The Evening Post from New York, New York on March 31, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 31, 1818
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1 . . : ...... :... - . - rr, . - NUMBER 4923 ,&AtR AT. - TUB SUiP - TARD Of ; i. i A ouvur, now nuiiuu: oi id w T - . . . cl . W. . , . , t LI .1 I. I 1.. tffvatoriHb,ab6ot J00 lons;tiujbenoniv . . ' or nAD - f rn l.ij f. . . itoy traJo whtre ditpatch, burthen, tod araii o! watar a rcqoirco. ! A ieriaroa SCHOONER, of 40 tons will draw but liUlc waUr, with 1 - board through Use cutr cTber kcl, milli exnecteJ taiail vtrr bst. . - ! Also, a Sill? 360 toot, edcuhud it Vv (bt' a LivcrpoA I or Loodon tradw, (tfcat ' Y rrn u"i - hed to out ID pnrcnaier. I , iry Spun, Umbr and plank. AU, limber tawed to bitlifbr boat buikbo?. - ' noV 8 . It . CHARLES BROWNSE. :ajc overa m.l Kn. Al Snr ! hv ' Ji: v iVtONARD U. PARSONS, S CO. ', v . m 13 - " - - t " ' ' Ml fearl - lrfet, FUAUJtt. ) tbl Wnir. l.imlini ifora m X LI is 1 I. a I , Bih.l6 , ' : 4 ronltfrret ' ;ni - J.: i liS .! hnlri Fleniifh SlieinZa. for ' I a . . .id rt VIVP r. r - 1 r jTinh 24 v ' No. 61 I'lue itret. .'7 - iisii V H A(iS. :ilMM. lorialn bv .17 CEtiRA tL CUillSG, mhtq 78 Pmrl - itrect.. TOUK tloiiflrcj torn (1rt quality AovaCiao - Sl tia riatr r sale iu loU to uit purchao tt Aprijrto - - - ,'(. - i . XV XI .TPR NPYSinV. 171 Trant - it. ' ." corner of Burlin - 1ip, or to .. ( JOUSBVCnS, foot of Harrisoa - ft ; . - inch 17 : ' North River. ' Ofl' UK' I M i OU.i WO U FLOUR. Of hMioM Virginia tobacca i'SH iit new crop do Jo v - - 66 wh one Bour ' , , .j,; r; 11 .iniTiH(IU.i(!o. For lale br '" . 1 1 . VASQUpi, MPURON 4i CtCMAaV, T : Feb 7 tf . . .. No. 7Z waineion. (I I VOTl.OJt. JVB.iCVO, ' Al bale prims , Alabama cotton, landing; . frooneUra!att . .? i ,, SO bale .Vew - Orkani cotton per bri; Fi i iUida Kentnckr tobacco - naiicier IN STORE, . i ,S0 Iwm clean St. Pntet - sbtirs hm - a ' ,' ' : - Raifia duk( Gennao itcel, roUbrinutou'c A J 30 boaea Cantito toap ,,. . - ' ' . !; Writing and wrapping paper '( 1 cae Lrgimrtitntf, iSo. t0a40 ' ' ' .( '. i - Also. jU)t recrivtd, ' ' ' 06000 1b Uavanacoffee, in hMs. . and ' .' - 'T ' if, fcw hhdi of rectified pun - iplrit, wade ', ' ' ft bin molauei rum. Iorebjr.: v . ; J.VME3 JJ'WOI.K. jr. ! ; ' Feb.83 .! t . - . . - 57' Kroiit it. . - . .!.!.. I. ' ' 1 ' , O Tily MaUtiU Winel. io.,M)rte'd in JSl.i, fur atdt, .1 TUCKER l.AUKla, . 2!5 Sou'.b - .ii trtt.. rjt BROWN,1 :'itonaieal cujraver aodjevvtl - X . Ic - i Vo. 165 t' - oadwAy., ; . . "4. "!"Cira of arms, creU, cyphen, &c engraved A teiniisrrce a5Jortn.ent oi noe goiu teais, .(lain, And other jewellery. Ladies - nal enraved with coati of arms UiamoiaJs1 , ia.ethyit, crystals, $tc, k the rou'zli or cut to any form. . , ; Uooki of heraldry kept with upwards of fiO,(KXmunSr ' :Jan 7 - 3m TTEM1', l,EAl, PAINTS, fee. Russia hemn, iu lots to suit purchasers , . 80 rolls sheet lead, 3 1 - 2 to 0 . , 0 cailc - i bar lead, 7 tons pig lead . h0 bales India twine 1 ' English soil amltrine twine ' 3 casts Prussian blue, S casks Tennillio& 3 hhdi verdigris , 50 casks French yellow odira 1 Dry white and red lead - SOboaestin Forsaleby - ' PETER 6CHER.MERHORN& SONS, 243 Water - street Abo, $00 anchors, of Hunt's make, front 40 ', Cables ami cordage, of all siars, best quality, with tha usual assortment ol ship chandlery. - '. Feb 11 tf - MILITARY LAND PA'l't NTs - . - ., FOR 6MS an unsclecttd lot of 70 bod patents, located iu the lili'mi. Ternory, and bought directly from ffe Soldiers. Apply to ; Itl.lflU IV. 1. .rw.ji - ., TOh 10 tf No. 30 Wail - street. NICARAGUA VO()I) - ia Ions, ufa supe rior quality, for s!eb .. "TUCKER & 1.AURIES, , tnh It 39 South - itrcet, AMJA..N case first quality Ban - d annas, for sale by REM 'EN ii CO. im 30 26 S,iuUi - strett. COTTON ft 1UCE 64 bales prime Upland Cotton ....... . . . . 4 do. New - Orlsn do t tierces Riro In t're and forsxle by y . - - OIU3WOLD fc COA TE9, - mhll. r . . eS.South'rtreet. l.lES - - Li P. J enenfle wu,e,. (Pafely T T brand,) pipatt Midt. and qr. catks, ira. mtUJ July and September 1816 and July 1817, Caf'o 'i eoeriife wine, in pipes, entitled to de - Jbenture. "' v" : - ' ' ' Cp Madeira winA' In assorted casks,' shipped wine cape of UooU Mope In 1313, , . .. UljLisboa wine, fit iurfamuy uie. . . Fraleby . A. D. DUFF, mh S6 ,1m . - . 69 Washiairtoii - itreet. lOPl'ON YAKN - IWH) liw. Cotton Yam, no 15 and lti. 1 wut and Kii;in. for sale '" ' . No. 8 Flclchr - sfr(f.f. mh 14 " ' : iNOIICK. (Kr Tho subscribers havine reerivnl n r. "".""ignroenioi ail iDemiam oi Jona niurrny f Soiw, for the benefit of ceditnrs as expresrrd ute aMgnroent, bare aouiorHcd fpter Lud P to liquidate he net(lfd armmts and to pceirc payment of all debts due to the said fn in, f to the - individual partner who will attend to tame at his office. N. 1 1 1 Pearl - tfroet. v , WILLIAM BAY ARO, iHMf HENRY UARCLAY. IX) LET, . From the 1st M th hn Na. IT irt.enwlcb streaf cotner of Liberty - street, at Pfwent occupies! bf Doctor .Neils." The pre - es mayte viewed any day, between the hours fl? and o'clock. 