The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 11, 1934 · Page 14
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 11, 1934
Page 14
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Page 14 article text (OCR)

WEDNESDAY, 'APRIL 11,1934 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE VT'S OOR PR\VATE DAO l^ OPTEW ANJ'VC ON BO^ ut GOE^ AVID ^MEM VAE VJWCE-S. TO VAE. Ht FA-STEIN'S V-US UETTEROM A, PW3EOKJ UOOSE. AMD 1 VIWV NO^1 TO SEE PlGEOlOS S-UREV.V ^ HERS,Tj_^TAKE. ROM NO,SSO' YOU MUSTN'T GO VET. YCX tMWjST TOME VJITH ME TO PvjT PECKY *M HIS uVTTi-e HOOSB By STANLEY THE OLD HOME TOWN FUN, BUT I DAD \NAVT ? THERES ANOTHER REASON I DON'T 1JKE. THIS TOWN - HES JUST LAYINS OUT SRASS FOra US TO KEEP OFFA THIS --n« \^ ^Xfr^ 'if f*s v --,. ^r-'-s w ^o%'« ^ ftT^iL By Les Forgrave M M "'niftL n»/iv'" % .ffi /^'.'JIH ,./!//);;',;/:·..- OP -3 HOT PiM WPUE. - hNO Pi , OLUE.-WOT oo«5e\_ue$ -T PI HOT LOOKING CRR -ra -5HOU3 OFF IN High Pressure Pete It Can't Be Done George ! Swan Copyright, 19.14. liv Ci-ntrnl Prr" A him as though he had been a scared child. "It's just a little faintness. OUGHT To F/MlSH MV MlUi. j GEE, vye GoT To OUT HOW -me RUN DR\UE(oGOT Hi/A, i OONT wooo) HOW BAouy HE'S JUSTSTUMMEP, Frank Merriwell at Yale Viola's clutching fingers She'll be better presently. You leave in Tiggie's, but for the passage of her to me. It'll be all right." Tiggie felt that he had been given gasped out her anguish in a silence a. definite order and there was noth- more poignant than any attempt at ing left but to obey. Silently he drew speech. At last, after an interval of back from the bed, giving place as . suffering which to him seemed well- it were to the higher authority, and nigh unendurable, she moved her then, no further notice being taken head slightly so that her face was him, crept away on tiptoe, re- partly visible to him. Her breathing fraining from looking back because grew quieter and the grip of her of the fear that lay hands became less tense. She spoke weight at his heart. very faintly, so that caught the words. "I'm so sorry." cottage, took him by the arm and "Sorry!" whispered Tiggie into her gave vent to cheery prognostications which, so far as Tiggie was con hair. "Sorry! Oh, you girl! Poor darling!" cerned, might have been uttered in Burt L. Standish She moved a little further so that a foreign language. He steered him her white forehead was close to his gently at the same time in the direc- lips. She said nothing, yet after a Cwriiht, l«M. by C«ntr«l I'rt moment or two the knowledge came he got him there, impelled him to to him as though she had spoken the bar-parlor and called HuH' THAT5S FUWW! MAV8E £ Go HoME. AMD STAKT OVER X Hey wArr! - . . . 've GOT IT, X. KMo\W that she would have him take that Penny for a drink. CAJd'T WASTE AU. which she had not the strength to The landlord, delighted to oblige, Muggs McGinnis offer. He bent a little lower very softly kissed her temple. brought drinks for two and showed a disposition to linger for a gossip Her fingers moved again, gently ' 1 which was instantly and rather bru- closing upon his.' The paroxysm 1 had tally frustrated by Harvey No, we don't want to talk. We're passed, but she still gasped fitfully busy. You go and attend to the rest , from time to time. He thought that of the world! If we want any more her breathing was growing slower I'll let you know." and an awful fear gripped his heart. He Forogt to Remember So Joe Penny retired, and Harvey He sat, holding his own, listening to stood over Tiggie with grim insist- it. And the long rhythmic wash of ence while he gulped down some of the waves on the shore rose up like the drink provided. a solemn chant, seeming to fill the plished, he relaxed somewhat and sunlit spaces with music from an- sat down to drink his own at leisure. other world.