him eoAattacod at earl u oar two rt ; r ' iMaBco in thit city, it k with loOntU taUrctibo , M 1 'wtaMtitwa, that wthtre had alwaytreaioq to r . ' (peak ot aim ai a ouaof honor and intefrity ; ' ; ' . who hat thews preat Ibrtitude, at well at exer ' ' , ' lion, since the peace, b ealearorinf to pay off ' ; J debt whkh ha nnbrtuaatoly coatracted by the ,' ' pwebatt of food at hijh price during; the war made doubly terere oa him by a loee of 49,000, : eorationed by robbery. But all hit aflbrtt, lau . dable and awitrtble at they hare been, hare had ihe effect only to iajore hii coeetitutioa ; Whkh ' V , hhaaiiabU ilfhly acooBipluhed lady notic. , bt the hat, with the affection and tenderaew it peculiar to her tea, cave to the resolution, . (flnt obtaiaiag hit ceaitnt,) to offer hertaltolt Mt aaneklai ail tbfer, at a concert, which aha ,.: , WWba to jfirt at New - Tork In a lew dayi. !, . ,T - " rreacwit aawj w suaatrMt ' f plkti i ntii bat her iroict it at deBghtrul at thai f i . DlaukdaataCatalaait henelfi which, ia bettor 1 . dayt, ahe hat hvproad by tka beet kutractfta of. - v .. , . the beat ataetort, ax - her own pleaturt. She h V by birth a FhUadelphian, where our Mr. had tka boaar to know her, when the wai quit ', fbC Dor oannectiou there, are of the aVil! foMCtability had here, thebOBMideredoneof onrfrcateet ornament. Her present eadearort ' J aei ke aaebjtaVa fipeate of all her - t ru warajeet approbation ; and at ; ' " iatarattoi kt her aacceea, a re , ' ' " ' ja ! tiily to ttwatrt them at our J rJteemedlrie'Utto ueyoarutoiott Uiieaca, ajaonpt your acquaintance, in order her concert stay opetj witk a ratpectable aadaaaterouttndiaace. Depend npon It, they Vlll be (WljhUd, ai we hare oteo been, ia pri. rite circle, with her eztraoadiavy taleati. Oehet ktten to the Artl people in your city i . - 1 bet bayontheSrtt tocouotonaaceher exertion t mawmt; your frladt.M V . ,l Ia tha flrtt paje of thit paper, our render f : j ' , U1 find Mr. MeifH report on repealing the tury law ortbti ttate, i ' The ihlp Am, Crocker, ejjdbrir - Archlmedee, V both froea tbb poH, were tpoken folnf into Li - ' v varpooloa tka 18th Febraarj, by tha factor, ar i ! rhredat ftitaddpjaa. '.la tha editorial article reepectkif. otarot Ja tut eteoing't paper, 1779 tbould have boaa . - 17M - Alt Uae bora tine 1709 are by the act f - . of Mrchl8l7freaat ISyoartof tf,iinleetcer. tela tupt are take by 'the matter before the e - . piraiioa af thb day Only three pertoatia Kew - ToTkhareebterredit. t FROM OUR CORRSSPOJfDOW. WASHL - VGTO.t, March 7. i M Tka aebato oa the 8paah affair apoa Mr, Cky'e taotioa kat pt oa for the bet three 4ayt, with ptet Infer and toleat Mr.Claj hat boaa rery able aad eloqeeut, buthattVutod ia au aOamptt to cowriaca, at tha rota atood 4S yet, llJaayt. Tbw thewt the am of coa - gram, aa iateriartnf with the Spaaidi coacarat aad I pratama, watt the (aattiea at rt, at lead tOt ataWMaftaaamaU - Cztract aft atttor, dall ' NEWPORT, (R. I.) March tl. aCaCahooaa, of th U. Scatter Vi. hat, hae jet oeea. aebore, aad fejorme, that at 4eVtockOieiaftaratea ho epok ihip Cadmm, af Boetaa, 1H day a, Calcutta, aad pat a TttoteaUeriefhar, laStak by thit time the CaaWataacaartanaarber. . Cahmot aft letter, dated , " "AeatejjjKjj Ctw( aa artle ia anarat an. vfe uatef rabbbw th leuV7?S . 4M TVta ameaea - t a . . g?Tl rwyhM"y r"il and perfect. . " "i? laat ' 1 - - ' aaw ara an urwa. - - K CjL.lTfi .o?PWd apon. He , ,T.,W 01 whip M tue (Wee. lleid& wheel tl ooaa as tar as beloW rhn k. Jt th actar't car . . . " i0Jf oca cosxii'oxpx r : ..v OffiethrrmtWeafim!,l i 'f Am r.eW. flf the amral t port of the met taUiaff thip factor, f?"'? basiiioa, la 40 daye trot Urpeol, . t7Z7 1 - . iml keea eacatrad Lieav do. rapw . totb. iith, the lata J earaary. " ,i...hi far thisdar'i paper. iTZZ - V. nriDcmaDf fltlod with'tUtail af nar liamtatarT prooeediMt. 6a the I lib reb. fold foee eihteea pence par ounce, emdwat at 4 fc.4. Cora anre, Feb. ll. - W hare , had but , afeev craia rince Monday, and what little Am wheat appeared thit wonuor wat takea off at Monday pricee. Tia ataltioc i..rUt nLi alia oa at rood teraw M oa MoodaT. but the totarior eorU ara a early aiataleable, ot kabich a tolerable tarre quanuty reotain on band. In peat, beaut and oati, ao alteration, it appear from th arerase ratorat made from the 12 maritime counties f England, that th price of grain fcr the eix week preceding the 15th February kutaat, will be abore the rate for reetrictins importationt, and cooeequent - ly that the porta will be opea for the reception of wreiia core during we aest qnarur. I oa wh aeerac of wheat auotod ia the London Gaiette, which it ap to the Stat of January, it 83e. lid. beinc St. 1 Id. above the tainimom. rnce of cora and Boor at Liverpool, reb. lu Americas wheat, per 701b 14 a 15. - Floor, per bM. 58 a 60. J tour, 40 a 43. LIVERPOOL. Feb. 14 The port will certainly open aeat retk for dour aod wbett forborne consumption. lotion improving. The law for recruiting the armies, which ha to long occupied the attention ol tne l rencn ie rhlMtur. hai been finally patted by a rreattaa. jonty, and the teuton it, tor the praeatuijourn - ea. - i - 1 lie DroTiiion m tiu lawtBtct mawruuij. aot onlv the future reucee aod tranquillity of France but the quiet and