The Evening Post from New York, New York on March 28, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 28, 1818
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MARRltD,' " at Westchester, on Monday lait, by the Rev, , Mr. wffiTMr. David Ferris, to Mm Eliza - Elft '" 01 ,ou r - , of the former - DIED. vwtiv rrcrninsr. Ferdinand Suydam, esq .k. fifith ear of his aee. The relation! - .i A - iendao'fliie family are respectfully inv ted to attend h'u funeral tomorrow afternoon, it 3 o'clock, from Lis late residence, at Brook. This morning, Mr. John Pearson, in the69lh wear of bis age. His frieuds, and those of his sister, Mrs - Hoo - laud, are requested to attend his funeral to - morrow afternoon, at 4 o'clock, 1mm his late residence, 152 Chamber - street, witnodt further invitation. XyUi'ltf POST MAllUtK LIHT. CLEARED. Ship Neptune, Cowlian, Kingston, Jam Doorman It joniwton Brig Eagle, MfJlave, Mary, Wadsworih, Nahtucket St. Eustatia Gershom Smitli Holkar.Cole, Curacoa Oporto HaTdock & Jenkins, Julia - Ann, Staplefort, Fredericksburg . Madison, Suwver, St. Marys W&CForter Mary - Elizabeth, Corliss, Boston Rlnnn Mechanic. Smith. Bichmond j may eh rum foremwa. Brig Jane, Lambert, 50 days from Havre, wjlb ' .Werwds. to F Jenkins and Sons, owuerr, 11 rtiareinn. of Philadelphia. E Bonafee, He Roy Bayard U M'Evers, G. Kozat, B CDuhnrry, of 1'bilnd i Burziere i Lussauie, do. J JJubarry do J C liatton, do ; J Lay, and in 1 nouron, ao ; c Z. . . V, . - .i . ifc:n ff. I I ...... He varies co cnerrioi, triiaci & vu xj uaium, 8 V Bouland, F Depeau, S Charton, Fhilad ; F V Rivicrs, Vaiet 4 Sou, E M Sufflet. Delongne - maire, 3 V Boland, Verne Si Laforgue, Loomis 4 Learned, tjirlis M L.amD. Bigourney, nayoen i'.Co J (i Oliver 4 Co J J lialiv. Gelton k Could, W. J U. Paxson. Spoke March 6, hit 42 30 Ion 40, brig Nancy, Half, 2b days Irom Acw 1 - 1.... . knuj In Hniirln Sfchr Hazard, Coopr, 20 days from Richmond with (lour, bound to Boston. 3 hi' Rambler, Blanchard, 3 days from Boston with rum. ash. platter, Sic. to the master, bail in company with schr Fox, for NYork. Sloop Augusta, Hemmuigway, 1 day from N Havrn. with produce. A shore on Sandy Hook, (hip Otis, Newman, 56 days from Dublin, with linens, Sic. to J WoodJiam. owner, J M'Bride.Kelly 4 M'Bride, . V James, jr. P M'Lauglilin, V Arnold. W Shaw, H Givan, J Luke & Brothers, 'A Bell, H M'Vickar & Co. Ii M'Clintock, W Candy & Co. and Morris & Keaii. 21 steerage passen "eers. On the 16th day out, lat 46, lonpr 23 30, spoke ship Vulcan, Iteed, from Liverpool for Savannah. In coming into the Hook, at eight o'clock, on Thursday evening, it fell entirely calm, and the ship drifted ashore with the tide at the .V r. point of the Hook, where she has bilged, and is nearly hair full of water. Th captain aad letter bag came up by the Rum Dier, pilot boat. THEATRE. Saturday evening, March 2ft, will be presented, 1UE UUSHUfcSr UP TAKAiNTO, Or, bt. Clara's Eve. AbenHamct, Mr. Pritrhard Gonzaies de Corduha, JoDes Valenho, Robertson Kinalslo, an Orphan. tiuupt on hriaua, M.s Uariey Kosalind, Miss Johnson, lio which will be added, the farce of ttie DEAD ALIVE. Motley, Mr. Barnes Performance 1o commence at seven o'clock fX i wo shares iu ttie New - York Library so ciety, FOR MALE, price $25 each. Enquire at no. 1Z4 Kroa.tway. mh 28 THEATRL, ANTIION Y - STKLLT. On T uesday, March 31, 18IH. OH THK BBHBPIT OF MR. MESTATER. ftr" Mr SI AMSLAS. in ronsiderali in of the services f MR. MESTAYEK, as interpreter has apprapriatud the proceeds of this night for his Benelil.UDd has selected a variety of new and iuvcreiui aecepuons, never aueaipiea ny any in uie pruit - nion, auu as yei unturpass'a, wneic in will be displayed hv a Masterlv Hand, the as tonifhins talents of Mr. Stanislas, in the mystic science of Legerdemain and to which Mr. M . has added the unrivaM'd talents ef Mr. Mestayer on the SLACK - WIRE. The doors will open at 6 o'clock, and curtain rise at 7. Boa it, upper box 75 cents, pit 0 icm,, cmiuren nan price. ran z COKCERT. Kr MRS. FRENCH, (tormerly a pupil of Mr. B Carr, and lately of Mr. Gilles, sen.) has tbe pleasure to announce to her friends, and the public generally, that her CONCERT will take place on Tuesday, the 31st inst. at the City - Ho - lei, wnerc win oe penormea tne loiio wing pie ces. Leader of the orchestra, Mr. Gent II : I'ia no - forte, Mr. Ettienne. Fart 1. Overture, Haydn conp, u never aouoi my love, Mrs. i rench Minuetto, Fie v el Hong, Light as thistle - down raorinj, Mrs. Fren Andante. Havdn Song, Sweet Bird, (Handel) Allegro, 1 Part . Einfooie, Song, Love amonc the roses. Mrs. French