Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 4, 1944 · Page 10
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 10

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, February 4, 1944
Page 10
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10 Friday. Feb. 4; 1M4 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE BOARD PROCEEDINGS UGULAB KOVKMBU SESSION The Boird of Supervisors at Cerro Gordo County, Iow«. met to regular session pumunt to adjournment. There WM prw*nt Supervisor W. D. Gibson, Chairman, Jn the chair, and Supervisors B. D. , . »J E. R. Steinberg. Absent: ' " , Robfctal Kane. WHUUEAS, there was Issued to Gene- ^v« TMtson, doblf business under the name and title of "Friendly Tavern" a Class · B" permit by the Board oj Su- pervUora ot Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, - the Mid permit -belli* No. UI, and . WHEREAS, the Mid place ol busi- neia known at "Friendly Tavern" Is operated by th. wid permit holder and haa been for sometime conducted In -a Resolved by th. Board at Supervisor, of Cerro Sordo County, low., that th._aald Claw "B" permit heretofore laiued to the tald Genevleve Tageton on:th« »tb. day of August be and the tame ii hereby revoked. - and the . Sheriff, of Cerro Gordo County, ,Iowa, be and is hereby directed to serve upon the said permit holder notice' of this revocation forthwith. Motion was made by Supervisor E. R. Steinbers. and sccon ied by Supervisor R D. Bobbins', that the foregoing resolution be adopted. Motion carried, the \olt thereon resulting as follows: Ayes. Supervisors B. B. Stelnberl, B. D. Hobbins and W. D. Gibson. Nays: None. Resolution declared adopted this 30th day of December, A. D. 1843. v Board took inventory at th County Home. hussn. teconded by BupervUor Steinberg that Ben Gollen be employed » Heating Plant Engineer lor the year 1944, and (hat M. R. Wert D« employed if Janitor for the year 1M4. Motion carried without dissenting vote. Motion wai made by Supervisor Steinberg, aeconded by Supervisor Hitzhusen that Lola M. Brown be appointed Over- eer o« the Poor for all o the County, pursuant to authority granted by Section 3828 098, Code of Iowa.' Motion carried without diiienUn* vote. . WHEREAS.' the Clear Lake . Mirror, the Clear Lake Beporter and the. Mason City Globe-Gazette newspapers have made written application pursuant to the provisions of Section. 5400, Code of Iowa, to be selected as the official County Newspapers in which the proceedings of the Board of supervisors of Cerro Gordo County, Jowa, shall be published in the year 1944. and WHEREAS, no other applications are ""NOW THEREFORE, be it resolved by the Board of 'Supervisorj of Cerro Gordo County, Sowa, that the said Clear Lake Mirror. Clear Lake Reporter and Ma»n City Globe-Gazette, be and they are hereby telected and named as the newspapers in which the official proceedings of the Board of Supervisors of Cerro Gordo County. Swa"ihaU be published for the year 19447 all of which is done puriuant to the provUloni of Chapter 274, Code ol «*-.].... wu made by Supervisor Stein^*. _imd«d by Supervisor Hitzhusen, hat ii* foregoing resolution^ adopted Phalen', Tim R., board of prisoner*, etc. . . . . ....... r .:,.... Phllllpi. H. A., blanki ......... Prescription Shop, supplies and medical aid .:· ............... Puth Co.. J. C.. repairs ---- ---Road Maintenance, repairs .... Sanbora it Co., Benj. H., school books . . ..... . ..... . ....... :. Standard Oil Co.. gas and oil . Thomas, Hazel V., visit schools JM.6S 1.02 4.43 1.73 7.30 534.S4 37.38 . WHEREAS, the Board of Supervisor* of Cerro Gordo County did in January, 1M3 appropriate pursuant to tne frc- wSnToJ Chapter Z64.1 Code of Iowa by resolution such amounts as were deemed necessary for the operation of each county office and department for h WHEREAS.' the said Board of Supervisors now find that it is necessary to make «ujpleroental appropriations for certain purposes and to authorize transfer, from one .appropriation account to another appropriation account and to make appropriations from unappropri- ated balances in certain cases. NOW THEREFORE, Be It Resolved by the Board of Supervisors of Cerro * Gordo County Ithat the supplemental appropriations from unappropriated balances and transfers be authorized from one appropriation account to another be made as follows, -to wit:.. Transfers Tnm the r.U.winj Smpple- mf»Ul AppMjriltlom for F«U»wlnr Destituted Parp*ses an* Transftn From County General Fung An" prlilUn Amount to F«llowlni Kline* " and supplies 17.7G Avery, G. S., insurance - 82.37 Central Autu Electric, repairs . 3.57 Iowa Company, Insurance 75.23 Mason City Loan Investment - Co.. Insurance ·· '-3C Agler, Mrs. Millie, care 12.BO Alden, Eleanor, care 20.00 AHtz. Mrs. Anna, rent , 5.00 Allle, Mrs. Oliver, care juvenile 12.00 Amendt, Mrs. Nellie, care 15.00 Austin Clinic, hospital . 70.00 Bakken Grocery, provisions . . 42.50 Bartel, Mrs. G. S.. care Juvenile 22.00 Barrett Bros. Grocery, provisions -. 48.46 Belmond Lumber Co.. fuel 10.32 Belolt childrens Home, care at institution ·· 106,00 Theo Bohn. rent 8.00 Browhell Grocery-, provisions., -35.00 Bryant, Ella B., core 13.00 Carver, Mre. Belle, care 20.00 Casey Drug Co.. medicine ..... 2.25 Cazanas Grocery, provisions ... 14.00 Champlln Kefinlng Co., fuel 12.10 City of Mason City, nurse, fuel, . · light, telephone f 2M.32 Floyd Leonard -Auto Electric, miscellaneous 4-3* Fullerton Lumber Co., fifliscel- -. laneous -...'............. . 1.B4 Hathorn Motor Parts Co., miscellaneous 56.65 Hogan, R. J.. miscellaneous... 8.28 Jacoby Battery t| Electric Co.. miscellaneous ..· 7.J1 Nichols Service, miscellaneous.. Z112 Redeker, J. W.. miscellaneous. 12.75 Royal "400" Oil Co., maintenance 236.00 Standard Oil Co.. 