tecority of all Europe, and it b not therefore urpritinr that they have been at carefully dbcuited and to analouily obeerveo, concerning itt general menu, ii u iui - flcient to obeerre that it resemble rery nearly the militia law of England, except, that the levies art liable to be employed on foreign service. The establishment of troop to be kept ap during peace will, It It tald, exceed 400,000 mn a number which bat been tbourht alaraintrly ex ceesiver but when the population and territory of the French monarchy are considered i ber immense extent of frontier, and the number ol ber fortified placet, a ttaaller aeUbtohatent would acarcely be tulficient even for purpose ot defence. The peace establishment of Jtuttia i thought to be not len than 600,001 men of AintrM35aouo,audoi rrumia z5v,uuu. mat ol Fraace therefor cannot be considered a much beyond her fair proportion." " A committee of the haute of commoa ba been tppoeuted to examine the paper committed to their care by rorernment, with a view of aa certaining tha actual and fonntr ttate of the country ia retc to internal quiet, and alas ol iuquirio: n what manner the extraordinary power vested ia government by the. Habeas Corpa Suspension Act, have been use j orabu ed. A great deal baa beea taid, both ba the house aad in the paper, of the maaner in which th rommittee bat beea chosaa, and of it visi ble indisposition aad probable imalEciencv to ceHbrm th dutiet coeajnittad to it chare. Ac centing to ail appairancae, there tWnrtainti ar at Without raaev 'The grfctwt. Wui af th saekabar are among the uniform tuptsertert of eoasataiTBtioa, and toe two or three oppoairtoh member who compote the remaitiiUr. aro not precisely those who are the most remarkable for activity and application.'' It ia not to he expected, therefore, that their inquktitiea will be very elaborate, or their anitnadveriloat verv sever. tint the blame of ail thit rests entirely with the bona itself. Th mode in which committees of thit kind are appointed it more adapted to indulge the1 mdotnce of those who choose, than to decide on th qu edification of those who ar chosen. Trusted lists, arranged by th ministers, ar giv - ea to each member, every one of whom has, of course, the power af etrikiag out particular name, and inserting other ia their place ; bnt thi ceremony, it may readily be believed, i very generally; omitted, id probable coasequeace of all thit it, that the trust will be executed at carelessly and inconlderately as it wat cooier - rea. - . On point, however, ws may venture to lav down at a principle which ought to be most stricily enforced. Several ol the persoos confined under the act which is about to expire have not only most solemnly protested their innocence, out nave compimnea bitterly of having been treated with useless aod wanton cruelly, and of tne serious injury wtucn tneir Health and their affair have suffered from their clot a and pro - iraciea conunement. I neee ailention ought to be instantly aod ttriclly investigated, and if tney shoul! appeirto be well - bunded, the inju rle of these men ousrht to be completely redres ed, and every agent of unnecessary cruelty snontuoaeevrrciy puuisaea. in uiit reinrjiilino, the Justice and the dizaity of our law, framed alike for the protection of all class, will be e - ;oally cootulted. We are well aware that in time of general diaconteut, wbto popular commotio is foil or feared, Ihnee who have the care of the publio safety are very liable, from the mere anxiety oi weir seat, io commit error i aad these error, if they arise from BvieatiDrehea - ssoa, eught aot to ba too f everely visited ; but at ail even is, use tuiiorert by tuoti mistake have a lull claim to compensation When tba danger past. - Another interestiof debate on a point connected with this subject, look place oa Tuesday eight. lrd A. Hamilton brought forward a complaint again! the Ionl Advocate, and some ouser juOiCMU luachooanee ia ocotlaad, for eav ploying aad ue method in obtaininc evidence a yasnet persons accneed of rebellion practscee i Hi lordship defended himself on the ground of we expeaieacy ai in case ; ine practice of the bcottish courts, aad the importance of the sub ject m view but it wat plain that tba IwasefcU sstssrJerabie dissatufartioa, for tba auoanty ea Lard A. Hasafltoa snotiea wat onatually targe, considering the number of members ia the house. We cannot araia refraia from lameatiog, that question of thit kind, which ought to rwt eotir. lyaatkeirowa separate merits, are takea up by both aldrt of the house entirely ia the spirit M party. The simple Juetice of the case it (ait ia the arguments, but it hat very little iafloi oa the vote: Aoceuat were recelvad bere rerterday af set alarating disturbaaca which had takea place at KenJaL from the fury witk whkh tha rriril 7 J eTactiooeenaj; now rres ia the coavty f vVeUsaorelaiid. . A targ party of geatlemea at the leather fotereet, bavair eatared the towa lea (he day before thit accotiot era (settotT, they fwer met by th friend af Mr. Btwtfctiam. aad a not teamed, m wince atverel aUasaea'tcasv nagte, aad aawmg ue ran .nr. Beiteat, wr oroxeo to piece. Two person wwrejilso said to hav beea killed. Io coeseaiMce mi thesst PTcKsAogs ae exyrett bat beea ffmsttcbed fcr nr. tiaarcottt, barrtster at law, of this towa, by the direction of Mr. Soltoa. Sack is la aa - count which w receirrd yeatarday, bat we kape - rvn w n pqca SltCtWM. A very active canvas baa been aet oa dot m many f the boroughs, and some of the eoun - cngisnd wvt Scotland j frwm which it is cvjectred that a general election will axe place early in th string. A great deal !?J f "'dT,,V, ,QbJ this place, but e.y hrtle we believe, hs hitharo beea done. . ....:rT.llJnnuKiaia nave keaq Merally ui . - J - ""' - "J ' IT. '.SPT1?? 