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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Monday, March 30, 1818
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ben teen to prevail in that qoarUrUaitOu lid of wealth way be obstructed by any - aire bearing on th importation ol tormgr maaa - factor. The writer's advice t " young politi - cis - ns," to bold thesaselves aloof from the sxanu - f!.rtiBX question, l " unkiudest cut of all." 1 Att , "' WWi I v freely eriticisd tbii writer, sot wspact yielded toforsaation, talents and " nity. ia cooclunoa, I cuoot but deeply kant the hard feu of oar manufacture iu having U contend with domestic a well a fo - - reign en assies ; ia having to snott the opposition rth a bore writer, operating, newever weu sn . - . fended, ia connection with British hosUlity. open , ly avowed io parliament and tecretly prosecated ia all the Bomberles channel of her lauueac. 1 - Vn behalf of our distressed mamtfoclitrcrt. - rdHK evening post. MONDAY, MARCH 30. CmgTUt.Oa Friday but Mr. Wilioa of the aviate reported against the expediency of ro - Tidiof for the security of passenger sn the mad coaches arising from negligence in the proprv ton and driven. 1 In the aoOM of ivprvsantati res Mr. Rich from the committee of claim reported a bill for the relief of 159 raffcreie oa the Niagara frontier, ' who had their property dettroyed by the enemy In the late war. ' Mr. Claibora moved that a committee be ap pointed toeoqoire Into the expense iucarred under the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th articlet of the treaty of Ghent, and that they be instructed to laake a detailed report thereon. The boose then went into committee of the whole on the general appropriation bill, to which aa amendment bad been moved by Mr. Clay to introduce aa appropriation for the outfit of a mioiUrto Buenoa - Ayret debatei oa which occupied the house until a late hour without any question beig taken. . The reader it referred to the lint page, where he will find tome eloquent observation, under the signature of fAnOld Officer,1" and hdi well written remark on Manufactures and the OererrmU Spttch." The ease with which the late mail robbery, near Baltimore, wa accomplished, and the im - Diente amount of plunder obtained, we predic ted would embolden other villains to make si milar attempts. A little time will convince the government that the mail in this country, ' as in Europe, must have a guard to protect it ' SALEM. March 28. Attempt to fob the Eastern mail. Yesterday morning, about one o'clock, aa the Mail Stage irom uic eastward was passing through Bay - brook, two or three miles this side of Hampton Falls, a man suddenly caught hold of the ' reins of the leading horses, crying out - wo," and turning them to the side of the road. Mr. Potter, the driver, however, by skilful management of the reins and applying the whip, immediately succeeded in turning the horses into the road and disengaging them from the villain A few minutes after he saw three men coming from the field into the road, but he was driving with great rapidity, and they made no attempt to molest him. There were only two passenger in the stace. As soon aa the stage reached Ncwbiiryport, persona were sent to me puce where the mail stage was attempted to be stopped, where they found a pole lying across the road, from which it was cn. luded that a robbery of the mail waa intended. The mouth of one of the horses is severely cut by the efforts made to top nun. v From Buenos Ayres. Wo hare eeo a letter from Buenos Ayres, written in Spanish, to a gen - tleman fa this city, dated Jan. 13, which states, that a Spanish cruiser had taken an English brig, bound to Louden, carried her into the Bay of All Saints, unloaded her, and detained all thai part of her cargo which was American. Such property as belonged to British subjects was re leased, and the brig suffered to proceed on her Voyage. This looki very much like hostility on the part of Spain. We received a Savannah paper this forenoon of the t tst intt brought by the tchr. Undauuted, which states that gen. Gaines and maj. Nix, who were upset in a boat as they were decenj tug the river to Fort Scott for provisions, are safe ; but tint major Wright, the general's aid. and four men, were drowned. Slave and senants. An act was passed the Slst of March, 1017, by which, uuless certain steps be taken by the masters, before the lit ol April neit, all blacks born in this state, after the 4th of July, 1779, will be free at 10 years of age Is this generally known ? Richard B. Dadley, master of the sloop Julia Ann, of New - York, now in the port of Norfolk, offer a reward of 10 dollars for the apprehen sionofafealfbred Indian, by the name of Janus, who robbed the cabin of said sloop, and made his . escape ia her long - boat. To - morrow evening, Mr. French, a lady from Baltimore, proposes to gire a concert at the Ci - ty - IIotel, and repert authorises the expectation that the public will witness the exhibition of the uncommon power of a fine voice, guided by a taste, which has been cultivated by a loo course of hvtrui tion, under the ablest mas ters in this country; indeed, she is represented as an accomplished singer, well entitled to the patronage of the New - York public. We understand that Mr. "Simpson