The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 12, 1931 · Page 8
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 8

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 12, 1931
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

\ MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTK - , " T, ,-· V / i-. BUSINESS, PROFESSIONAL WOMEN HEAR^ NATIONAL HEAD: "t P"f\ A i i -I l l ~ l l _ . . . . . . ' ~~ ~ ' 150- Attend .Affair Held , at Hanford I , Miss Emily-Kneubuhl Speaks | on Public Re! ,, " lations. ~ M . ore thBXi 150 members of the I Business and Profesional Women's N dub and representatives of the various service clubs were present at the public relations banquet , given by the B, P W. club at the Hotel Hanford Wednesday evening- J at which Miss Erally KneubuhT national executive secretary of'tfte .NAT.irmol TPctrtvitm t - I n v i **-* t-t -r^i - w p * 1 Wife Preservers 'Eggs and egg \dishes make satisfactory substitutes' to take the of meat -an the Lenten menu National Federation of BT P W clubs spoke. v , Taking a her topic "The New Order of Public Relations" Miss Kneubuhl said that the industual revolution was responsible for bringing the woman out of th home into the business worl "Man has said "what is not ye way be' and has gone about prov ing it, until today time and "?pac are being eliminated. The sound o my voice can-go around the woil ..three times , while -I .speak. Ai travel will make a thousand mh an hour speech possible. - "Service stations to be statione at points in the Atlantic,ocean fo the convenience of transAtlanti air travel are being devised. They will be sunk 80 feet below sea levej and extend an equal distanc above. They will have airplane land ings and all the'conveniences of a modern' hotel. . ' . , L More Leisure Time "They say of 'Bostonians that if there were two doors one with the inscription 'Entrance to Heaven - u Cook eggs ^slowly so that the albumen does"not harden too fast ant become indigestible. and the other, "Entrance to a Lecture on Heaven' they would all take the latter. This seems to be coming true of lowana. We have time to go to lectures" because of the labor saving^ devices ' which equip our homes. "There are 11 million women in the business world today and they are there to stay.·· The problem is how will they adjust themselves the conditions. Some women wor with the idea' of looking out fo themselves, but the woman wh goes out to get 'only gets lefl Woman was made to give ^ "Thru a survey made of busines women it was found that the meil ion age is 38.7,\that college women are going into teaching and socia service rather than into the more adventurous professions' of medi cine, law and finance. The median salary is $1,350 a year and women with dependents earn a salary $1,000 : in excess of those' withbu" dependents showing that people earn what they have to. . ' Training for All organization stands' ' "Our organization stands' for proper education for'every boy and jirl equipment so that they may be financially,, secure and traintr- for good citizenship. "We have become interdependent economically and our business scope s ^ternational, but our politics is jarochial. We are trying, to run a wentieth century -'world with an eighteenth century system of gov- irnmeht. If men "and women 1 could e organized about some project and use fact finding,scientific re- earch they-could solve their prob- ems. 'I don't know, what your prob- ems in Mason City: are, but I do enow that you have a modern iwentieth ^centui-y system of : gov : °TM * "-- -·· manager plan. The affairs of a city cannot be ad ministered efficiently without competent trained executive "The power of an organized in telhgent minority- is unbehevabl The woman vote at the last pres dential election, determined wh should s(t in tl}e white house an the women will be the determimn factor in the next. The reason ther have been'so many Ohio presidenl is because 1 so many Ohioans voted. Babbitts to Rule. · Business and professional wome have been called Babbitts and th men in their clubs have had thei scoring at the hands of Smclai Lewis and Mencken Be that as i may, the Babbitts are the peopl who make up the United Stotes am who will determine the future o the country. We will have to clean house in that portion of the anatomj above the eyebrows. Nothing wil matter so much t aa clear thinking A program was given including a-solo, "The, Gold en. Key," by Mis W. F.' Ingraham, a cornet solo h' Howard Schweer, accompanied l-' Arlene Powell, a clarinet solo b; Howard Ross, accompanied by Mar garet Cooper, music by the B P W. glee club and dancing by June Barber's pupils. Mrs Ingraham lee community singing. The banquet was a part of the nationwide celebration of business women's week and the affair had been arranged by Miss Dorothy L,atta,'Mrs. Christine Coleman and Miss Ethel Ridgeway. CHARLES R. WEAVER WEDS ANITA BROWN OF WASHINGTON, D. C. Announcement is made of the marriage of Charles Rowland Weav- r, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Weaver, 212 Louisiana avenue outheast, and Miss' Anita Brown, aughter of Mr. and Mrs: Henry. Champion Brown of Washington, X C. .They were married Dec. 15 n Chester, Va. Mr. Weaver, who is a. "Student" at George Washington hiversity