- It was as though they "You stay quiet for two, alone on their raft, drifted in By Wally Bishop had a damned trying time, but there's nothing more you can do, so stop from the stormy waters to a strand unknown. He still kept her hand, fondling it against his cheek, but he made no Tiggie leaned back on a horsehair Copyright, 1934, by Central Press Association, Inc attempt to rouse her, dreading a re- sofa and wiped his forehead. turn of the suffering almost more going to die, Harvey," he said. than the possibility that she might "Rot!" said Harvey. NICE KIDE BAQS? SEEK M, MAM CHANGE" THEIR. MINOS Asour slip beyond it. Motionless and silent, BANK , HOLDUP/ he knelt there, watching, till pres- EIGHfS.-fHEM MUST HAMETOE ently she stirred again and opened there's your friend Spot. He wouldn't her eyes upon his face. But yet for a space she did not speak, lying there gazing at him with those deep "Spot can't stop her," said Tiggie. He sat miserably bowed, his hands HEGOTAWAM \NITH Asour OHTHERUNNING BOARD.;' misty eyes that seemed to be trying clasped between his knees, his eyes to tell him something that words on the floor. Harvey clapped an ur- could not utter. It was he who at length broke the ent hand on his shoulder. "Pull yourself together, What's the good of believing the You're feeling-- a worst? Don't you know little better now?" little more! It'll GAINING OH 'EM .' Her faint smile showed like a far- put life into you." off gleam of sunshine haltingly, with effort. Tiggie obeyed with pathetic docility. Now that there was no more By Paul Robinson could "teli you -- how I feel. But it's to be done his courage seemed to be -perhaps-- you should never ebbing away. It had been a terrific know. It was nice 'of you-- to say battle. To a man of his easy tem- you loved me. . "I do," he said. Child, I love you make any great fight to attain his with all my heart." own ends, it had seemed colossal. She caught her breath in a sigh. And now, apparently, it was all to That is -- so like you," she said. By William Ritt and Clarence BRICK BRADFORD There followed another while the edifice of his hopes raised tata at the Osage Lutheran church gray desolation, It would have been allow any self-deception. The shadow silence. She lay relaxed -- too weak, by such painful effort crumbled into Sunday evening to a large audience. somehow easier to bear. of death was too near to be ignored. MI6HTY MAYTA AMAUTA-THOU ART NOW A ^ SOLDIER. OF -VjTHE SUN-MAY I,TOO, FALL50 NOBLY, WITH FACE TO -- he thought, to suffer any more. DWINE MAJESTY, WE HAVE RB5A1MED THE GATES BUT OUR LEADER IS SLAIN AMD THE PARCOT TROOPS ALL BUT DESTROYED ' dust. The hand he had grasped There are 24 -members in the choir He was glad that Harvey did not THEN MAYTA AMAUTA 15- He had seen it on her face and in Then again her voice came to him, the height of the storm had slipped .ccompany him. He needed solitude ber eyes. Notwithstanding the opti- very low, with a touch of pleading. once more from his. He was power- . just then, and it was decent of old mism so resolutely pressed upon him "Tiggie," she said, less to hold it, powerless to help her. with Mrs. Lloyd Dahl, accompanist. larvey to realize it; though what he could not rid himself of the ulti- tell anyone -- about you He had pitted himself against the The Osage Ladies' aid was going to do now that he was mate conviction that when next he Let's keep mind?" inevitable, and he knew now alone he did not know. Last night, lunch after the program, looked upon that face those eyes bitterness of utter failure. And be- church parlors. Quite a delegation accordance with little would be forever closed. I will do whatever you wish," he cause of the fight he had made, his he had made a defi- went from Lyle to Osage to hear that Harvey pressed told her steadily you wish." She smiled at him again defeat was all the harder, for that nite effort to pray, but he did not pressed upon him restored his self- for which he had fought had be- feel that it had been a great suc- control, though it scarcely altered come tenfold more