1 ' . rnhlOtf. :.i f - i'rf A taS .J i, f !" ' - - I HjiiJ From the Grat of Miynertatbree ftofy brick house in Gieiiwich ttreet, between eny - and f ourtlandt - streeta.' Ynrnpre at .Kreetiwich - street' "' ' ' v:ifihStr 1 v i n i r i ' 1 TO IJ.T. n " V - la yore - aftft cellar tivn rf'tliOie'S 'y bnoses rtoJ io and on Bmad - street '. tri story tKxrse No. 8 on New Street, nnn fcrf - Tx J tT - '? ihe e(. Xo - 10 Broad - itrcet, fit I rlHl4 - - lamiiy, briseoew. , - . '.. - .. . i..' C 1, ' jmortroasa at ( at fV7w'ii,,,fo,"da balfsrf.ofX;visjsKl, l . srnd - eC - .Afffv to KM; STkXL, A HI HARDWARE. rZLf Tow Englieh, iron, assorted, in Bat irU X.J and square bars, a part of which is ., . - enuueu io UuDeuture. 100 tons round iron,' assorted, frem 1 - 2 to , I 1 - 2 MKb .... - i 100 do Swedes' Sat Iron, from 1 to 5 inches " 50 do i do - square, assorted, froni 1 - t to 3 - 60 do each Oat and square Russia iron '. '. tO do country iron assorted V . 20 do plough share moulds ;' - ' . ' ' 10 do. aaletree ao.1 crowbar monlds 10 do horsa - shoa moulds .. . (Q do brazier's rods, assorted, from 3 - 1 (J to 3 - 8 iucb - .:. - ; . : . . ' . 30 do spike and nail reds, assorted - 10 do sheet and boiler plate tan ' - ' ' 50 do. . bullish ami American Ho ps - .,10 do . 10 do , 10 da 6 do & l SO do : Eotflish (L) blistered steel ' Swedes steel Crawley d - - , German; do . ' ; shear aud cut ftcel Uristol and Nova Scotia rrindstuncs assorted , , , . , ., .. , 500 auchcr. a sorted, from 50 to S00t)lba ' 1 do about tOOOIbs... - . . 60 rolls shret lead, ass'd 3 to C !bt per foot 100 casks spikes, as;'d. from 4 to 9 inches , 500 do cnt auiU, from 2d to 20d 50 di wrought nails, assorted Vi fit slale and horse nails 10 tons iron pots and bake p'.nr, anM from 1 io lugaiioAs.eniiuud to debenture. ' ,. 5 tons English spelUtr . ' . 20 do American holloir - wnre, consisting of Pols,, bake pins, Skillets, spiders, ten kettks, 1 , ' '." Aadirous, tcA , . ' : 10 casks trace, ot and b'ar chains . ; Anvil, vires, and bak irons ' ' . ' J - . ForgH, sledge and hand hammers Mill, crosi - cut and pit saws ' ' , Cart. VVaxj;oii and Choir Boxes ' ' (. ' WioJovv Ciass oi different sizes Shovels, spades U'e, &c. ... ' Tofiellier witli aztntral assoitment of. Hard ware und Cutlery, for sale on reasonable .terms, No. ai.a water - st. comer of Jamei - nip. OLif I.OUO PARTICULAR TENE RIFFE WINE 5 qnarter rasks nearlr tqualto Madeira t do dry 1 jsbon. wi'h astneral assortment of iirnqt'siity. reus and Urocenes - . .f old. Jamiiira trpiriti, Irish Whiskey Old Puach and Cognac Brandy , ' u . . , ' Full .ir.ii..r, Kuglijii Baroa and Split Peas I'o.Uilt tr!oUi;t - .ier urid Ctwihi re Cheese . ; Veri upermr Amricin aud Pine Applo dp J Lonrtr.n Brown ?t'n, Hams, MhouMers ' ' ; Smoked Bef, Cardial, Stourhton Diltcrs ; Dtmijohns, Larsje Bottles and Bristol Ware. Ana. a small Assortment of eartlxh and dart - ware. For sate t lie ( forcah. by ........ LU'.V. BT.ACKf unu - . ' , , 157 Creeii.vrch - etreet. A C;w quarter boxes ot good :anitb Stgrs mh 10 2w . . 6 TL H I'll'tJS, 'IV. Sic. t .. L W. CO. No. JJj l'cai'r - (. J vflt.fnr sate, . , ;, ; 60 tlimillt - e Hal back Steel ' 5 tone test O. lr. ' do ' ' . ". ""' "' 1000 boxi - s Toliacct Pipes'" ' ' '. j i Coppv - rfiat Nails ' ' ' ' " ' ; SO cajiia .Kcglidi Hats ; 5 r rates Soda Jags SO caaka Olasa VVim v. .i .. v 100 crates Brotley Ware ; 50 casks ln;it English Porter , , Matt Kiln Tiles Ei.giisb fcpelttr ; black Elates ' Tio Hlites of different descriptions,' . Together wiih a ecnrral assortment of Hard ware and Cutlery, by the package or from the shelves, xi the most liberul terms " nihzj 2. , ' . KO.b,vZE I IV, assorted colours - . do . all black do twilled, assorted colonrs, just re - ceivsd For sale by OTIS Ic SWAN, men 3 . - . . k . . 157 fearl - st. 1'0 SAL&. A COLOURED BOY the time limited by law a srfiart. sober and industrious lad - understands all kinds house - work, and taainc care of horst.s : also working on a farm or in a garden He is nineteen years of age and of a good disposition. . Any person that wants a lad possetsiu!f (hoe quaiitiratjoos, will get information at !So. 25 Bowery. , nm 0 II LLilJAtl WAKU. PLAa PER OF PARIS VI A.N U FACTORY. ' At the foot of Harrison - streut, North - River, tTHERE mnnuiactured Plaster, fbrcoroi - V V - tea and other rmnoses. msv be had. war. ranted Of the first ntl&litv. at tmt d.illnr mid Iwrn. tent per kmhel. 1 he mnnuinrtory is conducted by Mr. John Tucker, who hns served a regular apprentice ship to the mason business. ml. 81 . JOHN BYERS. JE!l J - " 'JO LL'F, . Unis! From She first of May next, a front count ing room on the second floor, together wilh the upper lofts. Enquire No. 167 Pta.l strcct. . j on t4 tf .... Heme, StaOtc, Garden, tic. at Greenwich, The subscriber will let or lease, for a term of years, his house at Greenwich. It is lea - santly situatd on the banks of the Hurfscn, end calculated to accommodate a large family, f or terms, apply 9 D1VIE BETHUNE, vanju as wail sireet. O iO l.t. T A T BLOOM lA'U LA Lk, ' The bouse and srounds beloiu'ias to the tstutu of John fchaw, situated on the eighth ave nue, unuie premises are an excellent dounie house, stabh?, coach and ke bouse, with every thin x else rcquuite for such aa establishment. It is prcmmwl any oilier stescription 4s nnnecessa - a.a. a. II I " I a a I . ' . I I i . m iiium aacunen cormi win view tnti uiav.r. Also, tlie faraei Cie proof store in tlie rear of nouses 11 ami 13 .'earl - street l where t tree is lor sale some old Madera ine, by the - Demijc ha. t ur lunnerparucttiars, apptv o N. 6HAIV, , Jaa W . - i II Peari - street. A 1 1 U St - I I ' i u VY I I'l .vt a.Sl Lotsia the &. 