The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 23, 1913 · Page 5
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 23, 1913
Page 5
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2 8 I «p i W. H. TIPTON, Photographer, 20-22 Chambersburg, Street FOR CHRISTMAS - T " IF ITS A PHOTOGRAPH you want, go to TIPTON'S STUDIO and get something Exclusive and Artistic If you want a familiar Scene for an absent -relative or friend, you caa nnd it among our ; : N A T U R E S E R I E b of the PICTURESQUE about Gettysburg. It's old Lanes and Pathways, Streams, Bridges and Woods. These appeal to the cultivated taste. Take into consideration also "Gettysburg: the P ictures and the Story" ,New edition, ever 500 Views, 50c. by mail 60c. and ihe new FOLDER of 24 Colored Views, 15c Fine line of Water Colors, Engravings etc. Picture Frames made to order. The very latest in Mouldings. _ W. H. TIPTON, Photographe I ILIDAY GALL HALTS BANK RUN ! HMla's Decree Heads Off WAlidrawais. CHIHUAHUA CITY. The Metropolis of Northern Mexico Held by Rebels. jVIedical Advertising: LIVER PILLS Ijtigar-coated and all vegetable. Dose, only one pill at bedtime. For constipation, bilious headache, indigestion. Ayer's Pills. Sold for 60 years. Ask Your Doctor. " . T J|FlEr r FtoCiftl WRECK § C l-'-rV/ SAVE FOR CHRISTMAS Ask us to tell you about A t t r a c t i v e S a v i n g s P l a n making saving easy Tickets Issued Eie'.i D -posiEnr Without Cost, -i small deposit weekly and yon'il have a nice amount IT Ctristmas Shopping. {Business Ken Beiieve Only the natron of Dictator Can Save Mexican j Banks. Jlexico City, Mex., Dec. 23.--By a presidential decree ever? day untiS the oad of the present year is made a legal holiday in order to check the run oa the banks here, particularly that oa the Bank of London and Mexico. On the promulgation of this decree the Bank of London and Mexico, waich had closed a few hotirs earlier, reopened its doors, bat rerraiaed from i paying deposits. Provisional President Haerta says in the decree he ceems snch action necessary to protect the banks until cublic confidence is more neariy restore!- By the decree the banks are absolved from nieetin? an " obligation until Jan. 2. It applies to all banking houses, whether a bank of iss«e or not. With the exception of the Bank of London and Mexico and the Central bask, none has yet taken advantage cf the decree, and hasiness at tho other Institutions is being conducted as usual. Crowds gathered about the doors of the two banks mentioned, but there was no disorder. Both banks are being strongly guarded by police. The elimination of General Huerta by Jan. 1 is the only thing that can thwsrt the complete financial wreck of Mexico, in the opinion of business men in Mexico City and throughout tie republic. It was learned from a semi-official source that the business men. of the capital, acting with those in "era Cruz and elsewhere, are planning tc lay the situation before General Huer- la, asking him to get oat, oa the srotmd that a crash of all basks is inevitable if ne remains in office. j PUBLIC SALE