The Evening Post from New York, New York on March 30, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, March 30, 1818
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u JUL - r.innas - a'tr.vlo uodantood from a respectable .w. TT.rf.ia woollen clotni ud cassi riTafctor.f in Yorkshire, (England,) Spleen, and Mir offerinj 10 this market, r.l TZ,rtii and at private sale, with th 7 ttoonndertdsa thereon, and an exact JE - iian no the envelope of the piece, of the f Messrs. lieo. Austin & Co. of that place, L the representative of Meun. Austin', m give this public notice that such woollen are otof their manufacturing, and the imitating of ibeir labels, and adapting the name woottouun AA'm (the place of Messrs. Muslin's resi dence,) h intended, no doubt, to deceive the public, by passing them off as goods from their Alt .1.fha Ami rftuimarM rmul giaUUiaun J ' - ww... - - Ilia bouse ol Messrs. George Justin & Co. as veil as the labels oo the envelope, have the nm Austin, (which is omitted in the imitation,) in full, thereon, aad all that are not so marked, Mr be considered as a spurious article. , CHAS. DENSTON. ftsw - York, 30th March. 1 t. NOTICE. ' J7 Consignees of goods per ship Minerva fjayth, from London, are requested to send their permits on board without delay, as all goods not permitted within five days will be sent to (he public store the ship lies at Murray's srharf. mch30 For HAVRE, The suDerior packet ship RUBICON, .Holdredge, master; will sail about the lSUi April. For freight or passage, apply on board, at Jones' wharf, or to FOTT ft M'KINNE, Bh30 FOR SALE, ( If applied for in ten dayi) The shin MINERVA SMYTH, built in FlutadUphia of the best materials, copper fasten ed and coppered five mouths since, her sails and rigging in excellent order ; her accommodations extensive and elegant If not sold - within the shove time, will be dispatched without delay to London. Apply to mch 30 WRC1I GRACIE ft SONS. TJilOWN SHIRTINGS 8 package blown J J Shirtings, containing 10,000 yards, just re - veived and ior tale by THE COMMISSION CO. 148 Pearl - street. They have on band fine and coarse Gingham, Strilies, 3 4, 7 - U, 4 - 4 Checks, (line and coarse) Bert - Ticking, Sattinetis and Cassinett and gen - eral assortment of Cotton yarn. - mh 30 d&c Shffitld and Burningurn Goods. A FEW casks Knives and Forks A few casks Small Cutlery 2 cask Chissels, Plane Irons, Gouges, Drawing Knives 2 do 5a ws assorted. 2 do Files do A few casks Birmingham Goods, for sale on very low terms, by JNO. M'CltACKAN, mh 30 St '82 1 - 2 Pearl - street. irisb Liaans, Marcus, lawns, ftc. HENRY M'VICKAR ft CO. have received by the late arrival from Dublin, and bv the Pacific, frcm Liverpool, ageoeral assortment of 4 - 4 anu 4 - 0 i.inens 5 - 4 Sheetings; 7 - 8 Lawns 3 - 4 Diaper and Bjoad Diaber, assorted Damask Table Cloilis 3 - 4 brown and blact Lawns, in half pieces ; which they olTer for sale on liberal terms, at mb30 2w No. 67 fine - street. LEGHORN HATS, ftc i cases Superfine Leghorn Hats 4 do. Italian Crapes, black. For sale by A. D. DURANO ft BOURDF.L, mh 30 4t 30 Pine - street. COTTON. 21 bales prime Upland Cotton landing1 from blip Kliza, at Jones wharf - fur sale by POTT & M'KINNE, roh 30 56 Smith - street BR.4N DV A few pipe 4th proof Bordeaui Brandy, very superior, entitled to debenture For sale at No. 73 South - street, by mch30 3t JAMES FOSTFR, Jr. 1 1 lRGkr.S, DA VIDSON ft CO. offer lor sale JL at 106 Fropt - street. 3 case kith Linen 2 do shawl 8 lo coarse Book Muslins and ladies hdkfs 10 casks Glassware, assorted 60 crates Earthenware, do 4 caw low priced Fowling Pieces 6 pipes old Madeira Wine. mh 30 BROADCLOTHS ft KERSKYMEKfcS. A few bales, for sale very low by J. M'CRACKAN, mh.30 82 1 - 2 Pearl - street. ST. DOM INGO COFFEE. 150 bags, for sale at 106 Front - street mh 30 TROKES, DAVIDSON & CO. LEGHORN HATS, tic 3 case Leghorn Hats, with extra crown 2 do Chip Flats, with bands 3 do Flowers. ALSO, 1 case willow 1 do black, green and changeable florences 1 do changeable sarsnels 2 do garniture ribbons J do chow chow hdkfs 1 do French points do Linen cambric hdkfs Merino shawl ' ' Flag and bandanoo hdkfs Canton crape - 4 - 4 and 6 - 4 cambric and iaconet muslin. For tale by MARCH ft LOW, mh30 210 Broadway. 'Irish likens, diapers, 5 - 4 sbbriisjcs, etc f f'ilOMAS SUFFLRN, No. 6 Dtpeyster - st. JL ha received a complete assortment of the following goods, r Britannia, from Newry, and late arrival irom Dublin. 