The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on December 23, 1913 · Page 4
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The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 23, 1913
Page 4
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A*»*. ?? !' ,.«·'"' iy- ·. fHE GETTYSBURG TIMES Published DmflT Excent Sunday Times and News Publishing Company W. ULVEEE HAFER, Secretary and Treasurer- PHILIP R. BIKLE, President. PHILIP R- BIKLE. Editor. IFyoj SUBSCRIPTION ]« RATES Single copies to non-Subscribers, 2 cents. ^ btfenaii youiean find tee date up to which you «« ^^ »«»«» *abeftn youWsper. TeJfiate will Ate changed rothm ten'days after your money is received at Tne Tia^Omce.______ August 15, 1904, at Gettysburg, Pa., as second-class matter, und»r Congress March 3. 18.9- EMPEROR MEKELIK IS DEAD Dewier of Rx-er of Abyssinia Is Off: ciaHy Announced. Addis Abeta, Abyssinia, Dee. 22.--It tras announced oQcially fiat Braperor ik of Abyssinia was dead. OT REVEALS I WYER'SSEMET K'FJi-T. B. HOWARD.- I ^2fSt ·~ * = . EXITED PHONE comer of Centre Square, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. --H:S PAPEH KEPHt-CC.Mia PCS ADVESTIS:.-;G 3^; T-JE CEKERAL OFFICES NEW YORK AND CH1CA3© Emperor Menelik II. had been resorted dead on manv occasions, but -.his is the first time aa oScial an- aoHncem«»nt has bees published- Ru- nocs of his ^eajh^a'l been sa sevel . but *e; deism. ~*'t-. Kmperor ilenellk was born, at A;*-, kobar, Jul\ 17, 1S44. He was a son, of- Kaeli Meiicoth, king of Shea, and- was repoted to~ie a direct descendant- of tlie Queen of Sheba and Kins Solomon. Ween his father died, Menelik was only twelve ears olI. The throne of ' Abvssinia v;as seized by Kassal, governor of Koador, who took Meuelik ca olive and proclaimed himself emperor, but Menelik escaped and became ruler of the kingdom of Shoa. Menelik became famous chiefly in connection with the war between Woman Hidden, la Office j For Tlsree Years. Grand Paramount Carabao, Who Is to S3 Re;:r-rinded. WILSON REBUKES PERSONA! NOTES '"FUN" AND BRIEF IttMS litO IN SE88ET BQ01 I N. Discovery of Meivin Coucf/s Strange Com- p panion. 5 iloaticeJSo, X- "Dee. 23. -- The , siestlf ot^etvin T3f. Cbacb, forner'dis-? irict attorney of SalU\a:i ccuzt.', re-| vealed that, unknown to c:s family and : friends and to his cUents, a woman j tad lived for three years in a secret j room connecting with his lav.- oSces. j Couch was found lying desd on his j lounge. .·fen* afis. One cent per word each insertion. Two cents a word if guaranteed irsr page position. Resolutions of respect, poetry and memoriams one cen, oer ^srord. TQ Q ^ HEADERS -*tcv»bnrs: Times takes absolutely no part in poIMcs, beins aentral o* all · Otters. Anything that anoears in our general news columns, concerning -rante-a. *TMfj^^?- ._ j_^r;_T,^j ,,,, »,,, T hai Amencan P-ess Association, * , or national politisc, is fur . us which gives the same news to Republican, Democratic, Promfaiuoa. or Socialist papers and wMch is szricdy non-partisan. y fidrerdsine columns are open to all candidaies of eJl psrttea. The Citizens Trust Company /'. '"'i Of Gettysburg ·; OX FBIDAY DECEMBER 12th. the Citizens TrasE Company mailed, their handsome Christmas Checks amounting to over S15 000. to the 597 Patrons of their CHRISTMAS SAVING FUXD. This vast sum of money ^as saved daring the year by the people of our town depositing in the Trust Company from one to five cents on each'share