The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on February 24, 1937 · Page 16
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 16

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 24, 1937
Page 16
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5$££b;r2^tS^!fi^VSiJ35^ SIXTEEN. MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, FEBRUARY 24 · 1937 1 *i I J ' if V LIVESTOCK PRICES CONTINUE DOWN SWINE MOSTLY 10 T015 LOWER Practical Top for Hogs, at Chicago $ 10.05; Load Brings'$10:15. ' { CHICAGO, C/P)--Livestock quotations Wednesday generally continued the downward turn that definitely - set in Tuesday due largely- to heavier receipts ·. than anticipated and a slack in demand. Hogs sold mostly 10 to 15 cents below Tuesday's figures, and in spots were off as much as a quarter. Although one outstanding load brought a. high price of $10.15, 1»*ie practical top was $10.05. The strong prJce advance in cattle Monday now has been erased and quotations are back or slightly under those of late last week, Most of Wednesday's early sales were $7.75 to $10.25. Choice and prime offerings were anticipated to bring $11 to $14.25, but trade was slow. There was practically no early trading in fat lambs. Bidding was unevenly lower, but the better kinds were holding steady. Sheep sold steady. - Local Livestock MASON CITY--For "Wednesday ' .^ HOGS Twenty cents lower. Good light" lights ... MO-ISO $7.10-7.40 Good light lights ... 150-160 5 7,60- 7.90 Good lights lfiU-170 S 8.20- 8.50 Good lights : 110-180 S 8.15- 8.H3 Good light butchers 1BO-200 S 9.03- 9.3a Good light butchers 200-220 ·§ 9-25- 9.55 Good me. wt. butch. 220-250 5 9.1!5- 9.5' Good ine. wt. bulch. 250-270, 3 9.23- 9,55 Good me. Wt. bulch. 270-290 5 9.25- 9.55 Good heavy butchers 230-325 $ 9,15- 9.45 Good heavy butchers 325-350 $ 1L05- 9.35 Good heavy butchers 35D-400 $ 8.90- U.20 Good packing sows.. 275-350 S 8.RO- 9.10 Good heavy sows ... 350-425 5 8.GO- 8.90 Good biff heavy sows 425-500 S 8.40- 8.70 Good big heavy sows 300-550 S 8.20- 8.50 (The above is a 10:30 truck hog market for pood and choice hoes. The difference in price is for short and long haul hogs.) CATTLE Choice to pTime "steers $10.00-11.50 Good 1o choice steers - S 8.00-10,00 Fair to good .steers S 6.00- fl.OO Low grade slcers S 4.00- 6.00 Choice to prime yearlings .. S 9.00-10.00 Good to choice yearlings S 7.00- 9.00 Fair to good yearlings .... 5 5.00- 7.00 Common to fair yearlings .. S 4.00- 5.00 Good to choice heifers S *?.0t- 9.00 Fair to good heifers S 5.00- 7.00 Common to fnir heifers .... S 3.20- 5.00 Choice to prime cows S 5.CO- G.OO Good to choice cows $ -1.50- 5.00 Fair to good coivs ...,..,... S 3.50- 4,25 Fair to good cutters $3.50-4.00 Common to f a i r cullers .... S 3.00- 3,50 Fair 1o good canners 5 2.75-3.00 Common lo fair canners .... $ 2.50- 2.75 Good to choice bulls S 4.50- 5.50 LiRht bulls S 4.00 Calves, £d. to choice 130-190 S G.50- 7.50 Calves, mcd, to gd. 130-190, S 4.00- 6.50 Calves, infer, to gd. 130-100 $ 4.00 d'wn , ;_. LAMBS Lahllis, gd. to choice 70-DO S 8.25- 9.50 Lambs, mcd. to good 70-30 $ 7.25- S.25 Lambs, fr. to medium 70-90 $.-1.25- 7.25 Lambs, common S 4.2-5-d'-wn Yearlings, fid. to ch. 70-M $ 5.00- G.OO Yearlings, medium to good . S'4.00- 5.00 Yearlings, fair to medium $ 3.00- 4.00 Yearlings, ..culls - S 2.00- 2.50 Native ewes, good to choice S 2.00- 4.00 Culls, ewes .' S 1-00- 1.50 Bucks 5 1.00- 2.00 "Wethers, 2 year o3ds 3 5.00- 6,00 ·\Vcthers, old -§3.00-5.00 Buck iambs $1 lows. No dock on lambc. Quotations subject to market fluctuations. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK. ( W e d n e s d a y M a r k e t ) CHICAGO, {if]--IU. S. department ol agriculture)--HOGS--21,000; including 1,~ 000 direct; mostly 104(''15 cents lower; spots 25 cents'-lower than: Tuesday's aver- asc; bulk good and choice 180-300 Hs., Sfl.05fcl0.05; practical top, 510.05, one outstanding load, $10,15; bulk good sows, 50.2500,50; lew, $9.Gfl®9.C5. C AT TM5--9,000; calves, 1.500; fed steers and yearlings slow; .steady with Tuesday's decline; " Monday strong advance · erased Tuesday and caUlc now back to or slightly under late last week; moderate carry'over Tuesday; most eariy sales Wednesday, $7,155310.25, with good choice and. prime offerings' 'promising to b r i n g $UT?U.25; sloe hers slow; demand ccrnei-- ing ou fairly .well bred JEshl .yearlings turning all the- way from $G.50$(,7.75, according to quality a n d - f l e s h condition; Iicifcrs stcndy; prime kinds, $12.25 kosher accounts; bulk short fed, $9 down to £6.50; nulls steady at $6.50 down: v;e:il- c rs 2."» t o 50 c cnts lo we r nt $0.50 down (o $7,5fl. s r i K K F -- 9,000; Including 2,000; practically no early trading on fat lambs; bolter k]r}ds,hoM.steady; bidding .unevenly lower; sheep steAdy. · . . SOUTIt ST. PAUL LIVESTOCK ( W e d n e s d a y M a r k e t ) SOUTH ST. PAUL. W 1 )--tU. S. department ot agriculture) -- CATTLE -- 2,500; znoro active: slaughter sleers ftnA sne slock openinp fully steady; medium and good fed £ leers, $7.25ift9.85; few fed heifers. $7.50(7?8.50; bulk lower grades, S (it 7.25; plain to Rood beef, cows, $4.75571 6.25;, low cutlers and cullers. $3,50674.