4 - 4 and 7 8 - men; 7 - 8 half bleached ditto 4 - 4 Lines, of Thompson's bleach 1 - 8 Lawns ; 3 - 4 Brewn Linens 7 - 8 Linen, ia half pieces 5 - 4 Slieetings : 7 - 8 .Dowlas 3 - 4 Birds - Eye Diaper 7 - 8 Grey Lawns. Which, with his former ."ortment of low priced and fine gods are oft. red for sale nn rea sonable terms. . mh 30 I w BRANDY. POT ASHES, BUTTER, oic 6 pipes imitation 4th prod' brandy, said to be - equal to any in this city 21 barrel Pot Ashe, fjjood bili') ,i tbu0" ed re,a,Iin6 ButUr 3 bale first quality Upland Cotton Si hhd. Paris While 20 roll Sheet Lead, assorted sizes 270 bag Juniper Berrias, good quality J W Kegs Dsl quality ground ginger. For sale by CORNELIUS DUBOIS, mh30 2w 36 Froat - street. c AN iOA GOODS, HUN TRESS CARGO. Cord aad black Aankin Crape, brit quail - ty. 22 y'd ps. Col'd aad Blk. figured do. 19 y'd pieces Do. do Plain do. 19 do do Do. changeable Sarwets, high col'd 30 do Black d - do Do Sinchews do Coloured Satins 18 do Col'd Sewiog Silks Also, handsome assortment inserting trimmings. For sale by mh 30 twt A. C. ZABRI3KIE. RISH LINENS. A few boxes 4 4 Irish linens, purchased ior cash for sale by V. SULLIVAN, mhSOIw 131 Water - streeL c LOVER SEED & LINSEED OIL, now lan linr. lor sale by mch 20 CORNELIUS DUBOIS. I . Afk SCYTHES.. tcu Dozen Scythes, Waters' stamp, lor sale by JAMES D'WOLF, Jr. mch 50 67 Froot - strtL LONDOX MUSTARD. Boxsj first quality Iresh London mus tard, in boxes containing 6 dozen each For sale by TUCKER ft LAURIES, mh 30 29 South st. 17 LOUR and - TOBACCO. 1U0 bbls. Rich X1 - moud city mill Floar 160 bb!s. Kicbnioiid country do 9 hhds. do. old Tobacco 20 do do. new do 75 kers new manufactured do No. 2. 33 do; old do No. 1, Davidson, Saunders and Co. brands, lor sale at 106 t mat - street, mh 30 TROKES, DAUIuSON & CO FRESH DRY GOODS. T ft C. NICHOIA No. 132 Pearl - street, have O . received and ate now opening 2 case best French Crae 1 do black Canton do 2 do black and cloth colored Sewing Silk 1 - do biacii sincnew 1 do black Sarsnets 2 do black Canton Fringed Hdkf 3 do 4 - 4 Irish Linen, very low 2 do brown Linen. I do Irish Sheeting 2 do cotton Platiila 2 do Steam Loom Shirting 2 do white and printed Jeans' 2 do Marseilles Quilting, assorted 2 do furniture and common Dimities 2 do 'Madrass Handkerchiefs 2 do fine Book and Cambric Muslins 2 do MillinetU, 2 do Carlisle Ginghams 2 do Cotton Cassimeres 1 do Pins in boxes 2 do Ladies Kid and Silk Gloves 4 trunks fine Plate Calicoes 3 do superfine Chintz ' 2 bales superfiue Broad Cloths 2 do Cassimeres 2 do Rhode' Bornbazets. All purchased at auction, or equally as low of . i . . i - i. .t . n i . i . it ine importers, wuicu uicj uuer lur sate m a siuau advance. mn isu lot DOMESTIC At OTHER WARES 'THE subscribers keep constantly on hand an a. extensive assort ment of Uie Iblfowing goods, viz : Dutch and English Gunny Bags, Popes Heads Crumb Brushes cr onus Duster, or Counter Brushes Hearth Brushes, fan Bellows, fancy and common cy and comtnoo Do lor Blacksmiths Hall and Entry Mats llcad do do no Cloth do . do do Weavers do White Wash do Shoe AC Scrubbing do Paint Brushes and rails and 1 uts Wheel - Barrows Fine Wire Sieves Do Hair do Whips of every description Seine, sewing, wrap Sush fools Clamps, 4, 7, 8 row Furniture Brushes Horse do Oed Cords, Clothes ping, baleing and ball 1 wine Fish Lines Lines Shoe Sadler Thread Sash Cords, Trace Dearborn's liallan ces, 4iC. Ropes Wr rouirlit and Cut Nails and Brads Which they will sell wholesale or retail on li txral terms. CEIiRA & CUMING, mh W 76 Pearl - street. MANUF4CIOKY OF SILVER WARE, f W. FORBES, No. 90 Broadway, one door ' . above Wall - street, reoeetlully inlorms ins friends and the public that he continue to manu farture filver tea and table setts, church plate. KKns, forks, ladles, waiter, urns, siphon, ri - b knives, &c. &c. of the latest and most elegnut patterns, of the first quality of silver and supe rior workmanship, at the lowest prices for cash. All orders executed in a masterly manner, and warranted in all cases at least equal to any ar ticles of silver manufactured and sold in this city. In addition to his own manufactures, he has on hand an assortment of rich plated and fancy hard ware, which he will dispose of very low, consisting of candlesticks, cake basked, castors, bottle castors, snuffers and trays, plated oo steel, a very superior article; elegant pen, pocket and sportsman's knives, with a variety of articles not enumerated. inch .iU im HATS. T03IAH WILSON in V forms his friends and the public, that he has removed his hat warehouse to 160 Broadway, between Maiden lane and Liberty - street, for the better accommodtiou t his retail custom er ; where ne nat cousianiiy oo nana, an extensive supply, from his manufactory, of Ladies' Beaver