takes bit farewell benefit on FriJay evening next, previ - ous to his departure for England, for the purpose of procuring additional taloot in every department of our theatrical corps. We hope that he may receive, in a crowded house, on this occa - sion, the auspicious omen of a prosperous voya;t and a successful expedition. , Hat KnUmc majesty's brig ixen,lieut. Smith, S3 days from Bermuda, with the January mail from England for Halifax, put into Boston last Friday for provision. COMMUNICATION. Certain youug gec'tentu, who are in the habit of taking down igni at mid - night for fa i, are informed, th if the practice i penned in, those gentlemen laall see their proper names in . pnnt VEKBUJlSVr, Homo takes great pleasure in doing justice to the taatnm rl Mr. Iixnll IWfoxbaBl. W loaf I BraaUoghaa, by aaysog, waa "V. "l litem to whom be Wlnaa an of Homo, of Friday last. ; r. H OMQ. , To Joseph D.Fey, eoow'oMthor Heave. From the aatnre of your ceeBmnnication, fa the Evening Post of Friday but, it becomes m - cambe at on me to give to the public a true statement of facts. Upwards of SO years ago, I sold imi Jnnh Far. tws tract of sand, about .... nw,nl rM Mtli. ia the township of I Burbogton and New - Unntingtoa, ia the state of Vermoot, to assount, as nearly as caa iwikw r i ihnnaand dollar: for which, the said Fay oaid me in roods to the amount of about (1500 r . . . j k.i :,l otdy, leaving uus coasraeraute notwithstanding the Kud Fay, as I was informed, had sold the land to Mr. Oliver Phelps, for which he ae doubt received the money. A settlement having frequently been urged by me, and the said Fay, paying ae attention thereto, was ar rested for the same, out not in in manner re pre tented. And I utterly disavow that I ever ac knowledged I had no claim ; and that I demand' d 100 (unless it was part of mv said claim,) of sasd r ay, or tnreaieoed to bold bun prisoner from bss lamuj until monaay." March 30. The following document were illicited on a call of Mr. Speaker Clay, for information for what purpose the three commissioners were lately tent by the Executive to South America The fuUiAcinx Document! yrtrt read in Congrtts on the ZVIi insf . naraarsiEST or state. Marrh 2. 1818. Sia I have the Ixmor to enclose a conv of the commission from this Department with which Messrs. Rodney, tiraham ami Bland were furnish ed by direction or the fresident. lney bave, as you will perceive, no distinct diplomatic rank... Thev are expected to lie absent seven or eight months ; and the compensation allowed them bv the President is six thousand dollars each, and to o thousand dollars to their Secretary. Their ex - pences on the voyage, until their return, except while on shore in' South America, nre likewise al lowed ; and Messrs. Rodney and tiraham having Keen appointed in June last, nun prepared to 50, but bv various accidents detained until the begin ning of December, when they sailed, claim 00 iftsl account a further allowance. If, after their arri val at Buenos Ayies,'thcy 6ml it advisable that one or more ot tliein should remain on that continent, and go to Chili, that measure is within their dis - cretionnry powers. As tins contingency was, however, not exprcted as probable ; and, if it seould occur, it was not foreseen to what extent of time it mieht eo, no specific allowance was fix ed upon for it. Under these rirruinalanccs, it was anticipated that the sum of 30,000 dollars would not more than suffice to cover the expenses of the mission. I am, with great respect, sir, your very hum ble and obedient servant, JOHN QUINCY ADAMS. William Lowitnss, Esq. Chairman of the Committee of Ways &i Means. To all tcho tkall tee thtne present : Be it kuown, Cesar Auguxlus Rodney, John Graham.and Theodorick Bland, three distinguish ed citizens of the United Stales, and enjoying in a hiph degree the confidence and esteem of the President, are about to visit, in a national shin nu just and friendlv obiecls. and at the special desire 01 tne iTesident, divers places and countries in souin America. These are tlrerefore to renupst, that, whither soever they may eo, thev. with their suite, may be received and treated in a manner due to the confidence reposed in them, and each of them, ns aforesaid by the I'resuleiit ot the United states, and to their own merit. j Given under my hand, and the seal of the Denurtmrnt of State, this twentv - fourlh l. s day of November, in the year of our l.oro onr thousand eight hundred and seventeen. JOHN QUINCY ADAMS, Secretary of Slate, Here followed an interesting debate, which we shall give in our next. STATE OF SOUTH AMERICA. . Ilenoit of the secretary of state, transmitted by the president to the house of representatives, on the Zjth inst. Th secretary of slate, to whom has been re ferred the resolution of the house of represents lives of the 10th of December, has the hone r of submitting the documents herewith transmitted, a containing the information possessed at hi department, requested by that resolution. Iu Uie communications received from Don Manuel II. de Aguirre, there are references to oertain conferences between him and the secretary of state, which appear to require some ex planation. I he character in which Mr. Asuirre present ed himself was that of a public agent from the government of I. a f lata, anil of private