Haydn GvTovets Mrs. French Vanatioos, flute and piano - forte, hv Messrs. Taylor and Ettienne Song, Something so pleasing, Mrs. French Minuetto, Cyroveti cuiiKt t vuniervi, i accompanied on the flute by Mr. Taylor.) Mrs. Frenc rinale. Oirrbpi Tickets to be had at Mr. Dubois' muiic - store, Broadway; Mr. Goodrich's book - tore, Broadway; Mr. Ceih's, Maiden lane ; and at the bar of Citjr - llotel. . (To commence at 7 o'clock, precisely.; . ron m 3t for .VKH' - ORLKjIA'S, me snip i.aul iha, now load me .at tlie west side of Burlinc - alin : will sail in 5 days. For freight or passage, having VM.CUC111 accommoaations, apply on board, N. L. & G. GIUSWOLD, ml 28 36 South - street. tor Si The fast sailing ship ELLEX, Lynde - unowiana. misirr ta ui n i.u. For passage only, having handsome accommodations, apply on board at Pine - street - wharf. nt"28 68 South - street. FLOUR, COFFEE, tc. - 400bbli. Virgin - ia Flour 45 bbds. prime old and new Richmond To. bacco, 10 do Petersburg do. SI hales Upland Cotton 35 ts. and iOhr. Is. Rice 150 bags St. Domingo and 64 do green Havana Coffee 5 tons Lignuniritae Fort Claret and Madeira Wine, in bbds. and quarter casks Rorii red Port Wine, in cases of 3 dozen each FREIGHT FOR OPORTO, A jrood vessel bound to Onorto mav uhiv .KahI innn i. r : i I IJJ? R - CILLESPIF - "lS8 114 Front - street. RINGER, tc - 200 kegs 6nt quality ground (warranted pure) Oil t1M M.iJ I J:n i, . JW half and or. hose Spanih Senrs, for Je bv h28 4t JACkvSOM & WOOLLEY, 75 WaJI - ttreeL Jl ces English Dry White Lead, of fine quali ty, in lota to suit purchasers, for sale ny WALSH 4 GALLAGHER, mh 28 66 South - street. ENGLISH GOODS. I case super black and I white tamboured Lace Veils 1 case dark Fancy Prints S d i)lute Furniture Prints 1 do huir, chocolate and pink do 4 do Madapoliamand Steaw Loom 1 do Cambrics, 1 do striped Jeannelts 1 do two green Prints, 3 do navy blue d 1 do ankeens 1 do Veitings and white Quillings 2 do Plate Prints, 3 do dark Furniture do 1 do aborted bilk Twist, just .received per ship Pacific, for salt by P. REM SEN 4 CO. mh 28 2o' South - street. G. G. K S. HOVVLA.ND, 77 Wasbiugtoo - st. offer for sale 203 hhds. prime Muscovado St. Jaeo Sugars n ..!.! 4 kegs Muscatel Wine, 14 years old 4 do Paforet do 12 boxes Claret, 350 Oval Demijohns 6 tons English and 19 do Swedish Iron 100 bhls. pound Camwood, warranted pure 25 do salted Seal Skins 10 tons Lignur it;e 4000 lbs. prime Ivory ju iibus. tiuercitron Hark t bales German Shirting Linen 2 do do Sheeting Linen 8 do Calcutta Piece Goods 50 rases half pint Tumblers 4 casks Crucibles, 6 cafes Toys 1 bale Hare Skins 8 kegs Vermillion. mh 28 FURS. rTIlE subscriber offers for sale, in lots to suit A purchasers,, 1,500 lbs. North West Bearer 500 lbs. Grand River do 100,000 Canada Musk - Rat Skins 10,fK)0 Prime Spring do do 3,(,tM) Racoon Skins 1,200 Neutra do 5,1100 Russia Grey Hare Skins 2,000 lbs. Camels Wool Prime carrotted and raw Hares Fur. Do do do Coney do GEO. ASTOR, nib 211 w 144 Water - street. 'l - O LET, mo ill The upper part of a genteel two story bnck fiont house. No. 33 Cliaoel. next to the corner of Murray - street, very convenient, having 4 rooms and a separate kitchen, on the same noor. Apply on the premises. mn su ti TO LET, The well known country seat, formerly occupied by John S. Koulet, Esq. opposite that of Mr. uepeyner, on the tsioominguate lload Apply to 'JAMES PALMER il CO. uih 28 Iw 71 Washington - street. A LAW to amend the law, entitled A law for the appointment of astrect - comniimooer, and to rcgulute the paving and keeping in repair, and to prevent obstructions in the s' reels of the city of New - York," passed March 23, 1818. BE it ordained, by the mayor, aldermen and communal tv of tl. citv of New - York, in common council convened, That no stoop, or step, of any description whatevrr, shall he erected or built in any street in thecity of New - York, which shall exceed in height tive feet ; and if any person shall build or erect any stoop or stunt contrary to the true intent nod meaning hereof, every such person shall forfeit and pay the sum of two hundred and fifty dollars. Vy the Common Council, mh 28 dlw J. MORTON, Clerk. POST COACH LINE voh PHILADELPHIA BT WAT Of roWLES - HOOK IMPORTANT TO FASBBHOER8. No connection with the cost chaise line. PARTNERSHIP DISSOLV ED, AND OPPO SITION Ktvivtu. A NEW Line of Post Coaches with every coa L jl venience lor passengers and baggage, on prinrs iHROUCH IN ONE DAY. The Post Coach will start from the Coach of fice, old No. 1 Courthtnd - street, V. York, every morning, (.Sundays excepteo) at