Hats, comprising every tasmon ana de scription of color, quality, and variety of pattern the workmanship excellent, and adapted to this or any other market. II keeps on hand (which he receives regularly, once a week, Irom his factory) a constant supply of th first quality of Gentlemen's American Beaver Hats, manufactured under his own iuspectiou, of durable and excellent materials, finished in the neatest and most fashionable style. J. W. also has for sal at his warehouse, a large and regularly replenished assortment of gentlemen's fashionable London Beaver Hatj, selected with treat care, as to workmanship and quality. Likewise. American manufactured bats, of eve ry description and kind, suitable to this or any other market. men JU Zawtr TEN DOLLARS REWARD. O ANA WAY from bis apprenticeship, ED - rt WARD YATES, a son of Edward Yates. Liverv (stable Keeper. Maiden - Lane. The a - hove boy is a little rising of eighteeo years of asre, about live feet 4 inches high, long visage, sharp chin, brown hair, and is a very intelligent boy. The above reward will he paid to any per - - . i. : . . i - ..i : I : son DnngiDK iiiuj iu tuc Butreiiiucr, v. gittug iu - formation where he may be found. JOSEPH bAuuU I T, Ulass Cutter, Comer of Grand street and Bowery. Or to WM JACKSON, 76 Chathara - rt. N. B. Strong suspicions are entertained that he is lurkins about his father's premises in Maid - en - l.ane. Anv cerson harbounns: the above ap prentice, or any master of vessel taking him off, will be prosecuted with the utmost rigour of the law. mn ami I, 'OR SALE, on renonable tern.s. the Utensils r complete for a SOAP and CANDL E Man ufactory. Likewise, nrst rate alould and Dipt uandies Enquire at No. 19 Nassau - street. mhSiilw Kulnrium on Potior Catvar IVular. TUST received and (or sale by KIRK and J MERCEIV, 22 Wall - street, An Eulogium in commemoration ol Doctor uapar nsiar, uo livered before the American Philosophical Sort ety, by the Hon. W. TUghmao, chief justice of 1 Peonoylvania. A box of fine India paper, suitable (or wood cuts, tc. mn TOTICE is hereby riven to the Storkho'd - JJN ers of the Seneca Turnpike Road Compa - ny, that their annual meeting will he holden f - r . . . . . . 1 ... Th election ol directors, on tne nrsi nioaoj in May next, at three o'clock in the afternoon, at the house of Mom Bogg, iw the village of Ltica, u the County ol Uneida. J. K1RKLAND, Sec'y. mh 30 law4w T"TT"Etheondersit:ned give notice that we have V V this day been appointed by Alexander Sheldon Esq. first iodjrtof Montgirnen, trustees for the creditors of Nicholas Berdrnr. late of the towa of Charfestown an ahsconding debtor : And we require all persons indebted to the said ab - sconHnj; debtnr. by the first of May next, W pay all debts which lliey owe to such absrordinsr debtor, and tod - liver all property of th said debtor which they hare, over to us the said trustees. And we derire all creditors of the said debtor, by the first day of July next, to deliver to us or one of os their respective accounts aaiast the said debtor. Dated March 19, 1818. DA MEL HUBB3. JACOB DE LAMALTER, THOMAS LUFFBURY. Marcms T. Reynolds, Attorney (or attaching creditors. mh 30 law3w 40 41 ii WANTING. A WHITE Woman Servant, capable or doing the cooking, washing and ironing of a small lamny. t tie best of recommeadauons. will oe required. Arsly at mh 30 tt 490 Broadway. At a Court ol Chancery, Iwld tor the slain of ' New - York, at the Chancellor's Dwelling House, in toe city or Albany, on the twruty - tiiird day of March, ia the year ol our Lord one thousand eight hundred and eighteen. Present The Hon. James Kent, Esquire, Chan cellor. Philip Schuyler, Philip Jeremiah SchuT - v pr Knislf.r K.'hiivl..r. At. nkn Vun Rensselaer, Jr. Philip Church. Peter Cm - ger and Catherine his wile, John Church, Kudoipn liunner ami Ciizabelii his wile, Richard Church, an iniant by the said Phi lip Church his next friend, Elizabeth Ham ilton, Alexander Hamilton Morton, Schuyler Morton, Cornelia L. Morton, A: Kegma alary Aiortcn, iniants by the said Philip Jeremiah Schuvler their next friend and Catharine Van Rensselaer Malcome. . John R Bleerker. Elizabeth Brincker horT, Morris S. Hiller, and Maria his wif.. Charles E. Dudley and Ulaudina his wife, Martha Bradstreet, Samuel Bradstrcet. fhomas Morris, lliooias Biddle. Johu Wharton and William Hale and Catherine Van Rensselaer Schuyler his wife. aHE complainants arove named having filed their bill in the above mentioned cause for the partition of the following parcel of land, that is to say a parallelogram in the counties of Oneida and Herkimer, in this state, on