The Evening Post from New York, New York on March 30, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
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Monday, March 30, 1818
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IN, - ' - . out of New - York. . Tlf nrricenfaarderofthi honorable eonrt 1 hcarinf date the third du of March, intt. will bo told fet pubic auc.ico, it the Toctir.e. Coflce l!r'. i ite rjtTnfNew - Vorit: ,.iier tin di - m ioc"ol the - jhr,b' one ol the miner of thi court, oa Tuesday the 3 it day oi Maicb, iiurbu, at 11 ocl " - k at noon All tooae cerium 6ft hit of (round (wbe'eof Ajtimny Lpeoard, ofthe city of New York, j trie faihei of Leonard Le'pnntI, a teiztJ in fee simple at ihe time 04 in decease, td which upon a division ol theet'ate of the raid Anthony, Ml to the tlmrt and portion o' the ini l leonard,) tituute lyiug and being in. ina eighth went, of the city of Aew - Yotk, and are kao n asd distinguished ina certain nap or chart mad of the etlate of the laid Anthony Ln.iptm.rd, deceased, by Iota number three hundred nndeiglily two, tliree haadred and eighty four, three hundred aii'i eigni - uiree, three hundied and fifty - seven, and three hundred and fifty - eight, and Ukeo together are oouurie? and contain follows to wit, north wetrerly oo Thompson st.rmehnoi'red and unrty leei more or lew, southeaster! oo sr. nunwer uira dred and flfiy - aix, ixty feet mwof , north asterly on lot number three hundred and eight? one of the it Leonard l,epei.ard, one hundred et more or bma, and ooi. westerly by land of the Mid '.eooard l,espenard appropriated for thecon - tinuation or Vciry street, onebuw'ri d leet more or lex j and alio all those four certain lots, Piece or parrel of ground, i(uafe, lying, and bri c is the eighth ward r,f the city of rWYork ; I - inc part ol the loud which on a division of the estate oi Aatlmny Liswnard, defeated, r - mont' hit elr, hy Coinmr"iioer appointed Inr the Mar - r't court ofihetaid city, wat u t Jf to the tab! Leonard, and ai kniwn and distingmahed on a kiKAnUniil riitium made be the laid com - SiMown by tbe number three hundred and eighty Ave, three hundred and elghtytix, four buidr - d anil twelve, four hundred and thirteen, and fatten together are bounded and contain ai follows, to wit : wutheaslerly on Thompson - treet, teventy two feet ; ecutherly on a line, - which if Vestry street were continued catard cf Sullivan slree wouli he northerly eide thereof northwesterly by ground of Alexander L. Stewart, and Sarah hit wife,' one hundred and eighteen feet t and curtheasteiv by a lint to he drawn parallel with Broouie atreet. (Brooruett. being fifty feet wide) and diatnnt therefrom four hundred andievent? five feet, one hundred led .Vlntf pf the nM dimension more or lei i and alt Jl the ground lying between the taid four lots ifWe described, and the ground of Miller and Halter. nd hounded ukew e by the aid southeasterly and northwesterly bnundariei whattoever the tame may contain; together with the appurtenance. IMreri March 7, loin. - JAMES A. HAMILTON, i tnh 9 1aw?wilt Matter in Chancery. MAYOU'SCOURT. William L. Mathe ) r. f John Cornell and 'Sarah, hi fin partition, - wife. llfTHEPK AS we, the undertigned rommi - y s sioner, appiMuie.i 10 inaae parimou w (weeathe partie in Ihi caute, by a ruleo tl.i - court of soDinion pieni, called the mayor court, ofthecltvof .Vkw - York. heretofore made, did expose and fell the premise hereinafter men - ti')fj - - il, at nnblic auction, to one John l.nce, the highest bidder lor the same. Ami whereat the aid John Lace, at urh sale, did nit comply with the eoniiiii - in of the 'ale of the prrmite herein - after mentioned, l;y paying ten per rent, of the Surchase money on the d.iy ol ante, or 4t any me since - whereui'n Ihe taid court, by a rule Biitetli 21itdav of Murh int: - nt, ordt'ed the premises hereinafter .It sen bed, to be re - sold. HOW lliurei' - 'rv, WC vnc rum i.i'iuuii - iouer, in purtuunce of the taid Uit meuion drtilp, intend to ell at put lie vendue, in front of the Tni.tine Cott'i'C lloue, on tlm thi'teenth day of Aril Mat, at twelve o'clock, at noon, to tlm lii i i - t bidder or bidder, allth - .tcertnindwulling louse, inns. - 'inre. tenernei't, aiit lot of hind, utual", lying a.i.l being in the lour Hi ward of the eity of New - York, lyiown and (lis'iuguis iwl in a map tliftre.if liy lot num''"r eighteen which sai J pre raise and lot of lurid it bounded w follows, butltcrlv hv K:toker - t. easlerlv by Roevelt - t nortla rly hv lot nmnhcr sot en teen, and westerly in (he rear bv land belw' - ini: to Sarah Thompson. C'mtaiuiug in lougtb on each side fifty feet, and in breadlh in front and rear lwcnly - n ve feet each, frith all and singular the way, water - course - , hereditament and a:ipurtoiiance thereto b kmsrior orin any wit appertaining. Dated M Mareh, 1818. JAMESON COX, JOSHUA PKLL, Jr. J. P. 0IKTERICI1. Wat. W. M'Ct.KLAK, Att'y. aib. 24 eod2w - At a cenrt of chancery held for the (tale of New - York, at the city of Alhnnv, ou the lixteenth day of March, in the tear . of our Lord one thousand eight bundled aua eigntuen BBC3T. The honorable Jamet Kent, Esquire, isnanreiior. Tbomai Bnzen w. Joseph Annuhle and