six o'clock, oy way oi ruwarit, auw - brunswick, rnnce - ton, Trenton and Bristol, and arrive at Philadel phia the same evening.' United States Mail Coach, with a guard, with every convenience for passeogers and baggage, on springs. The U. S. mail coach will start from Hie coacn office, old Xo. I Courtlandt - street, New York, every day at 2 o'clock, 1'. M. and arrive at Philadelphia next morning at 6 o'clock. Ouly 6 passengers admitted. For seats in the above named Lines, apply to 'I'UfW IAUI'I L'lL'l II ..J . W - i 1 Coach, Stage and Steam Boat office, at the old LXKJt TTlil 1 ril.Ui;. HI UIH OIU K91HDI1BI1P - U no. i couniaiuit - street, tbe second office Irom Broadway, New - York ; or to A. T. GOODRICH ti CO. No. 124 Broadway, corner of Ce dar - street, New - York. (CTA11 goods and baggage at the risk of the owner. jusbrti LiKOiM, sons t C'J. N. B - Expresses sent to any part of the Con tinent,hy THOMAS WHITFIELD. mh 2H J I ILFORD and OWEGO ROAD LOTTE - Lv J. RY, commences drawing the 5th of Mar. and will be completed in twenlv drawings. HIGHEST PRIZES. 70,000 dollars I 10.000 dollars 35,000 dollars 5,000 dallars 10,000 dollars I 5,000 dollars Tickets and chares for sale by R. WA1TE, Junr. 136 Broadway. roh2B Tp RENCH CAMBillC. FLA I ILLAo, Jic - V 2 cases cont'g 40 ps. linen cambric a oo coarse brown platillas 100 pieces coarse German linen. 100 yards each For sale by N. 4 D. TALCO i'T, men I a 64 South - street. lROY CANDLES. 250 boxes Converses 4 - Alould Candles, for sale by BEMENT & GALE, mh 24 lw No. 60 Water street FRUIT, FOREal 1 REEe, ic. fttr - BENJAMIN PRINCE4 Co have for sale at their Nur - J. t4serv. f lul,in l.nnHinr. fL. 1.) v"fc X - V? - t new - orn, tneir usuai ana &'':.y - 'g "tensive variety of European MJ?r - mm .T anj nuirillsa r lull Will Ulna - - hi . . I ' I ' A I . , I uieniai trees. Also. larat en lection of valuable Shrubs and Plants t they have several thoo and inoculated Peach trees, w nidi are in the most healthy state and tree from any distemper, great attention has been paid to preserve them from the yellows, which has de stroyed so many trees of that kind throughout tne United states. Catalogues of whicn may lie of Messrs. nui.L & Duwiti., to. no Pearl - street, New - York, or at their Nursery. Orders forwarded to either Dlace will be imme diately attended to, and the trees, &c. carefully and securely packed, so as to be tent to any part of the United States, with the greatest safety, and delivered at Crane wharl, New - York, by water free of freighL Also, for tale as above. 1000 beautiful Balm of Uilead or Silver Fir Trees. Ihty are almost sure to h ve when transplanted. (Xy - As the great loss of Peach Trees by disease, have detered many from planting tbero, directions will he given to those who purchase them, which if atltnded to, will enable Uns to preserve their trees in healthy state, and to nave Peaches in as great plenty as in former years. N. B. Peach trees inoculated on Almond or Plum stocks, is no preventative against the dis ease, which the Pennsylvania Agricultural Snrie - , cau we yciiows. . ntn zj tani i for LIVERPOOL, IK. .1.:. lUDrtDTrn ' nnW m imwiuiiiiioniXin,nuEui hvw illakin; ia carro, and nothing shall pre vent her from pjinr to sta on the 5th of April, should the weather prove favorable. Four more pasrcngen can be accommodated. ' Apply to the captain, ou board, at Pier l'o. 12, orto Cll.tfKLLd HALL, 1 Beaver - st. soch 26 For Sale, h'l ttgklor LharUrt vfii The fast sailing packet ship ELLEN, JLmhsb Rowland, master, just re'urned from bounieaai and cau be put in readiness to take cargo iu a few days - This ship is 2 years old, burthen 301 ton;, very profusely sound and iu the beat condition. For particulars apply on board at Pine - itreet wharf, or to GRIS WOLDS &COATE9, inch 25 611 Xouth - st. tor BHiyWL, (ling.) , I he last sailing copper bottomed Bri tish brig 1JK.ITAN.MA. Watfou. mas ter, is oow loading, and is ct petted to be ready for sea on Monday next, the 30th inslaut. For freight of 200 bbls. or passage, having handsome accommodations for 4 passeugcrs apply to capt, Watson, on board, at pier uo. 13, or to D1V1EBETHUKE4 Co. mh 25 92 Coffee - houe - slip. For NtW - OKLEASS, C - l - ll'l I I 1.4. . Dl 1t . V"V'f CCIMKJUCr II. 1. 