the south side of a patent granted on the second day of January, 1764. to Joseph Worrell and others, commonly called Coeby's Manor, lying along and upon the south boundary of the said patent as its base, being 26 chains and 59 links more or lass in breadth, and the whole extent of the south hue or boundary of the said patent, i. e, 4(13 chains more or lets in length, and Philip Schuyler, one of the complainants, having made an affidavit annexed to the said hill of the truth of the allegations therein contained respecting the unknown owners of the said parallelogram. It is thereupon, on motion ol Air. J. V. tleury, ol counsel lor the complainant's ordered that all parties interested in the "aid parallelogram oi tana appear ana answer the complainant's bill filed in the above cause, by the eleventh day ol July next, to tlx1 end that in case of default, the complainant's hill may be decreed to be taken pro conlesno against all such unknown parties as shall not appear and answer by the said day. And let a ropy of this order he published lor three caltndar moiitns, once at least in every week, in a newspaper prin ted in the city of New - York and in the city of Aihany. A copy. itmas, negisier, mh 30 1a3m DRY WHITE LEAD. 60 bbls and 4 tierces English Dry White Lead, of tine quali ty, in lot to suit purchasers, for sale by VVALiCM UALjli.tUIir.ri., mh 3(1 66 South - street. .INOLISH GOODs. 1 case super black aucl J2i white tamboured Lare Veils 1 case dark r ancy Prints 2 da plate Furniture Prints 1 do huff, chocolate and pink do 4 do Madapollam and Steam Loom 1 do Cambrics, 1 do striped Jeannetls 1 do two green Prints, 3 do navy blue do 1 do. IN an keens 1 do Venting and white Quillings 2 do Plate Print', 3 do dark Furniture do 1 do assorted Silk Twist, just received per ship Pacific, lor sale oy r P. REM SEN It CO. mh 28 26 South - street. Cl G. ii S. HOWLAMD, 77 Wasningtoo - st. F. offer for sale 208 hhds. prune Muscovado St. Jago sugars 7 pipei old Sherry Wine 4 kegi Muscatel Wine, 14 years old 4 do Paforet do i boxes Claret, 350 Oval Demijohns 6 ton English and 19 do Swedish Iron 100 bids, giouud Camwood, warranted pure 25 do salted Seal Skins 10 tons Lignurovitas 4000 lbs. prime Ivory 30 hhds. Quercitron Bark 2 bales German Shirting Linen 2 do do Sheeting Linen 8 do Caleutta Piece Goods 50 cases half pint Tumblers 4 casks Crucibles, 6 cases Toys 1 bale Hare Skins 8 kegs Vermillion. mh 28 ADEIRA CITRON. 0 kegs and 7 boxes IV J. Citron, just received per ship Ellen, from Madeira, for sule by mh 26 DIVIE BKTHUNE & CO. MADEIRA WINK. 34 pipes, 33 hall pipes and 54 quarter caiks London particular Madeira Wine, the chief part of which is of a very superior quality, and is from 5 to 7 years old. The whole has been imported by the subscribers, and will be sold at moderate prices to dealers or private families. TUCKER ft LAURIES, mch 17 29 South - sL H OP. - - . - y bales sl sort Hons, growth of ion, jusi received ana ior saie ny CAMBIiLLtMi S rt.Att0?l, mhlO 67 South - street. CALCUTTA SUGAR. - 68 bags plain white V and 39 do double boiled. - Just landed and for tale by CAMBRELENG tc PEARSON, mhfl 67 South - street. l ATHKF.LBARROWS. Ate 25 Wheelbar V V 3000 gunny bags row i hhd and 2 bale London seine twiae 5000 lbs. Calcutta twine 250 cask rut nails, assorted sizes ' 60 do wrought do 50 bales Calcutta hemp 7 do foolscap paper Also, hollow ware, shoe thread, whips, brush es. Sic. forsale hy CEBRA ft CUMING, 76 Fearl - sL mh 16 AAELLOW CORN MEAL 34 bhdsand 25 X bbls kiln dried Indian meal, Tomlinson'i brand, of a very superior quality For sale by .TUCKER 4t LAURIES, mch 27 29 South - st. HWJJEHbi) TALLOW ft HIUES. FEW thousand pounds New - York Tallow, r. and ZOUU Slaughtered Hides, for sale. Apply to T. GIBBONS, Fly - Market, mh II tf I1RASS CABINET WARES. U cask 13 Commodes, Knobs, &c. handsomely assorted, and ol new patterns, for sale by , HURD ft SF.WALL, mh 12 65 South - street. "i IMGER, &c 200 kegs first quality greund VJI lunger, (warranted pure) 60 boxes mould and dip'd Candles ' 300 half and qr. boxes Spanish Setars, for sale by JACKSON ft WOOLLEY, mh 23 4t 75 Wall - street. IRENCH CAMBRIC. PLATILLAS, ftc J.' z cases coot's; 4U ps. linen cambric 5 do coarse brown nlatillas 100 pieces coarse German linen, 100 yards earn - r or saie by n.itu. i accu I I , mch 18 64 Sooth - street. I.1.NGL1SH I ROW and SPIKES. 