*0 hull, 1 ; steady; bulk, J5.2-ifl"i 5.75; heavy TIG lognas up to $G; stock era scarce, steady. calves, 2,200: vcalers fully steady: mos1 good and choice, J7.50ffin.50; selects, or more. JJQGS--5,500; market mostly ]5 cents lower on all clashes; good' and choice 210-325 IbK.. $9.fiKi9.70; top, $9.70; IGO- 210 Ibs., Sfl.35(r?9.60; 140-150 Ibs., $8.706? 9.10; 120-140 Ibs.. $8.10*V8.B5; b u l k £Cod sows, $9:30; average cost Tuesday, $9. weight. 205 Ibs. SHEEP--3,500; ho early bids or sales; u n d e r t o n e steady to weak on slaugh classes; steady on other classes; Rood lo choice lambs Tuesday, $10f/10.23; throe loads to shippers, $10.40; choice ewes Tuesday, ?6.2o. S I O U X CITY LIVESTOCK ( W e d n e s d a y M a r k e t ) SIOUX CITY, 'WV-U. S. department of agriculture)-- CATTLE--2,000; calves, 200; slaURhtcr-stcers and yearlings f a i r l y active, steady to strong; finality p l a i n * m o s t j fat she stock little changed; c u l l e r grades dull; stockcrs and feeders scarce firm; few sales fed yearlings, $10{i 10.50; strictly choice beeves absent and quolcc tip to $13; numerous sales short fee!3 $7.2559.25; load lots good heifers up to S8.15; medium, $8 down; most bc«£ cows S4-7.T(n.8.2j; few around yi; cutter gnirit-.s S3,2.1ijf4,23; few common anil mediim stock steers, ?5f7G,2f; current stacker an feeder cattle quotatIons: Steers, Snfl-P/lQ Ibs., good and choice. $G.504?B.50; cotnmoi and medium. S4.75WC.^O; heifers, good and choice. $5.25'W ft. 75; common and me dlum, $4«5.25; cows, good. S3.75 514.25. common and medium. ?3.25if?3J75; calve* fsteer), fiood and choice, SfT.SOfrB; me ctium, $5rrs.50. H O G S -- 500; fairly active; mostly N. cents lower; weights below 1GO Ibs., J5i{7| 25 cents o f f ; top, $9.70 to t r a d n r s ; $0.7C to shippers; pood and choice, 130-290 lb butchers. 49,50^9.65; . packer lop, $fl.(i5 170-190 lb. lights. 59.25 Tifl.50; 150-170 ]b nvcrapcs, f8.7Mt9.2S; slaughter pffl* ditl feeders, ffl.25 down; sows, $9ffO,2!i: nt.ifis $3.25 down. SHEEP--2,00(1; no early fat lamb ac «on; undertone steady to weak; tali Tuesday fed wooled skins, 25 £3.1 cent fewer; top. 510.50; bulk, »IO,250IO,30. MONTHLY COAL PRODUCTION IN UNITED STATES C f t J f t C e U 3 . DEPT Of THE IKTEPICM, BUflEUJ Ot U1NCS . MILLIONS Of SHORT TONS 60 1937 FEB. 24,1937 Hog Markets MIDWEST H O G S Hog prices at midwest markets -Wednesday: WATERLOO--Hogs 10 to 20 cents lower. Good lo 'choire 140-150 Ibs. S7.25(r£ .53; 15U-1GO Ibs. $7.75ti8.05; 1GO-170 Ibs. S8.35fTt8.65; 170-180 Ibs. $B.90Ki9.20: 180- .iOO Ibs. S9.20SS.50; , 20S-29D Ibs. $9,30« 9.CO: 290-325 Ibs. S9.20SJ9.5I); 325-350 Ibs. 59,IO'TA!.4t; packing SOU'S 275-350 Ibs. S8,UOIii9.10; .350-42S Ibs. S8.G5',iK.U5; 425- 15U Ibs. |8.3cl S/8.80. CEDAR KAPII1S--Good hogs 140-150 bs. 37.25rji7.55;' 150-1GD Ibs. 57.75^8.05; 100-nO Ibs. S8.25r.iB.55; 170-180 Ibs. $8.85 iJ9.15; 180-200 Ibs. ?a.!5fi8.45; 200-325 Ibs. 39.3Uft9.GO; 325-350 Ibs. S9.15frI9.45; good packers 275-350 Ibs. $a.80fii9.10; 350425 Ibs. 58.65ftS,05; 425-500 Ibs. ?8.50a 8.00: 500-550 Ibs. SU.35ffiU.00. OTTUMWA--Hoys, 10 to 20 cents low. 140-150 Ibs., 57.305i7.60: 150-150 Ibs., S7,SOfif8,10; 1GO-170 Ibs., $8-30^8.60; 170180 Ibs.. $S.9D©9.20; 180-200 Ibs.. S9.10S' 9.40; 200-290 Ibs., S9.30SJ9.Ga; 250-325 Ibs., 59.20'i' 9,50; 325f(f350 Ibs.. $9.10^(9.40; 3,:0400 Jbs.. 59f9.30; packers, 275-350 ]bs., 0rif9,20; i50-415 Ibs., $8.00(^9.10; -J25- 550 Ibs,. sa.GfiliJ8.05. . . . AUSTIX--(U. S. d e p a r t m e n t ot a R r i - cullurc)--Hogs--10 cents lower; good to choice 1BO-200 Ibs.. 59.25 (-,9.55; 200-290 Ibs.. S9.40fS9.70; 290-325 Ibs.. S9.30W9.CO; J25-350 Ibs.. S9.20fif9.50; packing sows, ;ood, 275-550 Ibs.. S8.70rrf 9.30. C O M B I N E D HOG RECEIPTS DES MOINES, I,TI-- (U. S. department of nprii:ut(iire)--Combined hop receipts 22 concentration yards and 9 packing plants located itl interior lou-a and southern Minnesota for the 24 hour period ended at 8 a. in. Wednesday were 23.100. compared u-ilh 15,300 a week iiyo and 15,300 a year ago. Prices are 10 to 20 cents, lower; Irarte mdertotlu slow; loading indicated l i i t l e changed. 'Quotations follow: Lipht lights. 140-1EO bs., good and choice. S7.75STB.GO; lltjht ·/eights. 160-1EO Ibs.. Sa.a0n9.35: 180-200 bs.. S9.3:"r,?!).70; m e d i u m weights. 2110.20 Ibs.. J9.45«?9.(15: 220-230 Ibs.. S9.4r«[ I.B5; heavy wetc.hls, 250-290 lhs. t S9 4:)ff? ).S.-; 200-350 Ibs., fS.30S79.75: packing ows. 275-350 Ibs.. itood. J9fS9.35: 35025 Ibs., $ S . 85 S!.15; 425-550 Jbs., ?8.70® KA.VSAS C1T*T LIVESTOCK ( W e d n e s d a y Market) KANSAS CITY, (/P,-- W. S. d e p a r t m e n t T agriculture)--HOGS--1,500, no directs- closing active to all interests; stcndy to 0 cents lower than Tuesday's average; op, $9.30; good to choice 190-300 I b ^ , S9.75'[i9.fjj; 140-180 .Ibs., S8.90S9.75; sows, *""17 9.315: slock pigs, scarce. C ATT I, K--3,000, calves, 800; beef ste-rs ind yearlings, opening steady: good to choice buffers nnd mixed yearlings, firm; other killing classes, little changed; stockers and feeders, steady; choice 865 b, mixed yearlings, 511.75; yearling steers held higher; choice G13 and 634 ib. heifers, $10,25; early sales medium to good steers. S7.75ifrlD.65; butcher cows, $4.?5iffS.73; odd beef cows up to $(550 and above; low cutters and cutters. 