every Saturday during the year. This enterprize of the CITIZENS TRUST has proved so beneficial to al recip- the Italians in a series of battles, dictating his own terms of peace. One of :he fiercest battles of the war was fought at Adawa, on March 1, 1S95, when the Italians lost more than 4200 whites and 20CO native troops in killed and wouniled. The Abyssisians admitted a loss of 2000 men. Menelik declared himself a Christian, and maintained a church esetabush- ment in which there was a mixture of Christianitr as.H heathenism. Tne heir to the throne. Prince Lidj Jeassu. is only eighteen years old. Hie and speaks English, French and "German. " He was chosen several years ago by Menelik himself as the heir ap-1 vessel near his heart. In the next room crouched a frightened woman, who a-imitted that she had seen him die. but insisted that she was not responsible ror his death. said that she was Adelaide M. Brance, of Gosh^n, X. Y . and thai the j secret room had been her only hcme. for tHree years. ' Mr. Couch was sixf-five years old, j and was formerly partner of Alton B. j Parker, Democratic nominee for tlie j nresidency ia 1904. /Eke .door thit'led'ftom the oSce to the Uvins quarters of the woman was Officers of Their Gain of Loyalty. iiOLOS DUTY BEFORE' WIT «f ' | ?_resident Orders Tnsi Dinner "Com- 4 mnittee Se -Very Seriously Kepri- 1 mended" For "Ch!J^i:h Wit." , YiTashiag'oa, Dec. ±3.--Tie sharpest ! v.ords ever p-iaUUy addressed to o£- j Seers oi the army ?»il navy by their | coramander-in-csiic£ arc contained in a Paragraphs of Hews TelUo§ o| the Happenings in 30! ^afemrt Jfo«n; People Visiting Here and -Those Elsewfiere. ' Miss Elsie Paul, of \ew York, is visiting friends ji ;or several days. ' - JH ''·** Mrs- Lane SehoGeld, »f ^ Ohio, is spending some June the, I letter of President Wilson, made puo- {tjjat city- home of Mr. and Mrs-' Tenrobe fyers. Mrs- Myers, who had beeii^vislring^hi Cincinnati, accompanied her home. ·" Arthur Taughinhangh, v jbf York street, went to York on Monday aft 4r r noon for a week's visit with friends'in JVHJSI 1 Tr US TO f i l . s i-J-B-t^i 1 lie. bringing to aa oEelal end the af- 5 fair oi the Carabao dinner in \Vash- « insrton last \veek. J References to the administration I policy in tUe Philippines and to §ec- f retary of State Bryan, which. \\ ere a t feature of the hunorus program of j the dinner, were responsible for the i president's severe rebuke of the offi- ' ters of botli services. ; Secretary Garrison and Secretary j Daniels announced that ttey had de i cided that the reprimand which the ; president directed they should admin · ister to those responsible for the fea : j tares of the dinner, regarded by the i ^resident as oensive, should take the 1 :orm o: seid:ng to each member o the dinner ccmmiuce a copy of tht ' · pre^ivieat's letter. The \Yilson letteir i was addressed to the tvi-o secretaries , in response to tiseir report on the Car^ I abao dinner, made by direction of the The Catholic Sunday" School exercises will be held in Xavier Hail as seven o'clock this evening. Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Reile, of Chani- bersburg street, are visitors in Hanover to-day- Harry Musser is visiting in Harrisburg and Steelton over the holidays. Edgar Tawney, of Yfest Middle street, is a visitor in Harrisburg today. