Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 4, 1944 · Page 7
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 7

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, February 4, 1944
Page 7
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GOUT PROGRAM OR KIWANIANS Club Sponsored Troop Honors Boys in Service The Mason City Kiwanis club id'one o£ its most unusual pro- ams at its regular meeting at · Hanford hotel Thursday noon, ien the Kiwanis sponsored Boy Dut troop put on a program jlled the Victory Patrol. [in "an impressive ceremony, jmbers of the club standing ai Mention, scouts placed service rs on a flag for 36 scouts and lutmasters who have been as- ·iated with this troop. The,re ,s one gold star--for Stephen ;choff. jve stars represented formei utmasters of the troop now ii bice--George Haynes, Enos /d Jones, Dr. W. A. Pep in rge Havercamp, and Dr. i · ie program was in charge o Kiwanis committee which s the scout troop, William rsou, chairman, W. K. Strong V. · Shackelford, Joe Bertsch er Patton and Erdix Swift anian H. E. Van Essen is th tmaster. The troop, which 3, is many years old and ha i sponsored by Kiwanis sine . It now has 18 registere is, ail of whom were presen rsday noon. lie program was given aroun I'nulaleci camp fire with scou in the background. Scou Jheir noon meal from a hug of hot hunter's stew. Roge m acted as narrator an David Butler/read lette: :elegrams from former mem of the troop. Scout Do ewell gave (He Invocation, after ie scouts had piled out of the nts a t ' the call of morning eveille. Former, members of the troop ir whom'stars were placed on the ag include Robert Allen, Edward ryant, Dick Burgraff, Jack Eason, Marvin Ford, James Grauette, ob Grow, Dick Garms, Charles iazlett, Harold. Hennagir, Edward ohnson, Eugene Johnson, Ralph eaman, Larry Lindsay, Grant liller, Tom MaeNider, Gordon flarsh, Dick · Murren, Clayton falan, Stanton Nalan, Ted Vee- er, Claude Pickett, Keith Shoemaker, Louis Pion, George Pion, 7arleton.Posz, Pete Pergakis, Hodley Radcliffe, Walter Smith,. Bob .traw, Byron Zack and Clay liomas. I n ' respect to the memory o£ )ari Zack and Donald Rogers, former members of the troop, and to hat of Steve Kirchoff, the entire company stood for a moment of silence. The program closed with :he scout benediction. Special juests of the club were Scout officials Dr; J. L. Pauley, Ralph Lloyd Jones, W. P. Butler and ' F. C. rleneman and Scout Executive Earle K. Behrend. Other club guests were Dave Evans of Cresco and Bruce Rutherford, a Kiwania.n from Mankato, Minn. Les Reed was inducted into the club as a new member. Next week on Thursday, the club will hold its annual Valentine luncheon for the Kiwaniqueens. Grease Collection in City Saturday Y,M,G,A,WORKING IN PHILIPPINES Finding Jobs for Demobilized Filipinos 98 Year Old Doctor Eager to Have Part in Polio Fight Cerro · Gordo County Campaign Nearing Close of 2nd Week AWAITS SISTER Manly--Mrs. Charles Schindel is looking forward to a visit from a sister whom she has not seen for 7 years. The sister, Mrs.-Clarence Coghlin, and daughter Grace, of Listowel, Canada, were to arrive in Manly Friday. They will spend a month. in the Schindel home and with relatives in Minnesota. What Constipation Does to Children after-effects. You'll, be delighted with the way your child responds to easy- to-give, easy-to-take VICKLAX ny children get cranky or ful griping, without weakening ody . . . listless and tired . . . !i't feel like eating, because of iple constipation. They .need jeiT bowels cleared. A n d , / Liher.Miere's a.wonderful way, j'jelp relieve your child of these jf.ressin'g symptoms. Give him :;KLAX, the new laxative jie especially for .children aged Little Bobby Gregory, 5, wants to be an aviator when he grows up and right now ' he's helping gunners and bombers by savin? Waste fat at a children's center in New York City. The fat is turned over to a dealer and converted into glycerine needed for the manufacture of munitions. Mason City Cubs and Girl Scouts will make their mouth- ly pickup of fats Saturday. Housewives wisliing to make use o£Jhis means to placer their salvage grease in the war effort should have their supply ready in cans or ice cream or cottage cheese containers. No glass please! delighted, ready-measured too, with VICKLAX the velopes that help avoid harmful f\\,ot-H(1cintr tlo'll InlrA tn t?