agent of thatol Chili his commissions from both sun - nly qualified him as agent ; but his letter from the supreme director I'ucyrredon, to the presi dent of tlio United States, requested that he might be received with the consideration due to his diplomatic character. lie had no commission as a public minister of any rank, nor any full power to negociate as such. Neither the letter, of which ho was tho bearer, nor he him self, at hi first interviews with the secretary ol itatc, su"geted that h was authorized to ask the acknowledgment of his government as inde pendent a circumstance which derived addi tional weight from the fart, that his predecessor, Don Martin I homison, had been diimisscd by the director Pueyrredon for having transcended his powers ; or which the letter brought by Mr. Aguirre gave notice to the president. It was some time after tlin commencement of the session of congress that he made this demand, as will bo seen by the dates of Ins written com munications to the department. In the confer ences held with hint 00 that subject, among other questions which iiviiaturally sujirojtcil, were those of the niaiiaj in which the acknowledg ment of his government, should it be deemed ad visable, might be made f and what were the tcr ritories which ho considered as forming the state or nation to be rerogiiizril It was observed, that the manner in which the United States had keen acknowledged as an independent iowcr by France, was by a treaty concluded ' with them, as - ail exialiug independent ower, and in which acb one of the states then cnniHing the Union, was distinctly named : that something of the same kind seemed tube necessary in tho first ao kiinwledgmcut of a new sovernmioit, that some definite idea mgriit be formed, uot of the precise boundaries, but of the general extent of the country thus recognised. He said, the govern meut of which he desired Use acknowledgment was ol the country which had, before the revo lution, been the vice royalty of La Plata. It tras then asked, whether that did not include Montevideo and the territory occupied by the Portuguese: the Banda Oriental, understood to be under the government of general Artigas, and sev. - ral provinces, still in the undisputed posse ion of the Spanish government. He said it did ; but observed, thai Artigas, though in hostility with the government of Buenos Ayres, support ed, however, the cause of independence of Spain and that the Portuguese could not ulti mately maintain their possession of Montevideo. 11 was alter ttns that Mr.guirre wrote the letter, offering to enter iuto a negociation for conducting a treatr : though admitting that he had no authority to that cff ct from his povernmeuL It may tie proper to observe, that Uie mode of reto;vuon by concluding a treaty had not been suggested as the only one practicable or usual, but merely as that which bad been adopted by Fiance with the United States, and as offering tk - mostrouvci icnt means of designating the ex - ten? r the territory ackuowledged as a uew darn 0100. The remark to Mr. Aguirre, that if Buenos Ayrei hould be acknowledged as inde,)endcnt, olhcrsofthe contending pmviuces would. rt. hapfj demand the same, had particularly refer ence to the fianda Oriental. ' Th enquiry was, whether gea. Artigasmiaotadvanceaciajm ofirelrpeodeaee for lboe provinces, ceoflicUog with that of Baeaos Ayres for lb whole vice royalty of La Plata , Th Portuguese possession of Montevideo was noticed ia reference to a similar qaestsoa. It should be added, that these observation were connected with others, stating th reason upon which th present acknowledgement of the government of La Plata, in any mode, was deemed, by the president, inexpedient, in regard at well to their interests as to thee of the United State. JOHN QUINCY ADAMS List of paper transmitted to the president, with . the repo - t of the secretary of state of the loth of March, 1818. 1. Do 00 Yooo Alvarex, to the president of the United State, dated Buenos Ayres, 0tb Janu ary, 1810. 3. Declaration of Independence of the United Province of La Plata, dated at Tucnman, 9th July, 1816, communicated by Don Manuel rl de Aguirre, to th Department of State, 23th December, 1817. 3. Doo J. Martin de Pueyrredon, supreme director of the United Province of the Riode la Plata, to the president of the United States, da. ted 1st January, 1817. 4. Th same to the same, dated 5 th of March, 1817. 5. Commission granted by the supreme direc tor 01 the state of Cndi. to Doo Manuel H. de Aguirre, dated 8th March, 1817. 6. Commission granted to Uie same, by the supreme director of the United Provinces ol South America, dated at Buenos Ayres, 28th March, 1817. 7. Don Bernardo O'Higgin, (opretne diree tor of the itate of Chili, to the president of the united Slates, dated 1st April, 1817. 8. Commission granted by the supreme direc tor of the United Provinces of Rio de la Plata, to Don Manuel II. de Aguirre, as agent of that government, dated 28th April, 1817. 9. General Don Jose de San Martin, com manper io chief of the army of Uie 4ndes, to the president 01 the United states, without date. 10. Don Cactano Betares, secretary of state ad interim of the executive department of the conicuerated state of Venezuela, to trie secretary of state of the United State, dated Pampatar, VI ay 27, 1817 7th - transmitting. 