6. fi. and 10 Wards: many n. a. " a - V. .1. . Vl.alWW W . v w. of which are on rssulated and paved streets. No money will bt required under tea years, if sold, interest excepted. . ' . MlJU'SKS. - Several two and Ihrt e story bosses, on which a great pars ci me money remain on morsgsco. LANDING AT RKI1 HOOK. Aa excellent stand for busines, with tea acres oi mno, pieaaanuy situated, with a wnart, store bouse rmd bam. i : - , - COTTON and WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, near Iw - llnvrn, with 40 acres oflnnd, and a never rutins stream, apon which 80 mills maj be erecseo, wun a suiocienry of water lor eacn. iApplyat. - - No. 2 Greenwich street. pun 13 ti . .... .3D LKT. - . A Tavern aid Store ia Fioshias, at pre sent occupied by Sit. Wa. fcba w. Arplv to - t mt6 tf . . c . . ' T. ClbHONS. ' TWO HOl' - .Ea FOR SALE, . i .rs. v ana yo joim - airtcia. t.nqusr at 4(j0 rearl - sireet..,. - t v mil IS lot tT IHK fKuOF dT - Jfik. ... o2 'To let and powu - ssion firt of May next, the war seory tire proof store. No. 34 Sooth - st. hptweeriCoeaties and O'dsliix." Fnq - lire of Ilia uibHiriber.No. IMurray.or 4jChamb"r - treL ifwaif - yr .' 1 . ' s.n CRAIG. . US Leys. . Sal ZA t. it.a l - swren, 'a ssri tmr Btics. In ITA.t'V .K.f UVif ' ' ' - . dwellinrin''Tpq'rireir)f . . 'fi' - l - 'tD ?f. COX, r nh yt oJv - tl.r'e - J1 iV.V.TlJSDAt,:.KURcii 'iiV idle; v ' Valuable proper i - Y.. ' Tlie subscriber offers for sale a valuable farm, 73 miles from New - York, lying 7 miles sooth of Poughkee psie, on tha post - road, within 1 - 4 of a mile of the mills on tho falls of Wappin - gerVCreek, and in the neighborhood of . aavaral landings from which sloops sail weekly., Uco - tains 1 10 acres of levsjl, fertile land, with a y on orchard of grafted fruit, wood sufficient for feel, and all in good fence. " The house contaios seve - ral rooms, has a good barn, and all in ascellent repair. Its situation beiny on an tle'vated plain, renders tha place not only healthy, but presents freni the dwelling a delightful bland pixwpeet. ,J Also, another lot of 40acre. contiraointolhe above, and bounded southerly by the fait of Hpwinewi - ureea. t ne laou is icruie. in ex cellent fence; and of easy cultivation.' What renders this property valuable, is. that it may be Lniade a place of celebrity. There is already t - recteu on loe tails a saw - mill of great capacity, a carding - mill, which enjoys (he cnstoin of the neighborhood, besides several oilier scites. for factories, unoccupied. The whole force of tlie creek can be diverted with a little expenceso' as io unve a raage oj mills on a level plot of ground just telow tha falls, ami accessible by an easy navigation ; where factories ef every description, with every facility of power and tratifportatiou can be construckd. Also, a flour - mill, of the Crst class.' The mill - beuse islsr, with 4 run of Burr stones, and calculated lor C, wilh new machinery Ibr maaul'actui - ing wheat, Sic' with an elevator for raiting grain from vessels into the upper loft o( the mill. Carcted with the mill is rt large store hous fur, storing what and flour. 1 With the mill will ba (old 53 acres of excellent land, ou which is situated flv. dwelling houses, a large barn, hay house, carriagbouse com c - .ih , hovels, Ac. a cooper's shop calcTslated Civ SO Imitd. Two of the boues are new and vtl i calculated for genteel families I They command a viow of tho river, wt'.h a reaulitul intervale landscape formed by the meandering of the creek iinnu'dtatrtlf mlvont.' . ..... 1 here are few pl.trej which associate so many accommodating qualifications for tlie merchant, mechanic or farmer. . ...... If not sold at private sale before Tuesday the 3i9i April, it iU on that uay De onereu at aac Uon. . - . . - .. - . . . " ' . For terms, ko. apply to PETER MEStER, ao. xa oeaver - sireet. - FehSO MPRAHAM MESIER. , v: .. . tUU SAM, si . A uouse or two s:ortes, wiin pisrti in irgut, in. good repair containing about thirty lour acres, situate on Throes Neck, and Mar to ue farm of Abijafi Hammond - the land neing iLbly unproved, and cnntDiuine a great tanetv of Uio best cherries, apphrs, pears and pcachi - h, in treat abuedance and in lull beariist lit ad joining waters ad'ording ample supplies of fish, Jlitll ciiid scale, wriuli at a small eincir ni?y be led from a crmk ! the upland, and detained in a pond lor ri.niv ti.e - a mackerel and bass fishery being also attached thereto, and where at one draugbL of a soitill seine hare been taken mackerel which sold the next ray for one bun - died and twenty dollars in point ,ef prospect, healUi and prolit this site is no where exceeded distauce Irom New - York about knirtten mih s." Also, lour lots of land near th above two ly ing oa the Bound, containing 'forty Cve teres, and boanded on two sides with waters land of an excellent quality, with an orchard of four huti iiivu uppie trees, uiciuaiuK me iicsi svrin ur ia ble use i and for cyder, the ginian crab, En; iish bi.s loo crab, white sty re, corcage?, fox wtx - lp anl While eour, witli eigtity ctierry trves .tntj Macs, tartanna recommeodea oy ronyin Pcmg one. . In front oi thesis lots are taken bum, black