'miscellaneous »9.00 Toepfer Electric Mfg. Co., miscellaneous .. i Woodford-Wheeler Lumber Co., miscellaneous .. ' 21,50 Clear Lake -^ndepeudent Tele- 76. 26. 1,049. 109. 101. S8.00 5.95 36.05 973.62 26.50 Heating Plant · Beglstrar Vital Statistics N School Books ..I.. ;...---.. ·Publishing of Board Proceedings 'School Nurse · County-Social Welfare Board ,.-. Court Costs Sheriffs Investigation Noxious Weeds ; · - · · Treasurer's School of Instruction Compensation County Auditors First Deputy .···.',;··· Compensation County Auditors Second Deputy Assistant County Assessors County Attorney Clerks County Attorney ' Court . Expenses - · Coroners Autopsy -- - - · Probation Officer's Compensation Probation Deputy -' «!|? County Recorder's Costs !:».! County Recorders Second Deputy County Recorders Clerk County Superintendents Compen- 106.25 12.25 113.25 212.00 S.51 50.00 106.23 otlon carried, all members of the Board °Bj?soluUon declared adopted this 3rd ay ol January, W-**BE IT RESOLVED by the Board ot Supervisors of Cerro Gordo County. Iowa, pursuant to the provisions of Section 3661.010, Code of Iowa, that the following named persons be named rn-mbenj of the Cerro Gordo County SoSalWelfare Board for the year 1944 and until their successors are appointed and qualified: R D Robbins, Republican ^ W D. Gibson, Republican E. R. Steinberg, · Democrat 'Henry Hitzhusen, Democrat Martha Pattle, Democrat Motion was made by Supervisor Steinberg seconded by Supervisor Hitzhusen that the foregoing resolution be adopted, tlotion carried, all members of the board V °RestluuOn declared adopted this 3rd day of January. 1944. Motion was made by Supervisor Steinberg, seconded by Supervisor Hitzhusen Lhat pursuant to authority granted by SectIorTlD639. Code of Iowa, each Jus- tlce of Peace in the City of Mason City, Township shall be permitted to retain fees up to S400.00 per annum for the year 1844 for expense of his office actually incurred; Motion · carried, wllhout dissenting vote. ' Board approved the official bonds of the · following named officials: S D.'Pirle, Assessor. R. E. Robertson. County Engineer. The official reports ol the following named officials were approved by the board: ' County'Recorder, 4th. quarter, 1943. County Auditor. 4th quarter. 1943. County Superintendent of Schools, December, 1S43. · County Engineer. November. 1943. Kelltl Frantz, Assist. Co. Engr., vember, 1543. i 1. E. Patchen, Assist. Co. Engr., fco- vember. 1943. County Sheriff, fees, in criminal cases, 3rd quarter, 1943. · .. County Sheriff, lees In clvU cases. 3rd quarter, 1943. -· Steward Co. Home and Hospital, November, 1943. · . -. Charles F. Kinney, Justice of Peace, annual, 1943. . C. L. Loomer, Constable, annual, 1943. Cookman Convalescent Home, Christian Home'orphanage, care at institution Corner Drug. Store, medicine... Dclaplane. Mrs. E. I., rent Engler Drug Co., medical supplies Evia Meat : Grocery, provisions Engler Drug Co.. medicine ... Erickson, Mrs. Iver, care juvenile .-. F. Si. F. Food Market, provisions Farmers Co-operative Co., fuel. Finers Clover Farm Store, provisions ....Fromm.-. Mrs. C. H., rent Fulton Funeral Home, transportation and burial - · · · George, Mrs. Virgil, -care Graham, IX F., rent Griebtlng. Mrs. James W., care . juvenile '. Grupp Food Store, Carl, provisions Hamilton, Dr. C. V., medicine and doctor not In contract... Hawver. Mrs. Hattie, rent · Hcrmanson Bros., provisions ... House of the Good Shepherd, care at institution Humphrey Grocery, provisions. 56.60 55.00 18.84 6.00 · - 1.28 «1.00 126.75 4S.OO 20.00 16.00 129.33 50.00 . 9.00 13.00 7.00 phone Co., 'miscellaneous .... Central States Electric Co., miscellaneous ..... ...... . . . . . . 2.30 Iowa Public- Service Co.; miscellaneous ............ ...... · 6.9( Avery, G. S., insurance ....... 112.31 Central Auto Electric, maintenance ....................... The Iowa Company, insurance. 35.3 Masoit City Loan and Investment Company, Insurance ... 9.9 Jacoby Battery 4 Electric Co., miscellaneous . . . '. ........ ... 2.10 Dodd, Mrs. W. H.. relief ........ 5.00 Meyer Funeral Home, tranapor- ; tation ... ........ ... ....... ... 35.00 Phalen. Tim R., transportation. 50.27 Slam. N. C., physician ......... 3,00 Dakin, C. E.. physician ...... .. . 3.00 H., attorney ... : 3.00 Edwards, Alva C., witness ..... 2.10 There -being no further buslntM to come before the Board, motion was made by Supervisor Henry Hitzhusen. seconded by E, R. Steinberg, that the Board adjourn to meet -January 6, 1944. R. D. ROBBINS. . . Chairman Board of Supervisors Cerro Gcrdo County, Iowa. Attest: ARTHUR HARRIS, County Auditor. SECOND DAY Kegulir Janmarr Session. January U, The Board of Supervisors -- Mrs. John Kopecky Visits Son in Camp Clear Lake--Mrs. John Kopecky returned Thursday from Fort Riley, Kans., . where she visited her son, Pvt. Dick Kopecky, who is stationed at Camp Forsytlie. She also saw Pvt. Norman Schober, another Clear Lake man in the camp. Both Kopecky and Schober are taking radio work and both have made gopd records in rifle and pistol practice. She saw a regimental parade given in honor of one of the commanders. Mrs. Kopecky says that the camp and grounds are truly wonderful and the training the boys are getting is keeping them very busy. Mrs. Kopecky also visited her son John, who has been ill in Sioux City. He is now better and able to work again. Zion Lutherans Plan Father-Son Banquet Clear lake--Plans for a Father- Son banquet to be held during February were made by the Zion Lutheran aid at a meeting in the church parlors Thursday afternoon. Mmes. J. B. Osnes and Hans Hcnricksen ave the kitchen committee and Mmes. Jens Jensen U X» O» N«* Baeeivo P»»-er B«f»e Call «3» »r tin CLEAR LAKE GLOBE-GAZETTE DfAfiUKU 11 *. m. t ICewi aa4 A' ' Phone «S or Z5» AND KGLO OFFICE Itt Wect BUia Si. K«W u« Aw * r. m-tt* \ · b4l! ]*··! ·» . of Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, met in regular session pursuant to adjournment. There was present Supervisor K. D. Bobbins. Chairman, in the Chair, and Supervisors E. B. Steinberg and Henry Hilzhuseh. Absent: none. · , 2oard approved -the appointment, and official bond filed incident thereto, o£ Remley J. Glass as deputy sheriff with- .out compensation. - r Board appropriated the sum.of S1993.83 from the Poor Fund for aid to the blind in ·accordance with Chapter 182.1. Code of Iowa. County Superintendents Extra Help '. County Treasurers Deputies,.... County Treasurers Clerks · County Treasurers : Extra Help .. CountyTreasurer-! Postage ·2.10 150.00 164.32 130.00 66.00 14.38 No- * , , M. E. laird, Police - Judge, annual, 1943. . ' ' S- A. Smith, Constable, annual, 1943. C. W. Wallace. Justice . of Peace, an- 72.25 nua3. 