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hoffman, of rlarrisfaurg, are spending the holidays with relatives and friends in rown.' Mr. and Mrs. Orville MHler, - of-" ·\Tioona, are visiting Mr. Miller's Darents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. :OJer on York street. " , . TAKES NAP ON EDGE OF SLANTING HOOF those -nriio deposit tlielg peaces will" Mve the same courteous5t3sUftfi®tife,?'^3e well to do or rich. , ·£ L '· 1 "J *' i e ·· better tiie condition of the rising generation o?- OIET commtinifey and ask all -good citizens .SNYDER^-cTreasurer. " i-t,-« ^-a TO have nossessed' a I visitor at tne ofice' of feer husband sue | : 1 ^=Mt«sy:r' 4 zz~£*-*-** ^ ! ^ s In the eseitement attending the ftad- las oi Couch's body sosie one climbed upon a chair and peered through ths j transom into ihe secret room. Taere ie saw a woman Tincdled up on the 3oor beside a plain iron bed. Her Sa^s --i v : -. . . Dresd aiif AfB Beady to Oo3y ^ file Senna*H Tinsmith's. Lofty Percli Star-sSSJJ lies Pedestrians. clothing T^as poor and iil-ntting, her face bae ftie look like ihat c: a drag hair ·s. mutter of regulations it Is that tee fact of their being rep rimantiea will he entered, upon the record of each officer who is to re eel'e it- It is felt that the severest punish meat oi tae officers held responsible Dec. 23. -- Fresi-rent. Wilson let it be known that more b'g fo ^ .^ o D j ec u OEa b!e featcras of th? cornoranocs have shov-ia disposidoai dlaner j; es ^ t - ae publication of the to follow the erample of the American; , JPe ^ iflent , s letter W i t jt ?ts caustic-, re Telephone and Telegraph company and ' GIVES THIEF A CHANCE -Reputable" Thief to Make Restitu- . tiost or Pay Penaltjrpf Crime..! 1 etty sfellr- after jh to take the initiative ia reorgaaiza-j Tfce oScfirs v ,-- s , o ? -iu receive the -- ,, . , , uons to conform to tae Sherman aati-1 reprinlaac , sx lhe mes j- 0 er3 of the The room she occupied was sparsely . v . KSt i av - i coni^ittee" "which arranged t'ae Cara I. Tae commit d-ed spectators and neariy_speMa.Ws at.the- slsh^of tlie v-oaian. Atter Ace- own destruction b-v selecting the edge i aide.Brance ha^Be^a srnetea and =· of a slanting rocf as,a couch. j sufed-thatjio ^arni von^come to nei Surman" was 'Vorking^witbT several i she^ssinf-, "'"--- ' -·- other Uasrnlths on the'roof"of a build-; '{I came "out of tie rooza : to-wa=ce: fag, at Broad and Stacy streets. Hej Hr-Cpaeij^wbo often sle5t in,.cis ot was doiag-some"soldering-along,.the: fice. ^LS^^^-im 1 kae-.^ne edge and the job required Jiim, to | vrfe dea-J. "I knew that Dr. J. F. --.ur- Gtret'ch out. In such a, ^position he j ierte was als brother-in-law, and I tel- 1 dozed and his soldering iron rolled off j cohonea to him to come at oaca. and nearly nit-a Defiestrian below. - ' -\ She said she met Couch three years' iuraislied, containing beside the bed j Tbs p-esMejit on old cook stove, a table and two : r-orDoraticas hs t did not specif - c m e 5iess: r ra-iLa-desire to 5% : :-I- want to raise'barriers against these ^ t o k^g their official superiors inu vAo wanted to obey the law. ; r ijictue and the policies of the gov Trc presidect ^olateii o«t that the | erpjaent. Ke adds. "If tils is tbeb vy partition, ^alechiiic-a: j . i i « I -'I 9 .1 I that Mean Something Whether you spend little or much i«r Xmas it is importantlthat your gifts have lasting valne. Cbristmas prices here are mostly lower than at other seasens because of our large purchases. The Quality of everything in this store makes It a wort'.iy sift whether the price you pay is large or small. HERE ARE A FEW SUGGESTIONS : tseir feet,away. He was, afraid ·to yeJJ-l-froEiJn^-pSce-by a.ieaji- for feaV'tlie-nnconicioas maa-'-nngfiti; "TBe'WC^ian wal^ield^ on start enough to roll him off. Also he 1 charge, but the co-oner's verdict as tc ^ j j.