j LUMBER, SLAB AXD COKI WOOD * · *· «**^* ^"^ ·*» "J^^^'t a* f '***m1ftm*t mn***m*)---} .. ji-jte^^ ^%* All persons are warned not to'trespass on the premises Col jfh* 'Blid* ' tigned with dog, gun or trap for the purpose of taking game*In «·§ mioiMirf nor for fishing,or in any "way injuring or destroying proper^fjAl^^ersowi "riii t-iiiug tiic ii-wa of she eomixioDvr.ialtfl'with regard to trespassiijjr'bn labdr of the uadersigner will be dealt with under the provisions of the Art of April 14. Friday OntLelj. lioutiv.h:i oi B«.'iuJe of CVrtre 2t»th, two wiles' ne uitle what i= 3" .s^j^-7*. V^fc.C.4 '^.^^"·-'f* ~~ x ^^T v^* "Z-i- «£~, .^ **·- ^ ~ .T ' :uri.«, Oi SLtb^VcV-i Jtawci in \'~ imh !i'iig.!^?,"Q:iJ? l ' il -A«*J t\ 1 1 of Off-Fall, i Luui!»c-r. l»o.=rti:- au«i ^caiit^I uiH-sit 1'rxt* TOSJ--. I I COMMUNICATED WITH HER DEAD HUSBAND . Joy "rwp. to coijiu euve at 1 sharp. A credit of thuv to all loti:. ? M. s:t?t ^ ill be A!' ^ . . ii until sale is over. H. A. MY£'.: J. M. Ca'dwell, Auct. P. A. Mi'ler. Clerk. Ask your grocer for White Uly FLOUR It's the Best START NOV/ EVERYBODY WELCOME * i » * «^r- e Best Christmas Gifts Are Useful Gifts The Hardware Store Upoys Wagons g3sickel,Xea Kettles Driving Lamps Boys Coasters and Skates Pood Choppers Enamel Uoasters Keen Ivutter^Saffcy Razor | "NOil Heating Stoves g Pocket'KJiives f Gloves for Men and Boys Carving Sets | Enamel Warn Remington Riftes | Knives and Porks Hatchets and Sa^rs | Call to see us and exinalne our loTr,Quclity the best. Oar prices are * Both I Phones '·- "5 ¥ T!l * _2 II FairfieH 1 J. J. Keindoilar Pa There is plenty of time to have those For Christinas. Call at The Mumper Studio JOHN A. MUMPER, Prop. Fighting Near Torreon. El Paso, Tes.. Dec. 23. -- Another -"battle"for the possession, of the city *of Torreon has opened between, tbe jewels' and Federals. The fighting, is «lso partly to '"prevent the Federal movenent north against The skirroishing is between Federal forces at Torreon and Constitutionalists occupying the suburban, towns, o Gomez, Palaiao and JLeordo. _Several sorties'haTe'bgea'made bytiie govern meat troops north in the direction, o: Leoroo and Gomez Palairo t and each lias been repulsed by the rebels, is the report given out in El Paso by reb'e" agents. The Huerta soldiers, it is said, are feelinz their way northward out o Torreon, and tne fighting that has a] ready" taken place Is merely preluni nary to heavier clashes expected to come. --- - -The sending of provisions sonth to his army is the principal activity of General Pancho Villa at Chihuanua, according :o refugees arriving ia KI Paso from tee rebel capital- Whole trainloads of rood supplies are being dispatched from the capital. POLICE RAID THIEVES' DEN Two Alleged Holti-Up Men Caught and !