11. The act of the re - establishment ef the congress of Venezuela, at the city of San Felipe de lanaco, on the Bth May, 1817. 12. General Don Jose Artigas, to thepresi dent of Uie United State, dated head quarters at rurthcacion, 1st September, 1817. 13. Don Manuel II. de Aguirre to the ores! lent of Uie United State, dated Washington, 29lh October, 1817. 14. The same to Uie secretary of state, dated 16th December, 1817. 15. The same to the same, 26th December, IHI7. 16. The same to Uie same. 29th December. 1817. 17. The same to the same, 6th Jan. 1C18. 1R. The same to the same. 16th Jan. 1818. f A selection or abstract of these naners will L LI:. I i " puuntneu a soon a we can obtain a copy ot uiem.j COJVGRE&S. IN SF.NATE. March 26. The fbltowinB - resolution, submitted by Mr. Troup yesterday, was taken up and agreed to: Resolved, That the committee on the militia be instructed to enquire into the expediency of setting apart and appropriating the dividends which shall arise from the shares held by the government in the Bank of the United states to the manufacture of arms and equipments for arming and equipmg the whole body of the militia of the United States. The Senate resumed the consideration of the bill to increase the salaries of the Heads of Departments and of the Attorney General Various propositions were received and disposed of respecting the increase proper to be nunc, 111c iiuprupriciy ui uwcriminauon mnx intr the compensation'of these officers. Sic. The bill waa finally amended so as to fix the salaries ot the secretarie 01 State and ot the Treasury at 6500 dollar each, the Secretarie or War and of the Navy at 6000 dollars each ; that of the Attorney General at 3500 dollars 1 and that of the Post Master General at 4000 dollars, tu commence on Uie 1st January last. In this shape the bill was ordered to be en grossed tor a third reading and I lie senate adjourned. HOUSE OF HEPRESENTATIVES - March 26. FURTHER OF AMELIA ISLAND. The following message was received from Uie President, by Mr. J. J. Monroe, his Secretary : To tht House of Representatives otlie V. States. I transmit to the House of Representatives, in compliance with their resolution, of March the 20ih, such information not heretofore communicated, as is in the possession of the executive, relating to the occupation of Amelia Island. If any doubt had before existed of the improper conduct of the persons who authorized, and of those whu were engaged in the invasion, and previous occupancy of that is land 1 of Uie unfriendly spirit towards the U - mtcd States, with which it was commenced and prosecuted, and of its injurious effect on Uicir highest interests, particularly by its tendency to com prom it them with foreign powers in all the unwarrantable acts of the adven turers, it is presumed that these documents would remove it. It appears by Uie letter of M. Kazos, agent ot commodore Aury, that Uie project ot seizing the Hondas was formed and executed at a time when it was understood that pain had resolved to cede them to the United States, and to prevent such cession from taking effect The whole proceeding, in every stage and in all its circumstances was unlawful. The commission to Gen. McGregor was granted, at Philadelphia, in direct violation of a positive law and all the measures pursued under it, by lum, in collecting' his force, and directing its movements, were e (inally unlawful. With the conduct of these persons, I have always been unwilling to con nect any of the colonial governments ; because 1 never could believe that they had riven the sanction either to the project 111 its origin, or . . . 1 ...1 . , " ., 10 uic incaHurea vtnicii were pursued ill toe execution of it. '1 hese documents confirm Uie opinion which I have invariably entertained and expressed in their favor JAMES MONROE. Washington, March 26, 1S18. List of paper transmitted with Uie Message of the President tu the House of Representatives, in pursuance of the resolution of the 2Uth March, in relation to the occupation of Amelia bland. Extract of a letter to a gentleman in the Dis.rict of Columbia, dated Baltimore, 30th July, 1817, with an enclosure, being Copy of a letter from Sir Gregor McGregor, to a gentleman in Baltimore, dated FerJuuuv da, 17t!i July, 1817. 1 he same to the same, dated at Nassau, New - Providence, 25Ui December, 1818, with an en closure, being bxtract ot a Proclamation. Extract of a letter to the Secretary of State. dated 24th December, 1817, with an enclosure. being directions fur sailing into 1 am;a Bay. Exlractof a letter from Uie same to the same. dated 13lh January, 1818, with enclosures, directions for sailuigintoTortoia ; Translation of a letter of Marque, and of Naturalization, granted by Sir Gregor McGregor. Extract of a letter tu the same, dated 19th January, 18 IB. alitor J. Bankbcad and Commodore J. D - Henlev to tht President, daled Femanduu, orah January. 1818. twi Vincente Fazoa to uie Beorexary 011 ai.t dated 8th Pebruarr. 1818. Don Luis de Aury to uie rresiueni 01 uic United Susies, dateJ Feriuud'uia, 23d December. 1817. . . . . .. ...u. Memorial of Don Vmcente raw t tne President of th United Btates. dated Wash ington, 7th February, 1818 1 accompanied with several documents. - - The Secretary of State to Don Vincente Pa zos. dated 5th March. 