33.25 i?l4.50; good to choice vcalors, ST'rta: few $D.fiO. ' SHEEP---.1,000, opening sales Iambi fully stcndy at $9.50^0.75; choice lots held above 510.23; odd lots sheep, strong lo 25 cents h f g h c r ; small bunches sin tighter eivcs d o w n front $6, - O M A H A LIVESTOCK (U'ednpsrtay M a r k e t ) OMAHA. Ml--(U. S. department a g r i c u l t u r e ) -- H O G S -- 5.000; steady to cents lower: top, $9.75; 200-350 Ibs., 59 CO Tf9.75; 170-190 Ibs.. $9.33 r?( 9.65; HO-ifin lbs.._ S8.25fff.9.35; pigs, $6.5oi(ia.75; CATTLE-- .1.500: calves. 50(1; steady; steers. 58ri? 14; heifers. STI?]!; cows. st.S "17; cutters, 5.1.25ff4.25; bulls, $ 5.75; top vealers, $9. SllEKP--4,000; lambs 23 cents lower SIOftIO.50; SOWS, LIVESTOCK FORECAST CHICAGO. Ml-- O f f i c i a l estimated l i v e stock receipts for Thursday: Hogs. 20000- catlle, 5.000.'and sheep. 10.000. Representative Sales CHICAGO. WHU. S. d e p a r t m e n t of agriculture)--Representative sales Wednes day; \ unr.s Avf.. A V B - I N'o. \V«l. 1'ricc! Heavy-- , - ] Llghls-- 17 ' 346 ?9.B5| 74 1!B 9.83 M 281 0.03| fil 190 o. US 70 2G4 Q,0.-,J 27 18,1 ' 45 258 9,R5| 82 Ifi5 M e d i u m -- |I-isbt I-iphts- 58 24. 1 ) 0,901 89 102 M 241 III 0" US H3 72 23.1 10.15] RS 210 10.00; S I I H K P Colorado Lambs-- |Frd Western 221 440 415 220 isa 94 95 100 Steers-I R 1 22 21 43 31 28 19 22 20 1207 1108 1072 1148 10,46 982 1354 875 936 $10.501121 10.40! 22fi 10.^51345 10.25] 216 I Ewes| SB I .41 I 31) CATTLE I Heifers-$14.50; 40 955 I.1..WI 28 88(! 13.001 29 IS.501 24 12.^0| 27 10.001 Cows 9.751 B 9.541 18 H.50| 24 7.75! 19 ( 21 | 33 70 80 142 ioa 785 838 754 1291! 1187 1042 9Itt 9 SI 879 WHEAT MARKET CLOSES HIGHER Advance of More Than Cent Is First Real Upturn Since Friday. CHICAGO, (/P)~An advance of. more than a cent a bushel in wheat prices Wednesday, the first substantial upturn the market has had since Friday, was regarded by traders as a technical reaction as a result ol the recent decline. Constructive developments encouraging buyers included reports oi better southwestern flour demand and failure of fresh moisture to appear in the winter wheat belt. Dust storms were .reported in spring wheat territory. Wheat closed ^-lls above Tuesday's finish, May $1.31%-%, July Sl.14%-15, and corn was %1 cent up, May ·§!.06%-%, July 51.01%-!.02. Oats gained %-l'A, rye %-ia, and lard 7 to 12 cents. C H I C A G O CASH f.UAIN nVetltie-sday Market) CHICAGO. [/]·)--Wheat--No. 2 mixed, $1.35. Corn--No. 4 mixed, SI.Ofi'A^l.O?'.^; No. mixed. ?1.04'.=,; No. 3 yellow, SI.08^ I? 1 I.OBji; No. 4 yelJow, $I.OB«?1.(N); No. 5 yellow. sl.o4Vafi'1.06; No. 3 white. SI.11; No. 4 white, Sl.OBS! l.OSVb. Oats-- No. 1 white. SO'.i; No. 2 while. 49',i; No. 3 white, 4BO49; No. 4 while, 7'.^; sample jjrnde. 4f^«. Soy Benns--No. 3 yellow. $t.54'/a. Barley--Feed, 80ff795; malt- tf, Sl^l.44 nominal. Timothy Seed--Per cwt., 5i'tf6.25; new, .75C( G. Clover Seed--Per cwt., S2Hr735. Lard--Tierces, S12.10 nominal; loose, $11.50 nominal; bellies. $16 nominal. Mason City Grain MASON CITY--For Wednesday No. 3 yellow shelled corn $1.0-1 No. 4 yellow shelled corn . . .$1.02 Ear corn 95c White oats'No. 3 45c Barley . , . . ! . . . 60-*lOc Soybeans, No. 2 yellow $1.42 W E D N E S D A Y G R A I N CLOSE CHICAGO, (fi WHEAT- May .. J»ly Sept CORN-May, new .... May, old July, now .... July, old .... Sept OATS-May ,. July Sept SOY BEANS-May July RYE-May .., , July ......... Sopt BARLEY-May .... L A R D -Mar Mny ...... July Sopt. ^ BELLIES-May July High ..JI.32 .. 1.1514 .. 1.12^1 Low $1.30','. 1.13',% 1.11 1.14% 1.12 .4:1 -401i 12.27 12.50 12.75 .13.00 16.30 16,52 1.07 .99 12.10 12.37 12.60 12.85 16.27 16.50 12.J7 12.SI) 12.75 12.97 lli.27 16.50 MIXNF.ArOT.1S fillAlN ( W e d n e s d a y M a r k e t ) MINNEAPOLIS. {/PI--Wheat .12 c.irs; !'i cent hicher: No. 1 heavy dark northern 60 Ibs. St.IWlCTf.iTOk: No. 1 dark northern 59 Ins. $I.S2Wil.5r*i; 58 111 SI.Sl%fil.5B»i; fancy No. 1 h n r d Montana 14 per cent protein .S1.44%f(?1.4 iirnrtc of No. 1 dark hard or No. 1 hard Montana w i n t e r SI.38^JifIrl.40%: liard amber durum No. I. Jl.4MlfiJI.63V.; No. red d u r u m $1.31"»ffi 1.32Tn. Corn. No. 3 yellow Sl.l5'.i«7-I.17',i; cent hleher. Oats, No. 3 white 4Kfi 4fi',ic. 10.50 1050 B.2S 5.00 4.50 12.25 9. (Ill 11.50 7.50 7.00 5.00 4 5 0 3,15 No. OMAHA G R A I V ( W e d n e s d a y M a r k e t ) OMAHA. «)-- Wheat, dark hard 1. 51.33',3; No. 4. Sl.23',3; No, 5, ^1.23',a; hard No. I. $l.m'.4«rl.34. Com, yellow No. 3, J1.17; No. 4, $1.15 WI.I7. Oats, white No. 3, Sic; No. 4, 48G.'iOc. PUmccr FTirmur Dies. EXIRA-, (!P)--Gcoi-fic Struthcrs, 71, pioneer farmer, died of a heart attack while riding to-town with a neighbor, John Bengaard. K A N S A S CITY* G R A I N ( W e d n e s d a y M a r k e t ) KANSAS CITY. W 1 )--Wheat 45 cars; cent lower to 1'.'