1,1.11, VBpu DlJIIU" I iiaLfiiwill sail on Wednesday next. For freight or passage apply on board at Dover - st wharf, oral ao. lt rearl street, urn 25 S. MARSH tl BROOKS. for Hale, r'reitilU or Charter, The substantial double - decked and fast sailing brig KENTUCKY - BELLE, Dvation, matter, burthen 232 tons, will be ready to receive a cargo in a few days lies at pier No. 6, N. River. For terms, apply on board, or to G. U. Si S. HOWLWND. mh 23 77 Washiugton - st. For HAVRE, The well known coppered fhip MA - &KI A - TIlKKEaA. Sk JJv. master J h principal rort cf her cargo being cujjagcd, will meet with quick dispatch. For freight ol 150 bales cotton, or passage, having good accom modations, apply to F. DEPAU, or G. G. it S. HOWLAND, mh 25 77 Wahingtoii - t. j For Hair, Freight or Charter, - h&Af The brig RECOVER, Owto, mas iiSiAlter, 242 tons ; will carry ab.tut 2750 bbls ; is well (ootid, and a souud good vessel lies at pier No. 10, E. K. Apply to JOA. O.SBORN, mh 17 20 South - st. For Hale, Freight or Charier, The brig ROBERT, Pope, master, 2119 tons ; will carry 3200 bhls ; 2 years old ; well Ibiiud, aud a good vessel - rlies at pier . - o. j, Apply to JOSEPH OSBORN, mh 17 28 South - st, For HAViOi. The1 ship ELIZABETH, Morris A - dauis master ; now loading, and wil' sail iu all next week For freight or passage, apply On hoard, at pier No. 7, N. R. or to mh 18 f)2 C. 11. Slip. Wfintid In l liai tcr, A good VESSEL that will carry 6(10 bblr. for a voyage to Bermuda. Imnic - diale dispatch will be given. Apply to 1 I'tKLK K LAUIllba, mh 13 23 jjomh - Mreet. For MUJJILE ii BL.IKLLESV The substantial and latt :ilirg lie ischr. ANN - MARIA, Cnpt. Wright, KM ton?, having two thirds of her cargo engaged and on board, will meet Willi cle'paicn r or I lie remainder of her freight or pasxnge, having goou accommodations for cabin and sietrnce v isen gers, apply oa board at Pier No. 4 E. reiver, or to in. It, (13 v Ht - lWVIUIV, mh 12 00 'oeritie - s'ip, BROADC LO I lls and KEBSE M SRKS, A FEW' hales of Cloth" and K - .evu:erei, l"i . sale low by J.0. .'.I'Cit t KA v, ml 26 Ut Ii2 I - ? I'eirl - w.f t. 11 AD I - IX A CITRON, - ii keg. a..d 7 b, - xi IV I Citron, just received rr hip Klleii, rum Madeira, lor sale by mh 26 DIVIF. fiKTHIW, R - CO ,f ADEIRA Vv 1 Si pipe - , 3J uali pipes 1YJL and 54 quarter catkn Loudon particular Madeira Wiuc, the chief prt of which io( a very superior quality, and is from 5 to 7 yean old. '1 he whole has been imported bv the sub scribers, and will be sold at moderate prices to dealers or private families. TUCKER & LAUR1T.S, mrh 17 20 South - st. 297 ... rl.vUll. Is supf. and 33 do tine, landing from suodry vejtels, from Kichmoud, for ale by mhlS DIVIE BETIIUNE k Co. V 7IMTE LEAD, - 30nqr.cwt.kigi Whiti V V Lead, just received and for sale hy TUCKER LAUKIES, mh II 29 South street. JOP - - U bales 1st sort Hops, growth of AX 1817, jut receiveo and lor sale liy il PEARSON, 67 South - street. mhlO CALCUTTA SUGAR - ta hags plain white and 39 do double boiled. Just landed and (or sale bv CAM B RELENU rrji21 k PEARSON, 67 Snuth - atreet. 1 A WHEELBARROW'S, He 25 Wheelbar V S'lOO gunny bags rows 1 1 bluis on. I z bales London seine twine 5000 lbs. Call utta twine 250 casks cut nails, assorted sires 50 do wrought do 50 bales Calcutta hemp 7 do foolscap paper Also, hollow ware, shoe thread, whips, brush es, Ate. forale hy CLbKA S CUMING, 76 I earl - it. mh 16 - .tf ; Til LO 7 7 li V, And the next to be drawn, which will be in a ' few weeks. Mi i. roan ssn Owaoo Rosn I - oTrmr, Authorized by the states of N. York and N Jersey. XJOSITIVELY tt commence drawing on the JL fifth day of May next - 10.000 tickets on lv to be drawn it) 20 drawing's. Irice of Ticket 32 dollars. Hid H VST rXIXER. 1 Prire of 70,000 DolLirs 1 do 35,000 do 2 do 10,000 do 2 do 5.000 do The fint drawn number to be eotitleJ toV0 dollars; the first drawn ou the 5lhj day $5000 ; the first drawn on Uie 7tb day ClO.'JiX) ; tbe Cist drawn on the 11th day 3.1,000; and the tnf drawn on the 15lh day $70,nfJO. Tickets, Halves, Quarters, LigliUis and Six teenths, for sale at Lottery and Exchange Office, No. 54 Maiden - can e. Where the CASH may be obtained for all tbe capital Prizes as soon a" drawn. Prizes in other lotteries taken in payment, except those oi the 3d cla - s " Crsnd Mate Lottery," as it is called, which remains unpaid to this moment, and which was one whole yeardrawing in Philadelphia. sub 27 ot SALE BY ; . I1fnwb.Glast andFrankliA tl Mintum. fM Tuesday, 31st sunt, at 10 o'clock, at the store !io. w boutli - street, oprosue tne steam - boat wharf, between Beekiiiaa and Bur ling - slips, all the TEAS and CASSIA, iust arri ved in tbe ship Huntreat, Allen, master, from cantos, viz : 932 chests hyson skin tea 1'Si do young hyson tea 204 half i huts d i ' 100 5 - catty boxes do ' , 100 10 do do lOt) 13 do do 1IH) l. do do 100 20 do do 3()0 chests hyson tea, 123 half cheits do 2: U) 10 - cattv boxes