40 tons Hal JZi Iron, assorted size 100 casks Spikes, from 4 to 6 inches The former entitled to drawback, forsale by HENDERSON ft CAIRNS, roh 11 81 Pine - street. SbLRsUCKLRa, tc - 3 bale yellow striped seersuckers 2 bales blue baflas, entitled to debenture, for sale by P. REMSEN ft CO. mh 10 rpABLE MATS, mh 18 3 rates, for sale by CEBRA ft CUMING, 76 Pearl - street. CHOCOLATE, STARCH, &c ISOboxc Hill's B"too Chocolate 80 do Wnit's do Z.jO kegs Philadelphia Starch 300 half and qr. ho'.e Spanish Serar For sale by JACKSON ft WOOLLEY, mhli 77 Wall - street. Far KEW.QRLKAXS. - t'iue west side or Btirlmr - clin will sail in 5 days.' For freight or pnssage, having excellent accommodations, apply on board. or to N. L. k G. GCISWOI J), mh 28 - 86 South - street. tor BltltTUL, rli. r. - t . .ti:.. vi i uv iimil. Dnwl.n.1 ... :i :.. e .!.. dations, apply on lounl at Pine - street - wharf, or to GK15WOLDS ft COATEa. mh?8 68 6outli - sireeL .,'i.OtjR, COrFEE, ftc. - 40Ubbls. Virgin 1 ia Flour 4 j hhds. prime old and new Richmoud To bacco, 18 do Petersburg do 21 bales Upland Cotton . 35 Is. and S!0 hf. ts. Rii e 150 bags St. Domingo and 64 do green Havana Coffee 5 toiS Lignumvita? Port, Claret and Madeira Wine, in hhds. and quarter caks Roriz red Port Wine, in cases of 3 dotcn each FREIGHT FOR OPORTO. A good vessel bound to Oporto may have about 1000 bushels corn on freight. Apply to 14. UII.LjE.orlt., mh m l ix r roni - sireei. t ot LIVERPOOL, The ship IMPORTER, Rogers, now takiiie in cargo, and nothing shall pre - veul her from coiue to sea on the 5th of April, thould the weather prove favorable. Four more passengers can be accommodated. A pply to the captain, ou board, at Pier No. 12, or to CH.fllL.tb HAL. Li, i ueaver - si. mch 26 tor Sale, freight or Charter, The fast sailimr packet ship ELLEN Rowland, master, lust returned from hourdeaux and can be put in readiness to take cargo in a lew days I his ship it Z years old, burthen 301 tons, very profanely lound and in tha best condition. For particulars apply on board at Puie - strcet wharf, or to GRISWOLDS ft COATES, mch 25 611 South - st. . . t or HliMUL, 4& The Cut sailing copper bottomed Bri - l!rrAltih bns BRITANNIA, Watson, mas ter, u uow loading, and is expected to be ready for sea on Monday next, the 30lli instant, i or freight ol 200 bbls. or passage, having handsome accommodations lor 4 passengers, apply to capt, Watson, on board, at pier ho. 13, or to DIVIE PETI1UNK Co. mh 25 92 Coffee - house - slip. For NEW - OHLKANS, Schooner WILLIAM, Capt. Bignoll ; will sail on Wednesday next. For Ireight or passage apply on board at Dover - st wharf, or at No. 16K i'tarl street. mh 25 S. MARSH ft IJROOK3. i'or Salt, Vrtiglit or t'harttr, The substantial double - decked and fast sailing brie KENTUCKY - BELLE, Deshon, master, burthen 232 tons, will be ready to receive a cargo in a few days lies at pier No. 6, N. River. For terms, apply on board, or to G. G. ft S. IIOVVIVOO, mh 25 77 Washington - it. For HA V RE, JklA The well known coppered ship MA - 31&;R1A - THERESA, Skiddy, master The principal part of her cargo being engaged, will meet with quick dispatch. For freight of 150 bales cotton, or passage, having good accommodations, apply to F. DEPAU, or G. G. ft S. HOWLAND, mh 15 77 Washingtnn - str For Salt, Freight or Cluirler, The brig RECOVER, Owen, mas Viw. 242 tons will carry about 2750 bbls i is well found, and a sound good vessel ; lies at pier No. 10, E. R. Apply to JOS. OS BORN, mh 17 28 South - st. For Sale, FretgU or Charier, The brig ROBERT, Pope, master, 289 tons : will carry 3200 bids ; 2 yoars old; well found, and a good vessel lies at pier Wo. 9. Apply to JOSEPH OSBORN, mh 17 28 Soutb - st. H'anltd to Charier, A good VESSEL that will carry 600 bbls. for a voyage to Bermuda. Imme diate dispatch will be given. Apply to TUCKER ft LAURIES, mh 13 29 South - street. For MOBILE ft BLAKELEV, Jk The substantial and fast sailirgnew Xschr. ANN - MARIA, Capt. Wright, 102 tons, having two thirds of her cargo engaged and on board, will meet with despatch. For the remainder of her freight or passage, having good accommodations for cabin and steerage passengers, apply on board at Pier No. 4 E. River, or to PETERS tc HERR1CK, mh 12 29 Coenties - slip. SALE BY Hoffman k Glatt and Franklin ft finurn. r Tuesday, 31st inst. at 10 o'clock, at the KJ store No. 90 South - street, opposite the steam - boat wharf, between Beekraan and Bur - ling - slip, all th TEAS and CASSIA, just arrived in the ship Huntress, Allen, master, from Canton, viz : 932 chests hyson skin tea 732 do young hyson tea 204 half chests do 100 6 - catty boxes do 100 10 do do 100 13 do do 100 15 - do do 100 20 do do 300 chests hyson tea, 123 half chests do 9i'i) 10 - cattv boxes do 80 boxes, cotit'g 2, 3 and 41b caanisters do 00a chests souchong lea 446 hf. chests do. 700 qr. chests bobea 109 half chests gunpowder tea H5 5 - cattv boxes do bz boxes, cont'g 2, 3 and 41b caanisters do i . . . i . 