John , tell. lBi - 1 T appearing by the eQiil.tvit of Samuel S. Gar X diner, which I filed, that prneetiofsuhpumd, to appear and answer in Ihe a'jeve cause, hhth been regularly Ifjed agaiust the anoe - named delendiii.t. Jol.n "iMell, lint thot the taid John xiusen rcsinci ai uiiciiueiu, in me siaiu oi vnn kectirut, out of ti e jurisdiction of tint court On motion ofS. V . Jonci, Esquire, solicitor for tho complainant, it is ordered that the laid John Bitiell do tauie hi appearance to be entered and his .it twer t ) lie hied in this cause, within four month from the dale of this order, or in default thereof Hint the couipl.iiii tut' billot complaint he taken jpn - contes o against him. And it is further ordered, that a copy of this order be published, within twenty days from the date hereof. in one or more of the public newspiprr printed in iis s'pie, inr me vpace oi ripni weeat lucre lively, once at leatt in every week. A Copy lAAC L. Kir, 'miiiUhvSw Assistant Rrzisier. IN CHANCERY. John B. Murray, f vs. Stteof New.York, Jame T. Wton. . IN partuaace of a decretal order of thia h - noarable eonrt, tnade in the above cause, will le old at publie auction, at ihe Tontine CoRue Hoase, In the eity of New - York, under the dl reel ion of the tahteriber, a on ef the matters ofthie eonrt, on Tueaday the second day of Sep tember n ex, at twelve o ewcx at noon, all that tract of land joining on the town of Lowville, and lying in the eountv of Lewi, in the state aforesaid, being part of urett lot No. 4 of Mkcomb's purehtse, and eomprite alt the lot knonn oo a ertain titin or map mad by David Hronon and . While, in the year llt, from No. 18S to 34 iBcliiaise. eoiitaioing together 15,000 acre of land, with the appurttninee thereto beiong - llfir' "', "' Prui,linl ute J"" 30. yjfr" i J,?S A HAMILTON. T. I . ,T dU.U Mm"t in Chtneery. Il,ealtt oi 'he above piopeitvi ixstiMm..l ' - vt euui .., 1 u O. JAMES A ItAAllLTON, Jan 24 law ' ",0"erniCl.ancer. To o the Member of tbe S - x - itv ef Siwiti FRIftSI is. m.titie.i at I ).,,' .u! r?1,!0' AL diScultita at Dartmouth Chllosn.. .i h. t ! made a question to wlmm heloneth Library ..f yaid ooety, and a propiHilioa t undeniord lo have been mide to distribute the book araon - the membert ol taid society now resident at taid Al Members, thcrrfnre, of said Society are rxq jrvea 10 airenn n mectin -, at said college; on WEDNESDAY, the 13th day of May next, at 10 o'clock, A. M. to determine what dipcitiop shall he made of tbei property, nnd kiuii auuj uuiut: mw may regularly come Sol Sapitetie Dnnqsam od.dicct.w tth 16 Uvr3t '1I,t;.m,v . Sta1o fJfem - Trk.t$.; IN pursuance of M er'ter el tii hocoorable f)jrt maJi ialhe ah.Atitaue, will be told at pul.'it auction, a U uui' Uotel, ia tbe vUlage I Pf'.; iiufgh, on th (Kteenio oay oi Apm d, at tivelvt o'clock at a. - on. under ihedirectuia ol tbe (ubtcrihers ill thot certain tract of land it - ate, lying ai.d l.ein at Little llnlain, in the tOWIMi eWIldor, CWimy oi i - raiie, biiu tileot New - York, anii itbcuuutd a loilow i ut i.v iti i..i.i. ni iw btirtof John Wei - li.r, deceaid, oa the north by tbeJanda of Ro - nerl H. Uuraet. on the wet b i lana oi general Jamet Clinton, and on the Kiutli by the land of the heir of Baiauel t. L. orton, decea - ed, containing thrde bunored and ten acie ol inrl h. il.n HOie m.irt or let, with the here ditament and appurtenance txtlirianie btlong - i - .r or in auv Wle nrr' riaiiuni:. i curu - aryl7, 1818. THOMAS BOLTON, . (eh 28 lawtApldt Matter in Chancery. To nit fuuLic. 'miK obcril)er are ready to rontractto fur J - nith aliunt any quantity of Marble, from their quarry at Kingabridjie. The marble i milar in colour and tuin,r in qualitr to that of wbir.n tne ironioi ine cny null it coilructetl 11 can be cot out to ilmuii any ize and diuitn - aion, milaDle lor every part of building, and would he delivered in the rough, or prepnied for the building, according to order, at a moderate ral and atathort notice. All order may he lodged at I. ft C. BOLTON'S office, No. 58 Broadway, oral Mr. tilDl - '.ON TUCKKR'S. .. 4 winte - itreet, or at the quarry, with Mr GROKGK W. HALL. . rub I 3lftw;m DltbiJJMTlOff () - V'ii'siH'iWtKSHIi: fCT i he co - Dartnurhii heretofore exmtine between Caleb 8. Brownrand Georee K. '1'ho - mm, tinder the firm ol Brewer It '1 liotnai, it tliit d.y dixolved by mutual couient. Tbe concern ol tilt hi in will be tettledby Caleb S. Brower U. . BKOWEK, G. K. J H0MA3. New - York, March 13th, 18 '8. N. B. The liluml.inn huiuieni will stilt be car - ricd on by the oiihscribor. at the old established tand No. 342 Water - tlreet, svhere all order in hi line will be attended to with punctuality and u. somen. An apprentice wanted to the above business. CALEB S. BROW Kit. reh 18 eod3w PIANO FORTES. RMEF.TZ. 10 MaicTen - lane, hajut ree'd per thin Wasiiincton, from London, an assortment ol piino - for tea, from the manufactory of AsVir i among which are very elegant cabinet piano, with harp pedals, of mperior wornnianaiiip, wen wormy inc aiicnunn oi tiioe who wish to supply themselves with a good instrument. Also for sale, piano - fortes, nf Tompkincon's anil BroatlwuodV make London, and Kvrard'k Pun, toe - ether with hurps, and an