do Vti boxes cout'g 2, 3 and 41b caanisteri do oUi chests soucnonc tea 444 hf. chests do. 700 qr chests bohea pi!) hall'chtits gunpowder tea Uj A - ruttv boxes do 82 boxes, cont'g 2, 3 and 4 lb cannistcrs do 7 cherts imperial tea 40 boxes of 20 - calty do Urt) do 5 do do 120 do 10 do do 67 boxes, con'g 2, 3 and 4lh. cannisters do And on Friday, the :)! of April, 2000 boxes CHINA WAKE, consisting of enamelled tea cups and saucers, dining and tea - sets, breakfast cups aud saucers, blue and w hite piaies, oinei, kc. (Ky - Tbe above teas are all frerh,nnd of very suiieiior quality, selected by a very competent ludge, aud particularly calculated lor this cia ket; .a)idthe china comprises a ery extensive assortment. . mn GIN, &c 40 bbls. 1st proof Country Gin. 15 hhds tt 50 bbls. Loal and Lump Sugar 180 boxes 1st aualitv Brown Soap 25 bbls low pri ed Brown SugAr, for sale by JACKSON t WOOLLEY, mh 26 3t 75 Wall - street I1APER MILL KAGti if SPONtiES - JO I hales Linen Rags 10 dosuperikif yellow Sponges, for sale by J NO M'CKACKA.H, mh ?6 3t " 82 1 - 2 Pearl - street iitlCiR. - 92H hhds. nrime New - Orleans Su O gar, landing at pier No. 13, E. River, from ship liieauer, will be sold on me wnari. n'nj to CHAS. L. tHiUKiN, and mhl4 A BR. OGDEN. s FLOUR. 'I - OO BWs and 86 hf. do Alexandria moun tain flour, eoual if not siiiierior. for family ure, to an southern flour received iu this city For fale hy mh 27 D. BETIIUNE & CO. I EG HORN HVI'o, 4ic 5 cases comprising J a compleat assortment of ladies wlu'e and hlacU, gills white, and niim and boys lghoni Hats. Also, rich straw trimming suitable lor Hit l.iS. A very superior BuM of Washington, in mar - lK and a parcel ot MlK vrnu uui tor angieis, just received hy the ship liamiltuii, fiom Leg horn, anu ior i iy KING at ME - IAD, No. 175 Broadway. f - strfi 27 3t 150 XT, nOMLVGU COFFEE. bags, for :a by TROKES, DAVinSON & Co. 106 Front street. mh 07 1 . P. MA Dr.. it VVISE. - Asn.all parcel of Ij. L. P. Madeira Wine, ufi.od quality, Will be sold low, to clone avn"ictitneiil, by It. 4 C. UA v run, i' & cu irh 27 CtOI j ii KICK bi haler prime Upland Cotton 10 1 tierces prime Rice, for sale in lots to suit purchasers, hy uniavvujjlio N'um i r,s, nih27 68 SnuHi - street. . INDIGO 30 cvnioiis first quality ppauiah fl - tant indigo (entitled to dibculure) 5 cases Bengal do do For sale by JACKSON Si WOOLLEY, mrh 27 75 Wnll - st. LEGHORN FIOhETTl HATS. UST received per Ari.itto, oue case of supe - .1 ri. - Finretti Lelu rn Hats, assorted liom so 36a 50. ALSO. I do offine White Chip, with a suitable pro - Icrllon of Ir.iihle b.nnl r or nale hy VANDERVOOK T At FLANDIN, mhf Iw No. 1 1 1 Btoiulway. S by " mh l i lib huuilles Cwedi h pwcrl, fur tale KURD & sEW ALL, 65 Snith - t. i;tV G( l 'ANCY plate Cali - " cocs SuHrffne ralicics and Cllil''Z - S 4 4, 9 II. 6 4 rambne lUUllllit (amhric jaconets I'lain tamhor'd 4 sewed mulls Plain and tamhor'd book muslins 3 - 4, 4 4 and 6 4 caru - liri gingham Black and col'd cambrics Veivi:ts and cords, bea vi r gloves Fancy cravat", twilled ami plain Mndrass hdkfx, pins Hair cord cambrics, cotton balls While 4 col'd threads Silk, kid, and cotton Marnilles Utiilt injji, royal ribb White am.' printed sateens Cotton l r mn hollunrift hwansdoiMi, toil. .li Hi, silk tiiH Ci.l - n and wnisted ho - sierv Irish linen. A' il.eeliu i I Kultoii", In ) ticl;' r I tic and Miptrlix cas - imeies Yorkshire fine and su )cfu ii c.ths London do lo b.ipMfine holies rliith" RoiiitibzetU, ratinutts Imperial cords, vign - nia casimere stockinet's, plain and ubliM Flannels, baizes Fcrretts, worsted bind ints gloves iilit bote, silk floren - Shirt buttons, cotton tines Black bnmbazeens Florence silk, ribbons, galloons Floienres, plain and figured Virginia satins, plaid iuitrings Fnng'd black filk likfs Velvet bindings, tapes, bobbins Furniture calicoes, and chmttfs lace Paris nctts and souffle gauze Black and white thulii lace Lrno ma wis, Eetopil lus Sewing silk, assorted colors Linen cambrics Table cloths, 6 - 4, 7 - 4 li 8 - 4 Diapers Furniture Diu.ities 4 - 4,9 B. 6 - 4, 7 - 4 and Fancy Leno, 4 figured U - 4 printed cainimc shawls Mii"lins Cambric. I rimmiugs, 4 7 4 4 U - 4 imitation do. 8 4 casuiiicre do. r loun'i - s Hreriui ker Ginghams Bandannn, loniree and i. - tersoy hdkls. Pocket hdkfs. white and printid 1 1 air cord and cambric dimities Homall lldkls. Siik Check (iinghams ill 3 col'd Cambric gannents Oil Cloths Brown Linens Merino Shawls Cotton hauduunoes Jeans, cotton cassiinere Striied Florentines lliack do Madapollum and steam tf - 8 col'd strip'd jaco - netts India muslins, 4c. tic loom shirtings Received by the late arrivals and for ale by HAGGERTY AUSTEN, tnh24d4r?m 107 Pearl street. ri'aaiTVRK DiMiriEK. coi - RTRraK, UCILTS, KC. AC - f & C. SUYDA.M hnejust received per Im I J nortnr. 