^" ew t i ie T .orst might happen any! the cause of Co-en's death supports.!; g ! moment and mean not only the death j ber assertion thct she was not resnon- The president indicated ia bis man- ^ sa cre»i?" of "ciscussioa that he Ti^ed the j \vhat s · aiotit tneir-profession do taey hah e ' oTthe sleeper, but perhaps to some-,! sibie. The attorney, she said, died body below. i a ruptured bloofl ^.e=sel o- S Throwing a handful of gravel to the ent to attract attention without aoraing. The aiuopsy brought the ver diet Chat G-^ata -vas due to the brcE.-- ;overscaeaf'"had shown by example in ( -, the American Telephone and ie~-e-j grarth settlement what might be ex-. v .- er e pected as the future course of his ad-i seems to have been the fea is rjf the dinner program lieln mos ~ j objectionable - by President ^Viiscr '--' -n-^t-o. tlae song known ?s "Damn Damn the Insurrsctcs.'' and tin :s on jlr. Bryan. Last, Wednesday evening, while Mrs. Mary A. Wolford and son, Charles, -were in Waynesboro. a thief jntered her chicken house at her cot- age near Pen Mar and took ten valets and "two roosters. Mrs. Wolford discovered the thefo upon her -return lome and tracks indicating the direction taken by the thief. These were Tollowed a sufficient distance along the Pen Mar road to indicate the place of ·esidence of the 'chief. The Identity of "che fellow has been fully established, and Mrs. Wolford ·frill give^the-. cnlpiatr a fewf" da^s -f'to make, restitution, _and if the fowls are not returned or the money value paid yrer. she Interds 'co prosecute him to Jse full extent of the law, ·no'switli,- -tandlng the respectable character of iis family. . · The same person, some years ago, ·aided Mrs. Wolford's chicken house .nc abstracted a.dozen of her choicest "owls. He had already sold them to a rcckster -when, his act was discovered- Vhen threatened with the law he restored the ehfckens and -with tears for mercy, for Ins nether 3 s sake. l - -C" " His second offense, if full "reparation je not .quickly, made, will not be passed '.ver without_the_ punishmgnt "chat -die law prescrloesl For Mother or Wife , \ Hoosier Kitchen Cabinet China Closet Buffet Sewing Table. ThebestC^rlin tne World Mnsic Cabinet Dresser Pedistcl Writing Desk FatKer Morris Cfeair Revolving Chair r_ LcatKer Rocker Smoker's Staad For My Best Fellow Chiffonier -^~Arm Chair Foot Stool Book Case . i John Tilghmaa. workea his way along be engaged to a young proiessiousi the eds;e and ejected a rescue. man of i!czt!ce : 'o Surman nibbed his ees as tbej Mrs. Cc".ch kre~ that her WILL SISM KONEY BILL TODAY | ASSAIL CITY CHARTER "Phew: no suspicion?. IN THAW CAS So many now buy Chrisnnas Gifts for their wives here that he have raade a special study of helping men with -.arcfr-1 suggestions. Cc-me in and esaaaiae the hnn--ireds of beautiful and useful gifts we have lor tlie entire family. · A Standard Sewing Machine Would Make an Ideal Gift for the Wife High School Building Burned. ; Plttston. Fa.. Dec. 23,--The b'g higa!^ g££ BECOHD^ school building liere has been bume-i.