40 boxes of 20 - catty do 100 do 6 do do 111) do 10 do do 57 h'lxes, con's; 2.3 and 4lh. cannistersdo And on Friday, the 3d of April. 2000 boxes CHINA WAKE, consisting of enamelled tea cups and saucers, dining and lea - sets, breakfast cups and saucers, blue and white plates, dishes, he. G3 Tbe above teas are all fresh, and of very superior quality, selected hy a very competent judge, and particularly calculated lor this market ; and the china comprises a very extensive assortment. ml) X4 SUGAR. 228 hhds. prime New - Orleans Sugar, landing at pier No. 13, E. River, from ship Gleaner, will be sold on the wharf. Apply to CHAS. L. OGDEN, and mh14 ABU. IMjULS. I EGHORN HA fa, ftc. 5 cases comprising LJ a comrieal assortment or laoies wmte ana black, girls white, and mens and boys Leghorn Hats. Also, rich straw trimming suitable for tbe fiats. A very superior nun or v aaningion, in marble, and a narcel of SilK Worm Gut lor anglers. just received by the ship Hamilton, from Leg horn, arm 'or ssie oy KING ft MEAD, No. 175 Broadway, mh 27 31 (i(lrw FLOUR. CioJ 4 bbls snuf. and 33 do fine, landing from sundry vrls, from Richmond, for rale by ' ' . ...... ...... n . g.r mh IP. Divm Ht.miwL - " Ul HI I K LEAK - 30qr.cwt.kegi White Lead, just received .nd for ale ty TUCKER ft LAURIES. mh 1 29 Sontb ttiret. 1 r. MADEIRA WINE. - A sitritl pared of. lJ. L. P. Madeira Wine, oTgood quality, will be sold low, to close a consignment, by : K.4C. W. DAVENPORT ft CO mh 17 CI OT TON ft RICE 85 bales prime Upland Cotton 105 tierces prime Rice, for sale in lots to suit purchasers, by GRISWOLDS ft COATES, mh 27 68 South - street. ' 1 .DIGO 30 ceroons first quality Spanish Uo - JL taut uidigo (eubtled to dbentnre) 6 cases Bengal do do For salo by JACKSON ft WOOLLEY, mch 27 75 Wall - st. LEGHORN FlORKTTl HATS. I13T - a.... ..... I ln.,.ln nnt - AM rtf lin J rir Fioretti Leghorn Hats, assorted Irom no. JOB M). ALSO, 1 Hn nl'fin Whitp t 'liin with lultahla nro - portion of double binds. For sale by Vlllt'HVlMlllTJIi i'l AVfllV mh 95 lw Mo III Broadway. SI'KEL iiti buudlrs twedi - h strel, for sal by HURD ft SKW ALL, mh 13 " 65 South - st. ri'RalT UHK DIMITIKS, LOUNTLHPAIttS, UV I LIS, AiC. ftc. Lft C. SUYDAM havejust received per Importer, 4 cases fringed counterpanes and cradle cover 2 do niarseilles quilts, part of bath very large sizes, elegant and new patterns 2 cases lurnittire and baloon diuiities 6 trunks cambric muslins, purl undressed 1 do fiur. ginghams Also, just come to linnd 1 box 8 - 4 super cambric dimities 2 do men's and ladies' cotton hosiery, ast'd 2 bales linen bed tick, part superfine Irish linens, sheetings, diapers, tablecloths Lone lawns. Mack linens, ftc. ftc. , For rale on accommodating terms, by the package or retail, at No. 61 Maiden Lane. mh24 lw CALCUTTA SUGAR. 300 bags h. - i!ed and KJ plain white of superior quality, landing at Coenlies - slip, lor sale at 07 - Niuth street, hy CAMBRELENG tc I'EARsON mhl7 flMlOi CANDLES. IM boxes Converses J. Mould Candles, for ale by BEMENT ft GALE, mh 24 lw No. 60 Water street.rt 71 RKsIl r'KXI l .M Uoxi t Orange ami oO JL7 do Leon enioui, just received, lor sale by JOS. JOHNSON, 9 Gouveriirurs lane. mh 13 Adf FLOUR. m.J3 Bbls and 90 hf. do Alexandria mountain flour, equal if not superior, for family uie, to an 1 southern flour received in this city For sale by mhitf D. BETIIl'NE ft CO. I XH ST. DOMINGO COFFEE. LoJj bags, for sal by TROKES, DAVIDSON & Co. 106 Front - street. mh 27 'MURKS ISLAND SALT. i'doO bushels X bright Turks Island Salt for sale by bright TUCKER ft LAURIES, 29 Soulb street. mh 25 Li UN POWDLR. A constant supply ol Oun I Powder, from the "Orange Works" for sale by JAMES DHVOLF, Jr. mn i'l ti r root - street. MILITARY BOUN'I Y LANDS. THE Subscriber will pay the highest price in cash tu the late soldiers for their bounty lands. JAMES D. WADSWORTil, No. 26 Water - street. N. B. J. D. W. purposing to leave the city for the Illinois Territory, requests all those who era - iioyeu mm o ooiain inoir imiriu., u tan nun taknp the same, or receive Cash lor lliem. Will take any agency business to the llli nois Territory, relntite to Soldiers claims, ftc. Apply as above, mch 10 DAzC 3wt LIME BURNERS. 