fish, perch, mullelt, king - fish, plaice, soles, mack - - .ici, I'.' to J, ,', - , vih - sii, miiiiu, nii) - ill. iav," sinnally sheeptbead uml shd, with wenk - .ioh and manhadden in last abundance; bei'ief oyster', superior m quality to any marks tvd in the city, ie very near their shores, with crahs and clams, whilst thu adjoining bay and creeks in the winter season abound in black ducks and broad bills, and some times are seen the canvass back and wild Kcese the land aflbrRiiir woodcock, quail ahd snipe. The situation cannot fidl to please in every respect ; and the lund may always he kept. in hign order, at a inning expense oy sedge and sail meadows altaclied thereto, and sea weeddi i - ven oa its shores. . Also, two other lots, one cootaminc ten and the other fil teen acres. These kxs comuiaud an ex tensive view of land and water; are t .together suitable for small rural retreats ; soil ol tha best quality ; and contain about oae hundred and fitly cherry trees, best sorts, and lour hand red apple trees, most approved for table and cydor, all in full bearing , and lo each ol the kits will M attached fire acres of salt meadow if wanted. AIo a lot, cantnininz filty three acres ; about eight in wood. This lot is about fourteen miles from the city, and - ne from the church of the town of W estchester. If the above property is aot disposed of before Wednesday, the first of A - pHI next, the same on that day will be sold at public auction, at the Tontine Coffee House, at twelve o clock, u accommodating term, as to payments, in both cases. For farther rnlbrma. to FHE UERICK OE PCYSTER, Esn. No. 24 Droad - stref t. or near the premises. to the subscriber, ' . leO Z4tApl 1. UIVfaNliSTUN. . . FOH HALE, - - The property at Brooklyn, belonginK to the estate of Caiy Ludlow,' deceased, consist ing of a new three story - hock hoase and lot of emiind, a store house, formerly occupied as distillery, a small frame building and lot of l l 1 a . : a I . a . . . 1 gruunn, anu two vacani mu uajninir.c ute noove premises. nit property is siiuaitd wiinin a lew rods of the steam - boat serry, on the rood to Pierpont'i Distillery, and extends from the hill to the river, Also to - let. from .the first of Mar nexL the house and lands on the hill, (n the rear of the a - bove desrnned premises, l he bouse ts well a - lapted lor a wnvata family or for a public bouse. The situation, from its elevated position, com mands a very extensive aad beautiful view of the city, tlie fcaiis t liiver aad bay of flew - xork. The grounds aurrouadinc tha boase (almot five r I 1 i - l7 - l.a a. .a - .' acres ui iano; - arc m si uign siaie ui tuiuvauoa For terms, apply to ' ' . OLU. w. n.uriiu.y, snhtltf '' Ni..59William.sf. . , 7 Lit fur mt or mure fart, Tho followin bouses house No. 894 Broadway, two doors above Washington Hall, with a coach house io the rear if required Also, a three story irrirk boose No. 415, in said street. Also, a new and genteel two story brick house, corner of Lispeaard and Church streets, the term moderate. For further particulars, apply at tt Broadway. - - v , . .... . fuix.s u . . . roR sale. - ; . a J j i - WV U". MWU,, ,U1IA. HI Vlt 1 ... . I. La,,.. u.....,av.l l Da. .1 strert, U. - ooklvn. Foosession may be had on the first of alay next, for particulars, apply to the subscriber, on the premises. - . : . mhSi tf ... ... JAMES GILL, m"' to let.. - - it'aii The.whole or part of a genteel two - story bnex bouse, ; with a.slabla in the rear, in Use pleasantert patt of Broadway, withu three qoar ten of a anile of tha City - Hall The terms rea sonable to good tenant. . For. further particulars, enquire at 1159 Broadway, op;osita Juha - Hreef. , : , ... ,.,. - .; miiZj .JW " - ' ;to let. .; , . ; . aJ ' A very conronieot bouii, wl'.h about hail an acre of ground, about a mile from tha city, adjoining the bouse occupftd by Mr, More - wc - sxl. betwiit tiraeowicn aoa - ujwy 'rr. V I r f? nia - timni... f 'r Sale fr Exchatgi or prtptrtg in the : v . City. ... ... .y . L ,A FARM containing Qtx acres, pleasantly uiusitu on tuo tludton river, and adjoin mp tUe village of New burgh .The land is of an excellent quality, aud with the exception of a few acres, haa been seeded with timothy and clover for mowing i it is .well watered by a small brook that never foils the place abounds f ih fruit of the choicest kind and in great va tisiy i the - buildings are a limine, barn and o - tlitr. nrccaury (uiti houara ( in point of picas - antnesa of situation and extensive prospect, it is not exceeded by any place on the Hudson river... The rapid urowih .of the. village; of Aewburgh is generally known, the Village now botuided by l he Crm on tlie north, and the first extension north (vvhich will probably take place in the course uf a few years) hringa immediately on tq the f,rm i the advantages oi such an event speak lor tueinseivea. Also, wiiluu 2 miles ot the farm, 50 acres of jwood Und i the wood ia about 90 years irrowlli and the land u well covered Willi it ihla ia a valuable acquuitioii to the farm on the river Also, a form in Connect icut, in the town of Guilford, at 6ahm,4iead harbor, boutuiuiuj botwecn CO and 70 acres..' Tbo land is of an excellent quality, and the greatant part is in ti mothy grass. ; It is bounded en three sbUs by the sea, which affords ample sources of