4 cases 'ringed counterpanes and cradle co vers 2 do marci;illri qailt, part of belli very large sizes, elegant and new patterns 2 cases furniture and baloon dimities S trunks cuoihri.' muslins, part undressed I do hue f inghami Aho, just come to hand 1 bos S - 4 super cambric dimities 2 do men's aad ladies' cotton hosiery, ass d t bales Ifnea bed tick", part superfin Irish linens, sheetings, diapers, table cloths lang lawns, black lintn, AX. kc For sale on acconiiiolatiig terms, by ftie package or retail, at No 6 1 Maiden Lane. tuhS4 iw CI A LC U i I ' A S U G A R. Jl "O bags noi i eu ami plain while of superior quality, landing at CotnUes - slip, for sale at 67 Soothsiri Pet, sak 17 GRANT) BALL AT WASHIMiTOM - UALL. MR. BERAULT has the honor to inCinn the ladies and gentlemen of New - York, that his annual grand ball will take place on Thursday evening the 2d April, in the Washing ton - Hall saloon. In the coure of the evening, a ballet dance, and several other fancy dances, will be performed by Mr. Beraull's pupils, at follows : 1 Entrance of a graud march, by 20 young la dies. 2 Corps de ballet, by SO young ladies 3 Pas de deux, by 2 young ladiea 4 Pas seul, by I young lady 5 The thawl dance, by a young mis 6 Gavo'te de Vntrit, by 6 young ladiea 7 The ihautru.e, by 2 young ladies 8 Corps de ballet, by 20 young ladies 9 The aUemand, by 2 yniin ladies 10 De deux, by two ouuz ladies 1 1 1 as seul, with the tambouiine, by a young lady 12 Tbe three graces, by 3 young ladies 13 Pat seul, by a young lady 14 The lesson, ly 2 young ladies 15 Corps de ballet, by 20 young ladies 16 A graud march, to couclude with, by 20 young ladies. J he ball to begin precisely at 7 o'clock, and the ballet nt 9. (ly Tickets, one dollar each, to be had at Mr. Beraull's, No. 31 Curtlandt - treett and at Wa.hii.gtou - Hall. mbl2 3w 'I'll Ilka ISLAND iALT. 50 tusiuls X blight Turks Hand Salt lor sale by TUCKER & LAUKIES, 29 South street. mh 25 'U.N POWDER. A cntaiit supply oi Gnu V l owder, irom ilia "urangH works i' lor ale by JAMES D'NYOLF. Jr. mh 24 57 Front ttreel. I sOTT'ON YAilN. UKHJ lin.CoLou Yum, J No 15 and Jo, 1 wist and rilling, lor sal at No. II Fletcher street, n.h 14 :i.LOW (.:oUN MEAL o4 hluls and 25 bbls kiln dried Indian nit al, Tomlin - on't brand, of a very superior quality For lc by TUCKER 4 LAUKIES, mch 27 29 ftouth - st. I AN DA N N AS 4 cases hi hi quality U.uv JL Ji daiuiaa, for sale bv P.'liEM K.V & - CO. mh 20 2o .Soiith - streei. c O I TON k RICE 6 bales prime 0lnsui Cotton 4 do New - Orleans do 112 tierces Riv In store and for sale by GKIS OLD d COATES, mh12 6H cnuth - stmet. V'UINfJS L. 1'. lencrill'e wine, (Paely Y v brand,) in pipei, hhds. and qr. cakh, ini. ported July and .September 1816 and July 1317 Ca.'jo Teutrille wine, in pipes, eulilledtode - beniure. Caiie Madsira w!o , in asortad casks, shiiiped at the Cape ol Good Mope in 1 M I.J. PI t Lotion, m lor lannly ute. Formic by ' . A. I). DUFF, mh 26 1m 69 Washington - street. To Let ui UloomuifidiiU, . fcilLsX The large, convenient ami piensantiv situated house ol the subscriber, with the out buildings aud grounds, opix.iite the new Ht lie Church on tb - Itl woii isdiile road, 4 12 milts from town. Apply t JOHN H. TALMAN. mh25 1m 214 Fearl - stnet. 7Y1 I.kT. fnill From the fii it of May nexL the three stoiy brick house, No. 3 Dey - street. Apply to ni.r.uAyir.i, mh27 2w 37 Wall - street. A LADY well qualified to give lessons on XI the Piano Forte, informs the public, Ua site will give lessons three times a week, at tbe moderate price of 1 en Dollars per qua trr. Application to be made to John Head So. 36 Coiirtl.indt - street, or Alexander M Muir, No 521 Pearl - street. mh 21 2w cTiLUMBi ANTiTruK e galler y, 61 vvlton stb nr. r. Te connoi'seurs and amateurs oi the Fine Arts, m l to the enlightened public nf New - York ' I 'llK proprietor of an extemive collection ol s pictures, me works oi me inor tmineni pninters, hnvii.g.iil ainvcd imm Lurope, where lie ha' nurcliated them irom the cal mi ts c Ro ue, Naples, Florence, Paris, Amsterdam ami l.'thdon, at a very considerable exm nee, propo et to exhibit tlii.ui I 'he ladies and gentlemen of this city and its via inity. The exhibition wil! begin on Mnndny, the Oth of April. It will lie l. i superior to any us yet old red in the U. Mates, the ;)i' ture k ing undoubtedly oliginals, by the l.iilnivi.i aitisn ; Claude Du Vinci