1818. The message was read, and ordered to lie on Uie table. The Speaker laid before the Hhottse a letter from the Secretary of War, transmitting, ac cord in ir to the direction of Uie House, certain statements in relation to the expenses of Gen eral Courts VlarUal since 1st of August, 1812 which was ordered to lie on Uie table. THE SOUTH - AMERICAN QUESTION The order of Uie day on Uie unfinished bu siness havine been announced Mr. Poindexter moved to postpone Uie fur ther consideration of the bill, - in order to af ford time for Uie documents expressly bearing on the question, yesterday communicated, to be printed and laid before Uie House. Aftei conversation respecting it, this motion was neeatived. The House Uien having again resolved itself into a committee of the whole, Mr. Desha in the chair, on the general appropriation bill ; and Mr. Clay s motion to insert an appropria tion for a Minister to Buenos Ayres, being yet under consideration 1 Mr. Loundes addressed the house in a speech of about an hour and a half, in opposition to the motion. Mr. Robertson followed, in a speech of an hour's length, in support of the motion. Mr. Smith, of Mil next addressed the House in opposition to the motion, at some length Mr. Floyd then delivered his view in favor of the adoption of the amendment. Mr. Johnson, of Ky. followed in a speech on the same side of the question. Mr. Forsyth spoke briefly in explanation when, On motion of Mr. Smith, of Va. Uie commit tee rose, obtained leave to sit again 1 and Uie House adjourned. From the Savannah Republican, March 18, Important, if f rue. We are informed, that a reipeclabie farmer, who was in town yesterday, reported that an ludian runner arrived on Uie frontier of Tatnall county, on the 11th instant, bringing information that Uie savages had made an unsuccessful attempt to surprise Uie forces under gen. Jackson, at a place called the Ham mock, near Flint river. It was night when our army was assailed, but so well were their arms directed, that 500 of the enemy were left, dead on the Geld, and among them several whites and negroes. All Uie wounded were carried off; so that their exact loss could not be ascertained. Jackson is represented as having lost 100 men in xiiitdand wounded. From the National Intelligencer, March 28. The southern mail of yesterday, brought a re sort of a battle between the Indians and the treops under gen. Jackson. However likely to happen, we have reason to believe the present repert ol an engagement is unfounded. Extract from a letter dated Charleston Uie 18th March. Sir I have wrote you the particulars of my confinement in Uie prison of thia city, yester day commodore Aury was also introduced into these damp walls by order of our good friend the Spanish consul. From the Baltimore Federal Republican, March 27, 1818. Oen. M ina not dead.' On the authority of two Letters received in this city one from the aid of Gen. Mina dated 14 days since, the other fom Gen. Mina himself, dated only 30 days since, we are justified in asserting that the account published of that officer's beinir taken and shot, is without foundation and that his affairs are now in a more prosperous situation Uian ever they have yet been. From the.XitirDial Intelligencer of Fridau. The papers luid before Coueress iluriue the two last days have shed much light on the ijiiestiou now pending in the House ol Representatives, as well as on several others w hich have been lately agitated. Those wlio have assailed the govern ment on the score of the suppression of the rendezvous at Amelia Island, may nib their jaded pens ; fresh food is afforded for their rai;e by new proof of the correctness of that measure of the Executive. I lie Debate yet continues in the House of Re presentatives on the general question respecting the South American provinces, and grows even more animated as it proceeds. The quesliou of a War with Spain is almost aa much debated as the question actually before the House, such is the latitude of the dicusssion. From the Baltimore Patriot of March 27. We have been favored with the following: ex tract of a letter from Buenos Ayres, in addition to what we published yesterday. " Buenos Ayres, Jan. 23, 1813. 11 The present government reiims with ah iron rod, and banishment is the order of the day ; but, it will require all the ngilauce and energy they possess, to stop the flam that is now rising, and which ultimately must bum forth with a rage unprecedented, in this country. The suc cess of Uie troop in Chili, is very doubtful I alcahuaua, which has never been in the hands of the patriots, and on which they have made two unsuccessful attacks, has been reinforced from Lima by 3,000 men. The last uews says the patriots hare evacuated Conception, and fall en upon Uie town of Talca on the river Manli. The attack made by these people against gen. Artigas, of the Ban da Oriental, has met with Uie reward it merited. In the first attack, they met th a loss of 300 killed and 47 prisoners, and one piece of artillery. The force gone against Uie BanJa Oriental, is only 1500, and I think it ex tremely doubtful if many return to tell the story. Artigas is a brave, intelligent man, of litUe education, but of i.iund, solid judgmeut ; adored by his army and the people of his province, and I believe the only