assortment ol the newest music. mh 1 3 dlwiteod3w f'Ol SALK, A very profitable FARM, of 110 acre. l tlurrli under cultivation, the residue wood land, situ ite fn the fta thore, a quarter of a mile ociow me narrows, on me eiaten lluri'l tide mid a rhort ridu Imni the tnnm boat ferrv lamliiitr. It ive a very extensive view of the bay and environs of New - York, within the Narrow, and ol ansiily Hook and the ocean For prospect is equaled by none. The title is unquestionable. wo liuJe ol the purchase money m.iv remain (. ured DiMn the Hud. Apply to A. V. D. Foun tain, on the premises, or to vv. a. sc.Mii, Idj ureenwich - itreet. TO LKT. a ronvetiei t new 2 ttorv home. adjoiiu'ig theal ovc, wi'Sn garden and jbout an acre id rmd. For term tt'piy a above. Hih 3 e dtf SACKED :.iUbIC. ft7 - SUUSCRil'TIONS for a G'and ORA - TUivIO, by the New York tli.ndel and Haydn society. whentlie importance oi bacred V.unc a roimected Willi tlie public worahip nf Cod, it tuiy consider): - must he admitted Ihut itlii.s not yet received that encouragement from the public to which it is jiibtlv entitled. 1 he Oraiunn lately given - y llu Handel mid Haydn Society cl the city 04 iicw - ork, afloidcd an entertiiiii - uienl highly grutih ins ; )et the result ha not hero uhatt' nDuru the pulilic the hope of a pciiHauriiiuuir.inuaJiccui uini uieiui attoiiaiiofl - 'J I great exiiense of Drocurintf inanuM:rDt and otlier iMmic, with the unavoidable expense ni preparing ami lirtt exec uting ucli perloiman cc, have exceeded the receipt The Society i i.evertheless therehv now in possession of u valuable collection of Music, of 'tie greatest composer, and believe It will not lie questioned, that they have at tlieii Oratorio. tiroughi together more musical tah ct than has been combined on any other similar occasion in tbe United State. Conceiving it important (hat tuch music should uot be lut to our city, and tuch an association for the prrlormauce thereof ulioulu nut be dispersed, but eucourascd : and it bcmi - under - stood that the irx iety arc williug to tilToid the wi iicwiuiit a'.umer oppot tunny ih palriuaing their institution, and thin by enable it U. obtain a fund to meet its current exnrmes : Itmi.nm " K'w .... . We, the mbscribers, do hrreby promise to pay lor me uumurr ot tickets set to our reprct ive names, at one dollar each, on delivery, tn .u ii person or penoiis as mail lie np)uunted by trie sn.iiJwir cniimi(tee nf r.iui . - orrtv lo receivti Ihesar.ic, earhol which shall tnlitle the bearer thereol lo ai'niis'ion to an ontnrio lo be triven t riiJ society iu May oext, and whenever Ihe amount aubtc ihed shttll be erjunl to the probable expeuset, the subsciiptioo litt shall be clo sed, aud no ticket shall be sold for lest than each. Subscription will be received be A. T. Good rich, 1!M Broadway ; T. & J. Sworui, 160 rearl - ttreet ; or of any of the ttandioi; commit tee. mh 24 lit TO FARMERS. fTMIE inbrcribercan furni?h the farmer ol A. the adj;u ent country with eroUnd Fluster oi i aria many quant ny, ou tliu shortest notice, in Darrein or ouicrwiee. JOHN DYERS, Feb 23 If Foot of Harri - on st. N. R iu lite (JitutusnJ Atw - i ork. fLUAII HAW LEY Fhysician and Dentist, A would iulorm the inhabitant of New - V ork, uiai ne nas inaen an oince at no. SIX l'earl - street, where he will txtrarl, titan, Jilt, til a r teiVi in the most approved manner. It alio prevent any irregulunty of the eeoudury teeth, if application it made to him in season. He flatter himself, rum the had in hit profeBsion, Uiat be ihall be able to give grnriui ailBim null. For character the nubile are rebrrarf In Mr Geo. P. thipinan, merchant. No. 63 8oulh - trcct, aim uuvsor n. ives, no. zoz reari - aueet. Whom it mau tanrrm. OfT Till Certifies, (hat Dr. Zerxh Iln lo i. . r. II lillP I. PA.I . .1 . a i n .1 J I I - . .iimi, mi 111 numi aianuing with hi brethren in thisnlace : that he hs in... I particular attention to tlie art of Dei.tisirr.iin studied the beat European work on the subject, and ho riven very food tatisfnetion in this branch to hi customers, who are person of the Brit reipertahilily in thia city. Ve therefore, wnn enure commence, recommend Dr. llawley i me cjuzem oi ivew - 1 org, a aaeuiui. iEneat Murifoa I Eli Ive iVathan Smith Jonathan Kai?ht Professor of the Medical Institution ol Yale Col - rtew llnven, Jan. 22, 1818. liege, mh3 4.v 1 7 i .rnsm fur m nf rIWO lots of ground, in the vicinity of the centre market, mie fmntinir nnilnnirr. ., & . . ' n - 1 M 9lreci. I neul - lv tl.A S:1. , - l....l. .t. - other rin U.....1 ... ' . .ji,uv,tfcu. - "vppiy to 1). S. MiZS, Esq. 44 Pine - street, or mh 21 Sw J. I. JUNES, 16 Nassau - street. iff" FIHK PROOF S f - JRK. subiihcr.No. i M. U" " '. - ' - no:ure oftl u ivicm vurniiFi nnn iim . : : VALUABLE KEAL ESTATE OR SALE, r turn crrt or okw - tobk. TT'lVE lot of ground r,a the west iie of Green - J. wich - ireel, Detweeo vestry and jjesnrot - e stretlt. To by BU. " - Four do it) the rear of the above, fronting on the east tide ot Wuahingtoa - strcet, 25 by W. Eight do in the block below, between Wash ington and west - street. In Monteotuerv Coantr. C000 acres of Land in Lawrence's purchase. near East Canuda Creek, on tbe north tule rf tne fflohawK. In Franklin Coantv. 