*V If'his 'marvelous, tested child I.ative, perfected by the Makers Tfamous Vicks VapoRub, helps |;ckly but gently--without pain-' overdosing. He'll V I C K L A X -- you'lVlove to give it. No fuss or struggle. Use as d i r e c t e d . . B u y VICKLAX today at any drug store. love to take VICKLAX Guaranteed by the Makers of Vicks VapoRub F. R.: Willkie Thinks of New Generation in Making Tax Proposal .Washington, (.P) -- Presiden Roosevelt said Friday that he am Wendell Willkie, in proposing bil lions in additional taxes, wer thinking of the next generatioi not just this one. Willkie earlier this week calle for $16,000,000,000 in new revenu through taxation and the chic executive was asked his opinio about this at a news conference He replied that he had not had the nerve to ask for that much--only $10,000,000,000. Ke added that as in his case, Willkie is thinking of the * next generation, not just this one. When 50,000 Filipino troops were released in Manila, where industry is largely stalled, the Y. M. C. A. there started a relief p r o g r . a m that has benefited thousands of soldiers and war widows, as well as stranded students unable to return to the provinces. The most important part of the program has been an employment service, which has found jobs for over 3,000 demobilized soldiers. Other features include medical attention, a co-operative store, a toothbrush factory and small grants which enable students to start up door-to-door selling projects. · : This news 'comes from the recently repatriated Mr. and Mrs. Wilsons-Hume, World service secretary and wife, caught in the Philippines enroute from America to India and interned for 21 months at Santo Tonias university. ' The Humes reported that E. Stanton Turner, international ommittee representative in Manila, was finally interned last May. He and Mrs. Turner have ince been chiefly engaged in the elief of Filipino families o£ in- erned American men. Some 300 amilies are being paid small monthly sums from funds supplied by internees. Mr. Turner, a Grinnell college graduate, has been in.Mason City on 3 occasions. D. C. .BasL'ara, national general secretary, was strongly pressed by the Japanese authorities to assume leadership in a youth movement set up by the Japanese, but he refused* The Filipino "Y" staff is almost entirely intact, though confined to work in Manila. · i For the most part, the Filipino secretaries' have been on theii own, and the devotion and resourcefulness they are showing give promise of enlarged service after the war. Mr. Turner' presence and activities, howevei Dr. Mattie Caldwcll Nelson U .S. BOMBERS COLLIDE IN AIR One Linips Home With Part of Tail Missing An American Bomber Base in Britain, (iP)--Roaring toward home .hrough a blinding snow and rainstorm 5 -miles above the North have doubtless contributed their high morale. to One of The National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis' greatest admirers in its fig_ht against the Crippler is Dr. Mattie Caldsvell Nelson, probably the oldest woman doctor living. From her home at McCrory, Ark., Dr. Nelson, now retired, stated recently that if she were 20 or 30 years younger, nothing would keep her from active participation in the fight against infantile paralysis (poliomyelitis). Having used hydrotherapy and physiotherapy extensively i n , h e r long and successful career. Dr. Nelson expressed particular interest in the Kenny method of polio treatment. Now at the age of 98, her activities are limited. Even so, Dr. Nelson has joined the healthfront bat- tie and adds her "ammunition" to the'stream of dollars that go to # this'fund each year. _ . The Cerro Gordo county campaign, which is Hearing the end of its 2nd week, has brought excellent response. There is still opportunity to send or bring your contributions to the campaign headquarters at 10 North Federal. A P P E A R I N G AT SURF-George Olseu and his orchestra will present "Music of Tomorrow" at the Surf Sunday evening, this being the 2nd appearance at the Surf within a year. Featured as vocalist is IMiss Judith Blair, popular