1H3. 53.13 79.61 Board approved the report of the Cerro Gordo County Farm Bureau lor the year 1943. . ' I ·t! i ; . Tmutera SUte In»ne: · ' Commitment of State Insane... -'.. Tax Sale -Sefurid .-. ^ Supplemental Appropriation Domestic Animal Fund Jafll.H Supplemental Appropriation County Insane Hospital Bonds.... SS59.79 Supplemental Appropriations »i« Trmnt- fer» From.Court Expense F«nd' Clerk of Court Deputies Compensation Clerk ot Court Clerks Compensa- lion -. »13j.88 Supplemental Appropriation From · Poor Fund Overseer of Poor Office Compensa-^ ·Uon : Telegrams ...,/Equipment ·-·-· |'-« Supplies -..: 1».« Miscellaneous .: «.« SappIemcnUl Appropriation and Tranuei From Secondary Koad Constraetion Fani Assistant Engineer · $142.38 Snpplemenlal Appropriation and Transfer From Maintenance Fund Clerk In the Enginee'rs Office.... 559.50 tlon carried Motion was made by Supervisor Hob- voting' aye. bins, seconded by Supervisor Steinberg Bailey,_ Mt that the above resolution be adopted. Mo tlon carried without dissenting vote. , Board adjourned sine$«-,,_. GmsoN Chairman Board of Supervisors Cerro Gordo County, Iowa Attest: ARTHUR HARRIS County Auditor REGULAR JANUARY SESSION JAMJAKY 3, 1*44 ' ,' · FIRST DAY The Board * of Supervisors of Cerro Gordo County. Iowa, met in regular January session. There were present Supervisors R. D.-Robbins. E. R. Steinberg and Henry Hitzhusen. Absent: None. Board proceeded to organize for the jear 1944. Motion was made by Supervisor E. R. Steinberg, seconded by Supervisor Henry Hitzhusen, that Supervisor H. D. Hobbins be named chairman of the Board for the year 1S44. Motion carried without dissenting vote. Motion xvas made by Supervisor Robbins, seconded by Supervisor Hitzhusen, that the -whole Board act as a committee lor the'purchase of equipment and supplies for various county uses during the year 1944. and that Supervisor Steinberg act as Chairman of the Committee. Motion carried, all members of the Board toting aye. Motion was made by Supervisor Steinberg, seconded by Supervisor Robbins. that the whole Board act as a committee to" supervise the management of the County Home and County Hospital for the Insane, and that Supervisor Hitzhusen act as Chairman of the Committee. Motion carried without dissenting vote. The Board of Supervisors made settlement with the County Treasurer of Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, as provided by Section 7408 of the Code of Iowa, and found that there was no cash on hand hut that records showed bank deposits in designated depository banks in the. aggregate sum of 5786,053 .S8. Motion was made by Supervisor Hitzhusen. seconded by Supervisor Steinberg that the County Attorney be allowed $35.00 per month for office rent for the year 1944. Motion carried without dissenting vote. Motion was made by Supervisor Steinberg, seconded by Supervisor Hitzhusen that pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 240, Code of Iowa. R. E. Robertson be appointed County Engineer for the year 1944, and that his compensation be paid from the Secondary Road Construction Fund and that' his bond be fixed S2.000.00. Motion carried without dissenting, vote. · · · Motion was made by Supervisor Stein berg, seconded by Supervisor Hitzhusen that the compensation of the County En gineer be fixed at $3600.00 for the yea J944. Motion carried, the vote thereon resulting as follows: Ayes. Supervisor Steinberg and Hitzhusen. Nays, Super visor Robbins. Motion was made by Supervisor Stein berg, seconded by Supervisor Hitzhusen that Keith Frantz and James Patchen be appointed Assistant County Engineer! fo the year 1M4, and that Unda Herrema be appointed Stenographer in the Count Engineer's office for the year 1944. Motion carried without dissenting vote. Motion was made by Supervisor Stein berg, seconded by Supervisor Hitzhusen that J. P. McGuire b« appointed Stewar ot the County Home and County Insan Hospital for the year 1944. and that Mi J. P. McGuire be appointed Matron the County Home and County Insane Mos pita) for the year 1944. Motion carrie - without dissenting vote. Motion was made by Supervisor Hit* BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of supervisors of. Cerro Gordo County, Iowa.