15,162 acre of Land, in the town of Mount at . v . niorrit and Liayion. In Essex Countv. 783? acre of Land ia the town of Barrymore. in the loauty oi lwii. 1250 acre of land in Caaterland, Chatsani Purchase. In Saratoga County. 2600 acre in Palmer purchase. Enquire at the office of the subscriber. 34 Ce dar - street. BEv. ROBINSON. mh 17 If EDUCATION. MRS. DA VV aOM lately from the Eastern Continent respectfully informs the public, that the ha opened a School in Cherry - street. No. 98, where young Ladie will be carefully instructed by herself and daughters, iu writing, arithmetic, drawing, history, geography, use of uie giooet, and needle worn in all varieties. Mr. D. bee leave to observe that her system of teaching (formed from her own experience) greatly facilitate tlie improvement of youth wiln ease and pleasure to tliemtelves, and sates aa incredible portion of their time, when employed in the usuul way. Great attention will be paid to English Grammar, Reading and Pronunciation. N. if. Writing and Drawing ina suerior manner by Miss Dawson. mh 1 1 3w I.ATI.V, fRENtH A.D ITALIAN R. CA&A'I I, formerly president of the IV 1 Atheneusof Treviso, and perpetual secretary of the Academy of Iiellc Lettres, at Venice, &c. offer hi er vices a teacher ol tlie La tin, Italian and French language, in academies, boarding schools, or private letson. tie would have no objection to take hoard in a respectable private family wilii pupil, in order to perfect them in the language. Sufficient reference will he given. Any command addressed to him (to the care of Messrs. - Bernard k Mondon, No. 20 Maiden - Lane) will meet with immediate attention. Dih2tIOt I.VDlGKS I ION, oh !OlJK b lOVIACH, IS acknowledged by medical writer to be a complaint ol ilubburn kind, and at all timet very difficult nf cure. Thia is sulScitntly illustrated iu tne disappointment of those who unlor - tuualelv suffer under it. astliev. for the mostnart. li id that after having tried many things to little or no purpose, nicy are ai last obliged to use (.lor iierhap tne remainder of life) ucb urticle as can at best but palliate the disease. Under tuch circumstance, any medicine capable of removing Ihe complaint, must surely be an article tiiirlily deservins the attention of all those who are afflicted with it ; such a combination ia tn be met with in DR. MEAD'S ANTI - DYcEl' - TIC or STOMACH PILLS the tucces ol which has never vet been eounlled. for Ihe cure of dyspepsia in it most complicated form, such as idh ui appeiue, nauiea, neari born, Ilatuleu - ry. knawing pain in the stomach, pain in the side, great coaliveness, paleness in the countenance, languor, townesi of inirits. nain ia the head, virtigo or giddiness, and disturbed sleep. Vt hoevcr. applies these pills in the a hove disease, according to the directions, will never be disappointed, a they have never been once known to fail in producing a radical and permanent cure. The uae of a tingle box will convince the most unbelieving of their efficacy. They st ill most effectually remove nil sourness of the itomach, not merely by neutralizing tiie acid, but by correcting that morbid itate of Ihe 'cf rttions which give rise to h. and al tne tame time will restore to the debilitated organ ol digotton, that tone ana vigour wtucn is absolutely necessary to the well being of the animal economy. Price one aonar per mix. r or sale by JUMS U. ftiUKIUFOS, Iruggit, No. l!l8Grecnwic!i - atreet. Where may be had, wholesale ami retail, a arte and central assortment of eenuinc Drue una ivieoicines : furgeous instruiueiits ; Apothe enry's Gl.isi Ware ; English and American Patent Medicinet. Also, Dyer's and Fuller'i ni title, Mediciur Chests, & - . On liberal term. nihX5 ?in FRENCH LA.VGUAGK. t YOUNG Man, a native of switserland, who L.a cnnDe well recommended, would under take the teachinc tl the French language, in an academy, or would lake rhvgi of a gentleman's family, and lo thr French language would add that of writing, arithmetic, gography, &c. Vc. I lis term would be moderate, and would do all in hi power to render l.ims' lf uselul Plea ad dress a line for A. at No. 16.1 Broadway, which win fie respectfully attended to. , N. B. The advertiser ha no objection, to go to any part oflhe Unite J - States. Dili 2a 2w ffF - I.ECT BOARDING bCHOOL. '"INHERE are nt preM - nt five vacancies in the J Revd WILLIAM I'OW ELL'S Schoul, iu i iiuipsourn, inniier, West - Untster County. His system of educntion is such a to enable lnui to qualify ynuns ei - ntlemen for Colleae irtheCdimtinK House within a reasonable time. Hi school i select, the number of Punils limited. hiio ine irentmentol tne most liberal Um l. 1 he lollovting Isranchi of useful nnd polite h lennure are caugni, via : Cuek, History, Composition, Writing, Arithmetic. i.atin, , Vretw h, Enclifh Grammar. tocography, Muthematict, &c. It i presumed that few Institution of the kind can offer greater ndvantaers. whether thev reeard iiiMiut ii hi in general meraiure, in moral and rhgiou principles, or in correct and genth manly deportment. The Parsonage iu which the Puiiil are accommodated, is coinmodioua, retired and pleasantly riluafed. Its distance from VI . . .. . ... . - ny