-j ^" "~ ! at 3. loss of $125.000, It was insurer | Federal Ccmrricr on !n Concord Con! for only S50,0*iO. The erection of a new j siders Fc'esse on Bail. ouB'liag means a special election to I Concord, X. i".. Dec. 23---Certified obtain the consent of the citizens to'. copies of aVi records of tne v ilatteawar, increase tne city's bonded indebted-; insane hosa:ia3 rslatiag to Harry X since n:s c f ramiCTnent 10 that is stitiition have b-er recisested of "-iSftssrssr -j s °s~ t Efsy, =%~ ^-__^ : «^TM r.^ «3--The coaler-i Karnsscrg, Pa., Dec. 2*.--Proce i inss to test the legality of the char j of Soutb 3etb!shem as a third cl i city were ina«gu~ted ia the aitorae:- - general's department by citizens o' * -. ^_ : _..:n ixi-k h^v7 j teat p; This means that tiie carrescy biil will j " = ^ 1 ^ ce signed by the preside-t this after-, It is CARRIERS' BANQUET York on T5ecembef 31. "E. S. scsitngler Toastmaster. Hu- u'asliinjrtoii, Dec. -3-- The cortfer . . -. er.ce~-.ort ^ the aoministrations! inss to test me leganty .^ , currency" Mil -vas adopted by the 1 "' ^'" *«TMten«n as ^^1 house by a vote r-f 233 to CO. t^e Sn" 1 st o ia. tas leg'slative , ^ - . T_e i. = . i p , 2cs ar ,, a hearmg ^11 be nei bv Dcpctv Attorney Gcaeral Cunnias ness. I Rooster by Parcel Post. Lancaster. Pa- Dec. 22. -- A big Khode Island rooster -a as shipped j from the Marietta postoffice by parcel' i post. It was careially crated and was 1 labeled as a Christmas gift for a resi- j lism T. Jerome. ~peciai deputj attcr ig' ney general or N- w York, in the \vy^- dent in tie first zone. GENERAL MARKERS \?here action 1-ss.ed ed a concurrent xesol-aoa ^TW...^ ^ the char ^^^^1--1 by anout tnree .** o^ aeoate, | ^^ ? O ttsv:l!e matter is now in ttu , · "ands o f the attcrmey general. wh M S ORDERS FOR WELSH Tlfc: ^ av g^nt a r,uc warranto-for a tes ~ .'. in tiie Schsylkill cottaty courts. a '' ' ""ae papers for Coatesrille's cliarte. about to be filed, trs first paper; been returned for some cor condition vo bail 2 menace ma^Je ~nis release 02 ! p^b^ic safety. H D O |7 IVf T 17 O THE HOME . O. O E* IN U H IV, FURNISHER j PHIuADEI.PHjA -- Ff.OUB ' trlnter clear. SS.ia@l; city " laa- · S OmbTjai.'. "s'._ Dec. 2' j Cr kW'FI.OUR Sna, at $3 50® 3.63 ] cott :s he:r.s frganized iicre by tfc' {per barrel. , _ ^ _ _ , i honsewires i rvssrshai! Sends Gift *o President. | sad -Tnne,-it was aT-sonnce-i ^sre. , ^-^--,=,,--^3, De c. 23.--Vice Presi i Tli" Cnited Stats? tiiui. .-r.ies a^.: ^^^ ^r a -soall forwarded a Caristana: almost destroyed t~e Weish tiapia.^ . t t ? re sigeat Wilsoa. It is z in i'~s reviscu forn , P-es-a- «-- The banquet of the York and Adams ·ounties Rural Carriers association, on ·Tew Years eve, will be held at tha riote! National. York- The committee jf arrangements, "W. W. Wallick, chairman, has completed all details tnd it is expected Ihat about 100 per- wns -will attend. E. S. Hogentogler. issistant postmaster, of York, will sreside and among the invited guests ire Postmaster S- S. Lewis, Ex-Con- jressman D. F. Lafean and Congress- nan A. R.-Brodbeck- Literary Note. "Talk about genius not being recognized," says a Georgia editor. "We once treated an author to a haircut-even though he Jian't have quits enough to stuff a mattress."---Atlanta Constitutioa- ; per i ; -WHEAT steady; Xo. 2 red, new, t; J -iary: 5 nd Housewives Boycott MHV., ^^ pronli3es , in i^ reviscu 10^ 5 -~ V - f Kia Hnbbard - s latest book , e n "' ' ^ is said by inaKerj, to pro.e ^.e sa.-^ -.^ ,. Rack CQ .