- that. pursuant to the Provisions of Chapter 189.4. Code of Iowa, Lola M. Brown, Overseer of the Poor of said .,,,,,,,,, ,,. ,,., ,,,. County be and she .is hereby author-·) p . Co j c.. clothing ;... ized and-instructed to serve notice or Pen(oi ;, w . J... r ent to' cause notice to be:served, pursuant ' - -'to the provisions of said Chapter 189.4. Code of Iowa, upon the following Jensen. Mrs. O. A., transportation Xehm Land Company, rent Kelroy Fuel and Furnace Co., fuel -, · Kennedy, Dr. Edw. P.. medicine Knutson· Grocery-, provisions ... Lake Mills Lumber Co., fuel... . Larscn, Christine M.. rent Lutheran Welfare Society, care juvenile -Lyons Laundry, laundry McAuley Son Funeral Home, burial McCrary, Dr. E. Vf. t doctor not in contract -McCrary Hospital, hospital- M. B. A. Pharmacy, - medicine-. Major Funeral Home, transportation Major, .William, rent Marshall Piggly ' Wlsgly No. 2, provisions .' Mason City Cemetery Association, burial Maynard. Amelia, rent Meany, Dr. J. P.. medicine/.... Meyer Funeral Home, transpor- . tation ' · · Morris Food Store No. 1, provisions ...,...: Morris Food Store No. 2, provisions Morgan. Dr. H. W.. doctor not in contract Mullin's Grocery, provisions Northwestern Stales Portland Cement Co.. rent Obrecht, Orah, rent O'Heam, Frank C., investigator's mileage -. Page Lumber Co., L. A., fuel.. Park Hospital, hospital Parks Coal Co., fuel Patterson, Mrs. G. L., care Patterson. L. W., transportation ind burial -- W. L., rent 33.00 32.00 4.00 7.00 8.00 9.88 34.00 ·8.00 1.50 140.97 32.38 75.00 40.00 34.99 6.00 7.00 6.00 7.00 3.00 , upon named persons to depart from Cerro Gordo County, Iowa: Erlckson, Mrs. Melva and family Freudenbers:. Mrs. Bertha BittKers, Glen Watts.. Eldon Wise, Mrs. Mary and . family Motion was made by Supervisor Steln- erff, seconded by Supervisor Hitzhusen hat the foregoing resolution be adopted. Motion carried, the vote thereon resulting as follows: . Ayes: Supervisors Steinberg, Hitzhusen and Robbins. Nays: None. * Resolution declared adopted this 3rd day of Januiry, 13*4. Motion was made by E. R. Steinberg. Peterson. Dr. R. W.. medicine.. Prescription Shop, medicine ... Raizes Department Store. Sam, provisions Rest Haven Nursing Home, care Reuber, R. N., medicine Road Maintenance, fuel, transportation, etc. Rockwell Hospital, hospital. St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, hos-- pital -' Soxrrud i; Son. A. A., fuel Set Rite Grocers-, provisions Schaffer. Mrs. Grace Parker, care, clothing, etc Senneff'Grocery, provisions ... Senneff, Jno. A., rent Shepherd, Ralph S.. rent Simmons, Mrs. Adine, care juvenile · 7.00 30.00 14.00 7.00 60.25 112.50 .340.25 24.00 15.00 106.00 . 26.00 11.59 7.00 21.50 142.7; 161.96 71.60 1.75 Board approved the application of Mrs. Joseph Wilson for suspension of the 1943 regular taxes assessed against Lot 75 Midland Heights, .Mason City, Iowa.., Resolution BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Supervisors of Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, that the salary of the following named employees of Cerro Gordo County. Iowa, be set and fixed as of January I, 1944 in the amounts set opposite their names, to-wit: .. · Luella Hall $120.00 per month Mildred Wishard 100.00'per month Shirley Easton 100.00 per month Betty christensen ...... 94.00 per month Verna Chehock 114.00 per month Daisy E. Van Note 120.00 per month. Betty Pcdelty 87.00 per month Aura Cooper 120.00jper month Winifred C. Hunt 82.00 per month Christine M. Larson..... 337.50 per month Grace Heitland 120.00 per month Margaret Overbeck .... 100.00 per month Marie Mantz Elsie Ramsey Hazel Thomas (County Supt.) Ben Gollen M. Roy West Keith Frantz James E. Patchen Linda Herreman Margaret Riley ,, Evelyn Slock '. 114.00 per month Mrs. J. P. McGuire (Matron County Home) .. 120.00 per month Mrs. J. P. McGuire (Mt- aron County Home) . 120.00 per month Aletha C. Brown ....... 75.00per month Thea Gilbertson . 80.00 per month Christina Yount -.. 80.00 per month James K. Olson 90.00 per month Lola M. Brown (Overseer and Otto B. Petersen for the dining room. The exact date is to be announced. Mrs. Clifford Rice gave the lesson on the First Commandment Mrs. C. O. Lomen reported on the recent Lutheran welfare session at Mason City, .Mrs. Ruben Mostrom read "Prayer for a Peaceful Soul" and Mrs. A. E. Folkmann sang "Teach Me to Pray" and "Angels of Glory" for the program. "*· Mrs. John Ashland's committee served. Clear Lake Churches ZION LUTHERAN Sunday school, 9:45 o'clock. USW ADMITS15 AS MEMBERS -Hope for 100 Before ' Charter Date, Feb. 11 Clear Lake--Fifteen new members gave their, qualifications and were obligated in the United Service Women's club at a session in Legion hall Thursday evening. The club now has 55 members and the date period for closing .the charter' is Feb. 11.-All enrolled before that date will be considered charter members. Sponsors are hoping to have 100 on the list. The first Thursday and 3rd Friday evenings of each month have been selected as regular meeting dates. Sessions will open at 7:30 o'clock and work will be provided, for each meeting. Members are requested to bring quilt blocks for the next session. Mrs. John Kopecky, president, was named a delegate to the convention of the music division at Drake university, Des Moines, Monday. Mrs. .Walter'Pramer, vice president, is alternate. Mrs. Pramer and Mrs. Frank Swanson served light refreshments at the close. " ' THETA RHOS PLAN PARTY Clear Lake Brief* · Mrs. V. E. Edwu-dt, iceempa- nied by Miss Rose Howder, -211 Clara street, left Thursday evening for F9rt'Kn6x, Ky., to spend 2 weeks with the former's son, Sgt. Glen Edwards. C. W. BulU, Sr., well drillinc and pump repairs;. Phone 107. Mr. and Mrs. E H. Melton, Dr. and Mrs.' K. R. Rogers and Mrs. Gerald Brooks will entertain members of .the Century club at the Congregational church parlors Sunday evening at 7. o'clock. The Sunday school board will meet at 6:30 Tuesday evening'at the home of Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Gilrnor*. Doris ie Ntbbi closed next week. Open Monday,'Feb. 14. · Pvt. and Mn. L. K. Chafttn, Langley Field, Va., are spending a couple-of weeks with the letter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Schumacher. For Rent: Furnished Apartment. 