Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 12, 1931 · Page 7
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 7

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 12, 1931
Page 7
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t ~~ MARCH 12 Bi 1931 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE ^ ~ ' ^ MASurx UtTY ULUBB-GAZETTE , JEANETTE BEYER' PREPARES FOR,ST. PATRICK'S DAY SPECIAL DISHES -TO a^-^^^ss ^z^i^TM -r; .^iTM^***^^ «**^** »«*··*··»*«. ~^zr ~r~~i^r---- Globe-Gazette Food Expert Tells of Itti eresi- ing : -M eals for Irish Feast Day. becfua hostesses will find valu of ? ra , a special opportunity for those 'who entertain b e c u a U a c n n , o e n e r a n thin* but -BJTM VranH ^ springlike and suggestive 6f a number of .trtshments. P ra f tl0 ^ ana ea3 y to carry out In decorations and re- the letter'"from a a month. Morning! day we'll be all .'Top O .. . "St. Patrick's very gay." "We're all Irishmen when 'it comes to wearing green neckties and shamrocks oh.St. Patrick' Something in this "early spring celebration appeals' to our ^romantic American.souls,.Even'.tho/we're unable to,-"'drown".the ;.shamrock"' in "Patrick's pot -r-in -other words, to dtp the -shamrb.elt in- a' -glass of whisky, meanwhile "· wishing the company -health, wealth and -'.every; prosperity, including, "long'leases and low rents," w,e can at feast be, "very gay" and enjoy the day which Is proverbially, fine. ' .' ' ' -' ' ^According to legend, in.the early days of Christianity in Ireland, St Bridget was much hindered in her work by the rains until at last she obtained as'a favor from God that every other Sunday should, be a Clear day, so .that she might preach to the crowds. Not to be 'outdone, St. Patrick .asked.' that- his anniversary might be a day of i sunshine and this too was subsequently granted. And this was not-all, but every .alternate day after- is supposed to be clear-and sunny.' .-"·; Day of Birth. The exact birthday of-St. Patrick se^ms to have caused a great deal : of argument and hard feelings according to the Irish 'poet, Samuel Lover. Some said it was on the eighth day of March, others declared it was the ninth, so that Pat was having two birthday celebrations until Father Mulcahy "showed them their sinsl'-- · "gays he, 'Boys, don't be fightia' for .".:, eight or for nine; Don't:be always dividin'--but some'"" times combine; Combine eight with, nine, seventeen "· is the mark, * ~.~" «ji£$!3^- '*^-i- *Fvom' now. on until the seventeenth, St." Patrick's culinary celebrations are entirely in order. Any company dinners or suppers, party refreshments or afternoon teas should -show .jaunty touches S)f green, an,d table centerpieces of potato rockeriesjwlth trailing vines of --well, wandering Jew, smllax or whatever you can produce--would emphasize that the day of festivity is near. If .you can take the time and love to . pofce around in the woods, you can r make a handsome centerpiece by arranging,oh a mirror Jaid flat, green moss in the shape of the map of Ireland. A little cork will mark the town of Cork, , and you can inhabit the'emerald isle with tiny toy animals and people. · Menus Suggested. · Here are suggestive menus ' and recipes for various company meala. The first, a buffet supper for 12 people, was;, arranged ny home econo'mics students of Cornell university, and given as-a demonstration during the annual farm and 'home week. On a table spread with a white damask, and ornamented with a large basket of calendulas, they spread the following supper. Sliced Veal Loaf Bakpd Oranges Latticed Potatoes Cloverleaf .Rolls Tomator Aspic Salad or Gingerale Salad . Gherkins Vanilla Ice Cream with Green. Almonds Chocolate Angel Food Cake Coffee : . until they are glossy, tender and fairly."transparent; ,i . ' Tomato .Aspic. , 1 qt. canned tomatoes ' i 1-3 cup carrots diced 2 tbsp; sliced onion · Sprig of. parsley. v · "3 cloves;- '..- ' ·"·'. - ··' A'l v tsp. peppercorns ·'. ~ ·' '.· ' :·-Small" piece mace-. ', ' - -' 1 tsp. 'salt ·'' ': -;.., v,- · · ' · . :';' '-. 1 1 green pepper diceij '-'.. . \ ' Dash of cayenne. ''. · .-" Cook all ingredients slowly 20 to 30 minutes in-.a Covered sauce pan. Strain. Add J% tablespoons of gelatin soaked'in % cup; cold water to 1 cup strained hot tomato Juice. Stir and chill. Add remainder of tomato juice. As this mixture begins to set add 1 cup diced celery and put in molds. .. · . Frozen. Gingerale Salad. 