i uib biioui seveniien muca : lo wiiici therein nlwavs a direct and easv communica tion. Forlurlher iiarliculars application ma ne niniie lo Bish' p Hobnrt I T. S. Clarkton, Eaq. Dr. Wilson, Columbia : M'Ever, Eiq. College I Win. llnvard. i un. F.aa C. D. Colden, En. A. bebermerhom. Eta, r. A. Emmet, Esq, mh 26 D2m2w From the 1st nf M l uuunng roum oi to. o - l cnum - suevl. The ODner countin" room. Nn. T 1 1 1 jAJiu vnui.i, jr. teb 13 57 Front - street 271 . REAL ESTATE FOR SALE ifli Two 2 - storv brick houses anil lnin. aiiua. ted No. 37 k 39 Vekty - itreet. Also, a bouse aud lot No. 1 1 Bowery, near Ck.lUm.uin.M .11 C . f . i. t a - 1 ,1 vliauMiu - rjum c, irri ,li'Ul ij Ul'Cl, All ou accommodating terms. I or particular apply at No. 332 Greenwich - st. jan 15 tf TO LET. The GLOBE TAVERN. No. 143 Wa ter - street. The situation of this house, and its accommodations, justly render it au object well worth the atteulion of an person desi'rout el keeping a lucrative public house. It will le let, fur - lushedor uufuruished, and immediate possession given. Apply at No 137 Water - street. mh 17 tf FOR SALE, RKAL rn.OFF.RTV IS THE CITY OF "EW - VORK. fFIL A BRICK llOljE and Lot No. II tiSJj! Bnwerv STAIiLrin iht.,. er with the LOT, 44 jeet front, 42 fett rear, and izj leei on earn sine HOUSE and LO T No. 37 Vesey - treet ; and House nnd Lot No. 39 Vraey - tlrcet. A BOND and MORI GAGE for 1200 dollar, do and do ' fur 750 do do and do fr 450 do On valuable property in the city of iew - York. The interest ha alway been punctuallv paid. For particular immirc nt toe oince of ClLPHLN P. LAMOINE, dre 10 If No. 27 Wail - strect. a . . ;' TO LET, . . The fcDowing Uoom, viz . TlMbowe No. V5John - txect ' The boose No. tf7 do Tbe bouse and More No. 395 Pearl - street Tbe boose and itore No. 111 Cherry - street JAMES W. bflAVV,. feb2 - . No 6 Howery. tUH HALL, Seven acres of land in West - Chester, miles (mm this citr. On the premises are a good dwelling - bouse, barn and fowl - house, a thntty younit orchard of grafted fruit, a garden with aspirauus bed, shrubbery of gooseberry, currants and strawberries, with a well of never - failing pure toft water, well calculated for distilling. The stage pas every day to New - York; a vessel twice a week ; being only a quarter of a mile Irom tbe landing. - Enquire of JJENRY CHEAVENS, 158 BroadwayT Alto forale, a good iubttantial light waggon, calculated for one or two horses ; to be eeu at Sandfoid's Livery Stables, Broadway, near He - ter - street. Enquire a above. mh 1 1 JO X&ffT, The Assembly Room, with the adjoin ing apartment, in Rota' Buildings, No. 146 r uiton - to ine corner oi uroauaay. The premise are well calculated for a large Khool, for public meetings oriocietie i the large room being upwards of oO feet in length, and a - bout 29 feet in breadth, with a 14 feet ceiling. The whole, u to situation anil aiie, is well calculated for an auction establishment for furniture and other tales. The above will be rented for any term not exceeding seven yean from the lit of May next. Enquire of tbe subscriber No. 107 Fulton - street. mh!2dtf B. E. BLISS. TO LET, From the first of May next, an excel lent bouse, ut houses, and eround adjoining, possessing every comfort and convenience for a genteel lumily ; situated on the Grtt avenue, near North - street, and about one tuilefiom the City - Hall The, rent will be low to a good tenant For further particulars apply at tne store of the subscriber. No. 135 Front - street. mh212w CORNS. DUEOI3. TO LET, Those two fire proof dwelling Houses, No. 74 and 76 Molt street, about ten minutes walk from the Coffee House. They will be put in complete, repair, and well calculated for genteel familie. 'Apply at No. 137 Waterttreet. mh 11 tf fifii HhSlDKSfCE at QREKAH IC1J. kJS To he let, thehoustand ground fronting on Greenwich Lane, belonging to the estate of the late Samuel Miiligan, and at present occupied hy Mr. David Ely. For particular enquire of JOHN M'KEE, lumber merchant, fool of N. Moore - ttrect, or ol T. PRINGLE, in tbe Bank ol New - York. Ieb28tf FOR HALF. The two - story brick front House and (.ot No. 33 Cherry - street For terms, kc. apply at 76 l earl - strcet. mar S TV"i TO LET. InjiX The House No. 73 Broad - street, with the oilu e, store - house, and stables contiguous, and appettaining thereto. TO LEASE, For a term of year, iu lot or parcel, that part of Rose Hill situate on the 2d, 3d, and 4th avenues, on the 23d, 24th, 25lh, 2Cth, 27th, 2!lth, and iWifi street, which belong to Mr. Ann Ro ger, t or particular, apply to ;Aflt; a. iiaiii.i u., mh 13 tf No. 3 Law Builciugt. JO LKT, Anrt nutlPMinn pivn nn fh first nf htnv uext, the spariou ami well known stand, the I'mon Hotel, No. C8 William - street. For particular ei.uuire ol Mr. Vanilerbilt, No. 67, op posite, mh 16 TO LET, nd possession giren on the first of May, the house No. 48 Broadway, together with a brick fire - proof (table and store iu the rear fronting on - New - street. AIm,Uic adjoining house No. 0. J lie soap manufactory in the rear, to be removed on the I at of April tor term apply to JOHN SLIDELL&CO. mch 11" No. SO Broadway. TO J.F. r, A fu.nAtr.rv t.mic. u - ifh a hnrn nru! Iib - uui ' - J J , - - - ..... acre of land, situate about two and a half mile Irom the cify, opposite the arsenal. To a person uhn in Ihe h - .hil of ntf emlinir inrhrt ant' would cultivate the land as an earlv vegetable garden, it is nn object. Rent 200 dollar. Ap ply at 3 HroRtway. mil o n IX) RE SOLD AT AUCTIO.V, Py HOFFMAN ii GLA! - ., on Satur day, the 4th day of April next, nt 12 o'clock, in front of the Tontine Colli e House, 'i he House and Lot No. 1 WiJliam - ttreet, at relent iu the occupation of Uie subscriber, situate at tlie corner of William - street and Stone - itreel. Tbe lot i 91 feet deep on WiHinm street, ill feet 11 inches on tone - street, aud 48 feet four inche deep from Willimn - itreet, at the northwardly end of the lot. The subscriber some time ago had an intention of couvertiiu; the house into stores , and oh tainrd plan and estimates for that purpose. He had offers from respectable mechanic to make bve (tore on the lot ly some additional building, and alteration ol tlie present building, for ten thousand dollar, or to pull all the present buildings down, and to erect, with the assistance ol tlie present material, five store for bfteen thousand dollar1. Plant and elevation of these (tores, astheyweiu prepared to be built, may be seen ut the auctioneers. Seventeen thousand dollar of the purchase money may remain on mortgage. Five tboiiiand dollar will be required on execution of the deeds, and tlie residue in two, four and six month. mh 14 td C. D. COLDEN. ' i.ees nvir uiMMKJfi; rARRANTED an icfallible remedy at otir v T application, may be used with perfect safety on iuf.uiti a week old, net coutainmg a particle of mercury ,or any dangerous ingredient whatever, and not accompanied with that otleu - uvefmell vtbich alteuds the application of other remedies. Tho above medicines are prepared and o!d at LEE'S Medicine Store, No. 40 Maiden - Lane. aud sold by S. CARLE, coruci ol Fulton and Water - treels. Druggist nml country store - keeper r - ivpplied on liberal terms. Jan 29 ' ILl.iAM Hoi'Ki K, o. '.'U Waie. - i . v f corner of Fulton itren', New - York, having received a large supply of the real JAPAN BLACKING, of lay & Martin, 97 Hiirh Hoi - born, London, ofT es Ihe fame, in wholesale or retail, for exportation, or home consumption, on term the most liberal and advantageous to purchaser. This inestimable crmpoition, with half the u - soil labor, produces a mot brillhnt jet Llarir. fully equal to the hi;het japan varnish; afforA peculiar notiri'hment to the leather; it will no! nil the finest linen ; is perir - . - tlv free from anv unpleasant smell ; and will retain its virtue it. any climate. As an uicontrevertible proof of Ihe superior excellence ol this Hacking, it ha stood the tes' and commanded the most cxtrmive tale in all quarter ef the globe, forupwardj of half a cen tury. , feb 16 POST CfUISE LINE J V I M ' Wl aLl FOR PHILADELPHIA. A POST CHAISE will leave New - l orn eve - .i.. u.....i... .....niwtt nt fi o'clock in the moruins by way of Newark, only six pauen - ger admitted, nnd arrive in Philadelphia the same evening. Fare through, f 8 Jne new cream noai i - ine tsjienuirei, leave New - York every day (Sunday excepted) at half pat 2 o'clock, in the Steam Boat Atalan - la, ana arriTe ai i iiiiaucipmn uienrat unj - o'clock, by tlie steam Boat A 1AA irom iriswi. Fare through 5 dollars 50 ceott. For Seats in the above lines, apply at tne rot Chaise Stage and Steam Bout Office, H8Uroad - urav. nnnndilA fr. I.ilv Ilolr!. 0r7 - All good and baggage at the riique of the owner. JOHN W. CUMMING, Sewart:. JOHN GULICK U SONS, Princeton. STOCKTON H HOWELL, Philadelphia. A". B. Expreuu tad to any fart of the t'num - mli 26 UV70A - LI.VE. CJ team - boat Olive - branch, O forPhila - 1 dclphia, via Trenton, 25 Brunswick & mile by land. Fare through In new post coaches $5 Do. good stages, 4 50 Do. forecastle or deck passenger 3 50 The OLIVE - BRANCH will leave New - York every day at 11 o'clock, (Sunday excepted,) from the north tide of tlie Battery, and to return from Brunswick to a to arrive at 10 the next morning, in this city. This line ha a ennnecbon with the beat boat on the Delaware and Chesapeake to Norfolk , a also those of tlie North River and Sound; and their several arrival are calculated to cause little, if any delay. J his is a speedy and certaiuly tne most con venient rout, a the passenger sleep at Trenton going and at Brunswick returning, and arrive at a much less expense and in the hours of business nt New - York or Philadelphia, without fatigue in travelling or the want of deep, a tlie dislanco by land ia to small whereat via the Point and Powlcs Hook it is ou and t!6 miles. Fore - castle uasicnirrr?, (who diet with tbe pro pie,) to Brunswick, or Amboy, at $1 each. Ligrit Ireigbt and marketing, tree. For teal in the above line apply at the Union Line Steam Boat Office, in Market held - ttrcet, north aide of the Battery, between Greeuwich & W athington - ttreets. New - York. March 27. 