* cents higher; No. 2 nark bard 5i,31fi:i.32V^ No. .1. si.2(P 1.27*1: No. 2 hard 1 /*: No. 3 nom $1.2:iVtf l.31'/4; Nn. 2 TPd n n m . fl.ArWgg l.W/«: No. 3 nom. si.SfJV^U,^^. Corn S cars; J /a (o HI cents h f c h c n w h i t e nom. $1.2013 ft 1,22; No, ^ LlR^ini.aO'.ai No. 2 yellow notn ^ l . 2 U ' . ^ f i r l . 2 I ' » ; No. 3, $l.2ft!ji No. mixed norn- S l . l R l . 4 f ? U J E t 4 ; No- 3 nom Oats 2' cars; V« cent lower to 1 cen 1 higher; No. 2 while flic. No. 2 nom. INVESTJIENT TRUSTS (fly The Associated l»res« Hill and Alked Wednesday. Corporate Tr Sh Corp Tr Sh AA Mod . Corp Tr Sh Ae~ Ser . Corp Tr Ac Ser Mod . Dividend Sh Maryland Fund Nationwide Sec N a t i o n w i d e Sec vtc . Nor Amer Tr Sh 1055 Quarterly Inc Sh Selected Am Sh Inc . Super Corp Am Tr A. . U S El I. Jt P A U S El L Jt P B V R El L gc P vtc .... 3.07 2.93 3.73 2.07 10.4S 4.G3 2.25 3.74 18.90 4.27 4.40 10.875 3.13 1.1!) 2.22 1M7 4.06 2.-U Wouldn't it be cheaper In con splidate all federal publicity ac tivities in a "department of bally hoo and whitewash?"--\Vatcrlo Courier. Stock List W e d n e s d a y Final Quotations. m. Can 137 Va Rta S' la B 3 *^ .m Sm Re£ 9?'/« ,m Sug Hef flOTi ,m T T 115'/ a Tob B . 94'A Am Wat Wks 20 Anaconda 65',i Mch T S r 74H Auburn Anto 'Si\'i Aviation Corp 8 Bait 4: Ohio 2TA Barjisdall 30'A 2BVi 160 Bendlx Aviat 2T Beth Sleel Jorden 3org Warner ::an D G Ale 'an Pacific Case C N W c Gt w n',i C M St P P 2=Si c R i 5: P :'.'/» Chrvsler 125 CorG El 17','* Comwlth Sf. So H?R Edison 42 Va Con Oil 1C Con Can 61V* Cont Oil Del -JlVi Prod Bfi Curttss Wright 7 Deere : Co 122 tu Pont d N 171 Elec Foods Motors Gillette Goodyear ludson Mot IHnofs Cent nt Harvest ft nt Nick Can nt Tel i: T 'ohns ^^anv Krc,=RO Lib O P Gl 59% McK Rob Mid Cont Pet Montgom W Nash Kelv Nat Biscuit Nnt Cash R Nat Dairy Pr Nnt Distill Nat Fow Lt N Y Central North Pac Oliver Farm Packard Mot 11V* Parani Pict aS'/n Penney Ponn R R Phillips Pet Radio Roy Tob B Scars Roeb Shell Union Socony Vac Sou Pacific Std Brands Std Oil Cal Stri Oil Ind Sid Oil N J Stewart War Sludcbnker Swift i- Co Eexas Corp Tex Gulf Sul Timtc Roll B Un CarnEtle 33 Z3 Vt H4T« atvi 57 97 T, 4-JV, 53 '.'« BliVi 33 H IS'.i 52% 72'.i 19V 10'. 27 ',i 52'.i 41 72! IDT.-i Un Pacific 133 Unit Airc United Corp CVi United Drug 14'/a U S Inrl Alco 39% U S Rubber SG U S Slecl X I I Warner Pict I.T West Un Tel 7.1 Wcs El : M£ lafi WooHvorth 55 C H I C A G O STOCKS W e d n e s d a y Final Quotation*. Cities Service leilmann Bre 10'^ ' z Drtip 15!4 Cellogg Svvltc Hl','a .inby McNeil 'l4'/4 litlivest Corp 141' B Leather 2 N W Bancorp Hli Quaker OaU 120 Swift Co 27 Swift lull 31 U t i l i t y Ind 114 Zenith 33 Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplier) by LAMSON BROTHERS AND CO., Mason City Office In Baglcy-Bcok Bldg. Telephone No. 7. CHICAGO STOCKS Butler Bros iriVi Marsh Field Cord Corp 5 Walgreen Co NEW YOKK CURB Am Gas is El 41 Am Cyan B 32H Am Sit Pow 2','t Ark Na Gas A IIV. As G El A 3»1 Can Marconi U'A El Bd Sh 2.H' N K W Y O R K STOCKS 37V Ford ot Can Ford of Lockheed 15', Niag Hu Pow 151 Std Oil Ky 13 Un Gas Co B Alask J u n c a u . Allegheny 4^y; ' i .t F'or P 12y. Am Cry Sup 32 Am C i Fy 66 Am Pow 4= LI I31 Am Roll Mills :iO'i Am Ha S 2551 Amer Ton 043'^ Armour A: Co 1:! Arm Co pf D7'j As Dry Goods 20?; All Ret ' 32H Baldwin Loco su Brines Mfg 54',;! Renrlix 27-^ Burld M f E Co 12'.k Burr Add 33»'» Byers A M Co 2,r Caterpillar Tr SKI Cer do. Pasco 7*H Clies : Ohio 6f. Chi Gt W pf 1C. - CMclPP pi 6 = b Coca-Cola I^ft Com Credit M% Com Solvents Ifl'A Cont Motor WH Cudaliy Pack 4n« Curt-Wr A 2(i?i Dist Cor Sens 25 Douglas Airc r4V« 17 it R a t o n Mfir Co lU'.J Etec A u t o Lit 44 El Pou- 1.1 L'3 Eric n R Co Ili' Fircst T Jt R 3^3; Foster-Wheel 4!1'1 Freepnrt Tew 2nV Gen Am Tran Illv* G l i d d e n Co 4~'-' H Gold Dust W'.', Gt Nor pi 48 Houston Oil 2V Hudson Motor 21 Hupp Motors ^ Indus t Rayon :it'. Kclvinator Lnn\bert Co Lorillard 2G\ Aracfc Truck Math Alk 3R1 M i n n Mol Imp 13 : M K T R', Mo P a c i f i c 41 Motor Prod as No Amer 3tV Nn A m e r Avl ifl = Otis Steel' an 1 Owen III Gl IRE) Packard Mot 11 Park UMh Cop T* P l y m o u t h 12."i Proc z Gam (iH P u b Ser N J 4« P u l l m a n f i H ' . Pure Oil Co 19; P u r E t y Bakery 22' R K O Rem Rand Heo Motors Simmons Co So Cal EdS.snn 2S 3 Spcrry Corp 22 SL G A: E 12' Tide W As Oil 21 U S Ind Alch Sfi 1 U S Smelter 32 I/til P L A :'.· V a n a d i u m 31 3 Un i: Tm IT Warren Bros fi Western Un 7" W n r t h Pump 41 Yellow Tr ,Vi. Yntjsl S ' T EM Hides qtiolallnn» Furnished by \\olt Bros Inc,, 3IW Flflh Street SouthipejL ·;IIF.EN n K E F t u n e s Up lo 2.1 Ibs 10'^ 25 I bs, u p .,..,. I) Bud hides fi',^ ·Cured nirtca h a l f cent more a pcun (On a hove prices a cent hi R her wholesale dealers tn wholesale lota.l W O O L M A R K E T BOSTON, f.'P)--|U, S, d e p a r t m e n t n e r k - n m i r c r -- M e d i u m grnrfes O h i o .similar fleeces were offered WednOK at slicht concessions. Mill.'; Appeared have l i t t l e Interest in (he offerings. Prices asked ranger! . r iQ lo 51! con 15 \hc _Ki-e,isp for comhinc. ^i blood, 5 0 r « f S i cents for combing, q u a r t e r bl Country packed m e d i u m R r a d c stralgh fleeces hold in the middle