Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 9, 1939 · Page 9
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 9

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 9, 1939
Page 9
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MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE THURSDAYi MARCH 9 _ 1939 Mason City Speaker Talks on European Countries at Tea Mrs. Rob Roy Cerney who is in 1 Ees Moines for the board meeting of the Iowa Federation of Women's clubs has recently returned from Minneapolis where she addressed a group at the Leamington hotel. Mrs Cerney spoke at a tea given i lor a hundred guests by Mrs. Paul · «· A. Preus of Minneapolis, formerly of Mason City, whose house guest she was. Mr. Preus is a brother of Mrs. M. M. Moen of Mason City. Mrs. Cerney spoke on Poland, Hungary, Austria and Czechoslovakia and appeared in native cos- times. Before and during Mrs Cerney's talk, Miss Jean Marie ochanke, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Schanke of Minne- DIAMONDS and Ring Mountings Reuter Mfg. Jeweler Vi East State. Upstairs--Save apolis, a junior in the school of music at the University of Minnesota, played piano numbers. The Misses Dorothy Preus and Etta Goeman-Potts presided at the tea table which was decorated with spring ilowers FELLOWSHIP OF PRAYER Daily Lenten Devotional By DR. GA1US G. ATKINS SAFETY RELIGION Should such a man as I am flee? and who is there, that being as I am, would go into the temple to save his life? Head Neh. 6:10-14. In these five verses a sovereign truth and a searching question. Religion is not a coward's shelter; it is a brave person's cause. There was an old right of sanctuary in temples but one would better be careful how he uses that right. Churches were never meant to be merely safe in. "Who would go into the temple simply to save his life?" Moffatt) To enrich life? Yes. To dedicate Me? Yes. For its timeless interests? Yes. But never for ignoble securities. Religion will recapture its divine power when it nerves the soul with courage. Churches will change the world when the cease to be "retreats" and becom me source and inspiration of me and women who go out from them armed against fear and valian against every form of evil. Prayer: Forgive us, Captain of A, Valiant Souls, all our petty con eerns for our own little safeties iorbid that we should seek Th altars merely to be secure or as of our failh in an imperilled worU only a "shelter in a time o storm." In His Name Who one cleared a temple of those wh used it for their own profit. Amen --o--Mrs. Homer Hadley Elected President of Home Study Club FREDERICKSBURG--The loca Home Study club has elected thi following officers for the new year: President, Mrs. Homer Hadley; vice president, Mrs. Stanley Koerth; recording secretary, Mrs Claude Collins; corresponding secretary, Mrs. Elmer Ellingson treasurer, Mrs. William Trunkey. Members of a San Saba, Tex Sunday school class recently kille. a rattlesnake that weighed 2 pounds. SPECIAL FEATURE! SPRING COSTUMES They're New! 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Individual Shetland models with stunning shag-top coals , . . new colors and striking combinations! Marvelous suits with bright tweed swagger coats--ideal to wear separately! They're simply superb! ENSEMBLES .Wool Jacket Over Clever Dress I $· ^95 A Spring necessity! Plaid, striped or solid color jackets--fitted so beautifully, you'll want to wear them over everything you own! Distinctive dresses of matching or contrasting color--cleverly designed ol rayon or wool crepe! Adorable frocks with smart shoulders and high necklines-softly tailored shirtwaist styles! :! Winter ^ -COATS $ 16 S/O LESS THAN HALF ORIGINAL PRICE! KligJis 3 SOUTH FEDERAL BOOKS CONTINUE TO BE SENT IN Cookery Compendium Is Sent From Nora Springs Recipes Collected and Used in Once Famous Tea Room Included in Week's Culinary Column S £ rrive !P be ^ dde ? f o Mrs - B*ves' collection which °, er readers - Th 's time there are recipes from an old b^h^ Sprin f as wel1 as some »»««*SS? by the owners of a once famous tea room The o£ One of our readers from Nora* --, Springs, Mrs. S. E. Bishop, was slices of -broiled ham. Serve with the first to send some recipes celery sauce. from her mother's cook book, Celery Sauce while it is not a church book it Cook minced celery, a bit of has an intriguing title, "The Com- diced onion and a grated carrot pendium of Cookery and Reliable * n t*hii\etr t v.T- rt +u *--· or. -- ? _ . . * _ _ Recipes, together with the Book of Knowledge or 1,000 Ways o Getting Rich." (Sorry Mrs. Bishop did not send us about 999 of the latter.) The preface says, "the heigh of human wisdom is to 'eat to live.' The convictions of the older philosophers, and the rhythm of the earth's .sweetest poets are into it on both sides, 1 alike forgotten when placed side dry mustard by side with the attractions of a favorite roast or an appetizing joint. A new and