soloist. The Olseu style, described us- "syncopating tempos," has attracted the attention of dancers and radio listeners throughout the country. fortresses collided part of the tai' OF JUST lowan Shoots Cow to Provide Shield, Then Kills 2 Nazi Soldiers With the 5th Army, in Italy, Feb. 2 Delayed) (^P)--An lowan's idea and his subsequent valorous action led to the destruction of a nazi machine-gun nest which was 1 one o£ the obstacles to allied advance toward the crossroads town-.of Cisterna south oE 'Rome. A platoon under U. Maurice Rothseid ol Newark, N. J., was having a busy time o£ it when Sst. William 'Laughlin of Davenport, Iowa, rioted a cow browsing near the German machine-gun nest in an open field. "If I shot that cow, ; Laughlin Ibid Rothseid, "he'will drop right flat in front o£ that nest." R^hseid agreed and Laughlin took careful aim. His first bullet pierced the cow's heart. With a running slide Laughlin got behind the carcass and sprayed the nest with a tommy-gun, killing 2 Germans. The incident was first related by Homer Bigart, New York Herald Tribune correspondent representing the Combined American Press. TOWER OPERATOR DIES Alia Vista--William Aspel, 63, tower-operator here;- died from a heart attack Thursday night. Funeral services will be held Monday COATS at St. Bernard's Catholic church. Burial will be at Cresco. Surviving are 2 sons and 2 daughters, also 3 sisters and a brother. Latimer -- Sgt. Quentin Sawtelle " tH"e University of North Carona at Chapel Hill, and Ihriste'nsen' of Chicago, OR , G ,NAU.Y Z9.95 TO 69.50 WOOL TWEEDS, FLEECES Many V/ith Button-ii YOUR coat among 2 big airplane factories and a large steel corp. now employ Chiropractors to keep the workers well and eliminate absenteeism and sickness of every kind. Get well and keep well through modern . . ; painless Chiropractic treatment. Chesterfields inc Sizes 10 to'40 Dr.A.P.Fankhanser,D.C. , S. 0. T. Technician ZZ 3rd X. \V. 1'h. 854 sea, 2 flying Thursday. One, with sheared off and the tail gunner missing, drove on through 50 below zero temperatures and finally limped into home base Ion; after the other planes had landed The fate of the other was no definitely known. It was last seen still headed in the right direc tion but the crews of other plane said they feared it had been forced down in the channel. The weather, which was th principal enemy on t this operation was described by many flyers a the worst they had ever seen. The plane that returned minu part of its tail was the "Horribl Hanks," piloted by Lt. Donal Ahlwardt, 22, of Danbury, Iowa "We ran into soupy weathe and had to break formation," h said. "I have never seen it clos in so much. Sometimes there wa no visibility at all." Ice 2 inches thick formed, o his windshield. Suddenly there was "a b bump," the pilot said. "Another fort just hit us and was gone before anyone could yell. Clouds simply swallowed him up. As .soon as I felt the blimp I drew the'ship out'of'the way but it was (oo late to save the tail." The entire back of the plane at the point where the tail compartment was riveted to the fuselage was slashed, off as if hit by a giant clever. The framework of ttie inner part of the tail was completely exposed, with ripped ends and wire trailing behind. Society St. Lucy's. Circle Conducts Meeting St. Lucy's circle met at the home o£ Mrs. E. E. Fleming, 503 Pennsylvania S. E., Thursday ' with Mrs. Theodore Jacobs and Mrs C. E. Kemp as assisting hostesses Mrs. Henry Zallek was electee president and Mrs. J. J. Blake sec to Jariel Jean Robinson, ma chinist's mate, 2nd class, in th Seabees, Jan. 22. The double rin ceremony was read by the Rev R. Bradford in the Central Con gregational church in Providenc R. I. Mrs. Robinson is a gradual of Cornell college at Mount Vei non, and has done graduate wor at Yale university; recently sh has been continuity writer : ·adio station KFJB in Marshal] own. Mr. Robinson was en" jloyed in Marshalltown prior 'ridiiy, Feb. 4, m« . f ASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE is induction; he is now stationed t Camp Thomas, Davisville, K. I. · SEBASTIAN-HRON Cresco--The marriage oE Miss larian Alice Hron, daughter of Iv. and Mrs. Vincent Hron of fresco, and Donald