515 N.'3rd. Phone 153-W. Dr. and Mrs. Frank L, Knutson. arrived Thursday afternoon from Los Angeles, Cal., where the latter has spent several months and the former 6 weeks. Additional contributions of $6 were received Thursday for the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis from "A Friend," Mmes^ C. U. Nichols and S. E. Eldred, Dr. and Mrs. J. T. Charlesworth and Mr. and Mrs. J..C. Norris. The to- 107.00 per month 137.50 per month. 3,000 per annum 100.00 per month 114.4O per month .., 160,00 per month, ... 130.00 per month ... 100.00 per month ... 120.00 per month ' Miltotr Carr ; '....'. .6oc per hour A. W. Christensen 65c per hour V.'D. Edgar .....G5c per hour .oyd W. Hansen '. 65cperhour fern Hathaway oocperhour Vem Hinds "... 1..65cperhour seconded by Supervisor Henry .Hitzhusen Smith, Mrs. Ray B.. rent that the payment of the claims of the Solum, Mrs. Mary, care Juvenile persons as listed immediately lollowing 1 Sorum. Marie, care juvenile . be ratilied. approved and confirmed. Mo- '" ·--' "" "- "TM tion carried, ail members of the Board ' 1 Melvin, indemnity Blau. Clyde.. fox bounty Bramsen. Clarence, fox bounty .. Campbell J. W.. bailiff Charlesworth, Dr. J. T., indemnity Chicago tc North Western System, freight Cromer, F. E., help, treasurer .. Davey. L. A., social welfare commissioner Dedina. John, fox bounty .J...,* Esk, Luke, fox bounty . .. Frantz, Keith C., books Hartman, E. W^ repairs and supplies .' Hillers Phillips Service ...;.. Holder. R. £., District Court Re. porter ..,.Raster, Mrs. Chas.. misc. Kephart, Glen, .repairs Lincoln, A. E.. hauling rubbish Llnnell, W. D.. reporter .. Mason City Auction Co.. stock Mathre, Seven A-. indemnity Meurs, Alejc, fox bounty Miller. Florence A., help supt. .. Mullen, James T.. bailiff North Iowa Fair Association, Fair Grounds O'Heam. Frank C., transportation Paries, Mrs. Elaine, help supt. , Pattle. Martha, Committee Social Welfare Railway Express Agency, express Schanke. A. M.. postage. supL... Steinberg. E. H,. supervisor Stille. K. H.. fox bounty reeter. Gco. B.. grain ait, Lloyd B., reporter ..· 'earda, H. C.. fox bounty On motion of Supervisor Henry jHitz- usen. seconded by' Supervisor E. R. teinberg the following bills against the ounty were approved and allowed and ie' County Auditor instructed to draw arrants In payment thereof. Motion irrled, all members of the Board voting re. . D. Robbins. supervisor S 168.28 The Leonard Lines Inc.. freight .60 Gibson. W. D., supervisor 163.33 ' ddressograph Multlgraph Corp., office equipment .44 \merican Law Book Co., books . · 30.00 Arnold Auto Repair, repairs .. 16.10 ioomhower Hardware, repairs. 19.38 ~ .sey Drug Co., office equipment 12.24 :ouchlon. M. C.. rent . 35.00 bounty Recorder, record instruments i.oo Jctcrrnan. H. V.. repairs . . . . 3.93 Federal Laboratories, Inc., office equipment *uth Fisher, nurse mileage "olsom Auto Co., repairs jardner Furnace Co.. repairs . Ginn Company, school books 1,233,02 Grant storage Battery Co., repairs 10.24 ippen Co.. D. \V.. supplies.... 16.22 Higlcy Chemical Co.. supplies.- 146.7 Johnson, Mrs. F. E^ help treasurer Lawyers Co-op, Publishing Co.. books Lustra Corp. of America, supplies Main, Juanita P., state examiner expense Mason. M. L., rent, telephone, convention expense , Mason City Water Department, ·water Murray. Birdie, help, auto department Nelson. Mrs. Loif, help, superintendent Park Hospital, medical aid Penney Co.. J. c., clothing Phalen, Tim R., lodging .prison- Standard O|l Co., operation of car and fuel - State Department of Social Welfare, blind assistance Stebbens Grocery, provisions Sunny Crest Sanatorium, care at institution . Sunnyslope Sanatorium,' care at institution " ' Thompson O'NeU Co.. provisions Van Grevenhof. Mary, care ... Wass, Mrs. J. E.. care : Wass, Mrs. Julia, care juvenile Williams. Mrs. Abby. rent ..... Wolf. Abbott E.. rent '. i nn I Woodford Wheeler Lumber Co., -J'SS fuel " 'Youneblocd. J. B- rent Central Auto Electric, operation Treasurer Cerro Gordo Medical Society, Dr. contract Paris Hospital. Hospital Western Onion (Telegraph Co., telegrams , Bemis Metal Works, repairs Boomhower Hardware, supplies Casey Drug Co.. supplies Clear Lake Auction Co.. stock. Comer Drug Store, medical care Cox; C. W., repairs Currie Van Ness . Co., repairs and' supplies Decker Sons, J: E., provisions FuJIerton Lumber Co.. repairs. General Mills. Inc., feed Gildners. clothing Herb George Radio Service, . repairs Iowa Shoe Brokerage, clothing. lovra Tea Co., provisions Jensen. W. L.. repairs Kennedy, Sam. grain Maroney, J. F., supplies Mason City Rendering Co., tankage ... 12.50 1.00 1.00 9.501 41.67 44.83 2.00 25.25 25.00 1350 5.73 3.50 2.00 45620 313.63 12.50 4.00 28.BS 34.30 93.99 59.37 19.33 · 44.83 3.39 8.50 175.40 1.00 136.35 66.00 1.00 464.97 8.00 3.00 10S.87 24.00 9.00 9.00 13.00 9.00 13.00 ' 10.1 11.40 148.1 . 14.8 167.9 130.00 24.0 128.00 309.70 7.00 7.00 14.00 30.00 14.00 Morning worship, 11 o'clock. Sermon theme, "A Penny a Day." Both choirs will sing. Luther league, 7 o'clock. Sunday evening fellowship, 8 o'clock'. A study on stewardship. Zion circle will serve --Ruben Mostrom, pastor. GOSPEL TABEKNACLE Sunday school, 10 o'clock. Morning worship, 11 o'clock, the Rev. Walter C. Berggren, Polk · City, will speak. Young people's service, 6:45 o'clock. Evening service, 7:45 o'clock. The Rev. Mr. Berggren will speak. Special services by Mr. Berggren at 2-:30 o'clock in the afternoon and 7:45 each evening from Sunday through Wednesday. CONGREGATIONAL Church school, 10 o'clock. Worship service, 11 o'clock. Sermon theme,' "I Sit Where They Sat." Congo club, 6:30 o'clock. Joan Jodan in charge. Century club, 7 o'clock, church parlors.--Verne A. Spindell, pastor. METHODIST . .,,.,,,, _ ,, , Sunday school, 9:45 o'clock. .. so .00 per week Morning warship, 11 o clock. Ser- ",°SSiI°" man theme, "Conformity to the ""'[World or Transformation by the Plans for a Valentine party to -held Feb. 17 were made by members of Theta Rho Girls' club at I. O. O. F. hall Thursday evening. Committees were appointed and games, refreshments arid a Valentine gift box are arranged. Barbara Martin and Beverly Roberts were initiated to membership at the formal meeting with new officers in the chairs. 