01 "2MJ P. r "'f eiy to om theeaselvea. atnted - a tetUVat (Uted ta U om eAtUi" pcrtotM ia serpooL and pnry wg fl.r a reJortt ia Commons House of Parliament. . It wu dered to lie oa th tuLle. ,". ui. r im.i K.t It U In eontenolttioa to tall t general meeting of th inhabiunttj ot thi place, ta conasaer i piwpncvr i Uon'mg Parliament to refuta the bill of indem - nhy which ia usually patsea altera aape" ot ui itaorat vorpu ts. .... .. . . Paris paper to the 3d intt hav M recei ved. One of their foreign article is nigiiij interesting to British feeling, but we are glad to perceive that ine reiauon sn auwuw " vjth an expression of doubt at to the accuracy of the horrible circtimatance Mated. Jt is the detail of mor outrages at Algiers, contain - in a letter from Genoa, of tne jam oi wmij, purportnirto be reUted by the Vwe - Consul from the Sardinian Court to Algiers, itating that the Vke - Contul of Sardhiia, at Algiers, had arrived at Genoa, who relate the follow - tng Ctcta i A gardinian brig bad been captured and carried into Algiert, under the pretence that her papers were aot regular. The Vice - Consul protested against the capture, and proceeded to the place of the Dey, with hi col league, the other tJontuia, i ne uey receded them sword in hand, aurrounded by bis M. - - ,l - fli m Pnfftiah rotisul Dresented him self at the tame time, to complain of actt oil violence which bad been committed upon nis ton and hit two niecee. They bed been stop ped in the ttreet i the younff man bad Been thrown into the dungeon, and the two ladies bad been conveyed to the seraglio of the Dey, where Turkish dresses had been given to th. The rw in a fiirv. ordered his captain of the Guards to bring in the young Englishman, whose bead wat cut off in the presence of his father. The bleeding lietd waa expos - ed at the gate of the palace, tnd tne Mgiisn Consul withdrew trembling. Ibe barumian Viee - roneul received no other answer to his representation, than an order immediately to Suit Algiers, - and they took from him his aughter by force. We have tome difficulty in giving credit to thit horrible atatement, as the letter tayt in conclusion, this article bu pronably been copied from tn Italian Journal. Its contents be - inar btppily un - authenticated, we shall aav no thing of the duty they would obviously Impose upon England, if they should be found to be true. V e shall merely aav. that if it shall be deemed necessary to aenu another expedition sraitits Aliriert, we hope and trust h will be better managed in ha result than the last ebruary 7. The details of the horrible atrocities stated in the French papers, on the authority of lott. rs from Genoa, we are sflad to find, are aot confirm' ed by the accounts in the Dutch a&d Hamburgh .:t. 1. I . - . . j wwwi wiiiwa arr iuwuvauj vtne rsctmu. The Hamburtrh mail, however, repeats a part of the dreadful intallistmc. Accordiui to the miormatioa thus denvad, tne murder of th British vie consul's toe wat pot perpetrated, but I threatened, j be Io rater accounts from Algiers, alleged the forcible ceasirnment of the Brithb vice consul's daughter to the ha ram of the reigning despot, and the murder of bis too, before his eyes, by the same barbarous authority, aad in the presence of the assembled miu'urters of tlsa European powers. The Hamburgh papers mention only the niece of the Sardinian consul as being so insulted. , That, however, from va - rioas soureat ot tatelligenos, w leara, that great oUrag hat Uea coaimlttedi but, as tratbaaf a paiaful aatur ar aaldom leaseueil in til repetition, we may conclude that the latter account ia th only on which should b fully credited. Of the uuufikieocy of treaties with such chief it thoet ef Moo risk Africa, to rtalraiu uieir people ireai tn barbarities which hav bacon habitual with them, thi affair it another proof. When will the Jarring and jealous ambition of tba European powers allow them to take tha only proper mod of establishiog a civilised power on tha coast of Moorish Africa It is stated in the paper, on th authority of letter frees Coustantinopla, that tha Days of Tunis and Algiers, hav concluded a treaty of peace under th ruaraatse of the Grand birnior. aod at the same time, in con junction with the Dey of i npou, aave enierea into aa oaeouv ana defensive alliance with th emperor of Morocco. U this Intclligenc b true, it will, la sow Jarre, account for th arrogance of the preseut Dey of Algiers. The king of Sardinia is stated to nave issued orders, in consequence of th a - bov ontrage, to fit out a squadron for the purpose of demanding satisfaction. The coogret of sovereigns, it is now said, ia to be held at Aix la Chapelle. By the article from Sweden, we find that rrince Utcar, the ion of beraadotte, it author! sea to exercise the Dower of