west, were o fercd la Boston at -IRff47 cents, dcllvcrc for lots c o n t a i n i n g combing and clothin ?» blood and q u a r t e r blood grades mixe STOCKS RALLY IN LATE TRADE Vlarket Moves Up Quietly Following Early Break m Steels. NEW YORK, (^P)_Stocks ral- ed quietly in Wednesday's stock larket after an early break in the eels. U. S. Steel, near the final hour, ut a 2 point drop to a fraction nd Bethlehem transformed a oint loss into a gain of as much. The comeback lacked snap with B principal volume developing n th6 selling side in the morning, 'here were also plenty o£ losers n evidence. Many traders showed a disposi- lon to cash in profits and stand side pending clarification o£ trike problems and Washington olicies. Late improvement was regis- ered for General Motors, Yellow 'ruck, White Motors, . Goodrich, Jeere, Douglas Aircraft, Boeing, Vestern Union, Anaconda, Inter- ational Nickel, P a r k - U t a h , Standard Oil of N, J., Celanese, ..oews, Westinghouse, Armour, Santa Fe, N. Y. Central, Southern "acific and New Haven preferred. Under water were Consolidated Mison, Standard Oil of Indiana, ohns-Manville, Republic Steel, Chrysler and Sears Roebuck. Bonds were uneven. Commodi- .ies received support. Transfers were around 2,200,000 ;hares. FORGET Curb Market NEW YORK, Wf--The volatile metal shares SWUIIR downward on 1he c u r b market Thursday as industrial specialties inrt a fewutil itics achieved substantial atns. First hour advances ranged from frac- .ions to around 2 poinls in New Haven Ctocif ; Stroock and company. Northern Slates Power "A," and American Laun- Iry Machine, Most utilily leaders were Tnctionally improved. Ncwmont gave up 2 and Aluminum company of America lost about 1. Tljnw hcveJ, Sunshine Mining. Great Atlan- ic and Pacific, Creole petroleum and American Cyanamid "B," also were on ,hc minus side. Bond Market CHAPTER 29. It is not difficult to analyze the qualities in women that attract men when you know women. There is the pretty, popular girl who creates the atmosphere of good times wherever she goes. There is the,girl who plays up her femininity in her soft voice, her rapt attention, her pretty, rutfly clothes. And there is the girl who has the indescribable quality in her of making men want to live up to what she expects of them. That quality is recognizable where it exists; it has no name. The women who belong to the lirst two groups are obvious. Janet belonged to neither of these but to the last group. From the time when she was a tiny 16 year- old with braids demurely slipping down her back, she had attracted the type of boy and man who looked beyond the obvious prettiness in women and wanted to cultivate the worthwhileness they knew she had to offer. Janet had had beaux without number but she was never the kind of girl to whom men sent orchids. She was the girl who was Invited to the skating carnival, ths barn dance and for Saturday nic- r.ics. Later, when she had left Chester and gone to New York to earn her living, there were the usual number of men who invited her to the theater to dine with them, to go to concerts. The nigh*, club habitues were not attracted to her. There were, of course, the men who made love to her and, finding themselves rebuffed, d r o p p e d away. But lor the most part, she rept her men friends. They told her their troubles, of their love iffairs and their ambitions and ime and again through life they vere to remember her. Janet forgot them all. She had one man and she had waited for hat one man. Joel Paynter was all she ever wanted. She had had no need lor men friends. She was essentially womanly. She needed and had women friends ind her one man. She had enough. There was more than one man n Hollywood who regarded her as lis friend but--as in other things --Janet gave more than she received. Perhaps because she was not seeking more than she had. Vernon Chester was her friend. The famous director was frequently a guest at the white house n the hills. Jie came to Janet to NEW YORK. OT--Bond prices were narked down along a rnthcr broad front .Vctlncsday ns l i q u i d a t i o n carried over Tom the preceding session. . Best grade corporation issues and U. S. .reastlry loans participated in the retreat ·mrl some were back around 3937 lows aftt-r a recent rally. Santa Fe General 4's, in the portfolios of many savings banks and other Instt- ution5, fell rnoro t h a n a p p o i n t . Losses o£ fractions were registered in American Telephone 'CHis, Bethlehem Steel s. Pacific Telephone a'.is, and Pure Oil -t'As. Convcrtiljlcs and other Issues will! a ipecLilalive' appeal were mostly lower in i y m p a t h y w i t h stocks. Sludehaker 6s ost more than 2. Secondary rails aUo vere disposed to decline, with Allegheny 5s. Rock Island General 4s. Erie Ss, and New Haven 6s ol 19-30 off fractionally. A few Latin American loans tended higher In the foreign division. Produce MASON CITY--For Wednesday Cash Quotations by li. G. Morse Eggs, current receipts 16c Heavy hens, 5 Ibs, and over ..12c Under 5 Ibs .'... 8c Stags, 5 Ibs. and over . . . . . . . l i e Stags, under 5 Ibs Ic Cocks .. . 