175.00 per month. . 87.00 per month . 100.00 per month 145.00 per month Sorosis Club to Give Cash Contribution tal Thursday evening was $25.65. The opportunity to give will continue through the week. Mr: and Mrs. F»ul Palmer and daughters, Pauline, Ruth Ann and Janet Marie, returned Wednesday from Champaign, 111., where they spent 2. months with their daughter, .Mrs., James Hamand, and family. Miss Pauline has accepted a position in a Mason City laundry and begins work at once. Betty Noll returned to membership of Girl Scout troop I at junior high school Thursday evening. Instructions about badges were given and games were played. ' Twemty-seven 'w o m e n made 3,000 surgical dressings at the Red Cross workroom Thursday afternoon. Work will continue on the new quota all next week, Mrs. H. N. Halvorson, production man. .ager, announces. : the Sorosis club at the regular T. M. Hanson was (ranted a session Thursday at the home ofjcigaret permit at a session of the Mrs. E. Bl Stillman. Mrs. E. O. city council Thursday evening. Clapper, vice president, conducted T OW nsend club: met at the the business session and also pre- char i es Cunningham home Thurs- sented a lesson on the British. day evenlng for a . social session Isles. Mrs. Will Scherf entertains with games and lunch _ Dickie Feb. 17 and Mrs. Wilhs Miller Cunn i n g harn anr l Lo ret ta Soren- GIFTS BY CLEAR LAKERS LISTED Room Furnished by · Camp, Hospital Fund Cietr' Lake--Contributions n cefved from Clear Lake clubs an groups to the Red Cross camp ai hospital fund for the rccreatii room at Drake university, D Moines, have been announced i Mrs. H. A. O'Leary, Mason Cit county chairman for the fund, a* Mrs. Fred Duffield, co-chairma In most instances money w donated and this was used to pu chose furnishings needed for't room which is used by 104 cad as a recreation room while , training. Mmes. B. E. Hayden a! E. A. Colburn are Clear La members of the county committe The following gifts and pu chases are-listed: . ; Rotary club--7 ash trays one pen-and-ink well set. Clear Lake Poultry Improv ment association. Senior ~G Scouts, Sorosis and Crescent clu --desk pads.. Twentieth Century club, Pythiil Sisters, American Legion auxJJ iary, -Home Improvement plvj Daughters of Union Vetera Chapter EA, P. E. O; sisterho Past Noble Grands club, and Pa chapter No. 35, O. E. S.- tables. Altrurian club--library table I Navy Mothers club--ping set. A cash contribu- Soldiers' Memorial fund was voted by members of Clear tion to Lake the gives the lesson. Poor) Betty Carroll Ruth Dougall : Frank O'Hearn yle,S. Pickford ... oward M. Hansen . M. Kendrew .... M. M. Treston -- , . mest L. Allen 65c per hour Spirit." Youth Fellowship, B - 6:30 tor. BETHEL. CHAPEL At Legion hall. Sunday school, 10 o'clock. Morning worship, 11 o'clock. Sermon theme, "What D»n Hogan ejcperhour shall T Render Unto God?" 1 Eve- viii McK?bbe?::::::::::::::ScpShour ning service, · o'clock, sermon lenry Miller eoc per hour topic, "Making the Break." Bible ^~~~n Moore esc per hour study a nd prayer meeting, Tues- TM" u . 8enl S??^5? u .l Hnv- R rvYlnrk. The renort of De- Sii T. o ls in 8OT ...:::::::::::s=Elihour day, 8 o'clock. The report of D ? joe Patton 63c per hour cemfaer and January finances wil George Pierson 65cperhour be rea d.--The Rev. Evelyn Elef- ST. PATRICK'S CATHOLIC' Masses at 8:30 and 10:30 o'clock. de"by'supeiv u ilo? : ste'lh^ I Confessions heard Saturday eve iy Supervisor Hitzhusen I ning at 7:30 o'clock.--J. J. Btizyn-' ,...,__ .... -.,-_...., I k^ p as l( - ....... -- 63cpcr hour I 60'c per hour I 60C per hour se n sang. The next meeting is " . . Other clubs also met Thursday. " Feb 18 at the Ben 'Our Form of Government" was home. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Nesblt plan - Wurtzer leads the lesson, r The meetinr of toe Clear Lake Mrs C A Knutson, assisted Poultry Improvement association, by ' Mrs 'Ralph Keplogle, enter- scheduled for Monday at - the tained "the Twentieth Century Charles Ransom home, has been club at a luncheon after which postponed a week because of the the women made_ surgical ^ dress- | Co-^peraUve^ creamery Cession at Lake-View club--library-tab Busy Bee club--straight ·chair.l Park chapter,. Imperial. Seefl company, Clear Lake Woman's club--2 straight chairs each. ' -ii| Wa-Tan-Ye club- 1 --2 waste bas|M kets, ' · ' " Work Less, Accomplish More club--2 waste baskets, Barnes :an^ chairs. ' . J Coffee club--pair of table lamp: Congregational Century club-| desk lamp. · . ' - · { Tina Blue liake Theta Rho Girls club--rug. An army truck is expected f ron, Des Moines next week to take the articles, Mrs. O'Leary announces After the war is over the roon will continue to be used as a rei creational center, it was Indicated Christmas eve 27 soldiers and WACs were able to .have .some-f thing of a holiday atmospher^jf through facilities made possibly K| by the camp and hospital fund, i?.j was announced. This is but ont;; instance ol comforts given mem-; bers of the armed forces by "this;-: setup, now a year old. ings at the Red Cross workroom. I O. O. F. hall Monday. The next meeting is Feb. 17. Mrs. Charles Davis has n eceived _ Mr'sT Ed L"at"chT assisted by Mrs. (word that her son, Michael, who Robert Latch, Busy Bee club entertained at an all the day is at City, University hospital, Iowa for treatment, is · getting Soldiers' Memorial lans Are Presented; Clear Lake--Mrs. A. B. Phillips resident of the Soldiers'. Me morial fund, and Mrs. Karl I lass, secretary, presented plan or a memorial community build! ng for the program of the Rotar; lub at I. O. O. F. hall Thursdaj noon. They showed an architect's: i__i_'U ^.F tVm .nrnt^fmoA Vinil rlin 'T^ Sunday school every Sunday, 110 o'clock.