improved recipe, tested and approved, receives more attention than the discovery of an asteroid or a theory of creation." Raw vs. Cooked Mrs. Bishop says, "In a day when groups of farm women are studying nutrition and stressing the value of raw vegetables in the diet--these s e n t e n c e s sound queer: 'Food of every description is wholesome and digestible in proportion as it approaches nearer the state of complete digestion,' also, 'Now nothing is further from this state than raw meat and raw vegetables. Vegetables, also half-done, are productive of great gastric derangement often of a predisposition to cholera." " The newer ideas on meat cookery agree with the statements: "Good cooking requires only gentle simmering, but no boiling up." "Many o£ the recipes would be expensive to make nowadays with the large amounts of butter; eggs and sugar required," Mrs. Bishop comments and adds, "For . economy as well as taste my family likes: Brown Bread Vz cup sugar 2 tablespoons shortening % cup molasses 2 cups sour milk 2 teaspoons soda 2 cups white flour 2 cups whole wheat or graham flour 1 teaspoon salt Vi teaspoon baking powder Raisins if desired Bake in three one-pound coffee ins, well greased, for 45 minutes :o 1 hour, in a moderate oven. When done remove covers, place n the oven to dry and 'brown slightly. The next group of recipes are 'rom an old book used and pub- ished by a once famous tea room. In the introduction we find: "In compiling this little book, it has not been our object to introduce comprehensive cook book but pass on to our many friends these recipes which we have tried and iked and found most satisfactory." Isn't that a generous plan? Suggestions for Cocktails Lobster, shrimp, crab meat or oysters combined with minced celery, a bit of chopped p«pper or grated onion. Serve with a generous amount of cocktail sauce. Club Cocktail S»uce \k pint catsup \*z pint chili sauce 1 green pepper, chopped fine 4 stalks celery, chopped fine 1 tablespoon horseradish 2 tablespoons Worcestershire auce 4 drops fobasco Little paprika "~^ Juice of 2 lemons % teaspoon celery seed Speck of cayenne Salt and pepper to taste. Baked Bananas to Serve With Ham 6 bananas Juice of 1 large lemon ^ cup brown sugar 14 cup boiling water 1 tablespoon butter Put bananas in casserole. Cover vith sugar and water; dot with utter. Baste often and cook to a olden brown. Thursday One pound of the best round teak, ground. Fry with 2 mild nions, minced. Add 1 can mush- oom sauce, 2 cans tomato sauce can pimientos, cut up. ' Cook one-halt hour. Cook oxes of noodles and pour bove mixture over them. Ser vith grated cheese. Hearts of l uce with cither French dressi r mayonnaise and hot rolls co lete a very easy as well as sa sfactory "Thursday" night di Chicken Breasts on Ham Boil chicken. Cut off slices reast, Holl these in flour. r n deep fat until golden brown. lace in a pan, cover with cream ut in oven for about one-)a» our. baste often. Place on ; fhin the let- o£ Fry in chicken broth for^ 20 minutes Thicken with a little flour and butter rubbed together. Add one- half cup cream. Serve over chicken. Heavenly Ham Take a thick slice of ham, put in a pan of cold water and let come to a boil. Take out of water . er and put in a baking dish. Work brown sugar. Cover the ham with sweet milk and bake in a moderate oven, about % hour. Peas and Lettuce Shred lettuce leaves. Cook some tender green onions in butter and add the lettuce. Add a can ol peas. This is particularly nice in the winter when fresh peas are not available, as it takes the canned taste away and gives the peas a very nice flavor. Club Salad On a lettuce leaf put a slice of tomato. On this an artichoke bottom. Next a piece of crab meat, chicken or lobster. On this an anchovy. Around the base have the white and yolk of hard boiled egg, riced, alternating. Serve with thousand island dressing. French Chocolate Cream 1 pint heavy cream 2 ounces bitter chocolate IVt teaspoons butter 'A cup water 1 cup powdered sugar 1V4 tablespoons gelatine % teaspoon vanilla Combine water, chocolate and butter. Melt over hot water. Add the gelatine which has been softened in a little cold water. Stir in the powdered sugar. Cool. Stir occasionally so it will not set. Fold slowly into the cream which has been whipped. Pour into a mold wet with cold water. Keep on ice until ready to serve. Cheese Torte 4 eggs 2 20-cent cans sweetened, condensed milk Juice of 3 lemons Grated rind of 1 lemon % cup butter 1 box zwiebach Beat whites and yolks of eggs separately. To the yolks add lemon juice and rind, milk and , an lastly the beaten whites. Crumble WIFE PRESERVERS If a garment is stained with lipstick, it is better to sponge the stain with carbon tetrachloride before washing it, as some lipstick stains are set with soap and sift the zwiebach. Mix with melted butter and a little sugar Line the bottom and sides of a pan with the zwiebach mixture, till this with the egg and milk mixture