at, Washington, will co'n- nue his work there. He is a grad- . ate 'of the Maeon City high school. LOUISIANA PICKS QUEEN Program Presented at Madison School Community Meeting The Madison school community center enjoyed a program at the regular weekly meeting Wednesday night. The program included numbers by a, r grade school orchestra composed.of Ocyliene Fenske, pi^no, Helga Madsen and John .Nelson, violins, Margaret Larson afld Donald, Klitsch, clarinets, and Douglas Farrer, cornet, W. A. Storer was the director of the group Mrs Johnson from the I O O. F. home entertained the group with three whistling pictures A two reel educational .picture /showed : how a tractor could do various kinds of work This educational picture was followed by a two reel comedy The center is, conducted as a joint project of the P. T A. and the Y M. C A MARRIAGE LICENSES ISSUED AT NORTHWOOD NORTHWOOD; March 12--Seven marriage licenses have been issued by the clerk of the courts:of Worth county during the month of February as. follows:.-Peter" Robert Nober, Mildred Dunn, Austin, Minn.; Herman Bellman, Elizabeth dancky, Manly; . WalterBlowers, Inez Strand, Austin; Floyd Thomas, Clarion, Hilda Cody, Carpenter; George Evana, Jennie Homes, Joice; Henry Cbrdle,.· Mason* City, :Amy Bergren, Plymouth;" Alvin, Bray, Hanlontown, Genevieve Larson, Fertile. Why is it that they try these intelligence tests on children instead of congressmen 1--Indianapolis Star. 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A. from children i; the Philippine Islands thadking th Girl ^Reserves for their gifts o treasure chests whicti were sent tt the Islands as a part of the nationa project of the committee on work friendship among children. The letters tell how the gifts were distributed and what an occasion was made of .the affair. One letter written hy Salvador Pono who is m the, seventh grade^ot the Pmamun ga39iue;leiaentary School says, '"Wi received /at^.Christmas" r 'ch'ests con taimng- presents for boys and girts which aroused great 'enjoyment Thereupon we started working m our turn'to give you pleasure, too We are making supreme effort: to establish lasting friendship among us. We sincerely hope its lasting bonds may not be severed,' that it may.ever be first inldeed of merc3' and kindness and that thru its' powerful influence it may be instrumental in promotiiig simple love and affection among all mankind. Make Better World "Dear friend, we. appreciate^ the opportunity in aiding world understanding because we know, it .will be a better and happier world in which to live when all nationa are br-ot together in the.bonds of friendship.'?, -' · , · A letter from.Martin A. Requier- on .who is in. the sixtn.grade of the same school^reads, -"The gifts were given last Dec.' 19, by means of drawing lot The , gift that I received was a queer balloon. Tho it is simple, I keep it with love and appreciation. This handsome gift s the v symbol of true friendship between us. I am in the sixth grade of the Pinamungajan elementary school. We are 35 pupils in all. There are 13 girls and 22 boys, bur teacher is a Filipino. Perpetua Cimafranco writes from the same school,' "In honor of the distribution of the chest and gifts we had a parade la the' afternoon. At night we presented a literary and musical program. The program included speech of Jhe municipal pres- dent, folk dances, 'declamation and distribution of the 'chests.' The gifts were \ distributed to the children by drawing lo^s. - , - . Not Strangers '1 know that we are unknown In the sense that we did not meet each ther, but however, we are hot trangers,.-but we are both sisters and I wish that you should not forget me in enjoying the festival of pur Lord, .Jesus Christ. I know that you will be glad i f - I tellyou about the situation of our school in-Pin- amufigajan. The 'Gabaldon building is located on a small plateau^ The intermediate building and the home economics are situated on the lowland. Inside of our room we can find health posters. Miss Jerken, our health'specialist, was very much pleased about our school as we are now emphasizing health activities."Antonip Moreno, .who is in the same school, writes in hi's'. letter,. "I received your gifts. Thev were beautiful toys. We honored them by holding a program at'the tennis courts. After the' program we received-the toys by drawing lots, for the toys, were not enough. , I wai fortunate enough to get number-6F. tt was a lead pencil.' Some of-us got towel and balls. But some got blank papers. I considered the gifts beautiful. The Friendship Treasure. Ohest was very nicely painted. ,j friend, -I will tell you about my studies. Our class is taking Great. 1 Britain. In arithmetic we ' are re- ceiving- '.'Measure of Time." All the -letters are neatly written and the penmanship is remarkable for children of their age. Our Buy. With Confidence- at ; Murray's ' Low Price Feature--Perfect Blue White, quarter carat Diamond of the finest quality mountings of 1SK white gold, in the latest creations-- e b e t t e r every v/ay FLAVOR? Justtaste KeHogg*s PEP Bran Flakes arid then you'll know how good bran . flakes caa be. · Energy?'Kellogg's PEP · Bran Flakes are full of whole-. wheat nourishment. \ ' _ ,' Health? 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