_oot Recovered. Hadcon Heights. X. J., Dec. 23 -The headquarters of a gang of thieves was unearthed in a woods near Snow Hill by Detectives Doraa, Gribbeii and Levins, of Prosecutor Kraft's oSce. Two of the alleged gang. -Taiaes and Alexander Clark, were placed under arrest on a charge of holding ut and robbing Henry Bateman, a driver, on Saturday night. Bateman identified them as tie men who choked and stabbed him with a file and then stole 524 oS him. The cabin was filled with loot, and the detectives say that numerous other robberies will be fastened on the men. Owners have identified ranch of the 'ioot- In a garret rcon were carpenters" tools valued at more than S100. and carpenters from all sections of the coiinrr who have lost tools hare been asked to inspect the colelction in tae cabin. Strange Tale of te Willow of joaquin Millar, San Francisco, Dec. 23.--Mrs. Abby ililier, widow of Joaquin Miller, "Poet of the Sierras," declared he had communicated with her from beyond the grave. She is corroborated by her daughter, Juaaita. This is the strange tale which rivals the psychic revelations oi TVilliais James and \V. T. Stead aad appears to corroborate the belie: of Professor Hyslop and other leading psychical research leaders. By some the ghost of the poet is said to have been seen about the cairn he built oa the "Heights" as his monument. Mrs. Miller also declared that when Joacuin was alive he used to fr ..jestly communicate ills thoughts to her across the eonanent- She Ilvei in Xew York because she ha3" astans- She added: "Especially---in one case was this memorable. I became so uneasy about ray husband, for, filled v%ith fear that: he was abo^t to underta'is a Cangsr- pus nission, that I^seac a telegram to Inquire about hisT^laas. Back came · the answer thai: -~be' was even, then ·iettfc? cif for'ATaStSi--The e-ip- was a terrible strain on a man of years, but he'coold'uct "be persuaded to give it up. ·If we receive such messages ir. J.fe ^jiere is no reasczi why we cannot receive them after ddatlnfEven t*'e s.u! may be domed in a visible spirit." trJBTTYSBUKu MARiiJ-Tf 3 PrifcS at the Gettysburg \va-eh--L-e io»- reci«i *"aily by C. ilfltoa"\VolL 'r , Sr« cfssor to J. Geo. Wolfs Sou- Co. Dry;\Vheat s e\vFar Com -. 05 _:«i C? Oats *" RETAIL PRICES Pei ·',* j Badger Dairy Feed £:-5? i Coarse Spring Bran i ff. Hand Packed Bran :-iv Com and Oata Chop L-i; Shoemaker Stock Food 1.55 White Middlings 1 Red 3Iiddlinga i--( Timothy Hiy 1-C^ Rye Chop i- Tn Bale! str t r 65 PlasKr §7.5-^ per ton. Ce OPJ t -·- -S1.-10 per l.-bll Cotton ^eed Meal per Ton ^il.ft " " iier Hundred 1.75 Per bbl. P.cai ^-SO Western Flour K-CG Per ba rheile*'. Corn *J5 EarCorn ~0 William Allison, SamT. Walters farm, Hamiltonban township. Joha D. RIley, R. 12, Gettysburg, Pa. Cumberland To-smship. Mrs. J. E. Htighes, CtanberlaHd Township. I). B. \Vinenran, Cumberland Totrnship. Frank^vruiaper, S. 1, Gettj-^urg, Pa. . C. J- Deardorff, Orrtaniaa, Pa. - ·*"" Charles Wagaraan (Dr. \V. H. O'Neal Farm) Highland Township. F. L. Kime, Butler Township, Biglerville, Pa. r . }^C. B. Shank, StraanTownship; R-T, Gettysbnrg,'P,a.^. f- | J. H. Kuha (J. F. Kuhn Farm) R- 2, Gettysburg, Pa/Mt. Joy 'rs Jacob Froiameyer, Straban" Township. George E. Harman, P_ 6, Gettysburg, Pa. Butler Township. George C. Shealer, Straban Township. Mrs. Mary J. Weikert, 2. 