7" AN TED three or four experienced lime v v burners, who ran be well recommended. To such constant employ and liberal wages will be given Apply to EZRA LUDLOW, 34 Hoaver - st. eTO LLT, The house No. 34 Beaver - street, for one or two years Apply as above. mch 25 D&CU . TO LET, Those spacious HOUSES, No. 41 and 43 VV all - street, lately known as the Merchants' Hotel. They will be let either together or se parately. The house No. 41 has a building in the rear of it, containing twenty beJ rooms with fire - places, which makes it on of the most de sirable situations in the city for a lioardiog house, especially as the lower rooms may be let with advantage either for insurance or broker's offices. For terms, apply to GEORGE BUCHANAN, mh 27 14t 4 Moat - lane. 7V1 I. VI' Sill 4 " - l !! From Uie 1st of May next, the House, ioTiii Broadway, occupied by John Wells, Esq with the Stable, ftc. in tbe rear. Apply to II L.AH'11 I , mh26 3lt Wall st corner ufNassau - st. - KjaU A room suitable for an OiTice, in or near Hudson - street. Apply at this office. mh25 tf To Let at Bloomitigdale, The large, convenient and pleasantlv Hurtled house of the subscriber, with tlie out buildings and grounds, opposite the new Stone Church on the Bloomingdale road, 4 12 miles from town. Apply to JOHN H. TALMAN. mh2r1m 214 Pearl - street. eTO LET, From the fust of May next, the three story brick house, No. S8 Dev - strert. Apply to ' LEONARD BLEKCKER, mh 27 2w 27 Wall - street. eTO LET, The upper part of a genteel two story brick front house, No. 33 Chapel, next to the corner of Murray - street, very convenient, having A rooms and a separate kitchen, on the same floor. Apply on tlie premises. mh 28 tf 'JO LET. The well known country seat, formerly occupied by John S. Rouiet, F.sq. opposite thai of Mr. ucpeyiwr, oo tne oioominguaie noau Apply to LARUE, PALMER ft CO. oh 28 lw 71 Washington street. L.ADY well qualified to give lessons on XX the Piano Forte, informs the public, inai I. - w'.ll ivi Ininns three times a week, at Uie moderate price of Ten Dollars per quarter. Application to be made to John Read, No. 36 Courtlandt - street, or Alexander M. Muir, No. 521 Pearl - street. mh 84 2w FOR SALE, A PAIR of bay HORSES, well broke and found. ForpartirularscsJIatShaw' very - stable, io Uberty - street, near Broadway. snhSOSw A LAW to amend the law, entitled " A law for the appointment of a street - commissioner, and to reguUt'. tbe paving and keeping in repair, and to prevent obstructions in the streets of tbe riiv of New - York." passed March 23, 1818. TIE it ordained, by the mayor, aldermea and II rnoiir.nnaltv of the city of New - York, in common council convened. That no stoorj. or step, nf any description whatever, shall be erect ed or built in any street in Uie city of New - York, which shall exceed in height five feet ; and if any person shall build or erect any stoop or tep contrary to the true intent and meaning hereof, every s - ich person shall forfeit and pay the sum of two hundred and fifty dollars. Vf the common Counni, mh 23 dlw J, MORTON, Clerk. PUBLIC SALES; BY P. U MILLS ft CO. Thursday. Athalfrmst 9 o'clock at their auction rooxe, an entire invoice of 80 packages fresh imported t rench goods, comprising as choice and valuable an assortment as was ever offered for sale in this market, consisting of double chained levan - tines, double florences of all colors, piainrtafcta, satin and rich figured ribbons, mens and womens silk hose, do gloves, rich merino shawls, levan - tiue do ; embroidered hdkfs. ; Inuile lace and. lace bands, linen cambric and cambric bdkfs. fans, chenille cords, florcntine vesting, silk hat covers, and a number of other articles. The above goods will be sold on a hberal credit, which wilfbe made knonn at tbe sale. MARBLE FOR BUILULVU, le. TH E proprietors of th southern marble qua - , lies, near King's - Bridge, give notice, that they have on hand, and arc receiving, at th King's - Bridge Marble and Lime - ward, foot of Beach - street, on the Hudson river, an extensiva stock of marble for building, of the following de scriptions, viz : Ashlar coping Watertable Step Platforms Sills Lintel Arches Foundation Stona Chimney - piece Facings Columns) Also Lime of the best quality. rrr" A constant supply of the above material may be calculated upon t and those desirous of purchasing, or making engagements, will apply io Ezra ludlow, Feb It At the Yard. REMOVAL. XT' N. SMITH DAVIES has removed his chemical perfume manufactory and warehouss) from iSo. 136 Broadway, one door north of Li berty - street, on the west (ids of Broadway. mch 27 NO I ICE. (fr All persons having demand against tha estate of Doctor Archibald Bruce, deceased, are requested to send their accounts to the office of the subscriber, No. 5 Nassau - street. PETER JAY MUNRO, Mh 27 lm Administrator. CITY ASSEMBLY. (t7" Those gentlemen who have not had an opportunity ol paying (heir subscription, will have the goodness to seud it to one of the managers. mh 27 iw CONCERT. J HI. WITT, respectfully acquaints hi . friends and the public, that his Benefit Concert, will be on Thursday, April 10th, at the Assembly Room City Hotel, Broadway. Particulars, of which will be announced in future advertisements. mh 27 14t ' '.L ' Two shares io the New - York Library society, FOR SALE, price $25 each. Enquire at iio. 124 llroailnav. mh 28 THEATRE, ANTHONY - STREET. On Tuesday, March 31. 