manure and saves much feuciog.. - There uon tha pltue a bouse, barn and out - buiUlins, sufficient for all purposes of the farm. For terms of tlio newburh property, apply to Messrs. J. Si T Powel, al that place; and for the Guilford farm, to Mrl John Caldwell, nt Gudford ; or for t nth, to the subscriber in New. York, at No. It; 1 Broadway. '. mcb 6 ' D2aw4wClaw4w . ... . IX) LET. A countine boose oti the lower door. No. iH coum - sireei. - . A largiu new tire proof store in Governeurt' lane, next door in Wafer - street. Apply lo TUCKER k LAUhU3, i siih 11 ' .2!) Sonth - street: yALUAULt: tHOftHil. "at sale, the Dover Iron Manufacturing Establishment, in the coanty of Morris, and state of Iewjerey ; twi'isiing oi a ronii's awo suiting Mill, hi gootl repair, which works two pair of rollers and cnttcrr, ilitars, Kr . all at tl. - t same lime ; a valuable funce with two fires ami oae hammer in jrood repair ; a struck of coal and ore ou hand, sufiicient to make lifly Ions of iron ; good taw mid ; a cut nnilfachiry in good repair, sufiicient to employ thirty men, aud may be extended loeninluv out Lutidred mora i a brad cat ting machine aud a steel furnace ingoed repair; convenient to tbo works is a store and a uuinl - r of houses for the accommodation of fauiiltci, and!kuit sinbline for teams that may be neces sary lo heO"i for ine use of the establishment ; also, orchards, pTKture aud meadow lots, Innim - diattly adjoining G works, tvitti timber land in tiny quantity, not excef - ting two tbnusnnd five hundred ncrcs, within three n:rof said works. I he eniiit vun of iron ore, caiumi "e noted ?uckasuioy mine, runs more than ulcs thiBuch this t rat Laud three wines are now open. from which tfie forges are supplied . with ore, and more may hi opened and ore raised to supply work loony extent tine mines re wiinin iwo milts of said works, and good ro - 4ds, so that the over can be t ried and delivered at the forge at two and n balf dollars per ton, ' : Hie above described works are situated on Ruckawav River, about eislit miles from Mor - risiowiH twenty tlvn mifot from Wtr.alietri Town, and nbou' the same distance lioni Newark, with g.tod turnpike runds leading from said works to earn place, - tn a pleasant iictimiy situation, ami in a good neighborhood, lliere bt - iiig two Presby terian Churches within Imir miles, and a irieods' meeting house within two miles of said place. . This stand for collecting bar iron for the slitting mill is very commanding, there being nearly ott huudred forge fires in tlie county ; most of them are on the streams above Dover, aad the iron, in going to New - York market, can coove - r i - ntly pass those works. At this mill frequently four Ions of bar iron have been slit und bundled into nail and spike rods in aduy. and upwards of onn. hundred tons of anils have been made in a year. A large amount of goods may be sold nt this place ia exchange for bar irou.procnring supplies, tic. fcc. There are valuable scites both a hove M below on uiis uacr,on wuicu more woras may be erected. . i on Tl,t valuable well known farm. Ivintr in the township of Randolph, about two miles from Do - n.r, aud six miles from Morristown, and within; one quarter of a mile of the Union turnpike road, near Pleasant valley, called the Distillery Farm, containing about three hundred acres, about one ourth parlcl wuii uis excellent meaoow, one fourth nnrt nlouirh and pasture land, and the re mainder limber.' A f oasiderable part of the tim ber isol the original growth, and is suitable lor sawing, the other part is thrifty young timber, from fifteen to tweuty yesrsgrowth. 'there are on said farm upwards of six hundred apple trees, io fine order, eight to sixteen years old, the most ol them of graded trait, and more man nnii oi them Marison apples, so famous lor cider. The meadows are flat and free from stone, through which runs two lively streams of water, and nearly the whole may be watered. One of tbese streams is sufiicient lor a gnst - tniii or omrr works : there are saw mills, a grist mill, a lul ling mill and oil mill, on the snme stream. On said farm aru twdvaloable scites for waterworks, a convenient cheap place, to esect a slu rt darn, and raise a considerable pood, wilh twelve or filleea feet bead - Below ibis the water can l taken int) a race - and In lets than twenty chains, on good Arm ground, is more than twenty feet tall. In this way the water - can ne woraeu twica over with the expense of only ooo dam Tlx - re is oa said form an exteasive cider milt witli four presses anil cisterns, housed and weM Iwvmed wilh iron. sulKeicnt to hold twelve hun dred barrels of cider. Connected to the cider works is the etill - ncase. so conveniently situated that the whole oieratioa ia completed without pumping, I ne water lorcoaaenmag ine spim is sunnlied from a never fwiliwr sprinir, within six rods of the still bouse, aad has sufficient bead hi ruu into the cisterns. The buildings coniist of wo small frame dwelltncs. one rood iramcbam 54 feet tow; by 86 feet wide, under a part ot winch is a good cellar i there are aiso nay noose, Cowsheds, ale. - - - , '. Valuable property nt Longwood, In the town ship of Jefler,o. six miles from Dover, on the main branch or Kackaway Kiver, ceasisuiig oi a venr valuable force, with two fires and one ham - utti ; ahnndance oi water the whole year, A large ound. and a verr warn situation, and for fifteen years past haa mane as avaca iron as any iwo urev ' a. ' TVa. a. - a. . - 1.1.1. lV...ll.i .. In Ilia COIW1IV.V nm ot. r. .nm. iwui wn. - a part of tlie road tarnpiked. 