2 tbsp..gelatin - · ' · ,' 4 tbsp. cold water 3 tbsp. sugar % cUp orange juice . ' Juice 1 lemon 2 tbsp. chopped preserved ginger 1% cups diced fruit including pears, peaches, pineapple or grape- '1 cup gingerale" i · Soak gelatin in cold water. Put over hot water to dissolve gelatin. Add sugar; and cool. Add oranga and 'lemon juice, diced fruit anil preserved ginger. To above add gingerale. Freeze, for four hours and serve in strips on a lettuce or Roman leaf with cold cream dressing Can garnish with sprig: of mint. Cold Cream Dressing, 1 cup whipped cream. ' 2 tbsp. powdered sugar 4 tbsp. lemon juice % tsp. paprika Add to ,whipped cream, lemon uice, ( sugar, ^aodxHBtprika. ' · ' V 'XJnocoIafer Angel Food. Cake.\-·'·''· 1 1-3 cup egg whites '· 1% cups sugar ·% cup flour 1-3 tsp. salt 10 tbsp. cocoa % tsp. cream-of tartar ; - ' · " . 1 tsp. vanilla. . . Sifb flour and sugar, then measure. Sift flour and cocoa together five- times. Beat egg whites until toamy, add the salt and cream of ^ i ----*« t^*c Dan, CLUU urcalu or tartar. Continue beating until eggs are stiff enough to hold up In peaks, but not dry. Add sugar gradually to the egg whites, beatin°- continuously. Fold in flavoring Cut and fold 1 into this mixture tlw sifted flour and cocoa as rapidly as possible. Pour batter into ua- greased angel food pan, bake at 300 degrees F. for about 70 minutes. Remove from oven and Invert pan until cold. This cake was then cut in generous wedges, the ice. cream of the cake ; and served on top sprinkled- with Veal Loaf. . 2 Ibs, veal ' . % Ib. ham . ' . % lb..salt pork , · ' : % cup ^crumbs % cup/s'tocl? · 3 tbsp. lemon juice L 1 tbap. minced onion %' tbsp. salt % tbsp. popper 1 tbsp. fat ' - 1 ^s Cook the vea!, remove the gristle. Put thru a food chopper with the salt pork and ham. Moisten the crumbs with the stock, add beatei pgg yolk and add to the meat. Add seasoning and beaten egg white. Mix thoroly. Put the mixture into a greased mold. Cover. Bake in a pan of water one hour and one-half, in a moderate oven about 375 degrees F. , - . Baked Oranges. 6 medium sized oranges 2 cups sugar 2 cups water ~ · % cup 'puffed raisins , Slightly grate skin of whole orange. Boil for 30 minutes in boiling water to .cover. Cool oranges. Cut slice from blossom end of.each orange, and. remove core.'.. Cut oranges'in half and place in a bak- . log dish. Pour, over'oranges the sugar syrup, made by boiling: sugar and water together for 10 minutes. Add raisins after It lias boiled for 5 mlnntes. During baking baste frequently with this syrup. Bake in a moderate oven from 1 to ly, hours . blanched almonds which had been»boiled in a. greeu fiyrup. ,\ B , · A simpler supper menu, and yet one entirely satisfying is- the following which can be served either buffet style or on plates, in the kitchen: Eggs ifl Quick Aspic Olive Oil Mayonnaise Potato Chips Rye Bread Sandwiches Citron, Cake Old English Nippy Cheese Coffee : Eggs In Quick Aspic. Hard cook five eggs by .putting them in a large quantity of cole .water,--bringing them slqwly to a boil, and then holding them just below the 'boiling point'for about 15 minutes. ;F 0r about'the last 10 minutes the heat can be turned off. In the meantime, make the following -·-It... . . i · - ' . ,," an oile4 and papered deep cake pan and bake at least one hour at 350 degrees P.' . . . " : - . . - · , ^ ' .-If -,y6u^ would write 9. St, Patricks menu on,!a green shamrock card, perhaps these .names will give you some suggestions.,' . i ···· ". · · . · · · St Patrick's Dinner. ; ; Pratie Soup : : " Killarney Fowl : : ; Irish Pebbles - . / ' Shamrock-Rolls ' Emerald Salad with Shllelaghs Ice and^Blarney Stones Green-eyed Monsters under , these names you may have whatever food you choose, using green garnishes liberally. Here l is a chicken dinner which might'be made to fit the menu. ' ' Potato Soup \ Cold Poached Chicken .' ' " . ; Cornbresd Dressing Chicken Gravy Carrots' -,. . Broccoli or Green Peas Currant Jelly · ', R O , Endive and Head Lettuce Salad Rhubarb Pie : Cheese · - Coffee Mints . · Cold Poached Chicken. ,.'··'-.' .Dress, clean and truss a 4 or 5 pound fowl. Half surround with boiling, water. After, cooking- one hour, with the water just-at th simmering point, add 1 tablespoon salt,'1 teaspoon celery salt or ona Clip very finely cut celery, % tsp. black, pepper and 1 small onion. Cover the kettle closely and cook very slowly until'the fowl is-tender, turning It .occasionally. Remove, to a platter .