sovereieotv in 8 dm, whenever the king and hit father shall be both ill, or both absent. The anticipation - of uui en - nw, oni meotioneu a nxeiy a present, wai priib.lhly meant onlv to call out an indirect confirmation and acknowledgement of Oscar's rights ; an acknowledgement, which could not be directly required, without implying tome doabt u uieir orispnai sumciency. Prince Frederick Joeonh Louis, of He Horn bourg, U in his 49lh year, being bora in 1767. He cummanded th Austrian hussars with distin guished gallantry , and we learn from oflW ers tliat served with kins, that he it an officer of great military merit His anioa with our amiable Princess Elisabeth is fixed I hi serene hibne will oe introduced at the Princt's levee on Thnrt - day next. The mairtare arill take nlaea at Easter. The Princes Elisabeth will has amar - i re pnrtioa of X4U,0u0, and her aaanal incoiac is 1 5,000 a year. Her Intended consort is hereditary prince, and th reigning dk is in bis ust year. February t. America papers to the fi;h alt have arrived smce car last, bat tbeu content art enimportoat After novating th former its of the eegocia tinet between Soain mmd the I.ViIm gtM K. lax ended witheat aav aatiifaetorv swaalt. eoiwe ot lb iodtslge io a variety of reajeetarwt rel - - w vi.wu uimii ivmni. ui wwca m mx isa from beiax so apprehensive a the Asaerrcaa ia - pear to he. . eatarday and yesterday we reeehred three diyt Paris papers te Tbersdiy laat iaclesive. - The Jouraal or DebaU of Tbemla givt the uuvwiinr anaiia tesnecun: in aau msHimi at Algiert, which ar UUd to hav beea receiv ta at fans by Sir Svdnev hasith. sAeeasiBni cited th to th Anti Pirate lostitutio. If this narrative is lo be relied epoa, altbeoch it does aet confirm ail the reynltiag barbarity which wat related ia a precediae accoeeL it is aeverthekee alsuaaantl evsdcstt aha the ay ef Abrien ha eutwawy mi aieaseit ta atat ot tMssUiity wiid ui wt sorwoaa powart. ID etalea JliVltoiassbUowi , . u Th caataia of tba 8antaia nnlarra Bell M arte, whica arrived at tha IrrHn nt Pert Mabea. oa the fith of Decamber hurt, ha vine aft Algiert the 9dof th tatae meath, reports, as wan as io ifiu passenger a board, tnattn tw Dey, Aa - Hodia, havissf swtabUshed hit cow er by the aid of a coniiderabie body ef Moors, ao sanzw set aay ooaaot a niatanrorass tvYaaos - cal coeoact t that ail the krepeaa powvre, with. wraiKtKN,srMttatteedisnat all the eoswalsbad beea taenxed aad tswriflH by aaa - aserosaaoics'sraasee'waoai tbs DrySrtitrd aadcowrt are compoase), aad ara had forced thesatelve ieto the boaaat af th eeaeeiis. tfce e. canty orsratca tad caasad te be iaviolabia. The raptaia rvportsaieo, that Ah Uadjabad eaesed i0DeetroemaCMat paiac of ai prede - cmsnre: wtai mm svats ntaonaaao mmaeir m awt. called ie Cbasaaa rCsaparear i that be had aot aeatated te eetse the trwatare which was kept these aad wtucb'had hrea bithcrt reliriootlr pretarved j aad that be bad the obtaiawd les see aaaaa io Mppon for a lens? tim hie horrible aseilite. aad to iacusase their unW. The Dey had eaated to be aeiaed - twa voaor women s ewssu urn nr. wnoee bluer raa - . l m ! . - . ewiploved in tha Enrlih Covtulate. aad ism day afWward also th eldest dinghtar of Oa Tuesday last, the fcaa. Mr. Bcnaett araJ ' siettr Pwjn2'io. aiastevaf the rreaeh Eto. . ' xITi tU. Thit aafertaaate gtrt hnawMioaed wtt a t. a expelled to Mpewte the Dry. jf LsUw Emected the fate of the daugh - Sr of the Dry of Tvtemt who wa tht Mm mannet by the Ute ly Hadji - S X wMfound - .fter hi. death in Pron - trances, out nav nn. - - - r they reached tn raiaee, ica. KSUed bY AUiaojt, w "6' . My of the Consult who thouU venture to make .. . Mmonstance. and being con vinced ori their arrival at the Palace of the truth ofthiattatement by the menacing get - turet of the negroet by whom Uiey were im mediately eurrounaca, iney lounu m" compelled to retire, after having recourse w common place renrarkt and insignificant ob - servationa in order to fill up the time of this useless audience. , ' ' The policy adopted by the present Dey, who is a Turk,it to arm the natives of the country against bis own fellow countrymen, thus making a new epoch in the history of these M. Knrh an examine auuionzc every other to assemble an army ot mercenaries oi ,uw. . - - . . - p the tame description m order to dispute wiui him that envereiimtv. - Thia experiment Was a ehort time tried, by a Turk of distinction i he marched against Ali - Hodja with some troop which he had collected at Constantine. but the issue of the first battle nroved unfavorable to bitn. and he was mule nriioncr. me nosniiaiuv which au - llodjahad formerly received from thia Turk induced him to snare hit life, he crave him 1.000 tequint and exiled him. Tbu Turk, who was the chief of the insurgents, has ar rived at Mahon." The KintT of Prussia remained confined to hit bed at the date of the last account trom Berlin. February 11 Paris paper to the date of Sunday last, have arrived, bruieinc the welcome intellieeoce that the tedious discusions of the law ofrecruitin; had at leneth ended. The law was passed in tlx chambtroi' deputise on the 5th, by a majority of saiovi. unaa lormeo ine cmei nusioes oi twenty ope sitting. The journals of Saturday, have a curious article, stating that the legislative otxiy oi t ranuiori are occupiea upon a law, ine ai lum for all persons pursued on account of uuiei.