2, Getrj-sburg, Cumberland Township. J. H. Rex, Box 50, R. 2, Biglerville. i!rs. Matilda Ir. Coder!, Cumberland Township. Samuel Robinson, R. 1, Gettysburg, Pa., Cumberland Township. J. L. Toot, Straban TownsMp. O. L. Jaco'rs, R. 1, Biglerville, Pa. Butler Township. Joseph B. Twining. H- 12, Gettysburg, Pa, Edward A, Scott, R. 4, Gettysburg, Freedom Township. J. D. Brewn, Highland Township. R. F. Biddle, Mr. Pleasant Township, R. 8, Gettysburg. D. J Reile. R. 12, Gettysburg, Pa., Cumberland Township. Leo Frommcyer, ilt- Pleasant Township. ilcrtin Winter, Cumberland Township and Gettysburg. W. T. Mehring, Springs Dam Farm, Cumberland Township- Robert K. Major, Straban Township. John W. ilcllhenny Farm S. 7, Gettysburg, Straban Township. Charles F. Rebert, Seven Stars, Pa. G. W. Eldon, Bendersville, Pa. George. D. Thomas, Chambersburg Pike. Robert Harner, Greenmount, Pa. Harry E. Shriver, Butler Township, R- 6, Gettysburg. Joseph A. Albert. Batler Township, R- G, Gettysburg. William Coshun, Straban Township. Jeremiah Weaver, R. 8, Gettysburg, Pa. D. C. March, Butler Township, R. 6, Gettysbarg. Eiujs Wclfcrd, 5It- Pleasant Township. M E. L. Smith. Butler Township, i^.^.^.^. J. Edward Lawyer. Butler Townst~.; R, R. Xo. 2. Eiglennlle. S. J. Haverslick, M. II. Sponseller farm, Straban Twp., R. S, Gbg. M. E. Freed. Mrs. G. W. Blesecker farm, Franklin Twp., Cashtown. J. Kerr Lott, Cumberland Township. John H. Sponseller, (.liePherson Farm), Cumberland Township. Robert S. Shall (J. A- Shall Farm) Franklin Township. K. C. Kartzell (J. A. Shall Farm) Franklin Township. Jacob E. fioke, Straban Township. Gettysburg, R. 7. H- M. Sneermger, R. 9, Gettysburg, near BonneamiUe, Pa. J. D. Moose. Biglerville, Pa. ' ^ . G. F. Basehoar, Gettysburg. Cumberland and Germany Townships. ~ r_ ··· rr :i C 1 .,--»*^« T*A*--»-,i*.ln*v* Gl*'i"fc r sljHTET K~ *?- \^C.»-^T1 0 ..:/» Elective 8:56 5i£ R = on PUBLIC SALE j at the Creamery at Guernsey 1 WeInesday ? December 31st | CbnsistJnr of a lot of shcats ranging in -weight from *5 to 50 Ibs. 1 Chester White So^ with ten pigs by her side- One O I. C- sow will have pigs by day of sale, 1 O. !· C. Boar. 1 sow will pisrs latter part of March; 2 Fat lio"'?. will weiarlit about 300 pounds, also;: one Bay Mare, to'years old7 fearless of all road objects, and other articles too numerous to mention. Sale to "commence at 1:30, when terms will te made known by Killed Carrying Home Xmas «ree. Harrisbnrg. Pa_ Bee. 2S.--A Christinas tree Michael luahorcic, of s^eel- ton, was carrying orer his shoulder obstructed hi^ riew of the tracks he was crossiag and he was struck ana instantly killed. The accident too* place almost in sight oi his home jlahorcic was fifty-sis years old and leaves a. family. Char.ler Under Operation. Paris. Dec. 23.--William Aster Chan ler anderweut an operation for a frac fared knee. It was successfully per formed by-tjCtti.Sr'!»"- DuBouchet- It was reported.onJDec. S that Mr. Chan- Ier was lying seriously ill at the" American hospital at'Xeailly as a result of an automobile accident or a bullet wcsnd. - ' MRS. BECKER^ MAID DEAD She^oved Poison After Breaking a MJITCIV - XeV Ycr'-. Dec. "23.