precious to him Cotton production in Egypt this his outlook. He got up when it was lids -slowly drooping during the conflict. In losing her ieebly at an iron door that barred year is expected to be double that of finished with a weary sense ot rest- now, he lost everything that made all progress, and after a time he had lessness. Impossible to remain quies- you." And then, as her eyes closed, life worth living. It was as though ost heart and ceased to knock. To- cent while up there Good-by, dear -- good-by!" he had multiplied his stake in the day he had not even the strength ottage on the cliff the life She uttered another hazard to the utmost limit and be- to attempt it, weighed down as he that meant so much to him hung in and lay still. And to Tiggie, watch- yond it, and now all was gone. He was by the awful conviction that nothing that he did now could make and difference. He was worn out the balance! He turned to the door and wan- it seemed as if a dark shadow NUMSKUU, faced total ruin. crept over her face as though a But Harvey remained -- Harvey, dered out aimlessly, conscious of veil had fallen between them. the bizarre of soul, who viewed the with vain effort. All that was left He got to his feet without sound, Harvey swiftly gulping the rest of drama of life from the extraordinary was to stand and endure. with a bewildered feeling that he own drink to follow him. The angle of a critic seated comfortably After a time he began to walk noonday sun beat fiercely upon him, ought to call someone, just as the in the stalls, an independent witness spreading crunching, nurse entered, spotless and practi- of its tragedies and its joys. He was but he only realized it when Harvey CAPTAIM OF TMH JAGUAR 6UARD. ' -- I ARE NOW IN f-- COMMAND.' r 1 BRING FORTH MY DAUGHTERS, YOUTH- I WOULD DID THEM FAREWELL cal, and came to his side. so sure that all would end well that pushed his hat into his hand. Then, through the shingle on which they Tiggie turned to her helplessly. almost needed an effort of com- cramming it over his eyes, he moved broke with a soft tinkling sound in blindly towards the shore. For the strange contrast to the roar of the that he wanted to look on the dark next hour or more he would live an breakers outside the bay. He came side, but he had seen too much to eternity. No doubt Spot would fin- "No--no!" kindly ally come and tell him, very gently, over them. The tide was coming in, when it was all over. He had got to and each wave that ran curling up DEAR NOAH=ARE HUSBANDS BETTER BECAUSE THE.Y ARE USED To TAON5 DICT/XTIOJS)? C.3\ HARl-AN,CReSCO IOWA fill in time until that happened. the beach was a little deeper than The children had gone in to their the last. It was like life, he reflect- midday meal and the beach was deed. What was the good of trying to serted. With a kind of stubborn en- off the inevitable? Even the durance, he tramped down to the granite of which the dancing waves that swirled over the DEAR NJOAH = S FOR. POLICES/IAN TO A OSOEN O. HoPKIM-S, low rocks. His pipe was in his pock- ever. They had to crumble, every- et and he felt for it mechanically, thing crumbled before but when he found it he did not take whelming forces of destiny (TO BE CONTINUED.) Choir From Lyle Gives NEED MONEY: PINE WILL LOAN YOU On furniture, antos, personal property or anything of value to persons who have steady employment. LOANS UP TO S300 Pay back in monthly installments LOANS MADE SAME DAY OF APPLICATION C. L. Pine Loan Company Of Mason City Second Floor Weir BJdfr. Phone 224 it out. He stood on the very edge of the sea and looked out to the skyline, like a lost dog washed up from a wreck seeking his master. Everything in the world seemed to be alive and joyous except himself. The sparkle and the beauty hurt him vaguely. Had it been a day of Cantata in Osage Church LYLE, Minn., April 10.--The Lyle Lutheran choir gave an Easter can- '

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