'Be All No. 2 poultry 4 cents less Merchants Quotations Eggs, in trade 18-19c* Eggs, cash 17-iSc* Butter, Iowa State Brand .... .40c Butter, Corn Country 39o Butter. Kenyon's 39c Butter. Very Best 40c Butter. Brobkfield 39c Potatoes, russets, peck 75c Potatoes, cobblers, peck 52c ·EDITOR'S NOTE--These representative ouotntions were obtained by calling several grocery stores. rrtonucE (Wednesday M a r k r l ) C H I C A G O . f c P ) -- P o u l t r y : Live, trucks, steady to firm; h e n s over 5 Ibs. !H,7C, -T Ibs. and less 18c; Leghorn hens He; colored springs 13c; Plymouth and White Rock 21c; colored and WVnte Rock fryers 22e; Plymouth Rock 24c; colored and While Rock broilers 23c: Plymouth Rock -5c; barebacks I8c: Leghorn chickens I'c: rooslers 13c; Leghorn roosters Uc; turkeys: Hens 21c: youn^ toms Iflc, old llic: No. 2 t u r k e y s ISc; ducks 4',i Ibs. up while and colored 20c: small w h i l and colored 17c: capons 7 Ibs. up 23c; less titan 7 Ibs. 22c: geese l. r e. Butter 11.007, f i r m : creamery specials f9:i secret 34l'«(i?n43*c: extras (92 3S J ,ic: extra firsts 190-911 Iia'A'ffSS'.Tic; firsts I8R- R9) 31^4^132?4C; standards (90 centralized c a r i o l s ) n.V/.tc. EPRS 8,n», steady; prices unclinnecd". NK1V Y O U K I'ROIHICE (Uilne*iU- M a r k e t ) NEW YORK. Ml--Buller. 22,051. steady- creamery, extra (92 score), -1-I 1 /*: centralized 100 score), 33',^. Other prices unchanged. Cheese. fi3D.48(l, steady and unchanged Egcs, 45.TFI4, irrccnlar. Mixed colors: Slandarris. 2.1!4!i.2.1!4; firsts. 22*8 22'i other mixed colors u n c h a n g e d . Live poultry--By f r e i g h t , steady: prices unchanged. PRODUCE FUTURES a V c d n M d k y M a r k e t ) CHICAGO, (,P)--Butler f u t u r e s closed Storage standards, Feb., 32V 4 ; March 32?'*; Nov., 30. ERg futures--Fresh graded firsts, Feb. 2l 3 ,i; storage packed firsts, March, 2 2 ' refrigerator standards, Oct., 24 3 ,*. Potato f u t u r e s -- I d a h o Russets. March No. 1. S3.Sr; March, grade A, 53.S3; A p r i l £rade A, S3.7H. M I N N T A P O M S FI.OCIl ( W e d n e s r l a y M a r k e t ) MINNEAPOLIS. (,P|--Flour: Carload lots, a barrel in 98 lb. cotton sacks: Fam ily patents unchanged, J7.-$Ofr-7.6fl; (lard p a t e n t s , - 5 cents higher, Shipments--24,791. Pure bran--$29rfr29.5(l. Standard middlings--$32fT32.50, COVER.V.ME.VT TIO.N'IXS I Wrdnenilar Q n r » l a M n n * ) NK\V YOIIK, i/Tt--U. S. bonds cloiiccl: Treasury 4V«R 47-52 I I D . l f l . Treasury 4s 44-54 114.10. Treasury mis 40-4.1 J u n e 106.31, Treasury 31is 4fi-W I07.-10, Treasury to 51-55 105.21. Correct this sentence: "Then was no love story in it," said thi girl of sixteen, "but it was a per /eclly swell movie." -- Kcvvancc Star-Courier. Public Utility and Industrial Stocks Quoted by A. M. SCHANKE CO. Telephone 1300, Mason City H i d and Asked Wcdnesd^-. Cent St El 6 pel pf ($23 pnrl 10 Cent St El 7 pet pf (S25 p a r ) 11 ~ it SI P L. 7 pet pi .. , 17 niplin ReC Iowa 7' pet pf 100 dreamery Package com ... 24 rst Cons A 23'.4 George. A Hormel A pf ..... 104 jcorge A Hormel common ... 22 Interstate Power 6 pet pf .. Ifi Interstate Power 7 pet pf .. la [owa Eleclric Co fii^ pet pf 53 :owa Electric Co 7 pet p[ 54 ',n Eloc Lt Power G pel pf 72 :a Elcc I,t Be Power S 1 .^ pet pf 73 la Elcc Lt S: Power 7 pet pf 11 a Power A Light 6 pet pE . . 103 In Power Lieht 7 pet pf .. 104 " Public Serv 6 pet pf ... 97 la Public Serv 6/i pet pf ... 08 " Public Serv 7 pet pi ... 09 South Util fi pel pt ... 70 la Soulh Ulil 614 pel pf ... 77 1.1 South Util 7 pet pf .. . 83 Minnesota P 5= L. G pet pf 03 Minnesota P L 7 pet pf 99 Northern St Power 6 pet pf 90 Northern St Power 7 pet pf 9n N W Bell Tel 654 pet pf . . . 105 N W Portland Cement com .. 23 Rath Packing 6 pel pf 100 Rath Packing 7 pet pf 100 Rath Packing com . . . . . . . . . . 31\' Sionx. City Gas S; El 7 pet pf 99 United Lt H.vs 6 pet pf 86 United Lt Rys fi.36 pet pt 81 United Lt Rys,7 pet pf 92 Western Grocer pf R7 Western Grocer com 16 Called April 15. 1337. Called March I, 1937. 25 -24 107 2;i 13 20 55 S6 T-V 09 100 101 78 79 (15 as 101 BR B3 H4 Miscellaneous C H I C A G O P O T A T O E S ( W e d n e s d a y M a r k e t ) CHICAGO, (/n--tu. S. department r, agriculture)--Potatoes--ffO: on track. ;tl." t o t a l U. S. shipments. 805; old slock hes stock about steady: other stock dull, sup plies r a t h e r liberal, demand slow, l i m i t cd to best stock, sacked, a cwt., Idalu Russet Burbanks, U, S. No. 1, fr;w sale: best. S3.503.70; U. S. No. 2 car, S2 iS Colorado Red McClures, U. S. No. 1 S3.15rfT3.35; Russet Bnrbanks, partly grad ed, 53fiI3.12!,i; Wisconsin Round Whites U. S. No. I, 52.45; Cobblers. U. S. No. and partly graded. S2.K5: Michigan Ru set Rural*. U. S, No. 1. 