Rii'.eni t - 'orrcgio Pnrroeginno Item rtnt Veronia Vanderwerf Santa Crore A'iionn Netscher Caracu I lomimchino Raphael Milani i'uusiii Vandcrneer R.iiuiiorcio O - t.ide lenirrs mcnielil Vandervcldc Jan ttven Hans Uolbein eefo Van Tuldeu G'.llzius Wi.nweramno Metru Chcavntille l.ouiherburg Titian DuJardya Wilson Gainsborough Barker HiMon llichnrdsou t'uyp Brueghel MumIIo Pniuni 4c. iiC. KC. Admission 50 cents each, or one dollar per mont'i. Hours from If) in the invmux f seven ir the evening. Catalogues may be had at the Gallery. . mh 27 lw HEM LKr O TAI l uW i. HIDES. A FEW thousand pounds ew - York 'Fallow, and 201)0 Slaughtered Hides, for sale. Apiily to T. GIBBONS, Fly - Market. u.h i i tr FOR SALE, A PAIR of bay HORDES, well broke and V found. For parli ulars call at Shaw's Li - vi ry - tlallt, in l.iferty - ttreel, near Broadway. tub 20 2w UMOA LIAE. sTt tea in - boat O tbrPhila - Brumwick A: Olive - branch, delphia, via Trenton, 25 miles by land r are through In new pott coaches $5 Dor good stages, 4 50 Do. lorer - astle or deck pastenger 3 50 The OLIVE - BRANCH will Irave New - York every day at 1 1 o'clock, (Suudays excepted,) Irom the north side ol the Battery, and to return from Brutmwick so a to arrive at 10 tbe next morning, in this city. This line has a connection with the best boats on the Delaware and Cberapeake to Norfolk : as alro tho;e of the North River and Sound; and their several arrivals aro caleulattd to cause little, if any delay. This is a speedy and certainly the most con - venieut rout, as the passengers sleep at Trenton going and at Brunswick returning, aud arrive at a much less exutnte and io the houis of buti - ness at Naw - York or Philadelphia, without U - loniein traveller or lb want of tleep, as the th - tanre by land is ro mail - where at via the Point and I'owies I iook ii i uo "u " ' I'nra.rattle rrnjerf, (who diet with Uie peo pie,) to Bruntwii k, or Amboy, at $1 each. Ligiit freight and marketing, free. Eof seals in me nnove imu apM'j t uio udi'b i.;,,, siriui ftoat t)ihce, in afarkeineia - street. nc - rth tide of the Battery, between Greenwich 4; Washington - streets. New - York. March 27, 1C1. mh 27 YliiABS CABINET WARES. 12 casks I J Commode, Knob, sc. bandsearly assort ed, and of new patterns, for sale by KURD R HCWALL, rob 12 65 Sooth - street. I7IRESH FRUIT. 50 bojes Oranges andO M. do Lemons, just received, for sale by JOS. JOHNSON, mk 13 9 Gonvsrneur laie. PUBLIC SALES.' BY P. L v,i)X! sk CO. - ' ' M.riy, At half nast 0 o'clocL. m hLir Vocio:i P.oom, No. I AH Pearl - rtieet, a eie lal scrtnent of Fniv hajwl t.r ,li,h Dry . - .if. At K o'clock, 3 cases Leghorn Ht, I da. black, do. ' ; I hursiiay. Athalf past 9 o'ebek at tln - ir anrrion tiy tn, an entire invoice of ftti pa kegtV lnh ini:ried Frrhvh goods, cnnipnsirg as clioire ai.l valuable an asvirtment as was ever i fl red sak m this oiarUsU consisting of drmhk: rl,'iet le vnn - tims, dounlell reuces nf all rolors. p un IMeta, sutiii and rich liguftd nhhotia, men and womens siIk hose, do fclovet, rich merino shawls, sivan - . tine do ; enil.n i.leiefl Intkls. j (l.ui'e lr aed lace bunds linen cambric end cambric hdkfs. fans, cords, durrniiiie vrstings, silk hat covers, aud a ; oilier aitieles. . 1 he ai.'ove goodt mil lie sold on a liberal credit, which will le made at the sale. ' M.iuui.E tv it bvilITlsu, tt. rpllK proprietors of the southern marble qna - JL net, near King's - Bridge, git'e notice, that tin v have on hand, and are ricriving, at ll.a K tnj? I - Bridge Marble and Ltme - iard, loot of bearh - stret'l, on the ll'itbon river, an extensive bloc k of marble lor building, of the following de sctipticn', iz : Abhlar Coping FouiMlat'on Stone Cbimney - Pieces Facings Columns V ate i table Steps Platforms Sills Lintels Art he Also - Luna of the best quality. tV A constant supply of the above materials may be calculated upon ; and those de - irons of purchasing, or making engagements, will apply to EZRA LUDLOW, Feb 11' At the Yard. , REMOVAL. fL N. SMITH DAVtES has removed his rhemiral perfume manufactory and warehouse, from No. 136 Broadway, one ib - or north of Li - bi i'iy - slreet, on the west side of Broadway. mih27 NOTICE. ' fr All persons having demands against ba - siate of Doctor Archibald Bruce, defeased, are requeued te send their accounts to the onVe of the subscriber, No. 5 Nassau - street. PETER JAY MONRO, Mh 27 I in Administrator. CITY ASSEMBLY. ft Tlioie gentlemen who have not had an ni,M.rtunity ol paying their subscription, will have the goodness to send it to one of the aiana - ger. ' mh 27 iw ST. JOHN'S CHAI'EL