^^^ Folks." On th n f ^1,0 iT.r:^^rrv_ as tE6y BOW; nuic-cen* --·"- ' -9v-o^«5»K«^»A«X»K«J»K«3^K®«K»?C»?:»^«K®K«-*:«XCK*K«^«^X l».-i^»is»K«s»^«c»:-s»x»'-»^»:-x«£«sa-i»._«^®.^s^ 1 USEFUL -?,HSlStMAS I CORX nrfet: Xo. 2 yellow. 75S76c 1 OATS firm: No. - white, 46 1 ««£47c,; i lower srades. 45»Ac. I POTATOES steady, at TOgS^c. per i bushel. ^ 1 POT^t-THY: I.i'.e steadv: hecs. 14^ it vation the iatlustry, as tsey ·^ a-^n.«=t r,u:c-cent jnn-.i. ^^ ev ^ aWe to ttJ npete success- j ,-^TJ^-j ^:f-_: :ff"^c- T^is^S felly^ith transato-Hic competitors, j ^ ^ ^ ti,6 *» fc" S.I «** iC^J- A - i l o ii «* j _^ « ^ . _ , , - , - : - : T-«»-*TTSS t ? notice ct blow to res5£«T'.s or Cumberland. er-| are on s 1 crt I'T^C, and t^ere is tsJUj cf pciinor-inq : :e city council for f. \ r - , Leehan Arrested =s "Drunk. "ew Yorl-r, Iec. -^..--William d In Tons River. .. mrder of 3 .itled "Back Country Svleaf ir. Marshall wrote this inscrip To the president of the TJnitec. From his -oaly vice president Tnomas R- Marshall." *-" r / Q - . - , q[.tve stock Prices. CHICAOO--HOGS urss«t i §i HATS, CAPS, RUBBER BOOTS, [AND SHOES. Onr - Bargain - Table - Contains - Some - Genuine - Bargains C. B. K I T Z M I L L E R . 1 · -i r ic?.'' sot"s S7.' or.e bii'.V of sales ^7.7'), m«\e«l. ,'7 4^'«77.S5: rough. ?s. S*~ T0 i7.''5. . C XTTLE "steady, beeves, 16.70^ ! .*'.7 . Tpxr.*? steers. SO 7 r ' c 7.7.T; stors- j T and fee_cers._ S5.7.~": cov s ans» yearlings, 53 5 =".-* era. ; calves. ' "i' % 0 T G lambs, c* . . 00 Cheap, Considering. "You say that this small public building cost $160,000! Isn't that exorbitant?" "Xo no. If you knew the gang that placed the contract you'd think it \\as mighty cheap." i Mrs. Pankhurst Goes to Switzerland. i London, Dec. 23.--Mrs. Emmeliat, ^ ! Pankhurst, the militant suffragette TFSS '· leader, left London quietly for Paris ^ i rvn the way to S^tzerland. She ested here, cr.arged "WIDOW lady wants house-keeping ar light work. Good reference ·planted. \6dress Times oSSce.--sTdvertfeemeat TWO DAYS TO CHKISTMAS ped at mail pacrus in Mf-'c? of letters and their ftns-rs wore La:ly burned. Recess of Supreme Court t ^...^._ Wasliir.gtoii. Dec. 2S.--The supremo j p 0 ^d~i n " the markets tomorrow, ac- court reccssc-1 to Jan. 5, when decis-j corning to farmers. There has been a ions in several important casts are e?.pectea. , Negro Shoots Wife and Escapes. Delaware Turkeys SeH For .8 cents , Kew Castle Bel ^ Dec . 23.--Joseph ·Wilmington Del. Dec. 23.--Delaware, Bnrton a negro fired three bullets turkeys will sell as low as 1 ^_^ e ] 11 ^® ^ to hi s -wife's,body, and escaped.lie j an acquaintance that Joseph 'Gmi- -- ,,- had fired five shots at him -when he slump in the market as a re- f s Tered Qmiby -with his -wife in hi» _ . ^ _. ^C »%^Wlr^\T-O ! Vt*fc»*rf»' · *r »_ --· suit or tbe abundance oi turkeys. ame Power of Knowledge. Knowledge is power. That's -why a professor gets $1,000 a year and a youn g gj r i j s that when she is fifty concrete-brained fighter can get ?10,- j years o ia sh e will look a great deal 000 for an hour's work.--Cincinnati j as Enquirer. ^ j paia Ledger. A Girl at Fifty. j THe only tiring you can tell about a FQU jj D . a muff in Huber s Drug Store. Owner may recover same by rs oiu sut; v 111 L\J\JX*. ** * V.M.V. *-.»-»-- . her mother looks now.--Philadel- identifying property, and^payjng for ·' a dvertisement.--advertisement There Are Big Bargains In the Stores. , Better Look For Thera.- SPAPFRf

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