-.and',0001: Add as-much milk to .'ithe'.'.-broth '-as' you' want gravy;-and thicken with.'flour' 1 rub-' bed smooth w,lth a little 'water. Siiri- me.r until the mixture Is', smooth. Add more salt If needed. Serve with;plaln boiled salted carrots-and cornbread dressing. / Cornbread Dressing. 2 cups cornbread crumbs 1 cup whole wheat or white bread crumbs 1 small onion minced ' 1 apple chopped , 2 stalks celery (jut fine Stir all ingredients together and moisten with enough chicken liquid to all the vegetables to steam thoroly. Dot over the top with butter or~ chicken "fat that haa been previously tried,out. Bake in a covered pkn for about 10 minutes, then remove cover to. brown the'top. . ;·· ·',-Broccoli.- Cut broccoli into pieces about 4 inches 'long. Split' the stems if they are very thick. Wash · thoroly : anil cook, ia _ boiling salted water until tender. "Drain, sprinkle with salt and pepper and pour melted butter over each serving, , Your Favorite Recipes. My plea for economical dishes that will rejoice a hungry family, and yet stretch the- mother's dollars so that she will have food enough to last until the next day, was surely well answered. And I cope .that more good answers will continue to come in. I:think this,is :, . . d·;:,-.there,.are·-plenty^of "tytf? men.who could use a bit o£ advice on making- a few pennies and 11 good imagination into a good dinner.. If you have the imagination, send, on. your ideas to me in care of this paper, and we'll print their, in our column, so that everyone will have the benefit. I can't.tell you how much' I admire the cooks who have the courage to l meet their problems of empty pantries and lean pocketbooks with intelligence and efforts of making sure that their children are getting- the most possible benefit out· ' -' "· · ·· ' jeiiy.:; ; ... . . . . . . Dissolve -four chicken bouillon .cubes in \3% cups" boiling water. Add-3 .tablespoons gelatine soaked in % cup cold : water and the juice of 1 lemon, salt and jiepper lo taste. Strain thru a double cloth. -.Four a thin layer of the gelatine In. the bottom of a ring mold. When It thickens, arrange rings of green peppers ' and. circles of stuffed olives sliced, with the hard cooker! eggs ,cut in halves. Add another layer of the gelatine to hold tha eggs firm, and when there is no danger of them floating, add remaining gelatine to top .of mold. Unmold on bed of lettuce and garnish with radishes and olives. Citron Found Cake. 1 cup but'ter 1 J ,4 cups flour 1 tsp. vanilla extract 5 eggs . 1% cups powdered sugar 1 tsp. baking powder % cup citron ''.··'··.' Cream the butter'and -add flour gradually. 'Beat ; the . yolks' of the eggs.until thick, and lemon'colored and- 'add ·'%'·' the sugar gradually. Combine .the mixtures. Add ihe citron,-cut in thin slivers. A d d ' t h e ' whites of eggs beaten until stiff with, the other half of the .· sugar added to them. Sift over the baking powder. Mix thoroly. Turn into of the' money they can spend. Such good housewifery ineans something. Has 535 a Month. When I tell you that E. W., who sends the following recipes has $33 a month to spend for rent, food and all the -other things 'a family of three would need, I know you'll appreciate her letter as much as I did. She has put on- her thinking cap and figured out how they may eat for 25 to 50 cents a day, How many women can equal ,that rec- o r d ? ' S h e can buy heart for 4 1 /. cents a pound. Delicious Heart Stew. Total cost, 27 cents. This inakes us three meals. 2 J /4 Ibs. heart % bunch carrots 2 big onions 1 clove garlic (cheap as a flavoring 1 ) ' . ' · ' . , ' · 3 big: potatoes, salt, .pepper, chill powder . % head cabbage Brown ^meat well and cover with water. Add other vegetables with a cup of tomatoes. .This is good , /'On the days I. have stew, that is all we have. Eaten %ith bread it Is plenty. · ;, "·,».',-;.