and bake in a slow oven. Cut in small squares as it is very rich. Now aren't those fine recipes to have "passed on" to us? I certainly am glad to have them to send on to you. May I hope for some of your nice recipes to share with others? --o--Plymouth Operetta, "Bobby," Planned Thursday, March 16 P L Y M O U T H--The operetta Bobby," will be presented by Plymouth high school students in the school gymnasium Thursday March 16 at 8 p. m. The c a s t includes: Claretla Clark, Arthur Hovel, Ardith Stevens, Lovetra Burkhart, Vera Dvorak, John Claus, Buena Kinney Leroy Helmer, Robert Urbatch Earl Hugi, Vern Yezek. Harvey Otterness, and a chorus. --o-Regular Meeting of Auxiliary Is Held PLYMOUTH--The regular meeting of the Ladies Auxiliary was held Tuesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. G. A. Reynolds. After the meeting a shower was held for Mrs. Otlo Brunsvold formerly Lottie Hanson, hostesses were Mrs. George A, Reynolds and Mrs. M. A, Hanson. Personal JTo Fat Girls_ Now you c»n ilim down jour face and ar- nre without itrict ditlittr or back-Veakiar raola Tablets a day. aceordlnr to tit 41- reetloni. Marmcla Tahleti hate te» lold to the t nolle tar man thin thirty yeara.More than twenty million, boxea aava b««m diitributed during- that period. Marmola !· not intended a« a earc-all for · II ailment.. TMi adrertitcment J. Intended only for fat terioni who «re aormal and healthy otherwise and whose facnesi fy e.uiej oj » reduction in the lecretion from the thyroid Bland (hyco-thyroldfera) with aeeomnanyiKl «uinorm«t Metabolic rate.. No other representation if rautt a» lo thU treatment except under theie condition! and accordine to the dosaze ai recommended. We do not maVe any diairtolll aa that ia the function of your chyileian. who mu»t le coninlted for that purpote. The formula It included m every paclcage. Start with Mar- roola today and win the »lender lovely «· nr« that Is rightfully youra. Golden Anniversary Marked by Schwarks LEROY, Minn.--Mr. and Mrs. Charles Schwark celebrated their golden wedding anniversary at their home south of tosvn March 7. Dinner \vas served with all their children and families present. Other guests were the Rev H Wybenga, Miss Neva Eanielson who sang, and her only brother, John Schranweber, Mrs. Schran- weber and their grandson, Melvin, Minneapolis; two nephews, Ed Schranweber and wife and son ol Cresco and Louie Schranweber and son of Sumner. Their children are Mrs. Clara Wolthoff of near Chester, Mr= Louise Wells, Mrs. Cora Hetletved' and Walter of Leroy, Mrs. Ella Lenth of Clayton. Seven of the 10 grandchildren were present. Mrs Schwark was born in Chicago, Jan 18, 1871 and Mr. Schwark was born in Germany. They were married in Kankee county, 111., March. 7, 1889, and have farmed most of the time. Open house was from 2 to 4 when about 50 came to greet them Tea was poured by Mrs. Bert Moe and Mrs. J. F. Hale. The golden wedding cake was made by Mrs. Wolthoff. --o-On the basis o! early 1939 prices the sale of cream alone from one good dairy cow, fed on home grown feeds, would bring a southern farmer as much rnoney as a bale of cotton in a year's time Flavor you'll enjoy SAUDI TEA H J DEMONSTRATIONS SATURDAY Really Fine Foods Gold-N-Rieh C h e e s e -A natural fine flavor to go well wi'th meal or snack Lfa. Cheeses made of Pure Cream. Pimiento, Relish. Pineapple or plain. It spreads and If AM blends Lb 5UC WATKIN'S That You Will Enjoy, Grapefruit- Juice -- Undiluted and not sweetened. A quart and a half for a quarter. 5 tins Trenkles f i n e Braunschweiger. More than a little better--taste if, buy it at. . .Lb. and Sea Food Department Headless Red Snappers Delicious for baking , . . _ j_b FRESH MACKEREL from the coast of Maine A choice morsel when broiled if, b - ^."P- win be placed on sale next week. Phone or leave your order. TM ON£ 757 PHONE 908 MASON CITY,IOWA GIVES FAR RICHER SUDS ISN'T IT GRAND! THE NEW 1940 RINSO CONTAINS A MARVELOUS NEW *SUDS-BOOSTER" 1 NEVER SAW ANY RICHER, LONGER-LASTING SUDS IN THIS HARD WATER THROUGH ALREADY! NEW 1940 RINSO CERTAINLY MAKES WASHING EASY IT'S SWELL FOR DISHWASHING, TOO. THOSE RICH RINSO SUDS LOOSEN GREASE LIKE NOBODY'S BUSINESS, BEST OF ALL, THE NEW 1940 RINSO WASHES CLOTHES SUCH A DAZZLING WHITE I'M SIMPLY THRILLED WITH THE BRIGHTNESS OF RINSO-WASH ED COLORS Makers of 33 leading washers recommend NEW 1940 RINSO Bljcfcsconc Bait Conlon Crpilcy Fiirbjnkj-MorJe Fiirdiy FlultlHI Giintdly Huz A B C Atneiicin Beiuir Apex Aulomltic laundcy Qucca BirtOn Bcim Bee-V.c Bcndii Kornt Lzundry The New 1940 Rinso is here a ye»r ihcad of time with a new "suds-booster" ihat hjs been lAdcdat no txira ail it you! Grand foe tub washing, too. Saab one dirt quicldf and sifclp-- without hard scrubbing or boiling. Gives licher, longer-lasting suds in hardest water--safe for washable colors. THE BOX K THE "" r " SAME. BUT, OH! WHAT A DIFFERENCE iN THE SUDS ",,

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