42,50; Minnesota Cobblers, partly graded, 52; new slock slightly stronger, supplies moderate, do mand f a i r l y good; track sales less l i n t c.nrlots, liushci tTate.c. Florida Bliss Tr u m p h s , U. S. No. I, 52 a crate. alk over his production problems, o discuss the personalities in their fe and to listen quietly lor the evcaling things that Janet said to im about her own life. Things hat revealed more than she knew. If he hadn't had such high regard or her quiet assurance, her bal- nced judgment, and faith in her a personality, he would often ave been sorry for her. Because e was a man, 'he didn't know lat the things in Joel he fel^were acldng, were unimportant to anet. Only a woman who has een in love knows that there is nly one thing that matters to the oman in love. Janet had it; her ove didn't waver and she had oel, Vernon Chester wasn't the only nan who liked to drop in at anet's desk at dusk, to sink in he tranquilily of the atmosphere £ repose that sin-rounded her. here were others who liked to vatcli her slender hands among er silver tea things, to sink into IB sott chairs in the library where ^ie received in the autumn after- oons, and there to find a restful hange from the hectic routine of neir days. Janet didn't talk of pictures Ten unless her guests wanted to. Vequently she picked up her knit- ing or a bit o£ sewing. And often he wondered why it was that so many of Joel's friends came to her .nd sat for hours with her. It bored Joel to sit for very ong and he implored Janet to put way her knitting. She always did. None of the men could have told ·ou why they liked to go to her. They could have said that she was timulating except that they didn't ealize she was. Janet read the newspapers. When there was a u'storical picture in the making, he referred to her history books vhich intrigued her; she had re- ealing things to soy. No, they vouldn't have said that she was timulating. They just said they 'liked" her. If anyone had said she had ;lamor, her friends would have violently as though an uncomplimentary thing had been said of her. Caroline Maynard vould have resented it most. When Dion Maynard brought his debutante bride back to the licture colony from New York, Caroline Maynard held herself aloof from her husband's friends, he made none until she met Janet 'aynter. Caroline adored Janet. She found in her a woman who hought and spoke the way she did and who had the manners ot NEW Y O B K SUOAR ( \ V r d n e 5 i l a v ^ f a r k c t ) NEW YORK. 1,1't--fin iv sugar i changed at ;i.-lri. Futures: May. No, 2.55, Sept., 2.S3. or I point net h i g h e r May, No. ·*. 1.21: Sent.. 1.24. or Vi poin ncl lower. R e f i n e d unchanged at 5 cent Tor fine granulated. Lamson Brothers Market Letter MARKET nrvir.w W h e a t -- A f l c r .1 l i u l c easiness earl; prices firmed nnri unrier the IniHicnc of morferalc outside buying ns well short covering prices irtvanced about conls from early low. Dust storms wcr again reported In parts of west Amn rillo. Tex., sending report that tile wca ther \vas very d r y . North Bend. Nenr spoke of n hiRh wind with d u s t blow Ing. Winnipeg market drncccd consir er^nle. There was hut little export bus ness put t h r o u g h in C.inndian wheat bi the dominion] Rays Canada wi do wc]l lo export 200,000,000 hiishots clu inc the c u r r e n t crop season, which they rto will bring t h e domestic carry over d o w n to between 3,1 and in m l i l l o hlishcls by J u l y 31. W h e a t m a r k e t wi he very sensitive (o reports of dry wea ther and dust storms in tile Immediat present but we doubt the advisabillly f o l l o w i n g upturns in the market base on weather factors alone, Corn -- Prices were lower early Wcrincs day m n r n i n p hut laler f i r m e d in pym pathy w i t h the ,-idvance In wheat wi! trade of only m o d e r a t e proportions. T] western markets ivcrc strong \Vpdnc. day nnd country offerings of corn s t i l l small. Oats jiricts r a l l i e d rcadil and there were rcporls t h a t there A belter demand for caah nal*. head with her gargantuan party. He left orders with his secretaries nd said that he would return in fortnight. If he had known how that trip yas to affect his life, he would ave canceled his wire. TO BE CONTINUED; ; whom she was accus- ,hoso to omed. It was Janet who, wisely--and with no air of giving advice-opened Caroline's eyes to whal ,vas expected of her. It was Janel who pointed out to the actor's ^ride that she now shared her lusband's life regardless of her own inclinations. By her own example, her own sacrifices, she showed the olhei girl the way to a gracious acceptance of all things and so made her nappier. Caroline really enjoyed Hollywood but she patronized it. She decided that she was going to ge all the fun out of it that she possibly could and wrote gay and witty notes home to her socia registerite friends'and told them i was a three-ring circus. The only person she really wa? fond of was Janet Paynter. The one person she wasn't thinking p when she wrote to her brother Russell Bede, was Janel. She couldn't think o£ Janet as part o: the circus. She wrote to Russell: "Please come out here, Russ It's time that you stopped making money and had a little fun. I wan no letter reminding me that you have your fun playing squash a the Racquet club, sailing you boat and dancing attendance on post-debts. "It's fantastic here but fantasti' enough to amuse you. Every woman is glamorous, beautiful and story book .character! Everj man is a screen hero and a celebrity! They'll