1818. mh 27 SOUTH lily EU DTEAM BOA i a. The Chancellor Living - ton will leave New - York on Saturday, the 28th intt. :at 5 P. M. There will be a boat leave New York every Tuctday, 1 hursday and Saturday, al 5 P. M. and Albany on tame day at 9 A. M. until further notice. inn Yd Til E oOtJVVJ i TEAM BOA T - L1SE. Ihe proprietors, with a ...... .'i c..'ij.iuv,.a,,.i ii TVvy public, by extending tbe line '' yltn j or nicli, intend making the experiment with the Fulton, Capt. Law, and this route (if found practicable) will be continued during the season. 1 he line will in future be from Iew. lork to Norwich, a follow : The Connecticut, Capt. Hunker, will leave New - ork every Monday.' tVediuiday and Friday, at 8 o'clock, in thr morning, tor New - Haveu. Ihe rullon, Lapt law, will leave JVorvtcn at o o'clock in the morning ol the tame day, touch at V iw - London and depart from thence for JVcw - Haven at 8 o'clock, j lie boat will meet ut Jtw tlaitn, and depart from thence every Kmidny, IVcdntt - day and Friday, at 7 o'clock in the evening Ihe Connecticut lor - Vetc - Forfc, aud the Fulton for J"eie - I,omJ(in and JYm u - ich. mh 17 STEAM BOAT FOR SALE. (y - For tale, a well finish - nud & Steam Boat, of small tize. with f cabins, and cal - rf - 'Tf';, - culuted to carry convenient ly ubuut sixiy passengers Her bull it of the best timber, and she is Conner bottomed uo to the bend, prepared to be put into a line ol rumiiug immediutulv. She draw but thirty - two inches of water, and" from the advantageous construction of her machinery, can be workedat one half the daily expense of steam - boats in general. rne win ne told a great bargaiu, it applied lor shortly. Enquire at No. 48 Wall - street, of mh 'JOtl ISAAC G. OGDEN & CO. SELECT BOARDING SCHOOL FOR YOYNG LADIES. VI RS. BOWEIUNG, now Mr. Brown, has i. J. removed her well known Establishment from New - York to Elizabeth Town, New - Jersey, not a quarter of n mile from the public turnpike road. The situation of the place Kssestes every advantage for a Seminary ; and will enable Iter lo reduce the price of hoard much low er than can be Horded in New - York. The bran he taught, are, Orthography, English Grammar, Reading, Writine, Arithmetic. Geo graphy, with the ue of map and globe, Astro nomy, History, Blair't Lecture, Composition, Music, French, Botany, Chemistry. Drawing in crayons. Painting iu oil, on velvet, and in water - colours, Plain Sewing, Needlework on muslin, v i :.i . . ,, - .i ' r.uinruiuery on aim and wonieu, r megree, Quadrille, Grotto and Wax - Work. Gilding and Japanning, with a variety ef other fancy works. mh l'J i in TO LET, No. 20 Wall - street. Apply feb 19 tf The store at tbe store. TO LET OR LEASE, From the 1st May next, on reasonable terms, a large convenient dwellinc house, oppo site Love Lane, near the two mile stone, Bowery, at present occupied by Professor Adraiu; well calculated for two families, having two kitchens, with 8 room, pantries and vault, a stable and coach bouse, a well of good water and two cis tern. It ha a very large garden, well itocked with shrubs and fruit trees ; possession of which can be nail on the 1st April next. Also to rent, a genteel 3 storr brick house No. 40i Greenwich - street, with or without a stable in the rear. Apply at ISo. 490 Greenwicb - st or to HAL&EY ti GOSMAN, n.h21 tf 34 Old - slip. Tn i.E'iv nil At a low rent, a three ttorv brick duelling in .oi tom - st. bnquire of EU : N. COX, mh 26 95 Wall - street JO LEA HE, fur a term nf vrart. inil The house and lot No. 20 Cedar street. containing six room with fire place, besides Uie kitchen, paninei, vault, tc. and a well or good water. For sale, the unexpired term, eleven yeart, of ineioixo. o munay iireti mine occupation of William Falten m, on leae from llie Kpiico - (jai viiurvu uu ct. rppiiu inqmre Ol J. W. A W. C. MULLIGAN, feb 25 dtf No. 44 Pine - trect. TO LET. . i ue new ones; aiore no. oa Mone - sL .T - l 1 , r . . . Apply to T. Sc J. SWORDS. Feb I t tar Sale. Hurler, or To l et. situ A convenient house and out - buildines, wiw an exccncni cistern, and a lew acrtioi ground, commanding a tine view of the Hudson, ahotit 3 - 4 of an hour ride from town. Term very initial. Apply al 3j 1 rout treet, nibs' Iw XZRl lUKbAl.KUII.rui.KASs' 4i3 On accommodating term,, a number el water and buildun; lots, near and adjoining th navy - yard, at Brooklyn. For pai - ticulars, eu quire oi SAMUEL EVANS, jantilf Broolyu H I J'iVkJ.kfX . A sUscsraieg pebJicknow now te diiUrsr.L iween thmrthM diffj? g ,ttk JLJ of the city of Lcrrfr t r to repeat soiueneervsitaV t the abuse of MERCDttY mb, ind:criiumaie. anri .tJL... V"f, baa been pZiJ! TEJ tive of infin tn - nVhir K - and. are annually mercurialired oat f' tnce. The disease we have in siew owe. i, tal result chielly to this source. Wh 1 that a yonng man, the hope of hi. country Pi2f the darling of hi parent, ihould be tn iteLli way from all the prospect, and ejoyiwUrfi by Uie cotrsequence of one uiwialiZ " and by a ui.ea not in iu ovZntTi whichonly prove to from neglect or inrZ2 treatment."" A gentleman, (late Dr JU, , Uent) now perfectiy bcarty and well, "0d kj?" under pbyticiant of peneial practice, aixi - T and repeatealy tali vat d ; v.hea refmmalf.Bi!i Dr. H. (by a gentleman of thit city) hi.1 tU were carious, and hi flesh dropping from th " bit friend declared he could not pouiblv tuh ' two monthi longer. Thousand cxleanrn, know with what eate and tafety Dr. U catet the severest