1 be several tracts comwetad with this establishment amount alla - gotber to about smirteeohnjMlrexr acres, toe greater part timber, to make a durable supply of coal for the forge.' immediately adjoining the &rge is very valuable plow and raeadow land sufficient fai Uirae UrisM ol one minon - a acres eacn. wiw. hoases, orcbard and.rarBS, beside several good dweUias; for the families that may be employed a working the fore." - ; I k. h.,u m m,rm tout of tbis srrT ValtmMe properly wstl besmd at soch pficwe and credit as will make it worth y tha wttentiori f aay rrsw wwhiny; to pucliss ' r or sanier enqa.r - .of . VJ, ' . ...... JACOH LrOS. . at wover. - - 1I6RAEL CA.FIEL1, at Morristew - aj lotLACkWELLs - WfA RLA N, at N York . . frb - it, DkCM : . - ' - w "! ' - ' ltf UUlLUIMUHi I. il - Tw - offlresia U BtlildirvCS ftV, tt.te s - ai - strdr Ar - ptynatbe promise, to' J A MLS - A. MA SIIL.4v. - te SXl sn ,. m,imm.tjij. ...rVT - V - A r:ARi. V' IfrMH. BERAULT has the honor of in forming tlie ladies and gefltk - mea of ti.iscitr, thai in coiiMiquence of' ttio Cotillinp. Pairy teiiig on dcs, i, ins BDSfuamaii win oe SKMipoucu uw iivrsuai loiiowipg, u April. - - r nihil lOtt ." " .. - ,r. Lor, r us Jiaitf, A. ti. - 37 letters for his Britaiuug majesty's pacSet SWIFTSURE, (br Falmouth, via Halifax.lo - va - icolia,) will be received at the post - office Ull Wednesday aAcraoon, tha 8th ilay of April. mhlU tApl T - W; MOORE, agent ' bTRELT MANURE. , " ' 0 - Tlie contracts which are to be entered into tor the street manure, will commence on the 1st of .May next, lor 1 or 2 vcars, to U meatiun - el in the sealed pruposa.s ; aad the streets are to be swept and cleaned, from the 1st of March to the 1st of January, in e - itryyear. Feb 21 MECHANlCb BANK. . ttT" Tbe stockholders are hereby aotified that an elet tlti for thirteen Directors will be held on ttv first Tuesday in April next, t,d that the ol will bo opened nt tbe Hanking House in Wall - street, at 10 o'clock A. M. and closed at S o'clock P. M. - ' . By order of the'i'resident and Directors. , mch fl W. FISH, Cash'r, aiateo'Jfetc - i'erlt Cmi,truitt,'t tljic. (V7 - fublic notice is Iterebv cirtn to Ums b.Jd ere of the seven per cent stock of this state, that on i.iaiiiicui oi iwaniy per centum oi ine ongi' nal amount of that stoc k, eatial to foar seven lee.ntlis ol the present an.otiiit, vill be paid off on .1.. 1.., .1 7. a - a J. . . mo iimi uut "i Aprn ueai, or aiany ume u.erc after when demanded. ' ' ' , . l'n)p;cnt wiU lit made at the Bank of New - York, io the city of New. York, to theatnrkiK.ld - rs residing in the louthem district ol this state anu out oi ine slate, and to all others at the New York State Bank, in tbe city of Albany, It is required that the certificates isiuedforthe stoek should be exhibited to tha bank where such payments are mado. ' The interest oa the said Instalment will cease after the said first day of April next. Datad at Albany, march nth, IB til. ARCIPD. M'INTYRE, Cempt'r, mch 13 dtAI ' (Ijr Mrs.' GALLOP Iraviutr taken the house mo. 21 J.roauway, now in the occupancy of Mr, John I. Glover, offers from tlie 1st of May next. a residence to gentlemen, ami ladies. '. The pleasantness of - tlie aituationneeds no comment. mh 24 tf , ,, f : MES I'ERN CANAL COMPANY. Cf - A divideun ol five and a4ialf percent, on the Capital r - Ux k of said Cainpany, .will be paid to the otockholdiTs on the 1st of April. Annlv to Baient Bleeiker, Em. Albauy, or t20 Wl - iiam - sireci. s;j onier oi (lie uirocturs. . . THOMAS EDDY, Treasurer. mh16 Itn , ' i'UbldC NO X ICE. - " (tr The public are hereby nobficd. not to give credit to any person or persons ou my account, or pay any monies due ur, without ni) vim.!! uwur.iy. JOHN 'WOOD. New York, Mnrch85U, 1816. sub 35 - 1 w - .:: a - tioiNt'Ear. 1X7 - MM. FRENCH, respbrtfolly 'Informs her iriends am? 'M public ffencrally. that she intends giving a tlouteVt Vocal anil lii.truiurle tal Music, on 'i uestlny evening, 'lit 3 1st tu - lant Particulars of which will appear in a feTT 'Uyi. lull 115 db't yT Mas. ANtN Ml'ENCKR cootemplutes opening a schoiii loeyaang ladies, to rommence on Ihu first of May ensuing, on the following terms : reading, wniiuK, gi;ograby, grammar, arithuietic, tambouring, embroidery, including the rudiments of French and drawing, for tea do. Mrs per quarter ; lesions on piano forte or guitar unpen (loiinn, uve io nn pniu in aavsnce. 