--Mrs. Maurice Miles, CHURCH OF CHKIST, SCIENTIST North East street. Sunday school, Northern Oil Co., supplies RanKln Bros., repairs Royal "400 1 * OU Co.. gas and oil Western Grocer Co., provisions. G. S. Avery, insufanee Treasurer Cerro Gordo Medical Society, medical care Iowa Company. Insurance Mason City Loan i- Investment Co.. Insurance .: Connor, Patricia, clerk grand jury Laird, Morris E,, police Judge . Price, Gladys E.. other help Wallace. C, \V.. justice of peace Davis, airs. Fred, witness Drake, Maynard, witness McEldoon. Paul, witness ....... Davis. Claire, witness Braver. Mrs. Carl, witness O'Neil. Mrs. Don. witness , Pclersen, Verne H.. witness Stevens, J. Z., Justice of peace fee Michael. A. N.. con5taWft fees . Satcr. A. C.. constable fees . . . McGowan. Chas., constable fees Buttlcman, J. H.. constable fees Holder. R, E-, reporter Bogardus. Ray R-, engineer D. D. No. 25 Bogardus, Ray R-, engineer D. D. No. 31 Mason, M. L., per cent of fines Bogardus, Bay R-. maintenance Boomhower Hardware, miscellaneous ·- dear Lake Sand Gravel Co., miscellaneous Currie Van Ness Co., miscellaneous - · Eugene Dictigcn Co., miscellaneous Farmers Inc. Co-op. Society, miscellaneous Farmers Telephone Co- miscellaneous · - · V : t .^' : · ' · 871.00 20.00 . 1.96 ^ 3.B3 12.68 2.69 157.68 21.35 157.00 11.57 30-50 6991 ·13.20 47.21 0.63 50.13 28.00 4.59 2,380.70 11.08 79-75 2.17 15.00 59.00 220.63 38.67 | ice, 8 o'clock. CHURCH OF CHRIST B i b l e school, 9:45 o'clock. I Preaching service and Lord's Sup- 1 per, 10:45 o'clock. Sermon theme, "A Good Word for Jesus Christ." the Valley of Human W. Hicks, pastor. 22-50 102.63 65c Joh!\ Schmidt George £, Snyder LeRoy Bahnsen . : Francis Cahalan Motion was madi. berg, seconded by that the foregoing resolution be adopted. Motion carried without dissenting vote. Resolution declared adopted this Glli day of January. 1944. Motion was made by Supervisor Stein berg, seconded by Supervisor Hitzhusen i - . . that the appointment of Lola M. Brown 1 Superintendent, as deputy _ sheriff without compensation be approved. Motion carried without dissenting vote.' Motion was made by Supervisor Hitr-. husen. seconded by Supervisor Steinberg I 10 o'clock. Church Service, 11 Smed^offWail 1 £"gpS? IoUowlns I o'colck. Wednesday evening serv- Lola M. Brown, -Deputy Sheriff Edward E. Fleming, Deputy Assessor S. C. Deyoe, Deputy Assessor B. R. Thomas. Deputy Assessor James V. Campbell, BaflUf, continuation of bond B490601 The foregoing motion carried without dissenting vote. i _ . . r r . « - » i i c r There being no further busincis - to | Evening Service,- 7:4o O'clock. Ser- tome before the Board, motion was made by Supervisor E. R. Steinberg, seconded by Henry Hitzhusen that the'Board adjourn to meet January 12. 1944. R. D. ROBBINS, Chairmar* Board of Supervisors | Ccrro Gordo County, Iowa. Attest: ARTHUR HARRIS. County Auditor. THIRD DAY Secular Janvirr Scuian, January 12, 19« The Board of Supervisors of Cerro Gordo Ccunty, Iowa, met in regular session pursuant to adjournment. There was present R. D. Robbins, Chairman, in the chair, and Supervisors E. R. Steinberg and Henry Hitzhuscn. Absent: none. Resolution BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of Supervisors of Ccrro Gordo County, Iowa, that pursuant to authority granted by Chapter 43. Code of Iowa. 1M1, voting machines are hereby adopted for use In all future elections in all voting precincts within said county,' and BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Chairman ot this Board oi Supervisors is hereby authorized, and directed to enter into a contract, for and on behaU of Ccrro Gordo- County. Iowa, with, the Au toma tic Voting Machin e Corporation of Jamestown, New York, for the purchase of fifty-eight (58) voting machines for use in Paid county in accordance with a certain contract dated January 12, IM4. attached hereto and made a part hereof, all in accordance with the provisions of satd Chapter 43, 1941 Code of Iowa. Motion was made by Supervisor E. R. meeting Bilr. and Mrs. Eli Mack along fine and is able to be up were guests The afternoon was and run around. spent informally. Mrs. Robert A dramatisation of "We Who Latch is hostess at an all day ses- Are America" in pageant form sion March 2 wiu be presented for the pro"Work Clothes lor the Job" was gram of the Methodist W. S. C. S the lesson for Mt Vernori town- at the church Wednesday. Special ship home project leaders who music will be given. The feusines met at the home of Mrs. John meeting is at 2 o'clock and thi King Miss Lucille Buchanan gave program opens at 3. the lesson The final lesson of the BUIy Lassahn, 5, son of Sir. am series will be given at the home Mrs. Carl Lassahn, E. Main street of Mrs. Harry Evans Feb. 29. is ill with pneumonia. iVii a. -untj-j in · «"«o ^ ·--- .· -- -- ·· i , · Mrs Howard McNitt, Plymouth, Mr. and airs. Robert Cash wen «as a guest ol Linger' Longer Tuesday evening to Rodman, t the home o£ Mrs. R. S, attend a family celebration o£ th Moore-All members were .present. 