· v ; . . ."Bran or hot'.; cakes' and' home made syrup -is always our breakfast I find the self rising hot cake flour Is the cheapest too,-instead of mixing my own."When I have 50 qents, I get'a sack of flour. I have more than likely to plan days in advance for a ginger cake. Anyway when I have the things necessary I make a bi' one. It Is very economical-and Is healthful, and sort of cheers up the digestive organs. x ·' "I have -tomatoes often too A 10 cent can will make us a meal fixed with a little dry bread and onion salt and pepper. I leave out the sugar as it makes them taste smooth and the acid taste is the reason 1 serve them. "There seems to be no end ot ways for preparing potatoes. We sometimes have a meal of them boiled plain with onion, salt and pepper and canned milk or .grease itravy browned and milk added. Sometimes I-.serve onions coiled in a very little water until It is nearly gone with a wee bit of salt, i make a".,gravy of. lard 'and flour not )rowned, add a bit of caniied milk :o give .flavor and^season to taste Boil it i until thick and pour on to a totter. Set the onions around in he gravy. I boil the onions whole This looks and is g-ood. ' "Another way is to buy meats on sale. I watch the papers ana anything .over 10 cents a pound T scorn. Today,-! got 25 cents worth' of. short rib boil, add a-5. cent bend ofv cabbage, bunch Tcarrota, 1 clove garlic, 6 potatoes, big, ones cut; up in chunks/ Salt, pepper and 1 .tsp. chili pbwirei. , -.- '/. ' "Brown short ribs'on all sides un T . til very brown. Cover with water added to the. pan .while the .pan ia hot. Leave carrots whole (i wash them with .a turklsh cloth instead of peeling tjhe'm). Add one can of tomatoes and boil hard till meat is Gone. The. potatoes 'should be added about an:hour before the -meat is done. This makes a big : roaster" full, of stew and lasts three or four meals. Costs about 55 cents. "I try to have one dish each meal with bread. We never have butter or oleo either. -It Is a waste of money considering the good it does. . "I, have a. glass of'milk' for my son each meal. When we have » meal I think he needs more energy with we give him a .chocolate bar. One dish served with bread and a glass 'of milk is plenty if it is all good. Here js a day's typical menu. Breakfast. All-bran Canned Cream Sugar - Milk to Drink Lunch, '· ,. i Two eggs each Boiled or Fried · Potatoes Gravy made of lard and browned 1 flour with grated onion and - dash of sage Millc' for Sonny : Water for the rest of us , , Supper Beans boiled plaia served with bread And maybe a custard MHk- "Since · Feb. ,1 (her letter was dated Feb. 24) I have used ?15.05 for groceries and.we'have had quite s number of -cakes -made after the one egg recipe and seasoned vylth cinnamon. Just'before I put it into the oven I cover the top well with sugar and sprinkle it with cinnamon. It ia very good. riJRllITURE /^ GRACE TH E HOfflC! -f- It Will Always Pay You To Shop At Chapmans Before Buying! ; ; - A , }"· Remarkable Assortment of fine RUGS Axminster .Segmless 9x12 $ 28 .95 ' Tapestry" Seamless 8-3x10-6 18 .65 "Akbar" Wilton Seamless 9x12 ''SO " GALIPH i, American Style Oriental " . Does ;your home need renovating? Has it,',or hasn't it, oecurreU to you that'at is-nigh time to,brighten up your rooms with fine new furniture-.attractive, .modern .-furniture'.-- to keep abreast" oj the times; "so- to speak.' We cordially invite you to attend this interesting presentation of the newest trends in home decorations. You'll be agreeably surprised at the moderate prices! · 2-piece Living Room Suites .Mohair -- Jacquard -- Damask -- Tapestry Special Low Prices $ 210 ,00 We are proud of .the suites--Each one is,the best value we have been able to o±±er in years. Come--you will not be disappointed. BUY ON OUR EASY PAYMENT PLAN / NO EXTBA CHARGE FOB THIS SERVICE NOW YOU CAN BUY A . i · Stewart-Warner A. C. SCREEN GRID RADIO For Less Than $100 Fringed Seamless Velvet 9x12 $ 31 .65 Prices a.t Chapnmns are ·lowest.-In years. -Buy now and save payments. LIBERAL ALLOWANCE GIVEN ON YOUR OCD FURNITURE low±^rtTM^ - "t~ S -" Our used TRADE IN YOUR USED FURNITURE AS 1st PAYMENT Phone 200 For Our Appraiser LAID MOtlEBN DOUBLE CEMENT . ON FELT ALL WORK DONE BY EXPERT WORKMEN Our linoleum stocks this spring are the largest and most varied in our history. Every conceivable pattern--and prices are very attractive. LET US FIGURE ON YOUR JOB. LARGE OR SMALL Embossed -- Marble Tiles -- Inlaid - Prints -- Felt Base SEE OtJB STOCKS AND BIAHVEL AT THE LOW PRICES EASY PAYMENTS COMPLETE NO EXTRA CHARGE FOR PAYMENTS ' 0 0 INSTALLS YOUR RADIO CHAPMAN'S 'Love-Nest 9 4 Room Outfit LIVING ROOM DINING ROOM BEDROOM KITCHEN We were very careful in making selections for this outfit. Only the better furniture was chosen. This is a very fine and attractive outfit for the spring bride or any home-maker. As Low As $3.50 ' each week. GOODS HELD FREE FOR JLATER DELIVERY 19-21 First St. S. E B

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