( ui wince ie io ranucr i n t.iiv iu tuiura n their political opinions, provided those opinions snau not nave lea twin to itie commission oi crimes. Great activity prevails at Cadis, in equippiae the Soath American expedition. It is said, that three ship of the line and two frigates of 40 guns eacn are ready io laxe troops on noaie. suieuixeiice irom we loniaa isies, bibici, uiei the lone - needine neeociationt with the Pacha of Jaaina, were drawing to a conclusion, iiismgn - eess expresses nis wiiunxness ut enter into uie proposed arrangements, provided Parga be ce - d ed to him agreeably to a solemn promise to that eflVct . Letters from Austria, state that the Prince of the Peace it shortly wxptcted io 'that quarter from Italy, and wherein he will be coast rained tn reside the remainder of hi life. The Court of Madrid it said to be well pleased with mis arrangement. Th postponement of th Queen's Drawing. room, a Moraine paper tayt, it occasioned by the state of lar Majesty's health, vstticb ha been very iadiflereat daring tba last three weeks of a moain, ajinoogn tne uucet ncr accustomed exer cise. FRANKFORT. Jan. SO. Under this date is an article from Genoa, da ted the 10th of January, containing aa account of trie arrival oi tne Sardinian vie consul fro at Aliciera, as already published ia the French pa pes, and from traaaieted into th Knelish. 1 he commencement is exactly the same, tat the con elusion it at fallows "Th Dey received them surrounded by his gua.t). aad with hi sabre io bit hand ; but he fell Into uch a rage, that he ureatrned the fceglish Consul lo nave rue ion's head cut off, aad to have it fixed ap at the door of the hall of audience, - if they troubled him any further. At the request of the terrified father, all the Consuls desisted for the moment. Th next day the bardiataa Vice Coatul waa ordered to leave Algiert." This accouat, therefore, dilTer from the others in aot meatioaing the tetania sf the Vice Consuls daaghter, nor the'clothing of the British Consul niece ia a l uri ten ores ; oat it star mat tney - i ; ... . . . . . i .i . were seisea m 111c etreei, ana hi wm urn niiw LIVKKPOOU Feb. 14 Arrived, Jane. Ban crofl, from Philad i Maria, Duplex, aad Wi'ham, Hague, NYork Caaton, Rogers, aod Mary, Dupareq, Charlettnn j Jihio Donk ; Jaotina, Tombt; aad Concordia, , bavannab Crisis, nonon, winning too. bailed. Feb. 10. Sweedwell. Cobbed. If. Or lean Peler Kilis, Johnson, do i Nrpoe, Shar - hawk, do i Lucie. Rotsiter. Virginia s Thorn. Rogers, Savannah , Columbus, Smith, Boston I Hioeraia, Graham, M York. 17th, Armata, ijeeds, Baltimore t carrn, Hopkins, tioeton. CIIARLE3TOf, March 33. A well dressed yonog man, named Nicholas Williams, who arrived here on Friday afternoon, in th ship Pennsylvania, from Philadelphia, was arrested on Saturday eveninr, under a warrant from J. tl. Mitchell, Esq. charged with having passed several hundred dollar in bull of 3 and $5, of the "bank of Fayette county. Pennsyl vmnia.'f which are believed to bt fictitious or forged. They are eisned ' A, Torrance, preti dent,'1 " P. Morse, cashier," and ar all filled opto MJ. Smart, dated at New - Salem, Jan 1817. The are executed la a most slovenly maaaer, sflid several of them ar not eva tigned by th cashier. Whether there k any such bank in existence, or not, there appears rery little doubt that the bills ia question are spurious and wuiiams was, accordingly, committed to jail yesterday morning, to take bit trial at th next court or sessions. Beadc those which h bad passed, other bills, of tha same denomination, Jo tne amount or about 60J dollars, were found ap oa him. We are ia forced that ha was deag otiane, aod tailed, to Augusta, (Geo.) about iweir aaoato ante. DIED. At Newtown, fL. I.) oa the J7th iosL ia the full ajsuraoc of a blssaed iasatortality. Mr. Richard Brartw. and 70 yean. At the seat of his son - in - law, gainuel Bay. ard, Esq. Princeton, an the 25tb iast. Lewis Pisttab. Esq. lately of New Bochelle, in the Bfith year of bit age. He waa a descendant in the second degree, from one c4" the French pro - testant families, which, at the revocation of the edict of Nantx, fled from religious persecution, to enjoy in thi land of civil and reli gious lreedom, the most inestimable of all privilege, that of worshiping God agreeably to the dictates of conscience Before the revolution he wu among the principle merchant of thi city. During Uie Kvoiutionary war, be discharged the important, bat arduous, duty of agent for A mor scan prisoaers, with th most scrupuloo integrity adissmirterinr the very scanty fund, which Cortirress was able to supply, towards fAitigating ifit suffering of u uniorxunaie aapuve, wiui tn aimoet - delity and economy. br which he received the thanks and approbation of th mtriioriout Washington . His remain were brought to thit city and entombed witk those of bis family, ia the cemetery of the French Church Da St. Esprit. During the latter period of his lift, the eabiect of thi article lived in retire - Bent, devounr himself oriacipallr to the ae - ruaal of the aacrid scrip tares, and to the practice of every chrialiaa virtue m domestic life la his laat lilacs he evmced the power - of ennsuaa prtnc'Pie tn dwarramr death of his eting and obtaining a victory over the grave. He departed rejoicing in the hope of a nappy immortality, thro the atonement and menu of hit M cawed Redeemer - Uu reason and aae - taorj were continued to the last, and almost every boor of consciousness at the close of life, waa employed ia prayer or praise. - Let vae die the death of the rirht rifhteoct and let ay last cad be like bis." ' t ritrn: .. i. &bh AUiaace. Rider. . - iverpoon V . . . Lacoraa, Savin, ' - , - - Pbdadelphu Brig KIixa,Crccly, , df c"u . GGtSHowland Schr Fayette, Leffingwell, - ,OP0rto ueo. uioiis Arui - Maria, Wright, Peter k Herrick Pilty 8c Hetty, Combs, - Worfolk Sloop Hope, Saunders, , . rtilladelpliia Ih'gale, Andrews, - oavaiuiau AdniYKli THIS fX)REMOO. rtritr Georee k Euaan, Bice, from Hayti, 25 days, via Charleston, 6 days, with sugar and coffee, to the master. Left at Hayti, sch Suc cess, of Newburyport Adventure of Salem, in 15 day i , Mitchit, of Newbury port, loading ; Margaret, Wilcox, for rtiiladelphia, S days i brie , Cole, of Newport, (K. I ) discharging a ten loading for Charleston. spoke nothing. , . Sch Com Decatur, Davis, 2 days from Snow - hill, with corn, to the master. British sch Mackerel. Holmes, 20 days from Moatego Bay. (Jam.) with rum, fee. to P Ay - mar. March 16, lat23 50, lone: 33 40, spoke brig Erata, from Mont ego Bay for N York, 15 days out the day following was boarded by the Buenna Ayreanr brig independence on a cruixe, 3 months out, had made several cap tures. . ' British sch Bell, Fowler, 26 days from Ne vis, with rum and molasses, to T Huggles, on board. TnsijHit of Bermuda, spoke a sloop from N York, bound to Bermuda. Sch Clarissa, Burt, 4 days from Wash ine ton, NC. with wheat and naval stores, to A II Van Bokkelen, D & J S Brainard, and John Baiker. Spoke sch Welcome - Return, from Alexandria for New - Providence. Sell Mary, Midgeit, 4 day from Washing ton, NC. naval stores, to A H Van Bokkelin. Schr Sea - Serpent, Lockyer, 2 days from York Hirer, with oysters, to the master. Sch Bamrer, Wood, J days from Norfolk, with shingles, rum, morasses, tobacco, &.C. to R Crump, and C R Duffie. Off Cape May, spoke brig Sally, trom fiiuadeipiua lor savannah. - Sch Saniluskv, Weeks, 28 days from Mo bile, with cotton, deer skins, Sic. to B W Rogers & Co. A tl G WJiitney, Lawrence, Rape - lye Co. Jer. Thompson, A w hitmore, tl and II Haiglit, and J Vreeland. Left, ich.James M'KinTey, Osborne, for N York, to sail on the 30th March tch Export, Chapman, for do do. Passengers, Dr. Rood, Messrs. smith, Dunham, and Reed. Spoke nothing. Sch Emeline, Meek ins, 21 days from Alexandria, with flaxseed, and flour, to Page and Triplett, K & S Nelson & Co. Fitch, Goodwin k Co. Walsh & Gallagher, W b G R Rick - eta, and W Nelson & Son. Ech Carpenter's - Son, Hubble, 17 days from Wilmington, NC. with naval stores and staves, to R k C W Davenport A Co. Sch Palestine, Boynton, 16 days fVom Fredericksburg, with flour and wheat, to Walsh. & Gallagher, and Byrnes, Trimble k Co. 15th inst. 1st 37 49, long 74, spoke a brig from Matanzas, bound to Providence. In the river, spoke sloop Lydia, from New - Bedford, bound up. Sloop Polly ft Sylvia, Weeks, 17 day from Richmond, with flour and tobacco, to C R Duf fle, and other. Sloop Caroline, Baker, 2 davs from Phila - oeipnia, witn oreau, wniscey, blc. to r tasrtvjr. Sloop Lannett, Jones, is days frotn ua - iea, with rice, cotton and bide, to J At 0 Bolton. 27th inst. off Cape Hatteras, spoke sch Comet, from Baltimore, 2 days out. 26th, off the Capet of Delaware, tpoke sch Shepherdess, from Havana, bound to Warren, R. 1. 25 days out. Sloop Sdsan, Noble, 13 days from Washing ton, NC. with nsval stores, flaxseed, Aa, to Beekman, Bray k Co. and others. On Friday last, on cnincotear, ipnke a tch from St. Do mingo, 55 dayt out, blowing fresh could not learn ner name, nor where bound, lat or, pi. tpoke sch Only Daughter, Luce, 6 days from boston, bound to rreacTicksbUrg. BELOW 2 brigs. ARR1VKU LAST ErFJflJfG. Shin Everrreen. Rathbone. 3 davs from New - Orleans, with sugar, molasses, asbes, cotton, to bacco and pork, to J. Barker, Ja D'Wolf.J. G Pearson It Brothers, Hicks. Lawrence L Co. Fish h Grinnell, J. Mark.Talman U Torrey , E. Abhatt, rs. t u. laicon, m. x.. uavis, and to order. rs - eensers, Messrs. Stone, Abbatt and Marsh, and 5 in tne steerage, experienced very sever rales. Left brig Catoline, Steel, for Greenock, Sd March ; Commerce, Dnpgetl, for N. York, in 3 days; ship Bellooa, HoUlndre, for Havre in do. ; Isabella, rierce, tor oo. sailed irom the Maine 2d ol March, jpoke in the river, brie Elisa. from Portsmouth : schr. Constitution, Peekham, 30 days from Porto iuco ; one: uneans, van, it days lo tne utilise ; iwo large uutcn snips trom Amsterdam, with pas - seneers: senr. ricndshio. or Kath.fiUdats trom Turks Island ; ship Arindne, 55 days from Philad. wiin soss oi ruancr. in me lot. oi ine Liouoie Headed Shot Keys, schr. Two Brothers. Rsneleve. from N Orleans for Boston. Ship Frances Henrietta. Clark. 