adore you. Thej adore anyone with a million dol jars. The gals will moli you. I isn't every day they have a first hand chance at a 35-year-olc bachelor with social position in spite of what you read in thi newspapers. Besides, I'm lonesomi for you. "Come on out and be enter taineri! I'll give gargantuan par ties for you and it will be the firs time in years you'll meet someon besides the Newport, Southamp ton and Virginia crowd. And I'l save you a blond with the longcs eyelashes in the world." Rusell Bedc laughed when he read his sister's letter. He thought that U was true. He hadn't i been to a party in years where he'd met anyone outside of the crowd he had grown up with. But then he'd had little time for extra-social activities. He was a sophomore in college when his father died, rmmcrtialely he had taken over the merchandising house in which the Bede fortune had been made. Now, 14 years later, he had weathered the depression and rebuilt the fortune. Russell Bede wasn't handsome. He was, and looked, a successful young business man. His hair was graying nt Ihe temples and in spile of his squash, his waistline was a l i t t l e thicker. Nevertheless he wa.s a matrimonial "catch." He thought he was slipping inlo a life long bachelorhood and Caroline's reference to "a blond with the longest eyelashes in the world" amused him. He had long been wary of women for other reason:: I linn that he did not understand them. Impusively he sent a wire to Caroline saying that he was flying to the coast and for her to en $14,000 DAMAGE CASE DISMISSED -fammoncTs Claim Against Ruled Out -by Local Court. Attorneys for John Hammond dismissed without prejudice his 14,000 suit against the City ol VTason City late Tuesday afternoon vhen Judge T. A, Beardmore ruled hat the automobile accident in vhich Hammond was injured hap- ened outside the limits of Mason City. The dismissal marked the end of lie second trial of the claim, nnd .'as made after a good share of the plaintiff's testimony had been pre- ;enfed. Hammond, laborer in the pack- ng plant here, had contended the :ity was negligent in the upkeep if the gravel road which marks he west limits of Mason City. The iccident occurred on the west side f the road, and therefore was out- :ide the city's jurisdiction. The plaintiff had testified concerning alleged washouts along the edge of he west shoulder of the road, and claimed these had caused the car n which he was riding to get out of control. City Solicitor' H. J. Biyant and John A. Senneff represented the city, while H. H. Uhlenhopp, Hampton, and V. A. Mettler appeared for the plaintiff. VIrs. Quintard Back From Galena, Crisis Is Past for Floods Flond danger having passed the crisis in the threatened area near alena, lit., Mrs. Mabel Quintard, executive secretary of the Cerro Gordo county chapter of the American Red Cross, returned to Mason City Wednesday morning. Waters reached their crest and began to subside without creating as grave an emergency situation in [he northern Illinois towns as had been anticipated, Mrs. Quintard reported.. At first, need for Red Cross emergency workers was expected :o be urgent in northern Illinois because the heavy needs of the service along" the Mississippi and Ohio rivers was requiring the attention of all available workers. Says 2 Men Beat Him Up and Took His Car DES MOINES, (fP)~W. F. Clemann of Gladbrook told police Wednesday that two men "beat him up" and stole his automobile and S3 Tuesday night. The men helped fix a tire and then went with Clemann to a tavern, he told police. After leaving the fpyern, Clemann said the pair beat him' and forced him out of the car. Police found the car abandoned in northwest Des Moines today. 30 Day Old Boy Has 2 Teeth" Extracted JUBILEE, (/P)--Louis Peter Lies, 30 day old son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lies, probably is Iowa's youngest dental patient, having been taken to a dentist this week for extraction of two lower teeth. The child and his twin, Lucille Elizabelh, each had two lower teeth at birth. Extraction was necessary because the gum grew over the boy's teeth. HEARING CONTINUED. The hearing for Merle Ferguson, Mason City, charged with passing bad checks, was continued before Justice of Peace Roe Thompson. Ferguson was arrested nt a local hotel Tuesday. He was released on bond. HELD ON CHECK CHARGE. W. C. Grell, Clear Lake, was arrested by sheriff's officers Tuesday night for authorities at Bassett, iVebr., on a charge of drawing nnd utteiing a false bank check. He refused to waive extradition Firemen extinguished a ciilmney fire in the home o£ Sam Sazan- ovich, 1S20 Pennsylvania avenue northeast, shortly after noon Wednesday. A free land is one whore people make hules lo guide the umpire and then cuss the umpire for enforcing the rules.--Waterloo Cour- rlcr. WE OFFER AMERICAN BUSINESS SHARES D I V I D E N D SHARES M A R Y L A N D F U N D QUARTERLY INCOME SHARES Providing Substantial Returns M a x i m u m Diversification Active Marketability A. M. Schdnke Company 208 Foresters Building Telephone 1300

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