11 rs, SPENCER feels that she has some little claim to the patronture of the ladies of her native city. by no means founded on a sense of her own me. rifs, but oo liehalf of four fatherless infants. To the mean, proud, bigoted or imperious, she does not address herself , but lo the Innate who possesses true feeling or real piety whose delight it io cause " uie widows heart to stng (or toy " s the patronage of such, and such only., she solicits, fcatufactory references will be given if required. wmie - strcet, no. 3. mt W lUt" 1 Am - Fori - Laglt Munufactvritig Cesnaojis;. ftV" An election for seven 1 rustces for the en suing year, will be held on Monday, the 6th of April nax, at the counting room of rteorge Richards, No. 00 Pine - street. Poll to be open from l to z o'ciovst, r. ni. ' By order of Uie board. mh6l0t T. C BUTLER, Ree'rv. toilpontmttU of the Forum. fjy There will be no Forum iA is erm ine - . The next and last Forum will be oo Fri day evening, the 3d of April, at the Assembly Room, City - Hotel, when the following question will be discussed " Is it essentially uecetsary Ibr the efficient administration and for the ulu - mnte preservation of the governmsnt of the (Jol ted States that it should be iu the bands of a party?" i' Alter the uiscusion of the question, an appro priate VALEDICTORY ADDRESS will delivered by Thomas Fessenden, esquire. mhVH Ht 'iXJ LKT, . Tbe store No. 20 Wail - street .Apply ie store. feh IV tf . in i.v i' ttu i.'i.i. . xhH From the 1st May nexLoa reasonable I A . P.... ' . .... . . . , terms, a large convenient dwelling boase, opto - site L - ove iane,neartiie two milestone, flowery, at present occupied by Professor Adrnio: well calculated foe two families, baving two kitchens. with b rooms, panlnes and vault, a stable and coach house, a well of eood water and two cis terns. It has a very large garden, well storked with shrahs and Irait trees ; possession of which can be had on the 1st April next. - Also to rent, a centrel 3 story brick hoase No. 498 Greenwich - street, with or witltout a stable io the rear. Apply at No. 496 Grcenwirb - st. orto . HAL&EX at GOSMAN, mh 81 tf 34 Old - slip. Q2U LEASK, for eras ffrh The bottse aad lot No. 90 Cedar - street, containing six rooms with fire places, besides Uie kitchen, pantiiet, vaults. Ac. and a wtO of good For sale, the nneipised term, eleven years,, or a. . . .J - Mr. . a. I I. ,k b. tne ins rso. oa iiuTy - i " - - - i . Of William Parters m, oa lease from tbe fcpuco - pal Cliurcbda St. Esprit. loq"'" , ' v .. T J. W. W..C. AfULMOAN, . - ,iihor. Htf - No. 44 Pine - street. rn i.r.T. - ri.. h.ii - k Ktnre no. til StneKSat. si - - Afply to . i . T. & J. 8 wuiura. iFebH.v - ; ' , - ' tor bale. Barter, er Tf LeL - r a.H A eonvcmeoi ouusc anu oui - Fuutungs, LhJI a a 1 ... i ir - . :tb aa exceuetn ci - nero, ana s jcw acres ot atruoml. cmraatiding a arte view or the II ndson, . . .. . i i , . . . - . it . Shout J - OS mo irnera rtr irmo towrt.' jcrms try liberal., fApply $ 35 Front street, t r ; - . mil 26 ! 4. - ' - o - t OM.6AUEOR. I O Ls - Aitl On aorvoiBsodaiips terme, a aamber - f water and buuiiw; lota, oear afid, adjosmag - tbe ry - yar J. at JtrMkJyn. l.oc particalars, s quira vs b. - n j - vvj - - i . - iJ &tiAUt - 4.JLVAa. - V - i - r - '; ' rDe.! trss - 1 ')liliJ tM.AU.. t - .r. 3iO htnhtls - a. Ha' rtUiTtkks Iln4 ta!t - - - foy sale sy ' .1UCKER1: I.AUR1E3. "4 Lkuiui iiiKK oi xzfr.wiar. . f IN . AI5SCM B L Y M arcb 34. Report of lh committee to whom was - reserrsj the petition ol Elisha I ibbtts and others, pray ing a repeal of the statute ralaluig lo usury. The committee to whom was fatcrreuYlhe do. tltion of Elisha Tibbitsaud Others, praying a rc - pasj ot tha Maluts relaline t ttsorr. resoarAiul - ly report J. v. .,t .yc. v' that they Hiv maturely comidcrtd the im porktut question rneuted - by the said meninri - alists, for tbe decision bf the lerislature ii in.t - ort - ant la two amatsvof view, sft itYegai - ds the iiag - uitude ot tho .consequeoees uVpeudaat oa,( the law of interest, aud as it ir a call sipou the leghn lutur to lake a ttcp Cotitrart to tlie modes of thinking e4 'many, ago past. ' The' eoaiaiittee, therefore, advauced cavtmusly iiposj tbe keesti gation, feeling a jutl respect loe loog - tried axJ ibis, but not iiiMosible fo those ml vantages abich tha ooilected sjvisdnm of molens times ft sent lor - appucatieav to ancient, epmroas. : it apara to the committee, that the origin of tbeepeuion mat interest mr the use 01 money was improper, is lobe fonnd lu the tetigkuits codes of ancient times. a Deateiwtvoasv. chanter 83d. versa l'Jth,.it is saw! M t!iL tlmll aoV itusd. Doa Osurr to tbj brotlier, uiury of mtney, usury ef victual,, usury of any thing that is lent upon usury," wursezti, "uaio a etrangsr thou maVeit lend upon. usury, but unto thy brother thon hall net lend upon usury ; that tbo Lord thy God may bless thee in all that thon settest thine hand to in the land whither tbou goest to pos - it." - , . .,, ,j 'J Tbe term usury is manifestly the same originally as use : The sum. paid fur the ute ol tbo sum lent. T he precise amount of Interest which may be branded with the injurious name Of usn ry, as commonly understood, must be uncertain, ever dependent on the fluctuations of money uses., Iu one oneutry, usury found to exist . where more than five pec cent per annua ia taken; in others, 6, 7, 10 or even 18 do not at - taui that odious distinction. It 11 therefore appa rent, that lUoiext from Deuteronomy must be Cow understood, as a general inhibition of extortionate premiums for the loans of money, or ex orbitant prifces for any necessary of hie. lie who takes aa undue advantage 6f bis neighhor'a uccessities of any description, becemas, la lbs) commou sense interprrtatum of tbe text,, a two. ret, if that neighbor 11 one of bit kioded; iut by tbe consent of all enliibtentd men. be dit - liiiction cue be justifod batweea the brether' trn - i tl.e stnMirir, unless it is thai thestratirer