90 davs from the Isle of France, with (iigar, to R. Dickey. left ship Fisher - Ame. Lewis, for CopeuhsKen,in a few day; ship Ramdololday, Brown, repairing; ship Rolls, Chillis, Baltimore, destinauon unknown, loading ; ship Wm. Peon, Sherman, sailed for Baltimore loch Nov. ; sbip Columbia, Le - lar, of Philad, sailed for Bataria4th Dec. Spoke. in int. 3, 39 S. lour. 83, 15 W. ship Messenrer, Bumnrton, of Salem, 50 days from Gibraltar, for r r sl is w w a a w a oaiavia. an wen. rassenxers. inrs. aiervin, mrs Buchanan and four daughters, and Mr. Wheel - wrighr. British ship Pacific, Holder, 31 davs from Fal mouth, Jam. with rum, iic. to R. Lenox. Left Br. brif Erato, for N York, to sail same dav. Passen ger. Mr. John Whiteside. March 15. on" Cape An - tanio spoke brig Atalanta, 4 dayt from Jamaica for Charteate. nr; uu.j ur:n;.. r - w - k.i... 2C day from the Balixe, with tobacco, sugar, and naplaases, t J. B. Lafonta, jr. and others. Spoke in th river, bound op, sloop Emily, from Mobile; twig juieae, from rt. Island ; brig Patriot, of N. York, 63 days from Havre ; brig .New - Orleans, fr IV York ; ship Frederick, from Pertssnoutb. N , "! a mwvKT, ih oo. iruta naesw. raawaasis J.Galvin, Mr.Hart,Mr.tMrs.Lafoa,Mr.Mroa, aod Mrs. Stetiing. SI - L. 1 I a. Bnr Hrnrv, (of Hudson) Coffin, 47 dayi from the Us of May, with salt, wis, bide and goat kins, to That. Jenkins U Co. of Hudson, left ship Neptune, of Portsmouth, N. H. to sail in 3 stays t schr. Roeevay, Cooper, for Plymouth in S. March 13, 1st. , in 46 fathom water, tpoke brbr Hyder Ally, 14 days from Boston, for Charleston. Brig Ahassiino. Harris, tl stay amaa Havana. with molueaa, to O Maaraa. Left, aim; other, cbr Felix, for N. York, aacer; sloop Bandolph, uaaainfToa. lor St. August ine, la 0 days ; brig Deuaoce, of Boston, ia dietreas, diach ; Lion, Paine, for Bristol, in 3 davs : Pallas. Paterson. ar. 8th inst. Brig Minerva, Howland, 17 stays from St. Mar tins, with surar, to A. 8 HaUett. and H. It D. Cotbeal. Left, March 9, brix Franklia, Sasith, for Keanebwnk, la all th month : Sbismikni. Langdoa, Bath, do. : Adeline, Fotger, Nartolk, ia AprU; schr. TraaVr, knight, Portlsmd, in f ; Cash, Krsta,Bath,sal; Rafcert Lenox, Price, fcr ftsnr - wara. taK. Srwk. Mmk 14. bit. 3ft. I a v. 74. 30, brig Jeassa - Uooroe, Stiles, 36 days rwa Cadis for Vtasaingloa City aailed ia re with brig Bunts awd - t - bea, H outer, far New Tark. Brir Blisa. Baiiev. 2t davs fm ! OiW wiiK 1 , ."", k. omtcj nnei l, owocts, Jobnaoa It Bradish, N. Cevwtock, C. G. Sraedbers;, k Co. Cakler, M Lea It Co. ML Lnwber, Marsh b Braoks, J. Olmsted, B. Desobrv, Stereo it Mac - tiev, Canbv Ii Wrigbt,and F. U K. Brunei. Spoke T the Delaware, schr Mary, from ttitnuuglaa, for Nsw - Yoih - Brig Greyanond, Smith, 15 da from Cape Henry, Hayti, with a M cargo of logwood, ta Mr. La - coorue. Oa Friday last, tpoke ship Catkarine, Staples, Uday trosa Narfeik, very leaky, and us - tenW f pot kale nt part. ... fltgArThnsa,UolBe, todays from Wilasio - i i cotton, inolasses, rum, lie. ia vuj. h Co. Hyer, BresnnerkCo. X R Wk' Uoadwn too, W. Burcees, Bunce L. Wooih..U o t Va11...U r C - o. Bvraws. .Trimble b Co. Rath hone L iZZz" Callender ti Embree, E .UH.AverilUT.PhelnrI' .. tmrrin si sjanoene Gibbs ftSK f Gowan Brie fou. Decatur. Dotaa. 8 dTS fro c. .. ry', hh hip timlier. to II. Ecklnnt - n.l?'r squadroa weie.lyiiig at Sl.Uiryx.' Left Gold tlniitcr, for N. York, one. March 26. bTT ju, son lo.mi, spoae swop t nendshio, f fur from Ocricoke for Martinique, ,p'w "wtoe, Brig Four Sister, (of Newbtsrvport,) Holla, j 5 day. fn.m St. Miebaeis, with iiuit", Baitt Rnl. SaUed 6th March. Left oo Am Fruit very scarce. On Fridav. Ut 39, so, u ! TrJ - spok brip Donne, I dart from WiscasOtt far B ' ntuda. Passenger, Messrs. Cole, Frame J,!k son, and 6 German. ' " Schr. Toung Sea - Horse, Fraser, 19 aT1 Havana, with molasses. ic, to Gomurna i." andCheriot,Wilke.kCo. Lat.23, M,,,1Ca - ed by a piratical schr manned altogeter by Ami! ricaiu, except the captain, and plundered oftT visions and itore. " "v Sch Axora, from N. Carolina, with naval stn, - to Waring k Kimlierly. snores, Schr Vieilant, Grime, from Cuadalnnn. - "j . dav frani Wilmington, N.C. with molaise ? and cotton, to R. Bulkier, Randolph & s', w Waring, and J. Flotard. Lett at Wiln,' bri uover, lor n. dny. On ThnruW lat 31, Ion 76, fell in with the wreck of sd, ViTria. ia, of Hampton, John Herbert, master, from Chat leston for lor Norfolk, and took offtbecapt on it 1 passenger, 6 in aU. The V irginia was, on ber beam ends in a heavy gule oa Tuesb last, and was obliged to cut away both f jtt. - , . Capt. H.and thecrewreturn their itmnlii tocsn. lain (rtimes for his generous aid in rehevin, them from the wreck, and kind attention to theaj Ti Schr Snndford aod William, 26 days froej Sr Crois, West End, with rum and sugar, te Geor Gibbs, Poll ii M Kiiine, G. L; Lewis, and M. Ba' thorn. Brig - Haxard, for N - York, sailed io eo - J March SO. lat 34, 43. Ion 75, spoke schr Saadnskv Week, 8 days Mobile, Ibr New - York, hsvior kJ' foremast. i . . Schooner Rose - in - Bloom, Wheaton, in I day from Savannah, wilh tobacco, cotton, dn - roo ' Lc. to Cambreleng aud Pearson, J. end C Bohoa' R and S. Neilson, H. Thomas, J. G. Peters, w' Manks, Fisher and Goddard, and Adam and Thayer. Left ship CottoniPlont, Fash, for Kew, York iui tin vs. Schr. Tell Tale, Churchward, from Norfolk, and 48 hours from the Roads, with molasses, wine and tobacco, to G. G. i S. Howland, C. C. Tuaa, and the master. 14 pHssenrert. .. 