Sebastian, son f Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Sebastian f Cresco, took place Jan. 31, the }ev. E. J. Supple performing the eremony at the Assumption Catholic church. The couple was ittended by Miss Helen Hron and Francis Bouska. They will reside on a farm near Cresco. --o-Buy War Savings Bonds and Stamps from your Globe-Gazette carrier boy. EASY TERMS will Par for Your GLASSES EYES EXAMINED DR. G. F. FAILOR, Opt. ilENSENOPWAl'Co, i 19'/z No. Federal «· retary of the circle. The Rev. A. D. Gibbs spoke to the group on their work. Plans were made for serving coffee and doughnuts to the servicemen at the Milwaukee station. The circle discussed having a rummage sale. Court whist was played with prizes going to Mrs. M. Burtis, Mrs. Blake, Mrs. H. Colwell and Mrs. Zallek. i Refreshments were served. The next meeting will be Feb. 18 at the home of Mrs. J. M. Trayer, 233 6th S. E., with Mrs. L. Jarosh and Mrs. J. W. McGuire assisting. Betty Chiquet Weds Jariel J. Robinson Iowa Falls--Mr s and-- Mrs. G. F. Chiquet have announced the marriage of their daughter, Betty, Wright County Young Men Set for War Duty Clarion--Wright county young men who reached the age of 18 during the month of January and have registered at the selective service board are: Willarcl Francis Borel, Eagle Grove: Wayne Gerald Toflee, Clarion; Lewis Herbert Burnett, Eagle Grove; Harold Theodore Johnson, GoldfieW: John Wilkinson Larson, Kanawha; John Richard Notestine, Eagle Grove; Robert Dunne Nelson, Belmond; Francis Albert Ainger, Belmond; Edward Francis Arndorfer, Jr., Gait; Gerald E. Banning, Belmond; George James Keleher, Eagle Grove; Arthur F. Draheim, Jr., Clarion, and Jack Henry Tillman Clarion. Late registrants were C h e s t e r Franklin Armstrong Clarion, and Lloyd P.. Collopy Eagle Grove. HERE'S YOUR STARTER! Yes, here's the starter that's fortified with extra flboflavln. for fast, safe growth; that's rich in protective vitamins antl In bone purchase, is a new- style, flavor-saver Pyrex Pie Plate! It's a winning combination! GET THIS FREE! PYRX flavor-Saver PIE PLATE! FOLSOM AUTO CO. Across Street From Hotel Hanford PHONE 1174 Hold Rites Thursday for Mrs. W. J. Zbornik Cresco -- Funeral services fo Mrs. W. J. Zbornik, 56, were hclt Thursday forenoon at St. Joseph' Catholic church with the Rev. Fr Siaka officiating in the absence of the pastor, the Rev. A. C. Woerdehoff. Assisting in the service were the Rev. G. C. Lattner of the Assumption church, and the Rev. Fr. Hradecky of Holy Trinity church, Protivin. The Rev. Lattner. delivered the sermon. Burial was in Calvary cemetery. Mrs. Zbornik died suddenly at her home in Cresco Monday afternoon. She is survived by her husband, 2 sons and 3 daughters. Iowa Pharmacists Put Under Job Freeze Order DCS Moincs. (ff"--Iowa pharmacists have been placed under the federal "job freeze" order, J F. Rabe, executive secretary of the state board of pharmacy examiners, said Friday. He said he had been informed by George D. Haskell, state war manpower commission director, that pharmacists are subject to the job stabilization program and are rated as essential under both WMC and selective service regulations. : resh Dressed Roasting Chickens Ib. BUEHLER BROS 21^ so. FED MARKET PHONE 9ie NORTH IOWAS LARGEST MARKET Sugar Cured BONELESS PICNICS s .33 ib. T-Bone, Short Cut Sirloin Baby Beef STEAKS 30 IB. 4 SLICED BACON ENDS 4 Points Per Box Each 75c 2-lb. Box CHEESE BACON »L 2JC Meaty Spare Ribs.. 1 Point Fresh, Lean 2 Points 17? pwk.25 Ib. Tender Beef Short Ribs.. 4 Points 18f Fresh I Fresh, Bulk, Country Style Pork Sausage, Ib, 22c COLBY LONGHORN CHEESE , b 36c · Mild American IOWANS FLAX PICNIC Los Angeles, (/P)--The annual picnic of lowans has been scheduled for Feb. 26 at Lincoln park. Robert L. Borland, president oE the Iowa Association of Southern California has announced. Tender Beef Pot Roast 25 Ib. SPARE RIBLETS, Ib.. IOC PIG TAILS, Ib.. 15c Swift's Brookfield CORN M mt COUNTRY yi JT Butter Ib. Milk Fed Veal Roast 25 Ib. MEATY NECK BONES, Ib.. . 7c OX TAILS, Ib.. 15c Tender Mutton Chops. 195 PORK KIDNEYS, Ib.. 15c PIGS FEET, Ib.. 7c 100% Pure Lard.. 17 Ib. Fresh Churned TAX PAID OLEO 25 Ib.

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