ia still more than the kindred, by the sacred groeraf lawsol hospitality under protection trotn all in - Ijmtire. r. ..; - . - ', - '.i ...... r.rl TCA committaa we coayiaced that the. jrojxl use "of modem (imss, finds uo difficult.? let - . doptiog these opinions, and that ills arretted only by cooiJnraiK pf doubt a to tho exreHiency of still retaining one fixed price for atoaey, tala we bare lell every thing else to find its true and ouly pi ke; in the estimate of all .dealers in by that pric e wbicti finds no limit ia amount ttat ilia wi.rt 01 111a purcuaser, wiuii) 1 pei nape twenty cents for a steal "blade ol iuutimlde piu - t l....m I.... . I. ..I .W... I J. i 7 vm. i.uiiwi - n. ihvuohiiu UUPUB StSrilTTg mr 1 Ot aniouuot po use mu ie sparkle, acid wnkn, ara sjiaiklsr, IsouUhouebj a rush JighU,.,. s. ,. , .,3 The Committee have paused at the flusstioa of expediency. Itr tha decision of this point, they have not (ailed to consider what - respect t due to long established rules. . , But kilef eucU conrdcratiou, they believe, that thtr haua an far dMtcoverr' the error of those sue kut rules, a to determine in fayofof fi fepeaT, Tecorii t - foig, that it Will alWM ha aasv to mfara tlr - a Uws. U ' experieuee of their necessity snail aemwL? Aed - lhe committee have reasoned as follows The. money of a communrty bemg bf all speeiM jI properly tf ie most movable, ute most coevor - ble. aud. therefore, liie most desirable ti , " then, is the great obji ct of almost every man's pursuit - i - agerly sotf,c,ht by thousands, who hesitate not lo adventure iieaiiB, tsooon Die IU sslf, to obtain it. Wbst sLvutory provieion oasi mpeda the liorrnwer or tbe .'cader, ia tb rhaae ol profit aad of fortune. ' In fotct, it does appear. . .1 . . ; 1 A a r a mat no at no m inuurcu so ratraia irotss oorrow - in! TI g at ail events, wBennemuUDOfrowortrtaH, he lender certainly sometimes hesitates, but seldom refuses, where he sees security before . him, and bas nothintto fear bnt the statute ; h cunningly enhaocts bis premium upon the pre - tenriof foar; pretence generally, became the difficulty of sustaining tha defence of usury ks become to potorious, that no usurer dread it is) reality. And the facility of makiur usurious contracts in secret, tl.e facts known only to Hit lender and borrower, reduce Jhs possibility of di - closure ef the nature of tha coutrart, to the amwor of the lender upon eaia ia chancery. . 3ts ' that tha (trecious foliy is prassnts'L of, a Jawa commanding tbe lender not lo viuiate it in the first instance, and men making application, to hw conscience lo ascartain, whither be butom mltted the violation. What a lenptation te ytt Uury . - - . ''. - ..,.. - It 11 apparent, notrtver, mat wnue pcxmrbitiv ry statutes exist in auy wclf regulated conuaiM arty, a portion of that community will alwaya obey I beta. The consequence naturally Is, that licit persons, too cooscienuous to violate the law of the land, will not lend their money, except at the statutory yrire, but" are u desiroe as - tha usurer to obtata hi;her premium. This accordingly lekvet the field of bixh money price free lo bold advert Brers, who Ihea coo lend for unlawful prixes. Let the price ef osoory, IU that ef all oilier commodities, regulate Utl(, and, tbe number of lenders will ba vastly augmented,, and nortnooe prices for money will be found In no greater a umber of cases than tor ether eb jects of trade. And the lass of lenders Ihu brought forward, will be that conscientious Clan wbicit vill not take wvtu mdnmlnfe ef otherf . Thus would be added lo tbe class - of lender ar , powerful body of capilalistf, who, oradeArV . aieasuring the risk of all their oparabuos, trill not assume auy but moderate adventures! As, for instance, they will lend at B, 9, or 10 per rent. ter annum, readily, when be who mutt vt - olaje a general latrj hi tha - act of Wading, wilt and does take oo and as half per oattt. aerC notitb. in those erases in which the lender foera no lose, even by a dsleace Inlaw. . So uaivenul s ute vtolation of the euuote a - rsiast usury, that U MiV ba safely svsarrVee. : geueral law m praclkally to absolutely repetuVM ed. Such raws Ought aot te remaio on our law ' tables othee laws, decidedly salutary, are snu ol attactad 07 socn exampla. ... The committee br - ve, therefore,' cwnclnded. ' that tha tstnrhaa cartamly arrived, in wWcb tho good tense of tbo Cosnnsuaity demtusde, tbaf tha' prso et money, uie inai at every article or no; 42 TINE - STUPET, general asa m tno tmsioosa 01 men, enouid do ' leRteresmteUMtf,dectarmgbyteww1i - price should b only la casea where Law partita , bar not elharwiee seltieU me pt - sosx Mwisa' themselves. - Tby hre kCCordiigly prarslifed a . bi'il, and directed their chairman to ask Wave U i iuuroJocs tbe aame. . . - . - ' - - 1. ii U. MEIGS, Cbaineajw ia act to iwpaal aa art, en tilled mM act Lft . , . prevs - Btiug attii7,w paused Bth reb. 1787. U, Beit enact ad by tho t - aopla of fht state tf Vew - York, eopreseated in senate aad eeea.Vv, That - - act, ntitled 44 an art lor prevsu'. - 1 asary," peoaed 8th ef Fer - raary, 1" c7, let .7 lheeaiessiaray yepeeJed Lata anJ f' - first day oi December next. I t. And belt further a r m 1 '.r 1 I 1 t ..... i' r ' t ; I - v4 f . i t - . 1 t V

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