ami ST. bTLPHLN'ft CHlllCH. (Kr On Simdi.y MORNING inBT. JOHN'S CIUI'EI., and in Die AFTERNOON in ST. STEPHEN'S CHURCH, a heravm will be preuch. d, and a collection made, for the benefit of Hie New - Vork Bible and Ctmmun Prayer Bonk Society. The money collected on (hit oc - cniou will lie appropriated to dt'r.yir g the ex - peuie oi sleren - iyio plates of the Bivk of Com uim Prayer, ol li e II to. size and large tine. A praver hook printed from these plates can be afforded to lut iunen of this society, and to auxiliary and other snii;tiei, at lets than one half the preteni cost - II must be obvious that it is very lesirabie lo circulate a prayer - nook ol so large a print as will accoinumdato those who Cannot uie to auvautagrihesii ali prayer - book, whirls is now gratuitously iliftnhuteu. It is hoped, therefore, thai Uie members olthe above conxre Satmiit will, by their liberal contributions, aid te society in accnnipliibing this important b - jet t. mh 27 tt COACERT. J HEWITT, respectfully acquaint hi . friends and the public, that bi Benefit Conce rt, Will be on Thursday, April 10th, at the Assembly Kooin City Hotel, Broadway. Partictilani, nf which will be announced ils future advertisements. mil 17 14t UUCTEEL H'iAtlMXU. FRANKLIN IIOU'E This new, spacious and splendid Building, situated in Broad" way, the great and fuihionable street dividing the centre of the city, at the come' of Hey at. will be opened by the tubbcribei on the 1st of May next, for the reception of Hoarders. It iit fitted, and will be fiuHiithed in a man ner not surpassed, for convenience and ele - irmice. bv uuv P ivatedwelling in the citv. It ' occupies the most eligible situation, bring central, in view of th Paikaud City - Hall t tbe upper apartments overlooking the whole town, commanding a view of the adjagent country lor a circumference ol ai) miles, including the Honk, the Nanows, and the Harbour and it is believed that no House in the country ex - cells it, either for elegance of structure or situation aud no exxnse having been spar - ' ed by the owner to make it complete for the purpose, in every respect, il will offer to ladies and gentlemen, suit families visiting that ci ), the must genteel, pleasn' and retired a - paitments. The clioicctt of W'ineand Liquors will be furnished, and no trouble or expense will be spared, to make tlie entertainment plea - Kiit, rare and excellent. ' This establishment is intended exclusively for Genteel Hoarding" .Mlt.l. UMllMlSUfl, febt4 DalCtf VI I Id PAR Y BOUNTY LANDs. ' pHE oui)tcriler will pay the highest price in L catb to tbe lute toldieis fnr their bounty lauds. JAMES D. W A 1)6 WORTH, No. 26 Water - street. N. B. J. D. W. purposing to leave thecity tor the Illinois Territory, requests all tiiose who employed bim to obtain tluitr patents, to call and take up the same, or receive Cash lor them. Will take any agency busiresi to the Ills - uois Territory, relatite to Soldiers claims, 4c. Apply as aliove. mch 10 D&C 3wt LIME BURNERS. WANTED three or four experienced lime burners. Who ran be well recommended. To such constant employ and liberal wage will b given Apply to I.I UIAIW, jua - w TO LL P, The souse No. 34 Beaver - street, for one or iwo year Apply as above. mch 25 1)4 CU TO LET, Tlu spacious HOUSES, Nos. 41 and 4 J W all - itreet, lately known at me iviercnanta' Hotel. They will I let either together or s namtelr. 'I he bouts No. 4 1 ha a Duilding nv the rear of it, containing twenty bed rooms with fire - place", which makes it one of the mot de - ; tirahle situations io the city for a boarding noose siieially at tbe lower moms may be let witn Kdraat - ige either for insurauce or broker's ofiu ces. For terms, apply to GEORGE BUCHANAN, mh 27 lit - 4 Sloat - lan. tftn TO LEY. kl'lPi From tbe 1st of May next, the f loose No. &92 Broadway, occupied by John Wells, Esq with tae Stable, kc. ui tlie rear. Apply t IX 1AIII1 I , mh t6 3tt Wall st. corner of 'asas - st. - Tt WANTED, lil A room suitable for an Office, ia or near. iiuux n - sfreet. Apply at this omce, mh 25 If . . ' I WO or three GeftleOiea can be Landjosaerjr X accommodated with board and lodging ia a , very delightful aitustioo, nei tbe CVy uaJL A front rxisa oa tne psrement n'jor to rent ioi aa office. Aptiiy at No. 239 Broadway. fb 5 3t - ' V YOUNG LADY, experienced in teaching, wishes tut a situation aa priv.te teacher, or governess, in a respectable umdy. For satisfactory references, apply at No. 124 Broad1 way. mhCSSttod, ; - :;vl . 1 " jiiV l.rj Si . ft".1 ' :l' ' n ''jl;:! . I, .. f !

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