--Lena Scliiei- der. a mai.l employed by ..Ji^ Cha-les Bec'rer. vrize of tr.e former police Hsu- tenant, awaitins execution of tho death sentence ia Sing Sing for t!i3 death of Herman Rosenthal. dica i= the Fordhas hospital, havog svr.I- Iov.-ed sixty grains of 'McMor: ~'e cf mercurj on Dec. 12. ~ The servant accidentally t:psej o~- cr a library table and briics a mirror glass top In'.vers liome. re=r;-g that she would '.OZQ her posilioii "lis took the rcison. A. M-"Daily EScept ^cfcday ibj Baltimore. Hanover, York and Intermediate Points. ; j 10:28 A. M. Daily for Hagerstown, 'Waynesboro, _ ,,,Chambersburg, Hancock, Cumberland, _ Pittsburgh and Chicago also T-Iiklns, ^- Y?-_ -^ 't-f' ',J f-- P. M. for Highneicf and intermediate sxarions- P. II. for York, Baltimore and Intermediate Points. P. M. Daily except Sunday for B. and H. Division Points to' Highfield, also Hagerstown, 'Waynesboro. Chambersburg and Shippensburg. :13 New Oxford, Hanover, York, and intermediate stations- 12:25 2:55 5:36 ^\ _ tj ,, i^jij.iiin.. jjt^jT-i- » iti\^ j.h.wh~b.x* j»- T P Roth. Butler Township. Gettysburg Route 6. C. S. Griest's Sons (C. Arthur Griest Mgr.) Guernsey. C. A. Heiges and Mrs. H. F. Heiges, Franklin. Townsnip H. C. Warren, Menallen Township. C. H. Rummell on C. L- Osborne farm, Menallen Township. Wm. M. Bigham's Sons, Freedom TovnVnip. Jacob F. Peters. Tvrone Tovr.s«i:p. t-t. 3, ilfclernile. Pa. -- - -- - . -. .. T ^ * T- . -- o - ijettvsburs. GeorgejHerring, Vf. F.tHefbst. R- ir ^ ^f ^. i a. Vf . J. . ·' ' ^' ««"^^ \JLI. cc. rrif..jt.w-.^-- i- t« ».. ** ff ~t*,~ £*.-» ^ T_~^ - V O. B. Sharrects, Cumberland Township, jL2 r: Get*T«b-r». ,G- E. Stallsmlth. Straban Towrsh : p, R. 9 r ^U.^a»rfe:..i{a. Jchri Dick. Hogack'er Farai."8asifaan To^fts^'P"- ·"·-. , ^"i Gilbert EudlsSI. Cunberlahd To-.vnship. "08 iainjityn iimiisiiij/. \v.-*iiAit*w\i^»-».***_.'*,-.^-*-.- .-------*__ ^ James tr-B«gham. Freedorl-To^asMov-Se'cfcysCoEg.-'t'a^p _ -._- ^_ Levi Crum. Menallen Township. _^ v, «. ^i^.-.. ,». ^c_^.^ ^--.^. , ..Getrysburg-, Mt. Joy Twp. -Wm H Johns Cumberland Township and -Gettysburg. , f George'f^-WoiS'R.^rGetli-IJn'-^ rtrniht.^nd g-o^Cnsi-a: Edmand'Little!"(Jolin Blocher . Harris Cc-ok. Menallen Township. Medical Advertising SUFFERERS If You Wish To Obtain Complete and Permanent Results i ry i Metyr's Wcnderfa! Stomach Remedy i One Dose Will Con^jace Yea SiNGEH SEEKS DIVORCE Madams Scr-mua«'}-Keink __ Chsrces Husband With Deserr.on- Chicaso. Dec. ±3.--Suit for diTorce was :l:ec here by rrtaasirie Ernestine SchT;nar.n-Hemk. the sinser. agaisst her Eusbanc, TVIiliam Eapp. Desercioa is the charge. They were married in Chicago ia :,lay. 13','5, anc the coatralto since has made Chicago resiSecce. KS?D flc- ?erte;I her t--o years ago. che a'.Iegss. Taey aad no children. R^2P is said to be iu Xew York. He is a lawyer, forty years old, and a of means. ... , Wonderful Frosnarh kr.own throughout tnc co^^irr. ^le have ta)*c^ :1 for Sv:n I--TCT Armocrs Fined For Bad Chicken. New York, Dec. -3.