true republican in tho country. He is now strurclinz with all his force a - gainst Uie combined efforts of Uie Portuguese and this government. How must a republican feel when he sees and hears a people crying out lor liberty and down with all royalty, and at Uie same moment assisting a crowned head in esta blishing its tyrannic dominion over a free people ! Is it consisteut ? Is it credible f But such is the case, and I leave you to Form your opi nion, inev may call Artigat trite, savage. monster. Ui him be so, he is at the headVf! his nation, by Uie unanimous desire of Uie peo ple ; and Uie Portuguese are invaders of his territory, assisted by the government as much as they dare and as much as they can." ' CiacLtvitLx, Ohio, March 14. During the late rise of the Scioto, six boats loaded principally with flour, started from this town and its vicinity. As they wereconstruct - ed to contain three hundred and fifty barrels each, they carred with them, at least, two thou sand and one hundred barrels of flour, to the niacin ui new - wicins. i ne river is sill! IP fine boatins; order and rising The soring hasl commenced with beautiful weather. veire - tation already feels i s influence. Wheat m be bought in abundance at seventy - five cents per busheL and flour at R5 SO per barrel. The price of corn is thirty seven and an half cents ana Kyebtty cents per bus ?" Whiskey i from 37 1 - 2 to 50 cents per g lb). . WaekitilM,Mrthtl. ' I tVaaDxrAaTaTxirr.PaasioaOrricx.aABCH 26 PJ V. fnr mJutmtutmr datnu to sea sitmi, to U observed under thtimspj uongrtss oj themef Monk, 1818,etx:; Tkimnnikiiniu nt officers, end the discharge of the regular soldiers of the army of the Revo - tion, if loexistrnrr) applying for pensKns under ih lwive act. will, in rverv instance, be furrused inikslVar lwnartmrnt and the signatures of the mneetive Jiiilres. certifvmg in these cases mutt attMtnt hv the seal of the Courts where such Judges preside. The person applpmg for pension to declare, under oath, before the Judge, that from his reduced dircumslances, be needs the assistance of his country for support. Approved, J. C. CALHOUN. CHARLESTON, March 20. The British frigate Cv belle, capt. Malcom, from Jamaica via Havana, 10 day from tie lat ter port, anchored ff our bar yesterday morn - 'me. W understand she has brought acooskte - rable amount in rpecie, about f 1 70,000 of which are for different merchant in this city. 1 he c will sail for New - York first fair wind. The doc tor and an officer came up in a pilot - boat, ( CHARLESTON, March 23. Revort of tales for week past. Cotton Sea hland, 55 a 53 cents per pound ; stained do. 35 a 40 ; Aantees, 50; short staple 29 a 31 s stained do. 20 a 27. Rice Prime, 5 75 a 5 87 1 - 2 ; second quality. 5 1 - 4. Flour Camden, (sup.) $11 1 - 3 a 12; Phila delphia, II 1 - 2 a 12. Cottons Sea Islands maintain Uie price to which they had advanced the preceding week but Uplands have declined 1 or 2 cents in Uie pound since that period. Rice This staple is also declining $587 1 - 2 cents is the most that could be obtained on da turday ; and very prime parcels were bought at $5 75 cent. Flour dales are very heavy, but we continue the quotations of last wee'.. FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT. Freeman's Journal, Philadelphia, Sun - day morning, March 29th, 2 o'clock. Arrived, sch George Henry, Hallet, 7 days from Boston. Brig Cora, Arnold, 30 day from Kingston, Jam. Left 24Ui ult. sch Pbillippi, just arrived from Baltimore. Spoke, 24th March, off Chin - coteague, schrs Carpenter's too, 23 days from iV Carolina lor si. York, in distress lor provi cions and water ; capt. B. being in the same situ. ation, could not supply her The Cora has $1 15,100 in specie for the U. S. Bank. The brig Joseph, Caldwell, from Lisbon, re ceived a pdot several days age off our capes, The ship Benj. Rush has arrived up in 135 days irom Canton. Below, on of the Union Line Packets from N York. FROM OUR CORRESPONDENT. Office of the Charleston Courier, March 22. Arrived brig George & Susan, Rice, Cape Henry, (Hayli) 16 days. Left at Cape Henry, brig Hope, Cole, of Rhodes Island, for Baltimore, unc when to sail; schrs Success, Adams, in 8 or 10 days for Newburyport and Adventure, Morgan, for Salem in 20 days. Sch Maria, Latham, NYork 5 days. Sch Phoenix, Green, Coosawtchie 1 day. Came out of South Edisto, on Friday morning with the sch Ambuscade of N York, bound to Georgetown. 1 British brig John, from Kingston Jamaica, and a brig supposed to be the William, from NYork, was off the bar last evening. MARRIED, On Saturday evening, by Uie Rt - v. Dr. Ro - meyn, Mr. William Stewart, of the house of Falconer & Stewart, to Mrs. Ann Main, all of this city. DIED, At St. Croix, Oliver White, ef the house of Ives & White, of this city. At New - Orleans, Lt. Col. James V. Ball, of the infantry. B.MNINU PUXJ MARINE Litis ARRIVED THIS tXJRENOOJ. Ship Minerva - Smyth, Allen, 48 days from London, with dry goods, ic. to A Gracie & Sons, S Norwood, H k W Dclaficld, Kirk & Merreio, D Smith, T Lowe , J Fansbaw, R Bach, J As - pinwall, Calder, Vi'Lea & Cu. T. Dixon, Otis sc Swan, Crary It Babcock, J Bewen, J Bowen hi Co. H K Toler, R Romeyn, C G Smedburg, D Hadden, R Gallop, Carter Si Co. W Todd Si Co. Rowland & Brain. T Dvson. Dav & Downs. J Bates, C Meritt U