case, and coufirms the'cilS" tuticn. The Doctor' plan (advertiaiiujv j?'11' cessary to guard tlie public ae;aint tlrj - T.: mercury, and oilier fatal delusions, held forth Persons, therefore, having contracted aX vale disorder, or uptctiiig latent poiioa. admonished not to tamper with their cwuiih! tion, or conceal tlie disorder, till pat recot ry ; other hating the remain of no old hcajT or other impurilie of Ihe blood, at well a on. er complaint ol a delicate nature, ja ex. should remember posterity, and do iotttZ to llieir conscience, by making anniiafS to Dr. H. at hi old and resuoU? lisliinent, No. 64 Water - tlreet, fonr hoeiet weM of Old - slip, to obtain that prorapt uiUnc! lone cak ulatcd to prevent disclosure. And btn let me claim your teriou attention Remejubo a superficial cure is no cure at all; unlet then. inett it radically done, you will certainly hava the disorder break out again with redouhfed nu? li jnity, at tome luiure period ; perhap then Hli be too late for remedy. Dou't you often meet ia the ttrect miserable, mutilated beings, witl.ool even a bit of note on their face ? Take warruV. 1 betetch you. Dr. H'a. character for skill and ituhbnrn inu grity being uuivertally known in thit city, r'net 1804, guarantee to patieuU that delicacy and so crery hitherto unknown, and haviiig confined bit practice for year past, exclusively to the cureof disease of the blood yttm. tliey may lately ut. cuiate on Lite mott decided advantages ia cce - suiting Dr. H. . , Gleet eradicated in twt or three weeks. Slricture removed without bougie or any oilier instrument ; and ail debilities i likewise all old ulcerations, fistula' Sic, A plurality of offices are prodded, aodo tif. ated that patients are not exposed toeach'other'i observation. Open till half past 9 in tne eveuinc. All persons concerned are invited to be free ia calling, and iiieaking Willi Dr. II. whicb it ire of cost. And hero the Doctor cannot avoid It tzpresslon of gratitude for innumerable rer om - mendationa, nud for the derided preference (It i. presumed with just cause) loin; eivenljua hi. udiriou puhlic. , n. u. au icuer mutt ne pot paid. Dr. Buchanan. Aug 27 Iv SEJTHEK tiUAth LRk SOH lMfOisU 'I'HiM. DR - EVANS' tuperim method of curing a certain Disease, ianowuniver - any acunowien' - cd in tin city ; his mode oftrentmest penecny uu:u, sale, ei. ipeditiuus. and hi chargd reasonable. In every u stance he warrant a cor. .n:il . .1 fdoe not perform agreeable lutuuiract. tL I p,ui.. L .inaj, UHKrvCQ. t Tnere are many persons in thia city and it vicinity, laboring under variou chronic disease, tuch a cancers, old inveterate ulcers, scrofula or kings evil, fistula, disease of the urethra, bladder and kiduiea, old complicated complaint of a certain, nature, biliou and other obstructions, rheumatism, kc. which they consider incn - tp. hospitals in Europe 12 yean, under tome of tba firsr Surgeon and Phyiiciant in tbe world, and made those obstinate disease hit constant ttudy for 30 year,. Oct H UT" The subscriber having recently returned from England with an the artificial spring LEG, be take this method nf informing his friend nud the public, that all those who are te unfortunate a to be in want of a leg, or arm, tliey can be accommodated by applying at No. 77 Barclay - street, New - York. - .. jsnr. nn. 1URVI3. ftt - WHEATON Ic DA VIS, Fancy Chair Mannfac turers. No. 153 Fulton - street, opposite St. Paul Church offer for tale, wholesale aad retail, a large and elegant assortment of Curld Maple, plain painted and ornamented in gold it bronre. Bamboo, Plain and Gilt Ball, Rocking, Sewing, and Conversation Chair. Sofa. Settee. Loungee. Music, Stool, lie. Order from any part of the continent executed with neatnes and dispatch. Old Chair repaired, painted and ornamented, mh 9 JYAIf DtiESSWG ROOM. AFRUMENTO, No. 1 Wall - street.juit re - . turned from Italy, has the honour to inform the gentlemen, that he cutt and drette bftirin tlie latest style, and in a mat ner to as to adopt it to the phisiognomy. He hat lor sale a quantity of RAZORS of the first quality, if they do not please on trial, the purchaser ate at liberty to return them, and receive the money. He baa likewise procured a very fine hone, and erupgr to t ettore razor to a very keen edge and should they not cut he will receive no recompence. Those gentlemen who may please to honor bim with their patronage, may depend oo the most particular and respectful attendance. N. B. Gentlemen who mbscrihe by tlie quarter will have their razor, Ac. kept exclusively for themselves. P. S. A good journeyman wanted. Apply a above. mh 6 tf FOR SALE, THE CIRCULATING LIBRARY, 133Ful - ton - strcet, near Broadway, contitting of an extensive and choice collection of history, travels, voyages, biography, romance, novel, talei, plays, reviews, magazines, tic. ' Catalogues may be examined at the library, which i open for subscriber, as usual. mh4tf NEW - YOR1 : PRI.XTED AXD PUBLISHED MICHAEL BUKSHAM k CO. - No. 42 P,BTK - 7nRT. CrrT'! rrf P1 ff !3 rable, tliey can ccnainiv ne cured tin general) by applying at Dr. EVANS'S Medical Store, No. 9. Feck - slip, haviug practised in exttfisrve

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