7 - ' Sscbr. True American, Kelly, from Pliiladctphu, i with bottled wine,.hiskeyf molasses, oil, butter, ' rum, clover seed, stationary, be. to L'Hoom - ' dieu U Brown. D. Lynch, Jr. Trokrs, Dtvbea It Co. Patrick, Aymnr at Co. Tricon k Whsillier. Talinaa k Torrv, Jackson & Woolley, C. Dnhoi, : Van Dewater, Wheeler k Co. Cellins k Co. Col - lint k Hnunah, and others. , , Schr. Bcllisle, Baxter, S day from Prtenbarr, . with flour and tobacco, to Vasqnes, Meuron it Clemen, Hay' L Wood, and t)uinbyk WoocL - Sailed in co with sloop Huntress, Spencer, for Boston, and parted from ber yesterday in lat 38, lou 74. Schr Cordelia, Northrop, 29 days from Aux - ' Cayea, wilh coffee and sugar, to E. Fisher, Beck - man, Bray k Co. P. Scot - n, R. Cnrtvell, J. Yoraa, J. Graham, Laidlaw, Girault, k Cn. H.Brcroort, Mr. Pope, J. Anderson b Co. Smith fc Hubbell, k T. Kuapp. Passengers, capt Tbo Knepp, of Bab iimore, cspt Wm. Pope, of Fredericksbarg, Mr. Jonathan Boorman, jr. of the house of Panla) Guilhod, Esq. merchant Aux Coves, Left, March 1, brig Lyon, Chapman, of and for Salca,ia4Ads; schrs Rover, of Wells, for a Southern port, in M ; Good Intent, Fitch, of and for Baltimore m 30 ds At Aquin, a schr. of Kennebunk. Feb It, pake in Crooked Island Passage, schr Phantom, irosa Charleston, for Barraco, out A days. Schr Hero, Traverse, 18 days from Fredericksburg, with flour and wheat, tn Byrnes, Trimble fc Co. Townsend it While. Schr Emeline, for New York, sailed io en." - Schr haraaiat, Pole, a day from Wiltniagtoa, D. with cora eased, to T. Buckley is Son. Schr. Mary - Anu, Chapman, 9 day from Bs tisnort. with lea, silks, kic. to W. W. k J. Todd, S. Lockiaan T. H. Smith, 1 White k Co. and f. ki.S.Crary. . . Schr. Olive - Branch, Irish, 15 days ssssVTis mington, N. C. with pitch pine lumber aasd iMw. to the captain. Passengers, Lieut. Ward, at ta navy, aud Lady, on their way to Baltiaiore, lot pot llient oa board a pilot boat of the Capes of toe Delaware, oh Sunday at X P. U. Paeseagtr, Mr. Dunham. , Sloop Raynham, Crosby, 6 days frean Cearra town, S. C with cotton aad naval (tores, t saa - f dries . i Sloop Alexander, Grant, 8 aayt front Grerf - ' towa, a. C. with cotton aad naval store, at saw, dries. ' Sloop Only Daughter, Ireland, from Fhiladtl - phia, with flour, to D. Delhun k Co. - - Sloop Musidora, GrtfSng, SO day from Frede - ricksburg, and 9 from the Capet, with Hoar, te De Forest k Son. , Sloop Tsbiths, Wilson, from PhQadelpbia, with flour, to T. Buckley k Son. Sloop Alexander Clttnn, Own, 16 day frts Darieo, withrottoo trice, to W. D.Maltby, and De Rham k De Lessen. - Sloop Invincible, Ross, 5 days froeaOcriceke, with naval store, to Waring and Kimberly. Asbor at the Point of Sandy Hook, sloop EUxt, Lewis, from Philadelphia, with corn meal, to T. Buckler k Son Expected to get off. - 1 ' The brig Gen. Marion, 34 days from the Iskef May, was spoken oa Sunday, by Capt Coffin, a - , bout 10 miles S E of Sandy Hook. . - PaitiBELraii, March 30 Arrived sbip Factor, Hamilton, Liverpool 40 days. Brig Joseph, Caldwell, Lisbon 40 dayt.' ' Sch Martha, Denniton, NYork 3 dayt. Sch Regulator, Norton, Botton 4 dayt. . Sch Cyrus, Emery, Pennbscot 6 dayt. Sch Isley. Stamwood, Boston 5 days. 7 Sloop Sally, Fox, Newport 5 days; ; ' Sloop Star, Stanclifle. NYork S dayi. . The Factor sailed on the evening of the Utb February with ship Lancaster, West, for Philadelphia t ship Hibernia, Graham, of If . York, - sailed 10th i ahip Minerva, Sketchley, and Ro bert Burns, do. 12th. - Ship Armtda, laedx, Baltimore, do l3thv Tha Franklia, Grahaav was to sail next tide for Baltimore. ' ' ' ' THEATRE On Wednesday evewoe;, April 1, forth 1st tx;' - uus eeaaon, . FREDERICK THE GREAT. ( rrcderkk, king of Prnatin, Mr. Pritdiar Charles, Baroa of Felsheias, .. Simi - t Braat, ao M qaarter taaster . . nonet . Matilda, eovefnor niece. x Mr. Barse To which will be added, (for th 6th time sd - ' xort) tne cefn rated panlonnoM af MOTH EROOOSE, o& TaKaoxjsMfr j Cotia, (afterward IJarieqiria, . . lr. P ' Coliaette, (afterwards Cotanbiae) Mr. I fsrlorataac io comiaeac at arrea a'CM. ( Oa Friday "will betWMewted. ffoT Itt 1st tl: . ia America) tha arw melo d'otn ( . iur walla rs fit tt ri WTiL . ' For the Farewell Benefit or Mr. Simpson, P" to hi departar for Europe. aoi'icE. r. r tu - n r. ii - if. ( tha day dissolvsd by matual conseot 1'be affair tf aid concern will be settled by John G. Beth, who Will continue th business oa ait w - const, at the coma af Mott and fall streets. . - . jnv. u. eci 10, , ', sack St 1st GEO. EETT9. fcr - Ta M aewirer priaVed Liit o a.. f ' aMdrawa ia the Medical Science Le41ry, day recaived by O. At R - WalTE, 4 may ; exaatuted grade, at their oOcaflh. 4 Mati Lanat aodlboa who bar bara fortunate j drawing prises aaay iaunedisle'y teceiv rash for the same. The aaxt fotiery a t r MillbTd and Owega Road, wbeth - easaesswr drawing meaetanatsn Wiafeatsat part aft .b... si. iii' - i J mj mia Ine! .i r - wi.i c draws with tiieataseetejahwiry. For t - - ; . . . d . . n est s . . . . aarws atpiy xo - tnn 31 xt , BULi. A.kLW lxuiraeca. a """f in bexsa. af a aan'r onaiitr. tatitled t at. , beatata, A Mat by - - ,r . . . & , nwiV"t"" - - ' ma SI il - SSath - t'il toi with cotton

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