--For havirg in their possession S23 ponnfis ci iecaye; chicken ^nfit rar human c(vn=am?t : o-!. Annonr Co. were Sued $». Ths company pleaded guilty. even fro-n one 3o*e arc heard crcrj *r,crc a-a es?!a-Ti sts trsacndo--; ssJ-. It rsr' 1 ;.- crcr iz-.'.s. zm tbo=« aS^c'cd -onrt Stoi-ocI-. i-lvcr a-d Int'c^tfaal AilrecntF. Indi^cstnr. Oa- »;» the Stomach and Irte5tinc«:. !'zzinrs«. ThiBtinsr SpcB«. O«c itSacks. To.-pid i= T cr. Conslipatio-i. etc.. shoc'U bv a ' r^cans -.-v th-^ rc^bcr. Trc bc-cSts KOTO-'I ^^cr- cri-^-o ha- t3»-^ Mayr* itoa-Icrr:!! i«23- E. M, Wolf Congressman Pepper Dies. Clinton, la., Dec. 23.--Congressman ,7. S. Pepper, of Iowa, died following an operation £or peritonitis. He wasj recovering frora aa attack of typhoid fever when the peritonitis set in. H e j represented the Second district of j Iowa in congress. WEATHER EVERY\VKEKE. Observatioas of ousted weather bureaus taken at S p. yesterday follow: Temp. " Rixvd 10 cvcr~ r*3t of trc 1^-3--, £^~- _ ;o Jf^Sre a vl jzu^cic. lo tc eye. c!earr;^« a"? " Albany ........ Atlantic City ---Boston ......... Buffalo ......... Chicago ........ New Orleans ---New York ...... PhiladelpMa ---St. Louis ....... 28 40 _ SS 56 G7 40 36 38 Ciear. Clear. Clcra-iy. P. C'oudy. P. Cloudy. Cloudy. Clear. Clear. C!oud. Clear. RjTjyfJT. Interesting rfc-at«-c a~J booVc* f~^-~.-^.r St.-roch -\:l=:cn-^ =crt ree i- r.- 3 7; "".'sv- Mr?. Chc=^.t, 15--135 V c:t- " "s^," Ci.c;z=- r: FOE SAL^I BY THE PEOPLE'S DEHG The Weather. Cloudy, followed by rain or snow tonight or tomorrow; east wiv'.s. Cold in Head Relieved in one m£==tc. Jloaey bacc if ic £aOs. G*t a 25o or 50c teas Oi ONBON'S Cat arrhal Jelly K i nillllllllllJIIliMllllllllllMIIIIIIIHfilHllIIIIIlMH 1 HOUSE for rent on Hanover street Apply Howard Ridinger, Hanover street.--advertisement WANTED girl or middle aged worn- j an for general housework at a small farm. Apply to Luther Tlice, Arer.dls- ville.--advertisement- ^ Use it quick. For chronic nasal ca- tairn.drs-catar-h. sore nose-coughs. sseezms. r.ose bleed, etc. W, rue for free sample. The first drop nsed wul do^oocL. "AsKdmsjsnsts* Kondon MIg. Co, Minneapolis. Mian. .Oil\ViliU JL«.CUUilii^ 7 JLt_ «/» ViXSt-t-J ^vwj-^» fc^*^.-*v----. rt - r H. E. Boyd. Guldens. Pa., Straban and Mt- Pleasant Townships, Harrv S. Trostle. Straban Township. Edwa'rd A. Trostle, Straban Township. Q John Leese on Xathan Brown farm. Strsban Township, dbg. Koute 8- iltri-ir L \Veikert, Highland Township, E. 1, Fairfield- D- F. Builr Township. Shulfcz Bros- D. D. Srvder Farm, Strabau Township, GPttysburg, r. U- "·'IcDanne! Bros., Arendtsville and Franklin Township, Biglenalle, K. 1. S. B. Bream (F. M. Bream's farm) Butler Township. Calvin R. Snvdcr, Bonneaimlle, Pa. _ Otis Walter.'