Sons, If Hyde, A Brinckerhoff k Co. Nichols il Co. M Lawbaugh and K Gra cie. rasstngcrs, Messrs. l otton, Lowes, Lew, is, Walfred, Briggs, and 9 in Uie steerage. Left, ship Robert, r.dwanls, for Charleston ship Venus, ScoAeld, lor N York 15lh Feb. ; ship William, Coffin, do do ; barque Gideon, do do ; ship George, Noice, for do. uncertain. Ship Lrm sailed from thn Downs 2d r eb. Ship r.mi ly Gardner, sailed for Baltimore 8th February The Minerva - Smyth sailed from the Down 8th Feb. Experienced very sever gale in the Bay or Kiscay for ZZ day. Ship Plato, Holmes, 17 days from Matanzas with coffee, sugar and molasses, to Stevens & Mactier, and N tcDTalcott. Left, ship Gen Jackson, of Bristol, loading for Europe ; brig IV ew Columbia, Gardner, for U Island, loading, brigs Radius, Granger, loading for do ; Bet sey, do do i Washington, Knapp, loading tor oalem; Cleopatra, ot K. Island, waiting cargo ; Caroiine. Monroe, from N York. 17 davs. Sch Elliot, Chamberlain, arrived the day before, 6 days from Charleston. 24th inst. lat 38, long 74, spolce brig Emclina, from Havana for R. Inland. Ship Corsbir, Sutton, 8 days from Charleston, with dry goods and rice, to Clark, Moore ii Co. Shin Sachem. Davis, from Antwero. 42 davs from Flushing, with drypoods, zinc anil muskets, to D G Gillies, owner, F Richards, R Peters. CM'Etcrs, Taylor and Welders, FGe bhard, De Rham Si De Ltssert, J N Schmidt Si Co F ii A Brunell, F W Karthaus & Co B Desobry. F Jenkins fee Son J P Durand, J Slideil. Hurd and bewell. H Vosburg. N ii D Talcott, R ThoniD - son and N Davis. Passengers, Mr and Mrs Ga - murd, Mr and Mrs Constant, Mr Delprat, Mr uejeune iencniei anu in uie steerage. Left brig Ventrosa, Attwell, in 2 day for Havana; flip Virginia, Hiliman, uncertain. March 14, lat 43, long 34, poke brig Dori, from Bor - ueaux tor savannan, out 43 tiay. Hermaphrodite brig Bee, M'Cormick, 30 days from Havana, with molasses and honey. to B Hyde, and FA Rrunell. On the 28Ui ofl Feb arrived at Havana brig Defiance, from N Orleans, put in leaky, with loss of rudder. Passengers, Vr. Hou land, of the late brie atur - geon,of New Bedford, J P Richardson master, J"1 4W - V on ,tlie 3?lh J?" - on iuKar. Ke. from Amsterdam, bound to Havana, brig to tally lost and nearly all her cargo. March 14, lat j4 f . long 75 19, sipoke ship Missouri, ofl Philadelphia, lodsfrum Wilmingson, N. C. oounu io Liverpool. Sch Undaunted, Blackman, 5 days from Sa - vanrah, with cotton, tobacco, Sic. to A G Phelps, C W Tavlor, Le Roy, Bayard & Co. A D Duff, W Manks, and 11 Thomas. Passengers, Messrs. C G pal wood, H S Donlevy, E Ross, and C II Hinds. Sailed in Co. with sch Rose - in - Moom, fur N York, and a number of vessels for Europe The sell Emily had iust : l r , rf arrived fro n 1 York. ch Ge" Jackson, Christie, 1J days from Savannah, wi.'i cotton, rice and tobacco, to C C J ui.ii. Curtis & Bolton, T Carpenter Si Son, H Thomas, AG Phelps, 1 Phelp, kCo.Sayre ii Force, aod G Wrajrg. 25thi lat 3d 34, long 74, spoke brig James, of Warren, bound to liarar.. passenger. Mr. Mannel. , flchr Belli!, Baxter, - 8 days from Peters bare, with Hour and tobacco, to sundries. - SchrLady Tompkins, Lhibois, 7 day fro Richmoad, with flour and Tobacco, to 1 Tim. son, Strong k Haven, G - Gibbs, Clark fe Pelle - , treau, T buck ft Eon. Dakin bl Bootright, and D Bethune A Co. Left in Hampton Roads, schr ' Mary - Ana,!; day from New - York, bound to Fn. deiistkaburgb. Sloop Nancy, Gramby, 19 day from Philadelphia, with merchandise, to D PGrim and other ' Sleop Tripler, Somen, 4 day from Philadelphia, with merchandise, tec. to P Care, Jr. BELOW, British ship Pacific, from Jamaica - Brig Gen. Marion, from Isle of May. Brig Bliss, Bailey, from N Orleans. Brig Abaellino, 21 day from Havani. Brig Henry, 41 day from Isle of May. Ship Cririe, bound to Calcutta, returned Ua - kv. 'Ship Evergreen, from NCarolina,to J Barker. Ship Frances, Henrietta, 90 days from the Isle of France, to R. Dickey. tchr. Louisa, Napier, 14 day from Charle. ton, with rice and crates, to Saul Alley A others. Schr. True American, from Philadelphia. British frigate Cybelle, from Jflbiaica, via Ha vana, and Charleston, with specie Brig Maryland, from New - Orleans Sloop Alexander, Clunie, from Darien. Sloop Cordelia, Northrop, Aux Caves, 2. A Haytian brig just come up, and' several others. A pilot boat reports 8 or 10 square rigged vessels below. ARRIVED SINCE OUR LAST, Ship Chase, Forbes, 19 day from St. CrOix, via Haoiplon Roads, with supar aud rum, to Melick, Rogers ii Son, Reade ii Depeyster, Lawrence fc - Beits, "P. k. hi. Cruger, G. L. Lewi, to order, and the Captain. Left at St. Croix, chr. Ann, New - haven ; Morgiann, do. ; Henry Dcnisoo, do. ; and several lumber loaded vessels from Kennebunk. ' Bass End harbour foil of Danish ships. American produce, corn - meal in hhds. 24 ; flour 10 1 ; rye flour 6 ; prime pork 20 ; beef dull, It, and lumber unsaleable, nominally 13 per 1,000 feet. Brig Oroziinbo, Ward, sailed for Havana fra. St.Croix, on the 1st instant. The Chase has met with bad weather and heavy northerly sales for the last three weeks. Passengers, W. F. Oabom, T. Parsons, and David Rogers. Brig Eliza, Thayer, 12 days from Savannah, with cotton and tobacco, to 11. Thomas, A.liQ. Whitney, Townsrnd &c White, J F White, Cam - hrelciig' Pearson, H. Cameron, Cunningham