68th wedding anniversary o£ th Games were plaved with Mmes. latter's grandparents, Mr. an Moore, Ruben Fryer, Henry Van- Mrs. C. M. Barber, each 89 year Zuuk and August Bitker winning old. They held open house fo prizes Mrs Paul Radcr is host- fr and nei g hDors Svmda ess Feb. 17 with Mmes. Moore | afternoon. and VanZuuk arranging a pro- ketch of the proposed ,nd blueprints of the basemerj;! and ground floors. The memoris 1 !und, sponsored by the America l«gion Auxiliary, is being raise Dy · voluntary, donations froi clubs, other groups and individi als. W. E. Hamilton, H o p k i r i ! Minn., was a visiting Rotaria* Jake Kraninger, C a m b r i d g Nebr., was a guest o£ J. G. Day enport and Emily Mae KnutsjJ, was a guest of her father,^C. '"' Knutson. Pvt. L. K. Chaffin, Langley^ Field, Va., was a guest sol the i club. H. D. club will meet at the home o£ Mrs. Everett Enabnit Y | Feb. 15 instead of Feb. 12 as first IT announced. I I i ' 9.73 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 .60 2.1 - 69.C 11.1 Steinberg, seconded by Supervisor Henry Hilihuscn that the foregoing resolution be- adopted. Motion carried, "the vole tilicates of Purchase at Tax Sale Nos. 15204 and 19205, evidencing-the sale of Lots 4 and '5. Block 3. West, Haven Addition to Mason City. Iowa, and WHEREAS. Elgic Moore, -has offered the sum ol $28.71 for an assignment of the said certificates, which amount is equal to the County's bid at tax sale plus accrued penalties and interest. NOW THEREFORE. Be It" Resolved by the Board OE Supervisors of CCITO Gordo County. Iowa, that the otter be accepted and that R. D. Robolns, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors be authorized and directed to execute the assignments of the said certificates to Elgic Moore for and on behalf of Cerro Gordo County. Iowa. Motion was made by Supervisor Hitzhusen, seconded by Supervisor' E, R. Steinberg, that the foregoing resolution be adopted. Motion carried, all members Resolution declared adopted this I91h day of January. 1944. Resolution WHEREAS, Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, Is the owner of, lots 15 and 16, Block 6. Rockwell. Iowa, and WHEREAS. Marine Hellik has offered the sum of S370.00 for the purchase of said lots on contract. NOW THEREFORE, Be It Resolved by the Board of Supervisors of Cerro Gordo County. Iowa, that the said offer be accepted and that the Chairman of the Board be authorized' to execute the contract for and on behalf of the said County. Motion was made by Supervisor Stein- . Virgil McKibben and H. G -.' Bruchner were guests of Royal club at the home of Miss'| Florence McGrady. Mrs. Robert Miller assisted and games formed the . program. The next meeting is Feb'. 17.. Polk City Pastor to Speak Twice Daily at Gospel Tabernacle Clear Lake -- Members of Gospel Tabernacle congregation have pb- V a i n e. d the Rev. -Walter C. Berggren, pastor of the Gospel Miss i o n a r y c h u.r c h o£ P o I k City, for a series of s p e c i a l meetings ,to open at the church Sunday morning at 11 o'clock. S e r v i c e s wiu be held CLEAR LAKE AND VICINITY 1 take this means of notifying the people of Clear Lake and vicinity that I am now devoting all of my time at the Phillips "66" Super Service and Garage. We are now in a. position to give yon the best of service on your car. I have recently taken'over the garage known as the Brnch- ner Garage and have ample room for our increasing business. · COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE REPAIR , « WASHING GREASING PHILLIPS "66" SERVICE GARAGE CORNER NORTH 4th AND STATE CLEAR IiAKE thereon resulting as follows: Ayes: Super- K )er seconded by Supervisor Hitzliupcn. visors E. R. StcinbcrB. Henry Hitznusen that t]lt . i or , go i ng resolution he adopted. and R. D. Robbins. Nays: none. Resolution declared adopted this 12th day ot January. 1944. There bcinK no further business to come before the Board, motion was made by Supervisor Henry Hilzhuscn, seconded by E. R. Steinberg, that the Board adjourn to meet January 15. 191-1. R. D. BOBBINS, Chairman Board of Supervisors Cerro Gordo County, Iowa. Attest: ARTHUR HARRIS. County Auditor. FOURTH DAY Regular Janairy 5»!an. Jinnarj 1$, 1914 The Board of Supervisors of Cerro Gordo County, Iowa, met in regular session pursuant to adjournment. There was present Supervisor R. D. Robbins, Chairman. In the Chair, and Supervisors E. R. Steinberg and Henry Hitzhuscn. Absent: none. W. C. BERGGREN each afternoon at 2:30 o'clock and each evening at 7:45 from Sunday through Wednesday. The public is invited lo attend Motion carried without dissenting vote. Resolution declared adopted this lath ^^ion'^a^mad^by Supervisor stein-j these services, sponsors state, borjr. seconded by Supervisor Hilzhusen. that pursuant to the provisions ol Section 4118.5, Code of Iowa," $200.00 be transferred from the County General Fund to the Teachers Institute Fund. Motion carried without dissenting vote. Motion was made, by Supervisor Steinberg, seconded by Supervisor Hi tzhusen, that the net balance In the State Insane Fund of $2625.13 be transferred to the State Institution Fund. Motion carried without dissenting vote, ·· There being no further business to come bo Tore the Board.' motion was made by Supervisor E. R. Steinberg, seconded by Supervisor Henry Hilzhusen, that the Board adjourn to meet January til, 1944. R. D. ROBBINS. Chairman Board of Supervisors 2.43| WHERE A S. Cerro Go rdo Count y. Iowa, is the owner and holder o£ Cer- Ccrro Gordo County. Iowa. ARTHUR HARRIS. County Auditor. Meinecke Funeral at Church Saturday, 1:30 Clear take -- Funeral services for F. M. Meinecke, 86, who died late Wednesday evening at his home, 305 E. Main street, following a stroke, will be held at the Zion Lutheran church Saturday afternoon at 1:30 o'clock. The Rev. Ruben Mostrom. pastor, wil' conduct the rites and burial will be in Ellington cemetery. Ward's funeral home is in charge. GOME ONE --COME ALL «;· 40th Annual Danish Masquerade Ball Tuesday, February 8 at the SURF BALLROOM MALEK'S ACCORDION BAND GRAND MARCH AT 10 O'CLOCK Seven e»sh prices will be awarded: lat prize Jli far ladies' best costume; 2nd prize $2. 1st prize for men's best costume $5; 2nd prize $2. Priie for best dressed couple $4. Ladies' prize comic $2. Men's prize comic $2. ADMISSION--LADIES sic -- GENTLEMEN 7*e Tax inci.

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