(Canrad Walter Farm) E- 1, Tillie, Franklin Townsnip. F. B. Twisden. Gettysb-jrg Poultry Farm, Cumberland .Township. E. F. Strausbausjh. Orrtanna, R. 1- AJbe-- Hc'lirger, CumDarland Tovmship. Gettysburg, K. 6. Deardorff Brothers. T"-Uie. Pa. Franklin Township- E. P- Garrertsor. Butler Towfiship. _ - - _ - -John and Frank Garrettsor., Menallen Township. --, - ,-» R. H Black, R -2. Gettvsbarg. Cumberland Township. Mrs. Daniel Miller, Comber-'ond Township. Gettysburg, Koute 6. D S Revnoids, Strabar. Townsh'p. Gettysburg Koute ,9- ,-_ \\. A. Bighani. Cunsberlard Township. GeXtysburg, R. -3. John Groscost, R. 7. Gettysburg, Strafaan Township. Gaifield Jacobs, R. 13, Gettysburg near Barlow. Borsev Deardcrff. Highland Township, (Mrs. H. o. Mover tarmj. Emantset Plank, Highland Township, Gettysburg Eonte 4. , E.D.Eeiges,i:''glerv:Ie Borough- . ^ - . - .«-. -- -, John H. Sckert. Straban Township, Gettysourg, K-b. ^^__ W. W. M'Uer farm (Oscar Bream tenant) Straban Townsnip, tbg. it. Ji. Merriii Biack, Biglervills, MeraUen Township. Mrs. Mariba Reed, near Arendtsville. WaTrbricht Rice. Biglerville. Pa. H. S. Cfor.,er. Mt. Jov Township, R- 2. GeKysburg, Pa. John S. Wolf. Straban Township. R- 7, Gettysburg 3= Pa. Clarence Hoffman, R. R. 2, Biglerville, Pa. '· J. C. Walter, Sutler Township, R. 2. B'.glerville, Pa. Robert Witherow, Cumberland Township, R. 13, Gettjsourg, Fa._Frank Herr. Cumberland Township, R- IS, Gettysburg, Pa. F'-an'-- Eichcltz. Freed Farm, Straban Township. R. 12. Gettysturg-, D T\ T . Stoccs. Highland Township. R. 4, Gettysburg, Pa. J Martin B~-eam. Tvrone Tcwnship. R. 3, Biglerville. 1'a. H. H. Hart, R- 6. Gettysburg. Pa., BuT:er Townsuip. Sair.uel Schwartz. Mt- Joy Township, Gettysburg. Roate 1. J A We-zcl. (Marv A. Snyder farm) Franklin iownship- J. M. Bushman. (Mary A. Snyder Fsrra) Franklin Towns*"?. J. W. Tate. Tvrore Townsh'p. E- 4, New Oxford. j" \V". Cook, 3fena!'en Township, Flora Dale, Pa. si.* AilenSrS fcromef Farin)"Cumberland To^ship, R. 13, G^^burg. Chas. E. Schultz, (Gilbert Broker Fana) Franklin Township, *.*,£ R. \ D^hl (Minter Farm) Batler Township, Star Sonte, Biglervpe, Pa. John B, Eiker. Cumberland Township, R- 32, Gettysburg, Pa. W J Beanier. Straban and Mt. Pleasant Townships Gettysburg, K. S. . J Elaine Bushey. Franklin Townsh^, E. 1, BiglerviHe. Pa- . .., -^ Jacob Groscost, Tyrone Township, R- ~, Gettysburg, *3- . , ^ \V. T. Howard. Straban Township, s.:.« ^ C E Tawnev, Mt. Pleasant Township, Gettysburg-, R. S. ^ ~~. ·* *^-* . n -*--i i. ·» r »T -T^.«.-w«r-ih-i-% T7 , Fa- am-s aners - . Howard Bream, Strabaa Township, R. 9, Getiysourg^Pa, \llan Reddinc (Robt. S- Bream Farm) Cumoerland xownship. TVilliaia J. Eckenrode. C-umberland Township. G G. Griffin, Straban Township. Route 9, Gettysburg. D^nton Hoff (Rufus Lxiwver Farm) Butler lownsnip. "" For sale by People^ Drug Store Gettysburg, Pa. , Gbg. (Wniiatn Grower Farm). S. F. Boshman, Franklin Township. R. 5, Gettysburg. JD M. Hoffman. Biglerville. Route 2. E. X. Hoffman. BiglerviMe. Route 2. £?£% li David G. Lotc, Straban Township, Gettysburg, Roots u- VST C. Storrick, Straban Township, R- 9, Gettysburg. _ M Shindiedecker, Cumberland Township, Gettysburg^ J4. a. . , a H M Trostle, Highland Township, Tiliie Post Office. D I: Hankey (Mrs. Jeremiah Bender's farm) Cumberland Twp., S, D". C. March. Butler Township, R. 6, Getty-sburg Rnhert M. Eldon, Aspera. - . -- - Maiy Baldwin, Bendersville. Pa.

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