It Uavlics, Pott a: M'kinne, and Burrill L Cahoone. On Fridav, Int. 38, 30, long. 73, SO, spoke brig Ar - go, from Havana, for Portland. Brig Betsey, Virgin, 4 days from Boston, with plaster, cottoii, Slc. to Cainhreleng k. Parsons. Schooner Maria, Briggs, 2 dnvs from Philadelphia, with tea, iron, dry - goods, Lc. toL'Homme - dieu 4i Brown, Saidler & Ray; - Youle, Lett Is Seaman, A. Dunscomb, W. Walker, D. and G. Bruce, F. Wright, Shipman Si Lord, J. Bayard, , De Rham il De Lessen, L. Mark, L. Ackermao, W. White, N. Wells Si Co. W. W. W'oolsey k Co ' J. Mowatt, jr. J. Degrx, J. Osborn, Jackson and Woolley, Smith b Bailey, P. Care, jr. it other. Schooner Perch, Phelps, 10 day from Newburyport, with fish, Sic. to the master. Schr. Catharine Rogers, Ketchum, 14 days fr. Wilmington, N. C. with sugar, naval stores and ship timber, to Geo. Gibbs, and RJiind St Turn, bull. Left brig Arethusa, and schr. Olive Branch, both ready for N. York. 21st inst spoke schr. Neptune, 5 day from Ocracock bar for Plymouth. 25th, schr. Elica b Naucy, Antes, 14 days from Wilmington for Connecticut River, but bore away for Cape Mav, for a harbor. Schooner Charles, Brittin, 4 day from York Ri ver, with oysters, to the master. Schr. Undaunted, Don, from N.Orleans, 32 day from the Balize, and 18 day from Havana, with sugar and pork, to Smith Sl Bailey, owners, Yf. Burgess, Bulkley k Butler, and the master. Left at the Bar 12 vessels of different descriptions at anchor amongst I hem the Carthagenian sloop of war Union, with a Spanish prize brig of 14 guns, ' wtih quicksilver, captured a lew days Delore. Mnrcli 11, a fleet of'23 vessels sailed from Havana, twelve of which were men of war, with troop. Sailed from Havana in company with brig Argo, for Portland. The schr. Polly and Sally, Fair, child, arrived from Norfolk on the 9th. Spoke, March 30, in lat. 31, foug.77, 35, brig ISeptuoe,48 hours from Wilmington for Bermuda, lying to . nearly all that time. Sclir. Enterprise, Newton, ft day from Philadelphia, with flour aod whiskey, to T. Buckley U. Son, Jackson it Woolley, U Thompson it Adams. , Schr. Fortitude, Swain, 5 day from Philadd - ) phia, with flour and meal, to X. Buckley Si Son, ami others. " - Sloop Scourge, De Groot, 4 day from Phila - delphia, with merchandize, to D. it P. Grim, and others. Sloop Superior, Storer, 10 dny from Phuadel - yhia, with molasses, Sx to D. Si P. Grim. sloop Uold Huntress, W'Laulrim, 27 days from New Orleans, and 25 from the Balize, with tobac co, to C. Hearth, on board. Ihe brig Bliss, Bai ley, for ,V l ork, sailed Irom Uie Babze on the Id mst. saw ship Evergreen ashore one mile below th block house. Brig Commerce, Daggett, was to sail nextday ; brig Fredonia,had arrived from N.York : brig Savannah Packet, was in the river bound up : the Orleans was to sail next day. Ten days since, lat. 35, 30, Inside the Gulf, spoke ship Victory, Taber, 36 days from Isle of May for N. Bedford, having lost her sails, be. NEW - UKLbANs, t ea. 29. Entered, ship Re covery, Barnes, Havana ; brig r redoina, nieeK, N.York. Cleared, L'Adele and Maria, Naotz; Le Messager, Bordeaux. . SAVANNAH. March 21 Arrived, brie Le vant, Wood, 4 day from N York. bchrMilo, Faroham, 86 hours from N York. ' THEATRE. Oo Monday Evening, March 30, will be preseet - eu, i.ior uie za time in uii ineatre Suau - pe are's, revived play of MEASURE FOR MEASURE. Duke of Austria, Mr. Pritcbard Angelo 'RoberUoa Claudio, Simpwn, t El now. Barnes Isabella, Mr. Barne 1 o which will be added, THE INN - KEEPER'S DAUGHTER, Richard, Mr. Simpson Mary, Mrs. Darley rerformance to commence at seven o'clock. On Wednesday, for the 1st time this season, FREDERICK THE GREAT. To which will be added, (for the 5th time ia N. I oral tne celebrated pantomime of MOTHER GOOSE. urtrz goldm woa Colin, (afterwards Harlequin, Mr. Parker Colinette, (afterwirdi Columbine) Mrs. Parker Oo Friday will be presented, (for the 1st time io America) the new melo drama of THE FALLS OF THE CLYDE. For the Farewell Benefit of Mr. Simpson, prior io nis Departure lor Europe. A. CARD. ffr - Mr. WHALE respectfully make known to the ladie and gentlemen of New - York, that in consequence of Mr. French taking her concert on Tuesday, Uie 31st, Mr. W1 public will be on Uie Wednesday evening following ; is the course of which several fancy dance win be danced by hi pupils The Alltmande Francais, tic. by 3 young ladie , a dance particularly adapted for Uie elegance of carriage and grace of person. mn mi 31 frr - BOS WELL Si LEMOINE (successors to and recommended by William Sz Henry Hax , all) transact vendue and commission butioeir, Petersburg, (Virginia. They occasionally make advance open con - signment committed to their charge. Reference in New - York to Messrs. Campbell Si Laarence, and Wo. and Sam I. Craig. mh30 odCw rrr" The Female Association repctfally in vite their subscribers and Uie public in general, to attend an examination of the scholars under their care, to b held at Uie New - York Free School in Chatham - street, the 2d of fourth month (April) at 10 o'clock, A. M. ... n r . . if - n f - T t I . MAtVl ni. r&iviii - 'io, KiTeiary. N. B. Tickets of admittance to be bad at Uie door, gratis. It i rec,nested children may not be brought. bhW VT.

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