18iB. VllR THK SI.XXHT or MR. M ESTATE. Qr Mr SI'AiMH.AS. in consider!, n of (ho services of MR. MEiaTAYER, as interpreter has appropriated (he proceeds of this night for his Benefit, and has selected u variety of new and interesting deception, never atten pled by any in the profession, and a yet unsurpass'd, wherein will be displayed by a .Masterly Hand, the as tonishing talent of Mr. Stanislas, in the mystic science of Legerdemain and to which Mr. M . has uddi d the uunvall'd talent of Mr. Mestuyeron the SLACK - WIRE. The doors will oieii at 6 o'clock, and curtain rise at 7. Box jl, upper box 75 cents, pit CO cents, childien half price. mh 28 3tf CONCERT ftr MRS , FRENCH, formerly a oupil of Mr.H. Carr, and lately ol Mr Gilles, sen.) has thtt pleasure to announce to her fri - nds, and the public generally, that her tontLK I win taae place on Tuesday, the 31st inst. at th City - Hotel, where will bo performed tbe following pieces. Iador oi the orchestra, M(, Geutll ; Pia - oo - furta, Mr. Etticnne. PaaT 1. Overture, Haydn Song, O never doubt my love, Mrs. French Minuetto, Pleyel Song, Light as thistle - down moving, Mrs. Freiirh Andante, Haydn Song, Sweet Bird, (Handul) Mn. French Allegro, , Haydn Tart t. Sinfonie, OyroveU Song, Love among the roses, Mrs. t reoch Variations, nule and piano - lort. by Messrs. Taylor and Etlienne Song, Something so pleasing, Mrs French Minuitln. Gyrovetx Song, Del se Conservi. (accompani - ' ed on the flute by Mr. Taylor,) ' Mrs. French Finale, Oterket Ticket to be had at Mr. Dubois' music - store, Broadways Mr. Goodrich's book - store. It roadway Mr. ueiii's, iviaiue.n lane ; son at ine bar of Ciiy - Ho.el. (To commence at 7 o'i lock, p.ecisely.) mh28 3f GRAND BALL AT WASHINGTON - HALL. lf R. BERAULT has the honor to inform if J. the ladies and gentlemen of New - York, that his annual grand ball wdl take plate on Thursday evening th 2d April, in the Washington - Hall saloon.. Io the course of the evening, a ballet dance, and several other fancy dances, will be performed by Mr. Bel null's pupils, a follows : ,1 Entrance of a grand march, by 20 young I die. 2 Corp d ballet, by 20 young ladies ' 3 Pas d deux, by 2 young ladies 4 Pas seul, by I young lady 5 The shawl dance, by a young miss C Gavotte da Vestris, by 6 young ladies 7 The shautruse, by 2 young ladies 8 Corps d ballet, by 0 young ladiss 9 Hi allsmand, by 2 youug ladies 10 De deux, by two joung ladies 1 1 Pas seul, with the tambourine, by a young lady 12 The three grace, by 3 young ladies IS Pas seul, by a young lady 14 Tbe lesson, by 2 young ladies 15 Corp de ballet, by 20 young laJi 10 A grand march, to conclude with, by 20 young ladies. The ball to begin prcisly at 7 o'clock, and the ballet at 9. , . . , , , TV Tickets, one dollar eat h, to be bad at Mr, Berault's, No. 31 Courtlandt - street, and at Washington - Hall. mh ' 3w COLUMBIAN PIC JURE t.ALLERY, CI reLToa STAEET. Te connoisseurs and amateurs tu the Fine Arts, and to the enlightened public of new - York. 'IMIE proprietor of an extensive collection of I niriurn. lite work of the most eminent painters, havirg just arrived from Europe, where be has purchased them from the cat inct of Home. Naples. Florence, Paris, Amsterdam and London, at a very considerable expencc, propo ses to exhibit them to the ladies and gentlemen of this city and its vicinity . The exhibition will begin on Monday, Uie 6th of April. It will be far superior to any as yet offered io Uie U. States, the pictures beiog undoubtedly originals, by Uie following artists : Claude Da Vinci Ruben Corregio Parniegiano Ktmlrant . . i - i c - ' verooia vioaerweii ouuivnM Albono Netscher Caracci Dominichino Raphael Milant Poussin Vmdemecr Bamboccio Ostarie Tenters Succarelli Vandervelde Jan Stern Hans Holheia Neefo Van Tulden Onltnus Wnwermano Me.tni , Chesvistille lutberbuT Titian DnJardya Wilson ' Gainsborough Barker Hi.ton Richardson Cuyp HroeheI Munllo Panini ice. ftc. ftc. Admission 50 cents each, or one dollar per Hours from 10 it. the morning to seven in tbe evenirg. Cfttalocues any be had at tha Gallery. ash 27 ! V i i J. i . t

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